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    YT Kill Bag

    Kill bag for sale. Yellowtail size for only $100.00. Call me at 858-259-5432. Live in Encinitas. If you are interested I can send you photos 858-259-5432. Tom
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    2006 Davis Cortez w/ Yamaha 250

    Your letting go one of the best boats I've ever owned. I won't let mine go until i'm face down.
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    Davis 22 Pilot House 04

    Just purchased my 22 foot Cortez from Harold and Its the best boat I've ever owned. Worth every penny. Good luck on your sale
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    Kodiak Bait Tank 1scoop $75

    Sorry it just sold!
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    Kodiak Bait Tank 1scoop $75

    Bassfinder. This tank is a small tank but for a 17' whaler it might be perfect.
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    Kodiak Bait Tank 1scoop $75

    Kodiak bait tank in great condition 1 scoop bank tank. Price to sell at $75. Warden Encinitas CA
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    You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. Picasso.

    You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. Picasso.
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    You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose site of the shore.

    You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose site of the shore.
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    Still have your reel for sale? 858-259-5432

    Still have your reel for sale? 858-259-5432
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    New Speck Design

    Looks good.
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    03-23" Seaswirl Cuddy Cabin (Blue Water Bound)

    Thanks for catching the mistake. I have only a little over 1400 hrs on the engine.
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    03-23" Seaswirl Cuddy Cabin (Blue Water Bound)

    2301 Seaswirl Cuddy Cabin 03. 225 Yamaha 4 stroke runs excellent and starts up immediately everytime. The engine has been maintained with oil changes every 100 hrs and lower unit every 100 hrs. The engine has a little over 1400 hrs. I have made some custom speargun racks that can be...
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    Ithaca model 37 featherlight

    bump 12 guage is still for sale.
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    Ithaca model 37 featherlight

    The 20 was sold but I have the 12 gauge for sale.
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    Some Sad news-San Lucas Cove

    your right we should all be so lucky.
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    Arizona or California

    Do you know how they rate it?
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    Arizona or California

    I need some help in making a decision if I’m going to register my boat in California. I currently have registration on my boat in AZ but I was wondering if its worth transferring my boat. Its a 23’ Seaswirl cuddy cabin. I have heard Cali will tag me for transfer cost plus they will nail me...
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    Father and Sons - Panama Sport Fishing Lodge

    I enjoyed all the photos but the last one with the three of you was wonderful to see. I can see how happy your father is to spend the time with both of his sons.
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    Ithaca model 37 featherlight

    I will get you all the information on the gun. The gun was purchased around 1972. This was my second owned gun. The 12 guage was purchased at the same time. Both guns are in great condition with no problems. Chokes are fixed. I believe the 20 guage is a modified and the 12 is full. both shot...
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    Ithaca model 37 featherlight

    Thanks for the offer but I will have to pass this time.
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    Ithaca model 37 featherlight

    Im dropping the price down to $250 each. They eject out the bottom so they awesome for R or L handed shooters.
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    Ithaca model 37 featherlight

    These guns are still for sale.
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    Ithaca model 37 featherlight

    Proyotehunter. I sent you a pm. Please give me a call ASAP as I have received another PM from someone else who is interested in the guns. Since you were the first to respond I will give you first shot at them. Thomas
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    Ithaca model 37 featherlight

    I have a 12 & 20 gauge Ithaca model 37 featherlight for sale. $300 each in good condition. Im dropping the price down to $250 each. They eject out the bottom so they are awesome for R or L handed shooters. the 20 gauge is modified 26” barrel. the 12 gauge is full choke and the barrel...
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    YT, to brine or not to brine?

    Yes us a curring rub called Karla’a smokehouse. Go on line for it. rub it on and let it sit for 55min then gently wash it off then let it sit for about 15 min. smoke for about 1 hour depending on how you like it. Don’t forget to smoke the collars of the fish. That is the best part.... You...
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    mexican navy stopped us

    Several! :-)
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    mexican navy stopped us

    What happens if you don’t sign? They shoot you and take your boat and your never heard of again
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    According to Uncle Ted, we're all baiters...

    What are you talking about. Bait can be natural or artificial. How about when I go fishing and I use live anchovies. What does that sign read above the bait barge? Opps kind of gave that one away.
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    lower unit

    I”m starting to feel better. Hopefully. Thanks everyone...
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    lower unit

    thanks.. I will try!
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    lower unit

    Here is the problem.... I thought I spun the stainless prop so i replaced it with my smaller aluminum prop. After a few hours of running It started to spin again. Wondering what it might be. Also my clutch cable at the throttle is broken. Could that be it?
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    Who Needs Canvas

    Nice work. I will call him but i’m wondering if he does izen glass
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    Hunting Pants!!!!!!!!

