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  1. Albiebac

    Shorting My Tongue, Thoughts?

    Boat is super cool, trailer is odd, Wheels are too far back and it's too long for the boat. Yes, I would cut it, move the wheels forward and get an adjustable hitch to level things out.
  2. Albiebac

    ADs everywhere now..

    It's free, so really can't complain, although it has caused me to cut down my time visiting the site....
  3. Albiebac

    Bait tank install on Farallon 2300

    First off, perfect boat, jealous! 3 transducers, wow! For what it's worth, this is my set-up and works great for me. 48 gallon oval, no bait issues. Diaphragm washdown pump (ShurFlo) for bait tank, right next to same saltwater washdown pump. Redundancy, in case the bait pump goes down, quick...
  4. Albiebac

    Need Good Marine Gauges - Volvo Penta/Chevy 350

    Yup, Faria in my Skippy.
  5. Albiebac

    Auto Pilot for 26 Skipjack - any suggestions

    Can't help with a recommendation, but I find it funny that my Skipjack with the same autopilot has the same duct tape on top, came that way from previous owner.🤣
  6. Albiebac

    Sailboat trolling to and from Catalina Island

    Ha, that's what got me into saltwater $$$ fishing! Using my diaper hanger (sorry had to) as a fishing boat. I would drag a cedar plug from SD to Avalon, although with poor results. Time of year and where the fish are is everything. Eventually progressed to trolling the 9 mile bank and kelps...
  7. Albiebac

    NON-SKID Cleaning

    Pressure washer
  8. Albiebac

    Rusty trailer chain hooks

    Boeshield T-9
  9. Albiebac

    Show and Tell.........The Holy Grail of Surfing History?

    Speaking of Velzy, finally added one to my quiver last week. My new favorite board, such an awesome ride. :p
  10. Albiebac

    Bait Tank Pumps That Last

    I use a diaphragm pump, just like my washdown pump. No airlock, no melting plastic, no clogging. They are side by side, so I can unscrew and switch hoses without any tools in case of an emergency. Never needed to because of the pump, only because the switch failed.
  11. Albiebac

    Unicorn CABO Boats 2400 Helmsman?

    Smokin' deal if it actually sold at that price.
  12. Albiebac

    Unicorn CABO Boats 2400 Helmsman?

    Saw this for sale up in Sacramento, sold within a day @$25K, or the broker pulled the ad due to response. Anyway, never knew CABO had a pilothouse, this is a '91, so must have been the new company making them before they went belly-up.....haha, bad pun. Anyone know about these?
  13. Albiebac

    20 Open Stains on transom

    Ha, the exhaust manifolds are bound for a continual life of decay. They are raw iron on the inside, so rust is inevitable. The exhaust exits the two rubber elbows (where the rust is) and mainly from the back of the outdrive above the prop when the drive down. When I had that model outdrive, I...
  14. Albiebac

    New model soon to be

    28' center console
  15. Albiebac

    12/18 Indy return and stolen truck

    Pull the fuel pump relay before you go! I do it every time I go offshore.
  16. Albiebac

    Anyone have a 25' flybridge?

    I'll answer what applies to mine, I have a 90' gasser, I've had it for 20 years. 1. Mine had porta potty, I put in a toilet. 2. Yes on termites, annoying. 3. Windows leak, I always place cushions on table when not in use. I leave hatch slightly open to air out moisture, otherwise expect mold if...
  17. Albiebac

    Inshore 8/21 - Islands Slowdown + Added Excitement

    Strong work from the salvage crew, and they're still probably pissed it took 4 tries. Just doesn't seem possible. Glad everyone was OK and the boat was recovered.
  18. Albiebac

    Bad Volvo Penta Props?

    The rear prop pitting is due to cavitation, all VP duoprops (Aluminum) do that. >:(
  19. Albiebac

    Offshore 371 / 425 8/12

    I saw you driving the wrong direction on the 163 around 5AM yesterday and knew we should do the same, but that wasn't in the cards due to busy schedules. We gave it the old college try, only to be rewarded with 1-3ft wind chop and a complete drenching heading NW to the 312. Nice haul!
  20. Albiebac

    SD Trailer Storage??
  21. Albiebac

    Need Guidance on a 30 Year Old Fuel Tank - 24'Skipjack Fisherman

    Take this for what is worth, I'm not a professional and have not done a fuel tank install yet. You need to consider the weight (600+ lbs) of fuel in the tank and what it will be doing while on the water. The tank is baffled to minimize the sloshing and movement, but the forces are still...
  22. Albiebac

    Need Guidance on a 30 Year Old Fuel Tank - 24'Skipjack Fisherman

    Thanks for the follow-up. I like the strap idea, and your 10-12 hours wrestling with it sounds familiar. I'll be doing a 4x6 across the gunnels to get mine up. Mine is 31yo, so I imagine it is in similar shape. Thanks!
  23. Albiebac

    Need Guidance on a 30 Year Old Fuel Tank - 24'Skipjack Fisherman

    Wow, I'm impressed with your extraction of the tank. I never seen anyone get it out so cleanly with the foam still intact. How did you do it? I'm in the same boat. (pun intended).
  24. Albiebac

    Front mount hitch?

    Well, sounds like the way to go. I was pretty much ready to pull the trigger. I do have a small power caster for a small camper we have, but there's no way it could handle the boat, plus I don't want to be lugging it to the storage yard. Looks like I'll need to do the trailer hitch shuffle...
  25. Albiebac

    Front mount hitch?

    Who uses a front mount hitch to park their boat? If so, how heavy is the boat, and any issues? I'm looking to mount a receiver on the front of my 3500 Ram to park my Skipjack in a tight storage space (same space, just longer truck now). Hitches are rated to 350# tongue weight, 3500# towing...
  26. Albiebac

    San Diego Bay - Free Anchorage
  27. Albiebac

    SOLD!! Tiara 33 Flybridge w/ Cummins QSB 380's Go Time

    Damn Mike, you guys go through boats quick. Now what?
  28. Albiebac

    Re power 77’ skipjack flybridge

    Did it all myself. Had Kapdan (an old member here) drive down from OC with his crane truck and hoist it up and in (30 min process) and paid him $150. I did this in 2012, all good, sad thing is I've only put 180hrs on the motor, since then, life and kids have gotten in the way. I did spend...
  29. Albiebac

    Re power 77’ skipjack flybridge

    I bought my replacement motor from and it was a very smooth and legit process. I bought the silver package and added the other peripherals. Called them on the phone to put the order in and they were very helpful. One thing to consider is shipping. It is freight and I used...
  30. Albiebac

    VHF Antenna Mount Suggestions

    I have the same boat, two 8ft 5225-XTs. One on each side of radar (redundancy) mounted on the plate with ratchet mounts. No issue towing or on the water.
  31. Albiebac

    33’ Pilot house build

    From the looks on another post, the mold is done and delivered, do tell. Production, or one off? You're toying with us, aren't you..... :D In any event, this will be a cool build to watch.
  32. Albiebac

    Looking to defeat reverse lock on Volvo Penta OD

    Yep, know the feeling, been there done that. What I've found is it isn't the catch, it's the alignment of the catch to the rod. If I come in straight, all is good, but if the wheel (OD) is turned, that's when it goes stupid and the catch doesn't engage the rod. Now, they say if you permanently...
  33. Albiebac

    Seems like a dumb question/tire size

    Amazon has some, then just take them to an installer, Bear's Tire did me right. 14.5 is even harder, I found mine on Amazon that are way better than the garbage I got from Discount. Two of the Discount tires got sidewall blisters within a month and 50 miles on them, and they tried to claim...
  34. Albiebac

    Campion Boats

    I've eyeballed these boats (Explorer), but have no direct experience. These boats are from the PNW, and appear to be good quality builds. Being a PNW boat, they should be able to handle what we have down here. The price he is offering seems like a good deal. They tend to go for more. Did you...
  35. Albiebac

    Replacing My Skipjack Sport Cruiser engine

    Once it's all put together and in, spray everything with Boeshield T-9 and you'll be good. Did the same with mine 5 years ago and it still looks new.
  36. Albiebac

    Cystal Pier fishing off MB?

    Walk the perimeter of Mariners Cove in the morning or evening with a bass rod and casting a crocodile lure (or other spoon), many fish to be caught and much more enjoyable.
  37. Albiebac

    Electronics Brands

    Furuno, so reliable I can't even justify replacing or upgrading.
  38. Albiebac

    BFT on the Troll

    Got em on a 5" inch swimbait way-way-way back before.
  39. Albiebac

    Fiberglass hardtop question

    I agree, core it and use less glass, 1/8 per side and 1/4 for the edges. Years ago I made full length swim step similar to what you are doing. The thing was bullet proof. You'll find when you release it from the mold, there will be some imperfections needing attention. There will be sanding...
  40. Albiebac

    Auto pilot for 19ft Bayrunner

    My plan was to do something like below (tiller pilot on outboard) if I was going the smaller boat route, totally do-able and affordable.
  41. Albiebac

    25 skipjack fb battery location

    I did the rewire, but kept the batteries on the sides. Was a pretty long process, but pre-kids and boat at home made it easier. I ended up putting the switch and some fuses above the engine cover for ease of access. Before: After:
  42. Albiebac

    Oregon skipjack 20 rebuild.

