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  1. Mfish618

    Outboard Motor/Stern Drive Kelp Cutter, Stainless Steel $200 SOLD

    Before you make a ridiculous offer on a custom made item, ask yourself if you'd fabricate this for 100 bucks, then mow my lawn for 5 bucks...... I gifted this to a GOOD friend, so consider it SOLD.
  2. Mfish618

    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    Clean well then apply Bag Balm [heavy coating] and slip a white sock over your hand before hitting the rack. This is an old school method that kept me net fishing daily for decades.
  3. Mfish618

    Outboard Motor/Stern Drive Kelp Cutter, Stainless Steel $200 SOLD

    Heavy stainless steel kelp cutter, custom made, commercial grade. This attachment is a valuable safety device and essential for hoop netting and fishing the kelp. Sharp as a knife, fits any motor. In San Diego 92139 area.
  4. Mfish618

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    A few years ago and a few days before the season ended I hadn't seen a bug all night after 7 or 8 pulls [probably more]. I was packing it in for the night and the last hoop took a while to find [the light was very dim from weak batteries.] I was in an inflatable kick boat and pretty tired but...
  5. Mfish618

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    It's good to detail expectations before hand. If it's not your boat and you don't agree with prerequisites , don't go. I won't fish with drunks [or any drug use including cannabis] ever, it's a safety hazard.. My focus is a person that has good skills and is driven towards the goal. Anyone that...
  6. Mfish618

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    If you were in San Diego, I'd likely take your offer. I've been hooping lobster for decades and am meticulous about gear set up. I ran open party hoop trips on a large spot boat here, so you might say I know what I'm doing.
  7. Mfish618

    Thousands Of Penis-Like Sea Worms Wash Up On California Beach

    It's impossible to tell from your picture, but I'd bet they're pyrosomes. EDIT: I read the article and it identified them as innkeeper worms. A bizarre phenonium for certain.
  8. Mfish618

    Help Needed On A Bogus CA Fish Violation

    Even if you consider it a two day trip, you stated you caught them all in one stop. Under no circumstances can you exceed the daily bag limit. Even if you had been out for a week, these fish were all taken on the same day. The law is very clear and it might be wise to pay your fine and move on...
  9. Mfish618

    Baja Special $150

    Used , I'll try to get some fresher images, but my phone isn't the best.
  10. Mfish618

    Baja Special $150

    2 available, one spooled with 100 lb power pro. $150 each. In San Diego.
  11. Mfish618

    Hoop Net Gear 400

    Hoop net gear for sale, moving forces sell. $400 all, in San Diego, South Bay area. DM for details. 7 modified conical [hand sewn deeper meshes added, heavy bottom ring, rigged and ready. 14 hand sewn mesh 34'' deep flats, heavy ring [3 rigged and ready] 36 bait tubes 16 vinyl coated bait cages...
  12. Mfish618

    best Trout water you've ever fished?
  13. Mfish618

    11/12 San Diego Bay Lobster and Some Observations

    I've fished lobster my whole life both commercially and recreationally, with and without paying passengers. IMO, tidal push is the key and it's a crapshoot as to whether incoming or outgoing is better. I've caught plenty of lobster on a slack tide as well, but you better have pinpoint accuracy...
  14. Mfish618

    DP 10.04.18 Lot’s O Bugs

    When in doubt, throw them back. If you're unsure, they are short.
  15. Mfish618

    Offshore Limits on the Chief

    Very nice. Rick Russel was on our crew years ago, and is very conscientious, as well as being a good guy. He always delivers 100% and I heartily endorse all his endeavors. Congrats on your limits.
  16. Mfish618

    Torpedo bottom fishing lead, various sizes in 20 lb lots

    SOLD 6 oz, 8 oz,12 oz,16 oz, single eyed torpedoes. 2 lb squares. Several hundred pounds available, $1.50 per pound, [ 20...
  17. Mfish618

    15 foot Sunray with trailer

    Tires shot, hull only.1973, clean title both. South Bay area San Diego.
  18. Mfish618

    Bottom Fishing Torpedo Sinkers

    If you're willing to pay the freight..........
  19. Mfish618

    Bottom Fishing Torpedo Sinkers

    Single eye, unused weights; 6,8,12 and 16 ounce. $2 a pound [300+ lbs available] in South San Diego PM Mike for phone #
  20. Mfish618

    Night Vision Monocular, NON5

    Night Owl Optics 5.0x magnification, unused in original box $200, San Diego PM Mike [Mfish618] for details please.
  21. Mfish618

    Ulua 93H-9 1/4, Unused $200

    Sold. Thank you Jim.
  22. Mfish618

    Ulua 93H-9 1/4, Unused $200

    The rod is [tenatively] sold in the morning. If for some reason it's still available, I'll inform the next PM on the list. Thank you for the interest Gentelmen.
  23. Mfish618

    Ulua 93H-9 1/4, Unused $200

    Too much jig stick for an old guy, price is firm; in San Diego. PM me if interested.
  24. Mfish618

    New low ann

    The latest news is it's now known as the New Lo An.
  25. Mfish618

    Monster from the beach

    It used to be.
  26. Mfish618

    Monster from the beach

    Fresh filet market fish, years ago....@ 1.50 lb dressed weight. I doubt there's a demand anymore.
  27. Mfish618

    Monster from the beach

    When I fished them commercially the one thing I noticed is most had octopus in their stomach. Females can be up to 7 feet in length. Nice catch, congrats
  28. Mfish618

    Coronado island Reds

    Sebastes is a genus of fish in the family Sebastidae (though some include this in Scorpaenidae), most of which have the common name of rockfish. A few are called ocean perch, sea perch or redfish instead. Most of the Sebastes species live in the north Pacific, although two (S. capensis and S...
  29. Mfish618

    ok so now what???

    I really shouldn't have commented on this thread, my apologies. I do know that in Ca., dams have had a devastating affect on salmon runs. I am concerened about the future of the fisheries in Wa. state [I have a son in Lakewood and 2 grandchildren]. It was not my intent to be disrespectful to any...
  30. Mfish618

    ok so now what???

    My Wa state lifetime take of salmon is zero. I was referring to commercial albacore fishing.
  31. Mfish618

    Coronado island Reds

    All the other 'info' aside, good job on the bottom fish. Folks concur [in all 57 states] that regardless of the species, rock fish are great eating.
  32. Mfish618

    Coronado island Reds

    152....hmm, no fooling? If your user name is a question, I chose death.
  33. Mfish618

    Coronado island Reds

    Are these reds?
  34. Mfish618

    Coronado island Reds

    Just wondering....are these dinks honeycombs?
  35. Mfish618

    West Coast Sardine Fishery Shutting Down

    Good luck everyone. if you think the bait situation was bad last year, just wait.
  36. Mfish618

    ok so now what???

    I say we forget about salmon and kill as many albacore as humanly possible. By the way, my vote was DAMS.
  37. Mfish618

    HAPPY BUG GIVING 11/26/14 LB

    It's good policy to stay near your set. Although most hoopers are respectful and honest, there's no need to tempt fate. Also make sure your gear is well lit and NEVER set in the channel [it's a hazard to navigation and you'll run the risk of either your gear being run over by other boats or...
  38. Mfish618

    HAPPY BUG GIVING 11/26/14 LB

    Good job, looks like some nice ones in the mix!!!
  39. Mfish618

    Offshore Rpt.-2.5 day Condor 08-04-14 Tuna Destruction!

    Thanks for fishing with us again Cory. The rare specimen is known as a large scale pomfret, aka sickle pomfret, and is the second one we've seen this year. I believe the first one captured was a Pacific pomfret [if so, we now have one each of both of these species that are rarely seen off our...
  40. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR 1.5d 8/5 Yellowfin Tuna Limits bloodbath lunacy!

    It'always good seeing you Ron. Thanks for fishing with us as well as the great report.
  41. Mfish618

    Am I nuts?

    Let's just say it's ill advised, especially considering the stability of most kayaks.
  42. Mfish618


    We're looking forward to seeing our BD brothers and sisters, and with a brand new sonar unit the tuna don't stand a chance!!!!
  43. Mfish618

    Last Bug Of The Season

    That depends on my buddy Wayne [Got Wasabi]. If he finds the time in the next few days, I might have to relent for another run. In any case I'm pretty damned happy to end the season on a very high note. Thank you for all the nice replies.
  44. Mfish618

    Last Bug Of The Season

    This was a solo run on my inflatable kick boat Simon. My personal best was a 14 lb+ hen [early 70s....we kept 18, 7 lbs and up that night], but this is the biggest one out of thousands of critters captured in the last few decades. I may never catch a bigger one in my lifetime. A big thank you...
  45. Mfish618

    Last Bug Of The Season

    10 lbs 11 oz. I was packing the gear and got this slug bull in the very last net. Slow night....several large sculpins [released] and this bug.It was a great way to end a very slow season. San Diego Bay, 50+ feet deep 03/12/14.
  46. Mfish618

    If you killed it let's grill it party!

    I have an unforeseen calamity to deal with and won't be attending. Sorry all.
  47. Mfish618

    If you killed it let's grill it party!

    I'm just finishing up with the smoker; bluefin chuncks and bellies and trout. I'll bring a nic BFT loin to grill as well. The avocados are finally ripe, so I'll make a batch of guacamole.
  48. Mfish618


    I do. They had the gear for certain.
  49. Mfish618

    If you killed it let's grill it party!

    Depending on boat work, I may be able to attend. All I have to offer is BFT, YFT, trout fillet and possibly some YT and bottom critters [I need to inventory my freezers]. I can make some guacamole, as I still have about 50+ haas avos on my tree. Also, I have a large smoker, so I can preload that...
  50. Mfish618


    Thanks Ron, we had an amazing season. We do have our annual sushi trip coming up. Also I'm running hoopnet lobster trips Friday- Sunday. We had a 4.5 lb bug last night!
  51. Mfish618

    Sport boats Charging (renting) a burlap sack

    You're more than welcome to take your sack home with you, or bring your own.
  52. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR Rain rocking YT Limits, big Dodo,and Bluefin blues 7/9

    A HUGE congrats to Norm on his PB bluefin; Norm is an amazing angler and caught that beast in very choppy weather. There are some trips you'll always remember and yesterday [7-18] was a very special one. The BFT were picky and the seas very snotty, but we scored nicely on the toads. Thanks to...
  53. Mfish618

    I love my avets but...can not cast them!

    Yep, nothing beats practice. I understand it's problematic as Avets free spool like no other. You just have to pay your dues and deal with the inevidable backlashes as you get the feel for it. Good luck, I'm confident that with a little work you'll master it.
  54. Mfish618

    I love my avets but...can not cast them!

    So what happens when you're faced with fishing anchovies, like the old days?
  55. Mfish618

    Which 1.5 day boat out of San Diego

    We have two staterooms and several double wide bunks available.
  56. Mfish618

    Condor 7-1-13 to 7-3-13 anyone planning to go?

    They're eating the iron just fine and we had plenty of good sardines.
  57. Mfish618

    Condor 7-1-13 to 7-3-13 anyone planning to go?

    We're going tomorrow night for certain as well as Wednesday and Friday night, come on down. Also we had enough good sardines to get the job done, limits of yellowtail with a couple of the larger models in the mix.
  58. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR Crazy Wild Yellowtail Limits in tough weather 6/25

    We are a definate go all week Mark. Come on down and take advantage of the light passenger load and nice weather [it was nice way down the line].
  59. Mfish618

    Best Fillet Knife?

    I have one as well. They are pricey, but it's my go to blade at home.
  60. Mfish618

    How far down are the YT and Bluefin right now?

    Just be ready to go the distance. We don't start looking until we're well past 100 miles. There are some yellows holding on paddies closer to home though, just not as willing to bite.
  61. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR Crazy Wild Yellowtail Limits in tough weather 6/25

    I like how you think......BFT, does it get any better?
  62. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR Crazy Wild Yellowtail Limits in tough weather 6/25

    So far we have a light load for tomorrow night. We're hoping to see many of you fine people!!!!!
  63. Mfish618

    Condor or Grande

    Clearly, I'm biased, But we love to see kids and ladies on our trips. Personally, I make it a point to keep an eye open for those that need a little extra attention. Nothing makes my day like helping an inexperienced angler catch a fish, I live for that. The Grande is a terriffic operation with...
  64. Mfish618

    Offshore Paddy BS

    Oh my.....
  65. Mfish618

    New Seaforth pm last week & dishonest crew...

    I think everyone made their about we move on to happier topics?
  66. Mfish618

    New Seaforth pm last week & dishonest crew...

    It's all about customer service, to be sure. The skipper will no doubt take note of this and address the situation. When ever you have a gripe you should always pass it on to the captain. Trust me, he cares and WANTS to know.
  67. Mfish618

    New Seaforth pm last week & dishonest crew...

    Hmmm, my experience with returning a tagged lobster was a cash reward, but that was decades ago. I recieved a nice thank you letter explaining the data and intent of the research along with a crisp one dollar bill. Honestly, I report the capture of tagged critters with no expectation beyond...
  68. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR Crazy Wild Yellowtail Limits in tough weather 6/25

    It was tough conditions to be sure and the yellows are fat and mean this season. Thanks all for fishing with us. Hopefully the weather will lay down a bit and give us a shot at those bluefin!!
  69. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor 1.5 day, wide open yellows, bluefin showing they are there! Video.

    We're online for tomorrow night with almost no ressies. Here's a chance to fish a 90ft. steel fishing machine with all the rail you could ask for. Come on down folks, we're itching to bloody the decks up good!!!!!!!
  70. Mfish618


    You guys are too kind, thanks for all the well wishes. It's great to back where I WANT to be!!!!
  71. Mfish618


    Thanks for all the help , my brother! It's always a good trip with you on board.
  72. Mfish618


    Yeah, I had that pesky driving duty at the time. There's plenty of time for pics, but who wants to see my mug anyway?LOL
  73. Mfish618


    Christophe will be on our next run and will be our designated chef. Thanks for the report Norm, it's always a treat to see you and Leanne. Thank you to all who made our first run memorable, it was a great time!!!
  74. Mfish618

    Cattle Boat Quotes

    "How are the other boats doing?" "Don't worry, I'm going to take care of you guys'' {addressing the crew} My favorite from a child, "excuse me captain, but can you tell me what time we'll be fishing the next kelp paddie?" And the all time best one ever; from a guy who had just dropped his...
  75. Mfish618

    Some shore fisherman.............sheeeeesh

    Not only foolish, but illegal activity.
  76. Mfish618

    Recommended beach in San Diego Grunion

    From the life guard stations north of the Hotel Del Coronado [the main area where the restrooms are] north to the closed naval area. Keep moving up and down the beach until you find a good zone. On a good run, it's like a dump truck was spilled on the beach. Avoid excessive use of flash lights...
  77. Mfish618

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    Anyone that endorses criminal activity on the high seas isn't worth responding to. I'm glad to see the court is finally recognising these actions as criminal vigilantism and acts of piracy before we encounter the same attacks in the sport fishing industry.
  78. Mfish618

    My SIXTH

    Ok, at least somebody gets it. Those who know me can tell you I'm not exactly young, but aging isn't an excuse to be rude and condecending. Some of you may see literary value in these'home spun' tales, or even consider them 'fishing stories'. Yeah, I 'got' his point and actually do a bit of...
  79. Mfish618

    My SIXTH

    Well then enjoy your self. This is why I seldom come here anymore.
  80. Mfish618

    My SIXTH

    Yeah, sure. Let me condense this long winded story. Once, while on an over crowded tuna trip, I was careless and fell down. Despite the fact that this is my ninth post and haven't met you, I feel comfortable enough to insult you. Did I miss anything?
  81. Mfish618

    My SIXTH

    So.....some of you enjoy being called stupid?
  82. Mfish618

    Offshore WHAT A SEASON IT WAS!!!

