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    Deep Vertical BFT Jigs - Floro or No?

    200# mono bite leader to 130# 25' mono wind on to 130# braid all crimped connections. The 130 mono gives you a bit of buffer when the big ones are doing circles at the end and can rub the line on the bottom of the boat. Braid does not stand up to abrasion well. POP
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    Mak 20 - Line Capacity vs Line Lb Test

    I lost a good one in the corner on braid to the bite leader. It made a big circle and must have hit the prop or just rubbed the bottom of the hull. POP. It was over in a second. I've had many successes with straight braid that way, a 10' section of braid with a blue paint streak and a frayed...
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    Mak 20 - Line Capacity vs Line Lb Test

    That is the move. Stack 100lb hollow spliced to 500' of 130 hollow "metered" line. leave enough room for 25' of 130 mono wind on leader. Crimp to the 200lb bite leader on your jig and you are all set. If the 500' foot (the part you jig with) gets damaged from boat rubbing/ tangles just replace...
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    Sportboats or Charters - fishing the islands?

    If you can afford to do it, Bight Sportfishing is top notch at exactly what you are describing.
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    Is Stealing Gear a Thing?

    That's about the extent of the theft I've experienced. Surface iron snipped off while the rod was in the rack..... Lame people. Poor idiot probably believes with the right jig he's suddenly going to become the long rod king of SoCal.
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    Think this is the year...

    Yeah. Definitely going to be stopped going North each time. I’ve been through a few times where they are also stopping the South bound lane too.
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    Think this is the year...

    I've done it 10 times give or take. No issues. Have your passport, Mexican insurance and your FMM paper filled out and signed at the border and you are legitimate. You will go through a Military check point South of Ensenada after you pass through the Old Wine trail area. Have your passport...
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    Oregon Bluefin

    200 seems to be the most popular dawn here. but the 160 should do the trick as well I'm sure.
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    Oregon Bluefin

    I'm guessing not in Oregon. But SOCal shops for sure.
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    Oregon Bluefin - not typically a mail order outfit, but I guessing a phone call and they would get you sorted out. Or -
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    fathom 40nld2 drag backs off with use

    I said in and out.... but I meant more rotationally with the travel of the lever. The in and out is normal. The rotation is not. At least not that I have seen on other reels. I wasn't terribly clear there.
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    fathom 40nld2 drag backs off with use

    Thanks Jim. Responded in PM. I'm thinking that's all it was. Removed some grease, cleaned it out with a q-tip and replaced it with a few drops oil.
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    fathom 40nld2 drag backs off with use

    I will take it apart and see if I can find anything sticking. Drag is is set middle of the road for the reels capability, so I don’t think that’s the issue. Sticking sounds more on track. As I work the lever on/off the knob moves back and forth with the lever about a 1/16 of an inch or so in...
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    fathom 40nld2 drag backs off with use

    Thank you for the quick response!
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    fathom 40nld2 drag backs off with use

    Has anyone experienced this and if so have you come up with a fix for it? It happens primarily when YO-YO jigging with the repeated on off of the drag. after 20 drops or so it will have backed itself off quite a bit. Not the end of the world, but annoying none the less. If there is a simple fix...
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    Line selection for Talica 50

    130 hollow on the 50. That 50 will hold a lot of 130.
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    Rod length

    I use a Calstar 700h pretty steadily when the 40-60 tuna are around. Paired with a TAC12 its pretty hard to beat - it will fish a size class up or down easily. I fish it more than my 800H so go figure.
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    Pay First Fish Processing

    A reasonable argument. I just don't know if the law can be interpreted that way. I'm assuming the processors don't want to pay the cost of having lawyers figure it out either. Or the fines for just trying their luck and being wrong. They are in an interesting position. If a mechanic shop repairs...
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    Pay First Fish Processing

    I'm betting they legally are not allowed to sell it. Technically its "sport caught fish" which is a no-no for commercial sale. Not to mention needing the receivers license etc. I'm guessing this is why its a burden for them not just essentially free product.
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    Cork tape removal

    Acetone will do it. its below the grip anyway so no concern for damaging the finish. Oil based solutions above will probably work, but you are going to end up needing to clean them off with..... you guessed it- acetone in the end anyway. Strong rubbing alcohol will do as well. Problem is most of...
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    Bait Cutter

    The joy of a tig welder, a plasma cutter and some creativity... Very nice
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    100lb surface iron reel.

    Penn 40NLD2... It casts decently and will fish 80lb reasonably.
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    Cleaned rod with Alcohol!

    Soapy water a spray bottle and some patience. Its takes a bit but once the scales re-hydrate you can get them off with your finger nail.
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    Offshore Super Solid Done by the Captain of the Aztec

    Depends on species. One inch square patch of skin left intact is required. Tuna need to be broken up in 5 pieces - 2 top loin, 2 bottom loins and collars in one bag. All bags marked with species- YFT, BFT....etc. Species must have a minimum fillet size listed in the reg book to fillet on the...
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    Trailer Bunk Brackets

    Yes. That's my guess. I just bought a new trailer from them last year. All phone calls no website... A bit old school over there.
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    Offshore June 11 - BFT at the Knuckle

    You are referring to a private boat I assume? Yes. The Boat would need a TIP permit - Temporary Importation Permit and within 12 miles of the coast a passport is also required. Some people may say don't worry about it etc., but those items are required by Mexican law. Depending on how convinced...
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    Calstar 900M Factory Wrapped

