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    Catching pelagic fish in the NW

    Over 3 miles out is Federal waters not State water rules.
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    Tips for 1st time deepwater rockfishing please?

    If you have a job where you tippy/tap on a keyboard all day is I would hit the gym and lift weights. Fishing 300 to 600 feet with a 1 to 2 pound weight will cripple you.
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    ICAST Show coming up; wish list for Product Development meetings?

    Us left-handers are the last minority that doesn't get any perks with our left-hand handicaps. Kidding aside it's better than ever for fishing and hunting gear but when you see a piece of equipment that you really would like and no it's not available in left-hand is disappointing. At least Avet...
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    Swell period thoughts

    Up in Northern California we run in that all the time as long as you don't mind bumping and grinding when you're fishing. One rule I've seen a lot is if the swell is half the size or less than the seconds it's a go if you have boat skills. One year when the salmon bite was on fire took my 21...
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    Ballyhoo For Inshore/Kelp Paddy Yellowtail?

    Better have $100 bills in your pocket to pay for the ballyhoo.
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    Rod Line Ratings

    There's no industry standards that why when I buy a new rod I take a reel with me to the store mount it and see and feel the load when it's tied off to a salesmen. That will tell you more than the rating on the rod.
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    Piece of shit from China.
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    Daiwa Warranty Sucks

    Depends. Most people don't know that the thin viscosity reel oil we use can and will evaporate out of the bearings and another places over time like season to season. If I can feel that the reel is acting sluggish before I go on a trip I'll hit it with reel oil. The grease will last much longer...
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    Helpful stickers for old guys.

    DEF is for people who can afford new trucks.
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    Bleeding Out Tuna

    I spike first then bleed out less flopping on the deck and it achieves the same goal.
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    Comments on online shopping

    Alibaba is a Commie China equal to Amazon. The Communist government subsidizes the mailing of all packages worldwide for free to drive other countries businesses to close so you have to rely on them. People do you understand that if you don't support your local tackle stores they go out of...
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    3-turn surgeon knot for floro to mono?

    Nope once they're out someone needs to die, no tapbacks.
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    Costco deckboots

    Is the Costco boots made in China?
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    Keeping Hitchhikers

    Happens all the time. My best on my boat is when a 24 inch ling took a 5 inch swimbait and a 45 inch (38 pound) ling swallowed the 24 inch. When it got to the surface I gaffed them both at the same time. This was up out of Trinidad, Ca where bigger lings live.
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    Is it just me

    Use to get wheel weights by the 5 gallon bucket to cast them up into bullets to load for pistol and rifle matches. Would throw a 1 pound ingot of linotype in a 10 pound pot of wheel weights to sweeten the pot for harder bullets that could be pushed a little faster.
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    Home Defense questions

    They'll let them go, arrest you for violating their rights to break in and kill you.
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    Gomexus New Camo Carbon Handle

    More Commie China made crap that we shouldn't buy from the enemy.
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    Home Defense questions

    Maybe you shouldn't be a pussy and learn to defend your family or self.
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    Diawa clamp

    Mystic Reel Parts has every part for any reel.
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    Updated El Nino

    The water in these dams feed water to drink and use in households and electric generation is just a bonus.
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    Need opinion on pliers

    They have an invention called oil that can prevent rust IF you take care of them. Harbor Freight is Commie China garbage.
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    CHC Commercial Harbor Craft changes and deadlines coming ahead...FYI

    Yeah half of Hollywood would be out of business.
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    Sea sick twice in a row?

    Nope, I never called the wife for dumb suggestions just what time dinner is.
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    Cedros Island Rod/Reel

    I would recommend heaver test on the sabiki rigs as the sardines are good sized plus most of the time you can load most if not all the hooks. I take 40# main line with 30 # branch lines. If you use 8 to 10 oz weights on them the sardines can't tangle the lines when you load them up. Makes it...
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    Cedros Island Rod/Reel

    What they've done with us is you have a 50 pound TOTAL weight when you leave Cedros, tackle and fish combined. The more tackle you have the less fish you take home. This is based on 2 trips there.
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    Cedros Island Rod/Reel

    12 t0 20 surface irons is way too much. Been to Cedros 2 times now and I've never lost one yet I take 6 in mint and blue/white.
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    Extra wormy lingcod? San Diego

    Might have been an old wound that was trying to heal like from a sea lion. I've seen a few wounded fish that had spots like that but not as bad as your fish. We just cut the bad part out and it's good to go. Never seen green worms before always been blood to brown color.
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    Battle of the Branches event; San Diego aboard Jigstrike

    Glad to see you in your element.
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    Where is the Penn forum?

    What problems?
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    What do you attach your hooks and lures to while on the water?

    I've been using Fault Line Outdoors "Hook Holsters" for about 15 years on most of my rods with great results.
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    Battle of the Branches event; San Diego aboard Jigstrike

    Glad to see your still around Steve with the Penn forum gone we thought you were put out to pasture as well. You're what the Japanese call a Living Treasure with the fishing community. We've missed you up in Chico every Friday.
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    Where is the Penn forum?

    There's others that are missing as well would be nice to get an explanation
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    Longfin Anyone?

    They're not done you just have to go where they are. Ft. Bragg is where I fish at all summer and the Albacore fishing is great. Usually at the end of August it starts and can go for a couple of months if the conditions are right. When the word gets out for the first run there can be a 100 boats...
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    Longfin Anyone?

    Better remember that Bluefin took 100 years to show back up.
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    Longfin Anyone?

    Me too on pizza.
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    Sea Lions....

    Since I come from Italian descent and my ancestors threw people into lion pits just to watch them get eaton alive, what about my heritage? When I get my heritage back then the Indians can have theirs back.
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    Sea Lions....

    You just didn't have the right shotgun.
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    San Quintin and goodbye

    One day all of us will be joining him get out there while you can.
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    FROSTY the All White Orca spotted in a pod in Santa Monica Bay!

    Wonder if it has White privilege?
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    Avet Reel and jigging world rod- right for me?

    Have the same reel and there's no problem casting at all. I do have the magnetic M/C but I have it on the lowest setting. That price is crazy good look it up on to get an idea what they go for here in Southern Calif where they're made at.
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    Offshore Black Cod

    Thanks for that as a new fishery we need all the tips we can get.
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    Offshore Black Cod

    Educate us on the throat part that needs to be saved.
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    Limit of Canary Rockfish

    That was for the 2022 season. F&W needs to eliminate old reg's online to the present seasons.
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    Limit of Canary Rockfish

    Yes you can tell the difference. Go to a tackle shop to get a laminated fish ID chart to carry with you to compare. I keep two types of them on my boat to refer too. As far as your limits download F&W rules on your phone to see what the limits are in your region as they can be different in area's.
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    By The Wind Sailors by the Thousands....

    Why? They breed and the wind blows and they land where it blows them to. There's not too much of a deep mystery here.
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    Legal vs Illegal t

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    My 1st TEMU Order of Fishing & Hiking Supplies! What To Expect!

    Nothing like giving money to China so they can buy more bullets to kill Americans when we go to war with them in the next 2 years when they invade Taiwan. Fuck China.
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    By The Wind Sailors by the Thousands....

    Up north at Ft. Bragg we get them once in a while, doesn't seem to be a big deal.
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    Legal vs Illegal t

    The Mexicans do the same thing here in the US in all the construction trades. Work for cash with no license, insurance and half the time with no drivers license.
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    Interesting catch

    A few years ago a lady with her husband fishing north of Shelter Cove caught one around 110 pounds jigging for rockfish in less than a 100 feet of water.
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    Mexican boating insurance

    Stay away from Progressive insurance they're harder to get repair money out of than a Chinese Hasidic Jew.
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    Fish Processing - What Changed?

    No sense in trying to explain to you as you don't have a grasp on the fundamentals of basic business principles.
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    Free Riverfront Property In Oregon

    Those aren't shopping carts they're homeless RV's
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    Free Riverfront Property In Oregon

    With all the rain maybe the river will rise and sweep the area clean. Bad part is all their shit going down the river.
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    Fish Processing - What Changed?

    Obviously you have never owned a business and tried to get people to work. Up in Northern Calif it's the same problem with EVERY type of business. If you have a job that needs drivers 90 percent can't pass the piss in a cup test. All the fast food places have Help Wanted signs up, some of them...
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    Offshore Black Cod

    Wardens are bored this time of year with not much happening and looking for things to do.
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    Offshore Black Cod

    Better read the rules before you set out that long line rig.
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    Offshore Black Cod

    You must have been around 8 to 10 miles out. Will be over at Bragg in June and I'm rigged up to 1500 feet to try. You using a 2 hook rig?
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    They've been giving away that game for decades
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    Here's an idea: a section titled "how to gear up for new fisheries"

    The new generations don't look up anything they just want to be told what they want to know. It's like having a child on your lap telling them a story.
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    is this true?

    Mr. Carson will be here in a minute to explain.
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    She was a class act.
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    If it says a cum can flavor it might.
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    Most dangerous offshore experience

    This post is so old I thought someone on the Mayflower was going to post on it.
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    Tady 45 action

    Another tip that Danny Wade said in another interview is to wire a surface iron for more action. I did that on some Lady 45's and Starmans and it works. Danny said wiring them was a big deal back in the day.
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    (8 years later) - Stirring The Pot Again

    Last year Squidco had them but most tackle shops I've been to down there seem to have them.
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    Offshore Black Cod

    In the Mendocino zone Black cod was listed as rock fish and limited by depth and it was listed that way in the handbook. I even went into the Fish and Wildlife building to ask in Ft. Bragg and was told you couldn't fish for them over the depth limit. The depth limit was changed 3 years ago from...
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    Cork Puppy

    For all you guy's that say the seat can slip there's a product in the auto supply store called Gasgacinch. It's a rubber like cement that's made for applying to gaskets for oil and waterproofing but can be taken apart with no damage to the gasket material. If you apply a thin coat on the seat...
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    New fathoms, disappointed...

    Every person complaining about the lack of quality on the Penn's YOU ARE THE REASON THAT PENN HAD TO MAKE CHEAPER REELS. Every manufacturer has to listen to what the public will buy and if you read this forum a lot of questions are where can I get a cheap whatever the product. I realize not...
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    Sunglasses- Are Glass Lenses Safe?

    All glasses have to be tested with a .56oz weight that falls 50 inches that hits the center of the lens before they can be sold in the USA. Costa's 580 glass are one of the best for clarity and scratch resistance plus glass is a step above plastic lens.
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    Electra-Mate 12v Lithium Batteries, which ones to buy??

    I have the 100 amp BB battery with the internal heater that you install with a short jumper wire to the positive post when you'll be below 32 degree's. I have the Victron 12/25 charger to keep it charged at home and on the road with a generator. I use it when elk hunting as it gets around 0...
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    Electra-Mate 12v Lithium Batteries, which ones to buy??

    Yeah I agree on the learning curve. Go to Battle Born batteries as they make their batteries in Reno,Nv and have a lot of information. The lithium cells are made in China as most of them are but the safety controls they build in them making the batteries here safe. Unless you have a new motor...
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    What does Hands on Deck Mean to You?

    I think this ones called ALL snatch on dick.
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    Electra-Mate 12v Lithium Batteries, which ones to buy??

    Didn't think lithium batteries could be used for starting batteries?
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    Electra-Mate 12v Lithium Batteries, which ones to buy??

    You need to go on youtube and look at Ice Hole Power channel as he tears apart lithium batteries to see if they deliver the claimed AMPS and if there safe to use. Half the cheap made in China garbage ones are dangerous to use. I know you want the info on how big of a battery you need but when...
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    Are You Letting a Banana on Your Boat?

    Does it count if you wear a Banana Hammock thong?
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    What does Hands on Deck Mean to You?

    In the Navy I thought it was ALL hands on deck.
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    Offshore Black Cod

    We fished the Cove for about 10 years but it started to get like the wild west with the dope growers there. One year when we were going there some scumbag got into an argument with one of the tractor drivers(driver was a nice guy) and they got into a fight. Tractor drive killed the scumbag with...
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    Offshore Black Cod

    I was trying for Pacific halibut on the break of the Continental Shelf to try. At the Shelter Cove launch shack they have a picture of a over 200 pound Pacific that was caught on the shelf back in the day. I thought I would try it just to do it. As for keeping the weight on bottom is easy I use...
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    Bahia de Los Angeles

    As well of the fishermen if you took a picture of them today.
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    Offshore Black Cod

    I am an old guy but don't find it that bad to reel up from a 1000 feet. I want to try the fishery first before I buy a $1000 dollar electric rig. The only problem I see is from the rockfish opener till the all depths July 16th is it can blow like a bitch where you can't or won't go out 2 miles...
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    Offshore Black Cod

    Black cod were under the Rockfish depth rule till this year it was right in the reg's. In Bragg there's a couple of commercial boats that fish them in depths of 800 to 2000 feet deep which starts about 10 miles offshore. I've seen their set buoy's on the way out for albacore at around 10 miles...
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    What's up with the Victory?

    You could bring your own
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    Hazard to Navigation Long Beach/Seal Beach

    Thought the Coast Guard was supposed to mark hazards like this?
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    Welding Jump Rings

    Do you people weld that many rings to justify a spot welder?
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    Inexpensive rods for upcoming Baja trip

    Ugly Stix are a great cheaper rod.
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    avet reel sizes ?

    Yeah Avet has what they call a Website with all their reels and spec's.
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    How reels got smaller.

    Fuck Apple News.
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    Updated El Nino

    That's the big thing Tasting Good. I don't care if the fish can be smart enough to take SAT's.
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    Interesting stats on the tackle industry in the USA

    Some of those stat's came from when they surveyed my garage.
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    Too much rain

    It's not wasted, nature has a reason for most things. The South San Fransisco Bay doesn't have any rivers running into it so when it floods like its doing now it cleans it out. If it didn't do that it would stagnate into a dead pool. Our Dungeness crab spawn along with anchovies and others in...
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    Is Stealing Gear a Thing?