    Hello where are located at
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    Was able to hunt a secret spot near Stockton on Saturday with a few buddies... First Class all the way....
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    What shells do you use for ducks & geese

    Thanks everyone for their advice. I think i’m going to have two guns in the blind. One 12 gauge loaded with 3” BB and the other 20 gauge over and under 3” with heavy metal #3 and #2
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    What shells do you use for ducks & geese

    I’m heading up to Bouldin Island. It’s been a long time since I hunted geese and ducks. With the law being steel only and steel weights less then lead I’m concerned about what to purchase. I have a 20 and 12 gauge. It holds up to 3” shells. So my question is what shell do you use...
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    camo gear for hunting

    Price is still a little step for just getting back into hunting. If this turns out to be more in the future I will put the money down,.. But right now its just a two day hunt this season up in Stockton Ca for duck and geese.
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    camo gear for hunting

    Looking for a camo jacket for duck hunting also chest waders. size is large on the jacket and 10.5 or 11 on the wader boots. Thomas 858-259-5432
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    Trying to hitch a ride

    Want to leave at 2 am. call me...858-259-5432
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    Camping/Fishing Santa Ana River @ Big Bear?

    Go straight for the Sierras and don't look back. There is so many spots to stop and camp and fish. Just got back and had the best time of my life.
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    prop work

    does anyone know who can repair props in San Diego? Thomas
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    While NOT fishing the cod.....

    Yea its over a year old but did you look at the catch... Page two pale..
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    Outers clay thrower

    picture please..
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    Mag Bay information needed.

    Thanks everyone. I think I have what I needed. But one last thing. We are planning in Nov.. Hows the fishing down there at that time of the year?
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    Mag Bay information needed.

    I'm planning a trip in Oct or Nov to travel with my boat down to Mag Bay. I've heard about a tent City where we could stay on the beach and have our meals cooked at night. Does anyone know about this? Help is needed
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    White Sea Bass Pics 40lbs+

    Heres a couple for you
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    Happy First Time Hooper

    dude your avatar is nasty! it almost made me sick to my stomach. T
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    lake Wolford

    when is lake wolford opening day?
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    Alijos Rocks charter for Oct 28n thru Nov 6th

    We have a few spots left on board the Horizon leaving to the Alijos Rocks and we have reduced it from $3350 to $2300. If you want more information please go to our website at We are also stopping at Benitos Island to warm up on Yellowtail and WSB. We have a photographer...
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    Alijos Rocks - Great Deal on Limited Load

    This is going to be an awsome trip especially during this time of the year. We expect Yellowfin, Wahoo and large Yellowtail. Food and drinks (beer included) is included plus all you licenses. T
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    Offshore avg fuel burn running to 302/ 371

    2 miles per gallon 23' seaswirl with a 225 hp four stroke. figure the 302 out of SI is about 32 miles then fish all day then return. I will let you figure the cost on gas and mileage.
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    When Will Mexico Learn?

    bring pot into Mexico. WTF were you guys thinking. Ill make sure I don't invite someone as smart as you guys
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    Benitos Island & Alijos Rocks

    I'm bringing this back up for anyone who hasn't seen it. We have only a few spots left on this trip before it books up. This could be possibly the last trip to the Alijos Rocks that freedivers (spearfishing) will be allowed in Mexican waters due to pressure by the Mexican Goverment...
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    spear reel or no reel or float

    Second that.....but I would just keep it simple and use a break away with a float
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    Riffe Baja speargun for sale

    Having trouble downloading photos. Can you send me your email address by a P.M?
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    Riffe Baja speargun for sale

    I'm selling a 55" Standard #3 with brand new wing kit balanced for perfection. Also a brand new reel with 500lb kevlar line all installed by Riffe. the reel has inserts for easy removal if using a break away system. I'm selling the reel for $400. I'm having trouble down loading picture so if...
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    Spearfishing patties offshore?

    It's extremely dangerous to dive on paddies so If you find a school of yellowtail or dorado swimming under a paddy this is what you do. Call me on the radio! Blue water Bound. And I will handle that dangerous task. :rofl:
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    Benitos Island & Alijos Rocks

    I Have posted this in the past however we have a few spots left for this once in a life time trip. We also have several sponsors (Riffe, Aqua Lung, Sunto, Neptonic Systems and Blue Water tackle) There will be several gifts and raffle prices given away. This trip has several experienced divers...
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    James & Joseph

    What happened to James & Joseph Dive Shop?
  60. T-BONE1

    Speargun for Sale!!

