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  1. Derfsondeck

    Trinidad DC 16

    Jerr my friend nuthin just cleaning out some stuff.
  2. Derfsondeck

    Trinidad Gold 20

    Derfsondeck submitted a new listing: Trinidad Gold 20 - Trinidad Gold 20 Learn more about this listing...
  3. Trinidad Gold 20

    Southern California Trinidad Gold 20

    Beautiful condition / works perfectly. No clamp.
  4. Derfsondeck

    Trinidad DC 16

    Derfsondeck submitted a new listing: Trinidad DC 16 - Trinidad DC 16 Learn more about this listing...
  5. Trinidad DC 16 Sold

    Southern California Trinidad DC 16 Sold

    Nice a one as you'll find. Two little nicks. Basically looks and works damn near new. Make me an offer.
  6. Derfsondeck

    Offshore 6/26 Deep Reef Limits

    Very cool and nice fish!!!!
  7. Derfsondeck

    Offshore HMB Salmon re-opener

    Hey guys so i'm headed up in a few days party boating it im just curious I cant find deep reef on a map. Where is it in proximity to half moon bay.? Or how far offshore is it? Thanks in advance!
  8. Derfsondeck

    SUPER SEEKER SS 6470XH-7'...Ventura County

    Sent you a message. If its still available consider it sold
  9. Derfsondeck

    Offshore Actual 40 pound tuna .

    Ha ha that just effed me up for life
  10. Derfsondeck


    Rock cod pics? Ok heres my PB Red
  11. Derfsondeck

    Aqua Shimano Terez TZSW 70HA

    HaHa I mightg get a little beat up on that one Jerr
  12. Derfsondeck

    Aqua Shimano Terez TZSW 70HA

    I'll take the Trinidad 10A please., I will message you my #
  13. Derfsondeck


    I'll take it for 40.
  14. Derfsondeck

    RAIL ROD seeker?

    Great choice, Go to Erics Tackle since you're in Ventura you'll get the best deal.
  15. Derfsondeck

    1984 28' Skipjack Pilothouse "Koa Honu"

    I think John decided to keep the Koa Honu.
  16. Derfsondeck

    Anderson 22

    Thing is badass
  17. Derfsondeck

    Searay Sedan Bridge 240 SDBG Dual Helm FlyBridge $7000.00

    I like it whats the range? You moving up to a 26 FB? I will call in the am
  18. Derfsondeck

    Few open spots Maximus/ Seeker sponsored trip. Dec. 3rd-6th

    Got a few open spots guys, Seeker shirts , hats and a raffle rod. This is a weekend trip thurs-sun. Won't find to many with openings. 1100.00 Heres pics from the Seeker trip that just got in.Check out that AJ. Big ones are starting to go. Call Nicole to book. 866-903-7742
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  20. Derfsondeck

    My girls 1st trip and her 1st Yellow

    Hell yeah Dom what up bro?
  21. Derfsondeck

    My girls 1st trip and her 1st Yellow

    My 1st report in a long time. My friends know why. Took my girlfriend Deborah fishing for her 1st time on the Island Spirit wed. Rough on the way out but nice at the Islands. Parked on those little yellows and boneheads and it was fun. We decided to take a little nap and woke up at Anacapa...
  22. Derfsondeck

    Seeker Black Steel 270-7

    Custom wrapped great shape. Bitchin little light line tuna stick. 100.00
  23. Derfsondeck

    Super Seeker CLBF90 blank

    100.00. goes for 165.00
  24. Derfsondeck

    Atd-50-T exc. cond 650.00

    Accurate ATD 50-t in excellent cond. Filled with 130 jb hollow topped with 100 yds 200. 650.00
  25. Derfsondeck

    Legend out of H & M

    Fortune without question. cant even compare the two.
  26. Derfsondeck

    Avet EXW 4/0-2

    Hah Gil that is NOT the case my friend, just cleaning house!
  27. Derfsondeck

    Avet EXW 4/0-2

    Avet EXW 4/0-2. Sent in to Scott Throop at Avet he tuned it up nice. Excellenct cond. 250.00
  28. Derfsondeck

    Ranger 85 Nov. 6th thru 8th CISCOS in Oxnard

    This trip is gonna be badass. and im gonna say its gonna be a Tanner/ Cortez deal. Bitchin boat bitchin crew. heres the deal. 375.00 inc. meals. We end up fishing tuna and tails. Which makes that price a smokin deal.
  29. Derfsondeck

    Anyone tried new seeker rods?

    Eric is a lifelong friend and he's the best
  30. Derfsondeck

    Anyone tried new seeker rods?

    Thank you
  31. Derfsondeck

    Anyone tried new seeker rods?

    Hell yeah you guys. Legit
  32. Derfsondeck

    Anyone tried new seeker rods?

    Exactly what im talking about. Thanks
  33. Derfsondeck

    Custom Calstsar 90-J BWC and Okuma Cortez 10

    No but it has a Bad Religion emblem on it.
  34. Derfsondeck

    Anyone tried new seeker rods?

    Bullshit on the customer service. Ive taken in a lot of rods that people fucked up on their own accord. Fixed for free. They have upped their quality control to the extreme. Using better components. I hear a lot of bullshit rumors that I know for a FACT are not true. The blanks are being made in...
  35. Derfsondeck

    Custom Calstsar 90-J BWC and Okuma Cortez 10

    Really nice entry level jigstick, reel filled with #60 power pro. 300.00 for the combo.
  36. Derfsondeck

    Super Seeker 1X3 Rail rod

    Sic guides. Built to kill. 350.00
  37. Derfsondeck

    Super Seeker 6463 XXXXH

    Rail Rod Full length 6"9' . SIC guides. Things badass 350.00
  38. Derfsondeck

    Accurate ATD50-T

    Excellent condition.filled with JB hollow 130 topped with 100 yds of 200. $700.00
  39. Derfsondeck

    Super seeker purple Ulua.

    You bet sean call you tomorrow
  40. Derfsondeck

    Super seeker purple Ulua.

    Got a badass purple Ulua I wrapped. Alps Tico guideset. This thing is legit. Milo goes to college emblem. 250.00
  41. Derfsondeck

    White Seabass

    Hit and miss up here . Ive got em on my last 2 trips on the seabiscuit.Sun the 6th and fri the 12th. Just go its the only way youre gonna get one.
  42. Derfsondeck

    Question: Braid on Reels Flying Out of PV - Problem?

    No braid on carry ons flying out of PV allowed. Pack em nice and put a TSA lock on your luggage
  43. Derfsondeck

    Trolling Topshot - Flouro or Mono?

    Yeah forget the fluoro. hell forget trolling.
  44. Derfsondeck

    Custom Super Seeker 3X5 Rail Rod/ATD 50-T

    Custom 3X5 with S.T. Logo. can be easily covered with something elst. Cut down to 6'9" to Al Merricks specs. things badass. SIC guides. ATD 50-T filled with JB hollow 200. Thing would be 2200.00 new. 1200.00
  45. Derfsondeck

    Custom super Seeker 4X Rail Rod with ATD 50-T

    Custom full length 4X Has the band gwar emblem on it. easily changes to whatever you want( sports team etc). SIC guides. ATD 50-T filled with JB hollow 130 topped with 200. This set up would be close to 2200.00 new. $1200.00
  46. Derfsondeck

    Custom Seeker 2X4 with ATD 30T

    Custom Super seeker 2x4 with ATD 30T.Sic guides. Would be 2 g's new. Filled with JB 130 hollow. $1100.00
  47. Derfsondeck

    Custom seeker 1X3 with ATD 12-t

    Selling off some gear. Starting with my custom Seeker 1X3 rail rod and ATD 12-T.Filled with #100 JB hollow. My gear is built very well and taken care of. Its a Bad Religion themed rod. that can be changed easily'This set up would be 2 grand new, 1000.00
  48. Derfsondeck

    RP Knot?

    Been using the RP for years. tuna up to 95 on #40. Works for me.
  49. Derfsondeck

    Offshore Big Bluefin and a little yellow bird

    Good luck bird. Good job bro.This is like my 1st post in I dont know how fucking long. Im back BD'n.
  50. Derfsondeck

    El capitan vs Grande

    Fished em both. did very well on both. like James a lot so if i had to pick it would be the Grande
  51. Derfsondeck

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    Hah the tards keep biting hope the tuna bite lasts this long.
  52. Derfsondeck

    ventura albacore

    HAH THE HORNET!!!!!You been around awhile.
  53. Derfsondeck

    Awesome Tuna fishing aboard the Journeyman out of Puerto Vallarta 5/21 -5/24

    Badass report. congrats to you, Brant and everyone else. great pics too.
  54. Derfsondeck

    Need to say something about the American Angler

    Wow sad story. welled up a little myself. Whole AA family is badass. RIP Steve.
  55. Derfsondeck

    Makaira SEA 20, Avet 30/W, Pro EXW 4/02 ,LX 6/3

    Mak 20 SEA no line 400.00 Avet silver pro EXW 30 full of jb hollow 130 300.00 Avet EXW gold pro 4/02, no line, just back from avet full service 225.00 Avet silver LX 6/3 300 yds 80 jb hollow 250.00 These reels are in primo cond. Some very small scuffs or nicks no deck rash.very well taken...
  56. Derfsondeck

    Sea Bass w/ Capt. Dave Hansen today

    I hope he's not bleeding
  57. Derfsondeck

    shakespear rod

    Yeah dude still cant get it out
  58. Derfsondeck

    Womens World Record Yellowfin On Maximus

    Alright sorry about the hijack but there are some lame ass comments on this thread. John is right. . For the 1st 1/2 hour when the fish is up and out doing circles around the boat and pulling 300 yds of 130 with 30 lbs of drag do you think the rod is on the rail? NO its you,you're arms and back...
  59. Derfsondeck

    Womens World Record Yellowfin On Maximus

    I agree with John. i'll keep it mellow too. IGFA sucks.
  60. Derfsondeck

    harbor freight coupon sale

    Hah Erika brought this home a couple years ago. i had tears in my eyes, especially since she's corporate Harbor freight!
  61. Derfsondeck

    Womens World Record Yellowfin On Maximus

    Welcome to " Bozodecks"!
  62. Derfsondeck

    Independence 5 day july 5th anyone else going? Any advice or info?

    80 lb on a mak 10 and 40 on a Mak 15?
  63. Derfsondeck

    411 on Dominator

    What Slater said!
  64. Derfsondeck

    Apollo 2.5day 4/4 - 4/7

    Yeah baby thats some fun shit Eric!
  65. Derfsondeck


    Great shape 275.00 few tiny nicks no boat rash
  66. Derfsondeck

    Shogun Accurate/Trokar/Seeker 15 day 4/25-5/10

    Right on Nick I'm sure its gonna be a blast!!
  67. Derfsondeck

    What does Mola taste like..

    Ever had chicken? Well it doesn't taste anything like it.
  68. Derfsondeck

    Ball Bearing in parts bag (Pro EX50/2)

    Because when you take off the lever the old one will hide from you
  69. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Charters 2014-2015

    Oct 2012 but not my 1st mikey
  70. Derfsondeck


    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM sailfish! Much better than tuna !
  71. Derfsondeck

    accurate sr 50 anybody have it and like it

    I thought an SR 50 was a Twinspin.
  72. Derfsondeck

    Nuevo Vallarta or Loreto

    There are some spring spots left on the Maximus. not sure what was left at the end of he show but there were few. Call Nicole 866-903-7742 And he wasnt bsing about the 140 schoolie thing. We kick em across the deck like skipjack!
  73. Derfsondeck

    Maximus - Feb 27 2014 - PV Mex.

    did you get your stickers?
  74. Derfsondeck

    Maximus - Feb 27 2014 - PV Mex.

