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  1. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Weekend inshore report and how are you guys getting these halibut!!

    Secret. Tell no-one. Drift a popular grunion beach, preferably one with mixed sand/ scattered rock structure. Do it a day or two before a run. As shallow as safely possible.
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    Redondo Fishing

    An awesome place to get squid is the wholesale warehouse at the end of 22nd Street landing on Saturday from 3-6:30 AM. The one on the far left always has macks squid and sardines. That said, you can get a kayak scoop of live bait, put it in a old trash can, and throw a gallon scoop of water in...
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    Marina Del Rey Harbor Fishing?

    They discourage fishing in most of MDR. You'll get "securitied" outta most places. Its ok to fish from a kayak or small boat.
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    Suggestions on outboard maintenance (6hp Tohatsu)

    Get some fresh plugs, make sure your gas is fresh and clean, and run the gas out of the carb after every use.
  5. FishinMcNuggets

    NWTF JAKES sign up 6/1.....get your kids signed up!

    BUMP!!! BD, this is an awesome event, well worth even driving from LA. Get your kids in on it.
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    Bay / Harbor Bay bass

    We were at MDR recently and it had some warm spots. No pun intended.
  7. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore 4/28/2023 LBBW

    Awesome Wally, keep us posted! I heard the west end can be ghosty. Let us know if big stuff cruises thru on the meter.
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    What's your favorite fishing qoute or saying?

    Swings are free. You gotta go to know. Step to your left! What I tell my kids: Get a bait in the water. You ain't fishin', you ain't gonna get bit. And what we used to say a pinheads in the eighties: "Fish or Die!"
  9. FishinMcNuggets

    11 y/o, Carp, Karens, and ?'s for Lawyers and LEO's !!!

    I will have to look into the matter and see if there is interest in a rule change. Thanks to all who crafted constructive advice or support. I've seen that article, and hence researched the property history some.
  10. FishinMcNuggets

    11 y/o, Carp, Karens, and ?'s for Lawyers and LEO's !!!

    Yeah guys, let he who has never broken a rule cast the first stone.
  11. FishinMcNuggets

    11 y/o, Carp, Karens, and ?'s for Lawyers and LEO's !!!

    Checked Muni code, nothing, and nothing listed on park rules website. They started fishing there because they saw some older kids doing so. I have fished it with them, and had no issues. It looks like a park rule with no code to back it up. As is, cities making fishing rules smacks of...
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    11 y/o, Carp, Karens, and ?'s for Lawyers and LEO's !!!

    Hey BD, So my fishiest kid and his best fishing buddy have finally found an awesome city lake close to the house. The lake even sets aside ONE day a year for a kids fishing derby. They have enjoyed CPR days of 6+ carp, most above 6 lbs. This is a park lake, belonging to a public school...
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    Mad Macs

    Island Tackle usually stocks them deep.
  14. FishinMcNuggets

    Islands Catalina 11th

    2's are within my "eating size" standards. Marinated in soy, onion powder, and brown sugar. Baked. Yummm!
  15. FishinMcNuggets

    Islands Catalina 11th

    Any size to those bones? Great job!
  16. FishinMcNuggets

    Live O T W Carpe Carp report, 1-8

    K, one of the friends has to be home by 6. Fishermen out! 4 solid bites, 0-2 on hookups. Bonus ducky show.
  17. FishinMcNuggets

    Live O T W Carpe Carp report, 1-8

    T minus 3 before we leave.
  18. FishinMcNuggets

    Live O T W Carpe Carp report, 1-8

    Get back from picking up some of my kids to find they had another bite. Plus I get a graphic rundown on some ducks "doin' the dirty."
  19. FishinMcNuggets

    Live O T W Carpe Carp report, 1-8

    Boys insisted we come back to Harbor Lake. 3 bites, 0 for 2 hookups so far. First fish ran to the tulles, and the second was a comedy of errors in fish mishandling. Lost trying to handline up. Keep you posted. Corn is out, back to rod watching.
  20. FishinMcNuggets

    Carpe Carp 1-7

    Maybe a little egg cluster imo with honey on it for flavor?
  21. FishinMcNuggets

    Carpe Carp 1-7

    Yeah, these guys are funny. My son's friend has this rotating hit list of what he wants to catch. They get distracted, so I have to watch rods sometimes. I tried to impress on them that carp are "nibblers" that need to be hook set. Not self setting like cats can be, or mackerel. They'll...
  22. FishinMcNuggets

    Carpe Carp 1-7

    Short, 3 bites 1 fish, Sat AM Harbor Park on corn Took my partners on crime to Harbor Park for a little Carpe Carp! Got there 7:30 ish for a little carp wrangling. I think we were in the wrong spot. A fish or two eventually came to feed on the corn. Boys had fun. I was coming back from...
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    Boat inflation?

    Prices seemed ok outta Santa Barbara. 8-9 for a burger. $2 for all day coffee is awesome!
  24. FishinMcNuggets

    tuna are biting

    Ensenada had fish last year in Feb.
  25. FishinMcNuggets

    Islands 12-27 LAst swing at SB Gap

    Yeah, plenty of line. Those are their rods. Not mine. I had backup conventionals for them.
  26. FishinMcNuggets

    Islands 12-27 LAst swing at SB Gap

    Short: 12/27 big rockfish deep (400 ) at the gap, early in the day. Bait fish mostly. Realizing I had Monday off, I though I would take my fishy son and his best buddy out for SB Gap rockfish on the Stardust. Trip was awesome. Looks like they managed to source some mellower deckies than...
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    Merry Christmas, BD Style!

    Downwind view!
  28. FishinMcNuggets

    Merry Christmas, BD Style!

    Wish I had one of those instead at my holiday table! "...but there's a turkey in the wings, and he can't dance and he can't sing!!!..." Thank you, TH!
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    Merry Christmas, BD Style!

    Thanks, Big guy! Merry Fishmas to you and yours! And a Spotty-filled New Year!
  30. FishinMcNuggets

    Merry Christmas, BD Style!

    Seriously, Guys, Because I know you all have enough life experience to be able to relate: *CAROL OF THE BEERS* What Christmas feels like at my house------> Some BD style Christmas cheer for you!
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    Burial at sea versus regular services?

    I had a similar thing. My mom passed on, having said she wanted to be scattered in a creek trail in a state park. Well, the trail is closed now to vehicular (4wd needed) traffic. I paid for "flight instruction" outta the Ramona? Airport, and popped her ashes in a double paper bag from a...
  32. FishinMcNuggets

    Which recommendation to follow re:eating saltwater fish from California waters?

    I vote Tails, bonito, sardines, dorados and cudas for low mercury options. East pacific coastal migratory fish that are all fast to grow.
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    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    Yeah, along the lines of dingle berry, or at extremes, maybe putz monkey!
  34. FishinMcNuggets

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    Lol... Naw, you gotta say "Get TIGHT, Sucka!!!" (That's what the cool kids do... : p)
  35. FishinMcNuggets

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    Hey JTE, The guy I fish with for big stuff (swords and BFT) had a bad season this year. Although I don't think LR boats would care too much if you fish at night for whatever, I don't see they feel there's enough yield or knowledge to make it worth bothering. They would have to back drift to...
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    Someone's trash

    Guy must have liked barracuda fishing!
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    What's on the soundtrack tonight

    Our new thing we like...
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    SVP’s 1st Prop Bet on Bad Beats - Caleb Williams

    Welcome back, Big T! How's the drift boat fishing been? Fall season pics?
  39. FishinMcNuggets

    Which one of you is this?

    One on them is still on the lam. Bunch of thieving lowlifes.
  40. FishinMcNuggets

    Diawa parts

    Yeah, and you can always drive to the DC in Cypress and get stuff. Same note, the neighbor kid just realized his new D-wave reel has a bad A/R. At Big 5 the week after the purchase, straight exchange NQA. Receipt required.
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    $0 Fuel cost Cats.

    Good to see u back, Bud!
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    Islands Another Santa Barbara cod jigging trip!

    I love fishing that gap. Toad whitefish, delicious blues, and other awesome bottom grabbers. Yummm!
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    Go get your FLU SHOTS.

    This post was never meant to be a Political debate. It is a PSA to those who want to avoid/diminish 2 plus weeks of coughing/hacking/bronchial infection plus entailing further symptoms. I have 2 kids still solidly congested and missing valuable school time. I personally have lost a holiday...
  44. FishinMcNuggets

    Free BD swag in the OC😃

    Ample warning, put on a sticker, you may get the Salute! We saluted a van the other day with an apparently highly offended Mexican fellow in it. He had no concept why he was getting the Salute.
  45. FishinMcNuggets

    Go get your FLU SHOTS.

    Yo, it's PSA for the sensible, families, and those with conditions. Is that your brain you're gripping there, or you trying to smuggle a couple cherries outta a cocktail party? I hate vaccines too. But, anything is better than a houseful of walking pneumonia.
  46. FishinMcNuggets

    I just got home and found out... Pics up

    I'd go to the City or County and see if you can have the job red tagged for improper disposal.
  47. FishinMcNuggets

    Go get your FLU SHOTS.

    Go get your flu vaccines!!! I hate people poking me with sharp stuff, but a clean poking with a size 4 Mustad 9174 woulda been nicer than this flu. One of my kids came down with the flu and brought it home just in time to infect everyone for Thanksgiving. It is BAD. I know lotsa you guys out...
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    Inshore Change of Pace D P 11.27.22

    Snot swizzlers! They look well fed, too. Future stovepipes of America.
  49. FishinMcNuggets

    Name the next Long Range boat

    Millennial Falcon De'Tangler Diligence Like Spanish?: Propin M. Mas Sixty % Banker's Ransom
  50. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay / Harbor Back Bay Bassin'

    Nice work! What size line? Wanna name drop on the baits at all?
  51. FishinMcNuggets

    *Free* Twin Size Bunk Beds and Full Size Loft

    Solid, or wobbly on the twins?
  52. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore deep trolling for bluefin tuna

    On the madmacs, lotsa people are running flouro, 80-100 lb, 200 yds behind the boat at 12+ knots. Change the rear hook at least for a treble.
  53. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore deep trolling for bluefin tuna

    My take from the captain I fish with is this: Artificials for a reaction bite. That's why daytime trolling is so fast. You want them to eat outta instincts. They bite because they don't have a chance to inspect it or can barely see it. Bait bites are for slow trolling, kite, or stopping...
  54. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore deep trolling for bluefin tuna

    I would go with Mackerel or big sardines down deep before anything else. Probably located just above marked fish. Lure wise, DTX's have potential, as do spreader bars and daisy chains. Just don't forget, you can't really troll bait and lures at the same time. Sometimes it's a "time of day...
  55. FishinMcNuggets

    NorCal Crab Combo Trips

    Not everyone is kayak friendly, kayak secure, or even kayak capable. Live Dungies are pricey in So cal. I myself love a Dungeness feast. Just saying, it's worth the admission for tourists, even if they have two-wrists. Shortens the learning curve for us innocents, too. Mmm mmm... shoulder...
  56. FishinMcNuggets

    Bad start to the

    As long as it wasn't full of pot-bellied pigs? : D
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    Sharing a good book, what are you reading?

    Graham Mackintosh would be good for most of you, too.
  58. FishinMcNuggets

    Calstar Grafighter 850H

    JAH! Rhastafaraaayyy!
  59. FishinMcNuggets

    Sharing a good book, what are you reading?

    Tore thru "Harris and Me" by Gary Paulsen, after I found my kid was ignoring it despite like "Hatchet". Heinlein was a decent author. I think "Stranger..." reads like it was written by inebriated dictation, not unlike mentioned in the story. If you want to read something truly bizarre, try...
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    Freestyle disc Jam, 10-23 @ 8am.

    Thanks for the encouragement, 45King!
  61. FishinMcNuggets

    Freestyle disc Jam, 10-23 @ 8am.

    Hey guys, freestyle frisbee disc jam at Aviation field in Redondo Beach. See image below for deets. I'd appreciate any support you guys offer. Beginners welcomed too.
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    Inshore On the spot Long Beach opener lobster report

    " I asked for my very own emotional support animal... AND you bring me THIS???? "
  63. FishinMcNuggets

    9/30, where to fish!

    Outta Redondo, beeline to SBI with spreaders, daisy chain, or some sea witches. Or follow the canyon edge, and hopscotch those banks. 307, 270, Boot, and back. Or Toyon bay for bruiser bones, then Izors for bass.
  64. FishinMcNuggets

    Freestyle Disc, we've gone Rogue...

    Honestly, freestyle is kinda dead in LA. All golfers and Ultimate people. Only youngsters show interest in freestyle recently, but in noncommittal sorta way. Girlfriends and volleyball practices come first. Except my kids. All 4 put in time, and the 10 y/o puts in OT. Plus Spotties:
  65. FishinMcNuggets

    Freestyle Disc, we've gone Rogue...

    ... and created a Facebook group page. If you are in LA, and even remotely interested in freestyle disc, feel free to post something. We can set up a jam after this season winds down. Tiny vid of my 10 y/o pulling off an elbow tip/delay/brush, and then trying for a kick...and losing control...
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    Need help getting 12 miles off the coast of Orange County

    I do truly believe the regs say 3 miles from the nearest point of land.
  67. FishinMcNuggets

    Need one for tomorrow 9/23

    Jack is a solid person of his word, and has an awesome, well appointed vessel that is geographically convenient to the L.A. area. Don't hesitate, sounds like a great trip in the making.
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    Inshore Izors B, B, & B 9/20

    Love it when the 3 B's are in the same zone together!
  69. FishinMcNuggets

    Freestyle Disc Monday night

    Freestyle Disc Monday night
  70. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Pacific Queen 3 Day Trip report

    I believe "just below Ensenada" is still 20+ miles offshore. U.S. limits apply.
  71. FishinMcNuggets

    Back to the drawing board after the Albin shit show.

    There's a pic of it around somewhere. It's a BFT battlewagon. Dry as can be as set up. That flare pushes water. Roostertail view. Check out this post. Isinglass all around the 'pit. Upper helm handles 500lbs of fish spotters. Awesome craft in the hands of a great captain. Fish be nice...
  72. FishinMcNuggets

    Back to the drawing board after the Albin shit show.

    A captain I fish with has a Carolina Classic. Nice boat, and although I don't have enough experience to compare it to much, I think there's a reason he brought it all the way out from the east coast. Only thing is, it has twin diesels, and can be a little ass heavy trying to get up to plane...
  73. FishinMcNuggets

    The Police

    Anti-"no politics" po-po. Truline & LB Seeker price gouging police. "No SPJ Tuna on speedboats" patrol. Bad sportboat food 5-0. Paddy Daddy etiquette mounted troopers. Lastly, the "Offer Up Tuna" Social Justice Warriors Comité.
  74. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Houston we have a problem…

    Just tell him what I used to tell a vegan punk-rock girlfriend... "Just offering the fish a free lip-piercing..."
  75. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay / Harbor LBC Wall

    Delicious haul there!
  76. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore The Redondo Riddle 8/29

    X2 on the above tip. But they never go far to catch bait. Key is usually along S. Edge of canyon there is upwelling. Usually if you head towards Rocky point in the AM, you'll see birds on happy feeding bait. If that fails, 500 yards off breakwater, or 500 SW of pier, with fish mash as chum.
  77. FishinMcNuggets

    Tired of the long wind in on your spreader bars?

