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  1. scbassmaster

    Offshore 6/6/23 US bluefin

    Awesome, dream day for most of us, big bft and side of yt, sign me up for that.
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    Inshore Weekend inshore report and how are you guys getting these halibut!!

    the bulk of the halibut have been super shallow, 10-30ft. fluke, dropper loop sardine or even those mini mackerel would work. My partner an I caught 2 legal halibut in 14ft on A-rigs inside newport harbor during the SBS spottie event in feb. the sand adjacent to the rock jetties is my...
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    Fishing gear recommendations

    I like the fathom 60, 100lb braid to 60-130lb leader depending on the technique and time of day. the pch741XXXH (80-130lb) is a good middle for a heavy rod, not the strongest but also light wt and can fish 60# with 15lbs of drag up to 100+ with 25-30# of drag if needed. personally I have...
  4. scbassmaster

    MadMacs On Charter Gear?

    What jigs do you like pulling behind your trolling lead? I've never tried using one but interested in an alternative to a Rapala 30 Mag to cover the water column, and not have to deal with winding it back in...
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    Heavy Bluefin Setup Opinions

    80# braid is good, fish 100# or 130# leader for night jigging, swap it out for 60-80# for daytime bait or jig. That rod feels really good between 15-25# of drag, can go up to 30# but like said above 30 becomes 60 when the spool is half empty. The reel will also preform best around 20# of drag so...
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    MadMacs On Charter Gear?

    Just my experiences on a few of the 1-1.5day boats… I know long range boats have different rules and better gear. The boat trolling gear is penn 4/0s with straight 60-100lb mono and meant to troll feathers and cedar plugs fairly close to the boat to convert jig strikes into bait fishing. So no...
  7. scbassmaster

    Owner st 76 4/0

    4/0 is fine. And normally I’d agree with huckLF on the st-66 4X being sufficient but with the size of these fish increasing I’d rather have the st-76 5X if possible. Depends what rig you are fishing it on too. A fathom 40N with 80lb, 4X no problem, 16VISX with 130lb, go for the 5X and worry...
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    Inshore Crappy Cruz

    Appreciate the report, learn more from the bad days than the good most of the time.
  9. scbassmaster

    Inshore 5/27/23 LBC

    Can always count on you guys for entertainment even if the fishing isn’t that great.
  10. scbassmaster

    help with cow killer. hxw/ex with okuma pch?

    Agree 3 speed is unnecessary, the pch 3X which I just bought is a solid 80# rod, and will pass for 100# work when using conservative 25# strike setting, I tried 30lbs and I could feel the rod bending into the middle of the fore grip. I’d go with the heavier outfit PCH 4X and ex50, 130lb braid...
  11. scbassmaster

    Dropper loop for bluefin

    I prefer a spider hitch if going this route, but when every bit of strength of the line could be tested the less knots the better, especially knots with just line wrapped around itself. Would probably still work but there are better ways for sure.
  12. scbassmaster

    Mimic Nature's Best with BLUEWING Superior Spreader Bar Formation

    do you have directional bird bars?
  13. scbassmaster

    Swell period thoughts

    I'd say it depends on where you are planning to go, definitely not good for offshore. If you went into it along the coast early in the morning you could fish your way back to port with it. I would fish the bay, I heard it's been good lately. Also second the bigger boat suggestion, but we could...
  14. scbassmaster

    1 Yellowfin On The Liberty Yesterday

    Long fin, could be an albacore…. :D
  15. scbassmaster

    Smoked Sheephead

    I’m sure it would taste as good as any smoked fish, but the flavor and richness lends itself better to butter and garlic than it does to hickory and smoke. I treat it like lobster or shrimp. Oily fish balance better with smoke. Smoke is unnecessary and overpowering for such a rich delicate meat.
  16. scbassmaster

    20lb setup

    I got to borrow a trinidad 12 once, great reel, I fish a SL20SH on a GF800XL for 20lb but only for YT and Dodo (albacore), if BFT or YFT tuna are around I bump up to a SL30-X and usually don't fish lighter than 25lb leader on a 15-30lb rod. the torium doesn't come in a 12 that i know of so the...
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    Offshore 2 Day on the Spirit of Adventure 5/20-5/22

    Who is Ange? so I make sure I don’t have any knots tied by them.
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    Saw the reports today, go get ‘em!
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    Budget rail rod options, experience, recommendations

    Picked up a PCH 741 XXXH from the Longfin, thanks for all the input and offers from everyone, I feel like I learned a lot and if I ever need something a little different I’ll know what to look for.
  20. scbassmaster


    Lots of boats fishing cat and Clemente from Dana point and north landings, no sign of fish reported. If I was going to look on the US side it would be the 181,182 and 43 triangle. If you do try the northern banks bring some gear to fish an island or even the 14. We don’t usually see much up that...
  21. scbassmaster

    Explain "Boat Limits" please

    big difference between Legal, fair, and moral... There are multiple perspectives to consider and situations that are better than others, but we can't control what other anglers do so be prepared to deal with the possible outcomes or private charter a boat. I've caught over limits and given fish...
  22. scbassmaster

    You might find this interesting

    So true, happens to me every trip, 4-5 rods, 4 3700 boxes in my roller bag full of lures, hooks, wts etc. top tray full of leaders from 20-130lb, and sometimes I never even open the box the whole trip. I have been trying to sell down some gear and made a spreadsheet of stuff I need, now just...
  23. scbassmaster

    Advice on monofilament line top shot to fluorocarbon leader connection knot

    I use 3 turn surgeons knot, no issues, mono to flouro will test better than mono to mono. Tie up some samples of light line and see what it breaks at. Uni-to-Uni is good too, use the one you’re most comfortable tying. Seaguar knot is probably slightly better but no experience with it yet.
  24. scbassmaster

    Any Local Bonito Boats(

    I like to use a chrome/blue A1 if I'm not tossing a colt sniper, I don't even own a full size jig stick or big surface irons anymore, lol. If the offshore bit is still in mexico come fathers day i'll be at Cat on my boat.
  25. scbassmaster

    Trip decision time!

    wow, I've never had that long a hall pass, what brand of wine and hairdresser did you use?
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    Any Local Bonito Boats(

    as soon as the conditions improve in sure they will be on the bones good while looking for yellowtail. If i could go this weekend or next i would. mid summer to fall is the best time to go and usually bigger fish, but if you can afford the time and money to go now, just go.
  27. scbassmaster

    Budget rail rod options, experience, recommendations

    He actually hit me up before posting it, it’s very close to what I want but a little long and a little light. I’ve got a couple rods I’ve narrowed it down to, just waiting to be able to pull on them and pick one.
  28. scbassmaster

    Budget rail rod options, experience, recommendations

    Gimbal is just to keep the rod square in the holder while trolling, and some of the butt caps don’t fit in the rod holders at all. I’ll be fishing the rod on the rail once hooked up from my boat or a sport boat. For $269 it’s going to be hard to talk me out of the PCH 3X especially with all the...
  29. scbassmaster

    Budget rail rod options, experience, recommendations

    Inquiring about the PCH at my local shop…
  30. scbassmaster

    Budget rail rod options, experience, recommendations

    Does the PCH have a gimbal from the factory?
  31. scbassmaster

    Budget rail rod options, experience, recommendations

    looking to buy a rod to pair with an Avet EXW Pro 30/2 100lb hollow to 100' of 100lb mono. Primarily going to be trolling BFT on my boat but also as a heavier night jigging option on party boats(currently running a fathom 40N with 80lb). interested in others experiences with proteus, PCH...
  32. scbassmaster

    one cow rig for jigging and trolling?

    Thanks for all the input, I ended up with an Avet EXW PRO 30/2, 100lb hollow, topped with 100' of 100lb mono. investigating rod options now. need something like a 7' 80-130 rail rod with a gimble. started new post, and a WTB in the classifieds.
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    7'-7'6" Rail rod 80-130

    scbassmaster submitted a new listing: 7'-7'6" Rail rod 80-130 - 7'-7'6" Rail rod 80-130 Learn more about this listing...
  34. scbassmaster

    Southern California 7'-7'6" Rail rod 80-130

    no surprise everyone is looking for these right now, specially looking for Carnage III west coast, daiwa proteus, or PCH. would entertain other higher end rods if the price is right but currently the plan is to buy a new Carnage III 7' 80-130 and have a gimble added at my local shop. I will be...
  35. scbassmaster

    Bay / Harbor Birthday weekend bass 5/6-5/8

    Wife asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday... so I fished all weekend. Inside Dana Point harbor. Did well in the evenings through the moonrise and high tide. fishing was a little tougher during the day but still managed a few. 5" swimbait at night, A-rig during the day. surprisingly no...
  36. scbassmaster

    Inshore Oceanside to Carlsbad pipe

    They have been biting, just not on the surface. I caught 15 or so last weekend just fishing from shore, swimbaits and arigs near the bottom. From a boat you could fish tube baits, heavy swimbaits or my favorite Gulp jerkshad on a swinghead or reverse dropper loop.
  37. scbassmaster

    Cast net for bait legality in Mexican waters

    I know the locals use nets to catch bait all the time, i'm not sure if non-citizens are allowed to or not. I know we can't hoop or dive for lobster...
  38. scbassmaster

    one cow rig for jigging and trolling?

    Trying to figure out how much 100 hollow fits on a reel is hard when no one posts the relative diameter of their line, I get it’s hard to measure but they should give an estimate of the mono equivalent as far as line capacity goes. I feel like I’d be comfortable with 500-600yrds plus 25-100ft of...
  39. scbassmaster

    one cow rig for jigging and trolling?

    Currently the biggest reel I have is a Fathom 40N full of 80lb braid, I know I need a full frame reel if I want to have a better chance at the really big ones, can't afford to buy 2 cow setups so was wondering if there were any crossover between a heavy night jigging setup and an "on the small...
  40. scbassmaster

    Longfin Anyone?

    Interesting that a lot of people who weren't talking about the A word the last couple of years are now talking about it. In an "unrelated event" I just booked an overnight trip for July 14th... maybe I'll get to test out my SL20SH / GF800L combo on some. Honestly I prefer a good YFT bite with a...
  41. scbassmaster

    Tiagra 30W Reel with fully loaded 130 lbs spectra and Tiburon handle

    how many yards of 130lb are on it? hollow yes? do you have the stock handle still?
  42. scbassmaster

    Trolling Rod for Bonito

    Daiwa FT Boat Rod, 7' Med 15-30lb $29.99 online.
  43. scbassmaster

    Offshore Tomahawk 2 Day Bluefin 4.29-5.1

    Big fish on a TLD50, good to know the low count wasn’t for lack of trying, glad you got one.
  44. scbassmaster

    Offshore 43 / corner / 302 371 April 29

    When you say single bird do you mean daisy chain? i was looking at Odyssea's website and couldn't figure out what you were using for your first fish.
  45. scbassmaster

    Islands Young’s Tackle to San Nicolas 4/30/23

    aren't chuckleheads Copper rockfish? or is there another fish that gets that nickname, like a canary that has similar stripes on its head?
  46. scbassmaster

    Avet Lx double duty line recommendations

    Hollow is more manageable for trolling so for that reason I would fill it 90% full of 80lb hollow braid (400yrds?) and use a 100ft leader when trolling and a short leader for bottom fishing. My bottom fishing reels are full of solid braid and my trolling reels are 50/50 hollow braid and mono...
  47. scbassmaster

    TLD 30II in a pinch??

    If that is all you got it will work for 95% of the fish that are being hooked right now, worst case you hook a real one and you burn up the drags, get spooled or crack the frame. I'm currently saving up for a full heavy-frame reel to replace my fathom 40N as my night jig setup.
  48. scbassmaster

    Inshore 4/28/2023 LBBW

    Water looks much better than the jetty outside Dana point, good luck!
  49. scbassmaster

    Inshore For Marine Biologists

    *not a biologist. I think the problem with the spill comes from bacteria in the water getting into swimmers eyes and nose etc. I don’t think it’s likely to get an infection from eating fish that were swimming in or even eating the contaminated *stuff* assuming you clean your fish well and only...
  50. scbassmaster

    Inshore Dana wharf 3/4 day rockfish

    boat averaged 5 fish per rod but I caught 14 "keepable" size with the 4 good ones pictured, a couple 1 lb reds, a "big" Honeycomb (10") and the rest a mix of roughly 8" olive, flag, vermillion, starry and honeycomb. lots of tiny halfbanded rockfish caught, smaller than the 6" sardines we had in...
  51. scbassmaster

    Inshore Dana wharf 3/4 day rockfish

    Jumped on the Sum fun with Capt Chase on Sunday 4/23. We headed south towards box canyon is less than perfect weather. We made a stop short at a spot he wanted to check out. Slim pickings there but we caught a few, spent more time than I’m sure most would have liked but made the move down to the...
  52. scbassmaster

    Offshore BFT 40 miles SW of PL

    Sorry it is a second hand report, but the fish are moving north. With the new moon and decent weather the guys going fishing the next few days should smash them, but then again they are bluefin... haha.
  53. scbassmaster

    Whose wife wanted a gate across the driveway?

    Apparently the wife, boat, and the property all need work...
  54. scbassmaster

    What's your favorite fishing qoute or saying?

    Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught. "Your not a good enough fisherman to affect the population with a rod a reel" - Dave Hansen
  55. scbassmaster

    Tips for 1st time deepwater rockfishing please?

    All this talking about rock fishing out of DP got me excited, booked a trip for next Sunday 4/23 guess I’ll see if my advice/techniques still actually work.
  56. scbassmaster

    Squid. Boats?

    Edit: Kinley Marie had a small amount of squid at Indian rock yesterday and this morning but left cat for LB a few hours ago. So no luck there. Anyone know if the Carnage is running? Sounds like there isn’t much squid to be made at the moment.
  57. scbassmaster

    Reel for swimbaits/Alabama rigs

    I fish a Tranx 200 with 40lb braid and 20# topshot for mini Arigs (flash mob jr and hog farmer mini flex) and will throw SMALL swimbaits on it, not anything a swimbait fisherman would even call a swimbait, like 4-5" soft baits. if you are looking at real swimbaits like huddlestons, med-large...
  58. scbassmaster

    Tips for 1st time deepwater rockfishing please?

    The SPJ style is the most effective because they get to the bottom but still have good action when jigged. if using other styles priority #1 is getting to the bottom, and then action is secondary. Colors, I like anything with part glow patterns, not fully painted glow but striped or squid...
  59. scbassmaster

    Casting for Albacore Questions?

    if we are talking casting a chovie a Short 20lb flouro leader on top of 30 or 40lb braid. otherwise I’d go with 30lb for swimbaits/jigs. Whatever braid/mono/flouro combo you like will work, whatever is comfortable.
  60. scbassmaster

    Low Speed/Idle Engine bogs out but runs perfect at high speed?

    I had the same problem, needs a good cleaning, if seafoam can fix it that is the easiest route. If you start taking things apart it’s a bitch to get everything re adjusted. I really should get mine synced again but it idles and it runs so I’m not going to mess with it right now.
  61. scbassmaster

    Tips for 1st time deepwater rockfishing please?

    Is the topshot to make tangles easier to undo? no, it is to add a bit of stretch to keep fish from coming off and tying a dropper loop if needed. What size hooks should I use? fishing squid strips 1/0-2/0 for J hooks, 2/0-4/0 for circle, for live bait or whole squid 3/0-4/0 J, 4/0-6/0 circle...
  62. scbassmaster

    Tips for 1st time deepwater rockfishing please?

    I'm a DP regular, you will be fishing 250-350ft mostly unless conditions are off, but be prepared to fish up to 500-600ft. catching a limit of 1-2lb fish is a good day. I Bring 3 setups but you only need #1 1. 7' 15-30lb glass rod, Med size level-wind reel with 400 yrd of 40lb braid to 10ft of...
  63. scbassmaster

    Southern California fishing regs cheat sheet

    Rockfish Regs and seasons Apr 1 through Sept 15: Open for all species with no depth constraints. Limit 10 total Rockfish, Cabezon, Greenling in aggregate. except NO TAKE of Bronzespotted rockfish, Cowcod, and Yelloweye rockfish. Sept 16 through Dec 31: Fishing open seaward of 50-fathom curve...
  64. scbassmaster


    Skip the FG, pain the butt to tie and until you get good at it will be more frustrating that anything. I use the RP knot for everything up to 60lb test. Reducing the angle of the line entering the rod tip when you get to the knot will help, I do that when fishing tuna with a longer top-shot. you...
  65. scbassmaster

    Islands Unbelievable! Until I saw this. If this is in the wrong forum, my apologies.

    Wow, crazy to just now realize the feat you accomplished so many years ago. Tuna definitely has the profile of a big eye but that is definitely a wahoo. I had a similar experience with my first Bluefin. I thought I caught a school-size YFT but was corrected by fellow BDers after posting pics and...
  66. scbassmaster

    Penn Squall 20 Level Wind for fishing the local rockfish

    if you have 60# handy that will work great, if i were buying line to put on i'd go with 40 or 50lb for the narrower diameter. sinks better and stays veritical in the current. I am also going to pickup a "cheap" level wind for rockfishing and do the same thing. some guys fish 30lb but any knicks...
  67. scbassmaster

    20lb live bait setup help

    if anyone cares, my new 20lb bait setup is a SL20SH with upgraded bearings, including cast control bushing to bearing upgrade and a GF800XL, bought a used custom wrapped one without a trigger grip, I wish the reel seat was a bit higher up the handle but still feels great. I'll be fishing 15-20lb...
  68. scbassmaster

    Searcher at Cedros Island?

    Bird watching...
  69. scbassmaster

    Islands No Halibut today

    Tough fishing near shore right now, I seem to do really well up shallow for halibut this time of year (20-60ft) water conditions permitting of course.
  70. scbassmaster

    Offshore Lasuen knoll rockfish opener 4/1

    Awesome, thanks for the report of the forbidden fruit, I’ll definitely bring some heavy sinkers with me this summer and make a drop or two for on my way to/from cat or tuna fishing :food-smiley-014:
  71. scbassmaster

    Inshore RFO

    Nice haul, I skipped town to havasu for some warmer weather. I’ll get my boat out there in a week or two. Ps. A lot of guys could show up at 7:45, with a bag of ice, pack of squid, and a pair of boat scrubbing/fish cleaning hands… just saying…
  72. scbassmaster

    Are You Letting a Banana on Your Boat?