    Rad trip guys see you at the show
  75. Derfsondeck

    Maximus - Feb 27 2014 - PV Mex.

    How dooo How dooo you like myyyy Ascott?
  76. Derfsondeck

    Maximus - Feb 27 2014 - PV Mex.

    Right on Darren thanks. Wish i coulda heard what Keith was saying when John was pulling on that thing with a spinning rod and a leadhead!
  77. Derfsondeck

    Maximus - Feb 27 2014 - PV Mex.

    What the fuck is Binkley wearing a scarf?
  78. Derfsondeck

    Caption Contest - Win a Batson Custom Rod built by J. Trelikes - $700 Value

    Hey! Someone left a sardine in the bottom of the cooler!
  79. Derfsondeck

    Seeker 2x4 Green Blank

    David left on his own.
  80. Derfsondeck

    Favor Needed

    Oh you gave it up its a sheep blow up doll!
  81. Derfsondeck


    Hah yeah thats dredging alright!
  82. Derfsondeck

    My first try

    Alright you had to say the taco bell thing. he is the taco bell dog. what the hell send em down ( Not carlito your lure you made) on a dropper loop lings are not rocket scientists they will eat it and you catch one on something you made. put on a squid strip.
  83. Derfsondeck

    My first try

    My Chihuahua would eat it. Not sure about a ling those heads look really light
  84. Derfsondeck

    Whats up with Seeker

    Its gone gone gone Johnny faded into the BD sunset.............................
  85. Derfsondeck

    Favor Needed

    So Alex you do realize the very nature of your 1st post on this thread makes you a total hypocrite right? And you talk about beating the dead horse while you're beating it.
  86. Derfsondeck

    Whats up with Seeker

    Fuck bass pro and Cabelas. shop at your local tackle shop. (Erics for me)
  87. Derfsondeck

    up date on the Makaira50SEaII

    And he'll be sitting on the stern deck rocking back and forth nine months nine months
  88. Derfsondeck

    up date on the Makaira50SEaII

    and Darrens gonna snap
  89. Derfsondeck

    up date on the Makaira50SEaII

    On a sail
  90. Derfsondeck

    up date on the Makaira50SEaII

    Hah its gonna break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  91. Derfsondeck

    Favor Needed

    STFU Mr. dressed in drag i'm getting sick of this shit Bill is a well respected member of this forum. And you've been a member for less than a month.
  92. Derfsondeck

    Mike Jewett charter on the Maximus 1 spot open

    just checked alaska round trip is 416.00 from lax
  93. Derfsondeck

    Penn 30sw with GF 6470 xh for trade

    I'll call you this weekend about it.
  94. Derfsondeck

    Penn 30sw with GF 6470 xh for trade

    In case this doesnt work out lemme know Erika wraps some badass shit people on our trips get a deal. she loves it when our friends get cows on rods shes wrapped. Here are a few of mine she's done.
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  96. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  97. Derfsondeck

    The Saltydawg EXCEL 15 Day live on the water report

    Well at least you 're not on your charter spreading the plague. hope you and the wife feel better soon Bill.
  98. Derfsondeck

    Mike Jewett charter on the Maximus 1 spot open

    Morning bump for Hot dog!
  99. Derfsondeck

    2 Super Seeker 6463XXXXH rods for $600; 1 trip on them, excellent condition

    Seeker 4X is by far my favorite Big fish rod. great deal jump on it!!!! Heres a shot of the taper in action! I use for 130#. its Biggest so far is 256 ( which I handed off).
  100. Derfsondeck

    Mike Jewett charter on the Maximus 1 spot open

    Mike has 1 spot open on his 3.5 day charter ,March 13-17 ,1540.00 ,here's his fish from our Dec 2012 trip. You know its gonna be a great one with Hot Dog as the chartermaster!!!Pm me if you wanr on!
  101. Derfsondeck

    Nuevo Vallarta Fishing

    Luis is badass and super cool AND knows his shit. Like the dude a lot thanks!
  102. Derfsondeck

    Hey BD techs.......

    You guys are so mean to each other. Peace love and harmony is the way brothers. follow me to the promised land.........
  103. Derfsondeck

    Hey Mikey B

    Thought you might get a kick out of this
  104. Derfsondeck

    Maximus COW Video

    Yeah must be
  105. Derfsondeck

    Any issue with fishing line at airport PV?

    Ive never had any problems but ive never flown from PV to Costa Rica.
  106. Derfsondeck

    Braid with top shot or strait mono for live bait albies...

    You guys are right. tried fluoroclear bueno.
  107. Derfsondeck

    Whats up with Seeker

    Thanks Eric. Went to the Factory a few weeks ago and met Mr. Maulhardt dude is as cool as it gets. Go Seeker!
  108. Derfsondeck

    West Coast Fishin Chicks?

    Hell yeah nacho you should see my long range stuff so pretty I'm afraid to use it
  109. Derfsondeck

    Do The Crime, Then Serve The Time

    hah not bad.....
  110. Derfsondeck

    Solid or Hollow???

    I'm with fishy I'm sick of making wind ons I had Jesus teach me the Tony Pena.
  111. Derfsondeck

    Braid with top shot or strait mono for live bait albies...

    I love braid. use it for everything and have for awhile.The more you use it the better you get at it. It casts better it fishes better.
  112. Derfsondeck

    Attn: Washi-homos ;)

    Yep Rembrandt would be soooo dissapointed in you. First bloodypeckers from Washington now fucked up dorsal fin shadows. Back to art school no fishing for you!!!!
  113. Derfsondeck

    Attn: Washi-homos ;)

    Hah cool sticker but i like the thread title better!
  114. Derfsondeck

    I Know Nothing

    wheres Mikey?
  115. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Supers

    Ha Ha yeah fuckin Obymako payin me back.
  116. Derfsondeck

    Fish ID

    We call em Ronkees up here but its a White croaker
  117. Derfsondeck

    PV - Epic Tuna Trip

    Nice . Congrats those are beauts. I thought Russel was painting the Journeyman right now? musta finished.
  118. Derfsondeck

    Avet Pro Ex 4/02

    Depends what you consider a good price. Like EZ said if you're gonna use it for big fish you've got to get it worked on. Had Scott at Avet do one for me ups the drag from 19-20 at strike to low 30,s.
  119. Derfsondeck

    Hey Lou if you have questions about the Maximus you can call me 805-377-8885

    Hey Lou if you have questions about the Maximus you can call me 805-377-8885
  120. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Tackle Question

    Hey Lou,I've got 25 days fishing on the Maximus under my belt,from Sept to Jan, and I know the operation pretty well. I'm always willing to help anyone heading that way if you want to shoot the shit about it I'll pm you my cell, seems to work out better that way.
  121. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Tackle Question

    Yeah he's legit Mikey he's a friend of mine. go heavy nothin less than 130 Keith wants everyone using 50's now with 130 and 150. They bit both the cab and squid good the other day squids been a mix of on the smaller side 10/0 circles and the nice 18 inchers where you need a 16/0 along with 8/0...
  122. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Supers

    No super for me this year. But I did hand off a 256 and a 259. Just kinda worked out that way.
  123. Derfsondeck

    BD Forums going down Tuesday PM to Wednesday Mid Day

    Thats it I've had enough!!!! guess i'll go fish cows for a week!!!!!
  124. Derfsondeck

    BD Forums going down Tuesday PM to Wednesday Mid Day

    Not me! This will be me tomorrow!!!!And the next day. And the....... .
  125. Derfsondeck


    Dont use mono much anymore but when i do its Izor XXX
  126. Derfsondeck


    Are you the chartermaster?
  127. Derfsondeck

    Winter tips....for our Northern Brethren....

    Thanks bro when we get back i'm gonna post the report in the wussy I mean Washi forum so they can see what an actual tuna looks like. Someone told them those glorified winged mackeral were tuna and they believed it.
  128. Derfsondeck

    Winter tips....for our Northern Brethren....

    Wtf are these? blue perch with wings?
  129. Derfsondeck

    Mission Belle 1.7.14

    Hah Thats Greg Obymako he's cool as fuck
  130. Derfsondeck

    Mission Belle 1.7.14

    Fuckin rad good job. Looks like Oby got a couple!
  131. Derfsondeck

    Giant 343 lb Cow Tuna caught by captain Steve Torres

    WOW what a fish can dream.......seeing as how I go down there for a week in 9 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  132. Derfsondeck

    Product review of The Rod Glove

    I want a love glove oh wait he said " Lure "glove.
  133. Derfsondeck

    Where's the discount?

    Sorry i'm runnin' amuck today but i'm having fun!
  134. Derfsondeck

    Where's the discount?

    Pretty sure 25% of 19.99 is more than 1.49. YOU GOT RIPPED OFF AGAIN! FUCKIN BLOODYDECKS GETTIN RICH OFF YOUR ASS!
  135. Derfsondeck

    Ready to fish.

    Heck yeah you should go this weekend looking forward to your report!
  136. Derfsondeck

    Product review of The Rod Glove

    That was terrible by the time you get all that stupid shit off your rod I caught 5 fish.
  137. Derfsondeck

    Royal Star boats a nice Super- #340

    What a gorgeous fish!
  138. Derfsondeck

    What connection do you use on heavy lines? For the line to the hook connection

    How funny I use the Erwin up tp 150 and got really good at tying it so its what i use. But i have also decided to try the 3 turn uni seeing as how guys with a lot more experience and know how use and trust it.
  139. Derfsondeck

    Sea Biscuit ran aground at Anacapa

    Well I've kept quiet for a couple days just watching to see what develops here . I think what happened is unacceptable when you're responsible for other people and its terrible that people were hurt. I know nobody is more worried about those people than him. Bob Valney is a good friend of mine...
  140. Derfsondeck

    One lucky S.O.B.

    Gawdammit ruint a purfectly good hat
  141. Derfsondeck

    What connection do you use on heavy lines? For the line to the hook connection

    Hah yeah guess i should have been a little more clear what I was asking.
  142. Derfsondeck

    What connection do you use on heavy lines? For the line to the hook connection

    So being a serve guy,but probably wanting to make the jump to crimping,what else do i need besides the jinkai crimper and crimps?
  143. Derfsondeck

    NFIO rumor BUSTED

    Ha Ha nice way to end the year guys.Love the beanie Simon!
  144. Derfsondeck

    Which rod for the AVET MXJ & MXL

    I used to fish the 800 series now i have one on a SS 270-H for #25 and one on a 6480 for #30. Lke the super Seekers better myself.
  145. Derfsondeck

    Trash fish...???

    Well Bat ray taste just like white seabass but you have microwave it for 2 hours first only eat the ass. Leopard shark is very close to pargo or cubera snapper but you need to tenderize it by dragging behind your truck for a couple miles. Shovelnose are my favorite I make ceviche out of them.
  146. Derfsondeck

    Girls with Guns.....First year of hunting/fishing

    Hi there Johns daughter welcome to Bloodydecks!!!!!Awesome pics!! Your dad is a good man one of the best I know and I'm proud to call him a friend!!! You do good work Johnny!!!!
  147. Derfsondeck

    Daughters Latest, Elk, Deer now this..OVER THE TOP!!!

    That is so bitchin John what a great pic!!!!! You are one proud daddy!!!!! ( and rightly so )
  148. Derfsondeck

    INOXicated name change.

    Man you're mean. he told me he was gonna hand you off a tuna in PV too. Now he's gonna hand you off a ball of spectra.
  149. Derfsondeck

    INOXicated name change.

    Erika, Tanner and myself saw D.I. a couple years ago it was badass.
  150. Derfsondeck

    25# line on MXL or MXJ...too much?

    Yeah Mx series is perfect
  151. Derfsondeck

    INOXicated name change.

