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    Inshore Horseshoe 6/5

    Here's a good presentation on pyrosomes:
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    Inshore Green buoy quick report - no cuda yet on 5/15

    No surface kelp, bottom + 20-40'. Yes,"Green Buoy" = the last LA Harbor ship nav buoy (at the Horseshoe).
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    Inshore Green buoy quick report - no cuda yet on 5/15

    Fished the Green Buoy area yesterday 5/15 from 8-11am. Lots of life - bait fish & bass in the water column, a couple sea lions playing with self-caught fish, a few birds waiting for the frenzy. Water was 63 degrees, overcast and drizzling. No other boats except the &^^&*^*&( gill netter's...
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    Islands Coral sea 4/11 Santa Cruz

    How deep were you fishing? I'm going out to Santa Cruz/Santa Rosa in a week and need to prep gear if the fishing is really deep.
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    Inshore Izors 4/6 mixed conditions, mixed results.

    Good to see you out there at Izors today. I also had a slow day, caught 5 sandies from 8-11am. NONE on the usual (Kman plastics), all hard hits on a small red crab flat fall. Two of the sandies barfed up big shrimp, maybe the red flat fall simulated a shrimp.
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    Inshore 77 degrees at green buoy!

    I ended up bass fishing at the green buoy off San Pedro at the end of a 45-mile morning loop searching (unsuccessfully) for dorado a few miles outside the oil rigs. Caught a dozen in 30 minutes before I had to head in. All on Kman plastics, all released. Bass were hungry but VERY sluggish once...
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    Inshore Quick report - no barracuda at the Horseshoe 6/10 morning

    grams per pound = 454 = Chevy big block That's how I remember the conversion!
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    Inshore Quick report - no barracuda at the Horseshoe 6/10 morning

    I circled the Horseshoe this morning 6/10 looking for something besides bass. There were fish throughout the water column, but only a about a dozen calicos and many macs liked my offerings. A 28g blue sardine coltsniper was the hot lure today, they didn't want Kman, tubes, or other plastics...
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    Inshore FINALLY, A Good Day Bassing the Long Beach Area 5-19

    Yeah, that was an EXCITING morning of catching!!! We lost many more due to mostly barbless hooks and handling multiple rods. Thanks Kman for the company.
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    Inshore Hot bassin' on a warm winter morning 2/9/22

    When the fish are deep, drop down to the bottom, either vertically or with a short cast. Keep contact on the way down (thumb on the spool for a baitcaster) to react to strikes. Bring up very slowly near bottom, then all the way fast. Repeat.
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    Inshore Hot bassin' on a warm winter morning 2/9/22

    It is my favorite boat in the Freedom Boat Club fleet. A good size and easy to handle with one person.
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    Inshore Hot bassin' on a warm winter morning 2/9/22

    Wow, what a beautiful warm summer morning in February. And the bass were hot too! It was glassy with little current. Water was 60 degrees. Left Freedom Boat Club San Pedro at 0730. First stop was the Los Angeles Light. I caught a quick 6 mixed bass off the light at the dropoff to the...
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    Inshore The shoe and Izor’s, then 1000 pounds of tuna and wahoo

    Kman - Thanks for including me in the fun. I learned much from you & Steve. So far only smoked and grilled yellowfin, but I look forward to trying your canned. The tray of smoked tuna pieces is mine. The easy & tasty dry rub recipe is from Rob's Fishing Channel on Youtube: After sitting...
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    Inshore Barracuda frenzy and sea lion feeding at PV, 8/2

    I haven't posted in a while as my local San Pedro shelf fishing has been uninteresting. Not today. I tried Freedom Boat Club's new King Harbor branch for the first time, out solo in a 19' Defiance Walk-Around. Damn, King Harbor slips are tight even for a small boat! Headed to PV Point at...
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    Inshore Izors 3/12 and great new navigation solution

    Yes, you get the shaded relief and full nav functionality. Shaded relief is GREAT for finding new stones!
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    Inshore Izors 3/12 and great new navigation solution

    Fished Izors and vicinity yesterday (Friday) from 8-11am. Nice day but brrrr cold. Calm and fantastic clouds. My first drop produced a big sandie, maybe 5lb. High hopes but not another fish for the day :-( . Fished hard with Kman plastics, tube baits, and small jigs in 80-105'. Damn fish...
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    They're baacckkk.

