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  1. yakmandan

    2016 Bayrunner baja 19ft

    Price reduced to $23000
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    2016 Bayrunner baja 19ft

  3. yakmandan

    2016 Bayrunner baja 19ft

    yakmandan submitted a new listing: 2016 Bayrunner baja 19ft - 2016 Bayrunner baja 19ft Learn more about this listing...
  4. 2016 Bayrunner baja 19ft

    Other US 2016 Bayrunner baja 19ft

    I have a 2016 Bayrunner with T top 90hp Yamaha 4 stroke Simrad Go9 Simrad 4g radar Hydrolic steering Simrad drivepilot auto steer pack. 30 gal bait tank Raw water wash down Extra 12 gal gas tank Pacific trailer I've taken this boat 40+ miles out of San Diego many times Its Been to Baja and has a...
  5. yakmandan

    Want to Buy Bayrunner 21,21,22 ft

    I have a 2016 Bayrunner baja 19ft with 90hp Yamaha 4stroke, T top, 4g radar, simrad go9, simrad auto pilot. I know your looking for one over 20ft but I thought I'd throw that out there
  6. yakmandan

    Any thoughts on a Shimano torium 20 or 30 for yellowtail and maybe small tuna

    They have 65# spectra with 30# mono on the 20 and 40# mono on the 30's
  7. yakmandan

    2015 Baja Bayrunner 19’… Fully loaded and turnkey

    I have a 2016 like that that I'm thinking of selling
  8. yakmandan

    Where to fish in Baja December 20-23?

    Fishing Puerto A Lopez Mateos is definitely on my bucket list. I've been there twice but never in the fall and didn't get to fish. I've fished LA Bocana and Estero Coyote from my kayak. Took my kayak to Mag Bay 20yrs ago but never got to put it in the water. Now days I got a wife and an 11yr old...
  9. yakmandan

    Where to fish in Baja December 20-23?

    I've caught some huge calico's there in October and November
  10. yakmandan

    Where to fish in Baja December 20-23?

    Asuncion is a great place to fish that time of year Tuna, Wahoo, big Yellowtail and Calico's
  11. yakmandan

    Asuncion report

    Nice Wahoo wish we could make it down this year. Had to spend all my vacation money on knee surgery
  12. yakmandan

    My first time out?

    Always top off your fuel before launching its cheaper. Sit at the launch ramp on a busy day and watch. You'll learn a lot of what not to do. When you pull up to a dock have everything already set up to tie off. Put drain plug in before you launch. I put mine in when I hook up the trailer. I...
  13. yakmandan

    Why Does the Pacific Queen Do So Well?

    PQ has been one of the top boats for the last 20 years no mater who's been the Captain. Not taking anything away from Gavin. He's Good for sure. Not many boats in the fleet drift like the PQ does and it seems like the boat attracts and holds fish better than most. I believe the Qualifier drifted...
  14. yakmandan

    Why Does the Pacific Queen Do So Well?

    I've been fishing on the PQ more times than any other boat with different crews and Capitans since early 2000s albacore, San Diego and Morro Bay. it's always been one if the best fishiest boats out there. I honestly think the boat itself has a lot to do with it.
  15. yakmandan

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    We used Big toy depot in otey mesa I think it was 150 a month for outside storage. We wanted to be able to get the boat 24/7 not all the storage places allowed that. Big Toy depot gives you a gate code and you can come and go anytime. They have a wash down where you can clean your boat.
  16. yakmandan

    Another young boat owner in need of some help

    Keep a small pair of bolt cutters on the boat with easy access. Make sure they don't get rusted up. Windy app. You can find tons of info on Bloddy Decks. Take a boter safety course. Eperb or PLD
  17. yakmandan

    Avet Star vs Torium

    I have some toriums that are around 20 yrs. Old they still work great. They've caught everything from Albacore to Wahoo never once did one fail in any way and cost me a fish.
  18. yakmandan

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Welcome to BD I'm not from your area but I trailer my boat from AZ to San Diego in May and keep it in storage there. Then i return every 3 to 4 weeks and fish for a few days. I get a slip at the Port of San Diego gest dock at the end of Shelter Island. Last year it was $1.00 per ft. Per night...
  19. yakmandan

    Socal party boat rod and reel setup input

    Any time of the year it can get sporty out there watch the weather reports. Download the windy app. It will give you some good info on sea and wind conditions.
  20. yakmandan

    Socal party boat rod and reel setup input

    Do some half day trips to get used to fishing with a bunch of people on a crowded boat.
  21. yakmandan

    When trolling for tuna?

    Caught a 238 BFT on the Top Gun 80 on the kite. My wife got one at 200.8 also on the kite. We were on a 3.5 day trip. We fished for Yellowfin and Yellowtail the first 2 days then went to the back side of San Clemente for Bluefin.
  22. yakmandan

    Flouro mono knot

    Mono to floro I've always used a seagar knot. Braid to mono or floro I used to use a uni to uni but now I use the RP knot. There are other braid to mono knots that might be better but I don't know how to tie them.
  23. yakmandan

    Socal party boat rod and reel setup input

    Rough seas and wind makes it sporty See if you can handle that and not get sick without any pills/patch. Be thoughtful about what you eat or drink before getting on the boat. If you do get sick eat something. If you barf that up eat something. Eventually you will be able to keep it down. In...
  24. yakmandan

    Long Beach Queen Mary lease to be auctioned off. They filed section 11 bankruptcy

    Turn it into an artificial reef somewhere and have diving tours inside her. No upkeep needed. No lease needed.
  25. yakmandan


    San Quuntin we stay at Don Eddie's they can hook you up for fishing with whoever you want.
  26. yakmandan

    San Quintín trip.. help🙏

    K&M will gladly pick you up at Don Eddie's but you can walk to the ramp if you want
  27. yakmandan

    Overnight/Multiday Safety and Bedbugs.....

    Let me rephrase that. I personally don't know anyone who has encountered bed bugs on a sport boat. Myself included
  28. yakmandan

    Overnight/Multiday Safety and Bedbugs.....

    In 25 years and over a hundred nights spent on sport boats I've never encountered bed bugs on any overnight or longer boat and I don't know anyone who has.
  29. yakmandan

    San Quintín trip.. help🙏

    Stay at Don Eddie's Tony can hook you up with any of the fishing outfits there. It's next to the old mill and le$$ with better rooms. Jardines is a few miles away with nicer rooms but not on the water. March and April can be windy for days at a time. Mostly bottom fishing that time of...
  30. yakmandan

    Mirage outa Cisco's on 3/2 : fishing 3/3

    My friends are always saying they want to come deep sea fishing with me someday. I usually stop trying to explain to them that it's not deep sea fishing just before their eyes glaze over and their heads implode. Whenever I ask any of them if they want join me on a trip they always have some...
  31. yakmandan

    BOLA sept

    We were there "once" for labor day
  32. yakmandan

    California - Proposed Reg Fee Change

    I make the trip from Prescott AZ 5 or 6 times a year. Originally from Los Angeles
  33. yakmandan

    CC or Panga?

    Pangas are Mexicos most universally used boats. They're like pickup trucks on water. They're rough and rugged and not very pretty. Designed to do a job not for comfort or looks. Center consoles in the US are usually fishing boats. They can be very pretty but can't haul the same...
  34. yakmandan

    Whats the weirdest/strangest thing that's happened to you while fishing in Socal/Mexico?

    I was kayak fishing once in LA Jolla when I saw a shadow in the water out of the corner of my eye, that was huge. A 20ft basking shark swam out from under me. At first I thought it was a great white until it turned and I saw its opened mouth. For a moment there I thought I was gonna crap my...
  35. yakmandan

    Offshore Pacific Queen 1.5 day February 26th-28th, 2021 fishing report

    Most of the 1.5 day trip Ive done, food was included. Beer and sodas and candy bars were extra. I'm gonna try going on the Polaris Supreme this season. Looks like they have a bunch of 1.5 and 3 day trips anyone else want to join me. Food is included
  36. yakmandan

    Offshore Pacific Queen 1.5 day February 26th-28th, 2021 fishing report

    When I booked the trip I thought meals were included. The 3 of us shared one dinner. I ate the bird they ate the rest. Neither of us was very hungry. The burgers were very good. I've done a lot of trips on the PQ over the years, last time was 4 years ago for bluefin. I'll probably...
  37. yakmandan

    Offshore Pacific Queen 1.5 day February 26th-28th, 2021 fishing report

    We use to call whitefish poor man's Yellowtail. I'd rather catch Yellowtail but I'd rather eat Whitefish. I had a great time even though the fishing wasn't so great except for the rockfish. My daughter even though she didn't fish at all had a great time too.
  38. yakmandan

    BOLA fishing in my own boat first timer questions

    Go through Mexicali and take Mex 5 down it's a lot easier less traffic
  39. yakmandan

    Young Boat Owner in need of Help

    At first launch your boat on weekdays when there's less traffic at the ramp. Don't get excited and forget the boat plug, put it in before you leave the house.
  40. yakmandan

    Offshore SD Fleet to target Bluefin 2/16/21

    It's related to a unicorn I think
  41. yakmandan

    Offshore SD Fleet to target Bluefin 2/16/21

    The world has flipped upside down BFT exploratory trip in February. What's next Albacore in June.
  42. yakmandan

    PLK yellows

    They'll arrive the day after you leave to go home. At least that's what always happens to me
  43. yakmandan

    PQ Colonet Friday 2/26 roll call

    So far the weather looks good for Saturday
  44. yakmandan

    Young Boat Owner in need of Help

    Boat Ho list is your friend If you go out with someone show up early and stay late. Bring your wallet along with food and drinks. Oh ya make sure you have $$$ in your wallet. Bring a good attitude
  45. yakmandan

    Help needed for newbie Yellowtail/Yellowfin/Dorado guy

    That's right. I caught lots of Yellows and Dodos with jigmasters and squidders. Rod and reel combos. Turners specials, back in the day. Glad I don't have to do that anymore. I still have the reels and they still work. I think your salman setup will do just fine
  46. yakmandan

    San Diego Sober Fishing

    Almost forgot, Welcome
  47. yakmandan

    San Diego Sober Fishing

    Like someone else here said, go on a bunch of half day boats then jump on a 3/4 or overnight boat. You will find some other sober fisherman if your paying attention. I've been sober coming up on 23yrs in June. Fishing is now my addiction. My first few years I went on as many half day trip as I...
  48. yakmandan

    Offshore Punto colonet

    I just called the landing yeah the Pacific Queen canceled for this weekend cuz of wind. I was checking on the windy app and it shows less wind next weekend so hopefully we'll get to go
  49. yakmandan

    San Quintin Estuary Fishing

    Drive out to the mouth of the bay and launch there. Across from there are some rocks. I paddle across and back swinging in a loop. There's Halibut there and some big ass Black Seabass. I hooked one once from a panga, broke me off.
  50. yakmandan


    My thoughts exactly I just wasn't able to say it so eloquently
  51. yakmandan

    BFT at Colonet

    San Quintin last September
  52. yakmandan

    BFT at Colonet

    My wife and daughter would rather be bottom fishing. I'm afraid my daughter might get bored chasing tuna and too small to catch one if we find them.
  53. yakmandan

    BFT at Colonet

    If we go looking for bluefin I won't complain. We'll be fishing in San Quintin middle of March for Bottom critters Win Win
  54. yakmandan

    BFT at Colonet

    Yes with my Wife and daughter. My wife caught the bluefin that's in my freezer.
  55. yakmandan

    BFT at Colonet

    Winds are supposed to be around 15mph in that area on the 27th according to The weather channel. Can't see that far ahead on the Windy app to see what the swell will be like
  56. yakmandan

    BFT at Colonet

    Unless you caught some yourself of course
  57. yakmandan

    BFT at Colonet

    If we're on the same trip and I catch some BFT I'll gladly give some to you
  58. yakmandan

    BFT at Colonet

    I'm bringing the same gear either way 20# through 100# the only things I'm bringing that I don't normally bring on Tuna trips are some heavy irons for Rock Cod down deep. I've got a freezer full of Bluefin but I wouldn't mind catching some. If I do I'll probably donate it. I paid for 3 spots...
  59. yakmandan


    A gray whale dives to the bottom, turns on its side, scoops the top inches of sediment into its mouth, and strains small animals from it, especially amphipods, small shrimp-like creatures that are the favorite food of gray whales in the Arctic.Mar 29, 2016 › sentinels-...
  60. yakmandan


    Grey whales have always scraped their food off the bottom look it up.
  61. yakmandan


    Grey Whales don't eat salmon they feed on the bottom literally. They scoop up sediment and filter it through baleen. They might eat a salmon if one swam into it's mouth. What's different about these whales is they've learned how to target these shrimp at this location at high tide
  62. yakmandan


    The more confusing they make it, the more tickets they get to give out. It's all about the $$$ As far "Conservation" goes, they are more confused then we are.
  63. yakmandan

    Any latest on what's needed to fish Nados on private boat?

    2 hour drive is nothing I drive from AZ. Get my FMM at Mexicali east gate or Otey Mesa also get TIP there. Pay the fee for 180 days. The manifest needs to be dated for the day or days you are fishing the Nados and submitted on line can't remember the name the name off the top of my head I fish...
  64. yakmandan

    Getting rocked?

    Button down the drags Before you drop your jig into structure
  65. yakmandan

    Offshore Punto colonet

    Got it thanks for the info
  66. yakmandan

    Offshore Punto colonet

    Anybody hear how the PQ did over the weekend
  67. yakmandan

    Offshore Punto colonet

    Almost every LR trip I've been on 5 days and longer stopped at San Martin island and Colonet on our way home. Stopped and got some Halibut and Calicos at San Martin and Reds and Lings at Colonet.
  68. yakmandan

    Gotta be a good story here

    Auto pilot on Captain was slipping or forgot drain plug at home and had to beach it
  69. yakmandan

    Offshore Punto colonet

    I jus got some deadhead lures from Denis in three different sizes. I got some of the heavy ones for this trip. Most likely fishing Colonet area deep for Rockfish and lingcod. Hopefully some Yellowtail join the party too. Maybe a White Seabass
  70. yakmandan

    Offshore Punto colonet

    Ill be on that trip as well. I hope I'll get to see you catch your first yellowtail
  71. yakmandan

    denis quesnell 1/17-22/21.sq.

    All the welds on mine look and feel fine to me. I will post a report on a new thread after I use them
  72. yakmandan

    What's the weirdest fish you've caught in SoCal?

    I was on a five day trip on the shogun 20 years ago. We were fishing for bluefin and albacore. During the night we were in a drift in 1200+ feet of water. I had brought a fresh frozen Humbolt squid and some glow sticks. I was deep dropping for swordfish just for the hell of it. I got a little...
  73. yakmandan

    Booking a summer trip?

    Ive had regulars jump in front of me while lined up at the dock more than once. It bothers me while in line but once I'm on the boat I forget all about it cuz my focus is on having a good trip and catching fish. A couple of years ago on a 3.5 day my wife and I were first in line at the docks...
  74. yakmandan

    denis quesnell 1/17-22/21.sq.

