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  1. MarktheShark56

    Offshore SD Offshore Day

    Grey whales will most definitely breach like that. I've seen it many times. That is a humpie, though. The long pectorals are the giveaway....greys have short, paddle-shaped ones.
  2. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 65 mile loop out of mission bay 08-17 por nada

    I've been getting dodos and yellows off the paddies with a 1oz. Lazer Minnow, get rid of the treble and put on a 2/0 owner aki, fish on 10-15# spinning gear. Color of the lure doesn't matter at all, they're keying on the size
  3. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Oside pelagics

    I've had good luck on dodos and yellows with small, 1oz-2oz. lazer minnows or a comparable lure when they won't look at bigger irons. Just make sure to replace the factory trebles with a quality single hook. I like Owner Aki 2/0 or 3/0. Tons of fun on a 15# outfit!
  4. MarktheShark56

    North County SD (Solana/Cardiff) 3 Day Report

    Read the regs! Illegal to use or POSSESS any invertebrates (that would be sand crabs) within the Swami's/Cardiff MPA. I used to run Blue Water Tackle in Solana Beach and had more than one customer get ticketed there, even though we tried to warn everyone.
  5. MarktheShark56

    North County SD (Solana/Cardiff) 3 Day Report

    Use of live sand crabs is illegal within the entire Cardiff MPA, not just Swami's
  6. MarktheShark56

    crabs and mlpa

    Read the regs. "It is unlawful to possess any living marine resource within a Marine Protected Area". I ran a tackle shop in San Diego area for several years and had more than one customer who got cited for doing exactly what you're talking about...collecting sand crabs outside an MPA and then...
  7. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Bottom Fishing locally around LBC 07/08/2023

    Yep, that's a brown. You can tell by the brown spot on the gill cover, kinda where their ear would be.
  8. MarktheShark56

    san diego seahorses/San Diego Bay boat hull cleaners

    Just trying to prevent shady behavior. Like someone using my info to illegally collect them. Not that anybody on this list would ever do anything illegal.....
  9. MarktheShark56

    san diego seahorses/San Diego Bay boat hull cleaners

    PM me and I'll share my experiences capturing them when I worked for SIO. Not really the sort of info I want to put out there publicly.
  10. MarktheShark56

    Inshore Last hoorah

    Wow! That shark was Swell!
  11. MarktheShark56

    Inshore Winter Calico

    Redrum Baits. Local guy. Not a poacher
  12. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Foamers from 10,000 feet

    Stealing your "picking"??? Now don't go getting senile on us, Gunny.
  13. MarktheShark56

    Inshore Izors 1/23

    Looks like finbait!
  14. MarktheShark56

    Inshore La Jolla 10/30

    Tastes like chicken. Well....cock.
  15. MarktheShark56

    Inshore La Jolla 10/30

    Definitely not Herschel Walker's
  16. MarktheShark56

    Tuna Trolling Plugs

  17. Tuna Trolling Plugs

    Southern California Tuna Trolling Plugs

    8 hi-speed trolling plugs. 7 Halcos, 1 Yozuri Bonito. New or like new condition. Includes utility box for storage. $60. Located in Oceanside CA. Cash only.
  18. MarktheShark56

    Tuna Trolling Plugs

    MarktheShark56 submitted a new listing: Tuna Trolling Plugs - Tuna Trolling Plugs Learn more about this listing...
  19. MarktheShark56

    NEW Reliable Killbag 28"×48"

    MarktheShark56 submitted a new listing: NEW Reliable Killbag 28"×48" - NEW Reliable Killbag 28"×48" Learn more about this listing...
  20. MarktheShark56

    Southern California NEW Reliable Killbag 28"×48"

    Brand New, still in the box, unopened, 28"×48" Reliable Killbag. Sells new for $300, yours for $180. I'm in Oceanside and can meet you near the I-5 or 78 freeways. Cash only, no Venmo or other payment options.
  21. MarktheShark56

    Offshore PB bft tuna 10/7

    "Cheap-ass" except for the price tag!
  22. MarktheShark56

    4 used rods/reels for sale

    MarktheShark56 submitted a new listing: 4 used rods/reels for sale - 4 used rods/reels for sale Learn more about this listing...
  23. MarktheShark56

    Southern California 4 used rods/reels for sale

    Avet EXW30/2 w/80# braid on Daiwa VIPA660XH 6' 40-100# 2-roller rod.... $395 Trinidad 30 (gold) w/65# braid on Calstar BWC270DH 8' 15-30#.....$395 Penn Spinfisher 8500 w/65# braid on Seeker Hercules 7' 50-100#.....$395 Penn Conflict 5000 w/20# mono on Daiwa Proteus-B 7'6 Heavy.....$175 All...
  24. MarktheShark56

    Inshore Oceanside to the Domes KELP?

    Just to urchins that are harvested for uni are the larger ones with long spines and come in colors from red to purple to almost black. Purple urchins are small (2"-4"), they're always lavender colored and are not a source of uni. The small purple urchins attack kelp hold fasts...
  25. MarktheShark56

    Inshore I am an idiot

    Anybody can pee in their wetsuit. It takes a real man to shit in his wetsuit. And a real asshole to shit in somebody else's wetsuit.
  26. MarktheShark56

    Inshore Dana 1-14-22

    Looks less like a sneaker and more like some type of "sole"....
  27. MarktheShark56

    Inshore Fish ID: What Have I Got Here?

    Wooly Sculpin (Clinocottus analis)
  28. MarktheShark56

    Offshore ORCA'S Spotted off DANA.... in the fog....

    Never been a verified attack on a human by an orca in the wild (despite what Hollywood might like you to think), but in captivity, now that's a different story. I guess if you were getting a thermometer the size of a baseball bat shoved up your ass every couple weeks, you'd get a little grumpy too.
  29. MarktheShark56

    Inshore LJ 11/27

    Olive Rockfish, aka "Johnny bass". That's a biggie!
  30. MarktheShark56

    Inshore Slow start for us

    The females have a much smaller brain and a much larger mouth
  31. MarktheShark56

    Inshore La Jolla 6/20

    Persistence pays off! Well done!
  32. MarktheShark56

    Islands Not a midshipman...