    You shouldn't have a problem selling that gun. I tried my friends rob allen on reef fish (pargo and parrot fish) great gun. It's extremely acturate and actually easy to load once you figure it out. Also list it on the web at Spearboard Spearfishing Community - Powered by vBulletin T-bone1
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    Alijos rocks dive trip repost

    We still have room on board for the Oct 28th thru Nov 6th which we believe is the best time of the year to venture into these waters. Don't miss out on this trip of a life time. T-bone
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    Baja in the news

    I'm so glad that the citizens of the U.S are speaking out. these type of post are needed and I have been a baja traveler for over 17 years and I have made a decission to be safe and boycott Baja until Mexico federal goverment takes control and provides a safer place. We are there dinner and...
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    Alijos rocks dive trip repost

    A webpage will be up by January 7, 2008. Rocas Alijos is one of the most virgin dive destinations. Remember the world record was taken from this location in 2003 84.6 lbs (see photo below). I hope experienced freedivers will take advantage of this opportunity. This time in October is the...
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    Alijos rocks dive trip repost

    Lobzilla Thanks for the link. It would be great to have you on board so please don't miss out.. Thomas Warden
  65. T-BONE1

    Alijos rocks dive trip repost

    Lobzila this will be a great trip if we can get it togeter. Talked with Julie and Jay Riffe yesterday and Daryl Wong. Hope they can get on this trip. The world record yellowtail was taken from the Alijos Rocks...84 lbs
  66. T-BONE1

    Do you want to dive the Alijos Rocks?

    An eight day trip will take you to Benito Island which we are going to stop and Dive to warm up our guns. There is a trip in Aug that will take you there for a littlel over $2000 but the fish at benios are mid grade yellows and wSB at the Alijos the yellows are freaks of nature and the tuna and...
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    free diving gear for sale

    The Gear is sold! the Gear is Sold! THE GEAR IS SOLD! THE GEAR IS SOLD!
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    Alijos rocks dive trip repost

    I would like to take the opportunity to invite you on an adventure to the world class dive destination “Alijos Rocks” 480 miles South of San Diego California and 180 miles off the Baja Coast. Only a few divers a year venture into pristine waters. This is where you can find large...
  69. T-BONE1

    Do you want to dive the Alijos Rocks?

    Chaum Thank you for reply The cost is more because on a fishing trip they may have 20 to 25 people on board. Right now we have book for 16 divers. You can't get as many divers on baord because of the danger in the water. They provide an 8 man crew to over look the divers and keep their...
  70. T-BONE1

    Do you want to dive the Alijos Rocks?

    C-Goat Thank you for the reply..your comment is helpful believe it or not. We are working with the owner to bring down the cost so that it might be a little more affordable. We are only taking a list of interested divers so that we can get a feel to see if we are going to go for it. All...
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    Riffe #4 Baja for sale, yo.

    NOw! Now! he could be on vacation at this time of the year. Or maybe he already sold his shit.
  72. T-BONE1

    Do you want to dive the Alijos Rocks?

    This flyer has a bad link so look at the new fly under the heading Alijos repost and that flyer will link you up to my email to join the list of divers. there is no money needed this is just a list of interested divers. WE ARE WORKING ON BRINGING DOWN THE COST BUT YOU WILL NOT P AY OVER...
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    Wetsuit Question

    For freediving you can get an Apnea or a Omar. 7mm for winter and a 5,4,3 for spring and summer. If your in San Diego stop by the Spear Shack in Ocean Beach and talk to Mark. Tell him Tom Warden sent you and he will bro you out. T
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    James & Joseph

    Thanks check it out
  75. T-BONE1

    James & Joseph

    Thanks I'll call them
  76. T-BONE1

    free diving gear for sale

    Thanks for the help! I owe you one...:imdumb:
  77. T-BONE1

    free diving gear for sale

    O god you crack me up!!!!!!!!!
  78. T-BONE1

    free diving gear for sale

    What do you want to know about the reel. Not extremely ,expensive Plastic on plastic but works. Not as smooth as I would perfer but basically a good bang for the buck. Switching to a more expensive model (riffe) Jay put out an awsome reel and hard to beat
  79. T-BONE1

    free diving gear for sale

    Thanks all for the post. I knew I would get a comment about Free diving gear for sale. I sold it hopefully tonight but if he doesn't pick it up I will put it back on the market. I'm glad no one tried to low ball me. I always try to set up the brothers of Free diving with a good price...
  80. T-BONE1

    free diving gear for sale

    selling my used gear. Cressi fins $40 New rob allen float $40 bungee float line $40 Also a AB Biller Reel for $25 without line Take all for $100 Merry Christmas
  81. T-BONE1

    James & Joseph

    TKS for the info but I have a last resort but I think their exspenive at $50 a pocket
  82. T-BONE1

    James & Joseph

    Thanks Spinal I will head on down there friday and see what he has. I shouldn't have ordered my wing kit from the internet, however looking for riffe reel and utiltiy float and a pair of new gloves. Aslo does anyone know where I can get someone to put pockets on my wetsuit?
  83. T-BONE1

    James & Joseph

    What happened to Mark at James & Joseph? Is the shop even there anymore? O well I guess my favorite place is GOA :picknose:
  84. T-BONE1

