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    Offshore Is my boat suitable for chasing BFT & YFT

    I take my 18foot Sea Pro CC 30 miles out all the time. Just watch the weather, wear your PFD and your boat is fine.
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    Mandatory California Boater Card phase-in starts in January

    Thanks for posting this. The original bill exempted those over 60. I did not know that changed. Maybe the course will teach me how to stay the fuck away from the Duffy rental weekend captains who are exempt!!!
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    Mandatory California Boater Card phase-in starts in January

    The only thing I disagree with here is when you say “without a single vote…”, California citizens consistently vote these same liberal a-holes in so we should not be surprised when they consistently do the same liberal shit.
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    Inshore Fished the 9 mile bank for nada

    Launched with my buddy Mark at Shelter Island just after sunrise yesterday and got an interesting mix of bait including a couple foot long mack’s, large and tiny ‘dines, and some ’chovies to round it out. Very healthy bait though - only a few casualties all day. Weather and swell were pretty...
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    Reliable Kill Bag

    Messaged you about your price. Let me know…
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    Boat seat for 2008 SeaPro 176 Center Console

    Apr 9, 2023 Sorry for the delay everyone. I had to go out of state to take care of my dad and am still in Florida. The only measurement I have until I get home is that the bottom cushion is 30”x14”.
  7. Boat seat for 2008 SeaPro 176 Center Console

    Southern California Boat seat for 2008 SeaPro 176 Center Console

    Used once. Been in the shed forever. Fits between the corner bait wells in front of the outboard. $125.00 OBO. In Menifee, CA No shipping
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    Boat seat for 2008 SeaPro 176 Center Console

    GrabBass1 submitted a new listing: Boat seat for 2008 SeaPro 176 Center Console - Boat seat for 2008 SeaPro 176 Center Console Learn more about this listing...
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    Offshore 267 yellowfin 10-13

    Nice fish! How far south did you find them?
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    Offshore PB bft tuna 10/7

    Outstanding fish and great report! Congrats. I would also like to know what transducer you are using.
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    Anybody have ideas for trolling motor on a bayrunner?

    This is how I mounted mine. No need to cut the bow rail and works great.
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    Night on SD bay-slow...but a couple!

    What kind of camera did you get?
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    What did you do today? Pics or it didn’t happen!

    Used the laser and made some coasters and a coffee mug for sale on my Etsy shop. Should have gone fishing though…
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    Programing an electric tach

    My understanding is that this setting is related to the number of poles the alternator has. This table says to set the tach pulses to half the number of alternator poles so a setting of 6 would work for your engine. I have a Mercury 115 HP and 6 worked for me as well. Found this at...
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    Trailer Light Help

    Which kit did you get? This sounds like a great idea!
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    West Marine Inflatables 30% off through 2/15

    Thanks! Been waiting for a decent price.
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    Bait tank die off

    Your tank looks the same as my Kodak Which I believe is less than 30 gallons. The 32 gallon has a extra drain halfway down whereas the 22 (or whatever mine is ) only has the top drain like yours. I run a 500gal pump and a healthy half scoop lives all day (10 +hours). I can put a full scoop in...
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    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    Emails sent! Thanks Jason
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    Vintage Telescoping Fly Rod

    Telescoping fly rod. Made of steel. Approximately 108” long & collapses to about 41”. Very good shape. Some wear on cork grip but works fine. $75.00 OBO. Pick up in Menifee or pay for shipping.
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    Barska 10-30 X 60 Binos

    These are in great shape. Have just been sitting unused. They are $53.00 at Big 5. $35.00 Pickup in Menifee or ship on your dime. Text is best 951.757.9012
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    Okuma Catalina CT-25CS

    Nice reel with yellow 50lb braid. Been on the shelf awhile so needs a new home. Pickup in Menifee or pay for shipping. $55.00 Text is best 951.757.9012
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    Calcutta tackle bag, trays and tackle (irons and more)

    Selling a never used Calcutta 5 tray bag - trays and tackle shown in pics included. Assorted irons, hooks, and swim baits. Tackle was also never used. Some irons still have the price tag on them. Can ship on your dime but prefer local pickup in Menifee. No trades. $235.00 Easiest way to reach...
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    Osprey Shares Bass with Family

    You always have the best videos. Thanks for sharing that
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    One Promar Ambush 36” hoopnet

    Looking for a single Promar Ambush 36” hoopnet in good shape. Lost one in the bay last night. I live in Menifee - anyone close by have one for sale? Text me if so 95one-757-90one2
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    Limits on the solo run tonight

    You all need better friends
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    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    Thanks for the info. Question - do you have to get the one day bracelet the day you are fishing or can you get it in advance?
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    Chunking For Local Bluefin?

    We hooked up to a big one yesterday after shutting down and chunking along with a long drift with fly-lined ‘dines. Nothing else was working as the schools would sink out as soon as we got close enough to cast. Unfortunately I farmed the only one I hooked but it was cool that it worked. We got...
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    24' Skipjack FB in San Diego

    Would like to check out your boat tomorrow. Are you around? Give me a call 9517579012 Joe
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    Are you around to show me your Skippy tomorrow (Friday)? Nice boat

    Are you around to show me your Skippy tomorrow (Friday)? Nice boat
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    87' Skipjack flybridge for sale

    No way this is still available is there???
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    Rod Storage my version

    Made these awhile back and they work great to keep the rods in the rack. Selling on Etsy if anyone needs one. GBProducts... No idea how to rotate the first picture.
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    Trailer brakes need some TLC

    Thanks. I will give them a try.
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    Trailer brakes need some TLC

    I live in Menifee, CA. Anyone know a good place to service trailer brakes? San Diego or Inland Valley would work. Anyone??
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    Thinking of taking my bass boat out of San Diego

    I would not do it for all the safety reasons others have listed as well as the damage the salt will do to your boat. Nothing on that Ranger is made to stand up to salt and you will regret even one trip because you can never get all the salt off / out - NEVER...
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    Auto inflate life jacket ?s

    Same here - Get on my boat you wear an auto-inflate PFD AT ALL TIMES not just when you think you might go over the side - WTF? Who the hell can tell when this is going to occur?Just make it the rule on your boat. The newer models are comfortable and you get used to them really fast. I know I...
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    Underway in the dark off Point Loma

    Find a new fishing partner. Not worth taking chances like hitting the jetty or another boat. In my opinion 20 knots is way too fast when you cannot see what is in front of you. Even with a reliable radar I would slow down. But I am super cautious having had the ocean drop out from under me in...
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    Put trolling Motor on 19 foot BW Montauk

    Made a custom bracket for mine that extends under the bow rail. Quick release mount is then mounted to the bracket and simple to remove. No wood on my boat so I drilled 1” holes and filled them with epoxy then drilled the bolt holes through the epoxy and used large washers underneath as backer...
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    Need a good, trustworthy maintenance shop

    Hey Senior Chief, I take my boat to Las Chance Performance Marine in Hemet. Great guys and great service.
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    AVET bearings JX 2 speed

    Just got mine back from Avet. Had an anti-reverse issue. $39.00 service replaced all the bearings, cleaned and lubed, & fixed the anti-reverse problem. May be worth sending it to them for the $39.00 service for all new bearings. If anything else is wrong they will fix as well. Just a thought.
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    Product testers wanted

    PM sent. Lures look really good guys. Best of luck on the new venture.
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    Point Loma July 3rd

    Her grin says it all!
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    Motor Guide Trolling Motor + Battery

    What is the shaft length on this motor Matt?
  43. GrabBass1

    Before I drill some holes...

    I would also use some 5200 in the screw holes to prevent water getting into the glass.
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    A Whale decided to say Hi

    What a cool shot! Thanks for sharing
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    New Boat Goes In Water

    Congrats Richard! Nice boat. What model / year is that?
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    "That Guy", now it's me

    How much boat can that thing pull?
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    just boat first ocean boat 2120 pilothouse parker

    Nice rig! Very jealous. Note on the offshore trip - be sure to buy a boat towing policy. Would be a very expensive tow if anything should fail out there. Good luck and be safe.
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    El Nino vs La Nina...

