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    2004 Bayrunner Baja 21'

    Price? Mpg? Thanks great looking boat.
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    Inshore Is Nacho's Back On Line?

    It’s Closed.
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    T Top T-Bags. What brand?

    I bought a Fishmaster T-bag 2 seasons ago. It Sagged, and It’s now fallen apart, and needs to be replaced. I am looking for a new one that may last longer, and not sag. what do you use, and is it worth what you spent?
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    Why Do Boats Do This Sh* *

    The title of this post should be “Why do fisherman post shit like this?”
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    Final Offshore trip for the season

    Thanks for the report!
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    Islands Catalina reflections 9-1 to 9-3

    Respect you your falling brother. Glad you got a Dodo!
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    Offshore Wide Open Dorado

    This is what dreams are made of! Great job Dad!
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    Offshore Dodos and Grandson

    4 ft blue shark had lunch. My grandsons first ever Dorado, and he gets sharked!
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    1 Dead 3 Rescued off Catalina Sept 3

    Tragic. May she rest easy, and peacefully. Respects to her family and friends. .
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    Offshore Dodos and Grandson

    Went hard from Pedro to just short of the 209. My grandson joined me for the first time this season. All I could think about was to put him on the meat. Well, mission accomplished.
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    Offshore Fishing with Billy K 8/30/22

    Well! “If they are not hating on yo, then you ain’t SHIT!!!”
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    Offshore I might be the only skunk!

    Our bait died early. Shitty bait. Anyhow, chunked it up, tossed it out, and brought them to the boat. Tossed chunk with a hook, and landed 4 in minutes.
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    Boat Ho’s needed

    Thanks John. Please Dm your contact info to me, and I will add you to my list. Thank you.
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    Boat Ho’s needed

    Tomorrow is not in the cards bro.
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    Boat Ho’s needed

    I am putting together a ”Boat Ho” list. 2018 22 ft COBIA center console slipped in San Pedro 90 gallon gas tank for plenty of range. I can fish offshore Osborne Bank to Desperation Reef, and anywhere in between I usually try to fish 2 days a week. 1 weekday, 1 weekend day. I have a select...
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    Offshore BFT’s and Asshats Fishing for boats 8/12-8/14

    What size MadMac? I use a 200 Madmac . I have crimped 6 ft leader of 200lb mono. I use an actual stiff trolling rod. I attempted to troll fast with a rail rod, and the tip seems to flexible and the MadMac will bounce out.
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    Offshore BFT’s and Asshats Fishing for boats 8/12-8/14

    Karma at its finest! You trolled EXTREMELY close to the edge, pushing the fish down , WELL IN RANGE of our cast. ( not to mention you actually trying to troll thru 50 run and gun boats) you deserved losing your line just as well as ASSHAT #2 deserved your line and a new seal!!! Hopefully you...
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    Offshore BFT’s and Asshats Fishing for boats 8/12-8/14

    1 foamer, 3 blind strikes. 12-16 mph
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    Offshore BFT’s and Asshats Fishing for boats 8/12-8/14

    Fished Friday for 2 100 lb models on Mad Macs at Mack Bank! Fished Saturday for 2 more same location and method. Fished Sunday for 0 on Madmac, popper, jigs. Now on to the Asshats!! I am not sure why, but maybe my boat is magnet for Asshats. I would troll far away(half a mile minimum) from...
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    Offshore 8/14 BFT at Mackerel Bank

    Yup. I was out there. Fineckytuna today. Put 4 on the boat the past 2 days. Today was plenty of life, but they gave us the fin!
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    150 Clear Feed Poppers

    I found 1! Just 1 on the interwebs! I also found 2 Madmacs! Just 2! Paid retail for both. It was after checking for hours over a couple weeks. So to pay $5 more for the man’s inconvenience is not an issue. He could be a Dick and ask $75 a pop, and people will pay. Madmacs are $150-$250 on eBay!
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    Offshore Bluefin Love Penis

    Your BFT‘s probably have monkeypox! i Think I seen you out on the water. You rock a rainbow 🌈 flag , right?
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    You have me confused with someone else. Thanks for the compliment tho!

    You have me confused with someone else. Thanks for the compliment tho!
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    Offshore What I learned about fishing Madmac for BFT

    150lb braid to 200 lb mono crimped, attached via 200lb swivel. 5x treble hook. Trolled at 13 mph. Lost a Madmac on direct 200 lb mono to madmac. Maybe shark took it. Clean cut on line.
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    Offshore 4th times a charm 7/29

    Negative, 80 Lb top shot on 65 lb braid
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    Offshore 4th times a charm 7/29

    Avet JX raptor, phenix hybrid xh 65 braid, 80 top shot
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    Offshore 499 to SBI. Bluefin advice

    Got them at Turners. I changed the hooks. Stock hooks are garbage.
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    Offshore A Day of Paddy Hopping and Chasing Foamers (7/29/22)

    What kind of popper was getting bit? Thanks!
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    Offshore 499 to SBI. Bluefin advice

    69 lb is to light. 100 minimum when high speed trolling. Match the hatch. We crushhed the foamers with these. Notice how small they are and that they look like what the BFTs are keyed in on? Good luck next time.
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    Islands Catalina west end update - BFT breaking all over - not one landed

    Match the hatch! There belly’s are full of these, as millions upon millions of micro bait have polluted the water! 😆
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    Islands Catalina west end update - BFT breaking all over - not one landed

    Yesterday, ran straight up to the formers 20 ft away and threw small Chovy colt snipers. Bit them all day long! Fish did not mind us right next to them!
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    Offshore 7/29 snail, 499

    How are you rigging the Madmacs?
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    Offshore 4th times a charm 7/29

    Run and gun, Colt Snipers on foamers after tide swing, when the ocean came alive. We went 2 for 9. We are happy and sore. We had some great fights! Started our fishing day at 499, and put a total of 182 miles from Pedro and back. Fished all over. 70 mile drive home. I’m tired. Fish every damn...
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    Offshore 7/8: SD to Catalina looking for BFT

    Thanks for the info. Best of luck next time out.
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    Offshore First personal tuna, memorable fight

    Wow! You munched down on that heart!!!! Big Ups to you! :beerbang::beerbang:
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    Offshore 7/1 Blue Devils...

    Great report! Thank you, and Happy Independence Day!
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    Offshore Fathers Day Outing 061922

    A true fathers day gift! Congrats!
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    Offshore June 11 - BFT at the Knuckle

    This Sunday as I was on the water I would volunteer reports over the radio. I shared my location and what we experienced. In return, many others volunteered their reports also. I was happy to hear the responses. That is how it should be. The radio should not be used to talk shit, insult other...
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    Offshore June 11 - BFT at the Knuckle

    I agree 💯!!! $200 round trip just to tow my boat to shelter island. Good to see your efforts paid off! Our catch is that much more satisfying for damn sure.
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    Offshore Sunday 6/12 43-302-425-371

    Massive fish jumping everywhere.
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    Offshore Sunday 6/12 43-302-425-371

    Quick report for ya. 425 by 8am massive amount of fish jumping from 40 to 200 lb surrounding the boat for 15 min. No love with everything tossed out at them. Onto the 302. No marks or visual on fish. Move to the 425 to see a another school of mixed fish. Again no love. Move to the 371, 4 more...
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    Gonzaga and Bahia De Los Angeles 1st week of May