    AHHH the J stands for " Job " Darryl - How did you change your name ? JJ- I gave them a free " Johnny Job" Darryl - Ohhhhh...... Me - "I am so fucking bored" John dont ask me why I'm on a mission to fuck up your threads I guess you're just lucky you should feel honored.
  152. Derfsondeck

    INOXicated name change.

    Did you swallow????????????:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  153. Derfsondeck

    Weight question

    Here's a picture of his back!
  154. Derfsondeck

    Weight question

    Hah thats badass Mikey
  155. Derfsondeck

    Weight question

    Better question is....... Who is Derf?
  156. Derfsondeck

    Cod fishing with Otto and Da Goose 28 DEC 2013

    Go Otto.Great kid pics you guys.
  157. Derfsondeck

    Jan 10th 1.5 rock cod trip aboard the Eclipse

  158. Derfsondeck

    Weight question

    John uses Inox-Butt Lube
  159. Derfsondeck

    Rooster fiver 12/26-31

    Hey Steve enjoy your trip bud hope you guys can " Jack" up some forkies!
  160. Derfsondeck

    Weight question

    I found your cat
  161. Derfsondeck

    Weight question

  162. Derfsondeck

    2 spots on maximus 3.5 day jan 15-19

    this is the longest a spot has lasted
  163. Derfsondeck


    Yeah what he said
  164. Derfsondeck

    Maximus COW Video

    Haha you go Mikey!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  165. Derfsondeck


    Fuck those things
  166. Derfsondeck

    Maximus COW Video

    ​HAH!!!!!!!!! JINXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  167. Derfsondeck

    Marry Christmas Sports forum Fags

    What I gotta be a sports fan for you to call me a fag? My feelings are hurt.
  168. Derfsondeck

    Getting "Double Use" from your fishing line to save money...???

    I got a nice big ball of spectra you can have. HOURS of entertainment!!!!
  169. Derfsondeck

    2 spots on maximus 3.5 day jan 15-19
  170. Derfsondeck

    2 spots on maximus 3.5 day jan 15-19

    Good morning
  171. Derfsondeck

    2 spots on maximus 3.5 day jan 15-19

    Got a couple spots on Brandon Haywards 3.5 day Jan 15th to the 19th 1540.00 Erika and I are also on it with some cool peeps. If I only got to go on one maximus trip it would be this one
  172. Derfsondeck

    Wisconson Whitetails

    Very nice my friend! Wisconson Whitetail jalapeno sausage comin' my way! Wisconson Whitetail then PV cow badass!
  173. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Holiday Vacona Slay (Trip 3 of 5)

    Goddamn if he didnt earn that shit too. Sumbitch was snakebit for days but he stuck it out!!!!!
  174. Derfsondeck

    2 spots Colnett on the Fortune Jan 10th-12th

    Erika has a couple spots on a GCLA charter 185.00 doesn't include food (open galley)or permits. 20 anglers this will be a 4 pm fri 10th departure. Returns sun 12th am.
  175. Derfsondeck

    "Lingcod Special" on the Aloha spirit

    Thats not deep but he's right you will fish the lings a little shaLLOWER THAN THE ROCKFISH WEATHER PERMITTING HE'LL RUN TO WEST END SANTA CRUZ sorry for yelling when you going ?
  176. Derfsondeck

    They finally deserve to be hung!!!

    Hah poor guy just wanted to show us his new ornaments. Personally we just hang empty beer and Red Bull cans on the tree till it falls over.
  177. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Holiday Vacona Slay (Trip 3 of 5)

    Heres the back of the shirt it is my favorite fishing shirt!
  178. Derfsondeck

    More Maxmus 4.5 day fish porn photos

    sweet pics fishy thanks!
  179. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Holiday Vacona Slay (Trip 3 of 5)

    "Well , don't drink the water I hear you'll shit until you die." Bullshit ! Bill's still alive! Drink up boys!
  180. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Holiday Vacona Slay (Trip 3 of 5)

    Great report dear. And you guys picked an AWESOME pic for the front page!
  181. Derfsondeck

    Maximus 4.5 day report Nov 30-Dec 4

    Thanks Fishy badass report, I wanna see pics too!
  182. Derfsondeck

    Anyone heard a report from our current gang on the Maximus?

    Keith called me a little while ago really good fishing also squid fishing went quite well and they a bunch for us for fri.Then we'll make more fri night.
  183. Derfsondeck

    Anyone heard a report from our current gang on the Maximus?

    you calling Keith or Nicole? If you're leaving messages with Keith,well thats easy to figure out.
  184. Derfsondeck

    Anglers Center Got Ripped Off

    Hah no shit Joe she's the stolen-tackle-vigilante
  185. Derfsondeck

    Anyone heard a report from our current gang on the Maximus?

    Oh yeah we fly out tomorrow ......
  186. Derfsondeck

    Anyone heard a report from our current gang on the Maximus?

    That pic is from Nov. As of yesterday 4 cows on the boat 4 cows lost ( and I'm sure a buttload of the 100-200 stuff)
  187. Derfsondeck

    sinker rig re-thought

    Ho shit I wanna bean a deadhead in the head with one of those!
  188. Derfsondeck

    sinker rig re-thought

    Come to think of it I think weve used them on boat lines
  189. Derfsondeck

    sinker rig re-thought

    Darren I only got 1 question.Where the fuck do you get a 1 lb slider?
  190. Derfsondeck

    Spot opened up on Maximus Jan 19th -22nd

    We've got a spot that opened up on our Jan charter. 1100.00 Just checked Alaska rt is 375.00 right now
  191. Derfsondeck


    no wonder the Wa. boys don't like us talkin' about their party like that.
  192. Derfsondeck

    Offshore Limits of humongous Lings off Colnett on the "PacVoyager" 11.30.13

    Badass Harry we've got a Colnett charter with bruce before long you guys meter any yellows?
  193. Derfsondeck

    Maximus 3 days prior to TG trip..

    They cut em on the boat we usually bring back 50 lbs in a soft cooler
  194. Derfsondeck

    Maximus 3 days prior to TG trip..

    Badass. 6 days and counting!
  195. Derfsondeck

    WTB Avet EX 50

    You are so right Danno is a great guy! No bullshit and takes great care of his gear.
  196. Derfsondeck

    Maximus 3.5 day trip (2 of 5)

    bite em Bubba!!!!!!
  197. Derfsondeck

    WTB Avet EX 50

    Profile says last activity 5:22 today may not be available anymore
  198. Derfsondeck

    WTB Avet EX 50

    Check it out.
  199. Derfsondeck

    Will the lower banks turn on this year? (pure curiosity)

    awesome. Hope you guys wreck em'!
  200. Derfsondeck

    Offshore 1.5 Day Rock Cod Fishing This Sat 11/16/13

    right on great operation Bobbys probably the most underated capt up here
  201. Derfsondeck

    Homeguard Roofing -open for business.

    You're a very perceptive man Joe.............
  202. Derfsondeck

    fishing the maximus?

    hah who knows what they might find..................
  203. Derfsondeck

    2 x 4 for sale

    Nice rod great deal.fact that its 7'4" makes it badass!
  204. Derfsondeck

    fishing the maximus?

    I've taken 4 big reels in my carry on both ways full of spectra 8 times in the last 2 years.nobody said a thing this was on Alaska
  205. Derfsondeck

    fishing the maximus?

    thanks Dave!
  206. Derfsondeck

    fishing the maximus?

    shit you guys are doing the 4.5 right before our next charter.hey if i pm you guys my cell hows about a last minute report by cell phone?(that is if either of you switches over your service if not no big ) you'll be getting in while were driving to lax.
  207. Derfsondeck


    Hell yeah, talk shit first,ask questions later......................Hell even the winged rat chasers are funny sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  208. Derfsondeck

    Homeguard Roofing -open for business.

    Took me long enough.I know Laz has you southern boys taken care of anyone up this way lemme know.This is not a plea for work I have a good job just letting my friends know I got my license
  209. Derfsondeck

    fishing the maximus?

    most i've taken is 5
  210. Derfsondeck

    Maximus 3.5 day trip (2 of 5)

    Might? Bubba would take his ass out with a nut shot.
  211. Derfsondeck

    The Vine fish report 11/20

    Wow thats pretty cool good looking Brookie for a planter!
  212. Derfsondeck

    Best Practices Workshop upcoming at West Marine

    Awesome we went to the one in Channel Islands very informative and educating.Fun too.
  213. Derfsondeck

    1 spot on the Maximus Jan 19th-22nd

    1100.00. meals inc. Just checked Alaska our flights(Lax) still have room and RT was 431.00 .
  214. Derfsondeck

    Maximus 3.5 day trip (2 of 5)

    oh....and the crooked sticker over my left shoulder...
  215. Derfsondeck

    Maximus 3.5 day trip (2 of 5)

    you were in spirit Bill!!!!!
  216. Derfsondeck

    Saltydawg SD70XXHP Rail Dawg Special gets a good one...

    yep she's writing it now...............
  217. Derfsondeck

    Open spot on the Maximus Dec 5th-8th

    Gene,(Pure Vida) grabbed it via pm he's gonna let me know for sure by 10
  218. Derfsondeck

    Open spot on the Maximus Dec 5th-8th

    already got a biter anyone wanna claim second dibbs in case get on it
  219. Derfsondeck

    Open spot on the Maximus Dec 5th-8th

    Fly out sun the 8th home by 7:30-8 depending
  220. Derfsondeck

    Open spot on the Maximus Dec 5th-8th

    I know its short notice but we had a bailout Dec 5th- 8th 2.5 day if anyones interested, just tryin to help a bro out.Were gonna knock a few hundred off to offset the cost of the short notice flight. 800.00 incl meals.
  221. Derfsondeck

    Saltydawg SD70XXHP Rail Dawg Special gets a good one...

    I was there.Bitchin rod in the hands of a more-than competent angler=Dead mondo-cow!!!
  222. Derfsondeck

    I'm new!!!

    Very nice I love popper fishing for yellowfin.
  223. Derfsondeck

    Saltydawg Rods Maximus Trip

    Oh shit Bill sorry about ur little issue there bet that made the flight home a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the pics bro outta here in a few days!!!!!!!!
  224. Derfsondeck

    2 days at Tres Marias

    Nice!Wheres the pic of the #150 lbrs?
  225. Derfsondeck

    AVET HX Raptor Drag Lever Bearing popped out HELP

    Had the same thing happen.Pretty sure I held the reel side plate down with bearing sitting on the spring and gently slid the lever back on
  226. Derfsondeck

    Can you guess?

    What it is?
  227. Derfsondeck

    Bloody Tuna Video. Maximus

    Awsome!I saw Brian and Ari too!
  228. Derfsondeck

    Fighting a cow tuna

    Hah awesome.Rod implode?what rod n why? I 'm just wondering thats all.
  229. Derfsondeck

    Fighting a cow tuna

    Ive had to button her down at the end before to move the fish the last 25 feet but u can usually get away with palming the spool a little if you need to.Lot of variables in making this choice though like short wind on/ boat slamming fluoro detonates syndrome or increased chance of pulling the...
  230. Derfsondeck

    Offshore KNOT HOME BFT 10/12-10/13 - Limits!

    Dudes a fuckin machine right on Randy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  231. Derfsondeck

    Epic Tuna Bite on the Maximus

    Badass bro thanks for the report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  232. Derfsondeck

    Goodbye my friend Jay Lewis

    This fuckin' sucks.Jay was a killer guy and I liked him a lot.Great attitude and personality.We just talked to him saturday he was so excited about his future trips with us.Were gonna miss him.
  233. Derfsondeck

    Fishing 30lb test offshore....

    Why not?
  234. Derfsondeck

    Fishing 30lb test offshore....

    fuck that they were worried about pulled hooks.I like to pull on my fish if the hook pulls oh well
  235. Derfsondeck

    How Many?