    Fishing for 35 years, New captain as of 2021, never had a banana on my boat, I don't bring bananas onto other's boats, but it's more of a joke. just something fun to talk about. If my wife packed bananas for the kids I would tell her that we probably won't catch anything that day, but they would...
  73. scbassmaster

    Whats the largest fish you've landed on a low profile reel

    60# Black seabass on a real low pro, 150 size abu Orra inshore. 15# line. we were catching calico on anchovies and i think it ate one of them, haha.
  74. scbassmaster

    Offshore Apollo

    BD charter? Better have plenty of ice cold yellowtail tuna or I’ll stick to my regular boats…
  75. scbassmaster

    Shimano TLD Reels

    Still available?
  76. scbassmaster

    SDFISH down

    That site has gone downhill ever since the cheating/poaching exposes came out. I still check on it sometimes for bay and freshwater stuff but the message boards are the only thing they have going for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they shut down for lack of ad revenue…
  77. scbassmaster

    This was in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune today

    Haha, I have one of those. Used to use it to catch shad and minnows in Oklahoma. Wish it were legal here…
  78. scbassmaster

    20lb live bait setup help

    They are going to be available after the Bart hall long beach show from what I heard. Would be nice to know if someone will have them for sale at the show. Anybody see them at the SD show or PCS?
  79. scbassmaster

    20lb live bait setup help

    I’m going with the SL20SH or TLD5 depending on what I can find and at what price, save some money for upgrading the 30/40lb reel. I’ll have to pull on a couple rods and appreciate the suggestions.
  80. scbassmaster

    20lb live bait setup help

    Do the newer avets have a mechanical stop at strike on the glide plate? Not a fan of the phantom stop on the old avets or the fathoms, I got too excited after not getting a bite all day, accidentally went past strike and broke off the only fish I hooked on a scratchy offshore trip.
  81. scbassmaster

    20lb live bait setup help

    I’ll have to pull on a couple rods since it sounds like the 270 isn’t as stiff as I imagined in my head, a TLD 5 if I can find one is starting to sound the best to me, probably upgrade my 30lb reel to a 2-speed. Thanks for humoring me :cheers:
  82. scbassmaster

    20lb live bait setup help

    I have need for a new 20lb live bait combo, and not sure the direction to go. For rods I’ve narrowed it down to a 196-8 or 270-8, I’m leaning on the lighter side as I have a 8’2” Phenix 20-45lb rod as my 30lb. Really hung up on the reel though. I had an AvetSX 6/4 but didn’t like not having a...
  83. scbassmaster

    Quick question

    I'd suggest a hard case/rod tube and plano stowaway type tackle boxes in your bag. I had a blast fishing from the mole on my last trip over there. 8' rod and a colt sniper caught several bonito.
  84. scbassmaster

    Shimano Arbor connection for spooling TranX500

    I have tried different types of tape, multiple wraps on the spool, and short pieces of mono and i've found I like the mono the best, tape gets messy, and braid will not hold the spool on its own at high drag pressures no matter how you wrap or start winding it on. My method: tie a short piece...
  85. scbassmaster

    Balloon ban

    Be careful, won't be able to buy balloons or helium for bluefin fishing either...
  86. scbassmaster

    AXIS 820MH

    scbassmaster submitted a new listing: AXIS 820MH - AXIS 820MH Learn more about this listing...
  87. AXIS 820MH

    Southern California AXIS 820MH

    Selling my Phenix AXIS 8’2” 20-45lb rod. I have too many 30lb setups. Located in San Clemente, pickup preferred.
  88. scbassmaster

    Rockfish Regs 2023 14 mile bank?

    I’d like to see what I could pull up on the 14 at least once, but I’m not making that drive for a couple tacos.
  89. scbassmaster

    Inshore Advice on targeting Sculpin out of Dana Point appreciated. Any advice helps.

    Rocky bottom in 100-200ft,(120-150 is my sweet spot) the shallower spots will have less out of season fish. I have a boat and if I were to target sculpin I’d buy a 3/4 day trip on the Sum Fun, lol. 4-6” soft plastic tipped with squid strip, get it down any way you can, light braid and short...
  90. scbassmaster

    Umbrella rigs for calico bass?

    Make sure it’s a heavy duty rig, it will break after a while regardless. Pain in the butt to fish for calicos, I only use them for spotties and halibut in the harbor. Bring it, but it’s more of a novelty or last resort. If they were worth using all the time you bet everyone would be doing it…
  91. scbassmaster

    Inshore New Seaforth mex RC limits?

    Probably something like 120 vermilion, and 120 mixed other rockfish, just a guess. I don’t fish Mexico for bottom fish.
  92. scbassmaster

    Local SoCal stream trout fishing options 11/26

    Update, never made it anywhere, spent a couple hours at the pier and the harbor that weekend and last weekend. tough fishing but did manage a halibut and surf perch from the pier, and 1 spotted bass in the harbor. still have plans to get away for some remote trout fishing but probably won't be...
  93. scbassmaster

    Inshore New Record in Gold Fishing

    “When it was a guppy”? So it evolved into a goldfish, like a Pokémon or something? Haha. Journalists are so out of touch it’s ridiculous.
  94. scbassmaster

    Local SoCal stream trout fishing options 11/26

    I got a free morning from the wife and kids the saturday after thanksgiving. Looking to try out some custom trout spinners that I made and even fly fishing for the second time. I'm having trouble deciding where to go. Options are: West fork SGR, Lytle Creek or Santa Ana River, I've heard all 3...
  95. scbassmaster

    Happy Halloween everyone, some pumpkin art

    Thanks, carved that one last year after buying one.
  96. scbassmaster

    Happy Halloween everyone, some pumpkin art

    this years masterpiece, lol And a few from past years….
  97. scbassmaster

    Talk me out of a Torque 15XNLD2

    Size 15 is a bit small for 30-40lb test bluefin setup IMO, I'd go to a 25 for a two speed, 15 size star drag, if you need finesse, fish a star drag, the extra line capacity of the 25 will give you a shot when you get a surprise big fish when the schoolies are jumping.
  98. scbassmaster

    Trolling for tuna with whales and dolphins?

    Wow, so now I have heard of several…
  99. scbassmaster

    Trolling for tuna with whales and dolphins?

    In all my years I’ve only ever heard of it happening one time, troll right though them all the time. Go for it.
  100. scbassmaster

    Inshore Them “BONES”!

    Wow never thought of using a Norman DD-22 in the spread, I usually just troll small X-raps and feathers. Cool to see.
  101. scbassmaster

    Offshore Oside 9/20

    They will bite again right around the new moon, mean while target tuna, yellowfin down south, or bluefin to the west. Could get lucky on a kelp while running out/back but I would not put everything on the dodo bite until next week.
  102. scbassmaster

    Offshore 8/20 267(279) to 209

    Mixed reports, chop and wind had me a bit indecisive about where to go. I went right into it(the wind/chop) thinking smoother ride home. Left DPH at 8am with a full scoop of large deans, pretty good bait really. Spotting Patties was impossible for us, never saw one. Circled the 209 around...
  103. scbassmaster

    Tuna private boat limit question. Mooring at Catalina 2 nights, fishing 3 days.

    Also of note, you have to be on the water for at least 12 hours of each day you are counting(max 3) so you must leave (home) port before 12 noon on day 1 in order for it to count as a separate day, IE if you leave Friday afternoon and return Sunday evening(or even Monday before 12 noon) you are...
  104. scbassmaster

    Inshore What is wrong with O'side?

    It is a shame not to have another good landing to choose from, especially for those that live close to O-side. I’ve never had a good experience on a sport boat there. Maybe if things get bad enough Frank will buy the landing and boats out and turn things around up there? The local fishing is...
  105. scbassmaster

    Shimano TR200G handle upgrade needed

    Here is what I found in case it may help someone. Any 7x4mm handle with a flat arm will fit, I ordered a pair online that are a bit overkill but let’s see what happens with them. Replacing just the knob is a chore but I like the results, had to drill out the original knob post and the knob...
  106. scbassmaster

    Any tips to prevent line twist on the slow troll

    I have heard of the issue and a ball bearing swivel is the cure, but if your bait is spinning something is wrong, change out your bait, slow down, make sure it’s hooked properly. Many experts will bump the boat in/out of gear to go even slower.
  107. scbassmaster

    Offshore I Hate Dorado!

    Even the “bad” reports are getting me juiced up for my next trip… fish everywhere that won’t bite is much better than no fish anywhere. Hopefully they turn on soon, Looking forward to my shot at them.
  108. scbassmaster

    Full Day Sport Boat (Tuna - offshore) — What would you take?

    20lb live bait rig(for when it’s tough) 30-40lb live bait rig( for when it’s WFO) 30-50lb surface iron/colt sniper rod(for when your bored with bait) 60-80lb sinker/knife jig setup(for when the captain says “holy shit! Fish the heaviest rig you have, these things are BIG”)
  109. scbassmaster

    Offshore Don’t say that’s why it’s called fishing not catching

    I heard a charter boat out of Dana point had the guys drop down to 12lb test, probably fishing anchovies too, the reaction lure theory works sometimes. Trolling a chain with a bird in front, cup head lures that swim aggressively and jump, x-rap mag 20 or similar, I like the decoy trick, troll a...
  110. scbassmaster

    Offshore Point Dume and Beyond Bluefin Hunt 7-31=Boat ride!

    If only you would have drove 150 miles… worth a look anytime you have a chance to get out on the water though. I’m saving my gas money for my next run.
  111. scbassmaster

    Offshore Not sure if this is the right place

    $400 to get on the boat? $2,000 worth of gear your brought, you can bring your own food if you like, it’s $5 a beer on most boats, don’t like it, don’t drink… it’s cheaper than any decent bar in town and the atmosphere is way better IMO. No sympathy from me on that one.
  112. scbassmaster

    Offshore 12 fish sport boat put trackers on paddies?

    Fished with steve on the mustang a couple years ago on a patty he had marked, wide open fishing as soon as the sun can up. He said it cost about $5000 and they only use it on good size Patties that are loaded. They pick the beacon up when the patty dries up or it starts to drift out of their...
  113. scbassmaster

    Offshore Talica 16 vs 20 for 2.5 Day on Condor

    For YT and Mahi I’d recommend a 20-30lb star drag setup with a 15-30lb rod. use the Talica 16-20 for dropper-loop, sinker rig and vertical jigging.
  114. scbassmaster

    Offshore Run and Gun - 101/425/302 - 7/26

    Yellow, blue and green! Nice day. The top tuna almost looks like a Big Eye, but it’s probably just the angle…
  115. scbassmaster

    Offshore Midweek weather

    Depends on your definition of rough, it’s definitely not perfect weather and if you get sick in bad weather I’d wait for a better window, if you don’t mind the fast drifts and a little rocking and rolling the BFT fishing should be pretty good. Big sport boats do pretty well out there, I wouldn’t...
  116. scbassmaster

    Offshore 7/15-7/17 Jet Ski Fishing

    Great job on the Offshore slam, seems there is no shortage of fish out there just not chewing well. They are always biting on the steel though.
  117. scbassmaster

    Shimano TR200G handle upgrade needed

    I got a TR200G for the wife, she wanted the levelwind, and i was so impressed i bought one for myself. as others have posted the handle sucks though, i don't mind the short throw but the knob needs to go. I've looked around a lot and can't find much except ordering stock shimano handles from...
  118. scbassmaster

    Offshore Excalibur 1.5 day 7/18 - 7/20

    I fished with Chuck, and can second the salty attitude, ribbed us the whole trip about getting beat by the fish but then said we should be proud of our catch on the way home, interesting dude. Not quite as bad as steve though.
  119. scbassmaster

    Cowcod rules, please help

    It means you cant be fishing in a restricted area with rockfish on the boat, like if you caught a bunch of rockfish legally and are passing through the off limits area you cannot stop and fish. "no fishing gear in the water". so if you see a spot of bluefin on your way home and have depth...
  120. scbassmaster

    Favorite Online Store, but I'll search all over once I decide on what I'm getting. Its not too far out of my way to go to my local tackle shop and they will even order stuff for me if they don't have it in stock, so I try to get most of my stuff there. buying used is also a great way to save money...
  121. scbassmaster

    Whats your go to trollers?

    I've got a set of 4 Shimano TLD30II spooled with IGFA 50lb, If I had the money I'd probably have 2 sets of trollers, a 20-30lb set, and a 60-80lb set, but for now I'm splitting the difference :rolleyes: ... I think I might have just talked myself into buying 4 more rigs, or selling my current...
  122. scbassmaster

    Squalling Abu Garcia Revo Rocket making noise

    I have had bearings go out in abu reels pretty quickly at times, others seem to last forever. If any moisture was in the reel when it was stored for a long time could definitely cause a bearing to go out. or are popular for upgraded bearings, stock bearings...
  123. scbassmaster

    Offshore 7/11 267-209-312-Oside up to DP=Zero

    Damn, dues paid for sure. Eventually the dice will come up seven if you roll them enough times though, right?…
  124. scbassmaster

    Restricted Ared outside 9 Mile Bank

    It’s my understanding that some military, commercial and other navigation restrictions appear on the chart plotters, as far as I know the only places you can’t go are the MLPAs you seem to be aware of, and the military exercise zones when they are doing training exercises, SCI and sometimes the...
  125. scbassmaster

    Inshore 7/11 DP Exotics…not

    Looks like a nice day none the less, a half scoop of anchovies goes a long way my friend. All the bass we caught Saturday were stuffed full.
  126. scbassmaster

    Inshore South of Dana Point 7/9

    Short report, nothing special, left the harbor around 9:45am with chovie dean mix. Tide wasn’t right for the reef so drove way wide on our way south, trolling from the barber poles south to 1,000ft+. Birds were around and acting funny but no sign of fish. Bent back inside around 12:30 since the...
  127. scbassmaster

    Offshore Mucho Mahi @ the 182 - 7/8

    Nice score, there seems to be fish scattered all up and down the coast, what time of day was it? We found them last weekend but they wouldn’t eat.
  128. scbassmaster

    Inshore Pier Monster

    Word to the wise, even when in season not legal to take with fishing pole, must be a hoop net. Special permit, gauge … bunch of rules that fish and wildlife have been surprising “lucky” pier fishermen with fines for years…
  129. scbassmaster

    Offshore Late to the show ....

    From looking at the charts myself seems like the good temp break moved north of the 14 mile bank. I’m hoping conditions improve closer to DPH or I might just be playing with the 3 Bs along the beach on Saturday…
  130. scbassmaster


    Bimini in Main line(braid and/or mono) to wind-on - to a swivel - to Short lure leader. If your wind-on is the same as your lure leader the swivel can be just a few feet from the lure, but if its lighter, the farthest your comfortable with from the jig the better. I like about 5 feet, gives me...
  131. scbassmaster

    Offshore Tribute 7/6 rough seas

    Would be nice if we could import some new boats, or build new ones that didn’t cost $8,000,000.00 anybody know how much Jeff spent on the current “Thunderbird” a few years ago?
  132. scbassmaster

    Offshore Tribute 6/6 Class Act

    Damn, I saw the pictures on another post but appreciate the story, and good to know the captain’s generosity. Karma is a good thing to have on your side in business and on the ocean. I’ll have to book a spot with them once they get her patched up. Hopefully it’s not too long.
  133. scbassmaster

    Offshore Weekend cruising

    Glad to see more reports of fish up north, I’ll be out next weekend but probably stay a little closer inside, check out the 279 and due west before working up the beach to fill the box with something if we don’t connect.
  134. scbassmaster

    Offshore Malihini 7/3

    Friends charter, capt Bill gave us the option to fish local but we said send it. He put us on multiple quality kelps with dorado and yellows circling the boat at most stops. Finicky bite, I went 0-1, I think we only had 10ish fish for the whole day (6am-6pm) but action most of the time, slower...
  135. scbassmaster

    Offshore 7/1 Blue Devils...

    Dues paid brother, lots of dues have come due the last week or two. I hope you guys will have them all paid off before my trip offshore Sunday, haha. Otherwise I’ll bring my check book.
  136. scbassmaster

    Offshore Talica 16 or 20 for Sp Cal Bluefin?

    16 with 100lb is plenty enough line unless you are using it on the kite or trolling spreader bars way back. 80lb is strong enough as long as it’s not damaged if you’d rather have the extra capacity. You can’t go wrong with a 20 but if you can get a deal on a 16 I’d go that route.
  137. scbassmaster

    Bluefin cut with skin on, what cut is it from 5 star?

    Belly or collar I would think, I haven’t caught one big enough to pay someone else to process…
  138. scbassmaster

    Sequoia slam 6/24

    No luck on the fly rod, I did catch some green sunfish on it back at the bottom on the hill but tough fishing in the south kings River today, switched back to the spinner and caught a few, missed a monster brown… good to know they are out there.
  139. scbassmaster

    Sequoia slam 6/24

    Par marks?
  140. scbassmaster

    Eating the heart?

    The tradition was probably adapted from the Native American practice depicted in Dances With Wolves where they eat the buffalo heart. It’s a silly barbaric custom and I absolutely love it! Lol. I don’t like the people that get all bent when someone doesn’t want to do it, but suggesting that you...
  141. scbassmaster

    Sequoia slam 6/24

    Fished marble fork of the Kaweah River from lodgepole to the tokopah falls, beautiful hike, and managed several of all three species of trout. All caught using a handmade spinner with a single barbless fly hook on the back. Going to try for my first fly rod trout today.
  142. scbassmaster

    Give Brenda Your Thoughts! - Dana Point Ramp

    just wait until the YFT find there way up the warm water highway to that spot 5 miles off DPH, doubt they will have anything done by then...
  143. scbassmaster

    Where to Set Drag for Spreader and/or Madmac?

    Sounds like the drag was good, ease off the throttle slowly down to idle but still in gear while the angler keeps the rod loaded by winding when he can. I'd make sure your using a big hook, the hook is very sharp, and its only as thick as it needs to be to hold up to the max drag pressure your...
  144. scbassmaster

    Offshore Man Overboard

    Those quick decisions are a lot easier to make when you think about different scenarios before they happen, good reminder to have a plan for everything and make sure your crew knows what it is.
  145. scbassmaster

    Offshore Bluefin limits 6/22

    Hell yeah, getting it done in a big way on the jig rods! Nice to see some surface action.
  146. scbassmaster

    Wide Open HalfMoon Perch - Laguna Beach Area

    I bet the fishing is really good there, no one has fished it in 10 years, haha.
  147. scbassmaster

    Inshore Dana point 6/18 rough day, happy ending

    Fixed, had to delete all the pictures and reload them on my desk top,
  148. scbassmaster

    Inshore Dana point 6/18 rough day, happy ending

    “What do you want to do for Father’s Day?” said the wife… So we launch out of Dana point harbor around 9:15, generous “half scoop” of straight anchovies from the barge and off we went into the slop, (oh great, what did I get us into) made a slow “run” up to salt creek where the Dana pride and a...
  149. scbassmaster

    Offshore Chasing Dolphins

    When they are moving fast it's hard to get ahead of them, a little early for YFT but still worth a try. if you pull feathers and more streamline baits you can run up in front of them and then slow down to trolling speed once you're on them. The goal is to lead them with your jigs in front of...
  150. scbassmaster

    Offshore 6-8 to 6-10 1.5 day AA report

    Thanks for the report, night time is the right time. I usually stay away from sinker rig fishing because of the tangles, been hearing about the new way of setting up but have never had it explained in a way that made sense. anybody got a picture or diagram of how to do it? your description...
  151. scbassmaster

    Offshore mono break down on offshore reels re UV

    Tournament guys change their line every DAY... The reels I fish regularly get new mono every year. The stuff I only use a couple times a year and keep in the garage I'll inspect and probably only change every 2-3 years. My casting and spinning reels get new line 2-3 times a year depending on...
  152. scbassmaster

    Getting there. Lil by little.