    It was indeed a very nice season. Thanks for the good photo array Ron. A big thank you to all who fished with us on the Condor. We hope to see you next season or on one of our lobster trips presently running.
  83. Mfish618

    Sportboat Lobster Hooping Questions

    Nice bug!! I've modified some of our conicals, sewed new webbing in to make them deeper. They work very well and load up on the right spot. Conicals are a great innovation and, if everybody follows the law, I don't see them as a threat to the resources. There's plenty of lobster to be had, the...
  84. Mfish618

    Sportboat Lobster Hooping Questions

    If a big bull wants in, it'll just do it. The large males are aggressive as hell.
  85. Mfish618

    Hoopers in the channel...

    Not you Steve. Did you see the blue lights that started at the edge of the channel and continued every 40 feet past the middle? All i could do was shake my head.
  86. Mfish618


    No contest here, Cali spiny, They're rated the best in the world, and the retail price reflects that opinion.
  87. Mfish618

    Sportboat Lobster Hooping Questions

    On the Condor we supply all you need, just bring your licence and lobster card, a rod if you wish. I like to turn and burn the gear, so expect 7 or 8 pulls a trip. We usually have gloves you can use. We also have a good roller setup, so you shouldn't get too wet. Full galley and TV are...
  88. Mfish618

    Hoopers in the channel...

    On the Condor last night, I was amazed to see how much gear was deployed, some in the MIDDLE of the channel. There was a good deal of infringement; some set their gear in my string so very, very close. My rig is 90 feet long, I'll not run over your hoops, but it's a challenge at times. Guys, we...
  89. Mfish618

    EL NINO brings a Diamond Stingray to Newport Harbor, 8/28

    When I was commercial fishing mullet in South San Diego Bay, I'd see these beasts as large as 200 lbs. I'd not consider them a common catch, but they are present during winter months.
  90. Mfish618

    Leopard Sharks!

    Nice leopard, a quality catch. As to the judgemental comment; it's these type posts that are ruining this forum. Kindly keep your comments on a LEGAL catch to your self. I believe PETA has a web site for that mindset.
  91. Mfish618

    Condor Overnight tonight..anyone going?

    We'll be happy to see you. It was a little choppy yesterday and might be tomorrow.
  92. Mfish618

    Offshore Where are the pens

    There's three as of this morning, but litte to no fish on them. Run 163 degrees for 51 miles if you must.
  93. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor- Business 101

    All that money, huh? The bunk fee is part of the ticket price on ALL boats and is collected along with the jackpot money on board. It's impossible to find somebody to clean the bunk room and attend to them without paying them.......... and how much fuel do you think a 100 ton vessel burns on...
  94. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor- Business 101

    We are THAT boat.....that boat that wants to fish every day!!! Thanks to all that sail with us!!!
  95. Mfish618

    Offshore Saturday - Marlin

    We've been seeing a few marlin on the tuna grounds for a couple of weeks now. I suspect it'll be a good year on the carp. Good luck!!!
  96. Mfish618

    Wsb or corvina

    WSB for certain. One last time.......the pectoral fins on a SHORTfin corvina DO NOT extend beyond the pelvic fins.
  97. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR, Dorado, Bluefin,Big Yellows 7/19

    Sorry about the fall Ron. I'll have some crutches and a bicycle helmet for you next trip LOL
  98. Mfish618


    The bft are biting the 30# readily, i'd go 40# on those tusker yellers. The weather, quality of the fish and the QUALITY of the ANGLERS made this an epic trip. I've seen better bites, but the stars were in alignment for this run, so was EPIC! Thanks to all who joined us and we hope to...
  99. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR=Limits of nice YT again 7/12

    Great weather, great friends and [finally] great yellowtail action. We're out again tonight folks, 7/13, and there's tons of room. Come on down and get in on the great offshore action!!!!
  100. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR goes the extra miles!!!

    Hey thanks Norm, you're too kind. After hitting quite a few paddies, it paid off with WFO yellers for our 10 fishers. We're out again tonight [7/13] with plenty of room. We're hoping to see plenty of our BD peeps!
  101. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR goes the extra miles!!!

    I was grateful it wasn't 200 miles. It was a crazy long drive home, but great weather. We hope to see you on the Big Bird!!!
  102. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR goes the extra miles!!!

    Norm did catch a bluefin. The weather was flat calm and gorgeous. It was a fun trip with some tusker yellers. We hope to see our BD brothers and sisters soon. By the way, tomorrow night is a definate go 07/06 with a light load so far.
  103. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR Limits of YT & Nice BF 6/16

    It's Floyd, for sure. Get ready for some Metallica and Megadeth too.
  104. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR Limits of YT & Nice BF 6/16

    That was some funny shit there. Suicidal hamachi X2.
  105. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR Limits of YT & Nice BF 6/16

    Thanks Ron, Norm and everyone else that got us out. WFO on a decent grade of yellers and creamy smooth seas. We just got back from a run this morning and it was W I N D Y. We managed 50 tails to 28 lbs in very tough conditions. The weather is going to lay down this evening and it will be GAME...
  106. Mfish618


    Good point, San Diego was built on the Tuna Fleet of the 60s, and once upon a time people admired both the fleet and the men who worked the boats.
  107. Mfish618


    There's no question commercial fishing is grueling work, and I've manned a net needle more times than I care to remember. I meant no disrespect to commercials in general...........
  108. Mfish618


    I believe the resources belong to the people [as in ALL of us]. I never claimed they were ''mine''. My whole point is that without some solid management THEY will belong to the highest bidder at a fish auction. I'm a little baffled I need to clarify this point.
  109. Mfish618


    I know the Condor crew would never participate in this activity. Personally, I hate seiners and believe they're the #1 threat to our bluefin stocks. Everyone needs to make a living, and I'm a former commercial fisher, but I'd like to see our bluefin [they migrate on both sides of the border]...
  110. Mfish618

    CONDOR 1st 1.5 day for tuna/yt Tues night 6/12

    We're fresh out of the yard with an awesome giant new bait tank!! Scott and I would love to see our BD brothers and sisters, let's go!!!!
  111. Mfish618


    Beautiful WSB!!! My personal best was 63'' and just under 60#. I'd say 45# plus. Big congrats!!!!!
  112. Mfish618

    California State Record Sculpin?

    Why do I come here?
  113. Mfish618

    100 pounder BSB

    Oh my. I'm not on here for a while, come back to visit.......and low and behold..... It's nice to see nothing much has changed, I guess.....:shake:
  114. Mfish618

    Fave fish to catch?

    At least you didn't say wrinkle neck bass LOL BFT
  115. Mfish618

    can you identify this reel?

    I think it's called High Beams.
  116. Mfish618

    Need 2 for Lajolla Saterday

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: Good luck!
  117. Mfish618

    Hey Guys, New to Bloody Deck

    Welcome. There's all types that post here, mostly good, helpful folks. Be forewarned, at times you have to have a pretty tough skin to stick around. Nice bugs, and good luck bassin the big bay.
  118. Mfish618

    Check out this ad on Craigslist...

    I'm holding out for the $5 foot longs.
  119. Mfish618

    Check out this ad on Craigslist...

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: No way this is real. If it is, I'd love to be there for his close out sale.
  120. Mfish618


    This is spinning out nicely. I'm popping some corn.....Carry on.
  121. Mfish618

    what kind of shark it is

    I'm thinking mud shark. If you are creative they can be a very useful specimen.
  122. Mfish618


    How many infractions did he rack up, all dikfurs and henways aside ? And this particular fishing technique is commonly referred to as troll baiting. Good arm chair pastime during the codding season.
  123. Mfish618

    best lakes to fish In San Diego

    I prefer Lake Poway. It's small and easy to learn. I usually have great luck catching trout [quality sized] bass and cat fish all in the same day. Boat rentals are cheap, the staff are friendly and the landscape is beautiful.
  124. Mfish618


    Best reply, by far. HIRE A VET!!! :hali_olutta: This crossed my mind from the onset. I'm not against hiring someone looking for work, but I'd like to continue being a home owner. No doubt most of the guys haunting Home Depot parking lots are honest.....but who wants to take that kind of...
  125. Mfish618

    Is Your Tuna Poisoning U ?

    The fleet has come a long way from the'' bag and bake'' days of my youth. Most boats are concerned with arriving home with a high quality product. How far you want to go in achieving a sushi grade product, from a PB ers perspective, is up to you. Commercial jig boats have secondary refrigeration...
  126. Mfish618

    Is Your Tuna Poisoning U ?

    Yeah those little bluefin, [2-5 minute battle] were as good eating as it gets!!! And, funny you should mention it....I'm 2 weeks out from my rotator cuff rebuild. I'll be 100% and ready to go by the middle of next month. I wasn't going to mention the one hour revival technique, but I'm thinking...
  127. Mfish618

    Is Your Tuna Poisoning U ?

    Thanks Ron, enjoy. Any tuna that is fought for over 10 minutes will have a lactic acid build up, that's a fact. Can you imagine reviving a fish for 30-60 minutes to expedite the bleeding process? I believe the other passengers would munity, and rightfully so. I'm pleased with the quality of our...
  128. Mfish618

    San Diego Finally Gets A Theme Song.

    I saw it. Gee, now we're really famous.......:shake::shake:
  129. Mfish618

    Is Your Tuna Poisoning U ?

    We've never charged ANYONE $20 to process a fish. Obviously going to these extremes is completely impractical in a wide open tuna bite. Our crew always spike and bleed the catch, but since we're not a commercial boat, we are limited to what we can do. I believe our catch is delivered in a...
  130. Mfish618

    Lots of stinkies

    Two things crack me up about boccaccio : 1] The F&G consider them a ''threatened species'', even though they are often the most prevalent rock fish on the reef. 2] Most of you won't eat them and think they are all wormy. Although the fillets do smell strong and some [near shore, mostly] do carry...
  131. Mfish618

    Safeway/Vons and MLPA

    A good reminder in any case, but I'm not a fan of Vietnamese farm [sewer] raised tilapia anyway. I doubt Vons has carried any locally caught fish in the last few decades. I'll make it a point to avoid this chain in the future.
  132. Mfish618

    Saltwater screwing around...this is what happens

    Welcome, great first post. It's always nice to see a real fishing report instead of the typical whining first entry. Hope you score a good one when flattie season opens. A GF pic [with gal pals] would have enhanced your report.LOL
  133. Mfish618

    HMB easy limits

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: You are a deeply disturbed individual.
  134. Mfish618

    Offshore Tunahead to build retirement boat..follow the tuna

    Oh that's just great Ron. Now I'll have you to dodge at night as well as the pen boats. LOL
  135. Mfish618

    I should have Thanked the DFG Officer...

    By all means make sure he gets the ''atta boy'' he deserves. My experience with F&G wardens the last several years has been similar; polite and professional.To often all they receive is complaints. I make it a point to thank them and express my support every time I'm checked. It seems to be a...
  136. Mfish618

    Applications now being accepted

    Because we all know how grown up, open minded and non offensive anyone that would post here is........LOL
  137. Mfish618

    Applications now being accepted

    WTF? I'm thinking you better stick to shore fishing for a while...... maybe you could wrestle a distressed mud shark.
  138. Mfish618

    A great night

    Reality check [for the confused] THIS THREAD WAS INTENDED AS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE. Obviously all ''information'' provided here is total B. S. Remember, this is Bloody Decks and any info read here should be taken with a grain of salt.
  139. Mfish618

    A great night

    Seriously? I thought it was common knowledge....LOL
  140. Mfish618

    sd bay 4/3 sand bass and mackeral

    Good job getting your daughter out fishing! Mackerel are a great kid pleasing catch.
  141. Mfish618

    Took some Ese's fiching on the Dolphin!! 3-30-2012

    Nice to get out on the water, and 23 can't beat that! The Dolphin is a great half day boat.
  142. Mfish618

    Bank Perch

    One of the best yield, fillet wise, of any rock fish. Top shelf table fare.
  143. Mfish618

    I may have to quit fishing

    This thread is 2 days late...........
  144. Mfish618

    A great night

    Absolutely.....a side dish of swell shark tacos, and your dining experience is complete.:_diarrhea_:
  145. Mfish618

    Watch Your Back

    I wonder how they would react if we followed them around [enviro nazis] and spied on their every move ?
  146. Mfish618

    New SoCal Species

  147. Mfish618

    Octomom gets naked

    Agreed, plus you'd never be able erase the image of a festering Medusa.:shithappens::shithappens::shithappens:
  148. Mfish618

    400lb Mudshark caught in Costa Mesa

    Damn, tough break Ron. That was a million dollar world record mud shark, fo sho.
  149. Mfish618

    A great night

    I thought the limit was 5 [12'' minimum, of course]. They go great with the 10 fish bag limit of garibaldi.
  150. Mfish618

    A great night

    You da man Dave!!!!!:rofl:
  151. Mfish618

    A great night

    It was nice of them to drop the minimum size to 2 1/4 inches for the extended season.I guess the resource is just that robust.
  152. Mfish618

    Environmental Groups already lining up... CSPP Controlled Seal Population Plan!!!

    I'm applying for my tag as soon as I get back from the Texas Tuna Ranch. I hope to catch an oar fish and then try the Hemingway option to bag a grander.
  153. Mfish618

    Legal Advise about Obstructing a Navigable Channel

    This will be a hot button issue next season, count on it. The temptation to set in the channel becomes greater as the season progresses and fishing gets tougher. I set on the edge often, but you can end up in the channel by the time your gear hits bottom and the current tightens the scope on...
  154. Mfish618

    A very costly bass and lobster

    Ignore the haters. Glad you're ok, sorry about your lost gear and CONGRATS on your pb LEGALY TAKEN calico.
  155. Mfish618


    I posted a real heart felt comment and got an instant hook up!
  156. Mfish618

    MasterBaiters Sportfishing Puerto Vallarta OMG. Who needs a laugh? This is good...

    What are they tawkin a boot, eh? There's no Cannucks at BD, eh? I did notice they post your E-Mail address if they don't like your comment, eh?
  157. Mfish618

    Okay, help craft a reply......

    Wow, cooking rings and 2 electric heating with wardrobe!!! Sign me up.
  158. Mfish618

    Youth hunt - scum attorney

    Thanks for the heads up on this POS.
  159. Mfish618

    fishing info site or political bashing site?

    Is this thread for sale? I come here for the troll baiting.
  160. Mfish618

    I got an email from Carnival Cruise Lines....

    It would appear to indicate a lack of preventive maintenance, sloppy seamanship, and outright cowardice on the part of the crew. As a professional mariner, I find it offensive.
  161. Mfish618

    Dan Richards NOT resigning

    I'm all for Dan, he's the one honest individual on the Commission. Unfortunately that may well be his down fall. The eco-nazis in this state will have his head, by any means necessary. As long as we tolerate them indoctrinating our children and publicly spreading lies with impunity.......we are...
  162. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR CARNAGE big Dodo's, YF and Limits of YT AGAIN

    I certainly hope they do. I'm looking forward to seeing my BD brothers and sisters in the upcoming season! Meanwhile, there's still a few weeks left of the lobster season. I'll be running trips until the end, and there's still bugs to be had.......
  163. Mfish618

    Trout for bait...

