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  1. loreto1234

    2 yr old Choc Lab...not eating...goin South fast...???

    Hey Bert, very sorry to hear about your dog. Breaks the heart no doubt and they are the most loyal creatures on the planet. A few years back my dog was in situation that it could not eat, drink, pee, poop, walk or even stand and was eventually diagnosed with Vestibular Disease. I had to give her...
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    Offshore Finally connected

    Picture of a lifetime with your pops. Congrats to the both of you. Well done!!!
  3. loreto1234

    Monster 242-pound bluefin off Oceanside on a PENN Fathom FTH30LD2

    The Penn Fathoms are LEGIT. Compare the specs vs price and put one in your hand to see how it feels. Really really nice reels. BTW the dude in this picture hammers fish all day pretty much every day and if he stands by them then I certainly due. Proofs in the pudding!!!
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    Bluefish Tuna...?

    Bluefish are already extinct. Never even seen, tasted or caught one. They might be in the river.
  5. loreto1234

    4-7 foot swell. Is that safe/ fishable?

    Swell+Intervals +Wind +Tide gives you a good idea of safer times to launch and come back or to just stay home during the days that just don't present a safe outing. Your passengers are expecting you to know these things as you are the Captain of a safe boat and secondly a fun hopefully great...
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    Otay Mesa Boarder Parking and Crossing

    A little follow up on the travel to and from Loreto via Otay walking rout. 1. Parked across from McDonalds. $8.00day pre pay gated area. 2. Walked from parking area (very close) across to waiting taxi to airport entrance (5 miles straight shot) $12 3. You can get the FMM past the walkover...
  7. loreto1234

    Anyone got any info on Loreto?

    Just got back last night from Nov 22nd. Flew out of TJ and walked across to and from. Fished three days and did very well on the YT and Cabrilla. Fished east point of Coronado and just outside of Playa Almejas which is just north of San Basilio. South was not really happening. Seemed liked...
  8. loreto1234

    Otay Mesa Boarder Parking and Crossing

    This is the answer I got today from Delta Truck Parking. Confirmed that they do not allow car parking unless you are a repeat customer. "We don't have shuttle to the Tijuana Airport at all. We provide free 24hr shuttle to/from Otay Mesa border. We currently provide for truck drivers. They park...
  9. loreto1234

    Otay Mesa Boarder Parking and Crossing

    Thanks guys I appreciate it. Really looking for the Otay rout. I will be heading down and can cross at any point. After a few days I will have family members crossing and joining me down in Loreto and would rather have them use the Otay crossing for simplicity and security reasons. Again thanks...
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    Otay Mesa Boarder Parking and Crossing

    Its the thing next to the border.
  11. loreto1234

    Otay Mesa Boarder Parking and Crossing

    Need some assistance before heading down to Loreto. Question 1: Has anybody parked at the Delta Truck Parking lot in the last few weeks with a regular car? The website states that they no longer allow regular cars due to some SD regulations. 2nd Question: If not allowed to park cars at that...
  12. loreto1234

    Otay Mesa Boarder Parking and Crossing

    Has anybody parked at the Delta Truck Parking lot recently? The website now says that due to new SD regulation they no longer park cars. Used to be $6 now its $12. Any updated info would be appreciated.
  13. loreto1234

    Give me a call relative to the trailer. 760.580.9463 Chris Lobo Much appreciated.

    Give me a call relative to the trailer. 760.580.9463 Chris Lobo Much appreciated.
  14. loreto1234

    18' trailer FREE

    Call me 760.580.9463
  15. loreto1234

    Offshore 29 wahoo on the Legend

    Setting the bar beyond all dreams 2015. Grand children have a lot of insane stories to listen to for the next 50 years.
  16. loreto1234

    Offshore 49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    There are only a few days that you will remember for the rest of your life. I'm pretty sure you just added one. Congratulations on your catch and honoring your parents in great spirit. Very touching post.
  17. loreto1234

    Chris Craft (uniflight) Flybridge Twin Rebult Diesels- Reduced to 32,000. More picts on page 2

    Hate to see her go Mick. This is one hell of a boat and very comfortable and feeeeeshy.
  18. loreto1234

    Its a turtle... no its a baby whale... no its a flounder... its a TUNA

    Who the hell sold these guys a boat. Thank god they are on the East Coast.
  19. loreto1234

    Good tuna fishing on the 267!!! 9-12-15

    Way to go. Turned the Bass boy into a Tuner!
  20. loreto1234

    Kill bags are great but not water proof ... 6 footer fits perfectly in an Outback

    When you sell it make sure you include this language. "Comes from a non smoke environment, the stench is from fish and deer! FIRM!
  21. loreto1234

    Hello Mr Ogburn1973, I'm interested in the Honda. Thinking around $400-$500. Not sure of your...

    Hello Mr Ogburn1973, I'm interested in the Honda. Thinking around $400-$500. Not sure of your location but I live in Oceanside. When you get a moment can you give me a buzz at 760.580.9463. Thank you!! Chris Lobo
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    Engine noise

    Try adjusting your sensativity, it might help. Also take a look online at videos to assist. Hope it helps. I have the 5 and love it.
  23. loreto1234

    Oceanside bait this Saturday

    you will for sure not have parking at that time but no big deal. Launch your boat and have your buddy park in the FREE parking lot across the harbor towards the entrance across from Helgrens. After he parks pick him up at the Kaya rental place and off you go. No big deal and is a pretty easy if...
  24. loreto1234

    Shurflo Bait / Washdown pump issue

    Try reversing the wires. If the wires are incorrectly switched then the pump will be pumping the wrong direction which means no water and could eventually burn out your internal impeller. Might want to take it totally out and bench test it. That's all I got for suggestions.
  25. loreto1234

    Offshore M A X I M U S Limits by 12:00 ! ! !

    Has anybody noticed the length of the pectoral fins in these pictures? or is it the angle of the camera?
  26. loreto1234

    Offshore Oside daycare program Tuesday

    Great job Dad! Family wall photo for a life time right there!
  27. loreto1234

    We wacked the hell out of them. It was over in the first hour for our new 2 fish limit. We went...

    We wacked the hell out of them. It was over in the first hour for our new 2 fish limit. We went long and the fish were 40-50 grade BFT. Hope you find someone for those HH. They are cool!! Cheers!!
  28. loreto1234

    which GPS unit

    x3. Used it for a the last 3 or four years now. Can't think of being out there without it. Keeps you you in the right area with proof to back it up. Helps plan your trips according to locations legal to hunt.
  29. loreto1234

    Helly Hansen PVC Bibs (Large, oversized)

    John, Cool meeting you this AM and yes those things are way big that's for sure but for the right sized person they will work great and they are in perfect shape. I would say someone who is 6'4 250-300lb would be a good fit. No joke they look brand new. PS. Good luck fishing tomorrow. I think...
  30. loreto1234

    Give me a call relative to the HH Bibs. I will take them if you live in my area. Chris...

    Give me a call relative to the HH Bibs. I will take them if you live in my area. Chris 760.580.9463
  31. loreto1234

    Helly Hansen PVC Bibs (Large, oversized)

    I'll take them if you live in my area! San Diego?
  32. loreto1234

    discover angling on the hulicat - 7/30/2015

    That is awesome. Getting kids involved and showing them a bit of nature is really a special time. Way to go to all those who pitched in.
  33. loreto1234

    Offshore Put the Bass Rods down and went Offshore

    Spectacular. Really nice work and captures the feeling on the water. SWEET!!!!
  34. loreto1234

    Offshore Ten Hrs later...

    Well done and a huge congrats.
  35. loreto1234

    outriggers fs

    Thanks Joel I will see you tomorrow night to pick them up. Cheers!
  36. loreto1234

    outriggers fs

    Hi Joel, Can I come by today and look at them. Thanks!!
  37. loreto1234

    Offshore 6/2 big whale and big tuna

    Another story to be told to a future Grandson. Absolutely spectacular. "Remember way back in 2015 when the 100#+ BFT were running 10 miles off the beach......YUP! Those were the days!!!!
  38. loreto1234

    Offshore WOOH HOOOH! 100lb + Local Dana Point Tuna

    Great report and killer pix. Congrats on grinding it out and getting it done. A bar story for many years to come. Cheers!!
  39. loreto1234


    Amazing fish. Congrats on that TOAD!! A story for many years to come.
  40. loreto1234

    1995 Mercury 115 ELPTO $1650

    Paul nice chatting with you and will get in contact with your people to go over current services and compression #s. Much appreciated and will keep in contact with you. Cheers!
  41. loreto1234

    1995 Mercury 115 ELPTO $1650

    I will try to swing by today to talk to J or C re: hours. Give me a buzz if you have a moment today. I sent you a PM with my contact information.Thanks Paul! Cheers!!
  42. loreto1234

    HI Paul, I am very interested in your 115 Merc. I currently have a 175 HP Merc on my 17 Hydra...

    HI Paul, I am very interested in your 115 Merc. I currently have a 175 HP Merc on my 17 Hydra Sport which is way over powered. When you get a moment can you give me a buzz to discuss. Much appreciated. Chris Lobo 760.580.9463
  43. loreto1234

    1995 Mercury 115 ELPTO $1650

    Paul, Very interested. I will send a PM with my contact information. Looking to power down from a 175 Merc. Too much HP for what I have. 115HP would be ideal.
  44. loreto1234

    My Girl's Fish is Bigger Than Yours!

    Great video. Loved every bit of it. Congrats!!!!!!
  45. loreto1234

    Sand dabbing and Great Whites

    A little Dab will do ya. Those things are really good eating. Tax man at the domes....YIKES!!
  46. loreto1234

    Misc. Boat and tackle

    Thanks Dave. Reading Archer now!!
  47. loreto1234

    Misc. Boat and tackle

    I will also take the Canon Downrigger, Ball and release clip $75 and will pick up when I get the book.
  48. loreto1234

    West Marine Sale Lowarnce HDS-5

    Transaction completed with a smile.
  49. loreto1234

    Misc. Boat and tackle

    I'll take the Archer book. Just need to get your address. Thanks!
  50. loreto1234

    West Marine Sale Lowarnce HDS-5

    Fantastic Friday is today. Heading to WM in a few hours to get my 4yr plus plan and rebate. BINGO! Smoking deal and yes it put me on the feeeeeeesh!!!! Hope it helps a few of you out who are looking for a really nice FF/CP unit with transducer included.
  51. loreto1234

    12ft outriggers and more!!!

    Eric, Can you send the exact dimensions of the bag and possibly a picture and maker. It is important to me to know that intel. Much appreciated.
  52. loreto1234

    2/15/15 Dana Point Inshore

    Love Creek and Monarch Bay. I grew up on those beaches. When you head out of the harbor on your left not to far you will see a ton of lobster pots in a straight line. This is a pipe that runs off the beach and out. Dropper loop squid is perfect for that spot with tons of Calicos, Sand Bass...
  53. loreto1234

    Follow up to Friday the 13th Box Canyon.

    His temp is spot on. I just walked in the door from Box and metered 65.8 today fishing in flat calm HOT weather. Take a look at Tempbreaks and you'll see the temp all the way down the coast is warm. BTW it was super slow out today. Broke one off and did not see any other fish being caught. today.
  54. loreto1234

    Follow up to Friday the 13th Box Canyon.

    INSANE!!!! My prediction is that beer sales will hit an all time high this year. CANS!! and the fishing will be wide open as well. This year never really stopped. Just transitioned into different species as the main target. WSB your on deck!!!!!
  55. loreto1234

    Hi, LIve2fish can you shoot me a picture of the kill bag. Thanks for your help. Chris Lobo...

    Hi, LIve2fish can you shoot me a picture of the kill bag. Thanks for your help. Chris Lobo [email protected] wines or 760.580.9463
  56. loreto1234

    The Killer Whales were back today... and did damage

    Whale at a restaurant; I'll have the Uni, Spicy Tuna Roll and a fresh Seal as a starter.
  57. loreto1234

    12ft outriggers and more!!!