    900M or 900H? Picture looks to be of an H
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    Carharrt "Force" socks. They are durable work wear boot socks, but they are thin and allow me to get my boots on and off without much difficulty. I don't needed added warmth in general as I am fishing in SoCal.
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    bow roller setup/ install advise please

    Fairing done, high build primer sprayed. Now just to final sand, glaze any pinholes etc. and gel coat.
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    Speedmaster vs Fathom

    I have a TAC 12 which should be the same as the Speedmaster, unfortunately I don't happen to have a 30/2 speed fathom..... However I have used one quite a few times. The 30 will have a slightly wider spool and be just a bit wider overall. Between a Tac 12 and 16 really from memory. I would...
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    That's what I said. Flip the scenario and you have a post about the shitty boat with the idiot...

    That's what I said. Flip the scenario and you have a post about the shitty boat with the idiot captain who left the hot bite and a bunch of people have 0 fish for the $350 ticket.....
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    bow roller setup/ install advise please

    Right on! I added some already to cover/ build up the radius a bit on both sides already and anywhere I saw a low spot. I'm doing my fairing with USC "ProGlas" . Its similar to Duraglass, only it sands easier and so I have been told has a better more modern resin system. Its my first time using...
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    bow roller setup/ install advise please

    That's 2 x 3/4 marine plywood laminated with 2 layers of 1.5 chopped strand in between the plywood. The bottom side has 2 x layers of 1.5 oz CSM on it and the top has 2 layers of 1708 over all of it extending onto the deck by about 4 - 6 inches on each side. I used some CSM on top of that where...
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    bow roller setup/ install advise please

    Correct. That is the design of how the windlass works. No issues might be a bit optimistic, but lets say less issues than having to continuously pull and launch by hand. There is a minimum clearance required below the windlass and as long as you have that you should have a reliable...
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    Question about Daily Limits

    That's tough to say and obviously only the captain would have insight as to why the decision was made the way it was. Maybe a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush theory going on? If you flip it the other way around and they pulled the plug and left the school and were never able to...
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    When do you start paddy hoppin for local YT

    Water temp is definitely more of a factor than time of year, but time of year generally affects water temp so they are somewhat hand in hand. Its a bit early in the season but someone will be the first one to find the hot paddy. Maybe it will be you?
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    bow roller setup/ install advise please

    Update: I lied to myself. I am installing a windlass and a pulpit...... Hopefully I will be done fairing and ready for gelcoat by the weekend.
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    WTB: WTS 7x

    Hey Mike did you ever find what you were after?
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    Anchor chain 5/16 and 5/8 Rope

    Russo submitted a new listing: Anchor chain 5/16 and 5/8 Rope - Anchor chain 5/16 and 5/8 Rope Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California Anchor Rode 5/16 and 9/16 Rope (I think)

    25' of G4 5/16 Galv chain and 150- 200 of 5/8 3 braid rope. If anyone is interested I will post/ send pics and measure rope...
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    Calstar 6480

    Sam at Island Tackle. They pickup from Calstar frequently and are just up the street from them. If anyone can he can. Truth is the production is pretty slow these days from what I've heard, but he could probably get you some insight.
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    Recommendations for a bluefin arsenal

    Exactly this.. Save your initial investment. Go on more trips instead. Get your feet wet and see if you even enjoy it. Spend money on fluorocarbon leader and misc. tackle- various sizes of circle hooks, torpedo weights and knife/ flat fall jigs. If after you have bobbed around the ocean a few...
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    Best SD boat?

    Pacific Queen is Great. Usually booked up basically immediately once the schedule is open. Poseidon is good. Very clean nice boat. The OG, The Aztec, The Mustang, the New Lo An, the Producer.... So many to chose from. I can't say I've had a bad experience on an SD boat. At least not at the boat...
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    Shipping a 9 Footer

    Rainshadow Tuna popping blanks break down or at least telescope. They are actually pretty good jig sticks too. It might be worth having one built so you can travel with it assuming you are intending to make the trip on occasion...
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    Fishing licensed

    That site is always a pain but it does work. its not very intuitive. turn off pop up blockers and register an account for the site (not required, but it makes it easier in the long run). It goes about like this: Click "get license" - redirect Click "buy your license" - redirect Click "buy...
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    Seeker WTS- 7X "Black & Tan" 9' 30-50 White Tiger

    Russo submitted a new listing: Seeker WTS- 7X "Black & Tan" 9' 30-50 White Tiger - Seeker WTS- 7X "Black & Tan" 9' 30-50 White Tiger Learn more about this listing...
  47. Seeker WTS 7X "Black & Tan" 9' 30-50 White Tiger

    Southern California Seeker WTS 7X "Black & Tan" 9' 30-50 White Tiger

    Seeker White Tiger Black & Tan- WTS- 7X Fuji K series guides Fresh off of the dryer. $550 or bring offer. This was from a limited run of black and tans that Seeker did about 2 years...
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    bow roller setup/ install advise please

    Although I am not setting up a Windlass winch on this one, that’s typically how it would be done If you want to pull the anchor from the helm. The rope and chain feed directly down through a Hawse pipe (through hole) located behind and inline with the Gypsy head. I’m guessing there are a lot of...
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    bow roller setup/ install advise please

    Made some progress today. I’m planning on doubling up in the center to add some strength where the bow roller mounts.
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    bow roller setup/ install advise please