    I was once like you, I got help (my wife complained about the mess in the garage and said I couldn't buy more stuff unless in fit in "my" corner) I have been selling about half of everything I own keeping only the stuff I use. I have about 30 plano 3700 size boxes and each one holds all the...
  153. scbassmaster

    Shimano Cardiff

    I used a 400 cardiff for live bait fishing for school sized yellowfin, it was my LMB swimbait setup but I didn't have a 20lb outfit and it subbed nicely, the cardiff is not a saltwater reel in my opinion, I had to completely take apart and service after almost every saltwater trip. I ended up...
  154. scbassmaster

    Offshore 6/8 BFT and freak accident... Learn from my mistake.

    I’m glad we are reading about this on the fishing forums and not the local newspaper, geez. Also glad to had the stones to admit you made a mistake and hopefully save someone else from doing something similar that might not end so well. Sharing your experience could save someone’s life.
  155. scbassmaster

    Salty needed for day trips

    Building a small network of reliable fishing buddies is important. Personally I'd rather take less experienced guys who don't have strong opinions about everything who tell me how to run my boat all day. I have been reluctant to post spots on my boat on BD for this and other reasons, I have a...
  156. scbassmaster


    I suggest you post your question in the correct forum…
  157. scbassmaster

    Islands Can you help me ID this …..thing?

    Pyrosomes strung together, large single cell organisms (not jellyfish). They are like giant plankton blobs, they form chains like that one sometimes for whatever reason. They are the gooy stuff that your get stuck on your hook/lure occasionally that look like clear snot.
  158. scbassmaster

    Inshore Local barracuda and bass bite

    Unless the bluefin get in my boat’s range I’ll be excited about some local cuda to play with. Smoked or fried it’s not bad, obviously there are better fish to eat but I haven’t gotten my family completely spoiled on tuna, YT and such yet. I guess I need to catch more of the good stuff, haha.
  159. scbassmaster

    Fish Processing Options in SD?

    Don’t the processes have a donation option? Like pay for what you can afford to/carry home with you and then donate the rest?
  160. scbassmaster

    Fish Processing Options in SD?

    Plan your trip to return the day before trash day and clean them at home. They got rid of all the fish cleaning stations in Dana point harbor as far as I know. Not supposed to dump carcasses in the harbor and the trash next to the tables was scaring away the tourists and all their money, lol...
  161. scbassmaster

    SCI tomorrow 6/2

    Cat is less fuel, probably as good if not better fishing based on what I have read on the internet.
  162. scbassmaster

    Warm clean water is here

    Better chance at them at SCI or Cat.
  163. scbassmaster

    Offshore Pacific Queen 1.5 day 5/30-6/1 New PB

    He’ll of a story man, glad it had a happy ending, makes getting your reel re-spooled and buying a couple more jigs hurt a little less, haha.
  164. scbassmaster

    Warm clean water is here

    Temp and chloro charts looking great, west end of Cat and up and down Orange County coast, tons of bait too, YT won’t be far behind. Have there been any yellowfin tuna off Baja that might be making there way north soon? I’m already having withdrawals and just got off the water Monday!?!
  165. scbassmaster

    Inshore Dana point 5/29 and 5/31

    Note sure it counts as a hall pass if they all want to go with me, lol. Wife is going to have to stay home more as she is due to add another crew member in September. Hopefully she is still feeling up to going for Father’s Day.
  166. scbassmaster

    Inshore Dana point 5/29 and 5/31

    Yeah, mine was about 40-50lbs, caught on my 15lb bass rod, wife's was a little smaller and she was fishing a TR-200, 15-30lb rod with 20lb, still kicked her butt though lol.
  167. scbassmaster

    Inshore Dana point 5/29 and 5/31

    Went out Saturday to the reef off of San Mateo point and caught a ton of bass with 3 keepers on live anchovies, a couple BSB too. Talked the family into going again today and promised a shorter run north to salt creek kelp. Skipped the bait dock and just took frozen squid and shrimp, one keeper...
  168. scbassmaster

    Offshore Quick Bluefin Report for Thurs

    Unlucky? One tuna and one YT is a lot more luck than I’ve had most trips. Day time seems to be a little slow, Saturday will probably pick up and then the pressure will shut it back down by the end of the weekend. I haven’t been paying much attention since it’s all out of my range and I don’t...
  169. scbassmaster

    Offshore 05/26 - stay SOUTH of the 43

    Wow, thank you guys for putting in the miles, and especially for sharing. Here’s to hoping The fish cut inside Clemente at some point so I can reach them… 279 or 5 miles off DP again would be nice, lol.
  170. scbassmaster

    BONITO where you at

    Pic your favorite island, if your trying to find the ones offshore I can’t help ya, I guess check what boats are reporting catching some and find out where they were?
  171. scbassmaster

    Best deal you ever got…

    last year, 2021, I bought a running 1982, 21ft SeaFury cuddy cabin(1987 yamaha 200) on a 2007 aluminum trailer for $7,500. Came with a full 75 gallons of gas in a new aluminum tank. (I haven't bought gas for the boat yet, haha) Then found a 32 gallon proflow tank I mounted behind the leaning...
  172. scbassmaster

    Inshore Dana Point 5/21

    I’ll be out again Saturday, hope to find some clean shallow water to put the wife and kids on some bass and perch.
  173. scbassmaster

    Offshore Long day on the water

    Captain makes a huge difference, I was on an 1.5 last year and they had to pull in a last min second captain. We drove out to the grounds and marked a few fish. Deckhand said “you can fish if you want” uh ok… a few of us started dropping jigs I think there was one bite but lost immediately. An...
  174. scbassmaster

    Who Likes Making Holes in Their Boat?

    I bought a boat last fall, wanted some more goodies than it came with, so I've put quite a few new holes in it... 4 holes in the top of the dash for the Lowrance chart/FF mount 4 holes in the cabin doors and 4 in the fiberglass for magnetic hatch holders 6 little holes and 2 big ones for 2 more...
  175. scbassmaster

    Fish ID??

    Deep skate, haha. Ones I catch shallow are all brown. EDIT: looks like a Winter skate/“big skate”
  176. scbassmaster

    Inshore Dana Point 5/21

    Gentleman’s start since the wind was forecast to be blowing from the south early and shifting to west later with a nice window in between. Clear the harbor at 10am with a full tank of anchovies, from 4-6” nice mix of sizes. Head straight for the barber poles to see if any Hali in the area, no...
  177. scbassmaster

    DP Bait Fish

    The WSB are there, YT will be later this summer.
  178. scbassmaster

    Feedback on the Producer out or H&M

    I love that boat, very laid-back vibe and they get on the fish hard, been my go-to boat for the last 3 years.
  179. scbassmaster

    Shimano curado bantam cu-200B or Castaic ca-200

    Looking for parts or donor reel, need cast control cap. Also would be nice to have an extra spool or set of gears. I found some parts in Japan but it would cost $40 just to ship the cap, could probably buy an old reel for a little more than that... is out of stock. I would...
  180. scbassmaster

    Old shimano bantam

    scbassmaster submitted a new listing: Old shimano bantam - Old shimano bantam Learn more about this listing...
  181. Old shimano bantam

    Southern California Old shimano bantam

    Looking for an old curado bantam cu-200B to use for parts, doesn’t need to be working just have all the pieces, mainly the spool and cast control cap. I can’t find parts anymore. I might just have to buy a Tranx but I like my old Castaic (ca-200) parts are interchangeable with the bantam.
  182. scbassmaster

    Offshore 1st 2022 trip, Team Tuna Sniper

    Kite? Much better grade than the sporties are catching, nice job.
  183. scbassmaster

    Fix Pre-Set

    I've seen cams get moved off of the pins/notches and you have to take if off and re-align them and put it back together. a quick take apart and reassemble is all that is needed unless the guy was strong enough to break something with his bare hands. obviously try to keep that from happening in...
  184. scbassmaster

    Speedmaster vs Fathom vs TLD

    Disclaimer I'm on the West coast, lol I have a TLD20 & fathom 40N and they are a bit cumbersome for light trolling IMO, I have a set of TLD30ii for tuna and striped marlin trolling, when targeting our inshore gamefish I troll with daiwa 30 single speed reels. can't go wrong with the speed master...
  185. scbassmaster

    Looking for Kodiak PF-22

    Hm that might do, pics? Link to post somewhere?
  186. scbassmaster

    Islands ID help with this Rockfish

    Most are easier to ID when they are alive or fresh caught. Definitely not one of the closed or off limits species, Rosy? Probably something more common in central and northern CA maybe someone from up there would know.
  187. scbassmaster

    Looking for Kodiak PF-22

    scbassmaster submitted a new listing: Looking for Kodiak PF-22 - Looking for Kodiak PF-22 Learn more about this listing...
  188. scbassmaster

    Southern California Looking for Kodiak PF-22

    I have a PF-14 and 360gph transom pump. looking to go to a PF-22 and 500gph pump. willing to pay $100(+/-) for tank alone depending on condition and accessories, $150 with pump, up to $200 for a good condition tank with lid, pump and hoses. willing to trade my current setup, (no lid) I will post...
  189. scbassmaster

    Using portions of fish for bait?

    I'll save some tuna/bonito trimmings, cut them into hook size pieces and freeze until my next bottom fishing trip. I don't do it with any other fish as I feel squid is just as good or better. Chunking for YFT works best with sardines and we always have plenty of those on the boat anyway. For...
  190. scbassmaster

    Obviously I exaggerated a bit in my sarcastic comment. I'm sure we are all itching to get out...

    Obviously I exaggerated a bit in my sarcastic comment. I'm sure we are all itching to get out there on our PBs myself included. The anticipation has us all excited, just try to stay respectful.
  191. scbassmaster

    Some info is better than no info, a little gratitude and less attitude is all I'm saying.

    Some info is better than no info, a little gratitude and less attitude is all I'm saying.
  192. scbassmaster

    Offshore 4/25/22 and 4/26/22 BFT US Waters

    Can’t imagine why more people don’t post fishing reports, who doesn’t want to blow up the spot of fish they found and/or get blasted on the internet for not giving up the numbers…
  193. scbassmaster

    Post Hernia Surgery... When Can I Fish Again?

    2 gallons of milk is about 16 lbs., so I wouldn't book a 1.5 day targeting 20-100lb bluefin just yet. Bass and rockfishing would be ok. Probably best to wait 2-3 months before pulling on a 200lber for an hour on a rocking boat. Everyone heals differently and each surgery is unique, what was...
  194. scbassmaster

    Arkansas guy First time Tuna fishing San Diego

    Your 8000 Penn will do daytime jigging and fly lining just fine. Night fishing jigs you’ll want a minimum of a fathom 40N 2 speed or equivalent, with 80lb braid, hard to find left handed reels like that without a supply chain disaster. Might have to figure out how to fish backwards, I’d...
  195. scbassmaster

    Jackpot rules.

    the crew call "limits" once passenger limits are hit and go look for something else, but especially on BFT fishing trips save crew limits in case they catch a bigger fish, That fish definitely counts for JP, that is a normal thing on limit style trips. some of my JP thoughts - some boats skim...
  196. scbassmaster

    Question about Daily Limits

    Would suck to be the guy no one woke up, haha. get out of bed at 3am to find out no more BFT fishing for the rest of the trip, here is your 2 fish, always the smallest ones on the boat too. with 20-30 passengers on a boat of different opinions, expectations and skill levels someone is going to...
  197. scbassmaster

    T-Bird or Pacific Islander

    T-Bird is 60ft vs PI that is 73ft so size goes to the Islander, I have fished the T-Bird when it first came down to PL, overnight trip, we wacked the yellowfin, limits on one stop but more lucky than anything. I'd go with the PI even though I've never fished it, just seems like its setup better...
  198. scbassmaster

    Best Tackle Bag/Box

    got one of these last year for full day(offshore) Overnight and 1.5 day trips, love it... I just bring a small backpack for any local fishing. I have to move some gear back and forth but don't want to intimidate the kids too much on an inshore trip, haha.
  199. scbassmaster

    Questions on sportboat limits

    The law specifies the boat must be on the water for min 12 hours each day to qualify so by 12 noon for day 1, and off the water after 12 on day 2 to keep 2 days limit and you can't have more than 1 days limit before midnight(one calendar day), plus extra paperwork must be filed to declare a...
  200. scbassmaster

    BFT at the 150?

    How is no one talking about the albacore? …:food-smiley-014:
  201. scbassmaster

    Bay / Harbor 3-22 Mini Mackerel Mayhem

    A good reminder that the kids and even less seasoned fishing adults are just happy to be pulling on something that is pulling back, lol. Looking forward to making some memories with my littles and better half this year. Keep it up.
  202. scbassmaster

    Lobster Report Card failure to report fine issue

    Walmart processed the card, it just wouldn't print so DFW had you on file as getting a card, unless walmart got involved to verify you never received the card nothing DFW is going to do. Never buy Licenses at walmart, I shop there all the time but always go to the local sportfishing office or a...
  203. scbassmaster

    Todd leaning post bait tank.

    I was looking for a leaning post bait tank combo for my Seafury 216, currently have a 14 gallon Kodiak in the corner I'd like to get rid of. I was also considering trying to find a tank that would fit under my existing Todd leaning post, I would like 25-35 gallons with the plumbing through the...
  204. scbassmaster

    How do you store rigs?

    My setup: -knife jigs in a plano, leaders with solid rings on both ends in a couple tests stored in ziplock bags, use split ring pliers to quickly change jigs. -trolling jigs in 12-16" wide roll up bag with rubberbands on the leaders. -sabiki on the rod or in the original package, otherwise I...
  205. scbassmaster

    Pole Tube Capacity for Flight to Mexico (Alaska Air)

    I have a 4" dia 8'6" locking rod tube, stuff 4 rods in it, offshore tackle bag with the reels in the top and planos full of gear, as long as it is obviously fishing gear you should be good to go with no fees, I made the mistake of using a backpack once and had to pay for the extra bag. I'm not...
  206. scbassmaster

    I was being sarcastic, I thought the second half of my post made that clear.

    I was being sarcastic, I thought the second half of my post made that clear.
  207. scbassmaster

    Save The Fleet From CARB

    Sport fishing will survive, half the fleet won’t, prices will triple, we will get a couple new boats, lose many iconic ones, but yeah it will be fine… also in 15 years we will all be driving flying electric spaceships to our jobs on Mars, CA is destroying itself and everything/everyone in it in...
  208. scbassmaster

    Save The Fleet From CARB

    Has anyone heard any feedback from the state reps/senators they have reached out to? I’m curious about their opinion on what the chances are we get anything changed in the CARB regs, (boats, trucks, cars or otherwise.)
  209. scbassmaster

    Suzuki 250-300 Yamaha 300 Fuel Octane Requirements

    All my friends with Yamys run 87 from the fuel dock, or 87/89 from the gas pump with a bottle or 2 of their favorite fuel additives. but come to think of it none of them are running 300s... do the 250s and smaller not recommend the higher octane? seems like as long as you don't notice a knock or...
  210. scbassmaster

    Off season

    Besides fixing up boat and trailer...? Fishing for halibut and fishing for trout in the mountains. I might think about cleaning out the garage but every time I start I find fishing gear I haven't used in a while and immediately go see if it still works, haha.
  211. scbassmaster

    Parker Fish Cleaning Board Options

    Painted and varnished plywood, or a think piece of starboard, ribbed reinforced, cut to the size and shape you want. put rubber doorstoppers(or something) on the underside where it will lay on the rail. you can secure it to the bait tank with something that goes inside the tank or rod holders...
  212. scbassmaster

    Cigars anyone?

    Esteban Carreras cigars are the best bang for the buck, grab a 4 pack sampler at most shops in SoCal. My Top 3 ChupaCabra Habano Mr. BrownStone Maduro "211" (Connecticut) There is a Carreras cigar lounge in San Clemente too.
  213. scbassmaster

    Classifieds BS click bait

    dtf, I'm not saying I want anything for free, but the point of the price section is to let people know what your asking before clicking on the post. I don't need to be click baited into looking at a bunch of things I can't afford or wouldn't spend that much on the item in question. Should be a...
  214. scbassmaster

    Classifieds BS click bait

    I went into the classifieds to look for something to upgrade on the boat or new toys to play with, almost every post was listed as "free" or "$1" and then listed the real price in the ad after opening it. I don't have time to open every Freakin' ad. Have some integrity people. I'll not be trying...
  215. scbassmaster

    Dana Point Halibut ??? Any Reports

    Before the storms there was a ton of bait everywhere and lots of short bites for me. From the pier and from my boat. No idea what’s going on out there now but I would start around some deep structure 150-200’ and maybe try in 80-120 where you are marking bait. Will be a month or 2 before the...
  216. scbassmaster

    Inshore Dana point to Aliso pipe 12/5

    11:00am Late start, crew was a little hung over. Made some Macks at the barber poles, headed to the pipe, 160ft mixed bag of sand dabs, whitefish and lizard fish on squid strips, not bites on the macks. Did have a lizard fish for bait get bit clean off behind the head. Hooked something nice on...
  217. scbassmaster

    Splitting a half scoop DPH

    Fishing must be slow if everyone is wasting their time roasting some kook on the internet for a typo…
  218. scbassmaster

    Splitting a half scoop DPH

    Will they sell a kayak scoop to a boat? I heard they wouldn’t let you buy less than a half.
  219. scbassmaster

    Splitting a half scoop DPH

    My tank doesn’t like a half scoop, if someone else out there needs a few dines we can split it and not waste a bunch of bait and money.
  220. scbassmaster

    Dana Point Halibut Informal Tourney

    I'll be out there This Sunday, then probably be parking the boat until mid January... If it works out I'll join you guys but if I do catch a legal halibut it will be the first on my boat, haha. Dana Wharf will have their halibut drift boat out there too that day. would be fun to compare our...
  221. scbassmaster

    Lifting of So Cal Oil Spill Closure 11/30 12PM

    Right? What does waiting another day and a half have to do with public safety when we know there is no longer a concern, even by Kamifornia standards.
  222. scbassmaster

    Lifting of So Cal Oil Spill Closure 11/30 12PM

    I’ll be out there Sunday with the wife, drove down past the closure Saturday for some mackerel and 1 short sandbass. Relatives were entertained.
  223. scbassmaster

    Offshore Tuna at 277 - 289

    I looked at that too, let us know how it goes, haha.
  224. scbassmaster


    I just drove by, seems smaller than the good ol’ days but way better than this summer. The old wash down area and exit are still public parking…
  225. scbassmaster


    Nice work Flytie, not bad with a bit of salt, hahaha I'll be taking some family out for a cruise next weekend, i'll probably park in the back just because I can :cool:
  226. scbassmaster

    Anchoring in 200ft worth it?