    Jigs arrived way quicker than I expected Thanks Dennis I can't wait to use them on my 1.5 day trip on the Pacific Queen Feb 26 and then in San Quintin in March.
  75. yakmandan

    denis quesnell 1/17-22/21.sq.

    I just ordered a bunch
  76. yakmandan

    March 1.5 day trips

    Decided to jump on the Pacific Queen at the end of February 1.5 day Friday the 26th 7pm to Sunday morning. We decided to go to San Quintin in March when my daughter is out of school for a week
  77. yakmandan

    denis quesnell 1/17-22/21.sq.

    We are going to be in SQ the middle of March for a few days Gonna have to order some more jigs from Dennis
  78. yakmandan

    Size limit

    Maybe they should allow one under 5lbs and the rest over 20 that way the baby killers will have more babies to kill in the future.
  79. yakmandan

    March 1.5 day trips

    If the fishing gets too hard shell find something else to do. My wife will be there too she has been on 1.5 ,2.5 and 3.5 day trips she doesn't fish the whole time but she catches fish when she wants to. My daughter and her will do just fine.
  80. yakmandan

    March 1.5 day trips

    PQ has nothing scheduled for March if they did I never would have started this thread. I've been on the PQ more times than I can count. It is my go to for 1.5 & 2.5 day trips. Trips sell out fast on it during tuna season for a reason. Seems a lot of the LR boats don't schedule anything for...
  81. yakmandan

    March 1.5 day trips

    My thoughts exactly
  82. yakmandan

    March 1.5 day trips

    I've been on tuns of overnight trips and a Shit load of 1.5, 2.5 day trips and longer ones too. I know what to expect and what she can handle. She's caught Halibut in Alaska yellowtail in Baja Her mother will be going too so when she gets tired of fishing she can just hang out. A 1.5 day trip...
  83. yakmandan

    March 1.5 day trips

    I was just on their site didn't see anything in March on the schedule.
  84. yakmandan

    March 1.5 day trips

    Its needs to be out of San Diego hopefully one of the Long Range boats
  85. yakmandan

    March 1.5 day trips

    I saw that but my daughter doesn't get out of school for spring break until the first week of March Most of the LE boats have nothing scheduled for March
  86. yakmandan

    March 1.5 day trips

    What ever boat we go on will have to have state rooms. I don't think she'd be ok with a bunk room. I've been on a few of the LR boats but can't find one that has anything going out in March for 1.5 days.
  87. yakmandan

    March 1.5 day trips

    I'm looking for a family friendly 1.5 day trip in early March to take my daughter on. She is 10 she's been fishing Baja with me since she was old enough to hold a rod. But she's never been on an overnight boat. I promised her when she turned 10 I'd take her. I figured a 1.5 day fishing Colonet...
  88. yakmandan

    Asunción Surprise

    Nice WSB
  89. yakmandan

    San Quintin Jan 15

    I thought Juan would be in Gonzaga in January
  90. yakmandan

    San Quintin Jan 15

    Don Eddie's can hook you up with fishing Or you can try any of the local pangeros easy walk from Don Eddie's
  91. yakmandan


    I'll happily go with the 40# yellowtail
  92. yakmandan

    Why are women's clothes ads on BD?

    I recently bought some perfume and lotion for my wife, for Christmas. I got it online. Right after that I started getting perfume pop up adds on all of the social media sites. BD included. I just ignore it most of the time but I'm too lazy to do anything about it.
  93. yakmandan

    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    I have some Toriums that are pretty damn close to 20yrs they are bullet proof. They have caught more fish then all my other reels combined. And I have a shit load of reels. I retired my Toriums last year to loaner status. Replaced with a Lexa 400 and Penn fathoms 2lds all sizes.
  94. yakmandan

    Travel to Bahi de Los Angeles in January

    Just drive down and you'll be fine. Follow your uncle down then drive back when ever you want. Check out Bajanomad's ask your question there.
  95. yakmandan

    Cargo Ship En Route to Long Beach Loses 1800+ Containers
  96. yakmandan

    Mako 22’ Center Console with Brand New Yamaha F200XB

    And I was thinking about selling my boat but Im not sure what it's worth Now I'm scared I'll get chewed up and spit out by all you guys. Maybe I'll just keep it and save myself the humiliation. Got to love BD I even learn stuff about proper sales presentation
  97. yakmandan

    Cargo Ship En Route to Long Beach Loses 1800+ Containers

    Anyone remember the container ship the drive up on the beach in Ensenada about 10+ years ago. It was a really high tide and I think was during a storm. We stopped and took pictures on our way south.
  98. yakmandan

    PSA for those on a septic system

    I own a plumbing company and we have been busier than shit What's keeping us and the septic guys busy is old septic leach fields and damaged lines that could barely handle the usage before but can't handle any extra. I'm getting more work because people are home more and notice more problems...
  99. yakmandan

    Interesting Trailering Video

    That happened to me once hauling dump trailer with a load of dirt on the freeway. I ended up doing a complete 360 missed guard rails and the shoulder. It was early morning the closet vehicle was a Forrest service fire truck about a 1/8 mile behind me. He hit his lights to slow down traffic...
  100. yakmandan

    Ocean Religion

    Religion, I don't think I would want to be a member of any organization that would have me as a member.
  101. yakmandan

    Advice for Bank Fishing Los Barriles area Dec 7-Jan 17.

    There will be plenty of rocks to fish from but usually I do best fishing from the beach next to rocks that jet out into deeper water. Cast a Kroc out along the edge and drag it back. I've caught some nice Cabrilla at or near High tide. Also caught Halibut this way.
  102. yakmandan

    Happy Holidays 2020

    I'm gonna add an inflatable Great White shark I'm not sure if it will be attacking the presents at the back or Rudolph up front
  103. yakmandan

    Happy Holidays 2020

  104. yakmandan

    What’s up with the windy app

    Operator error ? Mine works just fine on free mobile app. Been using it for a couple years now.
  105. yakmandan

    To all of you DIPSHITS......

    Who you calling Dipshit? Dipshit Happy Thanksgiving
  106. yakmandan

    La Paz to Loreto

    Wow you got some nice Cabrilla that first one is huge. Those are some nice Wahoo too. Thanks for the report
  107. yakmandan

    Advice for Bank Fishing Los Barriles area Dec 7-Jan 17.

    WTF is Bank fishing are you talking about shore fishing off the rocks or beach. Rivers have banks oceans have beaches the sea has a shore. Oh and lakes have shores. Ok the ocean has banks: Gordo. Uncle Sam, Thetis,14 Mile, 9 mile, Cortez, Tanner, Hidden, Upper Hidden. There's so many more that...
  108. yakmandan

    Headed to Baja early Dec.Where?

    If you have time cruze on down to La Bocana and fish the estuary
  109. yakmandan

    Headed to Baja early Dec.Where?

    Perfect boat for Asuncion in December. BOLA in December can get windy real fast and dangerous in a small boat. Wish we we going down this year but all my money is going to building a guest house. Asuncion is awesome this time of year. The yellowtail fishing can be epic. We've stayed in the...
  110. yakmandan

    A few Baja questions

    5 is paved all the way We stay at El Capitan I have a 19ft Center Console but anything bigger might not work. We've stayed at a few others but I can't remember the names. The El Capitan is cheep and you get what you pay for. We just stay for some sleep and leave early in the morning.
  111. yakmandan

    Help! 1st timer-San Felipe Veteran day trip.

    Drive down to Gonzaga and fish there IMO way better and closer fishing than San Felipe. Can get windy real fast this time of year and last for days. Keeping everyone off the water. The drive to Gonzaga is worth the trip.
  112. yakmandan

    Guest moorage and trailer parking help

    Public dock on shelter island go to Port of San Diego website. We come out from Arizona a lot we launch at Shelter island ramp and stay at the Best Western yacht harbor hotel. There's upper deck parking and you can drop your trailer. Public docks have a 14 day limit if I remember correctly. 6...
  113. yakmandan

    Aztec or PQ?

    Just pick the one that fits your schedule better or flip a coin or eeny meeny miny moe. Either way you can't lose.
  114. yakmandan

    Fucking Stan! Honouring Surfdoc at the graveyard

    Fucking Stan I've had some long and crazy conversations with Stan at Campo Serena
  115. yakmandan

    Offshore Cow Tipping - Aztec 3 Day 11/1/20-11/4/20

    So who was bottom fishing on a Bluefin trip? And Why? Great trip you guys has for sure. Epic
  116. yakmandan

    Offshore So close to a Cow 11/3

    I was on a 10 day and hooked into a possible cow had the fish on the surface about 20ft from the boat and accidentally hit the drag lever into freespool the line went full on bird's nest on the reel and ZingPowSnap went the line right at the bird nest. Damn near pulled the rod out of my hands.
  117. yakmandan

    Offshore Game Changer 450???

    I was just going to say that
  118. yakmandan

    Mid-life crisis boat options?

    I have a 19ft Bayrunner that I pulled with my Tacoma 4x4 after 10 trips to SD and a few to Baja I decided to get a bigger truck. Pulling my boat with the Tacoma I got between 6 & 8 mpg depending on speed. Pulling it with my Tundra I get 8-12. That being said Stopping is more important than MPGs.
  119. yakmandan

    Offshore 2.5 Day on the Cortez

    Poor man's yellowtail is what we used to call them A big one will put up a good fight but not for as long as a yellow and yellowtail go for structure and kelp. I've never been rocked by a whitefish. Make good tacos but king of bland otherwise. That being said Nice catch on the BFT and all the...
  120. yakmandan

    Fishing has been good

    In SoCal nowadays a unicorn might be an Albacore a WSB a ghost. NoCal stole the Albies now they are stealing the WSB What's next? We'll trade you for some Salmon. What else ya got?
  121. yakmandan

    Offshore 412 pound BFT!! Wow!

    What i want to know is was it caught on stand-up gear or was the rod in a rod holder the whole time. Like Wicked Tuna. Either way it's a bad ass fish for SoCal waters
  122. yakmandan

    Vandals at Shelter Island Launch Ramp parking lot!

    That's some scary and dangerous shit, could cause an accident maybe at 60mph on the freeway and kill someone. Nobody would ever know what really happened.
  123. yakmandan

    Offshore Where to find good kelp patties?

    All the paddys are straight offshore and straight over the bottom. I guarantee it 100%
  124. yakmandan

    Offshore What island is this?

    Fantasy island don't you see the plane Ok maybe it's Clipperton
  125. yakmandan

    Bluefin in the Bay???

    In 2001 or 2002 can't remember for sure but we were off of Topanga fishing halibut when we saw a huge school of bluefin moving fast jumping out of the water. We tried to get ahead of them but they would sink out. Then pop up a 1/4 mile away and we chased them down only to have them sink out...
  126. yakmandan

    4 Overdose on SD Fishing Boat

    Wow I was looking at the Shogun's not only website last night to book a future trip. Pretty scary shit just think if it happened while they were at sea. Not only endangering their own lives what if there's an emergency and 4 of the crew are unable to help. Thank God they were at the dock.
  127. yakmandan

    Tryii on by to go to BOLA

    I got mine same day at Otey Mesa border crossing. Took longer to get back across then it took to get it.
  128. yakmandan

    Offshore Tha girls

    like mother like daughter
  129. yakmandan

    Thinking of doing Overnight trip for first time

    Check out the New LoAnn or the Pacific Queen. They both do overnight and 1.5- 2.5 day trips. IMO the two best boats in SD for 3 days or less.
  130. yakmandan

    Huge Red 9/12

    Daughters firs Red The other one I caught
  131. yakmandan

    Huge Red 9/12

    Caught this toad in San Quintin labor day weekend. Got two this size and a Cowcod that was even bigger. Along with other bottom critters.
  132. yakmandan

    Epic Estuary Fishing

    Estero Coyote or La Bocana
  133. yakmandan

    Border crossing question

    Labor day we got to Tecate at 2:30pm ended up going to Mexicali
  134. yakmandan

    Epic Estuary Fishing

    15 hours, Who's driving?
  135. yakmandan

    San Quintin 9/5&6

    Your welcome Maybe we'll see you in Bay of LA next year or maybe we'll try to hook up with you in Gonzaga.
  136. yakmandan

    San Perdo Tide Pool Poachers

    142lbs of mussels when the limit is 10lbs. They should be arrested, not just get a citation. Who needs 142lbs of mussels. Maybe they are selling them to restaurants.
  137. yakmandan

    Epic Estuary Fishing

    Where is this
  138. yakmandan

    Driving south?

    Did it last with an expired passport card last October with no problems. A few weeks ago my wife's mother didn't have hers because she had to send it in with her renewal application. When I pulled up to the border guard coming back into the US. I told him that and handed him her AZ ID card. He...
  139. yakmandan

    Dead lobos in South-Central Baja

    That's crazy. I've only seen a handful of dead sea lions in my entire life. Is it localized to just your area or is it more widespread
  140. yakmandan

    What knots should I learn

    Palomar, Sd-jam and RP and or FG all the bases covered
  141. yakmandan

    Tourist visa to bola

    You can get it online but you still have to stop at the immigration office anyway. No point getting it online. Waste of time IMOP.
  142. yakmandan

    Tourist visa to bola

    Yes you do but you probably could get there without one. We cross at Mexicali east gate the immigration office is on the right as soon as you cross the border. If you cross at west gate it's a little harder to find but if you ask one of the border guards they will show you. West gate has been...
  143. yakmandan

    Most dangerous offshore experience

    One day up in Santa Cruz my brother and I and one of his friends rented a skiff from the pier. A 14ft wooden skiff with a 9.9hp motor. We lhad done this many times. We were supposed to stay 1/2 mile off shore and within sight of the pier. We knew the good fishing was near shore by kelp beds. We...
  144. yakmandan

    Mexicali to San Quintin and back

    Used some of your deadhead lures but mostly live bait Luv those lures
  145. yakmandan

    Mexicali to San Quintin and back

    I had my 9 yr old daughter so we mostly bottom fished. She did catch a small yellowtail on the first day we also caught some huge Reds a cow cod and some lings
  146. yakmandan

    Mexicali to San Quintin and back

    Fishing was fantastic but foggy most of the day both days out on the water
  147. yakmandan

    Mexicali to San Quintin and back

    It is shorter to take toll road. We just like going that way. Google maps showed it as somewhere around 100km farther taking the 5 down to the 3 above San Felipe. We wanted to avoid Tecate. Either way you still have to go through Ensenada.
  148. yakmandan

    RP 3Day Video

    When's the full video coming out? The teaser is bad ass
  149. yakmandan

    Offshore Tunas with attitude _ SCI 9/6/20

    Wow nice fish report and a tip to boot Thanks can't wait to try the life jacket
  150. yakmandan

    Mexicali to San Quintin and back

    We crossed at Mexicali east gate Friday morning around 9 and stopped to get our tourist visas My wife's mother did not have her passport because she sent it in with her renewal application way back in February. So we had her stay in the car while the three of us went in to the immigration office...
  151. yakmandan

    San Quintin 9/5&6

    It is a cow cod it is legal in Mex. We only caught one. It will not go to waste, at least not until after I eat it. 😆
  152. yakmandan

    San Quintin 9/5&6

    Wife caught a nice Red
  153. yakmandan

    San Quintin 9/5&6

    Day 2 This time my wife also came with us. After making bait we headed to San Martin island to try for some Halibut with no luck. Then headed to Ben's rock and trolled around for a bit for no love there. Eventually we ended back at the 240 and found some big reds
  154. yakmandan

    San Quintin 9/5&6

    Headed to San Quintin for labor day to do some fishing with Capt. Juan. We crossed the border at Mexicali Friday morning. Stopped to get our tourist cards at the immigration office. It was business as usual except for masks. Took 15 minutes. My wife's mother didn't have her passport because she...
  155. yakmandan

    Driving south?