    Fished 3 days in BDLA. 2 with Joel Sr, and 1 with Ricardos guy Luis. caught groupers all 3 days past La Guarda.
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    Gonzaga and Bahia De Los Angeles 1st week of May

    Yes. Snowy groupers. 500-700 ft deep in BDLA!
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    Gonzaga and Bahia De Los Angeles 1st week of May

    We fished with Big Bass Sportfishing from San Felipe. Capt Juan Cook introduced us. Launched out of Papa Fernandez. Good guys!
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    BOLA. May 6th, 7th and 8th

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    Gonzaga and Bahia De Los Angeles 1st week of May

    Fun times! Pics only!
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    Heading down to Gonzaga May1-3, then to BDLA 3-9! can not wait!
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    Big gulfy

    Nice! Can’t wait to get down there in 3 weeks With Deadheads in hand!
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    Gonzaga Captain recommendations

    What’s up fellow Baja fishermen? I am headed to Gonzaga Bay in early May. I am looking for a captain and contact info to fish for 1 Day, before we hit Bola for a week. Thanks in advance.
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    Stay strong. I’ve lost a few good humans in my life to this crap. A couple younger than you. 👊🏼

    Stay strong. I’ve lost a few good humans in my life to this crap. A couple younger than you. 👊🏼
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    HB Sadboy 😞 First Trump loses, now this? Say its not so…….
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    Offshore Pelagic CA Tuna Challenge

    Since Evan did not win, does that mean Chad Gerliech won? 😜
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    Offshore Pelagic CA Tuna Challenge

    To think, this all could have been avoided if the tournament director followed his own rules, and not bent them. 🤮🤮🤮
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    Offshore Pelagic CA Tuna Challenge

    Did it have a Number stapled to its gill plate?
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    Offshore MY BEST DORADO TRICK EVER... Whats Yours?

    Whenever I hook the first dorado, I reel it to the boat and keep it in the water to attract his buddies, and wait for the next bite. I always try to keep one hanging. I also will spray water from the wash down pump, into the water. It attracts the dodos. They think it’s small baitfish trying to...
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    Offshore 8/27 Lots of beautiful empty paddies 267, 209 & 312

    I pretty much did the same for nothing yesterday. Very ugly water, and empty paddies.
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    BOLA 8/14-8/15

    Wish I could have seen this jerks post. I’m surprised I missed it. I would have loved to kick him in his internet nuts!
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    Offshore 8-22 Avalon Bank - Slide - 152 - 277 - 289 - SCI - Mackerel Bank

    Yes yes yes!!!! This is a greatly appreciated post. May your next trip be limits of fish, and not limits of miles. Btw, It’s still better than a good day at work!
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    Offshore East and Catalina Foamer Fest 8/8

    Yes. Tail whacked lines from all the fish when we hooked up. we learned to keep drag loose when first getting them out of the massive amounts of fish crashing, then tighten up and hold on!!
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    60 lb flouro. Fresh. Tady 4/0 it came back frayed. It may have rubbed against other fish.

    60 lb flouro. Fresh. Tady 4/0 it came back frayed. It may have rubbed against other fish.
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    Offshore East and Catalina Foamer Fest 8/8

    8:am til we left at 6 pm. Foamer s all day long in every direction. Water was flat.
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    Offshore East and Catalina Foamer Fest 8/8

    Any Tady. Scramble egg, mint, green and white, blue and white, and landed mine on Chrome with blue.
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    Offshore East and Catalina Foamer Fest 8/8

    Thank you. Friday was 100 mile trip for nada!
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    Offshore East and Catalina Foamer Fest 8/8

    What a day. Hit East Eand Cat 6:30 am. Looked for yellows. Dogs were heavy so we moved out towards the slide. First foamer spotted 1 mile off island. 3rd foamer triple hookup. One line snaps 50 lb flouro. another 50 snaps, buddy on his fish for 10 minutes going hard. SNAP!!! 3 jigs lost...
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    Offshore Catalina to the 277

    When you pull up to a foamer with thousands of fish going crazy on bait, and you launch your jig into the fury of ravaging tuna, and You yell I’m bit, then spend the next 10 minutes reeling it in only to find it was foul hooked, IS NOT un-sportsman like. It’s just what happens. It is what it is.
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    Offshore 7-25 afternoon 277 Bite?

    Left slip in San Pedro 1pm. Made way to Newport. Spotted nada. Ran to 14 . Formers pop a couple times. To many boats. Decided to leave. Went to the 277. Arrived at 3:30. Plenty of formers to play Whack A Mole. No Biters!!!!! However we did catch 3 30 lbers. So thick, we ended up foul hooking...
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    Offshore Afternoon/evening Bluefin hunt 7/13

    Ok ok ok, I’ll bring a bow and arrow.
  68. fish&snow

    Offshore Afternoon/evening Bluefin hunt 7/13

    The hell with it. Next trip I’m bringing a gun and gonna shoot the jumpers!! :imdumb:
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    Offshore Bluefin show

    No. I will next time. I just wanted to get em on the jig.
  70. fish&snow

    Offshore Bluefin show

    I did the same shit yesterday. Chased fish from mackeral bank to the 277 and back to the bank. Fish everywhere, but as stated they wanted nothing to do with our offerings 130 miles of driving. I quit!!!
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    Inshore DP "boat record"

    Perfect! I love taking my grandson out. Our last trip out, we left the fishing gear behind and went snorkeling at Catalina with his grandma and a go pro!! Best damn memories. He’s 13 years old now and introduces me to his friends as the coolest grandpa ever.
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  73. fish&snow


    Still a deal if you ask me. Way better than a 4 pack here. Plus you are actually killing REAL fish!
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    Late report BOLA May 6-9 pics do the talking

    I have never got an fmm in 40 yrs of driving south. Only when I fly.
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    BOLA 5/15-5/19

    Just returned a few days ago. The 5 is excellent.
  76. fish&snow

    stealing fish from freezers ?

    Brisas service is excellent.
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    Islands 4/2 Friday night Toronado out of Pierpoint Landing roll call!

    Not trying to knock anyone’s trip. i wish all the anglers the best when on the water. Safety is first. Beers are second, and fish are icing on the cake. Btw, I got my info from NOAA.
  78. fish&snow

    Islands 4/2 Friday night Toronado out of Pierpoint Landing roll call!

    Because it’s gonna be 10 to 20 knots with 4-6ft seas. Btw Sorry about your feelings of someone leaving a comment about the weather. I hope my post did not ruin your day or weekend.
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    Inshore Ling lings!

    Deep fried ling in a beer batter with homemade chips. Best fish and chips in the game!
  80. fish&snow

    Offshore barracuda in Long Beach Harbor in March

    I caught a small Cuda last Saturday in Pedro Along the wall. About 9 inches long. I was shocked as well.
  81. fish&snow

    Bay / Harbor Bugging out for the last time this season.

    I keep limits for two in the Yeti tank with a big bag of ice on top. Holds them over til the next day nicely. The picture has all 21 in it.
  82. fish&snow

    Bay / Harbor Bugging out for the last time this season.

    I used to buy the salmon heads, bring Bonita from my freezer, etc etc. Once I started using fresh bait, my numbers increased. It’s not always a slam dunk. It can be quite frustrating at times, but I did have a great end of the season vs the start.
  83. fish&snow

    Bay / Harbor Bugging out for the last time this season.