    Agreed, that to me is the perfect set-up! I didn't see that one pop up, I must be off my game. Looks like it came out of Nevada. Where did you find it? Plus, it looks really clean...:drool:
  43. Albiebac

    What Can I Do About a Hawk Eating Its Lunch in My Yard?

    Take pictures of the mother nature at work!!!
  44. Albiebac

    VHF Antenna Lifetime?

    So, admittedly life has gotten in my way and I only took the boat out twice last year, but when I tried to make radio contact, it was sketchy at best. Not many come backs. I can't say if this is a sign of the times with people just not communicating out on the water, preferring to just talk...
  45. Albiebac

    VHF Antenna Lifetime?

    Anyone have some hard facts on how long to expect an antenna (5225-XT) to last? Mine seem like they did much better when new (15 years ago). They still work, but not like I remember.
  46. Albiebac

    The 3500 BD Deal - Wrap Up

    Wholly crap, that's basically a new boat. Most guys probably don't realize it started from this, nice work! How many man hours you figure?
  47. Albiebac

    Offshore 10/2 didn't suck, WFO Skippies and YT, and a bonus

    Crap, that's how hard it is to believe it is November. Yes 11/2/18!
  48. Albiebac

    Offshore 10/2 didn't suck, WFO Skippies and YT, and a bonus

    11/2/18, NOVEMBER (not used to typing 11 yet I guess o_O) Short Version: Ridiculous Cabo like weather, non-stop Skippies, non-stop firecracker Yellowtails and a bonus Dodo on the 9 mile bank and a little outside. These fish were starving, and on suicide watch. Long Version: Fished solo...
  49. Albiebac

    Chris Craft 30 (33) pilothouse build

    The Christina Lynn is such a one-of-kind incredible boat, I imagine the buyer has some deep pockets and "just had to have it", and gave you guys an offer you couldn't refuse. What you guys did from design to execution was a thing of beauty. Good luck with the new one, and keep us posted, I...
  50. Albiebac

    New Lo Ann Overnight 10/4

    Unless Markus (the owner and captain) hired another Markus, your "deckhand" was actually the owner of the boat! That is what kind of person and operation he runs, the best!
  51. Albiebac


    Gary, not busting your chops here, because I too use rat poison (causes them to bleed out), that being said, it not only kills the rats, it goes up the food chain... That probably explains you lack of rattle snakes. For me, my worry is the owls and hawks getting them when the rats are easy...
  52. Albiebac

    Furuno FCV-582L Fish Finder ($150.00)
  53. Albiebac

    Furuno FCV-582L Fish Finder ($150.00)

    Good working unit, has some burn-in on the screen (see picture), and price reflects that, but still works just fine. Comes with cover, and power cable ($50 part). No transducer, or bracket, was flush mounted. SOLD Local pick-up preferred (Scripps Ranch or Sorrento Valley) -Eric
  54. Albiebac

    Coronado Islands 9/3

    Thanks for the timely report, the greasy conditions in the background look beautiful, headed out in the AM, was planning on going a different direction to avoid the crowds. Now you're messing with my plan.,....
  55. Albiebac

    Break Out Another Thousand

    Na, that's Active Traction Control! Good luck, I've got to do my brakes this long weekend...:1041677399:
  56. Albiebac

    Blocks to stand a boat on

    A while back, Dixieline lumber on Miramar had a couple pallets full of beam end cuts for $50 bucks. We're talking 6x12's or greater. This was two months ago. Give them a call and see what they have.
  57. Albiebac

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    I've done it from Marina Del Rey (even farther up, for the Catalina Classic) a few times, then the last time just did it from MB. Burned some fuel, but avoided the white knuckle towing experience and stress associated with it. Feels like two separate journeys for one trip, towing and crossing.....
  58. Albiebac

    Trailer Jack JUNK

    Battled with mine for years replacing pins and gears, then finally bought the 5000# version of Fulton jack Rick showed and have never looked back!
  59. Albiebac


  60. Albiebac

    How much would you pay for indoor boat storage?

    I'd pay you $220.00, no problemo. Being a full speed soccer dad currently, my boat gets out to play 6-10 times a year,... if I'm lucky!:hali_parkutuli:
  61. Albiebac

    Penta 290 stuck down position

    Pull the plug on the trim motor and jumper it directly to the battery (careful with sparks). One way +/- will go up, and the other way will go down. That will determine if the hydraulics are a-OK. Good luck, I admire how clean and tight your drive looks.:-)
  62. Albiebac

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    All good first hand info. If you haven't already gone here, check it out, a goldmine of information. Enjoy your new toy!
  63. Albiebac

    What kind of rotor is this?

    You know, I may have been wrong on original brand Mallory/Prestolite. Basically, you either have a screw down, or clamp down cap. Either way, it is easiest to find a Sierra aftermarket one. Amazon has them, or most boat stores.
  64. Albiebac

    What kind of rotor is this?

    If you were down in SD, I would say take the one in my boat, I still have a spare in it, but a new motor with A/C Delco now. Yours is a Prestolite. You can stretch it by sanding the green corrosion off the pins in the cap, and sanding your rotor tip too, but the plastic looks chipped. I did...
  65. Albiebac

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Wait, so in 1 years time they "managed" to remove the old ramp and install temporary cofferdams???:eek: And then the Port Authority gives them an "Ata-boy"!!! Someone knows someone.... Anyone know/remember how long it took for the MB South Shores launch ramp? They had to do it all, including...
  66. Albiebac

    Boot stripe?

    How about vinyl tape? That's what's I put on my boat, holding up well 10+ years later.
  67. Albiebac

    Recommendations for inexpensive autopilot system

    For your boat, with a little ingenuity, you should be able to rig a tiller pilot onto the outboard. If all you need is to go straight, no problem. Maybe even find one used for less.
  68. Albiebac

    Looking for boat transportation.

    Sale pending, went up last Thursday. If it's any consolation, it was stock original, looking at 100-200K to get it to par, but oh the garage! RV space 35' deep...
  69. Albiebac

    Looking for boat transportation.

    If you're getting a box truck and you wanna keep it really cheap, just pick-up a free futon on C-list when you're out there and you got a place to sleep/nap on the road, just as long as you don't freeze your ass off... BTW, where you hiding boats in "The Ranch"? Wish I could(HOA:finger:)...
  70. Albiebac

    Considering sizing up from 25' Davis and buying a 30' flybirdge slipped boat. Talk me out of it!

    Impeller vs. Diaphragm. Trade-offs, noise and amperage, but they've done me well. My boat came with them, otherwise I wouldn't think to use a washdown pump, while I did put the Shurflo 1100 on my old boat. Just to stay on course with the OP, I'm torn too with the trailer vs. slip, my fall...
  71. Albiebac

    Offshore With Liberty and 302 limits for all...10/14-15

    Good working with you guys, we were the Skippy. It certainly went stoopid, they keyed in on the bottom of our boat and they just camped out underneath at 25 feet deep. Limits came fast. They hit every bait as soon as it hit the water. Got them on the Megabait too. Finally we stopped to clean...
  72. Albiebac

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    The opening to the basin directly in-line with the launch ramp only makes sense if your running a seal tour bu$$ine$$...
  73. Albiebac

    Electronics Help - metering fish in deep water

    It looks like you're getting pointed in the right direction, I have the same unit, but only with a 600watt transducer, and it does well offshore, so you should do even better. For me, while fishing offshore, I run at 200kHz, set the range to 200ft (anymore I figure is too deep), and the gain to...
  74. Albiebac

    Home Flooring Installation Question

  75. Albiebac

    Home Flooring Installation Question

    Hey Mike, so here is some first hand knowledge. I did it, and couldn't be happier! I put in Karndean vinyl plank. This is commercial grade stuff, if the others think it is crap, they did, or had a shitty installer. This is glue down stuff ($300 bucks for a bucket of glue!), and it's like...
  76. Albiebac

    82 Skipjack, Fuel issue?

    Two possibilities, and they both happened to me on my Skipjacks. Vapor lock from the fuel breather line, and bad fuel pump. Most likely the fuel pump with that f'n ethanol in the gas.... BTW, the original owner had put an inline electric fuel pump in for when it would bog down, thought it was...
  77. Albiebac

    Offshore YT's and Dodo 16-20nm NW Mission Bay

    Oh, we tried it all. My #1 rule on my boat is, "don't leave fish, to find fish". The macs just weren't as hot as I like for the dodos. Usually a hot mini-mac is poison for the dodos. In hind sight, I would have gone with lighter line (only one 20# on board), shut down the motor and chunked...
  78. Albiebac

    Offshore YT's and Dodo 16-20nm NW Mission Bay

    Just north of north jetty on (2) larger size sabiki rigs. Most were dine size, a few a little larger. Still had some at the end of the day....
  79. Albiebac

    Offshore YT's and Dodo 16-20nm NW Mission Bay

    Pretty dismal reporting as of late, so I'll do my part. Short and sweet: We headed out 7/22 to the area in the title and paddy hopped. Found many paddies (20+), only about 25% holding. Ended up with 2 tails and one dodo, saw many more.... As mentioned before, tons of bait out there, so it's...
  80. Albiebac

    San Diego boat detailer needed

    Monsoon Yacht Services by Albiebac posted Jun 17, 2010 at 10:18 AM
  81. Albiebac