    It's a La Niña but it "identifies" as an El Niño...
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    Getting Old

    My dad told me about a time he was watching this "old guy" trying to launch his bass boat. After a few minutes he felt sorry for the "old guy" and went and gave him a hand. They ended up talking a bit and dad found out he was 5 years older than the "old guy". Dad was 75 at the time. I thought...
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    How did you come up with your boat name?

    GraBbass II - Named after the product development business I am finally starting after years of putting it off. GrabBass Products...
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    Accurate Reel Giveaway!

    Photo is my brother and his son Brian. This was Brian's first offshore trip and he caught this YT on his very first cast on a spinning rod. We were certain this beast was going to pull Brian overboard as we were on my brother's bay boat - no rails on the bow. I kept telling him that if he went...
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    Norcal to Socal Lobster

    Congrats Frank. Just FYI for everyone here is the limit info from the regs: According to CCR T14, Section 29.90(b), the daily recreational bag limit is seven lobsters per person. Additionally, Section 1.17 states that no more than one daily bag limit may be taken or possessed by any one person...
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    Be Safe Out There

    Thanks for this post. I never used to wear one but now insist anyone on my boat wear one at all times - myself included. The situation on the water can turn seriously dangerous in an instant and there may be zero time to grab your PDF before finding yourself in the water. Even in very calm...
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    Show Us Your Boat and WIN

  55. GrabBass1

    Fishing with a 9mm.

    Wonder if that would work under a kelp paddy? Probably shoot my boat though...
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    Marking hoop net bouys?

    Thanks for the reply Jim. Good to know.
  57. GrabBass1

    Marking hoop net bouys?

    Anybody know if the regs changed to require your GO ID # on your hoop net bouys? I read a post here a couple weeks ago that said this was either a done deal or was pending. Regs require this for crap traps but I could not find anything on this for hoop nets.
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    Tuna watching report

    Went out of SD Bay yesterday. Left bait receiver at about 5:15 with a generous scoop of nice 5" 'dines that lived all day for the most part. Headed to the 302 with a short pit stop at the islands to look for YT - no joy so moved on. 302 was flat with pretty blue water at 69-70 degrees. No life...
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    Running Out 40+ Miles in a 18' Boat - Parker 1801

    Went to the 182, 302, 226 and Coronados in my 176cc yesterday. Not a problem if you pick your days and realize you need to head in earlier than the bigger guys if it starts getting windy. Would be a good idea to have an extra 5er of fuel and some 2 stroke oil if your motor uses it. Also, a good...
  60. GrabBass1

    Offshore Skunked Again

    Thanks for the report. Same story out of Oceanside. 181 had a small school of foamer BFT but could not get them to go. Had them to ourselves for 20 minutes when a couple other boats showed - everyone was very cool though. None got bit. Checked out the 289, 209 for no love as well. Did find a...
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    26 Seaswirl....sinking near 9 mile bank currently 10:35 am

    Thanks for posting this! Just ordered Stay Afloat for myself and my brother's boat. Great info!
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    Washer and Dryer Needed - Where to buy?

    The Sears outlet in Corona usually has a good selection or returned ' refurbished appliances. Got a new Samsung fridge last year there - new was about $2800 - paid $1700. Worth a look.
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    Black Pearl got into the BFT today...

    Is that John Kerry without makeup on the right?
  64. GrabBass1

    Poor Mans Bait Receiver...

    Nice! Will it need any weight in the bottom or will it stay upright on its own when it is full of water?
  65. GrabBass1

    In the hospital this 4th of July

    Hey Jimmy, sorry about your knee. Hope it heals fast and you get back to normal soon. On a kinda good note I just spent the day on the ocean (probably ran 100 miles total) and never saw a diving bird or any tuna. All the kelps were bare as well. I know that still beats being in the hospital but...
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    Does Oceanside still sell bait?

    Thanks everyone.
  67. GrabBass1

    Does Oceanside still sell bait?

    Is there still a bait receiver selling in Oceanside Harbor? Have not launched there in years but thinking about it Sunday. Thanks for any info.
  68. GrabBass1

    Care of these Epic BFT

    Now that I know how to care for the meat all I need to do is catch one! Gonna try tomorrow. Will have plenty of ice and will gill / gut and stuff with bags of ice as recommended (assuming I catch one that is...)
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    DFG Commission Adopts new Lobster Regs...

    So are cast nets going to be allowed now? There once was a time I could actually throw one but that was long ago...
  70. GrabBass1

    DFG Commission Adopts new Lobster Regs...

    Jim, thank you very much for representing us. Question (maybe I have been under a rock) - What the eff is a GO#? Is it on my lobster card or license?
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    Checking In From Kwajalein After a Long Absense.

    Good luck out there. My parents and little sister lived there for about 5 years. Loved it although dad never really fished there. Looks perfect though. Be sure to post once you get your gear and start fishing. Maybe a side business can be hosting BDers for fishing trips...?
  72. GrabBass1

    Really West Marine??? PFD sale fail

    I must admit...I bought two new ones and armed them then checked the one I have been wearing and found it was red. It had been armed but for some reason was now red (do they just expire after so long?). I had not checked in a long time so who knows how long it was like that. Glad to see so many...
  73. GrabBass1

    Montana fly fishing river/float guides?

    Do not know how close this guy is to you but I fished with him several years ago. He was a terrific guide. His name is Matt Morris. (405) 599-7268 [email protected]
  74. GrabBass1

    Fri. 5/27 Coronado's YT

    Love the grin on your boy's face! Nice job and thanks for the report
  75. GrabBass1

    New Trolling Motor

    That solution should work well for you. Mine weighs about 35 lbs. Yours would probably need a double thickness on the plate to use my method. Let us know how it works out for you. Good luck.
  76. GrabBass1

    New Trolling Motor

    Here you go. Also sent via PM. I will get a photo with the motor installed as well.
  77. GrabBass1

    New Trolling Motor

    Does it use the removable mounting plate? I made a mount for mine that extends under the rail to one side. Works great and no need to cut the rail.
  78. GrabBass1

    Offshore Outer Limits- Overnight 4/7-4/8

    Congrats on the BFT and YT! Question - maybe a dumb one but when you say "butt-hook" how are you actually hooking them? Just through the area in front of the tail or is there a specific spot? Thanks much for the report. Getting excited to get out there.
  79. GrabBass1

    What do you do with old fishing line-recycle?

    Same as 45king. Cut into small pieces so no animals cannot get tangled in it and then in the trash.
  80. GrabBass1

    Mounting a stryker 300 T-Top, reinforcing?

    Hey Scott, I have a glass deck and used the screws Stryker provided with 5200. No backing for me as I cannot access underneath. Has been installed for several years now with no issues. The toggle bolts would have worked though now that Tanner mentioned it. With a wood deck I would use the...
  81. GrabBass1

    Please wear your life vests
  82. GrabBass1

    Please wear a life vest
  83. GrabBass1

    Muscat Oman March 2016, Yellowfin Tuna

    Awesome YFT! Thanks for sharing.
  84. GrabBass1

    2/24 diamond valley

    Nice. Good job dad.
  85. GrabBass1

    How big of a live bait tank do I need?

    From what I have read 20 gallons is needed for a full scoop. I had a 14 gal Kodiak on my old Tracker and it worked great for a half scoop but any more than that they would all die. I have the 22 gal Kodiak in your link on my 18 foot Sea Pro CC and it keeps a full scoop in good shape all day...
  86. GrabBass1

    Lake Skinner

    Not much happening at Skinner. Perris may be a better bet. Bass are a bit deep but some guys are catching them.
  87. GrabBass1

    Need Computer Input/Ideas

    I recently got the iPad Pro with the Apple keyboard. A bit pricey but in my opinion well worth it. I almost never use my PC anymore. I also travel quite a bit for work and the iPad is terrific on a plane and airport for the Internet or watching movies and even getting work done depending what...
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    Drone Threatened

    Imagine that. People don't want those fucking things in their faces. Take the hint...
  89. GrabBass1

    Is it me? Yes, it must be me....