    We hoopnet. That is my buddy in shorts and tall rubber boots.
  84. fish&snow

    Bay / Harbor Bugging out for the last time this season.

    My Honey hole has been doing well. Fresh bait is key!
  85. fish&snow

    Bay / Harbor Bugging out for the last time this season.

    Limits by 9pm for 3. Another great quick night on the water. 3/13 San Pedro. Good times this season.
  86. fish&snow

    Bugging out AGAIN! 3/6

    Limits for 2 under 3 hrs. Windy as all hell at 5 pm launch. Rescued 2 kayak renters from killing themselves. Loaded them into the boat and returned them safely to shore. Got to my honey hole. Weather went dead calm. Dropped first set at 6:45. 5 keepers first set. 2 more sets to limit. 14 total...
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    Friday 3/5 Izors

    I spy a Guitar fish!
  88. fish&snow

    Bugging Out

    Local Fun in San Pedro. 16 keepers of 20.
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    Lobster Catalina Island 11/16/20

    Going out to Cat for lobster this weekend. Never set traps at the island before. Any suggestions or tips? Thanks
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    Hooping last night 11/14

    Went out Saturday night. No love for our efforts. Not a thing. We did lose 1 net. Not sure why, maybe a seal took it for a ride.
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    Trump Flags

    TP is in shortage again. 2020 Trump flag Life Hack!
  92. fish&snow

    Trump Flags

    Trump flags will be the new Mylar Balloon.
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    Offshore 371 fishing Nov 1

    We headed down that way. Did not meter any fish or get any on the troll. However we did see 1 boat land a troll yft in the area.
  94. fish&snow

    Offshore 371 fishing Nov 1

    I’m tired. It’s late. I started early. Quick report. Trailer down from Fontana 3:30 am. On water at 6:30. On first kelp at 371 for all you can play with small 6 Lb YTail. Kept 4 out of about 15 between partner and I. Played nice with a few other boaters on the paddie . All nailing fish, with...
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    Mario's Fish Processing Help

    Take all my fish there Multiple times a year, and get great service.
  96. fish&snow

    Shogun - Police

    It’s fucked up!!! Hope they get the true help they need to get off the bullshit! It’s a downward spiral using hard drugs. It takes everything away that is important to you.
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    1997 26' Trophy Pro $17,000

    How many hours on the motor? Thanks.
  98. fish&snow

    Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    Nice American flags on this ☝🏼 Boat in above post. No cult flags! Just keeping it AMERICAN! Keep it patriotic. Old Glory!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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    Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    It was confirmed on Fox News yesterday! 😳 Disgraceful. But then again, nothing new.
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    Trump Boat Parade!!!!

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    SOLD- skipjack with 300 supercharged mercury

    What’s the MPG, and range of the 60 gallons? Thanks
  102. fish&snow

    1996 17ft cc cobia 8200$

    Does it have a live bait tank? What are the hrs on the motor? Thanks
  103. fish&snow

    Anyone used the cross border xpress?

    Tooooooo easy!!!! A
  104. fish&snow

    2006 SeaPro WA2200

    I have $100 for ya!
  105. fish&snow

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    What a bunch of asshats!!! None of you own a single drop of the ocean! “Look! My cock is bigger than yours” who gives a flying fuck!!! Get on the water, drink cold beers with friends and family. Appreciate each other. Catch fish. Go home and make love to the old lady. (Or your hand, if no old...
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    10 more days and I will set foot back on the island.
  107. fish&snow

    Offshore The tuna bite

    Go to San Diego. Fish an overnighter for maximum fishing time during the day. Thunderbird and Long Beach boats have to travel a long way with short fishing windows. Enjoy, and good luck!
  108. fish&snow

    Offshore Submarine

    Columbian white coffee transport.
  109. fish&snow

    Offshore Dont know where this belongs....

    They should compensate him in some way. Either cash, or a trip with food and beer.
  110. fish&snow

    Offshore 10/7 Report from 425/371

    Nice! Seen you out there. I was on the identical Key west as you. The call out with numbers to the hot bite was great. We got 4 YF and lost 2. Caught just as many skippies. Lots of boats made some quick fish thanks to the Captain with the numbers. We could not stop talking about what a great...
  111. fish&snow

    Need 2-3 in my 22’ Boston whaler center console Tuesday sept 24

    My son (20 yrs olds) and I are willing to split cost. We are avid fishermen, and boaters. I can also bring all the ice we need. Pm me. Thank you
  112. fish&snow

    Advice on roads to BOLA

    Hwy 5 is under construction in many spots. Drove up from BDLA 2 weeks ago on the 5. It was a nice drive tho with 4x4.
  113. fish&snow

    Offshore 3 species day 9-12 Thursday

    The freedom boats in SD do not have trim tabs. Up in Huntington and LA they have trim tabs, cut boards and deck brush. Trim tabs make for a better ride. Congrats on the trifecta! I have a boat scheduled next Friday out of SD.
  114. fish&snow

    Offshore 9/12 - 302 to South 9 - YFT and BFT

    Sharing is caring! Good on you for wanting to share the info to help others. I do not mind calling others in on a good bite, or stating what is working to get bit. Fuck that “oh he must be a weekender” mentality. I don’t give a fuck what day of the week it is! Get out when you can. Share the...
  115. fish&snow

    Real world Cedros gear info?

    Fish processing is the best. Bucket on boat for the lady to tinkle. Boats are yours to come back and forth to the landing when you want, bring liquor if that’s your thing. Very limited on Island. 3 poles works great. 40lb jig, 50lb , 60lb. Travel light, they will wash your clothes. You can then...
  116. fish&snow

    First trip BOLA

    Very cool. I was out there this weekend. Simply amazing.
  117. fish&snow

    natulas gallant lady,cleans its bellows in bola.

    That boat looked like it caught fire Monday morning. Black smoke rising at a rapid rate. Pangas that were making bait began to rush towards the boat, and it then seamed to have stopped. Not sure what was going on.
  118. fish&snow


    Nice! Heading down Friday. Woo boo!
  119. fish&snow

    toll booth advice to Ensenada ?

    Toll booths are now mandatory again. Booths are being operated by the proper authorities. Mexico’s immigration is also checking for passports. Safe travels to all. I will be driving down next Friday to BDLA to fish and swim with the whale sharks. I will post a report.
  120. fish&snow

    Tuna in range from San Pedro?

    Freedom went to mex! There instagram sad they were going for tuna and passengers needed a Mexican fishing license.
  121. fish&snow

    Cedros Advice

    . You may want to edit your post to reflect Cedros Sportfishing as the correct destination. People will confuse it for the wrong/other destination. You are absolutely right about it being the best and Rosie being the best addition also!
  122. fish&snow

    Where to fish next?

    I will be at Jardines in the near future. I will need to remind myself to avoid meeting Fishbuck. Seems a little too cuckoo to handle.
  123. fish&snow

    43 intel? Anyone out there today?

    Flew the kite all day. Not a fish in sight. Appears other boats had the same issue.
  124. fish&snow

    Offshore BOOYAA! 2 day aboard Chief!