    Drove down yesterday no problems saw no covid check points just the usual military check points. Crossed at Mexicali. Stopped and got our tourist visas at the immigration office. They never asked us what we were doing in Mexico.
  156. yakmandan

    Offshore Personal Best BFT Saturday 8/29 - Late Post

    Wow what a trip you guys had, freakin awesome
  157. yakmandan

    Offshore Pesky little dorado

    Sounds like the guy was trying to keep you from catching fish on purpose. What a douchebag.
  158. yakmandan

    Any one move from a 3/4-ton to 1/2-ton and regret it?

    Get an F650 and stop worrying about it
  159. yakmandan

    Bahia Asuncion August 2020

    You might get a couple sushi rolls out of that.
  160. yakmandan

    wide open yellow tail bite in SQ

    Nice Hali can't wait to get back down there
  161. yakmandan

    Westport thieves 2020

    I once lived in a neighborhood where tweekers lived nearby they kept stealing my car battery. I baught a new one and they stole it that night. After that I bought a bunch of razor blades and duck taped them under the hood around the edges and around the battery. The next day I found a trail of...
  162. yakmandan

    anyone headed to Cabo soon favor needed

    Try asking on BajaNomad forum
  163. yakmandan

    Bahia Asuncion fishing heating up!

    You live a charmed life Shari. Sorry Jen, Bella and I won't be able to make it down there this year. Maybe next year. Love seeing the photos we miss you and your lovely little town and the spectacular fishing.
  164. yakmandan

    Individual Limits vs. Boat Limit

    People who have caught their limit should be hooking and handing off. Or at least giving their extra fish away to those who are struggling.
  165. yakmandan

    New to area. Looking for fishing buddies in San Diego

    What kind of fishing have you done Hop on some overnighters and or longer trips go as often as you can. Post some reports and make some new friends. Meanwhile get you name out there on the Boat Ho list. Show up early with your wallet and food/ drinks. Stay and clean the boat after.
  166. yakmandan

    Any recent reports from SQ?

    We're gonna try for September 4th White Seabass is our goal
  167. yakmandan

    Traveling down Hwy 1 Baja

    Go on Bajanomad forum
  168. yakmandan

    San Quintin 8-17+18-20

    What about bringing a boat down
  169. yakmandan

    Bahia Asuncion August 2020

    You're killing me
  170. yakmandan

    Bahia Asuncion August 2020

    Caught a bunch of small bonito off the beach right in from of the beach house last time we were there Oct2019 my daughter has the second week of October off of school every year. Took my new boat down last year and took Juan out fishing.
  171. yakmandan

    Bahia Asuncion August 2020

    Nice White seabass, my favorite We usually go down in October as well We stay with Shari or camp at Shari's campground. Fished with Juan more times than I can count. One of the fishiest guys I have ever fished with. This year we are only going as far as San Quintin
  172. yakmandan

    Conventional Casting Help Please.

    Wet line Practice Practice Practice Start with heavier weight. Then go lighter and lighter If you're gonna be fishing sportboats practice over hand more than sidearm Roll reel to the side during casting
  173. yakmandan

    Offshore 8-3 report bf yf yt

    Congrats on the trifecta I don't need pictures I know what tuna and yellowtail look like. I've seen pictures before 🐟
  174. yakmandan

    Offshore Saturday 8/1 Yellowtail and BFT

    Nice fish to end the day got to get your cake and eat it too
  175. yakmandan

    Lefty or righty?!

    I'm left handed I cast over my left shoulder and crank with my right hand. Don't have to switch hands after casting. I shoot a rifle right handed shoot pool right handed, bow right handed. Left handed crank makes no sense to me. I fish spinners upside down sometimes
  176. yakmandan

    baja norte opens to sportfishing,7/27/20.

    Yeah I'm trying to work it out with the family Any White seabass being caught lately How about tuna
  177. yakmandan

    baja norte opens to sportfishing,7/27/20.

    Thinking of heading to San Quintin in a few weeks but my daughter's school starts August 3rd. She'll need a good wifi connection on weekdays for school.
  178. yakmandan

    Any Simrad marine electronics gurus in the Bay Area?

    A few weeks ago I couldn't get my auto pilot to work. The screen said something like auto pilot computer not found. I took it to the guy who installed it but was strapped for time and left without getting it fixed. Fished La Jolla the next day and never tried to use it. The following day I...
  179. yakmandan

    Offshore At least i didnt get skunked.

    At least you know your bait was on the bottom
  180. yakmandan

    Place to stay and slip in SD or Mission Bay?

    And parking is free at BWYH
  181. yakmandan

    Place to stay and slip in SD or Mission Bay?

    Go on the port of San Diego website I always stay at Best Western yacht harbor hotel and get a slip at the public dock it's next to harbor patrol dock. At the end of shelter island. $1 per ft. Right now space is limited due to covid social distancing. Best Western will let you drop your trailer...
  182. yakmandan

    Offshore At least i didnt get skunked.

    The looks on their faces are priceless
  183. yakmandan

    Boat Storage..

    I should be going again mid August what boat do you have. Towing mine I get 1/2 the gas mileage as I normally get. Costs me around $180 in gas each way. Storage was around $160 a month. $160 + gas each way not towing the boat.
  184. yakmandan

    Boat Storage..

    Last summer I kept my boat at Big toy depot in Chula Vista paid month to month thought it would save me on gas not having to tow my boat 2 times a month to SD but it worked out about the same either way and I couldn't take the boat to the lakes around home on the weekends
  185. yakmandan

    Boat Storage..

    I pay $1 a foot for slip at the port of San Diego public dock $19 a night I drive from Prescott AZ. And go through Yuma every time I go
  186. yakmandan

    Boat Storage..

    I stay at the Best Western yacht harbor hotel when I'm in town. They let me park my empty trailer unhitched free parking. I put my boat in a slip and drop my trailer in the parking lot. The day I check out I retrieve my boat and drive home. EzyPzy.
  187. yakmandan

    Goodbye & Thank You

    I escaped to AZ. 14 yrs ago. Before I left, Montana was one of my choices. I decided I wanted to be within a days drive from San Diego and Baja so I ended up here. Been to Montana a few times and just loved it. You don't have to leave BD cause your moving out of California. Safe travels
  188. yakmandan

    Catalina seaweed

    I was in Dana landing tackle shop a few weeks ago buying gear for the big bluefin when some guy came in and asked if they sold worms. The kid working said " you mean like night crawlers" and the guy says yeah.
  189. yakmandan

    19’ CC Boat Cover Help

    I'm looking for the exact same thing for my Bayrunner
  190. yakmandan

    Sportboat fishing when it’s windy

    Some SD boats drift better, fishing wise, than others in a stiff wind. The Pacific Queen is one of them. The New Lo An is a good one too. It's part of the reason they have a higher catch count most of the time. Not to mention the Captains and Crew are some fishy MFs.
  191. yakmandan

    Guest slip in San Diego Bay?

    What he said
  192. yakmandan

    5 vs 3 day Fishing Nov 2020

    Do a 5 day in August or September and maybe early October. November and December is 7-10+ time of the year
  193. yakmandan


    Nice pics Epic BOLA fishing for sure Maybe we'll see you in San Quintin in September Hopefully Covid doesn't screw that up.
  194. yakmandan

    Border crossing ? BOLA

    Some people are making the trip already but some have been turned around. Aug. 28th is awhile away anything could happen between now and then
  195. yakmandan

    Offshore Bluefin Video

    Had a Shimano 2speed do that to me while fishing a flat fall last year thank God I wasn't hooked up and I had a backup Nice job on the other fish
  196. yakmandan

    How to identify halibut

    California halibut can have eyes on right or left side
  197. yakmandan

    Upcoming days of fishing

    What boat are you going out on
  198. yakmandan

    I should be back in San Diego mid August I'll shoot you a message if I have a spot when I know...

    I should be back in San Diego mid August I'll shoot you a message if I have a spot when I know for sure what days I'll be there
  199. yakmandan

    Advice on ice chest ...s

    Ice house is right down the street from 5 Star they sell dry ice. I bring my fish home to Prescott Arizona and it will be more frozen than when I left SD
  200. yakmandan

    Solo boating/fishing

    Don't forget a pair of bolt cutters, big enough to cut through what ever size hooks you might be using. Definitely a PLB
  201. yakmandan

    Offshore Birthday bluefin 7/14

    Happy birthday what a great trip you had
  202. yakmandan

    Offshore 7.14.20 43 and SxSW.

    Nice job thank for the report
  203. yakmandan

    Offshore Terrible offshore fishing

    16 shots at those fish sounds way more fun than catching 6
  204. yakmandan

    Offshore Beat the buzzer 100+ lb BFT on the Ocean Odyssey

    Way to end a trip. We all dream about that fish, as the trip is winding down.
  205. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/10 corner, 302, 226

    I'll be back in August to try again
  206. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/10 corner, 302, 226

    It was absolutely flat calm out there most of the day. No wind and no swell to speak of.
  207. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/10 corner, 302, 226

    Met up with Exodus aka Jason at 430am @ shelter island launch ramp. Grabbed ice and loaded his gear on the boat. Got in line at the bait dock and got the worst bait I've seen in a while. Headed to the corner checking Paddy's along the way for nada. About 4 mile short we found a huge paddy...
  208. yakmandan

    July 9th 10th & 11th

    Just fixed my phone
  209. yakmandan

    July 9th 10th & 11th

    Maybe I'll see you out there Friday
  210. yakmandan

    July 9th 10th & 11th

    Bump last minute
  211. yakmandan

    July 9th 10th & 11th

    In Do you want to go fishing tomorrow
  212. yakmandan

    Do you want to go fishing tomorrow

    Do you want to go fishing tomorrow
  213. yakmandan

    Brand new to this world

    After I bought my boat I spent another $8000 on electronics and stuff. Paid cash for everything. Glad I didn't finance.
  214. yakmandan

    Bahia De Los Angeles Kayak Fishing Questions

    We usually stay at the Villa Vita my wife and daughter need a pool while I'm out fishing
  215. yakmandan

    Southshore launch ramp 7/3 who is this cool kid?

    The guy sitting in the boat has no clue
  216. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/5 the corner and 43

    Maybe we'll see you out there. Good luck
  217. yakmandan

    Which FF and GPS are you using?

    200+ ft but I'm usually not looking any deeper than 250. I'll check it out on Thursday and report back. I'm still learning the unit. I'm sure there's others here that have theirs dialed in and can give better feedback.
  218. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/5 the corner and 43

    Thanks for the Intel that's the same area I plan on fishing this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We'll see what happens
  219. yakmandan

    Southshore launch ramp 7/3 who is this cool kid?

    Maybe it's the same guy dropping boats all over the place
  220. yakmandan

    Boxing an area on the Tuna grounds...

    I like to go to previously know #s "auto pilot" then when I start getting close to the area I start trolling. If there are other boats in the area I try to stay outside of them if I start drifting too close I move. That's why I mainly fish weekdays. Less boat traffic. It's more fun finding my...
  221. yakmandan

    Which FF and GPS are you using?

    Sinrad go9 with Total scan transducer I've had it for a year and a half. I'm still learning all it's functions but starting to get it dialed in.
  222. yakmandan

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    That must be the asymptomatic ones we keep, sort of hearing about
  223. yakmandan

    Southshore launch ramp 7/3 who is this cool kid?

    Is that some kind of protest. Like taking the tires off your car to block the roadway.:beerbang:
  224. yakmandan

    Panga recommendations South Rosarito to Ensenada

    It's worth the drive to San Quintin but I don't think you can get down there right now
  225. yakmandan

    July 9th 10th & 11th

    Thanks I'll let you know
  226. yakmandan

    Kill bag VS. cooler

    My buddy put a full kill bag in the trunk of his Lexus, never got the smell out. When the car sat in the sun for any length of time it stunk way worse. He eventually sold it for less than it was worth. That being said I keep both an ice chest and a kill bag on the boat. I take my fish to Five...
  227. yakmandan

    Offshore 7-2-2020, Zone 43 to 30 miles West, trip #7, BF #23

    Wow!! What a roll you guys are on. Showing the rest of us how it's done.
  228. yakmandan

    I got someone for Thursday still looking for someone for Friday or Saturday you interested?

    I got someone for Thursday still looking for someone for Friday or Saturday you interested?
  229. yakmandan

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    You can't possibly believe that in a crowd that size masks are doing anything other than hiding their faces. Why do you think that a majority of the newer cases are people under 30yrs old.
  230. yakmandan

    Offshore Which one of you kooks is this?

    One time is was in Baja about 400 miles south of the border in Asuncion, I saw some guys launching a pontoon boat to go fish for yellows I talked to them later that day. They caught a few yellows and some big Calico's
  231. yakmandan

    Questions about fishing San Diego / Mexico border

    All caps and no punctuation makes it sound like we're being yelled at, all in one breath.
  232. yakmandan

    That would be great I have a kite but I've not used it yet I have used a kite on other people's...

    That would be great I have a kite but I've not used it yet I have used a kite on other people's boats and on the sport boats but this will be the first time that I've deployed it on my boat I'll be leaving from shelter island each morning around 4:30 a.m. I'll give you a call later and we can talk
  233. yakmandan

    Offshore PB BFT - A REAL ONE

    Damn The Five Star video was way cool. Nice fish what was the gear used to catch that beast
  234. yakmandan

    Offshore sw of 43

    Nice job I've caught Albie's, Yellowfin, skippies and yellowtail on ceder plugs but never Bluefin even though I try every time I'm out. Just never got one on a ceder plug in 20+ years. Gonna try it again next week
  235. yakmandan

    July 9th 10th & 11th

    Bringing my boat to San Diego on the 8th gonna fish the 9th,10th & 11th I have room for 1 person. Fishing for Tuna
  236. yakmandan

    Offshore sw of 43

    Were they BFT or YFT on the ceder plug or both
  237. yakmandan

    Offshore Where to stay?
  238. yakmandan

    Offshore Where to stay?