    The biggest karma would be getting the shit kicked out of you.
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    Mission/San Diego Bay best Guest Slips?

    I'm in Northern Calif too and have done the same thing in San Diego with a guest berth. Here's the only and big problem I found in all my inquiries in L.A. and San Diego area's. If they have berth space no problem to rent to you now the problem all marina's I talked to WON'T let you park your...
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    Is Stealing Gear a Thing?

    You'll have to ask the Gay community about that one.
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    Why does Saluki own one

    What does she look like?
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    New Member

    It's good to have you aboard as fishing techniques from different area's of the world can be applied that can be used at your home fishing waters. In other words we all can steal idea's from each other.
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    Updated El Nino

    Yeah trading ingredients for Fentanyl for fishing rights. Fuck China the sooner we kill that country the better.
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    Oregon Bluefin

    You have the same chance on catching a Bluefin up there as catching a Unicorn. A lot of time and fuel for a maybe.
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    Oregon Bluefin

    Charkbait will take care of everything you need as well Squidco.
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    Updated El Nino

    They're releasing water at Oroville Dam because at the top of the watershed there's up to 600 inches of snow. This storm coming in the next 4 days can rain up to 4 to 5 thousand feet causing a lot of water coming to the lake to catch so it doesn't flood towns. The lakes will be full capacity in...
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    If you own a Shimano Speedmaster 2...

    I've had Penn's for over 50 years and NEVER had a part break while fishing or otherwise. Maybe because I take care of my gear and don't drop it on the deck every time I boat a 12 inch fish.
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    A few deck pics and action needed

    Yeah the albacore fishing was good and the day I went out caught some of the biggest grade of fish in a long time. Four albacore barely fit in a 150 quart ice chest had to break out a kill bag for the rest.
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    A few deck pics and action needed

    Had a friend in Bodega bay fishing for a good part of the summer and they pounded the crap out of the salmon. I'm in Bragg for the summer fishing and around some of the best fishermen around and it was bad. There would be a day of decent salmon caught then the next day to weeks very few caught...
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    A few deck pics and action needed

    You must have been fishing in the San Fransisco, Half Moon Bay area's that had great salmon fishing but up North in Fort Bragg, Shelter Cove and up it was shitty. Rock fish was great but salmon wasn't worth the time.
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    South Chatham reel spooler

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    FS- 12x12oz in-line torpedo sinkers in SD

    Much better I thought it might be that new math that old people don't understand.
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    FS- 12x12oz in-line torpedo sinkers in SD

    You say 12oz but show 4oz which one is it?
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    Sportboat anglers gearing up for new regulations?

    Same way you fish for Sandabs you just don't have any other fish aboard. Up North the party boats have Crabs and Dabs trips during when rockfish is closed.
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    Sportboat anglers gearing up for new regulations?

    If they board your boat they look at your map and the tracks you laid on where you've been.
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    Sportboat anglers gearing up for new regulations?

    There not that small of reels.
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    Deep drop sinkers from jerdog

    And as an added bonus Jer will throw in free a bottle of Ibuprofen to take after a day of reeling up those lead bombs.
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    Is this tackle website real?

    Yeah a Chinaman's never been known to cheat someone out of money. They'll short change a Hasidic Jew. Disclaimer I'm talking about the Chinese IN China.
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    Rust on boat trailer... when to repair?

    Kroil makes a spray oil with graphite that I spray once a year to prevent rust like that. I would clean the rust it the best you can then spray it on it with the Kroil and it will penetrate between the leafs. That will get rid of all the squeaks when trailering and protect the metals.
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    Rod length

    Shorter rods have a better leverage advantage that it takes less strength to pull a fish of equal weight with a longer rod.
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    Best new lures for albacore?

    Confirmed? Are the albacore under contract to show up? They haven't been down there for around 20 years, bluefin hadn't been there for a 100 years before they showed up again. Don't want to piss on your parade but believe it when you see it if it happens.
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    Bachelor party time!

    Sounds more like Dickblower Cruises.
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    Special edition MadMac

    The job of a lure is to catch the fisherman first and if it catches a fish that's a bonus.
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    Which is the best Albacore Reel?

    Use 113H with 30 pound line for trolling 5 rods and never had any albacore break the line yet. Do use heaver leaders though.
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    Which one comes back to Southern CA first?

    The all inclusive lure.
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    Which one comes back to Southern CA first?

    Nothing in nature is scheduled it's up to the whims of Nature. There's a ScrewTube channel called Pacific Northwest Weather Watch that goes into details about the change and the weather on the West coast with a meteorologist.
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    Which one comes back to Southern CA first?

    You mean La Nina?
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    Slapping some salmon rigs together for this seasin.

    Wait till you see the rockfish reg's. From the opening till July 15 you can't fish for them UNDER 300 foot of depth. You might say no problem I'll go out to that depth but the way the wind is blowing like a bitch that time of year you'll won't be able to get out to that depth. This is the...
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    Dead Body

    I just refer to them all as Cunts and that seems to work.
  124. C

    boat help!!!

    ScrewTube channel called Born again Boats where they service a lot of old boats to be used again. The kid is a great mechanic.
  125. C

    What boat less than 30ft can take a 3' @ 6-7 head sea

    Have you thought of installing a SeaKeeper on board? From all there claims it will smooth out your ride in rougher seas. Will be expensive but cheaper than a bigger boat. I'm sure in SoCal there's a dealer that can take you out on a demo ride to test it out.
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    Can't see where they're going, WTH?

    Maybe if she put on some Dallas Whore boots she could see over the console.
  127. C

    Naming Your Boat - yea or nay?

    Smells like Tuna.
  128. C

    Saltwater 3lb cod weight mold

    Usually pour between 700 to 800 degree's depending on the mold.
  129. C

    Saltwater 3lb cod weight mold

    That why I said just fish with it I don't see it dropping off. If a guy wants it off that bad cut the pipe in half length wise, then put 3 hose clamps around it then pour. After it cools take off the clamps and tap it with a wooden dowel and it will pop off.
  130. C

    Sportboat anglers gearing up for new regulations?

    I'm fishing in the Mendocino zone and loaded up an old Penn GTI with 500 yards of 80 pound PowerPro to drop down for Black Cod (called Sablefish, Butterfish too). We have areas that we can catch Pacific Halibut as well plus all the other deep water fish we haven't been able to fish for in...
  131. C

    Saltwater 3lb cod weight mold

    Don't need a mold to cast them. Get a thin wall metal tubing like the 1 1/2 inch that electricians use, cut off a piece I would start at 3 to 4 inches, pour lead in it and while still molten stick an eye in it. All it is is a weight to get you down nothing fancy and yes you leave the tubing on it.
  132. C

    Conventional Reel Advise For Popping

    Theres a ScrewTube channel that's called Pelagic Pursuit from Australia that fishes for GT's that they run offshore to fish for. All they use is spinners casting for them and is worth watching to get an idea what gear and lures they throw. He films GT's striking poppers from drones that's pretty...
  133. C

    Here's to bonito, the most underrated sportfish in the ocean

    When we were at Cedros Island fishing for Yellowtails we caught around 120 Bonitos that were up to 15 pounds each and they would drive your rod down to the gunnel hard. Fun to catch even though not our target species.
  134. C

    Joey at Squidco

    Why does most bitching stories start with the word SHE? There must be a God in his wisdom to put a set of tits and a wet spot on them because if He didn't we would have hunted them down to extinction with baseball bats 10,000 years ago.
  135. C

    Electric reel newbie

    If your buying a Lithium battery from Amazon be careful as more than half are Chinese garbage batteries that can be dangerous. There's a ScrewTube channel called Ice Hole Power and he tears apart Lithium batteries to see if they deliver the stated amps and if there safe to use. Spoiler alert a...
  136. C

    Better deals this year? SaveOn Tackle or Charkbait?

    Go Charkbait they have people there with great info plus video's on products that keep you informed by Mark. They deserve and earn your business.
  137. C

    Cedros in July

    It's not so much a insult as an observation. He was bitchin like a woman who isn't pampered to her needs. Been to Cedros twice and it is a third world county but the outfits do a great job to make your trip the best it can be. Food, fishing and the accommodations were great even two days after...
  138. C

    Question Guys...

    Craft people use the horns for projects like knife handles.
  139. C

    What's your favorite generator?

    If he needed to return it with his extended coverage proves it's garbage. I have used my Honda 2000 for 20 years without a single repair just oil changes.
  140. C

    suggestions please

    The girls really like it when you name the boat after them so I suggest " Smells like Tuna"
  141. C

    Fujinon Binos filter

    Ali, What brand and model(s) do you run on your boat?
  142. C

    Stabilization binoculars

    Yeah I can take ball busting no problem. The price was just a comparison on the quality since there's such a spread. I'm looking to get a pair before summer albacore season ( yeah we still have that in Northern Cal ) so I've been doing a deep dive in all the brands.
  143. C

    Stabilization binoculars

    It's not a matter of price it's a matter of if the person stating what the best is has any knowledge about the subject or just some random person who can pound a keyboard. The point is do your research yourself as half the people on this forum will say the best is the cheapest piece of shit they...
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    Stabilization binoculars

    Better be careful proclaiming the best Zeiss has a pair for $8,000
  145. C

    Ever run into these out there

    Here''s a guy going all the way around England in a 14 foot Avon on a YouTube channel called Harry Dwyer. Great adventure.
  146. C no longer free

    Subscriptions are $18.99 a year and since a fishing trips can cost $100 to 200 in gas a day it's well worth it.
  147. C

    How to Blackcod/sablefish

    I'll look for you this summer.
  148. C

    What's your favorite generator?

    Piece of shit from China.
  149. C

    What's your favorite generator?

    And half the quality but twice the noise.
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    Coming up soon

    The Mexican people that I've meet in Mexico have been warm and gracious and they're not the problem. The Government from the Police to the President are so crooked that when they die they have to screw them in the ground to bury them. The Cartels are killing 100,000's people with bullets and...
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    Kicker madness... trying to make a decision for my Skipjack-25

    Have a Gregor 22 foot Super Seahawk but mines aluminum and doesn't weigh anything close to your boat. With the flat prop the 9.9 comes with they're made to push heaver loads. A friend has a 9.9 on their 24 foot fiberglass with cabin boat (can't remember the brand) and it pushes it just fine. I'm...
  152. C

    Bait Cutter

    Was going to post the same thing. Around piece of the white plastic cutting board material would be better than wood.
  153. C

    Coming up soon

    I've always said the problem with Mexico is it's filled with Mexicans.
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    Kicker madness... trying to make a decision for my Skipjack-25

    First problem you have is you said SHE. The statement that Honda's run best on ethanol is about the stupidest statement I've heard in a long time. I have had a Honda 9.9 kicker on my boat since 2004 with a TR-1 auto pilot. Main is a Honda 115 so I have experiences with them and both run on 10...
  155. C

    GW Decapitate sMexican Diver

    If that shark wanted you there wouldn't be anything you could have done to not be killed. Great Whites can and will kill sea lions and seals (Yay) kelp or no kelp. Randy Fry was in and around kelp beds when he got decapitated in Northern California.
  156. C


    If the "Free cheese and butter people" quit voting for these educated idiots to Sacramento maybe we would have a chance. It's all about controlling every aspect of your life. I'm starting to see why the founding Fathers put the Second Amendment in the Constitution.
  157. C

    Extra fishy BFT

    The lesson here is how you treat your fish when it comes over the rail. Bleed and ice down or lay on the deck in the bag or sun.
  158. C

    CARB Meeting on Vessel Emissions Information to input/attend. FYI

    China is the biggest polluter in the world. They generate more pollution than ALL the other countries in the world COMBINED. Killing China would do more for pollution reduction than Tier 4 engines.
  159. C

    GW Decapitate sMexican Diver

    The attack at Ft. Bragg the shark spit his head out.
  160. C

    GW Decapitate sMexican Diver

    I pass the place the where that happened North of Ft. Bragg going to rockfish. Great Whites are spotted frequently around there.
  161. C

    CARB Meeting on Vessel Emissions Information to input/attend. FYI

    The Man has already made up their mind to do what their going to do. They don't give a damn what you think we will get steamrolled as always.
  162. C

    CARB Meeting on Vessel Emissions Information to input/attend. FYI

    Well how many of us will be screwed one way or another with this crap.
  163. C

    Polarized sunglasses for saltwater opinions ?

    Have exactly the same 2 as well. Seem to wear the amber more because in Northern Cal in the summer is overcast or foggy.
  164. C

    Sharing gas and bait costs

    I do too.
  165. C

    Cedros in July

    Looks like I poked the bear. HAHAHA
  166. C

    Cedros in July

    Well Princess I guess Cedros is for men.
  167. C

    Cedros in July

    Two hour trip one way.
  168. C

    Cedros in July

    I would rather fish 2 in a panga than be shoulder to shoulder at the rail.
  169. C

    Anyone ever fish 🎣 White Sea Bass ?

    Horrible looking fish on the bottom of the boat in the sun.
  170. C

    Socal/Mexico Bluefin Seiner Limits Information

    Except China that will rape the shit out of everything in the ocean no matter who's water it is.
  171. C

    Cedros in July

    Been there twice and going again in Sept. If your going with Cedros Sportfishing that's run by Rosie it's worth every penny. They take care of EVERYTHING including all paperwork including fishing licenses. Food is great, they filet and vacuum pack all your fish to take home. The Captains on the...
  172. C

    What the Q105 is up to these days

    Yes when the other person dies suddenly after serving the papers.
  173. C

    Does anybody know Paddler 13? His account has been hacked.