    Mexico Travel Safety

    your suggestion is awsome and I would highly support your efforts.
  85. T-BONE1

    Live Aboard/La Paz or Cabo

    Does anyone know who to contact regarding setting up a live aboard for about 15 passangers out of La Paz or Cabo. This would be for freedivers.
  86. T-BONE1

    Charter Live Aboard/La Paz

    Does anyone know who to contact regarding setting up a scheduled live aboard for about 15 passangers out of La Paz or Cabo? This would be specifically for freedivers.
  87. T-BONE1

    Loreto not so bad

    they might just say fishing is slow here but its not so bad. We are going out tomorrow morning and friday for dorado and I will give everyone a report. Weather is starting to break and cooling. Nice!
  88. T-BONE1


    Does anyone know how the fishing is in Loreto?
  89. T-BONE1

    Jardines de Baja in San Quintin

    HOw do I get there. I'm leaving on Saturday and Old Mill is booked.
  90. T-BONE1

    Isla San Marcos Report 09-15/16-07

    Mike have your heard how the fishing is in Loreto?
  91. T-BONE1

    baja run

    Were leaving to head down to Loreto with my 23' seaswirl cuddy cab. First Stop in San Quintin. Is the Old Mill open for business and what is there phone number if you have it? Also anyone have a fish report for Loreto? Please give me any advise for changes in the harbor at Loreto? Thanks...
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    Starting spearfishing

    If your only willing to pay $200 or 250 you should look for a used Riffe. Maybe the baja 55" rear handle. I have this gun and it shot great for WSB and Yellows. I use a wong now
  93. T-BONE1

    La Paz /

    No current on the South End and North End was pulling at times.
  94. T-BONE1

    White Sea Bass Stones

    earrings for your lady... :loverz:
  95. T-BONE1


    Does anyone know if you can have your shaft (Spearshaft) strenghtened? Mines bent to the right :rofl: If so where should I take it? Please no doctors :rofl:
  96. T-BONE1

    La Paz /

    Already posted on the dive form but I thought I would post here also. had a great time at Palapas Vantana. Pricey for what you get but the fish were there. All fish are speared.
  97. T-BONE1

    La Paz

    Had to dive deep to get them but they are schooling right now.
  98. T-BONE1

    La Paz

    They are a little pricey for what you get. The diving at the South End was the best all around. I would suggest staying at the Cortez Club then taking a boat to the South end of the Island... You would definelty have a nicer stay.
  99. T-BONE1

    La Paz

    O.k I figured it out
  100. T-BONE1

    La Paz

    Palapas La Vantana- Thats where we headed for 5 days of diving. The weather off the South End of Cerravo Island was perfect. Speared several Wahoo and 3 AJs that all went over 55lbs and the biggest was around 75.
  101. T-BONE1

    perfect dive shop

    Can you please tell Mark Hi and that Im heading down to La Paz on Thursday to Ventana Palapas. Tom Warden
  102. T-BONE1

    Offshore Albies on the 302

    Dude I'm with you. Piss on them cattle boats! :It__s_Outta_Here:
  103. T-BONE1

    Loreto/Vacation Rental

    Do you have a website?
  104. T-BONE1

    Breaking News!! Yellowfin Tuna @ SCI

    I don't care what he said. In fact I don't know what he said. I just can't get me eye off that camel toe. :Smoke_Emoticon:
  105. T-BONE1

    Loreto/Vacation Rental

    Thanks so much. Sounds like there maybe ocean view is there a pool?
  106. T-BONE1

    Loreto/Vacation Rental

    Thanks for the info. I will take a look at it right now....
  107. T-BONE1

    Loreto/Vacation Rental

    Have you ever stayed there? If so how was it? because we will be bring our wives and would like to treat them to a little bit of the better life so that they may want to return, if you know what I mean... Thanks for the help :Bathtime_emoticon:
  108. T-BONE1

    Camoflage Wetsuit for Sale

    Dam I now know it would have been less expensive being a midget!!!! Just joking batman. :hali_ruahahaha: Got luck on that sale, someone is going to get a killer deal....
  109. T-BONE1

    Loreto/Vacation Rental

    Looking to see if anyone can point me in the right direction for a vacation rental in Loreto. We perfer a house on the water and in hopes it also has a pool (not a deal breaker). We are willing to pay for what its worth. We use to rental a house called Tequilla Sunrise however the house is up...
  110. T-BONE1

    Camoflage Wetsuit for Sale

    Holy Sh*t batman thats a good deal. what is the mil on that bat suit? :urno1:
  111. T-BONE1

    Tide Change SCI 7-10 Overnight

    Hey Big Chuck. I really can't afford a boat either however I'm doing it and have to give up other things which I know I'm not putting my priorities in place. O'well thats why im single and my house is paid for. Fishing and diving always comes first. See Ya
  112. T-BONE1