    Great story! Better outcome.
  90. GrabBass1

    swimbaits in socal

    Certain times of the year Diamond Valley Lake is excellent. Right now you cannot launch a boat as the water is too low. They have rentals though and there has been very little pressure. Wednesday's use to be 1/2 price on rentals so that might be a good dy to give it a try. Let us know if you go...
  91. GrabBass1

    L B Breakwall Hooping

    Could it also have to do with the warmer water this year? I blanked acouple weeks ago in SD Bay and there was no moon. Could also be that we just suck at pulling hoops but we usually do well. This year has been really off though. Oh, and zero crabs as well all year. Just a thought.
  92. GrabBass1

    Shelter Island Launch ramp upgrades- Looks like it will happen this time!

    Kayaks are not the problem. We need a dedicated jet ski area. Some of those guys are effing clueless.
  93. GrabBass1

    Not too bad

    Nice! How deep were they?
  94. GrabBass1

    Slim pickings on the Yellows but they are still here in Nov

    Congrats to yourwife. What a great smile!
  95. GrabBass1

    Offshore Coronados Friday

    WOW! No worries on the thread jacking - actually really appreciate seeing your pics. What an epic day guys. That ear looks painful but I guess those fish made the pain go away. How is the gangsta now? Is he wearing a big hoop in that hole to remember that one time at the 425? He should! Take...
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    box canyon yellows 11/13

    Very nice YT! Congrats.
  97. GrabBass1

    Offshore Coronados Friday

    Glad to hear that report was legit. What a day that must have been for them! Hope the pierced ear guy is ok? Good job on the taco meat. Any catch is a good catch in my book.
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    Offshore Coronados Friday

    Went to the islands at first ight. SD barge had only chovies but they were decent size and lived all day. Trolled around all the islands but saw several schools on the windward side of North Island. Of course they ignored the dropper loop chovies and our yoyo irons so we kept trolling and...
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    Trolled...a lot

    Took my brother and nephews hooping Friday night after picking them up at the SD airport towing the boat. Older nephew reports to Air Force basic training today so wanted to get him out one more time before he left. Really proud of that kid. No joy on the bugs. Not even a single short but we got...
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    Dodo questions,

    Chunk some sardines and throw out toward the paddy and keep it going as you drift. Doing this we have been able to keep them interested and with the boat as we drift by with flylined dines or chunks on our hooks.
  101. GrabBass1

    2015 muzzle loader bull.

    Was wondering what the ribbons were for (can you tell I don't hunt much?) Nice bull. Congrats and thanks for the post. Makes me want to get back into it.
  102. GrabBass1

    Even little girl got lobster!

    Best pic in a long time! Great job getting the kids involved. Smailes say it all...
  103. GrabBass1

    Big bug and some

    That smile says it all! Nice job dad!
  104. GrabBass1

    I always burn my bait pump! Help!

    Could the problem be that the 1100 Rule needs 1" hose and it appears in the pictures that this set up is reducing that to 3/4" hose? Will too much back pressure will burn out a pump? What size tank are you filling? Do you need that size pump? Maybe getting a 500 or 800gph pump would help?
  105. GrabBass1

    Shimano Calcutta 400

    Use mine in salt all the time with no issues. Only problem I have had is with braid. For some reason it gets overwrapped and breaks when I cast the bigger baits. My buddy had the same issue. Went to mono or flouro and has not happened again. Have been told the level wind causes this but I cannot...
  106. GrabBass1

    Trash from La Jolla West to Oceanside

    Was out Saturday and picked up numerous gatoraide bottles and mylar balloons. We pick it up when we see it but Saturday was the most in a long time. I call it man overboard practice - although we usually use the gaff for the balloons so I hope I never go overboard with this crew!
  107. GrabBass1

    Offshore 9/19/15 MEX LIMITS

    Great post and congrats! We were in that area and found "the paddy" for dodos. Must have been 50 that stayed with us our entire drift for limits for 3. Never found the YFT though. Congrats again and thanks for the post.
  108. GrabBass1

    Gaff G008

    Very nice work.
  109. GrabBass1

    Offshore Dorado and YT

    Left early out of SD Bay. Great dines at the receiver although a bit smaller than we have been getting but they were really healthy and lived all day. Headed to the N9 were we saw a few puddlers in 73 degree super clear blue water. Could not get the tuna to cooperate - as soon as we would get...
  110. GrabBass1

    Offshore How to gaff a fish

    I guess it ain't gay if it's underway! Great video guys.
  111. GrabBass1

    Thank you Everingham Brothers Bait!!!!!

    Totally agree. Never had anything but a good experience with their operation. Even during the longest lines ever the guys remained professional. Thanks for starting this thread. Too easy to just complain when things are not perfect and forget to give props when deserved.
  112. GrabBass1

    Todd Helm Seat - SOLD

    Bump. Sale fell through. Still available.
  113. GrabBass1


    2 per person or per boat?
  114. GrabBass1

    red crab

    Never saw them before last yer that I recall. They were still in SD Bay in November.
  115. GrabBass1

    Todd Helm Seat - SOLD

    Helm seat and cushions. Been in the garage awhile. Sold the boat I bought this for, never installed it and no longer need it. Sells for around $170.00 at West Marine. $115.00 OBO. PM me or call (951)757-9012. Thanks for looking, Joe
  116. GrabBass1

    Deck and Scuppers Below Water Line....

    These are what I switched to. Let all the water out and none back in. Click on the sea scuppers icon on this site. They have a ball inside so water pressure outside holds them closed but froom inside pushes them open. They work great.
  117. GrabBass1

    Bait tank question

    I never turn it off.
  118. GrabBass1

    Cabela's rod holders

    Bump for price drop
  119. GrabBass1

    Bait tank question

    Run the pump all day to maintain clean water with enough oxygen to keep bait alive. What size is your tank?
  120. GrabBass1

    Bait issues.

    I have the Kodiak 22 and a rule 500 gph pump. It keeps a full scoop healthly all day on my 17 ft CC in pretty rough seas. I think your tank can do the same but you have too much flow as others have said here. Get a smaller pump or try the ball valve first to verify. My tank is to the rear...
  121. GrabBass1

    Offshore YT @ the Islands

    Could have been. Great advice.
  122. GrabBass1

    Offshore YT @ the Islands

    Decided to avoid the crowds yesterday and headed to the islands. Fished the nine mile bank all day Wednesday but could never get bit. Anyway, launched from Shelter Island at 0500 and got in the bait line with EVERYONE else for about 50 minutes. Great cooperation and patience by all which was...
  123. GrabBass1

    Bait tank fill time

    Great info Gonzo, thanks. What is a water puppy?
  124. GrabBass1

    can't beat em, join em

    Love when she sits down with her feet on the rail. Those are great YT. Thanks for the video.
  125. GrabBass1

    The five stages of fishing local Blue Fin

    Captured it perfectly!
  126. GrabBass1

    Offshore Don't Forget the Balloons

    Good work! We picked up 9 balloons Saturday. Only cast bait to one but no love..My crew thought I was nuts for doing it but now I can prove it was worth a try!!!! Glad to read others pick this crap up as well.
  127. GrabBass1

    10lb 3 oz Largemouth

    Nice! Congrats.
  128. GrabBass1

    Looking for constructive criticism on a video I made

    Very nice video work but voice over was hard to understand.
  129. GrabBass1

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna Watching Cruise

    Yes, those red crabs are eerywhere! I imagine with little chop the tuna see us and hear us better. With much chop I get the crab kicked outta me or it takes forever to get anywhere. No perfect solution I suppose but it was a great day on the water. Heard about that 100 plus BFT on the radio...
  130. GrabBass1