    Maybe Ukraine can send a Himar missile to take them out since they're in the neighborhood.
  174. C

    Missing angler

    You didn't take into account the leverage issue with the pole, it's not a straight weight issue. To quote Archimedes " Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world".
  175. C

    Guess I won't be surf fishing my local beach anytime soon

    Unless it was trying to eat you.
  176. C

    Continue north, and continue ice fishing. Possibly the last catch of the ice fishing season

    Be nice to know what part of the world your talking about.
  177. C

    Replacing my Avet. Suggestions?

    Are you guy's lubricating your bearing properly? In over 50 years of fishing I've never had a bearing burn out.
  178. C


    Yeah it didn't take me too long to figure that out. Had a friend fishing with me when I first started to use them and he said "What's up with the San Fransisco sandals" pointing to my kneepads. I told him to wait and see so we went rockfishing the whole day in rough Northern Cal water. After...
  179. C

    Physical Gages or Electronic gages?

    Don't forget to give a shoutout to NewScum Too.
  180. C


    I use construction type knee pads over my Grundens as it will solve the wearing out the bibs and your knees. On my boat the gunnel is at knee height and rock fishing in rough water a constant banging on your knees on the gunnel and the pads save them.
  181. C

    Sinker Rig Weights

    Don't see how that can make more tangles unless everyones using 16oz and then someones switches to an 8oz drifting into everyone.
  182. C

    Sinker Rig Weights

    You can just double up on 2-10oz to get a 20oz or whatever total weight you need.
  183. C

    Kill bag recommendations needed

    Opah's biggest bag is 82x30x36 inch hope your boat is big enough and have a forklift at the dock to lift it.
  184. C

    Kill bag recommendations needed

    I've held bags of ice 24 hours without any melting at all with the Opah bag. Mines a 60 inch bag and I usually have 150 to 200 pounds of ice in it.
  185. C

    Kill bag recommendations needed

    I have a Reliable and an Opah. The Opah is thick insulation that will keep ice for 3 days of fishing. I use the Opah for Ice storage on trips and the Reliable for caught fish when Albacore fishing, works great.
  186. C

    How to Blackcod/sablefish

    You the guy with the homemade rowboat I see going out of Bragg harbor?
  187. C

    Chipped your Volvo Penta Diesel?

    There's no free lunch, there's always a cost to tweak an engine. I would check with a GOOD mechanic before I chipped any engine instead of asking a bunch of BD'ers that I'm sure most can't even check their own oil let alone give engine advise.
  188. C

    So BD has been selling my info??

    Load up Google Analytics opt-out on your computer and that will go away.
  189. C

    Will this crimp tool still work?

    Another piece of quality equipment from China you get what you pay for.
  190. C

    Shorting My Tongue, Thoughts?

    You can raise the hitch height by getting a better hitch head that can be adjusted to even out the load on the axles. Get a head that's made for towing a travel trailer as the one your using looks WAY undersized for the load your pulling. If you have a panic stop locking them up the force on...
  191. C

    Batteries, too many choices

    Yes there is look at Optima battery they have a dual purpose battery. If you use a deep cycle as a starting battery you can fry it. A deep cycle should only be charged at 10 amps an hour to recharge it. Your outboard can charge depending on motor size 50 to a 100 amps that will fry the battery...
  192. C

    Santa didn't bring me any Madmacs

    Because there made in China and there too busy dying of the Commie Flu to work.
  193. C

    Boat inflation?

    And there lies the problem Jer as you know.
  194. C

    Which recommendation to follow re:eating saltwater fish from California waters?

    The fishing eating recommended rules are mainly for young kids, knocked up women or women going in near future to be knocked up. Since half of the people on this site will be dead in the next 10 years I wouldn't worry about it.
  195. C

    Boat inflation?

    If you need EBT's you should be looking for a job not fishing.
  196. C

    81 years ago today

    Hard to imagine the Snowflakes now doing anything close to that today.
  197. C

    Solar panels for homes - door solicitor at my house again!

    Plus the panels are made in China the same people that declare war on us weekly. Fuck China.
  198. C

    Solar panels for homes - door solicitor at my house again!

    Not worth it. The cost can be 10 to 20 thousand dollars for a good system.
  199. C

    Bachelor party time!

    I think your Dock Bunny request should be changed to Cum Dumpsters to be a more accurate description.
  200. C

    Warship Chicken, SD Bay 29NOV2022

    Go on the youtube channel called "What's going on with Shipping" and he thoroughly covered why this happened. There were good reasons why this happened.
  201. C

    Bait tank rigging

    Solid advise. The 3/4 inlet side is coming in under pressure filling the tank way faster than a 3/4 gravity drain line can empty it. The rule is every time you go up in a pipe size you increase your volume 3 fold. So for example from a 3/4 line to a 1 inch line is 3 times the volume like the...
  202. C

    Service or not?

    Bad advice.
  203. C

    Bad start to the

    Why does Shit Happens seem to happen to stupid people?
  204. C

    We are hiring

    Good luck finding anybody under 30 that will work.
  205. C

    Man falls to death while dancing atop a moving 18-wheeler

    I'm sure the dumbshit won't be missed.
  206. C

    Wireless Surveillance Cameras

    Remember that all the companies that make these systems gathers up data when they're on and sell it to companies. Amazon and Googles are the worst.
  207. C

    Mexicali scam

    Never been shaken down in any city that I've traveled in in the US in 60 years. Mexico has the tradition of Cartels and graft with their police so Mexican does have something to do with it.
  208. C

    Looking for an Inshore Baitcaster, Confused on what to get

    All will work but the big thing is take care of them. Wash after every trip, dry, and lube after a few trips. I've been doing that for 20 years and my reels still operate great.
  209. C

    Mexicali scam

    I've always said the problem with Mexico is it's filled with Mexicans.
  210. C

    Honda 225 problem - Looking for help

    There's your problem. When they made your boat the gas lines were not rated to have alcohol (ethanol) mixed in the gas like we have today. The Ethanol will eat the liner in the gas line into small parts to clog the line and filters. Replace all the gas lines from the tank fitting to the motors...
  211. C

    The Marlin Club's Rock Cod Round-Up! December 10-11, 2022

    Someone needs to look up the definition of Rockcod.
  212. C

    Stolen Newell332’s

    Should have shipped it with a signature conformation with the receiving party then they won't leave it on the porch.
  213. C

    To Save Salmon, Massive 4 Dam Removal in Norcal frees River

    I have fished in 2 of the dams out of the 4 they're removing. The dams are over a 100 years old and have outlived there usefulness. To upgrade the dams and electrical systems would run over 500 million dollars around the same to remove them. We fish for the Klamath salmon out in the ocean and...
  214. C

    New Rockfish Regs/New SPJ Strategy?

    Sablefish are in water 600 to 1500 feet deep.
  215. C

    Trolling rapalas

    The mounting eye on the bill. Look for video's on how to tune them.
  216. C

    Trolling rapalas

    Scotty rod holders makes them and any product from Scotty is top rated.
  217. C

    Post up your old fishing pics

    Was only joking I don't know who he is either.
  218. C

    Post up your old fishing pics

    He was a Gay Porno star.
  219. C

    Stiffing the Crew

    I wish the boat owners would pay them a decent wage and add it in the ticket price so the tipping can get eliminated.
  220. C

    Used boat purchase Taxes (California)

    Trouble is the "I don'ts" are a minority, the free cheese and butter people win.
  221. C

    Outboard Question...

    It's a trim problem not the whale tail.
  222. C

    Used boat purchase Taxes (California)

    People get what they voted for.
  223. C

    Outboard Question...

    Nope not a long shaft.
  224. C

    Outboard warranty claim denied

    Time wise or hour wise?
  225. C

    Outboard warranty claim denied

    Did you change the oil in it as if it was changed a year before you bought it that would make it 2 year old crankcase oil.
  226. C

    Anyone recognize these brackets?

    Rod holder, one hole for straight out the other for a 45 degree angle.
  227. C

    Just love lil corner swap meets.

    Cash and carry no receipt is best.
  228. C

    Best way to remove braid from reel

    By just winding it directly on the new reel you you wind the 100 yards of used line on the arbor of the spool. When you finished you have the new line that was on the bottom of your spool that's never seen daylight to use. I do this now and again to get double duty out of my braid on reels that...
  229. C

    SoCal Albacore back in the day?

    Where's the toast?
  230. C

    Clean your fish offshore or at home? Or at the dock?

    Seems like you have an over abundance of dumb asses living down there.
  231. C

    Waterfowl Season

    Ditto. Northern season started Oct 1st.
  232. C

    Truck rental options

    Why do most fuck ups start with the word "SHE".
  233. C

    New fathoms, disappointed...

    What isn't more expensive?
  234. C

    Fishing memes

    Might be heavy on the calories.
  235. C

    Offshore Interesting tactic

    We used to jig them up all the time at Shelter Cove back in the day with Lure Jenson's Crippled Herring jigs.
  236. C

    Frozen Mahi from the processors partially thawed.

    Frozen fish 0 degree's, ice that you put them in 32 degree's. Do the math.
  237. C

    NOAA Bathymetry Maps/App

    Thanks for that looks useful and I bookmarked it.
  238. C

    Labels for vacuum seal bags

    I just take a fat tipped felt marker and just mark the first letter of the fish on it like R =rockfish, L = ling etc.
  239. C

    3M 5200 Banned from being shipped to California

    I was just in San Diego at the West Marine in Chula Vista 9/9/22 and they had a wall full of 5200 and 4200 in caulking tubes and squeeze tubes. Don't know where the Banned in California came from but check the West Marine stores.
  240. C

    3M 5200 Banned from being shipped to California

    With a 7 day cure on the 5200 that must have been a slow turtle to let it cure.
  241. C

    Salton Sea

    There is NO water to be had to flood up the Salton Sea. There's barely enough to supply the cities down South.
  242. C

    3M 5200 Banned from being shipped to California

    Call any place out of state that ships that carries it and they will ship it. The smaller places are best as they don't give a shit what California thinks.
  243. C

    3M 5200 Banned from being shipped to California

    I see it available on Amazon.
  244. C

    Reel service lost receipt

    Yeah be more responsible in life and don't rely on other people to bail you out when you screw yourself.
  245. C

    California Rockfish/Groundfish Fishing 2023 Big Changes

    Yes the Sport Fleet. I've seen streams of fish coming off the back of the boats when they throw shorts or ones they don't want overboard.
  246. C

    California Rockfish/Groundfish Fishing 2023 Big Changes

    Maybe if the commercial boats would use descending devices instead of watching a couple of hundred shorts float away every trip that might help make the season longer.
  247. C

    California Rockfish/Groundfish Fishing 2023 Big Changes

    Up at Ft. Bragg the Black cod are on mud bottoms. The commercial fishers that fish for them here are on the mud bottoms where they lay there 500 hook long lines.
  248. C

    Descending device.

    I've been using the Seaqalizer for about 10 years. They're the quickest way to descend fish.
  249. C

    Fishing memes

    Special Olympics.
  250. C

    Fishing memes

  251. C

    California Rockfish/Groundfish Fishing 2023 Big Changes

    I'm down with that but it will be electric reels for that since there 500 to 1500 feet deep.
  252. C

    Lefty conventional reels

    Up in Northern California on the Sacramento River a huge amount of right-handed salmon back bouncers have left-handed reels. They can hold their rods with their dominant hand as they slip downstream bouncing roe or lures as this can be an all day trip. Fishermen have figured it out but it's in...
  253. C

    Lefty conventional reels

    Does that mean every right-hander is pulling with their weak arm?
  254. C

    Fish Dope or Fish Nope?

    I would advise you to watch and read Erik Landesfeind articles and video's on how to find your own fish with all the tools you have to your disposal.
  255. C

    Right or left and why

    True left-handed fishing and shooting here, no half breeds.
  256. C

    Ice packs and cooler bags

    I have 6 of the Tundra packs and these type of blue ices have changed the way to keep fish or game cold or frozen. West Marine doesn't make anything I'm sure the Tundra company makes theirs and puts their brand on it.
  257. C

    How many processed bags of tuna will fit in a 100 quart cooler?

    Use dry ice but take some cardboard to put between the fish and dry ice to prevent cold burning the fish. Put the dry ice on top of the stack of fish as the cold will sink to the bottom. If the fish is frozen it's 0 degree's, ice is 32 degree's your warming your frozen fish. If you insist on...
  258. C

    Tuna rig with inline sinker...

    I didn't that's why I can afford my own boat and don't worry about the price of fuel.
  259. C

    The end of TR1 BioySoy

    I've ran my TR-1 bought in 2004 to 2020 without any problems at all. Finally died after 16 years of hard use. I replaced it with another TR-1 and that's been fine as well but only 2 years old. 99 percent of it's use is in salt water trolling for salmon. I take care of my equipment though and...
  260. C

    How to protect my rods when moving?

    That would be a huge bundle.
  261. C

    The end of TR1 BioySoy

    Yes, but if you blow a hole in your seal and have a spill the fine is $250,000 to raise a child to 18 years old. Use the right fluid.
  262. C

    Kill bag for big game?

    Instead of ice I bring an Engel 120v/12v, freezer/refrigerator cooler and freeze Tundra blue ice packs. The Tundra's freeze down to zero degree's so I rotate the 5 pounders every 12 hours when needed. Doing this I have frozen elk quarters solid in 2 days without the worry of melting ice.
  263. C

    Hwy 5 Car Camping

    Don't forget your pistol.
  264. C

    Fishing memes

    But expect a turd on your pillow.
  265. C

    Custom trailer step

    Nice job but if you go on Pacific Trailers website they have bolt on everything for boat trailers and they're hot dip zinc coated.
  266. C

    Lake Powell

    With your boat you have I'm assuming better equipment for fishing as the rentals are geared for pulling rug rats around on tubes. Take your boat.
  267. C

    Finishing a Plier Wrap with Turk's Head Using Tag Ends

    Why would you spend time wrapping a POS China made crap pliers. At least get a good pair of USA Channellocks. It's like putting $4,000 dollar rims on a $200 dollar car.
  268. C

    Boat Owners - What MPG You Gettin?

