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    Slow trolling live squid

    Super slow troll would work I bet, never know until you try it. Post results🤙🏽
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    Offshore Clemente 5-22, 5-23-2023

    Right on way to get on the fish. Sounds like the season is starting to pick up. Sorry you had to wait on the bait guy, that’s never fun.
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    Offshore (Team intel) 17ft bow rider.181/289/N.9mile...9/24

    I know how you feel my 13’ skiff gets a little beat up sometimes but she treats me well and I can afford her. Thanks for the intel helps me make a game plan for the coming weekend🤙🏽
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    Offshore Left mission bay -after lunch today

    Great to know the dorado are still cruising local waters! Thanks for the intel and eat well🤙🏽
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    Offshore Oside 9/24

    Love the commitment! I was out Sunday bass fishing I should have gone offshore but I have had the skunk on the boat offshore lately.
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    Favorite YFT lure

    Yozuri LC hydro seems to get bites for me when other stuff isn’t working
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    Maui Shore Fishing

    my kids love to cane pole fish using little bits of shrimp for more species than I can count…have fun I miss the islands
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    Maui Shore Fishing

    Bring a “ball and feather”. The local shops with hook you up with the local goodies but ball and feather with get the job done. Papio like a lot of surface commotion. Make lots of casts and you will hook up on all kinds of species! Hanapa’a🤙🏽
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    Inshore Dana Point dodos

    Thanks for the report. I like to think time on the water is time well spent…catching fish is a bonus in my book. Where did you make bait? I am thinking about heading that way any tips on making bait would be greatly appreciated🤙🏽
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    Offshore Sunday out of Oceanside

    I went bass fishing Sunday for dinks, the whole time I was thinking I should be offshore! Great report and nice pics. Harbor days has the launches out of Oceanside closed this weekend guess I’ll have to go north or south…hmmm hope to see you on the water🤙🏽
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    Offshore Rubber bullet back in action, limited out!

    No dorado? Glad to see you are back up and floating!!!
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    Offshore 9/4 report

    Yep that wind came up and wow…just like you I had a wet ride home. Crazy how fast the weather can turn on you offshore. Glad you and your mom made it home safely
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    Offshore Dodos and Grandson

    Great haul there! What happened to the fish in the bottom of the pic? Looks like taxman got a little snack. Grandson will have these memories forever🤙🏽
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    Inshore Just another Dorado report!

    Sweet report and great intel. I hope to do half a well as you tomorrow. Crazy how warm the water is 78 degrees makes you want to jump in. But then again maybe not😂. Eat well🤙🏽
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    Offshore dodos 8/31 312 spot

    ^^^outside by red bouy most of the time you find it
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    Offshore Sons first mahi(s) on the inflatable (Video added!)

    Father and son way to go! His face says it all good job Dad you got a fishing buddy for life🤙🏽
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    Offshore Oceanside dorado 20 miles off shore…near limits

    Let’s go!!! Very good day on the water and awesome intel. Glad to know you left a few fish for me😂🤙🏽
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    Offshore Wed/Oceanside ran South

    Sweet intel. I really hope to get on some fish This weekend. I’ll make bait then head out👍 Nice to hear the BFT are creeping up the ridge!!!
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    Inshore dorado's off 14 mile bank

    Very nice, congrats and thanks for the intel.
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    Offshore Variety pack 8/23

    Wow heck of a day on the water. Rookie question here but what does “22 over 21” mean? Tried a little google search but my outcome was NSFW😂😂😂
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    Offshore What's Better? 8/23

    You must have a fleet of boats waiting for you to go out these days. Nice job out there. Just curious do you like yellowfin taste over the bluefin? Or were they smaller?
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    Offshore Dorado on the dinghy 8/21

    Hell yeah glad you got on some fish this weekend! Should have followed you😂🤙🏽 Eat well!!!
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    Offshore Mexico and North 9 on 8/21

    The second one maybe but the first one came up with one treble in its mouth and pop about 5 feet from my floro. I guess I could have backed off my drag but I didn’t. He had the back hook of the 170 probably 20ish pounds and shot back to sea like nothing I have ever seen before. Damn those...
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    Offshore 9 at 9

    I know the feeling my ride was a little wet also on my little skiff. Glad to see you got one on the boat though!!! Success for sure🤙🏽
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    Offshore Mexico and North 9 on 8/21

    Late report sorry guys!!! Left MB at 5:30 Sunday hit up 178 then wanted to get my cousin on some kelp paddy fish. We left toward the 302 looking for kelp. We found open water dorado scattered all over(fished them but no hook up) each kelp we came to nothing along the way to Mexico. I heard of...
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    Offshore 8/20 267(279) to 209

    Nice intel for those in North county hunting tomorrow. I am kind of surprised is was choppy today all reports show nice long stretches between swells but mixed swell with wind can make for a bumpy ride/wet ride. Hopefully the wind isn’t an issue tomorrow. Next time!!!
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    Offshore 8/20 offshore trifecta

    Heck yeah dog wanted a piece of all that action!!! I think he deserves a decent tail filet after that🤙🏽 Great catches thanks for the report and intel!
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    Inshore Oceanside mako

    Nice video love that mako footage. Those things are unreal how they can turn on the after burners and then make a leap towards the sky when they get hooked.
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    Offshore 8/15 Dorado madness.