    Ill take the kill bag. Can you tell me the maker? 36x what? Thanks for your help.
  58. loreto1234

    WTB Chair Sliding Pedestal

    Looking to buy a sliding pedestal plate for a Todd Cpt. Chair. If anyone has one laying around please let me know. Cheers and thanks for your help.
  59. loreto1234

    17 whaler bait pump

    I use a transom mount Bait pump pickup and it works great for me on my 17 Hydrasport. As long as the Pump is just at the water line and picking up while moving you are good to go. I live in Oside and can shoot you a pictures if you want. Let me know. Cheers!
  60. loreto1234

    Dana Point Yellowtail

    Turn and burn. NICE!!
  61. loreto1234

    got one 2/1

    Nice Forky! Well done!
  62. loreto1234

    West Marine Sale Lowarnce HDS-5

    Mark, Have a great time on Monday and hope you hammer the YT. I was like a kid in a candy store watching my screen every ten seconds. Shoot me a PM and I'll we'll talk. Cheers!!
  63. loreto1234

    West Marine Sale Lowarnce HDS-5

    Love the unit. Hooked it up on Thursday and took her out yesterday. Searched and metered bait (macs) first thing and loaded up. Put the bait to good use and put some YT in the boat. Looking forward to really dialing it in. Hope the info helps a few people out who are looking for a new unit at a...
  64. loreto1234

    West Marine Sale Lowarnce HDS-5

    Mark is correct. Thanks for clearing that up. My local WM people are super cool and I appreciate their assistance especially since they're right down the street from the house. Hope this helps someone out. Cheers!
  65. loreto1234

    West Marine Sale Lowarnce HDS-5

    forgot to mention that it is the Gen2 unit.
  66. loreto1234

    West Marine Sale Lowarnce HDS-5

    This might need to be in another forum not sure. I've been waiting a long time and snooping for the right combo unit and finally pulled the trigger yesterday. For those interested in a new FF/GPS combo w/Transducer unit, I was told that WM will be having these units on sale Feb 20th for their...
  67. loreto1234

    Non Box Canyon yellowtail report

    That's real fishing. The way it's supposed to be done. Let mother nature tell you what to do and when to do it and she will provide. Killer new boat and congrats on breaking her in with a nice YT!!
  68. loreto1234

    January WSB

    Swimming Ribeye right there! Congrats!!
  69. loreto1234

    January 5th Yellows

    Well done and thanks for the report. Keep this train a rolling!!!!
  70. loreto1234

    January 4 yellows on the iron out of Dana

    Yes indeed! Well done and nice report.
  71. loreto1234


    Eric, I'll take them if Joel backs out for some reason. Would work well on my '17 Hydrasport! 760.580.9463
  72. loreto1234


    250ft deep on bait (Milk and Cookies) I heard they were hitting the red and white as well. Merry Christmas everyone!
  73. loreto1234

    Captains chairs

    Will you sell separately??
  74. loreto1234

    boat items for sale...

    how much for the chair?? Thank you.
  75. loreto1234

    Pulling #'s off of gps units?

    Yup, Google Earth for both hunting and fishing tracking. Check your speed, temp, time, L/L overlay either land or sea. Makes for a very cool experience before during and after and is a great way to document for the next trip. Been doing it for years now it really pays off.
  76. loreto1234

    Offshore ONO you Didn't!

    That's just flat out effing awesome. You now have the perfect story to tell your grand kids. Fast forward 30yrs fishing with your grandson- "Way back in the fall of 2014 I speared a Wahoo in US waters just 9 miles off the beach along with a bunch of Dorado" You did? YUP!
  77. loreto1234

    Offshore 9/16- Good day at 277!

    Taking the little one out of school to spend a priceless day on the water with his Dad and Grandpa is what life is all about. Three generations pulling on fish at the same time in your boat is a very special moment. There are some experiences in life that present a very small window. I think you...
  78. loreto1234

    Two Sets of Outriggers/dropper loop rod holders.

    Thanks Neil. They will work perfect on my 17 Hydrasport for HALI's and BISCUITS. Good meeting you. Cheers!!
  79. loreto1234

    Two Sets of Outriggers/dropper loop rod holders.

    Neil, I'll take the the aluminum ones for $30 and can pick up today late in the day around 6 if that's cool. Let me know. Chris
  80. loreto1234

    8/10/14 Paddy Hopping DP

    Winner winner chicken dinner. Way to go. Good stuff!!
  81. loreto1234

    WTB Capt Seat and Base

    I'm still looking if anyone has one laying around. Again doesn't need to be perfect just good. Thanks for your help!!
  82. loreto1234

    WTB Capt Seat and Base

    I'm looking for a used Todd Capt seat w/base for a '17 Center Console. Doesn't need to be perfect but prefer to be in good/new shape. Orange County to San Diego I can pick up. Thanks for your help.
  83. loreto1234

    Offshore 181 YFT and YT

    Just walked in door. Took off from DP with crew of five with 1.5 scoops of Chovies. Ran down to the 181 and dropped the jigs in within 5 miles of the high spot with water at 70-71.5. Blind troll fish mostly with natural cedar being the hot jig. YT on the paddies. Weather was great. Early AM was...
  84. loreto1234

    Offshore 7/4 - 209 BFT

    Super clear pictures. Glad you got them.
  85. loreto1234

    boat stuff anchor gps props

    still have the seat and does it have the base?
  86. loreto1234

    Looking for a leaning post

    Hey nmkrbk, Can you shoot me a PM and picture if possible. I would be interested.
  87. loreto1234

    Loreto- Springtime Yellows Abound!

    Great report and super nice pix. Heading down nxt Thurs for 4 days of Bus and fishing. Looks like the yellers are starting to play. Please fish gods...please!!!!
  88. loreto1234

    Hunting GPS Maps

    I think it is well worth the money. I think the biggest reason is when your figuring out your next hunting areas, you can clearly see the boundaries via the Garmin Basecamp overlay then transfer it into Google Earth for a better overall picture. I run a Garmin Colorado 400t and it works great...
  89. loreto1234

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

    "Free car wash with each launch"
  90. loreto1234

    JAKES Event

    Steve, My daughter Kaya (9yrs old) had a literal BLAST. She is now a member of the NRA and NWTF. It was her first time shooting a weapon and managed to powder a clay on her second shot using a 20 g. Hoots around the stations was really cool and got it all on video. Ed was a super hero instructor...
  91. loreto1234

    Calicos with video

    When was that video shot? General local? Water looked very clean.
  92. loreto1234

    What happened to the layout of BD???

    x2 issue here as well
  93. loreto1234

    Transom mounted bait pump

    This is what I have and it works perfectly with no issues. Hope it helps! Good luck.
  94. loreto1234

    Oside Flattie Report 8/19

    SOLID!!!! Congrats.
  95. loreto1234

    Anyone know how the Fishing is in Loreto right now?/who to use for a charter trip

    I like Torre's Sportfishing (jose Torres) in Juancalito (south of Loreto) or Tito Davies on Davies street in Loreto. The attached pictures are from last year. Hope it helps.
  96. loreto1234

    Tuna Grounds in 1hr

    Dear Santa!
  97. loreto1234

    Offshore Yellowfin being caught off Newport Beach!

    Itch (Latin: pruritus) is a sensation that causes the desire or reflex to scratch. Itch has resisted many attempts to classify it as any one type of sensory experience. Modern science has shown that itch has many similarities to pain, and while both are unpleasant sensory experiences, their...
  98. loreto1234

    Good Oceanside Cop

    If this took place in front of my house I would want the police to check the ID to make sure all is above board.
  99. loreto1234

    Offshore Rpt- 2.5 day 08-14-11 Tails, YFT, BFT to 80 lbs.

    killer report, killer photos and MAGIC CROCS!!!!
  100. loreto1234

    post your favorite pic of your lady on your boat/fishing

    You're going to need a weedless on that one!!
  101. loreto1234

    Went looking for yellowtail today but...

    Nice feesh. That will fill the freezer.
  102. loreto1234

    Del Mar Butt

    Shhhhhh. Don't tell anyone our secret harbor.
  103. loreto1234

    Del Mar Butt

    Late on the report BUTT here it is. Launched Sat. at 6:30A from a secret place (see picture NFIO) on board the Lucky Dog with Bill and Matt. P/U nice mix scoop and made our way south. Went south and out about 10miles to see if we could find any life (clean and blue 65-67 temp). Headed back...
  104. loreto1234

    Would you do this...

    cool new spotter plane
  105. loreto1234

    I am a new boater in search of rock fish out of Oceanside

    Micks numbers by name: Flemish Cap, Cortez Bank, El Bajo, Gorda Banks and The Cannery at Oside. These are proven killer rock fish spots. Mick is always willing to help!
  106. loreto1234

    BD Welcomes Pink Fishing to the board

    Great people!! The wife loves her PINK and Black tank that I p/u at the '10 FH show. Welcome to BD and hope it all works out well.
  107. loreto1234

    No, it is not hot in Loreto

    Rub some hot dirt on it. God I miss Loreto.
  108. loreto1234

    Broken bolt extraction

    Rob-Thanks for posting that. That's the exact hook up I need. I will call him to get an estimate.
  109. loreto1234

    La Jolla Kelp

    Family fun. Very cool.
  110. loreto1234

    Pt. Loma Halibut 7-30-11

    Beyond cool. Congrats to both of you with life time photos to boot.
  111. loreto1234

    Aquarius Marine; NOT cool

  112. loreto1234

    Wind BAD.....Yellows GOOD!!! 7/29/11

    Great report. Good decision to leave the BFT and go after the YT. Congrats!!
  113. loreto1234

    Fishing was good!

  114. loreto1234

    Daughters First Yellow Tail

    Right on DAD.........Congrats to you and your daughter.
  115. loreto1234

    7.23.11 Quick Saturday Report (North County, SD)

    Super fun. Congrats!! The surf fishing has been on fire this year. My 8 yr old daughter and I have been having a blast.
  116. loreto1234

    Legg Lake Kids Fishing Club has a great day

    Good stuff. Its all about the kids.
  117. loreto1234

    It Happened

    Great video. Way to go dad.
  118. loreto1234

    Striping line off reels

    Swifty is a no brainer which is perfect for me!!
  119. loreto1234

    Lyndeva, Your (chum) Grinder Lives in the OC

    Instant hook up on the blow fish!!
  120. loreto1234

    Fish of a lifetime 7/18

    Way cool. Congrats to the both of you.
  121. loreto1234

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 25th, 2011 at 5 PM

    "Is that your bait stick? No, it's my rail rod!" "Don't ask don't tell" "Brokeback bait system"
  122. loreto1234

    Damn Hogs

    Hey Tim- JP didn't even chip a tooth on the post. I like the pix.
  123. loreto1234

    31ft Chris Craft Twin Diesel Steal It!

    Yo Mick. You have a bump on your head. Hope life is good. Go kill some Feesh.
  124. loreto1234

    Late WSB Report

    OUTSTANDING!!!! Way to go dad. That is a priceless photo for years to come. Congrats.
  125. loreto1234

    Bullards Beach State Park

    Looks super nice. Thanks for sharing the Pix.
  126. loreto1234

    carlsbad lagoon bass

  127. loreto1234

    The reward...

    Great report and Pix. Both are keepers!!!
  128. loreto1234

    Slayed the butts

    I'm 46 years old and have fished my entire life and have never landed a flatty that big. Congrats to both of you.
  129. loreto1234

    Oceanside 7/2/2011

    I was out there today as well. Killer day with mucho feesh. Congrats on your CALI!!!
  130. loreto1234

    Outrider - WSB and Halibut Fish Report!

    AMAZING!!!!! Those are some stud fish. Congrats.
  131. loreto1234

    Late report

    Super cool. Nice job dad!!
  132. loreto1234

    Top 15 most dangerous dogs

    "Had" an Akita once and when it tried to eat my 1 yr old daughter through the sliding glass door it was gone that day. It gets my vote for #2 on the list. Yes I know there are some super cool Akitas out there but when the occasional one goes off its not pretty.
  133. loreto1234

    Reel for 60#

    Take an afternoon grab lunch and visit Ken and Wes at Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. Great guys and would be more than happy to help in answering any questions you may have. They both have a ton of knowledge and have most reels on hand to touch and feel. Worth the trip.
  134. loreto1234

    50% off revo toro 50

    I was #1 on the waiting list for 9 being sent down from another store. Just p/u and ready to fish it this weekend. Twitching and shaking must catch feesh!!!
  135. loreto1234


    Those R stud feesh! Well done.
  136. loreto1234

    OAC 10LB Test Tourney 6-11 lots of $

    Any word on the winning feesh!! Looked crappy in the AM then nice in the afternoon.
  137. loreto1234

    My new personal best WSB

    Thats a toad. Rib Eye with gills. Nice job.
  138. loreto1234


    nice job!! Congrats on the local forky.
  139. loreto1234

    Best Day from Work, EVER! Yellowtail on San Diego

    Twitching and shaking begins. Great report and pix.
  140. loreto1234

    Loreto - First Timer

    x2 Jose Torres to fish Southern areas (out of Juancalito) or Gloria Davies (son is Tito on Davies street near harbor) to fish Northern areas. I have fished with the Davies family since 1984. Use to spend first week of each yr camping with Francisco Davies (passed away) up at San Basilio area...
  141. loreto1234

    Little Harbor WFO - FishDope:

    1 bail of weed, 30 bails of Captain Crunch. That's a crazy report.
  142. loreto1234

    kodiak pf 14

    Phil, I left you a V/M. Let me know if still available. Thanks
  143. loreto1234


    So my wife said for her birthday she wants UNI and more UNI so of course i jump on the site and have her pick out the targeted feast. She picks out two trays of the golden and decided to do an addition 3lbs of the Stone Crabs. I call Jr. who recommends the 120gram trays over the 80gram so 120 it...
  144. loreto1234

    Offshore First 6 day on the Independence

    Welcome and congrats on what I would call the perfect trip. Super cool video!!
  145. loreto1234

    opener success on chucker

    Now thats a good day....and night!
  146. loreto1234

    Quail success

    nice job
  147. loreto1234

    Loreto yellowfin limits

    Well done. You are having a great season down there between Loreto and the other side. Congrats.
  148. loreto1234

    La Paz or Loreto?