    A 22 foot Gregor (aluminum) with a 115 Honda gets 3.5 to 4 MPG if the sea's are reasonable. A bonus is I get better MPG pulling as well compared to a Parker style heaver boat.
  269. C

    What is the best color sunglass lens for spotting kelp paddies early in the morning ?

    And the Amber 580's for overcast or foggy days.
  270. C

    Red snapper fishing from boat...

    We don't have Red Snapper on the West Coast. Wish people would learn the names of the fish instead of calling all red fish Red Snapper.
  271. C

    Whole lot of Crabs

    Because of his name, It's a more common name in the Vietnam area.
  272. C


    They're dummy's or more accurately sex toys. You might need glasses if you can't tell the difference.
  273. C

    What is this?

    Up North (above San Francisco) it's just the opposite albacore is the normal with bluefin being the unicorn. Funny how 400 miles can make a difference and yes I know it's the Humboldt current.
  274. C

    Tips / Tricks for Fish vs. Sea Lions?

    A 100,000 Eskimos can't be wrong.
  275. C

    Tips / Tricks for Fish vs. Sea Lions?

    This is what we do up North when they grab a salmon. They can't eat underwater they have to come to the surface to eat so run at them to make them dive. Keep forcing them under over and over till they let the fish go then reel it in as fast as you can. Obviously this only works on a private boat...
  276. C

    Catching Halibut at Anchor.

    Where's here?
  277. C

    Instagram- Looking for followers or to follow other Bloody Decks members?

    Nothing is free it will cost money or your soul.
  278. C

    Believe It or Not...

    That's like saying I beat my wife every day and she hasn't left me yet. You know your going to pay for your bad decision one day.
  279. C

    Fishing memes

    Ain't that the truth.
  280. C

    Weird stuff floating at sea

    Because they're stable in high winds, the thin ones blow away too easy.
  281. C

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    We could get a hardon without a blue pill but since we can't that means more fishing time.
  282. C

    Gear bag for non-fishing stuff on 3+ day trips

    Go to any Surplus store and pick up an Army duffle bag they're tough and cheap. If it's tough enough to go to war I'm sure it'll be fine on a boat trip.
  283. C

    New Saltiga Star Drag

    Everything old is new again. I have 2 left-handed 30's from 20 years ago still going strong, great reels.
  284. C


    Those were the days when real men fished.
  285. C


  286. C

    Crystal Pier Bait and Tackle forced to close by rent increase

    Where is this at? What state? Not everyone who reads these is a local that knows where your talking about.
  287. C

    Cool Foil

    Need to go fast to get the foils to work.
  288. C

    In -line Weights

    That's a bigger box, even with the small box if you stack them right you can get 15 to 20 pounds of lead in them. I shipped 100 1 1/2 oz jig-heads to a guy in a USPS small box.
  289. C

    Muscle Cramps...

    Had the same problem and the cure is electrolyte drinks. Costco has a bag of packets of what they call Liquid I.V. it has 3 times the electrolyte as in sports drinks like Gatorade. The small individual packets are poured in a water bottle and drank so it's easy, fast and convenient. You can...
  290. C


    Why not? There are no rules of what you can use in certain situations.
  291. C

    USPS Fee for 'round' item - Have you seen this?

    Here's your first problem you said "She" then the next problem is she is an USPS worker a double whammy. It's like going to the DMV to get a straight answer on a problem. They don't hire Rhodes scholars for these positions.
  292. C

    Recapping your pissed off moments….

    And this is why I bought my own boat.
  293. C

    Saltwater Dungeness died...

    What! they didn't close down recreational crab season like they did in California because they thought a whale could get tangled up in the rope and float? If you need stupid people up there we have plenty to export.
  294. C

    Channel Lock 718 Availability

    That's because they pay American wages at Channel Lock instead of Chinese 12 year old workers with a bowl of rice in Chinese factories.
  295. C

    best eating rock fish???

    Smells just like a package of Black Cod thawed out from the freezer.
  296. C

    Channel Lock 718 Availability

    Harbor freight is Chinese made crap. Don't support the enemy that's trying to kill us. Bought 2 pairs on Amazon.
  297. C

    best eating rock fish???

    If you think that smells funny try Black Cod out of the freezer. Smells out of the package like a Friday night at a whorehouse. When cooked no smell and one of the best tasting fish out there.
  298. C

    Big Panfish Havasu

    I did click the link and the same picture just enlarged. That is beyond huge.
  299. C

    Fishing memes

    Ahh! Whores and boats both money pits.
  300. C

    Fishing memes

    That will teach you not to park your boat in the garage.
  301. C

    What to do with a new-in-box Penn 6/0

    That's why I don't listen to women they seldom have any good idea's or advice.
  302. C

    Big Panfish Havasu

    The guy in the hat or the back of a fish?
  303. C

    Why is it we keep cruising the classifieds for gear?

    Same reason we still look at the girls when we're married.
  304. C

    Boat trailer adjustment

    You can order their trailer parts too and install them yourself. Everything they have is bolt on so it's easy. Done this many times on my Pacific trailer.
  305. C

    Don't forget to pull your bearing buddies and check stuff...

    What I do is at the start of trailering season jack up each wheel off the ground and spin it fast as you can by hand. If there's a problem with the bearings you'll hear a low rumbling telling you to change the bearings. Use good bearings like Timken and not the cheap China made crap.
  306. C

    SD bay diesel $

    Yeah it's called road tax. Boats, farm equipment and off road equipment doesn't pay the road tax to maintain the roads since they don't use the roads.
  307. C

    Shimano split ring pliers

    First thing I would do is check your credit card bill to make sure they didn't charge you for 3. If they screwed up the package they can screw up the billing.
  308. C

    California Boater Card

    Thanks for the clarification. I wonder who's going to enforce it in the ocean? Coast Guard is Federal and this is a State issue so State Rangers or F&W? Up North launch's don't have State Rangers running them
  309. C

    California Boater Card

    What's Silverwood a lake? Did they tell him to trailer his boat because he didn't have the card and what authority carded him.
  310. C

    California Boater Card

    Has anyone been checked for the cards? Who's checking the Coast Guard, F&W or someone else?
  311. C

    Stealth Sinker Rig

    If you put a little piece of shrink tube on both eye before you dip it then pull it off after it's cured is an easier way to keep the eyes clean.
  312. C

    Decoy egg snap

    Go to they have a snap I've been using called Stay-Lock Snaps part number 4224 that is killer strong. The problem with the Duo type snaps with me is when a bigger rockfish or lingcod would bite down on my swimbait they would unsnap the Duo types. With the Stay Locks it all...
  313. C

    Solid Rings

    That would be a chain link size.
  314. C

    Decoy egg snap

    What's the difference between a Duo Snap?
  315. C

    Spreader bar question

    You missed the point on what he was saying.
  316. C

    Mustad Rip Roller Through Wire?

    Sounds like a good exchange a 400 gram lure for a 240 pound bluefin.
  317. C

    Where do you get your chlorophyll charts?

    I have the Terrafin subscription as well and you can download the charts to your phone and use them even when out of cell range. Comes in handy when I chase albacore up North to refer to as we're searching for schools.
  318. C

    Pink Floyd…Irish style

    As a person who bought that album when it came out when the earth was flat and dinosaurs roamed they sure gave that old song more depth with the orchestra.
  319. C

    Need help with deckboots

    Have you heard there's something called the internet that you can order anything from? Gemplers has them look them up along with a 1000 more sites that sell them.
  320. C

    Flare hawk jigs

    Go to and make your own.
  321. C

    UPDATE to April 10th Post: My last Trip with Friends "that want to go fishing"

    Golf is Gay you have your own balls to play with when your fishing.
  322. C

    what happens when you put a star drag out of gear

    ALL reels including spinners should have there drags backed off when not in use between trips.
  323. C

    Knife jig rigging?

    What I do is open the split ring with your pliers then with the hand holding the pliers take your thumb and push or pull on the bottom of the split ring. That will further open the split ring to double the size of the opening to slide whatever your putting on it.
  324. C

    Baitcaster Suggestion

    Sounds like you should spend money on cleaning and lubing your reels. I have reels that are 40 years old still running like new because I maintain them.
  325. C

    Albacore or Bluefin… what’s your favorite?

    The best fish is one that's available in your area. Up North albacore is our only tuna we get, yes an occasional blue shows up some years but that's a unicorn catch.
  326. C

    Emeryville Rockfish to the Farallons - What to Bring?

    When your fishing deeper than 150 feet with mono your not going to know half the time when and if your making contact with the bottom. Stick to spectra.
  327. C

    What is the SMALLEST boat you have taken offshore/Islands?

    There were a small handful of guy's at Shelter Cove in Northern Calif that had special boats that they built up run 40 miles out for albacore. The boats were 10 feet long (aluminum), 35 HP outboards and a stand up center console. They were like a motorcycle on water and went fast like a bat out...
  328. C

    Lefty Newell

    As a lefty it's nice to find a crumb that fell off the table for us to scramble for like a roach to grab. If you a lefty you know what I'm saying.
  329. C

    UV light and it’s effects

    Where did you get that UV light?
  330. C

    Surface Iron for Albacore Tuna

    Thanks for everyone that threw in their opinion that answered the question. I have thrown a lot of hardware to them over the years but surface irons are not to be found up here like down in SoCal. As it's not ocean fishing time up here yet but getting the boat and gear ready the question popped...
  331. C

    Surface Iron for Albacore Tuna

    I'm in Northern California (north of S.F.) where Albacore have been coming around every year. Bluefin are rare so it's not Why we want them back as this is what we get every year up here in NorCal, Oregon and Washington.
  332. C

    Surface Iron for Albacore Tuna

    I have a question for the old guy's in SoCal back when you had an albacore run. Did you guy's ever throw surface irons at them? I fish for them in Northern Calif from Ft.Bragg to the Oregon border trolling and throwing lures like swimbaits and we pound them that way. Ever since I threw my first...
  333. C

    Cod and ling jigs. Easy home remedy.

    If your asking whether this ingot from Rotometals is harder than the Lyman recipe I would say yes with the amount of antimony in it. Casting with the Lyman mix with a mold insert would be about the same as a bought lure like a Colt. You can see the different mold inserts on Hope...
  334. C


    Really? It's coming from oversea's, everything is in short supply or nonexistent plus if it's shipped it's sitting on a ship out of L.A. Another issue is he might have been scammed like a lot of people have been.
  335. C

    Offshore Salmon Opener 2022 4/2 Moss Landing

    We would have gone out in the real Northern California (North of S.F.) but the forecast was 20x10 with 35 knot winds with 55 knot gusts.
  336. C


    I think your biggest concern is whether you receive it or not. All my Abu's (20+) have that info in the box instructions.
  337. C

    Assist hooks?

    No worries I've done that a few times myself.
  338. C

    Assist hooks?

    He meant when the deckhands were removing lures out of the fish not sitting in the rack.
  339. C

    Im tempted to buy it!

    That's a pump shotgun holding a plump pump.
  340. C

    Im tempted to buy it!

    Thought it was a dog begging for a treat.
  341. C

    Made my dog a peephole to watch for ninjas

    Warning signs like that declares that you know the dog will attack. Made a court case a slam dunk that you won't have a house or boat to watch. Rethink having that sign posted.
  342. C

    My last Trip with Friends "that want to go fishing"

    Yep Spoons he got Forked.
  343. C

    Fishing memes

    I think I see your roof leaking problem.
  344. C

    Cod and ling jigs. Easy home remedy.

    Linotype was used in the printing business a couple of decades ago. Youtube Linotype press and you can see what and how it was used for. Linotype is used by hobby bullet casters so I would look around for it at the scrap metal place or internet. The Lyman bullet recipe is 10 pounds of plumbers...
  345. C

    Cod and ling jigs. Easy home remedy.

    Pretty slick going to have to try that. Here's a trick too add 10 percent of Linotype to your pot and it'll make the lead harder so it won't be beat up on the rocks too soon.
  346. C

    My last Trip with Friends "that want to go fishing"

    Yep I have a 4 gallon bucket for the girls and a 2 gallon bucket for the boys on board.
  347. C

    My last Trip with Friends "that want to go fishing"

    Your "friend" is an asshole for doing that to you without asking you first. I'd leave them all at the dock for that move.
  348. C


    Remember buying gear will only make you better at fishing if you have the talent to begin with. You can buy a basketball but it doesn't make you Michael Jorden.
  349. C


    That's the one I saw.
  350. C


    That's what the videos are for it shows you the why of the design.
  351. C


    It's a rod that Hanson is selling look on his website he has video's on it.
  352. C

    Newell help please....

    That reel I said to throw in the trash was beyond repair. It was pitted from salt water and not taken care of it wasn't worth saving. I have reels that are 30 years old and work like new but I break down (20+ reels) every year for the season. If you want to check my trash it's a Wednesday.
  353. C

    Fishing memes

    Weed out the stupid one before they breed.
  354. C

    Newell help please....

    Just checking on the cleaning as I see a lot of guys don't do this. Last summer in Ft. Bragg the guy in the next berth said he lost 3 salmon to line breaking. I said let me see your rig and pulled on the line to test the drag. You could hear the grit grinding as I pulled it. I asked how old the...
  355. C

    What do you guys eat on the boat?

    Just a tip a Keto diet can be hard on your kidneys. I was teasing you about the food as I'm from Italian decent and we call your list Hors d'oeuvres before dinner. Haha
  356. C

    Newell help please....

    When was the last time you cleaned and lubed the reel? It amazes me that I see guys with reels that are years old and they haven't cleaned or lubed them yet complain they don't work properly.
  357. C

    Boat US Ad

    Install an ad blocker app and problem solved.
  358. C

    What do you guys eat on the boat?

    And a defibrillator. Clear! ZZZZZZzzzzz.
  359. C

    Fishing memes

    Because people in city's don't know the difference.
  360. C

    Fishing memes

    That's a raven.
  361. C

    Year labels for processed fish....