    Pilot house cost estimate

    $50 bucks for the bimini at a swap meet. Cheap, I mean Walmart cheap vinyl glass, and some extra Sunbrella laying around, and some time on the sewing machine (one of the best things my Mom taught me at 16). 8-) Probably $100- bucks in supplies, and worked like a charm, just don't have a pic...
  82. Albiebac

    Volvo 570A Power Trim how to troubleshoot and Squeally Noise

    OK, I'll help you out. For the outdrive, I'm gonna assume a Volvo 290, you can easily jump the relay. You should have a short lead (6 inches) probably green and black wires coming off the top of the pump motor. Just make some leads with 10 gauge wire from the connector and connect direct to...
  83. Albiebac

    Skippy stalling

    Hmm, just thinking out loud here, I did the new engine (Michigan Motorz) a couple years ago and have had no issues..... (Knock on wood). Was the engine adjusted with the timing shunt plug into the distributor, and is it now removed (should be)? No fuel tank breather issues? Something up with...
  84. Albiebac

    (SOLD) 14" Load C trailer rims and tires (SOLD)

    New tires with like new white spoke rims. Came off our pop-up trailer stored indoors. $100.00 for both. Located in Scripps Ranch, or Sorrento Valley 9-5pm on arrangement. -Eric 619-607-8379
  85. Albiebac

    Lack of fresh water washout at most public boat launch ramps

    OK, here's one scenario, the two stroke outboard that barely runs and spews oil and fuel out the exhaust.....don't kill the messenger.
  86. Albiebac

    Skipjack Steering Fork - FYI

    That's bullshit, if a mechanic told you he needed to pull the motor, hang him out to dry, he's a criminal! BTW, been there, done that, with the steering fork, had to steer by manually moving the lower leg.....
  87. Albiebac

    avalon memorial weekend moorage?

    Your problem won't be getting a mooring, it will be staying on a mooring. The owner, or their friends will take it on the weekend. Best bet is the stringline up at Two Harbors or maybe an outside mooring, but not in the harbor.....
  88. Albiebac

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    Great build, she turned out beautiful! I can't imagine the amount of sandpaper you went through!.... And the itching.
  89. Albiebac

    sunday day at the docks..I gotta vent

    OK, that joke was better than my day at work....LOL
  90. Albiebac

    Offshore 43-March 31

    Who cares about the fish? Two hours to the 43 in snotty conditions, that's impressive!:notworthy
  91. Albiebac

    Volvo 290 DP sealants?

    Ditto on the Permatex and got it from two shops too.
  92. Albiebac

    Custom built trailers in San Diego?

    Forget about FE...... you'll thank me later.
  93. Albiebac

    Complete 2nd radio or 2nd station remote radio?

    I have two radios at the helm, and the command mic at the door of the cabin. Two radios are good for redundancy, and also keeping one dedicated to a favorite channel (16 or 72) and the other for scanning. Command mic close to the cockpit is good for calling out kooks during a stop.
  94. Albiebac

    BD forum computer issue

    It's the tracking and phishing crap running in the background to generate revenue for the site, but it's chasing me away in frustration......
  95. Albiebac

    Our new ride.....

    Congrats Mike! That was quick, if you've already had it for a few months. Just what you guys were looking for. How did the process of getting over here go? -Eric
  96. Albiebac

    New Tower. Need fabricator for a few small mods

    Hey Mike, no help on the welding, but congrats on the new boat, that seemed quick from my perspective. You guys get find a good deal? -Eric Never mind, just saw your other thread.
  97. Albiebac

    Skipjack 262 Stove upgrade - 2 burner propane w/ electric start

    Very cool! That's an idea I've been tossing around for sometime. My hang-up has been what to do with the tank. Steel tanks inside cabins are not up to code (Kaboom!). I'd been thinking of just using the small disposable tanks when needed to get around the safety issue. Boats that do run...
  98. Albiebac

    volvo dou props b4 $400 firm

    For what it is worth, I had B3's on my 1979 Skipjack 24 FB with 5.7 VP and 280DP. Sweet spot was 22-24mph at 2.2mpg. I have B4's on my 1990 Skipjack 25 FB with 5.7 and 290DP, probably getting less than 2.0mpg. Got me thinking now, maybe I should drop down...hmmmm.
  99. Albiebac

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    F'd up situation for us. Everyone needs to know about this idiot, (and I'm sure it will go national) but it will only hurt all of us in the end..... Looks like Seaforth is already working on damage control, no sign of PV on any upcoming trips on the schedule.
  100. Albiebac

    Gordo bank...targeted wahoo

    Nice job on the Hoos! I'm headed there next weekend, what flavor (color) was the marauder? We'll be fishing Gordo Banks Pangas for 2 days. thanks, Eric
  101. Albiebac

    Offshore 8/10/15 yellowfin delight

    Thanks for letting us in, it certainly was an epic bite. Almost instant, classic chum them up and game on, plus the drift was practically nile, didn't need to reposition for over an hour. You guys certainly get kudos for helping out the ski boat, they certainly tried their hardest to muck...
  102. Albiebac

    Offshore 8/10 YFT Simple Picture Report

    We went here: Fished a paddy with these marks on it (thanks Parker that let us in): : The water was this color and the fish wanted to die: We chunked them up with our deans from EB that DID NOT WANT to die, and had limits for two of these by noon: I think that says it all.......:D (In...
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  107. Albiebac

    Boat weight

    Ace relocation (Atlas Van Lines) on Eastgate Mall (UTC) does.
  108. Albiebac

    Precision 28 rebuild

    For anyone here on the West coast feeling inspired to follow is Rowen's footsteps, here's an opportunity to join him (no affiliation). I sure could see myself on this boat, such a solid boat, and on a trailer! -Eric
  109. Albiebac

    Turkey spot help

    It's a bit far, but up in Sacramento they are a royal PIA, they like messing with the "local hunters"... ;)
  110. Turkeys& cat! 011

    Turkeys& cat! 011

  111. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  112. Albiebac

    Boat Fridge / Freezer

    I'll take it, just down the road. I have the opposite problem, 12V works, 120 dead. Hopefully I can mix and match and get mine to work. PM sent. Thanks, Eric
  113. Albiebac

    Estimating Wave Height

    Listen, if you're not losing sight of the other boat when it's in the trough, then it's nothing to get your panties all bunched about. When you lose sight of the other boats antennas in the trough, feel free to bunch up your panties. btw, I agree 3-5 tops, with a slight headache.
  114. Albiebac

    Offshore Can't wait to see the pics of the 100 lb + Tuna landed at the N9 today

    Ha, I understand what was going on. We couldn't figure out what was up. We saw the guy hooked up and running around the boat,....fighting the fish.....then hands on his head and rod back in the rod holder, BUT still bendo! This was at 4:00pm. Makes for a longggggggggggggg day...
  115. Albiebac

    Boat Detailer?

    171765 Give Mark a call. He's on this board. He came to my house and did my boat and brought in back to "new". He's a no nonsense hard worker, and needless to say, does a great job.
  116. Albiebac

    Radar Stand Mount needed WTB

    Not necessarily true guys...... I did finally reply to Nick first, then you Mike, admittedly too late. As mentioned in my PM reply, with the new "outstanding" format, the PM's are literally buried behind ad banners and don't automatically pop up anymore, so I missed Nick's PM's (and yours Mike)...
  117. Albiebac

    Radar Stand Mount needed WTB

    I have a 10" Scanstrut Power Tower for Furuno Domes, $60 bucks. The powder coating is peeling off, so you'll need to paint it. PM me you number if you want me to send you a picture. -Eric...
  118. Albiebac

    Kitchen and Bath high end stuff for sale

    What is there in the form of vanities? I didn't see any on the C-list ad. Doubles? Free-standing? Hanging? Thanks, Eric
  119. Albiebac

    Steering froze on Skippy

    Could be inside the power steering unit itself. It will rust up inside if it's not lubed well. You'll need to remove the nut on the other end, most likely remove the power steering unit from the outdrive to get some play and then try and get the rod out of the power steering unit. Good luck...
  120. Albiebac

    Surveyor in San Diego

    Always used Christian and Co, no complaints.
  121. Albiebac

    Aros vs FE for Repair/Maintenance

    Don't know about Aros, but ditto on FE what the other poster said. Charged me 6 hours time to do leaf springs on a tandem axle trailer. Come on, I can do it faster and I'm no "pro". Not to mention "they we're waiting on their supplier" to get the springs in to finish the job......
  122. Albiebac

    Free (old) gasoline

    Someone is "on their way"...........gone.
  123. Albiebac

    Next Build: Whaler 25' Guardian twin Yamaha F225s

    Glad to hear someone here go it. I figured you were serious about it, hopefully it didn't get bid up too high. I really liked the disclaimer that came with it, something along the lines, "you better know how to drive a boat, because this one is a rocket!" It will be great to see what you do...
  124. Albiebac

    Boat Parking on Street Law

    Quite simple, you live in PB, and too many people are doing it. Doesn't have to be yours, someone will be complaining about "a boat".
  125. Albiebac

    24 Skipjack DuoProp Size?

    I had b3's on mine.
  126. Albiebac

    Aero Marine Products for fiberglass supplies???