    Plywood. Cut into 6x6” squares to accommodate the slight crown to the deck. Full of water. That wood hasn’t seen daylight since the Regan era.
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    bow roller setup/ install advise please

    Off to the races….
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    bow roller setup/ install advise please

    This is very similar to what I was picturing. Obviously minus the pulpit.
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    bow roller setup/ install advise please

    Hi All, I was hoping to see some of your setups and get some do's and don't regarding the bow roller/ bow cleat and Hawse pipe setup. I do not plan on using a Windlass at this time and likely will not be in the future on this boat. I will be cutting out the top skin and laminating in new core...
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    Custom King-starboard bait net, knife, piler holder

    PM sent. I'm interested.
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    Radar shown on MFD or keep on a separate display

    That is about where I am at with it. $2500 is a lot. Unless you compare it to just about any collision, boat sinking or injury scenario. Then it just seems like bargain pricing.
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    Radar shown on MFD or keep on a separate display

    I will take a look at it again. When I first got everything used obviously, it was installed on the boat. I looked into it and I think the issue was maybe that they were just different vintages. I don’t believe the Raymarine unit was new enough to support Sea talk/ nmea2000. It’s been a couple...
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    Radar shown on MFD or keep on a separate display

    Agreed. I thought it might be nice to be able to keep on so you have a good idea of where the island actually sits in relation to your position at all times. Not that it’s not on the plotter. Also for crossing in the dark etc is a given. It just seems like it would open up the ability to not...
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    Radar shown on MFD or keep on a separate display

    I actually do have an auto pilot. Unfortunately because it is Raymarine it doesn’t work directly communicating with the Lowrance. It’s not that big of a deal though. I just get my heading in degrees and then set it on the auto pilot control. It’s not perfect but it’s also not a large enough...
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    Radar shown on MFD or keep on a separate display

    This is kind of where I was leaning. Spend a little bit more money on the dome today and connected as a split screen. Even if it’s not the ideal circumstance I can likely get a smaller display later and use it exclusively for the radar.
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    Radar shown on MFD or keep on a separate display

    I want it to make the crossing at night to Cat and also for night fishing around the island. It just seems like good insurance?
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    Radar shown on MFD or keep on a separate display

    I am getting to the point where I will likely be adding a radar to my small center console fairly soon here. My MFD is a Lowrance HDS carbon 12”. It has the capability to do split screen which I often do while using the up down and chart etc. I am wondering if anybody has us strong opinion on...
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    Learning (some of) the art of sushi this winter...

    Looking better than anything I have ever put together. Always tastes good, just aesthetically never been able to pull it off haha.
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    Fuji BHNOG Guides Discontinued...?

    Alps still offers black too. Just Fuji to drop them as far as I know.
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    Cal star 90 j mag

    A bit lighter in weight. Slightly faster action. But still very moderate action. Its one of my favorites. I use a GG90J Mag as my goto.
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    MK-20ii upgrade to SEa, cost and who does it?

    I believe it is a factory done deal. I'm not sure the cost or if its still offered but I don't think it was that expensive.
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    WTB: WTS 7x

    I have a Black and Tan 7X I’m about to wrap. I will have it done in a week or 2. Deck hand cord wrap with a Turks knot. Black Fuji guides and black and white wraps. Shoot me a DM if you’re interested.
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    Driving to Baja

    I’m asking for a friend of mine’s son who has applied for the passport even with the expedite and still has not received it in time. Everybody else in the group is traveling with a passport or a passport card but unfortunately his has not arrived yet and we leave Thursday. Just wasn’t sure what...
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    Driving to Baja

    Does anybody have any experience crossing the Mexico California border without a passport card or passport? Just a California drivers license? I know years ago it was not an issue but I’m curious if anybody has done it recently without a problem.
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    10’ SFR 30-80

    Steadfast. Okay, thank you. Those I have heard of. I just was not able to think of what it could be. Nice looking build.
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    10’ SFR 30-80

    What is an SFR? Sorry, I just can’t come up with the brand or model of blank.
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    max time in between coats of rod finish?

    Thanks for all the replies guys. As you are all well aware it is a hell of a lot of work to get to that point to make some stupid mistake and have to redo it. I figured better safe than sorry…… better ask.
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    max time in between coats of rod finish?

    I’m using Classic Coat high build. Seems like that’s the consensus. I’m going to go for it. Thanks for the reassurance
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    max time in between coats of rod finish?

    I usually apply 3 coats at about 12-to within 24 hour intervals however, i had something come up and was not able to get the 3rd coat on in that window. Do I need to scuff and apply the final coat or just go for it? Its been about 48 hours. I figure once its cured, its cured. 48 hours or 5 days...
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    Aluminum Tig Welder Needed

    Call these guys. They are not a welding shop, but a supply shop specializing in TIG welding. They will have a list of guys they supply in you area that will do the work. If you were closer to Murrieta I would give it a go.
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    Driving to Baja

    Not unless its a very recent policy. I've been across multiple times during COVID and never had an issue. Just bring a mask and wear it where you would expect to. Very similar to here.
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    Thanks Edwin!