    For sure, Red Brotula.
  33. MarktheShark56

    Inshore Early Spring Bass & Barracuda

    Just an FYI - if you handle barracuda at all, they will die. Unhook them in the water and let them swim off. I learned this the hard way when I was a collector for SIO.
  34. MarktheShark56

    Inshore Young Boater Update and Question about Izors

    Don't handle barracuda at all or they will die! Release them untouched, keep them in the water. I learned this the hard way when I was a collector for Scripps. It took us many tries to figure out how to collect them for the aquarium to display.
  35. MarktheShark56

    Inshore oceanside buoy question

    Yeah, it's a spar buoy for sailing. There's another one a couple miles south.
  36. MarktheShark56

    Bay / Harbor 600 ft, the Reality !!

    ×2! We used to fish 800' or deeper up in Oregon with a power handle and a rail plate on Penn 3/0s and 4/0s for black cod and other deeper! It's still available a workout but those are good hacks to help out.
  37. MarktheShark56

    Bay / Harbor Random catch while getting bait ...

    Not a yellowtail. That's a green jack. Deeper body, tail color different, no lateral striping, eye different, etc....
  38. MarktheShark56

    Inshore Shame on the Enterprise and LB report 3/20

    I keep one on hand ready to go whenever rockfishing. Its now a law in Alaska and (I believe) Washington. Will probably be law here too pretty soon. It's what's known as " taking care of the resource", something we all should be down with.
  39. MarktheShark56


    "Salmon grouper" is a slang name for Bocaccio, which is a Rockfish.
  40. MarktheShark56

    Monday Cod Run

    Do you freeze your rockfish before turning it into ceviche? Just curious because of the many parasites they can have.
  41. MarktheShark56

    Huge VERMILLION Catch and Cook Video

    Any RF that's red is a Red!
  42. MarktheShark56

    Fish and Game has temporarily banned use of the water-squirting pumps that have become the dominant tool of clammers

    I did some homework on this. "Clam guns", normally used for razor class, and shrimp pumps are still legal. What's banned are 2-man-operated pumps, where one guy pumps while the other guides the business end.
  43. MarktheShark56

    MB dec 16

    I've eaten them in Mexico years ago. Just like grouper...excellent! Tha 40-50# fish are the ones to eat..
  44. MarktheShark56

    New Hustler On the Big reds

    Somebody please define what a "short" rockfish is?.....
  45. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Go West report from 10/8

    What? No "floating hazard" pics? :D
  46. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Foam on Flying Fish Rigging - No Kite or Balloon

    Trim the foam lengthwise so it's only on the top 1/2 of the flyer and slip a 1-oz. rubbercore on the sub-leader between the single and treble hooks. Problem solved.
  47. MarktheShark56

    Offshore The sword teased us then finally committed

    I'm putting all my money on you to catch a 264-lb. swordie tomorrow. (See date on weigh-in board)
  48. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Fish smoking service recommendations?

    Apologies for posting on the reports forum, but couldn't find anything related. Looking for recommendations for a fish-smoking service. I'm in oceanside but suspect I'll have to go to San Diego for this. Little help please?
  49. MarktheShark56

    Quick q

    There's 100 of giant seabass there
  50. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 8-3 report bf yf yt

    Photos are only required by trolls. Real fishermen believe you.
  51. MarktheShark56

    Catalina Success

  52. MarktheShark56

    Offshore It’s Official - San Diego is SUPER COW TOWN!!!

    That is truly a fatso!......And a nice bluefin, too....
  53. MarktheShark56

    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    Wow! What a henhouse! You girls need some chardonnay and Jack Johnson music.
  54. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Trip cancellation 3/18

    All San Diego lakes closed today indefinitely
  55. MarktheShark56

    LJ 3/7/2020

    I just looked at the regs just in case I was wrong (it's been known to happen!....rarely). Show us some evidence for your "Lol no".
  56. MarktheShark56

    La Jolla-03/07/20

    Thanks for the report!
  57. MarktheShark56

    LJ 3/7/2020

    You can fish as many rods as you like.... .....but only 2 hooks per rod
  58. MarktheShark56

    Surf rod

    Daiwa North Coast salmon and steelhead rod, 2-pc, 8'-9', med-hvy or hvy. Under $100
  59. MarktheShark56

    South 9-Mile Bank 1/18

    Do a little homework before you eat raw or marinated rockfish. There's a whole slew of parasites that are only safe to eat if they've been cooked to 140° or frozen for at least 48 hrs. Parasites that will make you VERY unhappy!
  60. MarktheShark56

    Annual Mexican Fishing License - Update
  61. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Yellowfin?

    I had a reliable report from a friend who went about 10 mi off la jolla on Tuesday, looking for patties holding yellows. He saw 30# yellowfin jumping on bait. No big foamers but lots of activity. Couldn't get them to go but all he had was bigger irons. Looked like they were on the small chovies.
  62. MarktheShark56

    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    Salmon heads....not the Ginsu
  63. MarktheShark56

    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    I cut mine in half lengthwise (Ginsu blade!). Solana Beach tackle shop has them
  64. MarktheShark56

    11-19–19 A.M. half day

    That's a sunset behind Tetons! ;)
  65. MarktheShark56

    Offshore There still out there.

    Fresh topshot every trip.... $5-10.....kinda worth it considering all the other expenses
  66. MarktheShark56

    Offshore SCI yellowfin

    There's only one. Everyone is just keeping it a secret from you.
  67. MarktheShark56

    SF Bay Striper & Halibut fishing - video

    Thought there was 18" minimum size on stripers up north! :p:p:p :frehya2:
  68. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Tuna Seiners

    I have solid proof (I read it on the Internet!) that the catfood industry is driven by all those bastards using it as chum for making bait. Yet another reason fishing needs to be more tightly regulated. Artificials only! No more bait-fishing allowed! Mitch McConnell, help us out on this one....
  69. MarktheShark56

    Liberty "Wounded Warrior" 3/4 day report October 1

    Thank YOU and everyone involved for YOUR service!
  70. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Oside Nada 9.16.19

    Is the ramp closed too this weekend, or just the parking lot?
  71. MarktheShark56

    Tax man came to play

    Might do yourselves a favor and read the regs abouts baiting white sharks.
  72. MarktheShark56

    U.S. fish, anyone?