    Thanks Woodfish, labor is the main factor. I feel relatively confident in my boating and anchoring abilities. One day I’ll have a windlass, autopilot, 4-stroke, hardtop, trim tabs… one day…
  227. scbassmaster

    Anchoring in 200ft worth it?

    What size did you get and what size boat do you have?
  228. scbassmaster

    Anchoring in 200ft worth it?

    Sounds like I’m going to save some money on rope, and my back, lol. Can’t afford spot lock so I’ll have to practice my drive, drop and drag technique. Hope my passengers bring their patience. If all goes well we can hit a couple deep rocks while it’s calm, drift for halibut in the early light...
  229. scbassmaster

    Anchoring in 200ft worth it?

    Planning and exploring the maps for areas to test out my captaining skills on my new boat. Found some spots to check out and thinking I need to get more rode for my anchor (I only have 200'). I usually only anchor in 25-75ft of water, looking at extending my anchor rope I got to thinking... Is...
  230. scbassmaster

    Halibut derby Dana point

    I’ve fished it a couple trips, never caught a halibut on a sport boat. Guys that did were fishing 20lb trap rigs heavy wts. You want to be fishing heavier than most so get to the bottom first, and drag across the bottom in front of everyone else. Good luck. I’m going to take my boat out for a...
  231. scbassmaster

    Feather lures re-rigging

    Flouro will last longer and give you a little extra abrasion resistance. 90% of the time its not necessary but I run flouro on all my larger lures that could end up with a billfish or bluefin on them. my schoolie tuna lures are all mono, 60lb tied, or 100lb crimped depending on the style of...
  232. scbassmaster

    Happy Halloween!

    Glastron sea fury 216, just picked up a few months ago.(first boat)
  233. scbassmaster

    Happy Halloween!

    Got bored not being able to fish for awhile but gave me time to make this for Halloween. Kudos to you and me both if you can name that boat…
  234. scbassmaster

    Dana Point Launch Ramp - Big Update!

    Not to mention fishing is currently banned…
  235. scbassmaster

    Fishing Closures

    Here is what I got when asking WTF is going on, seems like a big load of nanny state knows best and we’ll figure it out on our own time Fk you very much: Hello Mr. Wilson, Thank you for your outreach regarding the fisheries closure program. In California, a fishery closure and re-opening is a...
  236. scbassmaster

    Fishing Closures

    Yup, don't get caught with a rod in your hand anywhere near the ocean until the Gustapo say so... like 3 fish and 9 birds died so we will probably need to keep it shut down until next year to allow the area to fully recover. sounds legit...
  237. scbassmaster

    Dana Point Launch Ramp - Big Update!

    You are a very optimistic person, law or no law. They will just say they didn't modify the parking lot, just changed how it is used. I hope we can at least put enough pressure on them to get us a little more room, I'm not a fan of having to unhook my trailer to park, or park my trailer back at...
  238. scbassmaster

    Dana Point Launch Ramp - Big Update!

    Done... I'll eat my hat if they put it back though...
  239. scbassmaster

    Anode zinc wearing weird yamaha 115

    Kinda looks like the prop wash or cavitation is hitting it weird, it looks like its being sand blasted. Careful with going away from the fin as some are used to counter torque steer or something... If possible maybe try a harder metal anode, just make sure its still more active than any of the...
  240. scbassmaster


    Glad we all still have a sense of humor, I'm just going to be working on my boat. If I was a Veterinarian or software developer I'd be having someone else work on it. Lets hope the "situation" and the fishing improve by the time I get done.
  241. scbassmaster


    No boat traffic into or out of the entrance to DPH until further notice. Best bet is to launch from LA area. I’m just going to save my money to get a few bugs fixed.
  242. scbassmaster

    Islands 9-25 Grande Rock Fishing?

    Not sure of the specifics but local fishing has been tough, only thing worth a damn has been tanner and upper hidden, capt probably wanted to put fish on the boat and was just as disappointed as you the YT weren’t a viable option.
  243. scbassmaster

    I.G.F.A. Record BFT.... this season?

    IGFA rules are bull crap, I’m not interested in jumping through a bunch of hoops, potentially losing a fish of a lifetime just to have the record.
  244. scbassmaster

    Other Hey guys need some advice

    Yes, make sure it’s a “rail rod” with a longer foregrip. If you do t want a rail rod I’d go down to 6’6” or even 6’ for leverage. Your not going to hold 20lbs of drag on a 7’ rod without some help.
  245. scbassmaster

    Braid to spool knot

    I always double or triple wrap spectra on a spool, SD jam for me, little electrical tape too.
  246. scbassmaster


    Big storm coming up from Mexico next week, if they are going to show up next weekend would make sense. hope everyone in Baja stays safe.
  247. scbassmaster

    Offshore Solo Sail and Fish off Point Loma

    Clouds on the sonar are bait fish, the lines are individual fish, I wish my sonar looked like that more often. No real way to know what kind unless to start to notice catching curtain fish constantly on given types of “marks”. First one looks like a predator on a bait ball, second could be...
  248. scbassmaster

    "Limits" of dorado?

    Reminds me of the 5 tuna, 2-3 YT and 1 dorado debate, everyone has an opinion except the people who actually make and enforce the rules, haha. SAC and CCA should seek out and publish clarification on both subjects…
  249. scbassmaster

    "Limits" of dorado?

    I have seen other fisheries allow you to catch say, 2 trout in an area that only allows 2, then fish another area that allows 5 and keep 3 more. Bassmaster tournaments where culling is not allowed in one area so they catch 5 there, then go somewhere else to cull up to their bag wt. I used to...
  250. scbassmaster

    "Limits" of dorado?

    That’s not what we were talking about, more like went to Mexico, didn’t catch much, found a good kelp in US waters but still told passengers they could only keep 2 each and claim “limits”.
  251. scbassmaster

    "Limits" of dorado?

    Yeah I understand the logic, but when “limits” means entirely different things in US vs MEX they should specify “Mexican limits”. I didn’t mean to come off as some keyboard warrior, I was genuinely confused and then realized what they were doing, I had a little chuckle and thought I would share...
  252. scbassmaster

    "Limits" of dorado?

    Saw a report for a SB that said "limits of Dorado" I assumed 2 a piece but the boat was fishing the 43 and areas south/west and north/east entirely in US waters where the limit is 10 per person... a bit misleading. why can't we just be honest with people? unless they really caught 300 of them...
  253. scbassmaster

    Missed Boat .? Diffrent landing policies over missed trips? Credit? Total loss?

    That is standard policy, miss the boat, forfeit your deposit (50%), now sometimes if there are trips leaving with open spots they will let you roll it over, but that would be at their discretion and convince, most boats are independently owned separate from the landing so it’s not always that...
  254. scbassmaster

    Mustang vs Producer

    Both are good boats, Steve(Mustang) is pretty intense, producer is a bit more laid back and fun and I've rebooked with them several times. I haven't fished the mustang since they moved to Fisherman's.
  255. scbassmaster

    Offshore Full day fishing... 8/15

    The fish seem to be very scattered right now, I’m sure the captain was doing all he could to put fish on the boat, I was out last weekend, zigged when we should have zagged and only saw one foamer that sank out before we could get anywhere near them. Fished a few dry patties, total time with a...
  256. scbassmaster

    What sealant/adhesive to use on each project

    Just got an older boat need to do a little work on it. there are so many brands and types of sealants/adhesives out there and each one works best for different things, some claim they can be used on everything. need to know what type to use on each of the following projects: (note do not care...
  257. scbassmaster

    Fluoro to Hook Knot - Pics or it Didn't Happen - Show me Your Knot!

    I tie a 4-turn SD Jam knot to the hook, 5 turn on 25# and under. sometimes I'll use a 2x2 springer knot for ringed hooks, 3x2 springer for lighter line, I've not had any (terminal) Knot failures with them. check out lots of good videos on how to tie different knots and tests on...
  258. scbassmaster

    Thoughts on Black Seabass Fishery

    The number of fish the population can stand to lose on a regular basis isn’t big enough to have it open to all even with a 1 per person/boat policy, the regs would have to be very tight. Maybe a very short season, slot limit and require use of circle hooks. Similar to how some fisheries are...
  259. scbassmaster

    Lowrance HDS vs Garmin Echomap sv with Autopilot

    Lowrance HDS and Outboard pilot seems to be the the best budget combo based on my research, appreciate the reassurance. Looks like I’ll be buying the HDS as soon as I can afford to and hopefully be able to buy/install the AP before next summer.
  260. scbassmaster

    Lowrance HDS vs Garmin Echomap sv with Autopilot

    I wonder how much difference there is between the HDS gen 2 and HDS live, I will never need live sonar.
  261. scbassmaster

    Lowrance HDS vs Garmin Echomap sv with Autopilot

    What head unit are you controlling it with?
  262. scbassmaster

    Lowrance HDS vs Garmin Echomap sv with Autopilot

    I'm in the market for a new plotter/sounder combo. would be simple enough but I want to add an autopilot in the future (cable steer OB). was thinking about the Lowrance HDS series or the Garmin ECHOMAP sv. I don't have plans for radar as I have no tower. Looking for something that has side-scan...
  263. scbassmaster

    painting a finished rod?

    Hot pink or lime green…
  264. scbassmaster

    painting a finished rod?

    I’m ok with the guide wraps staying black, I was thinking just painting it between the guides, or maybe just from the fore grip to the first or second guide.
  265. scbassmaster

    painting a finished rod?

    I want to add some custom color to my wife's rod, all my rods and hers are black. I have read mixed things about painting a completed rod, I don't want to take anything off of it, can I just scuff up the sections I want to paint, tape it off and hit it with a couple coats of color and couple of...
  266. scbassmaster

    Islands Catalina 7/30

    Nice work, and we appreciate the on the water report. I’m heading out of Dana point tomorrow.
  267. scbassmaster

    Offshore Lots of Bluefin Tuna Schools But Landed Only 1/ Coordinance 7/24

    That’s awesome, long fight, what lb test did you have on your trolling rod? Should I change out my IGFA 50lb to something heavier?
  268. scbassmaster

    New boat owner need help and fishing buddies

    I just bought a 1982 sea fury, good little boat, needs a little love to make it great. Don’t ask what I paid, too much. Looking for someone with experience with these boats to help me dial it in. I live in San Clemente but will be keeping the boat in bellflower at my parents house (free...
  269. scbassmaster

    How/when do you like to use your baitcaster; Komodo, Lexa, Tranx, etc.?

    I love my Tranx 400 for fishing small jigs(going to try poppers this year) for kelp YT, school tuna, dorado, even mid grade tuna(up to 40lbs) 50-60lb fish is doable but rather have a conventional for that. I have no problem flylining with my Avet SX. if I'm fishing heavier i'll usually be...
  270. scbassmaster

    Offshore Knife Jigs at Night

    I’ve heard, and experienced, that erratic retrieves and stopping the jig every 20ft or so on the fall(once in the zone) gets a better reaction from the sleeping giants in the deep.
  271. scbassmaster


    trolling for BFT from a sport boat is not very productive, generally only done on slow days, my last trip we stopped on a school of fish every 10-15 min most of the day, I was trolling some but got tired of winding it in and being the last one in the water on every stop. we did make a big move...
  272. scbassmaster

    First Timer Offshore Yellowtail Fishing SoCal - Buy Reel or Rent?

    budget route for live bait: buy a power handle for your Tranx 300, spool 90% with 40-50lb braid and fish 20-30lb top-shot, flouro is a must as the whole boat up there catches single digit YT on a good day, I've seen big counts but that's not the norm. I would recommend renting a 40lb rig for...
  273. scbassmaster

    Offshore Late report 6/18-19 overnight producer

    Fish were a bit scattered from the recent pressure, they stayed 100ft from the boat most of the time, I never got a bite the whole trip. no fish were hooked at night but not for lack of trying, Capt did an excellent job of chasing marks all night long and even dropped a jig down himself a few...
  274. scbassmaster

    Older Shimano TLD30

    I would be concerned about the frame cracking, I have a set of 4 TLD30II (older ones) that I use for trolling yellowfin, yellowtail and marlin but only with 50lb line (12lbs drag at strike). trying to fish 80lb and 20-30lbs of drag would probably not work out too well. for the big tuna I use a...
  275. scbassmaster

    Inshore Dana Point Fishing Report 6/11/21

    It’s more important to mark structure than actual fish or bait when bass fishing, if you don’t see anything on the meter as you move around try using a slow trolled bait to find them, or if you were drifting cast your hookup bait around. When bass are suspended under kelp stringers your not...
  276. scbassmaster

    Offshore Kite fish question

    Given the huge difference between the size of fish that can be landed on the kite I don’t like getting passed up because you’ve caught a few jig fish already, but if you are looking to get on a cow on the kite let the crew know ahead of time and hand off a couple fish after your first 2, I hate...
  277. scbassmaster

    San Diego Full Day Fishing Trip Quiver

    My 4, plus wish i had 1 more... 1. 30/40lb bait rig (avet SX 6/4 with 50lb braid, Phenix AXIS 820 20-45lb) 2. 40lb colt sniper rig (Tranx 400, wish 500, 65lb braid Shimano Tallus 40-80 braid rating) 3. 50lb trolling/sinker rig (TLD30II 50lb mono, penn rampage 7'6" 30-80lb) 4. 80lb braid to heavy...
  278. scbassmaster

    Time to sell your boat

    Wildlife management is all about balance, need to let Capt Ahab take a few whales, imagine how many salmon would be saved by reducing the number of predators. same with the sealions down here is SoCal...
  279. scbassmaster


    First off, screw you for posting in the report section with the title "Dorado", and secondly mid to late September, any boat that does offshore freelance, they will probably not come as far north this year so overnight or longer is recommended.
  280. scbassmaster

    Mustang sport fishing

    I’ve fished with him once, he is pretty intense, probably too much for the rent rods. I thought it was fun, definitely fishy boat and captain, just don’t expect a relaxing calm atmosphere, he tells it like it is is an understatement.
  281. scbassmaster


    For braid to mono or flouro I like the slim beauty (tony pena), unless the leader/topshot is heavier than the braid then I go FG. I avoid mono to flouro if I can but use the 3 turn surgeons in that case(60% FYI) terminal knots are not as important as most are much stronger than your connection...
  282. scbassmaster

    Top shot question

    I’m not super experienced by any means but I have my 80lb braid tied straight to my heavy 130lb leadered flat fall. I would run a short leader of 150-200lb mono or flouro to your jig of the heavy setup for night time fishing and at least 80lb leader for the “lighter” setup for daytime. I’m sure...
  283. scbassmaster

    Inshore New SoCal Fisherman/ 6-1-21 Fishing Report (Dana Point)

    It seems like you are off to a great start, boat club and yoursaltwaterguide membership, boat positioning is something that comes with practice. Also easier with steady and predictable wind and current. Knowing how far upwind to drop the anchor and what direction are things easier learned by...
  284. scbassmaster


    Apparently you have to cut open a BFT and hope to find one stuck in his throat, like checking oysters for pearls... haha. Try the nomads, shimanos or sea falcon jigs....
  285. scbassmaster

    Offshore Searching for paddies holding fish

    Large Bonito are very tasty as poke or sushi, trick is to bleed and ice them right away, do not freeze them or the meat will become very soft (mush). My wife prefers them to yellowfin for poke.
  286. scbassmaster

    Offshore 9 mile BFT busting out!

    I’m going to use that excuse next time a guy gives me shit for bringing too many rods on his boat... haha. Still had to be cool to get bit so close to home, curious why that TLD20 had 25# though. Short heavier bite leader of flouro might have helped but you work with what you have at the time...
  287. scbassmaster

    Offshore Bluefin at the 43

    Interesting, someone else caught a BFT on an X-rap, now a couple on daisy chains, dare I ask what style/color?
  288. scbassmaster

    Reel for 25-40(30)# bait rod

    I like my fathom 40N for fishing heavy jigs and sinker rigs, the spool is a little heavy for fly-lining, I’m sure it is better on the smaller reels. I kinda wanted something new to try. What reel in this category has the lightest spool?
  289. scbassmaster

    Reel for 25-40(30)# bait rod

    Probably going 2-speed if I can afford it, check out the new stuff I just posted in the classifieds if you want to donate to the cause...
  290. Jig heads, swimbaits, irons, Jigs, trolling lures

    Southern California Jig heads, swimbaits, irons, Jigs, trolling lures

    87 assorted jig heads from 2oz-1/4oz with Flambeau 370 box. Stock up for fishing season. Swimbaits, grubs or whole squid. Catch rockfish, bass and halibut. Less than 35 cents each plus a free box! $30 The smallest plastic in that picture is 5” most are 6” and the bigger ones are 7 and 9”...
  291. scbassmaster

    Jig heads, swimbaits, irons, Jigs, trolling lures

    scbassmaster submitted a new listing: Jig heads, swimbaits, irons, Jigs, trolling lures - Jig heads, swimbaits, irons, Jigs, trolling lures Learn more about this listing...
  292. scbassmaster

    3700 box full of swimbaits (10)

    scbassmaster submitted a new listing: 3700 box full of swimbaits (10) - 3700 box full of swimbaits (10) Learn more about this listing...
  293. 3700 box full of swimbaits (10)

    Southern California 3700 box full of swimbaits (10)

    Huddlestons, BBZ, live target, ganteral, real image trout, Bass pro Z9 trout, 6th sense bluegill glide, Xps glide(S-waver). Everything for $120, message me for separates($15-$20 each)
  294. scbassmaster

    Cardiff 400A and Defy black swimbait rod

    scbassmaster submitted a new listing: Cardiff 400A and Defy black swimbait rod - Cardiff 400A and Defy black swimbait rod Learn more about this listing...
  295. Cardiff 400A and Defy black swimbait rod

    Southern California Cardiff 400A and Defy black swimbait rod

    Cardiff 400A with box, full of 50lb braid and upgraded handle, $80 for BDrs offer up listing linked. Defy Black swimbait rod, blank is in great shape, a little green around the guides and butt cap missing, great starter swimbait rod...
  296. scbassmaster

    offshore tackle box/bag

    scbassmaster submitted a new listing: offshore tackle box/bag - offshore tackle box/bag Learn more about this listing...
  297. offshore tackle box/bag

    Southern California offshore tackle box/bag

    Come with 4 very clean 3700 size boxes, lots of extra storage on top and sides, $50 for BD members, see listing on offerup for more details.
  298. scbassmaster

    Reel for 25-40(30)# bait rod

    If I do get “new” reel it will be second hand(used) I won’t ever fish 50# as that is the fathom and my 30/80# rods job. I’ve got some gear I am trying to sell to pay for the new reel so if I can clear enough cash before my next trip I can have my reel and fish it too, haha. I’ll try to post my...
  299. scbassmaster

    Reel for 25-40(30)# bait rod

    On my last trip no one hooked a BFT on anything bigger than 30#, I looked and my oversized bass rod with a cardiff 400 and left it in the rack, was catching YT pretty good on my Tranx 400 and a jig but got me feeling like I need something that can handle a 50+ lb BFT with 50/65lb braid and 30 or...
  300. scbassmaster