    Tide Change SCI 7-10 Overnight

    You obviosly have the wrong person and wrong boat. Everyone pays equally when they come onto my boat. But nice try.....
  113. T-BONE1

    Tide Change SCI 7-10 Overnight

    Thats why I'll never ever go on a cattle boat again... Buy your own and never face these problems again....
  114. T-BONE1

    water vis

    Best thing to do is ask on this board and if someone has already hit it they can tell you what it was like, but it seems to change everyday.
  115. T-BONE1

    Spearfishing in Baja

    1. Coronado Island. 5 min kelp. 2. Todos Santo Island. 3. Punta Banda Can't give you anymore, try these first and when you are good enough I will give you my secrect spot. Just joking....:nutkick:
  116. T-BONE1

    Spearing July1

    great ceviche!
  117. T-BONE1

    YT report 7-1-07

    Good job! were did you dive at?
  118. T-BONE1

    WSB @ the Barn

    Bear broke his cherry on that one! and ask him if he needed help. He realized that shooting the fish is just one step in getting the fish to the boat.
  119. T-BONE1

    WSB @ the Barn

    How did you know that we were having a problem getting a parking pass?
  120. T-BONE1

    WSB @ the Barn

    Thanks. I went out again today and found the condition had changed. PUkey green. Neverless saw one and a few tails. I think I have to go see the doctor because I've been having vertigo.
  121. T-BONE1

    WSB @ the Barn

    Friday June 30th knocked out 3 WSB at the Barn. The bigest went 38lbs. Left O'side at 4pm with my 3 friends. Water was perfect for WSB and the crocking was so loud I knew they were there. Long story short, had a tangle up and almost lost my gun (Wong). :imdumb:
  122. T-BONE1

    Barn Kelp & the mossback

    About 3" behind the heading near the spine crossing downward out through the belly.
  123. T-BONE1

    Barn Kelp & the mossback

    Actually it ended up being a good shot. Going out again on Friday afternoon.
  124. T-BONE1

    Barn Kelp & the mossback

    Left Oceanside Harbor at 430 pm and headed towards the domes n n. Was in the water for about an hour & half and just about time to call it quitting time. The water was ripping and all the kelp was down to about 15' below the surface. Made one of my last dives down to about 25' when I saw...
  125. T-BONE1

    spear fishing advice

    If you looking to get involved with free diving I would recomend you getting involved with the San Diego Freedivers Club. Go to their wedsite and find the date to their next meeting. Many of the members will spend the time to give you all your information to start. YOu might also hook up with...
  126. T-BONE1

    Clean Water

    Looking to dive this weekend for Yellows and WSB. What is my best bet? Coronados or La Jolla? Water clarity.
  127. T-BONE1

    First speargun purchase.

    YOu can't go wong, buying one
  128. T-BONE1

    I usually dont post this kinda stuff

    I hate reading this crap. I shouldn't have looked at it.....
  129. T-BONE1

    any good memorial day stories?

    Knocked out one WSB which went about 25lbs. Water was o.k. about 15 feet of vis in most spots and up to about 25 in others. Water was 62 degrees. Spotted a nice BSB just cruising along.
  130. T-BONE1

    Thirty Pound Surprise... PV 5-27

    I heard they have parasites!
  131. T-BONE1

    La Jolla Canyon 5-26-07, Squid?

    Was the water clean or still have some left over red tide?
  132. T-BONE1


    To all you divers good luck and I will pass the information on about the soupfin shark. I'm betting its not an aggressive shark? All fish were on the outside edge of the kelp about 15' below the surface. We ended up with three fish
  133. T-BONE1


    Think it was a dogfish shark, because I don't think makos are in that close and the water is to cold.
  134. T-BONE1


    Can't say enough. This was an epic trip and the photos will say it all. I do have to tell the freedivers this little story about a 5 to 6 foot shark tried eating my WSB but I kicked the F***er in the head to get him off. You can see the teeth marks near the tail. Also saw a wall of WSB swim...
  135. T-BONE1


    Thanks to all the help. I still have 3 months to try and get a passport but because of the delay I would hate to loss my vacation that I have already booked. It sounds as if I will make it....:D
  136. T-BONE1


    Question? Do I need a passport to fly out of Tijuana on AeroCalifornia to La Paz?
  137. T-BONE1

    Catalina report 1-12/14-07

    Thanks/ It won't be long until the bigger guys are sleeping in the kelp..
  138. T-BONE1

    Catalina report 1-12/14-07

    what size was the WSB?
  139. T-BONE1

    boat ho?`s

    Hey Maverick you can be my ho anytime.
  140. T-BONE1

    The Big "O"

    Do you know why girls moan when having sex? Because they think we care!!!
  141. T-BONE1

    Yamaha 4 stroke 225

    Thanks guys for all the advise I wil tilt the engine and prime it before I try it again.
  142. T-BONE1

    Yamaha 4 stroke 225

    That's what I forgot slap:
  143. T-BONE1

    Yamaha 4 stroke 225

    flushing out my 4 stroke yamaha 225 and it is difficult to get the water to flush through the system when running from a garden hose and the engine on. What can I do or what is it that I'm doing wrong?
  144. T-BONE1

    Boat tax question.