    Another great winter day in paradise! Thanks for the report. I'll try Izors again next time, had no luck there on Friday. I'm envious that you have two boat dogs. My golden wants nothing to do with a boat.
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    Great day at the Horseshoe 2/19

    It is a Concept 13 Origin TZ. About 4 years old, bought it at Fred Hall when it was introduced. It is my go-to light saltwater reel, now with 10lb mono. No problems so far.
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    Great day at the Horseshoe 2/19

    Wow, what a beautiful day on the water off Long Beach. And the bass were finally biting! I grabbed a cancellation at Freedom Boat Club and left Huntington Harbor solo at 8am. The ocean was calm, no wind and tiny swell. Not a cloud, you could see from Mt. Baldy to Catalina. Not many other...
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    Local Long Beach Ling Cod

    As many rod holders and as much fish as you want, if you are Jerry Jones :-)
  21. DrBob89

    Local Long Beach Ling Cod

    Saw it Monday near the Queen Mary. It is Jerry Jones' (owner of the Dallas Cowboys) yacht "Bravo Eugenia". The Dallas Cowboys billionaire owner Jerry Jones' new £170million, 357-foot superyacht Bravo Eugenia has arrived in London complete with two helipads. Boasting room for 14 guests across...
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    Front side Cat 8/19, just bonito

    Didn't get that far down. But that explains why I saw only a few fishing boats and no sporties in my morning.
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    Front side Cat 8/19, just bonito

    I fished solo at Catalina on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day with easy crossings. Started at Empire looking for YT or barracuda. No surface signs or marks from 8-10am. I was casting artificials only with no luck. Switched to bonito fishing. Trolled a feather, a hoochie, and a small mack...
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    Big Sand Bass at H. Flats 7/22

    Agreed about not wanting the fish to disappear. Maybe better to encourage people to fish responsibly. Bait is not necessary for local sand and calico bass, Kman & I (and many others on this site) use only artificials for these local fish. We use single hooks, and when the bite is hot we pinch...
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    Big Sand Bass at H. Flats 7/22

    Come on Tailman, not so personal please. Fish stories and info are the purpose of this site. That's why I joined and contribute. And this event is not exactly a secret. Fishdope had a much more enthusiastic post about this event earlier this week. And there were four sporties in the area...
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    More of a biology question

    What a great discussion! Thanks to Mr. Jones and all the responders. As a science Dr. (geology, not biology) I always find it fascinating to see what comes up at the end of my line and wonder why it is there. Like the mantis shrimp - what the hell???
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    Poor fishing but GREAT sightseeing at Catalina 7/16

    Carnage was charging $25 per scoop (per net). For our 2 scoops I'd estimate there were about 100 squid, it filled our center bait tank.
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    Poor fishing but GREAT sightseeing at Catalina 7/16

    Two of us tried hard to catch something besides the 3Bs at Catalina today 7/16. But no love today, only calicos ;-( . The Scripps swell map showed dark blue (0-2') for almost all of SoCal. While this was true for the swell, there were short wind waves that made the ride bumpy around the...
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    Thu Izors, Fri Horseshoe - June 4 & 5

    Thanks for the report. I was in the mix at the green buoy this morning (Friday), solo in a Key West 24. I did catch two legal barracuda on a 120 gm Ahi metal jig, blue & white stripe. But they came & went quickly, maybe only 45 minutes. Bass were around after that but not very hungry. I...
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    Ugly day at San Pedro 5/18

    Don't know. I went out of Freedom Boat Club San Pedro at Cabrillo Marina.
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    Ugly day at San Pedro 5/18

    It drizzled for me near PV, heavy at times. The PV weather station says 0.04" for the morning.
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    Ugly day at San Pedro 5/18

    I've paid big bucks to fish in 40 degree rain in Alaska and enjoyed it. But a morning fishing the Horseshoe in 65 degree drizzle just seemed miserable. I did get to use my foulies... Left San Pedro at 6:30, back at 11. Wind was around 8 kts at 6:30 and had been blowing all night, so it was a...
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    Little WSB at Izors 5/12

