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  1. mischief1

    Engine wire harness plug

    Get rid of the plug and make a solid connection using a ring terminal block or but splice. I had an Intermittent issue with the coil wire going up to the key switch drove me crazy till I traced it out. I just butt spliced all the wires and thru that plug in the trash.
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    Anchor/ rope / chain

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  3. Anchor/ rope / chain

    Southern California Anchor/ rope / chain

    For sale two Danforth anchor Rope 1/2” nylon 100 foot Chain 5/16 25’ length
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    Garmin 498

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  5. Garmin 498

    Southern California Garmin 498

    Garmin 498 GPS / Fish Finder Airmar P66 transducer Cables Owners manual Mount
  6. Hoop nets

    Southern California Hoop nets

    I have 10 hoop nets Rope with floats Bait cages Lights Used but ready to fish
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    Hoop nets

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    WTB Old / Thrashed Hoop nets

    I have 10 complete nets,rope, bait cage’s light’s Sold boat no longer needed
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    Boat boarding stairs

    Weekend bump
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    HELP - Volvo Penta 280 Shifter Mechanism

    I have had good luck on eBay finding 280 parts cheep
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    Tie Up Outdrive?

    Their is a bracket for trailering it is triangle shaped 1/2” round bar with a rod that slides into the outdrive. You can search eBay the work great.
  12. mischief1

    Shimano Teramar TMC-80MB

  13. mischief1

    Izorline/Turners 8 day Searcher 7/29-8/6 BEWARE!!! I went photo happy

    Great report love the Searcher great clean boat. Wendy from IZOR good charter master and great fisherwoman / person 👍
  14. mischief1

    Catching Macks in catalina recently?

    Try the blue car area just east of Avalon just past lovers cove protected area. Flyers there too. Do it at night. Bring lots of cans of cat food and oatmeal to get them going lots of light helps too.
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    WTB Raymarine Analog Radar Cable

    I have one my work
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    Offshore Dana to Catalina 8/10

    Cut up the sardines into chunks chum the paddy when the fish follow the chum to your boat then put a hook into a chunk and free spoil it out bingo get the gaff
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    Boat boarding stairs

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  18. Boat boarding stairs

    Southern California Boat boarding stairs

    Boat boarding stairs and platform. It measures 4 feet high and two feet wide and the stairs are removable for transporting. If your tired of using a ladder to get into your boat to load up your gear this is a back saver. Made of steel angel iron with expanded metal for stairs and platform...
  19. mischief1

    Penn International 30 SW

  20. mischief1

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    I like the older 16S spooled up with 600 yards of Jerry Brown hollow free spool like mad For sale $ 500.00
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    Shimano Teramar TMC-80MB

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  22. Shimano Teramar TMC-80MB

    Southern California Shimano Teramar TMC-80MB

    Fishing Rod Shimano Teramar TMC-80MB 8-foot length, Rated at 20-50 Power Pro and Mono 15-40 Power Medium action Moderate Fast TC4 construction
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    Calstar 7460H 50-130

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  24. Calstar 7460H 50-130

    Southern California Calstar 7460H 50-130

    Calstar 7460H 50-130 Custom wrap with Aftco reel seat and roller guides. Great rod for trolling, Kite fishing or Knife jig fishing
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    Calstar 765ML 40-80

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  26. Calstar 765ML  40-80

    Southern California Calstar 765ML 40-80

    Calstar 765ML 40-80. The rod for grip has an added layer of protection of cold shrink wrap for fishing the rail.
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    Penn International 30 SW

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  28. Penn International 30 SW

    Southern California Penn International 30 SW

    Penn International 30 SW. The reel has 700 yards of Izor 130 pound hallow braid with a top shot of 80-pound Izor Mono. The reel has been tuned up by Cofe Products. A reel tuna killer. Sold boat not needed
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    Penn International 16S with Tibron Frame

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  30. Penn International 16S with Tibron Frame

    Southern California Penn International 16S with Tibron Frame

    Penn International 16S with Tibron Frame and Cal Sheets up grade. Spooled with Jerry Brown 100-pound hollow braid 650 yards. Comes with blue water cover
  31. Aftco Gaff 4' long

    Southern California Aftco Gaff 4' long

    Aftco Gaff 4' long 3/8 inch diameted with a 4" wide opening
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    Aftco Gaff 4' long

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    Reliable Kill Bag 20 X 48

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  34. Reliable Kill Bag 20 X 48

    Southern California Reliable Kill Bag 20 X 48

    Reliable Kill Bag 20 X 48. Like new only use a few times always cleaned and stored in doors
  35. Fujinon binoculars techno Stabi 12 x 35

    Southern California Fujinon binoculars techno Stabi 12 x 35

    Fujinon binoculars techno stabi 12 x 35. Comes with hard case and neck strap. Use two times sold boat not needed
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    Skipjack 24 Flybridge $22,000

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  37. Skipjack 24 Flybridge $22,000

    Southern California Skipjack 24 Flybridge $22,000

    Skipjack 24 Flybridge 1979 Skipjack is a legendary designed boat, and this boat has been constantly up graded during its life. The boat has all the latest navigational and safety equipment. This boat is a great vessel for overnight trips with the family to Catalina or offshore trip with the...
  38. mischief1

    Acceptable compression for 5.7L 350 Mercruiser?

    Following: how did the heads come out were they cracked?
  39. mischief1

    Islands Catalina 5/21

    Congratulations great report!!! What is a ding dong ?
  40. mischief1

    Do the test with throttle wide open this will give more accurate test by letting air into the...

    Do the test with throttle wide open this will give more accurate test by letting air into the cylinder
  41. mischief1

    Leaning Post - Vinyl Repair Question

    I had a similar rip and repaired it using some super glue use a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol to cure it fast. You can also use Permatex Vinyl repair. You can paint the repair with SEM vinyl spray paint. You can buy these items on Amazon.
  42. mischief1

    2520 Diesel Parker and Trailer

    Out Drive or is it a straight shaft?
  43. mischief1

    Hook Up Bait?

    I have been hearing about the Hook Up Bait being used for white sea bass and yellow tail at the Channel Islands. I am going on at trip soon and was wondering what these are all about?
  44. mischief1

    still available

    still available
  45. mischief1

    Radar - Raymarine E80

  46. mischief1

    Check out fisherman’s belly I really like the wahoo fish taco recipe

    Check out fisherman’s belly I really like the wahoo fish taco recipe
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    Radar - Raymarine E80

    mischief1 submitted a new listing: Radar - Raymarine E80 - Radar - Raymarine E80 Learn more about this listing...
  48. Radar - Raymarine  E80  SOLD

    Southern California Radar - Raymarine E80 SOLD

    Raymarine E80 48 mile radar GPS All cables and Manuals $350.00
  49. mischief1

    What type of bait holder do you use for the sardines?

    What type of bait holder do you use for the sardines?
  50. mischief1

    door help

    I ran a router on my door bottom to make it stay on better. Don’t cut too much. There are .25” round Teflon inserts in the bottom remove them first. The door comes out with out removing any hardware just open the door of the port a potty. I lightly spray the track with silicone. Good luck.
  51. mischief1

    Tanner Tips

    I just came back from a trip to the Tanner bring some knife jigs mustad rip roller 250 or 300 gram sardine color up grade the hooks with at least 8/0. Use 300 pound leader with a heavy duty swivel. Bring your heavy rig 130 pound test. Also bring 25, 30 and 40 pound rigs for school size day time...
  52. mischief1

    Alcohol stove replacement

    Replaced my alcohol store on my 24 flybridge skipjack with a single burner propane stove I got at Big 5 sporting goods for under $20.00 bucks. De natured alcohol is unavailable to purchase in California. Easy replacement just un do a few screws to remove the old stove from the stainless steel...
  53. mischief1

    Triple surgeons knot…..that mono to fluero knot

    My go to mono to flouro. I never had a failure unlike Seagar knot
  54. mischief1

    Carb Rebuilder in SoCal and/or treatment?

    You can get remanufactured 1409 Edelbrock marine carb at Sumit Racing for a good price. Get rid of those Q Jet cabs. You be happy with the fuel savings safety and reliability. There easy to tune and rebuild your self.
  55. mischief1

    Paint plastic bait tank

  56. mischief1

    I have the pivot bow roller it launches every time works great.