    I store my boat in arizona for 7 months out of the year and my boat is registered in AZ. I pull it back out here for the summer and I don't have to pay any property tax... :rofl:
  145. T-BONE1

    I get to be the captain when they go under!

    Ive been blue water diving for years and I've never seen a mako on a paddie. I guess You have bad luck. I wouldn't step out in a rain storm if I was you!
  146. T-BONE1

    I get to be the captain when they go under!

    enjoy the life of fishing and diving
  147. T-BONE1

    150 Homicides in TJ in the first part of '06

    Hey how big does a boat have to be to be TOOOOOOOOOOO Big?
  148. T-BONE1

    Yamaha Service

    Seawitch Marine in Vista
  149. T-BONE1

    Offshore 8/28 Paddy Hopin

    Should of told you before you went out. Their all in my refrigerator! :rofl:
  150. T-BONE1

    Mex Insurance

    All you guys have been a great help. I'm leaving in Oct to go down to Loreto for 6day then off to cabo for another four more. Towing my own boat down and if you have any infromation I should use please let me know.
  151. T-BONE1


    Im sorry to hear that your wife had a bad first experiance. I hope she gives it another chance becasue there is nothing better then having your little lady aboard enjoying the ocean. Maybe she would enjoy where I'm going. I'm taking an adventure down baja with my girl and another couple with...
  152. T-BONE1

    Mex Insurance

  153. T-BONE1

    Yamaha Four Stroke Ques.

    Just read another posting from someone else having the same problem.. I have a seaswirl 03 225 four stroke yamahi and I haven't had a problem, But now I'm scared to death. If I run into any problems Im going to change my gas, clean my lines and replace my bulb. Good luck
  154. T-BONE1

    Mex Insurance

    I need to know who has the best insurance for Baja (boat & truck)
  155. T-BONE1

    BIG Fish

    A BF Sardine
  156. T-BONE1


    Hello! anyone out there?
  157. T-BONE1


    Auto Pilot is going to standby. Does anyone have the phone number to Dr. Electronic
  158. T-BONE1

    ATTENTION: All Dirty Old Men

    dont need to take a look at any other their faces so I will pick #3
  159. T-BONE1

    Rancho Leanero

    Can I use your boat then? :rofl: I have traveled down baja several time however I only have traveled with a boat one time down to cabo and it was only a 19' boat. My boat is 23' seaswirl and I have a 250 powerdiesel. Should I book a room or just go for it and find one when im down there...
  160. T-BONE1

    Rancho Leanero

    How do you find the time to write all of this? Well I got your point and now im scared to death of taking my $50,000 dollar boat down. Thanks guys Im now concidering just adventuring and getting a house in Loreto.
  161. T-BONE1

    Rancho Leanero

    This is to all who replied to my question. Thank you for the advice before I went to the east cape. Because Im down for two weeks I would like to be able to use my own boat however any other suggestions where I should go to make it easier? San Jose Del Cabo? or Cabo? La Paz? and of course I...
  162. T-BONE1

    Rancho Leanero

    Have alot of questions. Leaving in October and I will be heading down with my 23' striper. Will Rancho Leanero launch my boat for me everyday? taking down my girlfriend and another couple with me and I wanted to stay in a nice room with all the works. Can anyone help me out to make my trip a...
  163. T-BONE1

    Looking for spear points

    James & Joseph on habor blvd across from the airport. Has everything you need and he is a great diver.
  164. T-BONE1

    San Quintin

    I would love to take that spot. Please let me know...
  165. T-BONE1

    Mex Insurance

  166. T-BONE1

    Mex Insurance

    Thanks. This will work.
  167. T-BONE1

    Nice Flatty w/pic

    Hey I want to know and so do my cousins and all the residents in Solana Beach. :rofl:
  168. T-BONE1

    Mex Insurance

    Where is the best place to buy mexican insurance for my boat & car before heading down to San Quintin?
  169. T-BONE1

    Dive La Jolla

    I was just talking to buddy who wants to head down there instead of going to Cat. I might just head in your direction. If I do I will see you down there.
  170. T-BONE1

    Dive La Jolla

    Sorry to hear it. I will be posting next week after I return from Cat Island.
  171. T-BONE1