    Yellow Fin Tuna

    I’m looking forward to some dumb YFT in range of SD boats. Till then I’ll keep trying to get lucky with the BFT and YT...
  301. scbassmaster

    Offshore Excalibur 1.5 May 15th

    Fished with Chuck Friday night through Sunday morning, we went south, he put us on the YT, we caught 4 incidental BFT also hooked several more but tangles and light gear got the best of most hookups. Looks like the boats fishing out west found better BFT fishing but no YT so just depends how you...
  302. scbassmaster

    Overnight....Condor or Producer

    Producer is 65’ and has a 22ft stern and max load of 25, condor is 90x26’ and takes up to 37 on an overnight. I’d go with the Producer for less people but both catch fish.
  303. scbassmaster

    Everyone fishing this weekend

    Yeah I know, but it has served me well on fish up to 20lbs, I’ll probably get an avet SX or Similar reel soon, anyone want to trade? Haha.
  304. scbassmaster

    Everyone fishing this weekend

    Wow, looks like the fleet will be out in force this weekend and fishing could be nuts! Who are you fishing with and what are you bringing? I’m on the Excalibur 1.5 day Friday night. 1. Cardiff 400 50lb braid with 25lb topshot for fly lining for YT 2. Tranx 400 65lb braid with 40lb topshot for...
  305. scbassmaster

    Offshore Bluefin on troller

    Buy stock in rapala, haha now everyone is going to troll them in circles around the fleet, haha. Nice report, glad to see a skiff able to get some.
  306. scbassmaster

    Inshore What in the actual Fuck

    Probably didn’t want the bad press... oh well.
  307. scbassmaster

    Looking for a ride Out of Dana point May 1st or 2nd

    Report from 5/1...
  308. scbassmaster

    Inshore Dana Point half-day 5/1

    Counts were low, red tide, so not too high of expectations, I caught 2 of the 5 short calico landed. Local guy fishing shrimp got a short sheepshead and that was it. No keepers on the trip and the jackpot money was refunded since no one won. First time I ever seen that. Anchovies fished on the...
  309. scbassmaster

    Bay / Harbor A-rig killing it

    You can have all five hooks for saltwater, when I fish freshwater I use a none bladed rig and replace the top 2 with willow blades so it’s like a giant spinnerbait, but I don’t do that very often since I lose a lot more in lakes than the harbors.
  310. scbassmaster

    Bay / Harbor A-rig killing it

    Fish it on straight braid, I use 50lb, light hooks will bend out and you just have to replace a jig head instead of the whole rig. Just make sure you set your drag accordingly so you don’t bend out hooks on fish.
  311. scbassmaster

    Bay / Harbor A-rig killing it

    I have been casting out 45* or less from the bank, letting it hit bottom (unless there are a ton of weeds) then popping it with the rod or a quick wind with the reel every 5-10’ I have watched bass react to the pops several times the last 2 weeks, it definitely helps. Flash mob jr with 3 1/8oz...
  312. scbassmaster

    Bay / Harbor A-rig killing it

    Been whacking the spots, calico and halibut on the A-rig in Dana Point harbor. Wish I had a tuna or Catalina repot but this will have to die for now enjoy the pics... Had issues loading larger pic files... 19” halibut didn’t make it...
  313. scbassmaster

    Looking for a ride Out of Dana point May 1st or 2nd

    Local (San Clemente) looking for a ride out of Dana point, I’ve fished everything from local bass and halibut to offshore tuna and marlin. I’ve been doing well in the harbor but itching to get outside. Probably end up on a sportie out of Dana Wharf if no one has room next weekend. I can bring...
  314. scbassmaster

    BFT effects on the long term fishery...

    In the words of Dave Hanson “your not going to significantly impact the fish population with a rod and reel, your just not that good” haha but seriously I think the fishery has been managed well(lately) and the fish are adapting to the global environment they live in, mainly overfishing in the...
  315. scbassmaster

    Pacific Queen 1.5 May or June

    I’d say it depends on what you want to catch, if your looking for BFT I’d say may, not because it will be better but because it will probably be the only game in town. June if you just want to catch more fish, yellowtail on kelps most likely or even down the coast. I wouldn’t expect YFT but I...
  316. scbassmaster

    What is the best trailer boat for family fishing in SoCal?

    Yeah, market is tough, I don’t mind spending another season on the sporties and helping out on fellow BDrs boats. I’m going to keep saving and looking until my budget catches up with what’s available. Thanks for all the help, way more help than I expected from a none report post, my faith in the...
  317. scbassmaster

    What is the best trailer boat for family fishing in SoCal?

    I have, it is definitely cheaper than buying a new or even newish boat and paying for a slip and maintenance but I’m going to buy my boat “cash” and have a place to park it. It’s not worth the money to me, I’m not going to have a $500/mo payment.
  318. scbassmaster

    What is the best trailer boat for family fishing in SoCal?

    Wow, thanks for all the replies, I guess buying a 1995 bayliner 2302 off Craigslist is a bad idea... if I’m shopping nationally that puts key west, Cobia, and some others that are hard to find out here on the table. Any advice for shopping for a boat from 2000 miles away? I think I’m going to...
  319. scbassmaster

    What is the best trailer boat for family fishing in SoCal?

    My wife is warming up to the idea of buying a boat, been doing some research (for the last 10 years, haha) she wants a cabin for her and the boys to crash out in, I want something with as open a cockpit as possible, no I can’t afford a Parker or defiance. 22-24ft ideally but I’m having a hard...
  320. scbassmaster

    Pinhead out of Dana point looking for ride

    I live in San Clemente, probably buying a boat in the next year or two, looking for a ride for local kelp calico or preferably Catalina for yellowtail and Bonito. Got cash for bait, ice and gas. I know the drill, I have 4 40lb TLD 30II setups if you want to troll. Free most weekends want to join...
  321. scbassmaster

    Full Tackle Bag Misc Stuff

    If someone just a wants the irons I’ll go halves, or whatever is appropriate on the rest of the lot. I live in San Clemente.
  322. scbassmaster

    2 shimano OG curados and other baitcasting reels

    Update, Cabo and one Curado sold, noted above.
  323. scbassmaster

    Offshore barracuda in Long Beach Harbor in March

    Pics or it didn’t happen, lol. How big is “nice” legal size?
  324. scbassmaster

    Penn rampage rods for trolling

    The 20/50 7’ defiantly has a soft enough tip for the smaller fish, I was just curious if the 30-80 6’6” had the same soft tip with a faster taper. Wish I could pull on each of them but they have been hard to find.
  325. scbassmaster

    penn squall 60LD with roller tip/strip

    Price drop, also willing to sell separate(reel, rod and line)
  326. scbassmaster

    "Need" new trolling gear, and advice

    OK, I've got 4 TLD30 2 speeds. most of them have half braid and 50 or 60lb mono on top already but I think that might be a bit much when trolling hard baits for yellows and bones, obviously not overkill for tuna/marlin trolling. We will be doing more inshore than offshore trolling. I'm looking...
  327. scbassmaster

    Penn rampage rods for trolling

    I'm looking at getting a set of 4 Rampage rods for local trolling ex: X-rap yellowtail/bonito, schoolie to 40lb yellowfin and maybe play with some striped marlin in the fall. my first thought was get 2 20-50 6', and 2 20-50 7' paired with TLD30 2 speeds with 40lb. after feeling the 7' 20-50 in...
  328. scbassmaster

    Penn Squall 50 or 60ld

    Did you ever find what you were looking for?
  329. scbassmaster

    2 shimano OG curados and other baitcasting reels

    NOW $50 (was $60) Quantum Cabo 30 SOLD Curado bantam $70 $50 curado bantam $75 $55(upgraded drag) SOLD castaic $100 $60(full of 65lb power pro)
  330. scbassmaster

    penn squall 60LD with roller tip/strip

    Reel is 90% full of 80lb braid, 50-60yrds 60lb mono topshot. 50-80lb rod $260, NOW $200 might make a deal if you don’t want the line...
  331. scbassmaster

    Newell C540-4.6 with old trolling rod

    Making room for new stuff, mint condition, loaded with 60lb straight ande mono. Rods included too if you want it, pretty beat up but works well. $150 OBO
  332. scbassmaster

    Full Day VS. Overnight

    I suggest working your way up, a full day is very different than a half day. and overnight and 1.5 is very different than that. I like overnights since you can wakeup on the fishing grounds and usually catch more. 1.5 day or more only if absolutely needed to get to where the fish are, unless you...
  333. scbassmaster

    "Need" new trolling gear, and advice

    TLD30 is as big/expensive as I’d go, also landed this in Costa Rica on a TLD 30 with 30lb line... Not quite 250 but never once felt out gunned. Looks like 4 TLD30II going to be the goal, now what to spool it with? I’m thinking straight 40lb
  334. scbassmaster

    "Need" new trolling gear, and advice

    I see, you seem to have had quite the quiver. I’m just trying to graduate from trolling with whatever 4 rods I can get my hands on to 4 dedicated and identical rigs, any answers to my posted questions would be appreciated.
  335. scbassmaster

    "Need" new trolling gear, and advice

    Thanks for the response Ljp, Florida seems to be a whole different animal. something you would use for trolling for blackfin, Dolphin, sailfish and white marlin would be similar I guess. I'm trying to avoid buying 3 more TLD30II if I don't have to...
  336. scbassmaster

    2 shimano OG curados and other baitcasting reels

    All prices negotiable, deals on multiples Quantum cabo 30 baitcaster, with box and tool. SOLD Shimano Curado bantam CU-200 SOLD Shimano Curado bantam CU-200 #2 Check out this item on OfferUp. Shimano Castaic CA-200
  337. scbassmaster

    penn squall 60LD with roller tip/strip

    Pics and description on offerup:
  338. scbassmaster

    "Need" new trolling gear, and advice

    I know trolling isn't the best way to catch fish in SoCal or the most exciting but for some reason I love it. maybe it reminds me of fishing in Cabo, Bahamas or Costa Rica but anyway. back to the point. My buddy and I have a random mix of trolling gear from old penns, newells up to TLD 30IIA...
  339. scbassmaster

    Dana Point Harbor Spotty Puzzle

    I live near DPH. Docks and rocks can produce a couple fish but the bulk of the spotties I catch are on submerged grass. spinnerbaits, A-rigs and underspins are my go to lures but drop-shot and bottom plastics can work too. Just fish what you are most confident in and try to find the grass. Left...
  340. scbassmaster

    Slow day at the Horseshoe 2/5

    2 calico, 1 kelp bass? Those are the same, you mean Giant kelp fish or kelp greenling? Pics if you got them...
  341. scbassmaster

    Offshore Producer 1.5 day fished Sat 11/21

    Not sure, listed as a freelance trip, but he definitely had the idea to go for it, glad it worked for us, I’m sure it doesn’t always happen that way.
  342. scbassmaster

    Offshore Producer 1.5 day fished Sat 11/21

    Light load of 17, good mix of large and small dines and woke up 90 miles south past all the mini paddy yellowtail. Didn’t get the trollers all setup when we hit a skipjack, nothing on bait so skunks off and trollers back out. About 30 min past sunrise Captain makes a hard turn calls for heavy...
  343. scbassmaster

    Going this Friday night - weather

    I'm booked on the Ocean Odyssey friday night 1.5 day. I was told that no way we go to tanner or cortes now, maybe head south but possibly cancel altogether...
  344. scbassmaster

    Trump 2020

    I wish, I will be voting but not too hopeful of anything beyond getting a school board or house district win, lol.
  345. scbassmaster

    Rockfishing at night

    The jetties are great for bass at night, the shallower spots for rockfish bite well at night too. Wish I were closer to you I’d join you.
  346. scbassmaster

    P229 and 533 newell

    I have a C540-4.6 Newell, if not what your looking for, what do you think I could get for it?
  347. scbassmaster


    Look up Esteban Carreras cigars, that’s who makes them. The warehouse is in San Clemente actually... I prefer the Esteban Carreras Dias Anos or Chupa Cabra (habano)
  348. scbassmaster

    Offshore 43, ridge, 289, mackerel, Clemente saved

    paddy-as in rice fields or Patty-as in round cake or burger I like patty but I see it paddy from some pretty reputable sources....
  349. scbassmaster

    Offshore Tha girls

    Turks and Caicos, on our honeymoon.
  350. scbassmaster

    Overnight trip gear questions.

    I was debating taking it as a backup or just to try to get more comfortable with it. I ended up buying a Shimano Tallus, the Abyss felt too soft and I wasn’t able to find a proteus to pull on. Took it to the jetty and caught a couple calico fishing 40lb leader and a 1oz swimbait, they never had...
  351. scbassmaster

    Overnight trip gear questions.

    I know, I’m trying to buy a new rod before the trip. Have you used the abyss or proteus with a Tranx or lexa 400?
  352. scbassmaster

    Overnight trip gear questions.

    Pokilover, My Cardiff has upgraded drag and power handle, killed plenty of 15-20lb YFT on it last season. Manly for 8-20lb Dorado/YT,I don’t plan on fishing it for anything over 30lb, I know big fish can be mixed in but I was decking footballs on it in >5 min last year. I’ll probably get a...
  353. scbassmaster

    Overnight trip gear questions.

    I’m booked on the mustang for 9/26 overnight fishing 9/27, let me know if your going. Hear is what I got... Light bait: Cardiff 400, 50lb braid to 15-30lb flouro on an 8’ swimbait rod. Med bait/colt-sniper: Tranx 400, 65lb braid to 40lb mono topshot/flouro for bait on a $40 7’6” 30-50lb BPS...
  354. scbassmaster

    Dana point Yellowtail 8/30

    Went out on a friend’s boat for a shakedown and play with some new electronics he had installed. One engine with issues kept us close to home drifted just outside the reef north of the harbor hoping for a halibut, one sand bass and sand dab. Floated over the reef for a 14” calico, released...
  355. scbassmaster

    DP 8-22. Bones on the troll with grandson

    I heard that when the finish the parking structure there will be more parking, not sure if they mean more than now, more than before, or just more tourist parking? Guess we will see in several years...
  356. scbassmaster

    Offshore Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    I believe he is referring to the big ones 200-400lb fish. Haven’t heard of many being caught lately. They should be back in 6 months I think the water is too warm for them right now.
  357. scbassmaster

    Offshore Late report/question

    22ft cuddy, if Catalina seems far then your really limited with good offshore spots from Dana Point. 267 maybe 209 on a good day. If you can launch from San Diego the 9 mile bank is a short ride but more chance at fish at the 181/182 ridge and a smoother ride home that the 209 back to Dana...
  358. scbassmaster

    Dana point 8/16/20 all the bass

    Nice day, let me know if your camera man can’t make it and need a replacement, lol. C&R or fish tacos?
  359. scbassmaster

    Squid boats at Salt Creek tonight

    Good spot to try for some local WSB and yellowtail tomorrow, thanks for the heads up.
  360. scbassmaster

    Shark killed at the beach by lifegua Thoughts? I brought the popcorn, haha. Some people....
  361. scbassmaster

    Offshore gear ratios

    What are you using this reel for and what size are you looking at? Lower gear ratios have more power and larger reels with lower ratios actually reel line at the same rate as smaller high speed reels. What ever you choose make sure you get a power handle of you are using it offshore, reeling in...
  362. scbassmaster

    August 2nd-8th Winchester bay and Umpqua River advice.

    Appreciate all the help, just got home yesterday. Spent the whole week fishing smallmouth as I couldn’t convince anyone else in the group to head towards the coast. I’ll probably plan a separate salmon trip this fall or next year. Biggest SMB went 1.5lbs caught on a whopper plopper. Good times...
  363. scbassmaster

    Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    15% is about $1,000, tip less if the crew basically took the bad fishing as a day to take it easy, mail it in so to speak but if they worked just as hard as they would have if the fishing was good hard to punish them for something not their fault. Pinheads don’t get a check so just to make min...
  364. scbassmaster

    7/25/2020 267 and 14 mile bank

    I wish they would make it legal to rockfish the 14.
  365. scbassmaster

    Marking kelp

    Jerk bait fished above the kelp has done well on aggressive fish for me, if the bite is slow I like some sort of weedless bait fished down in the kelp, with the kelp as deep as it is I’d say a Texas rig or sled-head curly tail grub or fat curly grub. Squid helps if there aren’t too many Macks...
  366. scbassmaster

    Offshore Anyone hit the 267/277/14 mile bank lately?

    If you can’t get to at least the 289 and preferably the SCI / 43 ridge or farther south your better off staying local. Catalina yellowtail would be the next best thing. Fish close now and maybe in a week or two there will be some scattered schools farther north.
  367. scbassmaster

    How to identify halibut

    Good idea to throw back anything your not sure about. There are several flat fish around SoCal. Halibut, sand dab, diamond turbot, rock sole... halibut are the ones with the gnarly sharp teeth. Most often confused with rock sole. sand dabs have soft mouths like a crappie and no teeth to speak...
  368. scbassmaster

    Barracuda Question?

    North for sure, blue/white or blue/Crome jigs.
  369. scbassmaster

    August 2nd-8th Winchester bay and Umpqua River advice.

    Thanks Duckfan and Curtis, I have an 8’6” salmon travel rod I use for shore fishing, strange to actually be using it for salmon this time, haha. The reel I was going to bring is a revo toro with 50lb braid, top shot 15-25lb? I have other casting reels if a lighter reel/line is needed for stealth...
  370. scbassmaster

    August 2nd-8th Winchester bay and Umpqua River advice.

    SoCal boy going to be in OR for a week on the Umpqua around scottsburg. I have a couple bucket list fish to check off, smallmouth bass should be fairly easy but open to suggestions on tackle and lures. Real question is about salmon/Steelhead. I’ll be hanging out in windy bay a day or too and was...
  371. scbassmaster

    Offshore Live Flying Fish

    I was unaware of this myself so did a little digging, I guess you could grab them by hand? Lol 28.65. GENERAL. Except as provided in this article, fin fish may be taken only on hook-and-line or by hand. 28.80. DIP NETS AND HAWAIIAN TYPE THROW NETS. Dip nets of any size and baited hoop nets not...
  372. scbassmaster

    Conventional Reel Newbie at your service

    Level wind would be a good idea, you can catch some pretty big fish on a tranx or Lexa 400. There are other options if you need more line capacity, fathom LW, Tekota... would really help to know price, line size, and target species...
  373. scbassmaster

    Izors and a Swordie!

    I have been in a similar situation myself and wonder what gear would be appropriate to pitch a Mack or something at a sunning swordfish?
  374. scbassmaster

    Inshore kelp lures

    1/2oz-1.5oz warbaits heads and 5” MC Viejos Don’t work.... I I was fishing a black and blue because it was dark but brown/red, green/orange or blue/silver are great during the day. Always keep a bait setup ready and a tank of live bait if nothing else to fire them up so they bite the rubber...
  375. scbassmaster

    Yellowfin tuna near Huntington???