    Yeah, I forgot about that. I don't personally own any two speeds yet. I will vouch for this type of thing being a huge energy saver. The ones they make for Tiagras are a 3 legged clamp, and a huge game changer. Lets you save your arm for the battle, not use it up on kelp clearing. Budget 2...
  78. FishinMcNuggets

    Tired of the long wind in on your spreader bars?

    Tack weld a hex head to the end of your shaft nut?
  79. FishinMcNuggets

    What is it like now?

    Probably a 196-7.5L
  80. FishinMcNuggets

    Good shoes or boots for surf fishing?

    Ever tried neoprene diving booties? Pick some with thick soles. Best of all worlds.
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  82. FishinMcNuggets

    Deep drop rod.

    Kinda like "different strokes for different folks," "Other thrills with other bills"... Hopefully none of them medical! BTW, OP, be ready for lotsa cleanup when/if you get one! I'm rooting for you!
  83. FishinMcNuggets

    Gregor Seahawk

    It's even seen the Redondo Hoist! Why are you selling? Looks like an awesome tiller steer setup!
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  85. FishinMcNuggets

    Moonlight Beach/Carlsbad area

    Cable lock, or inflatable SUP?
  86. FishinMcNuggets

    Moonlight Beach/Carlsbad area

    Take a kayak, go for yellows.
  87. FishinMcNuggets

    Daughters 1st Car

    I vote the 4-runner if a 4 cylinder. Otherwise get her an old Camry with the 2.2? liter 4 cylinder. New is a lot of $$$.
  88. FishinMcNuggets

    Deck Boots

    Anybody with comfort feedback on Viking deck boots?
  89. FishinMcNuggets


    Great Seller, responsible guy and awesome fisherman! Never thought I'd see this awesome blank pried from his mitts at a great price.
  90. FishinMcNuggets

    Tuna cord for fishing gaffs ?

    Fisherman's Supplies, Torrance, CA. Call them.
  91. FishinMcNuggets

    The Big Al 4.5 Day Tuna Trip (*FILLED*)

    XL shoulder Hawaiian shirt required?
  92. FishinMcNuggets

    Reccomended tuna fishing boats out of MDR or Long Beach?

    Navegante is running some 2.5's to the bluefin, freelance style.
  93. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Rocky Point 20 July

    They should take a full day swing at the BFT.
  94. FishinMcNuggets

    New to trying Speargun fishing Go to a club meeting. Go to that shop on Hawthorne Blvd in Torrance, too. You can ease into it, but see what dedication entails.
  95. FishinMcNuggets

    Why so quite here in OREO-gone...for Albacore?

    You're forgetting the first two rules.
  96. FishinMcNuggets

    Islands 7/19 - Catalina Frontside

    Those BFT are not biting easily for anyone. They look to be on or in pyrosomes. Mark the schools, and work them all day, PM high slack and 2 hours after has been good to us.
  97. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore BFT Crazy Train, 7-17

    Short: The good ship I was on spent most of the day dragging "crazy trains" (sterling spreaders, 9" squid glow color). Fish bit for us only from 5 pm on. Could see SBI to the n/w while we trolled thru 40-150 lb fish. If you can see the gap between the "dirt clod" and it's little chunk to the...
  98. FishinMcNuggets

    BFT, troll fish to bait bite conversion ideas, anyone?!?!?

    Sure would be nice to not have to run around just spooking the fish down.
  99. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Relentless 1.5 day trip, Limit of YT, no BFT at all

    Any possibilities u wanna share that bonito location? Asking for my cat...
  100. FishinMcNuggets

    BFT, troll fish to bait bite conversion ideas, anyone?!?!?

    So, On sportboats it's an easier proposition. Brail a couple scoops while the super-ready anglers throw stuff on the slide. Fish follow the hooked fish up to the chum. Any ideas how to convert a troll bite to bait bites from followers on a private boat with limited manpower? Aside from: Throw...
  101. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore 7/12 BFT out of MDR

    @Fishing for Memories MDR towards the 499 and back?
  102. FishinMcNuggets

    Madmacs 200’s FOR SALE

    Tuna don't like those any more. GLWS!!!
  103. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Rocky point

    Awesome work, taking Pops fishing. Hope my boys do the same when I'm older and grayer. Plus awesome local reporting!
  104. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore 7/9 Tuna Exploring from MDR (2 Busts)

    Awesome to see someone looking at our waters. I'd been thinking for a long time that chloro break near the 270 could be money. Seen them last year or so near the 307. I think the ones caught/hooked near MDR have been transitioning through here: Meaning, that little channel on the bottom...
  105. FishinMcNuggets

    Micro bait for foamers ect. a sea...
  106. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Weekend cruising

    I hate to do this, but... Advising you to not do anything like a greenstick. Our craft are very light weight, and despite extreme longitudinal stability on your part, I'd hate to see you go "yard sale" if something huge put a big sideways pull on your craft above your center of gravity. Just...
  107. FishinMcNuggets

    Avon 310 10’ inflatable

    Just gonna say: Avon makes an awesome inflatable. This is a solid inshore setup. Probably good for better range than most people can handle in a day. My guess is that outboard can take it 60 miles in a day+. Curious what kinda $$$ you're hoping to get?
  108. FishinMcNuggets

    Place to practice throwing surface irons.

    Pier J, or shoreline park. Likewise harbor park lake is nice. I tried teaching my FIL to cast there. King Harbor is cool too, sometimes bonito climb on for the return trip. Fish chrome.
  109. FishinMcNuggets

    Need Nomad Madmacs 200mm Sardine!

    I think this depends on the fish, and other things in your spread. People do from 50 feet to 200 yards. Depends on speed, how easily spooked the fish are, and how easy it is to steer your boat. Most people have them about 100 yards back, and don't drive through schools, but circle around to...
  110. FishinMcNuggets

    Help Me Locate a Spot - Madison River Valley

    Poaching spots is half the fun!
  111. FishinMcNuggets

    San Clemente 7/3

    Awesome job putting the kids on fish! Some of those are good baked or steamed on a plate, too!
  112. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Islander BFT Cruise Lines

    Tunas and jacks are competitive, and stimulated by seeing another feeding or being fought. That's why don't want a jig, and you want that sinker gone. No temptation for another fish to bust you off the one you already hooked and are fighting.
  113. FishinMcNuggets

    BD Math

    Awesome write-up, Wally! Honestly, I thought it was going to be about how... "BD troll" fish weight estimate= actual weight minus 25%. (Ball size is inversely proportional to boat size ) to the power of 2 for each 100 lbs of fish size. Fish size appears 10% greater for every inch of forearm...
  114. FishinMcNuggets

    You like seals??? Don’t do this

    I still vote they should allow us to harvest seals for bait.
  115. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore July 3 Ester

    Awesome work, Wally! See, you're great at finding the fish!
  116. FishinMcNuggets

    Fishing SCI in the Wind

    Waterproof jacket, deck boots, and no pissing over the rail.
  117. FishinMcNuggets

    Just sold boat in line waiting on the next upgrade.. I need to get tight on tuna

  118. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Elvis lives 6/21

    Swordy in the same area?
  119. FishinMcNuggets

    Stolen Gear?

    You are most welcomed. Let us know how it pans out.
  120. FishinMcNuggets

    Stolen Gear? Click the link above. 3 here in CA, 1 near San Diego. Call him. @CDR
  121. FishinMcNuggets

    Whats Going ON BFT ?

    We saw mixed fish last week. Deal is we are on a difficult moon phase, and the fish we got were plugged with 3" chovies. Bad moon and micro bait.
  122. FishinMcNuggets

    Lost and Found in King Harbor

    Taking kids out tomorrow, how was the fishing?
  123. FishinMcNuggets

    Broken Madmac fix?

    It will make an AWESOME keychain. Or water closet handle. Or hood ornament. Or garage door opener handle. Or bolo tie ornament. Or belt buckle decoration. Or backpack hanger for your kid. Or get another one and make some nun-chuks for after-landing tuna tranquilizers!
  124. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore 6-12-22 West of Coronado Islands, my afternoon snack, and what worked.

    Looks like the jury says 80, guessing 60-100 depending on how much time & ow many madmacs you have. We found that the most action was transmitted to the rod tip with straight spectra. I heard the pangas are doing what you said, but with 80 lb, and maybe a short flouro piece.
  125. FishinMcNuggets

    New Del Mar Skiff

    Thinking 3 things possible: Flotation Rigidity Ease of sticking to original design If a big swell flips a small boat, you don't want it to turtle!
  126. FishinMcNuggets

    Local place that might have parts for a walker?

    Craigslist... Try the free section first!
  127. FishinMcNuggets

    Nomad madmacs

    Duplicate, why not bump?
  128. FishinMcNuggets

    Nomad madmacs

    See! ^
  129. FishinMcNuggets

    $8.00 beers

    They do that to keep you from liking their beer too much!
  130. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore 6-12-22 West of Coronado Islands, my afternoon snack, and what worked.

    Okay Guys, Ill keep this short *for now* because I've had 6 hours of sleep since 6am Saturday. I got a ride on an awesome purpose built craft dedicated to hunting BFT. Bait at EB was large Sardines, most lasting all day. The morning was all show and no go. Madmacs will most likely not give...
  131. FishinMcNuggets

    Mint deep diver?

    Yo zuri?
  132. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore South of the Nados

    Rockfishalicious looking bunch there. I foresee awesome tacos in your future. I can bring you some nicer buckets than that home depot thing if you PM me right back.
  133. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Bight Sportfishing Finds Quality BFT 6/10/22

    Joggle your memory at all? Any of those fish go "MOO" after being caught? Awesome quality of fish. How was the Freeman? Does it have seatbelts? @Highwayman
  134. FishinMcNuggets

    "That Guy" is making himself easier to identify...

    He was driving extra slow in the slow lane. Figures, huh?
  135. FishinMcNuggets

    "That Guy" is making himself easier to identify...

    Really figures he would be in traffic on the 405... Bet he has a polo shirt to match?
  136. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Enterprise 06/10

    Hey, we charge $2 a question around here, plus 50% gratuity! Let me know if you want your change back from that $20.
  137. FishinMcNuggets

    tuna,(blue fin), on the barb.Need some new recipes,What ya got ?

    3 simple ingredients: Soy sauce Brown sugar Garlic powder Proportion to taste. We bake it in an oiled Pyrex, You can cook it how you see fit. Tastes like smoked fish.
  138. FishinMcNuggets

    Nomad Mad Macs

    What color/pattern?
  139. FishinMcNuggets

    Need Nomad Madmacs 200mm Sardine!

    So, I found some. Got a PM, hope they show in time for this wknd.
  140. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Offshore Wed 6/8

    What about daisy chains? Those are pretty cheap, especially if you make them. Easy to run and stagger too.
  141. FishinMcNuggets

    What Is This Tool ?

    Would work on a Saab belt tensioner.
  142. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Plunker bft plus a surprise 6/8

    Wow, talk about pulling a rabbit outta your hat! Awesome work!
  143. FishinMcNuggets


    Captain takes what he wants on biggest bag, 3 ways on the remainder. Biggest fish 50/50 between Cap'n and angler who catches it. High fives and a private reserve beer for everyone else. Side pots even split for whomever pays.
  144. FishinMcNuggets

    Nomad madmac

    Island Tackle has Mack patterns in 200mm. Just not green. Purple, maybe pink. But when you get to those depths, colors fade, and only contrast is key. Sardine... Good luck! Maybe try all the Turners? Call them. West Coast, it is the most likely pattern to sell out.
  145. FishinMcNuggets

    Need Nomad Madmacs 200mm Sardine!

    Interested in any light you could shed on the topic. Thinking standard is flouro leader 80+ with crimps and possibly a swivel? How fast were your pangas going? Trolling blind, or on bird schools. Any away from the fleet?
  146. FishinMcNuggets

    Bluefinned out

    What he said, plus some of the San Pedro/LB trips that fish San Nicolas post up nice yellows, too.
  147. FishinMcNuggets

    Free thresher shark steaks in HB

    Great stuff for Shark Ceviche! @RodRage awesome smoked BFT chunk, I had it for lunch today. Yummm!
  148. FishinMcNuggets

    Need Nomad Madmacs 200mm Sardine!

    I appreciate the feedback. Honestly, I've shown a lot of water to a Halco before. The hooks started leaving divots on the side of the plug from flapping back and forth for so long. That was when we had rumors of 'hoo in the channel.
  149. FishinMcNuggets

    Need Nomad Madmacs 200mm Sardine!

    Thanks for the review & info.
  150. FishinMcNuggets

    Need Nomad Madmacs 200mm Sardine!

    Honestly, I get it. No one knows pre-season what is going to be hot or trendy. I'd rock a different color, but Cap'n has his eyes on specifics: 200mm Sardine Madmacs.
  151. FishinMcNuggets

    Need Nomad Madmacs 200mm Sardine!

    Hey Guys, In ALL of Los Angeles, there HAS to be place that has 200mm Sardine pattern Madmacs in stock? Bob Sands, Ace, Best, Charkbait, Melton,Turners LB, and Island don't. Anybody seen them in Stock? PM me please! I need two.
  152. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore 6/4 182, corner, and 43 Take a gander at the banks off Sandy Eggo.
  153. FishinMcNuggets

    Free thresher shark steaks in HB

    Pictures of Wally putting the wood to a huge beast are awesome!
  154. FishinMcNuggets

    Free thresher shark steaks in HB

    Text me (310) 719-5959 @RodRage
  155. FishinMcNuggets

    Beginner Kayak?

    Fish & Dive, prowler, ocean kayak scupper pros, and the Malibu two are all good choices. Look for used. I'll lend you a fixer-upper scupper in pink if you think he'll put up with the color. Lotsa big guys fish two person yaks. More flotation for you and big fish, plus stability & tracking...
  156. FishinMcNuggets

    Older Baja baby boomer rods and big sealine reels.

    Could give the Daiwas to a scroungey looking kid on the pier fishing sharks?
  157. FishinMcNuggets

    Older Baja baby boomer rods and big sealine reels.

    There's a pair of Fathom 60's in the classifieds.
  158. FishinMcNuggets

    Older Baja baby boomer rods and big sealine reels.

