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    The Democrats in Sacremento wish to end all fishing. Take it to the bank.
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    Offshore 10/20 181-43-Corner

    I was solo in my 19 Whaler. Saw you guys from a distance and thought you fishing fast moving porpoise. I ran to get way out front saw the whale and a foamer. I did hook one on a jig, fought it about 10 min and the hook pulled. I think it was snagged. I'd heard about all the fog on the 9 mi...
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    Offshore 10/9 between 209 and 312

    That's a frigate bird your thinking of
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    Offshore 9/4 report

    At 0900 I was looking at "" and it was calling for less than 10kn WHILE I'm in my patio in Sunset Cliffs and it was blowing 25kn easy
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    Inshore 8/29 - Offshore Turned Inshore Dorado Fest 5.5 Miles Off the Beach!

    Was that the 32 X 29 paddy we kept hearing about? Damn. It was sporty out there today.
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    Offshore 8/19/22 North 9 / South 9

    Just erase your tracks and say you aren't exactly sure where you were. With the rules and regs that exist in California.; they can always find something to write you up on. Plus, half of the wardens have different interpretations anyway.
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    Offshore BFT + Mahi = Good Day! 8/16

    I've noticed the Dorado have gotten bigger.
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    Offshore So we took 100 pounds of ice for another 115 mile boat ride 8-10. Damn Bluefin!

    Nice picture of the breezer. Sometimes hard to explain to a rookie what to look for.
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    Offshore US Waters 90 mile trip 182/Corner/9

    Wow. Owned boats for 50 years and have never seen one. Just wow. Thanks
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    Offshore 7/29 - 9 mile

    Thanks for the post. We Ziggded today when we should have Zagged. What were you trolling that got hit? Please. Thanks. Mark
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    Zane Gray would be proud. (Look it up)
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    Offshore 7/22 MX one kelp patty - 2 fish

    Not to hijack this thread, just adding to it. I fished up on the Ridge today. Skunked, pretty glassy all day, found two paddies not holding. Trolled a spreader bar from 182 to 181. Water blue and 70-72
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    Offshore 7/13 Trip - Dana Point to: 209-312 to 181-182 back to 312

    Dana landing or Dana Pt. Just curious Thanks
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    Offshore Friday spreader bar BFT and humble Shout out to "Reel Tight"

    Mike, glad you saw this. My buddies favorite moment was watching your guys reaction. Great fun. Thanks a ton. Mark
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    Offshore Friday spreader bar BFT and humble Shout out to "Reel Tight"

    Friday July 8. Dragging my new Spreader bar around near the 425 and a very cool cat on the vessel Reel Tight calls me on the radio...."Boston Whaler, North of me, we have a bait ball being destroyed and are currently on a fish. Feel free to come down and pull that spreader bar over this bait...
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    Offshore 7/1/2022 First US Dorado???

    They do love big lures. Thanks for the report
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    Offshore Here's where they weren't today. Thursday June 30

    They were not anywhere between la Jolla and the 209. Nor were they at the 181, 182, 178 and points in between. The good news was that it was greasy calm, blue water. 70° to 73°. Saw plenty of terns, just not working. Mostly they were hunting as singles, no splashes under them. Patties I found...
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    Offshore 1st BFT 6/16

    Head down to WestMarine and get a map of the "local banks" or check out a map of the "bite zone" on
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    Inshore Local barracuda and bass bite

    I am literally sitting down right now with my grandkids for some fried barracuda and fried potatoes. So good.
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    Offshore 6/2/22 Murphy's Law of BFT till it wasn't... Kinda

    Hi guys. Damn. I should have just hung out with you and come home in the dark buddy boat style. My firefighter son and law had the exacts same thing happen two seasons ago. Big meter marks on a paddy, he drops down a flat fall on 40lb (learned the hard way). Hooked it about 4pm. We were out at...
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    Offshore 5/28 209 & 312

    Thanks for the report. All good dope. We need to hear where they aren't as well as where they are
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    Offshore Islands/302

    Larger bft will bite right through 50# mono too
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    Offshore 5/27 Yellows towards 371

    Now that! Is a great report. Thanks.
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    Islands Coronados 5-14-22

    Damn. Maybe they got hot in the morning or after I left.
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    Islands Coronados 5-14-22

    Hit the Islands today. Didn't buy bait and had trouble making any, so Rapalas it is. Picked up a nice 10÷ lb yellow at North Island at 1000. Trolled a couple more hours there then checked middle grounds. No go. Picked up some rokfish then headed for home. Easy peasy. Water was 63 around north 64...
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    Offshore Grande Full Day 4.30 Report

    Come on guys. Not a Skippy........Bonito
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    Inshore Summer Hot Conditions DP 04.08.22

    This year the limit on Coppers went from 10 down to 1. Fyi
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    Offshore Sat oct 2 371.

    Water cool and dirty from PL until basically the 371. Then it goes quickly from dirty 67-68 to nice blue 70+ Pretty windy and "a bit sporty" for my 19 Whaler but trolling speed was fine. Trolled 4 or so hours usually within 8 miles of 371 high spot. Bottom line.....Skunked. No real sign of Tuna...
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    Offshore 9/9-9/10 183, 43, SCI

    Just curious. Made bait? Or, bought bait?
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    Doghouse, aren't the CA and Mex limits the same now? 5 reds and 5 "other rock fish". I think...

    Doghouse, aren't the CA and Mex limits the same now? 5 reds and 5 "other rock fish". I think the days of 10 Reds are over. Mark
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    Offshore Man overboard Wednesday

    Where can we read this entire story? It looks like Coast Guard had already begun to search. For learning purposes, I'd like to hear the entire story and see what mistakes were made. Maybe the boat wouldn't start up etc.
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    Offshore 7/30/21: BFT West of the 178

    I was out at the 181 in y 19 Whaler. Heard you put this info out on the radio but had paid so dearly for those miles decided to stay out there and come home through the 178. We only hooked (snagged) one and it came off.. Thanks for the report and the authentic radio call out. Queenfish......out
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    best gas station?

    Open 24/7
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    best gas station?

    Summit on Sports Arena. ( actually at the Sports Arena) is the best. They are eager for boater's business. If you buy 35 gallons of gas they will give you 100lbs of ice. BUT, you have to ask for it. Mention the "radio special " Plus the ice Is a fair price if you need more. Like $3.99 fir...
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    Offshore Late Report 7/25 - 182, 181, 312

    Around 3 pm the 181 went off.
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    Islands Coronados June 30. They're back

    Quick trip to 'nados today Lots of bait, birds sitting on baby red crab slurping them up. I just caught 4 barracuda (2 legals) one 6-7lb yellow. Lots of these around.
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    Offshore Big boys @ 425

    In the last 50 years out of San Diego that "little bft" would have won a hell of a lot of tournaments. Just saying , don't get too cocky about local tuna. In my book that's a hell of a fish.
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    Offshore 5 Miles SE of the 371 6/18 Bluefin

    I really appreciate the dope about finding the chunks in their belly. For us skiff guys that don't haul (or want to buy) 3 scoops of bait, that's great news that they do seem attracted to chunk.
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    Islands Fish I. D. for a mainlander

    Aloha my Hawaiian bloodydecker brothers. I'm in San Diego and my nephew went fishing with some friends off of your islands. They caught this little guy and ate it. He asked me what it was. To me it looks half greenback mackerel and half Bonito. Can you guys give me the correct name? Thanks. Mark
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    Islands Catalina - 5/30/21

    Was this back in March?
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    Offshore Island yellows/Inshore bluefin

    I hope you dropped off a loin with the whale watch Capt
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    Bay / Harbor 600 ft, the Reality !!

    I thought electric reels were not legal?
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    YT, sea lion, or both?

    The dog has to surface to eat the big for it and run over him
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    Offshore Day of the Dorado

    A still green Dorado on the deck swinging a treble hook is scary.
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    AB 3030; "F"ed?

    Never vote ********.
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    Offshore Straight west out of MB skunk

    Made mini macs in dense fog at la jolla. Sun came out at about 1000. Pointed her west and ran. Found mucho paddies, some with birds, all with tons of bait and baby YT. Went out to the 118° line then bent north to run back. No trolling, did see a feeding marlin. Water was 74, 75 and even 76 deep...
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    No New Reports

    Too windy for us skiff drivers
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    Offshore Kelps holding

    Great timely intel. Thanks.
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    SS telescoping ladder

    In OB. PM me if you want it
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    This is Mark with the ladder. I live in OB.

    This is Mark with the ladder. I live in OB.
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    SS telescoping ladder

    Three step. Under platform mount Windline Unused
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    Offshore 8/3 302 and beyond!

    Good to hear there are some troll fish. Not all of us carry 5 scoops of bait.
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    Offshore 8/1 Bluefin close to home

    Not a 118, that would put him outside Clemente. 117.....
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    Offshore Half Day Coronado Reds then a off shore BFT. July 23 Thursday

    Thanks to Reggie from Tow Boat US for hustling out to rescue us.
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    Offshore Half Day Coronado Reds then a off shore BFT. July 23 Thursday

    Launched at 1100. Made some quick macs got to the islands at 1200. Conditions didn't look very good. Tried rapala. Flat calm until about 1pm then some breeze and chop. Went to some rock fish stones Got 9 reds one starry. Bait for me flat fall for my son in law. Then ran west about 10 miles saw...
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    Coronados Sat July 11 2020

    Lots of macs around the bait barge. Need to chum and put bait on the lucky joes (sabikis for you youngsters)
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    Coronados Sat July 11 2020

    My usual 0800 gentleman's start. Made some macs. Ran straight to the south end of south . Water was dirty. Signs of bait but not fish. There was a good barracuda bite there yesterday.....a desert today. Caught some reds around SKR and called it a day the only sport boat that I saw there was the...
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    Offshore Where to stay?

    On the big bay check with Half Moon Inn on Shelter Island
  59. queenfish

    Mako sharks are so bad ass!

    Thanks for releasing those future seal killers
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    Fish ID plz...

    Juvenile black sea bass.........delicious NOT. I stand corrected. But I knew it looked delicious
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    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures Again

    Revolution CNG. "They" are no longer called Dept of Fish and Game anyway. Now "They" are called Dept of Fish and Wildlife to let us know it is no longer about harvest, but is now about making our state into an animal sanctuary and an aquarium. Yay.....keep voting for those dems
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    Coronados Wed and sealife ID

    Thanks gang. I'm always learning. This yellow had a couple of dozen Probably got tired of the tiny meals and decided to eat a big mac.
  63. queenfish

    Coronados Wed and sealife ID

    Wed June 10, 2020 Great conditions. Made macs at Whistle Bouy ran solo at 30mph to middle grounds. No one there, everyone else on weather side of North Isl Party boats stayed there all day and did well I pretty much had the rest of the islands to myself. Slow trolled the macs for two nice...
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    I'll take it

    Last time I actually used a Traeger for a couple hours They turn a golden color.
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    I'll take it

    I posted last year about eating the dines that I caught. Obviously exactly the same as the barge stuff but to me......its wild caught. Scale em, head em gut em. Slow cook em in Weber with some smoke. The filets fall right off the bones, a little mayo on a cracker. Enjoy.
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    Offshore Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    My favorite line was, "we then inserted the gaffs".
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    Offshore 5/29 BFT near the Upper Hidden

    Awesome. Thanks for the report. Mark
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    Offshore 5/29 BFT near the Upper Hidden

    You must be getting a good hook set with circles. I get bit off with 50 and under by these guys.
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    Passport Purgatory

    Call your congressman's local office. That's part of their job.
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    Nados still bite.

    Thanks for the report. Ditto for us. Wanted to add that my yellows were stuffed with red crab.......yay
  71. queenfish

    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    The same people that shoved the MLPA up our collective ass are the ones keeping us from fishing. If you recall they jammed the MLPA on us because it would actually improve other words....for our own good. They know so much more than us and are in general just better people...
  72. queenfish

    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    I say that on May 1 we all hook up our boats and head to our SD ramps. It's called, "civil disobedience " Ok, lifting these unconstitutional actions will be risky.....but I'll choose risk over tyranny anyday.
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    Offshore Near the Corner today. Nov 24

    Sloberdog report from yesterday was right on. We were at 32/52 long drift. Straight Yft plunker bite. 20lb flouro small hooks and the small dines worked best. GO NOW.
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    Offshore The Corner Today 11/23 - BFT and YFT 25lbs+

    Great side by side pic of those beauties. Thanks for reporting. Timely reports are so important. Mark
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    Offshore Yellowfin limits in November 11/21

    Did you fish today, Thursday the 21st?
  76. queenfish

    Offshore Thanks to "Descanso" 11-18 western 9 mile bank

    Thanks again you guys. Mine were all around 20#. Got two on macs on dropper loop. The rest on the micro dines. Did you see that most of the fish were jugged with anchovy? That was the big meter mark that was hugging the paddy down about 100'.
  77. queenfish

    Offshore Thanks to "Descanso" 11-18 western 9 mile bank

    Thanks Descanso for calling out the numbers. I got my limit and "Double Treble" did well too. Lots of tuna out there from the Nine out to, at least the kidney bank.
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    Offshore Great YFT fishing 11/15

    Not seagulls....shearwaters
  79. queenfish

    Offshore Grande or Liberty? Didnt do too well on our own boat 10/20

    San Diego, always a top boat, plus plenty of free parking at Seaforth
  80. queenfish

    Offshore YAY Pegasus!! RESCUE

    The saves keep coming. Oct 15 I heard on my car radio just now that yesterday (or early today) the Pegasus spotted a couple of guys in a capsized boat and made the rescue. Thank you Skipper.
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    Offshore 302 bft Sept 4

    My nephews, brother and I rolled into he Armada 3 miles so ofth 302 about 1100 Caught two nice bft, 37# and 41# on a long drift. 25lb flouro, number4 hooks, hot 'dines.
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    Offshore 302 bft Sept 4

    My nephews, brother and I rolled into he Armada 3 miles so ofth 302 about 1100 Caught two nice bft, 37# and 41# on a long drift. 25lb flouro, number4 hooks, hot 'dines.
  83. queenfish

    Offshore Heartbreak at "182" 8-27

    Hi Russ. Hell yeah I remember that. Out by the 302. I haven't had much luck on the porpoise the last couple of seasons You still have your Shamrock, I the last 25years I've gone from my 17 Whalerto an 18 Whaler and now a 19 Whaler. But the time I reach 70. I'll prolly have a 20
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    Liberty 8-28

    I believe you meant to say, "two bft" and one miscellaneous.
  85. queenfish

    Offshore Heartbreak at "182" 8-27

    Son in law and I heard about the grest yft bite grtting started on the 9 mi bank, but only had a handful of mini macs in the tank and hears it was all about chumming them up. Decided to go west and look for foamers or kelps. Water finally cleaning up near the Ridge and vert warm 73° +. Found a...
  86. queenfish

    Offshore Heartbreak at "182" 8-27

    Son in law and I heard about the great yft bite grtting started on the 9 mi bank, but only had a handful of mini macs in the tank and heard it was all about chumming them up. Decided to go west and look for foamers or kelps. Water finally cleaning up near the Ridge and very warm 73° +. Found a...
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    Offshore 8-27 YFT 17nm off Mission Bay

    Is this the area where the "fleet" is fishing or were you alone?
  88. queenfish

    Offshore Us "skiff" guys owe a big thanks to the Jig Strike

    Around the 230 yesterday an Everglades swamped and had to abandon ship. He had water coming in, could not make way. He had radio comms and there were other boats around, so he was safe, but ended up having to bail out of the boat and the Jig Strike allowed let them save their gear and ride...
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    Offshore Bleak paddy trip 90 mile boat ride

    FRIDAY AUG 9th Had a tank of macs and was gonna get my first dorado of the year. Hah! From Lower 9 to 302, up the ridge to near the 182, and back to point loma. NEVER SAW A SINGLE FRIGGIN PADDY. The only life i saw were a bunch of flocks of shearwaters, sitting patiently between the Upper...
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    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    This is why I've only owned Boston Whalers for the last 36 years. 17 Montauk 1983-2000 18 Outrage, classic hull 2000-2014 19 Nantucket 2014-
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    7/25 Coronados Reports?