    I stay at Best Western yacht harbor hotel right across from fisherman's landing in Point Loma I launch at Shelter Island and rent a slip at the public docks next to Harbor patrol costs $19 a night for 19ft boat. The hotel has parking for your empty or loaded trailer at no extra charge. I launch...
  239. yakmandan

    Offshore Everyone Loves A Long Rod (4K Video)

    Nice video Gaffed the last one right in the eye. Where were you guys fishing
  240. yakmandan

    Offshore Topwater Bluefin in US Waters Sunday 6/28

    Can't open any of the attachments But great report
  241. yakmandan

    Offshore "SOME WHERE UNDER THE RAINBOW" 6/28/20

    Now I get it I caught a 70lbr on a torium 20 once damn near spoiled me took me over an hour also. I retired all my toriums to the loaner rig dept. bought Penn fathom 2 speeds to replace them.
  242. yakmandan

    FMM Help

    I have no idea what I'm doing wrong
  243. yakmandan

    FMM Help

    I've been having the same issues. Everytime I try to download the template I get the example one with boat name and passenger names already on it can't find a blank one anywhere
  244. yakmandan

    Offshore "SOME WHERE UNDER THE RAINBOW" 6/28/20

    You never explained why your buddy was an A$$hole
  245. yakmandan

    Bow lights

    Yeah that's what I've been doing but having a hard time hooking up with anyone to to go out with me. I think I'll just get a better hand held the one I got is crap.
  246. yakmandan

    Helium Gas Discounts for BD Members!

    When there's enough helium in the atmosphere the Albacore's voices will sound funny and you can hear-em coming.
  247. yakmandan

    Coronado Islands - San Diego full day 6/27/2020

    Nice job You got 4 of the 16 yellows, good for you
  248. yakmandan

    2015 Bayrunner Baja 19

    I have a 2016 same boat you are correct on running down swell. If you are not careful the bow digs in at the bottom of the trough. I trim the bow up and it's good to go. I took mine down to the 371 a few weeks ago from Point Loma hung around that area for 6 hours then back to Point Loma used 13...
  249. yakmandan

    Searching the Forums and Results

    It's on the list to fix. A whole new version of the software is coming soon and a lot of that stuff is fixed so we are kinda waiting instead of custom building... Oh good I can't wait to see everyone posting on 10yr old threads again. lol
  250. yakmandan

    Bow lights

    That is exactly the info I was looking for I thought it might be a bad idea for those very reasons. I think I'll stick with a handheld spot light.
  251. yakmandan

    Bow lights

  252. yakmandan

    Searching the Forums and Results

    Didn't know there was an advanced search function good to know I was just doing a search and posts from 2010 came up first even though the relevance was exactly the same
  253. yakmandan

    Bow lights

    I'm thinking about putting an led light on my ttop facing forward. I have a radar but want to be able to see up close in front of me when I'm heading out in the dark any suggestions?
  254. yakmandan

    I suck at fishing, please help

    I like using white iron with red then pin fresh dead squid on it.
  255. yakmandan

    Offshore Need fish id help

    Skin is like sandpaper the kind you put on an electric belt sander
  256. yakmandan

    Check Point in San Felipe

    What I wanna know is when can I tow my boat down there
  257. yakmandan

    I suck at fishing, please help

    Just White Seabass being White Seabass they call them ghosts for a reason
  258. yakmandan

    Is this rod okay for fishing yellowtail?

    What he said
  259. yakmandan

    LA Bay highway 5 today.

    Google is your friend or you can get one in San Felipe I've done that too or fisherman's landing or Squidco in San Diego It's a Baja sur website but the license is good for all Mexican waters
  260. yakmandan

    TIP for boat at the border

    Got mine at east gate a few years ago had to drive around the block to get it. After you go through secondary and are back on the road turn right at the first street then turn right again at the first street and go one or two blocks it will be on the south east corner. If you need copies of your...
  261. yakmandan

    LA Bay highway 5 today.

    Mex fishing license online ezypzy
  262. yakmandan

    Offshore PQ 6/23

    Congrats to your wife on a nice BFT I've fished the PQ many times its my all time favorite for 1.5 and 2.5 day trips I've caught so many fish on that boat. It is one of the fishiest boats in SD for sure.
  263. yakmandan

    Shogun 6/19-6/27 First Wahoo of the season

    I remember the 1st time I fished on the Shogun I gained at least 10lbs on a five day and slayed the Albie's and bluefin
  264. yakmandan

    Shogun 6/19-6/27 First Wahoo of the season

    Love the food porn Looks like you guys had a nice trip congrats on the Wahoo
  265. yakmandan

    RP Report

    Latest report they got to the zone and saw lots of fish but couldn't get them to bite. They still have a full day today left to fish BFT
  266. yakmandan

    RP Report

    Now if they find the Bluefin That would be an amazing way to end a long range trip. Can't wait to hear the report.
  267. yakmandan

    Mako sharks are so bad ass!

    Can't wait to see the videos
  268. yakmandan

    Offshore 6/22 Bluefin at the 371

    I'm curious about the kite also
  269. yakmandan

    Offshore 6/22 Bluefin at the 371

    Were you able to see how big they were
  270. yakmandan

    6/21/2020 Horseshoe and Izors report - with underwater footage

    The sliding sinker is getting in the way of the circle hook not letting it do what it is designed to do
  271. yakmandan

    6/21/2020 Horseshoe and Izors report - with underwater footage

    I could watch that all day I need that for my screen saver.
  272. yakmandan

    Any tips or tricks for a 1st timer Bluefin fishing this week?

    Don't be afraid to ask the deckhands for help they are there to help you. Ask questions and show interest in what they are saying and doing learn how to get a great bait and pin it on without killing it then walk to the correct side of the boat and get it out and away from the boat without...
  273. yakmandan

    Found one. Thanks.

    Penn fathom 40 if you look around you should be able to find one around that price range I have a 15kg I'll let go for $150 + shipping
  274. yakmandan

    I got 2nd place in a tournament in Long Beach, CA on the yak!

    Make some more for sure
  275. yakmandan

    Cortez Cartopper

    Looks like my Baja Catch well used and still relevant in most cases
  276. yakmandan

    I got 2nd place in a tournament in Long Beach, CA on the yak!

    Congrats I once won a kayak tournament under similar circumstances about 18 years ago no good way to do video back then. You did a really good job on the video.
  277. yakmandan

    Used Bimini Top sorry nomore bikini

    What about bikini bottoms Squidward
  278. yakmandan

    The moment the light goes on. Searching old posts.

    I keep an extra and anyone on the boat with me knows where it's at.
  279. yakmandan

    Boat Covers

    Will it over a t top with a radar on it I'm looking for one too
  280. yakmandan

    Pinning wings on a mac?

    Pigs on the wing
  281. yakmandan

    2 Kite Rods wrapped by Yo's

    Just paid for one of them and will be picking it up next time I'm in California gonna put a Tiagra 30Wlrsa on it. It has 135 spectra can't remember brand and 100lb mono top shot I had Cal go through it the beginning of last season and never got to use it last year.
  282. yakmandan

    Offshore Rod and reel type

    I also want as much detail as possible for what did and didn't work. Rod reel, line size, knots or crimps, length of leader, hook size, swivel size, bait size, sinker rig, flat fall, flylined deans or Macs and anything else that might help
  283. yakmandan

    Party Boats out of SD - Full Bar?

    Next it will be do any have hot tubs How about swim up bars If you want to go on a cruise then go on a cruise I choose to go fishing
  284. yakmandan

    Any thoughts on a Shimano torium 20 or 30 for yellowtail and maybe small tuna

    I have 2 30s and a 20 I've caught a 70lb bluefin and tuns of other tuna, wahoo, yellowfin yellows Dorado. They are almost 20yrs old and still working. had them serviced at the end of last season and couldn't believe how good of a condition they were in. I am retiring them to guests only for...
  285. yakmandan

    Offshore 6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    I'd love to see something like that on video that would be a blast to watch. I had a bluefin on fishing solo a couple of weeks ago and I panicked.
  286. yakmandan


    We were going to go down at the end of June but now it's mid July it's killing me putting it off again Glad to hear someone made it down and caught some fish
  287. yakmandan

    1980 SKIPJACK 20’ OPEN

    What are slip fee's
  288. yakmandan

    Offshore 6/12/20 BFT from the 805 double post!

    Wow sounds like you are lucky to be alive
  289. yakmandan

    Offshore 6/12/20 BFT from the 805 double post!

    Nice job I admire your never give up attitude How did you paralyze your arm if you don't mind me asking
  290. yakmandan

    Offshore 6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    Has anyone landed one of these big Bluefin fishing solo My last time out I went solo and was scared to death thinking about what is do if I got one to the boat.
  291. yakmandan

    Offshore 6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    Wow Best Post Award right there Thanks for showing us how it's done
  292. yakmandan

    Kite rig leader ?

    How do you rig the whole kite rod from top shot to hook including all connections and swivels float/marker sinker
  293. yakmandan

    Kite rig leader ?

    I'm sure this has already been asked here before. How do you guys rig your leaders for big bluefin tuna from swivel to hook/s Crimps/ knots/ beads/ swivels line test and length. And anything else you use like double troubles Diagrams would be great. thanks
  294. yakmandan

    Puerto Popotla Panga’s?

    Drive to Ensenada you'll be closer to the fishing grounds if you're fishing for Tuna
  295. yakmandan

    Offshore It’s Official - San Diego is SUPER COW TOWN!!!

    I know but got to start sometime I've been in sport boats and caught a 238# I saw how hard it was for 3 experienced crew to get everything out. I can't imagine doing it solo. Hopefully next time I'm in SD I can find a Boat Ho that has experience kite fishing. In the meantime I can practice at...
  296. yakmandan

    6/4 @ 371 no love

    I'll let you know when I get back to SD
  297. yakmandan


    I think that even after they open the border that it will still be a little sketchy to go to certain areas in Baja. Especially if some locals get sick shortly after tourists start arriving. Even if it's unrelated. Some might not be so welcoming at first.
  298. yakmandan

    Expired Passport???

    Crossed last October with my daughter and I's passports expired it was no problem then. Now with the covid 19 crarp I wouldn't try it
  299. yakmandan


    And from the beach to boot Yeah buddy
  300. yakmandan

    Offshore 6/4 @ 371

    I accidentally posted this in the wrong place so if you read it already "My Bad" I left at 430 from Shelter island public dock where I rented a slip for the week. headed to the bait dock and got in line. It took about 1/2hr to got bait. A little before 5am I was on my way. It was a lot bumpier...
  301. yakmandan

    Offshore How was it out there today? Wind , swell, and fish

    What speed were you trolling the ceder plug
  302. yakmandan

    6/4 @ 371 no love

    Oops sorry I meant to post this in the reports section how do I move it
  303. yakmandan

    Offshore It’s Official - San Diego is SUPER COW TOWN!!!

    Absolutely outstanding I'm going to add a kite to my arsenal for next trip to SD
  304. yakmandan

    6/4 @ 371 no love

    I left at 430 from Shelter island public dock where I rented a slip for the week. headed to the bait dock and got in line. It took about 1/2hr to got bait. A little before 5am I was on my way. It was a lot bumpier then I expected but doable. I stayed around 10-12kts and arrived at the 371 around...
  305. yakmandan

    PL/LJ 6/2

    Before I went to San Diego I brought my boat in for some minor repairs one was to put some backing under the deck to remount the t-top. They had to remove the console. They had to disconnect most of the electrical. Somehow they missed something when they hooked it all back up. They said they...
  306. yakmandan

    Thursday 4th I will be on GAMETIME

    Hope to see you out there
  307. yakmandan

    6/4 Heading down to the 371

    I'm heading down to the 371 area tomorrow looking for somebody that wants to go fishing I got room for one person. I could really use some helpI've done it by myself a bunch of times but would really rather have somebody with me I have all the gear but if you want to bring along some of your own...
  308. yakmandan

    PL/LJ 6/2

    Now my auto pilot is not working but I can get by without it for the time being. I don't really need it just like to have it
  309. yakmandan

    PL/LJ 6/2

    Yes plumbing in the raw water wash down pump
  310. yakmandan

    PL/LJ 6/2

    Left out or shelter island around 7am headed to La Jolla. It was a little bumpy but not to bad. It was the first time I've taken my boat there. Fishing was slow for most of the morning with a calico cot every now and then but nothing worth keeping. There were five other boaters out there all...
  311. yakmandan

    Offshore 5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Holy super cow What a beast lucky you had someone with you
  312. yakmandan

    Windy app

    Anyone out there that knows La Jolla or Point Loma kelp areas want to go fishing Tuesday
  313. yakmandan

    Windy app

    I've been looking at the app but I'm still trying to figure it out. I just started playing around with it. I'm not sure of all the different layers and can't make sense of some of it. From what I can tell it's going to be shitty out for the next few days offshore Mexican waters. So I'm thinking...
  314. yakmandan

    Offshore Bluefinn 5/27/20 Down and Tight

    I'll be in SD on Monday gonna go check it out on Wednesday Thanks for the info
  315. yakmandan

    San Diego 5/26-5/30

    We are loaded up and ready to go I have a stop in Costa Mesa/ Newport for a few days to get some things fixed on the boat. New wash down pump and some minor electric stuff. Car charger adapters don't work. Last time out we were out 12 hours and our phones died on our way in and found out the...
  316. yakmandan

    Offshore Bluefinn 5/27/20 Down and Tight

    Congrats on the Bluefin what's the approx distance from Point Loma to those #s
  317. yakmandan

    Offshore Upper Hidden 5/26 & Fish ID?

    That's what I'm talking about
  318. yakmandan

    San Diego full day boats $200

    Even though I have my own boat I still do a couple of 2.5 or 3.5 day trip every year. My wife comes with me. I have to pay for two people every time. When my daughter turns 10 I'll have to take her on an overnight trip and pay for three. Eventually she'll be going on the 2.5 and 3.5 day trips...
  319. yakmandan

    San Diego full day boats $200

    I'm always looking for Ho's when I go to San Diego
  320. yakmandan

    Rpt.-Tue.-05-26-20 Big Bass Galore!

    Nice work on the local bass
  321. yakmandan

    San Diego full day boats $200

    The people that know how to fish on crowded boats are the one not getting caught up in the tangles. that skill set applies on limited load trip as well just cuz there's less people doesn't mean there won't be any "That Guys" on the boat. When the fish are biting in the stern all 30 people will...
  322. yakmandan

    One landing locked vs the other Open for business. Why?

    Different county different rules different bureaucrats
  323. yakmandan

    San Diego full day boats $200

    Costs me about $2000 to bring my boat to SD including hotel, slip fees, gas, food, bait and tackle for 5 days that's $400 a day
  324. yakmandan

    San Diego 5/26-5/30

    Do you have Mex fishing license
  325. yakmandan

    Cat 05/23/20

    Nice catch with White seabass as a bonus
  326. yakmandan

    Professor Says Human Race Must Go Extinct to Fight Climate Change

    Maybe the professor should start with his/herself first
  327. yakmandan

    5-22-20 bird school

    You have to eat barracuda the same day you catch it or throw it away. They only time I've ever kept cuda was on a sport boat. I won't let those slimy ass fish on my boat
  328. yakmandan

    San Diego 5/26-5/30

    We've decided to wait until June 1st to the 6th to avoid all the memorial day madness. I'll be fishing the 2nd----5th
  329. yakmandan

    Offshore 05.22.20 371/Upper hidden report

    Wish I could drive to Ensenada and launch there. My boat doesn't have the range to make it from SD and back. I'd love to put one of those bigger models on my boat.
  330. yakmandan

    5-22-20 bird school

    I like using milk with cuda and some other white meat fish it takes away some of the fishyness
  331. yakmandan

    Offshore BLUEFINN 5/21/20 Blue water

    How far were you from the hidden bank
  332. yakmandan

    Offshore 5-21-2020 BFT REPORT

    Wow 2 days in a row someone posts a great report and includes the location Now I'm sure the world is upside down. Keep it up guys I'll be there soon hopefully they come up the line a little closer but not too much closer
  333. yakmandan

    Offshore Stardust Sportfishing is back online!