    I have the pivot bow roller it launches every time works great.
  57. mischief1

    Paint plastic bait tank

    I am thinking of painting my plastic bait tank looking for advice on what is the best type of paint. Do you need a special type of primer ???
  58. mischief1

    Re power 77’ skipjack flybridge

    I picked up a used duel prop lower unit for my 280 made a great improvement on my Skipjack. I would change the gas tank for sure those old tanks don’t like the new fuel Alcohol blends causes the varnish to flake off the inside of the tank plugs up everything
  59. mischief1

    A 373 and a 304

    Tim thanks for the great report congratulations
  60. mischief1

    Looking to defeat reverse lock on Volvo Penta OD

    Yes had that problem it all in the adjustment Remove the protective cover shift to control lever to neutral 2 disconnect the shift cable swivel at the fork. 3 Release the lock nut for the fork and check to make sure that the fork is connected to lever. The retaining Pawl rod reaches the...
  61. mischief1

    DP-E drive oil dark

    It’s probably water I would pressure test check the seal at the shifter.
  62. mischief1

    Sudden onset white smoke after short overheat with kelp in raw water intake

    Check the heat exchanger with no water flow it may have become over heated and the solder joint attaching the tubes to the tube sheet may have failed causing water to now go into your exhaust This happened to me when the raw water pump failed.
  63. mischief1

    Skipjack 24 emblems

    I will take both of them will you ship if so I will pay for shipping. Pm me info
  64. mischief1

    24 Skipjack Fly Bridge Swamped

    On my 1979, 24 skipjack FB the previous owner cut a 6" round plastic hatch into the liner bulk head below the door and 3 " up from the cabin floor. He also installed a drain hole into the center of the cabin floor at the rear bulk head. I found that if water gets into the cabin it will not...
  65. mischief1

    Problems at the pump

    I had the same issues with my Skipjack. The tank had varnish build up and when the Government switched to 10% ethanol that's when the varnish started to dissolve from the walls of the tank. I tried polishing the fuel and cleaning the tank installed a Racor fuel filter. But when the weather got...
  66. mischief1

    Jeff Debuys/Independence

    Good luck to Jeff in his new boat! I had the chance to fish with Matt on a 10 day last Nov 2018 we put limits of wahoo on in one stop all 40 to 60 pound models. Matt said the best ever for the Indy. The man Matt gets the job done!
  67. mischief1

    Sunset Aquatic Marina, Huntington

    I had my boat at sunset for a few years it is a quiet marina very clean rest rooms and showers.
  68. mischief1

    Alternator Amperage I/O

    Check out this Company they have some great electrical products and best of all cool Tech Tips.
  69. mischief1

    Skipjack 25 Fisherman Thunking when going into gear

    May also be U Joint
  70. mischief1

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    Shish Kebab Tuna: Cut tuna into 1 to 2 inch cubes place on skewers and marinate in restart recipe Italian salad dressing for an hour or so then BBQ turning frequently.
  71. mischief1

    Rusted hooks?

    I sprinkle baby power into my plastic tray that I keep my hooks in. Wash off used hook or discard them.
  72. mischief1

    Replace water hose seal & plastic bushing

    The 280 has three sections upper, mid and lower. Separate the mid section from upper and lower. Press out the water tube (mid section) and replace the needle bearing, O-rings and seals. This is where I order my parts. Look up the schematic for your Volvo engine
  73. mischief1

    Using iPad for a plotter

    I don't think it will work is off shore and out of cell site locations.
  74. mischief1

    Rainbow Trout Catch and Cook from the 805

    Good vid way cool!
  75. mischief1

    Fujinon Techno-Stabi binoculars...

    Check this out 399.99
  76. mischief1

    Volvo 280DP oil in drive bellow

    Most likely the outdrive seal leaking. Have the outdrive pressure tested to be sure.
  77. mischief1

    skipjack propeller advice

  78. mischief1

    Prop repair?

    Valley Propeller Ventura CA 805 644 5055. They have the dies for Volvo Duel Prop takes all the guess work when you have the right tool. Bryan is a good guy and has good pricing. They do all the work for the commercial fishing boats.
  79. mischief1

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    This Boat Don't Run On Thank You
  80. mischief1

    2002 Volvo 4.3 V6 Weak Spark ? LA/LB/OC mechanic around ?

    Take a look inside your distributer cap. Marine distributers a sealed pretty well to prevent explosions. The moisture inside the cap causes a lot of corrosion build up. I replace mine annually. Good luck
  81. mischief1

    Hooping/Fishing/Chumming with the wife at The Wall

    Try the Relief Band works for my wife. The thing even works works morning sickness.
  82. mischief1

    Skip Jack 24FB part out

    Looking for a wind shield on the fly bridge you have one?
  83. mischief1


    If you can afford the latest greatest then by all means get it. If you are on a tight budget find a good used one. I bought a used Raymarine black and white unit for $500.00 eight years ago and that thing has saved my ass more then once. It is not as sensitive as the new HD but is better then...
  84. mischief1

    Volvo Penta outdrive noise

    I bet it is the U joint easy fix.
  85. mischief1

    Clueless at the Island 8/26-8/27

    Mark Wish has a few good books to study up on. Be aware of the fishing regulations and MLPA closed areas.
  86. mischief1

    Need Help Before I Pull Out What Little Hair I Have Left.

    I fought those fuel tank demons in my SJ for years. I finely pulled the trigger on a new tank. I had Berry's build me a new tank. He also did the removal. I did the re install just couldn't wait any longer for him. One word of caution his schedule not reliable in my case anyway. I wish I...
  87. mischief1

    Need Help Before I Pull Out What Little Hair I Have Left.

    I would recommend two things, Take the fuel line off just after the shut off valve coming out of the tank remove the barbed fitting that is screwed into the valve (this should be the anti siphon valve) then remove the shut off valve, inspect both of these fitting for obstructions. Then remove...
  88. mischief1

    Offshore What a day.... 7/20

    WOW you guys rock! What size and color sniper was working?
  89. mischief1

    parking a trailer on an incline

    Backing up you trailer make sure you put a block of wood in between the serge break actuator to prevent the breaks from locking up. Storing the boat with the bow down no good it will collect rain water and cause all kinds of issues.
  90. mischief1

    floscan instal tips?

    I love my flow scan just follow the factory instructions and you'll be fine. One thing that I do after every trip is to close the fuel valve and let the engine run until all gas is burned out of the line and the engine stops running. In my option this will allow the fuel flow meter transducer...
  91. mischief1

    WON Tournament

    I'll be there on the Ocean Odyssey good luck.
  92. mischief1

    San Clemente 6/4/17

    That Everglades boat looks sick with those three 300 HP engines. Nice fishing with you on the ELDO on Wednesday. Cool to see that school of Bluefin just off the island too. To bad the sea lions were so thick eat every YT I hooked.
  93. mischief1

    WTB Radar arch for Skipjack 25 flybridge

    Riley Marine Long Beach built mine couldn't be happier.
  94. mischief1

    Need a carb'd 5.7 Guru

    Up date any luck yet?
  95. mischief1

    Prop gurus

    I had the same issue with my DP. I used a block of wood and a rubber hammer light taps at the base of the prop blade, moving around from blade to blade. Take your time. You should remove your props every 6 month and re grease with recommended prop shaft grease Volvo NLGI 3.
  96. mischief1

    Memorable Memorial Day...2017

    Good job that's some good eats there.
  97. mischief1

    FIrst Trip To Catalina in New Boat

    Good job Captain! First shake down trip to the island can be nerve racking, The more time on your boat the more you confidence you will have.
  98. mischief1

    What's your go to wax for the boat??

    Meguires #50 goes on easy and come off easy. When you wash use Meguires Deep Crystal so you don't remove all the wax you worked so hard to put on. I use it on my RV too. Go to Costco and get a stack of white terry towels you'll need a lot of good clean cotton type towels to remove and buff by...
  99. mischief1

    Sea Lion Snatches Little Girl

    Open Season on them coming soon I hope.
  100. mischief1

    Need a carb'd 5.7 Guru

    Yes hot start issue. I used this wood type insulates better. The first one I tried was 1/2" thick made out of some black material NO HELP. Now it starts every time and runs strong. I just push the throttle up a little and starts quick every time even when hot after a 25 mile run to the...
  101. mischief1

    Need a carb'd 5.7 Guru

    Yes my issue was hot starts. I used the wood type spacer insulates better and it did the trick. Edelbrock Carburetor Spacers 8720 Click to Enlarge Image Loading media Loading... $36.41 The first spacer I tried was very thin maybe 1/2 made out of some black material didn't help so tried...
  102. mischief1

    Exhaust Manifold Ingenuity

    I did a similar thing but used a turn-buckle to hold the manafold and make adjustments.
  103. mischief1

    Need a carb'd 5.7 Guru

    I had the same issue with my Skipjack same Edelbrock 1409 carb. I installed an insolating spacer under the carb. The first spacer I tried was only 1/2" thick and did not help. I finely bought the thickest spacer (1-1/2") I could find in the Summit web site, put it on and haven't had a problem...
  104. mischief1

    Manual tilt

    Is this a Volvo 280 drive? If so there are two relays under the black cover top of the tilt motor easy to replace them. One important thing that makes the tilt stop working is if this black plastic cover is over tightened if so the tilt will stop working. Over tight cover screws makes the...
  105. mischief1

    Wining Harness Connector

    I removed the connector plug on my Skipjack and spliced the wires using a good marine butt splice connector , a small dab of dielectric grease inside the butt splice connector and covered with marine heat shrink tubing done deal no issues. These connectors are a source of many issued get rid of it.
  106. mischief1

    Halon Fire Bottle

    I was wondering if you have the mounting bracket? Is that listed for cubic inches or cubic feet?
  107. mischief1

    Boat's been sitting for 6 months, what do I do?