    Thanks Edwin!
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    WTB Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Found one
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    Shimano Trinidad 20 or 30

    I agree with the above assessment. Marginally further on the 30. Hardly noticeable. What will be noticeable will be the left to right thumb control to wind the line back on. I use the 30 when I'm using 80lb braid and casting jigs or poppers to Bluefin. If you are talking yellowtail, the 20 with...
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    Bay / Harbor Friday Night Hooping SD Bay

    Wow! Good score. It was really bright last night too. So much for bugs don't crawl when the moon is out....
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    Question about through-hull transducer

    Call Airmar and ask them. They will be your best source of actual info not internet conjecture. I cant image it would be good. At minimum it would be placing a lot of stress on the hull in a small localized area. I would also be concerned with the potted electronics in the transducer itself...
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    WTB Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    PM sent
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    WTB Penn Fathom 40NLD2

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    Where to get unwelded rings

    I don’t honestly. But it was pretty low. I just positioned them in the vice so that it squeezed the ring closed then I used a small ball peen to tap the ends into alignment. It doesn’t take much filler. Mainly just autogenous weld with a dab or two at most with a 1/16 rod. Just keep an eye on...
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    Where to get unwelded rings

    I have not had any fail. I have both brazed and tig welded them. For the 1/16 I usually just braze as this seems to be just fine for surface iron and yo-yo jigs, if you look the gauge looks to be exactly the same as Tady or Salas etc. are using from the factory. Heavy rigging for Tuna and 3/32...
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    Where to get unwelded rings

    You can make them. 316 stainless tig welding rod, a vice and a metal dowel with a hole drilled in it. The diameter of the dowel dictates the ring dia. Its fast once you get the hang of it. Insert the wire into the hole in the dowel, then coil the wire around it in nice tight concentric coils. a...
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    WTB Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Russo submitted a new listing: WTB Penn Fathom 40NLD2 - WTB Penn Fathom 40NLD2 Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California WTB Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Looking for a used 40NLD2 Fathom. Doesn’t need to be perfect but if the “boat rash” looks like it was used as a hammer as often as it was used as a fishing reel I’ll pass. Looking for a local transaction. San Diego to LA
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    I have an Airmar SS164 thru hull I would consider letting go. I currently use it with a Lowance Carbon. Its still installed but I have been tossing around making a change. Let me know if you are interested.
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    What surface iron iss this?

    Salas J-Pot maybe?
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    Virgin CUI F120 builds for sale

    you and me both.....
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    November Bluefin Foamania 11/17/2021

    Maybe the SeaDoo is the secret sniper rifle required for the task. I was out in my boat last week and they were everywhere in the canyon, but would disappear as soon as I was anywhere near in range.
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    Looking for Seeker rod decals

    Why not just go to Seeker in Orange? They would set you up.
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    Dumping an old boat Trailer

    I had a new one built and Pacific just scrapped the old one. it was not worth its weight in rusted steel.
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    DIY ceramic insert replacement?

    The way I am reading this, you are just looking to reinstall the actual ceramic ring, not replace the guide correct? I have done that with a 2 part epoxy. Just make sure every thing is cleaned with acetone then apply with a tooth pick to the guide ID and the ring OD. It should be a pretty tight...
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    Possible vids of your favorite surface irons

    I’ve had a few. Not impressed. They spent too much time developing 50 “colorways” what ever the fuck that means…. but no time developing the actual mold in my opinion.
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    CUI F1-120’s Black and Yellow unsanded blanks

    Put me on the list for a yellow one as well if you choose to sell any blanks please.
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    Islands 9-25 Grande Rock Fishing?

    I’ve never been handed a bracelet on any sport boats. I believe they just cover the cost and keep them with your passport info. The Coronado islands have been pretty bad fishing lately. Take a look at a chlorophyll chart and you can see they are surrounded by green turned over water. I’m...
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    Getting to Fisherman processing after trip…

    Fast and Easy Fish pick up: (619) 674-7814 Talk to Kelly. He picks up from private boats and 6 packs etc., I assume he can accommodate?
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    Possible vids of your favorite surface irons

    I think you might be over thinking this, but sure. I fish my irons with 65# braid and a short leader (6-8’) of 40 or 50 mono or flouro. Generally 40 unless I’m around rocks like in San Quintin. Some prefer all mono. Life’s short, do what makes you happy. I use Trinidad A’s (6.3:1 I think?)...
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    Possible vids of your favorite surface irons

    Hmmmmm. I likely have about 50 surface irons of which I probably use maybe 5 with any consistency. At some point I believe the confidence that grows with throwing a jig that gets bit takes a front seat in the equation. Would another jig have been eaten? Probably, but I know they they will eat...
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    Offshore 8/22 Oceanside kelp

    Yeah I hear you. We started to release the smaller ones after the first few. Those were the early fish so to speak. Fastest growing gamefish in the ocean so I've heard... I don't believe they are in any short supply.
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    Offshore 8/22 Oceanside kelp

    Launched out of Oceanside 8/22 at about 6AM and grabbed a scoop and a half of some decent 5" sardines. They were pretty fresh but that's par for the course this time of the year so be it. We were pointed to SCI or whatever came first. There were a couple of boats that had gotten out ahead of us...
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    Irregular sure. Unheard of? No. The 1.5 boats turn and burn during the season and at times need...