    Ditto all around . Want to add; water at midlle grounds was almost 73 degrees. Also the Mex Navy is there in their big boat with their crew in a panga checking the boats
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    Coronado Islands 7/20

    Did you mean 64-68?
  93. queenfish

    Offshore Epic solo half day 7/8

    Thanks Cody. I'm usually solo too. Hittin it tomorrow.
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    Offshore July 3rd "302"

    All on macs. I trail one when working a bird school.
  95. queenfish

    Offshore July 3rd "302"

    Gentleman's 1000 AM start out of Shelter Island. Made some macs pointed to the 302 where i got a 35# and a 75# bft on Monday. A little bumpy in my 19 Whaler running west. Once there, great conditions. 67.5 degree, blue water. Metered bait a lot and other shit (tuna?) Some dolphin, not many...
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    Looking for a low cost survey

    My son in law needs to renew his liability insurance for his slip. Insurance company insists on a new survey. Any one have a good hook up? Queenfish. ......out
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    Coronados quatro de mayo, and, name this fish

    I cooked it on the bbq. The flesh definitely looked different than say, a Red. Was darker, but not DARK. Looked kind of like whitefish flesh. Not as flaky as Reds, but made great tacos. Yield wasnt as much as i would have thought, such a huge head..
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    Coronados quatro de mayo, and, name this fish

    Rokfish, thanks. You're spot on. I've fished for a long time and never seen one.
  99. queenfish

    Coronados quatro de mayo, and, name this fish

    Sat. Great conditions, red crab, clean 64 degree water, just no yellos today. SO, i went rokfishing. Caught this, thought it was the spawn of a bocachio and a red. Didn't seem to stink so kept it. Fish and game survey guy had never seen one but identified it from his pictorial charts. Any...
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    Mission Belle Islands trip 5/1

    Appreciate an Islands report like this. Seems like everyone else is off shore. Thank you.
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    Islands 4/24 mixed bag

    Thanks for the same day report.
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    Got my first Tanker, how big is she?

    Length times girth squared divided by 800. 69.1 lbs
  103. queenfish

    Now that Lobster Season is Done

    Happy April Fool's Day
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    Went rokfishing off L J Need a fish ID

    Good thing it was released.
  105. queenfish

    Went rokfishing off L J Need a fish ID

    300' deep caught some Reds, Coppers and this-
  106. queenfish

    1/2 day fish thieves 9/27

    Shrimp??? Since when is there a shrimp fishery here or in Baja Norte on the Pacific side?? Is this a joke? We do have some spotted prawns at 1000 ft depth, caught one at a time, but not like these
  107. queenfish

    Offshore BEWARE Launch Ramp Closed 9/16 Oceanside Harbor BEWARE

    I think this race was a few weeks ago. Their calendar indicates nothing this weekend
  108. queenfish

    Short Billed Spearfish?

    Wahoo shouldnt be too far behind...
  109. queenfish

    Offshore Monday 8 20. Twenty miles west of MB

    Caseydmaze. Actually on Sunday i let my nephew Austin take it out. That was him
  110. queenfish

    Offshore Monday 8 20. Twenty miles west of MB

    Late start, made macs. Found only one paddy all day. Ran as far west as 35 mi. Found the right one (and only one) 20 west of MBay. Water clean and blue, 75°. Caught six. Worked it with "Double Down". Queenfish...............out
  111. queenfish

    Offshore Dorado limits x2(U.S. waters)

    Why waste $35 for small sardines?
  112. queenfish

    Offshore Emergency small craft missing

    Odd, on Friday fishing the Coronados I heard a call on ch 72 for assistance. Two young guys in an 18' Grogor aluminum said they were broken down at the north end of South Island and that "Vessel Assist" was not responding. I contacted SeaTow and was able to hook them up. The two guys had only a...
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    Nados 6.26.18 - Windy Goats

    I thought some of these were recipes for old goat
  114. queenfish

    Offshore 6/23/18 BFT... moo-moo

    Wondeful. Grest puc while its still got color. Any idea what weighed? 200? Thanks. Mark
  115. queenfish

    Dolphin Half Day Today...

    Could it be that the old annual sand bass spawn bite is back?
  116. queenfish

    Offshore Saturday 6/17 226 302 371 got one

    Did you catch the name on the boat?
  117. queenfish

    Nados 6-15

    Easy ride out from MB in my 19 Whaler. Great conditions. 69 degree water, clean, clear water, light swell, light breeze. Bait everywhere. Two of us caught 8 yellows (6-11 lbs) 2 big barries, one big calico, one big bonito. We fished only middle grounds. Both ends of South Island had much...
  118. queenfish

    Fishing trip swap in San Diego

    My son in lawbwill be passing through Maui in a week or so on his senior deployment aboard the CAL Maritime training ship Golden Bear. Anyone willing to bring him along on a day of fishing? He can help with the gas etc. If you (or a friend) comes to San Diego, I will gladly repay the favor I...
  119. queenfish

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    Rember this?
  120. queenfish

    La Jolla 5-27. At least o caught somethin' to eat

    Fresh caught on sabikis off Mission Beach. Which is why it is a fishing report. I haven't paid for bait in years. Way tpoo pricey for me and not as much fun.
  121. queenfish

    La Jolla 5-27. At least o caught somethin' to eat

    Got the recipe off google. Head, gut, the scaling takes care of itself. Brine for 8 hours or so rinse, dry, leave in fridge for a few hours. Smoke at 185 degrees 3 hours or so. Crackers and mayo. Bones lift roghtbout or so small you don't notice them. Good stuff.
  122. queenfish

    La Jolla 5-27. At least o caught somethin' to eat

    Conditions getting better and better. Water cleaning up, temp near 65, bait EVERYWHERE. Smelt, macs, red crab and of course big fat sardines. Hopefully the yellows, bacaruda and bonito at the island roll up here soon. Seals terrible. Took every single bait i had out. Ended up dmoking the...
  123. queenfish

    La Jolla 4/3

    Piggyback on your report. I was there at greylight. Water has cleared up just a little. Lots of crab, not much fin bait. Didn't see or hear of any caught 60 degrees.
  124. queenfish

    More Yellas on The San Diego !

    Timely report with pics greatly appreciated.
  125. queenfish

    Weird starfish

    Every morning when i look in the mirror
  126. queenfish

    LJ 10feb wide open night bite

    Sittin by the fire wishin i wuz fishin
  127. queenfish

    Offshore February 3rd 2018 With Phillip

    Thanks Will, sounds like the candy is starting to show. Mark
  128. queenfish

    Offshore February 3rd 2018 With Phillip

    You sure it was a lightboat? Was he anchored?
  129. queenfish

    North of the whistler...12/23/17

    Nicer grade of fish. Thanks for the post
  130. queenfish

    Yellows west of the Whistle bouy. 12/17

    The title says it all. Morning bite, trolled Rapalas. Not much bird sign, but some. We got 10, some guys got less and some more. were between 6 and 40lbs
  131. queenfish

    Sea lions everywhere off newport

    There was a time when full grown makos would eat seal lions...........
  132. queenfish

    Has calif gas changed mixes?

    Thanks Tom. I'll dig into that. Mark
  133. queenfish

    Has calif gas changed mixes?

    I can't pump gas into my boat on its trailer now, more than a wuart at a time. 4 different gas stations. 4 for now, not working. It's like the gas has too many bubbles that shut off the pump. Anybody else having this issue?
  134. queenfish

    On the border Oct 23

    Qwik trip to report. 0900 ran from MB down to the International reef area No meter marks for us and no bird sign but caught 5 yellows, delicious looking 6lbers or so and two fat bonito. All on trolled mag rapalas except one on a slow troll mac. Water was clean, blue 68.5 degrees.
  135. queenfish

    Los Coronados 411

    My 2 cents. Coronados are Mexico. At this time, not a great idea to anchor up overnight there alone. Sorry, but it's true. Plus the extra paperwork. Just bait ip and drop anchor in Bonita Cove in Mission Bay. Grey light, hit the road, its less than 60 minutes to the islans anyway, but stay...
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    Offshore I suck at fishing this year and a rescue on the vhf

    Link to the first hand account.
  137. queenfish

    Offshore 9/5 Late report - getting the BFT

    Great info, will come in handy two weeks ago
  138. queenfish

    Offshore I suck at fishing this year and a rescue on the vhf

    Heather, the reason i posted this was to see if some of the players eould chime in. I could usually only hear half of the conversation. Thank you. Please extend my sincere thanks and deep gratitude to Capt Lins for his heroic action. TOW BOAT U.S. Rocks. Mark
  139. queenfish

    Offshore I suck at fishing this year and a rescue on the vhf

    wanted to put it on fishing reports, so for what it is worth: Started late, hit LJ for nada, but great conditions. Clear clean 70 degree water, lots of bait down deep. I blew it off at about 1 pm to go look around outside (then, naturally the New Seaforth killed the yellows in the afternoon...
  140. queenfish

    Mako Shark eats seal near Catalina Island

    Makes me recall those dumb asses in the past that have caught and killed a 7-800lb mako just for the picture. Oh. Yeah. That's right, after the carcass sits in their driveway all day they, "donate it to a food bank". Long live these seal killers.
  141. queenfish

    Offshore 6/30 Here's where they aint

    Mission Bay to 181. Nice day, no sun, light breeze, beautiful deep blue, clean 67 degree water. Porpoise at 5 miles and again at 28 out por nada. Trolled some, flew the kite some fished three decent paddies... .nuttin. Not much life, no other boats seen all day. Queenfish.........out
  142. queenfish

    June 15 Coronados

    No, we kept six boneys
  143. queenfish

    June 15 Coronados

    And finally, seared
  144. queenfish

    June 15 Coronados

    Treated right, eats as good as any tuna on the grill. Bleed it, submerge it in ice, keep it cold up until it hits the grill.
  145. queenfish

    June 15 Coronados

    Quick report. Made macs right outside MB jetty, ran down to the islands. Great weather, calm, deep blue water, 67 degrees most of the day. Tons of 'chovy and red crab at middle grounds. Knocked the heck out of nice big, hard fighting, tasty bonito. All on jigs or iron. Didn't see any yellows...
  146. queenfish

    Cool painting of tuna as a gift from my wife

    I think it's oil. That guy "Hoops" has a kid that does them too I guess.
  147. queenfish

    Cool painting of tuna as a gift from my wife

    Will hang in my man cave. Cool original art work from local guy named "Bon Chovey'
  148. queenfish

    Rock fishing/Green Wardens YIKES!

    What's a "sammy"........? A stinky?
  149. queenfish

    I caught this off LJ. Fish ID help

    Thanks you guys. That is kind of what i had determined. Never had seen one. I hope there is no size limit, but it was tastey. Cooked it whole except the head Much more meat than on a sand dab.
  150. queenfish

    I caught this off LJ. Fish ID help

    Rok fishing yesterday. A few small reds, a few small whitefish and this. Anyone know what it is? Not halibut, not sand dab. Some kind of turbot? Sole?
  151. queenfish

    Fish and Game Ticket

    Vote. And let your state reps know that you vote.......and that you fish......and that you don't appreciate being treated like a piece of shit by our "public servants"
  152. queenfish

    Offshore 9/12

    Thanks for the report. Happy birthday
  153. queenfish

    Offshore Gotta know your limitations....

    You didnt shoot a picture?
  154. queenfish

    Offshore 371 boat ride Thurs 9-1...

    Made some Macs off Point Loma, ran down to 371. Nice day, deep blue water. Water temp at Lower 9 was 72, the further south and west i got, the lower the temp. 371 was 68 degrees. No birds, no meter marks, no sign of tuna that i could tell. No other boats, no seiners, no porp. Found one nice...
  155. queenfish

    Offshore Lost two...more confident than ever - 8/4 Dana Point

    The "sidled up his rear" was a little bit of TMI
  156. queenfish

    Offshore Overnite 7/25 on the APPOLO

    You chose the former not the later
  157. queenfish

    Offshore 75 mile beating

    My buddy and i went the Coronados today (meh) but on the way home with a bruising south wind we both said we were sure happy to be heading north instead of the poor bastards southbound.
  158. queenfish

    REDS in 71 Degrees - VIDEO

    The "offspring" is krill
  159. queenfish

    Offshore Second try this week.

    Dorado will bite a mac in half too.
  160. queenfish

    Offshore Paddy whackin from Oside to 43

    I caught one on a paddy Friday that was least was really looong, had a huge head but totally scrawny from the head back. Had a lot of bugs on it. Wierd. I figured it was a spawned out female?
  161. queenfish

    Offshore Quick report 6/21

    Timely is what matters. Good, bad or ugly. Thank you.
  162. queenfish

    Offshore out of MB intel report for BFT

    Teally appreciate the timely intel. Was the mac plentiful? Last week, i couldn't find any out of MB. Thanks Mark
  163. queenfish


    Right on. Thanks for the timely info. Not one of these "5 days ago we knocked the shit out of them reports" I think ill hit it. Will report back too. Thanks again.
  164. queenfish

    Offshore bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    Yuge Did you tag and release it?
  165. queenfish

    Rock Pile Saturday 5-28

    Caught two yellows both on Macs. Had to battle a seal lion for the second one, but won. Water was 66, decent enough color. Fish were scattered, most of the sporties looking for them on sonar, but some bird sign too. Both YT caught on soaked macs in the vicinity of the "high spot". saw others...
  166. queenfish

    Rock Pile Saturday 5-28

    Caught two yellows both on Macs. Had to battle a seal lion for the second one, but won. Water was 66, decent enough color. Fish were scattered, most of the sporties looking for them on sonar, but some bird sign too. Both YT caught on soaked macs in the vicinity of the "high spot". saw others...
  167. queenfish

    White Sea Bass 5-20-16

    Thanks for posting. Any size to the yellows?also were you able to make squid?
  168. queenfish

    Rockpile/Finger Bank Mexican Navy Tow

    If i saw them towing a boat, I'd shoot some qwik pics........i notice that that just never seems to happen.
  169. queenfish

    1985 Boston Whaler 18' Outrage (needs some work)

    I have attempted to put some new pics up on "Dropbox". They are there and this is the link: if that doesn't work, send me an email at [email protected] and I'll send a better link. These are pics that I took...
  170. queenfish

    1985 Boston Whaler 18' Outrage (needs some work)

    I'm selling the Queenfish (but I've moved the name over to my new sled, a 19 Nantucket). Has a blown (dead, dead) 150 Etec hanging on it, so really no engine. Has delam issues on the deck (pretty common with this model). I'm looking to package it with the 2004 115 2 stroke Merc that came on my...
  171. queenfish

    Offshore Coronados Friday

    It might have been easier to just snip that last piece of ear and keep fishing......just sayin'.
  172. queenfish

    Offshore Coronados Friday

    thanks for the report. I too was at the islands yesterday, but really just stayed out in the canyon fishing for cod. That report was from GooeyDuck, he's legit. He is also the same guy that had the passenger with the hook through the ear. I know Vanion posted it up, that he did catch Dorado...
  173. queenfish

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    I got one on basically my first effort at just wahoo.......then I proceeded to go 0 for the next 15 trips and counting. Got mine 10 miles west, nowest of la jolla on a rapalla with just one trail hook. 40#
  174. queenfish

    Offshore Helmet today, 31 Oct.

    I saw that the Mission Belle got a wahoo today. I know they fished the rock pile for yellows all day too.
  175. queenfish

    Offshore Bucket list Blue aboard the Finlander 10-20-15

    Aaagh! No pic hurts. Still, great job Jeff. Mark
  176. queenfish


    Quit killing big makos, since they will eat seals. Threshers......go for it, but leave the makos alone.
  177. queenfish

    Offshore No Who 2 DA from N 9 to way South.