    Every time I fill up I add a fuel stabilizer make sure it is rated for ethanol blended gas type. From what I can tell the experts are now recommending that you don't store with the tanks full due to the ethanol absorption of water. I would add a good Racor filter water separator and carry a...
  108. mischief1

    What Engine Oil Should I use?

    Now their are doing the same thing to Diesel oil. I went to buy some oil for my Duramax Chevron Delo 400 LE CJ-4 oil but could not find it. They have replaced it with this new stuff called Delo 400 SDE with a new API rating CK-4/SN. Compatible with the new Diesel with a lot of emission...
  109. mischief1

    What Engine Oil Should I use?

    Mobil 1 may be good oil and I use it in my newer street car but the issue is also the higher amount of detergents in the oil that washes away that protective layer of ZDDP. V
  110. mischief1

    Sato crimps with Swifty label??

    I use the Sato crimps with the Sato crimping plies and have had 0 failures. When Sato crimps first came out they were made with aluminum and they were junk. They are now made with brass and are precision machined for a specific line diameter. I would recommend only using the Sato brass type...
  111. mischief1

    What Engine Oil Should I use?

    If you have an older model V8 engine in your boat before say early to mid 1990 when manufactures changed to roller valve lifters you should watch this YouTube clip. ttps:// Short explanation engine oil formulas that used zinc ZDDP were changed in the mid...
  112. mischief1

    Trailer repair

    Pacific Trailers
  113. mischief1

    Volvo Penta aftermarket starter?

    I replaced my old Delco starter an a 350 Chevy that weighed a ton for the new high toque starter 10 years ago with no issues. I also replaced my old trim motor with one of Arco working great. There prices are as good as there quality.
  114. mischief1

    Bait Tank Pump?

    I have a Sure flow pump now 1100 GPH work great but it is very loud. Looking for something a little less loud for stealth sea bass fishing. Has Rule pumps solved there issues with failure? Any recommendations?
  115. mischief1

    Prowler Just Decked A 106lb bft and recommendations

    One thing to remember when fishing the rubber band torpedo is to drop it SLOW keeps it from tangling up. The tuna in my avatar was caught with rubber band (heavy type black color) and 10 ounce torpedo I wrap black electrical tape around the sinker stealthy 130 Segar Premier fluorocarbon 8/O...
  116. mischief1

    Volvo Penta aftermarket starter?

    Give Arco Marine a call
  117. mischief1

    Fiberglass thru-hull transducer Patch

    Mounting a transducer in the center of the keel may cause the prop to caveated unless you have duel engines. To patch the hole I would recommend a good epoxy resin like West System 105 with 205 hardener. Grind a bevel taper on the outside and lay up with fiber glass cloth inside and out side...
  118. mischief1

    I like the 30A give me a call we can arrange a place to meet I am located in Santa Clarita 661...

    I like the 30A give me a call we can arrange a place to meet I am located in Santa Clarita 661 714 2348
  119. mischief1

    Fuel problem I think???

    You may want to run a compression check my have a cracked head.
  120. mischief1

    Thru Hull fittings

    Stainless is not a good choice for salt water. Only use bronze for through hull applications and do not mix dissimilar metals.
  121. mischief1

    ID this motor

    That looks like a small block Chevy 350 early before 1980 AQ 260. I put a MSD distributer and coil on my SBC 350. You can order through Summit Racing MAKE sure you get the MARINE type. The dist. cap is sealed explosion proof. I replace the cap and rotter every year due to the fact that...
  122. mischief1

    Fuel problem I think???

    I recommend taking off the main shut off valve also there is a check valve down stream of the main valve. Take them off of the fuel line inspect and clean. That small check valve has a small spring loaded ball inside with a very small opening. Ill bet that you'll find crud blocking and...
  123. mischief1

    Custom dive boarding ladder

    Riley Marine in Long Beach.
  124. mischief1

    Non skid deck

    I like using soft sand added to a good LP paint. Soft sand is ground up tennis balls not cheep though.
  125. mischief1

    24 ft Skipjack Flybridge

    I found a few tricks with these trim units; to adjust the clutch on the drive unit tighten or loosen the cover also if you over tighten the plastic cover that encloses the relays the drive wont go up or down. I get replacement parts from Marine Parts Express.
  126. mischief1

    1979 skipjack flybridge sold

    Nice ride BAD ASS motor and outdrive.
  127. mischief1

    New trailer tires

    I run Maxxis 8008 ST trailer tires on my 5th wheel and boat trailer. What every you do don't buy any tire made in China.
  128. mischief1

    White Smoke on 4 Stroke Yam F200

    When was the last time you changed your engine water pump impeller? I would guess week rubber vane's may cause lack of cooling water to the engine at higher RPM. I change mine every year.
  129. mischief1

    How to choose bottom paint

    I recently had my boat bottom painted by Ventura Boat Yard they recommended I first applied a epoxy barrier 2 to 3 coats to prevent blistering, then went with a hard vinyl paint due to the fact the boat spend most of its time on a trailer. They recommended Pro-line 1088. This paint is used by...
  130. mischief1

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    I had the same issue with the old standard duty starter. I got a new high performance starter from Arco Marine and have had no issues with it for the last 9 years.
  131. mischief1

    Fiberglass vs Aluminum strength?

    The attachment points of the new bracket to your transom will properly be the weakest link of the design. Take considerable care and thought on this area.
  132. mischief1

    What do you think?

    I also have kodiak stainless disc brakes and work good. I did have an issue with the back up electrical shut off solenoid valve. The valve has a very small orifice opening and had some debris plug the opening causing the breaks not to work properly. I ended up removing the valve and now use a...
  133. mischief1

    Fiberglass vs Aluminum strength?

    There is a considerable amount of dynamic loading from the thrust of the engine. I would recommend having a mechanical engineer perform a finite element analyze on your bracket design. This may save you time and money in the long run. Hate to hear of your outboard ripping a hole in your...
  134. mischief1

    Re painting strip on boat

    I repainted my stripe with polyurethane paint and every time I wax it the paint comes off on the rag like you wont believe. If I ever re do I would use Awlgrip or a good LP type paint.
  135. mischief1

    Fuel tank advice wanted

    David don't mess around with wasting your time and money on trying to fix up the old tank. I recommend that you replace the tank you will be safer and have peace of mind for many years to come.
  136. mischief1

    Trailer for parker

    Check Pacific Trailers. I personally like galvanized steel with leaf springs. They are heaver but much stronger. Get it with all wheel disks you will need the stopping power towing with a smaller truck.
  137. mischief1

    Bow Rail Replacement Contact

    Call Riley Marine in Long Beach. They built me a radar arch that came out very nice.
  138. mischief1

    "Quiet" boat ramp locations/times - San Diego area

    Check the seal on your raw water pump. Its a good idea to replace the raw water pump impeller every year. That's a good time to change the seal on the pump shaft. You can also grease the steering shaft real good may help.
  139. mischief1

    "Quiet" boat ramp locations/times - San Diego area

    I was once told a great tip on backing a trailer; Place you hand on the bottom of the steering wheel, move your hand and steering wheel in the direction you want trailer to go really helps me.
  140. mischief1

    Survey provided by broker

    Good luck in your search.
  141. mischief1

    bell housing crack?

    I can TIG weld it for you no charge looks like a simple repair. It may be a long hall I am north of LA Santa Clarita.
  142. mischief1

    Skipjack - Need help with wiring

    I had issues with my Skipjack starter until I replaced it with a new high performance starter from Arco Marine and couldn't be happier now. Don't waste your money on trying to salvage that old starter. The new design starters are about 10 pounds lighter and crank like a son of a gun. Give them...
  143. mischief1

    Black rings

    Owner makes them. You can get them at Savon Tackle Santa Fe Springs CA
  144. mischief1

    Anyone use a Drone on there boat?