    Just checked swell again. Never mind! o_O
  73. MarktheShark56

    U.S. fish, anyone?

    Just got off, doesn’t look so bad at all. Is there some weird tight swell I don't know about?
  74. MarktheShark56

    U.S. fish, anyone?

    Heading out early Sunday. Any signs today in domestic waters? 9? Ridge? 43?
  75. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Quiet 9 mile

    X2...try a halco or daisy chain along with
  76. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    Probably charge you $$ just for gut-and-gill!
  77. MarktheShark56

    Hooked up my homie on his birthday

    He's obviously never had thresher done right! Better than swordie if you know what you're doing.
  78. MarktheShark56

    Pelagic pursuits from MDR

    Aye!.....aka: "Elvis"
  79. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 226 YFT limits and kelp paddy YT 8-22-19

    4-foot sardines?!?!? That IS healthy! :p
  80. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Breaching Great White near the 43, Sat 8-17.

    Saw plenty of Mola pics. Here's what a white looks like....
  81. MarktheShark56

    Coastal bass, sharks, sand dabs

    Nice lasso job on the leo, cowboy!
  82. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Pac Queen Cows

    That's an awesome screen grab off the furuno!
  83. MarktheShark56

    Oceanside Tuna?

    Hot Sarcastic Fringehead bite ?!?!?
  84. MarktheShark56

    Reds, Bass and Ospreys

    Orange ya glad ya got some? :rofl:
  85. MarktheShark56

    Catalina Trigger Fish

    No minimum size....
  86. MarktheShark56

    Marina Del Rey 1/2 day 5/28

    I'd guess it's something along the lines of: "catch starry rockfish, grill, eat".....:D
  87. MarktheShark56

    Offshore It was his first bluefin and it was triple digits!

    Welcome to the big, dysfunctional family!
  88. MarktheShark56

    Limits of Browns 5/1

    Ha ha! That's pretty funny! Didn't even notice that was almost 10-yr-old post! I think you're right about the scale too. On second look, it looks like just being used to prop the mouth open.
  89. MarktheShark56

    Limits of Browns 5/1

    Might wanta edit those pics. Fishing regs prohibit gaffing any undersized fish. Not preaching, just trying to help everybody stay legal and out of trouble!
  90. MarktheShark56

    Offshore The San Diego 3/4 Bluefin Tuna 5/8 2019

    Nicely done on the 30#! Beautiful fish there!
  91. MarktheShark56

    4/29 East End Backside Report

    I caught a fsh with no eyes once
  92. MarktheShark56

    Halibut PLK

    Sacrilege !!! :D
  93. MarktheShark56

    Whistler Buoy Going off!!

    I'm with you on that! I fish yellows on patties with a 20# steelie/salmon rod, 15# fluoro on a 2k spinning setup. Got up to 23#'er so far. Too much fun!
  94. MarktheShark56

    2/19/19 SMB - Shark ID

    I worked with sharks for many years @ SIO. My best guess is salmon shark. Based on the photo, it looks like the white ventral coloring extends up over the gill slits and the dorsal fin has a ragged look to the trailing edge, both of which are indicators of a salmon shark rather than a white.
  95. MarktheShark56

    El Niño officially announced

    I blame Al Gore.....
  96. MarktheShark56

    PB WSB on the bass gear

    I dunno. Looks more like 35.9# in that last pic.....:p :p
  97. MarktheShark56

    Anyone Using Mole Crabs as bait?

    In SoCal mole crabs are bigger than sand crabs, they eat the smaller sand crabs, are found in the same areas as sand crabs, and will bite the crap out of you if you're not careful! X2 on the softshell sand crabs. Here's a trick: freeze and thaw hard shell ones and they'll become soft shells.
  98. MarktheShark56

    Makaira 50 rod for use on private boat

    Daiwa Proteus XXH might be a good match. Lifetime warranty.
  99. MarktheShark56

    Warning Oceanside Bait Dock

    How did THIS get resurrected? A 2011 post?
  100. MarktheShark56

    Point Loma Black Sea Bass???

    I scuba those beds regularly and see them pretty much every dive. They're thick in there and range 30-400+ lbs. (My avatar was shot there) They get your attention when they sneak up alongside you!
  101. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Electric Reels in Mexico ?

    Also, Lingcod limit reduced from 2 to 1.
  102. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Electric Reels in Mexico ?

    New U.S. depth limits for ground fish in effect this year starting March 1: 450'. I called DFW today and confirmed that.
  103. MarktheShark56

    Bottoms catching LJ 12/30

    Vermilion. A couple good-sized honeycombs in the box. No canaries or starries but got a 2# flag rf (aka: barberpole).
  104. MarktheShark56

    Bottoms catching LJ 12/30

    :D Yeah, usually when auto-correct does its thing, it's nowhere near what I'm trying to say! This time it kinda worked out.
  105. MarktheShark56

    Bottoms catching LJ 12/30

    Title was supposed to be "Bottom-scratching", not Bottoms catching. Thanks auto-correct!
  106. MarktheShark56

    Bottoms catching LJ 12/30

    Spent a couple hours on my buddy Jon's boat in 240' near the corner for a nice mix of vermilion to 3#, some of the larger honeycomb rf's I've seen, a bocaccio, a big flag rf, 3 whitefish and a 3# goat. All on shrimp flies with squid strips. Not much wind, used 4 oz. lead all morning. Beautiful...
  107. MarktheShark56

    Local island action 12/23

    Can't decide which is better.....the fish-porn, or the food-porn!
  108. MarktheShark56

    Offshore New Lo An 11-10-19 left them biting!!

    As long as you're in water shallower than 360'. That might have been the issue on earlier trip.
  109. MarktheShark56

    Us vs the seals

    Wow, what a dick. :D
  110. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 9/21 SCI - 2 In The Box By 8:00 AM - Flat Calm Conditions

    I've seen them rigged as daisy chains with 3 in a row and trolled with no kite or balloon
  111. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 9/21 SCI - 2 In The Box By 8:00 AM - Flat Calm Conditions

    Nope. You can get them with wings out or folded.
  112. MarktheShark56

    Marina Del Ray

    No dungeness down this far south. Lobster season doesn't open for another 3 wks
  113. MarktheShark56

    Targeting stripers in so cal..