    Sealine fishing rod for sale

    Selling this rod for my wife's dad. $50.00 OBO. In Temecula. Call Ron at (951) 750-8092
  131. GrabBass1

    Cabela's rod holders

    For sale - pair of Cabela's clamp on rod holders in great shape. Selling for wife's father to score points with both so help a brotha out here. $50.00 OBO for the pair. Located in Temecula. Call Ron directly if interested at (951) 750-8092 Thanks for looking.
  132. GrabBass1

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna Watching Cruise

    We put in a lot of miles yesterday - out to the 182 and beyond then down toward the Mex boarder and back in to SD Bay. Found several paddies full of bait but no game fish and saw tuna jump clear out of the water numerous times. Tried a few long soaks to no avail and then found a small school of...
  133. GrabBass1

    Silaflex Magnum Marlin rod for sale

    Posting for my father-in-law Ron. This rod is in great shape. Asking $100.00 OBO. You can call Ron directly at (951)750-8092 or reply here for more info. Thanks everyone, Joe SOLD SOLD SOLD
  134. GrabBass1

    Sea Dek

    Wow! That really is a great addition to the boat. Thanks for posting these. I have a similar boat so it helps to actually see it installed and gear from the owner.
  135. GrabBass1

    Sea Dek

    Anyone have pics of their boat with it installed?
  136. GrabBass1

    Fun Bay Pic's

    Nice day on the bay! Congats and thanks for sharing. Makes me a bit jealous...
  137. GrabBass1

    Striper Skin

    You are an artist sir. That is awesome!
  138. GrabBass1


    Stopped in early Thursday morning and it was empty. Robert looked pretty depressed. Sucks to lose this shop. Great bunch there.
  139. GrabBass1

    Mexican FMM question

    There were seals around but no fish so they left us alone. Seemed like a few boats headed to the rock pile in the late morning. Maybe the YT were down there? Anyone know?
  140. GrabBass1

    Mexican FMM question

    So, I actually received an email which surprised me. Gut told me I had left a couple things blank on my application / form. Completed and resent. Printed everything and brought my passport. Never saw the Mex authorities though.
  141. GrabBass1

    Mexican FMM question

    THank you everyone! THis list helped a lot. I also found the earlier post with the instructions and screenshots that explain the required steps for the FMM. I think we have everything needed now although I have yet to receive the confirmation email after sending the receipt and manifest. Heading...
  142. GrabBass1

    Mexican FMM question

    I know there are older posts on this but wondered if anyone has recent info. Anyone been boarded this year? What were they looking for?
  143. GrabBass1

    Mexican FMM question

    Do you need an FMM per boat or per fisherman on the boat? Any info appreciated. Joe
  144. GrabBass1


    Went last night in SD Bay. Slow night with only two legals but was beatiful on the water. Temp was 60. The red crabs were so thick in many places near the bait barge my sounder could not see the bottom. My advice is find a spot near eel grass or structure in 30-50 feet depths anywhere from the...
  145. GrabBass1

    Storm Watch...

    FEMA will save you.
  146. GrabBass1

    Organizing your fishing stuff

    Finally got sick of the frustration and mess in my garage as well. Made these and took over the spare bedroom. Still cannot believe I got away with that. Went to wider Plano boxes which allowed me to reduce overall number. Still need to label them and the jury is still out as to wether they will...
  147. GrabBass1

    And the T-top is on...pic heavy

    Sweet. Nice work!
  148. GrabBass1

    Bad lip reading NFL

  149. GrabBass1

    T-Top Suggestions Needed

    Put a Stryker on my 176 CC and love it.
  150. GrabBass1

    New Trailer tips/hints?

    I use salt away after every trip and so far no major rust but I imagine there is some corrosion around bolts and the slings that I just have yet to see. I am also gonna get the corrosion x and the fluid film after reading this. Thanks guys! I do get some corrosion on my light connector which can...
  151. GrabBass1

    Hearing aids at Costco

    I am on my second set from Costco and have had great results. My old ones had a battery door issue ( I broke one off!) and they were out of warranty. Costco rebuilt them both for me for $140.00 and they were good as new. I go in once a month and they clean them for me for free with no...
  152. GrabBass1

    Lobster Problem/Question- Long term storage

    The cardboard deal is a great tip Max. Thanks, will do that next time.
  153. GrabBass1

    Hooping report 10-25 SD Bay

    Have not seen a single crab this year either for some reason.
  154. GrabBass1

    My Drones view of Fonts Point Anza Borrego Desert.

    Very cool. Ditto thanks to Danny. Also, tell Danny's family thanks for their sacrifice while he was serving. They are all too often left out when we think about the sacrifices made to serve this nation.
  155. GrabBass1

    California wants to overregulate your tackle box

    Found this article and a page to sign a petition. Sounds like the ban on certain tackle was added to another proposal supported by Brown without much notice so it could be approved if enough people do not raise concern. Have a look and sign the petition if you agree tackle is not an...
  156. GrabBass1

    California wants to overregulate your tackle box

    Hey Nick, Where did you read this? Is there a bill we can review that you know of? I searched a bit but could not find anything specific other than the enviro-whackos are always trying to push shit like this.
  157. GrabBass1

    Offshore "Holy Shit" CREEPY !!!!

    Now they know who you are...
  158. GrabBass1

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    Do these bugs make me look fat?
  159. GrabBass1

    Caption Contest - West Marine Opens their Destin, FL Large Format Store April 11-13

    Oh man, I hope he doesn't want my bunghole next.
  160. GrabBass1

    Is it me or my poor eyesight

    Hope they are still working on it. Right now Bloody Deck sucks balls!
  161. GrabBass1

    Boat Outfitters Caption Contest - Ends October 16th, 2013

    Barefoot and in the kitchen?
  162. GrabBass1


    Call Matt Morris if you want a great river guide trip. went with him last year and had a great time. (405)599-7268 [email protected] - - - Updated - - - Call Matt Morris if you want a great river guide trip. went with him last year and had a great time. (405)599-7268 [email protected]
  163. GrabBass1

    Many thanks to Miguel!

    Sorry, do not know his last name but wanted to say thanks for being such a stand up guy. Miguel found one of my lost hoop nets in the bay and called me. He held onto it for me for a couple weeks until I could get down to his place to pick it up. He drives one of those blue tour bus/boats on SD...
  164. GrabBass1

    Lobster reg changes?

    Thanks Jim.
  165. GrabBass1

    Lobster reg changes?

    Anybody heard if the rules have changed since the latest meeting?
  166. GrabBass1

    Bull Mahi Cherry Gone

    Out! Standing! Sir
  167. GrabBass1

    CC seating question

    Leave her home
  168. GrabBass1

    Win a pair of Minox Binoculars - A $699 Value - Caption Contest Ending July 10, 2013

    I hope that fish practices catch and release!
  169. GrabBass1

    Mexican Visas

    Thanks for the info guys.
  170. GrabBass1

    Mexican Visas

    Are they required for the Coronados or not? Anyone have any actual information? I called the landings and they say they are not required for their passengers but they are not sure about private boats. Anyone have any run ins recently with the Mexican authorities down there? Just do not want to...
  171. GrabBass1

    T tops?

    I have the stryker on my 17.6 Sea Pro and love it.
  172. GrabBass1

    Accurate Caption Contest ending March 21st, 2013

    Is she even legal?
  173. GrabBass1

    Accurate Caption Contest ending March 21st, 2013

    Well, are they real or not? This bug's livin'' my dream! Eww! He's so hard!
  174. GrabBass1

    New Boat Owner

    X3 on the course and the book. Also, go a few times with an experienced friend just to get the feel for the boat in the big water. I agree with having the wife take the course with you just in case. I did not do that and my wife is still reluctant to take control. If she ever had to she could...
  175. GrabBass1

    Shakespeare whip antenna

    Thank you Carlos! Was great talking with you.
  176. GrabBass1

    Ruger 44 mag SuperBlackhawk

    Bump. Great handgun guys.
  177. GrabBass1

    Ruger 44 mag SuperBlackhawk

    Hey Capt., It is still available. I do not make it up that way too often. You ever make it to Riverside area?
  178. GrabBass1

    California's liberals at it again!

