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  1. stairman

    Inshore abriojos shore fishing

    Bring an extra thick wetsuit because the water at that time of year is cold as f***
  2. stairman

    Best Route Towing a Boat San Diego to Monterey ?

    Trucks are legally limited to 55 rarely do you see semi trucks going over 70 and that's usually to pass some guy with a boat at the bottom of hill doing 55. If a truck making a living wants to pass back off a couple mph then do 60 to 62 and you'll be fine...either pass or let them pass. And do...
  3. stairman

    Islands Cedros Adventure. Sep 1st - 6th

    Anyone heading down there now better rethink it . Some parts of the Bahia Tortuga area could get a foot of rain and 80 mph wind
  4. stairman

    Offshore El Gato Dos Yellowfin

    Say good bye ..seiners all over them
  5. stairman

    Offshore Lost kill bag

    The LA area and you expect to get something that blew out of your boat back... Must be incredible to wake up as an optimist every morning
  6. stairman

    Offshore 9 at 9

    Tuna beer!!
  7. stairman

    Guide ring fix

    Have you done that and had success?
  8. stairman

    Guide ring fix

    How are you going to keep the heat from the guide foot ...I've been told this will never work
  9. stairman

    Clothing at night?

    Something to cut the wind if there is some...if it's calm a shot or two of whiskey...depends what temps are and what you can handle....if you are always cold bring a sweatshirt long pants and a windbreaker and don't camp out near the bait tank if you are drifting in the trough. Edit...I checked...
  10. stairman

    preventing theft

    It's only been the last 20 years...lately I'm missing tackle every trip...if I catch someone they are going over in the black of night...hope that jig they stole catches a mako
  11. stairman

    T-top post coming out of fiberglass

    Are ya fishing with a fat guy holding on to both sides standing up? Ok seriously...if that's true find skinny fishing friends... Sorry I'm such an asshole.. Looks like it was mounted on a surface that is too thin for the stress. You either need to remove it and beef up the deck or it will...
  12. stairman

    Some boats have a mask required?

    There are some people that should never be seen in public without one...other then them no one in America other then California is wearing them at all...
  13. stairman

    SQUIDCO .. Reel Service Going on 6 months

    Ask them what part numbers they need and see if you can source them elsewhere...I bet you'll find they are out every where. Joey runs a great business there..I've been using them for as long as they have been open there and long before when they had three. San Diego locations back in the 80s...
  14. stairman

    Offshore Foamer Fishing 6/26/22

    I was fishing for bait right outside Oceanside harbor in some green ugly water and just happened to be trolling towards some guys in a brand new Parker they saw me coming one of them said something to the others they all ruled up real quick and ran back up to this big rotting kelp Patty and it...
  15. stairman

    La Jolla launch

    Laughing early is easy...walk out to knee deep water for a set and jump on your kayak right after the biggest waves go by you and get out to yards quick...coming in in mid summer be careful of the tourists
  16. stairman

    Anchor break away or Mantus swivel?

    Use what ever your boat and motor can barely break when you try
  17. stairman

    Sinker rig set up

    Yes...if you tie straight braid and a 200 tuna shakes it's head you'll damn near get the rod yanked from your hands...25ft will give you shock a absorber. I know... I tried it...the deck hands were laughing at/with said I bet you feel every tail beat...I came back with"hell I could feel...
  18. stairman

    Should this heat wave have an effect on the fishing this weekend?

    Water temps don't change over night reacting to higher air temps.some will argue they do but that's just the top foot or two of water...just go and don't worry or over think it. Currents and water quality based on those currents are far more important.
  19. stairman

    We are pussies with bluefin

    Pussies were around back then too..probably pulled like you
  20. stairman

    We are pussies with bluefin

    Mid nineties ...138bft on a wide Penn senator and 50 lb...20 minute fish.... Playing video games instead of riding bikes and digging forts made sub 40 year olds a bunch girls...convince me I'm wrong
  21. stairman

    Well thanks...ya see when enough sheep willingly are short the guy that can't afford that 20...

    Well thanks...ya see when enough sheep willingly are short the guy that can't afford that 20 dollar fine doesn't get to go lobster fishing next year because far to many people settle...yeah 20 ain't gonna kill 95% of us but when you add all the rest of the shit that California does to it's...
  22. stairman

    Welcome to california

    Welcome to california
  23. stairman

    Must Watch if You fish!

    Yeah that's right...those of us that are the world's greatest fisherman are really pissed at those that think they are..the nerve of them
  24. stairman

    Islands Catalina 3-2-22

    Fish smaller rocks for bigger fish...the ones that stand out on your chart plotter are too well known
  25. stairman

    Small lake boat

    If you can't find something for 75k you aren't looking very hard
  26. stairman

    80lbs maxcuatro braid

    Get out a scale and set your drag to 20 go pull on it...
  27. stairman

    Dam orcas

    Environmentalists looking for money from the government to pay their student loans off
  28. stairman

    Door Refinishing

    It so weathered it hard to tell whether it's teak or mahogany but either way I'd just use watco oil on a quart use half then let dry then use a 1/4 and rub it down twice more..any time it looks dry do it again..easy
  29. stairman

    Ultimate ling cod reel for seeker 6465 black steel

    You buy reels based on the line test and size of the fish...not by specia
  30. stairman

    How to choose and present a bait correctly

    Try this notice while at anchor how the lines of those already in the water will point more off the starboard then the port will be dominate. If the port is the dominate side wait to cast a bait untill the pendulum is as far to that side and cast perpendicular to the mess of...
  31. stairman

    How to choose and present a bait correctly

    Try this...take your time catching a bait extremely slowly and once it's controlled enough to hook it do the hooking under water in the hand well....when you let go and it's under water you'll see how calmly the bait reacts..give it a few seconds while a place at the rail clears and in one...
  32. stairman

    How to choose and present a bait correctly

    It's not just picking the right one... Catching it with out wearing it out Handling it while hooking it Knowing where you are going as soon as it's hooked Casting gently but with distance Knowing when it needs to be "fired" And very last luck....1%
  33. stairman

    EX30/2 help please

    A drop of oil here and there .a ten minute light spray with water while I drink a beer and 15 years later mine doesn't need maintenance.
  34. stairman

    The Electra 1.5 What To Expect

    If Joey is running the boat expect the smell of black velvet on ice seeping from the wheel house...
  35. stairman

    max time in between coats of rod finish?

    You keep your DNA to yourself
  36. stairman

    WDFW Picking On Tribes!!!

    The tribes should be allowed to harvest anything anytime...but this is tempered by my new rule as benign dictator.. In order to qualify for such liberal taking of wildlife they have to adhere to the methods materials and transportation methods before Europeans and others appeared in washington
  37. stairman

    Nearly extinct salmon spawn in the Bay Area (first time in 18 years salmon)

    Do salmon live for 18 years? I don't think so. Never let facts get in the way of a story
  38. stairman

    Am I the only one

    That had nothing to do with equipment was two captains asleep at the wheel...
  39. stairman

    What’s the best months to book a 2.5 day bluefin trip San Diego ?

    Water temps are cooling..try the warmer months next year
  40. stairman

    Bluefin are just big Bonita

    I've had bonita back in the days when they were thick eat a Bonita feather that was stripped of the feathers..they are far less discriminating then bft
  41. stairman

    12/18 Indy return and stolen truck

    Do two different essential electronic. Component they might figure out
  42. stairman

    Anyone missing a 2012 Yamaha 9.9

    Have a friend go with you and put a tracking device on his car and then give that info to the police to follow him...once he has been identified as being in the neighborhood of a couple different motor jackings they can get a warrant and send him to California to live
  43. stairman

    How Many Days Like THIS Do We Have Left?

    55???cold??? Lol
  44. stairman

    What should I sell my Shamrock ☘️ 200 Cuddy for?!?!?

    What size fuel tanks does it have and what is the gas consumption at cruise for normal average conditions
  45. stairman

    What do you think...Is the Calico Bass the most caught and released fish in SoCal?

    Sardines and anchovies are the most caught and released
  46. stairman

    Yellowtail live bait reel

    Just stop buying shit made in China...
  47. stairman

    My intervention last night...

    Blah blah blah blah
  48. stairman

    Offshore Tribute 1.5 paying my dues

    How big were the yft?
  49. stairman

    Slow trolling a Mac

    I've used a down rigger before...but that was before the sealions caught on to slow moving boats meaning a 1lb snack
  50. stairman

    How many people do you know that are like the pillfish?

    Okay are you gonna confess how you found this?
  51. stairman

    Processing yields from fish processors

    Weigh a fish and have some one good fillet it and weigh the results
  52. stairman

    Independence 11 day

    12 to the 18th...eleven days?
  53. stairman

    Dana Point Harbor Closed

    I'd have ignored should have been the first priority
  54. stairman

    Mammoth Lakes Basin end of October

    Funny story...I was there for a little fishing before the chukar opener and camping out no tent one of those clear crisp days in late oct. I brought a chainsaw and cut a very good supply of wood so I had a great fire a big bottle of wine and I'm full belly from eating some trout I caught I sat...
  55. stairman

    Mammoth Lakes Basin end of October

    Sub 15 degree temps are possible...if not probably...or it can be gorgeous
  56. stairman

    Open models: skipjack vs the world.

    Brick shit houses
  57. stairman

    Fishing Near Coarsegold, CA? Update!!!

    Do you hold the legs of those crickets or do they submit willingly?
  58. stairman

    Steering wheel 81' skipjack 20

    There is a website called boat steering wheelsrus
  59. stairman

    I thought this was cool

    Damn ya beat me to it
  60. stairman


    They will work fine.
  61. stairman

    Ocean Whitefish (Blanco in Mex)

    Those were common at San Martin island in the mid to late 70s. 8 to ten lbs were on the bottom where the boulder hook on the east side gave way to a sandy bottom....if you could get past the 5 lb calicos
  62. stairman

    Who grew up fishing Islandia sportfishing? If this rod could talk! Just looking for stories!

    The speed twin... My first ever half day trip on that boat was epic...over 300 yellow tail mostly on squid and my Mitchell 300 with 15 pound line..I got six
  63. stairman

    Who grew up fishing Islandia sportfishing? If this rod could talk! Just looking for stories!

    I've still got a 670 h sabre from a little earlier than that. The glass is so we'll worn the it isn't a "h" anymore and I still bring it every trip...just three months ago it whipped a 70 lb bft like it was new. The best two features are I wrapped it my self and it has never had a butt cap on...
  64. stairman

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    With your capabilities I'm sure this seems to be impossible...
  65. stairman


    Anybody know who owns this boat
  66. stairman

    What did you do today? Pics or it didn’t happen!

    Watched Yellowstone erupt
  67. stairman

    Current location of Macks out of Mission Bay jetty?

    Troll a sabiki with four to six ozs of torpedo lead with open can of cat food at the'll either see them on your meter or they'll find the trolled sabiki. Have at least two rods right med that way and keep some hooked ones in the water and the chum going .turn right at the end of my...
  68. stairman

    Can’t fix stupid!

    You can't fix stupid ..but you can get it to vote ********
  69. stairman

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Nope just our brains are trainable to ignore the motion...yours is stuck in first gear
  70. stairman

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Yeah you hav ....... Oh never mind are you are hopeless
  71. stairman

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I said 90% psychological you said it's 100% beer here that people never talked themselves into being seasick while you're full of s*** my opinion on the subject
  72. stairman

    Offshore I wish the albacore would come back

    Albies trending down in washy....they be here a bit next year and solid the year after
  73. stairman

    Anyone Been Out/Going Out?

    Yay albacore in San Diego next year
  74. stairman

    Oregon payback

    Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife sends a letter to a home/landowner asking for permission to access a creek on their property to document the decline in a certain species of unheard of frogs. *****The homeowners response in the second letter is EPIC***** Letter From Oregon Dept of...
  75. stairman

    Sabiki rigs

    The 1.50$ ones at squidco work fine....only time I saw the 5$ ones work better was on huge salamis at alijos rocks and the boat had those. Use a bigger weight and you won't tangle much.
  76. stairman

    Missed Boat .? Diffrent landing policies over missed trips? Credit? Total loss?

    If you had been there an hour and a half early and everybody was on the boat they could have left early but know you were late so they probably ended up leaving 15 minutes late waiting for you and guess what you pissed off all the rest of the people on the boat so you're lucky you didn't get to go
  77. stairman

    2007 22 ft Shamrock Adventurer .... Not mine

    Weight placed where it should be...I'm amazed more designs like this aren't made.
  78. stairman

    Ate fresh BFT and got the shits - Farting was a gamble and I lost!