    You better check the DFW regulations I believe using a drone is not allowed for hunting or fishing. You better check into it.
  145. mischief1

    Bottom Painting San Diego ??

    I just had my boat bottom re paired and painted at Ventura Boat yard. I had some blisters that needed repaired because the previous owner did not use an epoxy barrier paint. I used Interlux 2000 for an epoxy barrier paint 3 layers. Then used Proline 1088 for the bottom paint. Proline is a...
  146. mischief1

    Bias ply vs Radial trailer tires?

    I run Maxxis M8008 ST trailer tire on my boat and 5th wheel. Trailer tires have a shelf life and only last 5 years make sure you check the manufacturing date stamped into the tires.
  147. mischief1

    Question about bait tanks & keeping bait alive

    Check all your hose to pipe fitting connections to make sure they are not sucking in any air. Air in a bait thank will kill the live bait. Take that air thing back to the store where you bought it from. Don't put in to much bait less bait in a small tank is better.
  148. mischief1

    Sea Tow Or Vessel Assist?

    I have used VA and have no complaints.
  149. mischief1

    Cummins in a Skipjack 24 flybridge

    I like the spec on the 383 built Chevy small block makes a lot of torque.
  150. mischief1

    Bottom Paint ?

    I am having my boat bottom re painted and my boat is on a trailer most of the time. The boatyard paint supervisor recommended Pro-Line 1088. This is a vinyl type paint with 66% copper. From what I can find this paint is used by the sail boat racing community and USN and made in San Diego...
  151. mischief1

    Which fuel stabilizer?

    I use the stabil 360 every time I gas up. Make sure it says for Ethanol on the label the green stuff. For long lay up periods I also shut off my fuel valve down stream of the Racor fuel filter run engine and let all gas run out of fuel line and carb. Helps keep my carb and flow scan fuel...
  152. mischief1

    Skipjack Gunwale Vinyl

    3M Spray Glue comes in an aerosol spray can. Spray both the vinyl material and the fiberglass real heavy then carefully work material from bottom to top.
  153. mischief1

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    There are old fisherman and bold fisherman but not many old bold fisherman.
  154. mischief1

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    The Skipjacks can handle some pretty big stuff I been in some 8 to 10 foot mix swell with 30 knots of wind. You have to pay close attention at the helm. They can get a little tippy when your in riding in the trough. You better tell your passenger's not to move around much with out warning...
  155. mischief1

    Skippy stalling

    Check your timing my Skipjack with 350 Chevy the book said 30 deg. at 4200 RPM at idle I get 13 deg. Get a timing light that has an adjustable knob much easier to set properly, just diel in the timing you want on the light and the marks on the engine will line up as top dead center.
  156. mischief1

    Need some help with the bait tank

    After you buy bait let them settle in and always add water with a 5 gal bucket into the tank until all the scales are flushed out of the tank. Look at the water where the bait tank discharges you will be surprised how many scales come out. Flush until clear.
  157. mischief1

    Penta 280 outdrive Trim pump Solenoids? part #?

    I use this web site for ordering parts for my Volvo. The site is a little difficult to navigate but keep searching for your model and they have...
  158. mischief1

    who makes the softest/limpest 40-60lb mono?

    I was in Fisherman's Landing last week and ask the owner what line do they recommend? He told me that everyone in the shop uses Izor XXX. I concur this line is great. XXX
  159. mischief1

    My 72 skipjack restoration almost done..

    Nice work have fun with her.
  160. mischief1

    The soda has popped

    Hi Dave I have a cool harness you can barrow get well soon.
  161. mischief1

    Offshore Catalina Ahi - 8/27

    What is your good luck charm? I want one for my boat. Good job Bro!
  162. mischief1

    Offshore San Clemente closed?

    I was out there on 8/30 and had the navy kicked every one out. We were 3 miles off the east end of the island with the hole fleet. To bad the tuna fishing was good slow pick on 25 to 100 pound Bluefin. The skipper said that the closure was not posted on the web site. If your planning on...
  163. mischief1

    Recomendation on mono fishing line

    Any one like Andy?
  164. mischief1

    Recomendation on mono fishing line

    No heat or sun always wash my reals after use and store indoors. Does XXX come in clear?
  165. mischief1

    Recomendation on mono fishing line

    I have been using Big Game mono for a long time but recently I have found that it is not performing like it used too. The line becomes brittle and has a lot of memory. I change my line very often but still doesn't help. I am looking for a new brand of mono any recommendations?
  166. mischief1

    Offshore Eileen Inseiner!

    I would of ran over that school of tuna and spooked them so that ass would have to go some where else.
  167. mischief1

    Captains License

    Maritime Institute you can do it all on line at home at your leisure. Once you pass all the quizzes with 90% you can take your proctored exam. Then physical exam Twic card. Class room study in SD will be much faster and you will get more instruction and fase time with instructers.
  168. mischief1

    Rotten wood under Dash

    Here are some pic slip the angle bracket between the wood and the fiberglass dash. fasten the angle to the front of the dash and fasten the under panel to the angle.
  169. mischief1

    Rotten wood under Dash

    I made some two inch long stainless 90 deg angle brackets for my SJ under dash to hold the under panel up. Through bolt to the front of the dash and screw the panel to the angle brackets. don't need to mess with the wood at all.
  170. mischief1

    Need to maintain batteries at anchor

    The second battery will not get charged unless you install a combiner into the system, check West Marine web site for wiring ideas tutorials. NEVER switch the batteries with the motor running it will damage the alternator. Check your charging voltage at the battery post with the motor running...
  171. mischief1

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    I wouldn't recommend epoxy due to the fact you will never be able to weld that area again due to contamination. I would repair the weld and then add extra support using a rather large gusset at the 90 deg. angle areas both sides.
  172. mischief1

    Need to maintain batteries at anchor

    You may have a short that is draining your batteries. To check turn off all your electrical equipment. Disconnect your positive battery connection from your battery post. using a amp / volt meter touch one lead to the battery post and the other to the battery cable. If you have a short you...
  173. mischief1

    Poppers & Stick Baits

    Cabel has the Halco for $14.00
  174. mischief1

    Stolen Rods

    That sucks I've herd that a lot of people get ripped off at the strip club parking lots by the landings in SD.
  175. mischief1

    Bottom Paint Removal wit Soda Blasting?

    I am thinking of removing my bottom paint since the boat lives on a trailer now. I have heard good thing with using Soda Blasting that may leave the gel coat intact. Has anyone used this method and if so how did it turn out?
  176. mischief1

    Catalina Report 6/4 - WSB and Mixed Bag

    Thanks for the write up good job!
  177. mischief1

    Skipjack noob

    I love mine.
  178. mischief1

    PARTING out Skipjack

    Cool I will take the swim step and flow scan give me a call for pick up info. Denis 661 714 2348
  179. mischief1

    White Sea Bass 5-20-16

    We got Squid from Nacho in Long Beach $ 60.00 a scoop. The yellowtail were 5 to 10 pounds bounced them all.
  180. mischief1

    PARTING out Skipjack

    Do you still have the swim step platform?
  181. mischief1

    Raw H2O Pump? Which is best?

    If its mounted the bilge area of an inboard gas motor make sure I coast guard approved. You don't want an explosion or fire.
  182. mischief1

    White Sea Bass 5-20-16

    Took my 24 Skipjack Catchit over to Catalina on 5/19-20/16 and paid off big with this 51 pound White Sea Bass and limits of yellowtail. We used 40 pound test and a 1/8 sliding sinker in 90 feet of water.
  183. mischief1

    needing a dp for my skippy

    I think the are but you can check the part numbers at this web site to be sure
  184. mischief1

    needing a dp for my skippy

    I have a 1979 SJ with a 280 out drive I swaped my lower leg single for a duel prop lower leg only. Real easy to do just a few bolts. I found a used lower leg on Craig list for $700.00 had it gone over by my mechanic and installed new B4 props. Couldn't be happier with the way it improved the...
  185. mischief1

    Xtra tuffs

    I would wash my feet good with Hibiclens soap (same stuff Dr wash with before surgery) twice every day you don't want to get an infection like flesh eating bacteria. Put a lot of antibiotic ointment on your feet then clean new socks. Go to Costco and get you some new socks they got some real...
  186. mischief1

    I need a new trailer...which do you recommend?