    Check this out. :_diarrhea_:
  179. GrabBass1

    Cave Lake, NV 6/20-6/21

    Wow! Have not heard of Cave Lake since I was a kid. I grew up near it in Ely,NV. Used to fish it all the time. If you get up that way in the warmer months you should try Sunnyside and the Ruby Marshes for bass. Very cool post for me Bryan. Thanks for sharing.
  180. GrabBass1

    Win Free Tickets to the LA Boat Show - Feb 7th - 10th

    "I didn't do it."
  181. GrabBass1

    Crab Mortality

    I use the salt water soaked towel as well and they stay alive all night and for the ride home.
  182. GrabBass1

    Ruger 44 mag SuperBlackhawk

    Going to pass and hope I can sell it outright.
  183. GrabBass1

    Ruger 44 mag SuperBlackhawk

    Busy couple of days. I am going to have to pass on the trade and hold out for cash. Thanks anyway though and Merry Christmas.
  184. GrabBass1

    Ruger 44 mag SuperBlackhawk

    Actually need the cash more than more stuff. Curious as to what you had in mind though.
  185. GrabBass1

    Ruger 44 mag SuperBlackhawk

    Hi Greg. Yes it is a single action.
  186. GrabBass1

    Ruger 44 mag SuperBlackhawk

    Lightly used beautiful Ruger 44 mag. for sale. 5.5" barrel. Wood grips. Nice gun. Asking $500.00. Reasonable offers considered. In the Temecula, CA area. This is the gift for that guy that has everything!
  187. GrabBass1


    Better check with the state. There is probably a 15 day waiting period and a transfer fee for that thing.
  188. GrabBass1

    Utah Bull Hunt! Picture Heavy!

    So cool that your daughter got to experience that trip with you and her grandpa. You get the dad of the year award sir. Great job and thanks for all the detail and photos.
  189. GrabBass1

    Bimini Top for sale

    Give away bikini tops. God knows a lot of BDers could use 'em!:rofl:
  190. GrabBass1

    Bimini Top for sale

    Great deal guys.
  191. GrabBass1

    Nov 4th Lobster Report from Long Beach

    Dan, you are indeed the man. Look at those faces. Nothing better my friend.
  192. GrabBass1

    Bimini Top for sale

    82" wide X 68" deep X 64" tall. Blue canvas. Came off my 176 CC SeaPro when I put the t-top on. In great shape. I am in Menifee / Temecula area. Often visit kids in San Diego so we could meet if interested. $150.00
  193. GrabBass1

    Bimini top

    Bimini top came off my Sea Pro 176 CC when I put a t-top on instead. In very good condition. Asking $150.00
  194. GrabBass1

    Bimini top

    Bimini top for sale. Came off my SeaPro 17.6 CC. $100.00 OBO. when I got the t-top. Photo upload not working but will try again later. Pick up only. I am in Menifee which is just a bit north of Temecula.
  195. GrabBass1

    Dinghy Lobsters in Long Beach

    Love that note but do you think she will really take care of it if you let her keep it?
  196. GrabBass1

    Stupid question regarding a hitch.

    I love when people ask stupid questions. That way I get the answer without having to ask them.
  197. GrabBass1

    Hot Can Caption Contest Ending September 6th, 2012

    Warm your hands on my hot cans
  198. GrabBass1

    Tough Week.....

    Thoughts and prayers to them and their loved ones Sean. My son made it homes safe from Iraq and I am still counting our blessings and mourning the lost souls. Thank you for posting this. Made me pause and remember.
  199. GrabBass1

    Caption Contest...

    Which one is Gil?
  200. GrabBass1

    Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

    That rope is gonna leave a mark!
  201. GrabBass1

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending August 7th, 2012

    Bubba Blade - now there are three to chose from!
  202. GrabBass1

    Proud Dad

    Congrats Mike. Nothing better than our kids happiness.
  203. GrabBass1

    There are good people still

    Left my new iPAD in a restaurant the other day when I went back to work after lunch. Called the place and found out a customer had found it and turned it in. The teenager behind the counter had put it in their safe and waited about 30 minutes after her shift till I was able to pick it up to make...
  204. GrabBass1

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

    Is the bilge pump in the cab running?
  205. GrabBass1

    Lake Mead help?

    Thanks for the heads up. I would not have known they look like carp and would probably have passed them up. Will try that area for sure with cast masters.
  206. GrabBass1

    Lake Mead help?

    Would have never thought of that but will give it a try. I guess they literally eat anything. Thanks for the post and the tip.
  207. GrabBass1

    Lake Mead help?

    I plan to fish lm/sm as well and I know what you mean. Only strippers I have ever caught came when fishing for other species. Will definitely try the narrows for striper though. Thanks
  208. GrabBass1

    Lake Mead help?

    Plan to launch at Boulder so ending the day there on anchor will work out great. Thanks for the tip!
  209. GrabBass1

    Lake Mead help?

    Thanks for the info guys. I will be in my boat so I can search around for them. Will try the marinas and look for the "slurpers" as well.
  210. GrabBass1

    Lake Mead help?

    Going to Mead next week and would love to get on a striper bite. Anyone have experience fishing this lake? What is the best bait/lures? Any info on areas would also be appreciated.
  211. GrabBass1


    Yes. I did it once and it was great. I just used Lawrys Fajita lime marinade to soak it for 30 minutes and mesquite chips on the smoker for about an hour. Made the best fish tacos ever.
  212. GrabBass1


    Great job on getting out with your son. Also, congrats to him being accepted to that school! You must have done something right? Way to go!
  213. GrabBass1

    Fisherman's Processing - Caption Contest - Ending June 18th, 2012

    It ain't gay if it's underway!
  214. GrabBass1

    T-Top recommendations

    I put Stryker on my boat and I love it. Took about half a day to install with two guys. Great quality. If you want something customized though I would go with the recommendations of the other guys here. No idea of cost on those but the Stryker was about $1500.00 with an e-box and 9 rod holders...
  215. GrabBass1

    Penn Presents - Caption Contest - Win a Fathom Reel and Carnage Rod - Ends May 21st

    How the hell did Troy do this on Swamp People? Or Get some more skinny guys to the other side!
  216. GrabBass1

    Salt Away

    I have used for a couple years now. Works great for me.
  217. GrabBass1

    Bubba Blade's Looking for a Tag Line - Please help - Contest ends Mar 22, 2012

    Bubba Blade - The baddest knife you'll never sharpen!
  218. GrabBass1

    Gage / Grundens Presents - Caption Contest - Win a New Gage Technical Gear Bag

    I hope that one in the back doesn't know the antenna up the pooper trick!
  219. GrabBass1

    Good Night Lobster and Crab

    Glad to see you got some! Gonna try it Friday if the weather is not too nasty. Hope I have the same kinda night ( or better...)
  220. GrabBass1

    Sunday 26th Short Trip

    How much weight are you using with your set up?
  221. GrabBass1

    Killer whales killing sea lion pups at alarming rate

    Recreational fishing must have something to do with it. Maybe we need to close Alaska!
  222. GrabBass1

    Oside Harbor Foursome

    Good going and great dog.
  223. GrabBass1

    Dvl report

    Where did you catch it? Went and trolled around for nada the order day. Would love to land a nice striper out there.
  224. GrabBass1

    Phenix Rods Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest Ending December 12th, 2011 at 5 PM My Phenix is rising!
  225. GrabBass1

    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending Dec. 19th, 2011 at 5pm

    How many points do we lose if I shit my pants!?
  226. GrabBass1

    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending Dec. 19th, 2011 at 5pm

