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    Experienced Deckhand Needed

    Is there a picture of this boat that I'm not seeing?
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    Inshore Dana point 3/12/23 Sandbass wide open

    Technically if they open up again, someday, then it was temporary. It just depends on how long you consider temporary. For me a year or two would have been temporary. For others, it's 100 years or more.
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    Islands Liberty 3/11/23

    Hours? You mean days, right?
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    Offshore Looks like San Diego found the yellowtail

    The price of these trips have been going up because of the covid deal. However, the restrictions have been lifted but the boats are still running the " Limited Load " deal. Since the boats have adapted, so have I. I used to tip $40 on a trip that only cost $160 to $180 or so. Now I tip $10 on...
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    Offshore 1 Open spot for Top Gun 80. 10-24-22 thru 10-28-22 All food and soft drinks included. $1200.00 Unfortunately I cannot go! Call Jim 626-705-4120

    That's one extremely long trip! 10-24-22 thru 1-28-22 is a 3 months long trip. At only $1200, it's a steal. I wish I had 3 months to spare. If I did, I'd jump on this deal in a heartbeat.
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    Offshore Mahi

    Yup. Gotta stay out for 2 days to take home 20. Gotta take home enough for friends and family. One for myself.
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    Offshore Hurricane Kay

    Fish eat when they're hungry. They don't when they're not.
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    Mission Belle Full day charter 092822

    I'm sure you will find people to take those 3 spots. However, if your trip changes to fishing the Coronado islands and you still have spots available, let me know.
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    Anyone want to fish, I fish on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    I'm off on some Wednesdays and Thursdays. Let me know when you plan going on some trips. Dm me and we can talk. Thanks
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    spots full

    Thanks. I really appreciate that!
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    Have any swordfish been caught this summer?

    There you have it. The answer is yes.
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    Islands Coronados on Thurs

    What happened to your son's hair? It looked black on the boat and blue on shore.
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    spots full

    Too bad I'm already booked on the Grande on Thursday otherwise I'd throw my hat in the ring. Good luck on Thursday!
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    Offshore Tomahawk Overnight 8-19-22

    Seriously!! What is wrong with this boat? The previous captain calls people out for not tipping as much as he'd like and now food higher than football stadium prices?
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    Offshore Tomahawk Overnight 8-19-22

    Apparently you have plenty of expendable income. I will still tip well but for those prices on food, I will be bringing sandwiches from now on.
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    Full Day Sport Boat (Tuna - offshore) — What would you take?

    Bring everything you own and even borrow more gear from a friend. You never know what you might run into out there.
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    Offshore 8/1/22 Catalina Bluefin

    Your lense filter is a little off. The yellow is too bright!
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    Which full day boat would you go on?

    2nd that. Mission Belle is also very good
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    Which full day boat would you go on?

    Is a 1.75 the same as a full day?
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    Offshore Finally got my first triple digit BFT, and finally won a jackpot!

    Why would you ask that? That's a personal thing. I have always tipped well because I have worked as a valet and waiter in my past. However, tipping is personal. I recommend not asking someone about what they tipped or trying to guilt someone into tipping more. A tip is not mandatory. Giving...
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    Any Chance of YT on a 1/2 Day?

    Chances are slim but if you're gonna try, then I would go on the new seaforth. Flyline the largest mackerel you can find if they're available for bait
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    Oceanside Intel Please

    Now Find It On your Own. No Fish In Oceanside Nice Fish In Oceanside Need Fishermen In Oceanside No Fish In Ocean Need For Ice Okay No Fun In Oceanside No Friends In Oceanside No Family In Oceanside Neanderthal Fishing In Ocean These are just a few possibilities!
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    Starting to get nervous

    Don't worry. There will be some more people joining you for the nice boat ride.
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    Offshore Tomahawk back on line

    Mike is out for good? I was wrong then, I might go on this boat again.
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    Inshore Long beach lobster

    You said you also caught crabs? That sounds like a personal problem.
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    Inshore New rockfish limit for 2022

    Next the time F&G asks where and how much fish you have caught. Just say in U.S. waters and that you caught thousands of rock fish and kept them all. Tell them the fish went home on the other family boat because yours was too small to hold them all. That way, they'll think there is such an...
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    Offshore Has She Sang?

    Depends on where in the world you live.
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    Making coast trip from Dana Point to Long Beach

    Don't hit anything that wasn't meant to be hit.
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    10.11- 3 Day on the PQ weather forecast is all bad

    Look at the bright side. I'm sure some passengers will help with the chum.
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    Islands Freelance Yellowtail 9/26

    If that fish is 23lbs, then you must weigh about what... 48lbs? In that picture, your fish is literally almost half your size!
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    Braid all they way. No need for mono or flouro top shot
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    Best Place To Rent Rod/Reels

    Borrow from a friend. Borrow from a friend. Borrow from a friend. Borrow from a friend. If no friends have gear, then Borrow from someone on the streets. Just ask around.
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    2021 Pelagic Tuna Challenge San Diego Coming Fast!

    That last picture is awesome. That lure must have a really long stinger hook attached to invisible line.
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    Offshore Fresh Report 8/31

    If nada was what people were trying to catch, then a lot of people would be coming home very satisfied!
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    Islands Mission Belle Friday Aug. 27

    That is the best boat for full day Coronado yellowtails. 30lb test for jigs is perfect if you want it to be a little sporty. I, however use 50lb test. I can't afford to lose $10+ jigs.
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    Offshore WAtch out !

    There are only 2 great full day boats in San Diego. The 3rd best is the Liberty and the 4th is the Grande. The one that is usually heavily booked up is the 2nd best. The one that catches the most fish per passenger is the best boat. Everyone knows the top 2 boats so I won't mention them by name.
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    Inshore Halfday hit mahi, yellowtail and bluefin???