    Dive La Jolla

    let me know how you did in LJ. Funky weather
  172. T-BONE1

    Dive La Jolla

    are you a SDFD. There is a party afterwards at La Jolla Shores
  173. T-BONE1

    Dive La Jolla

    10 to 15 sucks. There is a freediving meet tomorrow at La Jolla.
  174. T-BONE1

    Dive La Jolla

    Thanks. whats the vis?
  175. T-BONE1

    Dive La Jolla

    Looking for a dive partner to hunt WSB or Yellows in La jolla. Heading out tomorrow on my boat.
  176. T-BONE1


    Heading over to Cat this weekend. Where did you pick the bad boys up? Front side or back side? Any help would be appriciated. T
  177. T-BONE1

    Hunting question

    Cans! Mexicans crossing the border....Minute man at work.
  178. T-BONE1

    Freedivers: share trip costs on my boat

    I would be happy to go in the fall to Cortez in the fall. I can easily get the time off to visit one of the best spots for diving. Thomas Warden San Diego Freediver
  179. T-BONE1

    Flare gun in Mex?

    thanks for the heads up. I'm also getting ready to head down and never thought about it.
  180. T-BONE1

    Auto Pilot Problems

    At this time I'm going to try a few tricks and put her in the water this weekend. If it doesn't cure it I'm taking it into Dr. Electron and see what he can figure out.
  181. T-BONE1

    Auto Pilot Problems

    Thanks I will check to see if there is an error and I will also check all connections. Thanks again guys.
  182. T-BONE1

    Auto Pilot Problems

    Its the ST5000
  183. T-BONE1

    Auto Pilot Problems

    Need some help. My raymarine auto pilot keeps jumping back to standby. does anyone know what the problem might be?
  184. T-BONE1


    No Ive neer seen that one before. Why don't you post that one! :rofl:
  185. T-BONE1

    Don't fuck with Buzz!

    He told him to get away. Take that! Got knocked by an oldie :nutkick:
  186. T-BONE1

    Still Needs A Name

    There is only one T-bone!
  187. T-BONE1

    Lobsters and a striper!

    Did you say you found a nice puss to play with? In the cold water at night? Unbelievable!!!!
  188. T-BONE1

    some more darwin nominee's pt3

    That conductor seen that shit before. In fact I know they have check marks on how many of those dump shits they hit.
  189. T-BONE1

    Mercury Optimax alarm problem

    I'm sorry to hear you are having this problem. Someone needs to check the computer and it will let the mechanic know what the problem is. Sunset Marine in O'side does really good work. I use to have a opti that gave me problems until the day I sold it! I think that dam thing ran bitchin...
  190. T-BONE1

    motor help

    I think he meant check your tack because you can't hear it running because its so quite and alot of owners ruin there starter. I love my Yami 4 stroke 225 550 hours and no problems
  191. T-BONE1

    Now this is freediving.............

    Now that is amazing!!
  192. T-BONE1

    23' Stripper Electronics

    Nice ass striper. Almost as good as mine. Whats on the back end? "Blue Water Bound"
  193. T-BONE1

    some boat pics

    Nice fish! I bet you it taste gooooooooooood!
  194. T-BONE1

    Offshore Catalina 9/8/2005

    I went out of O'side on Monday and it sucked big time. No fish no vis and for 20 miles outside. I had my gun and check every paddie for 5 hours. I'm leaving to Catalina tommorow and hopefully I will spot a few on the way. Thanks.
  195. T-BONE1

    Offshore Catalina 9/8/2005

    What harbor did you leave from and were you only three miles from the harbor or three miles from Avalon?
  196. T-BONE1

    The fucking prick who killed the BSB in LJ

    Because their waiting for him to blow up a building or commit a crime against a child and then they might deport.
  197. T-BONE1

    skater dude beats downs 3 jocks

    You mean Jokes!! Thats it!!
  198. T-BONE1

    Offshore Called in report 8/5

    Sounds Great! If you can give me the # I will be heading in that direction otherwise my plan was the 60 mile bank. thanks for the post!
  199. T-BONE1


    Look for my boat (blue water bound) 24' striper I will be launching at midnight from dana and heading to the 60. Good Luck. They kind of said it was scratchy!!! Maybe it will change
  200. T-BONE1

    WSB in La Jolla

    fish are down about 20' below the surface. Water temp is just right for them there. Got both in the forest. Goood luck
  201. T-BONE1

    WSB in La Jolla

    I'll make a long story short. Hit La jolla to find the water was choppy as a lumber jack. Decided to go into water and found the water temp on the surface at 70.5 and about 10 feet down it was at 65 deg. Water was perfect for WSB so we hunted for approx 3 hours and came up with 2 at 25lbs...
  202. T-BONE1

    boat Launch

    I will be heading down in late October for two weeks with my Striper 2301. Thanks for the information
  203. T-BONE1


    Thanks. Sounds like the water will be nice at La Jolla for diving. I will post if I stick anything.
  204. T-BONE1

    boat Launch

    Does anyone know if Punta Colorado or any other resort at the east cape will launch your personal boat if you stay at the resort?
  205. T-BONE1