    Me too, but only from 0600 until about ten. Worked Coronado canyon area por nada
  178. queenfish

    Offshore North of the N9

    .........and I trolled all of the Lower None por nada today. Nice conditions, just no takers
  179. queenfish

    Offshore 'Hoos yer daddy. Solo. upper nine Wed 9-24

    Here is the rapalla he hit Also a good close up of his teeth
  180. queenfish

    Offshore 'Hoos yer daddy. Solo. upper nine Wed 9-24

    Speed was somewhere between 7 and 10 mph, goes up and down when its bumpy. Was trolling downswell at the time
  181. queenfish

    Offshore 'Hoos yer daddy. Solo. upper nine Wed 9-24

    Some replies: Yes the rapala still lives. Tore up pretty good, my good friend Tim Hawkins taught me the trick about using an old rusty rapala with one hook missing. It looks even better now. As to the mess, when im solo, all heck does break loose. Flip flops flying, drinks spilling blood all over.
  182. queenfish

    Offshore 'Hoos yer daddy. Solo. upper nine Wed 9-24

    Launched at noon. Windyn but n8ce and sunny. Could not make bait, so decided to catch a troll fish for dinner. Ran west approx 250 degrees until i got tired of the beating. Put out one Xrap, one prple cedar and an old rapala with one treble missing (has only the tail one, but runs great. Guess...
  183. queenfish

    Offshore marlin 10 miles no we of la jolla

    8 am launch, made bait at lj kelp (macs). Paddie hopped on a 300 degree heading. Many dry kelps. Did see some tuna under a tern but they sunk out. Around noon decided to troll and put out one Mean Joe Green, one cedar plug and one Halco. 15 min later got hit on the marlin lure. 25 min fight...
  184. queenfish

    Isthmus 8/29

    I was at that same high spot late in the day. We were there to be an escort boat for the Catalina Classic surfboard paddle race to Manhatten Beach the next day. Don't know shiat about fishing Catalina. Love the place but only get there once or twice a year to be a tourist. Got over to Isthmus...
  185. queenfish

    Offshore 8-17-15 YFT 10 miles off Torrey pines/del mar

    Thank you for the picture of the sonar. I'm still dialing mine in and trying to be able to tell the difference between bait and fish. Yesterday, in about that same area, when we had them feeding off chum off the transom, I'd look at the meter and that is the same thing that I saw. Thanks agin. Mark
  186. queenfish

    Offshore Sunday oside tuna and rant

    Bo, I just spotted your reply. That is so frigging accurate. Mark
  187. queenfish

    Offshore Sunday oside tuna and rant

    You need a red flag, like a ski flag. in broad daylight, it is a bit much to fire off a flare, but I gaurentee 99 out of 100 boaters would react to a red flag being waved. Yelling could mean anything, from "you're in our chum line" to "do you have any spare bait", but a red flag won't go ignored.
  188. queenfish

    Godzilla El Nino

    Don't forget, with that 63 degree water we also always got to enjoy "albacore weather" fishing conditions,vwhich sucked. I'll take 75 degree water, yft, dorado and bft all day long. Mark
  189. queenfish

    Offshore Quick 8/7 Friday report.......yft's

    great, timely report. Thank you. I'll do same tomorrow.
  190. queenfish

    Offshore 22 pound fish

    tape it, it is very accurate: Length (nose to v in tail) Girth (largest you can find on his body) Formula is Square the Girth, multiply that by length then divide that number by 800 it works like a charm. Use the calculator on your smart phone.
  191. queenfish

    Offshore 7-21 just west of north 9

    Bo. Probly late like 0900. Were eating fish now.
  192. queenfish

    Offshore 7-21 just west of north 9

    thats my bro. we went together. i loved that Gap picture you posted yesterday. id head so we tomorrow. lots of paddies. my bro might go tomorrow without me. ill tell him to look for fish longe
  193. queenfish

    Offshore 7-21 just west of north 9

    My bro, his three sons launch 0730, big deans that lived all day from sd barge. Ran to nine, looked for paddies, lots today. One for three yellows, about ten for nada, then the motherload of yt. Called in a few boats. Water flat calm 75 degrees, deep blue. Also picked up one small yft on porp...
  194. queenfish

    Offshore Beautiful day for a boat ride today.

    Max, i'm 0 for my last three trips. short ones, but still painful. yesterday trolled porpoise for 3-4 hours, I just could leave them, it looked so fishy......skunk. Today up and down the nine all day, fished lots of porp, trolled hoping for a blind strike, hit six or so paddies. did catch and...
  195. queenfish

    Offshore 7/14 BFT. Done by 930!

    very cool. I want to agree about just taking what you need. You look like a young guy............someday you'll tell your kids about these "good ol' days" Mark
  196. queenfish

    Offshore 7/13 WFO bluefin bite with no boats around

    thank you for posting a pic of the FF. I've had my FF for years and never really know when its tuna or red crabs. The more screen shots we can see the more we can all learn.
  197. queenfish

    Offshore My BFT said they didn't feel good...

    great and timely report. Thanks. Mark
  198. queenfish

    Offshore Sunday Bloody Sunday

    I love the pic of the other boat skipper scanning the horizon for more kelps....................or rather, more boats stopped on kelps. Is that new rule in effect with regards to filleting tuna?
  199. queenfish

    Catalina Report 7/10 - 7/12

    was the turtle tagged? Look like it.
  200. queenfish

    Sorry again for the l as te reply. Joe just got home from the cruise. learned a lot had some fun...

    Sorry again for the l as te reply. Joe just got home from the cruise. learned a lot had some fun caught no fish, glad to be home. Marrying my daughter in two weeks. Ive caught a few good tuna. One yft at 52lbs. The rest around 20. Two bft around 20 also. Just getting warmed up Mark
  201. queenfish

    Offshore YFT 20 miles west of MB July 9

    Got three. all about 20lbs. All jig fish. All on Cedar Plugs. The entire fleet, I mean 1/2 day, 3/4 day, 1 day and I think some multi day boats are all sitting on the same spot tonight. I can see them from the top of point loma. Big body of fish there. Seems like the big boys did best by...
  202. queenfish

    Offshore Hammerheads

    Ok, but where are the flying fish?
  203. queenfish

    Ensenada Charter Recs?

    Thanks for the responses, I really appreciate it.
  204. queenfish

    Ensenada Charter Recs?

    he's hoping to go out Friday the 3rd or Saturday the 4th. Do you know of availability?
  205. queenfish

    Ensenada Charter Recs?

    My nephew is heading down to Baja for the upcoming weekend. Does anyone have any recommendations on 8-pack charters out of Ensenada? He is hoping to snag a few yellowtail.
  206. queenfish

    Offshore solo tuna trip

    Black Sea bass
  207. queenfish

    Offshore found them again today off the point

    All good, except posted in the wrong section. These were basically caught in Point loma kelp.....................might as well post it in the inshore section.
  208. queenfish

    North County SD Report

    just glad you found some kelps. few and far between right now
  209. queenfish

    Went back to the Jumping Yellowfin at the Lower 9...

    Thanks for posting. I too got a some YT today. Two of them about 15# each on a kelp outside of upper nine. Water was 65 degrees. I couldn't tell about the color because it was so damn overcast all day. But looked okay. Mark
  210. queenfish

    Offshore Fish Report for 6/11/2015

    Thanks for the report. I'll post one tonight.
  211. queenfish

    Offshore North 9 Thursday: mostly show but some go

    Heading out tomorrow. Thanks for the intell
  212. queenfish

    Lower 9-mile Jumping Yellowfin

    the "brown seagulls" are probably shearwaters not gulls. Great indicator birds.
  213. queenfish

    Offshore Epic day on the 9!! And something odd!

    Skipper, was this yesterday, June9th? Sorry, I can't tell. Thanks. Mark
  214. queenfish

    Offshore 3 at the 9

    Did you get the yellows on a paddy or under birds?
  215. queenfish

    Who needs offshore and a big boat???

    That's a Blue Marlin! Sweet, next up Tarpon.
  216. queenfish

    Offshore yft in june top of the nine. June 1

    Yesterday. Saw puddling fish, tossed out a greenback. My daughter's bf Ro' caught it. 52lbs weighed at Dana Landing by Dallas.
  217. queenfish

    Offshore Corner to 182

    We were out too in my new whaler. Made it to 45/40 and around the ridge. Snotty butt ok for trolling . Found zero kelps to speak of. Water was 62 ish . Skunked
  218. queenfish

    Redondo kelp patty yellowtail

    .......................and thus it begins
  219. queenfish

    Coronado Islands Trip on the New Boat 5/17 Popped our BD Cherry!

    thanks for the report. I just bought and installed the same FF. So far, so good. Did you get the $100 rebate?
  220. queenfish

    Fished LJ for Yellows and Rockfish...

    I was out there too. Late start, saw you guys. I was in a 19 Whaler. How in the hell do you keep the dogs off of your slow trolled bait? I gave up and tried a rapala. I was like 8 for 8 on seals. Conditions do look great. Thanks. Mark
  221. queenfish

    La Jolla YT 31MAR15 (not April Fools yet)

    Great report. I've kind of given up on live bait because of the seals. Last time I was out the dogs took 11 Macs in a row and the only one that didn't get eaten by a dog got eatin by a big bonito.............that got eaten by a dog.
  222. queenfish

    Rpt.-Wed. 02-04-15 A Tale of Tails!

    On Saturday we were rockfishing in 300' and a f ing seal stole half of our baits and 10 nice rokfish off our lines at the bottom. Hadn't seen that before
  223. queenfish

    270 Slug

    all the fish that eat greenbacks eat spanish, its just that the spaniards are sluggards as opposed to the greenies being "hot" baits.
  224. queenfish

    Offshore Report from the 9 mile bank 11-12 Trolling for Blue Marlin with the Navy

    On Tuesday the 11th we went fishing at the Coronados (only caught rockfish, but that's another story). We spotted a jumping stripe marlin in our wake about 2/3 of the way to North Island on a 180 heading. Wild.
  225. queenfish

    south coronado islands.damd seals

    Big Five sells wrist rockets for 10 bucks. Legal, just don't inure them.
  226. queenfish

    Offshore 3 days of blood on the Crime Scene

    You guys apparently handed the patty off to two guys in a blue speed boat. Their names were Chris and Chad. They saw me driving by and waved me in. They had already gotten some nice dodos off of your patty and wanted to look for some YFT. I caught 6 nice dorado, three of which were my biggest in...
  227. queenfish

    Offshore ONO you Didn't!

    i keep saying this, but. That is a new state record. (if they have records for spearfishing that is)
  228. queenfish

    Offshore Fortune 10/11, Magic Kelp, Wahoo, Limits in an hour (video)

    unreel video. The best is when the skipper spots that 'hoo and runs down and gaffs it. Thanks for posting.
  229. queenfish

    Coronados 9-25-14

    No Mex Navy. I had my FFM/Passport and Mex lic just in case.
  230. queenfish

    Coronados 9-25-14

    Thought I'd take one for the team and see what's up at the Islands. Great Conditions, water clear, 72 degrees, lots of boobie birds today. Seals not as bad as I'd heard, but bad enough that you could not soak or slow troll a mack without them eating it. I actually hooked one seal. switched over...
  231. queenfish

    182 - 181 desert

    was a bad captain (me), great crew, still a great time. Also, was not at an Island or Inshore trip, but I was tired last night and just glad that I spelled "desert" with only one "r". My brother is in town from Mich with his sons and we're trying to get them on some fish. Caught two small YFT...
  232. queenfish

    182 - 181 desert

    74 degrees, kind of green but still clean. no birds, no porps, a few kelps, nobody home. trolled all around the Ridge, 182 up to near the 181 and ten or so miles back towards the nine for nada. heard of a couple of marlin hooked up near 182, but that's it. Hopefully, fish will return soon...
  233. queenfish

    La Jolla Yellows :: 9/13/14

    we tried there today, but couldn't get past the dogs. every single bait was bit in half within seconds of going out.
  234. queenfish

    Offshore Marlin near 371

    Old School Zukers ZM2 12.5 inch in Greenback Mack Pattern, single hook hanging near the end of the skirt. (the other marlin hit a deep diving rapala, and you can guess how that turned out)
  235. queenfish

    Offshore Marlin near 371

    Actually tuna fishing, but none to be found by us today. I always mix a marlin jig in the pattern 'cause Dorado and YFT love 'em too. Hooked this bad boy (actually had a double, his bro hit the mag rapala but quickly spit it). Plan was to release, but came to the boat pretty lifeless after 45...
  236. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  237. queenfish

    Offshore Helmut today "Corner", 43, 182

    I can tell ya where they weren't today. Desert like out by the corner, out to the 43, up to the 182. Saw some huge paddies, but vacant, almost no terns, some seagulls, a couple of hammerheads. Lifeless. Water was 74-76 had streaks of blue for a mile or two then turned a little bit greenish for a...
  238. queenfish

    Offshore Wahoo on the 267

    That will be a State record......first one ever recorded in CAT
  239. queenfish

    Offshore Wahoo on the 267

    That will be a State record......first one ever recorded in CAT
  240. queenfish

    Offshore Limits YFT 8/19

    appreciate the report too. thanks. Mark
  241. queenfish

    Offshore 08/09/14 Good times at the 371 and thank you "Yutaka"

    We wanted to stop in at the Islands too, but since we were fishing off shore did not get the FMM thing. Great day out there. Mark
  242. queenfish

    Offshore "Holy Shit" CREEPY !!!!

    saw same thing last year and did some digging. it is a glider from Scripps. you're right about the hazard though. we saw it and thought it was a drone, then as we approached it started sinking out. I was going to gaff it,but decide better.
  243. queenfish

    Offshore 7/26 same day report for dana point

    Hey Chuck, didn't know that you'd left Point Loma. I was wondering why I hadn't seen you out lately. Nice Durango. Mark
  244. queenfish

    Offshore 25 miles out of MB on a 290 heading por nada

    launched at 0800 out of MB. Made some macs saw a nice warm spot with a temp break nearby up by the "209" spot. Ran that way looking for paddies etc. trolled a few miles up there, had one knock down but came unbuttoned. Lots of working small tuna (not bonito) under birds (terns and shearwaters)...
  245. queenfish

    Offshore N9 to 182 and west 7/20

    Nope. those are white anal fin- yellowfin tuna.
  246. queenfish

    ski's murdered the seabass again!!!

    Fred, I'd missed this 'cause the thread didn't mention "Charlene". Water at the Coronados was dirty green and full of sea weed. Saw one yellow come aboard a boat, but decided to go rokfishing. ended up with 10 assorted rokfish in short time. Thank you much for the squid. Even though it had been...
  247. queenfish

    Rockfish Question

    ive recently brought up rokfish and after I get home, the cooler that they're in has a lot of crill in the bottom of it. Most rokfish puke out what is their stomachs when they get hooked, so I think it's likely they are plugged with crill while still on the bottom. I've also seen a few Red...
  248. queenfish

    Offshore We brought knives to a gun fight BUT

    I was rock fishing at the Islands and heard your report. you were very patient in giving and repeating the info. I must say that you did catch a lot of flack from other guys, but then again, it was kind of like saying that had caught a couple of wahoo. Thank you for being generous enough to...
  249. queenfish

    Offshore 182, 182, 209, 267 7-3-14

    Thanks for the report. I'm too lazy to post one today, but mine was exactly like yours except we came out of Mission Bay. Best conditions you could ask for...........................except for the lack of fish. Mark
  250. queenfish

    WFO Barracuda La Jolla 5-9-2014

    Great news! Sprint has sprung if the 'cuda are here.
  251. queenfish

    Kelp Watch 2014

    Just watch this though. These enviros should know are do know that may be an "El Nino" year...............and most of the kelp will disappear. They will figure out a way to either blame A) Fishermen, B) Fukishima, C) Global Warming or D) all of the above.
  252. queenfish

    Island YT

    Nice fish Jeff. You're always in the right place at the right time. Mark
  253. queenfish

    Mission Belle 1/15/14

    Thanks Jared. Well, we did end up with a few nice Reds at least. I appreciate that info. Mark
  254. queenfish

    Mission Belle 1/15/14

    We were out catching rock fish but could see the Mission Belle in there sniffing around all day. By the way, what was the big boat that looked Blue/Gray and White? Was that Mex Navy? We saw it near you guys around 2PM and decided it looked too much like a Mex Fast boat to go in and fish even...
  255. queenfish

    Offshore 371 Saturday 9-21

    Haven't posted up in a while, but here we go. launched out of MB, they had great bait, firecracker dines with a few healthy horses and some mid size macs mixed in. Bait lasted most of the day. headed out on glassy seas straight to an area halfway between 371 and 302, found a patty. pretty...
  256. queenfish

    Offshore Blackjack Sportfishing Report Sep 18

    Those are some of the largest dorado i've ever seen outa san diego. Great job.
  257. queenfish

    Offshore 267, 209 ,181, 14 - 9/4/13 South OC Report

    ditto on the thanks for the intel. That's how my last three trips have been. Warm water, lots of patties, TONS of bait.
  258. queenfish

    Offshore 07/29/2013 Catch and Release....