    Trout is very oily and works great for lobster.
  164. Mfish618

    From Zilla's Diary....2/14/2012

    Too funny, LOL
  165. Mfish618

    Retirement is getting near - Thinking of Panama

    What did the Panamanians do to deserve this, Steve?
  166. Mfish618

    Weird nite on the water-2-6

    We don't have patio heaters on the Condor, and have never lost nets to cruise ships. I've been asked to move gear before that was close, but not in the channel. It's my policy to never argue with the authorities [even if I think they are mistaken]. Sorry to hear about the hassle. The Friday...
  167. Mfish618

    Offshore Mexican Navy and New Visa Requirements

    A yacht fishing Mexican waters manned by Spanish speaking people? Gee, how ''irregular'' LOL LOL LOL
  168. Mfish618

    Offshore Mexican Navy and New Visa Requirements

    Funny, I haven't heard stories of boats being seized. I know some have been ordered out of Mexican waters when paper work wasn't in order. We've been boarded a couple of times by the Mexican Navy. We were treated in a very professional and courtious manner.
  169. Mfish618

    Skunks, No Lobsters, and Sea Lions

    The more holes the better and it doesn't effect the continuity of the tube much [pvc is pretty damned tough]. Keep the hole diameter small, or smaller bait, like anchovy or sardines, will pass through them. Also, don't over stuff the tubes. you want good water flow through them and cramming them...
  170. Mfish618

    Skunks, No Lobsters, and Sea Lions

    Yeah, this year has been real bad. Generally I've had little problems with a properly secured cage. Sea lions can be quite persistent and have very effective dykes in their mouths, LOL. Another factor you should remember is that a dog probing your nets cause the bugs to scatter. They will...
  171. Mfish618

    Skunks, No Lobsters, and Sea Lions

    There it is. Also, Sea world needs to quit interfering with nature [rescuing sick and starving animals]. It's not good for the pinnaped gene pool, and is exacerbating the problem.
  172. Mfish618

    Skunks, No Lobsters, and Sea Lions

    I wire the cages closed, and that keeps the pups out. A big dog will demolish the cages completely. Come on down to the Condor and I'll show you some examples. It's Febuary guys. Not the choice month for buggin, but theres still some to catch.
  173. Mfish618

    Skunks, No Lobsters, and Sea Lions

    Bingo, give that man a cigar. Tubes are the only way to go these days. One big aggressive dog can ruin you. It's a shame, because IMO, bait cages work better than tubes......but a baited hoop out preforms a molested one any night of the week. Any of you old guys remember when all you had to do...
  174. Mfish618

    Its Old Greg!

    Did he see his down stairs mix up after he pulled him up with his big strong arms?
  175. Mfish618

    I caught a giant leopard

    Obviously it must be live....cut the gills and make a cut near the tail. It would be better if the fish were in water while it bleeds out. As far as bad JuJu in giving advise on a non threatened legal- to- take fish..............what's the problem? Won't the vast new MLPA areas of no take cover...
  176. Mfish618

    Stone brew response

    I'd suggest we carry the point to any restaurant or vendor that carries Stone Brewing Co. products. They will all be on my boycott list from here on [and I'll be calling ahead to verify it.] I predict slumping sales in the near future, but maybe the rabid Surf Rider supporter will fill the void...
  177. Mfish618

    I caught a giant leopard

    A beautiful fish and great table fare if properly bled and iced. They used to be a valuable inshore commercial catch. Very game on appropriate tackle. I've landed females to seven feet in length.
  178. Mfish618

    Party boat Lobster hunting!!

    Chuck, on the Alicia and Pat, on the Jig Strike are both excellent captains [and great guys]with proven catch records. They are in our code group, so I am in communication with them nightly. None of us are making much money lobster hooping. Personally, I do it for the love of the sport and for...
  179. Mfish618

    Party boat Lobster hunting!!

    Sure Steve.
  180. Mfish618

    Party boat Lobster hunting!!

    Of course we do. Our deck hand hooks the buoy and the passenger [who's turn it is] hauls up the net. We use eclipse conicals and you keep any legal crab or lobster in the gear. Our best pulls have yielded up to 4 legal lobsters, in one net, and our top night was limits for all seven passengers...
  181. Mfish618

    Party boat Lobster hunting!!

    The Condor offers trips Wednesday through Saturday evenings leaving at 6 PM from Fisherman's Landing. The price is $60. All you need is your lobster report card and California fishing licence. We set 10 nets and retrieve them the same as any other vessel. Bring your bass gear so you can fish...
  182. Mfish618

    another MLPA article bashing the fishermen

    Granted, but the non fishing public will be unlikely to differentiate between commercial gear and sport crab pots or hoop nets. I also feel it only encourages vigilantism in an attempt to assist the under staffed Fish & Game wardens. In any case, it's more bad press for recreational fishers.
  183. Mfish618

    Any La Jolla comercial lobstermen have their traps messed with

    I've had misinformed ''do gooders'' tamper with my commercial gear [in the distant past]. Vigilantes should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  184. Mfish618

    another MLPA article bashing the fishermen

    It's very sad to see how fisherman are being portrayed these days.
  185. Mfish618

    Released unharmed?

    Not to mention all the mantis shrimp I've seen sand bass spit up on deck. I'm wondering the true intent of this poster........
  186. Mfish618

    Just because you don`t like the MLPA..

    Would you prefer more flaming?
  187. Mfish618


    I've always returned my report card. I've always provided accurate information. When I was a net fisherman, I always returned my accurate log books on time. However the info is used is beyond my control. I comply with the law. I am not a liar.
  188. Mfish618


    Happy Birthday Ali !!!!
  189. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR CARNAGE big Dodo's, YF and Limits of YT AGAIN

    Thanks Ron!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!!!
  190. Mfish618

    Just because you don`t like the MLPA..

    It's all smoke and mirrors designed to hide the real agenda.....vegetarianism. Maybe it's past time to quit being a shill and recognize the true intent of these agendas. Being an apologist for our enemies [on this forum] isn't going to be well received.
  191. Mfish618

    carzy giant 40lb fish i cought on kayak 2day

    Yeah, Trudroller.
  192. Mfish618

    carzy giant 40lb fish i cought on kayak 2day

    Very cool. Those big gold fish pull like hell and are considered a great game fish in Europe. Nice job on the CPR!
  193. Mfish618

    Merry Christmas!!

    Thanks. I've met some tremendous people through this forum......there's no place like it! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!!!!
  194. Mfish618

    Seasons Greetings From Condor Sport Fishing

    I'm looking forward to it too Jeff! It's a great event and I love to see the sparkle in the eyes of all those kids.
  195. Mfish618

    Seasons Greetings From Condor Sport Fishing

    On behalf of all of us at Condor Sport Fishing, I'd like to wish you all a wonderful holiday and a prosperous, fish filled New Year!!! Thank you for your continued patronage and we'd love to see you in the coming year. Tight lines and good luck!! Mike
  196. Mfish618

    Do you drift your boat into kelp paddie?

    Yes, drifting into or over a paddie is a rookie mistake. Remember, it's an eco-system not a target and most of the fish aren't right under it anyway. Breaking up a good kelp holding fish can ruin the spot for everyone.
  197. Mfish618

    Oilfish and Sharks in Japan

    Awesome!!!! Nice job on the oilers and great Photos!!!!
  198. Mfish618

    Mullet & treble hooks/pier gaffs

    Especially if you happen to be a lobster. :rofl:
  199. Mfish618

    Mites on Ducks?

    Mites are common in all game birds. When I was raising pheasants and water foul, I would treat the birds with sevin dust a couple of times a year. Turkeys really get the mites.
  200. Mfish618

    Limits of Lobster on the Condor 12/02/11

    I shall. You could always come out hooping you know.
  201. Mfish618

    X=mas night

    Excellent!!! I love a hard core fisher. Good luck drumming up a crew.
  202. Mfish618

    Limits of Lobster on the Condor 12/02/11

    He crawled with the bugs last night. We took his little rig out for limits for 3 and 2 legals released. Done before midnight. Like a mad dog!!!!!!!
  203. Mfish618

    Limits of Lobster on the Condor 12/02/11

    We fish 10 nets. When it your turn on the rotation, what ever you pull up is yours. Lol, no we just use gunny bags. Lobster live a long time out of water. Thanks my brother!!!
  204. Mfish618

    Limits of Lobster on the Condor 12/02/11

    Thanks guys. We are currently scheduled for Friday and Saturday night adventures leaving out of Fisherman's Landing at 6PM
  205. Mfish618

    Limits of Lobster on the Condor 12/02/11

    We had an epic trip last night on the Condor! Limits [49] of lobster [to 4+ lbs], 3 spider crabs [to 12 lbs] and 1 rock crab for our 7 passengers. Huge thanks to Wayne [Got Wasabi] for all the help, and congrats on bagging the jack pot bug!!!
  206. Mfish618

    Scientists Crossbreed Fish with Banana

    I stole this, thanks.
  207. Mfish618

    new to lobster fishing.

    There's several threads that have been posted on BD concerning the basics on hooping. Do a search and good luck.
  208. Mfish618

    Oddball Butt

    I've seen it a few times, but it's exceedingly rare.
  209. Mfish618

    San Diego Bay Hoop Netting 11-22- 11

    Thanks and congrats on the new rig! We were offshore on the tuna/yellowtail runs through the end of October, so I missed the crawl in the shallows. I hit my old haunt once, but it only produced a single legal. It looks like the bugs moved deeper a few weeks early this year. I hope to see you out...
  210. Mfish618

    San Diego Bay Hoop Netting 11-22- 11

    Thanks Ali. You need to come out with us one of these evenings.
  211. Mfish618

    San Diego Bay Hoop Netting 11-22- 11

    LOL we did have a great night, even though we didn't get the gear in until after dark. The first pull was for nada, not even a short. The second pull it was game on!
  212. Mfish618

    San Diego Bay Hoop Netting 11-22- 11

    Sorry for the late report . We test fished the new lobster nets [eclipse conicals] to be used on the Condor tonight. The results? 17 legal lobsters from 1 1/3 lbs to 8+ lbs between the three of us!!!! There was probably 6 or more that were just a hair under sized. Our last pull was at 12:30...
  213. Mfish618

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Well said....Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!!
  214. Mfish618


    Thanks. I hope everyone has a safe, fun holiday. I'm thankful we'll be enjoying our traditional meal of steak and fresh local lobster. Take your kids or loved ones fishing and GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  215. Mfish618

    Yes, I Support the MLPA

    I'm thinking there's ''lines'' involved, not as certain about the fisher aspect.
  216. Mfish618

    Yes, I Support the MLPA

    Lol, I guess he found the wrong forum. Might I suggest a fantasy site.
  217. Mfish618

    spanish mackeral...edible?

    Yes, they are actually in the jack family [mackerel jack] and are much better eating than a regular mackerel. I wouldn't worry too much about dining on one from the bay. It's amazing how people don't hesitate eating a bay lobster, but freak out over a fish. Really, there's no pristine...
  218. Mfish618


    A few are caught off San Diego, but it's not very common. To retain a salmon, I believe you'll need a valid salmon stamp. Keep in mind there are lots of other stipulations concerning salmon take.
  219. Mfish618

    Skiff for Sale

    So you got JJ to buy this rig???
  220. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR CARNAGE big Dodo's, YF and Limits of YT AGAIN

    Thanks Ron and Happy Holidays to all!!!!!!!!
  221. Mfish618

    Netting fish

    I see this happen at Poway often. It's very frustrating and very illegal. I just don't understand why anyone would do it.
  222. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR CARNAGE big Dodo's, YF and Limits of YT AGAIN

    Yeah, the weather looks pretty dicey. Anyone is welcome to bring rod and reels, but I plan on working the hoops hard.
  223. Mfish618

    INDIAN Red Limits at the Finger Bank 11/9

    Very cool Chris and Ron. A killer trip at a reasonable price, with lunch thrown in.....what's not to like?
  224. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR CARNAGE big Dodo's, YF and Limits of YT AGAIN

    Sure. You can use the boom, 200+ fathoms, 100 hook minimum. :rofl:
  225. Mfish618

    Local lobster with the kids!!

    Very nice, good job!!! Taking the kids fishing.....that's where it's at.
  226. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR CARNAGE big Dodo's, YF and Limits of YT AGAIN

    Thank You!!!!! Hoop netting on the Condor is online, starting Friday the 11th. I'll be your driver on these outtings and hope to see plenty of you soon!!!!
  227. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR CARNAGE big Dodo's, YF and Limits of YT AGAIN

    The weather doesn't look promising at all, but maybe we can get out next week. If not....Thank You to all the great passengers who have supported us this season!!!!!
  228. Mfish618

    Offshore Hit or miss, got a few on the Condor

    We had 36.......there's 90 feet of rail on the Condor, so it's really not an issue.
  229. Mfish618

    Offshore Hit or miss, got a few on the Condor

    Thanks for coming out with us Tim. It was an off day, but I think we have at least a couple more weeks of good fishing.
  230. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR CARNAGE big Dodo's, YF and Limits of YT AGAIN

    Thanks Norm, Ron and everybody who made the trip. Yesterday's run the fish were off a bit.....we had to work for 82 mixed. There was a kelp in the afternoon that was LOADED with big dodos and quality [20lb] yellowtail. We lost quite a few, but what we managed were real tuskers! They didn't bite...
  231. Mfish618


    Nice going Chris. The Indian is a first class operation. I hope you have a great codding season!!!
  232. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor 10/22 DoDo's!!

    Indeed we are......see you tonight, we leave at 6 PM.
  233. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR Limits YT,3YF,2BF Rocked em!

    We leave tonight at 6PM......hope to see you!!!!
  234. Mfish618

    Peta sues park for enslaving killer whales

    Further proof that Peta is a pack of crack pot buffoons. How far does this have to go before we see some sensibility?
  235. Mfish618

    CONDOR Wed. nt Oct.26-Light Load to GO

    We hope to see you tomorrow night!!!!!
  236. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR Limits YT,3YF,2BF Rocked em!

    Oh yeah, let's go get em folks!!!!
  237. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor 10/22 DoDo's!!

    Ok, right now we're up to 10, so here's a chance to fish a big boat with a private charter style load.......DON'T MISS IT!!!!!!!
  238. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor 10/22 DoDo's!!

    Wednesday is starting to look good. Time to get in on it before it's over. We love Bloodydeckers and would love to put you on the come on down. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  239. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor 10/22 DoDo's!!

    I had this trip off, but would like to thank everyone that made made me proud!!! We have trips leaving on Mon, Wed, and Fri night and I hope to see plenty of Bloodydeckers.
  240. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR Limits YT,3YF,2BF Rocked em!

    Once again, thanks Ron and everybody else. It's definately NOT over, by a long shot. Come on down and let's keep this party rolling folks!!!!! P.S. On our last run there were yellowtail to 18 lbs, big dorado and some nice bluefin in the mix.
  241. Mfish618

    Offshore Tuna heating up again!

    Well, clearly I'm biased as to the choice of boats.....but either way, get out there, by any means necessary!!!!
  242. Mfish618

    Offshore Surprise Surprise... Limits of YT and YFT aboard the CONDOR!!! 10/15

    Thank you Spyder, it's much appreciated by all of us!
  243. Mfish618

    Offshore Surprise Surprise... Limits of YT and YFT aboard the CONDOR!!! 10/15

    Tonight is a GO, and yes there is a fuel surcharge. I hope to see you on the Condor this evening!!
  244. Mfish618

    Offshore Tuna heating up again!

    Tonight's trip on the Condor is a DEFINITE GO!!! So far it's a very light load, but WE ARE GOING. Hope to see plenty of you this evening.
  245. Mfish618

    Offshore Surprise Surprise... Limits of YT and YFT aboard the CONDOR!!! 10/15

    Thanks for fishing with us KT. It was truly an epic day for us, and the YFT were very nice models. Now is the time folks, and the weather couldn't have been better!
  246. Mfish618

    Offshore CONDOR 10/11 YT Limits , Bull Dodos

    REPLY: HA the gunny's are only temporary when so wide open on one stop like that, otherwise we'd been wading in 100+ YT with no ideas who's fish was who. Once we hit bag limits of 5 each the crew then starts tagging and throwing in the brine hold. We called in Sea Adventure 80 and kept catching...
  247. Mfish618


    Don't eat the guts, really? If you're that worried about it.....I hear mola goo is real ''lobster like''.LOL
  248. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor Offshore Trip with Halibut

    Thanks Norm. It's always great to have you aboard!!!
  249. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor Offshore Trip with Halibut

    Thanks for fishing with us Martin. We put together a very nice day with great opportunity on mixed tuna at 150 miles, 5 quality dodos, all the yellows you could ask for and some skippies [some over 12 lbs]. Way to go on that hali at the dock!! looked to be about 12 lbs, and on a Krocodile, no...
  250. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor 10/1 - 1.5 day Tunaaaaaaa!