    Does anyone know what the vis is at La jolla or CIsland?
  206. T-BONE1

    LIon eats man

    That stupid shit deserved to be eaten. What man in his right mind would get out of a car with lions that are feeding. Dumb ass. Thank god they killed him. We don't want that kind of dumb shit breeding more dumb shits!
  207. T-BONE1

    nerd with ninja skills

    Please: I think you last comment regarding boxers and martial arts is maybe some what true when there are rules that you have to follow. But when the street comes to play a good street fighter with mixed martial arts will always come out on top overall. But the guy in the photo never got hit...
  208. T-BONE1

    nerd with ninja skills

    If you anything about Martial Arts you could look very closely at his stance and his movements were from side to side with a blow to the side of the neck which is the best shot you can give someone. A nerve runs down laterally along the neck line which will drop you like a dead fish. This guy...
  209. T-BONE1

    Sooo True!

    I admit it I did it!!!!!!!!
  210. T-BONE1


    What is wrong with you?
  211. T-BONE1

    Rancho Leonero

    Does she fish? Im in love....
  212. T-BONE1

    Rancho Leonero

    Is that your girlfriends ass in your picture?
  213. T-BONE1

    The WTF of the day

    I guess they eat dog in U.K. Or thats how you stop your neighbors dog from barking. Problem solved!
  214. T-BONE1

    Vagina Biting Dog

    That has to be the most stupid owner and the dog is a piece of shit for dog. I'd kick a field goal with that turd.
  215. T-BONE1

    yamaha 2001 115, crappin out!

    I had this problem for years until I cleaned my fuel tank! I had the same thing happening which ruined alot of trips. Sometimes it would work and others it wouldn't. Its clogging at the end of your intact line. I had alot of this sand varnish in my tank. Check it out and let me know...
  216. T-BONE1

    DVL 5/14

    Where the hell is DVL?
  217. T-BONE1

    LNL 5/17 Lots of LMB & Bird Rescue w/Pics

    How did the Bird taste?
  218. T-BONE1

    Sometimes when you stick your nose...

    Hey I knew he was going to get it one of these days. But if I was one of his body guards I would fucked him up...
  219. T-BONE1

    Great Sign

    I know what you mean....
  220. T-BONE1

    Great Sign

    A little bit angry. I think I have to hang out with more positve people! :FU:
  221. T-BONE1

    04/03/05 so bay

    Did I do that? :FU: Sorry for starting up this long drawn out Corvina, Corbina or WSB issue. But I do have to say I haven't seen this many post in a long time.
  222. T-BONE1

    04/03/05 so bay

    Sorry tinfish. I can't believe I learned something new. I thought for sure I was right. I would have bet my last wife on this one. In fact I still will.
  223. T-BONE1

    04/03/05 so bay

    I guess I have to bow my head and say i'm sorry#### pig: I guess I stunk up this joint...
  224. T-BONE1

    04/03/05 so bay

    I might have to take it back. I have been wrong in the past. Lets just put it to vote. How many say its a corbina, corvina or WSB.
  225. T-BONE1

    04/03/05 so bay

    Have you started to beat yourself?
  226. T-BONE1

    04/03/05 so bay

    Don't grab the cat food from the trash. Just enjoy your dinner! I would double check your fish next time. I hope it taste good!... :)
  227. T-BONE1

    04/03/05 so bay

    Mojoliner. nice picture of that corbina. I can't believe someone had a picture of a corbina. Good job. I hope that will save a few WSB!
  228. T-BONE1

    04/03/05 so bay

    We don't have corvina in the ocean. They have them in Salten Sea. Its just a small WSB. They school around this time of the year. Let them go so they can grow!
  229. T-BONE1

    04/03/05 so bay

    Hey I hate to break the bad news but thats a white seabass your holding and note a corbina. Your lucky DFG didn't catch you.
  230. T-BONE1

    Seal clubbing

    you guys are cruel and unusual. You guys need some serious help. Just joking!! Kill the little fuckers before they grow up and take your bait.
  231. T-BONE1

    3/27 Nine Mile and La Jolla

    I bet he was the same guy on Sat I had to pull out of the water. Was he a little older and a little chunky around the waist?
  232. T-BONE1

    Are the white sharks at guadalupe protected?

    I free dive and blue sharks ain't shit. They won't hurt you unless there is a feeding frenzy and then you might get bit accidently. There like puppy dogs just explorering. But watch out for the Makos.
  233. T-BONE1

    Wheres the Tuna

    Maybe dougspool should wrap his tuna in a foodsaver bag and come back later to eat it....
  234. T-BONE1

    Idiot of the day award

    There are some true blue idiots in this world. Have you ever noticed any girls doing shit like this. Says something!
  235. T-BONE1

    Car stolen last night

    What idiot would steal an oldsmobile. You should thank hm for doing you a favor.