    BS without pics. Pretty heinous targeting 7# striped marlin. :D
  114. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    ......and a sick perv. Undoubtedly only given mustache-rides to his family members. More than happy to say it to your face, but you're just another little online pussy who'd never show up.
  115. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    Not that complicated....just dickless and a douchebag.
  116. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    Everyone except dickless douchebags!
  117. MarktheShark56

    North La Jolla 8/13

    Coupla nice feesh! Well done!
  118. MarktheShark56

    Offshore The 302

    Huh! She used to tell me to call her "Raven".....
  119. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 8/ 8 371 425

    Dodos.....4 feet long and an inch-and-a-half thick!
  120. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Understanding commercial fisherman

    2 batteries walked into a bar. The bartender says, "OK, I'll serve you, but don't start anything."
  121. MarktheShark56

    SanDiego did great today

    They were at the north end of the 9-mi. Bank. Saw tuna lightly foaming and sinking out for an hour or so around 11:00. Couldn't get any to go and didn't see anyone else hooked-up either. But the SD was there so they must've figured something out. Save your $169....this info is free.
  122. MarktheShark56

    Commercial fishing net

    The sign of a true ignoramous is one who doesn't know how to spell ignoramus
  123. MarktheShark56

    Fishing Modified Metal Spoons!

    Instead of adding a split-ring and barrel swivel on the line end, why not just use a good quality snap-swivel? Seems like you'd get the same results with the added benefit of being able to change lures without having to re-tie.
  124. MarktheShark56

    Great day on the Victory!

    Great pics! One happy kid there! Good job Dad....
  125. MarktheShark56

    Water Temprature

    Holy crap Jason! I read that whole thing and now I have a headache! :D
  126. MarktheShark56

    Crab Snares?

    No dungeness this far south. Rock crab open year-round. 4" minimum size. You're required to have a crab gauge (caliper-type) in your possession while crabbing
  127. MarktheShark56

    Caught some little barred surf perch

    Want bigger perch? Try a bigger bait. You been getting small ones on 2" sandworms? Move up to a 3" curly tail Grub in motoroil or red sparkle. Or a 3-4" swimbait.
  128. MarktheShark56

    Catalina Bug Dive

    You just suck it, right? :p :gay: :oops:
  129. MarktheShark56

    2 Tld 50's for SALE

    $315 brand new online w/free shipping. Of course, you don't get the salt-encrusted line or all the nicks and scratches for that price
  130. MarktheShark56

    Black Hole USA surf rods at Fred Hall Show in Long Beach

    Daiwa makes a great 8-1/2', 2-pc. Salmon/Steelheader in several weights/actions called the "North Coast". I love mine!
  131. MarktheShark56

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    I have no doubt that cops and wardens jobs don't include being on "your side".
  132. MarktheShark56

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    Talking with game warden today about that, he says that all west coast states have a reciprocal agreement when it comes to violators, whether sportfishermen or commercials. He said that if you're suspended in one state, you're suspended in all of em
  133. MarktheShark56

    La Jolla 11/8

    3 B's! Bonies, bass, and the Bubba!
  134. MarktheShark56

    Long rod for LC110/Jerkbaits?

    I use a 8'6" 2-pc. Okuma Celillo w/a Penn Conflict and fish jerkbaits almost exclusively. Casts about a mile.
  135. MarktheShark56

    Name That Fish

    How about "Fred"?
  136. MarktheShark56


    BS w/no pics.......aka "Fake News......Sad!"
  137. MarktheShark56

    Keeping Bugs alive 3 Day

    I've kept em alive for a week in a cooler with seawater (had to add a couple gallons every 3 days) with a small battery-powered aerator, available at most tackle shops.
  138. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Does San Diego have our own killer whales pod

    I like how the OC Reg spelled orcas "ocras" in their link. Thought maybe I'd see some gumbo pics. :D Dammit! Now I'm jonesing for some soul-food....
  139. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Does San Diego have our own killer whales pod

    There's never been an authenticated account of an orca attack on a human in the wild. In captivity.....we'll that's a different story. Containing them in aquariums, no matter HOW big a tank, just makes them psychotic, just like you'd probably be if someone was shoving a thermometer the size of a...
  140. MarktheShark56

    After all that great info....

    You have spots up there without commercial traps ??? Man, down here every rock the size of your head has at least one trap on it!:D
  141. MarktheShark56

    San Diego Bay Sheephead

    Really? Wouldn't eat lobster from there? Or halibut? Do your homework. It's only fish that eat bottom-dwelling inverts (worms, filter-feeding shellfish) that have ever tested positive for toxins in SD/MB. There's only a ton of research out there.....starting right there in fishing regs. But I...
  142. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Limits yft and Dorado Friday 9/22

    Because there are fish to be caught....THAT'S why! o_O
  143. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Fun weekend 23rd/24th-2017, LJ and 302/371

    Looks l more like 40-50 yds. Didn't you ever play football?
  144. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Dorado & yellowfin US waters 9/17

    Well dang! I think for my 13th I got a whuppin'. (Pretty sure I deserved it)
  145. MarktheShark56

    Oceanside 1/2 Day Yellowtail- Where Are They?

    They were jumping and breaking all over the MPA between Moonlight and Tabletops Saturday!
  146. MarktheShark56

    Shimano is smart

    Whole wall-full of glow FFs in all sizes @ Blue Water Tackle in Solana Beach
  147. MarktheShark56

    8/24 New Seaforth AM & PM half day caught TWO limits in one day?
  148. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 8/17 Dodo Limit Guardian Charters @ The Ridge & 30 Mile

    Haters gonna hate! Just another migita pobrecita.... The "200-post newbie with just 20 likes" pretty much says it all.
  149. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Dana Point 8-12

    ps so what is black with a white stripe??? Cobia
  150. MarktheShark56

    Needlefish in the Surf?