    I told you to be careful what you wished for...
  227. GrabBass1

    Trailer lenght= Brakes

    3000 pounds and up requires brakes.
  228. GrabBass1

    hooping it up

    Congrats Donnie! That is one nice bug! I got a limit (1st time ever for me) last night in the SD bay. Perfect conditions. About 20 feet deep. Makeral for bait. Tonight I am in a lobster coma but they we're damn good. (I did not eat them all myself...)
  229. GrabBass1

    AFTCO presents - Caption Contest - Ending December 3rd, 2011

    "I have a firm grip on this hose. What could go wrong?" "Why are the gators hanging around here all the time?" "Hello, Florida Fish and Game? Could you send someone out to risk their life for us? We seem to have a gator problem."
  230. GrabBass1

    Hot Liquid Lures - Caption Contest - Ending Nov 18th, 2011

    "Hey, you still watchin' my beer?"
  231. GrabBass1

    SD Bay 11/05

    So how was the weather? NOAA called for pretty high swells and wind. Nice job on the bugs btw.
  232. GrabBass1

    LobsterZilla Redondo Beach 10/30

    You set a great example with the release. Great job.
  233. GrabBass1

    Mission Bay 10/22

    Bet the boy loved it. Any pics of the shark?
  234. GrabBass1

    Shout out for Hipp Marine

    I bought a boat from Hipp 2 years ago and a few months ago noticed the axle was bowed down in the center and the tires were worn pretty bad on the inside. Looked like the trailer was over loaded. Took it back to Hipp to have them figure out the problem as I know I never over loaded it. After a...
  235. GrabBass1

    Fishing or Sex

    #24 you can ask to do it with a third person and she will not object!
  236. GrabBass1

    Video - Krill, Squid and Humbacks above the Nados

    Thanks Ray. That was great to see.
  237. GrabBass1

    Just when you thought you'd seen it all......

    I wonder if the bounce when he takes it from behind.
  238. GrabBass1

    PETA has hit a new low.

    Those signs will probably make people want to kill even more sharks. Just like Jaws did.
  239. GrabBass1

    Giant Squid Bonanza: 8,031 caught

    What's the best way to kill them once onboard?
  240. GrabBass1

    Looking for a painter

    PM sent.
  241. GrabBass1

    360 light or anchor light 4 footer

    Hey, did you put your red / green lights on the tee top too?
  242. GrabBass1

    Win a Stryker T-Top - a $1,299 value - Contest ends 8/15/11

    That looks great Ethan! Congrats on winning it! Will see you out there after I install mine.
  243. GrabBass1

    2008 115 optimax

    Made it back. Actually it runs great on two coils, just with very little power. You would expect it to miss and cough and sputter but it is very smooth. I was able to do a couple mph or so. If you are in gear it just slows to a crawl but still runs. It wants to die if you shift from neutral into...
  244. GrabBass1

    Thanks to all you BDers!

    I post every now and then but I find myself reading most of what you guys post about boats and fishing. I have learned a great deal over the last couple years and thought it only fitting to acknowledge you all for your selfless sharing. If I ever come up with anything I think you all could...
  245. GrabBass1

    2008 Sea Pro 176 CC

    Anybody else buy this boat from Hipp Marine? I recall another BDer posting pictures of it after he got it around the same time I got mine. I think I have an underrated trailer and am curious which trailer you have. My tires are worn out on the inside on both sides and the axle bows down in the...
  246. GrabBass1

    2008 115 optimax

    I had two go out at different times. 1st was around 160 hours and the 2nd was around 220 hours. After the second one Hipp Marine found out there was a tech bulletin on them. Apparently that part number had been obsoleted and replaced with an improved version. They then replaced all three. Have...
  247. GrabBass1

    What happened???

    I vote for getting rid of the new format as well. The red type on black background sucks. Very hard to read and it is tiny.
  248. GrabBass1

    2008 115 optimax

    I have this motor. Great exceptnfor the coils. Had two go bad on me. Turns out there was a tech bulletin on them. They were replaced by a new part number. Had all replaced a couple months ago and no more problem so far. Mine is still under warranty. Same year so I would think yours would be...
  249. GrabBass1

    8/15/2011 Coronado Islands

    Great post. Thanks for the details of the trip. Glad you got out and had some luck.
  250. GrabBass1

    SD Bay help

    I have had great luck just south of the Coronado bridge. Caught 39 spot ties there a couple weeks ago. We were using darter heads with nuclear chicken Gulp 3" shrimp. Drifting and dragging them along the bottom. Nothing real big but lots of fun on lighter equipment. Could also put a small strip...
  251. GrabBass1

    Whats up with the new site?

    I cannot log in unless I am already looking at an open post. This is on an iPad. Anyone else having this issue?
  252. GrabBass1

    Which TV to get?

    Earlier this year we installed about 30 flat screens at work. We used a consultant who talked us out of the LCds and Plasmas and into Sharp LED screens. These things are unreal. Cheaper than LCDs / Plasmas and much much better picture. Also, they are literally an inch thick, weigh 36 lbs...
  253. GrabBass1

    SD Bay

    Hey man,not in any smartass way at all,but are spotties good eats???I have always thrown them back,but just wondered. Yeah, I like them. They are a very firm and flaky white meat - great as tacos or broiled with salsa on top. Usually c&r though.
  254. GrabBass1

    SD Bay

    Picked up the boat at 4 PM Friday from Hipp after service with by buddy Erik. Planned to test her out on the bay and do a little fishing for three hours. Got started just after 5 in calm, slightly overcast conditions. Water was about 72' and the moon was full. Boat ran great (thanks Hipp, as...
  255. GrabBass1

    WFO Kelp Report ~ 7/9/2011

    I was there last week and thought I had a world record on the kelp but was a bit shy. Felt really bad for killing it to get it to the scales. I would probably have just got a photo and let it go but it had swallowed the hook and was bleeding green shit all over the boat so what the hell? It was...
  256. GrabBass1

    2009 Seaswril Striper 1851 walkaround

    Thanks for the input guys. I like the idea of the helper springs / airbags. Just need to find the right boat now...
  257. GrabBass1


    Learn something every day here. I too rinse them and pat dry with a paper towel. I wonder if the meat would be mushy if I did not dry it. Next time I am lucky enough to clean a nice halibut I am going to not rinse in fresh water and see if it is better. Thanks for the tip.
  258. GrabBass1

    Back in the kelp day #2

    Great that youo and the old man still hang. Mine is too effing far away but when we can we love to fish together although he is strictly fresh water. Nice post, thanks for a great read.
  259. GrabBass1

    2009 Seaswril Striper 1851 walkaround

    Just spent the day looking at boats. The 2100 wa Polar is a really nice ride. Not sure on the truck with it though. I think it will pull it ok but just seems really big compared to the Tundra. So much more boat though...
  260. GrabBass1

    Drowning doesn't look like drowning

    Excellent post Mike. Thanks
  261. GrabBass1

    2009 Seaswril Striper 1851 walkaround

    Yeah, I have found a couple a few years older and they are the same with more add ons for less money so I am thinking along those lines now. Gonna have to sell the mighty SeaPro first though.
  262. GrabBass1

    2009 Seaswril Striper 1851 walkaround

    Yes the new trailer has brakes.
  263. GrabBass1

    2009 Seaswril Striper 1851 walkaround

    Hey Mark, very helpful info. Thanks for the reply.
  264. GrabBass1


    I have the 768 color version (# could be off but I think that's it - boats in for service). Anyway I love it. Works great and lots of detail. No experience with others though. Probably lots of opinions from guys who know more than I.
  265. GrabBass1

    Pt. Loma July 7th

    Just getting your son on the water was a win!
  266. GrabBass1

    2009 Seaswril Striper 1851 walkaround

    Need some opinions please. I have a 2008 SeaPro 176 CC with a Mercury Optimax 115. Really nice boat but am thinking about upgrading to a walk around for the dryer ride and would like to be able to spend the night in the bay or at the islands with the wife or a fishing buddy. What do you guys...
  267. GrabBass1

    Center Console, Walk Around, Cuddy, or Full?