    209 area has a pocket of warm water, I’m sure there are a few scattered schools around, I expect they will start biting end of next week if you can find some....
  376. scbassmaster

    Offshore Rod and reel type

    I find the info helpful so I know what size and quality of gear is necessary to land whatever size fish they caught, most of us have it dialed what gear we want to be using for what size fish but maybe you can land 200lb tuna in 20min with heavier stuff?
  377. scbassmaster

    Offshore BFT Down South?

    My calendar is looking better everyday too, lol. Every year I keep thinking it’s time to go and look back at my photos for time stamps and am disappointed by the dates... me being a full-overnight fisherman and private boating out of Dana Point I have to wait a bit longer.
  378. scbassmaster

    Offshore Sickwide poll ramsnducks vs hookup562

    So is this more of a “phishing” Report?
  379. scbassmaster

    After Bonito out of DP

    Don’t get stuck on the curve, I have my best luck for numbers just outside the major color break. Small flashy hoochies and 4-5in rapala (I use yosuri) diving baits when trolling. Follow the birds or splashes if you see any. The small anchovies are killer Bonehead bait, no need for heavy gear...
  380. scbassmaster

    6/6 Long Beach

    I fish straight braid all the time along the rocks, twilight and straight dark is best, when they are ambushing baits from behind cover they aren’t usually line shy. I fish 5” viejos on 1/2-3/4oz slayer heads though.
  381. scbassmaster

    Offshore Tues meeting for opening fishing in San Diego

    If it is a state issue then how are the OC and other landings operating? Someone in SD is responsible for this and many are trying to get the Governor to override the local health officials it seems to me. I was planning a trip for the end of June but I might be going out of Dana Point... edit...
  382. scbassmaster

    North 9, 182, 178?

    The triangle between the 43, 289 and pyramid cove look pretty fishy on the charts. Sorry no solid intel from me, I haven’t been out at all this year.
  383. scbassmaster

    Offshore 5/16 Tuna and Taco report

    Gave up on the parking lot to swing for the fences, I’d say a home run but even the saltiest angler would consider that trip a respectable double. I’m looking forward to Fish tacos or sushi as soon as I can get out on a sporty or find a friend with an offshore worthy sled. Still working on the...
  384. scbassmaster

    Fishing off the back of the boat--Newport Harbor

    Selema, used to use them as live bait at San Clemente pier. Caught my first BSB on one. C&R of course.
  385. scbassmaster

    Offshore Early Report 5-10-2020 Out of Newport

    Turn off auto-gain. Set the gain in a familiar area, the last shot inside the harbor looked pretty good, maybe a touch too sensitive. When In open water and no signal returns auto will turn the sensitivity way up. The false bottom was probably a thermocline layer. Looks like it’s working fine...
  386. scbassmaster

    Red Tide Longevity

    If you can get to clean water the fish are biting and might even be stacked up there, given the lack of clean water everywhere else. If your stuck fishing a particular area keep checking on the conditions, find the cleanest water you can and fish anyway. There are worse things than a skunk trip...
  387. scbassmaster

    Offshore Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    In my experience when invited on a fellow BDers boat you PAY half the expenses AND do half the work, but maybe you Offer more than most? Good luck, I hope the landings open soon and you can get back to work and we can all get back to fishing.
  388. scbassmaster

    Offshore Tricks to use in a picky bite

    I figured all the good advice would have come up but I have one more I didn’t see. I was on an overnight last year and we were marking fish and seeing a few lazy boils, no one was getting bite though. Saw the whole spectrum of bait techniques and small jigs but me and my buddy caught the only 3...
  389. scbassmaster

    Offshore 11/4 New Lo Ann report. 11 BFT, 104 YFT.

    Isn’t the kite thing supposed to a sort of “hook and hand” deal? I know putting a fish like that on deck would be great PR but what about the customers on the boat that paid to fish. I wasn’t there maybe no one wanted to take the beating, but seems like letting a few guys pull on a fish like...
  390. scbassmaster


    Old news guys, this was from late September...
  391. scbassmaster

    Offshore Getting nervous?!?!?!

    You just have to trust the Capt to put you on fish and hope they are in range, not much you can do.
  392. scbassmaster

    Offshore Tuna Seiners

    Best of my knowledge they are not after the bluefin, when do they reset the quota? Jan 1st?
  393. scbassmaster

    Offshore Old Glory 10/11-12 overnight

    Here is what I used on my last overnight. In order of most used: #1. 8’ 15-30lb rod, Shimano Cardiff* 40lb braid to 25lb topshot, 20/25lb flouro leader. #2. 7’6” 30-50lb rod, Tranx 400 65lb braid to 40lb topshot, colt-sniper or 40lb flouro for bait. #3. 7’ 30-80lb rod fathom 40N 2 speed, 80lb...
  394. scbassmaster

    MDR (Fish ID) what is this???

    Ah I see what you are saying now, I retract my kelp fish answer. Mouth is too big and wrong shape.
  395. scbassmaster

    MDR (Fish ID) what is this???

    Kelp fish, they get about a foot long and have some teeth when they grow up.
  396. scbassmaster

    Fall Yellows on the "Pursuit" !

    19 yellows up to 25lbs, decent mixed bag of bottom fish and bass. Curious of the details about though...
  397. scbassmaster

    Offshore Mediums Bft

    I believe he caught it on a dead flying fish under a balloon, if in reading it right. Curious about the dive gear myself though...
  398. scbassmaster

    Offshore WFO on Tuna out of Dana Point 9/23

    Haha, don’t recognize the shore line but I think I’ve caught a few of those tuna before.
  399. scbassmaster

    Offshore Sunday 9/15

    What lures did they bite on the troll? Nothing I have been pulling(for the last 3 years) is working.
  400. scbassmaster

    Offshore No luck on the tuna

    No bait, no fish. Seems to be a pattern. I got a couple on the sniper but only after getting them going on the chum, in Mexico. Bait would seem to be just as if not more important up north. Still worth a shot I guess if you have no bait tank. Many chunk next time?
  401. scbassmaster

    Noob question b out fly line fishing

    If they are biting light(seems rare in my limited exp.) I like fishing a circle hook with a nose hooked bait, and 1/4oz sliding sinker pegged with a carolina keeper just above my flouro to mono knot. Just put it in gear and wind in a few feet, if nothing is there either put it back in...
  402. scbassmaster

    Care for your catch after trip?

    I have a friend who caught some tuna on a sportie recently and ended up getting food poisoning after eating his catch, cooked? Here was the scenario: All fish were bleed in the box and moved to the RSW, but on the way back he said they emptied the fish onto the deck around 3:30pm, all of them...
  403. scbassmaster

    Offshore T-Bird 9/8 Limits of YFT

    Mexican waters, between the 425 and 371. Pics added.
  404. scbassmaster

    Offshore T-Bird 9/8 Limits of YFT

    Horrible weather had us waiting in the harbor until 2am so we weren't floating around in a washing machine for 2-3 hours. we got to the grounds just after 5am, i was up but didn't even bother with a flat-fall as standing on the rail anywhere but dead center stern was near impossible. Started...
  405. scbassmaster

    Knot selection question

    FG, RP or Albright for spectra to leader/topshot *never had a problem with any of these when tied correctly, (FG knot is hard to get right) 3 turn surgeons for mono-flouro Spectra to hook - double eye SD jam Mono to hook - SD jam Flouro to hook - Springer(3 loops for light line) Crimp anything...
  406. scbassmaster

    Gail Force Catalina Swordfish!

    Haha, first objective, fish in boat, done. Can’t be picky when an opportunity like that looks you in the face. Nice job, and look, the steaks are already portioned, lol.
  407. scbassmaster

    Offshore Fished 8/28/19 on the Fortune

    I try not to second guess the guys that make their living putting us on fish when it comes to those decisions, the school probably followed the boat away from the patty and just got finicky after a while. Still marking fish under the boat why would he fire up and move until it was time to find a...
  408. scbassmaster

    Offshore 8/27- YFT

    Nice report, and good to hear some people still know how to play nice. Were the jig fish on foamers, blind casting or yo-yo? I tried all 3 last time out and never stuck one(on the jig).
  409. scbassmaster

    Offshore Blue Horizon 8/18 overnight

    Bait Looked pretty bad to start with, bait was loaded before we were so not sure, Captain did say sometimes he will stop for bait in SD so maybe they are buying the same stuff you and I would. O-95 didn’t seem to have as bad of luck I heard them say 30 as we were docking up next to them.
  410. scbassmaster

    Offshore Blue Horizon 8/18 overnight

    Left the dock at 10pm made the long run south from O-side and arrived at the floating city around 4:30am. Metered around with micro bait busting everywhere in the lights. Stopped on a mark and waited for sunrise. No flat-fall fish, we tried. Sun started to brighten up the cloudy sky and we...
  411. scbassmaster


    Nope, just a rumor based on the “depth” restrictions change. I’ve seen people fishing the 43 and other high spots but there is no mention of them in the regulations and are not legal to bottom fish.
  412. scbassmaster

    Offshore 7/29 Report..Some meat on the deck

    Were you fishing the halo short or long? I usually run mine closest to the boat in the spread and have yet to get bit on it. I feel like it’s just there to make noise and flash to get the fish up and then bite the feathers or cedar behind.
  413. scbassmaster

    Dana Point Action?

    Conditions have dictated my local fishing this year, if you can find current hitting the kelp or shallow reef areas with relatively clean water you should do fairly well. I haven’t seen a lot of big fish but if you find the right spot it’s WFO for awhile until the tide shifts and then you might...
  414. scbassmaster

    Half day boats inflating fish counts

    Dana wharf posts their released bass count too, though they seem to be a bit more accurate. I don’t think Anyone is outright lying to make money but the release count is always an estimate. A steady pick at short bass along the reef for 30 anglers will turn into 300 fish real fast, they are...
  415. scbassmaster

    Where to catch Yellowtail off Dana Point

    The Bass bite in the kelp around Dana Point is wide open, mostly small fish though. Been a few bonito caught in the cleaner water just outside the kelp too. But as Jason said if you want YT the island is the place to go, unless you run south past San O to box canyon area but I haven’t heard of...
  416. scbassmaster

    Filleting of Fish

    There are no fillet length or skin ID requirements once the fish is on land.
  417. scbassmaster

    Not a fish report-Are Cast Nets Legal

    Curious where you heard about the change, it has always been illegal south of point conception, at least as long as I’ve been fishing so cal. Would be interesting if we could start using them but I don’t see a big reason for CA DFW to change the regs, not much pressure from the fishing community...
  418. scbassmaster

    Offshore Line to line knot vs. Swivel for mono to flouro connection

    2 80% knots would in theory be better than one 70% knot, but when fishing fluoro I don’t want that swivel in the water, extra wt for the bait to pull and visually off putting to fish. If I’m slow trolling I would be more tempted to use a swivel with a longer leader. With a properly set drag the...
  419. scbassmaster

    Offshore Looking for BFT

    Best info I have is out of your range and south of the border. Maybe try for YT around LJ. I’m not going fishing again until next week and hoping this warm weather will turn things back on by then.
  420. scbassmaster

    Releasing fish- survivabilty

    Agree most fish are a lot more durable than we give them credit for, but it does depend on the fish, and local water conditions. For the most part a wounded fish is more likely to get eaten by a predator than die from its injuries. The only fish I am ever really concerned about is a BSB or other...
  421. scbassmaster

    Leopard shark and batrays surf fishing

    Well I guess we’ll cut you a break since there is some report in your post, haha. I’m not familiar with that area but I do well on Leo’s and rays from beaches near river mouths, harbors, jetties, and rocky reef areas. What I look for are areas with smaller waves and light to no debris in the...
  422. scbassmaster

    1.5 day BFT gear question

    Yeah, I feel like I have a setup that will handle 50-100lb fish no problem, but a 200+ low percentage of success and 100% chance of an ass kicking... but that’s what I was going for, plenty of stick for the “smaller” ones and at least a chance if I hook a big one. Next year I’ll add the true...
  423. scbassmaster

    1.5 day BFT gear question

    Thanks for the inspiration and comments, some more helpful than others. I ended up buying a Fathom 40LD2 and Californian 769XH (30-80) going full of 80# braid for fly line with short top shot 8-) Also bringing a Squall 60LD single speed :pee:80# braid 60lb TS 6’6” trolling rod, (flat fall/sinker...
  424. scbassmaster

    Cheap rods/reels nothing over $40

    Added more detail to this post, I know following links is lame...
  425. scbassmaster

    Cheap rods/reels nothing over $40

    Fresh and salt, not the best stuff but super cheap. See craigslist links for detailed pics REELS Penn Senator 6/0 very rough looking, but it works, good parts reel for internals- $25 Penn peer no.309 level wind, loaded with fresh 30lb works great-$30 Penn Jigmaster no.500 extra spool included...
  426. scbassmaster

    1.5 day BFT gear question

    It’s a hypothetical question, I will be bringing 3 rods, just curious what most would do with only one. Thanks for playing along. Been looking at this exact thing, 80# braid? Rod length? got $700 I can borrow or know someone selling a used one...
  427. scbassmaster

    1.5 day BFT gear question

    If you could only bring 1 setup(rod/reel) for these 75lb tuna and chance at 200lb what would you bring? Something that could fish a few techniques decently? Or stick to one thing and do it well? I only buy 1 combo a year and the biggest thing I currently have is a 20-40lb 6480 with a torium 16...
  428. scbassmaster

    innocent passage...

    Other reason to have the paperwork is running into a huge foamer, but not being able to fish it. If I’m driving that many miles offshore I don’t want to waste time driving through waters that I can’t fish even if I found any, just MHO.
  429. scbassmaster

    Fish Id SMB

    I’d say rock sole, but I’m no expert.
  430. scbassmaster


    Let me just say, I’d love to introduce you to my wife... maybe you two could share some ideas, haha. Your husband is a lucky man.
  431. scbassmaster


    You can fish there as long as you don't have fish on board subject to the "depth" restriction. Bass and yellowtail ok, sheephead and rockfish not ok...(not a complete list obviously) yes the line moves from 60 fathom curve to the 75 fathom curve in march, but the the exception still reads...
  432. scbassmaster

    new rockfish regs start march 1st.

    totally agree, but in the case of the 14 i think the area would be so small they don't think its worth the time or effort to map. the 14 is on deeper fathom curves though, Navionics? I searched for the map online but couldn't find it. we are upgrading our nav and sonar soon so hopefully there...
  433. scbassmaster

    new rockfish regs start march 1st.

    The new "depth" restrictions March 1st will be the 75 fathom curve as defined by Federal regulations (50 CFR Part 660, Subpart C). I was hoping this would now include the 14 (Lausons knoll) but it doesn't... so basically its all the same places as before just a little deeper. *There are no...
  434. scbassmaster


    The new "depth" restrictions March 1st will be the 75 fathom curve as defined by Federal regulations (50 CFR Part 660, Subpart C). I was hoping this would now include the 14 (Lausons knoll) but it doesn't... so basically its all the same places as before just a little deeper. *There are no...
  435. scbassmaster

    Leopard shark fishing from shore LA

    I’m not familiar with the beaches up there but I seem to catch them anywhere there is rocks and kelp near the shore. Fresh mac or bonito work best for me but frozen squid is the next best thing. Good luck to ya.
  436. scbassmaster

    Jig Bag for Irons

    I have a brand new Turners jig bag $20.00, check out some of the other things too to make it worth your while.
  437. scbassmaster

    Offshore Thanksgiving Yellowfin 11/19

    Awesome trip, and love your friend’s boat.
  438. scbassmaster

    DPH 2 mile "tuna"!?

    Thanks for the help, unfortunately my boat partner had something come up and I’m stuck on dry land with all my gear ready to go, taunting me in the corner... unless someone has a spot open on their sled.
  439. scbassmaster

    DPH 2 mile "tuna"!?

    Made plans to fish local kelp and deeper for bass and halibut this weekend but have been seeing some crazy things from the Dana Wharf counts, 32lb bluefin caught while trolling for Bonito last weekend and scores of Skipjack for the local 1/2 and 3/4 day boats mid week. I'm thinking about looking...
  440. scbassmaster

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    Black Sea bass situation is a lot more likely to change than white sharks. Maybe a lottery for a limited # of tags issued but one per day would be devastating to the ecosystem... I will say there are improvements that can be made to how all of this is being regulated but this isn’t the answer...
  441. scbassmaster

    Offshore Where ? At SCI.....!!!!!

    Epic to catch the bite on camera! Thanks for the post. :worship:
  442. scbassmaster

    Torium 16 and seeker 6480

    Still got it, will split if I have confirmed offers for both rod and reel.
  443. scbassmaster

    Offshore 8-20-18 Lots of looking 240 mile roundtrip

    X2 on the fuel bill, was that per person or are you running 240 miles in a boat that gets 3-4 mpg?
  444. scbassmaster

    Offshore 267/279 to the 181 and inb between 8/19

    Not sure this will help anyone but felt obligated to report. Could not find a decent patty to save our lives all day, we ran from DP to 279 and trolled to 209, to 181 on the west side a bit, came back up the inside of the banks on the way back trolling most of the way. Saw and fished 6 patties...
  445. scbassmaster

    Anyone know what this is???

    Word of caution, it’s not advisable to keep fish you don’t know what are or what the refs are for them. Just friendly advice to protect your wallet from the warden’s pen...
  446. scbassmaster

    Catalina yellow on the bass jig

    YT on a spinnerbait, there is something I haven’t done.
  447. scbassmaster

    Fishing gear, all types!

    Updated, Pickup only, sorry for wasting anyone’s time.
  448. scbassmaster

    Fishing gear, all types!

    Well I don’t want to sell everything I own and don’t want to stick anyone with extra crap they don’t want in a “lot” sale.
  449. scbassmaster

    Fishing gear, all types!

    $20, less if you buy other stuff too.
  450. scbassmaster

    Fishing gear, all types!

    Bump, perfect place for new anglers to get a great deal on anything for mountain stream fishing gear, freshwater bass gear, pier or surf fishing gear, offshore tackle and more. Hit me up and we can setup an American Pickers style sale or inquire about specific items seen or ask if I have...
  451. scbassmaster

    What bird is this

    My first impression was a baby albatross, they do land, just not in the water. Whatever it is, it is young and not in it’s full color yet. Cool to see the next generation of fishing no matter what species. *I’m most likely wrong as I miss ID’d my first ever bluefin a couple weeks ago, SMH...
  452. scbassmaster

    Offshore 8-11-18 SCI to the 43 Spot

    I see the red headed cedar plug, what else was working? if you don’t mind sharing...
  453. scbassmaster

    Offshore 14 mile / 267 8/11

    Good to know there are a few fish to be had up our way, I’ll be hitting some of the same areas next weekend so hopefully there will be more fish up here and more willing to bite.
  454. scbassmaster

    Torium 16 and seeker 6480

    I thought so, no takers yet. If I hang a fish on it before someone buys it I’m just going to keep it, haha.
  455. scbassmaster

    Fishing gear, all types!