    We're gonna have wahoo on half day boats next month.
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    Poor charter experience. Poll: Do I deserve a refund?

    Fishing is Fishing. Bait is gonna do what it's gonna do. However, the captain F- ing up his reading of the San clemente closure map did cost you and your buddies precious Fishing Time at the island. Time that you could/should have had more lively bait. So yes, you should be compensated the...
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    Good choice. The constitution will get to the grounds in the afternoon on your first calendar...

    Good choice. The constitution will get to the grounds in the afternoon on your first calendar day out, this gives the captain a heads up of what is happening around the area for your first and only full day out there. It's perfect. However, by late September, it could be WFO fishing. A full day...
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    It's the other guys version of the Tady 4/0 light. Literally the same lure, in my opinion, with...

    It's the other guys version of the Tady 4/0 light. Literally the same lure, in my opinion, with a different name
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    I think the captain had a hot date that night. I'm absolutely serious too.

    I think the captain had a hot date that night. I'm absolutely serious too.
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    Missed Boat .? Diffrent landing policies over missed trips? Credit? Total loss?

    In my experience , I always get credit. It's because I cancel early and they can fill my spot. You're not getting anything because you cancelled beyond last minute. Boat can't get someone to cover your full fare.
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    Offshore 8/15 East end of Catalina

    Great job. When I hook a fish, unless it gets away, one of us is gonna die.
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    Offshore Full day fishing... 8/15

    It definitely sounds like you should never ever fish that boat again. Can you DM me that boat name so I know? There are bad boats and good boats. In the past, there was 3 primary full day Coronado boats. The San Diego, Mission Belle, and a boat will a Hawaiian name. Mission Belle and San Diego...
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    Kelp Patty fishing…floro vs. mono and topshots

    Won't straight mono get stuck in the kelp if the yellowtail runs into the kelp?
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    Inshore My Son's First Bluefin - 7/24/2021

    I thought he launched out of HB?
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    Phone and keys found oside launch ramp

    Awesome fishing report. What did you catch the keys and phone with? Did they give a good fight?
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    Inshore My Son's First Bluefin - 7/24/2021

    That's crazy. Those rigs are a couple miles from the beach. I guess I will have to " chase " bluefin on my kayak this year.
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    Daiwa SK Pink Mirror Jig any Good?

    Fish are color blind. You're good to go with that jig.
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    You can have the plate. I want the fish.

    You can have the plate. I want the fish.
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    FS: 2 day trip, Pacifica, departing tonight. $525

    Pressing a couple of buttons for 5 minutes is hard work!!
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    Inshore Halibut Sunday 7-11-21

    Tell her next time. If the camera lense isn't touching the fish, then it's too far away!
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    Inshore Another one SD

    Nice fish. I think you need to check your camera lense. There's squiggly black marks to the right and left of it.
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    Tuna trip 7/11 Dana point

    Why is it, I'm always working when someone wants to go fishing?
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    Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    My bad. I didn't count the captain. I did however count the galley cook. That would mean it came out to roughly $300/ crew member ( cash in hand ). I'm guessing you worked at the wrong time or the wrong boat!?
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    Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    So you're playing favoritism? Screw everyone else except for the guy that gives you the jackpot or the regular good tippers. That is not very good customer service!! No wonder you guys are getting screwed on tips. I normally tip well because I've had plenty of tip jobs when I was younger. I...
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    Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    I understand the hard work so I tip around 20%. However, expecting the jackpot to go to the crew is B.S!! If the majority of riders join the jackpot and it is roughly 5% the price of the boat ride. That would mean if everyone tipped 15% or higher, then the crew would make more than 20% on tips...
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    6 pack recommendations for Channel Islands?

    Yup. They just killed a nice seabass and 6 halibut today
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    Open spot Aztec July 1st overnight

    I thought they just give you credit?
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    Offshore Chum hard!!! 6/27

    That's disgusting!!!
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    1.75 Days? What to expect

    That's correct . If you go on a 1.25 day, you can keep 2.5 bluefin. The 1.75 day, you can keep 3.5 bluefin.🤣🤣🤣
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    1.75 Days? What to expect

    Everything is correct. You might not even get rest except for the ride home.
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    Islands My first one of the season wsb!

    That's awesome. Thanks for the detailed report.
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    T-Bird vs Producer?

    Flip a coin. Heads- TBird, Tails- Producer or Heads- Producer , Tails-TBird. Either way, you'll be on a boat.
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    It was the Tomohawk out of Fisherman's Landing. The captain is Mike Loust. The crew was great...

    It was the Tomohawk out of Fisherman's Landing. The captain is Mike Loust. The crew was great and the boat too. I just couldn't believe the captain actually publicly told 3 three people that their tips were too low! I still tipped well because I wanted the crew to get paid well but I will never...
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    1st 3dayer, How much $

    Just make sure you bring extra cash for tipping because you might encounter a captain that publicly calls you out on your low tip( didn't happen to me ). However a captain did it on my last trip to 3 different customers ( I'm assuming ex- customers now ). Won't call out the captain and boat...
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    Offshore Stuck to my gut

    I thought limits in U.S. waters was 10 per person?
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    Long Beach Local - 1/17/21

    Must be a big Christmas tree? Three days to take it down!
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    Catalina Island 9/9

    So, who keeps all the fish cleaning money?
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    La Jolla 03/11

    Thank you.
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    La Jolla 03/11

    If you head out of dana landing, don't you head down to lj?
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    Avet SX issues

    i recently fixed my own mxl that had same problem. It is your spool shaft bearings. There are two of them, however the one farthest from the sideplate with the handle is usually the one that causes this. I recommend replacing both. When the bearing goes bad, it prevents the spool from...