    I'm sure that burrito you ate on the boat was fine
  79. stairman

    Conundrum - Braid with top shot or not for Blue Fin

    Once you have them cornered in the tank where they cant get away you only need enough pressure on only the head to controll them and even then very little pressure is needed. If I have the time and I'm really trying to make every bait be the best you can possibly be I'll actually on pin it on...
  80. stairman

    Conundrum - Braid with top shot or not for Blue Fin

    In the past three years I've caught more bft on plain old mono top shots then anything else and caught more fish on most trips then anyone else on the boat. The trips I didn't kill everyone I was a close second or third. The secret? Spend time identifying good baits...know when to fire them...
  81. stairman

    Saltwater September Albacore

    Every bait that hit the water was bit...we used to take 65 people on the malihini in those days...4 to 6 fish and a loose line or 4 tangle was on every stop.
  82. stairman


  83. stairman

    Irish fisherman

    The rain was pouring down outside O'Connor's Irish Pub. There standing in front of a big puddle outside the pub was an old Irishman, drenched, holding a stick, with a piece of string dangling in the water. A passer-by stopped and asked him, "What are you doing?" “Fishing” replied the old man...
  84. stairman

    Offshore Condor 1.5 July 26-28th

    When undoing a backlash pull the main line and see the loop holding it then pull that
  85. stairman

    Phone and keys found oside launch ramp

    You lost a great opportunity to have some fun while still getting the phone back
  86. stairman

    First Attempt at Crimping

    Try to break it...use levers or machinery if you have to and see where it fails...if it breaks with pressure far beyond what you can do with a rod and reel your good..if ithe line slips out of the crimp you're not
  87. stairman

    Saltwater September Albacore

    If I saw a customer do that and it was my boat you'd be on bunk lock down and banned. Are you a ********?
  88. stairman

    Saltwater September Albacore

    The secret to albacore tangles is every one in the tangle STOP PULLING ON THE FISH. As a deck hand in the seventies with 20 fish in a tangle I had to turn to the adults and scream my fucking head off that the next guy I see pulling at all will get cut off now. Then turned and one by one got them...
  89. stairman

    Shogun limited load 4 day

    Wanted big bft didn't ya
  90. stairman

    Rod Guide Rings keep breaking off

    Chinese shit guides...before wrapping grab the ring with on set of pliers and the rest of the guide with another and check for shitty brazing BEFORE you wrap the rod...I have 40 year old rods with the same guides and no lost rings...seems all the ones I did in the last ten years just have shitty...
  91. stairman

    Toy hauler battery options? Six volt or 12 deep cycle option?

    Expensive but lithium batteries are the way to go...there is a solar system off grid page on facebook
  92. stairman

    BFT line suggestion

    That when you ask him to get a beer for both of you on your tab and adjust while he is gone
  93. stairman

    What's this spot called and what/how do you fish there?

    Even better tie off on your prop and put a bend in a rod when they get close
  94. stairman

    Bait Tank Etiquette versus Bait Tank Nazi

    No about arguing with idiots
  95. stairman

    Bait Tank Etiquette versus Bait Tank Nazi

    Mark Twain was right...
  96. stairman

    BFT Smoking Fail - old style, poor results...

    Dry means too long...mushy means too hot..smoking isn't cooking..but if it is this is what you get
  97. stairman

    Advice on 1978 Skipjack 24

    If you love working on a boat more then fishing it offer him 5k
  98. stairman

    Scents on flatfalls- knife jigs?

    Did she do you free?
  99. stairman

    I learned three lessons from fish processing (edited)

    40 to 50 %would more like it
  100. stairman

    What Ever Happened To Stand-up Rods?

    We all decided we don't give a shit what the igfa says...they think it's OK to fish for big fish and have the rod attached to a mechanical chair and chase the fish with 500hp engi es but we can't pass the rod around an anchor or touch the rail...fuck em
  101. stairman

    Need advise , opinions, experiense

    Remember the old Newell dog system...the gear the dog ran on worked fine...right up till it went knuckle buster on you
  102. stairman

    Inshore PB Yellowtail?

    If you ever catch a sablefish put it in the bait tank...and keep your eyes peeled for a swordie ready with a heavy leader and heavy tackle...Sable are one of their favorite foods
  103. stairman

    Inshore PB Yellowtail?

    It's not a baby yellow tail .we drifted past a Patty one-time Rock fishing back in the seventies and a guy caught five of them and they look exactly like a big yellowtail...tail and all... Not sure what that fish is...maybe some one will know
  104. stairman

    What are lawful methods of take for turkey?

    Wow I guess that time when four of us working on a job site would hide and nail our buddies with a lump of plummers putty blown out of a 6 foot piece of electrical conduit was illeagal... Damn they take the fun out of left a bruise...we all survived. Don't do it with air from a...
  105. stairman

    Top 3 fishing locations for Baja Fall fishing trip

    La Bocana if you want a more remote fishing village themed area
  106. stairman

    Penn Fathom reel seat wiggle?

    Four tooth and effective
  107. stairman

    How do I protect the kite balloon when traveling at 20+ knots?

    In a kill bag...since you are moving to a new area its probably empty
  108. stairman

    Thanks Rick..... Fucker!

    We put squid up in a buddies rod by taking the but cap off and shoving it up in the hollow...the next trip he was complaining about the smell in his room he just couldn't get rid off !!we were blowing beer out our nosing having completely forgotten about doing it
  109. stairman

    Offshore 5/14 - 5/16 Daiwa Pacific 1.5 Day

    No kidding..IT was old back in those days and I was 170lbs and no grey
  110. stairman

    Fuel bladder and pump connections

    Fan away any hydrogen before connecting and the battery is fine
  111. stairman

    What should I study in college to become a wildlife officer?

    Law and the ability to spot an innocent mistake
  112. stairman

    Offshore 5/14 - 5/16 Daiwa Pacific 1.5 Day

    The malihini lost a rail from the gate to the corner in 78..along with ten or so lucky customers.
  113. stairman

    Cutting Crimps

    Dremel then sand with a random orbital sander and at least 220 grit or higher while holding with needle nose vise grips
  114. stairman

    Big Bear Late Report - Flylining Chovy for Big Rainbows

    Many moons ago..mid 70s lake Henshaw I had a hell of an afternoon catching stocker trout on small strip of fresh mackeral. And another time belly strips from other trout at a lake I won't mention may have been illegal ...but it worked after I ran out of nightcrawlers
  115. stairman

    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 day 5/8/21 Report

    Early season the good numbers are good for August there'd be cussin
  116. stairman

    What boat for full day, San Diego fleet

    Any pictures of your sister?
  117. stairman

    Direct to spectra.... WHO's hooked a fish on a direct tie to braid....?

    Hooked one that was most likely in the 200lb to 220 range...all the other fish in that school were that...130lb braid. 50w avet on a broom stick and nearly had the rod ripped out of my was only on for a minute before the hook ripped out and it was pretty funny cause immediately the...
  118. stairman

    Spring Sooty Grouse in South East Alaska

    Do you call them in like spring turkey?
  119. stairman

    Islands Brief Coronados Visit

    I wonder if the barnnys have their bullet
  120. stairman

    Inshore Early Spring Bass & Barracuda

    Agree completely..they are very delicate...probably why their numbers are way down from 50 years ago
  121. stairman

    Cowcod Photos repsonse from DFG.

    Your government job just can't think and work for them
  122. stairman

    Bluefin Stocks in Baja

    There have been Dorado years in the past where we were getting pissed everytime another 12 to 20 pound Dorado ate the marlin jigs we were pulling in a big tournament...the last year of the catalina gold cup we spotted a baseball infield sized patty between cat and clemente that had so many...
  123. stairman

    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    Go see the judge and ask for the same fine antifa rioters got
  124. stairman

    Hurry home

    Your wife is pissed
  125. stairman

    You can have halibut only one way

    What cracks me up is people throw back bodacious because they have worms but wouldn't dare throw back a halibut!
  126. stairman

    Fixed my boat

    I had a great old boat that I drilled some holes in before thinking about it..out
  127. stairman

    Do you kill the outboard prior to dropping lines?

    Exactly...the fail point of any motor gets closer the more rpms it has used...starters are cheap... I had a truck I bought new and it still ran like a champ after 440k mIles and four starters the day I sold it
  128. stairman

    Parker 2520 Rode and chain length questions

    6 times longer then where you intend to anchor with 15% of that being chain...if all you ever did was fish the Chesapeake bay you could get by with 100 id go 300 as an absolute minimum..or I'd drift alot
  129. stairman

    Study in human nature?

    Thats the yeast you can do
  130. stairman

    Rescued a dog...

    The I've been a bad boy look lol
  131. stairman

    Rescued a dog...

    Saving a dog is god work.. You are right about pits.. the lead dog matters.. You can even turn a black lab into a snarling biter if you want to ruin one
  132. stairman

    2008 Parker 1801

    No....only if youre buying it new in 2005...cause that's about what they cost back then
  133. stairman

    Anyone on Old Glory tonight? 1.5 day bluefin/yellows 3/5

    Gonna be a bit bouncy out there
  134. stairman

    Legal take of octopus

    You can only catch them with your teeth
  135. stairman

    You ever felt like calling the cops?, your honor, could he possibly expect to get sea sick on the ocean??? Fucking snowflake
  136. stairman

    24' BW Guardian with pilothouse cuddy and tower

    Yeah you put 200lbs up there it better be calm
  137. stairman

    Any chance for Sheepshead deep drop rockfishing?

    As someone else 50 years fishing this coast you better be less the 200 if you want a goat...not saying they arent caught deeper but 250 would be a waste of time targeting them
  138. stairman

    Food recs for offshore

    Barley soup
  139. stairman

    trolling distance advice please

    I used to fish with a good old friend in tournaments...we would fis 9 rods on a 21 foot whaler with out riggers,stern flat lines and could turn without getting tangles...the key is put the longest rods out first and work back to the shortest One whiskey line down the center way way back at...
  140. stairman

    Del Mar 13 complete redo

    I'm curious what you reference the level the boat set up with a planned water line from the floor...most garages are sloped quit a bit towards the car door.
  141. stairman

    trolling distance advice please

    Keep going til you get bit
  142. stairman

    Movin' to Texas

    And just think...all they have to do is quit voting for fucking they move and bring it down there
  143. stairman

    Movin' to Texas

    The disease is being brought by people so fucking stupid they are fleeing what they voted for and continuing to vote for it...fucking assholes are gonna ruin the whole country
  144. stairman


    She looks worried
  145. stairman


  146. stairman

    Grady White 208 Adventure w/2013 Yamaha F200 I4 4 stroke

    Thats a shame.. off shore trips are gonna be a constant fuel worry
  147. stairman

    GME stock the time is now

    Yeah so crazy a guy that couldn't fill a elementary school auditorium beat a guy that filled five airport runways a day
  148. stairman

    Avet Pro EXW 30/2 (360$)

    Good cow flat fall reel
  149. stairman

    State taking away open carry of any weapon

    The real weapon is the media...and the sheeple that allow them
  150. stairman

    Scientific lobster question

    Back in my diving days we would leave a buddy in the boat fishing and as soon as we got to the bottom we'd crush a couple dozen urchins back when they were carpeting the bottom before urchin divers were common... Everytime he would have great sheepshead and calico fishing while we were on the...
  151. stairman

    Scientific lobster question

    Here a good question...after tailing and eating the tails can the rest be chopped up and saved for chum?
  152. stairman

    Anyone having trouble finding Alder chips/chunks for big and little chief smokers?

    Go to a good hardwood and molding supply place...if you have a in Kearny mesa...its actually cheaper to buy good hardwood boards then those tiny bags..Apple might be hard to find there though..any stone fruit tree works fine..apricot, rose bushes Apple pear.plum etc
  153. stairman

    Lobster Run Catalina 1-18-2021

    There are tons of lobster there...I've hand caught dozens in a night but for some reason its the island of shorts
  154. stairman


    Once you turn the tube off you will have withdrawals for about 6 weeks...but then you discover that by turning on music or talk radio etc you are free to move about the room and actually accomplish things...find some creative hobby...
  155. stairman


    How dare you propose California adults be free to are inciting freedom!!!
  156. stairman

    Any LEO's on BD

    Welcome to Alice's america
  157. stairman

    Castro's Camp, Erendira, Baja Mexico

    Legal disputes in mexico are ejudicated by how much you pay the ejudicator... not whats right and just...and this a great part of the reason our friends to the south get fed up and leave..too bad they dont stay and fight
  158. stairman

    Offshore Great way to end 2020

    What did you have for dinner?
  159. stairman

    Harassing sellers won't be tolerated

    What the price for bail from the timeout?
  160. stairman

    Yet another wooden box, a bit smaller this time, with adjustable height, and one hand access.