    Where do they fish on a 3/4 day out of Santa Barbara and what are they targeting Looks like the Coral Sea is also going out for 3/4 day trips
  334. yakmandan

    Offshore 05.20 BFT

    Hopefully someone on BD will use those numbers and find them and then post a report. Good on you for sharing Much respect
  335. yakmandan

    1 spot available for BOLA June 13-17

    I know they're open for essential travel I was talking about tourist
  336. yakmandan

    How many trips did it take to land your first 100# tuna?

    Been fishing for tuna since 1999 caught lots of bluefin but never tried to fish for the big ones until a couple years ago. I took my wife with me on her second only tuna trip she got one @ 200.8 and I got one @ 238
  337. yakmandan

    1 spot available for BOLA June 13-17

    Just read that US / Can/ Mex borders to remain closed until 6/22/20 with a review every 30 days We were going down to San Quintin next week but that won't happen. We also had plans for BOLA 2nd week of June now that won't happen either "SUCKS ASS".
  338. yakmandan

    Offshore Looking to go tuna fishing...

    Has anyone on BD been stopped and asked for ID with 2 people from different addresses on the boat? What happened did you get a ticket? Did they make you turn around and go back to the dock? So far I've only heard second or even third hand stories.
  339. yakmandan

    I'm originally from San Fernando valley The avatar picture is my wife holding her first Bluefin...

    I'm originally from San Fernando valley The avatar picture is my wife holding her first Bluefin I now live in AZ. I'm always looking to hook up with other fisherman that know the area better than me. Either buddy boat or ride along
  340. yakmandan

    San Diego 5/26-5/30

    What do think will happen memorial day weekend
  341. yakmandan

    San Diego 5/26-5/30

    So what's the word on the beaches
  342. yakmandan

    San Diego 5/26-5/30

    Ill let ya know before I get to SD gonna fish Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday fishing La Jolla on Wednesday gonna have to start pretty early because of long lines at bait barge. We'll see
  343. yakmandan

    San Diego 5/26-5/30

    We are coming into SD on Tuesday the 26th with my wife and 9yr old daughter. While I'm out fishing they don't want to be stuck in the hotel room are any of the beaches gonna be open where they can swim. I'm gonna fish the Coronado's one of those days and maybe La Jolla one day and offshore two...
  344. yakmandan

    Offshore Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    So almost to Tanner or Cortez banks that means you have to drive past all the bluefin and yellowtail and yellowfin for a chance at finding Albacore. On a party boat I'd chance it. But not on my own boat.
  345. yakmandan

    Offshore Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    How far is the real 267 from Point Loma
  346. yakmandan

    Repair questions on my Bayrunner

    At least I got the bilge all cleaned out
  347. yakmandan

    Repair questions on my Bayrunner

    Yeah I've thought of that also just haven't been able to figure out how to check it while on your way but that's my next guess
  348. yakmandan

    Repair questions on my Bayrunner

    No it's a transom mount
  349. yakmandan

    Repair questions on my Bayrunner

    I filled the boat with water up to the deck line not one drop Now I'm thinking it's the plumbing
  350. yakmandan

    Repair questions on my Bayrunner

    The boat is Welded not riveted the boat has only 250 hours on it If I'm just drifting for a few hours with 3 of us and our gear it's not leaking It still might be the plumbing but haven't found anything and can't tell if it's the hull or the plumbing when it's in the water. I'm gonna put the...
  351. yakmandan

    Repair questions on my Bayrunner

    Nothing comes over the transom when underway I have thought about it being residual water from washing the boat but I thoroughly drain the boat when I get home and it also drains out when I'm on the road for 7 hours each way. Last time I took it to San Diego I went out to the 43 and back only...
  352. yakmandan

    Repair questions on my Bayrunner

    it's only a 3-year-old boat that hasn't been used much and it doesn't leak when it's sitting in a slip overnight not a drop
  353. yakmandan

    Repair questions on my Bayrunner

    #1 The screws that hole the t top to the deck keep popping out. Not all of them but more than I'm ok with. I have a 2016 Klamath Bayrunner 19ft The holes where the screws go are stripped out What is the best way to fix this #2 boat has a very small leak somewhere I was thinking about...
  354. yakmandan

    I-405 Blue Fin Freeway Catch

    Should have stood it up and taken a picture of it with a shotgun in the other hand
  355. yakmandan

    I-405 Blue Fin Freeway Catch

    That is way too funny
  356. yakmandan


    You could always use that Yellow after you filet of course
  357. yakmandan

    Morro Bay OOpsie

    Missed it by "that much"
  358. yakmandan

    Fishing BOLA 6/8 and 6/10

    Was hoping to go down last week of May now we're looking at the last week of June
  359. yakmandan

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Five miles out of the harbor all 14 of us ultra limited loaders will rip off our masks just to see who the hell we are fishing with. It's hard to judge people's character when everyone's wearing masks that cover more than half their faces. On the ocean where anything can happen I want to know...
  360. yakmandan

    Offshore Early Report 5-10-2020 Out of Newport

    What speed do you lose bottom
  361. yakmandan

    Offshore 5/9 Shake down trip... BFT Report

    Nice fish How'd you lose the other 2 fish
  362. yakmandan

    Long Range Sea Lion

    It probably hitched a ride on someone's boat out of New Port knowing no one was gonna bother him
  363. yakmandan

    Acceptable sport boat scenario

    If you are afraid of getting sick stay home and stop making the rest of us live by rules based on your fear. If everyone who was afraid stayed home and made no contact with the rest of us they could not get sick.
  364. yakmandan

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    A lot of people will be suing the government when this is over
  365. yakmandan

    Offshore First time offshore

    That's what I did after the first time I forget the plug now I use the sticker next to my ignition switch after the trailer method failed me and my wife made me put the sticker on there.
  366. yakmandan

    Offshore First time offshore

    I put a sticker on the console next to the ignition switch so I won't forget it again I also keep 2 or 3 extras on the boat in case I get to the launch ramp and someone has left theirs at home
  367. yakmandan

    Offshore I Want to go F@CKING FISHING!!

    Where are you in AZ I live in Prescott I make 5-6 trips a year to San Diego I would love to hook up with others that want to join me or vice versa
  368. yakmandan

    Offshore First time offshore

    I forgot to mention the plug it's easy to forget I hate to admit it but I've forgotten it twice. Luckily for me I can reach over the transom and put it in but it scared the crap out of me. The fact that I've done it twice only shows how stupid I am.
  369. yakmandan

    A Fisherman's Dilemma: Point Loma May 4th

    Quality problems right there It could be worse you could be stuck in AZ having to go to work and unclog toilets. Love those little sanddabs
  370. yakmandan

    Offshore Limits BFT 4/29 US Waters

    Next time just say you caught them straight offshore straight over the bottom
  371. yakmandan

    Offshore First time offshore

    I've been going out on other people's boats for years but the first time I went off shore in my own boat I was a little nervous. Thank God for BD There was a thread with a list of everything you should have with you on the boat I can't seem to find it maybe someone else knows where it is. I...
  372. yakmandan


    Go past Puertocitos and go to Gonzaga its way nicer and prettier the best part of Mex5 is after Puertocitos Check out Baja Nomads forums
  373. yakmandan

    CA Ocean Recreational Fishing Open May 1st?!

    I'm not holding my breath but I hope that's true
  374. yakmandan

    CBD for seasickness prevention?

    Don't mind phuk yourself into being seasick Don't eat a bunch of greasy food the night before or the morning of your trip Don't drink too much the night before If you do get seasick eat something keep eating no matter how many times you puke until you can keep it down. Drink lots of water...
  375. yakmandan

    Open San Diego Lakes and bays!!

    When are people going to rise up and put an end to the tyranny
  376. yakmandan

    Offshore Tricks to use in a picky bite

    I talk to the fish until they get tired of it and lash out at my bait.
  377. yakmandan

    Do it all Baitcaster size?

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro beast put 50lb braid minimum then use what ever size mono you want I've used mine for Calicos and yellowtail I've even caught bluefin with it. It's the rod that's gonna make the difference You can fish 40 or 10lb on the same reel Not so much on the same rod though.
  378. yakmandan

    "Hidden Pickle"

    If you have to ask you don't need to know
  379. yakmandan

    Boat Ramps open and usuable

    It's gonna be a shit show for the first few weeks when they do open the ramps I hope someone on BD goes down to Shelter island and videos the madness for us all to enjoy. I can't wait
  380. yakmandan

    I need new deck hands

    Speed up a little that will keep them awake
  381. yakmandan

    let’s see your personal best

    238 Top gun 80 August 2018 wife got one at 200.8 same trip
  382. yakmandan

    New boat for use in so cal

    I'm in AZ but I've been fishing in Baja 4-5 times a year for a long time I wanted a boat I could launch from shore or drive up on the beach and not worry about scratching the gel coat I really like the super pangas but I was unable to find a good one at the time. What I'm really glad about is I...
  383. yakmandan

    New boat for use in so cal

    I was considering a panga when I was looking for my 1st boat having fished in Baja for years. I was looking for good gas mileage and towable with a Tacoma. I was looking at new boats. People on BD convinced me to buy used for my 1st boat. I started to look at aluminum boats for the same reasons...
  384. yakmandan

    Offshore Boat Ramps closed?

    Just think about how f-ing big those Bluefin are going to be next year because they didn't get caught this year
  385. yakmandan

    I want to add a 2nd gas tank

    Yeah I'm not sure exactly where it is and don't want to start pulling up the deck if it's not feasible to put another gas tank below was hoping someone on here had done it or tried to on a 19ft Bayrunner
  386. yakmandan

    I want to add a 2nd gas tank

    I was told by the dealer that it was on the starboard side forward of the center console I could be wrong that's where the gas receiver is
  387. yakmandan

    I want to add a 2nd gas tank

    It's a Bayrunner Baja center console what good would pictures do unless I had the deck removed it's a 2016 I have no reason to pull up the deck until I know if it can be done or not. The stock fuel tank is under deck on starboard side north of the center console. I have no idea what space I...
  388. yakmandan

    I want to add a 2nd gas tank

    #1 I posted this in another forum but got no replies so I'm trying it here Thanks I have a 2016 Klamath Bayrunner 19ft it has a 20 gal gas tank and I also have a 12 gal tank that sits on the deck near the stern. I want to install another 20 gal tank below deck and get rid of the 12 gal that's...
  389. yakmandan

    Ensenada summer trip

    Yes you can buy it for just the time you will be in Mexico some Marinas require it
  390. yakmandan

    Loreto Trip June 2020

    Nice fish
  391. yakmandan

    Loreto Trip June 2020

    I was fishing with Jose Torres when his kids were little watched his kids grow up I've fished with others in Loreto but Jose was always my favorite Super nice guy Super nice family. It's been awhile since I fished Loreto since the Dorodo fishing went bust. I remember days when the Dorado were...
  392. yakmandan

    Ensenada summer trip

    Liability insurance
  393. yakmandan

    Livewell siphoning with pump off

    It is a lot easier for the pump to stay running than to have it stop and start. The pump will wear out faster IMO An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion
  394. yakmandan

    I want to add a gas tank

    I have a 2016 Klamath Bayrunner 19ft it has a 20 gal gas tank and I also have a 12 gal tank that sits on the deck near the stern. I want to install another 20 gal tank below deck and get rid of the 12 gal that's always in the way. I'm not sure where to put it or if I can even do it. Any...
  395. yakmandan

    Finding Catalina yellows

    Try to find a boat ho spot going to Catalina and learn from someone who goes there often just don't tell anyone about their secret spots
  396. yakmandan

    Best fisheries to target in March

    Cedros island Yellowtail and big Calicos
  397. yakmandan

    Yellowtail fishing in Erendira, Baja California with my UC rods

    Can I launch my own boat there I've driven past the turn off many many times but never turned off to check it out
  398. yakmandan

    Loreto Trip June 2020

    Check out the Toriz family in Juncalito just south of loreto
  399. yakmandan

    PQ got 2 BFT

    Did they catch any rockfish
  400. yakmandan

    And then I woke up...

    I thought I left a 10ft Ulua on a boat once and then found it in my garage weeks later Usually in my fishing dreams my reels don't work or the boat is on land but I've had those dreams of forgetting my gear and or clothes and not just about fishing trips I think it's comes from when I was...
  401. yakmandan

    Offshore Pacific Queen January 31

    Lucky you had a good trip You could have driven all that way and caught nothing. It was a risk glad it worked out for you I drove all the way to Montana 5 yrs ago and didn't catch anything but a little 8in trout bought a bunch of fly gear for the trip and haven't used it since.
  402. yakmandan

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    If you get sick eat something if you barf that up eat something Keep doing that until you can hold it down. It's better than dry heaving and eventually you'll keep it down. I've fished with lots of people who get seasick the ones that keep eating recover better and faster.
  403. yakmandan

    10 Stupid Things to NOT To Catch Fish - by Larry Brown

    What a great read and reminder I try to do all these things but forget some especially over the off season I've seen and made everyone of those mistakes over the years. The best advice you gave is to pay attention and listen to the crew. They are out there everyday. The other thing is to pay...
  404. yakmandan

    Large Krocodile lures

    Thanks Ross I was down there when you caught that big SOB I like the big krocs for the same reason you don't need to wind as fast I lost the last one I had fishing in Asuncion a few years ago trolling it. Got cut off by something with very sharp teeth.
  405. yakmandan

    Large Krocodile lures

    Tell that to the guys in San Quintin
  406. yakmandan

    Large Krocodile lures

    Some of the pangeros in San Quintin use them for White Seabass they swear by them. they put live bait on them and drop down to bottom while drifting. They need to be heavy enough to get to the bottom when there is current. We go to San Quintin a couple of times a year. They always seam to...
  407. yakmandan

    Large Krocodile lures

    I knew the original manufacturer wasn't making the big ones anymore but was hoping someone was making copies. I seem to remember them being bigger then 7ozs. What was the weight of the biggest ones they made
  408. yakmandan

    Freezer emergency

    I had a similar thing happen once about 15 years ago I had just returned from Alaska and had also done a 10 day trip on the Qualifier the previous winter I had wahoo, yellowfin, Bluefin, Halibut and salmon in my 5cft freezer. Something got knocked over in the garage and unplugged the cord. It...
  409. yakmandan

    Large Krocodile lures

    What ever happened to the large Krocodile lures I used to use for trolling for tuna and yellows and yoyoing is anyone making them or does anyone know where to get any I don't remember the weight but they were 6-7 inches long
  410. yakmandan

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    If seals were ever good to eat they would have been managed better and we'd all be able to buy tags to hunt them I've eaten seal I spent a week in a little village in Alaska on a church mission trip Those people eat or use every bit of the seal It was terrible in every way I tried it. The...
  411. yakmandan

    BOLA or BA in mid-Feb?