    They're all over the lagoons in SD No. County for the past couple months
  151. MarktheShark56

    Assault Glow Jigs for the Blue Fin

    Saw a whole wall-full of FFs & Snipes in glow and all other colors @ Blue Water Tackle in Solana Beach.
  152. MarktheShark56

    Catalina tail

    X2! Plus Mom looks kinda happy with that y'tail. Nice work!
  153. MarktheShark56

    7-11 La Harbor fish report with the family

    Holy Cow! That's a serious bunch of smiles on that boat! Well done!
  154. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 209 7/5/17 and 7/6/17@

    Sum kinda fun on the popper, I'll bet! Very nic!
  155. MarktheShark56

    Newport halibut

    Fatty flattie!
  156. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 14 mile bank 6/17 one big SOB

    Here's some actual info from Stanford University and Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute on SoCal shark attacks, as reported by the LA Times. For more info, check out the Shark Attack Files website, and any other # of authoritative websites. There's plenty of info out there if you take the...
  157. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 14 mile bank 6/17 one big SOB

    How about citing some evidence to back up your "proven fact"? All the evidence I've seen contradicts that statement, and I see it all - it's my job.
  158. MarktheShark56

    Tue. 6/20 Agua Hedi

    Caught in Agua Hedionda lagoon. Did some research and found the IGFA all-tackle world record for them is 10 lbs. 6 ozs. (from SD Bay). This one would've been really close to that but I had no idea! You're right though, very tasty! Just like chicken. I mean....white seabass.
  159. MarktheShark56

    Tue. 6/20 Agua Hedi

    So the shortfins have orange mouths too? I did not know that! I just assumed that it was the other because of that orange. Time for me to study up a little apparently! How big do Shortfins get? I've heard Orangemouths can reach 25# or more.
  160. MarktheShark56

    Tue. 6/20 Agua Hedi

    Apparently wiki hasn't caught up to the fact that corvina are also caught on the beaches and in the lagoons! 8-)
  161. MarktheShark56

    Tue. 6/20 Agua Hedi

    Vina! With a V ! ;)
  162. MarktheShark56

    Tue. 6/20 Agua Hedi

    Threw some x-raps for 5 short halis (1 just barely!) and this nice orangemouth. That's a 28" cutting board so that would be a legal wsb! Fished an hour on each side of the low slack at the inlet.
  163. MarktheShark56

    Oceanside...Take Your Kids Fishing Now

    That young man definitely looks hoked! :D Rockin' the Xtra-tufs.
  164. MarktheShark56

    Saturday, 06/10 Barricuda Fishing, Horseshoe - Middle Grounds

    When I first started collecting for Scripps some 25 yrs ago, every Cuda that we handled and then moved to holding tanks would die within 2-3 days, usually from fungus. Once we started bouncing them into our onboard holding tank without touching them the survival rate went to almost 100%...
  165. MarktheShark56

    Saturday, 06/10 Barricuda Fishing, Horseshoe - Middle Grounds

    Just an FYI to all y'all out there.....I worked for Scripps Inst. of Oceanography for many years as their bio-collector. When you handle cudas they almost always die after. Keep them in the water and unhook and release them. That heavy slime they wear is their protection from bacteria. When you...
  166. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Saw some albies at the butterfly 05/29 -05/30

    Sarcastic Fringeheads look just like albies when they boil
  167. MarktheShark56

    5/31 LJ report

    Nothing wrong with the boat. Nothing wrong with the spinner. But you have the handle on the wrong side of the reel! :D
  168. MarktheShark56

    LJ 5/30

    Uninformed, possibly biased opinion (Shimano rep?). I've had Calstars, Seekers, Phenixes, Penns, and more over the years. Right now I have an 8' Daiwa Proteus spinner that landed a 140# bluefin last year (and several 100-lbers) and a 75# wahoo the year before. It's an awesome rod.
  169. MarktheShark56

    Coco the Crab Lure

    I've tried em. The Berkeley Gulp peeler crabs work better
  170. MarktheShark56

    Yellowtail fun

    U.S. - 10 yellowtail, but only 5 can be under 24". Mexico - 5 yellowtail, no size limit.
  171. MarktheShark56

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    in The few times I've been lucky enough to jp I've given it all to the crew. It's free money! AND I pay my galley tab and fillet bill out of my own pocket. I'm not even close to being rich, but I know what it's like to rely on tips. We've all been stiffed, but never by any of you!, thank...
  172. MarktheShark56

    Baby yellowtail lure

    That lure's for suckers!
  173. MarktheShark56

    Box Canyon rockfish limits but no butts for us 3/25

    Can't really see blaming the tackle shop when the line breaks. Knot failure?....then yes. Line breaks?....Sounds like you needed heavier line
  174. MarktheShark56

    Dana Point 2-26-17 fish ID?

    That's a Bluebanded Ronquil (Rathbunella hypoplecta). Probably a breeding male from the dark coloration. The dorsal and anal fin ray counts line up and you can just make out the blue coloring on the anal fin that gives it its name. Pretty rare catch but seen by divers occasionally. And yes, I am...
  175. MarktheShark56

    Best hollow core braid

  176. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 1st bluefin caught today

    Is that a pic of it in your avatar? If so, you should really think about getting a new scale! :p: :p: :p:
  177. MarktheShark56

    It's slow winter time out of Long Beach 1/29/17

    Definition of a good day: 1) Went fishing 2) Nobody got hurt 3) Can use the boat again Good day sir!
  178. MarktheShark56

    3/4 day dayout of Dana Point

    No, no, no. It's not about me. You are so obviously the most clever and witty poster ever! I am humbled by your presence. Keep up the good work. The world waits on your next post. So awesome! Darn it! I'm going fishing right now, looks like I'll miss the next mots of wisdom. Life is so full of...
  179. MarktheShark56

    3/4 day dayout of Dana Point

    Ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha! U so funny! Which bar in Hillcrest u workin, stand-up/bend-over comic?
  180. MarktheShark56

    Rpt.-Thur.-12-15-16 SCI Reds, Coppers and More!

    Some quality fish there! Good job & nice report.
  181. MarktheShark56

    I caught this off LJ. Fish ID help

    That's a longfin sanddab. They're usually left-eyed but not always. Only flatfish around here with a pectoral fin that long
  182. MarktheShark56

    Any 209-277-267 intel ?

    You suck at being a human being. You should probably try something else
  183. MarktheShark56

    a commercial for you to chuckle over

    Awww, man! And I could SO use a laugh today.....
  184. MarktheShark56

    Shimano lure recommendations?