    Holy shit Batman! All I see are 3 big asses!
  125. fish&snow

    Coronado Islands “Video”

    Cool fishing video! That audio tho! Has me want to drop Molly and break out some glow sticks!
  126. fish&snow

    Half day boats inflating fish counts

    The bullshit post is this one! Why in the hell did you superimpose yourself holding my gaff and fish? Smh
  127. fish&snow

    Best Way To Travel to San Quintin

    Drove thru last month. Your car is fine. Road is in great shape.
  128. fish&snow

    Cedros Advice

    Cedros Sportfishing. Best fillet and vacuumed sealed service included in the trip. Plus you fly straight from TJ. No long border crossing. Fish the same day you land. Rooms are comfortable and service was impeccable. I fished last Oct, and am going again this Oct.
  129. fish&snow

    Recommendations for SQ, LA bay, Loreto, Cedros, East Cape, or even Cabo

    San Q, BAY OF LA, and CEDROS are a no go for resort.
  130. fish&snow

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Build a wall in the ocean so they can keep their pesky caravan of fish from coming into US waters! If you catch any fish without proper papers, SEND THEM BACK!
  131. fish&snow

    Best price for Seaguar Floro Premier?

    Thanks for the report!
  132. fish&snow

    Cat 7-13 quick report

    Another boat and I were fishing a huge bait ball that was being crashed by fish. Cuba’s and Bonita’s, and possibly yellowtail. Full on major boils. You could see this from a long distance. Another boat came running straight for the Nat Geo scene, totally oblivious, and running about 30 knots. I...
  133. fish&snow

    Cat 7-13 quick report

    Great crossing from Pedro and back. East end cat. Only yellows caught on slow trolled sardine in 80 to 110 ft at the light. 2 yellows 15 and 17 lb. Many cuda and Bonita. Shit load of boats and jerks hauling ass past fishing boats. God forbid they run outside the fishing boats. Clueless asshats...
  134. fish&snow

    Looking for crew to fish

    Where are you fishing out of?
  135. fish&snow

    6/14 Local Long Beach Report

    Great job Dan! What did the yellows bite on?
  136. fish&snow

    Catalina 6/05/19 on SlayDay Boat

    Ryan’s boats are very efficient. I had the opportunity to slay on on one earlier this year. It’s a great deal.
  137. fish&snow

    Bahia De Los Angeles May 2019 Fish PORN

    We took hwy 1. It was easy as pie. Crews were working on filling minor potholes. Hwy 5 is a mess from what I have been told and seen on YouTube.
  138. fish&snow

    Bahia De Los Angeles May 2019 Fish PORN

    When I edited the post to advise to click watch on YouTube, it reset YouTube link. It will be blocked again I am sure.
  139. fish&snow

    Bahia De Los Angeles May 2019 Fish PORN

    Click Watch on YouTube. It’s just blocked from watching in Bloody Decks platform.
  140. fish&snow

    Bahia De Los Angeles May 2019 Fish PORN

    Video is just blocked from watching on bloody decks platform. Please click Watch Video On Youtube. Her is an additional edit with drone footage of the bay from Guillermo’s.
  141. fish&snow

    South 9-Mile 5/24

  142. fish&snow

    Bahía Los Angeles 5/18/19

    Did well. We moved out to the pinnacles west of where we all started as a fleet, and found the birdnados hovering over the yellowtail schools. Check my post. Pic heavy.
  143. fish&snow

    Bahia de Los Angeles May -17 -18-19

    Tony, Jason, Gilbert and myself arrived mid afternoon Thursday at Guillermo’s. It was Gilbert and myself first time to B de LA. We unpacked, then 4x4 it up approx 25 miles to the Mission. Had a great experience learning the history from the caretaker and 8th generation Indio, Jose Angel. It was...
  144. fish&snow

    Bahía Los Angeles 5/18/19

    Ha ha! I was on Joel’s boat. That’s my bud Tony you are talking about. He knows all those captains very well as he goes down there multi time a year for the past 18 years. They all fuck with each other and talkl shit. That Saturday morning he and I where screaming at each other as if we had...
  145. fish&snow

    Fish report Bahia de Los Angeles

    :jig: Heading down Thursday, fishing Friday, Saturday, Sunday! I’ll report Monday.
  146. fish&snow

    Bahía de los Ángeles 5/13

    Thanks for the report! Looks like you did very well! My son and I will be arriving in Bahia de Los Angeles Thursday evening. This report has our juices flowing. How much did that grouper weight?
  147. fish&snow

    biosphere annual pass

    You must have a Biosphere pass to fish protected areas in Mexico. The Coronado Islands are a protected Biosphere location.
  148. fish&snow

    Bahía de los Ángeles- March 8

    Yes! It looks like my boys killed it! I wish i could have made the trip. :finger:
  149. fish&snow

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    Pelagic had 2 boardshorts for $40 and 2 Technical shirts for $40. Shorts and shirts i bought retail for just under $300. I walked away for $80. Hell of a deal.
  150. fish&snow

    My first and last time buying a Phenix rod

    10 Phenix rods in my quiver. I have fished the hell out of them. Not a single issue with any of them. I can not say the same for other rods I own.
  151. fish&snow

    Rpt-Sat.-02-23-19 Limits of Frozen Bass!

    Chilly start to the day for sure. Shortly after you pulled out and headed to the Shoe, A boat hooked into a big Black Seabass! They released it safely. I would say it was at least 40 pounds from our distance of view.
  152. fish&snow

    Cedros Advice

    Slow troll Macs, and Jigs. We slayed em in October. Limits everyday of Yellows and Dorado. Best fishing of my life!
  153. fish&snow

    Offshore FINALLY for Pops 11/3

    Mad respect to Pops!
  154. fish&snow

    Cedros 10-8/10-11

    Nice report! I am heading down this Saturday. How did you pack your rods? Tip broken? I have mine in rod socks bundled together. Thanks
  155. fish&snow

    Offshore Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    That fucken sucks! I have had the same shit happen to me over the past few seasons from the sporties, who shall remain nameless. Just as many from PBers.
  156. fish&snow

    Offshore Yft u.s waters

    Another worthless report.
  157. fish&snow

    Offshore Aztec 09.24-09.26 Reverse 1.75 Day

    Wow! What a great report Danny! This is Jamie, the long haired guy on the boat. It was an absolute pleasure to stand at the rail with you. We cranked harder than I ever wish to again. Ha Ha. Shoulder is feeling better than I thought it would. Your depiction of the trip is spot on! Great detail...
  158. fish&snow

    Offshore SCI on the water report: 9/22/18 3:40p.m.

    Cant wait! Heading out Monday afternoon til Wed morning!
  159. fish&snow

    Mussel Farm 9/22

    Hit the Farm at 8 am. Great blue water. 18 boats. Witnessed a few big Bonito pulled in upon arrival. My pops landed the first fish 5 lb Bone on flylined dean about 30 min after arrival. Made a couple moves around for an hr as others occasionally pulled in fish. Decided to jig deep with a...
  160. fish&snow

    Offshore 9-18 9- hidden to hide me

    Looks like shitty snotty slop out there. Nice Dodo!
  161. fish&snow

    Found some tackle

    This is a remote control to someones auto pilot. I am sure they are missing that.
  162. fish&snow

    Offshore Called others in but no one came dodo and yellows limit

    I love the ignorance on the radio by grown men acting like they are in high school! Great report, and good on your for trying to share your numbers!
  163. fish&snow

    Offshore Bluefin on the plastic squid thing 8/11

    Great story for years to come! Congrats!
  164. fish&snow

    Report at the Cornado Islands?