    Half my trips to Guerrero Negro mid Feb. to mid March to see the whales over the last 20 years, half of them I brought fishing gear. I've gone south to Asuncion once to fish with Juan caught some Calicos I've gone north to Bay of LA caught bottom critters on one trip but windy all the other...
  412. yakmandan

    What do you think snapped my line?

    Guy on the other side of the boat cause you weren't fishing with the wind in your face
  413. yakmandan

    What do you think snapped my line?

    Bottom Happens to me all the time
  414. yakmandan

    Mussel farm accident

    Happened so fast there was no time to put on life jackets Exactly why myself and anyone on my boat always has a life jacket on no exceptions
  415. yakmandan

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    Now that the OP has made his point there is no reason to speculate on what happened and why or what will happen. I'll just wait and see what happens
  416. yakmandan

    Lift pole albacore video

    Bruce was who threw the pickle
  417. yakmandan

    Lift pole albacore video

    I was on the Shogun one year on a 5 day. The albacore were so thick and biting anything that hit the water someone caught one on a slice of pickle Someone rigged up a couple of gaffs as jack polls and we all got a chance to try it if we wanted. After that I took my heavy rig with 100lb with the...
  418. yakmandan

    Anyone have extra lobsters?

    Lobster is overrated even if it's free That being said next time I go to San Diego I'll ask around for some free lobsters
  419. yakmandan


    Original closures were based on flawed data and they knew it but did it anyway to feel better about themselves. Now they're saying Cowcod are rebounding faster than they expected rather than admitting they were wrong in the first place. That would make all their fish stock estimates suspect.
  420. yakmandan

    Anyone have extra lobsters?

    So you want someone to give you some lobsters for free. I think it would be easier to just go to the store and buy some that's what I do.
  421. yakmandan

    Bayrunner Questions

    Santa seems to enjoy it
  422. yakmandan

    Bayrunner Questions

    I have a 19 Bayrunner Baja center console I have taken it 40+ miles offshore out of San Diego and take it to Baja Mexico I tow it with a Toyota Tacoma it's a 2016 boat and motor. Love it but it can be a little rough riding in bad weather because it's so lite. I wish I had a 21ftr. They are a...
  423. yakmandan

    Offshore Looks like tuna season is over

    Your blue lights gave me an idea I'll update my photo tonight Now if I can just find a blow up fish
  424. yakmandan

    Guadalupe anyone?

    No matter what the issue is It is still sad
  425. yakmandan

    Offshore Looks like tuna season is over

    Since the bite has died off and there's no reason to drive all the way to San Diego I decided to use my boat for better things
  426. yakmandan

    Fishing trips out of Miami

    I'm willing to drive as far as Fort Lauderdale Gonna have my wife and 9yr old daughter with me they both have been fishing on lots of pangas in Mexico I also have my own boat. We're looking for a kid friendly trip
  427. yakmandan

    Hauling a boat to Los Barilles

    You can get TIP at the border at either Otey Mesa or Mexicali East gate it's good for 10 years Places to stop along the way San Quintin, Catavina, Guerrero Negro, San Ignacio, Mulege, Loreto, LaPaz We drive to San Quintin for the night then to Guerrero Negro for the night. Then to Loreto but you...
  428. yakmandan

    Fishing trips out of Miami

    We are going to be in Miami in March for a few days and I'd like to take a day to do some fishing anyone have any charter boat recommendations or party boat type recommendations for that area
  429. yakmandan


    I've caught wahoo with a torium 20 worked great just retired that reel after 15+yrs. It's been on 1-3-5 and 10 day trips and pangas in Mexico never failed me once.
  430. yakmandan

    The Colonello Excel 2019 (Memorial) 10 Day: A post Thanksgiving “tail”.

    Yeah I've always wanted to fish the XL been looking at their schedule for next year
  431. yakmandan

    The Colonello Excel 2019 (Memorial) 10 Day: A post Thanksgiving “tail”.

    Great to see 4 women on the trip like that I take my wife with me on some of my trips so far her longest was 3.5 days. Next year were looking at a 7 or 8 day trip. I did a 10 day on the Qualifier back in 2005 She's always worried she'll be the only woman on the boat but so far every trip there...
  432. yakmandan

    The Colonello Excel 2019 (Memorial) 10 Day: A post Thanksgiving “tail”.

    Wow great read Kept me fully engaged the whole time felt as if I was right there with you Best trip report I think I've ever read did you take notes or something to remember all the great moments
  433. yakmandan

    Need a referral for welding aluminum bayrunner hull

    What year and what size Bayrunner just curious
  434. yakmandan

    Film - Sea of Shadows

    Soylent green is people just ask Charlton Heston
  435. yakmandan

    Offshore Joining the hundo club, quick report Pacifica 1.75 day 11/18-11/20

    Congrats on the hundo bluefin. It's good to hear that more boats are gilling and gutting those bluefin
  436. yakmandan

    San Quintin On The Kayak- Info Request

    I've kayak fished the mouth of the bay a few times caught small halibut and a couple that would be barely legal in Calif. If you are able to launch in serf you can go South of San Quintin near Socorro there are some kelp beds running along the beach for miles. Lots of fish in them even white...
  437. yakmandan

    Sharing some good fish photos

    Wahoo caught in Bahia Asuncion also caught 2 yellowtail a yellowfin a Sierra 2 Dorado and a couple skipjack then went and fished for calicos for a half hour. We were back on the beach by 1:00pm It was the best day of fishing from a panga I've ever had.
  438. yakmandan

    Sharing some good fish photos

    Wife's first Bluefin Wife's last Bluefin Not the last one ever just the last one that she caught
  439. yakmandan

    Sonar Mark - What do you think it was?

    Ohhh!!! Someone forgot to stow the anchor again.
  440. yakmandan

    Offshore There still out there.

    Sounds like your drags are set to tight I've gone 2-3 years without changing mono and floro and not have line break like that And I fish a lot. I do however cut 5-10ft off after a few fish if the line looks or feels damaged. I also run Spectra to floro on some of my rigs using maybe 5-6ft of...
  441. yakmandan

    Offshore American tuna

    To close for comfort If you're a Tuna
  442. yakmandan

    Offshore Salty Dreams late season trip of a lifetime!!

    75lb swordfish has a lot less Mercury in it and small enough that it's more likely all of it will be eaten and not get wasted. That being said I don't see what the hoopla is about eating swordfish I would rather have Wahoo, Blufin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, White Seabass Halibut lingcod and...
  443. yakmandan

    Offshore One stop limits 11/11

    Damn I brought my boat home to Arizona too soon
  444. yakmandan

    dragging me on a cruise, suggestions for fishing please

    I just booked a cruise myself for the first time My wife has been bugging me for years. I always told her that if I can't fish off of the ship I don't want to go. We are going to to the Bahamas in March so now I'm trying to find a fishing trip from Nassau. It would kill me to take a cruise to...
  445. yakmandan

    Nassau fishing ?

    I'm going on a cruise in March I will be in Nassau for one day. I'm thinking about chartering a fishing boat for the day or maybe just a half day does anyone have any info about fishing out of Nassau Thanks
  446. yakmandan

    Offshore Sorry about the language.THIS GOT ME BANNED FROM FACEBOOK FOR FOUR MONTHS

    Nice job Fucking sea lions Thanks I just learned a new trick
  447. yakmandan

    REMEMBERING SURFDOC in Bahia Asuncion

    Why does the fishing always get better after we leave Wahoo Tuna and big Yellowtail Oh! My! The last time we were there on Day of the dead we brought candy for the kids Jen got mobbed in the campground they took anything that wasn't nailed down it freaked her out. She talks about it every year...
  448. yakmandan

    Asuncion en Fuego

    Nice job on the wahoo You need to get one of those off the kayak
  449. yakmandan

    Offshore 371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    Some of us only have passport cards they are good for land or sea travel If you want to fly to Cabo you need a passport unless you drive into TJ and catch a plane from there and return to TJ and drive out.
  450. yakmandan

    Got my 50

    Juan and I motored over to you and you pulled that monster off the deck and showed it to us One of the biggest Yellowtail I've ever seen Definitely the biggest one I've seen in Asuncion Great job
  451. yakmandan

    What the hell went after my fish!

    Morey eel
  452. yakmandan

    SD shops that will rig my Flat Falls?

    Fisherman's landing tackle has rigged some for me But now I rig my own while on the boat while traveling
  453. yakmandan

    Offshore my first 3 day on the pq

    Congrats on the 100# BFT nice fish for the first one
  454. yakmandan

    Offshore 9/27 Short Day

    Should have given hem something to eat at least he would have something to throw up
  455. yakmandan

    Offshore Smaller bft ....even smaller window..

    Nothing jumbo but definitely saved the day. Are you kidding me ? Most of us would love to have a day like that and will even pay good money for it. So sorry you didn't get a Jumbo better luck next time.
  456. yakmandan

    Cedros Island info?

    My wife just hangs her ass over the side never had a problem with it. My daughter uses a bucket cause she's too small to go over the side
  457. yakmandan

    Offshore A few skippies on the Aztec and what's that smell?

    I would have no problem telling the guy that his feet stink and to do something about it and I would make sure that everyone else knew who's feet were stinking up the bunk area. Stinky feet on a boat where other people have to smell it just rude
  458. yakmandan

    Bluefin or yellowfin? I can’t tell...

    What the hell is a Yellowtail tuna
  459. yakmandan

    Suggestions for a fishing vacation

    Tail Hunter international in La Paz
  460. yakmandan

    Offshore WFO YFT Skippies - New Lo An Charter

    Look up Jack poling on the internet lots of videos but you can call it what you want
  461. yakmandan

    Offshore WFO YFT Skippies - New Lo An Charter

    Jack pole is what I've always heard it called. I saw a cook on the Shogun put a pickle on one and hooked up I was next to him fishing 80ld in gear with 10ft of line out and flipping them in the boat. They were Albie's on a five day that we had to leave biting to look for Bluefin. It's fun to...
  462. yakmandan

    Older Aluminum deep hull fishing skiffs

    How about a Bayrunner Baja
  463. yakmandan

    Gonzaga Bay: Camp Site, Store, Alfonsinas

    I agree Rancho Grande is one of my favorite Baja Stores Smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Who cares about high prices
  464. yakmandan

    Advice on roads to BOLA

    I heading down to Bahia Asuncion in 2 weeks im taking Mex 1 only because im towing a boat otherwise I would take the 5 in a heartbeat. I've taken both many times. I love the adventure that the 5 can be.
  465. yakmandan

    How long before your 100# BF

    Been catching BF for years but never targeted cows until last year. Caught one at 238 took 25 minutes to land it.
  466. yakmandan


    I'll be there in a few weeks save some for me
  467. yakmandan

    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    My grampa took me on a barge in Huntington Beach when I was 9 he got a hook in his ear. Went right through his earlobe like an ear ring. He wore it proudly. he left it in for a few days just to piss my grandma and my mother off.
  468. yakmandan

    What happened to the Chief

    Darn I was gonna suggest flex seal and flex tape before I read the real cause of the damage. That Sucks!! Somebody's insurance company is going to be pissed
  469. yakmandan

    Recommend Hotels 2 nights near Fisherman's Landing

    Best Western yacht harbor Hotel across the street and one block east of fisherman's landing has great parking that's pretty safe. With upper and lower decks. We stayed there over labor day. They let me detach my boat trailer and put it in a parking spot on the upper deck. Saw lots of other...
  470. yakmandan

    HH Bendo. It Wasn’t Me

    I I thought that white foam thing was an ice chest from the boat that hit it
  471. yakmandan

    San quintin seabass

    What did you catch them on
  472. yakmandan

    whiteseabass in san quintin,8/29/19.

    Are you still in San Quintin or did you go back over to BOLA We are heading down in October and stoping in San Quintin for a few days to fish I have my own boat but have never taken it there I want to hire a Captain to drive my boat
  473. yakmandan

    Asuncion Late August

    We always try to go in October now when my daughter has fall break. November and December the Yellowtail seem to be bigger. I've never gone there and not caught fish any time of the year but October November and December are their summer months weather wise Went 5 straight years without...
  474. yakmandan

    Offshore Oceandide 95 1.5 day 9-7

    Nice job How old is your son I've been taking my daughter on Pangas and my boat since she was a baby she's 9 this month and wants to go on an overnight boat. I told her when she turns 10 She loves being on the water like your son He looks stoked
  475. yakmandan

    Asuncion Late August

    I've been fishing all over Baja for years Juan is one of fishy guys I know hands down How long are you down there for
  476. yakmandan

    50 Foot Crew Boat aground off Dockweiler State Beach

    Auto pilot? Crew sleeping? Or just enjoying a day at the beach after being out on the water for so long?
  477. yakmandan

    Bluefin are Beautiful

    Best bluefin video yet thanks. why can't I use the like button more than once
  478. yakmandan

    Asuncion Late August

    Oh I've caught quite a few bonito there but they don't count I have caught some huge Calicos there
  479. yakmandan

    Boating Safety

    I forget to do that sometimes I make everyone on my boat wear a life jacket I have 2 fire extinguishers a hand held waterproof vhf and a PLB all these were from stuff I read on BD A smart man learns from his mistakes but a wise man learns from other people's mistakes
  480. yakmandan

    The Aluminum boat photo album

    Ok one of those isn't mine
  481. yakmandan

    Asuncion Late August

    I'll be there October 6th for a week been fishing there for the last 20 years. one day by noon I caught a wahoo a Sierra a Dorado a Yellowtail 2 Yellowfin a a Skippy. On our way back in we stopped and caught some Calicos between the island and the point. I've also had days there where we only...
  482. yakmandan

    Where's Jeff from Indy?

    Fished with Jeff on the Indy 4 times was gonna do a trip next year but might try getting on the RP
  483. yakmandan

    $1,600 ulua on OfferUp

    I have a 10ft seeker Ulua I'll take $1600 for it. lol because none of my reels will fit on it. Deck hand style The guy I got it from used hose clamps to mount his reel on it.
  484. yakmandan

    Asuncion Late August

    Have you tried the spot over by San Pablo for Yellows it's a great yoyo iron spot
  485. yakmandan

    Mag Bay Lookin Good

    That is a hog yellow and some nice Wahoo
  486. yakmandan

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Hay Keith I was just telling someone that story the other day and then this happened. Tragic
  487. yakmandan

    Offshore 4th trip to San Diego this summer and finely got some tuna

    We had almost 1/2 scoop in a bucket cut those up and chummed. Three was so many boats chumming in that area that's what kept the fish there. Heard the captain of the San Diego telling people to drop down to 15lb floro and that he was still metering fish
  488. yakmandan

    Offshore 4th trip to San Diego this summer and finely got some tuna

    I've made 4 trips to San Diego since May to take my new boat out for tuna and today I finally got some. We got to the bait receiver at 430 and picked up a scoop of so so bait and headed out in the dark. It was the first time using the radar. Set the auto pilot for the 302 and off we went. I...
  489. yakmandan

    Mexico permits and the 12 mile limit.