    Solid eats for a job well done. Thanks the the intel I’ll be looking again Sunday!
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    Offshore OCEANSIDE WED

    Chee hoo!!! You got my blood flowing I think I’m going to have to make an afternoon run tomorrow. Glad you found biters, seems like they are getting more on the chew.
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    Offshore BFT + Mahi = Good Day! 8/16

    Your wife washes your clothes!!! I wish that were the case in my house. But hey laundry Saturday = fishing Sunday😂 a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do!!!
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    Offshore Dorados and tuna

    Good call on downsizing to 14 lb. you have to wonder if the line weight changes the swim pattern of the bait, less drag more speed type of thing. I highly doubt it is a visual thing but maybe. Either way saved the day and got the lines tight.
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    Offshore Zero etiquette SMH with a side of Dorado

    Congrats on the catch! They are stubborn eaters at the moment. Hopefully the kids got a turn pulling on the rod at least🤙🏽
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    Offshore BFT’s and Asshats Fishing for boats 8/12-8/14

    I ha I have a small skiff and figure no one is paying attention to me…wrong! I stop to glass the water often about every mile or so, it seems like the boats around me do and abrupt halt and 180 toward my position when I stop to look around. Sometimes I wait for them to get close to be bummed...
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    Inshore Oceanside/Carlsbad

    That’s a great idea lunch and back to fishing. I get about 100 miles per trip depending on conditions. I would need to refuel most likely😂. I may have to try the La Jolla trip out of Oceanside and see how my skiff does. Hope to see you on the water…have fun with your son!
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    Inshore Oceanside/Carlsbad

    Oceanside got a little slow this past week, water turned over and was a little green and dirty. Hopefully it clears and the fish come back close to the coast like last week. Thanks for the report see you on the water. You guys fishing Sunday again? If so I’ll see you out there🤙🏽
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    Offshore Oceanside Fishing with Friends

    Thanks for the report exactly what I needed to hear after skunking out last Sunday. Good to know the ocean still has fish in it😂 I’ll be out Sunday looking for them paddy’s holding fish.
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    Islands 8-16 Coronado Islands father son bonding (bending) session.

    Love it…can’t wait for my boy and girl to grow up and fish with me. Looks like great memories were made and you caught fish. Best of both worlds🤙🏽
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    Offshore What’s worked for Dorado

    Intel about big Mack’s? From a few people up north and a few party boat Captains down South.
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    Offshore BFT’s and Asshats Fishing for boats 8/12-8/14

    Blood on the deck way to go. Hope you had some popcorn for the show on the water. I never understand what people are thinking bombing on a foamer and ruining the bite for those already on it. That sashimi looks delicious🤙🏽
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    Offshore The little Reel that could!

    That is a toad and No power handle either…must have been a heck of a battle. I like that phenix rod…thinking about picking one up, you like it?
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    Offshore Late day local tuna 8/13

    Talk about handling business. Beat the heat, get a workout fighting a few fish, good eats and back to sleep in your own bed at night. Very nicely done🤙🏽
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    Offshore Oceanside to 178 back to golf ball

    Gonzo that’s my concern with Dana and SI, I launch alone and it is so much easier when I just put the boat next to the dock and tie up. I don’t really like the ramps without docks to be honest. I’ve launched from S. Shores and like it, just have the theft to worry about but so was jacked out...
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    Offshore Coronado islands

    Nice score on a few yellowtail. Beats a boat ride any day. Dorado is going to bust wide open only a matter of time.
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    Offshore What’s worked for Dorado

    Good intel, I also heard big mackerel will make them go wild. I had bait Sunday but no fish to test the theory so thanks for the confirmation. Good luck out there🤙🏽
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    Offshore Oceanside to 178 back to golf ball

    Thanks Gonzo for the encouragement! I like to go during the week, when I get the day off. My “free” day is Sunday so I try and get out every Sunday. If weather permits I would like to launch out of shelter Island or Dana this weekend. I’ll have that beer ready for you…got any favorite brand...
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    Offshore DP dodos

    I can tell you from Oceanside half way to 267 was a desert today. Ugly green water. Nothing south either for me and a few others I heard from.
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    Offshore Oceanside to 178 back to golf ball

    I should have, it would have been fun, one paddy had a sea turtle next to it. I thought for sure it was going to be the lucky paddy🤦🏽‍♂️ I spent time at each one throwing bait and jigs nothing came out to say hi. Drifted about 50-100 yards on each one and nothing. I did hear of some fish around...
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    Offshore 8/14/2022 Tuna backside of Cat

    Congrats! You will be eating very well for quite a while.
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    Offshore Oceanside to 178 back to golf ball

    Long boat ride, water was green and dirty inside. Got to see over a dozen empty paddy’s from Oceanside to the 178. Headed back on a heading toward the golf ball to see what I could find. Tons of kelp off Camp Pendleton but it was empty not even holding bait. I was in 73-75 degree water most...
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    Inshore First Dorado of the year!