    Great report! You are a hell of a story teller. Such great detail! Thanks!
  165. fish&snow

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Thanks Momma Bear! Ill take your advice and spend my money elsewhere.
  166. fish&snow

    3 Bs on Cat’s Frontside 8/2

    Try and unlock your iphone!
  167. fish&snow

    Friday LB Trolling for 1 Giant Rocket

    Space X. They Placed it out by the Cabrillo Marina on Saturday. Cool!
  168. fish&snow

    Offshore Submarines, navy warships, sea shepard, Comedy fishing video 6-21-2018

    That Sub was Vladimir Putin.Its the Trump-Putin back channel. It was on Fox and friends.
  169. fish&snow

    Offshore Submarines, navy warships, sea shepard, Comedy fishing video 6-21-2018

    Best damn video I have seen in a long time! Thank you for entertainment!
  170. fish&snow

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    Oh shit!!!! Trumps tariffs are hitting home! Ill be sure to ask for a receipt going forward. Thanks for the fish report!
  171. fish&snow

    Catalina on the Patriot 6/13/18

    Welfare Wednesday Ha Ha! Funny shit from a Baller on a Budget open party rider. (sarcasm) Nice catch BTW.
  172. fish&snow

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    How did you know he was an illegal alien from Canada? His brown skin? His rosary? Ignorance is bliss! Those THIEVES (we know for a FACT they are thieves) need their asses kicked, and their hands broken.
  173. fish&snow

    5-8 Muscle, Southeast bank, 150, etc

    5:30 out of HH. Dirty water. Muscle farm had lots of bait and birds with a few marks of fish. No love 6:30 to 8 am. Southeast bank for dink rockfish. 150, bait, no fish. Izors for crickets. The wall on the way in for no love. Water was just DIRTY as all hell Everywhere. I did manage to a 6 Pack...
  174. fish&snow

    Pursuit at Catalina 5/3/18

    Thanks for the report and good feedback on the boat! I always wondered about their operation,
  175. fish&snow

    Reel Recomendation

    Check out Pacific Edge tackle in Huntington Beach. Mark owns the shop. You can order it online from the shop.
  176. fish&snow

    Reel Recomendation

    In The Gray by Mark Wisch. Excellent So Cal Island water guide.
  177. fish&snow

    4/20 stupid fishing

    Wow! You must have smoked some really good shit. Ha ha. :smoking33:
  178. fish&snow

    How to fish the Yummy

  179. fish&snow

    Free calico bass webinar April 12th at 7:00 p.m.

    Is there a link to your previous webinars? I missed your Offshore webinar. Thanks for the great info you share. Tight lines!
  180. fish&snow

    BINGO BANGO! 4-7

    Here are some pics. CPR Catch Photo Release.
  181. fish&snow

    BINGO BANGO! 4-7

    1.5 Red Crab
  182. fish&snow

    BINGO BANGO! 4-7

    Left Cabrillo at 8AM. Halfway to Angles Gate, meters massive loads of Chovie. Decided to drop down. Bingo Bango! Turned into 4 hrs of non stop Bass action. Over 100 Bass for 2. All sizes. Many barely legal. All fish released. They bit red crab Hookup bait. Hit a small Chovie looking jig (small...
  183. fish&snow

    Rpt.-04-05-18 Quality Sand Bass at Izor's Reef.

    Slow day, Ha Ha! You crack me up! I need more slow days like yours! LOL
  184. fish&snow

    Good Friday Ghost Hunting!

    aweeeeee Sashimi!!!!!
  185. fish&snow

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    Fox News Hannity Tucker Carlson Spin Doctors Voo Doo
  186. fish&snow

    Great week in LA area waters!

    I am going drifting tomorrow. Was this in the L.A area? i may go to Dana from HH. Thanks
  187. fish&snow

    Offshore New Lo An 11/18: Bluefin Tuna Trip of a Lifetime. GO NOW!!!!!!

    The red ribbon was their secret to attracting the Tuna. I was on this trip and these boys were hooked up, doing the full boat tour all day long. Every time you heard under or over, it would be a rod with that red ribbon. I was getting real tired of these guys walking there Tunas in front of us...
  188. fish&snow

    WTB HXW either raptor, or single

    I have what you are looking for. Check your pm. :-)
  189. fish&snow

    Offshore LIMITS (60) Bluefin 90-160lb on the Ranger 85 1.5 day

    Yeah, whatever..... I caught a 19lb Yellowfin over the weekend. You don't hear me bragging about it.
  190. fish&snow

    Long Beach bassin. 8/16

    Leave early at gray and return early.
  191. fish&snow

    Catalina same day report 8/13

    The stoke is real! Great job Dad!
  192. fish&snow

    Offshore 8/13/17 DP to 209, 181, 279 70 miles RT Skunk#5

    I had the same shitty report yesterday. FishDope reported the same crap I posted. It was just bad for most in those areas. My go pro footage from yesterday only showed a Mola and 1 Yellow, for approximately 12 paddies.
  193. fish&snow

    Offshore 8/12 14 mile / 279

    Alarm goes off 3:30 am, roll ass out of bed Picked up nice deans from Nachos 5:45 am. Ran to the 14 nice clean water 71.3 Trolled daisy chain and sardine. Zig zag to the 279. 267 Few kelps all with bait on em, no fish. Many boats. Did not see anybody hook up. Zig zag some more towards 209...
  194. fish&snow

    Offshore Mahi Mahi 14 mike bank & 267 Friday 8-11

    Sounds like a great day. What did they bite?
  195. fish&snow

    08/11 - Catalina, Call me farmer Ed...

    Nice report! Awesome pic!
  196. fish&snow

    Offshore Good day but...

    Planned parenthood doctor!
  197. fish&snow

    Offshore Oceanside Harbor Intel 8/9/17

    The Halibut was caught on the kite!
  198. fish&snow

    Where to make bait at Catalina?

    Hey BDers. I am going to fish Cat next week for 3 maybe 4 days. I am looking for any info on where to make bait around the island. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  199. fish&snow

    Shimano is smart

    Buddy of mine just reported he and a bro landed 4 today. All on flatfall, and all colors worked. Good luck out there!
  200. fish&snow


    Scored a scoop and a half, of Deans from nachos yesterday.
  201. fish&snow

    Offshore Rpt.Tues.-07-25-17 Big Bluefin at SCI-Desperation Reef!

    WTG Corey! Ive never been on the Toronado. Do they have a RSW?
  202. fish&snow

    which boat?

    awesome report! Thanks
  203. fish&snow

    Offshore Bluefin around the 43

    Solid! Enjoy the stoke!
  204. fish&snow

    LA Jolla 7/14

    Im gonna buy a baby gull online, then raise and train it to drop bait on fish!
  205. fish&snow

    Catalina mid-week report 7/10 to 7/13

    Once again, great report!
  206. fish&snow

    Offshore Marlin

    Nice catch! :smoking33:
  207. fish&snow

    Fished Catalina 6/28 on the Sportking w/ 60 other people

    Yes sir. Works great for me. Joined last May and got out 32 times before the new year.
  208. fish&snow

    Fished Catalina 6/28 on the Sportking w/ 60 other people

    I would pay a little more and get on overnighters. Way more rail space. I would spend lots of money, but had great times. My problem is that i always had one of my kids with me and the price doubled or tripled, depending on how many kids I took with me, so I decided to join a boat club and we go...
  209. fish&snow

    Is this a record Seabass on Pole and Line ?