    We "caught" one last summer. At first I thought it was a Navy drone and as I got closer it started to sink, so I'm thinking, "don't let a million dollar drone sink" and went to rescue it with the gaff, but then thought better of it and let it sink. Did some research and here is what they...
  259. queenfish

    Wide Open Sandie bite off TJ 7.9.13

    It's five in CA now too. Plus they must be 14 inches.
  260. queenfish

    7/6/13- Paddy hopping made easy, 9 mile bank

    Thanks Christopher. I'm just glad to see there are some yellows on the kelps now. Does yellowtail that has been speared not taste as good as hook caught? The reason I don't jump in and spear is because I'm too much of a pussy, and am not ashamed to admit it. Thanks again...
  261. queenfish

    Offshore They're baaaack

    Harry O, we were the lone 18' Boston Whaler just south of the islands and the Apollo drove right by us. I was wondering what their skipper would know about it. Mark
  262. queenfish

    Offshore They're baaaack

    Outside the Coronados looking around, water cooled to 67.5 not much happening so we caught some rokfish. But what I thought interesting was that there were two new seiners with tuna pens in tow getting set up at the south end of South and six more about five miles west. Of the eight seiners, six...
  263. queenfish

    La Jolla YT bite gone?

    wow, this place called lahoya sounds great.
  264. queenfish

    5/25 two yellows 8 calicos and the mex navy

    we saw that too. A lot of private boaters started to leave the Ribbon Kelp when they saw the Mexican Navy, the bigger boats stayed put. At least one boat just tried to run for it and you're right the Mexicans took off after them. We saw the Navy boat again only about 30 minutes later, and I do...
  265. queenfish

    Crawdads near the Coronados

    Frank, are you doing the Los Barriles thing this year?
  266. queenfish

    Crawdads near the Coronados

    the yellow fishing was pretty good. We missed a couple of light biters. We just go kind of impatient and wanted to get some rok fish before the wind came up. Red crabs come around every few years and seem to be associated (in my humble opinion) with better tuna years. Red crabs float en masse...
  267. queenfish

    Crawdads near the Coronados

    Friday went out to get some YT, got a couple, then went for some rok fish to fill our grocery list. Cleaning them I found this "crawdad". I've had some fun summers when these dudes show up. Mark.....................out
  268. queenfish

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 5/8

    What a great site! The knuckleheads that actually live here don't have any idea how important it is to us fishermen to know the marine weather outlook..............especially the wind! Thank you, you'll be my "go-to" site this summer. Mark
  269. queenfish

    Seaforth rescues 3 out of the water in LJ

    RJ and crew, thank you and God bless you. Seems to me, you guys have done this before. on behalf of all of the skiff guys that sometimes drive you nuts...........thank you. Mark
  270. queenfish

    Opah on the Beach

    is it just an old legend, or is it true that the aquariums off California offer a several thousand dollar "reward" for one of those captured alive? I've heard that, and thought if I ever caught one close to shore, I'd call Scripps and see if was true. Mark
  271. queenfish

    Even when you do everything right...

    Glad you're safe. I was out Friday too, fishing solo and for the first time ever, I tied my self to the console for the ride home it got so rough. I always where a kill switch, but with that much wind and chop I don't think I could have caught up with my boat if I did get tossed. One comment...
  272. queenfish

    Sea Lion pup die-off 2013:

    eventually the population will go so dense that some kind of disease, likely a canine variety, will kill 90% of them. Sweet.
  273. queenfish

    Cerralvo Island

    Here are some remarks: 1) your avatar looks a lot like a picture I took from the balcony on Vergugo's 2) It's wierd seeing pangeros fishing with ski jackets and sweatshirts on 3) who were you fishing with? Looks like Tom Selleck? Great report big fella. Mark
  274. queenfish

    12 nice yellows

    Guys. Help. What is the deal with the Visa's that the Mexicans hassled us over last year? Have they just said "forget about it"? Mark
  275. queenfish

    Coronado Islands on the San Diego

    I haven't been on this board for a while. Question: Are the Mexicans letting our 3/4 guys fish the islands again? Is the FMF or FMM or WTF thing over with?
  276. queenfish

    East Cape Tails??

    I'm glad you posted big D. Nice fish. Mark
  277. queenfish

    Offshore L, U hidden, 425, 101, 439, 9 - NADA..

    This is the first I've heard of any tuna on the porpoise. Any more info from anyone would be appreciated. Mark
  278. queenfish

    mission bay fines

    A) The state of California is out of money and they are looking to get it anyway that they can. B) even a gut hooked fish can survive if you just cut the line. Don't try to do surgery on it, just cut the line. C) When you see DFG coming dump all fish 'cause there is no way to comply with all...
  279. queenfish

    Offshore out of Dana Pt Labor day 9/4

    Cool, thanks for clearing that up. That's exactly how I handle it too. My best day of fishing this year was when two cool boats out of O-side waved me in to a patty. I too, stayed way off (which works just fine anyway). Thanks again. I'm heading out tomorrow. I'll report back what I find...
  280. queenfish

    Offshore out of Dana Pt Labor day 9/4

    Good stuff, please don't take this wrong, but I never saw any mention that the guy on the patty originally waved you in or the like. I'm thinking it's always best to at least ask first. Mark
  281. queenfish

    ATTN: PB'ers who were ousted from the 371 area by Mex Navy

    Frank, a few weeks ago I was fishing at the Islands when someone said on the radio that: " a Mexican Navy boat is escorting an American Private Boater over to the Armada on South Island from Middle Grounds". Not two minutes later someone else said: I am at Middle Grounds right now, I got checked...
  282. queenfish


    It's why we stopped going to east cape.
  283. queenfish

    Offshore Weekend report, YFT & Dorado within 30 miles

    sweet, thanks for the dope. (are you sure that's not a Bluefin?) Pec fins are pretty short, but the ahi looks pretty dang good. Mark
  284. queenfish

    Whale dope??

    Lots of them at the lower nine, right around the border line just northwest of North Coronado Island. Also been seeing them west and northwest of La Jolla. Get on the radio when you're out and ask around, not many fishermen keep Blue whale sightings secret. Mark
  285. queenfish


    I was wondering, why, for the first time in my life I saw the Malahini up at La Jolla today.
  286. queenfish

    July 20 - Coronados and outside

    Great to hear. thanks for this report. I got rocked on 3 out of 4 at MG last weekend. It is harder for them to rock you in 500 fathoms. Great report. Thanks. This should thin out the herd too. Mark
  287. queenfish

    7/15/12 Coronado Islands

    For what it's worth; I caught one that went 30+ on Friday, when I cleaned her, she was plugged with small squid.
  288. queenfish

    182, 43, 181 Loop.....

    Heck, it's been three years of drought. What's a couple of more weeks?
  289. queenfish

    Live report

    What a great report. Live! I'm gonna try that next time. Even though it wasn't all that red hot for fishing, I enjoyed kind of being there. Thanks. By the way, after dark, any sign of squid? Mark
  290. queenfish

    Fish freezing San Jose (cabo)

    Contact the Smokehouse up in Los Barrilles, I think they sometimes will go down there to get fish. They'll smoke it, wrap it and/or freeze it.
  291. queenfish

    California State Record Sculpin?

    Yikes! I knew it was a Cow Cod and did release it. That was hard. I had only planned on fishing for a short time that day, so I only grabbed about 6 heavy sinkers (10-12-16oz etc). I ended up tying ALL of them to some 10lb test line I had in the boat in order to get him to sink. I attached the...
  292. queenfish

    California State Record Sculpin?

    Fished around the Coronados today for a short trip. No sign of yellos for me, so did some ground fishing. Landed this, the biggest damn sculpin I've ever seen. Thought it would be tough, but no, it was tender and delicious. Mark
  293. queenfish

    La Marina Inn in San Jose Del Cabo

    Thanks for all the good info guys. This sounds like a great place. Mark
  294. queenfish

    2 year old skunk hits the road

    are you able to make sqwid there?
  295. queenfish

    Smokin flight rates to Los Cabos

    Volaris out of TJ to La Paz or Los Cabos is always around 250. TJ is a great airport by the way.
  296. queenfish

    La Marina Inn in San Jose Del Cabo

    Thinking about moving operations from Verdugo's down to this little hotel. Pain in the ass to have to retrieve and re-launch the little whaler every night so that it isn't stolen from anchor. Has anyone stayed here? I was hoping that we could stay there, launch the boat (on a real launch...
  297. queenfish

    slow at the cor. isl.

    where might there be squid right now? please
  298. queenfish

    Fuck Bouyweather!

    I mean PSO. Mikeylikesit. I read it again and the culprit here is this group: California League of Conservation Voters. Their advertisement is an attempt to demonize PSO (our guys). I agree that we should click the ad a couple of million times and run up their tab. Sounds like...
  299. queenfish

    Fuck Bouyweather!

    The ad, I believe is attempting to do harm to PSO. I also believe, ( I could be wrong) that PSP is generally on our side. Right?
  300. queenfish

    Offshore 302 tues aug 23

    THANK YOU for one of the first private boat reports short of 140 miles. It would be a blast to use live squid on a patty that had yellows or BFT on it. Thanks again for the report. Mark ............. out.
  301. queenfish

    Dorado off of la jolla!!! 8-15

    C'mon guys. I was just joshing. Let me put it this way.............I'm heading over to LJ tomorrow and will be slow trolling macs until I'm blue in the face. Mark
  302. queenfish

    Dorado off of la jolla!!! 8-15

    Nice try. I magnified that little patch of shore by your right elbow and could clearly make out Palmas De Cortez in the background. Still a nice fish for that close to shore down in East Cape. :rofl:
  303. queenfish


    Chuck, this is why I've always driven a Whaler. Hey, a couple of seasons back one of the guys on this board was trolling cedar plugs and stopped the boat for some reason. As the Cedar Plugs sunk out he got picked up by a good size Opah. Maybe you had a 150 pound Opah on. Glad you're...
  304. queenfish

    I want to fish Mexico!!!

    #1 buy a Mexican License (CONAPESCA officina in San Diego) #2 go to website of airline Volaris (flight to SJDC around 400) #3 Share a cab from airport up to Martin Verdugos Resort (or call them and ask them to send someone (about 80 dollars) #4 Stay at Verdugos (70 bucks a night) #5 Ask Greg...
  305. queenfish

    Hit N run La Jolla 07/01/11

    I don't know, I'm thinking that I am instantly on the VHF Radio Channel 16 reporting it to SDPD, and Lifeguard. They simply wait at the entrance of Mission Bay for a boat with a bunch of aluminum scrapes on the bow. Either that, or I cut the anchor line and follow him.
  306. queenfish

    Baja Trip....6/20-6/28

    Ah ha! got the pix. even more awsome report now. Nate is sure getting growed up. Mark
  307. queenfish

    Baja Trip....6/20-6/28

    why the Hell can't I see the pix? Frank, i wait all year for your reports on East Cape. The little Boston Whaler that my buddies and I bought to leave down there is in stop Los Barriles. I'll fly down next week. I'll try to mimic the quality of this report. thanks.
  308. queenfish

    PL Quick run 6-16

    Frank, that's great. I love seeing your reports. I look forward to seeing them.
  309. queenfish

    PL Quick run 6-16

    Frank, did I hear that you're not going to Los Barriles this year? I hope I'm wrong. We're going to leave a 17 whaler there full time starting July 1. Mark
  310. queenfish

    Vhf radio Westmarine

    For 20 bucks, I'll take it. You wanna PM me? I can meet you in O-side.
  311. queenfish

    Shuttle from U.S. to Mexico

    Doesn't Volaris still have a shuttle? Last summer we boarded a bus and the Downtown SD Greyhound bus station that went straight to the TJ airport.
  312. queenfish

    Huh. Baja Smoke House Fish Report - Real Deal

    Don't forget the Smokehouse only reports what charter boats do. A lot of the good fishing is out of private boats too.
  313. queenfish

    Rockpile - 5/26/11

    thanks for reporting. Startin' to look like last summer.
  314. queenfish

    good day in los barilles

    GReat pics. That's what we love to see. We're heading down early July and will posst daily. Keep the pics coming of the fish and whatever else you have going. It's great fun for those of us stuck up here in Alto California. That one big dodo looks like he was starving.........must be the...
  315. queenfish

    Wounded Warriors Fishing Trip 5/13/11

    Is there going to be another Wounded Warrior event? In San Diego? I would really like to be involved if there is going to be one. Mark
  316. queenfish

    Does This Impact Sport Fishing

    When you mention engaging someone at NOAA it sets off alarms. There are real enviro-nazis working there now. I'd caution any serious fisherman about getting too cozy with the likes of NOAA. Think.........MLPA. It all starts out as an effort to "save something" and by the time these whackos...
  317. queenfish

    Does This Impact Sport Fishing

    ...but a lot of the rest is just base on emotion. Billfish, Sharks, Grouper are slow growing fish and not particularly prolific in reproduction. Tuna have their own issues as they require a critical mass to survive. Dorado, however are the ocean's version of rabbits. If they have food (which is...
  318. queenfish

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report April 17

    I could so... be wrong, but I think the guy with the Harley T-shirt is holding up a Rainbow Runner.
  319. queenfish

    Are boats still disapearing from their moorings at Los Barriles?

    Bummer. I remember seeing your boat anchored off Verdugo's this summer. I know you lost it. Did you ever get the boat back? Even without the motors? Maybe this summer the hotels will all hire someone to patrol at night. I'd be happy to chip in some.
  320. queenfish

    Are boats still disapearing from their moorings at Los Barriles?

    Are boats still disapearing from their moorings at Los Barriles? Anyone have some current dope on that? I know it was a big problem a while back. Mark
  321. queenfish

    Los Barriles Fishing Licenses

    also, you can buy them on line now. Google CONAPESCA
  322. queenfish

    Salas 6xjr for rockfish

    The thing about iron on rock fishing is that if you can't fish straight up and down you're dragging that treble hook through a lot of rocks. You'll lose a lot of iron. If you can fish up and down, less problem.
  323. queenfish

    2-24 New Seaforth to the rescue

    About an hour ago, driving along Sunset Cliffs Blvd I noticed a sailboat with his sail secured trying to manuever inside the kelp line. He was having trouble, looked like his motor quit and was starting to drift. Shitty, windy cold day and he's scrambling to drop the anchor. I stopped and...
  324. queenfish

    50% off on Volaris again!

    I found some trips from TJ to both La Paz and Los Cabos in May for $87.00 Round trip. These were the "want to save" type and you left TJ on a Monday came back Friday.
  325. queenfish

    So Much Squid !!!