    While i admire your work i gotta say i hate fucking peoe that dont use the racks on the boat instead of this want one to hold the rod you are rigging..ok but the rods shouldnt be on the box
  161. stairman

    Garage Chest Freezer - Looking for Recommendations

    Heres a tip for everyone that owns a freezer of either kind...find a way to make unplugging the freezer for just a few minutes imppossible... OTHERWISE you may find that someone forgot to plug it back in when they were done and three weeks later your first wild best deer parts and 100...
  162. stairman

    Dometic Portable Fridge

    What the propane connection like? Does it need to be dead level?
  163. stairman

    Fish the coronados tommorow

    Only two resos at this time and the need 11 or 12 to get the trip off the dock NO WIND GORGEOUS WEATHER AND BITING FISH ON A LIGHT LOAD WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?
  164. stairman

    Berth 55 Local 3/4 Day Gear?

    Heavier sinkers get to the bottom quicker...the first one down often get the bigger more agressive fish
  165. stairman

    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?

    Manny Silva in his last years on the malihini...a more gentlemanly man then most that ever worked the san diego docks. Working for him was like working for a just couldnt dare to hear any disappointment in his voice.I hope to have a TAB and someday remember old times with that man.
  166. stairman

    A pair of jacks 11/25

    Nice rock jacks
  167. stairman

    Boat Thief in Newport Anyone know this guy?

    Damn if only he had ten strangers over for thanksgiving then they could keep him in jail for years
  168. stairman


    You arent are bleeting...
  169. stairman


    No it tripled IN SPITE OF OBAMA....
  170. stairman


    10 percent of the people pay 80% of the taxes...youd know that if you evrr got close to the ten
  171. stairman

    Boating in the fog

    After 30 years of going from the shelter island launch ramp it took me almost an hour in dense fog going 3-4 mph doing it with a compass and depthfinder..never bothered getting to know the compass heading to the october dense fog is strong possibility
  172. stairman

    21 ft Parker Center Console

    I saw numerous parkers for sale for the two years i lived near the chesapeak bay and was amazed how much less they were... People out here believe the value the state puts on them to tax them lol
  173. stairman

    SS Welding Question

    No it was a lot of pratice
  174. stairman

    San Jacinto Opening Day

    Later today drove by willows ca and saw bunch of snows not far from the freeway on 5
  175. stairman

    San Jacinto Opening Day

    Just drove by klamath lakes....20k ducks a mile
  176. stairman

    Offshore 302-371 Friday 10/23

    If the scales are coming off that more the cause of the die off then them just being in the water
  177. stairman

    Braid to braid splicing

    Run the 150 up in the expanded 80 going out the side and back in 4-5 times over three or four take the 100 into the other end doing the same in and out until just past the end of the 150 where it enters the hollow 80 with it and and the ends of the 150 are inside the
  178. stairman


    Joe Biden and his first wife, Neilia, had three children: Hunter, Beau and Naomi. In 1972, Neilia and Naomi, died in a car accident. Joe eventually married a woman named Jill (his current wife) who was Hunter's babysitter. Now sadly, the sanest, most normal one of the 3 surviving kids, Beau...
  179. stairman

    San Diego at last

    How about at 18 knots or just on plane? Trying to figure your range
  180. stairman

    San Diego at last

    Boat good Bait good How big is the fuel tank?
  181. stairman


    Dont be silly...they the biden supporters wont have an adult conversation
  182. stairman

  183. stairman

    1991, 1801 parker center console

    Those washy boys are big husky ones and they go 5 at a time
  184. stairman

    Stop pig hunting for 3 years in CA

    I meant democrats for hogs
  185. stairman

    Stop pig hunting for 3 years in CA

    You misspelled lliberal
  186. stairman

    Rust on on Phenix Abyss guide feet

    I have 40 year old rods with no rust on the guides...thats why im surprized
  187. stairman

    Rust on on Phenix Abyss guide feet

    Geeze arent those expensive rods?? Who makes a decision to go cheap on guides when they are gonna be in salt water for 40 years
  188. stairman

    Offshore 412 pound BFT!! Wow!

    Was there a 1/0hook and some 30lb still attached to it?
  189. stairman

    Vandals at Shelter Island Launch Ramp parking lot!

    So you admit to being completely uninformed ... no wonder youd vote for biden
  190. stairman

    Offshore Where to find good kelp patties?

    Find the temp breaks and very often youll find patties because the cooler more relatively dense water is sloding under the warmer less dense water but the kelp doesnt sink. So when you cross the temp break you flip a coin and go left or right
  191. stairman

    Vandals at Shelter Island Launch Ramp parking lot!

    Sounds like a biden supporter thatdidnt like the trump boat parades
  192. stairman

    Portable Boot Dryers for Long Range Trips

    If you are getting doused witha deck hose you need to start paying attention when they are washing down someone that worked the deck before when you get a group of people that refuse to give you two minutes and clear the deck some times you have to ooopsie and wet them a not...
  193. stairman

    how many turns on a san diego jam knot?

    Basically the same...the double tied and cinched right is 100%
  194. stairman

    Central America Is Beginning To Open To Anglers

    Covid is out of the bag and not getting back in...time to get back to living
  195. stairman

    Offshore Huge bluefin out of Newport

    80 sized reel with low gear ratio 200 mainline to 400 leader and a huge hook...45 min no problem
  196. stairman

    So...he has it.

    The sickness is real...but its in those with morbid wishes
  197. stairman

    boat bottom width?

    Sail boats are pointy at both ends for a reason...the water is parted but as the back half of the hull moves past a certain point in the water that water begins to squeeze the hull forward...over coming some of the force needed to part it...if you have a complex hull design you should be able to...
  198. stairman

    OLD GLORY Cruising Speed

    They catch so many fish the deckies need the time to get the filet work done.
  199. stairman

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    QUOTE="Carl, post: 5145897, member: 4665"] There is something inherently wrong with someone that invests time and thought into shooting Birds of Peace. If U just shot like carl you could go have fun and not hurt anything
  200. stairman

    Huge Red 9/12

    That "kid" of mine is 6 foot 275
  201. stairman

    Offshore La Lolla Bonito's and Dana Landing Crime report

    Yes all law abiding people should go to the extra expnse of alarms ...low deductables and worry constantly...cause someone that steals for a living needs space and free time
  202. stairman

    Offshore La Lolla Bonito's and Dana Landing Crime report

    An armed society is a polite society.....every weekend and wed n.v esfay in the fall 100s of duck hunters descend on wister and yet no incidence of catalytic converter thefto
  203. stairman

    Huge Red 9/12

    .on the same son is 6 foot 240
  204. stairman

    What surface irons do you guys use for tuna

    The kind with a live bait instead of a jig body
  205. stairman

    Alysha Aratari – BD Fishing Chick

    Makes me really want to go sail fish fishing
  206. stairman

    Offshore La Lolla Bonito's and Dana Landing Crime report

    Go to a local muffler shop and tell them you need a cat quick then watch to see who comes deliver one
  207. stairman

    Did captain lose my yellow?

    The badge of dishonor...the curly cue knot...get a spool of line and learn some better knots...not the capt fault...especially if he saw you pulling up while line was going off the reel..i bet you line was all twisted too...we have all been there
  208. stairman

    Outing a member ?

    My thoughts barnum was right
  209. stairman

    J hook over circle hook?

    Back in thedays when NOBODY used circle hooks the tuna ive gaffed unhooked etc were 95% in the corner anyway...
  210. stairman

    Offshore 9/19 425 yft and marlin on locomocean

    Yup i agree..unless you guys are both 6'10"350#
  211. stairman

    Almost pulled the triigger on a Mak15t but.......

    Cal sheets set the donkey on the path but donkeys wander with out constant prodding
  212. stairman

    Yellow spots under Albie skin ??

    Corn is what i always called it...we would flick it outwitha knife and forget about it...maybe a market for it in japan
  213. stairman

    Paid off truck. They still have my title.

    Go to small claims court file a suit for the maximum allowed and send them a copy and say you will serve them within 30 days if you dont get the lien released
  214. stairman

    24’ Shamrock WA Hardtop sold

    Yeah both those the engine weight is where it should be...the metacentric point
  215. stairman

    1 shot 1 kill

    That wasnt it was from the right rear quarter the shot was taken? The guts hanging out is the entry wound?
  216. stairman

    1 shot 1 kill

    Hitting that far back you and he got lucky he died quick...the femoral artery goes the leg
  217. stairman

    Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    Hey dumb ass...the atlantic is a failing magazine looking for headlines...look this up... Who was in charge of the NY city veterans day parade when Giuliani was mayor...who gave the military raises...who saved veterans months long waits by allowing them to go to private physicians....and why...
  218. stairman

    Offshore Any local wahoo sightings?

    The only wahoo ive ever hooked was in that area too...held the mexican flag zuker right up to the boat opened his mouth and swam off...i swear i heard it snicker
  219. stairman

    Offshore Any local wahoo sightings?

    That boat sailed two years ago.
  220. stairman

    IRS goes after boat owners

    "The IRS suspected a fishing boat owner wasn't paying proper wages to his Deck hand and sent an agent to investigate him. IRS AUDITOR: "I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them". Boat Owner: "Well, there's Clarence, my deck hand, he's been with me for 3 years. I pay him $1,000...
  221. stairman

    One last kiss

    Via Ed Holt... TRIGGER WARNING! Politically Incorrect! Oh go ahead & laugh 😂 it’s funny! Bikers were riding west on I-70 when they saw a girl about to jump off a Bridge. So they stopped. George, their leader, a big burly man of 53, gets off his Harley, walks through a group of gawkers...
  222. stairman


    Montana Brothel The madam opened the brothel door in Butte and saw a rather dignified, a well-dressed , good-looking man in his late fifties. May I help you sir?" she asked. The man replied, "I want to see Valerie." "Sir, Valerie is one of our most expensive ladies Perhaps you would prefer...
  223. stairman


    Saves taking time at the dock to shower
  224. stairman

    Parking at the San Diego Landings

    Be there not when your boat is leaving but when other boats are coming in...then swoop on a spot as they leave
  225. stairman

    Looking to defeat reverse lock on Volvo Penta OD

    Show pics of the lock tab both engaged and not
  226. stairman


    Well yeah in california your vote doesnt matter...every nut case from all across the country moved here...I bet the anti trump commenters here are part of that. Here's some home work for ya....find a ********...ask them how long they lived in california...the answer is in the test
  227. stairman

    Whos on your side?

    While radical environmentalists and the party they reside in come up with new and novel ways to restrict access to hunting and fishing on federal lands...
  228. stairman

    Question about Yellowtail fishing. Advice appreciated

    Yes its safe..but only for republicans
  229. stairman

    Running outboards with ash raining down from the fire?

    Unless it looks like a snow storm I wouldnt worry about it
  230. stairman

    Question about Yellowtail fishing. Advice appreciated

    There is a school of big homeguard yellows that prowls that part of the coast...I've seen them come up blasting bait so many times over the years but never hooked one...judging by the size of the boils and an occasional tail showing these are all 30 pound plus fish. Let's us know if you figure...
  231. stairman

    Smallest Boat for Tuna

    Coming Well while you were pulling on yourself and 15 to 20 pounds of the weakest member of the tuna family we had them replaced by a few other fish....go kiss your antifa loving voters
  232. stairman

    Offshore I am no expert but

    On the Atlantic coast of america ,which is where that got its start, you better need that advice...of course they didnt have satellites in those days...remember it was warning not dont fish
  233. stairman

    44.4 lb yellowtail

    There was a 92 at guadalupe...I saw an 88.5 caught at alijos rocks but never heard of one that big up here
  234. stairman

    Deckhand salary?

    It a great job if you love being on the ocean and like people but then you get a customer like biggest t who thinks his shit doesnt stink and you'll begin to not like the job so much... The good part is you will meet other people that become life long friens and you will become a good enough...
  235. stairman

    Best ramp to sci

    Best is a boat with a bunk doing 10 knots and a couple cold beers to set the mood lol..ok shot a whiskey or two works also
  236. stairman

    Mouth hooked sea lion.

    Those sea lions at lajolla learned which end of the sardine not to eat because of exactly this will survive...unfortunately a little wiser
  237. stairman

    Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    Any crew or captain that whines about tips on the low side for a skunk needs to find a different job..and yeah I've been there and done that on both sides of this thread... When we had truely shitty fishing my tip was getting to catch up on sleep instead of cutting fish..always looked at...
  238. stairman

    Offshore Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    Be werelate picking up the kid huh lol
  239. stairman

    Avet 30/2 line capacity.