    That biscuit has slopped up all the gravy!
  210. fish&snow

    Sean schools the Old Man at Catalina 6/5 to 6/8 - big yellows!

    What a way to live!!!! Congrats to Sean for being a fishing beast!
  211. fish&snow

    Catalina 6-4 for Just 1 Bass

    It was on a drift. Does that count?
  212. fish&snow

    Catalina 6-4 for Just 1 Bass

    Hopefully it will be your turn soon!
  213. fish&snow

    Rpt.- Sun.-06-04-17 Pig Catalina Tails and 2 Butts!

    Once again great job! I was 2 boats away from you and could not get a bite to save my life.Got tired of watching everyone else get bit so we left, found nothing, and then came back and snatched up my PB 50 # ghost. Great day to be on the water. So slick to and from the island.
  214. fish&snow

    Catalina 6-4 for Just 1 Bass

    Left HH at 5:30 am. Flat calm across the pond. Picked up squid from LB Carnage front of Avalon 6:45. Headed around back. 3Vs packed with boats. Watched many haul in 15-20 lb yellows. No bites for me and my son. We decide to head to Little Harbor at 10 am. No life that we can see. Headed back to...
  215. fish&snow


    Heres the the Izors 33.39.026N 118.6.109W If you download to your phone the Navionics App, you can punch those numbers in, and it will get you to the spot. Go get those kids on some fish! I went out last week to the Izors, with kids the similar age as yours, and we stoked the hell out of...
  216. fish&snow

    Overnight boats Recommendations- LB, Ventura/Oxnard, Los Angeles

    The Freedom is a great boat with lots of rail room. The only issue I ever had was with the rude prick of a cook, Martin. The good thing is i ran into Martin while picking up squid from the Long Beach Carnage last week. He is no longer on the Freedom! Thank goodness. He lacks people skills.
  217. fish&snow

    Cat Sunday 5/21/17 east front and home..

    I've counted over 100 mylar ballots over the past 4 trips. I will never ever buy those damn things again!.
  218. fish&snow

    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    I am sure glad i do not have to deal with that shit show anymore! good luck when the season really gets going! :hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli:
  219. fish&snow

    Salt creek 5-5

    Good on the OP for trying to hook up peeps with no way to get out and play! I hope you, and whoever rolls out with you, slays em! Screw the BADASS FISHERMEN who don't like your generosity with the intel. I never have a problem sharing info. Shit last Sunday, a very cool ass couple hailed us in...
  220. fish&snow

    Rpt.-Sun.04-30-17 Izor's, 150 and the Shoe!

    You need to give us all a seminar on how to consistantly kick bass! I was at the Izors also. My kids dropped their line in and BAMMMM each with 5 lb sandies within the first 30 seconds of our day. We ended up with 5 Very nice sandies and 1 Calico. I also heard you guys on 16, reporting a huge...
  221. fish&snow

    Rpt.-04-06-17 Catalina Bound uturn to Izor's!

    Solid report as usual. :-):-)
  222. fish&snow

    Back in the Saddle Again - Catalina Seabass - 3/18

    all i can say is WWWWOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW! Great job!
  223. fish&snow

    upcoming Toronado 12/3 this saturday 1.5day please bring a little more $

    Just got off the Toronado this morning. Water temp was 58. Current out there in the late afternoon, early evening, was fast and 8OZ weights would not get down to the fish about 150 ft. We boated 8 BFT in the morning, without a single bite the rest of the day. I have gone out to Tanner twice in...
  224. fish&snow

    Offshore Bluefin 100lb's on Freedom Nov 5th - Tanner Bank

    Those fish can beat the shit out of you! Here is yesterdays jackpot, caught by my buddy. 54 inch tall, 38 inch waist.
  225. fish&snow

    Offshore Bluefin 100lb's on Freedom Nov 5th - Tanner Bank

    The Today's jackpot on the Freedom 18 BFT 80-110 lb on water report
  226. fish&snow

    Offshore Friday 10/28 solo trip

    Sounds like a better day than I had! I had a F........ UP day at work! I never throw away my extra bait. I always ziplock them and and freeze it for the next trip. It makes for great chum.
  227. fish&snow

    Offshore Limits of Tuna. Wfo. 10-23-16

    You need to change your name from Fishingguy, to THISFUCKENGUY!!! Ha ha! Because every time i read your post, I say "THIS FUCKEN GUY"! Great job again!
  228. fish&snow

    Offshore 2 more at the 277 10/22

    My boy and I headed out to the 277 today. Went 2 for 5. Lost first 3 to light line (15lb) and too tight of a drag #2 hook . Lesson learned. Dropped flat fall for instant strike on 40 lb and quickly boated YFT. Then my boy dropped a flat fall and bingo!!!! Found birds circling an area and...
  229. fish&snow

    Yellowfin eating squid?

    Unfortunately I won't be making it out to SCI.
  230. fish&snow

    Yellowfin eating squid?

    I know that squid is the candy bait. I also know that squid has been available for the past week, So I ask, is anyone using the squid to hit the Yellowfin, at the 277? If so, how is working out? I have seen loads of fish out there, and have only caught 1 out of 8 trips, and that was on a flat...
  231. fish&snow

    Offshore What are the odds

    Solid day of solitude!
  232. fish&snow

    Offshore Finally got 1 10/8

    Finally got my first YFT of 2016, after about 8 attempts this season. 277 flat calm. Water 71.6 YFT under terns Flat fall sardine color Amazing weather. Go get em!
  233. fish&snow

    Offshore YFT EVERYWHERE!!!!

    My son and I hit the 277 yesterday and the Tuna were all around us for about 3 - 4 hours. ! did not get a bite on 40# or 30#. My son hooked 2 but lost both of them due to light line, 20#. Also spotted a Billfish launching out the water at The Slide. 0 Tuna for 6 tips. Back at it in the morning!
  234. fish&snow


    Ha ha!! That's how 3/4 days work. Want more room, pay more money. Your best bet is an overnight trip with a limited load and more Fishing time.
  235. fish&snow

    Offshore Giant BF and YF, Dorado too.

    4 trip skunk here. :zelfmoord May just stick to the island on Thursday.
  236. fish&snow

    Offshore My first Cow Tuna Locally and a royal ass kicking.