    Bryan, long time no see. We too jugged the freezer. We filled the bait tank and a big cooler, let them die then ran the bait tank to rinse them. They freeze up much nicer with all the ink washed off. My buddy and I each jugged our freezers in one night. 80 one gallon ziplocs ready to go...
  326. queenfish

    Ditchbag for Baja

  327. queenfish

    Wheeler to Mateo 11.16.10

    7:15!!!! Hell I didn't know that there were two 7:15's. I only know about the one that comes around happy hour.
  328. queenfish

    Fishin' with the squirts-

    All rock fish are in season right now aren't they?
  329. queenfish

    Swordfish, Rockfish, What is it? and Lings (Pics and vids)

    I could be wrong, but I think Ling Cod went out of season Sept 15. I hope that's correct, 'cause I tossed back an 10 lber a couple of weeks ago. Might want to double check the regs. Mark
  330. queenfish

    Facebook no on 21 page

    Here is an email that I sent out to all of my friends and family. To a lot of them, seeing "State Parks" sells them on the Prop. Feel free to copy it, I encourage everyone to send it to at least 10 friends and relatives. Mark Here's the email: Hi. If you’re receiving this...
  331. queenfish

    Meg Whitman and the MLPA

    I trust none of them, and as far as Whitman do you think she became so wealthy? Huh?
  332. queenfish

    VIDEO - Epic La Paz trip. Kudos Tailhunter Intn'l

    Were you fishing out by La Ventana?
  333. queenfish

    10/11 Rockpile Yellows

    Because of your Sunday report, I was going to give it a go yesterday. I had trouble just getting out of the bay with that south wind, so I scrubbed it. In the 40 years that I've fished here in SD, I don't think I've ever done well in a South Wind. Thanks. Mark
  334. queenfish

    Register To Vote by Oct 18-----DO IT!!!

    I ran into Zenspearo at the SI dock yesterday and we talked some about MLPA. We both feel that a lot of guys that fish may not be registered to vote. Figure out for yourself who to vote for, but do vote. And to vote, you must first be registered. (Also, get your family and like-minded...
  335. queenfish

    Rancho Leonero Resort vacation Sept 9-16 2010

    Mike, just bring your reels. YOu can put them in your luggage, whereas a rod-tube costs you one whole piece of luggage. Rods are rods in East Cape. Mark
  336. queenfish

    40lb Wahoo Caught in Alamitos Bay

    If it was true, it would be a new state record, since a wahoo has never been caught in CA. Ever.
  337. queenfish

    Filleting Tuna Offshore - whats the problem?

    Pelagics are's the winter rockfish, lingcod, cowcod etc that is out of control. It simply depends upon which warden you get and what kind of mood he is in..............which is why I now carry a good old fashioned gunny sack with a 20 pound brick in it while I'm winter...
  338. queenfish

    Filleting Tuna Offshore - whats the problem?

    Ditto what Chad says except when it comes to tuna we always catch them in US waters, that way you don't have to do the declaration form etc. When it comes to rock-fish this winter, that's a whole different ball game. We're only talking pelagics here. Mark
  339. queenfish

    Offshore big thanks to Dr sic & Tin man

    I heard one side of your conversation as I was passing the islands on the way in. The Coastie lady seemed obsessed with whether or not all of your passengers had on life jackets. I heard her ask you that like 10 times. I cut in and asked her to state what your position was. A male Coastie came...
  340. queenfish

    Offshore 9/11 Hidden report, sinking vessel rescued

    I had gotten tired of the talk on 72 so was only monitering 16. I was just east of the Islands when I heard one side of the "sinking boat" conversation with SD Coast Guard. I listened for like 10 minutes while she kept asking them "does everyone have on life jackets?" When finally there was a...
  341. queenfish

    Offshore for Tuna. 9/11/10 425 and 371

    Sounds exactly like my solo run. The ride home was windy but manageable. I got in behind a fast moving 40 foot yacht near the islands and rode home in the rockin' chair. THis season sucks.
  342. queenfish

    Offshore Friday 9/10 Short of Hidden

    Heading out tomorrow. That sure looks like a bluefin.
  343. queenfish

    Or Trade. Scotty Downriggers a guy whose name I dare not speak.
  344. queenfish

    Rancho Leonero

    What were you catching the fish on? Sardinas? Humboldt Squid?
  345. queenfish

    baja bound

    Are you towing your boat?
  346. queenfish

    Full Canvas Enclosure for Boston Whaler Montauk

    Sorry Tim, we need the clams to help off-set the cost of the boat we got for baja. If you have someone that will rent us storage in Los Barriles for a year........we could trade that..... Mark
  347. queenfish

    Full Canvas Enclosure for Boston Whaler Montauk

    Full canvas enlclosure for a 17' Boston Whaler. $600.00
  348. queenfish

    Another Mass Boat Theft in Los Barilles

    It might be a good idea to hide a SPOT, in your boat in the tracking mode at night. If you wake up and it's gone.........go the "find me SPOT" website and it'll give you lat/long every 10 minutes. You can sit at the hotel watching your laptop and be in VHF contact with someone in a fast boat...
  349. queenfish

    8/28 South 9

    Jerry, I think those are Starrys.
  350. queenfish

    Boat insurance in Mex

    I don't want to hijack the thread about poor Fat Cat. Coincidentally, we are just putting the finishing touches on a little boat for baja. We plan on leaving it down at East Cape in Storage and fly down a few times a year to use it. Having just read about the theft of those moored...
  351. queenfish

    Another Mass Boat Theft in Los Barilles

    Did the thieves hot wire the boats and drive them off, or tow them out to sea? This is a bummer. I thought East Cape was safer than this.
  352. queenfish

    Simple GPS--not a handheld AND some Clamp on Rod Holders

    We have a little Boston Whaler Montauk that we're setting up for a Baja Boat and still need a few items. Anyone looking to upgrade their existing, simple GPS to a chart plotter? We'll take your old GPS Got some Clamp on (NOT Strap on) Rod Holders sitting in the garage? Make us a...
  353. queenfish

    Palmas de Cortez - the good, the bad and the ugly

    JUst another tip, if I may. The Smokehouse also has great hamburgers, fries and cold beer.......the big plus is that you can (or at least we did) bring in a fresh YFT loin, slip them $5.00 and they'll prepare a plate of seared ahi with all the fixin's. Good stuff. Smokehouse rocks. Mark
  354. queenfish

    8-18 No Yellowtail, but did see a BlueWhaleTail

    Skunked on the yellows so we ran out to look at some paddies. More skunk but we did shoot this great picture of a blue whale just outside Pukey Pt.
  355. queenfish

    Used CE Smith Stainless Steel Rod Holders - Both for $75

    So.......................are they still available?
  356. queenfish

    8/18/10 Coronados Report

    I just wanted to add, that I was there too with a couple of friends and got skunked. Don't know why, did see some caught and slow trolled for hours. Oh well. What I wanted to add was that yes the water temp at Pukey was about 67.5 but on the way home I ran west for five miles to 25 over 26 and...
  357. queenfish

    Local YT 8/17

    Hustler, thanks for the report. I've gotten a few nice yellos this year but not for several weeks now. I've got some friends in town for one shot at them tomorrow. I'll see you out there. Thanks again. Mark
  358. queenfish

    Or Trade. Scotty Downriggers

    These were attached to our new baja boat. It was formerly a Seattle Salmon boat. We have no use for them but do need a simple fishfinder and/or GPS. We'll trade or sell these for $300 for all that is in the picture. Mark
  359. queenfish

    I am looking for a good set of used Scotty downriggers

    I've got two that came with a boat we just bought. I can't find the model number on them but they are Scotty, are extentable and have a manual retrieve. I've got some pix if you want to see them. What's all this about Germany? I'm in San Diego, if you want them you're going to have to come...
  360. queenfish

    Ensenada 8-11-10-Lower 500 Yellowtail

    Did you happen to notice what the water temp was?
  361. queenfish

    East Cape Report Palmas De Cortez July 30-Aug 1

    That's a great report. East Cape is great. Thanks for taking the time to put this up. Mark
  362. queenfish

    WFO Cudas and Sandbass 7-30

    Anthony, thanks for the weather report too. I'm sick of getting beat up and down. Mark
  363. queenfish

    Los Barriles, Verdugos

    Brian, we'll be eagerly awaiting your posts too. Mark
  364. queenfish

    Los Barriles, Verdugos

    Frank, now I told you, you can ask Eduardo at the bar to plug your lap top in when he isn't making margaritas and then you can update us live. I hope you get some tuna in the tin can again. We took a couple of loins over to the smokehouse and for $5 they gave us a plate of sushi and two...
  365. queenfish

    Great news ( I think) about Mexican Fishing Licenses

    Bought a couple of licenses today down at CONAPESCA in San Diego and found out two new things that I want to share: 1) used to be you had to come down there with a money order made out to them for the exact amount. Now, they will take cash and give you change. Still no checks or credit...
  366. queenfish

    Los Barriles, Verdugos

    Frank, I've been waiting for you to post. Sounds a lot like when I was there a few weeks ago. The green jacks (cabalito right?) that we got from the bait guys were big enough to fillet if I had to. We never ended up using them as we got tuna very well on the chunks. We had such a good...
  367. queenfish

    AND AWAY WE GO!!!!!!

    They just want their pound of political flesh. The best we can hope for is that someday, in order to fish La Jolla, we will be able to by a permit from Viejas or Barona. No joke. Mark
  368. queenfish

    East Cape report

    Duane, take your laptop with you, take some pix and post them right from the bar each day. I did that when I was down there and would really enjoy seeing some real time stuff. Even if it's just how you made bait that day or how the weather is. It's kind of like being there for those of us...
  369. queenfish

    UT letter to editor July 21

    In case some of the BD guys don't read the local paper, here is a letter to the editor that I wrote and they published yesterday. Mark: Beware of saviors I read the July 19 letter to the editor submitted by Gabriel Solmer of San Diego Coastkeeper regarding Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)...
  370. queenfish

    East Cape report

    Right on, we were getting some (but not THAT big) a couple weeks ago. How far out did you have to go? Did you get them on chunked squid? Mark
  371. queenfish

    Eastcape, Los Barriles

    Muchos Gracias for the post. It's great to hear the info live. When we were down there a couple of weeks ago, we caught squid AND bought sardinas from the panga guys down at La Ribera. Then we drifted over a hight spot just in front of Punta Pescadero for a few hours on a plunker YFT bite...
  372. queenfish

    LJ sucked 7-15

    I went out only from about 10:00 until 2 pm, pretty flat and great weather, but no fish. I tried hard and was able to only get two bocachio one copper and one real small barracuda. Water was off color with crap floating in it and 64 degrees. metered nada.
  373. queenfish

    East cape

    Andrew, thanks for the report. Well at least there's some sunshine down there. SoCal has been socked in since May. I've been hoping for some reports, it's kind of like being there again. Keep on keeping a good perspective, not many places on Earth where you can paddle out on a Kayak and have...
  374. queenfish

    Volaris & length of rod tube?

    Rob, also I didn't realise that Volaris doesn't issue you tourist cards since for them it's a domestic flight. Once you are in La Paz, if you don't have the Tourist Card it can be a real pain in the ass. Make sure you get your TC before you go or at the TJ airport. Mark
  375. queenfish

    Volaris & length of rod tube?

    I love Volaris, but they do have some issues with being consistant. Here's what I did. Keep calling until you do get someone that understands the rules. (By the way, go to the web site where it talks about luggage. There is a tab for "sporting equipment") In that tab it only mentions...
  376. queenfish


    Sabiki Rigs work fine too. Meter them in about 150' of water outside the Cove area. I caught a bunch today at noon. only problem was I didn't catch anything with them.
  377. queenfish

    boat/Capitan recommendations for Los Barriles 8/13-8/16

    Verdugo's is great too. Contact Marisol or her husband Greg (he's from Dana Point originally) Great people, they have their own cruisers and can arrange for pangas. Mark
  378. queenfish

    Selling for my uncle who just died

    Carl, is your uncle's boat still for sale? Mark
  379. queenfish

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report July 8

    Are those amberjacks good to eat? I noticed people keeping them. We always toss them back. Just curious?
  380. queenfish

    BloodyDeckers in Los Barrilles

    Back home in San Diego now. Trip home was pretty easy (except for the mutiny on the Greyhound bus from San Ysidro to Downtown, but that is another story). Hell yeah, sunny San Diego. It's frickin drizzling outside my window right now. A few last notes on the trip. Have your skipper...
  381. queenfish

    Mexicana Airlines

    One thing that I would add it this; The airlines are paranoid about any water or liquid leaking out onto the other luggage. Remember, you have to have your cooler inspected before they check it, therefore you need to be able to seal it at the ariport. Additionally, they almost always insist...
  382. queenfish

    BloodyDeckers in Los Barrilles

    A couple of more things to add. While Daryl was fighting a YFT and I was chunking squid, I got picked up by a marlin, had him on straight 40# for just a few seconds. Once he started jumping his bill cut the line. Also, and this is for the BloodyDeckers that have never been here. Come down...
  383. queenfish

    BloodyDeckers in Los Barrilles

    Today was fantastic. Marisol was correct. The sun was out, it was flat calm until about noon. Even then it was a gentle breeze that felt good. But enough of that. The fishing was great. We caught a few humboldts and bought some sardinas, ran straight up to Punta Pescadero. We were in about...
  384. queenfish

    BloodyDeckers in Los Barrilles

    fished today, but the dang wind came up again. Marisal thinks it is residual from hurricane Alex and is supposed to be cleared out tomorrow. The down side was the bumpy ride, but remember you can start trolling right when you leave shore and troll all the way home if need be. We were in a 23'...
  385. queenfish

    53lb Yellowtail La Jolla 7/3 on Reel Hard

    Guy and Sean.........doh! I head down to East Cape with Daryl and look at what you guys do. I was trying to talk your old man into going out a few nights prior but he said a friends cat had a birthday party or something. Wow. Nice fish. But the weather in SD still sucks right now, so...
  386. queenfish

    BloodyDeckers in Los Barrilles

    The weather report might have been wrong, but it predicted winds at about 16-20 so we decided just to stay on shore and maybe go beachfishing or just exploring. What we are hearing from everyone is this: Some larger model YFT on porpoise "outside" (20+ miles) school sized, 15-30lb YFT...
  387. queenfish

    BloodyDeckers in Los Barrilles

    yes on the wi fi.
  388. queenfish

    BloodyDeckers in Los Barrilles

    Frank, we'll leave you some fish, but with my buddy Daryl, you may have to bring down your own beers (especially if you like Modelo) I'll report back tomorrow if we get out. Mark
  389. queenfish

    BloodyDeckers in Los Barrilles

    Me and my buddy Daryl are down here at Martin Verdugos. He got to fish yesterday for some nice small and medium sized YFT just barely off shore. Windy today and tonight, if it dies down we'll go tomorrow. We're going to fish out of a panga. I'll report back if we get out. Mark Great...
  390. queenfish


    I checked it out..............that's round trip, includes all taxes (and they serve free beer)
  391. queenfish


    I love this guy. I will support him in everyway I can. Spread the word.
  392. queenfish

    nice home grown yellow

    Sound like you were able to jig up some candy?
  393. queenfish

    sweet fishin! Bordertown!