    Looking to add a few (more) to the box. Appreciate any input on sizes/colors for flatfalls, snipers, maybe wax wings too? Thanks in advance.
  185. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Skeletons for Halloween

    Yes. California Penal Code 481327, sect. C, prohibits public display of any game animal carcass, including fish....look it up!
  186. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Skeletons for Halloween

    Police??? More likely every cat in the 'hood!
  187. MarktheShark56

    Offshore SCI and fish on the 50 line and brutal weather scary

    Mr. Bean as the OP; Christopher Walken as the deckie. :p:
  188. MarktheShark56

    Offshore SCI and fish on the 50 line and brutal weather scary

    I like my deck hands (and women) the same way I like my coffee.....old, bitter, and picked up at a 7-11 :D
  189. MarktheShark56

    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    Nice fat cabs! Them's some sweet eats!
  190. MarktheShark56

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    "Cage goes in the water? You go in the water? Shark's in the water? OUR shark?....Farewell and adieu all you fair Spanish ladies, farewell and adieu all you ladies of Spain...."
  191. MarktheShark56

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    How does this 6-yr. old report really merit re-posting? Just cuz of that recent YouTube vid? C'mon, man!
  192. MarktheShark56

    3/4 day dayout of Dana Point

    Now THAT is conservative use of punctuation! YOU, sir, should be in charge of California's water supply!
  193. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Wed 10/22 and Fri 10/24 YFT

    The bartender says, "We don't serve time-travelers here." A time-traveler walks into a bar.....
  194. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 6lb bonito at cortes bank

    Yeah, I've never frozen it. I'd gladly spend a day catching 10# bonies!
  195. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 6lb bonito at cortes bank

    Couple years ago I caught some 12-15 lb'ers out at San Nick. Gutted and iced 'em immediately, then grilled 'em and served them to a couple of fishing buddies who swore they'd never eat bonito ("That's cat food!"). Told 'em it was albacore. They raved about it! I never told them the truth
  196. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Take a newbie 277

    Only $300? You'll be getting off cheap!
  197. MarktheShark56

    10/6/16 Coronado Isl

    Finescale Trigger. Good eats! Skin like a shark almost, though. Will make you sharpen ur filet knife! I've seen a bunch of em while diving the last two years up around O'side.
  198. MarktheShark56

    YT @ MG's 10/1

    Not again....Still...! :);):p:
  199. MarktheShark56

    YT @ MG's 10/1

    Thanks for the report.... (sorta)
  200. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Bitch'n bug it legal?

    You're welcome! Kind of applies for all the rest of the week too, some might think
  201. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Bitch'n bug it legal?

    I believe everyone on earth falls into one of two categories: Cheaters, and Non-cheaters. No one ever just cheats once. You are either an honest individual or a habitual cheater. If you're a cheater, then in reality, you are only cheating yourself.
  202. MarktheShark56

    Did a little of local Rockfishing

    "Farmed" = Long-line release
  203. MarktheShark56

    Wahoo on 1010

    It was a sarcastic fringe-hoo. I saw it. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the LSD and absinthe. :rolleyes:
  204. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Phone signal boost

    Thanks for the fishing report
  205. MarktheShark56

    Did a little of local Rockfishing

    That's a nice big cave troll!
  206. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Late report 182 9/6

    30+ fer sure! :-) ...Nice job!:ele:
  207. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 209 to the 277 - 9/7

    Molto Hemingway-esque!
  208. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Islands,offshore trip 9/2/16

    Wow!!! What! A! Report!!! !!!!#!!/!!!!!!
  209. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 8/27 Not a Bluefin...

    In answer to your questions: 1) Yes, and 2) Yes. So did you release the trashfish unharmed?
  210. MarktheShark56

    Rocky point Area 8/21

    What?!?! No raging over the smaller model YTs? The pissers-and- moaners have lost their edge! :D
  211. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Oceanside 8/20

    Flags? Flags? We don't need no stinking flags! We just go get the fish that need to get got without worrying about getting the lacy pink underalls all wet
  212. MarktheShark56

    Catalina Suprise 8/18

    You eat flies and mosquitoes? :confused: :D
  213. MarktheShark56

    Late Report... Maiden Voyage/First BD Report on my new Glasspar!

    R u guys major league baseball pitchers? Those beards are epic!
  214. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 200 lber on the Flatfall - Eclipse Aug 13-14

    Tuna weren't attacking the shark. They use sharks as a means of dislodging parasites and random food particles from their gills. Since they can't do this on the bottom in deep water, sharks, molas and other large fish are their method of choice. I worked at an aquarium for years and watched...
  215. MarktheShark56

    Turtle in O'side Harbor

    Green Sea Turtle (Chelonias mydas). See them occasionally when I'm diving. Apparently there's a fairly large group (60-70) that live year-round in SD Bay. See them out in the open-water when the purple-striped jellies are around. Turtles eat jellyfish so leave ur plastic bags at home where they...
  216. MarktheShark56

    Offshore sat 7/30, Oside to 209. Small yellows under a paddy

    Wow! Those are some big yellowtail! :eek: :D
  217. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 7/29 Oceanside 8 miles out.

    Think you're showing your inner self a little more than we all need to see
  218. MarktheShark56

    Who Bought the Kelp?

    I bought all the kelp and cut it up into patties that I'm going to distribute offshore. And NO, you cannot have the co-ords!
  219. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Bull Mahi in OC

    Beauty! heading out tomorrow. Thanks for the report
  220. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 16 miles out from mission bay

    Ever notice how people use those 2 words: "just saying" as their excuse for being an a-hole and trying to impose their opinions on everyone else? Just saying!
  221. MarktheShark56

    Sunday San Juan Rocks (by San Clemente Pier) / Broomtail Grouper

    Speaking from experience.....keeping a "no possession" fish in your bait tank counts as possession. F&G can cite you for illegal possession and it really, REALLY hurts, to the tune of $2000 in the case of the boat I was on. Just glad it wasn't my catch or my idea to hang onto it!
  222. MarktheShark56

    Name this fish $100 bet (video)

    How about "Lisa"? Reminds me of a Lisa I knew.....
  223. MarktheShark56

    Offshore First BFT

    Why on earth would you want to weigh something on a scale? :confused: :D LOL
  224. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 6-10 Friday on Old Glory chasing bft

    And yet, here we are on a fishing forum where people beg for fishing reports. Sounds like a fishing report to me!
  225. MarktheShark56

    "Red Snapper" so what is it really?