    Put it in a slip and forget the trailer. Ha Ha
  187. mischief1

    I need a new trailer...which do you recommend?

    Pacific trailer has worked out fine for me. I like the Galvanize steel my self much stronger metal. Thirty foot wow may need a triple axle.
  188. mischief1

    Is this water in the lower unit ?

    Take the lower unit off and take it to a boat shop for a pressure test that will find where the leek is coming from. Its most likely under the water pump seal, good time to replace the impeller any way.
  189. mischief1

    Wahoo Reel.

    Penn Baja Special 113 HN. I like this reel because it has two anti reverse dogs. I use 50 LB mono and a Cal Star 700H rod. Turn the handle and don't stop till the gaff is in the fish.
  190. mischief1

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    New deck hatches for my 24 Fly bridge Catchit. I made them out of 1/4" aluminum plate with a aluminum 1/2" flat bar seal trim. Painted with a zinc chromate primer and a top coat of poly urethane with soft sand added for a non skid. Also fabricated an aluminum angel trim under deck for support...
  191. mischief1

    Refurbished Marauders and Bonito Trollers

    Nice work what type of paint do you use?
  192. mischief1

    Home Made Surface Iron

    what type of paint do you use?
  193. mischief1

    sardine fishing with mak 20/100lb. and which rod?

    l like the Calstar 770XXH for 100 or 130 But if the weather is up I'll fish a softer rod like the Calstar 7456 XH
  194. mischief1

    What am I doing wrong

    Try Sato Crimp and Tac glue works for me
  195. mischief1

    Bait bag mounting brackets

    Are these the brackets you are looking for? If so give me a call and I'll get your info and mail them to you. Dennis 661 714 2348
  196. mischief1

    skipjack owners with duoprops

    On my 24 SJ with duo prop it is mounted on the starboard side works good max speed 7 Knots then gets washed out.
  197. mischief1

    Bait bag mounting brackets

    Call Mark at Pacific Edge he may have what you need. Is your tank a pin type or hook type? I have an set of brackets for a hook type tank you can have if they will work. By the way I saw your post on your Skip Jack very impressive! Like the way you made the...
  198. mischief1

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Fuel Tank 24 Fly Bridge I had Berry's Sheet Metal remove the old tank and Fab a new tank. I sprayed the new tank with a zinc cromemate primer prior to re installation. I fabricated an aluminum angle support for the deck section that was removed. Re-glassed the deck and installed all new fuel...
  199. mischief1

    edelbrock 1409 tuning help IDLE MIXTURE The Edelbrock Performer Series carburetor has conventional Idle Mixture Screws (IMS) that provide a leaner A/F when turned clockwise and richer A/F when turned counter clockwise. The idle air flow...
  200. mischief1

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    Hibiclens soap prevents skin infections has antiseptic activity and a persistent antimicrobial. This is the stuff surgeon's wash their hand with prior to performing surgery. You can buy over the counter at any pharmacy. I also bring liquid bandage to prevent the entry of harmful bacteria...
  201. mischief1

    Towing / Boat Weight

    Buy a boat in a slip and forget about towing. If that's not an option get a truck that is bigger than you think you need. I have a 2500 HD Chevy 4X4 Duramax diesel with a Allison Transmission. Love the way it tows but most of all the way it stops. I get 12 mpg towing and 19 on the highway.
  202. mischief1

    Clunk sound in burb when launching

    It could be the u joints on the drive shaft of your truck.
  203. mischief1

    24 Skipjack fuel tank replacment?

    Any one use Berry's Sheet Metal in Costa Mesa?
  204. mischief1

    24 Skipjack fuel tank replacment?

    I am going to cut the deck. How did you put the deck back together after installing the new tank? I am thinking of building a support system under the deck out of aluminum square tubing. Screw the deck to the aluminum tubing and caulk the seam with 5200. Then finish off with a stainless steal...
  205. mischief1

    Skipjack transom leak

    Check out I Boats for a schematic and ordering replacement parts. Have questions about ordering? 1-800-916-1123 | Need tech support? Find your Local Dealer Volvo Penta Official Online Store - United States Home Engine Parts Propellers Engine Indentification Volvo Penta Forum Volvo Penta...
  206. mischief1

    24 Skipjack fuel tank replacment?

    I have to replace my fuel tank on my 1979 Skipjack fly bridge. Looking for any tips from you guys that have done the project. Looking at ways to reinstall the deck after new tank is installed. I heard that Berry's sheet metal in Costa Mesa build a good replacement tank. Thanks
  207. mischief1

    Baja special set up advice.

    I use mine with 80 LB solid braid and top off with 100 yards of 50 LB mono. My rod is a Calstar 700H. Use for yo yo jig and wahoo jigs and bombs etc.
  208. mischief1

    Red Rooster 15 day trip report

    Not Bad considering all the weather lately
  209. mischief1

    Can't Help It...

    Jim the best dressed fisherman aka tuna slyer. It was good fishing wit you Jim.
  210. mischief1

    Can't Help It...

    I will be on the trip see you on the boat. I remember fishing with you on a 10 day Wahoo Dad trip on the Intrepid a few years back.
  211. mischief1

    Wahoo Wire for Bait and Jigs?

    What type and size of wire do you like to use for bait fishing for Mr. Wahoo? Crimps for wire what size and type? Hook size and type what do you like? Last but not least what do you like for jigs and bombs?
  212. mischief1

    Wanted!! VOLVO Penta 280 trim motor

    If you are looking for a tilt motor this is the place. They also have a great high torque starter motor. I used them on my SJ with no issues.
  213. mischief1

    Hooks for Sardine Fishing

    What is your go to choice for fly lining a sardine for big 150+ yellow fin. What make and size do you guys like?
  214. mischief1

    WTB 3M cold shrink 8428-18

    I am looking to buy two 18" length of 3M cold shrink tubing 8428-18. Any one have some extras laying around?
  215. mischief1

    WTB 3M Cold Shrink 8428-18

    I am looking to buy two 3M cold shrink tubing 8428-18. Any one have any extra laying around?
  216. mischief1

    Smoked Yellow fin Tuna Question !

    I use a Weber Kettle BBQ to smoke my tuna fish no brine Place 4 cups wood chips I like hickory in a bowl of water let stand for 2 hours. Light up your charcoal nice 8" mound and let them burn till they are good and gray. Coat your fillets with a brown sugar honey water mixture not much water...
  217. mischief1

    Scuba Stuff like new

    Scuba Equipment Light UK C8 LED new with box $100.00 Jacket long parka I Dive new large $60.00 BC Oceanic Pro integrated weight system, Large with Air two inflator $380.00 Tank steel HP 100 cubic feet hydro ok $200.00 Regulator Oceanic CDX5, gauge console, compass, computer and case $350.00...
  218. mischief1

    1984 Skipjack 24' Open - Volvo Penta 5.0GL

    I would go with the 5.7 (350 block) motor. The 5.0 (305 block) just has to work harder and wont last as long as the 5.7.
  219. mischief1

    bait dieing, need help with bait tank.

    I have the same tank works great. I have a thruogh hull fitting and a 1100 gph sure flow bait century pump. Make sure the pump discharge has a up hill angle to hold the pump prime. I can put 1.5 scooop and bait will last 24 hr no problem. I think this pump is over kill and makes some noise...
  220. mischief1

    Volvo aq151/SP250 out drive cooling water operating temp

    I would recommend using a hand held laser temp gun, take some readings at different places on the block and compare the readings to your gage. Also put your hand on the exust. manifold you should be able to keep your hand on for 10 -30 sec. When you run the boat with the flusher on you...
  221. mischief1

    24' skipjack 5.7 Gi-c volvo 300 H.P. fuel injected DP-S outdrive prop stainless

    Just a little follow up on the B-4 props; When the boat is fully loaded gas, bait, 4 guys and every thing else my WOT 4600 - 4800 RPM and top speed 28 KMH. I cruse at 2900 -3000 rpm 17 to 18 Knots and get 1.6-2.0 Knot miles Per Gallon fuel burn. Remember that my engine AQ290 rating for WOT is...
  222. mischief1

    Volvo 280 drive hard shift

    Ya I clean the rod and the hole it slides thruogh every year. Dont have that issue any more.
  223. mischief1

    First time boat builder.