    Anyone purchased epoxy and/or fiberglass supplies from these guys? How's there product? They're nice and local for me. Thanks, Eric
  127. Albiebac

    16.5 x 8.75 tires

    Hey Salty Nuts, I was in the "wrong zip code" on my tires compared to yours. I'm running 14.5-8 Load e, hence the difference in price. I was thinking I was 16.5 on my 10K trailer, not 14.5 (one obscure wheel size). Mine are actually for mobile homes.....
  128. Albiebac

    Boat Trailer Parts

    San Diego Trailer Supply on El Cajon Blvd, they got it all, nice with no attitude.
  129. Albiebac

    16.5 x 8.75 tires

    I got mine from Discount Tire, I believe they were $85 each. They did have to order them, but that only took 3 days.
  130. Albiebac


    I'm in the same boat....pun intended. My new motor comes tomorrow! Coil should be purple and oil pressure should be light blue.
  131. Albiebac

    Fishing the shore at Misson Bay?

    Go with a heavy crocodile lure and fish from shore in any of the basins. I've had great luck with sand bass, small halibuts, calicos, small WSB, barracuda, croaker, mackerel and mud marlin...
  132. Albiebac

    cruising rpm on a skippy 24

    I was at 2800-2900 Rpms, B3 Props.
  133. Albiebac

    cruising rpm on a skippy 24

    Had a 24 fb, got 2.2mpg with a 260b volvo and 280dp doing 24 MPH tuned right.
  134. Albiebac

    ???'s from new boat owner.

    I usually wrap a small bungy cord around the lower leg and over the earmuffs so they are flat creating a tight seal, otherwise the water leaks too much. eric
  135. Albiebac

    Skipjack Advice PreBuy

    If the motor is truly a Vortec, it's not original. Vortec's didn't come out until 94 or 95. Does the engine cover say 570 on it, then it's an original 270hp Volvo. As to the boat, I think Skipjack made the decks removable above the tank during that time frame??? At least the 25's are. The...
  136. Albiebac

    Head & exhaust ports

    Ahhh, hate to say this, but looks like you've got water intrusion problems. The valves are probably toast.... Can you look in them and see any other scaling? You should have carbon soot there, not scaling. If you find that the heads are toast, I may have some available from a 1990 Volvo...
  137. Albiebac

    Volvo parts

    Tony, Thanks for the shield and all the other goodies, a smokin' deal! Not to mention the other stuff you have left.....someone's gonna be sorry they didn't jump on it. -Eric
  138. Albiebac

    Carb rebuilder

    To answer your question, San Diego Carb. I've used them twice for Quadrajets, they're good, but I left with a limp. $300.00 for a rebuild.... Eric
  139. Albiebac

    12volt tv

    How about this one? It looks like it has the 12V (white power cord) on the back. Call them first, also, not the greatest deal if you look on line. Getting kind of big, so don't know about the draw... I know Vizio flip/flopped on the power for these, so some have the 12 V transformer...
  140. Albiebac

    12volt tv

    Try and find a Vizio Razor 19" TV. CostCo used to carry them, but I'm not sure now. They are really 120V TVs with a 12V transformer, so just ditch the transformer and direct connect the TV. That's what I did back when I had my camper (2 years ago). Not really answering the "where" question...
  141. Albiebac

    Who's gonna bite?

    Nope, just cruising C-list... Sounds like someone's pissed....or a total scam.
  142. Albiebac

    Who's gonna bite? 23 wellcraft, husband left and I want it gone from my yard - $500 (san diego) Date: 2011-10-28, 9:10PM PDT Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?] Ok, two tickets for parking on the street, and...
  143. Albiebac

    290 Due Prop trim question

    Doing a quick search, here's one that pops up. Yes, it's the whole assembly, motor, pump and tank. You'll need to check...
  144. Albiebac

    290 Due Prop trim question

    If you're not leaking oil, the valves in the pump are most likely leaking (mine too). The valves are non-repairable, so you have to buy a new pump unit. Go on e-bay, there just under $300 bucks.
  145. Albiebac

    Pulling 5.7 Volvo Penta out of 24 ft Skipjack

    Kagi, Where did you pick up your engine from? I'm contemplating new (pre-vortec) longblock, or going new vortec drop-in motor. Thanks, Eric
  146. Albiebac

    Garmin GPS Antenna

    Hey Larry, if you have the BNC cable with it, sounds like we can make a deal. Eric
  147. Albiebac

    Garmin GPS Antenna

    Looking for a GA29 antenna. They're used on the old (182C) chartplotters. Anyone got one laying around? $20 bucks? Thanks, Eric
  148. Albiebac

    Question for Skipjack Owners

    What? You don't run with the washdown hose in your baittank when the pump for the baittank dies...??? Not saying who's done that before. ;)
  149. Albiebac

    Question for Skipjack Owners

    Hey James, Not sure if you looking at mine, or just an FYI for Mike. I actually have 2 2000gph pumps and the 500gph pump in my bilge, so clogging isn't my greatest concern. The two back pumps are also 5200'd to glass, no screws there. I'm all for redundancies in the systems.
  150. Albiebac

    Question for Skipjack Owners

    While you're at it, re-do the drain plug. Stick your finger in the hole, does it feel wet? I drilled mine out and 5200'd a 3/4 PVC pipe to provide a solid barrier between the wood and water. No matter what, there's always some water down there, and that's why you see that small automatic...
  151. Albiebac

    Question for Skipjack Owners

    Hey Mike, So, let me try this again, stupid wi-fi died on me when I went to post. Btw, I'm the guy who bought some pebbles from you last month. Below is a pic. of my bilge, and yes yours is factory. My guess is you had a bilge pump where I do and water leaked in from one or more of the...
  152. Albiebac

    coffee maker for 25 skipjack fisherman?

    My dad had one on our 12 foot aluminum boat 30+ years ago! My very first cup of coffee was on the Sacramento river freezing my arse off fishing for steelhead. Me, I guess I've changed (what's wrong with us?), I have the inverter, Honda generator, electric 2-cup brewer...
  153. Albiebac

    Volvo Penta engines ID ?

    Hey David, Let me throw this out there to really screw with your head. The previous owner probably bought some short block crate motors (automotive/truck) and threw on all the old components, hence the confusions with the top end components and the blocks themselves. So, if that is the...
  154. Albiebac

    Volvo Penta engines ID ?

    I don't think they are Vortec's, unless they put old heads on new blocks. Vortec intakes have vertical bolts, while pre-vortec 87-95 have bolts going into the heads at 90 degrees, minus the center ones at 72 degrees. So, I'd say you have 570's, or AQ270's, basically the same thing. Hope...
  155. Albiebac

    Need Boat detailer in San Diego

    Hands down Mark! Hard working top notch service at a fair price.
  156. Albiebac

    Penn Int. 16S/Seeker A655XH RS/RT Rod

    BUMP............and grind!
  157. Albiebac

    Commercial Flake Ice Maker

    Hey Guys, I knew this thing would be popular, I have a bunch of PM's, I'll take 'em in the order they were received. I'm a little busy right now, but give me a few hours to reply. Thanks, Eric
  158. Albiebac

    Penn Int. 16S/Seeker A655XH RS/RT Rod

    $300.00 Reel: Good condition, mechanically perfect, cosmetically has some rashes, see pics. Rod: Perfect, like new. Thanks, Eric
  159. Albiebac

    Commercial Flake Ice Maker

    SOLD Scotsman 400, makes 400 lbs/24 hrs. Bin holds 80 lbs of ice, fills it in about 5 hours. Best ice for fish. See specs. here: Scotsman 25in Ice Machine 400lb Self Contained Flake Ice Maker AFE400- | ACityDiscount Eric
  160. Albiebac

    LANCE 815 Lite

  161. Albiebac

    What's this about?

    edit: Ha, ha, looks like we posted at the same time. I had the same problem, and FIXED it this weekend, after 3 years of chasing gremlins! I've already PM'd David, so he's going to look into it, but for anyone else, this was my issue. BTW, I tried anything and everything mentioned is...
  162. Albiebac

    290DP helmit sleeve removal?

    You can look in the manual here. Pretty much what Brandon said, you'll need a couple bolts to tighten in the threaded holes to back out the pin. BTW, what are you repowering with? -Eric
  163. Albiebac

    Anyone Know This Farallon??