    I always make sure I have zero packages of fish in the freezer by May 1st every year. Friends will take and appreciate well taken care of filets off your hands so there's no waste of fish.
  362. C

    Soldering solid rings - Iron vs Torch..? Flux needed?

    But the heat can take the temper out of the steel making it soft and bendable so it won't bear loads anymore.
  363. C

    Soldering solid rings - Iron vs Torch..? Flux needed?

    Mini as map/oxy is too hot.
  364. C

    Soldering solid rings - Iron vs Torch..? Flux needed?

    Need a small torch (Dremel tool makes a good one) a soldering iron won't get hot enough.
  365. C

    Tsunoda vs channel lock pliers

    It matters buying from China that wants to kill the USA.
  366. C

    Origin of the palomar knot?

    Did Pal Omar wear a turban and have a flying magic carpet?
  367. C

    Is Aliexpress legit?

    The Chinese commy government subsidizes these companies with free shipping so they can put other companies out of business. Support your locals as I'm sure your job relies on locals as well.
  368. C

    Tsunoda vs channel lock pliers

    Made in China Crap buy Channellocks they're made in USA.
  369. C

    SoCal Downrigger setups

    The small releases are good for freshwater lakes as your gear isn't as heavy as salt fishing and trout generally don't have the weight to pull the line out of the big releases.
  370. C

    SoCal Downrigger setups

    In your picture I see your using the trout size release from Scotty. You would be better off with the large size made for salmon to hold on to larger line better so you won't get releases from trolling too fast from water resistance. I've been using Scotty releases for 40 years and they work the...
  371. C

    Fishing memes

  372. C

    Fishing memes

    Then what am I frying in the pan?
  373. C

    Scotty downrigger digital counters

    Yes they make lithium AA and AAA.
  374. C

    Is This The Best Way To Tie A Dropper Loop?

    Yeah it all looks good till ya pop your nut then you have to hear her yammer for the next 23 3/4 hours about how she hates fishing.
  375. C

    Lithium Batteries and Trolling motors

    Except Tesla batteries which are made in Sparks,Nv with special government permission all lithium cells are made in China because of EPA standards. China has poisoned 100 of square miles with their lithium production that the EPA won't allow over here better to screw up China than here. Better...
  376. C

    Just Wondering why my last post was removed!

    What happened to the old staff? Were they replaced with a rainbow of colored hair people that will die alone with their cats with no sense of humor or any others sense as well?
  377. C

    Bass fishing and inshore

    Or smaller.
  378. C

    Tahoe Area Hardwater Trout 3/14/22

    Yep The sentence of what was she thinking and the answer is no thinking was involved.
  379. C

    Boats are expensive

    I wonder if you substituted the word boat for wife how that would work out? Boat free fishing, Wife free pussy. Now break the cost down for each. Blown engine $30,000, Wife having a kid $250,000 till 18 each. Maintenance Boat 5 to 10 thousand a year, Wife and kids car, food, house, bills...
  380. C

    Boats are expensive

    100 yards offshore NO, 20 miles offshore YES. It's a sliding scale.
  381. C

    What do you guys eat on the boat?

    I should have thrown in if I'm running for albacore that's a 4:00am to 8:00pm trip I'll take a couple of sandwiches too, along with the other snack stuff.
  382. C

    What do you guys eat on the boat?

    I'm there to fish not jack around with food like a tailgate party. I take crackers, jar of peanuts, Oreos to snack on between fish.
  383. C

    Need tips for fishing lingcod at Coronados

    Lingcod are from 20 to 2,000 feet deep according to F&G charts.
  384. C

    CARB Live PUBLIC HEARING March 24th in Sacramento FYI

    It's never one last time just this time around.
  385. C

    Lithium Batteries and Trolling motors

    Yeah when your doing that it will. Running down batteries that far is like beating your wife everyday and wondering why she left you. Those batteries were beat down.
  386. C

    This seasons fishing & boating will be very expensive....

    You still have to get it down to the water.
  387. C

    Lithium Batteries and Trolling motors

    HIs problem with his AGM's is a maintenance issue. I have to replace mine every 8 years but I know how to take care of them.
  388. C

    Lithium Batteries and Trolling motors

    Look at the Battle Born batteries as there made in Reno, Nevada. They have battery banks that might fit your boat better. Their chargers can charge depending on which on you buy 10 to 85 amps an hour.
  389. C

    Fishing memes

    My minnow isn't going anywhere near that tuna.
  390. C

    Cod rod

    Do you mean Rockfish since real cod are on the East coast?
  391. C

    Boat Trailer Safety Chains may Fail if Twisted

    Because twisting the chain will raise the chain up from hitting the ground so it won't spark causing fires. I know what your going to say cut it to size but if you have more than one trailer and pull vehicle one may fit right but the other one won't. Twisting is the easy solution.
  392. C

    Charkbait Fred Hall Sale

    Thought the Fred Hall Show was canceled?
  393. C

    Hotels? Not So Funny

    Fishing with a Furry with a fringe on top.
  394. C

    Fishing memes

    If you have fishing gear and catch fish you'll aways eat.
  395. C

    Lingcod frankstein jig

    I've caught about a 1000 lings by now and can tell you they will eat a gym sock on a hook if you put it in front of their face.
  396. C

    Pole Tube Capacity for Flight to Mexico (Alaska Air)

    Sounds Gay but that's what he meant.
  397. C

    Like a virgin.

    Ohhh Yeah.
  398. C

    Battery Recommendation for 24V TM

    Just got my 100 amp Battle Born made in Reno, Nv not China. If your going to get a Lipo watch a youtube guy called Ice Hole Power He takes apart all brands of Lipo's to see if they are any good. Spoiler alert most of made in China are crap that don't deliver half of the power amps that they...
  399. C


    Damn you know your lures.
  400. C

    Battery Recommendation for 24V TM

    Sounds like a maintenance issue than a battery issue.
  401. C

    Best all-around offshore reel?

    I think that's call anal glaucoma I can't see my ass coming in to work today.
  402. C

    the fred hall show, long beach, 2018 wednesday, march 7th, 2018

    Didn't see that. Was watching Alans report for last week and he posted 2018 and I didn't catch it. Looks like I wasted a Rod Boner thanks for setting me straight.
  403. C

    the fred hall show, long beach, 2018 wednesday, march 7th, 2018

    Is Cousins back in business? When did this happen?
  404. C

    BIG Swells and High Winds today/Wednesday Offshore....Whew!

    Geeze up in Northern Cal we call this a good to go fishing day. You SoCal guy's are spoiled with flatter sea's.
  405. C

    How do you store rigs?

    Here's a loaded Fish Field jig roll that works great. They have about 6 different sizes. Rolls up less than 4 inches.
  406. C

    How do you store rigs?

    I cut a piece of tubing and put it over each hook to prevent that from happening.
  407. C

    Fred Hall show canceled

    And she'll tell you no sex because you have to be separated by 6 feet.
  408. C

    Read if you have AAA for RV Towing (and boat trailer)

    Had Progressive and used it on a van accident. I was the worst fight to get them to fix it right like trying to install a China made POS windshield on a Sprinter van. Repairs were done at a Mercedes, BMW dealership and the 20 year experience collision manager said it was the worst experience...
  409. C

    Anyone lose a boat off San Pedro?

    Don't think that top would fit on a 10 foot skiff. So the answer is a hard NO.
  410. C

    Sealing deck boxes

    Makes you wonder where the rest of the boat is.
  411. C

    Boats are expensive

    Just watched a new video on youtube from Born again Boats called New vs Used boats that addressed this. He's a boat mechanic from Florida and highly recommend watching before buying used to see what you're getting into.
  412. C

    April 4 day?

    I'm sure if you called the boats they would tell you what the plan is.
  413. C

    35,000+ Gallon Sewage Spill closes Newport Bay

    The pipe is treated to the point it can be used for irrigation water. The sewer backup is raw sewage the same shit you flush down the toilet. Remember raw sewage is 90+ percent waste water not a 35,000 gallon sized turd.
  414. C

    Best Sealant for bait tank drain

    Make sure the silicon you use is underwater rated as not all silicons are.
  415. C

    Oil spill at HH Sunset Aquatic

    Oil floats, outboard water inlets are underwater below the floating oil.
  416. C

    Dan Hernandez magic metals

    Apply liquid instant glue to the threads that will hold it.
  417. C

    Dan Hernandez magic metals

    More like dragging your ass and forgetting everyones name.
  418. C

    5 Laws of fishing cattle boat etiquette

    Ghetto talk from the low hood.
  419. C

    Fishing memes

    And that's why I wear long work pants fishing.
  420. C

    F&$#ing thieves.

    The people get what they VOTED for, this isn't rocket science.
  421. C

    Best gas station for fueling up near Sunset Aquatic Marine HB

    Trying a new fuel in an engine that says don't put it in can lead to a blown engine. I'm in a colder area and your renewable is probably vegetable oil I imagine that will congeal into a solid under 40 degree's. Stick a bottle of vegetable oil in your refridgerator and take a look at it after a...
  422. C

    Best gas station for fueling up near Sunset Aquatic Marine HB

    Did it have the 10 percent ethanol sticker on the pump or the 15 or 85 percent sticker. The 10 percent will not harm modern outboards but 15 percent can blow them up. You have to look at the pump stickers to decide if you should use it. I was in San Diego going to fill up my Sprinter diesel van...
  423. C

    Best gas station for fueling up near Sunset Aquatic Marine HB

    Why? As long as it's Top Tier gas it meets the highest standards.
  424. C

    Best gas station for fueling up near Sunset Aquatic Marine HB

    Do you park your boat in a commercial parking lot? Is it close to the ramp?
  425. C

    Refinishing Hard Plastic Lures

    You can buy clear lures bodies at to paint. They have a big selection of styles for the DIY people.
  426. C

    Commercial Boats for Sale? Any help appreciated.

    Reason you can't find them is most of the owners went broke and their boats rotted away at the dock. Up in Ft. Bragg there was a guy that bought around 12 salmon boats with salmon permits when salmon fishing turned to shit and he hoarded them to sell when times got good, never did. Not one sold...
  427. C

    Winter Sucks, But...

    You'll spend more on these than a boat plus when she leaves you she'll take the boat with her leaving 2 rods in your hand with no place to use them.
  428. C

    How many rods can I use while fishing in Tomales Bay?

    Better read the rules it depends on what your fishing for that will dictate how many rods you can use.
  429. C

    Black Sea bass trying to eat a yellowtail

    I thought it was a video loop him saying that over and over.
  430. C

    Bob Sands! Spread the word

    The people get what they voted for.
  431. C

    Grinding down the cam of a penn international 20 VISX

    Because they make reels for the 98 percent of the market that doesn't care or know about things like this. What Alan does is for the 2 percent lunatic fringe (mean that in a good way) that are always looking for an edge.
  432. C

    Start to finish, how to tie and fish a flatfall

    No it's a new style of rod and reel that's meant to be fished that way. Can see an advantage to it.
  433. C

    Free your mind

    I guess with all there tackle advances they haven't invented a gaff yet.
  434. C

    Bait Tank Pumps That Last

    Have you installed anti-vibration pads under the feet when you mounted it? Helps a lot.
  435. C

    New BD Dating Function

    Is that connection by any chance the place where Red Rocket goes to visit the place where Corn Eyed Brown Trout live?
  436. C

    Rigged Flat Fall and Knife Jig Storage

    Have 4 jig and lure rolls coming from Fish-Field. They have 6 different sizes to chose from.
  437. C

    San Francisco fishing questions

    If you haven't be to S.F. in a while I better fill you in. S.F. has turned into a shit hole with homeless and criminals. 90 cars are broken into every DAY plus the city has a Shit App you download that tells you what street to stay off of because shit and piss is so bad that 3rd world diseases...
  438. C

    Ocean's Legacy Jigs

    You can fish with 3 hooks down there up North it's 2 hooks max for rockfish?
  439. C

    Anyone Have A Kid That Does This?

    This is what you get your kid when the Birth Control fails.
  440. C

    Islands Favorite way to cook rock sole and sand dabs?

    I'm fishing Ft. Bragg up North so that might be a little out of your neighborhood. As far as the gear a sabiki bait rigs in a size 2 (2s keep the smaller ones from being hooked), bait it with a piece of squid around 3/8s x 5/8s inch hooked once through the strip. Find a sandy/muddy spot 150 to...
  441. C

    Saw this. Looks like fun.

    No catch and release on that one I see. Looks like you bounced her a little hard bringing her aboard.
  442. C

    Snapped a rod, first time in 40 years

    Yep that was an Ugly Stick commercial.
  443. C

    Looking to sell some of my reels

    Really? You send a $1000 to a complete stranger to see if you get the product. There's a reason BD posted at the top of the classified a warning of scams.
  444. C

    Do Bluefin Tuna see colors?