    I wood try it effen we had lectrisity
  236. Derfsondeck

    Mak 16se

    I went 2 for 2 said fuck it i'm fishin a 20
  237. Derfsondeck

    Maximus... Trip 1 of 5 of the Season!

    shit you were drinkin out of the 5 gallon jug!
  238. Derfsondeck

    Maximus... Trip 1 of 5 of the Season!

    Fuck yeah that would be us.Keith has a bitchin system pretty cool being able to listen to Bad Religion while making squid.Check out my 2X4
  239. Derfsondeck

    Holly shit it sprinkling the roof collapsed

    Not as nice as the one on Reese's boat!
  240. Derfsondeck

    Palmas De Cortez. 256.6# YFT

    Wow how bitchin nice fish!
  241. Derfsondeck

    in progress G-Urushi Tiger

    That looks badass
  242. Derfsondeck

    Brandon Hayward's New Gig!!!!

    Brandons a cool dude i hope this flies!Almost PV time Johnny!
  243. Derfsondeck

    2.5 Day on the Maximus

    the 3-5 inch weighted ones
  244. Derfsondeck

    So, you think your smoking is a personal & private thing.

    That sucks Brandon.sometimes people dont realize how much their personal choices affect other people which really doesnt make it such a personal choice.Hope she makes it best wishes to her and your whole family.
  245. Derfsondeck

    captians on BD

    You mean this is a man-milk-mustache?
  246. Derfsondeck

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 9/25

    Thanks Chris We got a 2 day charter on the Dominator this weekend its lookin good!
  247. Derfsondeck

    El Matador,tuna,dorado,sailfish report.. Awesome trip

    Thanks Manny got me fired up I'm headin' that way!!!!!!
  248. Derfsondeck

    Keith's gettin' a few.

    Yeah we'll be seeing lightning over the mountains in the jungle all night
  249. Derfsondeck

    I will put you on blast..

    HAHAHAHAHA I"M FUCKIN ROLLIN' .I'm getting ready to go to an HOA board meeting wish I could take this with me!
  250. Derfsondeck

    Offshore Old Glory 9/24/13 Eddie fishtaco

    Nice positive report thank you.water looks bitchin.
  251. Derfsondeck

    I will put you on blast..

  252. Derfsondeck

    I will put you on blast..
  253. Derfsondeck

    To the Dad's that miss these days...

    That was awesome.Thanks Chris.the twins(they're 8)are teaching me the "Cup Dance"
  254. Derfsondeck

    Outer Limits 2 day

    Been on it several times great operation you'll have fun.
  255. Derfsondeck

    808 or 809

  256. Derfsondeck

    Why all the bitching
  257. Derfsondeck

    My Latest Surface Iron

    those look awfully cool Jerry thinkin I'm gonna be doin some fishing with these and the Maximus jigs in the near future(Like,REALLY near!)
  258. Derfsondeck

    Please Pray

    Best wishes lil guy
  259. Derfsondeck

    Spirit of Adventure - 6-Day Trip 9/14-9/20 Fishing Weatherman Report

    Right on Chris great report.Cool pics too.
  260. Derfsondeck

    To the spoiled bitches of SD

    Hah Bill yep he's from Oregon alright.Already fuckin with peeps you roll me!
  261. Derfsondeck

    Happy Birthday Derf

    Motherfucker you been talking to my Dr.? Colonoscopy after PV .Fuckin camera up my butt oh boy .Oh yeah thanks guys!John we got a one w Bruce fill you in on the phone
  262. Derfsondeck

    so, BD outdoors is sponsoring a 1.5 day?

    Thats funnier than hell!
  263. Derfsondeck

    New Puppy

    Hah how cute.I love little dogs.
  264. Derfsondeck

    Offshore 9/14-15 2 dayer aboard the PacVoy

    Wow how fun! Great report thank you!
  265. Derfsondeck

    Offshore 3.5 Day RANGER 85...9/13/13

    Thanks guys.Damn Mikee almost got me all misty and shit.
  266. Derfsondeck

    Offshore 3.5 Day RANGER 85...9/13/13

    Post #3:hali_parkutuli:
  267. Derfsondeck

    Intrepid 15 day ... Oct 4 ... Roll call ...

    Go get em Dave.Oct 4th is my 1st day of fishing on the Maximus this season!
  268. Derfsondeck

    Offshore 3.5 Day RANGER 85...9/13/13

    Really?You just bashed the shit out some good friends of mine after your trip caught 400 tuna because you had to drag your fish to the bow?Because you ran out of bait?If you fucking knew ANYTHING you would know the bait sucks ass this year and is dying halfway through trips.You're a bitch and a...
  269. Derfsondeck

    Offshore 3.5 Day RANGER 85...9/13/13

    You have obviously never been in a wide open tuna bite before.You guys caught over 400 YFT and you say you didnt have enough bait?sometimes you have to tag your own fish just how it is Gomer.If you BREAK your rod bouncing a fish its cause you're a retard.I had friends on this trip they said it...
  270. Derfsondeck

    New "That Guy"..... His name is Weasel

    I wanna be a "Butt Hole Gangster" Better yet me and Simon just started a new punk band ...Oh wait thats too close to The Butthole Surfers.Ok I guess I'll just Be a Butt Hole.
  271. Derfsondeck

    Keith's gettin' a few.

    Posting this for my friends going with us VERY SOON!!!!! !In case they didn't see it already. You guys ready? LET'S FUCKIN' GO!!!!!!!
  272. Derfsondeck

    PV Charter
  273. Derfsondeck

    El Dorado

    HA HA I WAS THERE!!!!!poor guy didnt know he had a low gear.He turned out to be cool as fuck just nort a fisherman.Paul ran it not a bad trip at all!
  274. Derfsondeck

    some vintage jigs from the weekend

    I have a Sumo jig is that the same thing? Sorry Eric nice find bro.
  275. Derfsondeck

    Tragedy in the San Juan Islands RIP.

    cant believe i just watched that
  276. Derfsondeck

    Maximus 3.5 day 2014 1 Spot

    keister it
  277. Derfsondeck

    "The Bight" is on!!!!!

    yeah papers not the same anymore
  278. Derfsondeck

    "The Bight" is on!!!!!

    Our friend and outdoor/saltwater author extraordinaire Brandon Hayward has started a new high-end saltwater fishing mag.Show some love and lets help him get this thing off the ground.and pre-order one!
  279. Derfsondeck

    Anybody know this guy?

    La La La
  280. Derfsondeck

    Offshore "Bloody" Decks and Blue fin mayhem on the First String

    right on Jerr.Bait rolled on us last weekend but we were too far to re-up.Looks like an awesome trip!
  281. Derfsondeck

    Anybody know this guy?

    I use my head.Erika throws them.
  282. Derfsondeck

    Anybody know this guy?

    OUCH!!!!!!Thats it i'm going rockfishing.
  283. Derfsondeck

    i guess they finally got the chupacabra!

    You guys are no fun who gives a fuck what are you the bloodydecks police?
  284. Derfsondeck

    Anybody know this guy?

    What a fuckin moron new "levels" is right
  285. Derfsondeck

    Seeker 1x3

    thats my plan!
  286. Derfsondeck

    Married life

    HAHAHAHA 1st thing I read this morning thats some funny shit
  287. Derfsondeck

    Offshore RANGER 85 trip (9/2-5) Not a good one:(

    You're right they cant all be positive and there always gonna be personality conflicts etc.I fish with Dustin regularly and he's a great guy and Kills fish.when the tuna dont bite they catch rat yellows.If they didnt there would be 100,00 crying whining "I spent 500.00 and didnt bring home...
  288. Derfsondeck

    FS Seeker inshore Blue Lightening series rod

    try again will it be 4 posts in one?
  289. Derfsondeck

    FS Seeker inshore Blue Lightening series rod

    It is a great deal I've been using this rod for #20 for a few years I love it actually I'm on my second one - - - Updated - - - It is a great deal I've been using this rod for #20 for a few years I love it actually I'm on my second one - - - Updated - - - how funny - - - Updated - - - how...
  290. Derfsondeck

    Eclipse 1.5 day fishing Labor Day

    94150 are favorite hooks unless i'm fishing 50 and up
  291. Derfsondeck

    new boat out of lb berth 55

    he means they re eating the bait
  292. Derfsondeck


    Hell yeah thumbs up for Eric's Tackle best tackle shop in the world!!!!!!!
  293. Derfsondeck

    Makaira 20 or 30 sea on a3x5?

    To me it doesnt make sense to put whats considered a small cow reel on brutal stump puller of a rod.Even though Wes is right I'd still put a 50 on it at least thats what i have on mine.I wouldnt use an Avet 30 in any case like Wes kinda said not enough drag.
  294. Derfsondeck

    hey Washi Googans

    Well Carl you got bit once and I don't even think you were trolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Maybe you were "Mooching"!!!!!!!!!!
  295. Derfsondeck

    hey Washi Googans

    Hah i don't really care about salmon fishing. But i'll give it a bump cuz its Carls thread and has a great title!
  296. Derfsondeck

    yellow tail people are keeping

    No shit Chris.So many hypocrite shit talkers.
  297. Derfsondeck

    rp knot

    Double back your mono or fluoro, spectra through loop, 5 up 5 back over, back through loop, cinch,cut your tags,Done.
  298. Derfsondeck

    rp knot

    Fuckin a I've been using it 4 or 5 years up to #60(wind ons after that)So simple easy and strong doesnt hang up and you can pull like a MOFO
  299. Derfsondeck

    How far down south are those yellowfin?

    So badass Tim everytime i look at the pics.So stoked for you guys.
  300. Derfsondeck

    ATTN: Saluki

    It was my halloween costume I was the tunafairy,And I was pretty damn proud of my 1st time mascara job!
  301. Derfsondeck

    Maximus 3.5 day 2014 1 Spot

    Im gonna put this number on craigslist in the "Men seeking Men" section
  302. Derfsondeck

    Thunderbird 1.5 Day 8/15/2013 GDOW

    I don't care how big it is if you're drag is set properly it pulls string.Period.Mondo beeg fish to big?You get spooled not broke off.Improper drag setting or crappy knot is the correct answer.
  303. Derfsondeck

    Thunderbird 1.5 Day 8/15/2013 GDOW

    How do you get broke off on #50 in the 1st 7 seconds?
  304. Derfsondeck


    yeah no shit Dave.get a regular tackle shop(NOT a chain or huge internet sales) and build a personal relationship w them the discounts will follow much better than u can get at charkbait
  305. Derfsondeck

    looks like intrepid is on a grest trip

    Hell yeah Carl Tim and Corey are fuckin em up!!!!
  306. Derfsondeck

    Flourocarbon Age

    Its my fav premier kicks ass
  307. Derfsondeck

    Flourocarbon Age

    Hah no shit Dave more limber than what a 2x4?
  308. Derfsondeck

    Offshore Coral Sea 1.5 day 8/14/13.......great trip

    Right on Steve.Tans coming home tonight to start college next week I gotta pick him up from the train station in a few I'll make sure he reads this.I know him Alex and frank will appreciate your kind words.Good job on the BFT bud.
  309. Derfsondeck

    Tuna newb. Anyone want to pop my cherry?

    Simon and Carl will take you but its gonna have to be ass and cash.They love poopin I mean poppin new guys cherries
  310. Derfsondeck

    Happy Birthday Maggie

    happy birthday Maggie hope it's a great day for you!
  311. Derfsondeck

    Offshore 8-7='13, Just past the 9, YT and a patty poacher

    I think its funny that even though he makes a joke about the whole thing he still catches a ton of shit.
  312. Derfsondeck

    2 spots on weekend 2 day charter on the fortune Sept 6/7/8

    Hey guys got 2 spots on my team on Erika and my annual battle of the sexes on Bruce Smiths fortune.Dep fri Sept 6th fish 7th and 8th 10 on my team 10 on Erikas 460.00 inc meals.I figured rather than start calling all my friends I'd put it up here 1st see if I can get a couple BD's bros on it.
  313. Derfsondeck


    Been on there many times and actually got married on it.As good as they get IMO
  314. Derfsondeck

    Offshore Yellowtail On The Troll?