    You could use them as downriggers for slowtrolling mackerel and other stuff. I've been thinking deep trolling speed jigs or nomads or daisy chains or swimbaits could be interesting.
  159. FishinMcNuggets


    During the winter we decorate the lemon tree out in front with rockfish & striper skins. I tell my kids it is a "Fishmas Tree." A neighborhood beagle loves them, and won't give them up if she ever gets a hold of one. It looks pretty festive, and only stinks for a couple weeks.
  160. FishinMcNuggets

    Fishing the "condom"

    Look, why is everyone hung up on it being a leadhead? T-rig with an egg sinker. Use wherever your go to small trolling hook is. Paint your egg, or use glow in the dark eggs.
  161. FishinMcNuggets

    I am out of yellowtail.

    I second the Saturday AM San Pedro market. East End of 22nd street. Great prices, whole fish. Be there before 6:30 am!
  162. FishinMcNuggets

    Tips / Tricks for Fish vs. Sea Lions?

    We had a run of big bones a couple years back. We were fishing big line, so no worry of losing the fish. When a furbag would swim up near us, we undid the bail and let the fish sound, while driving away. Once away, we'd flip the bail and angle the fish back up. If needed, we just drove away...
  163. FishinMcNuggets

    I want a "complete" primer to fishing out of Santa Barbara, please

    Honestly, Santa Barbara Landing is the easiest to do. The Stardust is gonna be the easiest boat to get on. The rock fishing is awesome, great quality. Rockfish are awesome breaded and deep fried. I think they'd be awesome Kentucky fried and slapped into a po'boy. Just rent rods the first...
  164. FishinMcNuggets

    Scam website selling reels

    Looks like her friends have even smaller ones. Bikinis, I mean.
  165. FishinMcNuggets

    80’s 8 HP Evinrude short shaft

    Bulletproof motors. We run our Johnson 8 up regularly 18+ miles pushing 400+ lbs of gear & people.
  166. FishinMcNuggets

    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    Mexico fishing license specifically: Get a great Wi-Fi connection. Clear with your bank to do the transaction. Click the blue button at the bottom. This license is good for all of Mexico, not just BCS. Fill out the different pages. Use the "Santander"...
  167. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo Sportfishing "Blackjack"

    "Owned by Sandy Grivetto since 1995" Believe our fish stories. It was in Redondo prior as the Blackjack. Maybe they just don't wanna admit to renaming it. PLUS, bringing up a 2010 post???
  168. FishinMcNuggets

    best eating rock fish???

    BLUES! I used to look at them funny 'cause they were among the smaller things we'd catch in the gap off Santa Barbara... But once you taste them battered up for tacos....MMMM!
  169. FishinMcNuggets

    Channel Lock 718 Availability

    Ace Hardware. At least, that's what Google says.
  170. FishinMcNuggets

    Fishermen needed

    I have a great deal of respect for your experience, wisdom, and station in life. That said, this is what I work from: "You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him." Still, it would be great to run into you guys at the 307 this summer, say hi...
  171. FishinMcNuggets

    Fishermen needed

    First off, I have to say that you have an awesome platform for fishing. Secondly, your generosity is unparalleled, especially considering what you offer. I personally, if considered, promise: Not to be late Not to barf on your boat To give my very best in teamwork To not be "That guy" To glass...
  172. FishinMcNuggets

    Islands Had to start the season !

    Me too. But the "purists" here say fruit in ceviche DQ's it to being seafood fruit salad!
  173. FishinMcNuggets

    Tips to get on Sold Out trips???

    Make friends with the captains of said boat. Grease the wheels really well. Let them know you are a paying "Jackpot Ringer", and all that $$$ will go to the crew if they get you on open trips or last minute cancellations. Give them your "hotline VIP only" cell #. Let them know you could be...
  174. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore God almighty must really not want me to catch a bft

    On the bright side, Bluefin don't have lawyers. Supposed fix listed below:
  175. FishinMcNuggets

    Stealth Sinker Rig

    Curious, thought of trying to match the color of the water, instead?
  176. FishinMcNuggets

    Strangest Way You Have Seen A Fish Caught?

    Same thing, we've had smelt launch themselves into the inflatable at night. Talk about free live bait!
  177. FishinMcNuggets

    Strangest Way You Have Seen A Fish Caught?

    People fish with yarn in New Zealand. Caught a striper the other day with one of my hooks & broken leader in its mouth. Caught a mackerel this year who swallowed a 2 oz torpedo, taking it so aggressively it slipped past it's gills & out it's gill plate.
  178. FishinMcNuggets

    Flare hawk jigs

    Can you "walk the dog" with these? Looks like an oversized crappie jig. Been looking for something similar.
  179. FishinMcNuggets

    Los Angeles Wal Mart Gulp

    No clearance. Good turnover. Best selection is at E. LB on Carson.
  180. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Pacifica 5/1/22 getting the rust off

    Just loving the look on Mr Grumpy-pants face in the background there. Looks like he just realized there was a sardine in his boot. Just jelly, methinks. Awesome job on tasty fish!
  181. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Southbound bluefin 4/29-4/30

    Awesome job, Cody & Co. Tagging & bagging like always. Just curious, anything you would have done differently if you'd been at the helm? Different break, zones, or game plan?
  182. FishinMcNuggets

    Are we at the pinnacle of reel/rod technology?

    I think a blimp/ mini zeppelin with a gyro stabilized image scanner could give them greater spotting capability.
  183. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Redondo 4/30/2022

    Outside of the breakwater bites in big swells. Try a dark scampi or swimmy. Macks would been possible money at Rocky.
  184. FishinMcNuggets

    Los Angeles fresh water

    Also "mountain lakes" in the Lytle creek area. Or just go the extra mile for free biggies: Big Bear Lake. If you are part of a youth organization you could sign up to fish whitewater hatchery?
  185. FishinMcNuggets

    Funniest Experience?

    Reminds me of the of the times I woke up as a kid, to find the classroom empty!
  186. FishinMcNuggets

    Ca new gas tax

    Adding 2 stroke oil= blended fuel production?
  187. FishinMcNuggets

    Recommendations on Filet Knife Good local fish size. Awesome at...
  188. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Izors 4/25 red tide?

    Red tide in close here in the South Bay, too.
  189. FishinMcNuggets

    Are we at the pinnacle of reel/rod technology?

    Polymer hooks and possibly swivels have already been marketed. Could be c/v transmission electric reels with preprogrammed retrieves, and manual "fight mode". LEDs to indicate drag pull rates. Maybe an idiot light for overheating drags. What about sealed system drives, and an alcohol based...
  190. FishinMcNuggets

    8hp Johnson 2-Stroke Outboard

    We have a similar engine on our inflatable, it's awesome how reliable it is.
  191. FishinMcNuggets

    What did you do today? Pics or it didn’t happen!

    Liking that "Road Warrior" style wind screen. Ever lay down a donut just to scare the old fogeys in the neighborhood?
  192. FishinMcNuggets

    Pizza Ovens

    I sent you a PM. Call Daryl.
  193. FishinMcNuggets

    And... yet another skipjack rebuild. Help needed

    Your phone should have an adjustment in the camera app for resolution. Try cutting down on resolution until the files get to 2mb or so.
  194. FishinMcNuggets

    Importation of a panga to the US
  195. FishinMcNuggets

    Wind app has decent info.
  196. FishinMcNuggets

    Importation of a panga to the US

    I think OP has not clarified on new or used on O/B. This is where an opinion based on foreign users of Enduros may weigh in. Likewise, appears he wants to import to US from Mexico, not vice versa. Great things to SEARCH with the search function, BTW. Just PM @cortezpirasea if you wanna avoid...
  197. FishinMcNuggets

    Importation of a panga to the US

    @cortezpirasea Likewise, I'm highly curious. I don't think the motor matters, it's not registered. I think it's a matter of ease of maintenance vs. "Economy & environmental friendliness" motorwise.
  198. FishinMcNuggets

    Jackpot rules.

    Only one that counts: "Captain's discretion is final"
  199. FishinMcNuggets

    Inexperienced offshore angler, experienced surf, cliff, inshore, and river angler here. I want to catch some tuna though and need some guidance.

    You've already got lots of solids to digest here, but... *immediately ditch the spinners, buy an 8 ft conventional to fish BAIT in the surf, etc. Practice will help immensely *pay for the longer trip. It gives you a day to game-up on what's happening *Read all the BFT reports *rent...
  200. FishinMcNuggets

    ID on jig type and use.

    Chrome spoofers rock for Cuda fishing at times. The Hopkins could be good for your Bako Aqueduct stripers, or put upgraded hardware on and hope for the best on Monterey BFT.
  201. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore ALBACORE 4/10/22

    The truth is that close-in tuna are always going to overrule faraway but better feeding tuna. I see longfins at the SP fish market on occasion. Wonder if anything is in that cold blob always past Tanner & Cortez? Ask a commercial guy or wholesaler.
  202. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore father son trip

    Just sayin, those huge "cat foods" make awesome and easy to fillet CEVICHE!
  203. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking for a fishing buddy who is a guide

    FYI, no PM on my considerate offer. Over 2 bills? Holding out for a RHIB? Just sayin.
  204. FishinMcNuggets

    Need Suggestions & Ideas

    I know a guy not unlike OP. His pricing and customer service aren't good.
  205. FishinMcNuggets

    Music and video together as a news media?

    Yeah, all the "human interest" BS. You know, if I could find a decent radio station with a PM fish report, I'd totally be on board. Like KMET used to have in 1980! I get the only news I need from BD, tempbreak, and sportfishingreport.
  206. FishinMcNuggets

    Music and video together as a news media?

    I can hardly understand half of what people sing nowadays. Why would I want 1/2 the information, just because it's entertaining? Plus, if I only believe 1/2 or less of what I hear, we're at 25% by now. I believe more what I eat. How about printing information on a flour tortilla? I could...
  207. FishinMcNuggets

    Mini Mack Mayhem: Striper Afterstory! 3-26

    Yeah, but they always love it best when there's fish to beat, and meat to eat. We're getting more 'dines tomorrow. You always know the good spots Kichigai! We've seen your spotted bay bass posts from SCSF. You=certified fish finder.
  208. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking for a fishing buddy who is a guide

    I tell you what, I'm feeling generous. I have a 2.5M boat. If you weigh less than 2 bills, you can pick between La Jolla on a low swell day, or the "super secret" SBB spot. I promise a low frills adventure either way. You can pitch in for Gas (btw $6-$18), or invite me out to eat afterwards...
  209. FishinMcNuggets

    What brand rods do you usually take on a trip?

    The ones that aren't missing guide rings. Could be: Ugly stik Sabre(old) Sabre(Chinese) Fenwick Contender Conolon Calstar Or Daiwa f/w stuff for SWRF
  210. FishinMcNuggets

    Islands Slug yellows are here!

    There's more info here than you realize.
  211. FishinMcNuggets

    Boat ho

    The search bar is your friend. May wanna look at past "boat ho" posts, and see what they expect around here.
  212. FishinMcNuggets

    Ryobi reel.

    I have two of their green bass reels. Just threat them like the parts are one of a kind, and don't overfish them, and they work ok.
  213. FishinMcNuggets

    Islands Coronados 4/1

    Like asking superman if he leaps tall buildings: You guys employing any seal-evasion techniques? Or just last minute/no see-um seals? We sometimes let big bonito sound while driving away, and then put the reel back in gear once the bone is 40 ft down, and angle them up. The seals act kinda...
  214. FishinMcNuggets

    Ryobi reel.

    Parts are gonna be hard to find. Lube it, put some weak braid on it, and use for rockfish or as loaner.
  215. FishinMcNuggets

    371 to 425 tuna and yellowtail.

    Here's hoping you score!!!
  216. FishinMcNuggets

    sight fishing pv beaches?

    Puerto Vallarta? Palos Verdes? Palo Verde (nuke plant)?
  217. FishinMcNuggets

    Interesting article about kelp, in San Diego U.T.

    Lack of kelp is a known detriment to juvenile fish stock recruitment. More hiding places = more fish left for us to catch!
  218. FishinMcNuggets

    Mini Mack Mayhem: Striper Afterstory! 3-26

    What worked really well was a belly chunk of spanish Mack. Maybe also making a puree of sardine, or keeping blood from bled out macks to flavor up the bait even more.
  219. FishinMcNuggets

    Mini Mack Mayhem: Striper Afterstory! 3-26

    Ever wonder what mackerel & 'dines are good for??? Upconverting to more elegant protein! So, after some youtube inspiration, my fishiest son & I decided to launch a stripers or bust mission during the weee hours of Saturday morning. I have to say he is a real trooper. He rode shotgun...
  220. FishinMcNuggets

    We are pussies with bluefin

    To clarify things a little (any authorities are welcomed to correct me), we are comparing Polaris's to Pangas. The BFT fishery of the Avalon tuna club era was based on chartering a dory out of Avalon, or parts near there. Some were so small as to have oars and a sail. The elegant guys had...
  221. FishinMcNuggets

    Take my fish at the landing

    Actually, I think the O.P. is perfectly fine with his plan of action. I'm sure there's more than a couple decent people on the board that can't afford a trip outta San Diego, or have a lot of fish taco scarfing children, or are underemployed. Although all the "opinions" are great, and surely...
  222. FishinMcNuggets

    Cheaper Casting Reels

    Kayak. Yeah, I said it. Many shark guys put the rod/reel in the sand spike with light drag, and truck the bait out in a kayak. Especially for bigger sharks, allowing shorter rods, and better fighting leverage.
  223. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore 3-26 Redondo Speckle

    Feel free to elaborate??? :cheers:
  224. FishinMcNuggets

    Old penn reels

    Are we talking about the late John Dilaha? Tall guy, had grey hair by 1990 or so, and fished an outright for sharks?
  225. FishinMcNuggets

    Islands Native Sun, March 22, Catalina

    Great Job! How big were the bonito? (Asking for a friend!) Guessing less than 24" fork length? Any biggies?
  226. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay / Harbor 3-22 Mini Mackerel Mayhem

    They went back again yesterday. Stomach contents indicate something is spawning in the south bay area. Could be the sardines in the area. 4 y/o with a Mack on bait...
  227. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay / Harbor 3-22 Mini Mackerel Mayhem

    I started pretty much the same way. I was just pissed off I didn't try fishing by myself even before I was 11 or 12. I always loved making bait as a kid.
  228. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Goleta Pier Hot Action

    Gotta send that into W.O.N. for whopper of the week.
  229. FishinMcNuggets

    Another cool barn find!

    Did you buy them both or not for sale? I like that one with the lights.
  230. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay / Harbor 3-22 Mini Mackerel Mayhem

    My fishiest kid just hit double digits this month, the big "10". I told him he could go to the pier and fish by himself if he takes a cell phone with him. He went today, after hearing south bay macks are biting. We showed up later, wife thought he would have 5-6 fish. He had 25! I made the...
  231. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking at BD on Tuesday.

    Looking at BD on Tuesday.
  232. FishinMcNuggets

    Oh Oh...Small Craft Warning now ...Catalina to Pt.Magu North Today

    I don't get it, conditions look awesome close in. Looked like a bathtub this morn.
  233. FishinMcNuggets

    Decent fishing weather this week forecast.....Get out there!!