    It's been a LONG time without fishing! Freedom Boat Club has finally opened again and I went out solo from Huntington for a few hours this morning. A fishing neck gaiter makes a fashionable Covid mask at the dock. Fished 9-noon at Izors. Weather was good, the forecast wind did not show and...
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    Big halibut surprise

    Very nice catch. What size rig were you using to bring it in in 5 minutes? That would have taken forever on my usual 15-lb bass rig. In Sitka (Southcentral Alaska) that would be inside the reverse slot limit (38-80 inches) and would have to be released! Man does that hurt to toss back big...
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    Izors 2/25 - big sandies and another mantis shrimp

    No AIS-enabled displays. Kman had an app on his phone.
  36. DrBob89

    Two Mantis Shrimp in a Week

    No worse than lobsters, they are all bugs. At least mantis shrimp actively catch & eat live things. Lobsters just clean up dead stuff from the seafloor, now that is gross!
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    Two Mantis Shrimp in a Week

    Here's a recipe for Italian roasted mantis shrimp. You also find them in street food in much of Asia.
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    Izors 2/25 - big sandies and another mantis shrimp

    Kman & I fishing Izors and vicinity from 7a-1p. It was VERY foggy until about 11, visibility was a few hundred yards much of the time. We slowly left Freedom Boat Club Huntington and headed out to Izors. No radar, but AIS gave some confidence, at least for the ships. Water was 61-62. Little...
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    Mantis shrimp, not much else 2/17

    Kman & I fished out of FBC San Pedro on 2/17. We were on the water from 7a-2p, fishing the Horseshoe and 105 areas. It was a beautiful day of fishing but not of catching. Shorts & t-shirt weather in February! Once the fog burned off the air was 70-ish, water 60. Light wind and little current...
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    Big, angry bass at Izors 1/21

    Cast it out, let it sink to bottom, and slow wind back. Most hits are on the drop.
  41. DrBob89

    Rpt.-Thur.-01-23-20 Humble Pie!

    There is a frustrating element of randomness to this pastime! I just got lucky on Tuesday, wind was not a factor and the fish were biting. Thanks for the report. Next time!
  42. DrBob89

    Big, angry bass at Izors 1/21

    I follow Kman's lead and use a 3-way (120 degree) swivel on the "double trouble" rig. The main line (braid with ~3' fluoro tippet) is tied to one eye and two fluoro leaders (~1' and ~2') to the other eyes. In 100' of water with modest current 1oz leadheads work well.
  43. DrBob89

    Big, angry bass at Izors 1/21

    Fished Izors solo from 8-11am today (1/21). Wind and waves were small, water temp 60. A little uphill current. Fishing was exciting. There were big, pissed-off sandies that hit hard and broke me off many times. I lost a dozen leadheads, none to the rocks. I started with 15 lb, then 20...
  44. DrBob89

    11/2 Shoe Bassing and Rain?

    You forgot to mention all tackle lost to rocks and kelp yesterday. I lost at least a dozen leadheads/lures, and those expensive(but effective!) Hookup tube baits only last a couple bass before they are shredded. At least they now sell replacement tubes, but still at $3 each. You probably lost...
  45. DrBob89

    10-6 Long Beach Bigish Calico Slugfest.

    Kman- Thanks for the report. I went out Thursday after 1.5 months off, covered similar water with similar results. I'd join you for tuna but I'm on a 3-day Fortune trip this week. Let's talk offline about the second half of October.
  46. DrBob89

    Izors, shark, and dogs...

    I'm envious. I can't get my two Goldens in a boat without major stress but they love Dog Beach. Looks like we crossed paths yesterday. You'll be easy to spot with the dogs, I'll say hi next time.
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    BSB at Izors 7/30/19

    From Wikipedia "Giant Sea Bass": The total breeding population in 2018 is estimated to be around 500 individuals, of which 40 to 50 return to spawn around Catalina Island each year.[5] Check out the photo, looks like Catalina in the background.
  48. DrBob89

    BSB at Izors 7/30/19

    Had a slow morning on the Izors - 108 - Mussel Farm - Izors loop. Trolled for a couple hours looking for something on the top but caught only macs. Then switched back to Kman plastics for a couple hours of drifting across Izors. Caught 9 mixed bass to 4 lb 9 oz. In the middle of Izors I...
  49. DrBob89

    Anyone reports from local fishing today?