    Irregular sure. Unheard of? No. The 1.5 boats turn and burn during the season and at times need to get fuel on the way in as they don't have time to drop off, head back to the fuel dock and then go back to pick up the next trip. I've been on multiple boats from different landings where this has...
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    Can you fillet tunas in the boat

    In California you are allowed to fillet on the boat (not in Mexican waters). As mentioned by Phishy Phil you must break each fish into 6 sections- 2 x top loins, 2 x bottom loins a a collar and a belly in one bag marked with the name of the species of Tuna I.E. BFT.
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    Dana Point bait

    They only had anchovy on Friday. Can't say what they have now.
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    My first time out?

    Always check the wind and weather on the days before and right up to the day of your trip. Find somewhere easy to launch with floating docks parallel to the ramp. Consider launching on a weekday where the ramps will be less crowed. Make sure you have a functional VHF radio and all of the basic...
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    Conundrum - Braid with top shot or not for Blue Fin

    I've been successful both ways. These days I usually fish braid to short flouro, say 6-8' depending on the length of the rod. This is honestly because I like the versatility of being able to go from 50 to 20 with just a quick leader change (using 65 braid as main line). I don't really see it...
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    Shimano Colt Sniper Swim Kick

    Seriously. Its bizarre
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    60 lb thru 100 lb Braid shortage

    Not shops in OC but I would try Island in Carson or possibly Kens custom reel in Oceanside. Did you try the Longfin or Melton etc.?
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    Rusty trailor bits

    I would agree with the one at a time theory. Just incase keep an alignment bar hand so if the need some adjustment you can get them back together.
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    San Quintin Tackle Recommendations

    Ah I see. I’ve been to Don Eddie’s just wandering around and hit the bar a time or two but have never stayed there. I can’t say I’ve seen a ramp, but that definitely doesn’t mean it does not exist. here is - or was Tony’s # +52 664 632 5417 from Don Eddie’s. I’m sure he can let you know the deal.
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    San Quintin Tackle Recommendations

    As far as I know it is. Its the same ramp used by all of the commercial guys etc. I can't think of any reason why anyone would launch at Don Eddie's when the main ramp is maybe 1000' away. I would say just be mindful of the locals and the commercial guys. Basically don't be the guy at the ramp...
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    San Quintin Tackle Recommendations

    Great catch. Yep sabiki rigs for sure!
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    San Quintin Tackle Recommendations

    Who are you fishing with? The Old Mill is a cool spot. Laid back and friendly staff, I've never had a bad time there. The Owner Javier is a fun guy and if you like Tequila he's always ready to pour a round. He is also the head chef at the restaurant El Eucalipto which is on premises at the Old...
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    How big!?

    I'll say 150 - 160 or so. It doesn't look to have the girth of the 200lb models. I could be wrong...
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    Cavalla12-II … How tough is it ?

    I actually was just involved in landing a 115# BFT with one about two weeks back. It got the job done, but I won't recommend it in that application. It took way longer than it should have and was no fun. I think 40-50 class is a fair assessment.
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    I have one as well. CJBF90M. I was told it was due to a mistake when they compress the matting...

    I have one as well. CJBF90M. I was told it was due to a mistake when they compress the matting around the mandrel when rolling the blank. I cannot say for sure that is correct. I didn't think it was deliberate but I could be totally wrong?
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    Is this the right size? (flat fall hook upgrade)

    Looks small to me. I use the owner Jobu hooks which you can find on amazon. I use the twist hooks as assist hooks with brazed rings... I think the Jobu are 8/0 on the small flat falls and then maybe 10/0 on the bigger ones. Its been a while since I rigged any.
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    What am I missing here? The limit is 3 WSB according to the CA recreational limit...

    What am I missing here? The limit is 3 WSB according to the CA recreational limit?
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    Aluminum Boxes

    Open on one side or closed on all 4? Wall mount them and use them to store spray cans. Cut V notches in them and use them to store angle grinders.
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    Good luck and remember to have fun. Its the most important part.

    Good luck and remember to have fun. Its the most important part.
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    what are good reels for bluefin tuna?

    Yes, you can rent gear. Contact Seaforth Landing -(619) 224-3383 and confirm, but I'm 99% sure they rent gear. Fisherman's Landing, H&M etc. all rent gear as you are far from the only person in your position. Its fairly common honestly. Even guys that fish frequently don't necessarily have heavy...
  123. R

    what are good reels for bluefin tuna?

    You renting or buying? How often do you plan on going out? If this is a try and see how you like it scenario I would suggest renting 40# and 80# 2 speed setups from the landing. Alternatively good price point reel to buy would be a Penn 40NLD2 Fathom. Load it with 80# braid and get yourself...
  124. R

    Fishing reliable Kill bag

    Or am I backwards? You have the bag and want the cooler?
  125. R

    Fishing reliable Kill bag

    Pretty sure they all "leak" Kill bags are not intended to be water tight. Just an FYI if you were envisioning putting it in the backseat of your car etc. I believe there is some info about sealing them on Reliable's website.
  126. R

    100lb reel suggestions

    Mak 20
  127. R

    Baja Sur Mexican License Site Down?

    What site did you use? This is is from 5 minutes ago. I am just wondering if there is a different site to use? This is where the site I have used - redirects you to now when you try to actually "buy permit"
  128. R

    Baja Sur Mexican License Site Down?