    That's cool good job.
  224. mischief1

    LED Squid Light DIY

    I havent had a chance to try it out yet but it is bright as hell and only draws 3 amps
  225. mischief1

    LED Squid Light DIY

    I thought I would share some info on how to do it your self LED squid light. Parts list: 2" diameter clear PVC pipe 4' long (McMaster Carr 49035K28) $37.00 Chemical Resistant Liquid tight cord grip (McMaster Carr 7310K23) $3.47 LED Light ULTRA BRIGHT 5 meter roll water resent with adhesive...
  226. mischief1

    Straight gaffs, Flyers, Tail Snare, Bait nets, Crowder

    Ill take one of the 18" nets. Send you a PM
  227. mischief1

    looking for a Bimini Top fabricator/modifier

    Riley Marine in Long Beach. They built me an assume arch and modified my Bimini top to match.
  228. mischief1

    Hole Patching on Fiberglass Bait Tank

    Marine tex two part structural epoxy putty hardens like steel. Quick and easy get it at West Marine.
  229. mischief1

    Throttle/Shift cables for Skipjack 25

    Before you replace your cable take the cover off the outdrive and clean and lube the hole that the shift cable goes through. I do this every year really makes a difference.
  230. mischief1

    Fish Finder Noise?

    Thanks all for your help. I rewired the ground from the unit directly to the ground buss seemed to clean up a little. I routed the positive directly to the battery no change. The unit is a Garmin 498. I ordered the ferrite chokes will see if that helps. The unit is wired directly to the...
  231. mischief1

    Fish Finder Noise?

    Every time I turn the key on I get noise on my fish finder, gets worse when the engine is started. Their is no issue when the key is off. Is their some kind of noise filter I can install to help with this issue?
  232. mischief1

    Best Kite Rig

    Need advice on buying a kite rod and reel for a 15 day trip?
  233. mischief1

    Where to buy Teak wood in L.A. O.C. or Inland Empire

    H&l marine woodwork 2965 east harcourt st. Rancho dominguez, ca 90221 323 636 1718.
  234. mischief1


    I have a used one you can have for $20.00 with brackets.
  235. mischief1

    Crimp Set - Sato

    I use the Sato system works good for me. You will also need some of the Daho needle's (100 & 130) really helps to thread the flouro into the hallow spectra. Or get a loop latch needle to make a loop in your hallow spectra and buy pre made top shoots from Basel for loop to loop.
  236. mischief1

    Motor Glitch ...Need some advice.

    Check the flow of fuel coming from the tank to the eng. Check fuel filter.
  237. mischief1

    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    Rest while you can you will need it.
  238. mischief1

    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    Rest while you can you will can
  239. mischief1

    Tuna Donation

    In a recent Western Outdoor News weekly article, (volume 61 or 62 Feb. 2014) DFW Q&A article by State of California Fish and Wildlife Scientist Carrie Wilson [email protected] covered this question. Short answer No tax deduction. But remember this is California other States...
  240. mischief1

    Need advise on spectra for Mak SEA 20

    I wouldn't use solid at all. I don't like the solid to hollow connection. The hollow to hollow is a much cleaner splice and is 100 % . I would step spool 100 LB hollow @ 500 yards then top off with 130 hollow.
  241. mischief1

    Top gun 80 5 day

    Good Boat and crew. Taft has more experience then most Captains. Long time owner operator hands on. Most of all they can catch. Go for it.
  242. mischief1

    The Saltydawg EXCEL 15 Day live on the water report

    Nice fish Dave. Drop those sinker rigs down slow try two sardines on one hook and hang on.
  243. mischief1

    Seacher sportfishing boat

    X2 You will have a great time.
  244. mischief1

    24 Skipjack fb cabin door

    I am able to remove the door on my 24 FB by just wiggling and or tilting and it will come out.
  245. mischief1


    Make sure you use the green Stabil it is for ethanol fuel blends.
  246. mischief1

    Freezing water can crack your block

    You can buy or make a winterizing kit to add antifreeze into your block.
  247. mischief1

    Freezing water can crack your block

    Its starting to get cold don't forget to drain the water from your engine block and manifolds. When water freezes it expands and can crack your engine block, heads or manifolds. Good time to install a small drain valve. Don't trust the freeze plugs they may not work.
  248. mischief1

    Preferred bait hooks for wahoo?

    Mustad 92677 - Kirbed - forged Hollow Point Beak 3/0
  249. mischief1

    Need Help!! Calstar Rail Rod 770/775XXXH

    I have a Calstar 770XXH and love that rod. I use it with a 30Sea 100 pound top shot. It has plenty of back bone for me. I got three 185 pound YFT last May on the EXCEL. Remember if the weather is up you want something that has some forgiveness so you don't pull a hook.
  250. mischief1

    radar arch

    I had Riley Marine located in Long Beach build one for my 24 Skipjack fly bridge. They also incorporated the Bimini top to the arch. I was totally satisfied.
  251. mischief1

    Trailer Help - rusted nuts

    I found this web site to order parts for my trailer great price check out the web site real good info.
  252. mischief1


    Does anyone know where I can get some 3M cold shrink to fit over my hyplon four grip?
  253. mischief1

    Price of Skiff Rentals at Rocky Point in Redondo Beach?

    Kayak rental $25 for 2 hr.
  254. mischief1

    24' skipjack 5.7 Gi-c volvo 300 H.P. fuel injected DP-S outdrive prop stainless

    I am running a B-4 on my 1979 24 Skipjack FB with a 350 Chevy 290 HP, 290 DP. I tried a B-3 to small 5000 RPMs but no top speed I think I could only reach 18 knots. Then I tried a B-5 I could only reach 4000 RPMs top speed also low. Then I tried the B-4 4600RPMs at 36 Knots Great out of...
  255. mischief1

    Tower/Hardtop fabrication referral

    Reily Marine Long Beach went the extra mile for me
  256. mischief1

    Caption Contest - West Marine Opens their Corpus Christi Large Format Store Aug 9-11

    Who left the transom door opened? We need to order some self closing hinges at the West Marine but why wait order one on line and have Boat US deliver ASAP.
  257. mischief1

    Need Bait pump Advice

    Bait Sentry 1100 has worked good for me with my 30 gal tank. Their a little loud put have a larger impeller then the Rule pumps. They don't seam to clog up with sea weed like the rule's do. They draw 3.75 amps. What ever pump you decide on mount with the discharge outlet pointing up hill to...
  258. mischief1

    For Sale: Factory wrap Calstar 700H

    That's a great Wahoo jig rod Great price too I've put the hurt to lots of skinny's with that stick
  259. mischief1

    Engine confusion

    I had the same problem my tank it was full of junk. I bought a cheep electric fuel pump from the local auto parts store and connected it at the discharge side of the fuel filter. I then pumped the gas out of the tank into 5 gal (filtering it) cans and put in my truck. After all the fuel was...
  260. mischief1

    NEED HELP PLEASE-Skipjack cooktop

    Now that's thinking outside the box. I like to do that to my Skipjack any more info would be great. That alcohol stove is not for the fool hardy mate.
  261. mischief1

    bait pump issues

    Check the discharge hose coming from the pump if the discharge is pointed downward the pump will lose siphon prime. If so rotate the pump 180 deg so that the discharge is pointed up this will prevent loss of prime. It only takes a small amount of downward angle to lose prime. I had this happen...
  262. mischief1

    Engine confusion

    Check the wire harness plug (the main plug that lets you remove the engine with out removing all wires separately) sometimes corrosion will build up on the wire coming from the ignition switch to the coil when hot the resistance will build up. I had this problem and solved it by removing the...
  263. mischief1


    Dan, Ill see you at check in should be a good trip fishing looks good. Dennis
  264. mischief1

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    Thanks Jim enjoyed your reports. I got some good info for my trip departing May 9 on the big X. Safe travels home.
  265. mischief1

    Boat Items Volvo Prop outdrive Anchor Stuff

    I still have the items. 280 out drive good ++ condition rebuilt in 2006 prop great have reciet. Came off 24 Skipjack 350 Chevy. The B5 duo props ard so so good for a back up or have them ballanced. Dennis
  266. mischief1

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    Any one ever tried using a small section of a rubber band tied around the line as a stopper (Carolina Keeper) for the sliding sinker?
  267. mischief1

    Tie flourocarbon to mono

    success with that there sturgeon's knot. X2
  268. mischief1

    Excel two Opening

    The Excel has two openings for the May 9, 2013 trip 15 days $3870.00
  269. mischief1

    8 cows and 1 Super on the RP First Morning

    Looks like I better pack some Monsters for my May 9 trip on the Big X. Sleep is for the week.
  270. mischief1

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    Thanks Jim keep us posted Ill be on the next trip May 9. Good Luck
  271. mischief1

    so who uses gloves?