    I'm a huge Loreto fan and have been going since the mid 80's. Fishing can be great and the town is a sample of the old days and the people are super cool. I fish with Gloria Davis (son Titto) in town if going straight out or north (Punta Lobo, Cadilario, Pulpito, San Bruno, San Basilio etc). If...
  149. loreto1234


    Common....... Sea BRISKET!!!
  150. loreto1234

    A Man, his burro and his dogs - interesting article

    Very cool. That would be one amazing adventure. These types of adventures are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Happy to hear he is living the dream. Go man Go!!!!
  151. loreto1234

    Offshore North of the Hidden

    Well done!! Killer shot of the island.
  152. loreto1234

    Limits of Fin Bait Seabass - Catalina Report 9/26

    Great report and pix. That sounded like an epic day of local fishing. Congrats!!!!
  153. loreto1234

    PV Big Tuna and Marlin Pics 9/16-9/18

    Now that's gettin it done!! Congrats and great pix.
  154. loreto1234

    would you shit in your pants?

    just puked all over my screen and pissed my myself. That's nuttzo!!
  155. loreto1234

    Mag Bay - Yellowfin, Yellowtail....and Wahoo - Aug. 29

    Hey Bill nice job on the hoooooos. By the way thanks for the help on Loreto. Waiting for my pix from the other guys. Nice yellows and roosters with the Torres family.
  156. loreto1234


    I don't eat Tuna all the time but when I do I prefer Yellow Fin. Stay fishy my friends.:hali_olutta:
  157. loreto1234

    Fishing Not Good - It's Great!!!!

    Nice job. 200lb way to go!!
  158. loreto1234

    From the "Don't Leave Your Bottled Water Unattended" File...

    His response was "but officer it was only a GAG!!!!"
  159. loreto1234

    Looking for a tasty way to cook white seabass

    Just cooked some WSB last night with this recipe and is was killer. I added a bit of ginger just to kick it up a bit and left in the fridge for an hour. Grilled then took the additional sauce and reduced it then drizzled over the fish. Highly recommend this recipe.:drool:
  160. loreto1234


    All hooked up!! Bingo! Tooth Ferry is on the way.
  161. loreto1234

    Dove Opener

    Blyth/REZ-This is what it looked like last year. Before and after!!!!
  162. loreto1234

    Need A Fishing Report From LORETO

    Heading down that way on the 20th-24th and would love to hear any other reports. Anyone fishing south towards Catalan?? or north at Pulpito? This is the type of year for Tuna in Loreto. East Cape is pretty loaded up and I can only hope for a few scouts heading north to Loreto. Twitching and...
  163. loreto1234

    Upland Bird Fields

    Very cool. Good find.
  164. loreto1234

    Cedros weeklong madness part II

    Slugs!! Nice job.
  165. loreto1234

    Back from East Cape

    Killer. I love that place. We would wonder what was chasing those fish as well untill we got the Mr T show going off between the boats. Congrats on your trip.
  166. loreto1234

    Offshore Adolph's Bad Day...

    Ya Vol! Fishing fucking sucks right now.
  167. loreto1234

    how to pull a fat chick

    Chicken hotdog factory. That's classic stuff.
  168. loreto1234

    Killian Catches Thresher Sharks

    Perfect freezer size. Congrats!!! Nice job.
  169. loreto1234

    Offshore Condor found the tuna!!!

    Good read. She will not forget that trip for a while 10lbs lighter. Nice job on getting her first Albert!!
  170. loreto1234

    Dusty and dirty

    Dear Santa I've been really really good this year. Those are amazing boats/ships. Seen them in DP and they are super impressive.
  171. loreto1234

    East Cape report

    Killer feesh. That just makes those cold Modelos taste even better.
  172. loreto1234

    Not a good day for the Intrepid

    That's keeping him in the corner
  173. loreto1234

    Long distance casting

    After 40 years of fishing I still appreciate interesting info and opinions on differing approaches. This was a good read.
  174. loreto1234

    Kuwait July 15, nice queenies

    That's a nice fish. Killer looking area.
  175. loreto1234

    2 Reels for sale

    just don't sell those 16's. Let's go fishing Fred!!!!
  176. loreto1234


    Nice job on the BLUUU
  177. loreto1234

    La Jolla

    REEBs strikes again. Nice lingo!!
  178. loreto1234

    Just got my first boat

    That's a killer little rig you got there. Put some rod holders on that motor rail and your good to go hammer. Congrats !!
  179. loreto1234

    Offshore July 5 Albacore at 55 miles

    Nice job on the albert. That is exactly one more than I have. Congrats!!
  180. loreto1234

    177 pound OPAH

    Monster of an Opah. Congrats on a fish of a life time......Story please.
  181. loreto1234

    Local Threshers

    Thanks for reporting Armando. It's appreciated.
  182. loreto1234

    Offshore legend & ALBACRE

    Nice job and great report. Appreciate the info. If it keeps raining here we'll get Albies right off the beach. Crazy weather. Keep moving up.
  183. loreto1234

    tuna parasites ID?

    That is one nasty ass looking creature.
  184. loreto1234

    Backyard Remodel Progress

    That is super clean and well thought out. Congrats on your new backyard. It all blends well. I especially like the tackle store/shed on property.
  185. loreto1234

    53lb Yellowtail La Jolla 7/3 on Reel Hard

    Do you know how many hours, days weeks, months I have spent on the water without catching a YT hog that big. That is one trophy fish you got there and on 25lb. to boot. Great job Shawn CONGRATS.
  186. loreto1234

    Seabass and yellows 7/3

    Was out on Thursday doing the overnight thing and pulled up to see eveyone fishing the balloons. Never seen it before but it was working for some including the bait boat who had just slammed a 40# minutes before we pulled up. The leader is about 6 ft long under the balloon and you drift the...
  187. loreto1234

    panga fishing in the gordo on the 20th and 21st

    Surf fish Solamar beach at dusk. Use Crocks or crome jig and you will get nailed. Roosters, Cabrilla, Snook etc. Not to mention its a killer spot to do a little body surfing. Don't forget to have the cooler stocked. This kind of fishing always makes me really really thirsty.........for...
  188. loreto1234

    C-BASS on the LADY LUCK $$ 7-2-10

    Well done. Glad someone got them.
  189. loreto1234

    Mr. Moderator

    Bud- Roll the info. Love to hear what you see out there.
  190. loreto1234

    HUGE BSB 7-2-10

    July 2nd we fished the bite off Crystal Pier for the WSB but came up with nothing but Batts (should have been here yesturday). Just about ready to head for the barn and we see the boat next to us hooked up (of course) and decide to wait and see what comes up. He pulls anchor so he doesn't get...
  191. loreto1234

    Reebs Lures Does Cedros.... EPIC!!!

    Go REEBS. Those lures are bass killers.
  192. loreto1234

    Offshore my first paddy yellowtail

    Nice job. That water looks killllller!
  193. loreto1234

    surf fishing at torrey pines w/ pic

  194. loreto1234

    Middle Grounds 6/24/10

    Nice job on the jellomaximus!!
  195. loreto1234


    well done. congrats on the forky's
  196. loreto1234

    simply amazing 3/4 on the pacific voyager 6/20/2010

    That's the perfect Fathers Day right there. The smile on your sons face is classic. Congrats to you and your 3 boys.
  197. loreto1234

    Coastal tanker part three. 46lb on 6-20

    Very cool report. Congrats!!!
  198. loreto1234


    Tim, So glad to see smiles on his face and i'm sure that this Fathers Day will not be forgotten by either of you for a long time (very special). As for making any tuff decisions take it by day. I'm sure you both have a ton of emotions still rolling around in your heads so take it...
  199. loreto1234

    Cool Swordfish stuff with PICS

    Very cool stuff. Thanks for the report. That bird looks bad O!
  200. loreto1234

    more San Blas Torneo pics....

    That place is killer. Went there in 83 and it was off the hook. Now it looks like it is on the hook. Let's here some 411 on the fish, water, boats etc. That's a very special place. I hope to get there again some day. Great pix!!!
  201. loreto1234

    Blue Fin at the Islands

    I need something to cleen my screan off....I shot one!!!!!
  202. loreto1234


    Hang tuff Cory and Tim the Lobo family sends thoughts and prayers.
  203. loreto1234

    These guys rip

    super creative
  204. loreto1234

    La Jolla Canyon--317 lb Thresher . . . Whoo Hoo

    Get that grill ready. Killer boat. Congrats on your catch, shes a hog!!!!!!
  205. loreto1234

    Fish of a lifetime

    Monster!!! Any idea what the age of a fish like that would be? Your freezer is very happy right now. Congrats on a fish of a life time.
  206. loreto1234

    Cuda at the shoe 06-12-10

    Glad everyone was OK. What happened? Did CG pump then tow??
  207. loreto1234

    "WHAT'S on "THE MENU"

    Super cool report. We actually saw you guys at the fuel doc (we were in the Blackman) and those were two monster fish. We could tell how proud you were of your grandaughter. That was one special day niether of you will soon forget. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!
  208. loreto1234

    How about those Lakers!

    From goat to Gloat.....Artest
  209. loreto1234

    Overnigher - Tuna - Squid and Big A$$ sharks

    Really cool report. Next time can you troll a few more rigs. Congrats on a great trip.
  210. loreto1234

    OAC Thresher tournament postponed

    This weather is killing me. My twitch will not go away until next week....I hope!!
  211. loreto1234

    WIde Open Barracuda

    Nice slimestix. The water looks nice......F.cking weatherman. I guess I stayed home for nada.
  212. loreto1234

    Cory's New Ride...

    Nice Job Tim. I love the Dana Hills colors.
  213. loreto1234

    Tuna Porn Part Deux - They're still there - Puerto Vallarta Tuna Report

    That is a killer report with pix to boot. Nice job.
  214. loreto1234


    squid in small soft cooler is best but make sure you seal it up real good so no leaks. Security will look but just use frozen gel packs and you will be fine.
  215. loreto1234

    544# Tshark for TEAM KNUCKLEHEAD

    That's one big "T" congrats!!
  216. loreto1234

    Finally got one !

    Congrats on the monster WSB. Killer pictures.
  217. loreto1234

    ******MAD PROPS TO MADBUCK******

    Nice job pops. Moment of a life time. Congrats.
  218. loreto1234

    Point Loma to La Jolla (3rd time is a charm!) 5/15/10

    Great report and pix. Very cool shots of the FF. Congrats.
  219. loreto1234

    Offshore 302, 43 and west of the 182

    Weeks = Days = hours I hope. Need to stop twitching and scratching!!! Heading out in the AM and will repor what i find.
  220. loreto1234

    offshore fishing is a disease!

    Sit down with legs crossed indian style with tag line in left hand and hook in the right and hummmmm for about an hour a day with your eyes closed and it will all get better. If that doesn't work have a serious conversation with your gear and explain that you want to start seeing other gear but...
  221. loreto1234

    San Lucas Cove Trip Report

    Outstanding. Great pix and I love those Mexi Hot Dogs. Nothing better!! Congrats.
  222. loreto1234

    Can Cows Really Fly ?????

    Amazing shots. Love to see the vid.
  223. loreto1234

    Ensenada Yellowtail 5-3-2010

    Nice job on the jellos. Congrats.
  224. loreto1234

    Seeker Black Steel G6460XH A/R

    PM Sent. Give me a buzz. Thanks Pete.
  225. loreto1234

    One nice 23" Flatty

    nice job on that flatty.
  226. loreto1234

    Smartphone advice

    Iphone seems to be the set standard for all to follow. I'm on T-Mobile and don't want to switch to AT&T as the service is week in many areas. So i'm left out of the Iphone selection (not into the breaking to fit T-Mobile) I think Verizon with the new Droid Incredibles might be the way to go for...
  227. loreto1234

    Cooter goes back to Kansas to be with Pappa Cooter

    Thanks for sharing the photos of your place. Looks amazing. Prayers go out to you and your dad. Your a good man.
  228. loreto1234

    Threasher's are here...