    I was at the landing on Friday night and they were still having issues. It seems like you can access the site but nothing happens when you actually try to buy the license.
  129. R

    Seeker bs806 intel for building

    Generally the rule of thumb for guides is one per foot plus one and a tip. so you should be at 9 + the tip if its an 8' blank. Guide spacing info here: I would use Fuji guides if at all possible. Alps are okay. I have no experience with American tackle...
  130. R

    Can't go wrong with Primetime Sportfishing

    Can't go wrong with Primetime Sportfishing
  131. R


    Braid to flouro or mono - FG or RP knot for me. I like the smaller profile vs. the uni to uni Mono to short 3-4' flouro leader I use a surgeons knot as long as it doesn't need to pass through the guides and I don't generally fish a longer piece of flouro than that unless its connected directly...
  132. R

    Mustang sport fishing

    I'm in agreement with SCbassmaster. Steve fishes hard no doubt about that. He is about as dedicated and driven to put the boat on fish as anyone I have ever fished with. He can absolutely be intense. I believe what you are witnessing is the frustration that comes when a captain has given a...
  133. R

    How do I protect the kite balloon when traveling at 20+ knots?

    Wear XXXXL T shirts and stuff it in your shirt so you can motor spot to spot like you are pregnant with a small rhinoceros. Mix it up and slide it to the back like Quasimodo.... Sorry. Not helpful I know........
  134. R

    Re-decking...fiberglass help?

    For sure a valid concern. Many factors that could lead up to that result though really. It looks to me like the de-lamination occurred where the wood had become wet. Obviously I can’t say if that came before or after but it Looks like the bond is still good where the wood is dry. Really hard to...
  135. R

    Re-decking...fiberglass help?

    It’s fresh. I just completed them in the off season. The key no matter what for longevity will be keeping water out of the wood. Seal all of your screws and through penetrations with 4200 or the flavor of your liking.
  136. R

    Re-decking...fiberglass help?

    That could be. I have not used vinylester for anything so I can't speak from experience on that one. As for bonding to wood epoxy definitely has a leg up on polyester when referring to repairs made on wet or damp wood. Since you are talking about new clean dry plywood I don't believe you would...
  137. R

    Offshore Toronado 58 degree water at Cortez Bank. Yellows biting a bit

    I was kind of think the same thing. However, I will qualify or perhaps disqualify that statement with openly admitting I have never caught Albacore. From a consumption perspective I prefer Tuna raw so BFT and YFT take top billing. From what I have seen of Albacore fishing on TV they do look to...
  138. R

    Re-decking...fiberglass help?

    I don't really know how short of a shelf life "short" is? Polyester will live in the can 6 months or so no problem in my experience. The cost of epoxy is defiantly higher than the polyester. The polyester defiantly smells stronger when mixing/ applying than the epoxy. Polyester will mix with...
  139. R

    Baja Sur Mexican License Site Down? This is where I usually go. Looks to be working but I did not actually go all the way through the site.
  140. Kite Rod- for kite $50 just built

    Kite Rod- for kite $50 just built

    Never been used. Gimbal butt cap Seine cord handle with Alps tiptop for kite. overall length is 49" The only reason I’m not using this is the reel seat I used is a little too small for the reel I ended up with for the kite. It should fit Tanacom 750 etc. Located in Wildomar/ Murrieta area
  141. R

    Gelcoat color matching

    Sherfab in Ontario CA. Good pricing and service. They deal will gelcoat/ composites exclusively.
  142. R

    PM Sent.

    PM Sent.
  143. R

    Recommendations for place to buy 5 gallon of vinylester resin in oc, ca. Or even in long beach ca.

    Sherfab is definitely the cheapest I have found. I was buying from Fiberlay and then found these guys right up the street from my work. Good product, good service & free catalyst with resin/ gelcoat. Hard to lose.
  144. R

    BOLA and highway 5

    You are definitely supposed to turn them in. In reality, actually turning them in is not always the easiest thing to do in my experience. Coming back through San Ysidro it is basically impossible and requires a detour into TJ to drop them off. That being said I'm at about 2 returned to 15 not...
  145. R

    Best UV light for night fishing big bluefin?

    it seems like in my experience that the glow paint on the flat falls only glows for so long regardless. Say a minute or so. The moment you pull the off it’s really glowing but starts fading immediately. I don’t think the light makes that much of a difference. As long as it’s UV it will charge...
  146. R

    Best UV light for night fishing big bluefin?

    Home Depot sells cheap UV flashlights that do the trick. The best? Who knows. Good enough for around $20 and not going to be the end of the world if it doesn't make it home? Home Depot........
  147. R


    Is that Reds and Sheep head count for 2 per? 5 Reds = 10 and 10 Whites is 15 total fish buts counts as 20- full bag limit? I believe I saw that was new for this year right? Reds being a 5 limit?
  148. R

    Looking for honey 7x uncut. Honey blanks.

    I have an uncut black and tan SS-SB Ulua blank 10'. I would consider parting with it. Interested?
  149. R

    Who trolls while fishing offshore and why?

    It is now...... Haha
  150. R

    Who trolls while fishing offshore and why?

    When you are in the "zone" and looking around why not? Jig stops have turned into limit style fishing many times. Especially if you have some bait to throw and can build it up. As far as "special"? Always have a cedar plug in the spread. But I think that's typical not special:-).
  151. R

    Do you glue your FG or PR knot?