    I read it on a mex.gob website I could find it again but the website is not cell phone friendly my last trip to San Diego I fished the Coronado's and got an fmm but had to do it from the hotel computer and that took me nearly 3 hours to figure out how to do the fmm and pay for it. On that site...
  490. yakmandan

    Mexico permits and the 12 mile limit.

    Passing through the 12 miles zone is allowed just don't be trolling It's stated in Mex regs that you can pass through without a FMM
  491. yakmandan

    Fish finder

    I have the Go9 in my 19ft center console still learning how to use the fish finder. I have auto pilot and radar hooked up to it.
  492. yakmandan

    Saturday anyone

    I'm gonna be in San Diego this weekend I know it's gonna be a $hit show out there but it's my last chance to fish until mid October looking for one guy who wants to go fishing. PM me and we'll go over the game plan I have plenty of gear but if you want to bring a couple of rods that would be ok...
  493. yakmandan

    What jigs are hot?

    From the Master of course. You all know the Master
  494. yakmandan

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    Well if he had bought a houseboat I might have cared
  495. yakmandan

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    I once got a bad Yelp review I own a plumbing company I guess I cut someone off on the road one day and this sniveler goes on Yelp and writes a huge review flaming me and my company. He went by Al Sharpton. I read his other reviews and he flamed everyone. Must suck being him. The Op sounds a...
  496. yakmandan

    Gear check for tuna for a rook...

    I'd get a 2 speed like a Penn fathom 30 or 40 you can put a $hit load of Spectra then a mono / floro top shot On my 30 I have 65lb Spectra and 40lb mono On my 40 I have 80lb Spectra and 50 or 60 mono as far as rods there's so many options. With your budget you should be able to get a fathom...
  497. yakmandan

    Offshore 209 8/21/19

    Mine won't let me go without her so it costs me double and cut the amount of trips in half. I never should've taken her on a sport boat now she's hooked and I'm broke
  498. yakmandan

    mag bay tuna

    How far out is the 23 from Lopez Mateo
  499. yakmandan

    Offshore YFT SW of the 230/ 8/18

    Nice fish We had to leave and go back to AZ. on the 15th we couldn't find a fish while we were there for 3 days wish we could've stayed until Sunday
  500. yakmandan

    Offshore Coronado's for nada

    Took my brother out today too do some fishing we tried to get out by 6 but wanted to fill the gas tanks. I didn't know that Pearsons doesn't open until 7 killed some time then went there at 6:50 and waited. The guy shows up at 7 but took him forever to come out and fill us up. It took him 25...
  501. yakmandan

    Anyone going out on Monday 8/12 and wanna Buddy Boat?

    We have to pull the boat out of the water for a minute at the ramp so we won't be that early probably get out by 7:30 I think we'll head straight for the lower 9 first looks like the weather should be pretty good I go by Dan D
  502. yakmandan

    Anyone going out on Monday 8/12 and wanna Buddy Boat?

    We are heading out to the islands and 9 maybe the 302 what time are you leaving
  503. yakmandan

    Nautical FMM

    So there is one thing I don't understand on the website there is a sample copy of a manifest document do I just create my own with all the info that's required on the sample doc or is there a template that's blank that I have to fill out. I've been on my phone and on my computer trying...
  504. yakmandan

    Offshore Check the paddys

    Your friend or the fish
  505. yakmandan

    Here Is The Plan

    Thanks for the bladder tank heads up I am trying to find one in San Diego Be safe out there
  506. yakmandan

    Offshore Check the paddys

    Wow Nice Yellowtail did you get them both or just one
  507. yakmandan

    Here Is The Plan

    I have a 12 gal tank on deck and the boat comes with a 20 tank I guess if I wanted to fish the back side of Clemente I could use bladder tank I might just try that.
  508. yakmandan

    Here Is The Plan

    It was used on a mother ship up in Alaska with 2 other Bayrunners but they lost there permits and had the original Dealership in Costa mesa take them back on consignment. I bought it in March it's a 2016 I had the steering changed to hydraulic and put a Simrad go9 a simrad auto pilot and...
  509. yakmandan

    Here Is The Plan

    I carry 32 gals of fuel wish I carried 40
  510. yakmandan

    Here Is The Plan

    I can go approx 200 on my boat 500 would be fantastic
  511. yakmandan

    Here Is The Plan

    Keep safe I wish my boat had the range yours does
  512. yakmandan

    Where to stay in abreojos?

    Go-to La Bocana it's at the other end of the estero There are some nice little light cabins right on the beach with a restaurant next to it. Blanca and Les have a B&B there are also more stores and amenities at La Bocana it's maybe 10 miles from Abreojos if that. Great fishing in the estero...
  513. yakmandan

    Offshore Size matters

    Wow that is a big fish
  514. yakmandan

    Here Is The Plan

    Hate to burst your bubble but Sunday is the 11th Monday is the 12th
  515. yakmandan

    Need 1 for the Coronado's next week

    I'll be in San Diego next week 11th-15th I have to get the sterio fixed on Monday. Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I'm fishing the plan is to head to the islands and check things out then maybe go south towards the 425 or 371 if the weather is too rough I'll head to La Jolla instead. I need...
  516. yakmandan

    Affordable EPIRB?

    I have a PLB I like the idea of being able to take it with me if I go on someone else's boat I carry it on me when I'm on my boat weather I'm alone or not I also carry a ditch bag that has a hand held VHF radio
  517. yakmandan

    43 intel? Anyone out there today?

    I hop things turn around soon I'll be in SD on the 11th - 15th plan on finishing the Coronado's and 425, 371, 302 and the 43 seems like the fish are somewhere else
  518. yakmandan

    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    That is some nice handwriting on that chalkboard
  519. yakmandan

    Escort boat needed for Oceanside Race

    What exactly does a escort boat do in one of these races
  520. yakmandan

    Top Gun 80 trip tips and bunk info request?

    Captain can be a little grumpy but he's pretty cool if you can make him laugh.
  521. yakmandan

    Yamaha certified outboard inspection needed

    Trade winds inflatables in Costa Mesa they've gone above and beyond for me. They are a certified yahama dealer and repair Ken has met me after hours and on days they were closed. Met me at the dock twice once in New Port and once at seal Beach I can't say enough good things about them
  522. yakmandan

    Yellowtail at Catalina 7/26 Aboard the Enterprise

    I was just trying to be funny but when I do go out I'll post a report with all the info and details I dont play hide and seek, except with my daughter and she's terrible at hiding.
  523. yakmandan

    BACK ON THE WATER,SQ,7/26-27/19.

    We will be bringing my Bayrunner down there in October We've been to SQ many many times but this will be the first time with my own boat. I'll need to hire a Captain for the day to get me out of the bay and back in Over the years we've fished with just about every pangaro down there We will...
  524. yakmandan

    Where to fish next?

    I didn't know you could get to Cedros that way I might have to try that someday soon.
  525. yakmandan

    Offshore 8-10 277 Equals BOATRIDE. 150 Saves The Day

    I was thinking the same thing I know there are some out there that would do just that
  526. yakmandan

    Nautical FMM

    Took me a minute to figure out what CC'ed meant. That way you have a copy of email to yourself. I can't seem to get the website to work on my phone I'll have to try my PC Thanks for the reply
  527. yakmandan


    " You are allowed to bottom fish in all months except Jan/Feb, in waters less than 360' deep". Who wants to be out bottom fishing the 43 in Jan/Feb anyway.
  528. yakmandan

    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    One time we were coming back from San Quintin going through TJ San Yesidro when we were on that road along the border fence there were motorcycle cops pulling over people left and right. Just before we got to the line the border got closed and everyone was told to go to Otey mesa I had never...
  529. yakmandan

    Yellowtail at Catalina 7/26 Aboard the Enterprise

    That's where I've always caught them and that's where I'll be looking when I get to San Diego on the 11th through the 15th if I catch anything I'll let you know where I found themLOL I'm going to have an open spot on one of those days not sure witch one yet. If any wants to go fishing let me know
  530. yakmandan

    Yellowtail at Catalina 7/26 Aboard the Enterprise

    Straight off shore straight over the bottom
  531. yakmandan

    Shimano Tiagra

    I've never had any problems with my tiagras
  532. yakmandan

    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    What do you use for a manual pump
  533. yakmandan

    Top Gun 80 trip tips and bunk info request?

    I can't remember August or September
  534. yakmandan

    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    Even if you hadn't shown pictures of fish it still would have been a fantastic report. I've fished the Indy 3 times and what I remember best is the food even though the fishing was spectacular.on all three trips I bet I gained at least 15lbs each time. I might do a 7 or 8 day in 2020
  535. yakmandan

    santa cruz island butts

    Nice job on the big Butts and the good decision to take the safe route home and using Uber
  536. yakmandan

    Top Gun 80 trip tips and bunk info request?

    Soap shampoo sunscreen clothes enough to layer up for night fishing 2-3 days worth. Snacks and stuff to munch on.
  537. yakmandan

    Nautical FMM

    The middle of August I'm heading back to San Diego to take my bout out. My Brother might be meeting me in SD on one of the days I'll be there I was thinking on maybe going to the Coronado's for Yellows but not Shure yet. What do you guys do when it's a last minute decision to fish in Mexican...
  538. yakmandan

    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    I gave the mordita in the past but now i don't anymore I hold my ground and I insist they take me to see the judge only once have they taken me to see the judge. On the road the cop was insisting I give him 2000 pesos. He tried to tell me the judge was not in on Sunday. I knew that was BS...
  539. yakmandan

    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    That just sucks We go to Baja 5-6 times a year we've had our share of run-ins with crooked cops. The worst is when you are on your way home and right by the border. You just want to get the hell out of there and they know it.
  540. yakmandan

    San Quintin

  541. yakmandan

    Cows mixed with smaller fish?

    Do you have the link to the pictures I can't find them
  542. yakmandan

    Cows mixed with smaller fish?

    Are there any pictures
  543. yakmandan

    Cows mixed with smaller fish?

    Wow 285 that's a huge one I would guess on the kite but imagine catching that on a flat fall now that would be a blast.
  544. yakmandan

    Enterprise 7-20 - My son’s first 3/4 day

    Nice job Dad I can't wait to take my daughter out on an overnighter she's 8 I told her next year but I might do it this year after seeing you report.
  545. yakmandan

    So 5 day in 2 days

    My wife goes with me on the 5 day trips so I can get away with bringing a lot of rods she might only use 2 or 3 the whole trip that leaves about 10 for me to use plus hers when she's not looking. I've fished Cedros island on almost every 5 dayer I've been on for at least one day where dropper...
  546. yakmandan

    Fishing the Intrepid San Diego

    Leave the bent rods at home there's no rod holders or fighting chairs. Bring a set up for poppers if you like rent the rest of the gear from the landing. Go on a diet before you go because your going to gain weight on the trip. The food is 5 star and lots of it.
  547. yakmandan

    Simrad go9 help

    Radar is Simrad 4G
  548. yakmandan

    Simrad go9 help

    Simrad Drive pilot
  549. yakmandan

    Simrad go9 help

    I've got a 2016 Bayrunner Baja 19ft I have radar and autopilot tied into the Go9
  550. yakmandan

    Simrad go9 help

    I have a Simrad go9 but am still learning how to use it. There are so many things to do to set it up the way I want it and so much I don't understand. I've looked at some videos on YouTube but can't find much. I'm fairly new to private boat ownership. I've been fishing on other people's boats...
  551. yakmandan

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    Unfortunately I needed it right away to fish the Coronado islands the next day took me about an hour at the office across the border and about an hour to cross back over My boat is stored 3 miles from Otey Mesa border crossing. Coming back would have been quicker but they made me go to...
  552. yakmandan

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    Brought my boat to Otey Mesa a few weeks ago to get my TIP I had to go to a place a few blocks away from the border and around behind it. I had all my paperwork even had a copy machine next door. When the guy checked the VIN on my trailer it did not match the registration I think the person at...
  553. yakmandan

    Dana Point - Any Halibut Reports ?

    What did that big SOB weigh
  554. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/18 aztec overnight report

    It used to be if I wanted to get bit I'd go order a burger or breakfast burrito and take it back to the rail and fish one handed. Seemed to work that way a lot of the time.
  555. yakmandan

    Full day trip parking in San Diego Landing

    Always have someone with me when unloading at the landing I've heard stories of people getting stuff stolen after walking away for only a minute or two. I take no chances there
  556. yakmandan

    Full day trip parking in San Diego Landing

    Yes that is the parking lot
  557. yakmandan

    Full day trip parking in San Diego Landing

    That would work
  558. yakmandan

    Full day trip parking in San Diego Landing

    If you can get in and out of Fisherman's landing parking lot in under 30 minutes it's free. I can't always get my stuff unloaded that fast.
  559. yakmandan

    Full day trip parking in San Diego Landing

    There is free parking a block down harbor Blvd. across the street I've never seen it full it used to be a self pay but they took down the pay station years ago. Sign says 72 hour parking but have used it on 5 day trips with no problem. I pull into the landing 30 minute parking and unload then...
  560. yakmandan

    Rod suggestion for low profile reel

    Yeah and my wife was Ok with it too.
  561. yakmandan

    Rod suggestion for low profile reel

    I have an Abu Garcia Revo toro beast a Lexa 400hd a couple of Okuma Komodos anyone of these will work for what you want. I caught a 50lb bluefin on the Toro Beast without any problems. As far as rods go I can't help you most of mine are 15+ years old I haven't bought a new rod sence 2004 and I...
  562. yakmandan

    San Quintin - Pedro's Pangas fishing report July 5 - 7

    Never heard Bluefin called Blue tuna and what is a Calimakos is that a Calico bass Nice fish though We used to go to San Quintin a lot when we lived in So. Cal Great fishing In Feb. and Mar. it's bottom fishing for reds and Ling cod and maybe a Yellowtail. In summer it's Tuna and Yellowtail...
  563. yakmandan

    Help me buy a boat!

    Sounds like a 17-19ft Bayrunner would work for you keep looking on Craigslist and BD be patient do your research something will come along Good luck
  564. yakmandan

    Rubber Band-Torpedo Sinker Rig

    Why would you even fish a live bait in gear with or without a sinker unless it's sitting in a rod holder. Or on a dropper loop. No clicker when using a rubber band sinker rig. The rod should be in your hands and reel in freespool letting the fish swim down and away. It's not fished like a...
  565. yakmandan

    Trolling speeds

    I've caught more Tuna trolling a ceder plug then all my other lures combined. I was out the other day with a decent swell it was hard to keep a steady speed every time I went up a swell I slowed down and when I went down the front of a swell I spead up. At 5 kts I would go from 2 to 10 and...
  566. yakmandan

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    When I was a kid we had a house in Newport Beach those guys rowed the boats out to the fishing grounds and used long lines set the night before they caught huge Reds and Bacocio The fish market is still there sort of but nothing like it was I remember we were only allowed to serf north of the...
  567. yakmandan

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    How about the dorymen at New Port rolling their boats down to the water on logs in the evening then returning early the next morning and rolling their boats back up the beach with tuns of huge rockfish in them. And the Tasty freeze next to the pier. The wedge was just a dangerous place to swim.
  568. yakmandan

    Trolling speeds

    What do you guys think are the best trolling speeds for Ceder plug Rapala X rap Feathers And any other rig you can think of. Consider weather/ sea conditions and type of fish.
  569. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/12 3 strikes I'm out

    What's an Albacore and how fast do the run
  570. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/12 3 strikes I'm out

    Thank God I live at 5200ft in Prescott it rarely hits 100 but I do have to drive through the oven to get home
  571. yakmandan

    Best option in socal Slip/trailer storage or Trailered boat storage for 3 months?