    T Time. Finally!! Nic job.
  229. loreto1234

    Offshore Tough fishin below & around the pile on the "AJ" 4.26.10

    Good looking fish. Better on the grill I'm sure. Congrats!!
  230. loreto1234

    49lbs WSB La Jolla 4/26/10

    Nice pig looks just like a fish.
  231. loreto1234

    Halibut dry spell officially over for me

    DUDE!!!! Nice feesh. Happy B-Day.
  232. loreto1234

    Custom Fishing Rod Racks

    looks nice. Looking forwatd to the pix and price.
  233. loreto1234


    Nice job. Looks like a nice grade as well. Did i miss the name of the boat. Congrats.
  234. loreto1234

    Epic Day On The RTA At Catalina

    Sweeeeeeet!! Nice job on the jellos
  235. loreto1234

    wsb yak style! 4/16

    Pigzilla of a WSB. Congrats!!
  236. loreto1234

    FoodSaver Bag deal at Costco

    thats good info. I just ran out.
  237. loreto1234

    OAC Truney Unoffical Results WOW!

    Great tourny. Congrats to the winners. Those are some stud fish landed. It was great to be out on the water. Killer day!! Big thanks to Ken and the gang and Rick on the Tourny boat. First class tourny. Looking forward to next already.
  238. loreto1234

    15' Center Console built in the garage

    Super impressive. Great report.
  239. loreto1234

    Beware of "Special T" AKA Tony

    Sounds like Tony is standing pretty fricken tall!!!
  240. loreto1234

    Mr. T (Saturday)

    Nice Job on Mr. T .......Let the games begin!!
  241. loreto1234

    Girls Gone Bendo

    Skip to the middle of the vid. Not sure which one to pick? 1, 2 or 3. OK i'll take all three please. Simply amazing.
  242. loreto1234

    Cerralvo Report 3-29-4/5

    Way cool. Nice job!!
  243. loreto1234

    Tejon bow kill

    Nice job!! Congrats.
  244. loreto1234

    Best reel for an ULUA?

    Ditto on the PG. And yes the 625 is perfect. Can't go wrong!!
  245. loreto1234

    Turkeys/Boars 3/29/10

    Sweeeeeeet!! Nice job and very cool going out with dad.
  246. loreto1234

    Need a lot of help!!!

    This will be the time of your life. That is a very special place. many call this the Yellow Tail Capital of the world and former pearl Capital of the World. I fished that area for months at a time and every day can be different. Inshore chasing Roosters or Sierra to outside chasing Bills, Tuna...
  247. loreto1234

    Fishing with my 4 year old son (DP Harbor)

    Great suff right there!! Well done dad.
  248. loreto1234

    1998 Skipjack 262 flybridge

    Good price for a very solid boat. Take a look at same and others in that class and I believe you will find that this boat is priced very fair. Good luck on selling it. Nice rig.
  249. loreto1234

    3/28 YT Report

    Nice Job. Got to love the Yo Yo.
  250. loreto1234

    Hang Time At Ocotillo Wells...

    Bad O Tim. Great experience for both of you. Very cool pix. Hope your doing well. PS. My bro said hello.
  251. loreto1234

    Big yellows at The Rockpile!

    Nice grade of fish congrats.
  252. loreto1234

    Pictures from Sunday at the SAN DIEGO Fred Hall show!

    Great show- Wife and kid out of town on Sat. so down to the show I went. Sat in on a few seminars, supported lots of the the locals and others, Kens, Oside Seniors, Fish Junkie, United Anglers, Blue Water, Kill Zone and many many others. I only wish I had more money to spend because I really do...
  253. loreto1234


    is that calstar a custom wrap?? Condition 1/10
  254. loreto1234

    17 April OAC Halibut Tournament

    I'm all in!! This is a great tournement with lots of good people in it and running it. Thanks for posting.
  255. loreto1234

    Jigging big bluefins

    outragouse stuff!!
  256. loreto1234

    Bahia de Los Angeles forum

    Great stuff. I love that place.
  257. loreto1234

    Oside Ramp

    I believe its Saturday. I'm trying to find as well. Will post if I get further info.
  258. loreto1234

    Campland Closure on Sat??

    Trying to get some more time on the water. Oside is closed for Triathlon so the Zodiac is not an option up here. Campland I think is closed so launching the boat from our slip is out. Might have to drag the zack to Dana just to drop a line in.
  259. loreto1234

    Campland Closure on Sat??

    is Campland closed on Sat for Outrigger race?? Want to take the boat out but heard it was going to be closed. Anyone know?? Thanks for you help.
  260. loreto1234

    Very nice Beach Butt!!!

    Nice job. Congrats!!
  261. loreto1234


    I'm bringing rock fish to fish for squid.
  262. loreto1234


    For Trapping Pigs the proven Pig ground. "The Cannery In Oside" but be very careful taking the bosses boat out especially around the south jetty. For Hunting Pigs in Paso Robles. This place is very cool Bryson Hesperia Resort | Lodging, Cabins & Hotel Rentals for Lake Nacimiento & San...
  263. loreto1234

    Salt n Sea Film

    Very interesting bit on the Sea and its past and current conditions. I would like to find out more about this. The local guys are classic in this vid. Tourism vision turns toxic in California's Imperial Valley -
  264. loreto1234

    2 less thieves out there!!!

    Bookem Danno!! Now they can fish for brown trout in thier cell.
  265. loreto1234

    I will Photophix some shots of your best catches

    If you could I would appreciate it. The stuff you're doing is really cool.
  266. loreto1234

    Raining in Panama " Tuna That Is "

  267. loreto1234

    Pacific Yacht Tower

    I like that rod holder.
  268. loreto1234

    Dog aint doing too well

    Hang in there Nate. Hope it works out for you.
  269. loreto1234

    Pro Gear 551

    PM Sent. Will be up in Irvine area Mon or Tues. if Vicor doesn't want it at that price
  270. loreto1234

    How my family spends Valentines day

    Great story. That's one for the family album for sure. Congrats!!
  271. loreto1234

    Bad Boyz in San Felipe, Mex 1/28-1/31

    Killer report. I love that place. Those pix of the fish Tacos bring back many blurry memories of the Bearfoot Bar or Miramar.
  272. loreto1234

    Dog Shoots Duck Hunter...

    was that dogs name Chaney??
  273. loreto1234

    Another Rate Increase From Anthem Blue Cross

    I hear ya Tim-Being self employed i drop a ton a cash each month. I guess the only advice I can give is to lower your deduct for you (your not using the Dr that much) and make your sons hi as he is taking more risks which makes him more probable for broken bone etc). Of course this will change...
  274. loreto1234

    Quail hunting with a goose bonus....

    Thats a great story. Love the pix....congrats!!
  275. loreto1234

    Pheasant Hunt

    great pic.
  276. loreto1234

    Baja's Bridges Washed Out

    Had this happen to me back in Jan '92 on the way back from Loreto . We had to fly people out who needed to get back to work. It was crazy. It took me an additional 12 days to make it through each river as most bridges had been destroyed. The last one was a pull with a 8 wheel farm tractor. I guy...
  277. loreto1234

    Bluefin Tuna in the surf!

    First Bluefin grunion run in history.
  278. loreto1234

    Wister 1/13 & 1/20

    Well done. Congrats.
  279. loreto1234

    Potential new BD advertiser:

    Save the camel. I only eat camel safe tuna!!
  280. loreto1234

    The Wister Mud from hell.

    Glad everyone is OK. Going hunting always give you a story. And now you have a good one to tell for many years. Remember that time going duckin and I told you to slow down! Yah I know I know. 30 years ago and your still giving me shit about that?? YEP!!
  281. loreto1234

    Honkers at Polot Fields

    With the leek in my roof and the pond in my living room i'm expecting them soon.
  282. loreto1234

    more visitors at the site :)

    cool pix!!
  283. loreto1234

    Bluefin Tuna in the surf!

    Bluefin on the stroll....prettty cool!!
  284. loreto1234

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    I like it. That's the perfect cage for any PVC shark! All kidding aside thats a hoot. Can I take it down to the lupe and put my mother in-law in it. At the Lupe: Mom it's perfectly safe don't worry. This guy up in Laguna uses it all the time!
  285. loreto1234

    Honkers at Polot Fields

    Drove by the polo fields today on the way to an appointment and what the F did I see but about 200+ Geese flapping around the flooded grounds. It was pretty cool to see. The dark spots are the Geese the white are rat gulls. If your in the area its a pretty cool to check out. (hard to see in the...
  286. loreto1234


    killer looking dog..congrats!!
  287. loreto1234

    2010 pork

    well done on the oinker!
  288. loreto1234

    Cibola Photo Op's...

    Great pix tim. Was that from a few weeks back?
  289. loreto1234

    First 2010 Super

    Amazing fish. Congrats!!! Fish of a life time for sure. Hey Mr. 7 posts Larry from Frezno get a grip! There is about a million ways to ask a question that can get the answer your looking for but your choice of word sucked at best. You may want to think a bit before your next post.
  290. loreto1234

    Duck Smackin 12/29 & 12/30

    Well done!!! Nice hood decor.
  291. loreto1234

    New Years Resolution to "Lose Weight"?

    205lbs here. 190 would be great and want to be in much better shape for long range trip next year. I'm going to drink 4 more cups of java in the morning so I can take a bigger dump right before I step on the scale. I figure I should 190 by Wednesday!!
  292. loreto1234

    12 ft. avon or achilles with 25 hp

    Craigs List has a few listed and look pretty good. San Diego area. Good luck!
  293. loreto1234

    Pleasant Valley Res-Bishop

    cool pix..
  294. loreto1234

    Travis Pastrana - New Years Eve World Record Attempt in Long Beach

    Yep 8PM it is. Have a great (and safe) New Year everyone!
  295. loreto1234

    ducks 12/29-30

    Cool pix of dog and rig. Bummer about the gun. That's a scary story on the DUI guy. I wonder if others called him in or not. You may of saved a life or two including your own. NICE JOB!! Just think, he gets to enjoy the new year in a cell with his new date.
  296. loreto1234

    Buffalo Hunting?

    [QUOThere are several bars in the San Diego area that are frequented by some very large buffalo. I have filled my tag in those locations more than once... Tim, Please don't insult the local herd:oinker:. They are likely to stampede!!
  297. loreto1234

    Travis Pastrana - New Years Eve World Record Attempt in Long Beach

    My buddy is on the LB dive and rescue team and is stationed next to the barge for the event incase something goes wrong. The jump is going to take place at 9PM PST so it should be a blast watching before everyone gets too looped. This guy has big gonadiouses 4 sure!!
  298. loreto1234

    my first thresher and on the yak!

    NIce job and cool pix.
  299. loreto1234

    Shotgun question

    I just got back from a Paso Robles hunt and made sure I asked all the same questions to many gun dealers including Remington. I was in a non-toxic area so needed to make sure I had all the correct info going in. The answeres I got was smooth (stock barrel) with rifled choke with sabot was a...
  300. loreto1234

    I'm recovering nicely

    tag filled
  301. loreto1234

    No bugs but a assistted another boater

    Actually its a great way to end up the year. You are now stocked up with Karma for next year. First YT, First YFT, First Mr. T, and all on calm seas. Nice job being a good guy on the water.
  302. loreto1234


    Thats good stuff. Congrats. At least ya got to shoot at something.
  303. loreto1234

    What huntin' gear did ya'll get/give?

    Got: 7 day Long Range trip for next fall (boat of choice) Garmin 400t BassPro T-shirts Gave: Ring my wife was hunting for. OUCH!!
  304. loreto1234

    White Christmas at Wister

    That's very cool. Congrats on wacking those suckers. Karma was in your backpack that day.
  305. loreto1234

    Duck Killin' 12/19

    Way to get it done! Congrats.
  306. loreto1234

    tuff start finally some ducks

    Nice job. Great showing your boy how it's done. Congrats!!
  307. loreto1234


    Great pix Jim- I remember standing in the middle of the smoke from the fire at the beach just so the skeeters wouldn't carry me away. The last palapa north next to the jetty saved us as we had just came from the long train ride to Tepic then taxi to Blas just in time for sunset skeeeterville...
  308. loreto1234


    San Blas is an amazing place. Skeeters galor. Gators on the shore and shrimp in the ponds. I surfed and campled there in '83 on a surf adventure. Mainland train ride, bus', taxis. I was 17 years old. What a trip!!! Back in the day. You are for sure living the dream in that wild place. I...
  309. loreto1234

    Nephew got in a bad crash tonight.