    Originally Posted by Fishybuzz I use batting gloves... Get them at Big 5 either the Nike or Rawlings with the leather palms about $15 a pair.....I have never had any issues with infections or line cuts or hook pricks since wearing them...I just rinse them in warm water at the end of every...
  272. mischief1

    M&M Rail Rod

    Has any body used one of the rail rod that M&M makes? I am looking at a 770XXh.
  273. mischief1

    Chief or Top Gun 80

    Top Gun 80 big state rooms, RSW fish holds, light loads. great food soda foutain all u want. Bob Taft long time owner operator big plus. Bob finds fish for sure. Scott Hart been with Bob as second Captain for years they are a great team and not new to the game...
  274. mischief1

    Bob Sands knot failure

    I have had good luck with the Bob Sands knot 4 turn Uni using the mono wrap towards the reel. Place a hook between and wraps of the spreta around the mono 12 up then 12 back. Place tag end where hook was between the uni and the 12 wraps. Pull tight by holding the two main lines. Take some...
  275. mischief1

    Mak 20 or 30

    If you can only get one go with the 30 you wont be sorry. I just filled mine got 400 yrd of 100 JBH with 300 of 130 JB H spliced on top.
  276. mischief1

    Westcoast Marketing 16-Day

    Salmon the other pink meat
  277. mischief1

    RV generators in a boat?

    I woud by very concerned with the generator end not being explosion proof type, causing sparkng. With possible gasoline vapor in the builge could be an end to more then just a day of fishing. Portable Gen. on the bow works good for me just watch the exust pipe, the hot gas can burn the gell coat.
  278. mischief1

    engine cooling

    I would take off the exust manafolds and check for internal crosion blocking water flow. You should be able to get access to the engine block frezze plugs at that time with no problem. Punch a scew driver into the center and pry them out, clean up the block and install new brass plugs using a...
  279. mischief1

    Battery/Fish finder issue

    I had an issue with my alternator wire was zip tied to one of my spark plug wires. The feed back from the spark plug wire caused noize on my fishfinder. Check your spark plug wire's and coil wire to make sure that no other electrical wire's are close causing noise.
  280. mischief1

    Special anchor chain for windless?

    Check out boat salvage yards like Minies in New Port Beach. There is one in San Diego right across from the Landings not sure of the name. I got a real good deal on BB type chain for my wind less. Good luck
  281. mischief1

    Spooling up my new reel

    Well I went to Savon Tackle and put 400 of 100 lb JB hallow and toped it off with 300 of 130 JB hallow. If a tuna takes all 700 yards he can have it.
  282. mischief1

    Spooling up my new reel

    I just picked up a new Makaira 30 SEa Silver I was thinking of spooling her up with 130 JB hallow. They said it would hold 500 yards. What do ya think should I step spool with 100 to 130 of leave it straight 130?
  283. mischief1

    4 fenders

    Ill Take them see you at the Fread Hall Show. I'll Call you at opening time Thursday Dennis
  284. mischief1

    New bluefin setup

    JX is fine for those fish, I assume you mean the 2spd. The magnitic cast control and the Raptor upgrade are more than worth the price. This will make it a great yo-yo reel for yellowtail. As for the rod, 610 is a good 30# rod if you want to go old school. GF700M would be better, as would be...
  285. mischief1

    Smoked Tuna

    I like somke tuna on Club Crackers with Spyce Brown Mustard on top.
  286. mischief1

    Boat Items Volvo Prop outdrive Anchor Stuff

    Price Drop Duoprop $75.00 + shipping
  287. mischief1

    Boat Items Volvo Prop outdrive Anchor Stuff

    Volvo DuoProp set B-5 still 4 sale
  288. mischief1

    Boat Items Volvo Prop outdrive Anchor Stuff

    Boat Items For Sale (661) 714-2348 Volvo B-5 Duo Prop Good Condition $ 100.00 Anchor Chain Tensioner $ 45.00 Anchor Deck Chocks $10.00 Anchor Rope Roller $10.00 Volvo 280 Outdrive Lower $ 500.00
  289. mischief1

    Bait tank question

    I once had a loose hose fitting that let air into the tank all the bait would die off untill i fixed the air leek. FYI
  290. mischief1

    Where to buy Volvo Drou Prop

    I have a set of B5 that are used $ 125.00 Valley Propeller Ventura CA (805) 644-5055 new duo props for $535.00
  291. mischief1


    If you have a drain valves on the exuest manafolds and engine block open them and let all the water drain. I do this after every trip, I think it helps keep the crossion at bay. If you dont have valves installed there are threded pluges you can take out.
  292. mischief1

    Looking to have a half tower/ hard top built

    I had a radar arch / bimine top built for my Skipjack at Riley Marine in Long Beach. They did a real good job very satisified. Good price too.
  293. mischief1

    Old Fuel

    I alwise add fuel stablizer Use the green stuff if works with ethenal gas. I but it in every time I fill up you never know how long I will be befor you go out agin. I have also used the automotive electric fuel...
  294. mischief1

    24 Skipjack DuoProp Size?

    Thanks guys looks like b4 for me. The guy at Valley propeller told me that some guys are using the A series. Any one have any experance with the A's? (Gas motor 350 Chevy)
  295. mischief1

    24 Skipjack DuoProp Size?

    I am looking for some help with prop size for my 24 Skipjack Flybridge. I have a 350 Chevy AQ 290 with a Volvo 290 Duoprop out drive. Looking for good handeling in heavy seas and good fuel economy. What size works best?
  296. mischief1

    1986 24FB Skipjack drain

    I have a 1979 and the inside cabin also has a drain that is pluged (center below the door). The drain located on the step starbord side has a hose atached to it and drains to the starbord side of the stringer. I think the reason Skipjack does not drain into the compartment that houses the gas...
  297. mischief1

    Accurate introduces the FURY!! - Caption Contest ending December 14th, 2012

    Look at all the happy feet beating feet to get the new Accurate fury reel.
  298. mischief1

    Or Trade - SKB Box & Rod Carrier

    Thanks Oliver for the box nice meeting you.
  299. mischief1

    Offshore /Top Gun 80 9/27/12 Limits Early

    TOPGUN 80 Great Boat and crew.
  300. mischief1

    volvo penta b4 props 4 sale

    Do you still have the props?? Call me 661 714 2348
  301. mischief1

    Volvo duo prop

    Thats a good question. I am thinking of changing my volvo 280 single prop to a duoprop AQ290 on my 24 Skipjach FB. I was told at Out Drive Exchange in Costa Mesa to use a A-3 or A-4. What gear ratio are you guys using? I also have a Chevy 350.
  302. mischief1

    Making Macks for Bait in San Pedro Area

    Make your bait before the sun comes up at the bait reciever. After it gets light the bite will die.
  303. mischief1

    Royal Star First Albacore 2012

    And we havent even lit off the fire works yet, what the hell over?
  304. mischief1

    Excel 15 day May10-25

    Go getem Dave good luck
  305. mischief1

    Trolling out fits

    What is your favorite trolling rod and reel for long rangefishing? <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  306. mischief1

    Skinny Bombs=wahoo

    Ed is a great guy wont go wrong give him a call probly ship direct.
  307. mischief1

    Favorite Mono Line

    Big Game
  308. mischief1

    Chef Javier

    Ill will be praying for Javier. Keep us posted Mike.
  309. mischief1

    full boat cover for skipjack 24 flybridge

    I my be intrested I would like to look at it give me a call. Dennis 661 714 2348
  310. mischief1

    volvo penta engine parts

    I found this place to have the best prices.
  311. mischief1


    Nice Job Nick BX?
  312. mischief1

    Polishing Gel Coat

    I found a great product (Mequiars 50 Marine RV cleaner wax one step) No buffing or multi steps just wipe it on and wipe it off, comes off eazy. After trying all kinds of stuff on my 1979 Skipjack finally found somthing that I can truly recomend.
  313. mischief1

    Dec. 26 American Angler

    Good Luck Dave let us know how it goes
  314. mischief1

    Wahoodad Intrepid Nov 12 roll call

    I am in see ya 11-12-11 6:00AM Dennis Canyon Country
  315. mischief1

    More good news for our trip!

    Sweet, Okuma Makaira 20II those reels are the BOMB.
  316. mischief1

    Good news for anglers on Wahoodad trip coming up

    I cant wait to try out one of the kite rigs. See ya 11-12-11
  317. mischief1

    1st Super Cow,already!