    Are you releasing the marlin? Fishing a fishtha can grow to 3/4 ton with 50 if you get it to the boat you are likely to kill it from stress...then you need a chafeleader of at least 200 what's the point?
  240. stairman

    Offshore Saturday 8/1 9-226-302

    I've seen plenty of party boats poach patties from private boaters then watch customers yell at them...could only shake my head and feel bad for the priv boater. Was the op too close.. who knows
  241. stairman

    Cooling Fans, and crank case breather

    Depends on which side of the fan you are on
  242. stairman

    Let's save the Post Office!

    You know what...I agree...he wasnt my first choice in 2016 either but he became the only one that was gonna fight back against hildebeast...and hewas the perfect man to save america from that cunt from hell. If you that were dyed in the wool democrats thought she was gonna make good president...
  243. stairman

    How To Break Down a Tuna with Chef Davin Waite

    If I have 2.. 100 pound blue fin I not too worried about scraps..this is resturants maximizing profit
  244. stairman

    Let's save the Post Office!

    Dems this nov 4th
  245. stairman

    Welds broke on boat

    What's the hull thickness?
  246. stairman

    Newsome, fighting for the people.

    So youd rather be kissed
  247. stairman


    If she has a sister smother her
  248. stairman

    Offshore New Lo-Ann 7/19

    Nothing worse the the top loin mid body gaff...nice to hear some appreciate a good eye ball stick with the gaff. Reminds me of my days working boats when one skipper whom you ALL have heard off was such an ass in front of his passengers to challenge me to stick a gaff shot in the eye.. smugly...
  249. stairman

    5 vs 3 day Fishing Nov 2020

    X2...take a 3 this year and a 7 next
  250. stairman

    Offshore Best day ever triple limits

    One thing about handing off a fish to fight...I did that about1 year ago in may and the numbskull must have turned the drag with the lever engaged .....picked it up again to fish in oct and there was no free spool not to mention they scuffed the fucking hell out of the finish on a custom wrapped...
  251. stairman

    Friday 7/17 La Jolla

  252. stairman

    Offshore Best day ever triple limits

    That's always better then giving a fine to gavin newsome for being over limits
  253. stairman

    Stripped holes in Main Body Graphite Frame

    Take a sliver of a tooth pick and put it in the hole...then screw the thing back should be hard to screw in but not too hard. The tooth pick sliver forces the threads back together at least on one side. Or try coating the screw with spray silicone then add some jb weld to the hole...
  254. stairman

    Rubber Boots, Stupid Question

    G Geeze line manufacturers love you
  255. stairman


    Just wait...if nothing changes the trajectory towards "democratic socialism" we'll be eating anything with calories
  256. stairman

    Rubber Boots, Stupid Question

    If you break a fish off is that line damaged by stretching too?
  257. stairman

    Borrowed a Cal-Star rod the other I want one, help!

    I get that graphite is light....maybe I'm more the graphite rods get a slight nick and bam they go...I've broken more graphite rods in the last five years then all the glass rods I owned since the 60s
  258. stairman

    Lemon on fish

    I bet you wear a mask in the car alone and didnt do well in science
  259. stairman

    Lemon on fish

    Are the cats climbing the tree and shitting on the lemons?
  260. stairman

    MXJ raptor question

    Yup...did the same last year but the non raptor version...But with the blue fin of a life time out there an lx would be the smallest I'd fish for the extra line capicty afterthat even if tyou go as light as 30
  261. stairman

    Desmond says it nicely, or at least nice???

    The virus has no future...when if trump getsreelecredthey will move on to the next thing to try to get rid of him... Think about this... If the economy had kept going along like it was and covid never reared its ugly head trump would of coasted to a second term without a doubt...the economy was...
  262. stairman

    Masks or no masks.

    You would likely geta jig treble hook stuck in you somewhere....stay home
  263. stairman

    Masks or no masks.

    If you dont believe that at least half those had comorbidities and may have died with any flu then you should curled up in a ball in the corner and stay the fuck home. The rest of us now have to be careful what you post or dweebs like thos guy will be tattling....if anyoneknows his real name...
  264. stairman

    Offshore San Diego day trip blue fin

    100 to 1 you voted for newsome
  265. stairman

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    So it's a plot against homeless can collectors
  266. stairman

    Anyone looking for fishing buddy to share gas and bait fees with and help?

    What's your doctorate in and did you vote for gavin newsome?
  267. stairman

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Just wondering...why are there no regs for this...did the gruesome crew forget ?
  268. stairman

    Approaching a kelp paddy?

    You need to carry a plastic sheet the same color as kelp and cruise by real slow about 150 to200 yards away.... As soon as you are sure they see you wave then continue on buteveryonegets excitedand point at another patty...move offa bit fasterthen once a 1/4 mile or more away you deploy the...
  269. stairman

    ISO Tackle tips to fish catfish local San Diego lakes

    Fresh bloody mackeral 15lb and a hook...bury the hook. Fish a spinner open bail no weight
  270. stairman

    AB 3030

    AB 3030....the wording is so broad and encompasses not just preservation it gives no consideration for any jobs that maybe affected...any rights those that fishand hunt have...will basically restrict any activity regardless of the economic impact...
  271. stairman

    Condo on capital hill

    So you should just do away with elections? you only fish when all your friends tell you its a wide open bite?
  272. stairman

    Condo on capital hill

    Is insanity a prerecquisite?...or are there republicans running too?
  273. stairman

    Condo on capital hill

    Who is voting for the mayor again?
  274. stairman

    Condo on capital hill

    Slighty mayor for availability for viewing
  275. stairman

    Allen head bolts

    try to measure them and buy nuts that match the thread pattern...if they are a bit too long you put the nut on then grind some off until you are happy with the fit the nut will straighten any burrs when you take the off but since I had to explain this to you perhaps you should just measure the...
  276. stairman

    Rate my prospective buy...

    over rated boats...but they are great if you need a shower
  277. stairman

    Any ideas on yellowtail and small tuna reels under 200

    all I can say considering how badly china fucked up the world and our fishing season by not stopping what they knew was a problem from spreading beyond their borders is if you are buying new dont buy the reels made in china
  278. stairman

    Wa Permit Hunts

    missed my antifa tag but got preference points
  279. stairman

    Fishing line Installation at a tackle shop

    Since it's so important to you...why havent YOU done it for us? we will be eternally grateful and you will be a bloodydecks legend...get to work
  280. stairman

    Sorry in advanced.

    you are way too apologetic...just threaten to riot if they dont give your their spots
  281. stairman

    Offshore YFT and YT 6/10

    the skipper requesting that thought you were a ******** spy in earshot
  282. stairman

    Potential Governor

    I'll vote for him...can someone send me a mail in ballot?
  283. stairman

    Tiagra 50w JB 200lb capacity

    if you are fishing on a private boat you'll have way more then you need
  284. stairman

    Offshore Please call or e-mail and be respectful, this is great news

    I'll fight for your right to express your opinion no matter how respectful you are or arent...respect is earned...the actions of the government is this flu season are far from equal...scientific or logical...if you think me disrespecting your opinion is wrong well I'll live with that.. but when...
  285. stairman

    Offshore Please call or e-mail and be respectful, this is great news

    awe what a good sheep you are...I prefer an attitude that reflects the we hold the power and we LET THEM use it temporarily...temporary is up!
  286. stairman

    Offshore Tribute report

    out with passengers or just family and crew?
  287. stairman

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    remind me to check to make sure youarent in my cabin before I fish long range alone
  288. stairman

    red rooster 3 and the city counsel

    why the hell cant free adults sign a release acknowledging the risk and go...anyone that doesnt have a fever already isnt gonna die on a 3 day do we have to riot?
  289. stairman

    34 hour reset and a pb smallie

    ok if you insist lol....there I was....
  290. stairman

    34 hour reset and a pb smallie

    I ditched construction a couple years ago and decided to go see america so I'm driving a truck now.. One of the requirements is that after working any more then 7 days 70 hours you need to reset that clock with a 34 hour break...this time it came up in Binghamton , NY at the TA truck stop...some...
  291. stairman

    Fenders out

    if the guy pulled outa his slip by himself he may not have anyone on board to tend the lines I would want it on my boat but why it bothers you guys I dont get. maybe he leaves them out till he pulls up to the bait recievers then pulls them in after baiting up
  292. stairman

    Ignoring Members

    snowflake from alaska..go figure
  293. stairman

    Offshore Memorial Day Yellowfin

    better then a stick in a big eye
  294. stairman

    Missionbay and LJ canyon 5-24

    damn...long day on a small boat
  295. stairman

    La Jolla Shores - Flipping Kayaks, Sea Sickness and Other Fun Things :)

    the only thing worse then big swells is in the bust time in the summer when you sit just outside the break looking for your shot and just as the wave picks you up and starts zooming you into the landing zone three kids and or adults come running out into the surf in front of you
  296. stairman

    Westport "receiving live bait instructions"

    bait reciever/providers like everingham brothers down south are illegal there?
  297. stairman

    Coronado Islands Casino?

    My first day ever fishing the coronados as the light came up that was the view...june 73
  298. stairman

    Boat Sat for a few years..

    running a separate 6 gallon tank with pre mix is a good idea..just bring extra plugs and practice putting them in from inside the boat ..once you see oil in the res going down switch back to the fuel in the tank and see how it runs...if it's running good use it if not you know what to do
  299. stairman

    How Do They Split $'s On Wicked Tuna?

    I especially love the shots where they are fighting the fish and call the boat 1/4 to 1/2 mile away that have drastically different sea conditions...ortheguy fighting the fish changes shorts between shots on the same fish
  300. stairman

    What is this fish called

  301. stairman

    Braided line to mono then to fluorocarbon why?

    I worked on boats back in the late seventies but didnt go on my first long range trip until the mid nineties...all these guys breaking out brand new reels and rods was intimidating until about three days into it when I saw they had money but no experience and I was out fishing them on my beat...
  302. stairman

    Braided line to mono then to fluorocarbon why?

    Most people would catch more fish if they spent more time learning how to pick a good to handle and hook it with as little damage and then get that thing into the water and away from the boat then worrying about mono or floro. you can take a girl that never fished before(or a girly...
  303. stairman

    Tips locating Rockfish

    so are humans with freckles a different specias too?
  304. stairman

    Eating skulpion sushi style

    negative temps arent needed to kill worms...the freezing kills them the same way frost bite kills your ruptures the cell membranes. if you think that 0 isnt good enough you are probably wearing a mask while in your car alone too
  305. stairman

    Offshore Bft down south

    how far past the border were you?
  306. stairman

    How many trips did it take to land your first 100# tuna?

    one....the first time I went when there were 100 # tuna biting I got it many trips before that happened depends on if you include trips where 100 # tuna dont reside
  307. stairman

    Fish ID. Carlsbad Lagoon

    that's sucks but if we could only see Dead Sea lions along side them it would be ok
  308. stairman

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    free drinks to all those that swear off voting for democrats
  309. stairman

    Carpet glue removal *help*

    mexican limes tequila ice and enough money to pay someone
  310. stairman

    Fleet Re-Opening...facts vs fiction.