    Gotta say, I like the Tunahead weather forcasts. Watch out tho, they may offer you a job at "BDOutdoors".
  234. FishinMcNuggets

    When stupid goes driving in a brand new Tesla

    Rental, plus supposedly LAPD has a $1000 reward out for info on them.
  235. FishinMcNuggets

    April Monterey Bay Surf Fishing

    Click the link below for local reports. For more, call them.
  236. FishinMcNuggets

    Penn fathom sd30and ld30 + big butt ulua

    Great on you, Jim. Bless you for your consideration of another!
  237. FishinMcNuggets

    Zodiac Classic Mark 1 - MINT!

    Wow, talk about "Pimp my ride" That thing was ACCESSORIZED!!!
  238. FishinMcNuggets


  239. FishinMcNuggets

    Toddler fishing at Santa Cruz Island

    Get a Berkeley "Gulp" chum bucket, it should be relatively mess free and very effective. Try to soak it up current from the kelp. Honestly, I think the most results would come on a small mustad hook with a strip of squid. We buy it in bulk and break it into Ziploc baggies, some pre-cut into...
  240. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore The Shoe 3-13

    We saw bait on Saturday, but most of it looked like smelt. You guys see anything different?
  241. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore 3-12 Cabrillo, Wildlife sighting etc.

    The way I usually drive, notsomuch.
  242. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore 3-12 Cabrillo, Wildlife sighting etc.

    I won't bore you guys with a huge story. We left at gentleman's hours with frozen bait to launch in bathtub conditions outta Cabrillo. Trucking around the west section of we see great water clarity, and my most intrepid nugget spots a whale 10 yards off the stb'd side. Looked like a yearling...
  243. FishinMcNuggets


    Bump for a buddy.
  244. FishinMcNuggets

    3-5 Castaic

    So, my friend, two most intrepid nuggets, myself, and nephew hit up beautiful Castaic Lake Damn! I was hoping and planning we'd get there when it opened this morning. Turns out we were delayed until getting there at Lunchtime. After all, it was not windy at Costco this morning. How bad could...
  245. FishinMcNuggets

    Unsanded, sanded or clear coated blanks?

    The unsanded are going to be marginally stronger. Roddy gatortails, Ugly-stick tigers, some Penn chasers, and some off brand catfish rods have an unsanded finish. It's function over appearance. Sanded & finished= pretty, easier to clean. Unsanded= meat rod, stronger, harder to wrap ( zip...
  246. FishinMcNuggets

    Thursday nite-lites! Grunion edition.

    I do what I can. Especially if fish are involved! I'll let you know if they work for stripers. Castaic tomorrow!
  247. FishinMcNuggets

    Thursday nite-lites! Grunion edition.

    Took two of my nuggets to Cabrillo beach near San Pedro to gather a little potential striper bait. Little did we know... We were in for an episode of "Grunions gone Wild!!!" Still here. Kids a blur as they run interceptions. Quote "Papa, it's like we hit the Super-Lotto!" Any of you guys...
  248. FishinMcNuggets

    Small boat safety equipment

    As a very small boater (10ft inflatable), the things that would best support our style of fishing are: *Oars *A waterproof phone with navionics app and USCG app *Flares *gorilla tape Don't roll your shark donut without them!
  249. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Izors 3/2

    Ballast point has some FAT spotties living in front of it.
  250. FishinMcNuggets

    Old rubber skirts - how to get rid of stickyness...

    Fisherman's supply in Lawndale has a bunch of Hoochie material. Call them. (Corrected;)
  251. FishinMcNuggets

    Aluminum trimmings, good jig alloy!

    FishinMcNuggets submitted a new listing: Aluminum trimmings, good jig alloy! - Aluminum trimmings, good jig alloy! Learn more about this listing...
  252. Aluminum trimmings, good jig alloy!

    Southern California Aluminum trimmings, good jig alloy!

    Hey BD! Here where I work we produce a tonnage of high quality aluminum trimmings. Most are square shaped, and would lend themselves well to melting down for casting, or could be cut into smaller pieces. This stuff is an alloy for the baking industry, containing silica and manganese (I...
  253. FishinMcNuggets

    Dam orcas

    SRKW sound distinctly like my kids. Picky eaters, always wanting the same thing to eat. Easily distracted by technology. Would rather chase fish than waste time chasing the opposite sex.
  254. FishinMcNuggets

    Wheres the beef? (BFT)

  255. FishinMcNuggets

    Lead pouring gear

    Awesome stuff. Reminds me of an AC/DC song.
  256. FishinMcNuggets

    Newport Harbor 2/18

    Great fishing there!
  257. FishinMcNuggets

    Am I missing something?

    So, part of why they sell is this: § convenience § no sales tax § no tackle shop temptation § supply chain woes § "free braid" § goodwill towards others § other supply/demand aspects
  258. FishinMcNuggets

    Read if you have AAA for RV Towing (and boat trailer)

    Had a similar AAA experience. Had a scooter motor seize only 5 miles from home. Called them to find out basic coverage didn't apply to two-wheeled stuff. Fine print.
  259. FishinMcNuggets

    Candy Bar Starman 112 lot

    :drool:'s only money$!
  260. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay / Harbor 2-20-2022 Rocked at Point Fermin

    Same thing happened to people a year back at Rocky PT. They upgraded (up to nylon coated cable) until they pulled up a big soupfin.
  261. FishinMcNuggets

    Drinking coffee on Monday

    Drinking coffee on Monday
  262. FishinMcNuggets

    How do I change my "Newbie" title to something custom?

    Shoulda asked OP what option he wanted: "Haggard Crew" or "$alty Pirate"
  263. FishinMcNuggets

    Dana Point Harbor Spotty Puzzle

    Benefit of the drop-shot is working a stationary spot after a bite. The weight stays in one spot while the bait gets jiggy. Just to be the devil's advocate... What about dip netting some micro bait, and fishing it on a single dropper, drop shot style? Just to locate them. ; D
  264. FishinMcNuggets

    What did you do today? Pics or it didn’t happen!

    We wanna see him make scrambled eggs! From start, to finish line!
  265. FishinMcNuggets


    I could be totally wrong here but... Why not just run a bigger pump feeding both tanks off one side, and put the puck on the other side where the second pump was? Seems like a pump/tank won't benefit from possible cavitation in front of it from possible puck placement?
  266. FishinMcNuggets

    Dan Hernandez magic metals

    Wal-Mart and Big 5. Carson street Wal-Mart always seems stocked. Maybe check Dicks too. That said, I think Dan doesn't sell, or maybe doesn't get his products picked up by local mom & pop tackle shops.
  267. FishinMcNuggets

    Shelter Island ramp crap?

    Call a scrap metal guy. Tell him his ship has come in, claim it at the ramp! Free cleanup. Win/win! Plus, you know how much it would cost the gubmint to get it done.
  268. FishinMcNuggets

    Serial Lobster Poacher Rustin Craig Wilson caught commercial fishing lobster in closure at Catalina Island

    Just Sayin', at the end of the day everyone is easy to find. Therefore, people should only engage in moral, considerate, and legal activities, unless you want to be held accountable for otherwise. [email protected] Or [email protected] Looks like he lives with Mom.
  269. FishinMcNuggets

    Serial Lobster Poacher Rustin Craig Wilson caught commercial fishing lobster in closure at Catalina Island
  270. FishinMcNuggets

    How do you fish your 540?? Taking insight

    I've seen people fish bait with a 540. Definitely a "Big-guy" stick if you wanna do everything with it. Have small friends that use it as a beach stick for sharking & rays. Could be a good reef-reacher in many from shore situations. Likewise, big catfish in hard to reach holes. Sturgeon...
  271. FishinMcNuggets

    Kencor Surf Rod Tenlew Magnaglass 12'

    Try @cchris @Specks_247_yum
  272. FishinMcNuggets

    Launching an inflatable and attaching motor after...

    In this era, I think you could get away with it. Seems like LEO's have bigger fish to fry.
  273. FishinMcNuggets

    Kencor Surf Rod Tenlew Magnaglass 12'

    Delta striper guys will give you 3 bills for it.
  274. FishinMcNuggets


    Ize soooo bass-ackwards... ......Iza sink, UP!!!
  275. FishinMcNuggets

    Launching an inflatable and attaching motor after...

    Personally, we launch our Avon 2.85 from a hand launch in King Harbor, and the hoist dock mid winter. I've launched also from baby beach Dana Point, and Cabrillo ramp. And Hunt. Harbor once. Our Avon is cartopped. The 8 hp Johnson gets popped in the trunk. The motor gets put on every launch...
  276. FishinMcNuggets

    What did you do today? Pics or it didn’t happen!

    Saw a "sign of the times" Found an actual place with a *working ice cream machine* (Pm for coordinates if in my code group) ((Snappy hat or orange stretchy pants not included))
  277. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Ventura Bait

    Sardines bite a sabiki. Chovies bite a bare 14 or smaller Kirby or similar hook. Just sayin'
  278. FishinMcNuggets

    Kencor Noodle 90 mint condition

    I gifted her a noodle 29 years ago. It's hiding nearly unused in a garage in Hawthorne, if suspicions are correct. 9 feet maybe.
  279. FishinMcNuggets

    IM SCARED ….. LOBSTER HELP[email protected]&key=uhsjEvatlU Click link, look for where it says "rcks" and look for lumpy structures. Meter those spots and look for hard bottom returns.
  280. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore New rockfish limit for 2022

    Unless they just wanna offer those 12" calico free lip piercings and Instagram pics!
  281. FishinMcNuggets

    Kencor Noodle 90 mint condition

    I'll have to tell one of my ex-girlfriends her rod is worth 3 bills.
  282. FishinMcNuggets

    Jig Stick Naming Convention

    Fishing in King Harbor we'd name our bait... " El toro, speedy Gonzalez, Catalina Express, Wimpy..."
  283. FishinMcNuggets

    Gonna Start Making Tube Baits. Need Spearhead Molds

    I remember that phase. After worm kings and mojo tails.
  284. FishinMcNuggets

    Gonna Start Making Tube Baits. Need Spearhead Molds

    Call these guys. They may have one bumping around the shop.
  285. FishinMcNuggets

    How to get smell off rod

    FYI, BD, OP is a high school kid. Matthew, the vinegar tip is a good one. Likewise maybe vinegar and baking soda. If the smell persists and really bugs you, maybe pine cleaner or a lemon antibacterial dish soap would work. Unfinished cord is a deckhand kinda thing. Deckie rods wear scales...
  286. FishinMcNuggets

    Name one thing you shouldn’t do naked.

    Bulls in Pamplona anyone?
  287. FishinMcNuggets

    Name one thing you shouldn’t do naked.

    @Arima-bob Barrel Racing
  288. FishinMcNuggets

    Kern river

    Dinners on spinners! Good job!
  289. FishinMcNuggets

    Santa Barbara Landing DATD

    Even worse, I spotted the boyfriend carrying the empty tail to the landing. Not a "free-swimming" type.
  290. FishinMcNuggets

    Name one thing you shouldn’t do naked.

    Tease manta shrimp & sting rays.
  291. FishinMcNuggets

    Name one thing you shouldn’t do naked.

    Chase Pepe Le-Pewww, or German Shepherd guard dogs.
  292. FishinMcNuggets

    Name one thing you shouldn’t do naked.

    Steal catalytic converters in the Home Depot parking lot.
  293. FishinMcNuggets

    Name one thing you shouldn’t do naked.

    Practice your dance moves in front of a Catholic girls school.
  294. FishinMcNuggets

    Santa Barbara Landing DATD

    So, one of my nuggets could not resist the siren call of the opportunity to fish from the docks at SB Landing. So, I loaded up the SAAB and made them ALL go! Yes, mandatory trip to SB for all my squids. We packed a couple of "ringer" dock fishing setups, and rolled out quick, at about 8...
  295. FishinMcNuggets

    SLIDER's - Believe it or Not

    I'm of the school of thought that truly advanced civilizations want nothing to do with us. Think about what's on TV. Could anything intercepting our broadcasts ever take us seriously? I'm sure we've been passed over for being a passel of unrighteous barbarians. Most assuredly, not from...
  296. FishinMcNuggets

    What's on the soundtrack tonight

    For all the cuddly cabin owners: "Cabin Stabbin'!" Roughneck chickens, anywhon?
  297. FishinMcNuggets

    What's on the soundtrack tonight

    Here's a little something that reminds me of the upstanding citizens of BD: Yeah, we don't always listen to math rock at my house.
  298. FishinMcNuggets

    Ohoh...Small Craft Warnings Wed.3am to Thurs. 8am Cat-North

    Way we see it is this: not enough wind for freestyle disc(frisbee)? We should be fishing! Too much wind for fishing? We should be playing freestyle!
  299. FishinMcNuggets


    Search bar is your friend!
  300. FishinMcNuggets

    Ohoh...Small Craft Warnings Wed.3am to Thurs. 8am Cat-North

    Just say'in, bass seem to like the day after inclement weather. Nah, won't find ME surfin whitecaps in my Avon. But I would do the day after.
  301. FishinMcNuggets

    Starter boat recommendations for father/son

    Be ugly as shaving a _______ and making it walk backwards, but at 6 nmpg, who cares?
  302. FishinMcNuggets

    Taxi Crash - not what you think

    In!!! Awesome footage! It spews that cart out like someone shooting a party popper! Still down to contribute towards 8 more 'dines!
  303. FishinMcNuggets

    Starter boat recommendations for father/son

    Nothing saying you can't do an enclosure on aluminum. I've long thought about getting an open bow with a walk thru console and just putting a canvas over the whole foredeck. Why not with aluminum too? It's not a cuddy, but still could work in middlin' circumstances, preserving economy.
  304. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore SM Bay Saturday 1/29

    Seems like it's been slow since the sewage spill.
  305. FishinMcNuggets

    What did you do today? Pics or it didn’t happen!

    Skunk spotting last weekend. Ninja bass last night. Picked up Father in law at Hospital after he was hit by a car today. Saw sunset with "Dirt Clod" in background tonight.
  306. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Windy as Hell today

    When I was a kid, 12lb got me bites. But given the size of fish in the big bay, maybe 15-20 flourocarbon.
  307. FishinMcNuggets

    "minor incursion"

    I was eating with my kids one day, and my 2nd youngest said he was full. I told him I knew he was full. He asked how I knew. "Your eyes are brown, son." He said "that's why you're always hungry, Papa. Your eyes are always blue."
  308. FishinMcNuggets

    Callegari 8' Inflatable

    Hypalon or PVC?
  309. FishinMcNuggets

    Question on Kencor Rods

    May wanna ask on Big Water's edge. Some kayak guys like the panga sticks.
  310. FishinMcNuggets

    "minor incursion"

    "Surrrissly, Mr. Security Guard, I wasn't trespassing on that dock to fish bay bass! It was only a minor incursion!"
  311. FishinMcNuggets

    "minor incursion"

    More like a "minor extrusion"
  312. FishinMcNuggets

    "minor incursion"

    "Yeah, sorry kids, Daddy didn't eat the last piece of cake. It just happened to be a "minor incursion" of cutlery on an abandoned dessert."
  313. FishinMcNuggets

    What did you do today? Pics or it didn’t happen!