    Thats an AMAZING post!!! We here enjoyed it, and are hyped for Tuna chasing mañana!
  237. fish&snow

    Offshore Thursday 7/21 209

    Hell Yeah! Way to make it happen!
  238. fish&snow

    Fish processing in OC, or LA

    I know 5 Star is a great processor, but I am looking for any in OC or LA. Thanks guys!
  239. fish&snow

    Offshore Insane foamer action

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin::rockin::rockin::rockin:
  240. fish&snow

    Offshore All Quiet On the Western Front

    I was on the 209 yesterday. I found a dozen paddies. All holding Plenty of Yellows and Dodos. We worked them hard with everything we had. Squids, Dines, Chovies, iron, flatfals, light lines, small hooks etc etc. My son and I had 1 strike each all day. They did chase right up to the boat for...
  241. fish&snow

    Offshore Dorado 12 mi West of LJ

    Heard the chatter on the radio about your Dorado. Was on the 43 when you pulled up. It was crickets out there. Congrats on the Bull!
  242. fish&snow

    Offshore Oside 7/2

    How fast was your troll speed?
  243. fish&snow

    Offshore Oside 7/2

    Thanks for the report!
  244. fish&snow

    Izors 7/2

    I was bummed to be honest. Last Sunday all Nacho had was Chovies, and that sent the Calicos into a frenzy every where we went. Our thumbs where raw from all the catch and release action. I was hoping for the same type of local day.
  245. fish&snow

    Izors 7/2

    Quick report...... Line of boats at Nachos. Only selling squid. Was over the Izors by 7 AM. Lots of birds on Red Crab just outside the break wall. Lots of small bonita. My uncle managed a very big Sandy on the dropper loop. He was super excited, snapped a photo, then slipped, sending his prize...
  246. fish&snow

    ~Love ~Laughing and ~Making Memories ~at Catalina Island on the Victory

    Looks like one hell of a party! Went to Cat today. WFO on the Calico today.
  247. fish&snow

    Pacific Quest involved in rescue at Cat currently 6-25

    Sending thoughts and vibes to the families of the lost souls.
  248. fish&snow

    Take out 4 people for around ~$600?

    Rent a a boat from Boatbound. It can work out well. I have in the past.
  249. fish&snow

    172.45 bluefin Best Father's Day gift ever!!

    Great job!!! What size line did you use?
  250. fish&snow

    Offshore Incredible month of personal best's, insane fishing and good friends

    Whatever......... :nutkick: Thanks for the kick in the balls!
  251. fish&snow

    Offshore BFT Tuesday 6/15

  252. fish&snow

    Wasted money.....

    FYI The Yellowtail Tunas love marshmallows and corn. The real candy. "Save me a piece of that corn!" Nacho Libre
  253. fish&snow

    From East To West

    Living the dream! Family fishing!
  254. fish&snow

    Fishing Apps iOS

    Code Group has links to alll the websites you need within 1 App. Bouyweather, fishweather, tempbreak, Noaa etc, etc.
  255. fish&snow

    Chingo Ling!!!

    So this past week, I had stared at this computer reading all about the BS weather we have had on the water. All the reports of murky water and bad fishing if you even get out. I was chomping at the bit, and jonesing to get on a boat on my birthday, for my first day of fishing season. It was not...
  256. fish&snow

    4/29/16 Lings in La Jolla.

    BOOM! Thats a good day!
  257. fish&snow

    Drone fishing

  258. fish&snow

    Drone fishing

    This looks to easy!
  259. fish&snow

    Long Beach Long & Skinny

    Woohoo for a Wahoo!
  260. fish&snow

    Offshore 9/9 Overnight FAIL on the Freedom

    You were out voted and blame the captain? Tisk tisk! The Freedom is a great boat, and crew! So much room! I have caught shitloads of Tuna this summer on that boat. They just had an off day.
  261. fish&snow

    Incredible edit - Get Pumped

    DOPE! Just DOPE!!!
  262. fish&snow

    Sport boat fillet cleaning prices??

    is there any place out of the L.A. sport boat areas that have fish processing?
  263. fish&snow

    Offshore In Memory Of My Brother

    Respect to you and yours!
  264. fish&snow

    Offshore Sat Aug 22 YFT Report plugged the boat

    Oh the HORROR!!!! Way to kill em!!!!
  265. fish&snow

    Newport Tuna?

    I was on the Western Pride today and we KICKED ASS!!!!! 128 YFT!!!! 1 SkipJack. If you are launching out of Oside. Then you are already with the Fish. We had the power plant in our sights all day. I would say we were about 10 -12 miles out. It was the best day this boat ever had. I was...
  266. fish&snow

    Freedom fish count

    I went out on the Freedom a few weeks ago. The Fish count was not posted from the day before. Turns out they had a problem. NO BAIT. They decided to turn in and give everyone vouchers. The night we went out, Captain told us of the possibility of no bait again. We would be in a holding pattern...
  267. fish&snow

    Native Sun Charter 8/10/15

    Very nice! How memories are made!
  268. fish&snow

    Skb box

    If you ever come out to San bernardino area, hit me up. I will buy it.
  269. fish&snow

    freedom and t-bird

    25 - 30 lb
  270. fish&snow

    freedom and t-bird

    Sunday we fished just a few miles shy of Avalon on the Freedom. Had a slow pick all day with a school of yet.
  271. fish&snow

    Fishing the Freedom 8-2

    No one wanted to wait for the sushi to be served in the kitchen. The kids brought out the fixings and chop sticks. SAVAGES!!
  272. fish&snow

    Fishing the Freedom 8-2

    Jumped on the Freedom out of 22nd St Landing Sat night, and fished all day Sunday with my son, uncle and co-worker. We started trolling and looking for fish aprox 4 miles shy of Avalon, Catalina. Slow start 5:30am. 1 rat yellow on the troll. Slid into a couple paddies for a more rats and a...
  273. fish&snow

    Which flat fall jigs for tuna???

    Amazing jigs. Went out last week and used the 160g anchovy for the very first time. Banged out 2 yft 25lb class in the first 25 min. I then lost the jig on the 3rd 5 min later. I should have retied after landing the first 2. The 3rd was a lot bigger.
  274. fish&snow

    2x Freedom overnight voucher

    Freedom only has limited loads going out at $175. It would be nice if those vouchers would cover that $175, but I doubt it.
  275. fish&snow

    Offshore Bloody Tuna Bloody Decks ( video )

    Nothing like sitting back in a recliner , having a beer, and watching Hardcor porn! Your a stud!
  276. fish&snow

    Drone footage of BFT 1-2 miles off Crystal Cove

    FYI your Vid is on
  277. fish&snow

    Offshore Ten Hrs later...

  278. fish&snow

    local Bluefin monday

    Solid! Cant wait to get out this thursday!
  279. fish&snow

    Drone footage of BFT 1-2 miles off Crystal Cove

    Holly Crap! Mark G is filming with ya! Ha ha! Good dude right there! Tell him Jamie Madrid says Hello!
  280. fish&snow

    Offshore Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    Malahini! Nice!!!! :appl::appl:
  281. fish&snow

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    Vhf if available! Thank you!
  282. fish&snow

    Jimi Hendrix weave completed

    BAD ASS!!!!!!!
  283. fish&snow

    Vessel assit if you don't have it ????????????

    I have and old buddy of mine that would go and get loaded as all hell at the CHI CHI club on Catalina, and he would call vessel assist to tow him back to Daveys. He would sleep all the way back! that dude was nuckin futs!
  284. fish&snow

    Vessel assit if you don't have it ????????????

    Best investment i have ever made! Avalon to Pedro $1500 COVERED!!!!
  285. fish&snow

    boat junk yard?

    Yeah I ran across their web page, and it peeked my interest. looking forward to visiting. Thanks!
  286. fish&snow

    boat junk yard?

    Btw I'm in so cal. Thanks
  287. fish&snow

    boat junk yard?

