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  1. stern hawg

    Heading out of Coral Sat AM. 3/12 Is bait available in Ensensada? We have sabiki's. #Get...

    Heading out of Coral Sat AM. 3/12 Is bait available in Ensensada? We have sabiki's. #Get Some Let me know if you will be out on the water. What channel can I call you on?
  2. stern hawg

    Offshore Bluefin on the Pacific Queen - Quick Report

    Looks like a nice day. Could you see Punta Banda or Isla Todo Santos
  3. stern hawg

    Marina Salina Rosarito

    I U2U you
  4. stern hawg

    I have a house and a boat in La Salina. I keep mine on a trailer parked nest to my house...

    I have a house and a boat in La Salina. I keep mine on a trailer parked nest to my house. Call me if you need more info about the marina or location. (760)457-5451
  5. stern hawg

    6 miles west of La Salina marina

    No fish down here Marina sucks No bait If i were you i would forget about fishing mex
  6. stern hawg

    6 miles west of La Salina marina

    I saw them in the distance. Next thing I know one is chasing me. Did not know what to do so I slowed. He got tired of chasing me and left.
  7. stern hawg

    headed to bola next Friday

    Heading down Friday 5/25. Fishing Sat and Sun. Staying at Valle Vita. Silver F-150. Will BD salute everyone I see. Will report Tuesday. Valle Vita has Wifi will give road condition if I remeber.
  8. stern hawg

    Fishing Buddy, La Salina

    Hey Bryan... If you are around this weekend look me up. I may be able to help out in several ways. PM me for phone #
  9. stern hawg

    Throw net:

    I hear that US citizens can not use a throw net. Can I get a Mexican citizen with a valid mex license net up bait to fill my bait tank? What about if I set up a receiver to cure and store said bait? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. stern hawg

    Las Salinas Fishing Report Sat 6-13 & Sun 6-14

    What did the yt bite? Metal? Plastic? Bait? Going there this weekend
  11. stern hawg

    Going to Loreto in Late July looking to go fishing

    Anyone have any dorado updates. Quantity, size, etc. ??
  12. stern hawg

    Highway 5 to Chapala pulling a boat ?

    We are heading down July 4th Keep me posted on road condition. Fishing Loreto Friday and Saturday. Coming back the same way.
  13. stern hawg

    BOLA Report 6/7 - Hwy 3 Driving Question

    Heading from San Felipe to Loreto July 4. Last year went twice. No flats, no issues. I would recommend lowering tire pressure to 20 LBS. Smooths out the wash board. There is an arroyo you need to go through that is rocky. Keep it slow. 15 - 20 mph at the most. We make it from El...
  14. stern hawg

    Driving to San Quintin info?

    ooops i am not going
  15. stern hawg

    Driving to San Quintin info?

    big problem......i am going
  16. stern hawg

    Need A Fishing Report From LORETO

    Fished July 31 and Aug 1. fished deep for yellow. Hefty ones, 35-40#. Saw a few dodos but no macks or sardine so we fished with caballitos. I thought fishing was slow. We drifted over high points for maybe a fish every 3rd drift.
  17. stern hawg

    St. Thomas/St. John, North and South Drop

    Andyyar: I am planning a vacation to VI in November. We are renting a sailboat (35-40') and sailing around the islands. I was thinkiing of going south to the south drop and fishing off the sailboat. Is all that possible? Are you now experienced with that area? Any info you can get me...
  18. stern hawg

    virgin island november

    Hey gang: I'm going to throw this out there and see what happens. In late November I am planning on renting a sailboat in the Virgin Island and do some island hopping. It looks like we will have two couples and perhaps a single. I was wondering about the fishing around the VI and fishing...
  19. stern hawg

    big game 90

    We went out mid August last year on a 2.5. When we left the dock capt had in his mind to spent the first night behind san martin. We made a bee line there. Spent the night, fished bottom fish for 1/2 day then motored back home to get there in the morning. All the local boats were west...
  20. stern hawg

    driving to mulege visa

    We are two families driving to Mulege mid July. I was wondering if we need visa or will passport be all I need. We will be gone a little over a week. Any other fishing info will also be greatly appreciated. thanks fellow BDers
  21. stern hawg

    road trip to mulege

    thanks gang. I don't think i can get out early so I probably will spend the night at El Rosario. Is there decent and safe accomadatins there? I was wondering how long to Mulege from here? I appreciate all the info so far. I will send pics when I get back
  22. stern hawg

    road trip to mulege

    Hey gang... I am planning to drive to Mulege mid july with a buddy (male). I plan on driving through tecate to ensenada until dark and get a room. Next day get to mulege. I do have several questions. Does this sound safe or am I rolling the dice? Once I get there safely how is the...
  23. stern hawg

    Cedar planked.......

    Someone told me you only use plank one time then toss it. Is that true? Seems you could put it in a dishwasher and be good as new. Or just sand it down until clean What gives??
  24. stern hawg

    Big Game 90 3 day Report Pics

    Me and untamed donkey are going out with bob taft on top gun 80 sunday evening for a 3.5. If you could make a suggestion as where to fish where would you like to go. Would you go for more tuna or just stick with kelp yellows and dodos?
  25. stern hawg

    Overnight on the Condor 7/17/07

    forget the post at long range. scott is a rightous dude. the condor is nothing but good people. He does know how to fish and run a boat. Like you said, he got you fish when others would have aborted the whole day. Plus a re-ride. Awsome Scott and Condor
  26. stern hawg

    aero mexico and fishing line

    Just got back from East Cape. I had my reels in my carry on backpack. As I was getting ready to board the plane, aero mexico personel were searchng carry on luggage. they said no fishing line. They took my backpack and put in the checked baggage. I also had duct tape to tape up my ice...
  27. stern hawg

    Palmas de Cortez

    Thanks guys. I caught marlin several years ago so no need for that. My girlfriend says its all about the dorado. We both love the ahi. She might want to catch a striper just for the pics but I am bringing an ice chest. Beer down, fish back home. Can they vacuum seal fish at PdC?
  28. stern hawg

    Palmas de Cortez

    Me and girl friend are going to PdC july 5th to 8th. What gear should I bring. We already have delux cruiser booked for the 6th. I have a panga booked 7th. should we go out for YFT on the cruiser? 2nd day fish closer for dodo? Any info will be appriciated. pic will follow. Only of...
  29. stern hawg

    Puertecitos area trip report 6/9-6/15

    It sounds like you went down to gonzaga bay. I looks like alfonsinas. I dove there about 10 years ago. there is supposed to be lots of big scallops around there. Did you see scallops at all? Some times that wind blows through there for days on end. No getting in the water when that...
  30. stern hawg

    fish intrepid???

    Hey guys: Whats the latest info on the Intrepid? Is she open for business or are they still trying to get rolling? I've heard rumors.
  31. stern hawg

    ~~~*Ensenada Day trip*~~~

    Chris: What i would do is head north from Rosarita to san diego. I have never had any luck fishing from Ensenada. The boats are not up to US standards, bait sucks etc. They are cheaper but you get what you pay for I guess.
  32. stern hawg

    Need Info on Fishing the East Cape

    Im heading down July 5 to 8th fishing out of palmas de cortez. I bring my light troll (80# roller tip) plus 2 set ups 40 & 50. I bring several rapalas and cedar plugs. Also ice chest with beer going down and fish coming back
  33. stern hawg

    Damn Sea-Tow Discount for BDer's!!!

    can i get sea tow to take my yak out to the 9 mi bank wait around for six hours and tow me back?