    Just a SAAB being a SOB. As seen below, this is what it takes to replace the radiator. Pic 1: radiator removed, pic 4: Assistant Mechanic really getting into it. Pic 2: car thanks me for $350 in radiator and coolant by losing ribs from the serp-belt. Pic 3: parts removed just to get to...
  314. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay Bass in Ventura?

    Lotsa favorites mentioned here by everyone. BUT, I have to say that I honestly don't value a paddle-tail in cold weather. I might be able to see one working on a drop-shot with scent. But, I've had good success on lighter material curly tails. I think that winter bass, esp. Spotties are...
  315. FishinMcNuggets

    Online seafood

    This guy knows good fish. I'd listen.
  316. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay Bass in Ventura?

    Too expensive. @1Matthew f/w= freshwater. Freshwater large mouth bass stuff. Baitcasters on triggersticks.
  317. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay Bass in Ventura?

    F/w bass reels are awesome. Baitcasters. Available at west Marine sometimes.
  318. FishinMcNuggets

    What did you do today? Pics or it didn’t happen!

    Replaced some parts on the 1999 Saab 9-3 with junk yard finds: Before After
  319. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Horseshoe 2/5

    Maybe the bass heard the dogs were giving out free kisses to anyone getting on the boat... And they started forming a conga line off the stern?
  320. FishinMcNuggets


    Practically BNIB
  321. FishinMcNuggets

    For Sale - Fin-Nor Lehtal 16 2speed Lever Drag as NIB $165 Shipped

    Most buyers are going to be a little shy. Too many scams around recently. Sell it local to you?
  322. FishinMcNuggets

    Fresh squid Oxnard Ventura

    Not possible to buy off a boat in Port Hueneme?
  323. FishinMcNuggets


    Awesomeness bump!
  324. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay Bass in Ventura?

    My go to when prospecting for bay bass is light (6) line, a 1/4 or 3/8 oz worm head sinker, a bead, a size 2 or 4 mosquito hook (not circle), and a 2" gulp camo sand worm. It's like a plastic, bait, and scent all in one very compact package. I will substitute a squid strip for the gulp...
  325. FishinMcNuggets

    12/28/21, The boys at Castaic for STRIP

    I wasted all of it bathing the kids, and washing my Saab. Actually... I think it's a drawdown to work on that draw tower out there mid-dam. DWP guys AND lifeguards both yelled at us, BTW.
  326. FishinMcNuggets

    12/28/21, The boys at Castaic for STRIP

    Yeah, that's not a typo. Short: caught 12" or less Strips at Castaic on Powerbait, crack, and both combined. YEAH, they were SO small, they don't even deserve to be called Stripers. Hence, the Strip. Full: 7 or so arrival to find surly entry gate ladies and tons of parking, but more than...
  327. FishinMcNuggets

    Coastal Action near LA and OC

    I know it's not close, but you might make it on a midweek 3/4 outta Santa Barbara. Great rock fishing. Don't you have a boat? If so, hoopnetting?
  328. FishinMcNuggets

    Is Ali making commercials now?

    I think Ali and Sealskinner deserve some fine upvotes for this!
  329. FishinMcNuggets

    RAIN? Won't stop the...

    Yeah, that could be us.
  330. FishinMcNuggets

    RAIN? Won't stop the...

    ...gorgeous little harbor chunks. Gulp camo sw, t-rig. Dead low with intermittent rain. CPR. 4lb test. Slow drag, pause. Repeat. Merry Christmas to all, and to all some fun bass!
  331. FishinMcNuggets

    Day 2 Ventura County North county Seabass #2

    Awesome fish Tubbs!!! Just be sure to hook & hand a couple to Crockett so he don't feel left out.
  332. FishinMcNuggets

    Local rockfish landings/boats What’s your opinions ?

    Santa Barbara targets the gaps mostly, between Miguel and Rosa or Rosa and Cruz. Inshore they do red-focused trips. Most trips are solid limits, with fish from 3/4 to 6 lbs. Last trip I had a 27" salmon grouper. Mixed bags are the norm. Lotsa chucks, reds, blues, goats, and whites. Only...
  333. FishinMcNuggets

    Yet more Fish and Game bullshit.

    Too many good people leaving CA. Just sayin.
  334. FishinMcNuggets

    Local rockfish landings/boats What’s your opinions ?

    Why 2-3 day when you can get porkers outta SB or Morro on a 1 day?
  335. FishinMcNuggets

    Boat Bilge Dehumidifier - is it worth it?

    @sealskinner No, don't let the boat get high off your own supply. Get it an emergency stash!
  336. FishinMcNuggets

    Boat Bilge Dehumidifier - is it worth it?

    Anyone tried diapers? They contain a super-thirsty dessicant, and are cheap as can be at Wallymart or Target. Rolled up, they could possibly plug a breach in the hull in an emergency. Disposable too!
  337. FishinMcNuggets

    Coleman Canoe Trade for small boat

    Thinking a car-top livingston is the most versatile thing. Unless you're ok with a shark donut? We rock an Avon 2.85. Livingston will resist wind better, and track straighter in a big wind.
  338. FishinMcNuggets

    Coleman Canoe Trade for small boat

    Given your background posts, I'd say this: Contact people like this with your trade offer. Stealthiest boat u can get. Put generous carpet and a camo paint job. Hunting boat?
  339. FishinMcNuggets

    Coleman Canoe Trade for small boat

    If it's fish your "sneak" is around, a canoe is tough to beat. Less water displacement than a boat. Only thing stealthier to fish is a kayak or sup. Regardless, I think most people are going to want "plus cash" for a boat.
  340. FishinMcNuggets

    Xmas gift / First setup

    Big 5 has sabres at that price when they go on sale. Swap meet might do it too.
  341. FishinMcNuggets

    Lowrance Hook 5's

    @sulla ? 50/50?
  342. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo Launch Info...

    A. Send SUP's to carpet beach. B. Put in a launch ramp, too. By yacht Club.
  343. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Has She Sang?

    Toronado: good bluefin count Monterey: big bluefin JD's report: inshore bank yft spotted 9 mile: Elvis Sounds more like Elvis singing than any plump opera soprano.
  344. FishinMcNuggets

    California Boats

    Sorry to piss in your Fireball, but guess what? We (Californians on BD) are only half sane people left here in our state. BS is mostly spewing from an Okie. Plus, sounds like you guys are a little low on fishable days for a lot of us. But it's ok. You're welcomed to borrow my boat if ever in...
  345. FishinMcNuggets

    Need help finding the right carb kit for my 4 stroke yamaha.

    Try draining the bowl. Pull the drain screw with a clean paper towel in hand. Inspect for bits and crusts in the drained fluid. Shoot the inside up with carb cleaner with a straw. Maybe pull the mixture screw (count turns out to properly replace) and carb cleaner in there too.
  346. FishinMcNuggets

    Bad Moon Rising

    College football bowl season.
  347. FishinMcNuggets

    California Boats

    I imagine YOU will be really happy when long range trips run at $1000 plus per day? All this California tree huggy nonsense usually comes out of the consumers pocketbook.
  348. FishinMcNuggets

    Islands Channel Islands Rockfishing Intel

    Specifically, use the "sonar chart" overlay. Some spots in the area produce as shallow as 75 feet.
  349. FishinMcNuggets

    Issue with Daiwa Lexa and United Composite Swimbait Finatic

    Call UC? Maybe they have a replacement seat foot that works. Otherwise... ... Dremel! (Ouch) Pics would help.
  350. FishinMcNuggets

    Owner mosquito vrs baitholders

    I used EC baitholders the other night for bass, worked well. Good hookup ratio on even tinys. Texas rigged sandworms for harbor bass. I agree, too much pants pulling on perch with skeetos. I thread too. Maybe try weedless hooking (t-rig style) sandworms. In my experience offset hooks...
  351. FishinMcNuggets

    Lack of albacore

    Honestly, I can see where PNW fishermen would be concerned. Washi already reams the angler of opportunities in favor of the natives. With albie charters running $500 per head per day, and weather windows being short, I'd be concerned as a customer or charter operator. Likewise, I have to...
  352. FishinMcNuggets

    If you were CEO of General Mills (Chex Mix)

    First off, the bagel chips are the best part of the whole thing. I actively ferret them out and eliminate them first. I'd take out those stick things, and put in French fried onions, or Chile mango bits.
  353. FishinMcNuggets

    Lack of albacore

    Just saying, if every nation gets an equal piece of pie, and everyone watches to make sure no-one takes a huge piece, there should be enuff (quota) for everyone. If politicians see the taxes & GDP from rec. Albies is more than commie Albies, we should get a fair shake of the quota.
  354. FishinMcNuggets

    Garlic canned tuna question

    Garlic, my best advice: Do three test jars. Get 3 cloves. Put them one by one on a cutting board under a tablespoon or broad knife, and smack the top of the stainless to crush the garlic underneath. Peel off the skin. Cut the first one in half, half in first jar. Throw whole clove crushed...
  355. FishinMcNuggets

    Lack of albacore

    Not just albacore, but all pelagic fish. These are the morals we're up against: Call your congressman/senator, support verified national quotas!!!
  356. FishinMcNuggets


    .wish I was closer.
  357. FishinMcNuggets

    bft inside the 50 mile line?

    Bayside marine has fresh numbers too. When are you going?
  358. FishinMcNuggets

    bft inside the 50 mile line?

    Hey John, As posted on JD's website: It was another day of big Bluefin being caught and lost near the Davenport Fingers. Once again don't go with light gear there are 200 pound fish here. The anglers saw jumpers from 36'50/122'13 to 36'53/122'24. The majority of the anglers are having good...
  359. FishinMcNuggets

    The legend of the South African Silaflex Rod

    For sale? How much? Asking for a friend.
  360. FishinMcNuggets

    Reel repair in east county

    Count me and my son in if you guys do a get together/ repair day on a weekend.
  361. FishinMcNuggets

    Best fast food

    L & L Teriyaki ("Barbeque" on the menu) cheeseburger. Side of rice with Teriyaki sauce...mmmm!
  362. FishinMcNuggets

    Where is the strangest place you've caught a fish?

    Summer of 84' I'd take a Pick & Save inflatable to the bait barge in King Harbor. Usually I'd buy bait. But in the PM the bait guys went home. I could move from the side of the barge to the front, where bait was usually served. I could huck macks into the receivers for them to sell as Marlin...
  363. FishinMcNuggets

    Artificial Plastic Baits HARMFUL to Children because of Lead???

    SMALL KIDS are hazardous to f'n SOFT PLASTIC LURES!!! Not vice versa. I cannot tell you how many times I have left a rod with a curley or swimmy tail to come back and find the tail pulled off. I have to keep tails away from my kids. Some cannot resist stretching them til they break, no...
  364. FishinMcNuggets

    Thata Boy Likies

    Fishdope, or | attaboylikies | (Read between the lines). Or YMMV, but not bad for free.
  365. FishinMcNuggets

    what is wrong with this reel?

    Depends on the bearing and availability. Rotating part= I mean the bail, or knucklebusting part that rotates around the spool. Honestly, if one bearing is bad, there could be more. It could be a cheap fix DIY. Or pricey at a nice shop. Or comedic, if you walk into a pricey shop with a...
  366. FishinMcNuggets

    what is wrong with this reel?

    Guessing Arbor bearing or rubbing trip lever. Any play in the rotating part? Only good as a parts or project reel.
  367. FishinMcNuggets

    Bahia de Los Angeles

    You thinking about going? MMMmmmM... yellowtail ceviche!
  368. FishinMcNuggets

    Lifetime Tamarack Pro vs Perception Pescador pro

    The key to finding a good price is hunting for it. State your case on BWE, and maybe someone will offer u a deal. Likewise, harbors have bi annual sales of small craft. Deals to be had.
  369. FishinMcNuggets

    Lifetime Tamarack Pro vs Perception Pescador pro

    Seriously, you're better off buying an older used American made yak than a partly-Chinese or lightweight model. I'd rent a Hobie or talk to a few kayak shops before you buy from the 'net or a major retailer. Big water's edge would be a better site to ask at, too. A few more people there that...
  370. FishinMcNuggets

    WA newbie from La La Land

    From what I've read: squidding from the pier, clamming, and C&R sturgeon are the upcoming things to look forward to. Plus read your regs. WA sounds messier than even CA. Get some legal counsel? J/K! Send fresh Calamari to your friends fishing WSB!
  371. FishinMcNuggets


    Likewise, seems there's always a bite on tube baits for WSB.
  372. FishinMcNuggets

    Eastern Sierra-Upper Twin-Bridgeport

    Great looking meat!
  373. FishinMcNuggets

    Oceanside pier t sharks, leos, soupfin. Any tips how to catch them? I think you have to join a "club" or "crew" to get those secrets, plus have backup for getting those end-of-pier spots. J/K! Try here, search button is your friend!
  374. FishinMcNuggets

    New to hoop netting

    AND... The "search " function is your friend. Look for posts by flomar and rodrage!
  375. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay / Harbor Kid fishing Half Moon Bay

    Likewise, show him Windy, temp, or, and he can figure out for himself when and weather or not (lol) to go. Give him a year and a chance to get some co-conspirators on board, then introduce him to the jetty, and poke poking. Leopards and stripers down the line.
  376. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay / Harbor Kid fishing Half Moon Bay

    Ask the local tackle shop for some local perch spots.
  377. FishinMcNuggets

    Yamaha F115 water pump replacement question.

    I like something sticky( sealant) to keep non-moving o-rings in place. May wanna put sealant on 19 and 13, especially provided 19 is a non-moving part. All rebuild kits contain those parts, may be a biz-natch to get them off next time, but fresh ones will be in your kit. 13 could be a pita to...
  378. FishinMcNuggets

    So cal help

    How much to tip?
  379. FishinMcNuggets

    So cal help

    I'm guessing those are typos, and you'd be fine with some Yellowtail or maybe lobsters to top it off. You have a private message from me with good advice. People hate "blowing up a spot", so I'm saying it outside of the public spotlight.
  380. FishinMcNuggets

    Fish Processing in OC/LA?

    May wanna look into San Pedro wholesale fish market. I don't see why they couldn't process too. O dark 30 , end of 22nd street.
  381. FishinMcNuggets

    Explain this:

    Twin boys are adopted by separate couples. Male surgeon mistakes kid for his son, while it is actually the twin of his son. Solved!
  382. FishinMcNuggets

    City of Redondo T Shirts

    Not all too different from the "Navegante". Mostly booze cruise, p/t fishing.
  383. FishinMcNuggets

    City of Redondo T Shirts

    ??? What kinda fun are they having with it?
  384. FishinMcNuggets

    Oooooold rod I.d.