    Hi, I saw that boat on Yachtworld a few days ago and was intrigued myself. The Farallons are great boats. I already have a boat (Skipjack), so I'm not looking now. Just a general heads up, I've never been too impressed with the boats Seaforth is selling. They always seemed to be on the...
  164. Albiebac

    install offshore 45 bait tank on skipjack 25 F/B

    Pretty much like what Jarrod said. Mine is fastened down with 3/16 aluminum angle. The side attached to the bait tank has three holes for each side of the tank that are threaded for the 1/4 20 tpi ss screws. I put generous amounts of anti-sieze on there to avoid corrosion. There are...
  165. Albiebac

    install offshore 45 bait tank on skipjack 25 F/B

    I'll post pictures tonight. I took my baittank out for the 4th weekend, so I can show you everything, pretty easy. -Eric
  166. Albiebac

    Need mobile trailer repair

    Yep, give her a jolt in reverse. Had to do it last month after sitting for the winter, and I did new brakes last year! Work fine now.
  167. Albiebac

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    I'll jump in on this, I've been known to own a Skippy or two.... You could say I'm a fan. My first Skippy from 1998-2002, a 1979 Flybridge. Then I "upgraded" to my current boat a 1990 FB from 2002-current, with a little carryover in between. I didn't keep all three boats in front of...
  168. Albiebac

    A+++ Service from Mark at Monsoon Yacht Services

    Very true Dennis! Nope, he did it at my house.
  169. Albiebac

    A+++ Service from Mark at Monsoon Yacht Services

    Here is his "official" contact info, but you can always PM him. It's not so much a $/foot rate, more of how big the job is. As Mark and I both appreciate, there wasn't too much surface area to cover, it was a lot of tight spaces and nooks and cranies. We agreed on a full days work, but if...
  170. Albiebac

    A+++ Service from Mark at Monsoon Yacht Services

    Another satisfied customer here! After reading the past rave reviews about Mark and his services, I pm'd him to see if he could detail my boat. This was a buff and wax job, also with some heavy oxidation requiring wet sanding. Needless to say, the boat turned out awesome. It hasn't looked...
  171. Albiebac

    24 skipjack pilot house with 5.7 penta question

    I'm going to assume it's this boat? OK, without knowing the drive configuration exactly (ie- single vs. duo-prop), I'd give you a 1.5-2.2 mpg range. It most likely is a 280 drive, since the 270's are ancient (pre-80's). Props and load will make a big difference too. I had a 24' Flybridge...
  172. Albiebac

    Helm seats

    You're in luck, I've got two out of my Skipjack, $30 bucks a piece. No tears, one just has some chunks out of the ribbing, but nothing structural, just cosmetic, other than that, there totally sound. Let me know if you want them, otherwise I'll post them for the masses, Eric
  173. Albiebac

    Help Help! 1972 Skipjack 20 open

    Hey, don't let those guys scare looks like you've already mastered the art of finding deals that won't drain your wallet. C-list and swap meets are your friend. I did the same thing you're starting and I came out ahead in the end, and your boat was a few thousand less than mine...
  174. Albiebac

    Honda EU1000 Generator

    SOLD!!!!! The generator is in "like new" condition. Rather than re-type everything, here's the link to what I put on Craigslist. For BD'rs, I'll take $500.00, rather than the $550.00 I posted on Craigslist. Honda EU1000 Generator thanks, Eric (aka-Albiebac II) 619-607-8379
  175. Albiebac

    Recommendations for Machine Shop

    Wholesale Machine, always done me right! Eric
  176. Albiebac

    Duo prop Trouble

    OK, I'm in the same boat (argh, argh, never gets old:rofl:), anyway, in the past I had to even cut one off. Now this time I slacked one year on lubing the shafts, and now it's stuck! I should have known better! I've done most of the above and I'm a little apprehensive to using the torch...
  177. Albiebac

    Black spidar with red hour glass on belly

    Thanks for the PSA Art! I live on a canyon and assumed the spiders (blacks and browns) are just part of the neighborhood. They are everywhere! Patio furniture, trailer hitches, even found inside my truck. Every month I go out at night with a flashlight and propane torch, and torch 30-40 of...
  178. Albiebac

    Buying a 20' Skippy. What to look for

    Al, the bimini I bought at a marine gear swap meet, I think I paid $30.00 for it. It was a warranty return from a Sea Ray walk around, or something similar. The frame is aluminum, not my first choice, but actually perfect for the finished result. I anchored it to the windshield frame, so...
  179. Albiebac

    Buying a 20' Skippy. What to look for

    Hey Travis, I'm a little late jumping on this thread, but like everyone else said, "you'll love your boat". Big boat feel in a small boat package. I've had three Skippies, my 3rd one purchased was the 20' open I rebuilt, then when I was done, some friends stepped up and said they wanted...
  180. Albiebac

    Removal of transducer w/5200 on threads

    I was in that boat once (argh, argh) and seem to recall I put Acetone on the 5200 to "loosen" it up. It by no means dissolved it, just made it gummy, but I was able to get the ducer out. Same deal as with the heat, protect the ducer surface from the acetone. Good luck, Eric
  181. Albiebac


    Go to the link below, I think that's what you're talking about. Works really nice.
  182. Albiebac

    Major electronics box/Console facelift

    Very nice work! I like redundancies, but you got me, you take it too the next level....3 plotters!!!!??? Must be the USCG in you. That's a lot of dough in there. -Eric
  183. Albiebac

    Offshore 9/12 425 Crazy Day

    Yep, that's gnarly! FYI, it's too late now, but I hope you guys cleaned the wound good. The ocean has all sorts of wonderful little critters our bodies don't like. Keep an eye on it and don't let it get infected. If it starts to get red or hot, go see a doc ASAP, if he hasn't already.
  184. Albiebac

    Trailer Tires

    Ditto what Dennis said. BTW Dave, I have the 16.5 (mobile home size) rims for my Trailrite trailer too, and Discount on Miramar (SD) was able to get me tires (they had three different brands), I went for the $89.00 8 plys. They had to order them, but only took two days. Can't remember the...
  185. Albiebac

    Catalina Island

    Is the 24' limit on the string line new, or loosely enforced? Every time I've gone, they put my 25'er on there. Didn't know you could reserve, that's good to know. Cherry cove is a nice option too, but the moorings are usually gone quick. IMHO, take a day or two off so you can guarantee...
  186. Albiebac

    Fuel Issue Thoughts ?

    OK, calling all "Armchair Mechanics"!!! Here's what I did, pretty pictures included. First off, after fixing and replacing everything but the fuel pump, I finally replaced it (available at Napa, marine version) and took it apart and found a broken diaphram, Bingo! Not!!! Still have...
  187. Albiebac

    Nice looking little Cabo

    I saw it too, I wish I had the time to take on another project, that's my choice if and when I downsize, and for once at a fair price...
  188. Albiebac

    Fuel Issue Thoughts ?

    OK, I can accept some of these "ideas", I'll give em a whirl, plus add one or two. Come to think of it, I have an in-line filter ahead of the electric fuel pump I need to check... -Eric DG, I did the top end rebuild after an overheat caused by kelp, I was concerned I had blown the head...
  189. Albiebac

    Fuel Issue Thoughts ?

    This is total bullshit!!! I have the same exact problem! I've been dealing with this for the last two years. I've done it all and I'm ready to buy a new motor, if I could just blow up the one I have. My symptoms (as recent as yesterday): Boat starts up and runs fine, running at 20...
  190. Albiebac

    Penn Int. 16S/Seeker A655XH Combo

    Bump, still available. Original buyer flaked out. -Eric
  191. Albiebac


    A very sad tragedy, and it's not the first time. My condelences to all involved. 10 years ago a 38' Mediterranean slammed into the lee side of North Island due to operator error (on AP, getting coffee while the other passenger slept), and that boat even had radar (see picture). North...
  192. Albiebac

    Too much information out there.

    It's the same reason all you see on TV are "reality" TV programs. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame....self-proclaimed celebrity, thanks Hollywood! Hopefully, like everything else in excess, the novelty wears off, and things go to the other extreme. JMHO Eric
  193. Albiebac

    FYI- Skipjack (cheap)

    Don't know anything about it....blah, blah, blah... If I was boatless, I would do the full rebuild on it. 2 boats My finder's fees : 411 on the deal (P.O.S.? steal? scam?)
  194. Albiebac

    Opinions please- Stainless or Aluminum steering wheel?

    Stainless. No brainer. Buy once and forget about it. Done it on two of my Skippies so far. Heat??? If it's that hot, I'm assuming you'll have a bimini up, so that shouldn't be an issue. Or, you can get a wheel with the steering knob, then there's only one "hot spot" to worry about. jmho
  195. Albiebac

    Show us your engine compartment!

    Don't know what you're working with. Here's my before and after. I wanted everything clean and off the stringers. Good luck and lot's of time...
  196. Albiebac

    volvo 280 outdrive
  197. Albiebac

    New to me Skipjack 24 open

    Congrats, you'll be happy with it. I'm on my third Skipjack. The impeller is located on the end on the crankshaft where the harmonic balancer and alternator and water pump pulley is. Do a search here in Bloodydecks, I posted a link for the shop manual for the outdrive a while (1-2 years) back...
  198. Albiebac

    Offshore 7/22 BFT / Albie NW of the Kidney

    Ahhh, now I know the jig you were talking about! Heard you on the radio last night being selective on the "info release". I was wondering, "do I have that mystery jig in my arsenal???..." Nice job on the fish. The last few days have been what we've been waiting for. -Eric
  199. Albiebac

    big swell?

    It's all in the interval people. They'll be at 18-20 seconds offshore, it's the short shit <3 seconds that kills you. Normal stuff is usually 8-10 seconds.
  200. Albiebac

    Painting CF #'s On An Inflatable?