    22k people work for the company I'm currently employed by traveling across the usa and according to the company only 8 have claimed to have gotten it they all recovered...people of all ages and sexes(all12) are represented.we all have to use public facilities during our travels most eat from...
  311. stairman

    Morro Bay OOpsie

    if you do insist on un chaining the bow youat the very least need to smoothly back down with out stopping suddenly
  312. stairman

    Morro Bay OOpsie

    nice gelcoat streak on the ramp...
  313. stairman

    Offshore Shelter Island Launch ramp closed SAt 1 pm

    dont tell me...let me voted for nanci pelosis nephew for gov....I bet you voted for the increased gas tax a good lil sheeple
  314. stairman

    Offshore Shelter Island Launch ramp closed SAt 1 pm

    we are being ruled not represented...why are cars parked next to each other at stores like walmart?
  315. stairman

    Offshore 5/9 Shake down trip... BFT Report

    what time was that boated yesterday?
  316. stairman

    Bonito off Carlsbad

    water that is very thick with red tide does warm quicker in the top few inches since the light never penetrates far
  317. stairman

    Bonito off Carlsbad

    no 73.4 or 73.6?...sounds like something is giving a false you temp sensor on your transducer puck and its mounted inside the boat for a thru hull mount?
  318. stairman

    San Diego Boats opening

  319. stairman

    Offshore 5-2-20

    I still have a hernia just below my sternum from them damn jolla wide open bite all afternoon on a half day...I had a bruise as big as a grapefruit and a week or two later a half mexican lime size badge of honor
  320. stairman

    What Is Fluorocarbon – Why Is It Used For Leader & Line

    funny how florocarbon started getting pushed when spectra cut into the mono market
  321. stairman

    Nados and beyond. Report 5/1

    gee last weekso.eone would have slapped cuffs on you and now he claps
  322. stairman

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    I'm curious....who do you vote for?
  323. stairman

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    if walmart can have workers going to work everyday and thousands of people going to those stores how come walmart employees arent dropping like flies?
  324. stairman

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Dr. Harvey Brenner of Johns Hopkins did a 30-year study and calculated that for every one percent increase in the unemployment rate (an additional 1.5 million people out of work), we can expect an ADDITIONAL 47,000 deaths, including 26,000 deaths from heart attacks, about 1,200 from suicide, 831...
  325. stairman

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    You are exactly the kinda of security guard that should have been weeded out by the psychological testing is designed to eliminate nazis in give law enforcement a bad name and if I were you I'd sleep on deck with those shiny bracelets attached to your rods and wrists....other wise...
  326. stairman

    Returning Bloated Rock cod Or Other Deep Caught Fish

    use much bigger hooks dont set the hook on tiny taps but when the inevitable happens you can just add a fine wire hook and find a fleshy area to barely hook them and drop them back down then a quick yank and the fleshy airstrips and they swim off...usually half as deep as you hooked them and...
  327. stairman

    Offshore San Diego City - some fishing OK starting Monday AM

    new causes of covid virus....wind in you face over 3mph unless generated by nature outboard and inboard motor exhaust..dont worry you car is fine
  328. stairman

    No holds barred opinion

    this sums up how this got blown out of propprtion
  329. stairman

    Bait Tank won't fill more than halfway? Did I install to small of a pump?

    so a 1 inch deep bait tank that is the size of a parking lot at a stadium will blow outa stainless steel pipe? should sue your public school system
  330. stairman

    But yet we cant fish....

    sorry I forgot your state took over 1st place on the liberal loon index
  331. stairman

    But yet we cant fish....

    just print this and go
  332. stairman

    Boaters protest this morning at shelter island?

    print this up and go fishing
  333. stairman

    Why must I cry these tears from mine eyes

    so since you want us all to fight so you can be safe how about you go find a neighbor that is hurting bad that has kids and cut them a check for say ...1200 bucks
  334. stairman

    Why must I cry these tears from mine eyes

    getting a government pay check?
  335. stairman

    How would you fish these penn setups for an 8 day

    on when they are bit
  336. stairman

    This coming Saturday, Shelter Island Launch Ramp....

    wow man I knew there were sheeple here but not that many
  337. stairman

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    The democrats think they are getting future voters the establishment Republicans see it as a cheaper labor source.....the globalistssee it as a way to flood our labor market and mash down american middle class wages....and the free money with no account credited makes it easier not to raise SS...
  338. stairman

    Another great perspective on the government bailouts.

    how come the greedy cock suckers that work for the goverment dont lose a penny? as far as I know they including teachers are all getting paid even though they dont even have the cost of driving to work
  339. stairman

    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    they dont have that right....but then California has a double dose of sheeple
  340. stairman

    4 - 15 San Clemente Island offshore run

    there was a few caught in 2012....personally got one about 30lbs
  341. stairman

    The day is fast approaching...

    .... damn that is one nasty case of covid 2016 you have there
  342. stairman

    Carlsbad Lagoon open?

    bring a book...nice place to get a tan
  343. stairman

    Freshwater white river....sumner area

    well if fishing restrictions are lifted what swims in this river this time of year
  344. stairman

    Freshwater white river....sumner area

    I'm stuck in the swift transportation terminal in sumner...the white river runs right by this place. what can I fish for?
  345. stairman

    Am I getting screwed?

    hurry if he reads this thread you'll have to give him the beer to take it
  346. stairman

    What happened to the New Threads Link?

    hit the threesome equal bars
  347. stairman

    If Pennsylvania can why cant...

    so you STILL gonna vote for the people that run this state?
  348. stairman

    Repower 19ft aluminum

    70 for that boat is fine unless your are planning on 5.. 200# people or water skiing
  349. stairman

    BET & Gorilla encounters

    The year memory is fuzzy but it was late october. met my buddies the hasholt dad son team brian and conrad at shelter island launch ramp. conrad(dad) had a 20foot skipjack and it was 3am...foggy as foggy we probably shouldnt have gone but after 30 years in and out of San diego harbor...
  350. stairman

    covid relief

    theysure got that out quick...I'm putting it down on a long range trip
  351. stairman


    Are my testicles black?  A suspected Covid-19 male patient is lying in bed in the hospital, wearing an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose. A young student female nurse appears and gives him a partial sponge bath. "Nurse,"' he mumbles from behind the mask, "are my testicles black?" Embarrassed...
  352. stairman

    Look how full the shelves are!

    what caliber is that spilling out
  353. stairman

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Until you really believe that you won't get sea sick and stop convincing yourself that you're going to be ,you will get seasick. seasickness is something that virtually every human being can overcome if they're on a boat long enough. it won't kill you and of eventually your body just as OK I...
  354. stairman

    Offshore Shelter Island ramp closed. Who can we call? Will it help?

    you are being conditioned to accept any loss of freedom for the "greater good"‐
  355. stairman

    Can’t find my bilge pump

    there are several bilge pump finding services I. your area..hive em a call
  356. stairman

    Estimating Microcord Length for Handle Wrap

    yes the formula is generally that in school you open the math book and quit looking at the girls legs in front and to the right of you...I hope someone has an answer
  357. stairman

    Tukey hunting during covid?

    leave the house alone ...go hunt alone...kill bird alone ...come home to where you live with people you would have been with all day...go hunt...
  358. stairman

    How much line needed for 100lb BFT?

    how much can your boat follow the fish? every fish is different..sometimes you get a bite from a fish in a school and the school moves off and the fish tries to stay with it...I've had 200 pound plus fish take 150 yards and sulk under the boat and 200 pounders that took a 50 wide full of 130...
  359. stairman

    How much line needed for 100lb BFT?

    dont worry...those 260# mixed in know which baits dont have enough line attached to them and will steer clear of you
  360. stairman

    Fishing license for guest on boat

    my point is to make it more affordable to some people spending 15 over just being invited for a day or two might halt the decline in fishing license sales.. they have free fishing days but that means you have to fish on their schedule. new solutions take creativity...government going along as...
  361. stairman

    Fishing license for guest on boat

    If ourstate government was smart they have a license for visitors in such a way that you could use it for once or twice per person that you brought on the boat that here before they would have the buy their own. It could cost as much as a regular fishing license for a normal person That fishes...
  362. stairman

    Does it get any cooler? Jerry Downy p533 matched to Sabre 670 wrapped by jerry morris

    cool just dont get bit using 50# on a good fish...took three weeks for my knuckles not to be sore. look at the anti reverse dog and gear....the way it's designed the dog will ride up and shear the points off the gear
  363. stairman

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    so if they can still run these flights with fares that low on half full planes what does that tell ya
  364. stairman

    Fred Hall show in sandiego

    does anyone here have ANY first hand knowledge of ANY person that caught the virus? I'm assuming if no one answers affirmatively that this means five or 25k people have no first hand knowledge and it's time to buy stocks
  365. stairman

    Avet JX 6/3 Raptor too small?

    1.5 hours on a 70 -80 pound fish is AT LEAST twice as long as someone with jx 2 speed should take....most of my reels didnt come with brains so they have to have the handle turned by someone with one and a little tuna taming exp
  366. stairman

    Is April too early for SD tuna?

    I'd shoot for the middle two weeks of may...but then my exp is limited to 1974 until today. by waiting until then there are other options in case bft do what they do...
  367. stairman

    Who's the new captain of the tomahawk?

    having a bunch of good fisherman helps too...fewer loses more bite..
  368. stairman

    Don't vote ********.

    We cant cure the federal deficit by taxing ourselves out of it...the patient only gets sicker. The only thing that will cure it is to have the economy grow faster then spending and wean americans off the idea that they deserve something other then peace and security from the federal government...
  369. stairman

    New Lo-An info request

    pretty good like most of the boats get there early and stand in line if you have a need for a good spot for a tackle box..plenty of side rod storage
  370. stairman

    question about denatured alcohol...

    making jokes is a problem?
  371. stairman

    question about denatured alcohol...

    I think you can still buy race fuel in cans...add equal parts vdoka stir
  372. stairman

    question about denatured alcohol...
  373. stairman

    Boat “Road Tax”

    depends on how many gallons you burn and how much you are willing to cheat...if they can miss word a gas tax prop well then the cheating quotion goes up
  374. stairman

    YT Collars - lots of blood

    smoke it up after brining it the blood will leach out
  375. stairman

    Please identify this crab

    yup its tasty but you need a saws alls or grinder or hammer to break the legs...the hammer leaves you with stringy meat mixed with shattered shell
  376. stairman

    Rockfish Release Success!!! | Raymarine Screen Shots

    you can release small fish or protected one easily on the way back down for your next drop... just barely hook them in a fleshy portion out side the mouth...drop and give a sharp pull when close to the bottom
  377. stairman

    Other Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    plead not guilty...they will give you a court date...if the landowner doesnt show case will be dismissed..but if they show your fine may be higher.gamble much?
  378. stairman

    Cold weather trout fishing advice

    if it's been warm go shallow if not deep and slow...if she likes it both ways just listen for clues
  379. stairman

    Thieve at LB Fishing Supplies

    they ride the sportfishing boats too
  380. stairman

    Boat was stolen and found stripped

    with this states government it is always about tax money,fine money,fee money,permit money,license money and how they can keep the lower class satisfied and the rich and middle class paying the above.....only one problem...people can and are leaving.
  381. stairman

    Boat was stolen and found stripped

    a vote for Democrats protects thieves ...and the state employee pension fund...the real reason they wont spend money keeping thieves in jail
  382. stairman

    Help!! Building permit help in San Diego

    "the land of the free"
  383. stairman

    BOLA or BA in mid-Feb?

    on the gulf side your one day could be blown out...if the weather is nice in so cal it will likely have north winds down at bola... the other side should be day is a tough call
  384. stairman

    Merry Christmas BD!

    merry christmas
  385. stairman

    Yellowtail Dropper Loop Question

    spider hitch
  386. stairman

    Offshore 3.5 day Pacific Voyager 11/21-11/25

    only one thing to say.....these are the good old days
  387. stairman

    Side by Side comparison of mahi mahi and pompino dolphin

    You are insensitive for making fun of short fat fish....chairman nadler will investigate shortly
  388. stairman

    REDUCED! Sabre fishing rod and Penn reel $100

    Rewrap that rod....its bullet proof
  389. stairman

    Keeping your feet dry on a sportfisher

    settle down or santa wont be nice to
  390. stairman

    Keeping your feet dry on a sportfisher

    omg wet feet...on a boat...who would have guessed
  391. stairman

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    I find it so amusing that somehow you dont see that politics is involved.....but I bet any amount I know just about exactly who you vote for lol
  392. stairman

    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    on the bright side crowds are down and rain is good for the quail next year
  393. stairman

    Yes or No?

    catalytic heaters only deplete o2 not create co....the biggest danger would be an air tight area or a blanket or other flammable object getting too close
  394. stairman

    Offshore Did you hear that?

    one relatively warm storm....I bet they will be around at least two more weeks
  395. stairman

    Anyone Ever Live on a Boat?

    the yard work is minimal
  396. stairman

    do people ever fall off their boat

    some people never take calculated risks.....mostly we call them golfers
  397. stairman

    Offshore Old Glory Hole

    Ever worked on a boat all summer? ever worked 15 days straight 19 hours a day on a moving boat ? Try it and tell me again how you would finally geta lay in day and spend it tearing apart a generator that just might be shoehorned in and take three days to get to and repair...please tell us about...
  398. stairman

    Offshore Old Glory Hole

    1st of all shit happens.... 2nd of all it's very late in the season it's mid November they most likely figured that by now they would have time during the week to fix issues. But the bite is continued to be excellent and you just got unlucky that the generator crapped out before the bite quit...
  399. stairman

    Anyone Watch 60 Minutes Tonight?

    these nodules are 3 miles deep.....tuna rarely go to 1000 feet
  400. stairman

    Tuna Virgin. Going out Fri. Need help!

    learn to select hook and get the bait in the water fast the bait out of the hand well that is the hardest to catch....hook it with a gentle touch and let it dangle while approaching the rail to cast...if you have scale covered hands you are killing the bait.. fire it and get a new one if it...
  401. stairman

    Anyone have guide spacing for a Calstar 670?

    when in doubt...put a good bend in the rod over paper...trace the line then space so it looks good and the line doesnt cross that line you traced
  402. stairman

    Feedback on Pacifica out of Seaforth Bluefin

    very good crew....fishy captains too. if you are afraid of human failure never go fishing on an overnight or long range boat again...because it has and will happen again on any boat in the fleet.
  403. stairman

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    judging by how many liked my post you three are sand bass fisherman
  404. stairman

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    Being happy to pay 13 bucks for a mediocre burger says alot about you...and I while I whole heartedly endorse your happiness....for gods sake please quit voting in this state
  405. stairman

    Avet HX 5/2 for 150# yft?

