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    WAT Fathers Day Weekend

    Pat 172 nice. Brah nice ones,
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    Car camping tent

    Coleman with a Datsun Bro,
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    Montauk Giant Bluefin Tuna Bite

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    Inshore The reef wrecker the Table Boss

    Complete bruiser of what my mom calls the breadfish hog fish.We dont even know the Hawaiian name for it my estimation it was 3 to 5 lbs,Caught and realesed. I posted this because it was caught on our new Penn Slammer 4 8500.Biggest bread fish I think I have ever seen they have knarley teeth and...
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    Inshore The reef wrecker the Table Boss

    Da Bread Fish
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    Eradicating Taape Toau and Roi.

    S Tokunaga Store Taape Tournament sounds fun where do you catch them from shore Just saying. I have only caught 3 from shore.Big Island has tournaments to eat and eradicate and win prizes.Acually dont know if there is still an actual tournament I know they have from previous years.
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    Waianae 4/29/23

    Nice landing of the Ahi congrats.
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    Collecting Sand Crabs For Bait! My Live Bait For The Day!

    If you ever fish the Puna coast crabs will work for Mu me and my friends seen um can land though?
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    Wai‘anae May 1

    nice catch.
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    Whats the biggest yellow tail landed off the west coast?

    Hawaii state record is 20.67 pouunds
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    March 2023 Florida New Smyrna Daytona Beach Orlando

    Cool article Im here now in florida from Hawaii Me and my dad will have to try live shimp we been catching snappers ladyfish sheepshead on dead shimp.
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    Waianae 03/19 & 03/26

    nice catches.
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    Hi Kai - 3/13/2023

    nice cathes,
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    Me and my father caught 3 of these in Hilo Bay.

    We caught 3 Tiger Trevalles or Pig papios or what some describe as Butaguchis.We also caught a small GT.I made a Bagle sandwich out of one of the stripers it was delicious.
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    I know the lone star state supplies the groceries in the snapper department whats the most popular?

    Thanks for the info .I know you all have the same Quenn snappers like Hawaii one of the only two the other being Iron Jaw snapper that we havent caught on a force master 900.We only tried like twice for queens 70fathoms start areas one time we tried I attached a pill bottle withe a couple drill...
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    Inshore Destin Charter - march 4/5

    Is Destin offshore or intercoastal or Gulf.We booked a halfday in Indian River county intercoastal pilchard fishing with captain Kevin with FV Fisheye for 350-450 $ to try for snook and tarpon. We were not dissapointed.I would like to try offshore out of Stewart because thats where the...
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    This is probably my closest record breaker

    The forked tail.
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    Eradicating Taape Toau and Roi.

    We went fishing in the bay the other week only toau nibbles caught 5 fried them for 25 minutes just to be safe made the tarter called it good.This post was started just because just about every 30 to 40 fathom pinnicle koa and shallower pathetic with taape and toau.We have only caught a few...
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    This is probably my closest record breaker

    Seabolds Snapper Kalekale to about 3 pounds. Me and my Father caught this and another and an Uku on one fell swoop on our friends custom rig.
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    Retrospect of rare fish for us on the Hamakua Hilo Puna Kau side.

    Striped marlin on the bird in November a few years back. It was the pretty scarry leadering all the bird leader. My dad published in HFN Blue Marlin and our friend Don here thought so too I thought initially Striped Marlin.Notice the stripes on it dead.
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    Whats the biggest yellow tail landed off the west coast?

    Thanks for the info I know Amberjacks are readily prevalent species world wide. We even caught a few trolling in 40 to 50 fathom water so maybe our state records are more legit. I read several online articles saying the West Coast of North American Yellowtail are the biggest. Our state record...
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    Whats the biggest yellow tail landed off the west coast?

    Igfa 2019 says 92.lbs off Guadalupe IS Mexico.I always thought west Coast North American sub species were the biggest.Japan got 1 at 109 New zealand got 2 at 114.Almaco Jacks for instance in the igfa book are readily mistacken for for Amberjacks in my opionion. Florida state record is at 35lbs.
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    Ahi Carpacio

    First cut a 3"by3" cube,Then get 2 pieces of saran wrap then use a cookery mallet or whatevers comparable to gentle flatten out.Lastly douse olive oil balsamic vinagar,pepperconis,and salt and pepper and a slice of squeezed lime for taste.
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    NY NJ Canyons Producing!!

    Nice fish 277lb is the biggest ever caught in the Hawaiian islands.
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    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - March 2022 wrap-up.

    Nice Almi the ones are friend brought were complete schoolies compared to that,
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    Offshore Any Reports of Almaco Jacks besides Hawaii Island? or Japanese Yellowtail outside of Oahu?

    Thats cool.On Oahu there is the second biggest sub species of yellowtail that being Japanese.The west coast of North America Yellowtail are the biggest and the New Zealand yellowtail are the smallest.They raise Gulf of Mexico Almacos out of Kona. A lot of them have escaped the pens.The Japanese...
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    Pat.. Are you ok ?

    Get well soon.I had staff once nothing was working until they gave me mupirocin 2% key was to change the bandage and dressing at least three times a day so that bacteria is constantly getting sucked out of the wound and on to the bandages.Heals a lot faster that way.Good natural soaps like...
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    Eradicating Taape Toau and Roi.