    If it is a wa with a porta potty and a rail mounted grill do you think the IRS would buy it?
  268. GrabBass1

    The great Australian outback

    Great photos Mark and what an experience with the sharks and just being in the outback. Look forward to seeing more photos in the future.
  269. GrabBass1

    The kid is a natural

    What a great experience for a father and son! Way to go Scott!
  270. GrabBass1

    Wounded Warrior Tourney- Boats Needed

    Thanks, thought this was a new post. Well, if they do it again Wayne has my info.
  271. GrabBass1

    No Guts No Glory

    I feel like such a pussy now!
  272. GrabBass1

    I need everyones opinion on this

    What's up with those toes?
  273. GrabBass1

    New additions

    I feel so effing lazy now! Thanks. Nice job on everything though. Enjoy it
  274. GrabBass1

    The Pink shirt!

    I would do that but I would be the one wearing the damn thing all the time!
  275. GrabBass1

    Wounded Warrior Tourney- Boats Needed

    Email sent to Wayne to find out how to sign up. Great cause and should be a blast.
  276. GrabBass1

    Launching my boat.

  277. GrabBass1

    My 5 year old son's first Fish

    What great memory! What a great dad! Way to go.
  278. GrabBass1

    DVL on the Basstaxi 060911

    What does a day on the taxi run? My brother and his kids are coming down in a couple weeks and that sounds like the ticket.
  279. GrabBass1

    lake camping

    Lake Skinner has a nice camp ground.
  280. GrabBass1

    Fish Tattoos (in progress)

    Those are fantastic bro! Very talented. Let us know when the shirts are avail.
  281. GrabBass1

    Humminbird Fishfinder

    Thanks. I also did not know about that plug. Great info.
  282. GrabBass1

    What is the WORST thing that has happened to you offshore?

    Not an offshore event but it sucked just the same. My dad was on a job in Yuma and I decided to meet him with my 17 ft Tracker for some bass fishing on the river (which neither of us had ever done before). We were doing ok but decided to move upriver and kept getting bogged down in the grass...
  283. GrabBass1

    Best Camo for SoCal

    Bleached and spiked hair with rainbow colored, very tight clothes will ensure you blend in many places in California
  284. GrabBass1

    Paper shredder

    Lucked into a close out deal with the manufacturers. I have 8 paper shredders with auto feed units that feed up to 80 sheets. Sell new for $120.00. Yours for $35.00 each plus shipping. Located in Menifee of you want to pick one up. Good units for a home office or whatever. PM me if interested.
  285. GrabBass1


    Thanks for the info. Usually bring my designated helmsman. I like a few beers while fishing and he likes driving so it works out well. Drinking and boating is a bad mix with so many things that can go wrong in such a short amount of time.
  286. GrabBass1

    Mako at the pile thur. 5-26-11

    How long did he fight it? Looks like it would have been a blast. Nice job guys.
  287. GrabBass1

    Safe to go out Sunday?

    I have an 18 foot CC and would not go out in anything bigger than 3 feet if the wind is blowing. Can be dangerous but really it just plain sucks getting blown around and beaten up. I went several years ago when there was a small craft advisory like the one in effect this weeken ( through Sunday...
  288. GrabBass1

    DVL Rules Suck

    I had the same experience but it was the week my dad and brother flew out from Florida specifically to fish DVL with me! I was pissed but the guy suggested we go to Skinner and we did - ever day that week. Dad actually caught close to his personal best that week and there were very few boats...
  289. GrabBass1

    FLO-RIDA 3/24

    ...nice pics! Would love to fish for peacocks!
  290. GrabBass1

    I love it when a plan comes together...

    Great job! So what lens is it?
  291. GrabBass1

    Trolling motor dr.

    Thanks for the input on the battery placement everyone. My console is a bit too small for three batteries but your comments about NOT putting them up front make allot of sense. I will have to see what the TM Doc recommends.
  292. GrabBass1

    Trolling motor dr.

    Nice job. Where did you put the batteries? Any pictures of them? I have a Sea Pro 176 CC that would need the same bow rail job but am not sure where I would put the batteries.
  293. GrabBass1

    MLPA Google Earth Maps - Must See!

    This is a very useful image in that it clearly shows the impacted area. Thanks for the post - let's support PSO's efforts to undo this BS before it becomes the first in a series of closures until there is no place left to fish without a commercial license.
  294. GrabBass1


    Worked for me. This guy has to go but who knows what Governor Retread will do. KeepAmericaFishing - California & Pacific Region
  295. GrabBass1

    Fishworks Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends Dec. 23, 2010

    I still don't get how this is supposed to help my hemorrhoids
  296. GrabBass1

    Fishworks Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends Dec. 23, 2010

    I need a fresh bait. Mine stopped wiggling!
  297. GrabBass1

    Fishworks Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends Dec. 23, 2010

    If those were Fishworks shorts what was up your ass would still be a secret
  298. GrabBass1

    Great Night........2 Bugs......a new fisherman

    Way to go! Great picture of the new guy holding the bug.
  299. GrabBass1

    1st legal bug!

    It was way too cold and foggy for her to go with but like other things it looks allot bigger when she holds it.:rofl: She did let me have half of it and I cannot believe how sweet it tasted. Will be back out for sure - soon.
  300. GrabBass1

    1st legal bug!

    Well, some of you guys were right. I am now officially hooked on hoopin'. Launched out of Shelter Island at 3:30 yesterday and had hoops in the water by 4:15. Not much current at first but it picked up with the tide change. Water was 54 degrees and glass calm all night. Zero wind and just cool...
  301. GrabBass1

    1st ever for us!

    Went out to SD Bay after work Friday to try some of the tips and techniques posted here = thanks everyone for sharing. :notworthy Weather could not have been better with zero wind, not a ripple on the bay, 62 degree water and air. Very few boats out. We tried several spots and ended up at 9:15...
  302. GrabBass1

    Pulled The Trigger :)

    Let me know if you need any new friends. Seriously, that is a sweet set up! Congrats and enjoy.
  303. GrabBass1

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    You sure got a purdy mouth You want me to grab what with my hand?
  304. GrabBass1

    TurtleMan - Unbelievable.

    Cannot get any more redneck than this. Maybe a new reality show to compete with Swamp People? Man catches snapping turtles with bare hands. [VIDEO]
  305. GrabBass1

    Quantity or Quality?

    I love big fish but my best fishing memory is still of my dad and my brother and me catching over 80 dink bass in about 7 hours when we were kids. Dad built a Jon boat and a camper so we could go fishing in the Ruby Marshes in Norrhern Nevada. My brother got a Rapala trebble hook buried in his...
  306. GrabBass1

    Lobster fishing etiquette question

    I have not hooped much but I try to stay clear of anyone else"s gear just as a courtesy to that person. I appreciate this kind of discussion here though as it gives some great advice and might just make people think about how they should act out there.
  307. GrabBass1

    I got a phone call from the "good" sister, asking for advice......