    The season is looking good so far see ya all 11-12-11 on the Intrepid
  318. mischief1

    Catalina 10-11-11

    Went to Catalina on 10/11/11, on my 24 Skipjack to do a little hoop-in-it up. Pulled are asses off till 2:00 AM. Twoshort lobsters for all that effort. The lobsters were found in deeper water 90feet. The full moon may have had something to do with it. Maybe be the bait, allwe had were 2 mackerl...
  319. mischief1

    The newest addition for fish to fear! 10-01-11

    Now thats what I call a KEEPER for sure :)
  320. mischief1


    Arco marine Check out there web site good prices. Save your money buy a new one. Ther high out put starter on my 350 chevy is the bomb Dont switch your batt while the motor is running. 1800 722 7220
  321. mischief1

    Catalina still holding WSB

    Just got back from 2-1/2 days at Catalina 8/3-5/11 on my 24' Skipjack Catchit. Natcho baited us up with squid good big scoop. Crossing on 8/3 at 6:00 AM was the worst I've had in years. The wind got buit as the day war on 30kt made fishing limited to more wind protected areas. We fished hard...
  322. mischief1

    Offshore Searcher 1.5 Day July 9-11

    Report from a 1.5day trip on the Searcher July 9-11, 2011. We departed the dock on July 9 at 4:30 PM and went to the south CoronadoIsland to make squid. I am not sure why they caught squid must have been for a differenttrip because we sure didn’t use any on our trip. Any way the squid floated...
  323. mischief1

    Drive to Catalina

    Riview the vessel light requirements be familiure with lights for towing.
  324. mischief1

    White Sea Bass Limit 3

    28.35. WHITE SEABASS. (a) Minimum size: Twenty-eight inches total length or twenty and one-half inches alternate length. (b) Season: Open all year. (c) Limit: Three, except that only one fish may be taken in waters south of Pt. Conception between March 15 and June 15.
  325. mischief1

    Just in case you forgot what an Albacore and Bluefin look like

    Nice job on the first tuna fiish of the year! What color/type jig were you troling?
  326. mischief1

    San Diego long range trips

    Dave see ya in Nov
  327. mischief1

    Tropic Star Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends June 2nd, 2011 : 5:00 PM

    I told you the limbo is not cool on a long range boat
  328. mischief1

    Blue Fin Tuna

    Good actical on the decline of Blue Fin Tuna.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  329. mischief1

    Penn 16S

    Looking for a Penn International 16S
  330. mischief1

    ? on drag settings Good post check it out
  331. mischief1

    Penn 50SII, TLD30II, 4/0 YT spl Frame

    PDT send me a PM with your shipping info Dennis
  332. mischief1


    Braid Manta Pro belt $35.00 Isor waist belt $35.00 One size fits all 661 714 2348
  333. mischief1

    Penn 50SII, TLD30II, 4/0 YT spl Frame

    Penn 50S II 2 spd - last of the 50S produced like new been on one trip $375.00 Shimano TLD30 II 2 spd like new $175.00 Tibron frame, spool and high speeg gears to convert you Penn 4/0 into a yellow tail special. $80.00 (661) 714 2348
  334. mischief1

    Baker Frame

    Looking for a topless Baker Frame for a Penn 50S II. 661 714 2348
  335. mischief1

    1974, 24 ft. Skipjack $6000 OBO

    If you want to part it out i am looking for a 290 DP 661 714 2348
  336. mischief1

    IO Freshwater Flush

    I would save a lot of $$ and possible inline obstructions and just put the ear type flusher on the out drive and call it good.
  337. mischief1

    7460H Calstar

    I want to get some feed back on using a Calstar 7460H rod on a Penn 50S for cow tuna? Can this rod work ok as a rail rod?
  338. mischief1

    large smitty belt with spider harness

    Give me a call I will take it Dennis 661 714-2348
  339. mischief1

    LONG BLOCK HELP!!!!!!!

    Kith, Call Carl at Guarantee Chevrolet in Santa Ann Calif. He has new long block Chevy motors any size and HP. The 350 CI at 290 HP starts at about $1600.00. Gool Luck
  340. mischief1

    My Penn 30 VSX for your BX2-30 or HX-Raptor

  341. mischief1

    Skipjack storage seats

    Pete if you still have them give me a call Dennis 661 714 2348
  342. mischief1

    Shimano Done have Shimano do your service

    I recently had 2 of my reels sent in to Shimano for service Torium 20 and 30. I personally drop off the reels and told the service dept. that they both had caught large 300 pound plus black sea bass and the reels needed drags and that the handles rotated backwards the anti-reverse was shot...
  343. mischief1


    The plastic Pacific Edge tank is sold
  344. mischief1

    2 Speed reel for 40#

    DONT buy Shiminno
  345. mischief1


    Pacific Edge Bait tank 30 gal 2' tall X 2' long X 16" wide. Has 3 rod holders and lid. $ 70.00 Bait Bag with hold mounting brackets $ 25.00 661 714 2348
  346. mischief1


    I say we all show the Department of Fish and Game Nazis where there bread is buttered by the boycotting the buying of fishing and hunting licenses next year. Let&#8217;s show then who they work for &#8220;the people&#8221;. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  347. mischief1


    Closing Waters to Sportfishing in Southern California Denies Public&#8217;s Right to Access Public Waters California Fish and Game Commission ignores numerous legal concerns by approving MPA regulations Sacramento, CA &#8211; December 15, 2010 &#8211; Despite ongoing legal concerns, the...
  348. mischief1

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    1979 24' 350 chevy 280 volvo "CATCHIT"
  349. mischief1


    I have 10 hoop nets I need to get rid of taking up to much room. $ 10.. each or take all ten for $75. 661 714 2348
  350. mischief1

    Catalina Black Sea Bass

    Went to Catalina 9/9-10/10 on my 24 Skipjack Catchit. Spent the night on the anchor hoping for some love from the white sea bass – yellow tail with no love. Got tanked up on squid up at Eagle reef. It was wide open on the mud marlin (skates) we did catch and release two Black Sea Bass one...
  351. mischief1


    Squid light 400 watt with rod holder mount $350.00 and when you buy the light you will recive a free Honda 1400 watt generator 661 714 2348
  352. mischief1

    Penn International 30V SW

    Do you still have the pen 30? give me a call 661 714 2348 Dennis
  353. mischief1


    Honda 1400 watt generator and squid light has very little use. $ 400.00 (661) 298-9747
  354. mischief1

    Looking for a couple more Lobster Traps

    I got five of the reg type 10.00 Each
  355. mischief1

    Parting out My Skipjack-20

    I am intrester in the railing around the stern cockpit how much?
  356. mischief1

    XL Scubapro Knight Hawk BC

    Do you have any more pictures, I cant see the inflater hose. 661 714 2348
  357. mischief1

    Dive Ladder

    sold sold sold
  358. mischief1

    hoop nets needed

    I have 10 also make me an offer
  359. mischief1


    Its still for sale call
  360. mischief1

    Dive Ladder

    I work in Long Beach and can meet you some where call i still have it 661 714 2348
  361. mischief1


    Furuno Sounder LS 6000 depth sounder includin the transducer. Working great just up graded $60.00 661 714 2348
  362. mischief1

    Dive Ladder

    Dive ladder 1-1/2" dia. pollished stainless steel, 39" long includes the attachment bracket to attach to the under side of the swim step $75.00 661 714 2348
  363. mischief1

    Engine Died at the 425

    Check to see if you have spark. Pull a spark plug and have some one crank it over while you check the spark. If the spark is good I would check the fuel filter. Any contamination in the tank can plug the jets in the carborator. Good luck
  364. mischief1

    Marlin boats

    Yes I have owned one of the Marlin 19' cutty cabins. had a 4.3 6cyl mercruser. the out drive was going out and making noise. I believe it was made in Oregon. I drilled a hole in the bottom of the boat to put a thru hull bait tank inlet and was suprized to find a 1" thick hull. The boat road...
  365. mischief1


    Ill take the 30
  366. mischief1


    Do you still have the 30? I recently got a 14 from you and would like to get a 30 Dennis 661 714 2348
  367. mischief1


    Do you still have the 14? If so Ill take it 661 714 2348
  368. mischief1


    Ill take it call 661 714 2348
  369. mischief1

    Lite Line - Big 'But - King Harbor 6-14-09

    That could be a record you should weigh it on a certified scale
  370. mischief1

    Removing Starter from 5.7 Liter Merc

    I removed the exaust manifold on the starboard side, makes the job much eazer
  371. mischief1

    Windlass for 24 Skipjack Open

    Check out this link Powerwinch Free-Fall Anchor Windlasses I use a 36 free fall on my 24 skipjack Catchit works great. I got one of the rebuilts and the wiring kit.