    I spent Sunday morning from 7-10 trying for barracuda or bonito between the green buoy and the rockpile/two doors. Trolled feathers & rapalla, and threw iron. Caught a few really big macs but nothing else. Bait was everywhere but no b's.
  50. DrBob89

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    Great to have you back in action!
  51. DrBob89

    102 at the Shoe!

    You got it right. Kman had many doubles on his 2-swimbait rig. Kinda felt like cheating when the bass were so thick ;-)
  52. DrBob89

    102 at the Shoe!

    Nothing big, nothing over 3 lb.
  53. DrBob89

    102 at the Shoe!

    Had my first 100+ fish day with Kman! We started at 6:30 from Huntington Harbor and went south to the Pipe, where we scratched a few mixed bass and a couple of rockfish. Sonar was promising but the fish were not interested. We then went to some spots near the 108, same story. Took a few...
  54. DrBob89

    6/10 LB Loop: No YT/Cuda in am, 59 bass in pm

    Hi Lal- We might have seen you in the distance on Monday, an inflatable with a very clean white hull:)? 2 Doors is one of Mark Wisch's (2003 book Between Two and Twenty Fathoms) spots and is identified on some of the SoCal fishing maps. It is part of the Horseshoe subarea called "The...
  55. DrBob89

    6/10 LB Loop: No YT/Cuda in am, 59 bass in pm

    Left Huntington Harbor with Kman on board at 6:30. Hit Izors first, only one sandie. Then trolled rapallas & a hoochie around the mussel farm and all the way to the 150 for nada. Didn't see any surface activity but fog prevented us from seeing too far. Along the way we cast jigs into a...
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    Cory update Thursday

    Best of luck Cory!
  57. DrBob89

    Catalina 4/13

    Thanks for the report. I was going to head to Cat tomorrow but will now stay local and hunt bass. The water temps are a good sign but it looks like we wait a while longer.
  58. DrBob89

    Rough & slow at the Horseshoe 4/3

    Indeed, a couple more degrees of temperature will get them moving. I wish I liked bottom fishing, your T-bird trip sounded fun. I just don't like all the cranking...
  59. DrBob89

    Rough & slow at the Horseshoe 4/3

    I fished the usual Horseshoe spots this morning between 8-11 with the usual Kman plastics. The wind blew all last night, so there were steep westerly wind waves when I arrived. I almost turned around at Queen's Gate. But the wind soon stopped and the seas calmed a bit. Not completely, I...
  60. DrBob89

    Rpt.-Sun.-03-24-19 Fun day at RP, PV and the Shoe!

    Thanks for the report. It has been a long pause for all of us. I hope to be out next week.
  61. DrBob89

    Epic Horseshoe Day 1/23/19 - Plastics Comparison

    Cory's post is not exaggerating. During our few minute conversation on the water I saw them catch a few. The bass were VERY hungry at the Horseshoe yesterday (1/23). I was fishing solo and caught 30+ just in the morning. All were within 2 miles of Queen's Gate. It was slow from sunrise to...
  62. DrBob89

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-23-19 PV and Shoe go off!

    Lal & Cory- Great to meet you in person on the water. Sorry about Cory's back, but the epic day of bass fishing was probably worth the pain. Hope to see you out there again.
  63. DrBob89

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-09-19 PV, RP and the Shoe!

    Thanks for the usual high quality and entertaining reporting! I'm in Portland Oregon this week, it is raining and almost freezing. Missing my SoCal "winter" weather!
  64. DrBob89

    Horseshoe Bass report 1/4

    Congrats on the great morning! On my way back from Catalina I made a few stops near your location in the early afternoon with no luck. Your timing was the key.
  65. DrBob89

    Great day at the Horseshoe 1/2

    I took my 20-something nephew out for an afternoon of bass fishing. He's an avid freshwater bass fisherman but has never fished for ocean bass. We left Angel's Gate around noon and fished around lobster buoys in the close-in water for 3 hours. Our first stop at a group of buoys was amazing...
  66. DrBob89

    San Pedro Washing Machine 12/12/18

    Went out yesterday (Dec. 12) from 10-3. The NWS marine forecast was for calm conditions, but there was wind and short wind waves from the south and 3-4' west swells. Very uncomfortable. I headed toward PV from Angel's Gate, got wet, got a few boat bruises, then turned around and ducked inside...
  67. DrBob89

    Rpt.-Tues.12-04-18 BRRRRR, but decent Bass'n!