    West Marine has this "deal" where you pay them and use a third party (REGISTRATION NUMBERS FOR BOATS - Home) that makes a printed glue-on label for it. I'm going that route. The other options is the plastic plates that tuck into pockets you glue on the inflatable, not a bad option either...
  201. Albiebac

    New world record dolphin

    I'm calling SPAM on this one. The link to too long for my patience to load, and it's the dude's first post! JMHO
  202. Albiebac

    water in the outdrive

    Prop shaft seal is toast. Could be age, or fishing line. You need special tools to do it, so your best of sending it in to a shop. I've taken the lower unit off and brought that in, instead of the whole boat, helps with the turn around time if it's already sitting on their bench. Good luck...
  203. Albiebac

    Volvo Penta Outdrive Trim Problem

    You can "fine tune" it from inside. If you look inside your boat where the steering fork comes up throught the transom, the top of the fork has the sensor connected to the wheel that turns for your trim. It's held in place by a piece of metal that looks like a two prong fork, applying pressure...
  204. Albiebac

    Volvo Penta Outdrive Trim Problem

    OK, sorry for the delay, I couldn't find the info I was looking for, so this is off memory. A while back, I was researching this problem, since mine needs to be fixed too. The valves in the "valve manifold" are factory installed (but I swear my mechanic said he fixes them). In any event, my...
  205. Albiebac

    Volvo Penta Outdrive Trim Problem

    The pump has small valves in it that begin to leak over time, mine does it too. I can give you more info tomorrow. Eric
  206. Albiebac

    Offshore Dodo and tail 7-9-302 zone

    Nice job Jeff and Chuck! It looks like things are starting to turn on....finally!
  207. Albiebac

    Offshore 238 albies 7/2

    Nice work on the feesh!! Even better work on getting that much range outta your skippy. What's your trick? Jerry cans, aux tank? I'd like to get that outta this one. Eric
  208. Albiebac

    Volvo 290 Drive Cone Clutch

    Huh??? You've taken it in before for this same problem and it keeps popping up? I don't think your mechanic is fixing it, JMHO. As you said, it's all about shims and tolerances. It could be as easy as the nut on the top of the shaft for the gears in upper, or you may have a worn clutch cone...
  209. Albiebac

    Penn Int. 16S/Seeker A655XH Combo

    Penn International 16S reel. Cosmetically a 7-8. Mechanically a 9-10. Works perfectly. Seeker American Series 5 1/2 foot roller stripper-roller tip. 40(50)100 pound line class rod. I don't think it's ever been used. It is a perfect 10. Perfect rod for trolling So. Cal, fishing sharks...
  210. Albiebac


    Been there, done that. Mine corroded to the extent that I lost steering and had to steer home manually from the outdrive itself...fortunately only in the bay. Anyway, I picked mine up at a shop (AMS) here in San Diego and it already had some corrosion on the splines and I still paid a couple...
  211. Albiebac

    24ft. Skipjack no drain in cabin

    This came up with someone on a 25' Skipjack, and they had the brilliant idea to tie cockpit drains into the shower sump pump. Ya, you don't have a shower, but if you put the drains in, buy a sump pump ($70) and tie it into your sink drain, problem solved without having to go through the...
  212. Albiebac

    Wiring Diagram for Early 24' Skipjack

    I see the problem here, your an engineer. You want to re-engineer the whole damn thing. I'm sure you've heard all the engineer jokes.....:D Actually, I'm worst than you, I actually did it! It's not a small job, but it is relatively easy with the right planning. It did take me 2 months...
  213. Albiebac

    Removing Outdrive

    Huh??? Not being a jerk here, but that's the easiest job possible on the drive. Only because I've had to do it way too many times than I'd like to admit. So, all you need to do is take the upper assembly off. Unscrew the two nuts seen on either side (14mm I think). Take the shift cover...
  214. Albiebac

    Bottom Paint

    Since you're not keeping it it the water, pretty much anythings better than what you have now. The problem is, without decent prepping, the antifouling won't be a good base coat, so you'll need to touch up as chips and scrapes pop up. I'd say buy some Interlux topside paint, flat black, so the...
  215. Albiebac

    Skipjack Owners

    Hey Don, I have the same boat as you. The sump pump is under the step as you enter the cabin. You may have an access port on the vertical surface of the step to look down at the shower/sump pump. There's also a switch in the head located on the right side above the counter, just below the...
  216. Albiebac

    large trailer boats- how high ?

    Mark, Here's what you want it to look like. Same hull you're working on. Sorry, I can't give you the specifics on heights, widths, and length, etc...It's not my boat (it's a friends). Hope that helps a little.
  217. Albiebac

    Offshore Ensenada YFT 10/05/08

    Nice haul. Check out the tail fins on those guys. They've been covering some ground. Could be here by the weekend???
  218. Albiebac


    Like the other guys have said, anywhere you have reefs or rocky bottoms with some cover (eel grass, other plants) is a good bug zone. You can go out at day during low tide to "get your feet wet" and get comfortable with diving the area. I do night dives, just because that's when they come out...
  219. Albiebac

    Lockjaw dorado on the 9 mile bank 7\20\08

    I've got em to go with catfood. That's right, the cat food gets the baitfish out from under the paddy, then the dodo's go.....well, DODO! -Eric
  220. Albiebac

    skipjack bilge

    I don't know if they're the same, but on my 1979 20' open, there was two drain plugs. One for the bilge (engine), and one for the inner bilge, we're the top deck and hull are joined together. The second one is essentially sealed from deck water, but water can get in through other means. -Eric
  221. Albiebac

    Offshore Boat Senor Hefe Trapped in Korean / Mexican Tuna Seiner Pen

    Insane!!! Flat-out, insane!!! Most important, glad you guys made it out ok! Your story paints a very "interesting" picture of what's going on out there. This tuna pen/purse seiner thing is way bigger (and uglier) than most of us could have imagined. Anarchy until the last tuna is...
  222. Albiebac

    What's your opinion of standup paddleboard surfers?

    Wow, pretty heated topic. Things are going to get interesting out there. It's kinda like fishing someone elses paddy. Some people just don't get it. I'll admit, I've considered getting into it. I just like being on the water. If it's surfing, paddle boarding (the real kind), kayaking...
  223. Albiebac

    Draining the fuel tanks?

    Oh, good times...not! I did it last year, probably 40+ gallons. The fun part was gradually adding it to my truck. I did it a little differently. I used a vacuum pump. Basically, made negative pressure in the jugs and sucked it out through the pick-up. Then transferred to jerry cans. To...
  224. Albiebac

    skippy 24 flybridge pilothouse????????

    If you can score one, go for it. Otherwise, save the weight and money and put up a good bimini and eisenglass. The 24's are tippy, so the extra weight up top will just add to it. I had the 24 with the bimini and glass, it it did the job perfectly. Good luck, Eric
  225. Albiebac


    Here's a little secret. Go to the link below and you've got yourself a shop manual for the outdrive. Good luck, Eric
  226. Albiebac


    It's a Volvo 280 outdrive, minus a few key parts.;)
  227. Albiebac

    swordfish teminal tackle suggestions

    Bad news Chuck, just got outta a long meeting, we're gonna need a bunch of compounds next week, ASAP! Looks like you guys will be burnin' the midnight oil through the long weekend. NO FISHING FOR YOU!!:rofl: Just kidding. I've got a 30SW backed with 130# spectra with 60# P-Line...
  228. Albiebac

    Help With Volvo Dual Prop Removal

    Hey Don, Nice boat! I could have sworn I was looking at mine. :LOL Send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll e-mail a .pdf of the outdrive manual. You don't need a tool, just take the inside nut off, use a 2x4 to block the inside prop against the outdrive, and a large philips...
  229. Albiebac


    B&H Photo all the way!
  230. Albiebac

    Skippy 20 update

    Hey Robert, Nice to see the progress on you project. I'll bet you thought you'd be done by now. That's gonna be a perfect little set-up for a fraction of the cost when you're done with her. -Eric (Albiebac)
  231. Albiebac

    Pictures of La Jolla Cove today 12-5-07

    Some Black's... and a cove or two. btw- Props to SD Lifeguards! They were out there making sure no one got killed. -Eric
  232. Albiebac

    Black Marlin on the GBR Oct 27-Nov 3

    Great pictures and report. I don't know what's better, the fish or that part of Oz. You've got it figured out, I don't need to tell you.
  233. Albiebac

    Offshore 9 mile YFT on the pourpoise 10-11

    Damn, I need to get my phone checked out. I didn't see a message or missed call from you yesterday...:D Nice work! See ya Sat.
  234. Albiebac

    Offshore Chuck finally gets his carp!

    Congratulation, nice work Chuck! Looks like you got it on an EAL. Is that right? Now I know why you fish solo, you've only got ONE seat on your sled. I guess that's one way to let the HO's know you don't have any room. LOL -Eric
  235. Albiebac

    Offshore New Lo-An 8/30

    The weather was a little lumpy on the way out, but was totally bearable for a larger boat, it layed down as the day went on and the ride back downhill was a joy, we all just hung out, talked, ate, and napped. The weather was warm, wind 10-15 at it's peak, water temp 68-69. The fish were on the...
  236. Albiebac

    Offshore New Lo-An 8/30

    Great trip with Marcus and crew. It's been said before, but I'll say it again he runs a great operation, and he and the crew are a nice relaxing groups of guys to fish with. We did a charter with 28 friends/co-workers and managed 54 fish. Everyone on board caught a least one fish. Marcus...
  237. Albiebac

    Offshore Time to go albacore fishing!

    See you tonight (or at least the boat), I'll be on tonights charter. Are you captaining tonight? -Eric
  238. Albiebac

    Complete Re-wire part II

    Rather than kick you in the nuts for all your hard work, I'm just gonna kick you in the nuts on the cost. I thought this was supposed to be only a $200.00 job???:D Nice job cleaning things up!
  239. Albiebac

    Are marine operators still used?