    "Slowed to 32"! Jeff you're killing me. I was down there too, but later in the day. I launched like at 10:00am. Made a few macs (you know me and the macs). Picked up to nice yellows down about the south end of south island on the 117.10 line. Heading over to the River mid week. I...
  394. queenfish

    hotel coral ensenada mexico

    Sherman, yeah we learned this a couple of years ago while down there for a WON yellowtail tourney. The Coral DockMaster would not let boats rent a slip without insurance that would cover damages done to the other boats and the docks if, say your boat caught fire. Luckily, my buddy's wife was...
  395. queenfish

    hotel coral ensenada mexico

    I didn't read all the posts, so maybe this is covered already, but the Coral itself won't let you rent a slip unless you have proof on insurance. Not Mex insurance, but more like homeowners, it's in case your boat has a problem (like a fire) that damages other boats. Call your insurance agent...
  396. queenfish

    Volaris Air

    Mostly Ditto. I used them last summer to go to East Cape. We took the shuttle from the Greyhound bus station in Downtown SD. They drop you off right at the Volaris check in at TJ. The TJ airport is a very good airport, don't think that 'cause it's TJ it isn't low class. Very nice modern...
  397. queenfish

    About ten miles south of Point Loma June 7

    Hi Jack, yeah I still have them iced down will fillet them today. I'll walk some over to your bro's house. Damn though my hands are going to smell fishy all day long. I wish I had someway to fillet these bad boys AND still be able to go visit customers without smelling like a sea lion. Mark
  398. queenfish

    About ten miles south of Point Loma June 7

    Affirmative on the Outrage. I drove my BW Montauk for 25 years and upgraded from 17 feet to 18 feet two years ago. Very sweet ride. Only 1 foot larger on paper, but in reality it's two feet longer and a foot wider. My back couldn't handle the pounding in the old one. Get out there. Mark
  399. queenfish

    About ten miles south of Point Loma June 7

    Under and around the terns. Water 65.5 degrees, clean flat calm Caught three on bait casted out in front of the birds. One on YO YO on a meter mark. Good stuff. Mark
  400. queenfish


    We all need to make sure we're members. UA is back in the game.
  401. queenfish

    La Jolla YT 5/31/10

    Were you off of like Crystal Pier? I'm trying to tell from the pix. I've caught them in the Jetty Kelp before, just wondering.
  402. queenfish

    First Kelp Paddy yellows on the LADY LUCK$$

    Brandon, good job. You're always on fish. This news will help spread the crowds out. Now if you can please go find some Albies we can start the summer off. Mark
  403. queenfish

    5/29 Coronados, the good, the bad.

    There were lots of log barracuda down at South Kelp. No yellows but fun to catch on the iron none the less.
  404. queenfish

    Coronados on the Mission Bell 5-27

    Thanks for the report.
  405. queenfish

    South Nine 5/26 Whale Shark?

    I guess I'm kind of a pussy, but that would still kind of scare me seeing an 18" dorsal sticking out of the water. Nice reds.
  406. queenfish


    Here is an email exchange I had with Senator Dutton's office. He's my new hero (sorry Tommy). break........ Mr. Adams, Thank you for contacting Senator Dutton with your words of encouragement. He appreciates your support! As an avid sportsman and hunter, Senator Dutton understands the...
  407. queenfish


    God bless this guy. Everyone should send him a thank you. I know I will.
  408. queenfish

    Squidco Customer Appreciation Days

    Hell yeah. I'll be there. Mark
  409. queenfish

    Quick greylight run La Jolla 5-15-2010

    you're right about that needle fish. El Nino might be having some effect afterall.
  410. queenfish

    Rockfish Question

    Get a gunny sack, put a big rock in it and deploy when checked. It's your only chance. Every game warden interprets the rules differently and the penalties are very stiff, some are even considered a misdemeanor (like petty theft)
  411. queenfish

    Fishing San Diego-Mexico waters

    A) make sure you have mex fishing licenses onboard for EVERY passenger regardless of whether or not they are fishing and regardless of age (even babies) B)Make sure you obey their fish and game laws (they are a hell of lot simpler and more straightforward than ours are) C) don't bring any...
  412. queenfish

    Lingcod is NOT in season yet- not 'til May 15th

    I called the hotline tonight and sure enough, it had been updated today and says LingCod are okay as of April 1. Egg on their faces. Everyone should try to remember this Charlie Foxtrot for when they are in front of a judge as an example of how DFG themselves don't know the laws. Sorry...
  413. queenfish

    Lingcod is NOT in season yet- not 'til May 15th

    Saluki, call that number, it will ask you what area you are in. It spells out very specifically and clearly that the Southern Section is still closed. It is really Clustered up. Call the 831 649 2801 number prompt 2 gets you the rockfish regs hotling prompt 5 is for the southern area...
  414. queenfish

    Lingcod is NOT in season yet- not 'til May 15th

    Jason, I know plus now we have competing/cooperating jursidictions. Our generation of fishermen are rolling with it because we can learn as we go, but can you imagine being 18-19 and trying to learn the rules now? Especially because infractions are A)expensive B) borderline criminal I think...
  415. queenfish

    Lingcod is NOT in season yet- not 'til May 15th

    They said that CA enforces Fed Rules. I'm just saying................
  416. queenfish

    Lingcod is NOT in season yet- not 'til May 15th

    I too went to my trusty Groundfish rule book. They told me to call the Groundfish Hotline and it would confirm. They were right. I hadn't been fishing, so I didn't have any kind of fish, but I would have kept any 24+ inch Lings. The Hotline number is 831 649 2801 prompt 2, prompt 5...
  417. queenfish

    Lingcod is NOT in season yet- not 'til May 15th

    I was talking to the DFG guys today and they corrected me on something. I thought Lingcod came back in on April 1, they said that was true as far as the state of California was concerned, but that the FEDS ordered it to remain closed until May15th. Divers and shore guys can keep them, but not...
  418. queenfish

    LADY LUCK found some yellows today local!!

    Brandon, thanks for the low key call in. I didn't end up with any fish myself, but the conditions were nice. I owe you one. Mark
  419. queenfish


    try Valuta out of TJ, seriously they are a great little airline. all new planes, low cost and free drinks.
  420. queenfish

    Quick Report for 3/27+ customs info

    Speaking of towing, I had to toss this in somewhere. We were out at the Lower nine on Friday (kind of snotty) we were listening to one side of a conversation between Vessel Assist and a November Mike (Non-Member) that needed a tow from down off Rosarita somwhere. Holy Crap!!!! She told the guy...
  421. queenfish

    The hunt for yellow-tail?

    Do yourself a favor and book a trip on the San Diego, Malahini or Mission Belle for a three quarter day trip with them before going on your own. You'll learn a lot.
  422. queenfish

    Input on Outboard

    Go to the web site; It's all about classic whalers and you can ask lots of questions there.
  423. queenfish

    mexico license

    Reel Hip, I think you're incorrect on the money. They will not take cash, checks or credit cards. Only money orders or cashiers cheques made out to ConaPesca for the exact amount. It is a very easy deal as long as you call ahead and get the amount. Their office is very convenient...
  424. queenfish

    Large Sheephead follow up

    The big ones are all males anyway, so killing one doesn't hurt the stock. In fact, it probably better to keep the big males and toss back the pink ones that are still female.
  425. queenfish

    Squid at the Nine Mile Bank

    Is Humbolt cut up good bait for Rock Cod?
  426. queenfish

    Squid 2/11/10

    Are you having to send the lure down 500'? I want to wait until I can catch them on surface iron. Mark
  427. queenfish

    2/2 Evening Squid At The Upper Nine

    I'm heading out Friday to get some big uglys. I will make some calamari for sure, but does anyone ever use the rest of it for rock cod bait? If so, I'll fill my freezer with a few. Mark
  428. queenfish

    Lower Nine Saturday Jan 9

    Reds, Starrys, Perch, Blue Whales lower Nine 275-350 feet, find a rock with some bait on it. Current was there, but mellow enough to stay on the bottom. Glassy day. Limits of rock-fish. Mark
  429. queenfish

    DFG declarations form?

    Thanks for this Tony. I used my last one today and was looking on the site for one. Reds were chewing today in 350' west of No Isl. Mark
  430. queenfish


    Cute kids, nice goat and I'm thinking that is a big dark calico..............good eatin'
  431. queenfish

    1/1/10 Fish report for South 9 and north of Pukey

    Tony, I was one of the other boats out there, in my Boston Whaler with the blue dodge in front. Same report......starries, we didn't land any sand abs, one decent flag, a keeper copper and one big stinky. Tried middle grounds too, but waaaaaay to windy by 2pm. Happy New Year. Mark
  432. queenfish

    This may SAVE YOUR LIFE!

    I'm thinking, if you drive a pilot house with a latching door, keep some kind of small hammer or other steel device in the wheelhouse on a lanyard in case you need to break a window. The CHP recommends it for automobile in case of being submerged. I'm glad your okay.
  433. queenfish

    Offshore Radio Orcas

    I was bottom fishing at LJ Sunday and heard several boats saying that they were observing a pod of Killer Whales down and outside the lower nine. They said that the Orcas were actually corralling some sea lions. I tried to hail them and get them to get pix......but to no avail. Would...
  434. queenfish

    Offshore Porpoise release...

    great job. We all love the if that had been a sea lion maybe a different ending.
  435. queenfish

    Can you please explain?

    Every time you go into a voting booth (and be sure you do), know ahead of time which side each person is on. State and local elections have far reaching consequences.
  436. queenfish

    Here's something I can do:

    I agree with some of the guys, in that when I launch at Dana Landing I always strike up a conversation with other guys launching. I can't tell you how often it is a dad with his kids, heading out to the kelp beds and they haven't even heard of the MLPA! I am going to print up a flyer with...
  437. queenfish

    This is it! Watch the final MLPA meeting!

    Everyone needs to look carefully at whom they vote for in the ballot box. The people that rammed this through are really not that hard to spot. Some of us and our family members actually support a lot of these people without connecting what they end up doing. I'm just saying...............
  438. queenfish

    What was the outcome on Nov 10?

    I went today but had to leave at about 3pm. Tommy, Big Joe or someone what was the final outcome? I saw on the spear board that La Jolla is going with the 2? Is that good for us? I looks like the spear guys from Laguna got F-ed. They really led the charge on this one and no...
  439. queenfish

    All hands on deck, again

    I guess it's actually pretty easy to spot the pro-fishing group. The men are manly and the women are hot. I'll be there and bringing a buddy. Mark
  440. queenfish

    Live MLPA Meeting feed and updates!

    I stood right by the kids from Compton High School. They were great kids. I asked if any of them would like to go fishing sometime and several of them raised there hands. It was kind of sad, I asked them if they knew that this could be the end of half day fishing and wouldn't they like to go out...
  441. queenfish

    Rollcall for Oct. 21st Meeting--Let's go get 'em BDers!

    Queenfish was there. Solo, as usual.
  442. queenfish

    MLPA Closure Rules Change, Defined

    I posted this info on the local surf site. Here's a link: Surfing San Diego Forums: They could shut down La Jolla to SURFING
  443. queenfish

    San Diego City Council

    Let me try this link again: Webcasting | City of San Diego
  444. queenfish

    San Diego City Council

    I went too. I'd like to have met you Stan. Here is a link to the video. Everyone must go to this, go to the Oct 7 Natural Resources Meeting. You can skip ahead. don't watch all three hours. Go to 3:19 and watch Marti Emerald deck them. Plus you might want to back it up and watch some...
  445. queenfish

    Offshore SD City Council ready to endorce MLPA - CALL TODAY TO STOP THIS!!!

    You must go to this link: New Page 1 Go to the Oct 7 meeting of Natural Resources You can forward it. Go to 3:19 minutes and watch Marti Emerald slap the coast keeper hired guns.
  446. queenfish

    Offshore SD City Council ready to endorce MLPA - CALL TODAY TO STOP THIS!!!

    Wow! I was there until it ended at almost 6pm. There were about 50 of us and about 5 paid employees of Coast Keeper and one old hippie chick. I have got to give Donna Frye credit. She was polite, professional and very friendly to us. Coast Keeper got 15 minutes to talk right off the bat...
  447. queenfish

    Offshore Finally!, awsome weather, and a few YFT at the "230" 10-2

    Also, the water was 69.9 to 70.2 most everywhere we went from the middle of the nine mile on out.
  448. queenfish

    Offshore Finally!, awsome weather, and a few YFT at the "230" 10-2

    Bill, we got a typical Mark Adams late start. We launched about 8:30, we ran 30 mph straight to the kidney bank and didn't stop on any patties until then. We found one with some terns, nothing home, ran west about 5 more miles a boat named "John's Boat" waved us in on a nice little patty and we...
  449. queenfish

    Offshore Finally!, awsome weather, and a few YFT at the "230" 10-2

    Greasy flat in the morning, great bait from SD. One patty just west of the 230 for three nice little YFT, 10-12lbs one medium yellowtail. A little rain came in, looked like a tropical storm. Just a little wind. Then it died back down for a 30mph run back in. Found some ponies inside the Nine...
  450. queenfish

    Offshore Useful Information...Taping for weight of a fish

    I had this formula, what I wasn't sure of is this: Is length to the fork in the tail or all the way to the longest point (like we do with Barracuda)? I think it is the Fork.
  451. queenfish

    Offshore 226, 302 And SW Near The 230 on 9-23-09

    Thanks for the report. When, if ever, is the weather going to cooperate? I live in Point Loma and before daylight this morning I did hear a big ship blow five rapid blasts on the horn, I wonder if that was you getting run down? Mark
  452. queenfish

    Offshore 75 miles 9/22

    I was solo today too, I was in the 18' Outrage with the blue dodger up front, I passed you right at the top of the nine. Snotty today. I just trolled some marlin lures around. Saw you out there, reminded me of my montauk that I had for 25 years. Cheers. Mark
  453. queenfish

    Do i need a passport???

    Don't forget though, it isn't just the gringos that want documentation. If you get stopped by Mex Authorities you will need the Mex Fishing License, but you also will need some kind of ID. Passport works well in this case for the Mexican authorities, but they'll take a CA drivers license too I hear.
  454. queenfish

    Offshore 9/11 425 area - Lumpy

    Yeah, we had to troll all the way from the Hidden Bank up to the middle of the Nine Mile Bank yesterday. Dang wind.
  455. queenfish

    Offshore 425 and Hidden Bank 09-09-09

    I thought I might add a little to this post. I didn't get out until 9am. the water was flat calm, ran about 40 knots down to the 425 area, picked up a double on YFT between the 425 and 101. Wind picked up about 1pm picked up another double on a small pod of porpoise around 20/20 at about 2pm...
  456. queenfish

    The person spearheading the MLPAs-Julie Packard

    The first thing all fishermen and women should do is stop buying any products from Hewlitt Packard. By supplies that are from third party vendors etc.
  457. queenfish

    Offshore Monster light line YFT outside Coronados 9-7

    Here's the formula: Girth squared, times length, divided by 800, equals weight in ounces. I came up with 65# I think length has to be from the fork in the tail not the ends of the tail, but 65# looks about right. Great job. Mark
  458. queenfish

    Offshore 9/1 It was good

    Frank, that was me on the radio. I could hear you all the way up at NoWe LJ. I was going to head out too, but a south wind kicked up so I stayed local. Wind did die down, but by then it was 11 am. Great job, thanks for putting out the word. Mark
  459. queenfish

    NOAA response to last Saturday's bad weather

    It cracks me up that the weather guys can't tell us what the wind will be like in the 48 hours...........but their ilk try to tell us they know what the weather will be like in 20 years.......................
  460. queenfish

    ETEC XD100 2-stroke oil

    I just put on a new ETEC and am going to be running it on the XD100. It's pretty expensive. I'm trying to see if I can find 3 or 4 guys that might want to go in together and buy some in bulk. It reduces the price from about $40.00 per gallon down to about $25.00. At least that is what they...
  461. queenfish

    Coronado Yellow

    One more tid bit, the big girl was plugged with squid. There must be a bunch of live squid in the neighborhood. FYI
  462. queenfish

    Coronado Yellow

    Hurricane is code for the same pm wind that's been hammering me all summer long. Whitecaps even on the lee side of south island and, naturally a nice ass beating going home. But at least with a nice feesh.
  463. queenfish

    Coronado Yellow

    Launched at 10:00 am ran full speed to middle grounds, didn't buy bait just trollled a couple of rapalas around. Got one 20+ saw others caught. Nice conditions except for the hurricane that showed up around noon. Mark (Bo, sorry about cutting you off brother)
  464. queenfish

    Offshore 8/22/09: 425, 302. Bad judgment. No fish.

    To paraphrase airplane pilots: It is a whole lot better being on shore wishing you were out there than being out on an angry ocean wishing you were back at the slip.
  465. queenfish

    Offshore You could go 75 miles or?? A little less! 8-21

    Jeff, thanks for the report. Finally. I'll go make some macs and hit it tomorrow. I'll give back a report to you too. Mark
  466. queenfish

    Offshore Fishing the 43,181,209 No Fish!