    Great report! What a difference the wind makes, on Monday it was calm and warm-ish all day. Really nice Christmas display. Happy Holidays!
  68. DrBob89

    On the Chew at the Shoe 12/3/18

    What a beautiful day on the water today! Flat seas, light wind, sunny & warm (for December) and the bass were hungry. Left San Pedro at 7:30 heading for PV. About a mile out of Angel's Gate I stopped at a clump of lobster pots and threw a Kman plastic. First and second casts were calicos. I...
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    Horseshoe bonito on the troll 10/22

    It was a beautiful, calm day off Long Beach today. Fishing solo, I pointed the boat toward Catalina's east end but never made it past the last green buoy. I set out two trolling rods with hoochie rigs at the last red buoy and quickly started catching decent size bonito. Water was calm and 67...
  70. DrBob89

    3 Bs on Cat’s Frontside 8/2

    Sorry about the delay, these old bones needed a rest after a great day on the water with Kman. Although we both prefer artificials we got a half scoop of small sardines from Nacho and headed toward the West End of Cat. It was already windy at 7am, it was an unpleasant ride into the wind...
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    Big Bass at The Pipe 7/30

    Tried a couple magic metal jigs for nada.
  72. DrBob89

    Big Bass at The Pipe 7/30

    Nothing but bass. But also I was not using bait, just artificials.
  73. DrBob89

    Big Bass at The Pipe 7/30

    Ryan- I was casting up current over the Pipe, letting it sink to the bottom with the current, and then bringing it slowly in. The jig heads were 1 or 2 oz. I prefer lighter tackle and was using either 10lb straight mono (best, but broke off a few fish) or 15lb floro tippet on 30lb braid.
  74. DrBob89

    Big Bass at The Pipe 7/30

    Haven't posted for a while because there's been nothing but bass to report on. Yesterday (7/30) I was going to head to Catalina but turned left out of Huntington Harbor instead and tried the Newport Pipe. It was a good move. Fishing was great, weather was perfect, and I was alone all morning...
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    Fished local 7-13

    Thanks for the report! I wonder where the cudas have gone?
  76. DrBob89

    Catalina Island - General Overview

    Thanks for the excellent information!
  77. DrBob89

    Catalina Report 6-14-18

    Thanks for the report, especially the details. I hope to finally get to Catalina next week, and the info helps a bunch. Think I'll hit Nachos for bait.
  78. DrBob89

    Surface fishing recon 5/3

    The Catalina Sea Ranch "acreage" is not a top secret spot, so here's the coordinates: North corner buoy: 33 36.841, 118 06.456 2.3 miles ENE of Platform Edith We fisherman should respect their crops and try hard not to leave hooks, lures, and line on their underwater aquaculture structures...
  79. DrBob89

    Cinco De Nada in the LBC

    Thanks for the report. I was at the north Horseshoe at about the same time with a similar experience. It was surprisingly rough. 4-6 second waves made for lots of rolling (and boat bruises) while drifting. I only got 3 small sandies before the wind chased me off.
  80. DrBob89

    Surface fishing recon 5/3

    Thanks to all who answered my question about fishing near the oil rigs. Yesterday I pretended it was summer and trolled for about 4 hours, from 7-11am. I went from the last green buoy, around the outer oil rigs (Edith, Elly & Ellen), and around & through the mussel/oyster farm. I trolled a...
  81. DrBob89

    Question - how close can you fish to the San Pedro shelf oil rigs?