    It's not a matter of whether the reel can handle a 200 tuna,but whether you can handle it because of the smaller reel leading to a much longer fight
  406. stairman

    Stacking hollowcore

    dont bother with this...if the lighter line is good with 400 yards of line out then your are putting immense strain on it already with the drag from the water....the weak point for most setups is most likely the mono or floro and the knots holding them at the end...if you are fishing a kite with...
  407. stairman

    Casting question would like advice

    another thing alot of people with backlash problems ignore is you gotta have the line level wound for the entire depth of the intended cast.....if it isnt as line peels off when it hits a high spot the spool slows when it hits a low spot it speeds the spool up.. if you have brain farted on the...
  408. stairman

    16ft aluminum boat with 90hp 2 stroke

    sell the motor...50hp either four or 2 stroke is all you need...some day if you dont you'll regret it...that center console was put that far forward to balance out the over weight motor...if you take that ocean going too often you are gonna get cracks if you are lucky enough to keep it upright...
  409. stairman

    Offshore Smaller bft ....even smaller window..

    yeah we are THAT spoiled lately huh
  410. stairman

    So I just bought my second boat. How’d I do?

    dont let the naysayers get you down...on most normal weather days in San Diego you can run that boat offshore as far as the gas it holds will take you. get a tow epirb or at least 2 vhf radios and pick your days . I wouldnt hesitate to take that 30 miles off shore....I've done...
  411. stairman

    Offshore 9/22 Yellowfin at the Parking Lot

    I think you mean you out it in gear...drag should be set before you start fishing
  412. stairman

    Offshore 9/22 Yellowfin at the Parking Lot

    the bob sand and Tony penalty are pretty much the same it a pain to tie and cinch...yup...but once you get it down it will never fail has the added bonus that it goes out the guides easily up to 60#..I've tied thousands of them and never ever had someone come back saying it...
  413. stairman

    Pulled hooks with higher # lines

    Several things factor in whether a hook gets pulled out. 1st of course is where the hook is in the fish's mouth to begin with. Number two is if the size of the hook extremely small all you're getting is skin not bone or cartilage. Given the same size hook, yes a lighter line is less likely to...
  414. stairman


    exterior grade plywood is fine if you use it in salt water...the salt will prevent the typical dryrot...I had plain abx plywood in an aluminum boat for 13 years and it wasn't rotted when the indoor outdoor carpet wore out....lots of fish blood helps
  415. stairman

    quick question bout pq

    in light of what most likely happened how about buying an aux battery and using it on deck if you have to and charging it at home
  416. stairman

    Why are my cedar plugs doing this?

    this is the problem.....hold the hook up...line tight and level and spin like jer dog said...once it stops insert the hook with the orientation achieved once the plug stops spinning
  417. stairman

    Offshore Deep Drop Swords

    lol...deep drop....turns into shit show...who else was hoping for I fo
  418. stairman

    California Dive boat Fire: Former Crewman and Captain speaks

    oxygen by itself isnt needs something to oxidize.....and scuba tanks are filled with compressed air not o2..
  419. stairman

    SCAMMER - Wicked Plier Wraps

    comment on his face book page
  420. stairman

    What To Leave Home?

    if you cant limit it to ten rods you are gonna get out fished by a guy with people are sick
  421. stairman

    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    studying the size shape and placement of the vital organs in an animal you are going to hunt is key too.and not just from broad side ...full on front quartering from all sides too
  422. stairman

    Dorian and the Bahamas

    I drove through mexico beach florida in february....that was devastation ....this has to be much much worse.
  423. stairman

    Offshore Quiet 9 mile

    banks are something to give you a start point...after that just fish where you see signs.....a single tern....a couple gulls heading in the same direction...cross current break....pick a side ...and follow it.if you dontt get bites switch to the other side....if it's a temp break too note...
  424. stairman

    Seabass video

    I have always wondered how many times in my 61 years I would have had a heart attack if I could have always seen what was swimming around my offering to the fish vid
  425. stairman

    Braided line weight for Bluefin Tuna

    exactly small hook....80 pound weak link and a 100 pound fish the pull out ratio goes up....just like back in the anchovies only days when the albacore bite turned to big eye
  426. stairman

    Bed bugs on boats

    bring back ddt
  427. stairman

    Cystal Pier fishing off MB?

    catch Mack's fly line them....1 in 1000 chance of a yellow or big halibut
  428. stairman

    Is this considered Hypothetical

  429. stairman

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    the year 1977 ....the boat the malihini....the bite was wide open....braid was no existant and we had 15 hooked fish tangled together....I yell to stop puking or you'll get cut off then one by one got the old darts out of the tangles and got every fish....the deck hand needs to take charge
  430. stairman

    Personal best YT - LJ 8/23

    nice fish! did you get a weight on it?
  431. stairman

    Offshore Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    it wouldnt be violence to you Hollywood types
  432. stairman

    Offshore Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    what the heck are you talking about now? I mean seriously put down the bong....
  433. stairman

    Offshore Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    first off if you knew you were getting g close....which remains in doubt... you now know you were....second what makes you think that captain....if he was the capt did hit exactly what he was aiming at? most guys that rose to the level of captain can put a jig on a 2foot hula hoop when...
  434. stairman

    Offshore Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    If you were so close that you could identify which person on the boat was the captain you were definitely to close
  435. stairman

    Limited load boat under 200 in socal?

    San Diego the liberty malihini...mission belle..better book quick
  436. stairman

    Limited load boat under 200 in socal?

    tuna trips under 200 are pretty much limited to 530am to 530pm trips that they are calling full day...even the cheapest overnight 1 day is 220
  437. stairman

    1985(86) skipjack 24 open

    come bring it to my property... I'll keep it salty and bloody for ya..
  438. stairman


    I killed one 30 years ago in was like eating rubber...the bigger the worse they get
  439. stairman

    Where to Dove Hunt?

    it can depend on the field...and what they are feeding on...but last time I was out there it was about 6 to one euros they taste exactly like mourning doves just 1.5 or more times more meat
  440. stairman

    Where to stay in abreojos?

    I spent a week on the beach at the mouth at la bocanna back in the early 90s....gas was only available in was only available warm at the one store in town....someday ill go back and be disappointed......oh and 5 lb calicos were a god damn a pain in the ass
  441. stairman

    Hook and Hand

    Back in the days when there were no sardines and you had a tank of anchovies that took skill to cast and get bit we would often hook and hand 3/4 of the fish in the counts....especially yellows....yeah THAT long ago
  442. stairman

    Possible scammers....

    I emailed joshweiofficial looking to buy a reel....he said he was in boston so he couldn't meet for a cash in hand sale....someone else try it and see what he says
  443. stairman

    Offshore So, I went fishing again...

    wow 2.5 hours on 40 for and 80lb hour would have been a sleep walk20 minutes if you have any balls at all
  444. stairman

    Is the 9 mile inshore or offshore?

    never thought of off shore as a visibility thing....I've sat at pukey point in dense fog in 100 feet of water and couldnt see the island....hear it yes see it no
  445. stairman

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    they werent dumping carcasses... they were fishing for rock crabs but the bait was a little large
  446. stairman

    Offshore taking a poll

    you know what it feels like when you have to turn in a skunk for the day when you have a boat full of numbskulls that cant get bit?
  447. stairman

    Skipjack 20 fuel tank?

    never...right up until you get to the edge of your range and the fish are 8 miles past you
  448. stairman

    Leave a Tip by Dave Ramsey

    trouble is far too many people arent smart.... a wise man once told me to never finance anything that depreciates faster then the interest accumulates unless it is used to make money more then it costs over time....I should have married that guys daughter...I thought they cant all be such a pain...
  449. stairman

    Leave a Tip by Dave Ramsey

    here is a tip...try being an employer and then get back to us
  450. stairman

    Offshore Left rods and reels outside of H&M landing

    go buy a lotto ticket while your luck holds out
  451. stairman

    Seeker Hysteria?

    The secret to the secret blue rods is that they get bit better because the fish see the line coming from a sardine follow it back up to the boat they see nothing because the sky is blue and the rod is invisible so they rushed back to the Sardine and eat it
  452. stairman

    Trailer Bunk Wood in San Diego

    There's a reason....the boards on top of the pile at Home Depot or Lowe's look like crap it's because they've been picked through by people who know what they're doing and then the old ones that didn't make the cut are put back on top. Why would you have to be a Lowe's or Home Depot employee to...
  453. stairman

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    I caught one off point loma 20 years ago too...happens once in a while just like norcal getting a yt now and then
  454. stairman

    Sabre 30-100 rods

    ok thought so just wanted to clarify so you can get them sold
  455. stairman

    Sabre 30-100 rods

    100 bucks each or 200 each
  456. stairman

    Penn Fathom 25N extra washer

    I wonder whether in the factory where they were put together they didn't understand the orientation of the cupped washers and added that to make it work....try putting it back to gether the way the washers were originally oriented and leave the extra out and see what it feels like...if you have...
  457. stairman

    Question about tip

    500 x25 ÷10 (yes there probably are not ten crew and maybe more then25 tanglers) means 150 a day in tax free their daily rate...which last time I worked was 96 a day....250 with only the 90 being taxed is well in excess of 300 a day...if that all you have for tip dont hesitate to go...
  458. stairman

    Offshore Fishing Etiquette ( video )

    nothing has changed...I remember back in the mid 70s and guy on a boat come up on a ball of squid we were trying to scoop in the day light in the flats by the coronados….our bow came with in a foot of connecting and while we were holding them off to prevent damage they scooped the squid and...
  459. stairman

    Saltwater Too Much Tuna

    they arent a threatened or impacted species...should is the key word ....they are illegal to sell they arent rare or threatened so the only interest being protected is commercial guys market price
  460. stairman

    Saltwater Too Much Tuna

    same in california... it's not like it's some resident non commercial specias....if you can buy it canned you should be able to sell it to defray costs. it's not likely to pay for the boat and fuel
  461. stairman

    Saltwater Too Much Tuna

    There is no reason at all that sport caught albacore should be illegal to sell...none
  462. stairman


    I've got two free weeks...anybody want to join me in following this guy home...then staking out his home and following anyone that "visits" need two cars to follow effectively
  463. stairman


    exactly what I thought....
  464. stairman


    is this the same guy that had deb Jackson's rods for sale a couple years back?
  465. stairman

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    where you run them is the most important thing....preferably right in the area where there are plenty of hungry marlin
  466. stairman


    The guy selling them may not be the one stealing them but that quick a turn means he probably gest a call or a visit from the thieves...someone should follow him home and stake out his house. were these locked in the boat and if not why not....if there was damage to the boat from being broken...
  467. stairman

    Secure gun storage now a law

    Their plan is working perfectly when reasonably people are willing to sacrifice the one law/right that ensures the others wont be trampled on. If you believe all these mass shootings are people/ nut cases working/ behaving independently then then you are behaving exactly as they think you will.
  468. stairman

    Mackerel Out Of Oceanside?

    Go out just past the jetty find a meter mark catch mackerel
  469. stairman

    where's the greenback mackerel

    there was a shit load in Quivira basin last week
  470. stairman

    Long mono topshot

    and... handling them better casting further hooking them quickly next time you arent getting bit and other are look at your rod handle and theirs....20 to 1 the guy getting bit better has no scales on his rods
  471. stairman

    Excel-Ballast Point Brewing 8-Day, Sept 2-10

    I remember a guy on the shogun like that...his hash marks on the beer tally sheet not only looked like a rail road track but became comically scrawl like by the end of each day....30 to 40 beers later
  472. stairman

    Where to fish next?