    Thanks guys, we really appreciate it and hope to see you all again soon!!!!
  251. Mfish618

    Bluefin Vs. Yellowfin

    Yellowfin usually make faster runs, but aren't as stubborn as a bluefin. BFT have larger heads and consequently bigger gills. This allows them to re-oxygenate their blood quickly, so if you rest they recharge fast. IMO, bluefin are much tougher, better eating and a lot harder to entice than...
  252. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor 10/1 - 1.5 day Tunaaaaaaa!

    Thanks Mitch! I'm glad you had a good time and we appreciate you coming out with us.
  253. Mfish618

    1950's tuna fishing video..

    Very cool vid. Did you notice how many fish were ''center punched'' on the gaff?
  254. Mfish618

    Offshore FL Pac Dawn-Escobar 7/30/11

    Correct, they are both large members of the snake mackerel family. Occasionally they rise in the water column, but most are deeper....400 - to over 1000 feet. The gastrointestinal side effects vary from person to person. I'd not eat oil fish, but I know of some that have [in very small...
  255. Mfish618

    when men write advise columns

    So, what's the problem? It was spot on advise. LOL
  256. Mfish618

    Offshore YFT on the Condor

    Thanks for fishing with us Dana. Good fishing is just around the corner.
  257. Mfish618

    Mystery Fish

    Yep, salema, very common.
  258. Mfish618

    Offshore Think Dora will bring us yft soon?

    We finished up a 1.5 day this morning with 15 yft, 3 bft, and 10 quality tails. We pushed south 120 miles and found beautiful water, 67.5 and saw a few dodos on our yellowtail kelp. Some of the yft were on dolphins and we had jig strikes and a few bait fish. On the way home I found water temp to...
  259. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor Overnight 7/16 A tale of Seiners...with a couple tails

    Thanks for coming out with us again Nate. Really, I believe the real reason for the lousy season[s] we're having is that opah you killed last year.....way to go buddy LOL The amount of pens being tended out there was crazy. If they weren't full, they will be soon. Seiner carnage for sure.
  260. Mfish618

    Back bay bonefish and fish ID please

    Diamond turbut and juvenile brown smothhound.
  261. Mfish618

    Sheephead - Goat - What is considered BIG???

    Nice goat, congrats. IMO, anything 10lbs and up is a big goat. It's impossible to estimate weight from a picture, just be content in knowing it's a damned nice fish, and you'll enjoy some fine eating.
  262. Mfish618

    Reality! the truth hurts but needs to be expressed.

  263. Mfish618

    Offshore Found them

    Wow, relax my friend. We were out on the hidden bank yesterday and it's seiner hell with more pens than I've seen in quite a while. I stopped on a very nice school at 4:30 AM, chumming them until sunup. They occasionally swam under the boat, but wanted nothing to do with us and by sun up they...
  264. Mfish618

    No go at the Rockpile, Mexican Navy

    My experience with the Mexican Navy is that they have always been professional and polite. I have no issues with them protecting their waters. I hope you get them [the fish] next time.
  265. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor Bluefin 6/26

    That's right Harlan....even I got bit. It was good enough a couple of times, I think even you'd have hooked up!!!! LOL
  266. Mfish618

    Offshore sporties looking for signups tonight!

    If we had 10 reservations, Scott would likely hang in there. 15 passengers is the break even level. I hope people understand why a boat is forced to cancel a trip....none of us like it, we want to fish. After the disasterous season we had last year, I believe you'll find few owners willing to...
  267. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor Bluefin 6/26

    They were all on bait. One guy caught a couple on 20 lb, but most were using 25 or 30 lb. As many were hooked on straight mono as florocarbon, so I'm thinking they aren't really line shy. A good bait presented in the boil zone would get bit. Edit: 2 fish were hooked on a mega bait straight...
  268. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor Bluefin 6/26

    It was 4 years ago, the escolar 2 years ago. I caught a nice dorado, 25 lbs, about an hour after the oil fish....night drifting.
  269. Mfish618

    Offshore sporties looking for signups tonight!

    We'd love to see you. There's a lot of breaking tuna to slide on [quality size as well], and the weather is beautiful. Time to get out there!!
  270. Mfish618

    F&G can make stops w/out suspicious activity

    I'm not lumping anyone into a category. In the very next line I stated ''the few who would strip mine our waters''. Of course most of us are compliant, but the few who aren't can have a devastating impact. Really, I'm not sure what your argument is in favor of. How are we, the angling public...
  271. Mfish618

    Offshore Condor Bluefin 6/26

    The final tally was 9 bft with way too much tackle failure. Over 20 were hooked, but most were unprepared, and bluefin have a way of finding any weakness in your gear. There is a LOT of small schools of quality sized bft out there. The water temp was mostly in the low 62 degree range and good...
  272. Mfish618

    F&G can make stops w/out suspicious activity

    This whole argument is pretty silly. True, nobody enjoys being searched for just fishing, but if the wardens didn't inspect, there wouldn't be anything to fish for. The best course of action is to be polite, compliant, and perhaps grateful that somebody is protecting the resources from the few...
  273. Mfish618

    buyers beware COLD WATER TACKLE

    Haha, great avatar John [goatram]!!!
  274. Mfish618

    Couple Dayz in the Big Bay: San Diego

    I'd guess those were small halibut as well.[stomach contents] Nice fish!!
  275. Mfish618

    Environmentalist Attack Tuna Seiners

    If you act like a vigilant, and interfere with legally sanctioned commerce on the high should be prepared for a long swim home.
  276. Mfish618

    RIP PsychoClown (ROCK)

    I met him only once, but he impressed me as very good guy. What a senseless loss. R.I.P. and condolences to his loved ones
  277. Mfish618


    I hear they make real tasty ceviche, if found floating at the marina and sack ripened all day. Better than Jack in the Box, or so I'm told. LOL Number 1 sashimi, reportedly. Probably on a par with jack smelt......but that's mere speculation in both instances.
  278. Mfish618

    Seals and Fireworks...WTF San Diego?

    Harbor seals and sea lions have a place in our ocean, but not at these artificially high numbers. I don't hate these marine mammals, I'd just like to see some sense of balance, sans the emotion. Sea World should stop rehabilitating sick and injured animals, douche bags need to quit feeding them...
  279. Mfish618


    Cool, here's wishing you plenty more tiger's milk and dragon breath, or what ever Charlie was raging about.
  280. Mfish618

    How do you know you are a tackle ho ??

    If you have to ask the question, you are.
  281. Mfish618

    Evidence That Great White Sharks Are Peaceful Creatures

    Oh yes, there should be petting pools for these docile giants. I ''have a feeling'' all would go well. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!! I hope in her next encounter it bites her arm off.
  282. Mfish618

    Bay fish safe to eat? Listen to the science...

    X2. I release the majority of bass and all spotties. I was hired to collect bay bass from various ''hot spots'' in San Diego Bay. The hope was they would be contaminated beyond safe consumption levels. The samples came up far ''cleaner'' than expected. My client was very disappointed.:finger...
  283. Mfish618

    Simple Alcoholism test that you can take in the privacy of your computer.....

    I didn't notice the bar sign, but I did notice she was steadying herself with one hand on the tree. I assume this was to keep her from toppling over.
  284. Mfish618


    Thank you, it's appreciated.
  285. Mfish618


    Yeah, it sucks. Picking on a kid strikes me as the sport of chumps.:_diarrhea_:
  286. Mfish618


    Are you going on the long range trip too? Somehow I doubt you're as ''DAMN FRESH'' as that other guy.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  287. Mfish618


    Come on guys...he's a's a cuda. Does it really matter?
  288. Mfish618

    Where to start, Alaska info ?

    Ever hear of Port Moller or Nelson's Lagoon? LOL Nothing says Christmas fun like the Pribilof Islands in December........... Pilot Point is a great family destination............ Or, Ward's Cove.............
  289. Mfish618

    Treating annoying line cuts

    Hey, good dope there. Thanks.
  290. Mfish618


    I sure wish the tuna would get here..........
  291. Mfish618


    At this point.....Jack's Nasty Crotch food doesn't sound so bad, but Bon Appetite. My apologies to any Jack's Crack hounds out there.
  292. Mfish618

    Does somebody wanna tell thihs guy he's a tool???

    :rofl::rofl::rofl:, yep DAMN FRESH.....for an hour or so...........
  293. Mfish618


    My thoughts, exactly.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  294. Mfish618

    Does somebody wanna tell thihs guy he's a tool???

    Yep, that trip is going to be substantially more expensive, with a lot less yield than he ''suspects''. DAMN FRESH!!!!!!
  295. Mfish618


    Sun ripened snot stick? Just one suggestion for the future.....ICE. By the way, I never called BS. It's a damn fine scooter for the bay.
  296. Mfish618

    Copper River Salmon is BS

    There's way worse fish than properly handled chums.
  297. Mfish618

    Epic I guess (pic heavy)

    I sure hope the tuna show soon.
  298. Mfish618

    Epic I guess (pic heavy)

    Wow!! That's almost as epic as a ''sick cuda'' from the harbor! LOL
  299. Mfish618

    Does somebody wanna tell thihs guy he's a tool???

    He will be too when he's arrested for selling sport caught fish. I hope he get's nailed....pun intended.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  300. Mfish618

    Does somebody wanna tell thihs guy he's a tool???

    I'm sure that Cal Fish & Game have added him to their contact list.
  301. Mfish618


    I did notice the gills were pretty browned out..... but if someone wants to BS about a cuda,[ and I'm not saying he is] who am I to question it? It's not like he was claiming he caught a bay wahoo.
  302. Mfish618

    Hybrid Bass Species?

    A natural color/marking variation. Inter-species breeding [hybrids] in nature are very rare.
  303. Mfish618

    cook guitar fish

    I have no problem reposting it here, it's old news. I'd love to see some of our members catch a few of these here's the link:
  304. Mfish618

    why you don't fall asleep on my boat......TED

    An ''Adolph Hitler'' makes a believer out of them.
  305. Mfish618


    They show in the back end of San Diego Bay at times. Back in the 60s, Mission Bay was loaded with pencils. Nice snot stick, by the way.....good going.
  306. Mfish618


    Sashimi time!!!LOL
  307. Mfish618

    cook guitar fish

    I caught the first one [oil fish] on my second attempt at targeting them. The escolar came many long, unfruitful nights....ok a couple of years of nights later. I'm very lucky to have both on my list. They both are in the Scripps Institute fish collection now. I added a pelagic sting ray last...
  308. Mfish618

    What, nobody caught any fish this Sun 5/29????????

    Well, you was just a little blown out. LOL
  309. Mfish618

    cook guitar fish

    Good eye Bud. Yeah the avatar is an escolar [22lbs] the sig is indeed an oil fish [30 lbs], both locally caught.
  310. Mfish618

    Chasin Yellows

    Great report and congrats, sounds like you earned it.
  311. Mfish618

    cook guitar fish

    Well, regardless of how anyone feels or thinks, a few of the coastal sharks make decent table fare, and i make no apologies for sometimes eating them [even though I have ready access to just about any seafood.]
  312. Mfish618

    cook guitar fish

    Shovel nose is one of the better eating shark species, as is angel shark. Both require a bit more skill when it comes to filleting, and there is a lot of waste. As Bud pointed out, don't knock it until you've tried it. Two other inshore sharks are very good : smoothhound and leopards. The trick...
  313. Mfish618

    Copper River Salmon is BS

    They are no better than Port Moller sockeye, and don't compare to Washington kings and silvers.
  314. Mfish618

    Barracuda sashimi?

    I fished Rife Dam in Washington and caught micro silver salmon. They are tasty and easy to fillet.... just don't inspect the gut cavity. They are loaded with the longest worms I've ever seen.
  315. Mfish618

    Yellows at the Pile

    There's going to be some of us heading that way this Friday night. I'm surprised it took this long for the news to get out.
  316. Mfish618

    A few more added to the secret club

    I'm not certain which is gayer, the pics or the mass outting of each other.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  317. Mfish618

    A few more added to the secret club

    Thank you Washington. Suddenly Cali seems a bit less gay. He did what with a ham sandwich? LOL
  318. Mfish618

    all of you jokers living in cali may want to stock up on ammo!!!!

    Funny you should mention it. My first reaction was tent confinement in the Anzo Borrego.
  319. Mfish618

    The World is Ending Tomorrow

    Good thing I spent the day on the lake. On a positive note, I understand It'll be a Zombie Apocalypse, and I have mega ammo and several WWII carbines of various flavors. I'm itchin' to blast me some Zeds. Ok, I better get to sharpening up some bayonets. LOL
  320. Mfish618

    What is the difference...II

    It must be all the diaper changing......
  321. Mfish618

    Really? Needlefish this location and temp?

    The avatar is a 22lb escolar, the sig is a 30lb oil fish.
  322. Mfish618

    Barracuda sashimi?

    Why not just stick to the time honored species like bluefin, yellowfin, yellowtail and albacore? Barracuda is kind of nasty even with proper handling. Life is too short to eat B list fish.
  323. Mfish618

    Local Socal trout/catfish water...

    Lake Poway, it's the only lake I fish.
  324. Mfish618

    Really? Needlefish this location and temp?

    They've been common in San Diego Bay from day one.
  325. Mfish618

    starting a small boat commercial fishing business

    Jail time and heavy fines.....there's no future in that. If you engage in illegal fishing, it's just a matter of time before you're busted. If I witness it, a lot sooner than later.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  326. Mfish618

    starting a small boat commercial fishing business

    It's not worth the effort or expense anymore. Trust me, I commercial skiff fished for 30 years.
  327. Mfish618

    how to cook up a rock fish

    Yep, Dan is the Man. Looks like the Mods dealt with the troll post.
  328. Mfish618

    how to cook up a rock fish

    I think you should watch it again. He was referring to dusting the fillet in the dry batter before dredging it in the moistened batter, a technique he hadn't tried. At least that was my take on it.
  329. Mfish618

    Fake Distress Call Cost $50,000

    Serves him right. Why would anyone do that?
  330. Mfish618

    Fishing TV Host Wanted For So. Cal. Fishing Show! Imagine Getting Paid to Fish.

    I teach people how to fish for half the year ....practically for free!
  331. Mfish618

    Kids Fishing report from Chollas Park in SD

    You're new here, aren't you? LOL
  332. Mfish618

    Need an extra hand?

    I could use an extra hand, but only if it comes attached with an arm.
  333. Mfish618

    how to cook up a rock fish

    Sashimi fish, along with snot sticks LOL.
  334. Mfish618

    What is this ?

    Once the Japanese plume of radioactive waters reach our coast, they will be worth their weight in gold. For now we can settle for the glowing 3 eyed albacore making their way to an offshore bank near you. LOL One quick question....did you get past the first bite of your iodine fish dinner?
  335. Mfish618

    What is this ?

    Kelp fish, inedible due to a very high iodine level in the flesh.
  336. Mfish618

    Barracuda sashimi?

    Any coastal fish has the potential. I know some eat halibut as sashimi, but I consider this risky. I've seen parasites in yellowtail from offshore waters [albacore too], so the possibility is ever present. Coastal fish, such as barracuda are far more dangerous, IMO. Freezing ANY fish for 3 days...
  337. Mfish618


    The site is very impressive. Thanks for all the hard work, it really shows.
  338. Mfish618


    His motive, getting kids to fish, is awesome.
  339. Mfish618

    Barracuda sashimi?