    When you after bluefin, being there way before light is a good idea. bluefin will often come up to the lights and bite in the middle of the night. I don't go that early myself 'cause I like to sleep in, but what I say is twue. Mark
  467. queenfish

    Offshore short run for nada, but nice seas (for once)

    Late start (again) started out at LJ at about 11:00 am, made some macs trolled 'em around, nothing going for me. Not too bad a seal problem as I stayed away from the party boats. conditions were great. Clear blue water, 72 degrees, current running up and in, just not happening at 11am I guess...
  468. queenfish

    Offshore 302/371/425 Report 8/11

    I too went out today. Ran across the upper nine mile bank and then down to the 302, from there over to the islands for all the bonies you can eat. found some patties, lots of bait, no game fish for us. I thought the wind picked up pretty good about noon. White caps. I wish August fishing...
  469. queenfish

    Offshore Dana Offshore BIG Dorado/Mako Trip

    Only curious, did the other guy wave you in?
  470. queenfish

    Offshore Paddy Hopping, one yellow 7-30

    Late launch (why do most of my posts begin with that?) Made bait on every paddy, ran out to kidney bank. Caught one yellowtail, about 15lbs. Cloudy and lumpy all day. No white caps, but couldn't really run more than 18 knots going wsw. There are some areas of shitty green water, just above...
  471. queenfish

    Used 115-150 HP 4 Stroke Outboard

    Tony, just today I sold it to a guy that has a house and a boat in San Quinten Mex. A buddy of mine also has a 150HP Johnson for sale and will want less than I got. His is a little older than mine was. I'm going to get an ETEC now. Let me know if you want me to hook you up with my...
  472. queenfish

    Offshore Off to the 182 was the fishing?
  473. queenfish

    2012--Environmentalist suit closes three of California's SMRs to surfing and boating

    Please get one of our surfing/fishing brothers to post that on a surfing website. SURF RIDERS foundation is a lefty group that supports MLPA. I wish that rank and file surfers knew that they can be next. Speaking of which, I see that the Wind 'n Sea Boardfishing tournement got canceled this...
  474. queenfish

    Offshore 4 miles northwest of the 226 albie

    Hi Bo. Long time no see. Sorry about the late reply. Hopefully by now you're cleaning fish. I just got lucky. No signs but I wanted to give trolling a chance since I was in the area. The fish hit a brand new Squido Rigged Mexican Flag feather. It was on the short line, port side.
  475. queenfish

    Research Help!

    Right on Two Whales. Sounds like you're on our side. (Which is where honest scientists would be). Count me in. I'll call you if I get tuna or dorado. I did catch an albie yesterday, but just barely in mex. It's kind of funny. If you look at my post from yesterday, I mentioned that I too...
  476. queenfish

    Research Help!

    Well how do we know that a couple of years from now Julie Packard doesn't use this info to close down fishing on kelp paddies?
  477. queenfish

    Offshore 4 miles northwest of the 226 albie

    I only got one today. Fishing solo, mostly looking for paddies but did put the trollers in for a couple of hours. Picked up one 18-20# Albie just north and west of the 226. Water was 72.5, blue blue blue. Great conditions today. The albie stomach had mostly very small squid in it for what...
  478. queenfish

    Offshore Fishing Only in Mexico...Need CA License?

    I would like to see the real answer 'cause if the MLPA stuff goes through wrong, I'm done fishing CA and will only fish Mex. That, having been said, I think you just need to have a mex lic, fill out a declaration form and stick within the mex regs. (oh and we all learned the hard way last...
  479. queenfish

    Offshore Today...Albies

    We were out there too. We got one nice fat albert, I'd guess 30# and a nice yellow from a paddie that Cheseapeake Charlie turned me on to. Thanks Chuck. Great conditions..................finally.
  480. queenfish

    3/4 day charter 7\17 on the San Diego

    Thanks for the info. I started out looking for patties, but too much wind, by the time I decided to head on for Sand Bass, I couldn't find 'em.
  481. queenfish

    Offshore 07-16 Albis at the 371 Dorado

    I headed out at 6:30 heading towards the 101 then to head over to the 371, that North Wind was just too much to handle in my 18 whaler, we headed back up to the islands for some bottome fishing. Same thing last arrived but too much wind in July. Thanks for the report. Mark
  482. queenfish

    Evinrude 2004 Saltwater 150HP $4400

    The actual model number is J150PXSRB. The model number gives you all that stuff.
  483. queenfish

    Used 115-150 HP 4 Stroke Outboard

    Kenny here is a pic of the one that I'm selling. It's in perfect condition, but has that drinking problem that I can't deal with anymore. Mark
  484. queenfish

    Evinrude 2004 Saltwater 150HP $4400

    Two Stroke, carberated (not fuel injected). You: Need to repower your boat for a low price.. I: Need better fuel mileage This motor came on the boat when I bought it 3 years ago. It is a 2004, carberator, not fuel injected. These are considered "bullet-proof" motors. I want to...
  485. queenfish

    Offshore Tuna Crabs

    Just a little tidbit that I thought was interesting. We were fishing for Reds near the Coronados yesterday. Lots of bait on the meter, Krill being devoured on the surface by birds and macs. Blue whale cruises by. Some of the fish we caught (Reds, Coppers etc.) coughed up fresh dead squid when...
  486. queenfish

    Moon Phase

    That's all well and good if you're fishing Catalina or the Nine Mile Bank in San East Cape in July pretty much just drop some lures back behind the boat, crack a cervesa and get ready to have some fun.
  487. queenfish

    Flying out of tj

    No problem on the bus. The airplane is another matter that I'm sure you've already worked out. But the bus, no problem. Maybe get there early so they can shove it in first.
  488. queenfish

    Mobilize the Troops for N. Palos Verdes

    To my kayak and spearing brothers, I've got to say as a hook and line guy you guys have done a lot of heavy lifting. Thank you.
  489. queenfish

    Flying out of tj

    I did the Volaris thing from TJ to La Paz last week too. Piece of cake. Greyhound bus terminal, you can check the skedule on the internet. 15.00 each way and they take you to the TJ airport. There are a couple of times the bus stops, once right before you cross into Mex., some passengers get off...
  490. queenfish

    Latest update for MLPA home town workshops

    I was there and brought my big sis that likes to fish too.
  491. queenfish

    Latest update for MLPA home town workshops

    Foss, your bro should come and bring his youngsters.
  492. queenfish

    Wind 'n Sea Boardfishing Tourney

    Used to be this web site: Hosting Account Has Expired
  493. queenfish

    Wind 'n Sea Boardfishing Tourney

    Thanks Mike. I could not get the website to work. My son really like to fish in it and lives in Chicago right now. He wanted to plan a trip here that included the tourney. If you get a good link or some other info, please put it up. Plus I'll probably hand out MLPA flyers at the tourney...
  494. queenfish

    Passing out flyers at Dana Point...

    If someone can post the document, I'll print a bunch up and hand them out at Dana Marina in San Diego today and tomorrow.
  495. queenfish

    Baja 2009

    Frank, sorry we didn't hook up. My bro is still down there. He's got a house he's renting up at Pt Pescadaro. I hadn't been down in a while. I noticed this; The people (including the police officer that pulled me over for not having a front license plate, then let me go when I told him that...
  496. queenfish

    Wind 'n Sea Boardfishing Tourney

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a boardfishing tourney at Wind n' Sea this year? They've held it for 20+ years, but I can't find a good website for it this year. Mark
  497. queenfish

    Fished La Jolla

    At last! Pin head anchovies are a sure sign that the albies are heading this way.
  498. queenfish

    What happens to our migration sand bass this year

    be patien grasshopper. I keep fishing logs, this stuff always starts in July, not June.
  499. queenfish


    Here's a first hand report. I am typing this on my laptop sitting in a casa up at Punta Pescadaro. It is 11pm our time. Hot, calm, balmy, clear night. Not a whisp of breeze. We have not had any breeze to speak of in three days. We've fished all day and had only minor whitecaps. (we haven't...
  500. queenfish

    Queenfish has landed (Punta Pescadero)

    Thanks for all the info. It all checked out fine. Sometimes bait off El Cordon, but always guys at the upper end of Muertos and or off Pt Arena. Weather down here at East Cape has been terrific after a stiff blow on Thursday. We've hit every shark bouy between Ceralvo Island and La Ribera...
  501. queenfish

    Queenfish has landed (Punta Pescadero)

    Thanks Bill, is there a giggling marlin north of Punta Pescadaro?
  502. queenfish

    Queenfish has landed (Punta Pescadero)

    I haven't fished out of my own boat down here in 20 years. Landmarks all the same. We ran up to the south end of Ceralvo today for no luck, tried the bouys up there too. Anyone know how to get live bait down here now? Used to be able to buy it at La Ribera. I heard some guys had...
  503. queenfish

    Heading South!

    By the way, the "new" airline Volaris has flights to La Paz for $230.00 RT including taxes. The hotels down there are hurting and need some more customers.
  504. queenfish

    Heading South!

    Frank, as I told you about last week, my brother (also Frank) is down at East Cape now. He stopped in Loreto yesterday and fished from about 6am until 9am. They caught limits and then some of dorado. There were some small fish at about 6-8 pounds, but they also got some to up to 26 pounds...
  505. queenfish

    Longjaw Mudsuckers

    Is this one?
  506. queenfish

    But WAIT....There's More!!!!!

    One of the most frightening phrases there is: "We're from the government and we're here to help you."
  507. queenfish

    Offshore ME.... LEGEND W/ A FEW PICS

    Doh! That sure is a big boney. Heck, bleed it and ice it they're great.
  508. queenfish

    Offshore ME.... LEGEND W/ A FEW PICS

    Danny, starting at the bottom of the picture it goes; Albie, Albie, YT, Albie...then what is that? Has stripes like a skippy, but looks like a BFT?
  509. queenfish

    Big Thanks to "Tuna Kahuna"!

    I never venture to the islands without two batteries and an accessable anchor. (plus I keep Tuna Kahuna's number handy). Mark
  510. queenfish

    Vote on MLPA funding on 6/11/09........?

    Evans, Walters and Leno are terminally busy. I'll keep trying.
  511. queenfish

    Vote on MLPA funding on 6/11/09........?

    Dan, you're right. I forgot to say unfund it. That seems implied, but I'll send another email off requesting to unfund it. Crazy....the govt wants to spend more money to set up a very expensive set of areas and those will have the effect of reducing state revenues. (fishing lic, excise tax...
  512. queenfish

    Vote on MLPA funding on 6/11/09........?

    Here's the reply I got from Lori Saldana: Not to impressive. Good morning Mark, Thank you for reiterating your concerns over the MLPA process and for relaying information about an upcoming vote. I will be sure to pass along your comments to the Assembly Member. Please...
  513. queenfish

    Vote on MLPA funding on 6/11/09........?

    Here is the email that I sent. I copied in some of my friends and family hoping that they will follow up too. (Shawn Veen is the Field Representative for State Assemblymember Lori Saldana) Shawn, I noticed that there is a vote tomorrow to continue funding the MLPA. Please...
  514. queenfish

    Vote on MLPA funding on 6/11/09........?

    Good call, way to lurk on the opposition web site. (They do it to us) I'm sending an email right now to my State Assembly person, Lori Saldana. She represents Point Loma, OB,Clairemont, Mission Beach etc. I have spoken to her in the past regarding MLPA. She says that she grew up here in SD...
  515. queenfish

    Driving to Loreto Sunday June 14

    We're heading down to Loreto leaving Sunday in the early am. Anyone else heading that way that might want to caravan shoot me a PM. We're in an F250 hauling a 21 Boston Whaler. Queenfish- out
  516. queenfish

    La Jolla was slow

    If'n you had the day off, it would have been great if you would have gone to the MLPA meeting. Try to get to the next one. It's all about keeping LJ,PL and IB open. Just as a reminder, I'll attach the map of locations that the hippies were submitting. Our force was able to push it back, but we...
  517. queenfish


    Three of the four hippies in front of me happened to be wearing black and were bummed out about it.
  518. queenfish

    Orange tags, rubber stamps--and silent testimony

    There are a lot of guys doing a lot of work on this and we will owe them big time if we prevail (even if we don't, they have done much) We have to all get together some time around a keg of beer and shoot the shiat. Thanks to all you guys, every little bit helps. Keep telling your friends...
  519. queenfish

    Outcome of today's MLPA Mtg RE: Prop C

    A couple of things that I noticed about Melissa: The first three speakers were for keeping "C" and each got a smattering of applause from their supporters...........then one of our guys spoke against keeping "C" and the room exploded- Melissa reminds us not to applaud. She did this three...
  520. queenfish

    Outcome of today's MLPA Mtg RE: Prop C

    Ms. Caldwell is a stalking horse for Julie Packard and doesn't like to be told "no". She basically is going to keep sending them back to do their work until they get it "right". Also, crying about the friction between the parties..........its called being adversarial.....that is what on open...
  521. queenfish

    Contact your Representatives

    I went to an open house for my assembly-person, Lori Saldana. We are basically opposites in every aspect (except perhaps for her dedication to US Service Veterans), but that is another story. She gave me a few minutes to speak with her and assigned one of her staff to kind of take the lead...
  522. queenfish


    Tommy, where do I sign up? Mark
  523. queenfish

    Bacaruda bite and BD Salute

    What do you mean, "how did it turn out"? It's a frickin' holiday weekend. I am chilling out drinking a beer waiting for the doctor to open tomorrow. The damn thing keeps getting snagged on my pillow at night. I was going to go to Urgent care but they charge twenty bucks for a co-pay! No...
  524. queenfish

    Bacaruda bite and BD Salute

    "Now remember kids; Don't touch a lure with a treble hook if the rod is still loaded up...........otherwise the fish could kick right when you reach for the hook and the hook could sink into your hand past the barb................" Good Barry bite though.
  525. queenfish


    Tommy, I know that working throught the "process" is the best way, and I think it adds value to have our side hammer away at all of our local officials too. They do end up hearing from us. I hope everyone keeps sending letters to Senator Flores asking him to perform oversight on this process...
  526. queenfish

    !!!!VERY IMPORTANT MLPA MEETING!!! This Tuesday May 19 - Santa Ana - BE THERE!

    I have called on my local City councilman (San Diego), my local chamber of commerce, my local US Congressperson (Joke), my State Senator's office (another Joke) and most recently the San Diego Convention and visitors Bureau. If I lived in Newport, Long Beach, Redondo etc, I'd contact the...
  527. queenfish

    IB Sunday 5-17 WSB

    Geoff, from the looks of those beasts, you could have just slow trolled a keeper barracuda and still hooked one. I'm going to the MLPA meeting in Santa Ana tonight. If you don't go, I'll tell them that you said they can have La Jolla and Point Loma...........just don't touch IB. LOL Mark
  528. queenfish

    !!!!VERY IMPORTANT MLPA MEETING!!! This Tuesday May 19 - Santa Ana - BE THERE!

    I'm going. Black shirt. I'll write my boat name on it as a name tag. Queenfish Mark
  529. queenfish

    Cast Net ?????????

    In fact, it it illegal to even posess one when fishing here in SoCal. They're a bitch to use anyway. For my bait, I just chum 'em up and get them on small sabakis.
  530. queenfish


    I got the same email from them and did send a letter asking them to throw in with us. Here is a copy of their reply: Dear Mr. Adams: Thanks very much for your reply to our E-mail Alert and pointing out your concerns about the MLPA. This is an issue we have been tracking (and writing about...
  531. queenfish

    WON WSB Tournament

    That's one reason we quit fishing those tourneys. That and the weather is always terrible on tourney day for some reason.
  532. queenfish


    BD, thanks for putting this front and center. It is obviously getting a lot more attention. Thanks. Mark
  533. queenfish

    Who are these guys?