    Lotsa a open water freeswimmer rats on the troll hell sometimes theyre so small they just skip on the surface
  315. Derfsondeck

    Going on the Outer Limits tonight.....

    Tell Paul i said what up
  316. Derfsondeck

    late report Vagabond July 14th - 17th

    Sweet Darren.A lil warm up for Nov!
  317. Derfsondeck

    Ranger 85 Input for 3.5 Day

    did a 3.5 on the ranger great boat cappy crew all good
  318. Derfsondeck

    Any one been on The Frst String

    Love the boat had some great trips on it
  319. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Oct 3rd-6th got another spot

    Spot is filled
  320. Derfsondeck


    Thats funnier n fuck
  321. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Oct 3rd-6th got another spot

    Hilltop Nate fell off a ladder at work(get well soon bro).He's gonna have to give up his spot.Oct 3rd to 6th 1100.00 includes meals heres the link to last years trip.
  322. Derfsondeck

    Offshore DOMINATOR BLUEFIN TUNA 07/13/13

    How cool nice fish and welcome to BD's.Dominator kicks ass!
  323. Derfsondeck

    Getting set for them WSB

    Wouldnt worry so much about my set up I'd be worrying about where you're gonna go.We got a lot of areas up here that have all produced this year.Its a huge spread and they bite one day at capa next day at Rosa.
  324. Derfsondeck

    1 Spot on The Mirage 07/20/13

    Awesome see ya there Bryan!
  325. Derfsondeck

    Rod for Avet EX 50

    Right.I have mine on a 3x5 dedicated to #150 fishing deep with squid on a 14/0 circle down in P.V..Not to worried about pulling the hook as I am in my body giving out.
  326. Derfsondeck

    Yay or nay--El Capitan boat Pt. Loma 2.5 day

    Been on it once and wouldnt hesitate to go again.had a great trip.
  327. Derfsondeck

    Rod for Avet EXW 30

    2x4 put your 50 on a 4X
  328. Derfsondeck

    Rod for Avet EX 50

    Why not a 6463XXXX-H?I have mine on a 3x5 but cut to 6'9"
  329. Derfsondeck

    SKB 7100 Tackle Box

    My guess would be La Palma
  330. Derfsondeck

    Screw Snuffy, long live Sharks!!!!!

    3rd 4th or 5th thread?No matter it is funnier n hell bumps it up for the guys who missed it before
  331. Derfsondeck

    Damn it, this is funny!

    fucker.It is funny though.
  332. Derfsondeck

    Cortez CZ-10CS

    it works alright throwing iron on my 90 j but my go to is an Ulua with a Trini DC 20 so its hard for it to get a fair shake.I like it well enough price is right
  333. Derfsondeck

    Any advice on the Ranger 85?

    its a great operation
  334. Derfsondeck

    1990 Wellcraft 250 Coastal

    Jeez I'm never buyin a boat.I though this thing looked badass and was wishing i had the cash.How fucked I'm sorry man.fuckin people suck.
  335. Derfsondeck

    Bluefin rumors @ Sci & Cat??

    stupid island fish are small and hardly ever bite at least if theyre on the Tanner they bite 15 lb
  336. Derfsondeck

    need cow rod opinions...

    thats it im takin one to pv.We made one for Jesus he loves it
  337. Derfsondeck

    Happy Birthday Carl

    Happy Birthday Carl!!!!!!
  338. Derfsondeck

    Jackpot Shenanigans

    Yeah Ive seen some crooked jackpot shit go on in my years including hook and hands that should have been disqualified beating me out of the winning spot.People who cant pull on their fish getting handed the rod at gaff then winning jp.Stupid because I would have given them all of it and they...
  339. Derfsondeck

    Jackpot Shenanigans

    How funny Dave.Ive never even stepped foot on its deck.And you know theres not excatly a lot of boats up here I havent fished.
  340. Derfsondeck

    need cow rod opinions...

    Yeah dave not to sure i wanna pull on a 200 plus on one 100 yeah 200 ouch
  341. Derfsondeck

    need cow rod opinions...

    Its bad ass Darren I've used the cjbf 80 h for a few years now and the xh is my next rod without a doubt.You can fish it way heavier than the rating.If it wasnt such a pain in the ass to take an 8 footer to PV I would build a popper rod out of one and fish 80 on it
  342. Derfsondeck

    Jackpot Shenanigans

    Fuck open party 1/2 or even 3/4 day.(Except Jordan on the speed Twin)
  343. Derfsondeck

    Some rod questions...

    I didnt like my 700-m sold it. i use a 6470 now
  344. Derfsondeck

    That guy!

    Jim In that particular situation if you had been there you would probably would have done the same thing,This guy was "That guy extreme"I'll be the 1st to admit sometimes i go a little overboard.This guy needed to get tazed.Believe me since i'm pretty sure you are an airborne Ranger from seeing...
  345. Derfsondeck

    Fat Stacks

    Wow those are some grumpy lookin sumbitches Joe!
  346. Derfsondeck

    That guy!

    So do i Brandon.Then a shoulder/check rib shot to get to the rail.I excel at combat fishing and I am the anti that guy vigilante!Even if the (that) guy can kick my ass i don't worry because you always have 20 other passengers ( that were waiting for someone to step up) behind you.Its happened...
  347. Derfsondeck

    Wanting to buy an Avet pro ex 4/02 or 4/02 wide.

    The pro #30 was the replacement the HX filled a void between the LX and the Pro 30 and Alan Tani has a tutorial on upgrading it to around #30's at strike.How can you say its not for big fish when a whole slew of guys have landed cows on them.I have also talked to Scott about it and he told me...
  348. Derfsondeck

    Is my Low IQ a Prerequisite for Being on BD?

    bad religion - fuck you - YouTube
  349. Derfsondeck

    Which Makira

    Fishybuzz explained it to me.Thanks David.
  350. Derfsondeck

    Which Makira

  351. Derfsondeck

    Question about the Outer Limits

    Great boat go and have fun!
  352. Derfsondeck

    Which Makira

    I got a question for ya. i'm seeing the se30 with the billfish as opposed to the sea 30 with the tuna.Is that one with the billfish a production reel or was that a prototype?
  353. Derfsondeck

    Which Makira

    You're having popcorn for breakfast?
  354. Derfsondeck

    That guy!

    You are so right bro.If i could quit thinking I was so great and listen better I could probably catch a few seabass
  355. Derfsondeck

    That guy!

    Hah better be careful or some girly might throw down the gauntlet.I fish with my wifes club all the time and I love it.They're very receptive and no egos.They are not afraid of cows either.Heres my wife Erika last Dec w/a 231She was chartermaster.She built the rod. she built the wind on. she...
  356. Derfsondeck

    2013 hot jig color!!!!

    if i do troll its with a piece of wood
  357. Derfsondeck

    Planning my first 2 day, need suggestions

    Been on both multiple times.Both stellar operations when it comes to open party.Cant go wrong either way.
  358. Derfsondeck


    Yeah Joe very nice!
  359. Derfsondeck

    2 spots on the Maximus Oct 3rd-6th

    Trips full glad to have you guys Paul and Ken!!!!!FALL BLOODBATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  360. Derfsondeck

    Fishing Tattoos

    I have a few but this is my favorite inside rt leg
  361. Derfsondeck

    2 spots on the Maximus Oct 3rd-6th

    1 spot now
  362. Derfsondeck

    2 spots on the Maximus Oct 3rd-6th

    2 spots have opened up on our Oct 3-6 charter.Everyone on it is a member of BD's. 2.5 day 1100.00.Heres the link to last years charter.
  363. Derfsondeck

    No Albies this year but a ? about an old skipper

    Loved fishing with Craddick on the Charger.Got a 63 lb yellow at sbi in 1993 on it.Think hes in Morro or Avila
  364. Derfsondeck

    Yellowtail Shootout Results

    Hell yeah Mikey.Since "Bucket"seems to be a successful name what about "Bucket Brigade"?Had a blast guys thanks Jason Maggie and everyone else especially you Mike!
  365. Derfsondeck

    yes, you need to grease your drag washers!

    aye yay yay that looks like shit
  366. Derfsondeck

    Torrey Pines cluster F Bed Thread

    No Kidding Joe.I dont come on here to find out where to fish I come on here to talk shit.I'm thinkin thats about 99% of us.
  367. Derfsondeck

    rod for jx 6/3 for a 2.5 day

    have mine on a grabowski 6470
  368. Derfsondeck

    Fuji HBSG Guides

    Good thanks i was freakin
  369. Derfsondeck

    That guy!

    Ho shit that sucks
  370. Derfsondeck

    December Puerto Vallarta Charter

    heres what Decembers like.
  371. Derfsondeck

    December Puerto Vallarta Charter

    Wow someone needs to jump on these.Its primetime and spots are a little tough to come by at this point.Hey Dave our charter gets in 3 days before yours.That will be our 9th maximus charter.Here's the report from last Decembers trip in case anyone needs a little kick in the...
  372. Derfsondeck

    Let the trash talk begin

    Its kinda funny I'm usually the biggest shit talker around.Not sure why I'm being a sissy.Hey Leo did you mean mentsrual cycle or tricycle???????????
  373. Derfsondeck

    Vagabond 5day June 8th--who is going?

    Awe you mean I missed out rippin some dork a new one?I HATE when that happens!What up Bobby G?
  374. Derfsondeck

    rod recommendation needed

    Sorry.When you say "Spin rod"do you actually mean a spinning outfit?
  375. Derfsondeck

    rod recommendation needed

    Oh boy
  376. Derfsondeck

    Seeker Black Steel

    i have a jx 6/3 on my grabowski
  377. Derfsondeck

    Fishing Reports

    I do agree with you not that hard to put shit in the right forum.If u dont know throw it in fishing chit-chat
  378. Derfsondeck

    Fishing Reports

    I like your paddy.I'm gonna do a report on it!
  379. Derfsondeck

    A Lot Can Happen In 4 Days...

    Stoked Coreys ok.Happy fathers day Tim.Hope he kicks the shit outta u on the 6 day!
  380. Derfsondeck

    best way to rig a jig stick

    Imm tie straight spectra.Its Gnarly when you get bit.
  381. Derfsondeck

    Which 1.5 day boat out of San Diego

    Huh I've fished all three got no probs with Scott or the Condor.but i do understand sometimes shit happens.Some guy named Ron is gonna come after you (hes a cyberpsycho) if he reads this!
  382. Derfsondeck


    I use the RP 60 down wind ons 80 up
  383. Derfsondeck

    New Design - Aloha Spirit

    Never mind i just saw you shipped them.any Hoodies?
  384. Derfsondeck

    New Design - Aloha Spirit

    I think its cool as fuck were on there Monday whens Shawn gonna have them?
  385. Derfsondeck

    Anyone been on these boats?

    Yeah no shit
  386. Derfsondeck

    Recommendations for bluefin tackle

    Jx is overkill for 30
  387. Derfsondeck

    Happy Father's Day Weekend!

    Hah how killer.....
  388. Derfsondeck

    Aloha spirit tomorrow

    You better be ready the local 4 and 5 am boats KILLED it today!
  389. Derfsondeck

    Vagabond 5day June 8th--who is going?

    Hey Mikey call me when you get off of work you too Johnny
  390. Derfsondeck

    Vagabond 5day June 8th--who is going?