    If I have the option I will glue the finish knot and also use a lighter to put a small bulb on the leader to help prevent it from slipping. That being said if I'm tying it on the water and or don't have super glue its not a deal breaker. I have never had a failure either way.
  152. R

    fathom 30sdp and more

    Where about in LA? I'm up there fairly frequently
  153. R

    fathom 30sdp and more

    Tempting.... Where are you located?
  154. R

    Need Help finding rod builder

    Johnny Schoeberl is in OC. On Instagram @schoeberl_custom_rods
  155. R

    Shimano Trinidad 14A too small

    I own and fish a 14A, a couple of 16A's, 20A's and a 30A. I use the 14A with 50# maxcuatro in order to get the line capacity up to where I feel comfortable that I will be able to seal the deal. I use mine for 15-30lb fly line. this will get bitten when other guys are struggling. The bait is...
  156. R

    Size limit

    Yeah that makes sense on the long range boats where they have their pick of better grade fish and longer window of opportunity. I would imagine such a thing would be more difficult to expect to have on day boats. You get a handful of legal Yellowtail or Tuna onboard and you are asking guys to...
  157. R

    Size limit

    I can't say I've ever encountered it. Far as I know they all just follow legal sportfishing requirements (or are supposed to) the CA Regs are below. Not sure if something has changed in Mexican water for 2021?
  158. R

    35ft panga boat for sale with two Yamaha 300hp

    I highly doubt the original owners give two shits about it. Cost of doing business I'm sure. I saw a Netfix documentary on the Columbian smugglers and those guys would ditch jet aircraft with the same mindset. One way ticket. Those Yamahas probably equal a fraction of a % to their big picture.
  159. R

    Knot puller?

    3/4" schd 40 or 80 PVC conduit or pipe if you have it, cut to 6" with heat shrink over the top. works great costs nearly nothing and will last forever.
  160. R

    Shaping the bullet

    Yeah I can see the potential for an issue with the point not being as concentric as possible within the hollow. I do try and taper it down with the nail file pretty well. I really never paid that much attention to how even the point was. How much are you typically inserting on say a 100#...
  161. R

    Shaping the bullet

    Never used a pin vise for this application. Not a terrible idea, I'm just not sure how necessary it is. I usually just cut the leader with a sharp razor blade at as much of an angle as I can get away with (pressing down in a cleaver type scenario) and then drag the end across a nail file a few...
  162. R

    Offshore Liberty 11/11

    Doesn't seem like anybody really pounded the islands this year. I honestly don't recall if I fished them at all this year.
  163. R

    Offshore Liberty 11/11

    Were you guys working in and around the Coronado Islands or more offshore on kelps?
  164. R


    Sorry guys but this reel has been long sold. A year ago or more.
  165. R

    Sold long ago

    Sold long ago
  166. R

    Non-essential travel extended to Oct. 21

    I highly doubt it. I can tell you driving and pedestrian crossing were open.
  167. R

    Non-essential travel extended to Oct. 21

    I personally just got back from Baja two days ago. Drove through at San Ysidro and the 4.5 hours south and back from San Quintin on the 1. Business as usual from what I could see. Marginally less traffic crossing, but by no long stretch of the imagination closed. No grief from US border patrol...
  168. R

    What to do with tons of Bamboo?

    I'd go bong first then Panda fight, but to each their own.....
  169. R

    BEWARE OF ALEX V - UPDATED 4.3.20 Disputed PayPal transaction 3 months later

    I had tracking, multiple emails, pictures even an email from the seller essentially stating that they had altered the item while in their possession. If you have had good results that's great. Your money, your item. Do what makes you happy. I have had a pretty good amount of transactions with...
  170. R

    BEWARE OF ALEX V - UPDATED 4.3.20 Disputed PayPal transaction 3 months later

    I have had terrible experiences with PayPal. Not on here, just in general. They will always default to the buyer. So at the end no matter how much proof you have that they (buyer) are in the wrong as the seller you will lose. I had a situation where I was able to provide proof via screen shots...
  171. R

    Tack cloth pre finish

    What is the best way to remove light dust etc. that settles before applying finish? There are a lot of different tack clothes and some leave more residue that others. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  172. R

    jig stick guide wrap question

    I’ve seen the rust starting under the guides before too. Good point. Thank you for the input.
  173. R

    jig stick guide wrap question

    Yeah it is. Looks like someone already grabbed it up. Wasn’t mine but it’s a good example of what I’m talking about.
  174. R

    jig stick guide wrap question

    That’s kind of what I’m thinking. On heavy duty off shore builds sure under wrap, but I’m guessing most of the jigstick builds with under wraps are just hold overs from pre nylon thread etc. better thread, better guide quality and epoxy are now standard.
  175. R

    jig stick guide wrap question

    I'm currently building a Seeker CJBF100M. I have a Moon wrapped Ulua where it was done without an under wrap- or I should say if there is an under wrap it is not continuous, it looks like a single. I have seen pictures of others posted for sale as well by several well known builders so I am...
  176. R

    jig stick guide wrap question

    Just was wondering how most people are doing their jig stick guide wraps? Its seems like more and more I see custom builders using no under wrap to reduce weight and help improve/ retain action in the blank. Are these single or double wraps? Thread size? Any drastic difference in long term...
  177. R


    Item has sold. Thank you for the inquiry. Just updated post.
  178. R

    Considering trade TAC 16/2+ cash my end for TAC 20/2

    GONE! Thank You
  179. R


    Excellent condition Avet Raptor MXJ in silver. Loaded to the top with 65# Izor braid. $350 Reel is located by Murrieta, but I get up to LA/OC pretty often. Still have the box.
  180. R