    .....technically known as "Pink Cockfish"
  226. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Trophies only 6/8

    Sarcastic FringeJack
  227. MarktheShark56

    Catalina Channel water report Sunday 5/15/16

    That was probly where I stopped to pee on the way back from the island....o_O
  228. MarktheShark56

    All of Us Hooked Up on Yellows...

    And the douche award for this thread goes to.......
  229. MarktheShark56

    Dana Wharf bluefin

    Wouldn't they still publish it in the fish counts? Seems like they'd want to take advantage of it to get some trips booked. No telling when those pics were taken. I'd love to believe it, but.....
  230. MarktheShark56

    Dana Wharf bluefin

    And yet, if u go to the Dana Wharf website, they report no tuna caught and the Helena didn't even go out yesterday. Gotta side w/the April Foolers on this one.
  231. MarktheShark56

    otter off La Jolla

    damn skippy, sherlock
  232. MarktheShark56

    otter off La Jolla

    Noo-oo-oo.....I was referring to your statement (twice) that "thinking isn't a requirement to post at BD". But feel free to read anything else into it that you want. Seems to be almost a religion a hereabouts.
  233. MarktheShark56

    otter off La Jolla

    Redundantly repetitious, AND continuing to make my point for me. Nice work!
  234. MarktheShark56

    otter off La Jolla

    Which must explain why we're up to our elbows in sea otters around here! Glad we got a marine life expert's input there! Or not.
  235. MarktheShark56


    Story I got from a marine biologist is it's caused by eating octopuses
  236. MarktheShark56

    Dana Point sheephead 3/20

    More pics......less words please! I have a headache now
  237. MarktheShark56

    Offshore O'side offshore patties 2/26

    Went 20 mi. on 240° heading, then north to the 277, back in towards the domes and down to oside. Lots of patties. Lots of 1# yellows under those patties. Tried deep-dropping irons even though no sonar marks. Lots of porps, again no sonar marks. Pod of about 20 unk. BIG porps (11-12'ers), black...
  238. MarktheShark56

    I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here

    I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here
  239. MarktheShark56

    Pt. Loma Kelp Calico

    Correction, I was wrong. Sculpin are open. Just checked regs.
  240. MarktheShark56

    Pt. Loma Kelp Calico

    Sculpin also closed, I believe until March 15. Check the regs!
  241. MarktheShark56

    Lures to catch stripers

    If the club you go to is in a refrigerator box under an overpass
  242. MarktheShark56

    Found tackle box - $1 (LJ Shores) - Craigs Lists add

    Co-ord? How deep? What bait were you using? Birds? Porps?
  243. MarktheShark56

    Shogun 12/19 report

    Gosh, if only your Mom could read the pearls of wisdom you've imparted to all of us. She'd be so proud
  244. MarktheShark56

    Shogun 12/19 report

    Sounds like he was just upset there were no young guys onboard for rowdy little roscoe to cuddle up with
  245. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 11-24-2015 LIMITS ON FIRST JIG STRIKE!

    I speared one smaller than that! Hey....relax! I released it!
  246. MarktheShark56

    Mexican Navy puts fisherman in jail!

    Holy hell! What a bunch of old women gossiping over the back fence this website has become!
  247. MarktheShark56

    How to get rid of seals and fishing report

    I'd rather have a tainted bait......than a baited taint!
  248. MarktheShark56

    10/25/15 tunas off of blacks

    Sarcastic Fringeheads
  249. MarktheShark56

    10/24 Long beach to Avalon bank Wahoo troll for Nada

    From what I've seen the last 2 days out of O'side, you shoulda left the trollers in for that last 5 miles
  250. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Double Wahoo Long Beach

    Yeah, it's believed those Mexican snakes are coming here to take all the really good, high-paying jobs from the hard-working US of A sea snakes. Build a fence.
  251. MarktheShark56

    Defeated by marlin and wahoo off the domes

    Looks like you should check out "Hooked on Phonics". Will really help w/your reading ability
  252. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Okuma sponsor would be nice after this one?

    Now you're using your head for more than a hat rack!
  253. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Please identify my fish

    The fish. He asked for an ID
  254. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Please identify my fish

    That's Joe. We went to high school together.
  255. MarktheShark56

    Yft dana

    It's disturbing that you even noticed. Most of us look at the fish
  256. MarktheShark56

    Offshore BLUE of the Isthmus

    Sarcastic Fringehead
  257. MarktheShark56

    Love for the Deckhands

    So, Mike. Presumption here has to be that you are a deckhand on a cattleboat and the tips haven't been all that great? Sounds like there might be some jobs out there in the sewage treatment biz. You should look into it. Then you could do more than just TALK'd get to eat it it too!
  258. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 8/27/15 wahoo @ the 181-182 ridge

    That's what works! I've got two this way this year.
  259. MarktheShark56

    Offshore Magic Patty 9/3

    Yeah, be aware that having any sea turtle on your vessel is a state law violation AND a felony under federal law. You were technically (and illegally) in possession of a federally-classified endangered species. Also be aware that both the state and the feds monitor a lot of these websites and...
  260. MarktheShark56

    Offshore If I hear "chunk" one more time...

    What is this "struper" you speak of? Is it related to the Fartcastic Skringehead?
  261. MarktheShark56

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    How many times were you dropped on the head in the delivery room? Or is it just that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome......
  262. MarktheShark56

    Hammerhead Shark! Caught & Released - Channel Islands

    Harmless to divers, even the big ones (sharks, not divers). I've been in the water with 'em many times in Baja and a few times around here.
  263. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 7/29 182 or thereabouts and fish ID please

    Medialuna californiensis aka "Halfmoon"
  264. MarktheShark56

    Identify this turtle

    Rhodesian Ridgeback
  265. MarktheShark56

    Offshore MDR to SD 11,12th boat / fish report

    Thunnus albacares for sure. Yellow anal fin.
  266. MarktheShark56

    caught and released shark off San Mateo point, can you ID?

    Isurus oxyrinchus........and yes, I am an expert.
  267. MarktheShark56

    bluefin bait?