    Hey i know all 3 jp guys.Nice pics queers I hate you.
  391. Derfsondeck

    Aloha spirit tomorrow

    yeah i like 7/0 but 5/0 good to have if the squid are smaller.(if you're even lucky enough to have squid)
  392. Derfsondeck

    speed twin with my little boy

    'Lonzo gonna be outfishing all of us Dave.(He already does outfish me)
  393. Derfsondeck

    2013 Yellowtail Shootout Teams

    2 team "Tail chasers"?
  394. Derfsondeck

    3/4 day aboard the point loma

    Pinhead or deadhead?No matter glad you had fun!
  395. Derfsondeck

    How do you guys transport the fish (Whole) to your house from a 8 dayer?

    Hah I unload my fish then go drive up the same steep hill every year
  396. Derfsondeck

    Are you...

    Are you?
  397. Derfsondeck

    Speed Twin Seabass report

    Awesome John yeah Jordans makin good on those toad seabass.I guess thos eLong Range guys dont just catch big toony's!
  398. Derfsondeck

    How do you guys transport the fish (Whole) to your house from a 8 dayer?

    Roll of plastic and a couple hundred pounds of ice most of its melted by the time i get to Ventura depending on the weather.
  399. Derfsondeck

    Oh Lord! (aka - RR3 June Heat)

    Well if somone does please post it.Thanx.
  400. Derfsondeck

    Oh Lord! (aka - RR3 June Heat)

    What a great report bro thanks for that.Could you elaborate on this "Ben Keta "knot for me?
  401. Derfsondeck

    Which Boat to Charter SD Late July early Aug 2.5day

    Gonna have a tough time getting a charter on one of the high demand boats already mentioned.Thats primetime.Pretty sure youre gonna have to look around.Good luck.
  402. Derfsondeck

    V. big yfin

    measurements are sayin 337 very nice!
  403. Derfsondeck

    San Nicolas Island

    Thertes something up with this guy hes been doing this on GB for awhile.Like we keep telling you contact one of the many great 6 pack operations in socal they are not hard to find.
  404. Derfsondeck

    San Nicolas Island

    I wonder if the OP found a trip yet its only 3 years old
  405. Derfsondeck

    Offshore CHIEF 2.5 DAY Insane wide open Limits of Yellowtail at 166miles

    I'm so sick of some dickwad making a negative post and then the jump on the bandwagon lynchmob mentality cocksucking fagfucks who can't think for themselves jump in.Fuck you guys.this guy went through hell the last few seasons and you talk shit because he caught kelp paddy yellows.So fucking...
  406. Derfsondeck

    BHP Tackle Serving Setup

    Got the same shit.Bitchin.Good deal someone should boil on it quick.
  407. Derfsondeck

    Let the trash talk begin

    Hah Thats not enough cash good thing we entered all the sidepots!
  408. Derfsondeck

    Let the trash talk begin

    Hell we havent even made the teams list yet is there a petition or something we dont know about?I mean cmon who's gonna get last place if were not there.
  409. Derfsondeck

    Ranger 85

    Great boat your gonna love it!A little headfs up since i do have a connection to the whole Ranger/coral sea operation.The Ranger now has 4 bitchin LR style staterooms with tv's and sinks.I think there may be a small additional charge but it'd be worth irt to me.Great shots Curtiss love the one...
  410. Derfsondeck

    Rancho Leonero question

    I take my own have fun you are gonna love the place!
  411. Derfsondeck

    Crazy homeless fishing

    The Pink rims gave him up!
  412. Derfsondeck

    Avet dissapointments

    Yeah but thats not the case..He must have soaked them not"dunked"them I was told from the get go not to dunk my reels.Like i said i change my bearings every other season and I fish a lot AND ABUSE THE SHIT OUT MY GEAR.Every one I know uses them and has no problems.Avets are made in LA and the...
  413. Derfsondeck

    Anyone been on these boats?

    Pac Star does have a couple little private 2 bunk rooms if you get one of those guaranteed for you and your wife that would be rthe decsision maker
  414. Derfsondeck

    Anyone been on these boats?

    Been on both like the Grande done with Pac Star (after several tries)
  415. Derfsondeck

    HX 5/2 for 1.5 day

    You'll be fine with that as your heavy rod fish 40 or 50 on it you need to focus on some lighter stuff mostly #25-30.
  416. Derfsondeck

    Avet dissapointments

    Replace em every other season.does not bother me in the least.A little differtent for me thjough.Ive been going to the Avet Factory(40 mins away)fior 9 years.Just stared having Eric do them this season and i'm very pleased so far.
  417. Derfsondeck

    Vagabond 5day June 8th--who is going?

    Hope you queers are getting bit.
  418. Derfsondeck

    Avet dissapointments

    73.00 bucks?Your buddy got burned.Eric fully services mine and puts in new bearings for like 32.00 bucks.
  419. Derfsondeck

    Relatives of your's Carl?

    That is Carl
  420. Derfsondeck


    I dont mind em so much but I am inclined to agree
  421. Derfsondeck

    Top Hooker

    Guess I wont bother.
  422. Derfsondeck


    They're everywhere I saw them swimming through the harbor chasing my Bonito Feather I was trolling
  423. Derfsondeck

    8/9 - 10 Two Day Trifecta at Channel Islands Report

    How badass Mike.Wish i would have remembered you were going on this trip we woulda shot down there and said Hi.Coral Sea does have a great crew good job again bud!
  424. Derfsondeck

    SBI Pacific Star 5/8-5/9

    Yes its June and yes Ron is Gay and yes you caught seabass and yellows and NO I didnt!
  425. Derfsondeck

    The Thunderbird 6/7

    Hah Joe i thought you were talking about your sled!Or were you? .
  426. Derfsondeck

    Finally WSB on the deck!

    Right on!Pretty sure you're on the Aloha Spirit though.
  427. Derfsondeck

    What age did you start fishing?

    Blue poo-eaters at the channel islands on the estrella when i was about 7 I'd say.Fucked me up for life.
  428. Derfsondeck

    The Thunderbird 6/7

    Wtf the guy never said it was the "boats fault"He said the crew sucked in a nice way and he has a right to do so if thats how he feels.We have no idea what happened why the fuck is he getting ripped apart?
  429. Derfsondeck

    2013 Yellowtail Shootout Teams

    They're not putting it on the list cause Ex Lax is on your team!
  430. Derfsondeck

    Vagabond 5day June 8th--who is going?

    Hey John wheres the condoms and KY?
  431. Derfsondeck

    Cattle Boat Quotes

    Ha ha ha funny shit
  432. Derfsondeck

    Vagabond 5day June 8th--who is going?

    Shit Jerr I'm not going I gotta work everyday for the next couple weeks.Then I'm on Team "That guy"in the BD yellowtail shootout with John Inoxicated and our leader Mikeylikesit on Mikes new-to him boat.This trip is gonna be gay anyway Darrels gonna get a 175 BFT on #50 lb dropper loop.
  433. Derfsondeck

    Vagabond 5day June 8th--who is going?

    Darryl is on this trip oh boy Lackey is gonna be stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  434. Derfsondeck

    Let the trash talk begin

    the thongs at the captains meeting shouild be a good start
  435. Derfsondeck

    Vagabond 5day June 8th--who is going?

    You're a fag too I hope Russels kid kicks you in the balls.
  436. Derfsondeck

    Vagabond 5day June 8th--who is going?

    I'm saving it all for Puerto. Good luck you guys hope you get into those BFT's. You guys suck I hate you.
  437. Derfsondeck

    Offshore WHAT A SEASON IT WAS!!!

    Have fun Ronelda.We need to fish together this year.Been WAYYYYYYY to long since I've had the chance to fuck with you in person!
  438. Derfsondeck

    avet SX raptor for casting jigs?

    lever drag sucks for throwing jigs
  439. Derfsondeck

    Report: Simon went fishing

    I knew where you were when you're phone was turned off.At least you guys caught more than Carl.
  440. Derfsondeck

    Report... Carl went fishing

    Dude you gotta quit gettin this shit all over you bait.the fish can smell it.Especially if its mixed with poo.
  441. Derfsondeck


    Wow very nice Chris.Every pic Ive seen so far doesnt even resemble the way it looked before.
  442. Derfsondeck

    wa tuna

    And you guys make fun of the "Cali" boys?
  443. Derfsondeck

    Want to Buy: Very Good Pair of Pliers/Cutters for a Very Good Price

    I'm just fuckin with ya I like my shit to match also.they make all these pretty colors why not use em?
  444. Derfsondeck

    wa tuna

    Shit he likes it!!!!!!!!!!!
  445. Derfsondeck

    Want to Buy: Very Good Pair of Pliers/Cutters for a Very Good Price

    Why do you need Green pliers?I have a pair of calcuttas custom painted green with Krylon I'll trade you for an ATD 50
  446. Derfsondeck

    Pond fishing

    Hell thats cool.Looks like fun.
  447. Derfsondeck

    wa tuna

    Just so you know Chris i voted for you i know you wanna win this thing.
  448. Derfsondeck

    wa tuna

    They have tuna in Wa?I thought they only caught albacore.
  449. Derfsondeck

    Gail Force Saturday 5/26, Aloha Spirit Sunday 5/26

    Awesome.I was on one of the other boats on the cbass when you pulled up..Great morning Eh?
  450. Derfsondeck

    "Ready to Assemble" Aground at SBI...?

    Ho shit i hope they're ok.
  451. Derfsondeck

    Does anyone have any confimation on this ??

    Yeah they were all Mackeral mistaken for YT caught in SD bay
  452. Derfsondeck

    90J on the boat

    Right on guys!!!!
  453. Derfsondeck

    First drop TANKERS

    Oh hell yeah nice fish boys.Its not what ya know..........Well maybe both what and who good job Matt!
  454. Derfsondeck

    Let the trash talk begin

    Check check check
  455. Derfsondeck

    Offshore Kelp Paddy Yellowtail! CLOSE to HOME!

    The Dickheads are busy today......................
  456. Derfsondeck


    Hey Ron you're cutting him loose on your harem?You're a generous guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  457. Derfsondeck

    FKG got another Personal Best Halibut today.....5/19

    Frikin awesome GO FKG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  458. Derfsondeck

    Offshore IT'S ON BABY!!

    Hah so sad but so true.....................................
  459. Derfsondeck

    What do you eat when you're fishing?

    I usually eat shit cuz I cant fish worth a crap
  460. Derfsondeck

    Maximus and the boys from Accurate gettin it done!!!!

    Well then grab our last spot in oct Bill!
  461. Derfsondeck

    Maximus and the boys from Accurate gettin it done!!!!

    Hey guys just wanna pass along a few things from Keith. He's been so busy doing boatwork and fixing up the Maximus,then getting back to fishing I don't think he's had a lot of time to do much else. So,first off,The cows are still biting!!!! The boys from Accurate just got back from another epic...
  462. Derfsondeck

    Channel Island WSB

    Right on good job guys.Sounds like you got little help from one of the best i know!Good on u Matt!
  463. Derfsondeck

    Northern Cal Albies

    I think its funny.Anyone who has fished for awhile has probably caught albacore in May.
  464. Derfsondeck

    Weather outlook for tomorrow @ Coronados

    Go make up for the other day Tony!And PUUUUULLLLL on those MUTHAFUKA'S.Good luck if ya go bro!
  465. Derfsondeck

    Vote Now-Best 30# Reel

    Wrong.You drive a model T?
  466. Derfsondeck

    sportboat name changes

    ah i remember the morning star just not what it looked like
  467. Derfsondeck

    Yellowtail 5/10/13 who cares-reload /top guns report

    Hah I was just gettin ready to mention the #15 lb.hell you're brave for using #20.Good job thanks.
  468. Derfsondeck

    sportboat name changes

    I think the Maximus used to be the Caliber
  469. Derfsondeck

    Let the trash talk begin

    Hey that shirt gets bit!!!!!!(Actually got a few different ones that look very similar)But i do wear certain shirts over and over for fishing.
  470. Derfsondeck

    2013 Yellowtail Shootout Teams

    Hell yeah here we come Team "That Guy" chargin your paddy.Full plane through your chum line.I hope the yellowtail tunas bite that day.
  471. Derfsondeck

    Indian is on the block. May 3

    Yeah you're wrong.The Chief was the Big game 90.You're right about the Dolphin 3 /Holiday thing I think it moved to Seaforth.
  472. Derfsondeck

    Let the trash talk begin

    OHHH gettin bagged on by the champ!!!!!!!!!!Im so stoked this gonna be a blast!!!!!!
  473. Derfsondeck

    Let the trash talk begin

    I think John is talking about this day,so this year at Cedros I held back to save his self esteem. Hey Gomer you're not supposed to start shit with your own teamates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  474. Derfsondeck


    I'm fuckin rollin on the whole deal
  475. Derfsondeck

    Rancho leanero tips

    Yeah no shit Rob
  476. Derfsondeck

    My son's assignment

    I prefer centipedes.They taste like maggots.
  477. Derfsondeck

    Fishing always comes first !