    I have an MXJ RAPTOR in great near new condition. I know the pictures do not look it but they are in great shape. The silver is hard to photograph. I will send additional pics upon request. No problem. Located in the Temecula area but I travel to OC, LA ,SD frequently. Avet MXJ Raptor (2...
  181. R

    Quesadillas de huitlacoche

    I had to look it up.. haha
  182. R

    Torium 20 HGA like new PRICE DROP

    I will be down there for day at the docks on the 4/14. Send me a PM and I will give you my number if you are interested.
  183. R

    Torium 20 HGA like new PRICE DROP

    I will be at the Pacific Coast Sportfishing show today if anyone is interested in the reel. Let Me know and I will bring it.
  184. R

    Torium 20 HGA like new PRICE DROP

    Shimano HGA 20 in like new condition. Box, instructions, clamp and wrench all included. 80# white Izor braid with about 150 yards of fresh 40# Izor XXX smoke top shot. No boat rash, could pass for new. $200 OBO. Located in 92595 Wildomar area but I'm up in LA and OC often.
  185. R

    Off somewhere, spending money I don't have on shit I don't need.

    Off somewhere, spending money I don't have on shit I don't need.
  186. R


    My go to bait rod. If I didn't already own it I would be buying it. Good price too.
  187. R

    PRICE DROP AVET JX 6.0 Silver $175 OBO

    AVET JX 6.0 Silver color.Reel is in great condition. $175 OBO Reel is located in the Murrieta area. I have the box, wrench etc... I may consider trades. With or without cash my end or yours. Looking for a UC swimbait rod or Tranx 300 right handed.
  188. R

    CalStar WCDH 100J

    Calstar 100J honey glass jig rod. Rod is in good shape. No rust. Has signs of use but nothing that is not cosmetic. There is a name on the rod that has been epoxied over. Handle has been redone with cord in place of cork. Other than that it is a factory rod. $150 OBO. Located in the Murrieta area.
  189. R

    Phenix Axis 9’ rods

    For the tackle days event? I’m thinking of going myself it’s on the third correct? Either way I live in Murietta which is on the 15 north of Temecula a little bit.
  190. R

    Phenix Axis 9’ rods

    It’s still available. Any plans of being down in the Inland Empire?
  191. R

    Phenix Axis 9’ rods

    Selling two Phenix Axis 9’ jig sticks 1 x HAX 909 HJ 9’ 30-80 - heavy jig SOLD 1 x HAX 909 H 9’ 20-60 med jig SOLD Both are factory rods. Good shape. They have been on a few boat rides. No rust. Additional pictures are no problem, please just request. Located in the Murrieta area.
  192. R

    10 foot jig stick

    PM sent. I have a WCDH 100J calstar in good shape. Let me know. Price in PM
  193. R

    Clean Trinidad 20A

    Thank you to everyone who responded. I have purchased one from a BD member. Thanks again.
  194. R

    Clean Trinidad 20A

    That's funny. For some reason I thought it was up north... I will check it out. Thanks.
  195. R

    Clean Trinidad 20A

    That looks to be way up in Rosemead. I’m looking for something locally here in SoCal that I can put in my hand before I pay for it. But thank you for the effort
  196. R

    Clean Trinidad 20A

    Looking to buy a good condition 20A in the SO cal area locally. OC, SD, IE, LA occasionally. What do you have?
  197. R

    Seeker pinhead ulua 9’3

    PM sent. I have a possible trade for you.
  198. R

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW 700XH 30-80

    For Sale: Phenix Black Diamond PSW 700XH 30-80 $275 OBO Great condition. It's been on a couple of boat rides but is in near new condition. No chips, no rust. You can see that its been in a rod holder and tell that its had a reel mounted by the minor scratches on the reel from having a reel...
  199. R

    Calstar GFDH 800M- or possibly ML Factory wrap

    That was fast. Just purchased the 800M. Thanks Guys. PLEASE DELETE
  200. R

    Calstar GFDH 800M- or possibly ML Factory wrap

    Looking to buy a Calstar GFDH 800M or possibly ML. Must be in good shape. Anyone? Purchased. Thanks Bloodydecks! PLEASE DELETE.
  201. R

    Pearl 5 Pcs. Drum set w/ Zildjian Cymbals

    Just seeing if this would garner any interest. Pictures available if anyone is interested. Approximately 1k invested. Great shape. Trade for Talica or Trinidad etc. Jig stick, rail rod etc. Located in the Temecula area.
  202. R

    Fury FX-400/FX-400N rod match

    I currently have a Fury 400 and have it matched to a Cal Star 800L 15-30 rod. I keep it spooled with 50lb braid and run a short floro leader of various test. By the specs this reel is capable of a heavier rod. I am contemplating getting a 400N and moving the 400 to a Cal Star 850H 30-60. I would...
  203. R

    Phenix PSW700H as YOYO rod?

    Yeah that was along the lines I was thinking. The XH may be a bit stout for bait, but I really like a longer rod for bait anyhow so I will probably go with the XH and just get another rod for heavy bait when $$ permits. Thanks!
  204. R

    Phenix PSW700H as YOYO rod?

    Just looking to see what peoples thoughts are on the PSW 700H or 700XH being the better option for a YOYO rod that will see mostly Catalina, San Clemente Island use etc. I will be matching it with an Avet JX 6:01 reel. Ideally a bit of versatility from the combo would be nice. I believe the...