    Thanks for the link it's very interesting.
  445. C

    Snapped a rod, first time in 40 years

    How many of these 8 foot rods were in the back of pickups with 6 1/2 foot beds with the tops of the tips resting on the tailgate jumping up and down driving down the freeway? Then they wonder why the tip broke.
  446. C

    Guy fell off boat in Channel Islands

    That's why I use a 2 gallon pee bucket with a rope on it to empty and wash it out before I stow it.
  447. C


    NIB means it wasn't ever used and your pictures shows it's been out in the woods a few seasons.
  448. C

    Tri Axle Trailer

    Yes I did and all it said was he needed a trailer to borrow nothing else.
  449. C

    Tri Axle Trailer

    Didn't know he needed a triple axle anything as he was short on pertinent information.
  450. C

    Getting older is tough

    Damn I hate it when a pee hard on is a poser.
  451. C

    Tri Axle Trailer

    Yeah I was going to offer my Home Depot 4X6 utility trailer.
  452. C

    Getting older is tough

    I thought that would be opposite about the stiffy in the morning?
  453. C

    Getting older is tough

    What's that tuna spiking tool doing there????
  454. C

    Long Rods for Surface Irons

    Go talk to Danny Wade he's the High Priest of Iron fishing.
  455. C

    Avet T-Bar Knob

    Go to Charkbait they carry a lot in stock or they can order it from Avet.
  456. C

    Fresh dead / live bait

    Everyone was a rookie at one time.
  457. C

    Fishing memes

    Ain't no sense to eat a rib with no meat on the bone.
  458. C

    3M 5200 Banned from being shipped to California

    Depends on application 4200 is a fast set that you can use after 24 hours. 5200 is a week time of cure before use. The faster a set time the weaker the repair I wouldn't use 4200 for below waterline on a boat but would on rubber boot tears. Choose wisely.
  459. C

    3M 5200 Banned from being shipped to California

    Another one is windshield washer fluid that's rated freeze proof like -25 to use in winter. That's why any products that can't be bought here is an excuse to make a run to a neighboring State.
  460. C

    Off season

    If most of the people on this forum did this type of off season fun the only thing we would be driving is a Wheelchair.
  461. C

    Anchovy or Mackerel Oil?

    Pro Cure sells all scents on their website,
  462. C

    Front hitch or Trailer Valet

    Backing in is harder and you have that done pulling it straight out is easy. If you had a front hitch you would have to put the head in the receiver, hook up the boat, pull the boat out 40 feet, unhook the boat, take the head out of the front receiver and install it in the rear receiver, turn...
  463. C

    Would you hit this?

    Tie a red Do Rag around its neck and herd it toward Compton that should take care of it.
  464. C

    best online tackle stores

    What are you fishing fresh or salt water? For salt you have a shop called Fish Head on the Gold Coast that looks crazy good that will ship.
  465. C

    How long for hooks to "rust-out"?

    I remember seeing in Outdoorlife magazine( about 40 years ago) a picture experiment on bass that had the hooks remaining in their mouthes after the line was cut. Everyday they took a picture to see what happened to the hook and wound site. This was fresh water of course and what they found out...
  466. C

    January fishing

    Yes they're delicious. Just cut their head and gut sack off and there ready to fry or bake.
  467. C

    On The Boat Swage Tool

    They're both made in the same factory and branded with the name and logo of who ever ordered them.
  468. C

    Where's Eric Landesfeind

    Thanks I don't do anything on so called Social media which is another way of say Dumpster Fire.
  469. C

    Too much rain and too little fishing

    Wonder how it tasted?
  470. C

    Driving to Baja

    Its a good idea just to take a picture of it on your phone to have when needed.
  471. C

    Where's Eric Landesfeind

    Don't do F**kbook.
  472. C

    Where's Eric Landesfeind

    I have subscribed to Pacific Coast Sportfishing for decades and have clipped his articles out to file them for future trips information. I was wondering about his weekly fishing report whether he is still going to post them. I know it's a slow time for fishing down south but he usually fills in...
  473. C

    How to get back in the boat...?

    I have to give credit of my so called idea to Alan Fong at Fishermen's Wearhouse in Sacramento. They use to make fishing video's and had the motor rescue tip on one of their episodes.
  474. C

    How to get back in the boat...?

    Another way with an outboard motor is kill the motor have them step on the cavitation plate with both feet, hang on the motor cowling, then hit the up button. When the motor is up then they can step into the spashwell.
  475. C

    Front hitch or Trailer Valet

    Just use your rear hitch, use both your mirrors, go slow and you'll be fine.
  476. C

    Where's Eric Landesfeind

    Eric Landesfeind hasn't had an article in quite some time in BD. Does anyone know what's up with that I miss his take on all things fishing.
  477. C

    Portable fuel tank leaking?

    All motors that need a portable gas tank comes with one.
  478. C

    Gale warnings start the last week of 2021. Geez

    That's why I'm duck hunting instead.
  479. C

    Volvo Penta white steam/smoke

    Have you checked your thermostats? I check both my outboards every maintenance service and they're always clogged with bites of seaweed sucked up the intake. Maybe not opening up all the way so the water is hotter to form steam.
  480. C

    Portable fuel tank leaking?

    This is why I only buy the brand of gas tank the motor is. Replaced the old metal Mercury tank after 30 years after it started to rust through with the new style Mercury plastic tank. Never had a leak problem even when it was out in the sun with the vent closed swelled up like a bullfrog. You...
  481. C

    12/18 Indy return and stolen truck

    There's company's like "Spot" that sells little GPS pucks that you can track your ride from your phone. Doing that you can give the police the numbers or take care of the problem yourself.
  482. C

    Inshore morro bay

    The ones with the corn eyes and the peanut smile?
  483. C

    Inshore morro bay

    When you say Cod do you mean Rockfish?
  484. C

    What does this do ?

    They're sliding sinker you use when your fishing on the bottom with bait in rivers or surf fishing. Fish grabs your bait and the line runs free thought it so the fish won't feel the weight of your sinker.
  485. C

    Trailer loose bolts or sabotage?

    The paint pin is a great idea. The car companies do the same on new vehicles.
  486. C

    Trailer loose bolts or sabotage?

    ALWAYS hand torque all your bolts and nuts home even when you use an impact wrench. If you over torque the wheel nuts it can round out the rim hole where the wheel nuts WILL loosen. If someone was to sabotage your brakes I would think cutting the brake tubing with linemen pliers would have been...
  487. C

    I was looking for something else and found this

    Only if they were drug dealers.
  488. C

    I was looking for something else and found this

    Drug deal gone right, one less drug dealer. Scum killing scum no humans involved.
  489. C

    I was looking for something else and found this

    The take away on this is pay your bill's.
  490. C

    Possible new oil sheen spotted off Bolsa Chica State Beach...

    Oil has been naturally oozing out of the ground in the Southern Cal for 1000's of years.
  491. C

    Below-Deck Helium Tank Install

    Only when the tank goes out of date, but they want to see the tank to check the date code before they fill it.
  492. C

    Favorite brand of fluorocarbon line?

    The color in the lines mono or floro is so light doesn't "pipe" down the center of the line to make it more visible to the fish. The coloring in the line doesn't allow the light to bleed out the side to be less visible to the fish.
  493. C

    Capt. George Farnsworth "Kite Tuna Catcher" - 1906

    The way you wrote about it you said he sold his boat BECAUSE of the disappointment. If you had said he sold his boat so he can buy another boat the whole narrative of the story would have changed. Words make the story, by you framing it the way you did YOU made him look like a pussy. There was...
  494. C

    Capt. George Farnsworth "Kite Tuna Catcher" - 1906

    Sounds like your buddy is a little sensitive to sell all his stuff after one disappointment in life.
  495. C

    Fishing spots near Staples center Los Angeles?

    Thought those were the Brown trout they always talk about?
  496. C

    Calstar Shirt Girl

    That's exactly why I didn't have kids they're always shorting your shirts or bank account. Haha
  497. C

    Missing boater off of carpinteria Ca

    Hard to be tethered to the kill switch minding the trolling poles but I've been looking into the motor kill fobs that you wear. If you go overboard it kills the motor.
  498. C

    Missing boater off of carpinteria Ca

    Alway's have a piss bucket in my boat a 2 gallon one for the boy's and a 4 gallon one for the girl's if any on board.
  499. C

    Fishing spots near Staples center Los Angeles?

    Reasonably safe means they're not that good of a shot so they probably will miss you than connecting. Remember serpentine running.
  500. C

    Looking for recommendations on electric trailer dolly

    If you get one look for a brand that has the wheels separated on either side of the frame instead of the ones that have both wheels together in the center of the frame. The wide one is more stable when trying to turn tighter corners. I don't have a brand recommendation but I would get a corded...
  501. C

    Fuel transfer pump for portable containers?

    This is someone who's thinking is right if your going with a pump.
  502. C

    Fuel transfer pump for portable containers?

    I don't use a pump on my 5 gallon gas cans. I put a spout extension on the spout then lift and pour. No problems doing it this way to look for a pump. The extensions I use is a No-Spill 206 flexible spout extension. There 6 inches long and if you get 2 of them you can link them to 12 inches...
  503. C

    Fuel transfer pump for portable containers?

    I would think long and hard about getting a cheap ass pump for gas transfer. That boat going up in flames offshore because you bought a Harbor Freight made in China piece of crap while you and your crew have 50 percent burns while you tell them but I got a great price for the pump won't be...
  504. C

    Over 100 Voiced Opinions at CARB Meeting-Vote=2022

    Better realize the source of the pollution is all the vaginal turds you people down there are cranking out causing the pollution. It's predicted that in 2050 California will have 100 million people here. You'll be saying then that these were the good old days.
  505. C

    NEW Oil Sheen found near site of HB Oil Spill again=FYI

    LA harbor is the most inefficient harbor in the world as far as off loading is concerned. The Union won't allow and continue to fight 24/7 operations or upgrade to automated systems to speed up the off loading. The city has been fighting a rail spur line that would bring trains to be loaded...
  506. C

    Reel service.

    I break down all my reels every year whether I use them or not. Remember the light bearing oils we use can and will evaporate out of the bearings sitting around 9 months waiting for the start of the next season. If you wait till you feel or hear grinding it's tearing up a part that's meant to...
  507. C

    Braid to spool knot

    I always tie on a 5 foot piece of mono (20 pound)on the braid to attach to the arbor then there no question if it will slip under pressure.
  508. C

    Illegal to have 2 assist hooks on a flat fall plus a hook on dropper loop for rockfishing in Socal?

    Same reason Walmart can sell catfish chum buckets even though it's illegal to use in Calif. The lures are probably sold all over the US where they are legal to use. Just cut off one hook or more and be done with it.
  509. C

    Reds & Copper Rockfish Bag Limit Decrease Coming?

    If your not using a desender device stay on land.
  510. C

    Reds & Copper Rockfish Bag Limit Decrease Coming?

    Get a desender device.
  511. C

    black diesel exhaust

    Everything in California has a cancer warning on it.
  512. C

    Tow vehicle question

    Is the suburban a 1/2 or 3/4 ton?
  513. C

    Penn International 30VISX HELP!

    Go white braid and mark it yourself with colored markers at what depth you find useful.
  514. C

    Here we go: Chumash Marine Sanctuary

    By using their I got here first as an excuse for banning 7000 square miles of fishing water that they didn't even use during their 15,000 year history. Sounds so noble till you realize "They" protected everywhere you fished with any excuse they can find like MPA's, the 30/30 scam, etc till...
  515. C

    Here we go: Chumash Marine Sanctuary

    I'm getting tired of every time an Indian took a shit that site was sacred that's code for screwing all of us out of something.
  516. C

    Online Honda Parts vendors

    Think the delivery time is related to the fact of the Commie Flu screwing all the supply chains? Be glad you get them at all.
  517. C

    Weapons and Assault Rifles

    I call mine "Ol Scratchy Snatch"
  518. C


    Look at Eric Landesfeind youtube channel same guy that writes the fishing report on BD.
  519. C

    Shipping recommendations OH to CA

    Do a road trip and pick it up yourself.
  520. C

    Container Ship Debacle

    Lucky I already had my coffee in hand.
  521. C

    Container Ship Debacle

    What I said.
  522. C

    Container Ship Debacle

    What I said.
  523. C

    Container Ship Debacle

    They're the problem. The unions won't let the ports run 24/7, won't allow them to automate to speed up unloading. Not enough drivers because people are lazy fucks any more plus Calif won't allow trucks in the state that don't meet the crazy pollution controls so truckers won't come into Calif...
  524. C

    Salmon heads for lobster bait / Orange & LA County CA.

    Up North we use the sport caught salmon carcass's with the heads for crab pot bait without a problem. It's either use them for bait or they go in the dumpster.
  525. C

    Anybody up for a little shopping ?

    I didn't know you could pick one up to throw it overboard.
  526. C

    Surface Iron Fishing Tips - Things to look for for more erratic action

    The only person you should get surface iron advise from is Danny Wade.
  527. C

    Whats the best setup for sleeping on deck?

    Have to roll her in flour just to find the wet spot.
  528. C

    Ruger #3

    Look at the Thompson Contender rifle series with interchangeable barrels.
  529. C

    Artificial Plastic Baits HARMFUL to Children because of Lead???

    That's the reason you don't listen to wives when it comes to common sense.
  530. C


    Check out Erik Landesfeind video's on screwtube he's a Abu reel guy with great advise. I bought a Abu Beast because what he was catching with his as I'm an Abu guy myself.
  531. C

    Possible vids of your favorite surface irons

    Search on YouTube there's dozen's of video's.
  532. C

    Spooled with wrong line

    I've done that a hundred times with no problem. You need to practice your knot tying because the uni x uni is a relatively easy knot to tie.
  533. C

    You can only own *three* fishing books. They would be....

    Seems to smell like tuna.
  534. C

    Foul weather gear on a sport boat out of SD

    Take the pants to a seamstress to hem them to your height (or lack of height) and problem solved.
  535. C

    Put it in the cab…

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  536. C

    Put it in the cab…

    Police won't even respond to these unless a dead body was attached to it.
  537. C

    Oil Spill

    From what I remember years ago is there's natural seepage of oil that has covered beaches and coastlines down there for 1000's of years. Tar balls on the beach people would complain about.
  538. C

    Put it in the cab…

    You really expected it to be there when you got back?
  539. C

    How many rods can I use while fishing in Tomales Bay?

    There's a lie in the above answer. F&W doesn't print hunting or fishing booklets anymore you have to use their Shitty website to try to find something your looking for. Good luck with that.
  540. C

    Oooooold rod I.d.