    Hah priorities!
  478. Derfsondeck


    Go get em Dan & Dennis best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  479. Derfsondeck

    old iron adds

    This shit is cool Eric.Am I a Spoofer or a Spoofer-ette?
  480. Derfsondeck

    Deadly tuna Show!

    Sorry but i had to fuck with ya!Easy mistake between deadliest wicked its all drama!
  481. Derfsondeck

    6480 or 670 8'?

    Yeah sold my 800-M and 800-H. SS 6480 and 6480-H are badass I love them and Brandon told me 6480 XH is the extreme badassness
  482. Derfsondeck

    Deadly tuna Show!

    The name of the show.
  483. Derfsondeck

    What kind of Snake is This?

    I'm fuckin rollin'
  484. Derfsondeck

    RIP Jeff Hanneman

    So fucking bummed.RIP Jeff.Thanks for all the great shows n records.This sucks ass....
  485. Derfsondeck

    BD Extended Family

    Awesome.BD brotherhood kicks ass.Have got some really good help here when I needed and made some great friends!
  486. Derfsondeck

    Opah on the Beach

    Holy shit I guess you never know!
  487. Derfsondeck

    Seabass ruin everything

    Seabass suck but rockfishing sucks more.
  488. Derfsondeck

    WTB : Large Shimano Jig Bags

    Bought up the last few I could find at Fred Hall a couple years ago
  489. Derfsondeck

    Fuck Them Forky Footed Bastages...

    why you and Daryll doin a romantic weekend at San Clemente?
  490. Derfsondeck

    Fuck Them Forky Footed Bastages...

    No shit. tomorrow you can fish with 70 of your best friends and 200 other boats you know!
  491. Derfsondeck

    What line for throwing iron

    Hah fuck yeah Jerr feels like their gonna rip your arm outta the sockets that way.Thats how I'm im fishing poppers in PV now too!
  492. Derfsondeck

    San Diego 4/25 early update

    Hopefully theres no updates because he's too busy.......
  493. Derfsondeck

    Channel Island Salmon Report?

    What are towing your boat with a Ferrari?
  494. Derfsondeck

    Local Sea Bass on the Indy

    Nope let the boat rocking be your movement
  495. Derfsondeck

    Does Hook Color Matter for Tuna ?

    I dont like chrome/nickel hooks
  496. Derfsondeck

    I'm rollin on this shit.Bloodydecks Sea Otters.
  497. Derfsondeck

    SS80XH question... how heavy?

    Thats my next rod for sure Greg.Have fun mang!
  498. Derfsondeck

    Boat's kite rig????

    HAH! you frikin tease.........
  499. Derfsondeck


    Keepin my eyes open and puttin the word out to my friends
  500. Derfsondeck


    Keep my eyes wide open bro.
  501. Derfsondeck

    Love being a dickhead

    No biters.Bummer.
  502. Derfsondeck

    Vagabond (the boat)

    Great boat and crew book it!
  503. Derfsondeck

    Mission Belle 4/12 report

    Right on can't catch em reading a book orca will get one next time
  504. Derfsondeck

    Just when you thought you'd heard it all........

    You didnt see the chainsaw you're dad hid 3 seconds before the tree landed on your head?
  505. Derfsondeck

    Q105 follow up

    Fuckin awesome someones always got me laughing on here!
  506. Derfsondeck

    9' or 8' iron stick ?? Pros & cons

    I'm gonna start telling guys to start throwing surface iron with an 8 footer(SS6480 or 6480-H or 800-M or H) to see if they like it.8 footer will always get used for bait too.So many guys start with full size jigsticks then find out its not for them.Very labor intensive and people are getting...
  507. Derfsondeck

    9' or 8' iron stick ?? Pros & cons

    I use a 90-J and a Ulua 10 footer.Use the 10 footer about 90% of the time.All about what works for you.
  508. Derfsondeck

    Intrepid ... How to play music

    Hah that would be funny shit!
  509. Derfsondeck

    Just when you thought you'd heard it all........

    Stupidest shit I've ever read.
  510. Derfsondeck

    Offshore First of the season - HUGE Opah

    Ahh whatever still funny great minds think alike right?
  511. Derfsondeck

    Let the trash talk begin

    Ha ha Yeah I've heard and read he's the one to beat!I just wanna be a part of it been watching up here in stupid ass rockfishland for too many years figured its time to donate some entry(and sidepot)$ to Leo's vacation fund!
  512. Derfsondeck

    When free lining do you put real in free spool?

    Its a little tougher on anchor depending on wind/current conditions.Most often you'll be fishing off the stern on anchor but in certain situation the currents doing screwy shit and you(and your bait)just go with the flow.
  513. Derfsondeck

    When free lining do you put real in free spool?

    Sorry im a tard.In a normal flyline your bait drift fishing for tuna situation, pin your bait on,(I like to butthook)underhand em off the stern(or bow just not the middle of the boat) and move towards the wind side of the boat let him swim with your thumb feathering the spool.You'll know when...
  514. Derfsondeck

    When free lining do you put real in free spool?

    I keep free lining for rockfish and all I catch is seagulls.
  515. Derfsondeck

    Who DOESN"T use the long rod anymore to throw IRON???

    Probably feels bitchin on everything!
  516. Derfsondeck

    Who DOESN"T use the long rod anymore to throw IRON???

    Hah no shit.Jeez I never thought about it much must suck flyin in I'd hate to leave my 9 and 10 foot Jigsticks behind.Let alone the 8 footers.
  517. Derfsondeck

    Let the trash talk begin

    I knew you guys were gonna be mean to me!
  518. Derfsondeck

    One Direction Tix/Staples Center

    Anyone got a hook up on Tix?Erika and i would love to take the girls to one of the Staples Center shows for their 1st concert. but decent tickets are just outta reach financially.
  519. Derfsondeck

    Let the trash talk begin

    Gonna be my 1st time you guys arent gonna be mean to me are you?
  520. Derfsondeck

    Sea Lion pup die-off 2013:

    Hah I was say that I remember it being El-Nino
  521. Derfsondeck

    Sea Lion pup die-off 2013:

    Happens every 10 or 20 years seems like
  522. Derfsondeck

    Pee in a pitcher and take a dump in a pail.

    Hah fuck yeah especially if your ass gets all wet dont need be sportin all those dingleberry's!
  523. Derfsondeck

    Intrepid ... How to play music

    Hell yeah.On the Maximus we kinda rotate I have a little bit of everything on my Ipod if someone burns out on Bad Religion Social D and Gwar I'll let em look through what I've got to keep it fair.We had one trip this year with a filler guy no one really knew kept complaining about the...
  524. Derfsondeck

    Qualifier 105 ???

    Their gonna run open party sturgeon trips on the Columbia River
  525. Derfsondeck

    Some Bloody Deck Members do the craziest things........

    Dude was flyin the new B.D. salute!!!!!!
  526. Derfsondeck

    Intrepid ... How to play music

    Hah you're too nice.Keith said I blew up his speakers.(YEAH NEW ONES GETTIN PUT IN THIS WEEK)They have an Ipod dock on the Maximus.Love it!!!!!Can't wait to hear about this one!!!!!
  527. Derfsondeck

    so who uses gloves?

    Yeah Jeff no shit.I love flex wrap and the way I can protect my fingers in the line cut prone areas.Even though it gets weird and sometimes I have a 1/2 inch hanging off the end of my thumb then it falls off I will still use it.Think I might try gloves this year for the extra pressure factor.
  528. Derfsondeck

    Intrepid ... How to play music

    Probably ipod or phone
  529. Derfsondeck

    cows back on thechew

    Kickin ass as usual!
  530. Derfsondeck

    San Diego bay yellowtail

    Gawd..............Whatever Its all bullshit lately no way this guys serious.JIG STRIKE!!!!!!
  531. Derfsondeck

    Licensed Contractor to Sign a Certificate

    Their laughing at the "Hold you harmless/release of liability part"would be my guess.
  532. Derfsondeck

    United Composites Invictus

    Yep its goin cow hunting!
  533. Derfsondeck

    Happy Birthday Sean (Vermonster)

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope ur killin yellows or sumthin..................
  534. Derfsondeck

    FYI..BD 3/4 day Mission Belle charter 4/7

    Im gonna Bloodydeckers be safe and put on your little orange vests now.......:rofl:
  535. Derfsondeck

    North Korea EMP attack

    Itll go 20 feet up run outta juice and land on Ying Yang or Pyonang or whatever the fuck that place is
  536. Derfsondeck

    Rod to go with my Avet SXJ

    Super seeker 196
  537. Derfsondeck

    testicular aint no joke!

    This deserves a bump for my friends who havent seen it
  538. Derfsondeck

    testicular aint no joke!

    Fuckin Mikey.I am seriously traumatized right now you owe me a beer fucker.
  539. Derfsondeck


    Using yft blew it 4 ya,Shoulda said Bluefin.
  540. Derfsondeck

    San Miguel /Santa Rosa Island Report

    Hey Steve call Channel Islands sportfishing and talk to Hilal.He knows whats up they have quite a few jigs etc.
  541. Derfsondeck

    Watch this

    Keith shared this on facebook.Fuckin killer.
  542. Derfsondeck

    San Miguel /Santa Rosa Island Report

    Did you read the report?Santa Rosa/San Miguel islands.
  543. Derfsondeck

    Help selecting a hollow core line

    Yeah Jb has worked for me.Only time it blew up was on me winding it on the spool to loose then getting cow bit spectra buried and exploded.Sounded like a 30/06
  544. Derfsondeck

    San Miguel /Santa Rosa Island Report

    Hah I was gonna say Erics!
  545. Derfsondeck

    San Miguel /Santa Rosa Island Report

    Very nice Mike glad you finally got off the dock.Great pics!
  546. Derfsondeck

    HOPPY Easter!

    Hah it was in a book I read when i was like 8.Always stuck i guess
  547. Derfsondeck

    HOPPY Easter!

    Happy Easter back at ya!And Bunny Foo foo hopping through the forest.
  548. Derfsondeck

    Probably a stupid question about top shots...

    Thats because its rockfish season and i spend the whole trip snoozin!Sure wish those yellows u guys got wrent so far away Carl by the way I saw that yellow good job bro!
  549. Derfsondeck

    Happy Easter...

    Hah.Happy Easter fags.Rollin on the green zombunny.
  550. Derfsondeck

    Saltwater Shut UP and FISH

    Takin the kid is what its all about.Nice pics.
  551. Derfsondeck

    Probably a stupid question about top shots...