    I'm heading out tomorrow from San Pedro and want to hit the 150 spot and nearby oil rigs looking for early pelagics. I'm tired of bottom fishing, I'd rather troll all morning. I've not seen a definitive answer to this question on the various BloodyDecks threads or a Google search. So I ask...
  82. DrBob89

    Horseshoe 4/27 - no blow but slooowww

    It's been a tough few weeks waiting for the wind to stop and the temps to increase. I had to try today, even though there were small craft warnings for the afternoon. I left San Pedro at 7:15 and fished the close-in Horseshoe spots in anticipation of a blow that never came. It turned out to be...
  83. DrBob89

    A good Spring morning at the Horseshoe 4/4

    Check out the attached sonar screen photo. This was near the last green buoy in the Horseshoe this morning at about 9am. There must have been a square mile of boils and birds, with life throughout the water column. I tried trolling shallow & deep through the area, casting plastics, and...
  84. DrBob89

    Rpt.-03-20-18 SCI Rockfish Bonanza!

    Looks like fun, thanks for the great photos! I'm envious, one drawback of Freedom Boat Club is that the islands past Catalina are off limits. I'll have to try a charter to get to SCI.
  85. DrBob89

    Izors 3/19 - whitefish central

    I spent Monday morning at Izor's before the bad weather. It was a beautiful morning, calm until the west wind kicked in around 1pm. There was lots of promising stuff on the sonar and some surface bird/porpoise action. Plastics produced only one sand bass. Surface jigging (blue 80 g MM) into...
  86. DrBob89

    3/8 - Horseshoe starting to stir

    Were you two at Jankovich getting gas around 11:30? If so, I was across the dock in a Parker. I should have spoken up!
  87. DrBob89

    3/8 - Horseshoe starting to stir

    What a change since Tuesday! After a couple warm, calm days the Horseshoe is starting to come to life again. When I arrived at 8am I saw this summer-like surface feeding frenzy in close to San Pedro near Two Doors, with porpoises, sea lions, pelicans, and gulls: 3 hours at the usual...
  88. DrBob89

    3/6 - Slow morning at Newport Pipe and Izors

    I went south from Huntington Harbor at 7am today (3/6), hitting Huntington Reef, Newport Pipe (80-120' depth), and Izors. There was lots of thick bottom fuzz (squid) on the sonar at many stops but only whitefish were hungry. I tried the usual Kman plastics plus bucktails with frozen squid...
  89. DrBob89

    2/28 - Washing machine with no fish

    It was an ugly morning off of San Pedro. A west swell, southeast wind and uphill current made for difficult fishing. I tried some of the usual Horseshoe spots and there was nobody home. Water was 55-56. Nothing on the sonar, no active birds, only one small pod of porpoises. With a 1-2...
  90. DrBob89

    2/15 - Lots of Bass at the Horseshoe

    Thanks to many of you I'm getting the bass thing dialed in. Today I left San Pedro at 7am and fished until 1pm. The last green buoy was first stop, but there was nothing there. Moved a couple miles north near Two Doors and found the fish. It was very fishy and squidy on the northeast part of...
  91. DrBob89

    Rpt.-Wed.-02-14-18 Calm Seas and Mixed Bass.

    Thanks for the report. I'll try the Horseshoe tomorrow with a fresh bag of Kman baits.
  92. DrBob89

    Tough Day in the LBC, Sat. 02-10-18

    Thanks for the report. Tasty mylar, I suggest sashimi since cooking doesn't work too well.
  93. DrBob89

    Bugging tonight out of Long Beach? Stay home.

    Thanks for the reports. I'm going out Tuesday, hope the Santa Anas die out by then. What baits were working for you today?
  94. DrBob89

    Rpt.-01-24-18 Lake Pacifica, Good Bass'n!

    We are fortunate to have such a fine, fishy resource and great "winter" weather in our backyard. Nice report!
  95. DrBob89

    Another good bassin' day 1/24 (and t-shirt weather!)

    T-shirt weather in January and a great morning of local bass fishing today (1/24). I didn't have to go far, found lots of fish 2-3 miles out from Queen's Gate. There were lots of birds, porpoises, and even some boils. The attached sonar image gives the details of the best spot. 90-100'...
  96. DrBob89

    Horseshoe 1/12 in the fog - better technique

    Thanks much to Kman, tuner, and crabdancer for their tips on calico fishing. I used them all to have a much more productive day yesterday 1/12. I was probably ripping the hook or bait out jerking like a TV bass fisherman. The fog was thick in San Pedro at 7am, so I waited until 8:30 to leave...
  97. DrBob89