    When it’s slow offshore you can always rely on bottom fishing to at least catch something.Unfortunatly that something over 50 % of the time is the invasive snapper species of Taape and Toau and occasionally a Roi when your trying to catch desirable fish like a yellow spot Papio.So what we do is...
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    Waianae - 6/29/2019

    The Garmin black and white hand held units are pretty nice we got one as a backup it has a marking above water feature no below feature I think there in the 250$-300 range.
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    Sat 6/29/19 and a little bit more...

    Nice one we got one yesterday on a chrome missed the other on a Stan Ho swimmer.First time we went in like three months because of house upkeep and trailer work ect.
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    Weke ula jigging help

    Have fun.
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    Weke ula jigging help

    Circle hooks will work good for bottom dwellers that have big mouths.I would stick to small open gap hooks to target everything though. I think you will be more successfull on fish you will want to catch like nabeta that have small mouths.I use circle hooks exclusively for deep dropping since...
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    Weke ula jigging help

    40 lb test damashi 1' branch work good.They are easy enough to make to.Its good to have them a little bit heavier just in case you hook up to an Uku papio ect.It really does not effect the bite that much ether .Those worms are too big 1 to 2 inch will work better.I know worms work but we do...
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    Carnage or work? Hmmmmm

    Way to go on getting your boat bloody with Shibi.Getting the red meat is always good. It also looks like you guys worked hard to me.Congrats on the epic catch.
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    Sunday 10/29/17

    More than any place in the US Hawaii knows how to prepare any type of fish to make it taste good.The Marlin likely got bought by someone that turned it into Marlin Jerky which is sold commercially over here.People also make it into Poke sold at grocery stores here.Smoked Marlin is also a popular...
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    Sunday 10/29/17

    Good going on you and your crews catch, nice result.Especially for this time of year.Congrats.
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    Cargo net action

    Good going on catching on the cargo net.We found a nice one the other week straight outside.All it had was too many hagi to count and some kamanu we did manage to catch one kamanu.Would rather have caught Mahi and ono like you guys.Oh well.We did manage to catch a Mahi and a shibi trolling in...
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    Deep or Shallow?

    You got the right concepts.All the things you listed apply here as they do in Florida we dont have much weeds in current lines here though sometimes you will find some nice cargo nets and logs.Stay at least 30 yards off the current line just to make sure you dont foul your prop in any loose...
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    Deep or Shallow?

    If you want to catch Ono shallow water say 40 fathoms is prime time usually from april thru july. You will ocasionally catch all other species there too,although the deep blue is much more productive imo.Right now has been slow it might pick up though with a fall run of good size mahis and...
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    Dodo recipes???

    Cut up Mahi into 2" pieces. Peel fresh garlic and ginger to equal amounts then put in food processer. put 1/8 cup amount of olive oil, salt, pepper,dill,and curry powder in the food processer. Mince it all up till evenly blended. Put mahi and sauce into zip lock bag,rub sauce around till it...
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    Mini mahi carnage

    Its Garys fishery that he needs to worry about.Salmon, steelhead and albacore are all red list fish.As far as mexicos mahi goes I here from friends that have fished there before several times that they catch plenty.I don't know maybe they are just good fisherman.Good going Mike on the Mahis...
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    Kona Charter Recommendations

    Cherry pit 2.Never fished with them but heard good things from others about them.I think they let you keep a little fish too.
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    Mega Mahi

    Nice Mahi and video.Good Job.
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    Shakin' it up on the shakedown 5-7-17

    Nice Ahi. One time we had an ahi give us trouble at leader using the orange gloves with the rubber line grips.Then are friend turned us on to goatskin gloves from ace hardware way better for gripping and leadering big fish compared to other gloves.
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    East Hawaii 5/5/17

    Thanks for the report.Only a couple of bouys have been working good out of Hilo. Hopefully the big swarms of aku will show up soon so all of them will work good, then all the boats will spread out which will be a good thing.
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    NEW Released Accurate BV500 Reel Sweepstakes

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    Setting Up/Maintenance Out Of The Box

    I fish straight out of the box,whether its an Avet, Shimano, Penn ect.As long as I wash and clean them good exteriorly after each use I have noticed I can fish them for several years without any problems.At the first sign of malfunction is when I like to do an overhaul. Overhauling your reel out...
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    Avet mxl 5.8 drag?

    If you are using a good drag scale with a tell tale ring and are using it according to directions it should dial you into desired strike and full lb numbers when the drag knob is properly adjusted, otherwise something is wrong with the reel.
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    Win a Penn International Reel & Carnage II Rod

    Nice giveaway.YFT in my avatar caught with a 80SW two speed international.
  50. KFD

    Shimano Vs Avet

    I have A Jx and a Talica, I am happy with both Performance wise.They both feel the same to me when fighting fish of the same size and species.
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    The 11th hour!

    Its a good size striped marlin,besides nobody in Hawaii wastes what they catch.
  52. KFD

    JX vs LX

    I have a Jx and can get two of my fingers on the spool when using chunk or bait but its pretty tight, and i have average size hands.Maybe for that reason the lx might be better for you.If you do get a Jx you can get a little over 500yds of 65# max quatro power pro on it no problem I have it on mine.
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    Limitations of a JX 4.6.1

    Thanks Rob.
  54. KFD

    Limitations of a JX 4.6.1

    If I hook on to a 100lb tuna will the JX 4.6 do the job, considering it will take time of course.I know the 2 speed jx and raptor are better for big fish, I am just curious to know what the capabilities of the 4.6 is.