    Would only really have value for a commercial hook & line guy. I vote Sabre. I think Fuji made those wrap on feet clamps 50 years back or so.
  385. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore bonita??

    Topaz is fishable on a low or early incoming. YMMV. Like getting wet? Skoodiddle before you do! ; D
  386. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore bonita??

    Smaller ones off Redondo right now. AM bite.
  387. FishinMcNuggets

    Where to buy local caught fish

    Where 22nd street terminates at LA harbor. PM if you want a tour.
  388. FishinMcNuggets

    Boat Salvage/Surplus OC or Even So. Cal. Area?

    There's a spot or two out in the antelope Valley where people ditch old boats. Likewise, homeless people near my work pick up old boats, WTFIDK, but some may scrap them out for parts. Try Broadway btw Redondo Beach Blvd. And El Segundo. YMMV. Lastly, the scrap yards have old boats and...
  389. FishinMcNuggets

    Burning ? For admin

    Rotate... ...your award icons, that is.
  390. FishinMcNuggets

    Achilles HB-280LX inflatable Like New!

    Comes with A.Y.C.E. Avocados? (Trees in background?)
  391. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay / Harbor Monterey Rock Fishing 7/6

    Sounds like an OK trip. I think he just doesn't want to put too much cream on his tacos so we don't flock up there, take all the fish, crowd the boats, and drive up the prices. Rockfish are delicious. Channel Islands/Monterey RF beat SMB RF 6 days of the week. Fishing with the basics is...
  392. FishinMcNuggets

    Achilles HB-280LX inflatable Like New!

    please put a price on it?
  393. FishinMcNuggets

    Santa Monica Bay Rockfish 2021 vs Past Years

    Plus Redondo! Likewise, seems like most Kayakers outta King Harbor are after a stack of cods. Nothing like the landing, though.
  394. FishinMcNuggets

    Islands No more skunk or getting mad

    There you go! Wish I had cousins dropping hamachi on my doorstep. You're doing it right!
  395. FishinMcNuggets

    Islands No more skunk or getting mad

    They make awesome ceviche. Take em' home to wifey!
  396. FishinMcNuggets

    dinghy fishfinder

    Look for an old powerwheels or electric lawnmower for its battery. Possibly an old rechareable powertool battery could work too.
  397. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking for a panga

    He's not far from wrong. Go to San Felipe or Ensenada or any cooperative with a few hundo on reserve, and you might pick one from the Panga Tree.
  398. FishinMcNuggets

    looking for darksleepers and hookup baits

    Ace fishing Tackle in Gardena always had sleepers. Island Tackle in Carson always had a full wall of HUB.
  399. FishinMcNuggets

    Atlantic Cod vs Pacific Cos

    Pollack is a nice white meat fish. Light flavor, great tacos.
  400. FishinMcNuggets

    fish finder and transducer

    You've got a Message! (PM)
  401. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore La Jolla was pumping out 4s and 5s!

    Scale and gut. Rinse some squash/ pumpkin flowers in water, then sprinkle with knorr powdered chicken bullion. Stuff in gut, bake in Pyrex on bed of veggies.
  402. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay / Harbor How to fish leopard sharks?

    start by calling your nearest tackle shop? search function, too!
  403. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Fresh cow .

    How many times do you have to clear your ears to get to 40'?
  404. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo bait

    Big cured sardines are the usual. Call ahead for hook sizing.
  405. FishinMcNuggets

    Bft and squid

    Great idea! Unfortunately, sounds like an excuse for a massive fuel surcharge despite the offset of possibly free bait.
  406. FishinMcNuggets

    NWTF JAKES sign up 6/1.....get your kids signed up!

    Is a black powder muzzle flash worth 1000 words?
  407. FishinMcNuggets

    10ft Livingston

    You've given us no specs for both boats. Rigid hull inflatable? Livi = car top edition? Pics of "bad boat"?
  408. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Rocky Point and Redondo, Fathers Day late rpt.

    Saw no mackies. Doesn't mean they weren't around.
  409. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Rocky Point and Redondo, Fathers Day late rpt.

    Hey BD, Short and sweet this time, I promise. *Bait barge in KH has large lively cured deans -Fished Rocky point on receding tide for one short snot stick and a short ling -slow trolled deans around north PV for nuthin -Redondo Art. reef yielded short skuppies, no Sandies -Canyon yielded...
  410. FishinMcNuggets

    Calstar Shirt Girl

    looks pretty roller-derby
  411. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Kite fish question

    You offer to hook and hand any of the 4?
  412. FishinMcNuggets

    why so many silly/stupid/dumb posts on peoples's why... ^ Here's the tree.
  413. FishinMcNuggets

    What are the coordinates for rockfishing the lower 9?

    Doesn't fishing the lower 9 without docs involve getting chased by Mexican gunboats? I'd rather fish at Costco!
  414. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore 6/5 shoe

    Hoarkin' big Sandovals! Great job, Pops! Yeah. 405 has been coarse the last few days.
  415. FishinMcNuggets

    Is this a thing? (photo)

    OP... Just a little FYI: Yes, it is a thing. I have seen guys fishing with tags and saran wrap on their rods. I think they are hoping to test the rod and then if they don't like it, pass it off as "BNIB" condition if they resell it. Despite it having been fished. Buyers, be aware of curled...
  416. FishinMcNuggets

    Hauling a 12 fiberglass boat in the back of a Mid Size SUV?

    We've done the cartop thing: Not happening again. Think about a utility trailer.
  417. FishinMcNuggets

    NWTF JAKES sign up 6/1.....get your kids signed up!

    I texted, do I need to do anything additional?
  418. FishinMcNuggets

    Preventing theft on party boat

    * Don't take your best stuff on local trips * If you take nice stuff, keep your eyes on it, and have your CDL taped inside sideplates and tucked in behind buttcaps *If it's an open party trip on a sketchy boat, also tape CDL both sides of under reel foot/on seat. Tape over with clear packing...
  419. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Beautiful Day for a Ride. 6/1 Coronado Canyon to the 302.

    Try onion powder in the brine, too! We bake them in a similar marinade w/o the salt.
  420. FishinMcNuggets

    Considering Kayak Purchase

    Bow first. Bow seaward on return too, paddling backwards. This way you can abort and paddle back out if you see a huge set.
  421. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Redondo Canyon, 5-28 to 5-298

    I know most people hate to see their pride and joy hanging from a pair of nylon slings, but they have decent rates, and eons of history doing it.
  422. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Redondo Canyon, 5-28 to 5-298

    Owed one of my kids a birthday trip. He was so fired up to go, it was like one one of those overhead pitches that Little League hitters swing at. Launched before midnight. Shared my test run and gave a Mexican bystander a little 300 yard run in the harbor. Offloaded the bystander and we took...
  423. FishinMcNuggets

    18' Cat for SB to Channel Islands

    It should be really economical for solo fishing? Or you and a kid or dog. Don't expect dancing horses if you bring a big adult and a full load.
  424. FishinMcNuggets

    Monday fishing 5/31?

    Earlier you go, less morons you'll encounter.
  425. FishinMcNuggets

    Outboard motor floods after trailering

    We do this at the end of every trip, regardless. You don't want gas hanging out in your carb between trips. Ethanol eats stuff! Plus the varnishes, gum, oxidation, etc. All that stuff can mess with your jets. We run it with the hose disconnected. Then we put on the choke after it runs out...
  426. FishinMcNuggets

    WTF is level 37?

    hit Level 42 and you get a Mark King bass solo!
  427. FishinMcNuggets

    Best Budget Hobie to Fish La Jolla

    Why not a cobra, or scupper pro?
  428. FishinMcNuggets

    Goleta Pier Info?
  429. FishinMcNuggets

    Options When Outboard Won't Start

    In a pinch I have started gas engines on propane, mostly using a propane torch setup. Using extreme caution, a feed line connected to a tank or canister could be used to direct a low flow of gas into your intake to diagnose a fuel supply issue, or help with a hard start situation.
  430. FishinMcNuggets

    Old Cheap i/o boat for fishing SoCal

    Do you have a tow vehicle already?
  431. FishinMcNuggets

    Fin Nor Fin Nor reels maintenance shop?

    Call Pete at Just Fishing in Redondo Beach.
  432. FishinMcNuggets

    Considering Kayak Purchase

    There's a scupper pro TW on CL at $850
  433. FishinMcNuggets

    Ridesharing to Catalina, 5-15 or 5-16

    Seriously, just crickets? We'll even go for someone's shakedown cruise, just give us an hour at the cove?
  434. FishinMcNuggets

    Diesel tank cleaning

    Like he spoke of, but first cycle of gas, second of e85 to scare any leftover varnish out.
  435. FishinMcNuggets

    Diesel tank cleaning

    Bob, what about one cycle of gas, one of E-85?
  436. FishinMcNuggets

    Newbie out of Huntington

    OP last year. Just Sayin'...
  437. FishinMcNuggets

    Need to get this off my chest DAIWA

    How did the frame get bent?
  438. FishinMcNuggets

    Trolling planers for bluefin?

    May wanna look into "torpedo divers" used DEEP for salmon on the great Lakes.
  439. FishinMcNuggets

    Ridesharing to Catalina, 5-15 or 5-16

    Thanks! Already looked at the Groupon route, sold out.
  440. FishinMcNuggets

    Planning a trip to Catalina

    Best advice: Call ahead. Before you go top off your Tanks, and do a 20 mile run at 10 knots, round trip. Top off tanks. Divide 20 or total mileage by gallons burned. Get gpm or mpg. Calculate using 2/3 of your tank (180 gallons) for range. If you...
  441. FishinMcNuggets

    Boat Ho's Need Apply - Lets Fish! Waiting for your pm!
  442. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Big Lings on the Sherminator

    How far out on the Tiger Tuna?
  443. FishinMcNuggets

    Ridesharing to Catalina, 5-15 or 5-16

    Yeah, his birthday actual is on Thursday. School day. No dice there. I appreciate the thought, though. Thanks NorSo!
  444. FishinMcNuggets

    Enjoy the time you changes in a second...

    As my mom said, "those passing on just want the best possible for those still here." He'll be in our prayers.
  445. FishinMcNuggets

    Ridesharing to Catalina, 5-15 or 5-16

    Regardless of whether you take us, we'd make a day to visit and help you, Bob.
  446. FishinMcNuggets

    Ridesharing to Catalina, 5-15 or 5-16

    Hey BD! I have a 10 y/o son who loves fishing and snorkeling. His birthday is the 13th of the month. He's been talking he wants us to go on our Avon outta King Harbor to do a catch, dispatch, and cook mission on bass at the RB Artificial reef. But I was thinking, I could really knock one...
  447. FishinMcNuggets

    Vintage 9ft Sabre jig sticks

    Ircc, 550's are all 9', and rated such. Came in all standard sabre colors. Caramel, black, and possibly white or chocolate too. Not sure on the tip and butt specs. Maybe Mike Garrahan will chime in here?
  448. FishinMcNuggets

    Vintage 9ft Sabre jig sticks

    Sounds like ratings for a 550.
  449. FishinMcNuggets

    Cinnamon sabre Help info needed

    Pm sent. Honestly, think the cinnamons are "pre chocolate". I have a f/w or two that said "California Tackle" on them. Old barn find stuff.
  450. FishinMcNuggets

    STOLEN TOOLS! Ramona, CA 5/01/2021

    That vehicle is pretty distinct. May wanna make an early AM run thru Home Depot or Lowes and ask around. May be these guys worked with him on a recent job, and knew his truck was loaded? Swap meets, too.
  451. FishinMcNuggets

    Emergency number for Coast Guard?

    USCG has an app that you can use to message them for emergency assistance. YMMV, not sure if it is just a mainland thing or not.
  452. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Another Great trip on the Black Pearl

    I've seen yellows on BD smaller than that whitefish.
  453. FishinMcNuggets

    Custom Aluminum diesel lobster boat

    Feelin' flossy. I got a $20!
  454. FishinMcNuggets

    Custom Aluminum diesel lobster boat

    May wanna fix that price!
  455. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Sea Landing Rock Cod trips

    Day to day it varies. I should have said "white body red or orange head shrimp flies with flashy stuff tied in". I usually get mine at Best tackle in hawthorne. I'd do 30 lb flouro. Just Fishing has a f*-load of used lead. Get all his 8-16 oz torpedoes and you should be set, plus save a...
  456. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Sea Landing Rock Cod trips

    Call the day before they go. If they go up the coast due to wind, 10 to 16oz is advisable. Fishing will be about 250', fast drift. Chovies worked good for us off the coast. If they go to the gap between islands, 6-12oz should be ok. Squid works good here most times. 75 to 250'. If they...
  457. FishinMcNuggets


    Cap guns, shooting bottle rockets from your hands, tennis ball cannons, chemistry kits and wood burning kits.
  458. FishinMcNuggets

    Here comes the shit show... (sail boat regatta)

    Coverage like that, too bad we can't get them to report back as fish spotters.
  459. FishinMcNuggets

    Jinxed Fishing

    Promising fish to people. Even worse, asking how many and how they want them cleaned. Doesn't work against rockfishing outta Sta Barbara, though.
  460. FishinMcNuggets

    Missing fish in Coral Sea

    I understand. Despite everything, the quality of the fish out of SB is really tough to rival. Just make sure that quality gets to your sack and fillet bag. We'll still fish the Stardust. Just know the drill. Maybe bring your own zip ties. You're fishing for personal limits. Boat limits...
  461. FishinMcNuggets

    Missing fish in Coral Sea

    My FIL had the same thing a trip or two back on the Stardust. My best advice is to not take your eyes off your sack (surrrrsly, no puns this time). Be preadvised. Self bagging is not allowed. Make sure your eyes follow commodity fish into your bag. Hang near your bag during moves. Know...
  462. FishinMcNuggets

    Carb Rebuilder in SoCal and/or treatment?

    FI carbs can be had for less than 5 c notes.
  463. FishinMcNuggets

    Boat thief

    Maybe post your area, I'll look around my work area for that truck regardless.
  464. FishinMcNuggets

    Free canoe and kayak

    Pm on the canoe!
  465. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 4/14 1.5

    Easier for them to give you "the fin" from that level, too!
  466. FishinMcNuggets

    Casting practice w/out license

    Worst case scenario, you're still getting ticketed. I wouldn't risk it. To minimize the risk: *don't cast at a body of water with fish. Find a private reservoir, cesspool, swimming pool, drainage canal, or even a dry sump or field. *don't cast around wildlife or people. Anything could be...
  467. FishinMcNuggets

    2 splines?