    Prayers out to you and your family during these difficult times.
  310. loreto1234

    Coastguard hits private boater, child, 8 yrs, dies

    Horific event. Prayers to all those involved from the Lobo family. Can't imagine what they are all going through.
  311. loreto1234


    Great report. I like the new set up. Looking to do the same as I'm currently setting up my little flatty. Nice job on the quackers.
  312. loreto1234

    down on the river :) 12/19

    That is sweet. The river is producing. Congrats on a nice warm winter hunt.
  313. loreto1234

    Only in SOCal

    #7 was the bonus sunburn only found in So Cal. Congrats on getting dinner and getting out there.
  314. loreto1234

    Offshore Some Squids "LADY LUCK"

    Very cool report and pix. Happy holidays with the inkers.
  315. loreto1234

    Punta Mita Monster Yellowfin Tuna dec 15th

    Moooooooooooooooooooo!! That is flocking huge. Congrats.
  316. loreto1234

    It's...beautiful.....sniffle sniffle

    PUUUUUURRRRRRRDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYY new gun you got Tommy. Time for quackers. O-show that's a great story with pops. Thats good stuff with father and son right thar.
  317. loreto1234


    Now it's time to head to Paso for piggys and quail. I'll post up when i return. Hopefuly with pix.
  318. loreto1234

    WAAAY OFF Topic... Memory Foam Mattresses. Anyone have one?

    You can't go wrong on this purchase. It has helped my sleep 100%. I fully recommend it. The right sheets are the key. PS: I sleep much better but my memory is not getting any betterLOL!
  319. loreto1234


    My buddy Jarrod and I went to Blythe on a last minute run. Have to say Jarrod is a true buddy as he has a busted shooting finger/knuckle but offered to go just to call, set up the coys and get his dog some more time hunting. Took off at 1:30AM on Sun set up by 5:45ishAM with 50 decoys in the...
  320. loreto1234

    honk honk

    Great pix. I saw those honkers out there the last few years. One yr I tried to see how close I could get. If I had a gun they would have taken off but because I didn't they just moved like a slow heard. Very cool to see. I'm off to Blythe in few hours to see what I can do with some of these...
  321. loreto1234

    Newbie looking for Blythe area help?

    I've not had much luck on the quial in the area but have come across some on the other side close to river on the Rez. Note: I think the Rez permit cost $75 and is up at the end of the year. Probably not worth the $$. For sure drive the edges of brush. Stop walk a little and listen. Get a...
  322. loreto1234

    San Luis Obispo Hunts

    Very cool thanks Matt- I appreciate the help. Been doing the google earth and topo thing and searching the net for posts and sites. I know nothing beats the foot to dirt meathod but hey I'm here in Oside not there in Paso YET!! Thanks again.
  323. loreto1234

    San Luis Obispo Hunts

    NEED SOME HELP- I'm heading to SLO/Paso Robles area next week for a few days. I'm doing a one day private property pig hunt with a few friends but have an open day to burn. I would like to do some quail or pig hunting in Paso or SLO but don't know the area. Not looking for your secret spot just...
  324. loreto1234

    How heavy can house be???

    I have a great houe at the river. Cool, does it have a doc? Yep huge! Diving platform? Yep huge! Good fishing? Yep deep! Can I park my car in your garage? Yep..I'll even wash it for you! Give me direction. South North of the bridge don't turn and your here. See you soon.
  325. loreto1234

    Offshore Perfect albacore weather

    If the Yak was red it was the new law enforcment boat patrolling the new MLPA zone. It would say volunteer on the side and the guy would be asleep!!
  326. loreto1234


    Mother inlaws can make everything taste bitter! Don't bash the YAMS!!
  327. loreto1234

    Merritt 10 day on the Excel 11/4-11/14

    Great read. Well done and congrats!!
  328. loreto1234

    introducing species

    Seals in the High Desert area would be perfect!!
  329. loreto1234

    WTB Pro Gear 251 or 255 black

    There is a black 251 on Ebay right now. Looks pretty good. A few hours left. PRO GEAR 251 FISHING REEL - eBay (item 200398826457 end time Oct-31-09 11:03:47 PDT)
  330. loreto1234

    Tandem bike for sale.

    I love a good first date!! Mom we're going on a bike ride together OK? OK, be back before dark and don't forget to file your teeth on the street before you get home. Remember tomorrow's picture day at school!
  331. loreto1234

    GARMIN GPSmap 60c hand held gps

    Hi Matt, I'll call you in the morning for this.
  332. loreto1234

    Quail & Duck combo

    Wholly flock. That looks like a hell of lot more fun than I had this weekend. Congrats. Shake and bake,pretty cool.
  333. loreto1234

    I'm having the time of my life!

    Dave, I don't know you but glad things are working out. Great report. It is for sure a sign of the times but you are making ends meet and having a bit a fun at the same time. You are very fortunate. I dig the photo.
  334. loreto1234

    Offshore Mushroom 10/23, BFT-YFT-Albies oh yeah

    I'm sorry to here you have to clean all that fish. Really depressing stuff when you get back to the doc and have to clean so much......Kidding of course. Sounds like an amazing trip and congrats. Look forward to the pix. I'm sure your looking forward to your next business trip out here. Looks...
  335. loreto1234

    Live MLPA Meeting feed and updates!

    The economist made an impact for sure.
  336. loreto1234

    Live MLPA Meeting feed and updates!

    That kid just killed it!
  337. loreto1234

    Live MLPA Meeting feed and updates!

    I'm off. What's up with that??
  338. loreto1234

    Pic from this morning

    This is my little ride. Trail blaze and see what's way out there. Gotta have fun either way.
  339. loreto1234

    Best whale pic ever----

    Double launch!!!
  340. loreto1234

    1969 Alglas sportfisher

    I wish I was mechanical. Very cool pics, keep them comming and at the end of your restore send them all in total to show start to fininsh.
  341. loreto1234

    H1N1 Shot.......

    Interesting to here the differing opps here. Fox news word of mouth etc. ** My expereience: My wife had got sick for a few days a few weeks back. It was not crushing but she was out solid for 48 hours in bed. We didn't think much about it to tell you the truth. The following week we consulted...
  342. loreto1234

    Anyone hunting Chukar Saturday?

    Work keeps getting in the way. Its a little warm in the desert still. Great to see the rain come in. Every little bit helps. Good luck whoever goes. Post up!!
  343. loreto1234

    Offshore Newport to 209 area: 60# YFT

    Proof that fat ones can be good looking. Congrats on a grade A fish!!!
  344. loreto1234

    Life Time Lobster

    Very cool report with great pix. Life time memory right there. Very cool!!
  345. loreto1234

    Offshore 10/7 WFO best bite of the year

    Must go fishing. Must go fishing. Hate job...hate job!! Congrats on your killer day.
  346. loreto1234

    SCI Boat ran a ground

    Offshore, Inshore and now the new forum of ONSHORE!!
  347. loreto1234

    Tuna at El Banco

    Rod in holder, Corona in holder and fish being held. PERFECTO!! Congrats on a great fish.
  348. loreto1234

    Offshore 9/26 - fun day

    Salame and Apples always work!! Congrats on your day.
  349. loreto1234


    That's a kller looking rod!
  350. loreto1234

    Offshore all the do dos you wanted 9-25

    Those are giant patches of weed. Congrats on the catch. Looks like fun.
  351. loreto1234

    Pro Gear CS625-C

    what was the price of this reel??
  352. loreto1234

    Find the bait! 9/23/09

    Nice porky forky!! Well done.
  353. loreto1234

    Sick Video of feeding giant BFT

    Amazing. Simply amazing!!!!
  354. loreto1234

    55lbs on 10#test

    Next tooth I'll have her in the harness or on the kite!
  355. loreto1234


    OK, now I'm late for work! That was a killer video. Way too much fun. Thanks for posting.
  356. loreto1234

    55lbs on 10#test

    I think the tooth fairy is going to leave a zuker 5.5 under the pillow.
  357. loreto1234

    55lbs on 10#test

    Teaching her how to fish early. 10# straight Pline pulling on 55# with sinch knott. She pulled and pulled and finally landed the one she was looking for. No gaff needed. It was one of her last baby teeth. CLASSIC!! She giggled the whole time...well most the time. And yes this was INSHORE...
  358. loreto1234

    I know the YFT fishing is good BUTT! 9/23/09

    Toadazilla. That is one sweet fish. Congrats.
  359. loreto1234


    Thanks John-The Pro Gear is sweeeeet! I opened it up and its in perfect condition as you said. Note to others about this gear: I looked at the rods he has on hear and they are in really good shape. I have plenty but I would not hesitate on these. Very good deals. Hope it helps!
  360. loreto1234

    Pending World Record YT

    Gonadouse Maximus. Off the charts. The pictures are crystal clear. Thanks for sharing your experience. Please let us know when the movie comes out.
  361. loreto1234

    Offshore Monster light line YFT outside Coronados 9-7

    Just got off the phone with Rick who told me all about your catch. Great pix and great report. Congrats on a sweeeeeet feeeesh!
  362. loreto1234

    Offshore 64.9 Yellow fin Hidden bank 9/5

    That's called QUALITY right there!! Nice job!!
  363. loreto1234

    Offshore DP to the 181

    That's a huge paddy. Nice report and glad to here you made it back. Look at this way. You could have been drinking beer behind a long rope with a little red boat towing you.
  364. loreto1234


    I have the following reels from Pro Gear (love them:loverz:) but can't find the specs for them. Does anyone have a link or location that I can download or copy for my files?? Any help is appreciated. CS 551 CS 625 CS 650 PG 440 Thanks, Chris Lobo
  365. loreto1234

    Two wolfs down

    FedEx La Jolla seal meat to Montana to protect the sheep!!
  366. loreto1234

    Offshore 1010 lunker albies, 9/04

    Veery cool. Great picture of the Albie. Nice job on the tower, it looks sweet!!
  367. loreto1234

    Ventura Co. Dovin 9-3-09

    Great pistures and report. Very cool hunting with you dad.
  368. loreto1234

    Offshore 9/3 Bluefiin, Dodos, YF 21 miles from PL

    Great report and great pix of your son. Very cool congrats.
  369. loreto1234


    Better late than never- Arrived at the rented house on the AZ side on Saturday for the four night stay including the opener on Tuesday. This place was amazing. Six bedrooms (sleeps 18) with all the fixings you need. The group was made up of father and sons (boys trip) for all the clay shooting...
  370. loreto1234

    Brand New Palegic kill bag never used

    Thanks Rick I look forward to picking it up.
  371. loreto1234

    Cleaning the Opah

    I hope I get the chance to do this some day. For sure on my bucket list.
  372. loreto1234

    Offshore Pegasus LIMITS!!

    Holy Flock!! You loaded them up. Nice job...congrats!!
  373. loreto1234

    Offshore OLD SKOOL RULEZ! 8/27-8/28 - OFFSHORE

    And there you have it! Way to go. Nice job and congrats on the feeesh.
  374. loreto1234

    Offshore 8/27 Yellowfin Tuna Close in

    congrats on getting them close. thanks for the reort.
  375. loreto1234

    Bluefin pics

    Insane fish. I can't even think about how big a cooler you have to bring along for all that fish!! Congrats on an amazing catch.
  376. loreto1234

    Offshore 8/21 Scratched a few

    Nice job. Yep a scratchy one today for sure!
  377. loreto1234

    Offshore YFT/BFT @ the 226

    Great job. Glad you got them TUNNIES.
  378. loreto1234

    Offshore 302 and Islands for YT

    Scratchy day today: Keeping it short as I am burnt!! Took off from MB 5:30AM with Bill and Mathew on the "Lucky Dog" 23' Well. Good bait. Headed to the 302 trolling darks, plugs, jets. Water ranged around 68 with Tons of life on the way out. Whales, birds, porps, meter marks but no one wanted...
  379. loreto1234

    Offshore YFT...Everywhere!

    Thanks for the report and nice Pix. I think the fishing has just turned the corner in the last seven days or so. Let's hope it keeps going so I can use all this gear I've been buying in every color, size, make and model. You know five of those six of these, does it come in green? Sorry went off...
  380. loreto1234

    Offshore SeaHorse Tangles with Big Blue Fin Tuna

    The Ole SeaHorse does it again. Nice catch.
  381. loreto1234

    Offshore Limit yft fishin on the "Ocean Pearl" 8.19.09

    Nice job. Great picture of the bigger model.
  382. loreto1234

    don't want to brag, but...

    That's awsome. I have a six yr old and she loves fishing. Already been on three long runs in Mex. It's fun being a fishin daddy.
  383. loreto1234

    Offshore They're Coming Up The Line (8/18)

    Great report and video. You guys hammered them. Congrats!!
  384. loreto1234

    Offshore Rpt Wed. 8-19-09 SCI Tails, 381,B-fly,43, 279 Nada!