    We just were at the guest docks on Shelter Island. Reservations were easy and dock was right next to Harbor Police dock so it was pretty safe we left all our gear tackle and fishing poles on the boat overnight while we stayed in a hotel nearby. Cost me $57 for 3 nights
  572. yakmandan

    Aztec went looking at new area.

    I read on another report that they went 80 miles to find them
  573. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/12 3 strikes I'm out

    Good luck out there hopefully they will cooperate when I come back in August
  574. yakmandan

    Room for 1 fishing Mex waters or the 43

    I just posted a longer report check it out
  575. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/12 3 strikes I'm out

    Picked up a half scoop and headed to the 43 saw some really blue water about 10 miles short of the 43 in s 2 mile stretch temp went from 67.2 to 69.4 it looked fishy but nothing. Got to the 43 temp there was 68.4 Maybe 10 boats in the area but I didn't see any fish up top metered some but no...
  576. yakmandan

    Room for 1 fishing Mex waters or the 43

    Well it was a boat ride today that's all
  577. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/10-7/11

    I'm heading out again for more punishment tomorrow morning looking for 1 person who wants to come along
  578. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/10-7/11

    Yeah I haven't changed that to 19ft Bayrunner Baja
  579. yakmandan

    Room for 1 fishing Mex waters or the 43

    Oh yeah I'm leaving from shelter island
  580. yakmandan

    Room for 1 fishing Mex waters or the 43

    I'm heading out tomorrow the 12th in the AM haven't decided yet where we'll go we can discuss and make a decision in the morning. New Bayrunner 19ft
  581. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/10-7/11

    7/10 left from the guest dock at the end of Shelter island around 7am stopped and got a nice 1/2 scoop of really nice sardines ran down to the 371 and looked around for awhile saw nothing a few kelp paddies empty. Ran up to the 302 looked around saw nothing. After we trolled around for an hour...
  582. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/11 skunk

    We were in the same area dolphin all over at the 9 and the islands we caught 1 bonito
  583. yakmandan

    Offshore July 4@ 302 = fish

    Just make sure you stay more than 12 miles from Mexico including the Nados Get a Mexican fishing license
  584. yakmandan

    Inshore mako

    I think he should go and catch some makos from a boat a few time before thinking about doing it from a kayak. One time while fishing for mako's on my friends boat we hooked one in the 300lb range brought it to the boat after it leaped completely out of the water a couple of times. We stuck it...
  585. yakmandan

    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    Wow!! Not one single genuine good luck to the boat and whoever is running the boat. Kick em while there down why don't you. You guys should be ashamed of your selves. Does it make you feel better to put down these guys. What a bunch of A Holes Wish them luck you know it's what you would want...
  586. yakmandan

    Alcohol and autopilot

    Nice report but what about the alcohol and autopilot I had visions of boats on the rocks slightly stirred.
  587. yakmandan

    Offshore 7/1/19 Grande

    Sounds like my tackle box now I'm going to get some of those sp minnows/ bullets. My last trip I brought everything I own in tackle and all my fish caught over 3 days were caught on one lure. I've got stuff in there I haven't used in years. Congrats to your little brother on the 30lbr
  588. yakmandan

    Tuna Congo Line to SCI?

    I believe in Unicorns but not sure about Albacore didn't they go extinct about 6 years ago
  589. yakmandan

    Trailer parking Shelter island

    I know that Just wondering where can I leave the trailer for a few days
  590. yakmandan

    Trailer parking Shelter island

    We are going to be in San Diego on the 9th I'll be putting my boat in at Shelter island ramp then I have a have a slip reserved for 3 nights at Port of San Diego public dock. I want to drop the trailer for a few days so I don't have to drag it around everywhere I go. Plus the hotel I'm staying...
  591. yakmandan

    What snack foods do you take on offshore trips?

    Every 2.5 day trip I've ever been on I gained weight 5-10lbs and meals were always included there was always something to snack on between meals. On most boats you have to pay for sodas and beer. Now days some boats have a soda fountain with free sodas. I've never needed to bring snacks on any...
  592. yakmandan

    Boat launchers need this

    Dang now I'm going to be afraid every time I launch at low tide unless I get one of those.
  593. yakmandan

    July 10th 11th and 12th

    I will be in San Diego in July for a few days I'll be taking my 19ft Bayrunner out to fish for BFT. I've fished San Diego only on sport boats for the last 20+ years I'm looking for anyone who wants to buddy boat with me
  594. yakmandan

    Tecate crossing FMM...

    I've been asked for it a bunch of times over the years Mostly at border between Baja Norte and Baja Sur but I've also been asked at military check points at Maneadero, La Paz and the one north of San Felipe we always get ours at the border
  595. yakmandan

    Took my daughter on a half day. 6/22

    Nice job Dad start her young and you might have a fishing partner for life. But your tackle bill will double. I've been taking my daughter on Pangas in Mexico since she was 4 she's going to be 9 in September and wants to go on an overnighter she loves being on the water in a boat fishing
  596. yakmandan

    Offshore Late post is better than no post: Liberty 6/20/2019

    Congrats to your girlfriend for a nice bluefin let's see some pics of the gf I mean bft
  597. yakmandan

    Help...I'm becoming a jigstick whore...

    The screws on my Toriums are not far enough apart so longer screws won't work that being said I'm sorry I didn't mean to hijack this thread. Lets get back to the jig stick whore house we all know and love
  598. yakmandan

    Help...I'm becoming a jigstick whore...

    I've owned a few Newell's back in the day now I have Penn fathoms 2 speed 20/30/40 a Diawa Lexa 2 Komodos 471s 3 Shimano Toriums that's not counting all my heavy gear anyone of those are good for throwing jigs but none fit on my Ulua
  599. yakmandan

    Help...I'm becoming a jigstick whore...

    I have a 10ft Ulua deckhand I inherited when my friend passed away none of my reals fit on it. He was using 2 hose clamps to hold his reel on it. I'd like to use it but can't find a reel clamp for it that fits anything I have. No problem because I have 4 other jig sticks
  600. yakmandan

    Offshore 4 species on the way to ensenada with video

    I think he's fishing in the gulf out of Texas or Louisiana
  601. yakmandan

    Arizona Folks

    I live in the Prescott area 90 miles north of Phoenix 5200ft elevation 90s in the summer and some snow in the winter. A 3 bedroom house on 2 acres goes for $250,000 and up. There are new housing developments with normal size lots with brand new 3-4 bedroom houses starting at around 275,000 and...
  602. yakmandan

    Boat storage in San Diego with 24hr. Gate

    I live in Arizona but go to SD often. I'll be towing my new boat down there 2nd week of July. I'm thinking about maybe leaving the boat there for the rest of the BFT season or at least until October 10th so I don't have to tow it back and forth every few weeks. Where are the best places to store...
  603. yakmandan

    Arizona Folks

    Wow dude I didn't say one thing that was political what the hell is your problem. I've lived in AZ for 13 years I left California because of all the people and traffic I was a plumber in LA I would spend 4 hours a day behind the wheel driving from one job to another and my house was 10ft away...
  604. yakmandan

    TIP - I'm confused...Do I need one to fish outside of the 12 mile limit.

    I travel to Baja all the time we get an FMM that's good for 180 days costs around $26 and use it for multiple entry by land. If you go by air or sea you have to give it upon leaving. As far as TIP I tried to get one 3 weeks ago at the Mexicali East gate at the Banjarcito and the guy said I...
  605. yakmandan

    Mexican waters?

    Yeah I had just got the boat and didn't have the time to do it online would have taken too long so I thought I'd get it at the border when I crossed into Mexicali at the East entrance
  606. yakmandan

    Mexican waters?

    I tried to get a TIP the guy said I didn't need one This was at Mexicali East gate I had all the paperwork I needed and he saw my boat waited 45 minutes in line inside with no AC Whenever I go to Mexico I always follow the rules I get a FMM I get insurance for my truck trailer and boat and...
  607. yakmandan

    TIP - I'm confused...Do I need one to fish outside of the 12 mile limit.

    I just trailered my boat to Baja 3 weeks ago to Bay of LA I stopped at the border to get a TIP you have to go to the Banjarcito/ customs office to get one I waited in line at the office for 45 minutes when I got up to the window the guy told me I did not need one. He saw my boat and I told him...
  608. yakmandan

    Baja 5 San Filipe South.....Sucks!

    Here's another picture
  609. yakmandan

    Baja 5 San Filipe South.....Sucks!

    I remember when it was dirt from Puertecitos all the way to the 1 at Chapala and the road from San Felipe to Puertecitos had car swallowing pot holes Never stopped me from going that way. We went through going south the day after the first hurricane in October last year vados we're still...
  610. yakmandan

    Mexican waters?

    Yes we went through at Mexicali East entrance
  611. yakmandan

    Mexican waters?

    I took my boat down to Baja 3 weeks ago but I stopped at the customs otherwise known as the Banjarcito to get my temporary import permit waited in line for 45 minutes when I got up to the window the guy told me I didn't need a temporary import permit
  612. yakmandan

    Question: Used boat with NO title. What is the process?

    Do you have the prior registration and the bill of sale who was the boat last registered to Some states do not issue titles just registration
  613. yakmandan

    Arizona Folks

    You couldn't pay me to move back to California and any trip there has to have fishing involved or I'm not going When I go see my mother in LA for her birthday I plan a SD fishing trip at the same time When I moved here in 06 I took the profit I made from selling my house and bought a 3 bedroom...
  614. yakmandan

    Gerber knife add sucks

    I had the same problem last night had to log out and wait until morning now it's OK except it's right next to the forum button and if I'm not really careful it opens up Pissed me off last night big-time
  615. yakmandan

    Offshore 6/18/19 daughters first overnight

    Great report My daughter is gonna be 9 in September she's been fishing on Pangas since she was 5 can't wait to take her on an overnighter she keeps asking I promised her when she turns 10
  616. yakmandan

    Baja 5 San Filipe South.....Sucks!

    We towed our boat 3 weeks ago it took us 4.5 hours to get to Gonzaga from San Felipe the road from Gonzaga to Chapala was in better shape Shook the crap out of my boat and trailer. The brackets holding my sound system broke and it was dangling by its power cord. Screws holding the T Top to...
  617. yakmandan

    Early Season Tuna in Asuncion.

    Love Bahia Asuncion been going there for years one day i caught Yellowfin, Dorado a Wahoo and a Sierra all by noon. Then went Calico bass fishing. Oct. Nov. And Dec. Are the best months :appl:Congrats on the Tuna in June there's been years where no tuna showed up. Just huge Yellows and huge...
  618. yakmandan

    Open spot 6/17 - San diego

    Well how about a Report
  619. yakmandan

    Arizona Folks

    I live in Prescott Az. It's a 7 hr drive to San Diego I moved here from SoCal 12 years ago I also fish Baja a lot I I've been fishing San Diego boats for years but just bought my own boat and will be taking it to San Diego a often as I can If you're thinking of moving to Az come check out the...
  620. yakmandan

    TIP - I'm confused...Do I need one to fish outside of the 12 mile limit.

    I was just in Baja stopped at the border went to the Banjarcito to get TIP waited in line for 45 minutes and was told I didn't need one
  621. yakmandan

    Daggett's sport fishing.Bahia de los angeles b.c

    I'll take White Seabass over Yellowtail anytime Next time maybe
  622. yakmandan

    Mexican money

    Left over pesos just means I have to go back as a soon as possible Seems like I always have leftovers
  623. yakmandan

    Daggett's sport fishing.Bahia de los angeles b.c

    Nice job on the White Sea Bass i was there 2 weeks ago someone said they were North but we went South the yellows were just to close
  624. yakmandan

    Clicker not working on brand new komodo 471p

    I bought a Komodo from Ketchum tackle in Costa Mesa I was on my way to Mexico when I got there and put the reel on a rod I noticed the clicker didn't work. I live in AZ I need to send it in to Okuma service dpt but don't have any idea where and how I'll be back in So Cal after the 4th I might...
  625. yakmandan


    We saw you guys down there we were there from Tuesday to Friday with the Bayrunner I wish I knew where the Cabrilla were we caught some yellows and some Bonita only got to fish Wed 1/2 day and Friday 1/2 day Thursday I had to make a run to Guererro negro to get more pesos. Wednesday i wss...
  626. yakmandan

    Offshore El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9

    I moved to Arizona so I have to take longer trips to San Diego but not as often I need the best odds I can get
  627. yakmandan

    Getting your fish home?

    I've had 5 Star process my fish and ship it overnight air. They shipped it about a week later frozen solid 2 years later what was left was still great eating. Last year I stayed an extra day and brought it home myself 150lbs of bluefin 5 Star does a great job
  628. yakmandan

    LA Bay 6/3-6/7 --- Short Report

    I was there Wed. Thu. and Friday There were some huge bird schools south we got a bunch of yellows and some big Bonitas on Friday fishing from my Bayrunner Half hour wait at the road construction south of Santo Tomas every 30 minutes the other direction got to go
  629. yakmandan

    Offshore El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9

    I always wait till after July 4th to even think about going on a sport boat for Bft September has been good for me the last 2 years jackpot both trips. last year only 9 Bft we're caught for 30 I got one my wife got one and my buddy got one. We were on a 3.5 day fished Bluefin for 2 of those...
  630. yakmandan

    At San Clemente Island, and this happened...

    My buddy was bounce balling for halibut in Santa Monica Bay when he got a bite and reeled in a rod and reel that had a nice legal halibut on the end of it's line
  631. yakmandan

    Headed to BOLA TJ or Mexicali entry?

    Just got back from BOLA last night we entered through Mexicali East gate towing a 19ft Bayrunner center console I knew what the road was going to be like having driven it last October right after the first hurricane. It took us 4 Hours to get from San Felipe to Gonzaga then 2.5 hours to cross...
  632. yakmandan

    Gonzaga Bay and BOLA trip report

    Bait was a little tough to get we could have gotten more but we're wanting to get fishing and I like throwing iron we ended up not using any of the Macs all the fish were caught on just one lure while trolling except for a spotted Bay bass caught on an iron
  633. yakmandan

    Gonzaga Bay and BOLA trip report

    We took our boat for it's first trip into Baja. We've been going 4-5 times a year for the last 20+years We crossed the border at Mexicali East entrance on Sunday. We stopped and got our tourist permits then went into the Banjarcito to get TIP for the boat. I waited in line inside the office...
  634. yakmandan

    F150 Ecoboost

    tow vehicle F650 4x4 $200,000 +
  635. yakmandan

    License for kids

    Everyone on the boat needs one even if they are not fishing
  636. yakmandan

    Deadhead Lures

    I just picked up 6 I'll let you know how they work in Baja next week