    I would never fish 30 and 50 on the same rod.
  552. Derfsondeck

    That Guy

    Fuck no I'm "That Guy"all the time.I try to cast over every line when Im skip-jigging its fun.
  553. Derfsondeck

    That Guy

    Now I'm rollin.Were on the Freedom a couple years ago Tommy Lee comes storming outta the bunkroom"That drunk fucker in the bunk above me just pissed in his bunk it was raining piss on me!"Pissin on the Capt now thats "That Guy"Dude never did really fish.
  554. Derfsondeck

    Offshore Albacore Outlook for 2013

    I'd be grabbin that knife "Get the fuck back psycho"
  555. Derfsondeck

    Probably a stupid question about top shots...

    Diameter difference in lines.Much better knots with a closer Diameter like 80 braid to 50 fluoro.And you still get plenty of line on your spool.
  556. Derfsondeck

    Ventura and Oxnard BD'ers

    Yeah its a cool place Erika and i have been there a few times.Still gotta try a bacon patty!!!!!!!
  557. Derfsondeck

    Iron Manufacturer Favorite

    Hah who the fuck voted for Sumo?
  558. Derfsondeck

    Maximus boat rods

    OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!(Couple spots left)
  559. Derfsondeck

    Maximus boat rods

  560. Derfsondeck

    Maximus boat rods

    Hey Bill what's the line rating on those rain shadows maybe I can avoid taking a popper rod
  561. Derfsondeck

    Offshore First of the season - HUGE Opah

    Have you actually tried one of those things Scott?If so you got juevos mang those things are gnarly!
  562. Derfsondeck

    Acid Rod- Poor Customer Service

    I always wonder about these posts.Weve never had even the slightest issue.
  563. Derfsondeck

    What is this?

    Thing looks badass
  564. Derfsondeck

    Ranger 85 cited, fishing on the Osborne Bank for rockfish!!!

    Thank you also couple guys are thinking outside the Lynch mob box
  565. Derfsondeck

    Ranger 85 cited, fishing on the Osborne Bank for rockfish!!!

    Very good Carl thank you.there's a lot more to this story than f&G's version
  566. Derfsondeck

    Carl tapped this piece of ass?

    That's gnarly I'm rolling fuckin carl
  567. Derfsondeck

    Nice Tuna With The Marla Crew

    Killer.Howd Matt do?.Im sure he kicked ass as usual.
  568. Derfsondeck

    CISCO'S - Mirage or Aloha Spirit?

    Couldnt have said it better myself.I like Fuqua on the Sea Jay too.
  569. Derfsondeck

    Sooo here's the deal

    I use a Black steel Grabowski special with a JX 6/3.Done some damage at the Lupe.
  570. Derfsondeck

    My SIXTH

    I'd fish with you anyday.
  571. Derfsondeck

    My SIXTH

    Just so you know there is no "Y" in ROOKIE!!!!!!!!!
  572. Derfsondeck

    My SIXTH

    Yeah those threats are pretty scary.
  573. Derfsondeck

    Neighbors dog broke through the fence and attacked mine

    Sucks.Sorry your Bday started off so shitty.
  574. Derfsondeck

    My FIFTH post...or "thread"...with one reply.....Its going to get personal boys...

    I don't know why I'm posting like this is genuine dude trolled me up on all 5 threads.
  575. Derfsondeck

    My FIFTH post...or "thread"...with one reply.....Its going to get personal boys...

    LoPreste shoulda bitch-slapped ya back then it was legal!!!!!!Maybe you wouldn't judge us "idiots" so harshly.Can you see a lot of tuna from up on that pedestal you've put yourself on?
  576. Derfsondeck

    Super Seeker CJBF80H

    Love mine use it for yellows tuna and its a bitchin cbass kelp cutter rod.You can pull like a mofo.
  577. Derfsondeck

    My FOURTH post...some of you guys really need mental help...

    Gotta be someone we know with a little bit of writing skills fuckin around.
  578. Derfsondeck

    My FOURTH post...some of you guys really need mental help...

    must have read your own thread
  579. Derfsondeck

    My THIRD a few friends...
  580. Derfsondeck

    My THIRD a few friends...

    Now that shit is Bloodydecks.
  581. Derfsondeck

    Bishop/Owens River Fish Fest

    Nice Danno.Tell Kyle I said hey!
  582. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Cow Porn

    Hes talking about you losing a super 10 feet from the boat after 3 hours.Guess it didnt happen...........
  583. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Cow Porn

    Carlos I see you lurking!Hey I cant send you a pm I'm gonna call you!!
  584. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Cow Porn

    I'm gonna put little rainbow stickers on em in the middle of the night!!!!!!!!!!
  585. Derfsondeck

    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots...

    GODAMMIT Drew promised he wouldnt tell anyone!
  586. Derfsondeck

    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots...

    Im rollin on the whole deal.If its one of you dumbasses trolling you got a bunch of us again.If it really is some dork judging us then fuck you pal.I'm already sick of reading your holier than thou bullshit.Were hard workers who take care of our families and fish hard.Dont like it go the fuck...
  587. Derfsondeck


    No shit Matt Dannys been fucking em up good.You wanna cow jump on this shit now!Lemme know what happens Matt!
  588. Derfsondeck

    First post to a bunch of idiots...

    Hah fuck yeah
  589. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Cow Porn

    Jeez.Baja and the boys beat em up bad!!!!!!
  590. Derfsondeck

    Humboldt Squid

    MMMM leftover Humboldt.Fuckin Ronkee wouldnt even eat it.What are you trying to scare the Bass to death?
  591. Derfsondeck


    That is a very nice yellowtailed Jack Fish.Sorry i couldnt help it good job!!!!
  592. Derfsondeck

    The Elusive Big Reds

    come up here March 1st you'll catch plenty of those stupid things
  593. Derfsondeck

    California Sheepshead charter boats

    Are Tautogs transexual?
  594. Derfsondeck

    Helgrens Sea Trek can't find there own fish

    THAT is disturbing.My eyes are Under Repair!
  595. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Heading Out

    Thats right!Oct 5th-8th.Those are friends of our on there right now.good luck to them.
  596. Derfsondeck

    The Saltydawg Rail Dawg Special

    Thinkin thats a secret!
  597. Derfsondeck

    The Saltydawg Rail Dawg Special

    Hey Bill I'm assuming theres gonna be a few on my favorite boat to put to use?
  598. Derfsondeck

    It's Rant-thirty!!!!!!

    Really?Very interesting.I'll be calling you sounds like fun.Erikas gonna get pissed after awhile.
  599. Derfsondeck

    Turners Oxnard

    Fuck Turners go to Erics.We need to support local tackle shops not chains.I'm sure Tucker will do a great seminar though.
  600. Derfsondeck

    Helgrens Sea Trek can't find there own fish

    The latest from my favorite........
  601. Derfsondeck

    Helgrens Sea Trek can't find there own fish

    I knew this was comin Simon I've been waiting.GO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!
  602. Derfsondeck

    The Saltydawg Rail Dawg Special

    Hell yeah been dyin to check it out!!!
  603. Derfsondeck

    The Saltydawg Rail Dawg Special

    You bet your life I'm comin over there to wrench on that fucker!!!!!!!Can't wait!!!
  604. Derfsondeck

    It's Rant-thirty!!!!!!

    This is for and about all the stupid fucks out there who think it's O.K. to cut-off a big ass truck in a little piece of shit.Every damn day,usually several times a day,I get cut off by some jack-ass in a little death trap thinkin he's on a race track.ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID????What do you think...
  605. Derfsondeck

    Helgrens Sea Trek can't find there own fish

    Fuckin A Guttermouth!!!!!!!!
  606. Derfsondeck

    Pair of Gladiators

    Wow Bill those are Badass!
  607. Derfsondeck

    1st annual Valentine's Day Poem Contest............

    My names Fred and I'm not gay. But I wrote this stupid poem anyway. Theres a place I go called Bloodydecks Where the mods all have gay buttsex I might get deleted I might get banned Carl has a date with Simons hand I'm so glad fishing season is near Because every one of you is a fuckin queer But...
  608. Derfsondeck

    Do you have a pill problem? I do.

    Call you a pussy?You're my fuckin hero!And you're badass.Aint fuckin easy I've been there.A pussy is the one who makes excuses and keeps going lying to themselves every day.You're gonna be sick a couple days bro stay strong.
  609. Derfsondeck

    Black Avet Raptor HXW

    You're killin me Mike I need one this rod has no motor,
  610. Derfsondeck

    Avet Lineup Wish List

    A wide LX?Their already wide.
  611. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Rules

    Both?Nov and Jan?Thats how you get cows!Fuckin killer Mikey stoked on that your in bro.See what I mean?
  612. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Rules

    Yeah he's booked up pretty solid.Stoked for you Sean great Mike said we were a week early.What a great year we had down there.Weve got 4 charters with very few spots left mostly on our next Jan charter.I wouldnt worry too much about getting charter masters hopes up Jonesy .You wanna go...
  613. Derfsondeck

    Owen's River Ground Hogs Day

    Badass.Love the Lower Owens.
  614. Derfsondeck

    A Week in PV Maximus Style (Pic Heavy)

    That was the tunafairy!
  615. Derfsondeck

    Cow fishing in PV on the Marla IV

    Jeez nice fish Matt.Your waiting paid off big!
  616. Derfsondeck

    Replacement Avet handle

    WTF are you doing to your handles?
  617. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Boat Layout & Bunks

    Alvino is a great guy and awesome on deck.Got a beautiful little family too.Wish nothing but the best for him.
  618. Derfsondeck

    New to Ventura County

    If you like to fish stay where you are.
  619. Derfsondeck

    Honey Mother**ckin Boo-Boo.

    My friend told me if I was ever feeling sorry for myself to watch this show.I swear to God if I ever saw this shit in the crosswalk I fuck up my truck and run it over.Until it was dead. Makes you grateful for what you've got I love you Erika!!!!!!!
  620. Derfsondeck

    A Week in PV Maximus Style (Pic Heavy)

    Used an Accurate spinning rod the boat had 1st trip.Had my bud Ross bring my 6470 with my Trini DC filled with 65 solid for the next trip..That was money.
  621. Derfsondeck

    A Week in PV Maximus Style (Pic Heavy)

    I do.I release em all day long.Aint my fault if they all land in the rsw.
  622. Derfsondeck

    A Week in PV Maximus Style (Pic Heavy)

    Mikey having guys like you on our trips is what makes it so much fun back at ya bro!
  623. Derfsondeck

    A Week in PV Maximus Style (Pic Heavy)

    Keiths crew cuts n vacuum seals and freezes 50 lbs for $100.00.some guys do 1 cooler others do several.We do 1 its all we need.I honestly wouldnt give a shit if we didnt bring any home.I'm after trophies not meat.
  624. Derfsondeck

    many old saltwater reels to sell

    He was mean to me too.So I made a Voo-Doo doll.Now I hope he has a headache that bad man.
  625. Derfsondeck

    A Week in PV Maximus Style (Pic Heavy)

    This thing was brand new when the trip started.Awesome!
  626. Derfsondeck

    A Week in PV Maximus Style (Pic Heavy)

    Popper fishing is the funnest shit ever.Gettin blown up on 10 times on one cast then one sticks.....and comes off......2 seconds later outta the water on again....ohhh dumped em.....Oh shit two tried to eat it.....I had one come off like 150 feet deep and a tuna ate the popper on the retrieve...
  627. Derfsondeck


    Darn.I was hoping you'd start 4 more threads...........
  628. Derfsondeck

    Maximus Boat Layout & Bunks

    Yeah 2 showers in the head style aint no Intrepid but you can get clean.Hey Mike you're in Dec 5th through 8th.Call me.
  629. Derfsondeck

    Punta colonet

    24 miles
  630. Derfsondeck

    New Year in PV

    Awesome nice fish this has to be one of the prettiest fish I've ever seen.