    I wouldn't, but if you must freeze the fillets first for 3 days minimum.
  340. Mfish618


    Great news!!!!
  341. Mfish618

    Freshwater Crayfishing???

    I used to use Gee's Minnow traps with the fykes expanded to 2'' openings. Any type of scrap fish [frames] works fine. A muddy bottomed pond with decaying vegetation is a prime area. Try an over night soak on the gear. If they are abundant, your traps will load up quickly.
  342. Mfish618

    I'll Bet she has Carpel Tunnel.....

    That's one nasty S.O.B. If there were to be a union between these two you could refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. Handjob.:_diarrhea_:
  343. Mfish618

    I'll Bet she has Carpel Tunnel.....

    That's just........ok, I saw her picture.
  344. Mfish618

    New scam

  345. Mfish618

    New scam

  346. Mfish618

    Aint That Some Shit?!?!?

    If you like living in a community where you have to waste your time ''making a presentation'' and groveling before a board of bored retirees [that have nothing better to do], just to paint your home, enjoy. I have better things to do, like going fishing and working on my boat IN MY DRIVEWAY.
  347. Mfish618

    Saltwater Mini Lobsters !!!

    Very cool. Between shrimp and dungeness, who needs lobsters?
  348. Mfish618

    Having fun with a scammer.

    Any way you can waste their time, or better yet, cost them money, is time they can't spend scamming someone else. Good job, and looking forward to the next chapter. LOL
  349. Mfish618

    Aint That Some Shit?!?!?

    Me too, I'm popping some now before the next instalment of ''How To Win Friends And Influence People''.
  350. Mfish618

    Sculpin Fillets,, YES Sculpin skin off fillets

    Yep, Joe and Tony King of the Monterreys and masters at baiting thousands of hooks, LOL. They were great at trolling for bonito too.......back when we had canneries. Nobody knew more about sculpin than those two. Sculpin is one of my favorites too, and that's one hell of a good deal on fillets.
  351. Mfish618

    Aint That Some Shit?!?!?

    LOL, that's nothing short of a miracle. I like the bowling trophy on the bumper......nice touch.
  352. Mfish618

    Aint That Some Shit?!?!?

    I'm in total agreement. What ever happened to ''live and let live'' and minding your own business?
  353. Mfish618

    Aint That Some Shit?!?!?

    I guess you didn't get the memo. The Government owns your ass and you're working for nobody but them. For those of you supportive of this should be happy that the State will tell you if you're able to ever fish in California again, much less park your boat on your own...
  354. Mfish618

    Any advice on how to save money??

    After a season like last year, I doubt many can afford to endure any further LOSSES. I realise money is tight, but margins are a lot thinner than you might imagine.
  355. Mfish618

    SD Sportfish Sweet Teresa report -What the hell is this?

    Yep, one look at the tail....fantail sole.
  356. Mfish618

    Make Sharkfin Soup?

    The major flavor in shark fin soup is chicken broth. Although it's good to utilise as much of your catch as possible, there's a reason fins traditionally have been discarded by the western world.
  357. Mfish618

    200 reasons why we LOVE our members....

    Nice job, and reasonably quick......kudos, it looks great.
  358. Mfish618

    I quit bloody decks.

    Yep, I'm the complete asshole. Technically I have no power to close them, I just have a way of killing them or making you wish you hadn't read my post.
  359. Mfish618

    I love you guys....

    Damn dude, way to queer the place up. LOL Seriously though, I agree totally. There isn't another site like this on the Internet. I've made some damn good friends on this site [yep, I've met several and we fish together]. If you post a thread declaring you quit the site, no amount of sugar...
  360. Mfish618

    I quit bloody decks.

    Sure sounds like it. I'd like to remind us's just the internet. I've closed several threads with jackassey comments, and there's little doubt that many loath my posts......oh well..... it's supposed to be about having fun and sharing info. There's really no reason to get butt bit...
  361. Mfish618

    Osama is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks to all who have served. And why spoil a great moment for all of us by turning this political..........the bastard is dead and THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CONTRIBUTED.
  362. Mfish618

    Osama is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's a great day for freedom!!!
  363. Mfish618


    Yeah, Bloodytip is a provocative handle, for certain. Because she listed waitress as her profession, I figured it had something to do with that. I might be way off base though. However, her first name is Monica, [supposedly] so I guess the possibilities are numerous.
  364. Mfish618


    Really? Just how strange were they?
  365. Mfish618


    My guess is Rover got a couple of extra ''treats'' that night. As far as the vindictive revenge aspect goes.......No, it doesn't go away with time. The having less to loose factor is reality. Anyone that messes with my family [or friends] would learn this lesson the hard way.
  366. Mfish618


    Ya know, I'm not buying this thread at all. Somebody is bored and wants to rile up the troops........not too difficult on this forum. LOL
  367. Mfish618

    Not rod building. What catch are you most proud of?

    By no means the biggest, but certainly two of the most unusual species I've caught are my avatar, an escolar and my sig line, an oil fish. Both were caught near the Hidden Bank, two years apart and deep. The 30 pound oil fish was from 400 plus feet deep on a 4-5 lb humboldt squid. It was the...
  368. Mfish618

    Magic Metal jigs in 6 colors 2 1/4, 3 3/8, 4 1/2

    Yes he does. You've got to love that.
  369. Mfish618

    Magic Metal jigs in 6 colors 2 1/4, 3 3/8, 4 1/2

    dans's the man! pfleuger reels, ugly stik tigers, and Cajun red line. Haha I've never used Magic Metals....I'm sure they work just fine. I can say Dan has done more for the California sport fishing fleet than any other television personality. I enjoy his show. Good luck selling your gear.
  370. Mfish618

    Shark Men - I love this show.

    This program [and Offshore Adventures] are quality shows. I don't care if it's a rich kids pass time, it's very entertaining, and at least he's doing something constructive with his his dough. The ''my bride'' line cracks me up......let's see what he calls her a decade or so down the pipe...
  371. Mfish618

    Fishing Bucket List

    I've been lucky enough to catch more exotics than any one person should....but here's my short list. Louvar Opah Short billed spear fish Tarpon Rag fish
  372. Mfish618

    The "Why I Hate Tues." thread...

    I sure wish the tuna would get here, even if it's on a Tuesday [the gayest day of the week].
  373. Mfish618

    Once upon a time when advertisers told it the way it was!

    Good shit there. I miss the days before everybody turned all emo, PC, and self rightous.
  374. Mfish618

    Post on this thread if you read it

    times up
  375. Mfish618

    , NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THUNDERIRD SCI 03.06.11 Reds Rockfish Whitefish Galore!

    indeed. Like the post I noted. Pics taken, and fish given away. Like i said to gga. For picture purposes and glory. Many were given away to those busy yaking or passed out on their bunks. I like to fish but it's even better when your able to pass some on to the needy. Very cool...
  376. Mfish618

    , NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THUNDERIRD SCI 03.06.11 Reds Rockfish Whitefish Galore!

    I wasn't going to be the first to mention that. I have to assume it was a multi-day trip......LOL
  377. Mfish618


    The Soviet Union used the ocean to dispose of radioactive waste for decades. I think the problem in Japan is small in comparison. No doubt localised fish stocks will be affected, but as far as pelagic species like albacore, I wouldn't worry too much.
  378. Mfish618

    Saluki.....Is Everything OK?

    Damn, things just keep getting stranger by the day. It sure looks like our society is on the verge of a total melt down.....or maybe we just have a bumper crop of fucktards we need to weed out.
  379. Mfish618

    anyone ever write a book?

    I'm old school, so I love to read. I am an amature writer and have been compiling a collection of short fiction I may eventually try to publish. The down side to writing is the endless redrafts and editing. I'm never fully satisfied with the finished product [other writers I know express the...
  380. Mfish618

    Hilarious website....

    LOL, that's some funny shit. The racist microwave buyer post was way funny.
  381. Mfish618

    Craigslist Ad

    Oh, I's good for fishing. I thought it was just a receptacle for a plumb line. Bail? We don't need no stinking bail.
  382. Mfish618

    Westport Nostalgia

    Local waterfront lore is worth it's weight in gold, and it'll die if one of you doesn't document it. Obviously, I'm not from the area, but none the less I am enjoying this thread.....brings to mind Point Loma back in the 60s when 2000 plus passengers a night showed up to go albacore fishing.
  383. Mfish618

    Huell Howser runs LBC:

    It doesn't matter at all, and I have enjoyed his shows for years. He does seem genuinely friendly. The world could do with more good guys.
  384. Mfish618

    Catch a 300 # cow or your money back

    Oh, I believe this as much as I did last year when it was posted. Once again, I'm going for the Old Man and the Sea adventure
  385. Mfish618

    Best San Diego 1.5 day party boat with kids?

    Thank you guys, all of us on the Condor appreciate it. When ever there is kids on board, I make a special effort to hook and hand as well as assisting the child for the entire battle. We pride ourselves on being family friendly.
  386. Mfish618

    Huell Howser runs LBC:

    Howell Hughser has some good programs sandwiched between the ''golly, gee... look a caterpillar!!!'' moments. And yes, he's gay as a French horn with a hickabillie accent. By the way, the Simpson parody was classic, starting with him arriving in town by falling off a turnip truck.
  387. Mfish618

    SAVE THE DATE - BD San Diego Picnic/BBQ/Potluck/Casting Contest ~ May 7th, 2011

    Sounds good to me. Last year was a lot of fun.
  388. Mfish618

    Long Beach Thresher How 2 Shows

    Propaganda is false, misleading information and half truths repeated endlessly in order to achieve a goal. I would say you've become quite adept at the practice, but that too would be propaganda. What I'm saying is through public perception, the shark fishery is believed to be unsustainable and...
  389. Mfish618

    Long Beach Thresher How 2 Shows

    More great propaganda, but guess what? The markets refused to buy threshers and makos last season and there is no plan to market them in the future. The few commercial guys who landed sharks last season were forced to dump them. A [very] little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.
  390. Mfish618

    AHI fishing Sothwest of WA

    Way cool, glad you had a good trip.
  391. Mfish618

    How is this Possible?

    Wow! You have to love those keester mules. If you asked real nice he might have smuggled in a can of Pringles and a six pack of tall boys.
  392. Mfish618

    Court Says It's OK To Lie About Your Military Service

    That is so offensive. You all should be very glad I'm no longer Secretary of Defense. I'd be kicking some serious ass about now.
  393. Mfish618

    How is this Possible?

    Gives a whole new meaning to the term ''size queen''. If she had narcotics in her clothing already, you have to wonder why she had the humidor stocked as well. Few things surprise me these days.....but we have a winner here.
  394. Mfish618

    PoW ... SmacK ... BanG

    One can only hope. You did indeed start it, and I think you may be playing way out of your league.
  395. Mfish618

    PoW ... SmacK ... BanG

    I've always been a bit confused myself as both spellings seem to be interchangeable. I believe Moammar, Mallomar or what ever the hell he calls himself is such a tard, he's not sure himself. And yes, Debi is now the grammar you better watch your step mister. LOL
  396. Mfish618

    PoW ... SmacK ... BanG

    You are correct. Reagan was president when we bombed Gaddafi in 1986. Thanks. It may have been a quarter century ago, and we SHOULD have finished the job.......but that's spilled milk now. Libya isn't worth losing a single American life.
  397. Mfish618

    Note to DHS tweaker:

    How about in your living room? LOL
  398. Mfish618

    PoW ... SmacK ... BanG

    The Desert Dandy. What a POS. I agree somebody needs to deal with him. I just don't think it should be us for two reasons. First, when Bush senior spanked his naughty ass, The Libyan public got pretty irate and defensive about it. I clearly remember the demonstrations and one quote in...
  399. Mfish618

    Note to DHS tweaker:

    Isn't she a little piece of heaven.......I hope they reel her in soon.
  400. Mfish618

    long time lurker,new member

    I guess that knocked some luster off the ''feel good first post'', Eh? LOL Welcome!
  401. Mfish618

    Somali Pirates are having a Clearance Sale

    Thanks. I'm a real solution oriented guy.:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  402. Mfish618

    Somali Pirates are having a Clearance Sale

    Destroy the entire Somalia coast, sink any unidentified vessel adjacent to said coast, machine gun all swimmers departing the coast. Then carpet bomb remaining countryside. Problem solved.
  403. Mfish618

    what the hell is this?

    Yet another ''mystery'' midshipman thread.
  404. Mfish618

    Offshore Pacific Queen 3-11-11 San Diego

    Running a easy a caveman can do it.
  405. Mfish618

    Killing billfish

    Ok, you're chartering a kill boat. How is that a big surprise, and does that make it wrong? If you have a problem with the program, just don't play.
  406. Mfish618

    Donations to help those in Japan

    Thank you for the link Brandon. Sue and I will make a 100 dollar donation right away. Hopefully, we can make further donations in the coming weeks. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the good people of Japan.
  407. Mfish618

    Fishing Boat For Sale Cheap

    That rig is bristol. Good luck.
  408. Mfish618

    Was this Ensinada?

    Running a easy a caveman can do it.
  409. Mfish618

    Sticky Skirts

    Given the title of this thread, I'm way surprised there aren't some real smartass replies. WTF? is this Bloody Decks or what?
  410. Mfish618

    Update on Japan Earthquake.

    Very glad to hear you're alright. It's a terrible situation and I hope the recovery goes smoothly.
  411. Mfish618

    Offshore Anyone ever fish The Indian out of H&M...

    Chris is a great captain and a very good guy [with a very nice boat]. I'd recommend him anytime.
  412. Mfish618

    Can someone identify this fish???

    Right on both counts. It's a rubber lip surf perch.
  413. Mfish618

    Irvine Lake on NoZilla.3/4........ Best trip ever!

    Very nice fish, congrats.
  414. Mfish618

    Pasted bugs?

    Very well said. If a lobster is the slightest bit questionable in size, I release it.
  415. Mfish618

    Offshore Colonett report

    Let's hope so.
  416. Mfish618

    Pasted bugs?

    I keep pasted females. What difference does it make if you catch it a few weeks before it's pasted or not? Advocating a law against keeping females is a slippery slope, and I'd hate to see it come to that. If it does, I'm done hooping. I don't think males taste near as good as females. I also...
  417. Mfish618

    Offshore Colonett report

    Yes, I understood that, but I believe subsequent posts missed that detail.
  418. Mfish618

    Offshore Colonett report

    Just in case any of you didn't notice......this thread is a year old.
  419. Mfish618

    $351 useless dollars... youre welcome.

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.....that and it will escalate the hard feelings and war like situation. I know it sucks, but you might be better off not adding fuel to the fire.
  420. Mfish618


    Asking her probably would have been the right thing to do, but you may be over thinking it. If she's at all reasonable, she'll get over it. She may just be pissed about being left out of the loop. I'll bet you won't do it again. Try apologizing and admit it was ''thoughtless'' [whether you...
  421. Mfish618


    I've found a couple of very good lobster spots in the big bay from incidental lobster catches on the plastic. Nice batch of fish you bagged, congrats.
  422. Mfish618

    Facebook comment of the year......

  423. Mfish618

    $351 useless dollars... youre welcome.