    I am curious where I can find a boat salvage yard. I have an older Volvo penta aq145 b motor with a Volvo penta 290 out drive. I always seem to need some stupid little part here and there. Thanks for any leads!!!
  288. fish&snow

    wtb 15-40 7ft

    I have a new Phenix PSW 700m for $250 or trade for PSW 700xh.
  289. fish&snow

    Yellowtail at 150 Report 6/16

    Nice office! I love what you have done with the decor!
  290. fish&snow

    Tuna Speared In Dana Harbor

    A millennial, huh? Thanks for the complement! I feel younger already! Maybe I will let it all hang out , and drive 71 mph in a 70 mph zone! Living life on the edge! :o
  291. fish&snow

    Tuna Speared In Dana Harbor

    Last week I ran a yellow light. This week I rolled thru a stop sign in a rural area in the desert. Today I answered my mobile phone while driving on the freeway. I forgot to mention I watered a wilted plant at 5:45 pm. I am only allowed to water after 6:00 pm. I hope nobody drops a dime, or a...
  292. fish&snow

    1st BD report post

    Nice work!
  293. fish&snow

    Need a Harpoon!

    He had a whale of a fish!
  294. fish&snow

    Offshore 130 lb bluefin for the bongos gang

    Looks like a terrible, boring time.
  295. fish&snow

    WTS/WTT New Phenix PSW 700M

    That is exactly what i am looking for. I edited my posting because the original may have been a little vague. Thanks!
  296. fish&snow

    WTS/WTT New Phenix PSW 700M

    Just looking for a Phenix 700XH. Thanks!
  297. fish&snow

    WTS/WTT New Phenix PSW 700M

    nothanks. Looking for a Rod.
  298. fish&snow

    Black jx 2 speed clean

    Look what i just ran across!
  299. fish&snow

    Kid friendly sportie

    on Sunday's out of Danas Wharf, they have kids fish free with a paid adult. It's a afternoon 1/2 day. I usually take my 6 year old Grandson. You arrive a little early and the kids board without the parents and they have a little seminar for them next to the bait tanks before launching. Kids get...
  300. fish&snow

    Kid friendly sportie

    on Sunday's out of Danas Wharf, they have kids fish free with a paid adult. It's a afternoon 1/2 day. I usually take my 6 year old Grandson. You arrive a little early and the kids board without the parents and they have a little seminar for them next to the bait tanks before launching. Kids get...
  301. fish&snow

    "ON ONE" @ THE 150

    Nice Load!
  302. fish&snow

    Another 150 report

    Kid is a BOSS!!!!
  303. fish&snow

    WTS/WTT New Phenix PSW 700M

    I have a New PSW 700M, and I am looking to trade for Phenix PSW 700XH, new or like new condition. Or sell for $250.
  304. fish&snow

    150 Wednesday 06/10

  305. fish&snow

    Black jx 2 speed clean

    :eek: Interesting! Looks like you got called out on it! :eek::appl::Rambo_Throwing_Kniv
  306. fish&snow

    Black jx 2 speed clean

    With braid Topshot, and a reel cover.
  307. fish&snow

    WTB Phenix Psw 700xh

    Looking to buy new or like new Phenix PSW 700 xh. I am located in the IE. Thanks
  308. fish&snow

    California Bluefin Tuna Regs (video )

    :Pillow_Fi:fighting0061::argue::slap::rofl::It__s_Outta_Here::_shopping Hilarious!
  309. fish&snow

    Slug life

    The good ole Oscar Meyer wieners are my go to bait! Just toast the outside to a crispy char, as it adds an appealing smell to them!
  310. fish&snow

    Who needs offshore and a big boat???

    I stand corrected! It's a Bluegill
  311. fish&snow

    FS: Penn Fathom Star Drag FTH40

    Thank You for the great deal! Tight Lines!
  312. fish&snow


    Cheers to you!:beerbang::beerbang::beerbang:
  313. fish&snow

    Who needs offshore and a big boat???

    Is that what that pointy thingy is on the fishes nose!
  314. fish&snow

    Who needs offshore and a big boat???

    ha ha! I was so excited I paid no attention and just posted! :D
  315. fish&snow

    Who needs offshore and a big boat???

    Unreal! Marlin out of Dana Point on a SKIFF!!!!!
  316. fish&snow

    sold. blue fin tuna reel 2 speed Daiwa Sold t

    PM sent. I live in Fontana. Cash in hand!
  317. fish&snow

    Offshore WOOH HOOOH! 100lb + Local Dana Point Tuna

    :appl::appl::appl: Amazing report! :lux::devil::worship:
  318. fish&snow

    Sunday at the 150

  319. fish&snow

    May 31st...64lb Bluefin tuna in US Waters

  320. fish&snow

    Rpt.-Wed. Big local Calico Bass on the chew.

    Great report! :notworthy Thank You!
  321. fish&snow

    Local Yellows 5-21

    Rastafari!!!! :smoking33:
  322. fish&snow


  323. fish&snow

    30# spinner reel

    I have 2 Penn Spinfisher V combos. 1 is a 6500, 50#braid with HT-100 slammer drag of 30 lb, and a 7500, 65# with HT-100 slammer drag of 35 lb. Last season they slayed a lot of big yellows and tuna on the jig. Pulled up a 100 plus pound Ray first time out with the 7500. Handled it without any...
  324. fish&snow

    Pacific Star

    Went out on a 2 day a few weeks back. First time on the boat. Great crew, and Capt Mike was very personable. Put us on the fish, and crew handled their business. Bunks are clean, good food. Narrow rail going along side. Decent room on the bow to throw iron. Good luck!
  325. fish&snow

    Music on Cattle boats

    I always bring out a bluetooth speaker that i clip to my belt and link it to my phone. I play all the jams from Led, Marley, Dylan, Doors, Etc Etc. Deckhands love it. They always ask for me to hook it up for them while they are cleaning the fish. It makes for a great experience. Sun, Fishing...
  326. fish&snow

    Lead weights (Torpedo Cannonball downrigger pyramid & Cod)

    Hi, I need 5 16 0z torpedo sinkers and 6 12 oz. Please pm me with info. thanks!
  327. fish&snow

    Offshore Chief 2.5 day report

    Yeah!!!! That was a badass trip! Good to fish and hang with you Eric!
  328. fish&snow

    Offshore Freedom 8-10-14 (video+pics)

    This explains why BD pulled my report on the great time my FAMILY and I had on the Freedom on fathers day! SMH
  329. fish&snow

    Offshore Chief 2.5 day report

    This F..ken guy! Ha Ha! You are one fishy dude. It was cool to watch you kill fish all day! Jamie
  330. fish&snow

    Offshore Chief 2.5 day report

    I was on this boat, and that drift produced its ass off. Unreal is what that drift was! Light lines did the trick. Anything heavier than 25# flouro would not get hit. Thanks for putting us on the fish Capt, and hope you feel better soon!
  331. fish&snow

    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado Jumping on ( Video ) 8-9

    Simply amazing AGAIN! VOTE FOR HARDCORE!
  332. fish&snow


    hope this is not April fools!
  333. fish&snow

    Weekend tuna and yellows Dana Point

    Great job Dad! Always stay calm!
  334. fish&snow

    Offshore CHIEF 2.5 DAY REPORT - JUNE 27-30

    Very Nice! Thanks for the report!
  335. fish&snow

    San Felipe fishing

    I've been fishing that rock since I was 5. That would be about 37 yrs! My family's heart and soul is in San Felipe! My Tata bought a panga back in the 80s. Tony and my Tata were bien amigos! I miss my Tata! He showed me how to live life to the fullest! Quedido mucho Tata!