    There are two ways to fish Cedros Island and the way you suggested is neither of them
  473. stairman

    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    you were targeted the other two times because you had all that cash in your wallet....and a 50k neon sign on the trailer behind you....FUCK THEM...I learned to stay north of the border 25 years ago …..but it's ok if millions of them come here ...nothing bad will ever come of it
  474. stairman

    Boston whaler 32 stuffed on jetty marina del Rey

    bondo it and go fishing
  475. stairman

    Offshore Little G has The Big D!

    stop fishing wiil forever be disappointed
  476. stairman

    sticky raptor

    That bearing can be frustrating. You take it apart there's no pressure on it everything rolls just fine then you put it back together again and it's sticky.I had the same problem
  477. stairman

    Boston whaler 32 stuffed on jetty marina del Rey

    yup...I wonder what her name is
  478. stairman

    fishing hook inserting fishing swivel

    prettier then a 8" green back sardine in a bluefin bite damn she is gone
  479. stairman

    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    ok how much weight did you gain?
  480. stairman

    Refund for Trips Cancelled by Operator?

    That and a couple other reasons is why you should never pay any more then they require to hold the reso
  481. stairman

    Secure gun storage now a law

    Amazing....I try to keep well informed and I thought I was but I never heard about this....the media here in California shovels anything to do with a citizen protecting their home and person with a gun....Everyone should know about this and particularly the criminals thinking of invading a...
  482. stairman

    Offshore Old Glory Bluefin (HARD TIMES) 7/23 Video

    Luck....3 out of 15 might be luck...100% of the fish for the day...not so much. there are definitely subtle things to fishing line and boat shy tuna that are hard for some people to list them but the subject has been beat to death
  483. stairman

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    exactly what happened...and on each of the next three or four s hools baited there were none first trip to the Coronado islands was in 1972....never seen that before ever.tuna or yt fishing...its a policy that needi g rethinking...or thinking at all
  484. stairman

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    I fished the liberty last week with 59 people...yeah it was crowded but that wasnt my beef .I expected and accepted that. My beef was that while moving around looking for sonar schools the deck hands, one in particular ,was removing all the bait from the hand wells. when I asked why he said...
  485. stairman

    The sardine flicker

    that reminds me of one day with two drunk friends a d a tank of bait... we were sitting under a bridge in mission bay flicking baits into traffic this day someone in a convertable is stumped where that sardine came from
  486. stairman

    1985 Evinrude 130 wont idle in gear without key prime?

    wide open throttle jets are MUCH larger then idle jets...and that it runs when you prime it at idle is pretty conclusive proof it is only fuel supply at idle when idle jets are in use
  487. stairman

    Knot stronger then the line???

    load it to you tube
  488. stairman

    1985 Evinrude 130 wont idle in gear without key prime?

    anyone wanna bet 100$ its a clogged idle jet in the carb?
  489. stairman

    Bait Tank Pump without a Scoop?

    the water moving fast past the opening can create suction and overwhelm the pump depending on speed and bottom'll soon find out
  490. stairman

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    If Any you assholes are complaining about the tax Bill on your boat Are also voting for Democrats then shut the fuck up
  491. stairman

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    and he wonders why he fishes alone
  492. stairman

    Prayers needed - Been very ill the last 17 mos

    That's a lot of stuff going on...hope you find answers
  493. stairman

    Offshore 7/18 aztec overnight report

    yu pay all that money to go fishing and miss the big fish because of a breakfast burrito? lol you should be banned from bd
  494. stairman

    After the right dine is chosen, what’s the proper handling method?

    First you approached the hand well and spread your elbows and snarl at anybody nearby so they don't get anywhere near your tank while you choose your bait. 2nd, you ask the bait boy for more bait. 3rd, then tell him he used to working on Sportfishing boats when you were a kid and you pull out a...
  495. stairman

    Excel-Ballast Point Brewing 8-Day, Sept 2-10

    money talks....see a sold out trip and you want to be on it...go into the office and plunk down 50% of the trip price in cash and ask if they have any cancelations...I did that about 12 years ago and less then 2 days later they said come back with the cash
  496. stairman

    dove cross?

    one there looks exactly like the bird I photographed!
  497. stairman

    dove cross?

    what kind of pie crust?
  498. stairman

    Reel of choice for head boat tuna fishing

    define large tuna
  499. stairman

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    on flat level ground...barely....climbing from el Centro to fucking way
  500. stairman

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    that explains why you dont see manny private boats out there like you used to
  501. stairman

    Seaforth Landing....RV Parking

    I'd call San Diego police with that question.
  502. stairman

    Offshore Moshing with bluefin 7/8 must become the kelp patty to understand
  503. stairman

    camping recommendations please.

    may be hot????? Likely life threatening is more like it..RVs cook at 105.
  504. stairman

    Ocean Odyssey 1.5 Day Trip Tackle Suggestions...

    size 1 to 4/0 live bait hooks...a few torpedo style weights in the 2 to 6 oz size...and 25 to 80 lb line and leader materials will cover 90% of the west coast tuna fishing scene...there is alot more important things then just line. picking capturing and hooking the best sardine in the hand wells...
  505. stairman

    Just noticed - Full day prices up ???

    The thing with this supply and demand curve is there is a demand curve that goes down but it isn't linear...hence the name curve....the supply is also some what fixed by governmental requirements and other cost factors....if the price was reduced too much the supply would drop abruptly to...
  506. stairman

    Offshore 7/7 Nice one on the popper

    a 2 dollar sewing store roll up tape measure make weight guesstimate easy...easy 150 on that one how tall are you?
  507. stairman

    Have Never Ever Caught a Fish

    Make sure before you cast that your power bait is actually may get bit sitting on the bottom but bit much better floating. depending on how big the trout are in that lake go with 2pound or 4pound test.....just be careful as they get near shore trout will fight harder when they...
  508. stairman

    Dementia linked to scopolamine

    Not using scopolamine leads to skunks on rough days
  509. stairman

    dove cross?

    pretty much what I figured... but maybe the white doves were made by having two or ten generations of doves like this cross
  510. stairman

    dove cross?

    Ever seen a dove like this before?.Landed in my yard this am in ramona.
  511. stairman

    'Any Long Rangers in/near Culver City work as Handymen?

    be careful...I hear choate will bend all your nails to look like fish hooks
  512. stairman

    Offshore Sabiki yellowfin

    how about tiny swim baits dropped back behind the boat and dragged through the foamer with a wide circle......if deployed correctly there could be twelve people on the stern all dragiing tiny swim baits at 60 80 and 110 yards back...five or ten hooked fish could bring the school to the boat
  513. stairman

    Offshore Aztec 1.5. Fiancé first BFT.

    lol ...yeah put a ringed hook in that girl
  514. stairman

    New Lo-an Layout and Boarding process

    get down there as early as possible...walk down to the boat and ask if a 20 will let you get your bunk and tackle box spot picked early
  515. stairman

    Can you prospect lobster?

    California definition of take with regards to hunting and fishing makes it not worth the time or effort...even if you win you will have to take time to go to court at least twice. On top of that unless it's just a day or two before the opener the little bastards may not be there in the same...
  516. stairman

    Does this look like corrosion to you?

    the gasket on a two stroke is in contact with salt water being pumped through he cooling jacket and there can be some seepage between the head and the block...nothing to get too excited about if the compression is good ...especially if the head bolts look as if they haven't been removed...
  517. stairman

    Always carry an extra battery pack or battery!!!

    mixing old and new batteries with out isolating them will make them both old faster
  518. stairman

    Offshore PAC Queen 7/3

    I call bs on the wife with no pics!
  519. stairman

    Offshore July 4th of yellowfin madness!

    2 3 minutes a problem
  520. stairman

    bluefin hook

    the same hooks we used 40 years ago still work fine...designer hooks catch alot....of fishermen
  521. stairman

    Prime BFT?

    Japanese...while I respect them...are really weird about fish
  522. stairman

    Trailer issue

    tapered board between the middle and rear tire...loosen bolts and roll forward a tiny bit at a time
  523. stairman

    Inshore mako

    I say go ahead....California is too crowded anyway
  524. stairman

    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    needs a new name...pacific littoral zone
  525. stairman

    Sabre grafast guide insert question

    aluminum oxide is the same thing as ruby...ruby and sapphire are the same stone different trace elements for color...there just two stones harder then aluminum oxide...diamond and an obscure rare gemstone so yeah braid wont hurt them a bit...even braid with sand embedded in it wont hurt them
  526. stairman

    Docking ethics?

    Must be horrible loving life afraid of your shadow....and owning a bayliner
  527. stairman

    Any Open Spots Departing 9/13/2019

    get on waiting lists and have them call you for other of the boats leaving san diego will definitely have a cancellation by then
  528. stairman

    Shop Closing

    you have to be open to get business...went by there three times in the last 3 months and it was closed 2 of the 3 when it was supposed to be open according to posted hours
  529. stairman

    Chiflo does it again.

    where does he fish out of?
  530. stairman

    Boat launchers need this

    car mechanic drives a know why? He hates working on his on truck on his days off
  531. stairman

    Strange catch

    any other pictures of it?
  532. stairman

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    ah I get it ...nothing you said or typed five minutes ago I really understand what you are getting at...have you thought of a career in politics? There are systems and goals inmind...get back to the dock with out hitting anyone or running aground...its a system that...
  533. stairman

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    So in your mind the entire fleet of san diego ...or maybe so cal sport fishers need to return to port ,be grounded until a review is complete and new training takes place? lol and you wonder why lawyers that deal with personal injury cases have the reputation they do....I have an idea....the...
  534. stairman

    Can I get away with this?

    cool if the boat breaks down and you cant make it back maybe they can do a transfer at sea...if not I'll be there to buy the trip from you cheap lol...take a full day on the liberty and book a hotel room for that night to be sure
  535. stairman

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    it isnt a daily rate thing that keeps dedicate professions off sport fishing could double the rate but who here can work for 15k a year ? 120 day season for most guys, and even then it isnt every every day of that every year , at 300 bucks a day is still not enough to rent a shitty...
  536. stairman

    Biggest ling I’ve seen in local waters and friends pb

    that how that guy got that big gluttony!
  537. stairman

    Verizon coverage in the June lake loop?

    I need to stay in touch for a month but just gotta get out a here.. hows is Verizon coverage up there? if you had good or bad which camp ground?
  538. stairman

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    planes limos buses and trains all go faster the 12 knots
  539. stairman

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    5 I f you are a lawyer and and are gonna sue anyone over this I'd love to sit on that jury or be the moderater....what damages? some one get their clothes wet getting off the boat?..uber ride to the landing ? extra ice cause the fillets werent at 36 degrees? These trips are getting too...
  540. stairman

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    only if they gaffed it and didn't ruin the fillets
  541. stairman

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Well if he was in his bunk past the time they would have been half a mile from the jetty then he was derelict in his duty ...after being at sea working with sport fishers well over 500 days I have NEVER seen a captain in his bunk less then a mile from a harbor if he was in his bunk...
  542. stairman

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    other then in pea soup fog on a day where your radar depth finder and compass all failed is this even slightly excusable ….even in those conditions anchoring up or drifting until a boat with working systems can pilot you in is the prudent solution...
  543. stairman

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    If this was,as stated by others,the same guy that was on wheel watch on the prowler then it's likely his last time ever being paid crew.
  544. stairman

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Are surf perch eligible for the jack pot?
  545. stairman

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I wondering if this will affect crew tips?
  546. stairman

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    knowing how to set a depth alarm on your fathometer is a pretty basic fact why isn't one set at the shallowest part of every journey that a sportfisher takes from the dock or maybe 50feet so this cant happen unless you are sleeping through a very loud buzzer
  547. stairman

    Practice Casting

    It's funny but all the good fisherman I've seen or know can cast a fly lined bait well...can you catch fish dropping them in...yeah maybe with 25-30 and a good bait but if it has to pull 40 and up every foot away from the boat you can get helps.... What helps even more is picking a good bait...
  548. stairman

    Need help from some BFT guys

    you could max out the drag on that sx and get spooled three times on one run.The 500 if filled with 40 spectra....maybe but when you get straight up and down it just wont work if you hook a 80 plus fish...and there are lots up to 150 and even 200 out there if nothing changes
  549. stairman

    Bait Tank Install & Hatch

    ah maybe some day you might need to move it
  550. stairman

    Offshore 1.5 day Islander, fishing 6/25 report

    I've been on 3 good trips and one stinker...if you give a non swimming bait more then 30 seconds to get their act together and pull line off the reel you are wasting time....." CHANGE YOUR BAIT"....that often heard phrase has never been false and this year with these smallish sardines and heavy...
  551. stairman

    1984 Westcoaster Aluminum

    that boat should get about 6 mpg lightly loaded...2 -6 gallon tanks and you can fish the coronados...3 would be better so you have some options Id put a lean post with a tank in it if it was mine...something in the 15-18 gallons would give you all you'd want
  552. stairman