    You're one in a million, Debi, and clearly a ''catch'' for any guy smart enough to realise that. Great to see a sensible lady.
  424. Mfish618

    Danger removed / Epic day Catalina

    Good job removing the hazard. Hopefully your next trip will yield blue fin instead of blue perch.
  425. Mfish618

    Sacrmento Bee MLPA Editorial

    Selling the same old tired rhetoric.
  426. Mfish618

    Man Paid to Impregnate Neighbor's Wife But Failed After Six Months of Trying

    LOL, that's what I was thinking. " I don't like this any more than you. I'm simply doing it for the money. Try and understand'':rofl::rofl::rofl: That's brilliant. I wonder if that excuse would work for me?
  427. Mfish618

    What a shame

    I'm in total agreement with you. Authorities know the villages these vermin hole up in. It's way past time to rid the world of these POS. Isn't Somalia also a hot bed of Internet cafe scammers as well? I'm getting a bit tired of our country worrying about diplomatic relations. Identify, seek and...
  428. Mfish618

    Peta is full of it

    There's a humane record to be proud of. Even so, Bambi lovers and tree huggers will continue to pump dollars into their coffers, while they try to stop hunting and fishing.
  429. Mfish618

    LNL Monday 2/21

    Sounds about like Lake Poway last Friday. I saw one caught from shore, one bass landed from a boat. I caught a 3 lb trout about 2:30 [power bait /crawler combo] just as the wind started howling. I spent quite a while trying my old reliable cat fish hole for no joy. I did have two other short...
  430. Mfish618

    What Should Be Done Instead of Closures?

    Fishing is NOT the problem and the MLPA is NOT the solution... Donate to the cause if you can, every little bit helps! There it is, plain and simple. Don't bother trying to negotiate with those who's sole intent is our elimination. There is no compromise...
  431. Mfish618

    What Should Be Done Instead of Closures?

    Hmmm, you can't reason with a closed mind. I find these type people very dogmatic in opinion,self righteous, and abusive. Why bother talking to them at all? The good news is they are a minority, just very vocal and childish with their tactics. I suggest a zero tolerance with delusional, ''new...
  432. Mfish618

    US Customs Inspection at SI Ramp

    I think so. I've had a few LEO s come on a little strong at first, then relax after I remained calm and compliant. Usually they end up being cordial. A lot depends on how you react. They're human too, and everybody has a bad day. Sometimes they are tense from just dealing with an asshole. So...
  433. Mfish618

    Bolsa chika inlet will make your head explode

    That looks like a pretty nasty tumor.
  434. Mfish618

    US Customs Inspection at SI Ramp

    We were briefly detained coming back from the lower 9 several weeks ago. It was the high speed customs boat. The agents were very polite and professional, and I had no problem yielding to an agency protecting our interests. Sorry to hear some were less than professional. There's no excuse for...
  435. Mfish618

    Are we being used ? Are we victims ?

    How dare you try to talk logic, or be sensible!! I believe you were at the last San Diego F&G Commission meeting and witnessed the rich beach front owners testifying in favor of the MLPA. This was NEVER about fishery management. It's about dirty sport guys stinking up the beach with their bait...
  436. Mfish618

    Are we being used ? Are we victims ?

    I sort of doubt the intent of this thread had anything to do with opening up a meaningful dialogue. It seems to have been more an exercise in rhetoric, slander and redundancy. I could be wrong, but I don't have a decoder ring and consequently can't decipher some of the posts. I know I have...
  437. Mfish618

    The Six-Legged Meat of the Future

    The day this is the meat choice offered is the day I'll go vegan. If I'm craving a ''nutty'' flavor, I'll pop open a can of Planters.
  438. Mfish618

    Are we being used ? Are we victims ?

    Sorry if I worded it poorly. My point is : if 10 boats made a combined catch of 100 tons in, say, a one week period, you would consider it good fishing [and suspect the resources were in good shape]. If 100 boats made a combined catch of 100 tons in a one week period, that would be very poor...
  439. Mfish618

    Are we being used ? Are we victims ?

    Well said, and thank you for reading my clarification. Honestly, I don't have any link to commercial fishing anymore and am not up to speed on current data. I've been out of the business for a long time, and whether gill nets are banned or not has no bearing on myself. If the nets are being...
  440. Mfish618

    Are we being used ? Are we victims ?

    Catch per unit is what I'm talking about. If you have 100 boats, with equal sized nets, catching 100 tons of fish in 1000 hours of ''soak time'', as opposed to 10 boats catching 100 tons of fish in 1000 hours , it's easy to see the difference. I believe it was scuba divers that depleted BSB...
  441. Mfish618

    Are we being used ? Are we victims ?

    Bingo, we have a winner. You can't asses population density based on landing data. There are very few boats targeting anything these days. If you factor in variables, such as current shifts, closed areas and population swings [natural boom and bust cycles], you realise that the environmental...
  442. Mfish618

    Are we being used ? Are we victims ?

    Tommy speaks the truth. Why would we feed our enemies? A few guys think getting attention is more important than our well being. Sorry, I just don't understand that rationale. Perhaps we could all chip in and buy our ''needy'' members the pony they didn't get as a child, or at least a keel...
  443. Mfish618

    Are we being used ? Are we victims ?

    On a competely unrelated subject, and directed at no one in's my ABC s for posting [for what it's worth]. A] Edit your posts carefully, utilising spell check,so you don't appear to be a fourth grader that has hi-jacked daddy's computer. B] Check your facts carefully before...
  444. Mfish618

    Are we being used ? Are we victims ?

    No, I'm telling you gill nets are illegal from 0-3 miles of the California coast and have been for well over a decade. Anyone deploying this gear type within this zone isn't a commercial fisherman, they are a poacher. Have a nice day.
  445. Mfish618

    Are we being used ? Are we victims ?

    With all due respect, Keith, wasn't the last thread closed over this same argument? And haven't all the areas that are being affected by the current closures been closed to gill nets for well over a decade? Remember Prop 132? Inshore coastal gill nets have been gone for a long time now.
  446. Mfish618

    How are Threshers Makos & Blue Sharks doing ? Do you Care ?

    Well, good luck with the sanctions tactic. It's not been too successful against any country I can think of, outside of banning Cuban cigars. On a side note, I sure wish they'd overturn that mistake. Seriously though, this isn't my battle anymore, and I've probably said too much already. I'm...
  447. Mfish618

    How are Threshers Makos & Blue Sharks doing ? Do you Care ?

    Just a clarification, I'm an EX-COMMERCIAL FISHERMAN. Outside of sympathy for those trying to scrape out a living doing the commercial scene, I no longer have a vested interest in the trade. As I pointed out earlier, I have no desire to endure the continuous grief associated with net fishing...
  448. Mfish618

    How are Threshers Makos & Blue Sharks doing ? Do you Care ?

    :rofl::rofl::rofl:Damn, dude, that's brutal. I have to agree that the current large mesh size utilized in sword/shark drift nets have decreased the by catch dramatically. In the early years of drift fishing much smaller mesh was used and by catch [primarily blue shark] was pretty damned high...
  449. Mfish618

    How are Threshers Makos & Blue Sharks doing ? Do you Care ?

    Regardless of who is to blame, can we agree that better management of the resources will benefit all of us?
  450. Mfish618

    How are Threshers Makos & Blue Sharks doing ? Do you Care ?

    As a former commercial, for more years than i care to remember, I understand exactly what you're saying. However, the public and the sport fishing community not only aren't listening, they really don't care. Few understand the constraints American fisherman are forced to endure, yet when a...
  451. Mfish618

    How are Threshers Makos & Blue Sharks doing ? Do you Care ?

    I noticed a big increase in the number of blues last year, and a slight increase in makos. Most of the blues were very small, but it's nice to think they might be rebounding. Blues may be viewed as a nuisance by sport fishers, but they are an important component of the biosphere.
  452. Mfish618

    Vampire diaries.....

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: very well said.
  453. Mfish618

    Vampire diaries.....

    Unfortunately, the Twilight faux horror franchise opened up the floodgate for this crap. Sparkly vampires, give me a break.
  454. Mfish618

    Malibu Kayaks Factory Sale

    Uh oh. This might get real ugly.
  455. Mfish618

    Tube horror stories?

    I've had some punctures from sculpin this year hoop netting out my of pontoon boat, but they seem minor compared to two other incidents. Three seasons ago, hooping at night in north San Diego Bay, I had encounters with a young grey whale for a couple of weeks. I was out 3-4 nights a week, and...
  456. Mfish618

    Sand Bass population in severe decline? Catches down 90% in 10 years, and NEW DATA

    Dubious info at best. I believe that both sand bass and calico bass stocks are in far better shape than most imagine. This isn't going to aid our cause. I smell more B.S. studies being funded followed by yet another round of closures. Biologists don't retain grants with an ''all clear'' report...
  457. Mfish618

    Why did they name the team the Packers?

  458. Mfish618

    ***Volunteers NEEDED for the Annual Lake Poway Kid's Fishing Derby Feb 4th & 5th ***

    My grouchy butt will be there early Saturday. I'll help in an capacity needed. Sunday will likely be a no go. Sue will fillet me if I'm not there for our annual Super Bowl festivities.
  459. Mfish618

    cougar country

    They're stocking lot lizards now?
  460. Mfish618

    This is why you need a gun in your car...

    Plain and simple, that's vermin and needs to be exterminated. I'm sick of bags of shit that think they ''own'' a neighborhood when all they've ever done is create havoc and crapped on everyone in their path. The video statement alone should be reason enough for the needle.
  461. Mfish618

    BBQ Fish

    Sure does and i often add Ponzu. Another fish marinade that works good on yellowtail in particular is a 50/50 mixture of salsa verde and Neuman's Own Italian dressing. Marinade for an hour or two, then throw them on the grill. I love the seaweed salad, by the way. It's a must with sashimi.
  462. Mfish618

    BBQ Fish

    Here's a tip, when you add the ginger, etc., use a hand blender to homoginize the mixture. If you want it a bit sweeter add some dark brown sugar. It's a great steak marinade too. I usually emerse the beef in a zip lock bag and refridgerate for 2 days, even three. Make sure you remove any excess...
  463. Mfish618

    BBQ Fish

    Funny you should mention eating candied tuna. Top shelf stuff for certain.
  464. Mfish618

    BBQ Fish

    Yes I have, and it's good. You can add it to veggies as you stir fry, better than oyster sauce. Once you augment it with the fresh minced ginger and sesame oil, you'll be amazed at how much better it is. Try adding some minced garlic or better yet, garlic extract. I've been using this sauce for...
  465. Mfish618

    BBQ Fish

    Yep, Yoshida's is very good. I add fresh minced ginger, cilantro and sesame oil to mine. Diced jalapeno or serrano chilies are nice too, if you desire a little extra kick to it.
  466. Mfish618

    2011 Top Ten Dirtiest Hotels (stay away!)

    Yep, you've been eating nasty crap your whole life. Cereal is a major source of rodent hair, feces, dead rodents and a vast array of insect eggs and body fragments. Have you ever seen the size of a grain silo? How do you propose keeping vermin out? As long as we have industrial food production...
  467. Mfish618

    Coronados, 1-22

    Indeed we did!! You really should get the family together and spend a relaxing day on the water. We have it so good here in Southern Calif. The rest of the nation is shovelling snow, and we get to catch taco stuffers and watch the whales. Good living for certain. Looks like the Condor has a...
  468. Mfish618

    BBQ Fish

    All good advise. A preheated grill, pre-oil with olive oil, plus I spray the fillets lightly with Pam and use a hamburger rack [pre sprayed as well]. It makes turning the fish effortless
  469. Mfish618


    LOL, yep, that's fairly epic.
  470. Mfish618

    Coronados, 1-22

    No regrets at all. It's less about the bite, more about the company for me. Wayne and Paul are perfect fishing partners, and we laughed our way through the day. I forgot to mention the close swim by of a pair of Gray whales. We saw a couple of pairs, and they showed us tail flukes. Definitely...
  471. Mfish618

    Do you let Rookies use your good fishing gear?

    Damn, beautiful rig there. On my personal angling trips, unless it's a child, I'd rather not babysit a noob. I get enough of that on the job.If there's not at least a basic knowledge of gear management, then I'd respectfully decline to participate.
  472. Mfish618

    Do you let Rookies use your good fishing gear?

    Sounds like a , ummm, fun day on the water. LOL
  473. Mfish618


    Ha ha, you may be able to get a few bucks out of that little collection, that is assuming they haven't fossilised.
  474. Mfish618

    Identification Please

    Looks like a spinolli. Good call.
  475. Mfish618

    Coronados, 1-22

    <TABLE class=tborder id=post88713 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=3 width="100%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR vAlign=top><TD class=alt1 id=td_post_88713 style="BORDER-RIGHT: #3e4634 2px solid">Hitched a ride with buddies Wayne [Gotwasabi] and Paul yesterday. The weather forecast was for early...
  476. Mfish618

    wfo fishing bullshit. with the real timski.

    iSe dUnt tiNk hEmses aZ eBer heRdseS oB speLz cHex jUs ax hEmz immA bElebeS hEmz liKkas ta tAwrD taWkSkIz
  477. Mfish618

    What's Up With All The BS Threads

    Perhaps, but this one is as advertised. Don't get me wrong, I love the nonsense's the bum dope ones that piss me off.
  478. Mfish618

    Married and/or Divorced dudes, come share some wisdom with a younger BD'er.....

    So now you're calling us a bunch of biatches? LOLLOL I agree, there have been many good and well intentioned posts here, and the consensus is, a good many of us are happily married [myself included]. The truth is, I put my wife through hell...until she straightened my ass out. Now she has a...
  479. Mfish618

    What's Up With All The BS Threads

    I realise that fishing is slow, but there has been a LOT of false reports and stupid/ unnecessary threads the last several days. Nobody is catching albacore on the 60 lately, or scoring a triple on the biscuits from their float tubes at the Horseshoe, and tom cod don't get 20 lbs. I get the...
  480. Mfish618

    wfo fishing bullshit. with the real timski.

    A total fucktardski....if he craves attention, then who are we deny him a good ass reaming? Now it's your turn tardinski. Say sumpin stoopid............................
  481. Mfish618

    Married and/or Divorced dudes, come share some wisdom with a younger BD'er.....

    I've been with mine for a mere 30 years. We only stay together for the dogs sake, LOL. One last thing....if you're just plain tired of oral sex, it might be time to tie the knot.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  482. Mfish618

    Married and/or Divorced dudes, come share some wisdom with a younger BD'er.....

    As has been stated, if you have to ask, then it's probably a bad idea. Marriage is a lot of work, and too many give up too easy. If this woman isn't your best friend, don't do it. Things can change very fast once you take the's way more than a piece of paper, it's a total...
  483. Mfish618

    horseshoe reef and palos verdes kelp paddies

    I'll bet he went to this primary school......
  484. Mfish618

    horseshoe reef and palos verdes kelp paddies

    I believe it means he went to Walmart and bought his 2011 Calif. fishing licence......maybe even the second rod stamp!:shithappens:
  485. Mfish618

    Superstorm coming to California............?

    More doom and conjecture, but given the state of recent weather patterns, maybe real some time soon. Still, the media jumps at any opportunity in the quest for ratings. I'm guardedly skeptical.
  486. Mfish618

    Pontoon float tube?

    Stay well clear of the channel and areas of traffic should you decide to anchor, and be aware of other boaters [you'll be hard to see]. Absolutely wear waders and swim fins. Make sure you wear a PFD, and have a sound producing device handy [a whistle]. TAKE YOUR HAND PUMP ALONG WITH YOU, just in...
  487. Mfish618

    horseshoe reef and palos verdes kelp paddies

    Can you teach us how? Very interesting screen name.........
  488. Mfish618

    horseshoe reef and palos verdes kelp paddies

    Oh, I can. I'm sure our little buddy just got bumped to the top of the Ho's list.LOL Now whether he can sack up and accept a ride is anyone's guess. Joseph, you'll never live down this stunt.:_diarrhea_:
  489. Mfish618

    Pontoon float tube?