    Long Beach/Huntington beach conditions

    Went out of San Pedro this morning in the fog. It wasn't too bad. Inside the Wall there was some trash and lots of kelp in the water, go slow and keep your eyes open. Outside was clean and fishy. Get out before the swell moves in on Monday!
  98. DrBob89

    Mr. Calico doesn't mind the rain

    Yes, a Tranx 300 with 30 lb braid and about 10' of 15 lb flouro on top. The rod is the Shimano Exage Casting 7'2" Medium Heavy. I really like the combo.
  99. DrBob89

    Mr. Calico doesn't mind the rain

    Went out from San Pedro this morning in the rain. Left at 7:30, back at noon. It was a chance to air out my Sitka rain gear... Wind was light and from the east, swell was tiny. Rain was on & off, not too bad. I looked for bass around the Horseshoe and finally found very good fishing near Two...
  100. DrBob89

    Boy this looks like fun

    Not my cup of tea for catching, but I do like to eat them! Sauteed in butter mmmmmm.
  101. DrBob89

    12/30 new boat break-in @ Horseshoe- big ling and rockfish

    Congrats on a great day and "break in"!
  102. DrBob89

    Horseshoe 12/13

    I fished the Horseshoe and the Wall yesterday from 8-2. At the 'Shoe I caught nothing on the surface, trolling or casting. Not even a mackerel! I started at the last green buoy and headed into the Rockpile area closer to Queens Gate. Water was 60-62 degrees. Action was decent on the bottom...
  103. DrBob89

    Long Beach Report, Saturday 12/10

    Thanks for the report. We're heading out tomorrow to try the same waters.
  104. DrBob89

    Huntington Beach to Newport Pipe, 12/8/17

    Yep. Left Peters Landing about 7:30.
  105. DrBob89

    Huntington Beach to Newport Pipe, 12/8/17

    Line was chewed below the dropper loop where the sinker was tied. Bait was still on the hook.
  106. DrBob89

    Props to the Bug Boys 12.9.17

    I second the cheer for the bug pros. There were many lobster buoys on the Pipe yesterday, and the best fishing was often next to them.
  107. DrBob89

    Huntington Beach to Newport Pipe, 12/8/17

    It was a beautiful, calm morning after being blown out for a week. I turned left out of Huntington Harbor and headed to the Newport Pipe (my first time fishing there). It was very fishy on the surface all morning. Check out a video at: Fished a half-mile of the pipe from 50-70' top depth...
  108. DrBob89

    My kids first halibut 12-3

    Wow! If they weren't already, those boys are hooked for life!
  109. DrBob89

    Beats Workin' - Another Good Day at the Horseshoe

    There was again a lot of life at the Horseshoe this morning. Lots of birds & boils. And lots of fun catching big mackerel and small bonito on artificials. I fished the area around the last green buoy from about 8-11 am. Trolled hootchies and then cast blue/chrome coltsniper after a troll...
  110. DrBob89

    Catalina & Horseshoe 11/22

    One had weighted heads and blue/white feathers, the other was unweighted and had mixed-color plastic squid. Both caught fish.
  111. DrBob89

    Catalina & Horseshoe 11/22

    I've never seen the channel so calm. No wind, tiny swell. I started out from San Pedro for PV but kept going to Catalina's west end. 25-30mph both ways, t-shirt and dry. Water 65, but air was 85 next to Catalina. My path is attached. Fished from Arrow Point to Eagle Rock. Fast trolled...
  112. DrBob89

    Where to bounce for Halibut?

    Hey All- I just went to Johnny's in Pasadena for some recreational shopping ;-) . What a great shop, and the family that runs it is always super helpful. They suggested that I try bounce-balling for halibut when the surface action slows. They set me up with a rig - flasher, hoochie, trap...
  113. DrBob89

    A lot of catching

    I may have to keep a bonito or two next time if it gets a thumbs up like that! Thanks for the report, I'll try PV this week.
  114. DrBob89

    Horseshoe hot again 11/6 early

    I returned to the Horseshoe this morning and had another great couple hours of catching. The same place was fishy, just SW of the last green buoy. I got there at 7:30 and was chasing birds and boils until about 9:30 when they shut down. There were many bull kelp pieces that concentrated the...
  115. DrBob89