    Build based on the most obvious spline. I held up 4 piñatas this month with a bamboo pole with a set to it. You NEVER wanna go against the spline.
  468. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay / Harbor Random catch while getting bait ...

    Not to jack, but caught a near PB spotty waiting for the Enterprise to load and push off. Was going for CPR, and one of the deck hands ordered me to throw it back. I never would have kept an Alamitos bay bass, but localism is alive and well in the LBC.
  469. FishinMcNuggets

    Will Rodgers, 3-21-21

    Fished AM, looking for perch or big kitties. No action on either. Chummed, cracked, squid, and nothing! A couple bites, no connections. More people than fish. Musta been that those two wand wavers out there scared the bsp away? : D
  470. FishinMcNuggets


    Trying to be constructive about this, I'd like to hazard: "4 Great places near AZ that LOU will find more welcoming than BD!" Hobo Joe: imagine, Burgers AND Bingo! Gallup, speaks for...
  471. FishinMcNuggets

    Mouth hooked sea lion.

    I like the bolt cutters concept. Lacking bolt cutters, I have to think maybe getting a gaff or dock hook in the gap of the hook, you could potentially back it out?
  472. FishinMcNuggets

    Flying Fish. Holy Cow!

    They have a YouTube vid of people bowhunting them from a moving boat. IIRC, rednecks and possibly beer are involved.
  473. FishinMcNuggets

    Hooks with solid ring vs. Loop knot

    Dan Hernandez fishes loop knots. I always take a pack of right sized ringed hooks on any overnight or better trip. Call ahead to find bait conditions.
  474. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking for help with skipjack

    What part of town s the boat in?
  475. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking for any tips on how to get a deck hand job

    There was a very good thread on this before. Falls in line with boat ho threads too. Read them all, then decide. First thing I did was go buy my own brush at a janitorial supply. Put your name on it. Be at the docks when they leave and get back. Ask smart polite questions ending in "sir?"...
  476. FishinMcNuggets

    Tender/Dingy recommendation

    A roll up floor Avon or zodiac. There are probably off brands, but a used Avon is a better buy. A 90's Johnson 8hp 2-smoke with a 3 gallon Moeller would do it. Our Avon is a 2.85, roll up floor, soft bottom, and has served us well as a nearshore fishing craft. Load depending, that 3 gallon...
  477. FishinMcNuggets

    3 Calico's and a Halibut

    Great to see you posting here. I used to admire your spottie bass posts at SCSF. PV or 'Bu fish?
  478. FishinMcNuggets

    Anyone steal your "Afternoon Delight"?

    Tweakers by work have a trailered daysailer with a small dark o/b. Anyone missing their boat? Stern end says it all: "Afternoon Delight".
  479. FishinMcNuggets

    Bad day turned good!

    Eye, aye, I, Captain! O, c-u late... uh, maybe with the other eye?
  480. FishinMcNuggets

    Young Boat Owner in need of Help

    Fish: read reports to get a sense of what's biting/in season. Spots: download navionics to plan your trips before you even leave the dock.
  481. FishinMcNuggets

    Do I have a cylinder/compression issue on my 1980 Johnson 9.9?

    Honestly JoLy, the Johnson 9.9 is super reliable. Once you get it running, it should provide you with years of service. Our 8hp powered a 15' with 3 of us around the bay. Does good on our little boat too.
  482. FishinMcNuggets

    Do I have a cylinder/compression issue on my 1980 Johnson 9.9?

    If you can start it and keep it running (30 seconds or less) by pointing an unlit propane torch at the carb, it's a fuel issue. Poke fishing line in all the fuel passages to make sure they are not obstructed. Get a screen based fuel filter at O'Reilly AP or a mower shop.
  483. FishinMcNuggets

    Small Gas Tank That Doesn’t Balloon

    Moeller makes the best. Stay away from Attwood.
  484. FishinMcNuggets

    Snorkel Spots near LA/OC Marinas

    We do. Pm whenever you wanna go, weekends. We've been out a few times.
  485. FishinMcNuggets

    Snorkel Spots near LA/OC Marinas

    I'm guessing it's trailered, not cartop? I'd be willing to buddy boat ( North PV) with you guys the first time if you like.
  486. FishinMcNuggets

    Snorkel Spots near LA/OC Marinas

    I hate to rain on any parade, but I'd give that "help pull the other" into the boat thing a test run dockside. I'm usually dog-ass tired after a good snorkel session, and have a hard enough time getting back on a rocky shore. I can't conceive getting back on my inflatable without a foothold...
  487. FishinMcNuggets

    Snorkel Spots near LA/OC Marinas

    I'm going to heartily disagree. I know nearshore So. Cal. isnt the lee of Cat. or a tropical reef, but there are great spots. Have you guys tried getting back onto the boat in open water? Curious if you guys have a ladder, as I've never snorkeled from my inflatable. My recommendation...
  488. FishinMcNuggets

    What happened to SC Surf Fishing?

    Sure you guys wouldn't wanna bring SC under the "BDOUTDOORS" umbrella? They have a pretty fishy user base. Could be an easy way to up your membership numbers on the cheap. Plus the archives would be cool to look back on.
  489. FishinMcNuggets

    Gotta be a good story here

    Waiting out of the weather for Nacho to be in a good mood? Bone-fishing? Protecting his ghost shrimp pumping territories? Pursuit of the elusive lug-worm? Wait! Trapped in the stabbin cabin trying to open a very stubborn bayside bearded clam!
  490. FishinMcNuggets

    Dana Slow....again

    Happy looking squids there. Good job taking future sportsmen out for a good time.
  491. FishinMcNuggets

    Fishing in Newport Harbor/Balboa

    Peninsula side of ferry area is good on a high tide. On super lows, hoof it on exposed sand in balboa Island area. Try to imagine where an eddy might form where two channels intersect. Dropper style sand worms or a squid strip with a sliding sinker make great fish finder rigs.
  492. FishinMcNuggets

    Squid from markets for fishing?

    "Angel's Gate" is a good brand too. Or buy at wholesale market at the end of 22nd street in San Pedro, Sat AM , 4-8am. $2.49 per lb last I saw.
  493. FishinMcNuggets

    SD bay 2/6

    Flapjacks are fun! YAY Kids!
  494. FishinMcNuggets

    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    Monthly derby prize for biggest measured target fish. Example January: Sand Bass. Feb:Calico. March:Red. Etc. Decide based on what's biting/in season. Throw swag and a winners shirt for longest measured fish in a posted pic. People could CPR that way. See SC surf fishing as an example.
  495. FishinMcNuggets

    Slow day at the Horseshoe 2/5

    No to spice and garlic. Yes to anise or clam sauce. Definitely something with protein. Why not just "Calico Cocktail"???
  496. FishinMcNuggets

    1978 28 Skipjack

    Will show up and remount tires ( you supply) and lend help with refurb in return for trips on said boat!
  497. FishinMcNuggets

    Attention commercial fishermen, satisfied with you job?

    Why not do something more fun? Dental dam survey? Female versus male condom survey? Not that AP students need that stuff...
  498. FishinMcNuggets

    Trying to help give my son something I can't afford.

    Take him to the local track to talk to some racers. I'm sure someone there would have takeoff stock parts or used castoffs for your cause.
  499. FishinMcNuggets

    china. heard china was not buying local spiny lobster this year?

    Most everything I see about their military smacks of blatant propaganda. Given a huge number of their planes are copies of other people's tech, and China's notorious build quality issues, it's mostly information put forth hoping to intimidate.
  500. FishinMcNuggets

    Cal Star BT 220 and BTG 220 $120 each

    Great price for nice sticks. Not waiting for albies to use them?
  501. FishinMcNuggets

    Harassing sellers won't be tolerated

    Does badmouthing potential buyers get the same? Just sayin'.
  502. FishinMcNuggets

    What's on the soundtrack tonight

    I march to the beat of a really hard working drummer with only one splash cymbal: Battles Plus also in rotation: PVT, !!!, Covet, Tobacco, and some occasional funk.
  503. FishinMcNuggets

    Meat grinder(shark chum grinder)

    How soon can I pick it up? You have a pm.
  504. FishinMcNuggets

    Best versatile/overall jigstick

    I like the 6490 with a deckie grip. But I have not dumped money into getting one yet. I'm gonna throw out a cheaper option: Graftech 90m. Deckie grip. Cheap, and allows you to move reel up and down to move your point of leverage. Versatile. Light. Tons of backbone, easy to load. Then try...
  505. FishinMcNuggets

    Old yellow glass blank ?

    Probably wrapped by Mike Kolb or "Freddy" from DJ's bait and tackle in Hermosa Beach. Late 80's/early 90's.
  506. FishinMcNuggets

    LJ 12-2

    Look at it this way. You stocked up on karma, cod, and helped keep a little snack fresh for the taxman.
  507. FishinMcNuggets

    Want to fish Channel Islands. Boat/Landing suggestions?

    Santa Barbara landing: They ask you to dump your fish on deck, or wait for a decky. They sack your fish so you don't go "over boat limits". My FIL watched last time, and some largies got diverted to crew sacks at the edge of the tank with no numbers. Quality is there. Just mind your fish.
  508. FishinMcNuggets

    Not sure if this means I've arrived? TRUMP COOKING THREAD.

    Honestly, I can't see being without Pyrex. We love baking fish. Pyrex: Pani popo, cake, flan, lasagna, enchiladas. Shake and bake fish! Yummm!
  509. FishinMcNuggets

    2020 scout inflatable 430 & Honda 5hp

    May wanna throw this on "spearboard". Looks like their kinda ride.
  510. FishinMcNuggets

    Want to fish Channel Islands. Boat/Landing suggestions?

    Honestly, Santa Barbara landing is a great value. Just watch that your fish get to your sack.
  511. FishinMcNuggets

    Saturday 11/21/2020 Redondo and Rocky Point area

    Redondo Art. Reef could be good for bass or whitefish. Try just inside of the point for a mixed bag of fun fish. Trolling a plug can be fun. Some fresh dead squid could bring unexpected luck.
  512. FishinMcNuggets

    2009 inflatable RIB Sold

    Awesome price for an economical platform.
  513. FishinMcNuggets

    * SOLD * Tiburon N533NK $90

    Those kits hold up well, and add rigidity to any setup.
  514. FishinMcNuggets

    Newell 641-3 *clean*

    Interesting white base.
  515. FishinMcNuggets

    Newell 641-3 *clean*

    Nice reel bump, Big C!
  516. FishinMcNuggets

    Where can I get mackerel?

    Why don't you offer an exchange? Macks for guiding? Someone would commute up with macks in exchange for your insight and expertise.
  517. FishinMcNuggets

    Creative ways to hide fishing related purchases

    My techniques are mostly the "rod corner", and messy garage hiding. Reels are usually "oh, a friend gave it to me". Don't let her find receipts or baggies of fresh tackle! Plus, take her and relatives fishing. Makes it "ours", not mine. New tackle can be "for the kids". Buy used. Is she...
  518. FishinMcNuggets

    Rocky point 10/20

    Thanks for a local report. Those girthy bones are a hoot! Hopefully the yellows stick around the bay for a bit.
  519. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore 412 pound BFT!! Wow!

    Anyone feel free to correct me on the details, but some 5 and 600lb fish were netted off of the yellow banks in the 80's. Bigger fish still waiting out there.
  520. FishinMcNuggets

    Old Favorites

    They still make those rebels. Cast-a-bubble water bobbers. The ones that bounce and don't crack. Knock off diamond jigs that didn't break the bank, and came in mackerel sizes. And Scroungers. Especially with the silver tail. Those things took care of business.
  521. FishinMcNuggets


    20 ft is doable with snorkel gear. Good excuse to return. Just clear those ears!
  522. FishinMcNuggets

    West Marine Fold Up Dinghy

    For "Burials at Sea" and you're making two trips? No, I know! 3 close friends and that 25kg square grouper they're hoping to harvest. Would hate to break any CG load regs there.
  523. FishinMcNuggets

    What’s wrong with PV?

    It's been really quiet this year. Lotsa bait in the water, not in the receivers.
  524. FishinMcNuggets

    Dead lobos in South-Central Baja

    Bait for the lobster co-ops.
  525. FishinMcNuggets

    bra adds

    I get good stuff. Swimsuits for girls with big racks, big booty spandex ads. Thanks BD!
  526. FishinMcNuggets

    Headless mariner, Huntington area?

    In our maritime misadventures in the Huntington area, we came across a little navigation hazard. Wanting to do our part, we picked up an odd piece of sea junk. It then promptly pushed our trolling lines into the prop with it's tubing. Day turned crappy after picking it up. I'll give it a...
  527. FishinMcNuggets

    Izor's Reef and Long Beach Breakwall 9/5 - 9/6 Yellowtail inside longbeach harbor?

    There's speculation that improving water quality in the harbor is allowing the more kelp growth. With healthy kelp, why not more possible yellows? Let's hope it's part of a trend towards better local opportunities.
  528. FishinMcNuggets

    ID this perch please

    Zebra perch!
  529. FishinMcNuggets

    8-29, Big Bones? Off Hermosa.

    Guys, Anyone going to Cat from mdr may want to pass thru the spot between HB and MB Piers. I like to glass the water in the morning, and there are decent sized breezers. Look at 1/2 mile offshore around 19th Street. If I can see them from a mile away, I'm sure you should be able to. Let us...
  530. FishinMcNuggets

    Early AM San Pedro fish market

    YES. Saturday morning. No more singers or veggie stalls. Eastern end of 22nd street, bring cash.
  531. FishinMcNuggets

    Dumb but honest question.

    What they said. An hour or so before slack and after.
  532. FishinMcNuggets

    Anyone on the Native Sun today?

    If so, I hope you got one. Give up a report if you'd be so kind?
  533. FishinMcNuggets

    advice for a newbie

    There's probably better or cheaper or more fishing oriented, but I always went to: They have a little launch beach right there. Fish spotted bay bass!
  534. FishinMcNuggets

    advice for a newbie

    Rent a couple, then look at the used market.
  535. FishinMcNuggets

    San Gorgonio help

    I'd vote that if you really want to blow his mind, put a rod out for Carp (BBL). Hook and Hand, baby! Nothing like ginormous fighting carp-monster to initiate him into fishing.
  536. FishinMcNuggets

    Some light reading for my 2.5 day cat trip.

    "Baby SHARK! Doot Doot-duh-doot-di-Doot!!!" ×20!
  537. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Tuna? Yellowtail?

    Curious if anyone going back to MDR or going west end from MDR saw anything due north of the previous clusterF*. You could PM me. I was thinking of going to the 307 or even the 270 for a look. I bet they aren't far from the Kidney bank, though.
  538. FishinMcNuggets

    Sand crabs, where did they go?