    Don't worry, after his girlfriend's parents find out about him he will probably be fired from his PE job and land in jail... Does he have any good fishing stuff she can sell on BD?
  308. GrabBass1


    Hey honey,where did you want me to drop your mom off?
  309. GrabBass1


    FISHWORKS - we have the RIGHT gear to haul your ass around!
  310. GrabBass1

    Catalina (video by the Navajoninja"

    Hey guys, thanks so much for the tips and video. Learned allot. This is my first season hooping and all advice is welcomed. Will be buying some chain today for sure. Also, great tip for the slack in the line. Thanks again.
  311. GrabBass1

    Swamp People

    Thought I was the only one watching that show. I have family down there too and it is interesting when we get to see them. Very different take on the world... I still need the sub-titles though.
  312. GrabBass1

    Dillon Optics Polarized Sunglasses Presents - 20 Questions - Start Date Sept 21, 2010

    Is it used for fishing? Is it fishing line?
  313. GrabBass1


    I have no dedicated cleaning station but when I actually catch fish I clean them in the kitchen. Wife allows this so far but I think if I ever caught a bunch of large fish i would have to invest in a station outside of some kind. My dad has a place on Lake Seminole and cleans fish on a counter...
  314. GrabBass1


    I appreciate all the info I get here but since I pretty much still suck at fishing I rarely have anything of value to add and keep my pie hole shut. It does not do anyone much good to repeatedly read about how I failed to catch shit again. Since there are numerous posts that include the weather...
  315. GrabBass1

    Rockfishing 101

    I would share like that IF I actually knew anything! :worship: Thanks for the great info. Question, can you see halibut on a sounder?
  316. GrabBass1

    White iPhone 3G 16 Gig

    C'mon guys. This is a great phone.
  317. GrabBass1

    White iPhone 3G 16 Gig

    SOLD! Gently used Iphone 3G White 16GB AT&T in great condition, phone has always been in a case. It comes with the original box, power cable, ear buds and paperwork, included are 3 rubber cases. There are two tiny hairline cracks - see photo - they do not interfere with performance but wanted to...
  318. GrabBass1

    White iPhone 3G 16 Gig

  319. GrabBass1


    Fishworks has your ass covered Cover your ass with Fishworks
  320. GrabBass1


    EAT ME LURES...They will swallow, not spit EAT ME LURES will make 'em want to swallow EAT ME LURES ... Are my skirts too short?
  321. GrabBass1

    Who needs special effects?

    Now my back hurts
  322. GrabBass1


    I wanted the boat on the right. She said I could have the one she is sitting in. No concept...
  323. GrabBass1


    What? No catch and release on those?
  324. GrabBass1

    Can somebody explain RAW mode to me?

    RAW is just a format that takes in ALL the information that makes up a photos with no compression. JPEG and the rest compress the photo to save space. This is fine for snapshots since you probably will not do any serious editing on them. If you want edit a photo later it is best to shoot RAW so...
  325. GrabBass1

    Great place on Palomar Mt..

    How much did he charge? Years ago I was in a western movie that was filmed near that pond and a guy named Nick lived in that cabin and kinda took care of us while we were there. We kept in touch for awhile but eventually lost track of him. When we first checked it out as a location we were met...
  326. GrabBass1

    1st Yellow on my own boat!

    Feels great to finally catch one on my own - so much better than on the charter boats (although those guys do a great job putting us on fish year in and year out!)
  327. GrabBass1

    1st Yellow on my own boat!

    Spent Friday and Saturday at the Coronados along with several friends on a 40 foot sailboat (the "Mother-ship"). Having the mother-ship allowed us to stay overnight and fish from my 176 CC Sea Pro. Had a great time but the fishing was slow. Water temp was between 60.5 and 63 depending on where...
  328. GrabBass1

    Post your Best Kids Fishing Pic

    First fish he ever caught. Big Bear Lake
  329. GrabBass1

    Micro Chipping Your pet

    Can you chip your wife? You know,in case she gets stolen or lost... Actually we chipped our dogs as pups and a lady at the vet told us she had gotten hers back after it ran away. It was only gone for about a week and then a shelter called her. I have not seen any ill effects for the dogs at...
  330. GrabBass1

    nice home grown yellow

    Gotta getta yak!
  331. GrabBass1

    06-18-10 WSB FINALLY!!!

    WOW! That is one awesome fish! Congrats!
  332. GrabBass1

    I hate fucking Iraq!!!

    My son recently returned from that shit hole - thank God in one piece - I know what you are going through and feel for your boy. PM me his mailing info and my wife will send him and his crew a care package. I know that getting anything in the mail can make a shitty day a bit better. Tell him...
  333. GrabBass1

    Dana Point Kelp 6/16 Afternoon

    Good job just getting out there bro!
  334. GrabBass1

    Jigging big bluefins

    So wish I was on the East coast sometimes!
  335. GrabBass1

    Murphy's law in LJ

    I feel for you bro!
  336. GrabBass1

    What do I name my new boat?

    The Paddy Whacker
  337. GrabBass1

    I warned them...DVL 3-18

    He can SAY whatever he wants about how many fish he caught ... we can SEE the one damn nice bass you caught. Nice job and who the f cares about how many anyway. Most of us were not even on the water when you caught that fish - lucky *&^@!#$.
  338. GrabBass1

    Lake Wohlford

    That boy is hooked for life! Great job dad!
  339. GrabBass1

    Lunkers cant hide in the mudd

    What a day! Great picture of you and the little guy.
  340. GrabBass1

    11/22 Dana Pt Butt Bounce

    Hey Matt great job on that flattie. Question, how much weight do you use?
  341. GrabBass1

    Offshore Hopefully not "once in a lifetime."

    Great report Carl! Before my son left for the NAVY he and I got to go to Mexico for a couple days. He managed to catch the only sailfish of the day for the fleet where were and two days later, on fresh water, he landed the big fish of the day for the lodge. He was a celebrity both days and talks...
  342. GrabBass1


  343. GrabBass1

    Black spidar with red hour glass on belly

    Great! Now I feel something crawling on me. Think I will get the boat ready - no spiders on the salt water. Glad you are feeling better.
  344. GrabBass1

    I just caught a break

    I had one of these guys call me a few times. i agreed that I should help get the money out of his country. When I asked for his account number so I could do the transfer he hung up and I never heard back from him. Do you guys think he was full of Sh**? Hate to think that. He seemed so
  345. GrabBass1

    Wide Open in the Bay

    Saturday - Got bait at 10 AM and was planning to fish around the kelp just outside the SD Bay but metered lots of fish just inside. First bait over was inhaled by a small 'cuda. Drifted in this same area (just past the sub base toward the mouth of the bay) for hours with unreal action on small...
  346. GrabBass1

    Kodiak bait tank with pump

    Another guy made me an offer but I have not heard back from him since I accepted. Supposed to meet today. If not I will PM you this evening. Thanks for the interest.
  347. GrabBass1

    Kodiak bait tank with pump

    PM sent. Thanks for the interest
  348. GrabBass1

    Ted William's Signature outboard 9.9 HrsPwr

    $150.00 OBO. Menifee, Ca pick up only please. Bought this several years ago to use as a kicker on my old bass boat but never installed it. Do not have allot of info on it other than it ran great last time I tried it and it is in great condition.
  349. GrabBass1

    Kodiak bait tank with pump

    Two used boat seats. $80.00 pick up only please.
  350. GrabBass1

    Lawyer/wife got in an accident

    Glad you are smart enough not to have her drive a SMART car! Glad it's working out and enjoy the new truck.
  351. GrabBass1

    Need help with family outing

    Thanks Papa J for the info. Will use Paypal as that is right away and simple. It is a beautiful thing you all are doing for this mom and her girls.
  352. GrabBass1

    Need help with family outing

    Wow! What a great bunch of people! I too am in for a contribution - just let us know when and where to send it. Afraid I just tune in here to try to learn how to catch fish out there so I would not be much as a deck hand - probably just be in the way. I can only imagine what your family must be...
  353. GrabBass1

    Unchain the colors

    Sorry to hear you got laid off. Hope all works out for you and the family. I just placed an order and thanks for all the great tips!
  354. GrabBass1

    Laptop vs. Desktop experiences????

    Get a Macbook Pro with the Intel chip set. You can run Apple or Windows just as well and you can take it anywhere. I have a 12" Mac that has lasted over 6 years with zero issues. It is getting a bit slow now for some things but for word processing and pictures it is great. I bought a Dell for...
  355. GrabBass1

    Blackberry Curve Question

    Mike, Just joined Bloodydecks - great forum so far. Hope to learn alot from you guys here. I have used the curve and now have the bold. Bold is bigger so the keyboard is easier to use. Overall decent phone but gave up an iPhone to the wife for a free bold from work. Now I have to text her to...