    I've been known to use a kick boat. Very stable platform, not as portable as a float tube, and a bit more hassle setting up and tearing down. Once you try one, I'll bet you abandon the tube. As you'll be using it in the bay, it's definitely the way to go. That's a very reasonable price. Make...
  490. Mfish618

    horseshoe reef and palos verdes kelp paddies

    I would imagine you're just full of stories, among other things. You might want to post as many as possible......while you still can...........
  491. Mfish618

    horseshoe reef and palos verdes kelp paddies

  492. Mfish618

    MLPA benefits Marine Life?

    Well I guess the State Of California knows better than us dumb fishermen. How dare you question their rationale? LOL
  493. Mfish618

    The lowly mackerel

    Spanish are way better, but they are actually jacks. Most fish are good when properly handled and a creative chef is involved. Pacific mackerel and barracudas are not very high on my flavor scale. Mackerel are very popular in the U.K., but I remember when there was a directed pinback fishery...
  494. Mfish618

    Virus attacked my PC - HELP!!!

    You need a Malware program. There's lot's of good ones. My old PC had over 600 viruses of varing threat levels. I'd be getting one soon before a trojan starts loading your PC with a multitude of harmful programs.
  495. Mfish618

    another brilliant guy

    * shakes head in disgust*
  496. Mfish618

    I would go to jail

    Good to see the legislators in AZ stepped in.Is it possible to discover the addresses of these freaks and maybe bring a little campaign to their doorstep? I'll bet they would be screaming fowl if they were dealt a dose of their own medicine........
  497. Mfish618

    Lobster hooping

    Nice work on the crawlers. We may have the flat seas, but other aspects of this state are getting unbearable. Anyway, glad you had a nice time, and good weather. My son tells me it's snowing in Tacoma right now.
  498. Mfish618

    I would go to jail

    One thing the first amendment DOESN"T protect is inciting criminal behavior or subverting the government. These idiots are dangerously straddling the line of just such behavior. I predict they'll clearly breach that line very soon and find themselves facing criminal prosecution......the sooner...
  499. Mfish618

    What happend to Ronnie Kovach?

    Update: Apparently Ronnie had just put his mind in ''free spool'' the other day, when he suffered a critical Cajun Red backlash.....poor guy.
  500. Mfish618

    What happend to Ronnie Kovach?

    I hear he's about to promote an all new, ''really big shoe'' for all his adoring audience.
  501. Mfish618


    Yep, pretty silly......isn't it? I prefer flats to conicals, but then I'm old school. Conicals are probably the best bet for those new to the sport or not agile in perfecting pulling technique. Are they really ''traps''? According to the F&G, no, so complaining about them is a moot point.
  502. Mfish618

    What happend to Ronnie Kovach?

    Uh we go again.........
  503. Mfish618

    Need help hooping

    Yeah, there you go.......or better yet, pull commercial gear and keep everything that crawls. I'll be keeping an eye out for your obituary. You may want to stock up on astroglide [for your new roomie], just in case the F&G catches you first.
  504. Mfish618


    We used to fabricate hoops out of re bar and hang tuna seine on them. These days I use similarly constructed re bar hoops and make the webbing myself.....It takes several needles of twine and is a bit time consuming, but it keeps up the old net sewing skills. You can't find webbing as good as...
  505. Mfish618

    ***Volunteers NEEDED for the Annual Lake Poway Kid's Fishing Derby Feb 4th & 5th ***

    My Grandson actually won this event several years ago, so I'd like to help out. I can help fillet [sort of....just ask Wayne] and rig gear.....PM me Snaggie.
  506. Mfish618

    Need help hooping

    Good advise given. My 2 cents........Fresh bait, know your depth and manage your slack line. This time of year I'd increase soak time up to an hour.
  507. Mfish618

    One foot in the grave............

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune, but glad you're on the mend. Life is short and subject to abrupt change. It's clear you'll make the most of it. Best wishes to you and your loved ones.
  508. Mfish618


    Indeed. Welcome to the Bloodydecks wintertime cavalcade of asshats.:shithappens:
  509. Mfish618


    Be careful what you wish's best that many don't post all their jackassy comments and tardish opinions. I'm a prime example of what you might get.
  510. Mfish618

    deckhand for hire

    Define ''handle''. LOL
  511. Mfish618

    emails to La Jolla Friends of the Seals

    Engaging these people in any dialogue is a total waste of time. Once they get their way with the seal issue [might be a done deal], they will move on to their next ''cause''. You can bet it will involve stripping you of more rights.......professional malcontents at your service.
  512. Mfish618

    Let the shit talking begin

    Yep, stellar 20th post, eh?
  513. Mfish618

    Sister passed 12/23.. Need shoes, please read..

    Very sad indeed, sorry for your loss. I'll pitch in you when tell us the ''how to's''.
  514. Mfish618

    Did you get your woman a shakeweight for xmas?

    I'm going to ''sleep mode''. LOL
  515. Mfish618

    Which SD lake for trout from shore ?

    Yep, Poway for certain. Try powerbait rainbow. The trout tend to hug the shore line early, so don't cast out too far.
  516. Mfish618

    deckhand for hire

    If you are looking for a job in San Diego, you should obtain an STCW.
  517. Mfish618

    Let the shit talking begin

    I think Mitch will be harder on himself than anyone else. The name calling seems so unnecessary.
  518. Mfish618

    Let the shit talking begin

    X2....Well said.
  519. Mfish618

    Drinking is gay

    Once I decided that ALL intoxicants, especially alcohol, have no place in my life.....things became much easier. Ever seen somebody with Native American blood [Pawnee] tanked up? It ain't pretty.
  520. Mfish618

    Let the shit talking begin

    Very glad you and your buddy are ok, Mitch. When I fished lobster commercially, I took too many risks ''rescuing'' traps in or near the breakers. It's totally not worth it. Boats and gear are replaceable. Your ass is a one shot deal [no homo jokes please]...
  521. Mfish618

    Let the shit talking begin

    Damn, do you blame the poor guy for lying low for a bit??????? This is quite a dog pile. No reason to kick a guy after an ordeal like this.
  522. Mfish618

    Let the shit talking begin

    Damn, tough crowd. Glad you guys are ok and sorry about your rig. All of us have used poor judgement at one time or another. Like I've said before lobsters have a way of bringing out the worst in people. In this case under estimating the weather/ over estimating your rig.....but then I've fished...
  523. Mfish618

    For Your New Year's Dining Pleasure

    Ask for it at your local Petsmart or where ever fine cat food is sold.
  524. Mfish618

    Giant Squid??

    No humboldt news is good news.
  525. Mfish618

    please join the group

    A bunch of self absorbed lunatics. Despite the fact that the Children's Pool was a gift [for children...duh] and harbor seal poulations are at record levels, they demand more.They will never be content.
  526. Mfish618

    Saltwater Area-10, 12-24-2010,

    Nice job, congrats. I bought a few frozen/defrosted dunggies for our Christmas dinner. They were good, but no comparison to fresh live models. I sure wish we got them here. Oh well, I'll just have to settle for Big Bay lobsters.
  527. Mfish618

    Say what you will about Dan Hernandez

    Of all the fishing show hosts, Dan is the best. He's done more to support the industry [and kids] than any of the rest. A top guy in my book. I enjoy his show.
  528. Mfish618

    How to deal with Holiday Zombies...

    Thanks. I've been pretty worried about how to handle I know to not prioritise my pies. I think you just saved my life.
  529. Mfish618

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays to all my northern brothers [and sisters]. I miss Washington....
  530. Mfish618

    All Members MUST READ... (please)

    Merry Christmas Glenn and everyone on Bloody Decks!
  531. Mfish618

    Hey Snaggie

    Very impressive, princess.
  532. Mfish618

    It happened

    I agree with the ultimate negative impacts that are looming. As far as the bureaucrats waking up and repealing the MLPA........I'm skeptical.
  533. Mfish618

    Anyone want to take her turkey hunting?

    Every guy loves a ''goblin girl''. LOL
  534. Mfish618

    Not get invited back on a private boat

    Taking a crap on the back deck on the ride home. Hide short lobsters in the cuddy then deny they're yours once busted by the DFG. Failing to bring your own beer, drinking everybody else's then puking in the cooler when you feel a bit queasy. LOL
  535. Mfish618

    Boating and Bugs

    Sounds like the cut out micro switch is hanging up [it momentairly cuts power as you shift to protect your gears]. The ooze sounds like a bad fuel/oil mixture.
  536. Mfish618

    How mad should I be

    I'd go completely ballistic and hold it over her head for life......better yet, I'd dump her, and screw the consequences. Come on, get your priorities straight.........LOL
  537. Mfish618

    R.I.P. Captain Beefheart

    Don Van Vliet, the pioneering and adventurous musician and artist who went by the name of Captain Beefheart and created such influential but unhinged albums as "Trout Mask Replica" and "Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)," has died at the age of 69, reportedly of complications from multiple...
  538. Mfish618

    OFFICIAL CHARGERS Vs. 49ers thread...

  539. Mfish618

    Hoopin' at Catalina

    Tough year, isn't it? Glad to see you got out, and 3 legals is a victory right now. My ''old reliable honey holes'' are grudgingly surrendering one or two a session. Maybe in a week or two they'll get serious......but as my wife keeps reminding me, ''why should the lobster fishing be any...
  540. Mfish618

    Time to pay it forward: Helping a 'decker whom you know needs it for Christmas.

    Very cool of you guys. Sometimes it's hard to see the good in the world, but folks like you restore my faith. Big congrats on your sobriety.
  541. Mfish618


    Sounds fair......but you're dreaming. The one's cooking up these schemes are doing it to buy off their conscience over the harm they've caused the environment [and the working class] amassing their fortune. That and reducing potential plaintiffs in future litigation over the damage they have...
  542. Mfish618


    As a former commercial fisher, I feel for you, brother. I know the Dana Point/Oceanside guys got the worst of this deal [I'm sure the L.A. guys did too]. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.
  543. Mfish618


    A loss for any of us is a loss for us all.....and tighter bait supplies will definitely effect our operation [as has been pointed out]. I spend my leisure time fishing local waters, so don't think I won't feel the pain on a personal level. Besides, I care about ALL fisher people in our state...
  544. Mfish618

    It happened

    LOL, California has a death wish for the working class. They don't care about revenue loss, constitution rights, public short, they don't care about you. The only thing they want is a no take petting zoo for all the mega-rich vegans and just enough starving working class to mow...
  545. Mfish618


    Seriously? It depends on how you look at it.........could have been worse, likely will be in the next phase.
  546. Mfish618


    I'm in the first of the year.
  547. Mfish618

    It happened

    I totally agree, we need to fight this hard. What worries me is the Packard Foundation. I'm sure they'll find the best judges money can buy.
  548. Mfish618

    MLPA areas affected and distance from terra

    It's sad too few fisherman [and fisherwomen] attended these meetings, but I agree it wouldn't have changed the outcome. Fighting amongst ourselves serves no function. Hopefully we will take the next threat [and it's coming soon] a bit more seriously. This was a Packard Foundation proposal and...
  549. Mfish618

    Does anyone tried Blue shark?

    Even the dreaded ''voodoo butter'' beaver sounds better than a blue dog.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  550. Mfish618

    Does anyone tried Blue shark?

    How about we all agree it's nasty and reeks of ammonia and not speculate on who has/hasn't tried excrement. At BEST blues are somewhere between muck tuck and a seal turd on the palatability scale......not that I've tasted either LOL.
  551. Mfish618

    1st legal bug!

    Big congrats on your first legal.
  552. Mfish618

    Does the crew have a nickname for you...

    The crew calls me ''Dad'', which is far better than "Grandpa''. I'm the oldest guy in our crew, obviously, probably among the older guys in the fleet. There are other names we have for each other, but I'm hesitant to mention them.
  553. Mfish618

    This Nation's Weakness

    Do you really think your way of life isn't already under attack? Look around, the ''invasion'' has come from within. By the way......thank you for your service.
  554. Mfish618

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    That's shark cage diving on the cheap at it's finest. I would call being inside this cage to be the diving equivalent of taking a placebo.
  555. Mfish618

    catfish ?

    I cut the pectoral spines with a pair or dykes as soon as I boat them.
  556. Mfish618

    Do you buy fish to eat?

    Tommy's product is probably the freshest and best value plus I trust him. I'll buy wild salmon, not that Atlantic farm crap, but I catch enough of my own local fish to not really be in the market for ''store bought''.
  557. Mfish618

    S.D. Bay did alright

    Then somebody owes me 150K.
  558. Mfish618

    S.D. Bay did alright

    It's a tagging program by SDSU assessing lobster population levels in the bay. I've caught 3 of them this season. Preliminary results are the abundance of lobsters in the bay is quite healthy.
  559. Mfish618

    The Walking Dead on AMC

    Most zombie flicks are pretty dismal, a lot are just retarded. This show is good however. Good cast and great FX and writing. If it was just a pointless gore fest, I'd pass, but the character dynamics is what makes this program work. It's a lot better than the British series Dead Set. We'll see...
  560. Mfish618

    What is your favorite...

    Our cook on the Condor [Tad] makes the best prime rib you ever had. He has perfected a sauce he cooks it in that is amazing. He also does a pork roast that can't be beat. For breakfast, I usually have a breakfast fish burrito with chili peppers, eggs, sausage, etc.....great way to start, or in...
  561. Mfish618

    Dungeness Crab?

    Dunggies are not so common in So. Ca. We get rock crab and those nasty spider crabs.
  562. Mfish618

    What Kind of fish is this?

    Yep, one of the ''big 3 unknowns''.......corvina, midshipman and lizard fish[ that's what you have.]
  563. Mfish618

    SD Bay 11-26 am...Colder than a well diggers butt/ good bassin

    Nice job on the bass. There is a shit load of macks out there....I half filled a bucket last hooping trip [with ease]. I guess I'll see how cold it is in a few hours.
  564. Mfish618

    How many rods do you have??

    I put down less than 50, then I looked in my garage.......I think I lied.
  565. Mfish618

    Does anyone tried Blue shark?

    It's edible, but loaded with uric acid and parasites. Should you chose to try it, make sure you bleed it thoroughly and ice it immediately. Eat it asap as the shelf life is about 12 hours. There's plenty of better things to may discover it's far more bother than it's worth. Low...
  566. Mfish618

    Lightning Does Strike Twice! Redondo Canyon Dive 11/26/2010

    Crazy for sure. I can't understand why people would release a non- native species in our waters. It's not only foolish but illegal. Good job on the buggin....congrats.
  567. Mfish618

    New Here - Hi All

    I just want to fish.....come on guys play nice. Welcome Ron, looking forward to seeing pics of your new rod.
  568. Mfish618

    New Here - Hi All

    Uhhhhh....welcome Ron. This really is a fishing forum, for the most part. Welcome and enjoy your stay here.
  569. Mfish618

    Stren Fluorocarbon

    I've used Stren in 2-6 pound test only for trout fishing. No complaints, it works fine.
  570. Mfish618

    Ever troll for largemouth

    I vary my trolling speed often.....faster seems to entice more strikes. Be ready in turns as the outside lure speeds while the inside slows, plus the running depth varies. A bullet sinker ahead of the swivel can help you achieve greater depth. Trolling will cause your line to twist quite a bit...
  571. Mfish618

    Ever troll for largemouth

    I like to troll deep diving bass plugs for trout. You can avoid a lot of the smaller trout this way [I'm not interested in under 3 lb models]. I catch a good amount of bass incidentally using this technique especially around points and drop offs. You'd be surprised how many bass are suspended...
  572. Mfish618

    Gobble Gobble!

    Dough Boy eulogies and Zappa references ......Happy Thanksgiving all.
  573. Mfish618

    Re-accuring threads

    I like the ''This is my last post ever'' claims. I also appreciate any thread that prompts me to post a smart ass reply, but then I am a world class douche bag. Can't we all just get along and enjoy the pointlessness of it all?
  574. Mfish618

    Open Invite for Thanksgiving

    You two are very kind. The world could use a lot more people like you.
  575. Mfish618

    ???White Sea Bass vs Cornvina???