    I've used them in the past (5 years ago). I believe it was Channel 28, or somewhere else in the 20's. The only problem is you need to make sure the person picks up on the other end for the collect call. Very useful when having boat problems offshore.
  240. Albiebac

    matched gears in volvo 280

    Yep, all three stay together....been there done that.
  241. Albiebac

    Furuno FCV292 cheap

    I'm by no means shooting the messenger here, but that ad has been posted many times on CL. Somethings up with it. Anyone ever check it out?
  242. Albiebac

    Skipjack 25 fly bridge drain

    MP, Here's how mine drains. It's a 1990 btw. The drains are on the aft part of the footwell port and starboard. The pictures should explain it. Does that help? -Eric
  243. Albiebac

    Skipjack 25 fly bridge drain

    Ehhh? Sounds like something else is up, or you get lots of water up there. The "foot well" in the flybridge should drain on both sides above the windows where the bridge portion is fastened to the topdeck portion of the hull. Check if you have crap clogging the drains. Good luck, Eric
  244. Albiebac

    Offshore 6/30: I see more dead chickens

    Nice job Chuck! The MCRD hook-up was a nice option. Now you're getting spoiled, fish, and a "private launch ramp"? -Eric Albiebac II, Skipjack 25' FB
  245. Albiebac

    Fact or Fiction

    I'm pretty sure it's like Windex. I use Windex to clean saline solution off equipment and fluidics lines at work. The question is, what's the price difference?
  246. Albiebac

    Complete Re-wire

    This should help. Go to the link below and order yourself some 6 guage wire. I did it too and now I have plenty of wire for all my needs. It's a smoking deal. Plus you get all sorts of connectors and extra 12 guage wire. Takes about a week to get it...
  247. Albiebac

    Need Help on bending aluminum tubing for arch

    Not really many answers for your source, so I'll chime in. Check out IMS, Industrial Metal Supply. There's a couple around, including one in Kearny Mesa. As far as metal? I'd go with SS tubing. This is for an inflatable, so were not looking at 60-100 mile offshore runs, or holding all sorts...
  248. Albiebac

    Skipjack decals

    Hey, that reminds me. I ordered some last month and have yet to get them. How long did it take, and did you get billed from some fiberglass company in Hesperia? Looks like they charged me, but I've got nothing yet. I'll have to call them in the morning. -Eric
  249. Albiebac

    need new canvas

    Huh??? I talked to Dale 2 days ago and he didn't flinch when I said boat. Mind you, I asked if he could use my old stuff as a template. Must be related to the logistics of measuring, cutting and mounting. Do you have the old stuff? -Eric (Albiebac II, Skipjack 25' FB)
  250. Albiebac

    Need idea for 24' Skippy radar arch

    Here's what I did on my 24'. I made it so it so I could easily remove it when needed. If it looks interesting, I'll give you the rundown on the build. -Eric
  251. Albiebac

    Clairemont boat electrician

    PM'd back.
  252. Albiebac

    Clairemont boat electrician

    Steve, I might be able to help you out. I'm in Squaremont (Lehrer/Genesee) too, I've done all three of my Skippies. What you are you looking to do? -Eric (Albiebac II)
  253. Albiebac

    Solid surface counter top source?

    This is what I'm looking at (rough measurements). If it's something you can swing, sweet! I'll find some way to return the favor. If not, no worries. Eric
  254. Albiebac

    do you have to...

    I'm sorry guys, you crack me up. What a big fat cry babie pissing war. :crybabies: The post in question was posted by a good friend of mine whose "personal policy" is to not post on the boards for the exact reason many people mentioned. Don't expect to see many more in the future. I...
  255. Albiebac

    Solid surface counter top source?

    Thanks for the comebacks. I checked Home Cheapo, all they had was the apartment style countertops. Might vary with store. I work spitting distance from Frost, so I'll take a peak over there. Okie man, I'm looking at 12-14sf. That's probably more than you were thinking, but I'd never...
  256. Albiebac

    Solid surface counter top source?

    Does anyone know of a source for "solid surface like" material in San Diego? Before you tell me it's a professional product/job, I know. Most brands (ie-Corian) are patented and trade marked, and are strictly regulated by the industry. I'm looking to dress up the interior (galley) of my...
  257. Albiebac

    Lajolla Blows Up!! today!

    Jefe', nice work.:finger: I really should kick you in the nuts for catchin' the all the YT's, but that can wait. I draw the line at no phone call for lunch??? WTF??? I expect that from WD, but you, come on? Nice job all around! :kiss_ass: Eric :notworthy
  258. Albiebac

    bringing her back,82 Blackman

    Wow, nice work! Did you do all the work yourself (ie-glasswork)?:notworthy -Eric (Albiebac II)
  259. Albiebac

    LaJolla 4-10 Barries, bones, and lil" yellers

    Showoff!!!LOL Some of us have to work for a livin'. I'm gonna try and swing-it this weekend sometime.... -Eric
  260. Albiebac

    Big weekend

    Robert, Right on!!! :cheers: Seeing the pictures even gives me goosebumps. I forgot you were up in the bay area, but I'm glad it worked out for you. For a second , I thought you were coming down for the first motor. I was worried I'd get an earfull if it ended up being a basketcase. I'm...
  261. Albiebac

    Can I get some advice?

    You must have seen this one. At least it's not too far to look. Price seems low, so buyer beware...
  262. Albiebac

    Guadalupe Island

    Shoot, just buy a diaper hanger and don't worry about the fuel.......:D
  263. Albiebac


    Thanks for the straight up fishing dope, once again. My buddy bought 3 bottles of the butter from you guys and I didn't even put two+two together. For those of you not familiar with Tommy's product, take a look at it. They're a great group of local guys with a cool product. -Eric...
  264. Albiebac

    Defiance Yellowtail Boat @ FHS

    I was checking out that boat too. My initial feeling was, that's the best idea someone has come up with for a boat in a long time. Finally, a small little p-house for local fishing. I actually spent quite a bit of time talking with the sales rep., fortunately since I already have a boat, it...
  265. Albiebac

    Skippy session 1

    Hey Doug, In no way calling you out here. Just wondering what that motor would fit in, if not a 20' boat? What do you have in your 20' Blackman, and how does it run? I've always thought about putting a small diesel in a 20' Skippy. What's the minimium you would think a 20' Skippy open could...
  266. Albiebac

    Skippy session 1

    Nice! :cheers: Nothing like getting to work ASAP on the new project. What about this package? This motor with outdrive has been floating around on the boards for a while. $4500-. Seems like a perfect fit. Not mine, just an FYI. -Eric
  267. Albiebac

    My new project

    Congrats on the new project. I went down that road the past few years. My project was only supposed to last 3 months, turned out to be 2 years, mainly because I had too many other projects going on.... Turned into a sweet boat in the end. Sold it to some friends. I'll probably do it again...
  268. Albiebac

    LaJolla Tails-2-16,17.

    Damn Jefe'!!! And I traded some quality fish, for nice waves???........... Missed your :drunk calls due to the phone being MIA. Nice work. -Eric
  269. Albiebac

    We Whacked Em'... Triple limits in 13 pulls.

    Nice haul on the bugs. You guys north of Sandi Ego certainly seem to do better on the bugs. I think we get pounded by the commercials down here. I guess there's alway a Cat. trip. That boat looks like a new Mikelson Nomad (like the Redneck) with the optional flybridge. Eric
  270. Albiebac

    Docking Lights, Recessed ?

    Hey, you can save yourself some money, and do what I did. Put a flood light under your bow pulpit (assuming you have one). $40 bucks, it looks good and it works great. Plus, there's no glare to ruin your night vision. I use it for running offshore at night, docking, loading on the trailer...
  271. Albiebac

    Offshore Lotsa Yellows & Skippies

    I heard the "drunken pilot" only flies paper airplanes.......:rofl: Bream, you ho!
  272. Albiebac

    Isinglass Question

    For a bonehead, he sure picked a decent boat. He probably should of had a Bayliner...... ;) So, did you get a good deal? On the snaps, take some visegrips and hold the snap and take a 1/4 inch drill bit to drill out the crimped part on the inside. The two parts should separate. Then put...
  273. Albiebac

    Trailer Hitch Question 9-4 8:30am

    Harry, Well, I guess we're neighbors. Saw the carnage as my wife and I walked up to Kragen. Nice to put a name to a boat. Looks all to familiar. Breaks are "fun".......... ;) Did two trailers in the last month. -Eric (Albiebac II)
  274. Albiebac

    Trailer Hitch Question 9-4 8:30am

    Try this. With the tongue/hitch on the ball, pull your truck forward just a bit, should drop the latch......if that's what you're talking about.
  275. Albiebac

    Vessal Assist or Sea Tow? Which is Better?

    James, Thanks for the clarification. Read up on VA Towing and sure enough their just the storefront for the boats and captains. Interesting..... So, let me get this straight, with the sale of their retail chains, Butt US has evolved into basically a insurance/finance company specializing in...
  276. Albiebac

    Vessal Assist or Sea Tow? Which is Better?

    VA, even though I'm not a big fan of corporate America (Butt US). Yes, I've used them many times throughout the years. They (the captains) have always been good. VA, as it was before, was the best by far. Hopefully, Butt US won't mess it up. I believe they WILL tow you back to your...
  277. Albiebac

    Skipjack 20' history questions

    I hate to say it, but I think the beams of the 24' and the 20' are different. I had both boats and from recollection, I think the 24' was 8' and the 20' was 7'8, or 7'10. And just from recalling the engine covers and space next to them, the 24' seems to have just a little more space and a...
  278. Albiebac

    transom thickness, 20 Skipjack?