    I bought an Eagleclaw backpacking 4 piece rod in 1970 and it was a bright yellow. I still use it today and it turned into the same color as the one shown. They can turn color over the years.
  541. C


    Wouldn't be surprised if the guy who owns the Affliction went down to his berth and just saw the tip of his tower showing.
  542. C


    Smells Like Tuna
  543. C

    Leg Cramps

    Have the same issue. The problem is when your fishing you sweat more than you think even when it's cool and you have a jacket on. I cure this by drinking nothing but Gatorade while out in the boat. The electrolyte in it is the cure for cramps all the other so called cures all have salts in them...
  544. C

    Sinker weights..

    If you use USPS flat rate box you can ship as many weights in it as you can put in it for around $6.00. I once mailed 16 pounds of leadheads cross county that way it's a great deal.
  545. C

    Oregon payback

    This has been making the rounds for decades.
  546. C

    That was a close one...

    Whoever soldered it did a shitty job didn't cover the other side of the ring. You should always look at the rings to make sure there soldered right at the store.
  547. C

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    I've got my 2 shots and yes I know I can still get it but If you don't want to get the shot I'm OK with that as long as you know I don't care through your choice if you die. Open up the ramps.
  548. C

    Shotgun issue

    All ammo companies build their ammo to SAMMI specifications and test each batch before they go out to market. If the chambers are not cut properly in your shotgun to tight tolerances it can allow the shell to expand too much to cause it to separate. In 60 years of shooting over 100,000s of...
  549. C

    Shotgun issue

    Not the ammo It's the 3rd world shotgun you bought. Buy a good shotgun and you won't have a problem like this. You're lucky when this shell separated it didn't take part of your face with it.
  550. C

    Minno bucket for greenbacks?

    They have collapsible wire baskets with a spring closer door on top for sunfish fishing that will work perfect for you. They sell them at Bass Pro, Cabalas, Catfish Connection and places that cater to fisherman in the South.
  551. C

    Looking for bait table mounting ideas

    A cheap and easy bait cutting table is a cafeteria tray like we had in school. I glued a 1/4 inch thick rubber mat to the back for weight and non slip on surfaces. The good thing is you can store it out of the way when not in use.
  552. C

    Chamfering surface iron holes...

    What I've done to mine is I took a 3 to 4 foot piece of 1/16 inch thick nylon cordage and applied buffing compound to it. Buffing compound comes in 4 different sticks from coarse to fine I start with the coarse as it will cut into the aluminum smoothing it. I tape the ring out of the way, put it...
  553. C

    Fisherman’s Gift

    Cut a piece of foam mattress they sell at stores like army surplus store they carry all sizes and thickness.
  554. C

    Is it just me or...?

    R RV's are in the same boat price wise plus used trucks
  555. C

    Downrigger ball management?

    I've had 6 of the Scotty ball holders on my boat for 22 years without one jumping out and I've been salmon fishing in gale force winds. Have 1 at each downrigger and 4 stowed in a compartment as extra's for rock eating downrigger ball pinnacles. Mine are 10 pounders and I don't tie them down.
  556. C

    How many of you are ambidextrous SPJiggers?

    As a left-hander with about 25 reels that are left-handed generally you will pay the same or a little more than right-handed reels. Up North I've caught over a thousand lings biggest one was 45 inches/38 pounds. I use a Lamaglas 8 ft salmon back bouncer rod with a Abu 5000 series Record reel...
  557. C

    Would you take your family to La Paz?

    I was answering the statement that you have a better chance to get shot in the USA. try to follow the conversation.
  558. C

    Would you take your family to La Paz?

    Better check your stats on that. Tijuana has a 134 murders per 100,000 residents in a year. TJ has 2.2 million people so with simple math that's 2,948 murders in a year. That's only one town, factor in the rest of the border towns and the body count is over 10,000 a year and rising.
  559. C

    Highway 5 Ambush

    The Cartels run Mexico not the Government.
  560. C

    Red Canadian duckworth on float 10

    That same thing happened a couple of years ago at Noyo Harbor in Ft. Bragg. The ending was different the boat sank at the slip and had to get a diver to raise it up with float bags. As we get older (me) take time to double check all systems to make sure there off.
  561. C

    Lowrance HDS vs Garmin Echomap sv with Autopilot

    I have a HDS live and a buddy has the Gen 2 in his boat and the Gen 2 is slow to go screen to screen. Go with the HDS and I don't use the Live feature as I use mine in the ocean.
  562. C

    Fort Bragg Albies ?????????

    We use 10 at Bragg, 68 at Shelter Cove.
  563. C

    Crimping Heavy Monofilament with Nicopress (Initial Results)

    When I read your testing results I thought man that guy has some time on his hands. Don't be too insulted as you went on the lunatic fringe testing as it was interesting but the average guys here puts more thoughts on how to get more beer in their ice chests than crimping pressures. You must be...
  564. C

    Probably doesn’t belong here but…might lose sportfishing

    Instead of recalling quit voting for them in the first place.
  565. C

    Pink vs clear for bluefin

    Red is the first color to disappear in the light spectrum at 10 plus feet it will look black.
  566. C

    Live Report Albacore Hot Bite!

    Thanks in SoCal when they say iron it's usually surface irons so I needed clarification. I'm in Bragg waiting for a window opening for tuna.
  567. C

    Live Report Albacore Hot Bite!

    When you say iron what lures are you talking about?
  568. C

    Pink vs clear for bluefin

    I remember reading an article on why they color line. Clear line or floro will what they call light piping transmit light down the center for a distance that fish can see. By putting color in the line the light won't transmit as far making it more invisible.
  569. C

    Disposable Knife Jigs..1 and done

    The finish is there to catch the fisherman buying it. It's the action of the lure and fisherman that gets it bit.
  570. C

    Inshore Fort Bragg Charter Recommendations - Not a Report

    Glad it all worked out and you both had a good time.
  571. C

    Inshore Fort Bragg Charter Recommendations - Not a Report

    You still at Bragg? I'm here now myself.
  572. C

    Spinning for yoyo and surface iron

    Depends on how good looking she is.
  573. C

    New ice chest

    I have a 160 quart Yeti but I don't use it on my boat as it weighs 57 pounds empty add 50 to 100 pounds of fish and it's a ball buster to lift with one person. I have a Igloo 150, 5 day with the stainless steel hardware on it with heavy duty handles that works perfect. Have used it for years...
  574. C

    Sato Line Winder-anyone have video or?

    Put a washer and a split ring under the wing nut and your problem will disappear.
  575. C

    What's this spot called and what/how do you fish there?

    Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.
  576. C

    Offshore Ok its not really starting to piss me off anymore

    How did he break an Avet? Run over it with a truck?
  577. C

    Which one of you is this part 3

    I think that's called the KKK harness.
  578. C

    Mexican fishing license with a felony?

    I wouldn't rely on what happened in the 90's to what's the rules are today.
  579. C

    My new yellowtail lure

    Doesn't Warbait out of S.D. make bigger underspins?
  580. C

    So-Cal Bass Webinar - #BDLive by Costa

    Will this be available to listen to after the event?
  581. C

    So-Cal Bass Webinar - #BDLive by Costa

    Yeah everyone wants your information out there and it's not in my best interest to give it to them.
  582. C

    So-Cal Bass Webinar - #BDLive by Costa

    I want to listen to it but I don't want to give all the information you want to register.
  583. C

    Modify Your Palomar Knot!

    An overhand knot isn't a Granny knot. A Granny knot is when you try to tie a square knot and don't have the rope and tag end going through the same side where it will slip and not hold.
  584. C

    Knot tying poll for min 65# braid to 25# Fluoro/Mono

    All knots have weaknesses mainly when under tension they cut into each other and separate. Watch when he zooms in close when he is testing knots and see it happen. The glue jams the lines in the knot so it can't constrict to cut through. The glue doesn't glue the lines together...
  585. C

    Knot tying poll for min 65# braid to 25# Fluoro/Mono

    This ought to stir some shit up but I use the uni to uni then apply some LocTite ultra liquid glue to the knot. In 10 years of doing this I have NEVER had a knot failure. When snagged and I have to break it off it's always below or above the knot by quite a bit. I fish for over 60 days in the...
  586. C

    Kill Bag - Reliable or an Opah

    I have them both, have used my Reliable on albacore with no problems. I bought the Opah and it has 3 times the insulation built into it for more ice storage than fish storage for albacore runs. Have to get my ice the night before a offshore run and It will do the job better for my purpose.
  587. C

    What's the record time to get pulled over in Baja?

    Yes it was simi-joking. The Mexican people generally are very nice but their culture of graft, drugs, the cartels killing mass amounts of people over shadows the good people down there. The cartels run the country with their government cowering in fear of them. These are the Mexicans ruining Mexico.
  588. C

    What's the record time to get pulled over in Baja?

    The trouble with Mexico is its a poor nation because its full of corrupt politicians, owned by drug lords.
  589. C

    Tips on taking better fishing photos...

    Great tips from someone that knows his craft.
  590. C

    Flex Seal for Aluminum Boat Leaks??

    Yeah definitely wear ear protection.
  591. C

    Flex Seal for Aluminum Boat Leaks??

    No problem it's us old dogs that have to train you young pups on proper ways to repair things. Young kids aren't being taught these things any more.
  592. C

    Flex Seal for Aluminum Boat Leaks??

    Reset the rivets. Flip the boat over if you can and have someone under the boat with a large hammer (2 pound head) push on the rivet with the face of the hammer. You on top take a 1 pound head hammer and as your buddy pushes up under it give the rivet a good tap. Don't smack it too hard as it's...
  593. C

    Storing Ice

    Might want to look at bags they use for sandbags during flooding. There tough and you can reuse them for your ice 100's of times. Just take a piece of 550 cord to tie them shut. The volume of the bag is enough to transfer with ease but not so heavy you struggle with them.
  594. C

    NIB Penn Torque 12G

    Thanks for the reply, makes sense.
  595. C

    NIB Penn Torque 12G

    Why you selling it?
  596. C

    Need a Cannon Pedestal Mount

    No problem. I even ordered my 2 Cannon's from them with no tax and free shipping.
  597. C

    Fluorocarbon Leaders For Yellowfin – The Eyes Have It

    That why lines are colored is to prevent what is called "piping" of light down the center of all mono's. Alway's wondered why there was pink and other colors leader material till I found a good article about the why they do it.
  598. C

    Anbody ever order rods, reels, etc from

    And when you buy from them and your next post is questioning why all the tackle stories are closed in your area. Buy from the people that support the fishing community where you live.
  599. C

    Need a Cannon Pedestal Mount

    There's a online site called that carries all the downrigger parts you need. I've used them for years a great company.
  600. C

    Beginner Sac River setup recommendation

    Use to fish at the Colusa area for strippers in my 15 foot boat years ago. Never used any line (mono) over 20 pound and caught one that was 30 pounds with no problems. Most fish your going to catch are 10 pounds or less so heavy tackle isn't needed.
  601. C

    Early Season Albacore

    I subscribe to Terrafin I subscribe to Terrafin.
  602. C

    Early Season Albacore

    Just checked and the water out to 70 miles off of Ft. Bragg, Ca it's 52 to 54 degree's. Not quite tuna temps yet for me to take a boat ride vs a fishing trip.
  603. C


    Steel wool will damage glass.
  604. C


    If its on the window take a razor knife that's made for scraping and it'll take it off with no damage to the window.
  605. C


    I see why he did the holes to make it lighter which makes sense but when your casting all day it looks like water can enter the holes from your line to wet your bearings. If I did this I would tear the reel down after every trip to clean and lube it.
  606. C

    Saltwater Importance of fluoro vs mono leader - salmon?

    I fish for salmon in Northern Calif in the ocean. I fish with Apex lures and Rotary Salmon Killers and both of them I cut off the factory mono and replace it with 30 pound floro. The big reason is it's tougher from abrasions than mono is even though salmon have small teeth they can tear up a...
  607. C

    Save the Sea Lions

    They've got them where they need to be now close up the purse rope and sink it. After 2 hours problem solved.
  608. C

    Inshore Shame on the Enterprise and LB report 3/20

    Read a F&G report years ago when they were testing the effectiveness of descenders. They sent down fish that had bladders out of their mouth and eyeballs popped out down to 100 feet. There was divers waiting at 100 feet that put the fish in holding cages to watch them for 3 days to see if they...
  609. C

    Jackpot Money

    I live here and agree with you 100 percent.
  610. C

    Waterproof kill bag?

    Check out the Opah kill bag I just bought one and it looks quite tight. Haven't used it yet up North but when albacore come in it'll be thoroughly tested.
  611. C

    Hawaiian Oyster Beds Flatten by Tourist!

    If it was an issue wouldn't your F&G make regulations addressing it?
  612. C

    What to do after you mark fish

    What's the plan IF you are their type?
  613. C

    What NEW reel/rod models would you like to see from PENN?

    More Left-Hand reels. Tired of being the bastard child at the family reunion.
  614. C

    Planning for Canning

    A number of years ago China produced single port VW heads that had been out of production for years. They had the spec's from VW and it was a limited run of a few thousand. When they got over here and the first couple of hundred engines were built with them they had a 100 percent failure rate...
  615. C

    Kill bag rigging

    When your wiser you know what type of rope that doesn't absorb blood or smells. He's putting it on the back transom and depending on the load of fish and how rough the seas are may want a more secure tie down. I do use the twist ties your talking about for non critical loads.
  616. C

    Kill bag rigging

    I know this is going to sound weird to you younger generation people. Buy some rope, learn to tie a couple of knots to tie the bag to your hold downs.
  617. C

    Planning for Canning

    Something shitty from China is anyone surprised?
  618. C

    Kill bag rigging

    Every boat is different where cleats and tie downs are located your just going to have to figure out the best way for best. Check out the Opah brand kill bags I have both brands and the Opah is way more insulated.
  619. C

    Downrigger fishing San Diego

    As someone that has used down riggers for 50 years in Northern Cal and still uses them trolling for salmon it's a NO on using them as an electric reel for rockfish. What you should consider if you troll for yellowtails is trying them. They drop your lure right down to the depth your metering...
  620. C


    Maybe he was hoping that Southern Cal got better in a year instead of still slipping down into a Mad Max world.
  621. C

    Gaffing stingrays to be released

    Fish don't feel pain. Their nervous system isn't developed up the evolutionary scale like mammals are where we feel pain. But you should still have a net onboard for fish that you release.
  622. C

    Is this right gear for bft and yellowtails?