    Pick up or in person transactions only! Sorry shimano gear bag Turners jig box Assorted rods and reels from $5-$280 Trolling lures Mixed irons Hooks/weights Bass lures Tons of soft plastics Leader and other fishing line (flouro sold) And more not pictured!! I have too much stuff, clearing out...
  456. scbassmaster

    Offshore 8/3 Hidden Bank

    Nice job mowing em’ down, I don’t seem to have luck on the troll ever.
  457. scbassmaster

    Torium 16 and seeker 6480

    Yes, right hand retrieve.
  458. scbassmaster

    Torium 16 and seeker 6480

    Selling this surface iron setup, never caught a fish on it. 65lb PowerPro and 50lb mono topshot on the reel. $280 OBO (older style)
  459. scbassmaster

    Budget kite fishing...

    I know I’m going to get a lot of crap for this but I’m already tapped for new gear for the season. I have a kite, kite rod, yummys but didn’t get a dedicated cow setup. I was wondering what I would have to do to make a TLD50II a legitimate option for skipping for these 200# bluefin I have been...
  460. scbassmaster

    Offshore Jumbo tuna behind SCI 7/29

    Didn’t have to far around China point to find the fish, saw boils all day, never connected. Heard some guys getting bit on the kite or yo-yo flatfalls but tough fishing. Didn’t see a GD thing on the way home once we got inside of the island. They are out there, maybe the night bite working...
  461. scbassmaster

    Offshore 43 and north 7/2

    Edited, thanks I didn't even realize I had caught my first BFT, how anti-climactic.. Yes this was sunday 7/22
  462. scbassmaster

    Offshore 43 and north 7/2

    Sunday 7/22! sorry, i wish we could edit the titles... Left Dana Point @6:30am had to top off the gas. Ran straight for the 43 30kts and started looking around. Seems like most of the boats had moved northwest toward SCI but we trolled a couple circles around the high spot and stopped on a few...
  463. scbassmaster

    Cool underwater vids from 7/8 off of SanO.

    Nice, I see YT in the dana wharf 1/2 day counts sometimes but neat to actually see them in our local kelp on video. Now if we could just get them to bite...
  464. scbassmaster

    Long night, AM bass domes to dana, 7/1

    As planned left Saturday afternoon to fish all night outside the kelp line for WSB. Made macks near SC pier and continued south to the domes. Soaked macks and dead squid all night, 2 bat rays, a skate, and a horn shark. Bummer. Water was glowing red tide. We tried to move around but couldn’t...
  465. scbassmaster

    Offshore SCI bass, yellows and bluefin chances / Tuesday 6/26 Report

    Good effort on the BF and great report. Would have been worth the ass-kicking had one of those tuna made it to the box.
  466. scbassmaster

    fishing in front of camp pendleton(at night)

    Was looking at the charts scouting out possible spots to fish next week afternoon into the night for WSB and the 3 Bs. I noticed there are several restriction in front of camp Pendleton. Most noticeable the 9,000 ft radious around 33°18.6′ N. latitude, 117°32.0′ W. longitude. I never knew that...
  467. scbassmaster

    Sculpin off MDR

    Buy a ticket... or you could drive around lost in your own boat trying to meter structure in 180-250ft and hope you find some with the right kind on it. Does fishdope have deep spots for that kind of thing?
  468. scbassmaster

    Offshore 185 on the Kite

    Game on! Let the summer shinanagins begin :jig:
  469. scbassmaster

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Wow these guys are brave and stupid, hope they get caught and anyone else’s stuff they stole can be returned. I need to mark my new rods/reels I got this year still...
  470. scbassmaster

    Cheap travel rod reel seat issues

    Learning a lot about rod building, I might have to just start making my own, or dive into modifying them. Wish I had the time. I loved to make my own lures back before the wife and kids...
  471. scbassmaster

    Cheap travel rod reel seat issues

    Daiwa sealine x30 on the left would probably fit most bass rods, old Penn No.155 on the right is just a hair too big. I was planning on getting a new reel before my next trip so I’ll just bring the butt section to the tackle shop with me and make sure my new reel will fit.
  472. scbassmaster

    Cheap travel rod reel seat issues

    I tried several, very old belonged to my grandfather, side plates are worn down but I think a squider, jig master and a smaller unknown one. It’s the hood and slot that is the issue, not the gap between the two. Sorry I wasn’t specific. The width of the slot is just under 5/8” wide. TranX 400...
  473. scbassmaster

    Cheap travel rod reel seat issues

    If you have any questions about the other fiblink rods I ordered feel free to ask, they are really good considering they are half the price of the big names. All are overrated as far as line class recommendations though.
  474. scbassmaster

    Cheap travel rod reel seat issues

    So I bought a few amazon 3 and 4 piece rods, I’m happy with the quality, I wasn’t expecting much just some pack rods for fishing on non fishing dedicated trips. I love the Fiblink heavy boat rod. Feels good, the gimbal is nice and it’s rated 30-50 but expectedly that’s on the high side more like...
  475. scbassmaster

    Surface fishing recon 5/3

    Good info, thanks for taking the time to look and to share what you saw. Looking forward to the fish porn in your future posts.
  476. scbassmaster

    Question about fish cleaning on Sporties

    I'm not too familiar with the fish processing companies but my understanding is if the boat claims they process fish on board then they are obligated to do so for the fees/rates they say. The best thing to do is ask the landing about the processing for the individual trip you are on. same boat...
  477. scbassmaster

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    What we have learned in summery, nothing particually new.. - The rules refer us to waypoints defined in the federal regulations and fishing outside of those defined areas is illegal. - Game wardens don't know all the rules and they change often so they only enforce the regs as they understand...
  478. scbassmaster

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    The cow cod areas allow fishing in any waters 20 fm or less, i believe. but yes they have specific special regulations in those areas.
  479. scbassmaster

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    Lasuen Knoll (the 14 mile bank) is mentioned in the plotting of 125 fm curve but not the 60 fm curve. according to the regs it is illegal to fish rockfish there. There are no seamounts listed in the 60 fm curve. you might be able to talk your way out of a ticket with a confused warden but those...
  480. scbassmaster

    Cat Sunday Bass

    Went to Cat looking for WSB, fog delayed our arrival to about 9:30. Found some life on the meter just befor the V’s and made a drift from 100’-60’ most of the marks were in 85-70’ water. Bait fish and red crab. No bites on the squid dropper loop or fly-lined deans so we headed farther west. We...
  481. scbassmaster

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    No fishing rockfish outside of 60 fathom line from shore. Offshore high spots even if less than the legal limit for depth are off limits.
  482. scbassmaster

    Cat island Sunday advice...

    Good stuff guys, we will be on the south shore “late” leaving DPH at grey light on the ChupaCabra.
  483. scbassmaster

    Cat island Sunday advice...

    Sorry no spots available as not my boat, but heading to the island with my boss Sunday the 22nd. We are looking for YT and WSB and I'm leaning toward the Vs conditions permitting. I have Zero experience fishing the island from a PB and only a handful of grab bag type sport boat trips over there...
  484. scbassmaster

    your go to trolling lures

    6” Bonita skirt on a cup or pusher head.
  485. scbassmaster

    Sick Yellowtail Video!

    That kid has come a long way from fishing docks for SBB, killer vid, I have a feeling that it’s going to inspire a lot of guys to get out early this year. I wish I had the time...
  486. scbassmaster

    1/26 DP

    We have been fishing in the wrong spot.... haha
  487. scbassmaster

    Name That Fish

    x2 definitely Sargo, not bad eating but nothing special.
  488. scbassmaster

    Solo Swordfish

    Ali, they are out there, go get you one! Awesome catch man.
  489. scbassmaster

    LA Nina coming up

    You got numbers? Haha
  490. scbassmaster

    Understanding Drag on reels

    Most bait and jig setups are between 40-80lb for that class of fish so 10-20lbs of drag is plenty, keep in mind that fishing a reel at max drag is hard on the components, I’d look for reels around 25lbs of drag unless you want to land a 350lb tuna on a yummy in less than 30min then you’d need...
  491. scbassmaster

    Offshore SCI 9/31 & 10/1

    Glad you got something, looks like a BFT in the picture. Make sure you have a positive ID when you do hit them hard, coming back with 10 BFT/person would not be good.
  492. scbassmaster

    9/24 LJ Shark

    I'd say Mako, but I'm no expert.
  493. scbassmaster

    All day Big Patties!!!!

    Those are the patties we dream about...
  494. scbassmaster

    Fukushima Radiation

    Oh yeah, all of that stuff on the internet about radiation from Japan is totally true and we will all be dead in a few days... I'm not saying that there aren't measurable amounts of radiation in our marine life but I think this is a little exaggerated. FDA would shut down the sale of tuna if it...
  495. scbassmaster

    8-17-17 Coronado Video

    Those are the days we live for that make it all worth it.
  496. scbassmaster

    Dana point 3/4 day yellows- where they at?

    Kelp line? If they are they are all rats. Best bet at bigger models is patty hopping offshore or Cat. The 3/4 day out of dana doesn't go to Cat.
  497. scbassmaster

    Offshore SCI 8/12... 1 for 1

    Hero dad for sure, great job and a memory both of you will be talking about for a long time.
  498. scbassmaster

    Offshore Got diner for 20 then bounced the yummy

    Nice... Those the daisy chain lures there, squid skirts? How did you weight/rig them?
  499. scbassmaster

    Bonito limit?

    28.32. PACIFIC BONITO. (a) Limit: Ten. (b) Minimum size: Twenty-four inches fork length or five pounds except that: Five fish less than twenty-four inches fork length or weighing less than five pounds may be taken and possessed.
  500. scbassmaster

    Two huge paddies off the San Onofre Domes

    If you can see them from the road they aren't worth fishing, better chance at YT in LJ. SCI has been good lately though.
  501. scbassmaster

    CAT, Danawharf fury 5 to 5 sunday

    Long ride over on a sporty, but anyway we go to the front side at 9am to find the water had turned over, green and several degrees colder than thursday when they were there last. swung around the south end to find cleaner and warmer water and had a wide open calico bite. some cuda and a couple...
  502. scbassmaster

    Mako Shark eats seal near Catalina Island

    Title should be "Mako eats boat" haha. Must have been defending his catch or the electricity in the water rubbed him the wrong way.
  503. scbassmaster

    Offshore Sunday 279-Domes, skunk

    Late start, 10am, don't ask... Headed for the 279 from DP, found some dolphin with birds diving about 4 miles short of the spot. Tried to get the trollers out and in front of them but they disapeared before we could get in position. Left the lines in and crossed the high spot with no other...
  504. scbassmaster

    3 Arch to Seal Rock 5/22

    how far out were you fishing for thresher?
  505. scbassmaster

    Colors of Plastics

    Pearl/silver, great color for halibut and sandbass, won't catch as many calico as brown and orange but definitely more versatile.
  506. scbassmaster

    Offshore SCI. May 2 Thunderbird

    No fish on the stump when they got there?
  507. scbassmaster

    Where can I get fresh dead Sardines? or Can I get fresh dead packed Sardines?

    I used to ask the deckhand for a bag of deans after a 1/2 or 3/4 day trip, they usual just dump the tanks on the way back in so most will ablige. They worked great for shark fishing from the beach and the pier.
  508. scbassmaster

    Avalon on foot, suggestions?

    So my wife and I waited too long to book a cabin or campsite at any of the Southern California lakes we normally spend Memorial Day. Did find a hotel in Avalon so we booked that for the weekend. Question is where would be a good place to fish from shore around there? Main target would be calico...
  509. scbassmaster

    Cabo! Do You Take Your Own Gear?

    In my experience some of the smaller(cheap) ponga operations you'll want to bring your own gear but any reputable charter will have everything you need. I do still bring my own gear as i like to fish from the beach and rocks some too. most airlines don't charge an excessive size fee but just a...
  510. scbassmaster


    I don't look for fresh or salt when buying a new rod, I look at it based on what i need it to do. All of my gear except my 40lb+ setups see both fresh and saltwater use. I like 7'6" casting rods Heavy action for the 1/4-3/4 oz lures in the salt. My Team daiwa swimbait rod works very well as an...
  511. scbassmaster

    Need Shellfish I.D. Help

    Judging by the eye-guards and the shape of the head I don't think it is a Maine lobster. Defiantly some type of crayfish IMO.
  512. scbassmaster

    Need Shellfish I.D. Help

    hum, seems like collecting the specimen and delivering it to a marine research facility wouldn't be a bad idea. have to call it in first before you transport live aquatic life though, I'm sure that would be a hard one to explain.. lol
  513. scbassmaster

    legal or short?

    If the shell fits inside the gauge its short, though I have heard the argument that if the gauge rubs as it goes on then it is still legal, but personally I wouldn't keep it. Just like I would throw back any fish that isn't 1/4" over the size limit. but that is mostly due to potential shrinkage...
  514. scbassmaster

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    My take, -A gun that aims or fires for you should be illegal. -Using tech to dope your scope is fine as far as I'm concerned. -Don't shoot farther than you or your equipment are capable of making an accurate shot. -Fair chase is a fine line of personal opinion that each hunter must decide for...
  515. scbassmaster

    Dana Point - want to fish this weekend, my boat or yours

    Checking in to see if you were still looking for a HO for this weekend. I have 2 trolling setups(single spds), and one of everything 15,20,30,40lb. obviously I wouldn't be bringing all 6, At least I hope that's obvious, haha. Light drinker(2-3 beers) if at all, I've been out 2x a month out of...
  516. scbassmaster

    kreepy krawlr plastic lures what is the best color to use?

    Brown/orange, black/blue, green pumpkin. I fish them on traditional bass jigs for calicos.
  517. scbassmaster

    Offshore 11/12- YFT off the domes

    Got out early, was 5 miles off the domes at sunrise. Found dolphin immediately and trolled with and around them for no love, no birds or confirmed tuna sightings so we turned west towards the 209. 12 miles off the domes we find what we looking for. 100 birds working hard and fast. Get closer and...
  518. scbassmaster

    local banks tomorrow 11/12

    Going out early looking for Tuna under Dolphin 279, 209, domes. Will be mostly on the troll but ready to throw bait if we can find a promising situation. My boat is full but if you have your own and want to work together "The Chupacabra" will be on 72. leaving DPH at 5am.
  519. scbassmaster

    11-9-16 209-181

    I'm banking on them going on the chew this weekend. Water temps look good and the low pressure to our south might keep them up this way a little longer.... fingers crossed I can get the skunk off. 8th times the charm right? Haha
  520. scbassmaster

    Need 2 for tuna fishing sat 29th(tomorrow)

    I'm going to try to get to the back side of SCI this weekend, still have a stripe on my back this year... good luck inside hasn't been working for me.
  521. scbassmaster

    Use of Poppers

    I'm a big fan of the Halco rooster poppers, one in each size color seems irrelevant but pick patters you have confidence in. I also have a Williamson jet popper, mostly because it just looks cool. Don't forget about stick baits like the orca. I think you have better hookup ratio on them since...
  522. scbassmaster

    Failure to lauch/last chance for tuna

    Sad story, bugs in the boat kept us of the water this last weekend, all the good reports are just depressing now. Was on the dock Sunday morning ready to go but she was dead in the water and wouldn't even jump... got that taken care of today but bummed about this storm and wondering if we will...
  523. scbassmaster

    Offshore 279,209, DOMES 10/2

    Yeah, I told myself I wasn't going back out there this season but keep seeing pictures of fish caught 10 miles or less of the coast between DPH and oceanside... anyone got room for one sunday? my boss has the boat this weekend for lobster fishing...
  524. scbassmaster

    Offshore 279,209, DOMES 10/2

    Left DPH at 6:30am with a scoop of horse deans, headed for the 279, saw a few boats floating around as we trolled up, stayed outside of them and circled the high spot. didn't see anyone bent or a pattie, pulled the lines and started toward the 209. found some dolphin on the way and tossed the...
  525. scbassmaster

    Reel Fun at Dana Wharf Got Yellowfin 9/20

    Unless you know the captain personally or someone who was on that trip I don't think that they are going to give up the cords. I'm heading out next weekend out of DPH so I hope they are still around and I can find them, get this stripe off my back...
  526. scbassmaster

    Offshore 9/13 and 9/14 on the San Diego boat

    Where is the yellowtail action? Nice YFT though.
  527. scbassmaster

    Offshore Quick look at the 279

    Got a really late start but wanted to see what was going on local so headed to the 279 out of Dana point around 11am. No dolphin no patties 2 birds flying high and looking at us as much as we were looking at them like "do you know where the fish are?" Lol. Did see one pattie on the way in, dry...
  528. scbassmaster

    Another 26 Grumpy?

    Some might wish you let them go but they are rather tasty pan fried with butter and garlic, cover the pan with a lid after sprinkling your favorite herb blend on the top to steam the top half. Don't flip it.
  529. scbassmaster

    Offshore 209 8/21 from Dana Point

    Weather was decent in the morning, we were debating staying inshore but took off toward the 209 at 6:00am. ran across some dolphin about 5 miles short and threw in the trollers. we trolled along the temp break to the east of the 209 and then turned west across the high spot but didn't see...
  530. scbassmaster

    First Time FisherChicks

    You are making future husbands very happy sir, lol. Good on you.
  531. scbassmaster

    209 Blue fin this weekend?

    Thanks Glen, - Sorry Karl not my boat and this is the first run out. I'll be sure to post a new thread next time I need an extra or two though.
  532. scbassmaster

    209 Blue fin this weekend?

    Targeting big bluefin(50-200+) out of Dana Point Harbor this weekend, I don't have a kite or the range in my wallet for the 43, Was thinking of starting at the 209 and heading toward wherever the nearest temp break is. We have 60 to 100lb trolling rigs and 50-80lb casting setups. Capt. of the...
  533. scbassmaster

    Technique if you're about to get spooled?

    If your were on your own boat, fire up and chase that mother. On a sport boat... good luck. button down the drag and pray the fish turns before you run out of line, when you get down to the last few yards just clamp down and hopefully the fish will turn, or at least the line break at the fish...
  534. scbassmaster

    Black Sea Bass--Ventura pier catch/killed

    I have caught BSB from piers and seen many caught, all either internationally broke off or hoop netted, dehooked and lowered back in. I've even seen someone jump in to right and revive a fish that came out of the net upside down. These guys knew what it was but showed no respect for the law or...
  535. scbassmaster

    Running and Gunning or Slow and Steady?