    I used some 5 minute epoxy to glue it in place, then I put a bead of 5200 around the pump to secure it firmly. -Eric
  279. Albiebac

    transom thickness, 20 Skipjack?

    Are you talking about the transom or the sole of the bilge? The transom is 2" thick from the bottom up 2/3 of the way. The sole of the bilge (at least on the open) has two layers. The one you see is the cockpit layer (or skin) and then underneath that is the hull itself. The skin is about...
  280. Albiebac

    Skipjack 20 Question

    I just sold my 20' open to my friends and I was surprised how poor it did on the gas. I expected 2mpg. I figure I got 1.5mpg loaded with 3 guys. I put a 350 with q-jet, electronic ignition and VP280 single on it. Tried different props and finally stuck with a 15x19P. My old 24'FB with...
  281. Albiebac

    DODO MADNESS 8/5/06

    Nice job guys. Not bad for a half day of fishing. With the way the launch ramp looked in the morning, it looked like it would be 5 boats/paddy.... -Eric
  282. Albiebac

    Offshore 8/4 Dodos and Tails

    Good day on the pond. It's all about the right paddy and soaking baits. We left MB at 6am and made minimacs (40) outside the jetty. The minimacs were key and we left fish biting due to end of bait and time. We found many paddies 15nm outside of Del Mar, but it was the last one that...
  283. Albiebac

    Offshore 302 Wednesday....

    JP, Damn, that sucks!!! Frickin' scum bags. I hope they get the dirtbags that snaked it, along with the other low life's in the chop shop. That is one unique truck too. Kinda sticks out. I hope you get everything back, including the vise on your bumper. -Eric (Albiebac II)
  284. Albiebac

    One Bad Ass 27' Pilothouse!!!!!!

    Small world. That's my friends boat. I've been giving him hell for years now to get that thing done. He keeps teasing me with pictures. And yes, it is sick! It helps when your business is metal fabrication. ;) -Eric (Albiebac II)
  285. Albiebac

    skipjack pilothouse...what do you guys think?

    I think when Farallon moved to West Sacramento they got rid of the molds. You could always give them a call. (916) 371-3162
  286. Albiebac

    skipjack pilothouse...what do you guys think? true.:notworthy
  287. Albiebac

    Offshore Briana amost killed me

    Same exact thing happened to me on July 15th out on the 9. I know exactly how you feel. Fuckin' idiots I tell you....The two bozos at the helm looked at each other like "Duh, where did that boat come from???"
  288. Albiebac

    skipjack pilothouse...what do you guys think?

    This is what you want. One of the best set-ups for these parts. Long narrow hull to cut through the crap and protection from the spray from said crap..... This is a P-house from Farallon. $5K
  289. Albiebac

    Offshore Sunday Sunset Dodos 7-30-06

    Afternoon certainly seemed better than the AM. Wind seemed to die down after noon and the sun even showed. Fished your friends spot in the AM, but didn't see any fish. Only action we saw was a YT off a paddy 3 out from LJ. There's always next time, at least that's what I keep telling myself...
  290. Albiebac

    Offshore 7/27 Evening Dodo session

    Hey Roy, Tell me about it. Hopefully Sunday is as productive. See you in the AM. -Eric
  291. Albiebac

    Offshore 7/27 Evening Dodo session

    Slow trolled mini-macs (sardine size) on 20# fluoro...
  292. Albiebac

    Offshore 7/27 Evening Dodo session

    Came down with a "12 hour sickness" and fished with a buddy outta MB around 3pm yesterday. We loaded up on minimacs and headed straight out to find the paddies. The water (and heat) was epic. Better than Cabo, more like Costa Rica. Found a couple paddies 100 yards apart about 15 out, one...
  293. Albiebac

    Offshore YT & Dorado at the 182 7/23

    Nice job on the fish and the radio! I did the drive by in the 20' Skippy as you guys were on the hook in the channel. BTW- I heard all the radio talk on 16, and IMHO the response sounded slow by the government folks. Those poor guys were begging for pumps and help. 30 minutes after the...
  294. Albiebac

    Offshore BENDO BABY

    What the fuck Chuck? Nice Photoshop job. You erased your right hand. You whore, get off those other peoples' boats........ -Eric ps- Nice feeshies!
  295. Albiebac

    Offshore 7/20/06 ,425/371/320/226/182,

    They have lockjaw because those paddies are loaded with baitfish. It's like swim-up dining for them. Same deal last weekend. I dove on 6-8 paddies and each one had a nice school of 3 inch baits with 2-4 tails guarding their food. Even saw a couple dodos.... What really pissed me off was I...
  296. Albiebac

    Fuckin' Haribik (sp) 35' Express Idiots

    May not have been a "Carolina", but I'll tell you what, it looked like this, only closer!!!!
  297. Albiebac

    Fuckin' Haribik (sp) 35' Express Idiots

    I was on the top of the 9 and they were coming in at about a 30 degree heading, so I can only assume they were going to MB. We were literally ready to dive in the water!!! They gave this look like, "doh, where did that boat come from"...
  298. Albiebac

    Fuckin' Haribik (sp) 35' Express Idiots

    Anyone know of a 35' Carolina Classic style express out of MB named Haribik or something like that??? Cheasepeakcharlie's post just got me all fired up again about Fuckin' Idiots offshore. Long story short, we were dead in the water on the 9 mile bank Saturday due to an overheat issue with...
  299. Albiebac

    Force feed YT 7/3 at the 9

    Well, I finally did what I've been threatening to do for years. I force feed a YT some iron!:devil: I decided to do a shake down run on my boat and managed to drag a buddy along for the ride. ;) We headed out from MB around 1pm with the plan of running to LJ, but the seas were better than...
  300. Albiebac

    Offshore GO FISHING 7/4!!!

    The ocean laid down beautifully this evening and there's not a lick of wind tonight, screw the crowds, just do it. You'll thank me tomorrow. Fish report on "Inshore Fish Reports". -Eric (Albiebac II)
  301. Albiebac

    Offshore Local YFT-7/3

    Heard the whole story on channel 68 while I was out there. Congratulations!!! -Eric (Albiebac II)
  302. Albiebac

    20' skippy prop survey

    Hey Marcus, I'm with you on this one. I have the same set-up. I just did 66nm yesterday on 42 gallons of gas (ran out in MB) running solo with an empty bait tank. :104167739 Shitty if you ask me! I'll be swapping props around to see what works best. What are your RPM's when you run 21...
  303. Albiebac

    Penta 260A

    As far as I always knew, a 260A is a 350 motor putting out 260hp, where-as a 271A is a 350 motor putting out 271hp.... JMHO -Eric (Albiebac II)
  304. Albiebac

    Inexpensive Sound Shielding

    You could always buy the foil tape to seal off the ends. . . . . . Then again the adhesive could be flammable........... ;-)
  305. Albiebac

    Inexpensive Sound Shielding

    Brilliant!!! I'm doing that ASAP! :notworthy -Eric (Albiebac II, Skipjack 25 FB)
  306. Albiebac

    Volvo 350 Ignition/Wiring ???

    All's good! I swapped out alts. and everything works fine. Or should I say, stops fine. I have a feeling I was getting feedback from the alt. to the coil. There should have been an external resistor on the alt., so that's why I think it had feedback. I'm still going to find out what's up...
  307. Albiebac

    Volvo 350 Ignition/Wiring ???

    Hey Gents, The plot thickens. After battling with no fuel to the carb. for a couple hours. I thought it was the pump, turns out the carb. fuel filter was old and the anti-siphon valve was sealed shut. That should have clued me into the next battle. I figured time for the show to begin, so I...
  308. Albiebac

    Volvo 350 Ignition/Wiring ???

    Hey Guys, OK, I've been working (rather slowly if you ask my wife) on a Skipjack 20' open project boat. Long story short, I picked up a motor from "ifitmulitm" and swapped out the old AQ260 with the AQ271. The 260 had points and condensor and 2 wires going to the starter solenoid. The newer...
  309. Albiebac

    1/2 cooling sytem on new engine- is it of value to new engine

    Speaking from experience (2X), it's nice to have a closed loop system of water in the block when you get an obstruction on the cooling intake. At least you're not running bone dry, it heats up and blows the top, just like your car would, but at least you've got water still running through the...
  310. Albiebac

    Offshore 8/25 390ish Report

    Sorry for the late report guys, but that damn work just won't let me on this site. Bastards!!!Dynamite: Anyway, here's the dirt. Left MB at 4am, with OK 1 1/2 scoop of dines for $50 bucks. OUCH. First sunrise on the water in a long time... Water had some bump on it all the way...
  311. Albiebac

    350 V-8 Won't hold ignition timing

    Did you check the mechanical advance. Specifically, the springs that hold the advance weights. Just a thought, but maybe you have something going on there. I feel your pain, I'm dealing with idling problems on one of my boats too. Been doing the same as you, chasing gremlins. Good luck...
  312. Albiebac

    LJ 7/24 : 3 B's, M's and 1 YT

    Fished off of Children's Pool this morning in 111-90 ft of water for zillions of macs, barries, suicidal bonies (micros that impaled themselves on my megabait) and a few bass. The YT was a nice size, close to 20#'s. Picked it up in the retrieve with a sardine colored megabait at about 60 ft...