    Nice Jellos. The water in those pictures look mighty nice. A lake for sure. Congrats.
  385. loreto1234

    Offshore 80lb BFT 2 day 8/16-18

    Looks like you nailed them. Nice job. Congrats
  386. loreto1234

    Big Yellowtail

    35+ Way to go. Great photo!
  387. loreto1234

    Offshore Tuesday 8/18 Went South of 295 = Absolutely one of our best trips ever. (Pics Manana)

    Congrats on getting on the fish. Post those pix after you get some shut eye.
  388. loreto1234

    Offshore 08/17-18 238/ Limits of YFT on the Sweetspot

    Well done. Long way down but well worth it.
  389. loreto1234

    Insulated Kill Bag w/Drain

    Give me a buzz and we'll figure out a time to pick up
  390. loreto1234

    Offshore 8/17 Down South 243

    Well done. Long hall but worth it.
  391. loreto1234

    Offshore Hard day fishing turns into a fish of a lifetime 8/14/09

    That is sweet. Congrats. That is my favorite eating fish right their!! Those pix are once in a life time.
  392. loreto1234

    Offshore Epic San Clemente Yellow Bite 8/15

    Nice job on those bad boys. Looks like you guys had blast. Congrats!!
  393. loreto1234


    Straight off the bone onto plate-EAT!! But yes chilling does set it up a bit more if you can wait that long. I use this as my go to dish Soy Sesame Oil -just a dab Toasted sesame seeds Chopped Serranos Chopped Jalapenos Diced chives Served cold with colder beer. Have Charmen standing by. I...
  394. loreto1234


    OK-This is going to be a short one. Just walked in the door and its 2:30AM. We left MB at 10PM Friday with a great mix of bait and headed south. Was on Freds 26 Diesel Blackman "Out-Cast" which is a sweet ride. We ended up fishing just north of the Lower 500, 239 and 220. Got some quality albies...
  395. loreto1234

    Offshore Ensenada 8-14-09-Albacore

    Nice job. Albies showing up in the cooler waters down south.
  396. loreto1234

    Offshore paddy fishing 8/15

    That's a big boy. Congrats.
  397. loreto1234

    Offshore BIG ALBIES!

    We had fun with those ALBIES the day before. Congrats on those fish. Big smiles all around, very cool.
  398. loreto1234

    Offshore Senor tuna blood bath

    Sandles and blood PERFECT!! Looks like fun!
  399. loreto1234

    Offshore SATURDAY ALBIES and YTF

    Just added the photos. Hope you all enjoy. Thanks again to Capt. Fred. Great fishing with ya. Looking forward to hammering again next week........we hope!!
  400. loreto1234

    Offshore SATURDAY ALBIES and YTF

    OK-This is going to be a short one. Just walked in the door and its 2:30AM. We left MB at 10PM Friday with a great mix of bait and headed south. Was on Freds 26 Diesel Blackman "Out-Cast" which is a sweet ride. We ended up fishing just north of the Lower 500, 239 and 220. Got some quality albies...
  401. loreto1234

    Next set of African critters

    That thing is sweet. You gotta be proud. Looks like it could talk to ya. Nice vent!
  402. loreto1234

    RUN and GUN

    Jawbone and Red Rock would be a blast with this set up and I'm hoping that things improve over last year but if not I figure I can just scout around for a few hundred miles of hard to get places. Gotta have fun either way. Now if I can figure out how to strap on a fishing pole on the other side...
  403. loreto1234

    Offshore 8/13 El Skunko

    Thanks for the report. Scary shit about the whale. Go gettem on Monday.
  404. loreto1234

    Offshore 26 over 04 area, Best trip this season so far

    Sweet!! Nice job and great picture of the grub fest.
  405. loreto1234

    RUN and GUN

    Blythe, Niland, the Rez., Kern all areas on back trails. Quail can hardly wait for me to show them a good time.
  406. loreto1234

    RUN and GUN

    Just got a new rack and gun mount for my XR 400. The two are seperate units but matched pretty good on the bike. Rack was custom made off Ebay $50 and the mount/boot is Kolpin from BassPro $59. Should be fun for the :_hot_:desert.
  407. loreto1234

    SD to Loreto/La Paz

    Stop and get some cold beers chill out hit the sack wake up in the morning at santixpac or el coyote. It will set the mood for the rest of your trip. Have a great time and make sure you post if you can.
  408. loreto1234

    Bahia de Los Angeles Report Aug. 6th ish...

    Great pix and report. That picture of the WS is off the charts. keep the reports comming.
  409. loreto1234

    Loreto 7/31/09 - 8/10/09

    Just got back from Loreto (7 days with Family) and it was really hot which I personally like. The water was 88-90+ which was too hot for the fish. Only ended up fishing three days and did fish with Torres at Juancalito out to Catalan area. It was pretty cool to go back down to that cove as it...
  410. loreto1234

    Need Loreto Update

    Heading down to Loreto tomorrow and looking for a updated fish report. Can't find anything better than a report from the 13th. Can't wait to get down there. I know there will be no sleep tonight:drool: as I dig through the gear. Thanks for any help on the updated reports.
  411. loreto1234

    Anyone been to Loreto lately?

    I'm heading down to Loreto on the 23rd. How was your trip. Bait, bite, location. Hope all went well. I can hardly wait to get back down there. Chris
  412. loreto1234

    just a little fun with birds

    Great looking pooch. Congrats.
  413. loreto1234

    Punta Mita 2-24

    Only two days with no bite. Many of us have had several with no bite then that one day comes along and the slate is wiped cleane once again. The best way to get over it is to book another trip. Leave the Bannanas in the hotel! Better luck next time.
  414. loreto1234

    Mucho Atun

    Slugs....NICE!! Congrats
  415. loreto1234

    Alberta Cougar, photo help?

    That is an amazing Cat. The tail on that thing is huge and the foot on your foot gives you a pretty good idea how big it really is.
  416. loreto1234

    Niland Quail Help!!!

    Got the field map and answered my own question (New Rivera). I'll post what I see.
  417. loreto1234

    fastest shot

    My wife can take my credit card out just as fast!!. That is a great video. The guy is amazing.
  418. loreto1234

    Niland Quail Help!!!

    Did the scouting and ran the entire canal a few times. Found them but very thick brush. Yep, dog would be key for this area. I did a bit of reading on a few sites including here and wanted to know location of the new river. Thanks for your help as I am heading back on Tuesday now that I have a...
  419. loreto1234

    Niland Quail Help!!!

    Heading to Niland to scout around for Quail. Should I just walk the Canal or WHAT WOULD YOU RECOMMEND? Thanks for you help!!
  420. loreto1234

    My dream hnting bud

    I'm adding her to my Charmin Two Ply Calandar
  421. loreto1234

    Random Act of Kindness and paying it forward

    That was one of the if not the best posts of the year. Great story and pictures. Have a great Holiday.....CHEERS!
  422. loreto1234

    Thank You DFG...

    Great report and congrats for you and your son!
  423. loreto1234


    Got back from Blythe late last night. This will for sure be the first/last time I come back on the holiday weekend Sunday. It was insane on the 10 coming home. Left at 3pm arrived in Oside at 11:30. Too hot for much duck/goose, no dove, no quail. Camped on the river CA side up around 95/2nd...
  424. loreto1234

    BLYTHE this weekend

    Heading to Blythe this weekend for quail,dove and scout the duck/goose areas. I wanted to travel the HWY 8 and up the 78 rout. Does anyone have any good suggestions to check out on that path. Never been that way and would like some input. Thanks for the help. Have a great holiday.
  425. loreto1234

    Offshore OMG! That's not a Mako -- that's a Swordfish...

    Super duper stuff right there. Father and son team. Memory of a life time for the both of ya. Congrats!!
  426. loreto1234

    Offshore YFT Limits Friday at the 182

    Very cool and congrats. I hope we have a similar report to post for tomorrow.
  427. loreto1234

    Offshore Day to Remember 8/22/08

    Thanks for the late report we're heading out in a few hours. Amazing catch.
  428. loreto1234

    Kodiak Island bowhunt

    That was an amazing report. The meat in the water is a great trick. All the pictures tell the story. Thanks for sharing such a great adventure with such great photos
  429. loreto1234

    Opening Day @ Blythe

    Anyone heading to the armpit Blythe for opening day dove season? We're heading out with a group of seven and it should be a blast. Hope it's not as hot as last year. Already ran to Bass Pro gearing up. Can't wait. :imdumb:
  430. loreto1234

    Offshore 8-20-08 yft 302

    Great job. Thanks for the detailed report.
  431. loreto1234

    so who do you think gets knocked out???

    Corner #1 Do your best Michael Jackson boxer imitation and freek everyone out. Corner #2 Knock this clown on his ass when he starts jumping around towards you
  432. loreto1234

    What Movies Draw You In Again & Again...

    you forgot Brokeback MTN
  433. loreto1234

    What Movies Draw You In Again & Again...

    JAWS Godfather (all of them) Papillion Airplane Goodfellas Saving Private Ryan On any Sunday (are you kidding this is a fricken classic) Endless Summer
  434. loreto1234

    Well...Now that I've come out of the closet

    #2- All he needs now is a under the stall congressman foot tap followed by a solid reacharound. Time to yak my coffe now...gotta go!!
  435. loreto1234

    Mobile home into Mission Bay

    FREE---Has great A/C, plenty of room, down riggers, underwater view, bazzillion gallon raw washdown,attached to boat. Comes with crazy wife driver. Can you imagine the call home on this one. "Hey hun, you wont believe what happened today!"
  436. loreto1234

    Offshore 8/16/08 TUNASLAM!

    Sweet report. BET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NICE
  437. loreto1234

    Offshore The Big YFT are on the Butterfly too.

    Nice YFT. Bait-Troll-Down deep??
  438. loreto1234

    Offshore 8/14 East Butterfly and Knoll for Bluefin and Ablies Quality Grade

    Yah my limit has always been 14 then I wake up. Great report and way to fill the freezer.
  439. loreto1234

    Offshore OOOOOOPAH!!!!

    My favorite fish to eat for sure. Congrats and a historic pictue and memory for a life time.
  440. loreto1234

    Offshore Many Mahi

    The name was CHICKEN CHARLIE (as mentioned in the report). Those guys are heros in my book. I didn't mention that Matt who was on board is 13 years old (one hell of a fisherman) who wittnessed this first class deed. Trying to teach respect is one thing but having it demonstrated by a perfect...
  441. loreto1234

    Offshore Many Mahi

    Sunday 8-10 Went with Bill, Matt and Cory on the Lucky Dog out of Oside. On the water 0500 with good bait. Head to the 182 and then down to the 181 hopping along the way in clear skies (70-72 water). You could see for miles. Many paddys with a few holding. Finally got one to go as we are running...
  442. loreto1234

    oceanside yellowfin

    Congrats. Was this Sat, Sun or Monday?? Thanks
  443. loreto1234

    Offshore Wahoo on an Overnight?

    Send that fish to the Olympics...crazy swimmer!! That pretty cool.
  444. loreto1234

    Offshore AHHHHHH Yellowfin

    It is that time of the month in Oside
  445. loreto1234

    Offshore 8-8-08 Good Pick, Not Wide Open

    Nice job boys. Great report. Heading out tomorrow and will let you know how we do.
  446. loreto1234

    Offshore NFIO "Bullshit" 8-8-08

    Nice job Rick. You said Ventura right!! Congrats to you and your girlfriend. :notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy
  447. loreto1234

    Offshore One Stop Shopping!

    Overcoming diversity. Dealing with the cards that are dealt. My friend you had the Karma on your side. Congrats on the great day of fishing and thanks for the report. Just think, as you were pullin on fish that clown back on land was pulling lug nuts. Fillet of lug nuts not my favorite..... way...
  448. loreto1234

    Yes, another Farve Poll

    no matter what happens he will for sure be going to the BANK!!
  449. loreto1234

    Offshore 8/1 Bluefin, Dorado, YellowTail, Albacore

    That is a classic shot of your son on his tip toes hammering the YT. Looks like two asses kicked in the same fight. You should be proud of that picture. Very very cool. Thanks for the late report.
  450. loreto1234

    Offshore 8-1-08 425 to the hidden bank

    Here PIGGY!! Oh there you are!! That is a sweet fish and a great report. Thanks for the late report and congrats. Go OSIDE!
  451. loreto1234

    Offshore 8/1 south of 425

    Thanks Vinnie. Appreciate the late report. My schedule changed and I'm heading out tomorrow 3AM. Can't sleep! Rigging feathers, changing rapala hooks and watching the PADS tie up the game. The poles next to the door keep stairing at me like dogs wanting to go for a ride. Will post late on...
  452. loreto1234

    Offshore 8-1-08 Amazing fishing

    You gotta love when they come to the boat. Congrats on the great day and thanks for the same day report.
  453. loreto1234

    Offshore 7/31 Yellowtail, Dorado & Albacore!!!