    Sounds like you have the right idea just need some confidence in what you are doing. Everyone feels like they are wasting time and gas when not catching fish or seeing good signs of fish in the area. seems like every year is different. couple years ago trolling worked well, last year chumming...
  536. scbassmaster

    Knocking outdrive

    Awesome, seems like that would work a lot better than trying to work the cable back and forth to get it through there, haha. I might owe some ppl some #s if this stuff works out.
  537. scbassmaster

    Knocking outdrive

    How Can you lube the cables?
  538. scbassmaster

    Knocking outdrive

    Fingers crossed its that easy, I'm going to see if my buddy can go down to the boat this weekend and we can get it right. Might even be able to chase some tuna if we get it fixed fast enough.
  539. scbassmaster

    Knocking sound in My Bravo II Outdrive

    My outdrive seems to have developed the same problem, did you ever get it fixed and what was it?
  540. scbassmaster

    Knocking outdrive

    Mid 2000's 21ft Trophy with a mercruiser I/O Last time out we noticed a knock in the outdrive but only happens in neutral. Put it in gear and ran all day with no issues but this noise is new. I have heard speculation of U-Joints or even just the clips, alinement, shift cable(throttle lever has...
  541. scbassmaster

    Offshore 7/9 14 mile bank

    Loaded a half scoop just past 7am after waiting for every boat in the Dana Wharf fleet to get theirs. Perfect sized deans but they were fresh off the seiner so most rolled before we got a mile from the harbor. The ones that made it that far lasted all day though. Lots of patties around the 14...
  542. scbassmaster

    Best braid for casting

    Anything but spiderwire, that stuff sucks...
  543. scbassmaster

    bigtime GOOBER that needs some help!!

    #2 Live bait hook with a 1/4 or even 3/8 slider if the mackerel are thick. I fish mostly plastics like a 4" big hammer brown/orange, but any 3-5" soft plastic should work pretty well. If you notice you aren't getting bit or are catching a lot of shorts or macks cast to a little bit different...
  544. scbassmaster

    Fishing tomorrow..where to go where to go???

    Shelter Island would be a better starting point than Dana Point. I only start at DPH since that's where I live and where my regular ride is slipped.
  545. scbassmaster

    Bass on the Chew

    I just booked a 1/2 day ride out of DanaWharf, should be fun to play with the bass. I love catching salty bass on spinnerbaits and other freshwater lures. Wish I could get offshore and play with the tuna and tails though.
  546. scbassmaster

    Bass on the Chew

    Is that last pic on a popper?
  547. scbassmaster

    Fishing tomorrow..where to go where to go???

    If I could get out I'd hit the 181,182 ridge, if that didn't pan out flip a coin north or south. I live in Dana Point and haven't heard of any catching at the 209 or 277. They "should" be there, but looks like I'll be fishing off the jetty tomorrow unless something better comes up.
  548. scbassmaster

    Dana Point Sat 7/2 (HO)

    Just got told by the "Captain" that his boat, "Jawbreaker" is staying in the slip all weekend. Bummer, I wanted to troll some of the 4" hoochie chains I recently made, toss some deans on patties for YT or even just post up along the reef for some fast paced bass action. Anything but be stuck on...
  549. scbassmaster

    Dana Point Sat 7/2 (HO)

    Just got told by the "Captain" that his boat, "Jawbreaker" is staying in the slip all weekend. Bummer, I wanted to troll some of the 4" hoochie chains I recently made, toss some deans on patties for YT or even just post up along the reef for some fast paced bass action. Anything but be stuck on...
  550. scbassmaster

    Any news out of Dana?

    Best bet for YT besides the islands is offshore patties. There may be some home guards down by the domes though. I didn't see any pics of the YT but I bet they were rats. Side note, I just lost my ride for Sat so if your still fishing out of Dana Point and have room for one let me know. I know...
  551. scbassmaster

    WFO bass on top of kelp beds.

    Fished today as a shake down run, left the slip in DPH at a leisurely 10:00am. Ran north to the red bouy to make some bait but all the macks we caught were too big for what were doing. Busted out the frozen squid and drifted over the kelp beds with dropper loops and tipped plastics, first couple...
  552. scbassmaster

    Name this fish $100 bet (video)

    X2, we catch a lot of them when making bait on the pier.
  553. scbassmaster

    Fair tip

    I'm a firm believer in tipping based on service, boat, restaurant or otherwise. I'll usually tip 15% on boats for "average" crew, 5-10% if they don't put in the effort. I have tipped $100 on a $200 ponga ride for a killer father and son team that put me on my first of 3 DoDo(my pic on the left)...
  554. scbassmaster

    Trolling for BFT

    Last year some friends of mine caught a few trolling daisy chains, feathers and skirted jigs at 12kts, a little fast in my opinion but it put sushi on their table.
  555. scbassmaster

    Broken Rod Protocol

    Sounds like a generic liability waver might be in order, "lost or broken, due to misuse, rods and or reels will be added to the cost of your trip 50% of the MSRP of the items" most people will understand that your just trying to protect your business and not be turned off. In the situation you...
  556. scbassmaster

    Where to Practice Casting Jigs/Irons in San Diego

    I saw some kids down at a pier with jig sticks and iron, first i thought they were just crazy but then i realized that they were practicing casting and it made sense. I'll probably do a little surface iron practice myself in the bay, who knows my hook a cuda or a corvina on accident, lol.
  557. scbassmaster

    Everingham Bait Barge Price Increase Starting Today

    I haven't caught any, I never claimed to. I just know bigger baits swim better on heavy line than smaller baits. Also was trying to keep the mood light as I agree $10 more is very reasonable for the services EB offers. Last year when other companies were jacking up there prices just because they...
  558. scbassmaster

    BFT at 9 mile bank?

    I think 80# flouro on the long soak as far away from the boat as you can get is the way to go,(and how one of these was caught if i'm not mistaken) make some macks and float around out there. you can get bite casting into foamers in Mexican waters but its either smaller fish or your out-gunned...
  559. scbassmaster

    Everingham Bait Barge Price Increase Starting Today

    I prefer fishing macks for the tuna, if your targeting the big boys it's hard to get a 4" dean to swim 80# Floro, haha.
  560. scbassmaster

    Offshore 9 mile bank 5/21/16

    Deja-vu, same story for us last weekend and seems like everyone else's last few weeks. Water just isn't getting warm enough yet. last year got us spoiled, going to have to work for em this year.
  561. scbassmaster


    all I want to know is where, dont post the numbers just give us some hope.
  562. scbassmaster

    gear for local(30miles or closer) trolling

    You can drop names yes, you just can't spam a bunch of ads.
  563. scbassmaster

    gear for local(30miles or closer) trolling

    Been looking at spreader bars, most use squids, ills rather use more fish looking baits on them or does it really matter? Any recommendations on pre-rigged spreaders?
  564. scbassmaster

    gear for local(30miles or closer) trolling

    Wow, thanks for the reply and the solid advice. The spread is for tuna or dorado. My thought was more baits in the water would increase the odds of raising fish, I know trolling isn't the first choice for SoCal but just something I have been experimenting with. I'm going to skip the rod riggers...
  565. scbassmaster

    gear for local(30miles or closer) trolling

    The angled rod holders, or rod holder riggers whatever they are called would just be used to spread out the 4 lines, might add a shotgun if we have another experienced angler with us but a lot of times its just 2 guys. I want to get at least one spreader bar in the spread so we have more for the...
  566. scbassmaster

    gear for local(30miles or closer) trolling

    I'm definitely going with a TLD 25, next year I want to get a 30II 2spd. I'm not concerned about the cost on the braid, I want the extra line capacity in case I hook something bigger than expected. Lost a Marlin last summer, old line, but I'd rather have 800yrds than 420yrds yards of 50#. I'll...
  567. scbassmaster

    Rumer has it Maximus Sportfishing boat sunk of Lupe Island. Info?

    I hope not, where did you hear that from?
  568. scbassmaster

    What the bass are eating these days along PV

    Did you try hooking a red crab for bait?
  569. scbassmaster

    gear for local(30miles or closer) trolling

    saved a few bucks here and there and want to get a trolling setup for local tuna, mahi, and the rare billfish. My plan at the moment is to get a TLD-25 single speed 500+ yards of 80# spectra and 150 yards of 60# mono. paired with a 5'6" Bass Pro Shops Ocean master trolling rod 50-80lb rated...
  570. scbassmaster

    Fished Grand Turk with Screaming reels charters 4-21-16

    I'm already planning a trip to fly there and spend a week at the guest house and fish 3-4 full days, haha love that place and those guys. Check out there FB page. They catch fish every time they go out.
  571. scbassmaster

    Bluefin carnage commences..

    Maybe they will push the schools closer to shore and save us some gas, haha. Optimism-fail...
  572. scbassmaster

    Fished Grand Turk with Screaming reels charters 4-21-16

    Went on a cruise for my honeymoon, booked a charter for our stop in grand turk. Screaming Reels was the best I could find during my research online so pulled the trigger on the $600 half-day with them. Damian was great, Picked us up at the port and drove us to his parents house that backs up to...
  573. scbassmaster

    Island Sheepshead Jackpot

    Where did you get the crawdads from?
  574. scbassmaster

    Offshore 267, 209,181 5-3-16

    Great report, I was wondering if anything was happening this far north yet. Sounds like when things kick back on again there will be a few fish up our way. You fishing solo?
  575. scbassmaster

    Planning for BFT trip on Saturday.

    x2 on Mexico, I've never taken a PB into Mexican waters, paperwork and the Fuzz scare me so I didn't even think about that. Looks like a decent area of warmer water just south of the border too.
  576. scbassmaster

    Planning for BFT trip on Saturday.

    Not a lot of good reports right now, this weekends weather will be better. If I could get out there i'd head to the 43 and fish any life I saw on the way to and from... If you get really lucky you might not make it out that far, but nobody would be surprised if you said you never saw a tuna all...
  577. scbassmaster

    HO for this weekend

    Tomaytoe, Tamaato. I'm sure that's how the term began, but I like my definition better:shakin:. I wonder if this hurts my chances of getting a ride come tuna time?
  578. scbassmaster

    Grand Turk question

    going to be stopping there on a cruise with my wife, the ship offers an excursion for 3hrs of fishing, trolling with 10 fishermen on a 35' flybridge, seems crowded and if your last one up and they get 8 bites... You end up with a boat ride. I looked up a few local charters but no prices were...
  579. scbassmaster

    HO for this weekend

    HO, short for whore. Also derogatory term for someone trying to go fishing on someone else's boat.
  580. scbassmaster

    Mucho Bug limits at the Nado's. Solo trip 3-29

    Be Glad you didn't run into the Mexican Gustapo. from the mexican sport fishing regs... "A Mexican fishing license allows to capture fin fish only. It does not allow to capture any crustaceans or mollusks, (with the exception of squid), and their capture by anyone is strictly prohibited."...
  581. scbassmaster

    Offshore Bluefin visual proof

    No I don't know, lol. not that I could drop everything and go get in everyone's way tomorrow anyway.
  582. scbassmaster

    Things are shaping up

    Been keeping one eye on my work and the other on any fishintel I can find, SST charts starting to look promising, weather forecast looks stable for the next couple weeks, there are fish out there, and getting closer. Wouldn't be surprised to see reports of the little BFT at the 182/181 area next...
  583. scbassmaster

    Halibut Now?

    x2 on the grunion, fish your shallower spots when the grunion are running. big ones have been caught from the beach by surfcasters. even on the off weeks i'd start out shallowish 40-60ft and work out. They shouldn't stray too far from shore with the buffet opening up on the sand every 2 or 4 weeks.
  584. scbassmaster & solunar theory. hoax or legitimate?

    Different fish prefer different conditions also, generally speaking fish relating to structure like yellow and rockfish bite better when there is current, but pelagics such as billfish and tuna almost seem to prefer to feed at the slack tide just before and after a large swing... My theory on...
  585. scbassmaster & solunar theory. hoax or legitimate?

    Tidal flow and new/full moon are definitely 2 important things to consider when planning a trip. that said so is Migratory patterns, Water temp, clarity, Current, Weather, Time of year, Swell, Wind, Bait, Cover, Barometric pressure and trend.... The point is simple if you pick the day it says...
  586. scbassmaster

    Rare So Cal Island catch 3.26.16

    And where is the picture of the WSB you caught with that?
  587. scbassmaster

    Rock fishing on the Sum Fun DPH

    22 anglers 32 Rockfish 38 Vermillion Rockfish 16 Boccaccio 14 Sculpin
  588. scbassmaster

    Rock fishing on the Sum Fun DPH

    Jumped on the 3/4 day boat today, we hopped from rock to rock in 240-270ft of water outside of box canyon. Slow but steady pick on decent rockfish, I caught 3 Boccaccio, 7 assorted rockfish and picked a few annoying sand dabs off the line. The shallower spots produced several sculpin for guys...
  589. scbassmaster

    Want to fish Sat out of Dana Point Harbor

    Buddy messed up his back this week and had to cancel on me for Sat, right now the plan is to fish the 3/4 day out of Dana Wharf but wanted to throw this out there. I got $100 toward gas, bait and ice if anyone has room for one out of DPH sat. I can bring one rod and a pocket full of hooks or 5...
  590. scbassmaster

    Dana Point Harbor to the domes

    So... My fishing partner threw his back out today... I didn't have the heart to ask to take his boat out without him. I'll probably head out on the Clemente 3/4 out of Dana wharf instead, unless someone wants a ho Sat that is launching out of DPH.
  591. scbassmaster

    Dana Point Harbor to the domes

    How deep should we start? 280ft and work in, 80ft and work out? We are planning on waiting a week, fishing march 19th. Steady falling tide all morning. I think we are going to start outside of box canyon and see if we can meter anything, dropper a dine or mack just off the bottom while we try...
  592. scbassmaster

    Dana Point Harbor to the domes

    Ok now that sounds like a plan, can anyone confirm a recent catch of YT or WSB in any of those spots? #lietome, haha, I hate going into the first trip of the year blind and with no confidence...
  593. scbassmaster

    Dana Point Harbor to the domes

    I'll make it simple, I'm going to fish between just south of the domes and our slip in DPH, is it worth targeting YT or should we go after halibut/bass?
  594. scbassmaster

    Dana Point Harbor to the domes

    Last year we did really well fishing 180-280ft by the domes, but all the reports of YT right now are off LJ or the islands. We don't have the range in our boat for that and have a slip in Dana Point Harbor so anybody even heard of guys catching YT in that area? otherwise we might just fish for...
  595. scbassmaster

    80 or 100 spectra for 80lb. flouro

    I always use slightly heavier spectra than my top shot or leader, I feel like the knot holds up better when the line diameters are closer to the same. In theory though the same rating would work if yo really need more line on your reel but if the spectra gets frayed at all you'll be fishing 65lb...
  596. scbassmaster

    1970 El Camino (SoCal) $3,400

    Here is a link to the ad.
  597. scbassmaster

    Pumpkin Carving Contest Is Back

    I don't know what the finalist selection process was, but I think there are a some that deserve to be in it more than a couple of the ones that made it.... repost a picture of one you wish was in it. (not your own!)
  598. scbassmaster

    Pumpkin Carving Contest Is Back

    Thanks, last year I made this one, It takes me 4-5 hours.
  599. scbassmaster

    Pumpkin Carving Contest Is Back

    I never knew my obsession would be so useful, lol.
  600. scbassmaster

    Offshore Wahooooo 10/24 - Oside

    Love to see the OG penn reels still putting fish in the boat too, I inherited several from my late grandfather and fish them more than the shimanos and diawas I have now. Solid fish well done you earned it. I might give it one more go see if I can get one this year.
  601. scbassmaster

    Offshore DP MARLIN 10-11-15

    intel: 200+lb Marlin lure: Williamson big game catcher(blk/pp) spd: 8kts time: 9:30am location: 12 miles SW of the Domes. result: "Long release" see below Left Dana at 6am with some small anchovies, headed straight out about 6 miles with no wind and long period rolling swell, wide open...
  602. scbassmaster


    This is the best list of Legal, and non-legal list according to NOAA. Pretty sure the pyrotechnics are against CFDFW regs though. Visual Repellents/Noise Makers: • boat hazing, circling • pounding on hull • pyrotechnics (e.g., bird screamers, bangers, underwater firecrackers, cracker shells) •...
  603. scbassmaster

    6 pack charter for Oct. 3

    Dana point: Rampage or boardroom. The hot spot is a slow boat but comfortable.
  604. scbassmaster

    Hot Spot 6 pack - Dana Pt

    Great boat, lots of room father son team Capt. And deck hand. Top speed 10 knots or so. Had a lot of fun didn't get in to the fish like we'd hoped but had them boiling on the corner seceral times just not many biters. 2 YFT for 5 guys. Still good times. If you want a relaxing cruise with some...
  605. scbassmaster

    Offshore High hopes on the Hot Spot

    Had to wait in line for bait with everyone else for almost an hour. Wish they would have loaded the tanks before we got there. Slow boat, 10 knots top speed so set the trollers out as soon as we got to clean water. Had a bonito hit before we could get all of them out. Trolled to 8 miles off the...
  606. scbassmaster

    Hot Spot 6 pack - Dana Pt

    My boss is taking a few of us fishing on the Hot Spot this weekend, i'll be sure to post a report saturday night.
  607. scbassmaster

    Newbie questions

    FYI using a cast net in southern California is not Legal. but if the bait are around a sabiki will fill the tank pretty fast.
  608. scbassmaster

    Offshore DP 267 8/23-8/24

    It was a tough weekend. I got the skunk yesterday. When I have caught fish it has been between 5-12 miles off the domes.
  609. scbassmaster

    Offshore Hammerhead eats a tuna and Yamaha

    Now he is going to chew on everyone's motor until they feed him a tuna, lol.
  610. scbassmaster

    I need a ride for the 22nd or 23rd

    Had to fish San Clemente pier for Bonito today, nobody needs a deck hand and $100 toward gas? Dying here...
  611. scbassmaster

    I need a ride for the 22nd or 23rd

    Had to fish San Clemente pier for Bonito today, nobody needs a deck hand and $100 toward gas? Dying here...
  612. scbassmaster

    I need a ride for the 22nd or 23rd

    Had to fish San Clemente pier for Bonito today, nobody needs a deck hand and $100 toward gas? Dying here...
  613. scbassmaster

    Looking for a ride 22nd or 23rd

    Had to fish San Clemente pier for Bonito today, nobody needs a deck hand and $100 toward gas? Dying here...
  614. scbassmaster

    Offshore El Nino Fishing Video Report - Tuna and Dodos

    awesome footage! The one i caught in my profile pic my brother in law was filming but kept pointing the camera back at me every time she jumped, lol. You got this El Nino fishing down.
  615. scbassmaster

    Looking for a ride 22nd or 23rd

    Need to get out on the water this weekend, rather help a PB out than pay to fight 50 other guys for rail space. I can split up to $100 worth of bait, gas and ice. I have gear for anything from bass to billfish, PM me if you got room for one more.
  616. scbassmaster

    I need a ride for the 22nd or 23rd

    Need to get out on the water this weekend, rather help a PB out than pay to fight 50 other guys for rail space. I can split up to $100 worth of bait, gas and ice. I have gear for anything from bass to billfish, PM me if you got room for one more.
  617. scbassmaster

    Got he little bastards this time!

    Looks like 3 YFT by the tail and anal fins and the length of the pectoral... Nice job putting fish on the boat. Sometimes it's easier than others.