    I'm gonna paint my speargun black and purple.
  268. MarktheShark56

    bluefin bait?

  269. MarktheShark56

    Wide open tangle

    Nothing like a nice, relaxing day on the water!
  270. MarktheShark56

    Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    I dunno......this thread seems pretty dick-ish.....
  271. MarktheShark56

    Did not know this!! OPAH

    Click that link and you'll be sorry......
  272. MarktheShark56

    good on the exiotics today

    Golden Grouper! Sweet!
  273. MarktheShark56

    Offshore NOAA public comment on Bluefin limits and fillet regulations ACTION ALERT

    How can you accuse him of being a liberal? Oh wait....his name IS Clinton! I see it now...LOLLOLLOL
  274. MarktheShark56

    Offshore NOAA public comment on Bluefin limits and fillet regulations ACTION ALERT

    What puzzles me is: If the commercial catch is being cut 40%, why not the same for sportfishermen? A 6-fish limit would be 40% down from 10 fish. Or even 50%? Who really needs more than 5 bluefin anyway? Don't mind paying my share, but 80% vs. 40% seems a little unbalanced to me.
  275. MarktheShark56

    Fish ID help on a fish that never got caught

    Without a doubt....Sarcastic Fringehead...... whatever
  276. MarktheShark56

    Fish ID help on a fish that never got caught

    Without ax doubt....Sarcastic Fringe
  277. MarktheShark56

    Offshore save gas

    Was wondering how things looked out there. Thanks for info.
  278. MarktheShark56

    Sat 4/4 Toronado

    Love those shirts!
  279. MarktheShark56

    April fools?

    That a Pt. Wilson Dart? I have lots of other questions but don't think it's likely they'll get answered!
  280. MarktheShark56

    Rpt-Sat. 04-04-15 A good short day on the Ducky! +++

    All? what? question? marks? Not? sure? I? know? what? you? mean!?!?!?
  281. MarktheShark56

    San Onofre Dodo

    Dude! You could see that paddy from the Space Shuttle! Which is landing at Montgomery Field today, by the way.
  282. MarktheShark56

    pv area 3 29 15

    Oh yeah! I almost forgot! LOL!!!
  283. MarktheShark56

    pv area 3 29 15

    Yep! Sebastes auriculatus - Brown RF. The brown spot on the gill cover is the giveaway. Don't feel impotent on ID'ing rockfish. I know biologists who have trouble. After all, there's only about 70 different species of em on the west coast!
  284. MarktheShark56

    3/22 Thunderbird yellowtail 3/23 bad weather and Tbird turn around back to Daveys

    To paraphrase an old pilot's saying, "It's always better to be on shore wishing you were out there, than out there wishing you were on shore!"
  285. MarktheShark56

    San Clemente Island Report - 03-07-15 Gopro Vid

    Hey Austy, is that a Bimini softtop on ur boat? With isin connected to windshield? If so, am looking for same. Recommendations?
  286. MarktheShark56

    BackYard Yellow!!! MDR (fri n sat)

    Nice yellow !! You should use more exclamation points in your reports !!! LOL (Just effin' w/ya !!!!!!)
  287. MarktheShark56

    BD salute to Mako Matt

    I didn't see the show but your description said it pretty well. Given that those big makos are generally the females, they took out more than just the two sharks. Let "Mako Matt" know how you feel when you see him, BDers! And let him know you won't be spending your money with him. Vocalizing...
  288. MarktheShark56

    2/17 O'side

    Sea temp was 63.5 all AM, all over. No breaks.
  289. MarktheShark56

    2/17 O'side

    Did morning run out 15 mi. or so toward 181 then looped north. Saw several decent-sized patties. No yellows, no bait, no molas, no nothin! No bird, porp or whale action. Came back in at the box canyon cluster. Didn't see anyone hooked up. Then boat wouldn't start. Found coil was extremely hot...
  290. MarktheShark56

    Sun 2/1 - no jello n F-in Alanis Morriset

    I use a big long-shank hook w/barb pinched shut, tie a 5 or 6-oz. weight to the eye of said hook. Tie reel line to the bend of the hook. To lower fish: stick barbless hook thru fishes lower lip, let the weight take the fish down, pull up on your rod and hook will slide out of fish lip. Works...
  291. MarktheShark56

    Finally Got My First (2) Legit Yellowtail!!

    Pound for pound the hardest fighting fish in our local waters. YOU'RE the one who's hooked now! Congrats.
  292. MarktheShark56

    Tip Of The Month - January

    Proof of the old adage: "Most lures are designed to catch fishermen!" Back to the thread. I caught an 11' (released, weight unknown) white sturgeon on a nightcrawler, #6 hook, while walleye fishing on the Columbia. He hit it on the drop in middle of water column, not on the bottom, so he didn't...
  293. MarktheShark56

    Help To Deter Seals

    You'll shoot your eye out!........LOL
  294. MarktheShark56

    Bonito off Leucadia

    "Nice! Where did you get the matching bonita shirt?" Hi-larious!! :D
  295. MarktheShark56

    Monster Cabezon out of Channel Islands

    Hog cabby! I speared one once about that size and he had 3 little lobsters in his stomach. No wonder they taste so good!
  296. MarktheShark56

    SD No. county update request.....

    Thanks! Plan is to head n. out of o'side. Hit a few reefs looking for yt's. Any idea how deep he was fishing? Iron or bait?
  297. MarktheShark56

    SD No. county update request.....

    Thinking of prowling the sea tomorrow, anywhere from San Ono to Encinitas. Looking for any fish updates from you weekndrs. While I understand that there are NO FISH IN OCEANSIDE......:D, any helpful info from the last day or 2 would be greatly appreciated. Here's to ya!
  298. MarktheShark56

    San Diego coastline 11/7/2014

    From everything I've read, and years as a marine biologist, only 10% of California Halibut have eyes on the right side. Yet here you've landed 4 of them. What are the odds? Any statisticians out there wanna take a stab at it?
  299. MarktheShark56

    Offshore 277 tuesday dodos opah yft

    Last time a cattle boat poached my paddie, I pulled the whole paddie up on to my swim-step and the back end of my boat with a boathook and drove off with it. The looks on their faces were priceless!