    Thanks for the report a catch is a catch!!!
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    Offshore 8-12 Dodo

    I’m fishing my trout gear tomorrow😂😂😂
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    Offshore Oside to the 14.

    I’m going tomorrow for sure staying in north county. I’ll be on 72 FishingFool or Anthony. Haven’t made the route yet but most likely 6-10 miles out paddy hoping🤙🏽
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    Offshore 8-12 Dodo

    Yep finicky in North county. I got one to go on a Bucktail of all things, but all the expensive stuff is just getting sniffed at.
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    Bay / Harbor Felt sorry for this guy

    Hope no one was hurt, that’s looks expensive!
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    Offshore 3 hour Heartbreak - BFT are a$$holes

    Bluefin bycatch that is a good time!
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    Offshore Liberty 8/12

    Capt. Taro is awesome. He will put in the miles to get his passengers on fish. And if you need to take a nap after all the catching they have bunks and a shower to clean up to lay down on the way back home.
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    Offshore Fished 209 & 181 - 8/12

    Nice glad to hear you made it back safe. Better safe than sorry. Next time may the fish gods be with you.
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    Offshore 9 Mile Bank

    I was just asking…you don’t have to answer right?! With gas prices as high as they are I figured us fishermen would be helping each other. Sorry didn’t know that this would trigger you so much. This is the reason I don’t like forums like this. You ask questions try and be nice and then...
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    Offshore Oside to the 14.

    Let me know I will buddy boat with you, launch out of Oceanside most of the time. I too have not had luck with them dodo’s…one day they won’t be so lucky. I am thinking of venturing south Sunday but that depends on the wind and swell. It maybe easier to launch out of oside. Let me know if...
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    Headed out Sunday 8/14

    Since I can fish around the 302 with my current paperwork I will be around that area more than likely. I need to stay clear of the islands without TIP and FMM, as you know. If my young son decides he is actually going to fish with me I’ll stay in North County. I would prefer to venture down...
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    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    Gonzo! I think you are right just gotta be in the zone when they co-operate. Maybe Bob has numbers for biting fish he can share with a rookie like myself? Thanks for the help see you on the water with that Beer🤙🏽
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    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    Yes I have a VHF. I go by FishingFool but my name is Anthony. I’ll monitor 72 how do I call you? I’ll be out Sunday down South looking for kelp…all the kelp holding Dorado in the Oceanside area just won’t bite for me🤬
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    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    Can I buy you a beer??!!! Thank you exactly the reply I was looking for🤙🏽 I’ll be launching out of Shelter Island or Dana Landing. I’m looking at staying around the Corner but I know I could get into Mexican territorial waters. Thanks again!!! I’ll be out there in my little skiff when weather...
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    Offshore 9 Mile Bank

    What’s the hot jig…they don’t like mine😂
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    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    So just to be clear. If my skiff is 14’ and I fish 12 miles from Mexico land I only need a Mexican fishing permit to legally fish Mexican waters? I just feel like I need to get a nautical FMM and TIP just to be safe but I hate throwing money away. Thanks in advance for the help🤙🏽
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    Headed out Sunday 8/14

    Debating on getting my Mexican permits to fish south of the border. Seems like a hassle but Ali has a good post on it I will try and follow. Best of luck out there
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    Gas stolen Dana landing

    I wish this were the case, I filled it up with 25 gallons that morning got back and gauge was empty. Couple knocks to the fuel tank and it was hollow sounding…it took a full 28 gallons at the station so unfortunately I know it was stolen. My tank holds 30 gallons so I guess they couldn’t get...
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    Gas stolen Dana landing

    Thank you for the reply! So I guess I just gotta chance my luck at Dana landing again.
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    Gas stolen Dana landing

    My SUV. Old 2000 Escalade. Super bummed I normally launch Oside it is very patrolled by parking cops and regular cops. I just didn’t expect this, I parked as close to the deli and tackle shop as I could but it didn’t matter.
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    Inshore Local Dorado 8/10/22

    Saw a nice paddy loaded up, threw everything I had at them nothing. Glad you got one to stick!!! They are eating but not my lures…next time
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    Gas stolen Dana landing

    Had my tank of gas stolen at Dana landing last Friday. Anyone ever have issues at this ramp? Is south shores safer? I hate to lose 20 gallons of fuel again. At least they were nice enough not to drill the tank punks!!!
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    Small boat buddy boat

    Got a 13’ dauntless I’d buddy boat with you anytime given the right conditions of course.
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    Looking for a buddy to fish around O'side.

    Perfect see you out there...check pm
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    Looking for a buddy to fish around O'side.

    Heading out tomorrow 6am launch at kayak dock...VHF CH 71, I'll be solo on a pa 14 looking for some yellowtail, freezers getting low.
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    Looking for a buddy to fish around O'side.

    Fish there almost every Sunday We use VHF channel 71 on the water around 6 off around 12. Join us anytime.