    Corn grows on a stalk not a vine, so I'm thinking there is no such thing as ''cornvina''. Not sure about ''rainbow bass'', but have you heard of ''wrinkle neck bass''? Nice photo of a fiji mermaid, by the way.
  576. Mfish618

    hoopin with Gonzo25, double limits

    Nice's time to be creative.
  577. Mfish618

    SD Bay Yak Style

    Absolutely, no way am I throwing in the towel.
  578. Mfish618

    Lost Kayak at La Jolla Shores

    No way this post is real............
  579. Mfish618

    Hoop Netters Social Group

    I was wondering if there is any interest in forming a new hoop netters social group here on Bloody Decks. Lobster and crab hooping is becoming very popular in California and personally it's my favorite fishery. I know there's more than a few of us who are very serious about this sport, so if...
  580. Mfish618

    SD Bay Yak Style

    It's tough bugging out there for most of us. I heard complaints last month about slow fishing but was I doing well. It should be pretty good in mid November, but it's more like January fishing right now. Maybe it'll get better as they move deeper next month.
  581. Mfish618

    Fog and bugs=adventure

    Nothing like a foggy night to test your seamanship. You certainly need to be more cautious, but fog doesn't deter me. Trust your compass and electronics [which doesn't really apply to the rig I usually hoop out of].
  582. Mfish618

    Transporting live fish

    Did you post in bork-bork on purpose, or do something to warrant auto-bork? I believe transporting any game fish in California is illegal without a permit allowing it and a cargo manifest.
  583. Mfish618

    SD Bay Yak Style

    I ended up with a few, nice size as well. I think my bait has screwed me the last 2 trips. Yellowtail heads and frames from a 10 day trip then frozen. I caught a couple dozen mackies, added 1 to each hoop and they produced a little. Nice job Brian.
  584. Mfish618

    ***Pics & Report from the BD Holiday Party with Saluki Claus!***

    So, it was Marlo Thomas then? Looks like I missed an epic party, damn it.....Glad everybody had a good time.
  585. Mfish618

    What in the world are they spraying

    Hey...wait a minute......don't you mean aluminum foil hat? Who's payroll are you on anyway?:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  586. Mfish618

    how is san diego bay doing

    It's been a bit spotty, but occasionally pretty damned good[ night time fishing.]
  587. Mfish618

    Best way to target the LingasaurusRex

    Sand dabs work great, lings love them. If you happen to anchor [doubtful] try a sliding sinker rig and a live sardine. Monitor your bait closely and be ready to nail it or it will pull you into a hole. Use a heavier leader as they are very toothy.
  588. Mfish618

    Dumbass whale wars guys...

    I think most of us like whales and would rather see whaling stop. But nobody likes a liar, and that's all Sea Shepard is....a bunch of liars that think the end justifies the means. It doesn't to me and I believe they do more harm than good towards their cause. Watson makes a mockery of...
  589. Mfish618

    11-16-10 get 2 free Jack in Box tacos

    No, I believe they are fake mystery protein. You couldn't pay me to eat that crap.
  590. Mfish618

    SD Bay....loooong night

    Glad you got out Brian, to bad you didn't time. It was a tough week. I had to hit some spots I haven't fished for a long time to find a little love. Tons of shorts on Wednesday night, but they crawled most of the evening. Persistence, patience and sorting through about a 10-1...
  591. Mfish618

    Lobstering on Cod Rocks 11/11/10

    Very nice, congrats. There is indeed some good bugs in the outside deeps. It takes a tough guy to pull hoops from that depth.
  592. Mfish618

    Shorts and lost hoop

    It was a tough week bugging. I was out Wednesday night too........47 shorts-6 legals. Had a double in one net on the last pull as well as a legal in the last hoop of the night. The legals were all just a little over. Sunday night it was 18 shorts-3 legals. Easy pickings are officially...
  593. Mfish618

    When a Birthday prank goes very very wrong.......

    WOW......that's brutal. What a tard!!!!!
  594. Mfish618


    Sorry Maggie....I'm just jonseing to make the naughty list. I have a well used pair of xtra tuffs, if that helps.:rofl::rofl:
  595. Mfish618

    Happy Birthday Sandiegofisherman

    Happy Birthday!!
  596. Mfish618

    2011 Dungeness Season!

    A great idea, looking forward to your posts. Good luck on the dunggie season. I fished rock crab/lobster commercially here in So. Calif. for many years, and know how much work it is. Commercials and sportties need to unite. After all we have similar goals, and fighting will just make it easier...
  597. Mfish618

    Mint Calstar Black West Coast 870-C

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: Sorry brother......I couldn't resist after yesterday's ''lowball'' thread. Good luck and I hope you sell it soon.
  598. Mfish618

    wheres the bugs in OC?? anyone know? gave it up. You're too kind.:waglleybooty:
  599. Mfish618


    Did he ''soil'' last year's outfit?
  600. Mfish618

    new member

    Welcome Mike....and good luck on those Westport marlin.
  601. Mfish618

    wheres the bugs in OC?? anyone know?

    What, Nobody is giving up their spots? That's very surprising.
  602. Mfish618

    Mint Calstar Black West Coast 870-C

    I know someone that would give you 50 bucks for it........
  603. Mfish618

    Garage Cleaning everything must go

    You should know that you aren't going to get away with crap like that on Bloody Decks..... but any way, Reelfeva.....I'll give you 50 bucks for the lot.
  604. Mfish618

    Garage Cleaning everything must go

    All that and'' keep your 2 cents to your self''....... A good rule of thumb on used items is 50% or less of the lowest new price [not the msr]......opppps, forgive my 2 cents.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  605. Mfish618

    SD Big Bay Yak Bugs

    Thanks again for the pen Mike! Even though DFG wasnt at the launch, I was still crappin my pants. 3 is better than 2! And send me that link to that surf trip you told me about! BT Yeah, I can't complain about the season so far. It was only the second trip I missed the mark and there's...
  606. Mfish618

    SD Big Bay Yak Bugs

    Nice meeting you Brian. It just wasn't my night... I got a late start and spent to much time in shallow. By the time I set up deeper the crawl was over. Had several clickers and 2 that were actually legal, but didn't meet my personal criteria [I won't keep just legal bugs]. Ended the night with...
  607. Mfish618

    Fish ID Help

    Oh we go again.
  608. Mfish618

    Riding Monster Surf At The Cortes Bank

    You're very welcome. My only disappointment was not getting to hoop the bank for lobster that evening. We had caught the peak swell and our passangers opted to return early. [it had been scheduled as a 2 day] Too bad as I was geared up for giant bugs. Maybe next time..........
  609. Mfish618

    my boy got himself a 'BIGGUN!!!

    That is indeed a barn door flatty. I hear that halibut is the perfect accompaniment to cormorant soup.
  610. Mfish618

    Walmart condoms

    LOL LOL LOL.......nice.
  611. Mfish618

    Riding Monster Surf At The Cortes Bank

    The Condor had a last minute charter to the Cortes Bank on November 3rd, acting as the mother boat for some expert surfers. You may recognise some of the names, but they didn't register with me. Some huge waves were on tap, up to about 60 feet high. I saw the surf from 3.5 miles away on the...
  612. Mfish618

    Funniest thing ever happen on one of your fishing trips?

    This may be more disgusting than funny, but here goes. A few years ago we're paddy hopping and one very drunk fisherman catches a yellow about three pounds. He's very exited and pours a beer down the rat's gullet and has a celebratory toast complete with schmeggly gut juices.I'm thinking this...
  613. Mfish618


    Great deal on a great boat. I suggest you jump on it. Good luck Chris.
  614. Mfish618


    This was a last minute surf charter, so although I brought hoop nets and was geared for any eventuality, we didn't do any more than drop down for jumbo white fish, bocach, and johnny bass that happened to be where we anchored. I had my hoops with me hoping for some world class bugging, but they...
  615. Mfish618

    Ever Accidentally Hit any marine life ?

    The 3 I remember best are 1] Trolling marlin in the early 70s with Vince Mako [anybody remember him?] I ran up on a huge mola. I threw the motor out of gear and as the boat slid off it there was a big blue stripe on the fish from our bottom paint. The mola seemed completely unfazed and continued...
  616. Mfish618


    Damn, I make a charter trip to the Cortes Bank, come back and this thread is still going? Gotta love Bloody Decks.
  617. Mfish618


    Sounds real sporty. Fillet 200 dabs and bam......tacos for two.
  618. Mfish618


    Really? Like who....Dracula? Was it a trade in? I don't know, I'm having second thoughts about this. We have a problem with zeds in the neighborhood already. I'm not certain I want to mix vampires into the equation.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  619. Mfish618


    A pre-owned rusty casket? Oh you bet. I'm putting that on my Christmas ''must have'' list.
  620. Mfish618


    Notice the key marked ''caps lock''? Press it once and all is good with the world. Nice job on the ''bacacios''.
  621. Mfish618

    WSB or Corvina...

    No, Orange mouth Corvina are a closely related, much larger species. Short fin Corvina had not been identified since the 1930s until some commercial mullet netter in San Diego Bay brought them to Dr. Robert Lea's[ Cal. DFG biologist] attention in 1989. Since then they have spawned and...
  622. Mfish618


    I believe those ''ducks'' are cormorants.... but then there's lots of ducks around these days.
  623. Mfish618

    Hoopnet Tragedy at Santa Monica

    Policing slack line is essential. I'm amazed at any slack line left on the surface at all. Learn basic techniques before you hoop.....know your depth before you drop and manage your line accordingly.
  624. Mfish618

    WSB or Corvina...

    One last time.....the two ways to be sure are the'' zipper'' [wsb] and the pectoral fins don't extend beyond the pelvic fins[short fin corvina]. I've seen wsb with orange mouths, so that's a risky indicator. Sometimes corvina lose their canine ''fangs'', so that's a poor ID feature as well. The...
  625. Mfish618

    Hoopnet Tragedy at Santa Monica

    My condolences. As I've pointed out before....hooping jettys is very dangerous and bad situations are magnified when you have mere seconds to react. My approach to jetty sets is to have the deck hand set the hoop from the bow as I back away from the set.You can't be too careful around the rocks.
  626. Mfish618

    WSB or Corvina...

    corvina......this subject will never end, will it?
  627. Mfish618

    Exploratory Success

    Good job. It's always great to find a new spot. Tried the deeps last night for one legal female. Hit some old reliable holes for hair line shorts, then went to an area I haven't fished for a long time. Finally got the job done just before 5 am. Culled a couple of smaller males on the last hoop.
  628. Mfish618

    Any left?

    Now seven less to chose from.
  629. Mfish618

    A nice night on the water

    It does seem spotty for sure. I'm going out tonight and plan to move around a bit.
  630. Mfish618

    Worldwide Fish Mounts "Original" ARTWORK

    I think they are great, a change of pace from a traditional mount. Nice work.......I will think about one. Can you please restore the thumbnail.
  631. Mfish618

    Dana bug hunting...don't bother

    Abs huh? Ever hear of a disease called withering mantle syndrome? Anybody remember when Kelco pumped quick lime on the bottom for sea urchin control? Ever consider the fact that low ab density means that reproduction is impossible because they are basically immobile[ok really slow moving]...
  632. Mfish618

    Dana bug hunting...don't bother

    Good call, and good luck.
  633. Mfish618

    I hate it when....

    Congrats, nice catch.
  634. Mfish618

    Monster Dana Bug!

    Congrats, truly a bugzilla.
  635. Mfish618

    Dana bug hunting...don't bother

    I totally agree. You can't asses the health of the lobster population through anecdotal observations by hoop netters.
  636. Mfish618

    Lead from a car battery?

    So we were raised in the gutter huh? I could generalise about Washingtonian intelligence, given the logic involved in trying to save a few bucks by cracking open an acid filled battery.......but that would be inappropriate.
  637. Mfish618

    Lead from a car battery?

    Oh hell yeah.......great idea. Be sure to save the electrolyte. You'll find many good house hold uses, and kids just love it when added to their kool-aid. It's great for removing plaque from your teeth and will save you extra money in dental bills................. YOU CAN"T BE...
  638. Mfish618

    Just Wrong......

    Hey that's right.......hmmmm, fuck that guy too. [not that I ever endorsed him to begin with]
  639. Mfish618

    Dana bug hunting...don't bother

    This season was so poor for tuna, obviously they are fished out. How about no tuna fishing for the next 80 years?? That ought to do it. I didn't get any legal lobsters the last trip, obviously they are fished out. It wasn't my fault it was the 6 guys who hooped the few days before me. How about...
  640. Mfish618

    Any left?

    Now you've done it. Way to ruin it for all the rest of us........:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  641. Mfish618

    Just Wrong......

    I've never forgotten her treasonous behavior. She should have been tried as a traitor. Fuck that skanky bitch.
  642. Mfish618

    Dana bug hunting...don't bother

    PS I also find it slightly entertaining that some of the "heavy conservationists" posting in this thread have pictures of themselves with large lobsters in a location where its not going to be released...i.e. your driveway...Nice! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: You noticed that too?
  643. Mfish618

    Any Humbolt around?

    I didn't see many squid off shore this season, just a few very small ones. Hard to say if there's any local, but I would say they are scarce right now.
  644. Mfish618

    Hoopnet Rope Questions????

    As you go up in line diameter you will get more resistance from current, consequently making your gear tend to drift. I use poly warp 1/4 ''. It's pretty abrasion resistant but the yellow tends to break down quicker from UV damage. Still it's more visable, and it's a good idea to change your...
  645. Mfish618

    Meg Whitman and the MLPA

    Can you trust a billionaire that has been caught in many lies? If I thought she was sincere I'd vote for her in a heart beat. As it is, for the first time in my adult life, I've decided to not vote in this election. This is by far the worst selection of scummy politicians this state has faced. I...
  646. Mfish618

    Strange Catalina "Trifecta"

    Great job on the release. You just never know what you'll hook out there. It sure keeps me coming back.
  647. Mfish618

    Lobster Basics

    It was tough til the tide switched [about midnight] then 2 nice big females....had to toss back number 8. Over 50 shorts and lots of hair liners.
  648. Mfish618

    Lobster Basics

    Thanks Ali. Some times you just have to keep pulling. Many times I get my limit, but only after pulling most of the night. It's just like any other fishing......the guys who score well are the ones that keep turning the handle.
  649. Mfish618

    Lobster Basics

    LOL....I watched the last 2 minutes before going hooping...........GRRRRRRRRRR. Then to add insult to injury, nothing but micro bugs were moving......and it fucking rained on me!!!! I wasn't in such a good mood when water started running down my back. Final tally- 15 shorts [only a couple...
  650. Mfish618

    Lobster Basics

    Thanks. There is a steep learning curve involved. I figured it was in everyone's best interest to provide a few basics to the new comers. It can be a frustrating process especially if you have never done it.
  651. Mfish618

    lobster wanted

    Or anything caught under the authority of a sport fishing licence......DON'T BE TEMPTED.....penaltities can include jail time and huge fines.
  652. Mfish618

    Lobster Basics

    I'm in a generous mood today, so I'm going to share some tips it took me years to perfect. First off, I think a lot of you are making this fishery a lot harder than it is. The key is learning how to set up BEFORE you deploy your gear. 1. FRESH bait is the key, be it tuna heads, skip jack...
  653. Mfish618

    What age did you start fishing?

    Age 4 in Montana with a fly rod.
  654. Mfish618

    Any left?

    Guadalupe Island. So. Cal. is totally fished out.
  655. Mfish618

    Lobster fishing etiquette question

    Sharpen up the kelp cutter and make a high speed strafing run on the offenders gear. It'll make a believer out of them.
  656. Mfish618

    Finally got a big one! Dana 10-22-10

    I'd consider that a zilla. Congrats, you don't see those every day.