    Watching the BRTF meeting live. Looks like our guys are putting up a good fight. Here is the link CAL-SPAN:California State Meetings Webcast Video
  534. queenfish


    The Honorable Darrell Steinberg President Pro Tempore State Capitol, Room 205 Sacramento, CA 95814 Dear Senator Steinberg: The Marine Life Protection Act process requires oversight by the Legislature to ensure compliance with the law. I urge the Senate to exercise its oversight...
  535. queenfish


    California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative Announcement Who: MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force What: Field Trip When: April 16, 2009, 1:45 - 4:45 p.m. Where: Dana Point/Laguna area Tour Contact: Craig Shuman at (310) 869-6574 Members of the public are...
  536. queenfish


    FishPye, here is one from here on Bloody Decks requesting the Legislature perform more oversight on this process. Very important to focus on this right now from what I hear. (Right Tommy?)
  537. queenfish


    Tommy, I sent some out requesting closer oversight of this process. I also printed up some sample letters and handed them out (along with an explanation of MLPA) to my neighbors that may not fish, but love it when I come home with extra yellowtail. Mark
  538. queenfish

    late report La Salina, tail and butt!!

    Bill, I've never fished La Salina, have checked it out zooming by on the way to the Coral though. Do you trailer down or boat down and get a slip. Sounds like a great place. I hear there isn't fuel, but you can pay guys to go get jerry jugs filled up/.\\ Mark
  539. queenfish

    Legislature Concerned About the Economic Welfare of Fisheries

    Joel, that's exactly what I said to my State Assembly Person and exactly what I am going to say to our local City Councilman. The only real difference is that yours is written in plain English whereas mine was in fisherman gibberish. Let's get a task force of fishermen from as many...
  540. queenfish

    A meeting with my Calif State Assembly Member

    Last week I posted that I was going to an open house for the Calif State Assembly Person for my district, Ms. Lori Saldana (***). I was going to go kind of like, "well, I least I gave it a shot". I will now be requiring a good recipe for crow, because the open house and subsequent meeting...
  541. queenfish

    war ship boarding a rice ship Al gaziera..?

    You guys, I watched this thread for a couple of days to see if you got straightened out, but these are just drills. They are teaching young Coasties and US Navy Sailors how to deal with inbound ships. They toss them all sorts of scenarios, they're fun to listen to, but they are all just drills.
  542. queenfish

    Clearing the Waters: What Really Happened at UASC

    Steve, please, one more thing. If the goal is to "restore" inshore fishing, yet they close La Jolla, Point Loma and Imperial Beach Kelp beds. Where in the heck do you expect to hook up a nice big grumpy calico? Mission Bay Jetty Kelp?
  543. queenfish

    Clearing the Waters: What Really Happened at UASC

    Steve, it is great to be able to discuss this without all the F bombs that sometmes erupt. Here is my reply, if you will endulge me. 1)The PRIMARY reason for the MLPA may be to preserve etc. However, the secondary reason is to move along the process of shutting down all fishing. Trust me...
  544. queenfish

    Clearing the Waters: What Really Happened at UASC

    Steve thanks for this note. Unfortunately, if you look at the maps that the enviros drew up, you'll see that we are not up against reasonable nor responsible people. If your wife is an attorney, somewhere along the line she read "The Prince" by Machiavelli. Give it a read and you'll see why...
  545. queenfish

    State AssemblyMember Lori Saldana

    A few weeks back I contacted my local US Congress Person, Susan Davis' office to see if they would be interested in what is going on with the MLPA. Naturally, they blew me off. They said that the few jobs lost by the MLPA would not really "move the needle" as to California unemployment numbers...
  546. queenfish


    Biggets T, you put a lot of words on paper, but I don't really get your point. Are saying that it is a done deal and that we should just sit back and "enjoy" it? Seriously, I don't understand what your position is. If you're going to reply, try to keep it short and to the point okay?
  547. queenfish

    Looking for the narrative regarding trouble on the Hwy from San Carlos

    Of course it has happend several times on the toll road between TJ and Ensenada, but it also happened either between Rocky Point or San Carlos too. I remember it well, but wanted to get the first hand report again.
  548. queenfish

    Looking for the narrative regarding trouble on the Hwy from San Carlos

    Does anyone have a link to the narrative from a year or two ago about the fisherman returning from San Carlos that had all the trouble with some bandidos? He ended up being shot in the leg and had these guys follow him and harrass him most of the way back to Nogales.
  549. queenfish

    4 lost at sea (includes 3 NFL Players)

    "It's reported they were in a 21' Everglades center console. Aren't the everglades built like the whalers with the foam filled etc...?" I hope they're okay, but this little sentence is why I drive (and have for 25 years) a Boston Whaler.
  550. queenfish

    Rock Fishing opener March 1st ?

    Don't forget that Lings are not legal until April.
  551. queenfish

    LJ 2/27

    Wut bite?
  552. queenfish

    La jolla

    Guys, relax, this it the last year for fishing La Jolla anyway. MLPA will make sure of that.
  553. queenfish

    got to be even

    WTF, can't you log into your website and leave us alone?
  554. queenfish


    Most likely the onboard computer is retarding the motor and limiting it to 2500 rpm due to some sensor that kicked off. I've seen it with a motor that overheated and then you didn't shut it off to "reset" the computer, also if the computer senses problems with the oil pump it will go into this...
  555. queenfish

    MLPA Question regarding Surfing...

    Saw this on a Surfing web site: Here I am posting on a surfing site. I don't surf too much anymore, but was surfing Sunset Cliffs before most of you guys were born. Mostly, I fish now out of my 18' boat. Here's the scoop: With the help of "Surfrider" foundation, the state govt is on the...
  556. queenfish

    What is it?

    I would have said a Wrasse.
  557. queenfish

    MLPA meeting for recreational fishermen

    There is a meeting next week for the "stakeholders", but the MLPA people also want to have an informal meeting just for San Diego recreational fishermen earlier that day. This meeting sprang from correspondence between myself and some of the MLPA staff. I had told them that I was very...
  558. queenfish

    Offshore 14 fMile Bank.....11/28

    I never heard of fishing 1100 feet down. How big were the jigs? 10 pounds?
  559. queenfish

    What is the story with United Anglers?

    Jason, good call. Cooler heads to prevail. Mark
  560. queenfish

    What is the story with United Anglers?

    Jason, I don't understand your objection? This deal with United Anglers IS fishing politics like it or not. I don't have any idea what is going on and would like to hear more. For all I know United Anglers is going balls to the wall for us recreational fishermen and someone is trying to knock...
  561. queenfish

    What is the story with United Anglers?

    Always, as deepthroat used to say; "follow the money" I don't know many of the names on the "stakeholders" list, but at least a few of them are damn well going to supporting sportfishing. I know that the Everingham bait company needs to have areas available, I know that Bob Fletcher is and...
  562. queenfish

    What is the story with United Anglers?

    Here's the story. > Sports -- RLFF's big grant creates big waves
  563. queenfish

    What is the story with United Anglers?

    I read Ed Z's article in the SD Union yesterday about United Anglers getting tossed out of one of the Fishingcoalition. Does anyone have more info on this? Should we worry? How come no one else is talking about it?
  564. queenfish

    Offshore 209 por nada, 9-23

    Launched out of O-side for the first time, to save on boat fuel. Flattest, most calm ocean all season, water was around 71, blue but not real clear. Lots of big kelps stacked with bait and blue perch, some risso porp and some of the right kind (white belly?) just short of the 209, but no tuna...
  565. queenfish

    OIL RIG - sort a fishdive report, Monster scallops, pics

    I just don't see the downside of more oil rigs. $2 gas and lots of sea life. Put one on the edge of the nine mile bank and it would be loaded with Dorado in the summer.
  566. queenfish

    Offshore 09-08 182 solo

    Launched at my usual 9:00 am. Couldn't make any macs, so I went without bait, hoping to make some spanish or mini macs on a patty. Went out to the about 5 short of the "182", water was 72 degrees and deep blue. Weather was nice, not greasy, but no white caps. Picked up a legit 15 pound dodo...
  567. queenfish

    Septsix,LJ andthenine

    The "clouds of red" that you're seeing in the water are Crill. Tuna love it as do birds,anchovy, squid, bonito, whales, sharks. I caught a Bonito today trolling through some krill and when I cleaned him up for the BBQ he was plugged with crill, squid and anchovey.
  568. queenfish

    La jolla trip please help...

    If your boat is only 12', launch it right at La Jolla Shores with the Kayaks, just make sure you're wearing a life jacket getting throught the shore waves.
  569. queenfish

    Offshore 8/24 weather not like yesterday

    HI Bo, I haven't seen you out in a while. I hope all is well. I hate going out when it's bumpy. I went out Sat and it was flat almost all day. Got one nice YFT on a mini mac (from an earlier patty) and some tiny dorango. See you out there soon dude. Mark
  570. queenfish

    Offshore 8/20/08 at the 182

    El Bombero, thanks for the report. Sorry about the AssHats. Mark
  571. queenfish

    Offshore Yellows on the "Dolphin" am trip this morning.

    What is interesting is that if you check these fish they have squid in their stomachs. I think there are squid in the area right now. The squid in their guts are pretty small, maybe not in there spawning, but in the neighborhood.
  572. queenfish

    Will the full moon hurt the fishing?

    Be prepared to fish starting way before grey light. The sporties have been shutting down on meter marks and getting the fish to go before light. Moon will just make it more fun.
  573. queenfish

    Offshore 8/9 dodo 182/226 area & warning

    When SI lot is full, I just park on the street and hoof it.
  574. queenfish

    Offshore Windy Thursday 9mi to 182

    bushopper, i guess i just got spoiled the last few days. I don't like to run out on a 240 degred heading with a 15 knot head wind. I can do it, it just takes the fun out of if for me. so i end up mostly just trolling and that didn't happen for me today.
  575. queenfish

    Offshore Windy Thursday 9mi to 182

    The wind blew us around too much. We still saw Dorado under many patties but the patties were being blown around and us with it. Makes it not much fun to fish. We caught one small dodo at the nine. Saw them again about 6 miles west of MB Jetty. Just too sloppy and windy. Trolled feathers and...
  576. queenfish

    Offshore East cape (I mean Nine Mile Bank) report

    Hey, hi Kyle. I saw your dad and bro last week. don't worry, they'll be plenty left. Do you know of any talented, good hitting infielders that might be available? Brian was lucky you and your bro weren't in it this year. No way you let a 5 pound bass win that thing. He was with me today...
  577. queenfish

    Offshore East cape (I mean Nine Mile Bank) report

    Left MB at the gentlemanly hour of 10:00am. Passed on the bait barge. Stopped about 9 miles out on one patty to make some mini macs. Got a few then saw terns working a school of Dorado a little ways off. They don't seem to want to eat anything, but we managed a few. Blah blah blah. Ended up...
  578. queenfish

    Offshore best Monday yet....WFO YFT, YT and Dodo's @ 182

    That picture is the first pic of a skipjack that I have seen all year. Not that we want them, but I thought it was odd getting YFT and not seeing skippies yet. Mark
  579. queenfish

    Offshore 371/302/425 07/30/2008

    Gawd, I'm glad to know I'm not the only guy at the wrong place at the wrong time this year. I have officially given up on the albies, permenantly. (Unless, of course, I think I might actually catch one). Mark
  580. queenfish

    Offshore July 30, 371 and 302 mixed bag

    I could very well be wrong but I think that is a Blue Fin.
  581. queenfish

    Offshore I hate to post a non fish report but with the cost of gas........

    This is a great report. It helps me prepare better. I like running west, but this info lets me know that I might want to slide around the poor conditions and not head right into them. Thanks. Mark
  582. queenfish

    Offshore opah 7.26.08

    I guess a Mola and an Opah are related.........similarly to the way a Baby Ruth bar and a turd are related.
  583. queenfish

    Offshore 7/28 fun day

    Better pix. I stand corrected. YFT
  584. queenfish

    Offshore 7/28 fun day

    That is an albacore, not a BET or YFT. Their fins turn yellow when they mature. Look at the wings on it. Albacore. Come on guys.
  585. queenfish

    Offshore caught this at the 302 7/27

    When albies start getting larger they always get the yellow fins going. No tuna on earth has the wings of an albie. This is like confusing yellowtail and a dorado. They both have yellow tails, but we can all tell the difference. ALBIE. No question.
  586. queenfish

    Offshore 7/24 LJ then 181-182

    Frank, nice talking with you today. I ended up getting a 31 and a half pound yellow. My biggest ever. I'm going to hit the 371 tomorrow and try to play catch up on this season. Mark
  587. queenfish

    Offshore Se

    Wow, great read, could make a good tv movie. What is so sad, is that if you are in trouble out in the ocean, the best thing in the world to see is a U. S. Flag...........the last thing you want to see is Officials from Mexico. Mexican civilians, yes God bless them, but govt officials, you're...
  588. queenfish

    Get ye down to IB

    How come you Yakkers aren't driving down to IB, launching and getting in on the Sand Bass bite?
  589. queenfish

    I would love to catch a fish sometime...

    Andrea, also it just might be the timing. This summer is starting off kind of slow to begin with. Mark
  590. queenfish

    Offshore Se

    several years ago, maybe 6 or 8 on my way to the rockpile on a foggy day; the fog lifted just as my son and I passed south island. Lo and behold there was a beautiful (I think Grady White) 20'+ boat smack in the middle of one of the pens. They didn't look too amused. I'm sure others on the board...
  591. queenfish

    7-16 IB Sand Bass goin' off

    Right on the edge of the border 90' deep. Meter marks, drop a jig down and get hammered almost every time. fun stuff. Released many, kept some for dinner. Water was 67 degrees, kind of off color, kind of bumpy, but 25 mph out and 25 mph back. Don't waste money on bait, these bass eat the iron...
  592. queenfish

    Who made it to the MLPA meeting today?

    I went. Everyone was sooooo nice. I wanted to vomit.
  593. queenfish

    Offshore No love/life @ 182

    Mark, I made that run today too. I just went from LJ to the 182 for nada, but I saw tons of life.....porpoise, blue whales, a sea elephant, two swordies, birds, molas and tons of bait under every patty. Just not any big fish at all. Hopefully they'll be here soon. Mark
  594. queenfish

    7-06 humboldt at the islands w/ picz

    I think they are actually classified as mollusks. maybe both. but in any event, gringos can't catch and keep either one in mexico. Although, come to think of it, a lot of BD'rs do catch and bring home crabs from TJ. Mark
  595. queenfish

    7--04-09 Nine Mile Bank permanently closed to all sportfishing

    MIKEYLIKESIT, good move getting this moved. As you know, all of us fishermen check the "california politics" thread religiously each and every morning. I hope that at least you called some friends and can get them to attend. Also the dude that says "the current proposal doesn't effect the...
  596. queenfish

    La Jolla Kelp beds permanently closed to fishing now

    That is going to be posted for real in about two years unless we put up a fight. The San Diego region meetings for this are tonight in Carlsbad and tomorrow in Old Town. Here is a link.
  597. queenfish

    7--04-09 Nine Mile Bank permanently closed to all sportfishing

    .....that is going to be the heading in about two years if we don't fight. The San Diego meetings are TONIGHT in Carlsbad and TOMORROW in Old Town. Be there or take up another sport. Mark on the Queenfish. Here is the link to the flyer:
  598. queenfish

    Sand Bass bite at the Bull Ring 7-6

    Sand Bass bite at the Bull Ring 7-6 They're finally showing up in better numbers just off the Bull Ring on the 117.10 line. Water was 65, climbed to 68 by end of the day. 85' of water. Look for "christmas tree" meter marks and let fly with the iron and swim baits. We got a Mex Limit in a...
  599. queenfish

    offshore slow, inshore full speed 7/4

    That's the first I've heard of a Dodo in our area.
  600. queenfish

    June 18th- 30# Hali off the roller coaster, MB

    My son and I decided that it was too snotty to run out looking for tuna and elected to drift for Hali. Got this big girl (sorry about that) in 45' of water off of the MB roller coaster. Fish hit a 'dine behind a 2 oz sliding sinker. Our biggest ever. Heard some of the BD gang out on the Tuna...
  601. queenfish

    Seal Lion deterents

    I spoke with CA DFG a couple of days back about the Seal problems. He said to check on the Seal Deterent rules put up by NOAA. I contacted NOAA and they sent me this. Apparently, under certain circumsances, fishermen can shoot a slingshot at a marauding sea lion and be within the law. Read it...