    Poundage for sure. Great report and pix.
  454. loreto1234

    Offshore Albies, Yellows, and Dorado 7/31 @ 425

    Now that's fishing. Congrats on the big lake. The BBQ awaits.
  455. loreto1234

    Offshore Tailwalker 3 day

    Great pix and video. That is a sweet rig!! Congrats.
  456. loreto1234

    Offshore the Outside

    A Salas 6X wake up call may have worked for them. Glad to hear you guys are OK. That's pretty scary shit.
  457. loreto1234

    Offshore 5 Below 371 7-27 with pics

    Nice fish. That albert is a slug. Congrats!
  458. loreto1234

    Offshore Slammed big yellowfin Albies Bluefin and Dorado

    Thanks for the report. Killer first post with the ocean buffet. Glad to hear you cought the bastard trying to snake you at the pump. Good lesson for all to learn and keep an eye on.
  459. loreto1234

    Offshore 7/24 LJ then 181-182

    Good luck Frank. Safe fishing. Post when you get back.
  460. loreto1234

    Offshore 1st yellowtail 7.24.08

    Nice report and great photos. Looks like you had a fun one.
  461. loreto1234

    Rosa weekend

    HOLY Shit batman. Congrats on a fine catch!!
  462. loreto1234

    Baja 2008 trip, pic heavy

    Now that's a report. No long BS just pictures to tell the story. Thanks for sharing and great pix of the fish.
  463. loreto1234

    Bumming hard right now, need your thoughts, prayers, anything.......

    Thoughts and prayers from my family to both yours and his.
  464. loreto1234

    Offshore 182, 302, 230, 371, 425 - Chickens

    Great report. Love the play by play. Congrats!!
  465. loreto1234

    Offshore Albacore Limits & YT Monday 7/7

    Sweet. Congrats on a great day of slaying.
  466. loreto1234

    Offshore July 3 & 4 Success Charter

    Gret report and congrats on a happy fishy 4th.
  467. loreto1234

    Offshore 7-3 182-43-302

    Did you go deep to see if the Blue brother was around??
  468. loreto1234

    Offshore sherrita

    Warm and fuzzy.
  469. loreto1234

    WFO Yellowfin Tuna.......with Manny

    That's Oside correct? Killer pix, congrats on the great trip.
  470. loreto1234

    Offshore O-side to 209 for YFT on the Porpi !!

    YFT on the 209. SWIIIIIIIING batter! Nice job.
  471. loreto1234


    Great info and thanks for taking the time Tommy. PS. Looked back on your post regarding the video. Very cool interview with all the product being displayed.
  472. loreto1234

    Offshore 7/1 YFT & Albie @182

    Way to stick it out. Interesting about the B/P daisy getting both. Pretty cool stuff.
  473. loreto1234

    Offshore 7/1 - 182

    Nice feesh. That's one fat ass yeller.
  474. loreto1234

    Offshore 100 % strikes again

    Very cool. Mr. Pelican scored. Thats some more good karma comming your way.
  475. loreto1234

    Offshore Why am I even posting this??

    Don't feel bad many have taken home the stripe (like me on Sunday). Still washing with tomato juice but won't come off. Guess I gotta get back out there. Good luck next time.
  476. loreto1234

    Offshore 'Nother Albie Report

    Good stuff congrats.
  477. loreto1234

    Offshore Run & Gun, Baby Giants aboard the Horse,

    Cool report. The Ole Wind & Sea. The most important part of the Triangle. Cool hand off to jr.
  478. loreto1234

    Offshore Radio Control

    Totally agree- Fished with buddy and his two sons (12 and 13) on Sunday. have they heard it all before?...yep. Did they need to hear all day while fishing? Nope. Nor do I!! The link below has been posted several times before but several need to actually read it. thanks for you post Mike...
  479. loreto1234

    Offshore Radio Control

    This is a great post. Interesting to hear Tommys info about the big boys. If the fish are really going off and the armada is on top the big boys will see ya either during or after. I think code talking would help on the scratchy bites (like yesturday) when it's run and gun type fishing or just a...
  480. loreto1234

    Offshore 6/29 Ablies in US Waters

    Nice job Neil! Glad to hear you picked some up. We were out there yesturday (29th) as well (302 371). We towed the LUCKY DOG down to Dana and took off around 0500 heard some radio fish used everything we had long, short, out, in, top, bottom, dark, light, daisy, Rapala, plugs and yes live. It...
  481. loreto1234

    Offshore Albacore 302, 371, 230 Friday

    Tony, That's a great report and very informative. Hopefully heading out Sunday especially after reading all the reports. Congrats and thanks for posting the info.
  482. loreto1234

    Offshore Big Albies 371 6-27

    Hogster fish. Great report and congrats on the great day.
  483. loreto1234

    Offshore 371 Albacore to 41 pounds!

    Sweeeet! Nice job. Nice pig chicken.
  484. loreto1234

    Offshore 302, 371 6/26 Report 9 Albies w/numbers

    Thats a very nice day right there. Congrats!
  485. loreto1234

    Offshore 6/25 Albies and more

    Thats good stuff rot thar. Bigger models. SWEET!! I like the shot of the tail which might mean traveling fish in tight schools. Or on the other hand could be a single fucked up fish. It would be cool to see a few more pix from others regarding the fins. Congrats on your catch. Nice job.
  486. loreto1234

    Offshore Swordy at the 224 6-21

    Epic shots of Elvis. Very cool.
  487. loreto1234

    Please tell me this is fake, kinda scary.

    Is that why my brain is splattered on my dash board? Now I know why.
  488. loreto1234

    I Put My Parker Hat On

    Cool report and pix to match.
  489. loreto1234

    Started Summer Off Right!!!

    What a great report. I'm dying to get a boat again to do exactly that with my 5yr old and wife. They both love to fish. Thanks for the report. The human fountain shot is a classic.
  490. loreto1234


    The fish I've caught never lasted long on the table but the hunt for those fish last me life time. It's all about the hunt and it for sure is not about the price per pound!!!
  491. loreto1234

    Offshore Limits of Longfins on 302

    Great pix. Killer day to be a chicken killer. Congrats.
  492. loreto1234

    Offshore 6/21 Third time is a charm

    Very cool. Congrats on the chickens.
  493. loreto1234

    Barn kelp 6/21/08

    Really cool. Congrats on the local forky!!
  494. loreto1234

    Epic SB County 6-21-08

    That is one great report. Congrats and what perfect day to do it.
  495. loreto1234


    That is a monster. Congrats!!
  496. loreto1234

    Offshore BFT and Albacore 371 6-19

  497. loreto1234

    Offshore 6/19 Nice boat ride

    Crap! Sorry to hear you didn't get them. Read your post the other day that you were heading out. Thanks for buring the fuel for the look see and better luck next time.
  498. loreto1234

    Panga on Crack!!!

    Killer rig you got there. Nice and clean.
  499. loreto1234


    Actually no. I have my own opinion of who does a better job than others but I'm trying to hear from the other side meaning the client side who fish and hunt not from my own opinion. I would never call myself an expert. Not my style. This thread is not about me. Once again I am trying to see the...
  500. loreto1234

    JD's Tackle Give Away ???????

    WOW!! Hope he didn't get beat up too hard on this promo. Sounds like he was trying to be creative and the Lakers let him down big time along with a few million others.
  501. loreto1234

    Wine In San Diego

    For those who have the time and $$ this is one of the producers I represent doing an event on Thursday with Michael Mina in OC Michael Mina: Stonehill Tavern $325 per. This is the type of small production stuff that I'm talking about that is very allocated in so. Cal.. With a good response to...
  502. loreto1234


    No this is like someone who has been in the beverage industry for the last 25 years (almost as long as you have been alive) who owns and operates his own wine sales/marketing company trying to find out what retailer (s) does a good job of targeting those who fish or hunt. If you read one of my...
  503. loreto1234


    I love beer while fishing but enjoy good wine at the table. Who is your favorite fine wine retailer in so. Cal. -Examples: Los Angeles-Wallys, 20/20, The Wine House Orange County-Hi Times, Wine Exchange San Diego- Meritage, Winesellar Brasserie
  504. loreto1234


    Thanks Tommy, I'll be heading your way on Monday. Hopefully your there to say hello. I'll bring you a btl of wine as a small token of my appreciation for all your great reports. LOBO
  505. loreto1234

    Offshore Albies close! 6/17/2008

    Very cool and thanks for burning the fuel for the scouting adventure.
  506. loreto1234

    What was the FIRST CattleBoat you Fished.

    The COBRA in Dana Point 1978'sh. I was 13 and fished for free because my brother was the deck hand. The deal was I fish for free but had to clean the boat. My brother would pay me $5 bucks per trip. Pretty cool but even then it was a hell of alot of work.
  507. loreto1234

    Offshore First BFT Blood!!! Monday 6-16

    Congrats on the pig cali and the BFT. Your plate runnith over!
  508. loreto1234

    Wine In San Diego

    Thanks Tim will do. I've actually heard of them just haven't reached out to them as of yet. As mentioned earlier anyone can check out some of the wines I represent at Native Wines A few of my clients are as follows. Spagos Patina Montage St. Regis Pamplemousse El Bizcocho Mille Fleurs Mr. A's...
  509. loreto1234

    What a round of Golf.....

    I'm not a golf guy but that was truly amazing. What a great week for SD and the game of Golf. It was a great display of sportsmanship for the world to see.
  510. loreto1234

    Wine In San Diego

    I represent a few great wines (Native Wines) but I would let the retailer do the recommending based on ones personal preference and pairing. Again I'm not looking to make the big buck just trying to turn people onto good wine with a good local retailer they can trust and get a good deal on...
  511. loreto1234

    Offshore Believe It or Not

    Perry Mason, Get Smart, Iron Side, Manix, McCloud, Mike Cannon and Austin Powers say this is a reel report. Congrats on (i think) the first PB BF. Classic photo.
  512. loreto1234

    Office Worker Goes Ape Shit

    I did the exact same thing last week. I just went fucking bizzzerk. Then I realized I work from home and had to clean it all up befor the wife got home!!
  513. loreto1234

    Wine In San Diego

    I own and opperate my own wine sales/marketing business here in San Diego and sell wines from SB to SD inlcuding Palm Springs. My clients are top restaurants, resorts, country clubs and fine wine retailers. I wanted to know if there would be any interest in me going after a fine wine retailer to...
  514. loreto1234

    Offshore Pac Voyager has 7 on the boat!

    This is great news. Very cool. The weather is predicted to be great all week and should push them up even further. PS. I wonder if Eddie will receive as many apologies as he did beatings last week. I wonder if he got a new batt. for that camera. Who knows????
  515. loreto1234

    Amazing NASA pic of water on Mars

    I see a fin!! No...two!
  516. loreto1234

    Offshore Double 220 THURSDAY 06 12 08...

    Great report with great detail. We all appreciate you spending the $$ and taking a look see to confirm that dare em chickens on dat farm.
  517. loreto1234

    PANAMA: 850 lb. Black Marlin Tops

    That was an amazing report with great photos. Killer bag of species.
  518. loreto1234

    Rpt 6-11-08 Catalina Tails on Steroids

    Nice big pigs! Way to go!
  519. loreto1234

    Offshore Albacore at the Double 220

    Very fitting that a father and son team got on some of the first fish of 2008. Way to go!! PS. Call the Saudis and tell them to increas production.....we gonna need it!
  520. loreto1234

    Offshore And so it begins!!!

    Not sure whats more impressive the feesh or the island. Great job and congrats!!
  521. loreto1234

    Thank you Mr. T_The Stink Is Off the Boat

    Thanks for the report. They are still around. Congrats on the anti skunk. Gun or no gun nice catch.
  522. loreto1234

    Cat report for 6-9. PB tail !!!

    That there a "PIG" TAIL:oinker: Congrats!!!!
  523. loreto1234

    Pacifico puts my son and i on the fish. with pics. Thanks Manny

    Great report. I like the picture of your sone crashed out dreaming about the days adventures. Way to go pops.
  524. loreto1234

    First Time Servicing My own Reel Avet SX

    This is great stuff. I've never really got into the tear down but have always kept good care of my gear. I guess now that I have been reading these post my eyes have been opened. Time to get th greas going. I will let you know how I do. I think I'll start with my SX. Adios from a tear down rooky!
  525. loreto1234

    Anyone need Lakers Playoff Tickets?

    I've actually been to one Laker game in my life and it was in a suite. Catered with all you would need. I recall it seating around 12-15 people with plenty of room for standing guests. I just checked my wallet and I can afford 1/1000 of one seat with a small light beer. Go Lakers and BTW what...
  526. loreto1234

    Thresher on the She-N-I

    No harness with a Penn. Don't feel sorry for him as he had the secret weapon. VANS red checkered. FISH DEAD!! Congrats and that boat is sweeeeet.
  527. loreto1234

    With Gas prices Crazy - Boat Ho?

    IMO- I've owned a boat and now fish on my friends boat. Here's my take. 1. Work with capt. regarding time of launch (DON'T BE LATE), general plan, equipment, food, and what you can do to help! When on the boat you are a guest but also part of a team always always listen and respect the...
  528. loreto1234

    Another Calstar GF7465H

    BAD "O". That's real pretty work there.
  529. loreto1234

    Our first Thresher on DoubleShot!

    Nice report and congrats on the first "T".
  530. loreto1234

    42lb Halibut at the islands!