    Try looking under a pier. Especially wooden ones.
  539. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Missed our chance

    Hoping they make a right, and settle in at the Boot or northern 270.
  540. FishinMcNuggets

    Any Tips trolling Rapala X-Rap Mags

    Honestly, I've had plastic lip yo-zuris get the eye bent, and knocked outta tune. Best advice is if it needs a swivel or pops up close in, somethings off. On trolling, I'd say run a big plug deep, and small one shallow. Or a big deep, and a cedar or hoochy chain shallow. Could do a small jet...
  541. FishinMcNuggets


    Ebay or Christmas gift for someone that knows, and keep one for fishing. Love them at night for fatty Bay bass.
  542. FishinMcNuggets

    2020 Fishing Skiff 16’ with Suzuki outboard 6 hp New!

    The guys at spearboard love this kinda thing. !!!!!!
  543. FishinMcNuggets

    Primer for beginner?

    There are a couple good books out. Search Amazon or call Squidco in San Diego for a book recommendation. Likewise, talk to your local tackle shop.
  544. FishinMcNuggets

    what can you do with "old gas?"

    Give it to the homeless! It'll keep them from siphoning local cars for a minute. Look for an area where people are living permanently in RV's, most of them would probably love the prospect of free gas. You'd probably have to deliver and pump out?
  545. FishinMcNuggets

    Surf session storage question

  546. FishinMcNuggets

    Surf session storage question

    Wow guys. I guess as a bait fisherman I have it easy. A pack of hooks, and a few sinkers and mayyybe some gulp. Fits in two pockets. Plus nail clippers.
  547. FishinMcNuggets


    Seen rings at Fisherman's supplies in Lawndale CA. May wanna call and see if they have the other components.
  548. FishinMcNuggets

    Barracuda at green bouy in Long Beach 8/2

    Pull a gill and get them on ice before they stop flopping. My friend does Ecuadorian style: Corn starch breading, fried fillets. Chop onions , garlic, and a couple chilis into slim rings, and marinate in lemon and salt. Serve fish and onion slaw beside steamed white rice.
  549. FishinMcNuggets

    *HELP* Hawkins or Hobie Power Skiff Search

    Try a little harbor crawling. Best way to spot that neglected lil skiff you might be looking for.
  550. FishinMcNuggets

    10' Achilles inflatable & 6hp Suzuki Outboard

    I have a similar setup with a 8hp. It's totally dependent on your load. Putting a big person on board can cut your speed/mpg in half. That said, you'd still be hard pressed to empty that 6 gallon tank in a full day of driving around. You alone might get up to 15 mph. You and a bud and...
  551. FishinMcNuggets

    7-30-20 SP/LBC

    So, how's it goin? Winds a blowin?
  552. FishinMcNuggets

    7-30-20 SP/LBC

    OTW style?
  553. FishinMcNuggets

    Marking kelp

    Tiny child rig. Senko or skinny swimmy.
  554. FishinMcNuggets

    Catching Mack’s from MDR to Redondo

    Looks like water in smb just turned over. May be a minute until fishing recovers.
  555. FishinMcNuggets

    Coronado Island Sea Lions (what to do?)

    Frozen paintballs. Orca recordings. Habanero laden mackerel.
  556. FishinMcNuggets

    *Freestyle Disc* aka frisbee, anyone on BD do it?

    In my book, all Disc sports matter. My son and I just find "Freestyle Disc" to be the most convenient and accessible form. Ultimate, too fast. Golf, too much driving. Freestyle looks cool, and works with that afternoon onshore wind, better even at the beach. Just looking to find like-minded...
  557. FishinMcNuggets

    *Freestyle Disc* aka frisbee, anyone on BD do it?

    Badass game of fetch going on there!
  558. FishinMcNuggets

    *Freestyle Disc* aka frisbee, anyone on BD do it?

    Trust me, you don't wanna google NYC frisbee. There could be legwarmers involved.
  559. FishinMcNuggets

    *Freestyle Disc* aka frisbee, anyone on BD do it?

    Lotsa beach folks here. Part of the waterman lifestyle to a minor degree. Anyone play Freestyle frisbee? La Jolla or Santa Barbara style, especially. Not big on the NYC stuff. PM if you do or know someone that does/likes to/wants to. -Mike
  560. FishinMcNuggets

    Catching Mack’s from MDR to Redondo

    Seems like there are always macks around the canyon. May have to meter and look for birds working. Early AM glass is easiest way to spot them feeding.
  561. FishinMcNuggets

    7/18-7/19 Point Loma

    They make "tinga de cazon" with those and similar critters in Mexicali.
  562. FishinMcNuggets

    7-18, A Nautical SMB is better than the best day scratching your...

    I gotta agree. I had a tough co-worker cry uncle once we got to Rocky Point, and the conditions were windless and far-set. On top of that, one of them set the alarm, and woke ME up. Not vice versa. Suegro won't even go in the little boat no-mo!
  563. FishinMcNuggets

    7/18 Izor's reef wide open calico

    I sometimes get sargo as ninja bycatch. A thin strip of squid on 8 lb, #4 mosquito hook, an egg sinker. You could c-rig with the egg if you wanna be stealthy. I think they like mussels and snails even better than squid.
  564. FishinMcNuggets

    7-18, A Nautical SMB is better than the best day scratching your...

    ...Bass! I swore to myself that I need to get out more this summer fishing. My kids have been ready accomplices and excuses, too. I wasn't about to let another weekend go by saying... "what if?" Especially in light of recent ghosty rumors in my neighborhood. We hatched an idealistic plan as...
  565. FishinMcNuggets

    MLPA - Huge Success

    Not to argue, but to support what I feel are assertions against "band-aid" science: I don't think most license-holding sportsfisherman are the problem. MLPA's are a flawed experiment in making a tiny un-predated area. But it doesn't take the big picture into account. Three things are key to...
  566. FishinMcNuggets

    Calstar. 90j. West cost. Glass Vs calstar 6480-h. Glass

    6480H is probably a little more versatile. 90J is a jigstick. Might feel too much like a broomstick to you under other circumstances. Go pull on both, and imagine what you want to catch, and how long the fight may be, and whether you want to rest it on the rail or not. If you have to ask, a...
  567. FishinMcNuggets

    Lemon on fish

    Yes, hugely delicious blasphemy! Try adding raisins to every 3rd meatball in your albondigas, and chopped camote in the soup!
  568. FishinMcNuggets

    Lemon on fish

    Ceviche: cook with lemon first, then after removing excess and adding pico de Gallo veggies, add pineapple juice, chopped mint, and pear cubes to taste.
  569. FishinMcNuggets

    Calstar. 90j. West cost. Glass Vs calstar 6480-h. Glass

    What you gonna do with it? Jigs? Or multiple uses?
  570. FishinMcNuggets

    I hate to fish alone!

    Hey, your birthday is the day before mine! Masis Bakery is calling.
  571. FishinMcNuggets

    Channel your inner female.....

    Bring her to Monty's in Woodland Hills. Get a honeymoon suite here in town. Stock up on Fireball. Get some paintbrushes and a bottle of Hershey's syrup, and whipped cream, and cherries. Have fun. Extra extra bone-us points if you can get her in for Tea at Huntington Gardens.
  572. FishinMcNuggets

    Alright, who did this?

    What do you call 5 headless sea lions in the San Pedro Canyon? "mako wish foundation"
  573. FishinMcNuggets

    So glad to be back on my Skippy

    Glad to see you back, John! Great to see you getting water time. Maybe I'll see you out there one calm day.
  574. FishinMcNuggets


    Free skyflakes with any purchase? J/K. Location?
  575. FishinMcNuggets

    First timer at catalina

    Stick to the Lee side. Troll rapalas or slow troll live bait. Look for current, structure and clean water. Maybe see if the Carnage at Avalon will sell you a "kayak scoop". Put squid in a 10 gallon cooler. Keep oxygenated with a bailing scoop made from a cutoff bleach bottle. Put harbor...
  576. FishinMcNuggets

    MLPA - Huge Success

    MLPA is special interests pushing their political agenda with flawed science. Commissions and conservancies lobbying for fish hugging. Two outright flaws: A: MLPA's modify wildlife behaviors. Lover's cove bass act more like aquarium fish than real ones. Lobsters in another zone have taken to...
  577. FishinMcNuggets

    O side Carlsbad. Green water dead bite

    For you NFIO guys, someone should post a harbor entrance video.
  578. FishinMcNuggets

    O side Carlsbad. Green water dead bite

    For you NFIO guys, someone should post a harbor entrance video.
  579. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Great Trip on New LoAnn

    Great fish, great report!
  580. FishinMcNuggets


    And we thought this was going to be your "forever boat"? Making a change?
  581. FishinMcNuggets

    Rock Addition (South OC) 06.28.20

    I vote for: Dana Ponyo Or... Psuh!
  582. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay Bass Techniques, post yours too!

    Scroungers! I love scrounger heads. PB cuda (10#) at 13 years old on a scrounger.
  583. FishinMcNuggets

    Shoe buoys, 6-27, Pencil us in the 'Cuda log, Scooter!

    Referring to when Cattle boat warriors start hucking iron with jig rods at encroaching private boats, and vice versa. Not you personally. : D Tady A1= SM Bay cuda iron standard.
  584. FishinMcNuggets

    Shoe buoys, 6-27, Pencil us in the 'Cuda log, Scooter!

    Got a text from my highly intrepid nephew Danny last night. Wanted to go fishing. I wanted to cook up a fun but adventurous trip for him. The Shoe for cudas on an Avon 2.85 it was. Picked up bait at J. Deluca around 4:45. Got to Cabrillo around 5. Dropped the Johnson in the water, but got...
  585. FishinMcNuggets

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    Short Version: I like boats. Pretty boats stick out like a sore thumb in the area where the boat was found. I've been driving past this thing since Monday. I like BD too. I pulled up a post during lunch that looked like "said boat", and confirmed. Bingo! I posted and pm'd. I honestly...
  586. FishinMcNuggets

    baja fish gear 3x5 or blank

    Looks like BFG changed hands again? Bump!
  587. FishinMcNuggets

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    Cops on the way.
  588. FishinMcNuggets

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    Been there three days, not going anywhere. Full story later
  589. FishinMcNuggets

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    I'll let these guys pick their style of justice. It's parked and still hooked to that pickup. Someone pass the message to these guys via Facebook? I'm at work and don't have time to do so.
  590. FishinMcNuggets

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    Have a visual. Call me asap. 310 719 5959
  591. FishinMcNuggets

    MAGNESIUM, for example--> Old VW blocks or trans cases, etc.

    Hey BD: I have a need for some magnesium. Willing to pay better than scrap price, I'm looking for stuff at least 1x1x1" that can be machined. No certs or clean finish required. Just no 3/4 or 1/2 plate. Your old scrap can have a new life. Old cracked VW blocks, out of spec stuff from a...
  592. FishinMcNuggets

    Snot stick Navy?

    Anyone going to the snot stick party tomorrow? I might drag the "C ¢" to Cabrillo tomorrow.
  593. FishinMcNuggets


    My condolences, Alby. I hate when chance steals opportunity. Here's hoping doors open where one closes.
  594. FishinMcNuggets

    Atmospheric pressure.

    I think rising pressure coinciding with a tide peak is what you want. And if it all coincides with a sunrise or set, then even better.
  595. FishinMcNuggets

    Afternoon PL 6/15

    scooter = snot stick = barracuda
  596. FishinMcNuggets

    Recipe suggestions, too much bluefin, need help...

    Ceviche. Cut with pineapple after the lemon. Likewise, minced with sriracha. After marinating, on crackers.
  597. FishinMcNuggets

    Bass Pro Shops visit

    Amazon/Bezos has this exact same playbook. I've seen it play out here at work. Now more than ever-> SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS SUPPORT LOCAL RETAILERS Tomorrow you don't wanna cry about them being gone.
  598. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo Canyon, 6-13-20

    Lol. I had kids on the boat, and a nephew from the wife's side. There was a large & in charge red bikini checking him out!
  599. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo Canyon, 6-13-20

    I'll give you the short version tonite, and augment the report tomorrow with pics & shiz. AM shift: North side Canyon wall and RBAR yielded 2 porky sandbass for me and the kids. Started easy, midday turned up wind and swell. Couldn't see outta some troughs today. Saw guys with nice bunches...
  600. FishinMcNuggets


    Any news here? Plus, any bait @ KH this wknd?
  601. FishinMcNuggets

    Yak access at King Harbor

    Maybe taking my squids on the Avon Sat early AM. Wanna be a Cod-fodder. May hit Rocky first thing.
  602. FishinMcNuggets

    Yak access at King Harbor

    If not, try inside end of breakwater or moonstone/"carpet beach".
  603. FishinMcNuggets

    Search issues

    Yeah, I agree. Messes with the forums when people dig up these old messages, too.
  604. FishinMcNuggets

    6/4 @ 371 no love

    Great Effort! We can hope they move in closer by then.
  605. FishinMcNuggets

    Newport Beach Pipe

    Hey Shaun, You do have a PM. But, aside from that, in case it helps you or others: Weather: (adjust for newport or wherever)...
  606. FishinMcNuggets

    Can we fish during the curfew?

    No surf fishing Redondo. Tried that, no good.
  607. FishinMcNuggets

    SoCal Return, What to Expect

    Wow, Steve. I don't how the "reglazing" thread went, but don't do it to a $7,400 tub. Suffer the color or work around it or resell it. I had a crappy reglazing job done and it went nasty. Free granite would be great outdoors as a BBQ side counter or something. Would need some cutting work.
  608. FishinMcNuggets

    SoCal Return, What to Expect

    As you can see Steve, it's a very mixed bag of covid opinions back here in pinkoland. Same thing at the stores... some are anal about making you wait in line, spraying your basket handle, issuing you a squirt of hand sanitizer, making sure you have a mask/face covering, and will "go off" on you...
  609. FishinMcNuggets

    fresh dead squid (LA/N.OC)

    Wholesale fish sellers, end of 22nd street in SP, only SAT, early AM Edit: Just wanted to add, these are whole and unbleached looking. The look like they just rolled outta the back of a light boat. I cleaned one and sauteed it up in teriyaki for my #2 son, and he dug it! They are fit for...
  610. FishinMcNuggets

    PV Cuda

    Just curious, any legals in the mix? Sounds like fun times, whatever the case.
  611. FishinMcNuggets

    Rod calstar done delete

    Awesome Albacore stick there! Good even for small baits at the 'Nados.
  612. FishinMcNuggets

    Need Some Advice for Fishing Out of Ventura, CA

    You need: Smartphone with Navionics App, set to "sonarchart" Try the web app before you buy.
  613. FishinMcNuggets

    5-21 PV and Shoe=Major Suckage

    Wholesale San Pedro fish warehouses, end of 22nd street on Sat AM, $2.49 a lb. Squid, & deanos too!
  614. FishinMcNuggets

    Black Widow Avets and Weapons of Pelagic Destruction

    Liking those single foot guides. Always quality stuff.
  615. FishinMcNuggets

    Sea Otter and Cudas

    Stovepipes, or pencils? ... I have a friend that really hankers for a stack of logs.