    Saturday before the rain

    Thanks for the report. Bad reports are as useful as good ones!
  116. DrBob89

    Yellowtail (well, one) at Horseshoe 11/2

    Indeed. I've owned sailboats in the past and have truly enjoyed doing maintenance and repair myself. But at this stage in my life I do not. With FBC, I can be on the water 10 minutes after arriving and in my car 5 minutes after docking. No cleanup, maintenance, or repair!
  117. DrBob89

    Yellowtail (well, one) at Horseshoe 11/2

    Only one was big, over the 24" legal size. The rest were 15-20". Two of the barracuda were probably legal. No sport boats at the horseshoe this morning. Only one other private boat, a red-hulled center console.
  118. DrBob89

    Yellowtail (well, one) at Horseshoe 11/2

    The Horseshoe was hot today, bonito, barracuda, and a yellowtail! I left San Pedro at 7:40 for a quick morning session. My track is on the first photo. It was lightly raining in San Pedro when I started but cleared into a nice morning. Off the water at 11am in time for an afternoon meeting...
  119. DrBob89

    Light tackle fun at the Wall 10/28

    Left Huntington Harbor at 8:30. It was still a little foggy so I decided to stay local. I trolled around Esther once for only a few mackerel, then circled the east segment of the breakwall. Trolled and threw plastics and a Coltsniper 80 on light tackle for many mackerel and a couple calicos...
  120. DrBob89

    Rpt.-Wed.-10-11-17 Local PV Bass.

    I must have passed you both ways. I was trolling 1/4 mile or so offshore. It was sloppy for sure, but the wind shut off near Rocky Point. I think the local YT are done for the season :-(
  121. DrBob89

    PV trolling 10/11 - pretending the YT are still around

    Left San Pedro 8am, headed to Rocky Point. Found the same wind & waves that Cory reported. It was a sloppy slog uphill. Trolled in 80-100' through the legal areas, with a deep dive mac pattern and a shallow Lucky Craft. Caught a bunch of mackerel and a lot of kelp. Water around 67 degrees...
  122. DrBob89

    Front n westside Catalina Sunday

    Thanks for the report. Will take your advice Tuesday unless the wind & waves kick up.
  123. DrBob89

    Catalina front side 8/29 - only bones

    Yeah, it works very well for me. It might be different if I could only go out on weekends. But the primary benefit for me is that I am not directly responsible for cleaning, maintenance & storage. I owned a sailboat for 15+ years and will never own a boat again. Well, maybe a crewed yacht if...
  124. DrBob89

    Catalina front side 8/29 - only bones

    With the regular FBC membership there's no limit, but you can only have 4 active reservations at a time. For summer weekends this means reserving (online) a month or more in advance. But I am semi-retired and can go on weekdays. I can usually find a boat a week or two out if I am flexible...
  125. DrBob89

    Catalina front side 8/29 - only bones

    Thanks Jeff. You are probably right but bait was not in the cards for the short day with non-fisherman on board. I'll try again tomorrow, this time with bait. What is your preferred "slow trolling" speed? Idling in gear in the FBC Parkers (with single 225 or 250 Hp outboard) is about 2...
  126. DrBob89

    Catalina front side 8/29 - only bones

    I took one of the FBC Parkers to Avalon today for breakfast and fishing. Left Huntington Harbor at 7am, returned at 3pm. Both directions were pretty smooth: dry deck and average speed over 20 knots. We grabbed a mooring from the harbor patrol (cost = $20 for day use), went ashore for a fried...
  127. DrBob89

    08/11 - Catalina, Call me farmer Ed...

    Thanks for the nice report and details. I'll try your same route on Tuesday.
  128. DrBob89

    Horseshoe 8/9 for nothing

    Went out from San Pedro this morning for a few hours, 8-noon. Headed to the Horseshoe/Middle Ground in a Key West 24. It was pretty lumpy, the short west swell was not comfortable. There were 3 other private boats in the area, no cattle boats. No birds or surface action or sounds of success...
  129. DrBob89

    Palos Verdes monster (not really)

    Hi all - I'm new to BD, my first post. A buddy & I spent the morning exploring PV today (8/5). This was my first time fishing PV in a small boat. And the first time using Freedom Boat Club's new San Pedro branch instead of Huntington Harbor. It was a beautiful & fast trip to PV point, got...