    Nice feesh. Congrats!!
  531. loreto1234

    2 Threshers on the Fugitive - 5/31/08

    Pretty cool with three generations on board.
  532. loreto1234

    I need a bigger boat

    Sweet feesh!!
  533. loreto1234

    Offshore 5/25 425 report w/ pics!

    Time to burn some gas. Thanks for the report and congrats.
  534. loreto1234

    I Want To Travel Down Baja, Need Thoughts

    Ditto on the Cortez side. There is nothing better than dropping down into the Gulf after driving the desert. Take off at day break to hall ass through TJ and don't stop untill you see the amazing Cortez. The books mentioned will give you plenty to work with. Have a great trip, don't drive at...
  535. loreto1234

    Happy Birthday Tommy (M/V Santa Rosa) on Monday

    Cheers to ya on your B-DAY!
  536. loreto1234

    Oceanside Seabass Memorial day

    NFIO....this proves it!! Nice job and great photos with the kids.
  537. loreto1234

    BOLA to San Francisquito Road

    SF is an amazing place. Went there several yrs back. I remember chillin on the beach trying to count all the san dollars in the bay while having a few cold ones. We did the camp on the boat thing and found SF to be a little paradise. Have a great safe trip either way you go. Please post pix when...
  538. loreto1234

    Building a West Coast Sport Fisher Part 1

    That is one impressive CAT. Congrats to you guys. I bet the CAT and the Butterfly will get along just fine.
  539. loreto1234

    It's a girl!!!

    Bad asssssss!! I hope your handing out cigars with the new arrival. Nice ride.
  540. loreto1234

    How's the economy affecting everyone elses buisness

    The hi end wine sales have for sure slowed down. I represent small botique Napa Cabs and Chards around the $60-125 retail and it has slowed down a bit. Native Wines Catch big fish drink great wine!!
  541. loreto1234

    WSB Limits for Phantom today - to 62lbs!

    Smokin!!!!!!! Now thats a WSB.
  542. loreto1234

    well its done the search is over!

    Green with envy here. Sweet rig. Look at them new shiny rims. Wahooooo!!
  543. loreto1234

    Mr. T @ Hospital Sunday

    Here ya go. Should have included it earlier.
  544. loreto1234

    Mr. T @ Hospital Sunday

    Just the Facts: Captain: William Flake Crew: Robert Flake, Mathew Flake, Chris Lobo (Wilson) Boat: Well 23 "The Lucky Dog" Date: May 18, 2008 Ramp: OSIDE Time: 12:25PM Weight: Thresher 161lb. Oceanside Harbor Scale Location: South Laguna (off the Hospital) Temp: 69+ degree water Jig: Pink and...
  545. loreto1234

    *****TRAVEL ALERT******

    I used to drive down all the time-Cabo, East Cape and my favorite LORETO. Nothing better than having your own rig to do what you want when you want. Loved taking the boat (old boat) and also loved fishing with local friends on their Pangas. It's truely one of the best drives around and I always...
  546. loreto1234

    my 12 year olds first T

    Great stuff. A memory of a life time. Way to go!
  547. loreto1234

    Offshore Exploratory run 4/11

    Shell, Mobil, Exxon all thank and so do I.
  548. loreto1234

    Dana Point T fest 5-16-2008

    Way to go. 100-125# all looks good on the table!
  549. loreto1234

    Results so far.

    Works of art.
  550. loreto1234

    Baja Mahimahi

    Sweet! Water looks great. You gotta love a good lady who fishes. They are all keepers for sure.
  551. loreto1234

    Time for me to go OFFSHORE

    tick tock tick tock.........good luck. We will all be waiting for the report and thanks for burning the fuel.
  552. loreto1234

    Thresher Tournament 5.10.08

    Way to go Rick nice job once again. I tell ya those shirts are working some kinda shark magic.
  553. loreto1234

    2008 Mexi BOAT permits- NO LONGER REQUIRED!!

    Confirmed boat permit for 2008 but still need individual angler licsence. This sounds great but nothing is for free and you get what you pay for. Bad smelling fish is usually bad fish. I have no confidence that this is a national PR move to improve relations. Get ready here it comes!!
  554. loreto1234


    Congrats on the fish and my 5yr old thanks you for letting it go. CATCH and RELEASE to CATCH ANOTHER DAY!!!
  555. loreto1234

    1st T Sunday/"Braid" Ad

    This is what it's all about. I can hardly wait for the day my daughter hooks her first big fish. She's 5 now and loves the water. I only hope our experience is half as great as yours. Great report....Memory of a life time. Way to go dad.
  556. loreto1234

    504# Thresher

    Great report and pix. Congrats on the monster feesh!! A life time memory 4 sure.
  557. loreto1234

    Oceanside Thresher Tournament Winners!!

    Nice job boys. Congrats on the pig "T".
  558. loreto1234

    T report.

    Congrats on hanging Mr. T. Way to stick it out. Met you on the docs the night before (Bill and Chris) as you proudly showed us your new motor. That thing is sweeeeet!! We unfortunetly fished the same area for nada and came in around 5pm. It was a great day to be out there and the tourney was...
  559. loreto1234

    OAC Thresher Tournament

    Congrats Rick! Heard you guys on the radio. We (LUCKY DOG) fished stright out and the canyon area all day for nada. Trolled deep, shollow, tight, long but I now know why we didn't get any knock downs............NO TEAM SHIRTS!! Looks good guys congrats again. This was a great tourney and great...
  560. loreto1234

    Popped my T cherry

    Very cool congrats on the "T"
  561. loreto1234

    'tis the season for T's

    Beyond rediculous. Scum like this will try to turn and sell via craigs list or ebay. If I see I will for sure report back to you. Sorry to hear such a thing happened and especially to your son. What comes around goes around and this clowns turn is comming in a big way...and I hope soon!
  562. loreto1234

    LJ 4/29 37# YT

    Nice forky!!
  563. loreto1234


    Very cool. We have bait, please tell them to come on in and play.
  564. loreto1234

    My 6 yr. olds first fish/out of o-side

    This is what it's all about. Congrats on the lifetime memory. Life jacket to boot. Way to go!!
  565. loreto1234

    O'side Halibut tourny report 4/5

    We fished the Hali turny as well and did pretty much the same routine. Drop and hop a few bizzillion times for very few rakes. Fished on the Lucky Dog with Capt. Bill who C/R'd a est. 80# BSB. Sweet fish, handled delicately and swam away very strong. This was great tourny....we will be back for...
  566. loreto1234

    Sharkin' - LATE report

    Hey Glenn, Can you tell me how to get one of Freds latest additions. I can't seem to find it on the net. Amazon, Ebay etc. Thanks, Lobo
  567. loreto1234

    yellow in o'side

    SHHHHHHHHH!! Didn't that fish have Dana Point plates on it?
  568. loreto1234

    Sharkin' - LATE report

    Classic report. Lucky you still have all your toes and fingers carpet and chairs are cheap in comparison. This is why the MAKO is nicknamed "DEVIL FISH". We were out yesturday and stuck a 100# male off Oside via the BAITO MATIC MJG. Tail roped it with cable attached it to the boat and took it...
  569. loreto1234

    Offshore maiden voyage ***with a bonus***

    Take those fuckers to the store and buy a lotto ticket. Great first fish and thanks for sharing.
  570. loreto1234

    Offshore Full speed YT action

    thanks for the report. Nice quality fish!!
  571. loreto1234

    Offshore Albacore up north

    This is one of those pictures that will be around for a long time. Many years from now the age ole statement will be used "this is what it used to be like".....Jaws drop....beers clink...picture goes back in wallet.
  572. loreto1234

    Offshore July 10 w/pics

    Great stuff. Cool photos. Hits the deck then hits the plate. Perfecto!!
  573. loreto1234

    Offshore 10 July on the 181 REPORT

    Heading out Friday thanks for the info. Don't worry I got the mental pictures.
  574. loreto1234

    Offshore WHACKED EM' PRETTY GOOD 7/10

    thanks for the report and detailed info. Looks like BBQ 4 u.
  575. loreto1234

    Offshore Albies, BFT, and NO traffic!

    Thanks for the great post (very informative) and the pix. Your ride is sweeeet.
  576. loreto1234

    First Mako

    These are crazy fish, which is why they are called Devil Fish. If you have swimm step that is the best place for them. Tie them off, sever the cord and get the pix at the docs hours later. Pictures of a for sure dead Mako are much better than the Dr. at the Emergancy Room. Congrats on the fish...
  577. loreto1234

    your favorite albacore recipe?

    Raw for me; Trimmed to perfection, thinly sliced and cold in fridge. POKE Place thin sliced fish on large round plate Mix in seperate bowl then pour on fish; 90% Soy Sauce 5% Sesame Oil 5% Chili Oil Fine Chop and sprinkle on fish; Celantro Serrano Peppers Sprinkle; Red Chili Flakes...
  578. loreto1234

    Tuna Heaven in PV on Pacifico with Manny

    Nice fu--ing day. I start sweating just looking at those picks. That's what dreams are made of. Congrats!!
  579. loreto1234

    Offshore Tuesday 6/26 Albacore Limits w/ BFT and YT

    Charly Manson in local waters!!!! Way go boys thats on hell of a day. Heading out Friday will post. Congrats
  580. loreto1234

    Offshore Long story 4days fishing!

    Great report with great detail. BFT yahooooo. Thanks for taking the time.
  581. loreto1234

    Offshore Tuna Pics

    Quality chicken you got there. Is that a daisy on the ground in the picture. Love to hear more about what you used if possible. If not I'll just tell all my pet seals to follow you all day. Thanks for the great pix and report.
  582. loreto1234

    Throwing Iron on while sliding onto boiling fish?

    Captain and Commander. If he gives the thumbs up, let er rip. I would always consult with the Cap. with his blessing. His goal will always be to put you on fish. Work as a team not an individual following your own set of rules. Respect at all times for the guy who can make you swimm a fuck of a...
  583. loreto1234

    Big Halibut and Epic Bass Fishing on the Big Drum w/ Video

    Great pix and the video is classic. I like the attempt of measuring the FEEESH via the turtle. Great stuff......
  584. loreto1234

    Offshore First Blood,First Offshore and Yellows On My Brand New Boat 6/24/07

    yaba daba doo. Great new ride with bloody decks. Giant smiles tells the story. The virgin produced. Thanks for the report.
  585. loreto1234

    Offshore FOR WHAT ITS WORTH (monday update)

    Tommy, Thanks for the great report. Hopefully heading out next weekend to chase some down. Sound like things are warming up in our neck of the woods. Have a great week.
  586. loreto1234

    Over night on the Sea Horse.

    Thanks for the report, great detail. This helps both those who do this for a living and those who do it for fun. I like the GOOD-BAD and UGLY format. I will use it as well. Kind of cuts it down to what's really important out on the water or those who plan on heading out. Thanks again..
  587. loreto1234

    O'Side report 6/24

    Was up at the Barn yesturday as well from O-SIDE around 0630 on THE LUCKY DOG with Bill, Matt and Grandpa. Weather was perfect with no one home. Tons of bait in the water, temp 67-69. Used the SABIKI and put some more in the box (smelt and macs) to load for the expected big day! Bounced in the...
  588. loreto1234

    Isla San Marcos Report 06-24-07

    Great report and Pix. ...Thanks, Lobo
  589. loreto1234

    Chorizo and Eggs

    Everyone forgot the most important ingredient.....fresh roll of CHARMIN and the LA times sports section!!
  590. loreto1234

    Bus travel in Baja

    Hi Bud, I did the ride several years ago with a full load of gear. The ride down was at night and I always kept an eye out as the inspections looked around. My bus had no head so I kept the beers to a minimal. The drivers are great and would put any drivers up hear to shame, its as if they are...
  591. loreto1234

    back from alaska

    Great story. Thanks for all the pix. I've always wanted to go Alaska and now with these pix I want to go even more. Thanks again.
  592. loreto1234

    La Jolla 5/28 - Memorial Day

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Great pix. Nice Cali.
  593. loreto1234

    Offshore Condor report

    Thanks for the YT and BFT report. Sounds like a perfect holiday sashimi plate. Yahooooooooo!!
  594. loreto1234


    Sounds great. I used to head to San Basilio every Jan 1 for two weeks and do the camp and panga thing with some buds. It doesn't get any better than that. No one around but you and fish (lies around the fire). Thanks for the great posting..........adios!!
  595. loreto1234

    My first "T" shark 5/27

    Great fish. Time to fire up the grill for those holiday eats. Good timing
  596. loreto1234

    squid tackle help

    HAZMAT clothes and sandles to get the full effect. I would use a 30-40# rig off the pier. Sounds like a beer fest for sure!!
  597. loreto1234

    East Cape Report, Getting Better

    Good luck down there. Very jealous. Still in the june (in may) gloom in Ocide. Adios
  598. loreto1234

    humbolt squid off oceanside pier!!!!

    Well done on the inkers.