    The table might be too big to take on the boat and leave the chairs.
  623. C

    Where would you launch Saturday? Shelter Island or Dana Landing

    A good rule of thumb is when the forecast is what we call "square waves" like 5x5, 6x6, etc it's doable with experience but it will be uncomfortable. When it's over that like 6x5 etc your better off staying home or bay fishing.
  624. C

    Inshore Make sure you have your license.

    Southern California has a Ocean enhancement validation that you need and it's cheap $5.97. You can get it at all license venders in the State.
  625. C

    Green Seeker PH LM9

    Matches the green you pull out of your wallet to have it in your arsenal. Great looking rod.
  626. C

    SPJ Technique Video

    Great video thanks for posting.
  627. C

    I thought I’d lost my Pinhead

    That's why I didn't have kids it save me the time to kill them for shit like this. Haha.
  628. C

    Fish finder what am I looking at?

    Your seabass are Rockfish. The worms are fish that are swimming under your boat when your dead in the water or slow drifting. There's a ton of YouTube video's that will educate you on how to use your unit. The echo is from a fishes air bladder that have them but fish like lingcod don't have air...
  629. C

    AQMD Nuts. What’s Next !

    Funny how people vote for the free cheese and butter people then cry when they get ass raped by them with regulations.
  630. C

    Lead weights(sinkers) NON lead weights (sinkers)

    For the fishing ban the Sport Fishing community fought it hard and won. As far as the bullet issue no one really fought it even F&G never said a word even though there's no science supported it. It's just another law to stop all hunting bit by bit, a death by a thousand cuts.
  631. C

    Lead weights(sinkers) NON lead weights (sinkers)

    I can respect the no lead in Yellowstone as most fishing is trout fishing with BB shot weights that birds like loons can swallow. I've used non lead BB shot in streams for over 30 years not that big of a deal. The big deal is when the Lunatic Fringe wants to make the big jigs we use in the ocean...
  632. C

    Lead weights(sinkers) NON lead weights (sinkers)

    The only thing I see is using non lead sinkers in area's that have birds that may swallow them thinking they are small rocks for grit in their craws. As for the ocean we all pretty much use lead jigs, weights, downrigger balls plus all the things they make out of lead. There's a bunch of us that...
  633. C

    Jig addiction

    Only problem I see is you have to open all the packages to put them in a jig box. That's not so much as a problem as fun.
  634. C

    I may have a problem.

    I only reason I bought a bigger boat is so I can bring more tackle.
  635. C

    Rod line rating

    I always bring a reel with me looking at new rods. I string it up grab a person working there to hold a loop in the line then pull to see how it reacts to different pressures. I use the ratings as a suggestion.
  636. C

    West Coast vs East Coast

    Australia fishing is mainly spinners as well, catching GT's, tuna up to 100 pounds with no problems. Use whatever tool suites the job.
  637. C

    West Coast vs East Coast

    Don't have to worry about that now there both dead.
  638. C

    Snap-on Vinyl windows and curtains

    I take a length of thin wall 4 inch PVC to roll them up for storage. The other thing I do to protect from scratching the windows is I bought a length of flannel bolt material (from a sewing shop). I lay the flannel on a clean surface then put the vinyl window on top of it, roll a full layer of...
  639. C

    SI parking shut down for Bear/Cox?

    Yeah recall's cost money but when he get's recalled he's dead politically never to be seen again and for that it's worth it. Get rid of one douchebag at a time.
  640. C

    Email Me for free access to my website

    Did you get my email? No confirmation was received.
  641. C

    Fishing Trip, Outboard Engine Failure (LONG)

    This can be a common problem and here's what more than likely is. There's always stuff floating in water ocean or lakes that get sucked into your engines cooling system. The thermostat opening is small even with it open all the way and the small crap logjams at the thermostat blocking it from...
  642. C

    Inshore What in the actual Fuck

    No doubt about it I got to get a bigger filet knife.
  643. C

    Anyone hear of wreck near Pt Fermin?

    That's what you call it with no border enforcement.
  644. C

    Slaying Some Blue Catfish With Cut Shad - "Secret Bait"

    I heard there possibly in Clear Lake but never heard or read that there in Berryessa. The point I was making is the Southern boy was posting in an area that historically doesn't have them asking what bait we use.
  645. C

    Slaying Some Blue Catfish With Cut Shad - "Secret Bait"

    We don't have Blue's out here in the West.
  646. C

    Inshore Fort Bragg Charter Recommendations - Not a Report

    There all in Noyo Harbor and if you go on google maps you will see them. I've never been on any of them as I have my own boat berthed there. Been around them fishing and they all seem to be the same they're all catching fish. Mid- July generally is the best for salmon but the last 4 years hasn't...
  647. C

    Finally decided on boat name...

    Never named my boat, never cared.
  648. C

    Hiring Crew

    Where is it berthed?
  649. C

    Islands Favorite way to cook rock sole and sand dabs?

    With sanddabs I take a big 12 inch breaking knife (makes it easier) brown side up cut their heads off. Then flip it over white side up and you'll see a little of their gut sack remaining then cut that off and your done after rinsing them off. We just flour/ spice them and quick fry them. Great...
  650. C

    Requested advice from seasoned professionals

    When your running offshore being hopeful instead of knowing can get you killed. Call the boat manufacture they will have a spec sheet on your boat that tells you all the important information you NEED TO KNOW before you throw off the dock lines.
  651. C

    Totalscan Transducer issue

    Same here on everything JPeterson said.
  652. C

    Inshore No joy in Santa Cruz

    Might be different jellyfish but I don't know. Here in Northern California we have these big orange/brown jelly's that can be pretty thick when they get pushed into an area. When that happens I have never caught a salmon in 40 years with them around trolling. Plus what a mess on your wire and gear.
  653. C

    Inshore No joy in Santa Cruz

    If you're in jellyfish generally you won't find salmon in the area.
  654. C

    Totalscan Transducer issue

    Lowrance has a help number to call 800 628-4487. You need better buddy's for information call the number.
  655. C

    Electric Bikes? Do they suck?

    Why? don't leave us hanging.
  656. C

    Mendocino/Ft. Bragg fishing questions from a Florida guy

    I stay at Ft. Bragg for 2 months June to August with my own boat so here's some info. Rockfishing is open and can be pretty good. Salmon is open but the last 4 years has been spotty after the warm water crashed the population. I've heard rumors that it'll be ok but it's a wait and see issue of...
  657. C

    New Article from AFTCO on SPJ Tips

    I agree I've been using flat fall type jigs for 20 years on rockfish and salmon. The big deal is the gear improvement I've watched Japanese SPJ fishing with rods that look like there made for trout fishing catching 50 to 100 pound fish. Amazing technology.
  658. C

    Making bait gone wrong.

    What's the problem? One and Done let's fish.
  659. C

    New Article from AFTCO on SPJ Tips

    I watch a couple of guys that have youtube channels in Australia that do a lot of SPJ and it's deadly.
  660. C

    Bay / Harbor San Francisco Bay Halibut and Striped Bass

    TIDES are everything when fishing S.F. bay. The shorter tides from low to high are the best. If the tide of the day is less than 4 foot those are the best for halibut.
  661. C

    Inshore Make sure you have your license.

    Got to quit finding your "Friends" at their parole board meetings.
  662. C

    Fishing deep with down riggers. Cable choice

    Cannons have ion control built in the downriggers. The other thing the wire does is auto stop the retrieve when the ball breaks the surface of the water. The spectra won't auto stop as it needs the current with the wire to make it work.
  663. C

    SS table/sink

    A lot of the new commercial sinks they're selling are China made crap quality. They're made with 22 to 24 gauge low quality stainless if your looking your better off with an 18 gauge older used one.
  664. C

    Anyone have recent info/experience on new outboard delivery times?

    At least with Mercury it's made here in the USA so won't have oversea shipping issues but if they rely on offshore companies for parts might be a bottle neck.
  665. C

    SS table/sink

    Your best bet is to find a company that tears out old equipment from restaurants and have the old stuff for sale. At the rate restaurants went out of business with the Commie Flu down there there should be a glut of equipment for sale.
  666. C

    Video: PENN Slow-Pitch Jigging tackle

    Chico Steve this guy has forgot more about fishing than I can remember.
  667. C

    Offshore Swing and a miss deep drop.... and some weird shit happened need explanation

    The guy with the phone videoing backs up and grabs the metal frame of the windshield but doesn't get shocked doing that. Plus he touches the rod foam foregrip saying he got shocked with non conductive material? Just asking for a friend.
  668. C

    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    Thanks I marked it on my phone.
  669. C

    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    Thanks marked it on my phone.
  670. C

    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    I'm only going to flush my motors everyday since I will be fishing everyday I can get out. Will carwash the the whole boat when I leave for home. Thanks.
  671. C

    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    How much time do you get on the wash down for a quarter? I always study the jaws before I go out we have some brutal ones up North here where if you don't pay attention you die. Thanks for the heads up.
  672. C

    Recs for non-chamber style vacuum sealer?

    I have had VacMasters for over 20 years and have sealed 1000's of bags. The one I have is the model 305 and isn't the chamber type as I use it in our travel trailer and the chamber one is too big to travel with. Everyone that we know that had a Foodsaver broke and was thrown out. About the...
  673. C

    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    Would be fun to go into his shop look at his wares then proclaim an aquarium would be just as good just to watch his head grenade.
  674. C

    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    Thanks, I marked down your info and everyones else's on google maps and I'm covered with everything I could need. Thank you everyone.
  675. C

    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    The Ying and Yang of of Marks.
  676. C

    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    Thanks for the heads up but I'm a 35 year in the trades plumber. Been in a few discussions where a 18 inch aluminum pipe wrench brought the conversation around to my way of thinking. Don't think I would be going to his shop anyway but I WILL be going to a nicer place that another Mark owns...
  677. C

    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    This covered most of my needs and I've marked it and all the other's that have replied as well. Thanks. Funny, you have Pacific Edge on your reply and I ordered maps and Mark Wisch's book "Lesson's from a lifetime on the water" from them. I've read all 3 of Brandon Hayward's books as well doing...
  678. C

    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    Thanks for that important lowest gas price tip. I've marked it on my phone.
  679. C

    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    Thanks I've marked it on my phone.
  680. C

    No more for me

  681. C

    No more for me

    I'm coming down to your neighborhood in May and have the same stuff to give a youngster that is starting out. Let me know and I'll bring it, at 70 I'm not going to use it any more. Let me know.
  682. C

    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    Since I got great advise from you all about where to launch I thought I'd ask for advice again. I'll be launching out of Sunset boat launch can somebody tell me where I can get the important items? Ice either bulk or 20 pound bags in stores close by, gas dock, Taco stands or restaurants, grocery...
  683. C

    Grouper hook size

    I think noodling for groupers would be more groupers with dead noodlers in their maws. Haha.
  684. C

    Grouper hook size

    Check out a site called Catfish Connection it's in the South and they have all the big hooks you could want at great prices.
  685. C

    Need Guidance on a 30 Year Old Fuel Tank - 24'Skipjack Fisherman

    You could alway's pressure test it but I would call the manufacturer and let him tell you what you should do. You could if you decide to keep it installed get a turkey baster with a length of clear tubing and suck up those pieces of the bottom.
  686. C

    Differences in Styles

    Oh Yeah, suck some tail time.
  687. C

    Navionics 912P+

    You are right I talked to the Navonic's rep and they said the same thing keep what you have on the chip but no updates until you re-subscribe. It's worth the re-subscribing.
  688. C

    Navionics 912P+

    I just bought the 912p+ and here's the difference. The 912p covers Washington, Oregon and California but the California map cover south to just about Catalina Island and NO farther south. The 912p+ covers ALL of California plus Baja so if you want map coverage of Catalina and San Clemente and to...
  689. C

    Navionics 912P+

    Bought the same one for my Lowrance HDS unit from West Marine for $385. When you buy a new one you get 1 year of updates with it that you download off their website. After the year is up too have pay for the yearly subscription to continue to receive updates. The updates are worth the money...
  690. C


    Watch a youtube channel called"Born Again Boats" they're in Florida (the name is from they take old boats and make them seaworthy again). He has a video on how much it will cost on a project boat there doing which will give you a ballpark on your hull. My 2 cent guess is all of $50,000.
  691. C

    roof tent for camping?

    So was mine. Rooftop sleeping bag burritos.
  692. C

    roof tent for camping?

    Obviously you've never seen what a lion can do.
  693. C

    Differences in Styles

    I've always enjoyed seeing other places and the fishing and tackle differences. I've picked up ideas that I can use in my home area.
  694. C


    Clean work.
  695. C

    Another young boat owner in need of some help

    One thing I always do when I launch is snap a 5/8s line 50 feet long to the front winch eye on the bow. Then stow the rope over the anchor pulley then tie off on a cleat tight then stow the rest of the rope. The reason is IF you stall and need a tow before you wash up on the rocks your ready to...
  696. C

    Newport Beach launch ramp

    I got that impression looked at google maps and it didn't look that far to the jaws but didn't consider the speed limit making it a slow go.
  697. C

    Understanding Lever Drags

    Mark has all sorts of informative video's that are very useful for the beginner and veteran fisher.
  698. C

    Newport Beach launch ramp

    Will do. We have to do the same on all the lakes we fish. Thanks for the heads up.
  699. C

    Newport Beach launch ramp

    I decided to launch at Sunset Boat Launch and I'm only going to fish Monday to Friday avoiding the GangBang on the weekends. Thanks