    Offshore Tomahawk 1.5 day 6/19

    yup the crew did a great job....even had the captain go to the galley and get a bottle of water for me...That has never happened before on any fish I've fought on any boat.
  553. stairman

    Offshore Tomahawk 1.5 day 6/19

    push poles are a double edged sword...especially from a crews perspective...if its obviously hung up in the prop and there is no option yeah you grab it and take the opportunity. The problem if the line isn't quite in the prop and a guy has been fighting a fish for over an hour is that if for...
  554. stairman

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    I guess not having big mortgage payments and living in a hell hole like ridgecrest has you feeling a bit richer then some...I think ill stay here
  555. stairman

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    It isn't a credit card fee if you have to pay it to get a reservation over the phone....its a reservation fee..I called fl last week and asked if I made a reso with a card but paid with cash would I still be fee;d to death...yup they take 50% for the reso so it was 3.5 % of 50% of the trip and...
  556. stairman

    Offshore Tomahawk 1.5 day 6/19

    that was a hell of a day of arms were sore for days ..sucked you lost that one big fish after that long battle
  557. stairman

    How do you stop swimbaits from splitting open

    x2 on the heat and when they tear use either super glue or at home melt some used baits and drip into the tear
  558. stairman

    Cabo Beer Help

    If wanting a beer that doesnt taste like the hops they waved over the wort was 4 years old and dusty...and the rice it was made with was rejected from china and the socks it was filtered through were washed annually...yeah I guess so...but no I'm not really that picky
  559. stairman

    old skool mentality vs...

    depends a lot on the tangler holding the rod....some of us that have caught hundreds to thousands of 40pound and up fish know more about the fight then some guy that has caught two 15 pound yft The size the fish have been lately if you are fishing 40 you may be sorry if you do get bit....
  560. stairman

    Adding a reel seat to a deckhand rod question

    seems to me you could sand down the taper from where the reel seat will go to the but end and get a slightly smaller and more appropriate size seat...most blanks that have thick glass there have more then really needed.
  561. stairman

    Giant Squid run?

    I fucking hope not....seems they appear in the years the fishing sucks ass
  562. stairman

    Offshore Tribute 6/21 BFT

    as the skipper of the tomahawk will tell you....77 pounds...hey next time try to get more blood on the deck! hilarious that with the fishing we have today that we get to call a 10# spread cookie cutters
  563. stairman

    Cabo Beer Help

    there are stores at the east cape...depending on where you are staying some will be walking distance but its been ten years so not sure if the beer selection is better then it used to be....Mexican beer does suck though....I feel your pain
  564. stairman

    cool emergency rescue device

    scroll to the rescue me beacon balloon Ok lets say you have a vhf radio and you get off an emergency call to the coast guard but your boat is going down fast or even just capsized in cold or shark infested areas...time is of the essence its dark and you not only need but want help faster then...
  565. stairman

    Line to leader system?

    zzzzz. you would have a shoulder hooked bait spinning unless you went slower then a hot bait swims...much slower...even then it wouldnt look natural.
  566. stairman

    Line to leader system?

    9 bites yesterday on the tomahawk...used j hooks all day..all were hooked in the same place...corner of the jaw.ive looked at some small j hook designs and just cant see using a size 2 circle hook on 80 pound average fish. kinda funny that these young ( under 40) deckhands being amazed that the...
  567. stairman

    Washington Permit hunts

    her boyfriend is getting older so hell be happy too
  568. stairman

    What rods, reels, braid, and hooks should I use for bluefin 30-70 pounds?

    If you are fishing 40# and are on a tuna of under 100lbs and spend more then an hour pulling on it you need to set down your purse and pull on it
  569. stairman

    What rods, reels, braid, and hooks should I use for bluefin 30-70 pounds?

    dont choose your hook til ypu see the bait just be prepared with 3/0 to size1 gotta remember that if you hook a fish that weighs 80lbs with a size one hook you might as well not fish more then 40lb because if you pull to the max on 50 60 or 80 the hook is likely to tear out anyway
  570. stairman

    Life Span of Hooks

    most deck hands have a collection of hooks they picked up off the deck and couldnt find an owner for them...and are happy to take what you want to throw away...hell if I'm on the boat I'll take them. I take them home...look at them with a microscope and polish them in a tumbler to remove...
  571. stairman

    At what point?

    most kids at 22 that can spend that much on a long range trip even if they earned it must have had some help with daily expenses in their lives and or tackle to be able to go. If you earned it all congrats you are a hard working young man.
  572. stairman

    Is it illegal to drug seals?

    dry ice would be helpful
  573. stairman

    At what point?

    very likely had a well chosen set of parental units
  574. stairman

    Offshore Mating Mola Mola and Yellowtail Kelp Patty ( Video )

    I'm one that understands ...I've had boats smaller then yours out at 40-50 miles alone...we are lucky to have such benign predictable weather in San diego.
  575. stairman

    Offshore Mating Mola Mola and Yellowtail Kelp Patty ( Video )

    Have you ever tried to get back in that boat with no help from anyone inside?
  576. stairman

    Pray for Jim today....

    I pray the surgical team has a day where every bait gets bit and every hooked fish is gaffed in the eye
  577. stairman

    Educate me about braid

    bob sands is my go to knot for braid to mono topshot... never had one break yet and tied it 6-10 times a day for customers...goes out through the guides better then any other knot I've tried
  578. stairman

    Educate me about braid

    You'll have some new knots to learn ...and leave your jig rod straight mono or at least 1.5 times the distance of the longest cast you have ever made of mono. all the rest of your rods and reels braid is the only way to can change a topshots to adjust to conditions...and a 1/4 # spool...
  579. stairman

    Tuna in san quintin

    man of few words
  580. stairman

    Offshore Bft jig rigging

    for that matter if you are willing to lose the jig a stout rubber band would work
  581. stairman

    Gaffs for sale ho made

    beat that ho and make her do it cheaper
  582. stairman

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    The last line in my post was directed at the overall political climate we have been living in. If you took it as being directed towards you personally I apologize. It was not intended to. Of course allowing non-citizens to vote is bad. It is only the democrats ying to the republicans yang of...
  583. stairman

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    oh I get it...if I disagree with you I'm a hater... btw is California allowing non citizens here illegally the right to vote considered meddling in the elections?
  584. stairman

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    so let me get this straight...if america was an island and no imports could come in we wouldnt have some of these products that are made elsewhere...we Americans would do without them?
  585. stairman

    Need help , boat transportation question.

    if you cruise at 4-5 knots your range should be at least 55 miles...add another 3 or 4 5 to 10 gallon tanks and you should be able to make it
  586. stairman

    Need help , boat transportation question.

    get vessel assist...go as far as you can and give them a ring lol
  587. stairman

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    I have been talking about the China us trade imbalance since looking before either trump or Obama.or george me on this. yes the economy was starting to rebound SLOWLY inspite of the Obama admin and its policies in spite of not because of it...the Democrats deepened the recession...
  588. stairman

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    The majority of our problem with trade with China is more recent.. they were given most favored nation status early in the Clinton era. lololo thanks I needed a laugh...a guy that lives in a state where taxes and fees suck up such a rediculous amount compared to other states to achieve less...
  589. stairman

    Epic day on the San Diego

  590. stairman

    Crazy Ass Charter Capt

    no shooting and snorting coke bring that down to 15%
  591. stairman

    What do you think it weighs???

    well over 80...close to 100...probably low 90s. if he is 5'7" since the fish's nose is well out in front of him since his feet are behind the other fish it would come up to shoulders...not much neck on the angler so it's close to 60 inches long
  592. stairman

    Goto Knife Sharpener

    4x24 belt sander with 150 grit belt then run it on a fine stone 2 or 3 locks and they slice paper like butter
  593. stairman


    fog in la bay in june... yeah that's weird alright
  594. stairman

    San Clemente 6-2 big butt

    That was aimed at some dumb asses here a d somewhere that call salmon grouper/boccaccio "worm grouper " and refuse to keep or eat them but love halibut above all other fish ...both are equally yoked with them little critters
  595. stairman

    Native Sun had a good day, but ...

    ironic...lives in LA day in and day out yet complains about a crowded boat huh who could expect something that that
  596. stairman

    San Clemente 6-2 big butt

    should a thrown it back they are full of worms
  597. stairman

    Weather report 6-2-19 Catalina crossing

    JB WELB and it lil be good as new!
  598. stairman

    How to thread needle

    500 grit wet dry sand paper on a random orbital sander and it will slide in like butter. turn on the sander and pinch the mono leaving about 3/4 of an inch sticking out of your fingers then apply to the now vibrating spinning sand paper and in about 15 seconds of rolling and changing the angle...
  599. stairman

    Coronado islands 6/1

    Back In the late seventies on the malihini we were rock cod fishing at the south end of the 9 mile bank with 5 to 10 hook gangions and 3 pounds of lead with dacron line and 30 plus customers on board and got attacked by a school of 30 pound yellows in 400 feet of water....yeah you could say we...
  600. stairman

    Open eye Siwash hooks-what gives?

    the hazards of on line shopping...get a hammer and a pair of pliers and or maybe a vice(no not drinking to excess) and hammer them closed
  601. stairman

    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    you would have loved it even more 40 years ago
  602. stairman

    Offshore Looking for BFT

    You can just barely get to tuna holding water at 30 miles...I'm gonna assume you have at least 100 miles total fuel supply if not then rethink...then think some more
  603. stairman

    Flat-fall jig failure

    I have never dismantled a jig like this before but I'd assume...or hope anyway...that the wire loop coming out of the jig was twisted and then continuous with the loop at the other end. if this is the case the brittle metal at the top is all that failed so bend it back straight and keep using...
  604. stairman

    Avet Pro EXW 4/02 Question

    I have a ex4/0w 2 speed...fished hundred izor line with a wind on on it and have caught several cows with it straight out of the box...
  605. stairman

    Moon phases bft

    I have found that bft only eat when they are hungry on a blue moon
  606. stairman

    Massive amount of stolen gear please help

    fucking thieves....did they come south from washington?
  607. stairman

    How should I set up for a 1.5 day with the gear I have?

    all you need are some hooks...a few 1-6oz torpedo weights and some rubber bands for the weights... oh and 20 years experience picking and handling baits....know when to "fire" one and get a new one...if it's been 20 seconds and line isnt leaving your reel at at least a walking pace with tail...
  608. stairman

    Overnight pricing

    quite to the contrary...California is stunningly beautiful and just the idiots that run this state and the people that blindly vote for them not realizing that California economy goes on in SPITE of what they do not BECAUSE of what they do...
  609. stairman

    Overnight pricing

    I'm betting I was here long before you were...1968
  610. stairman

    Overnight pricing

    simple....the cost of everything in California has the added tax that people need to be reminded of...if it offends you ignore me...oh I forgot this is 2019 and it isnt possible to just ignore people you HAVE TO comment. the added tax of every tax on everything that is purchased that goes into...
  611. stairman

    Overnight pricing

    I'm curious...if you think tuna fishing is expensive and not worth it how many of you that that that think that the current cost of the government in this state is also too high yet you still vote for those imposing it on you?
  612. stairman

    Saltwater Elliott Bay Shrimp

    And you know how the OP voted and everything about the Boldt decision? I don’t know the OP from Adam. Either way, your initial response struck me as a dick response too. But, it’s a free world and anyone can say whatever ignorant shit they want. so are you a dick when you dont actually read...
  613. stairman

    Saltwater Elliott Bay Shrimp

    Funny Jamie....I was going to post the EXACT same reply.... doug....go away, you're an ass-hat and an annoyance..I feel sorry for you. Back to shrimping...anyone have results on Hood Canal shrimping? Was it worse/better/about average this year? Thinking about hitting it 06/01.... We did well...
  614. stairman

    Saltwater Elliott Bay Shrimp

    nothing that a change of who runs oregon California and Washington wont cure....I take it that Hillary is your girlfriend and fauxahontas is your side slut Funny Jamie....I was going to post the EXACT same reply.... doug....go away, you're an ass-hat and an annoyance..I feel sorry for you...
  615. stairman

    Saltwater Elliott Bay Shrimp

    What the fuck is wrong with you? What the fuck is wrong with you? nothing that a change of who runs oregon California and Washington wont cure....I take it that Hillary is your girlfriend and fauxahontas is your side slut
  616. stairman

    Tomorrow’s Weather

    seriously windy all day yesterday....and pretty windy all day today ....its May in San diego...snafu
  617. stairman

    strong fuel smell in cabin

    I've written this before but I'll do it again.....if it's a special shape youd think these days with laser measuring devices it would be easy to measure the exact dimensions of the hole it goes in and make a custom thick walled synthetic material tank so this wont need to be done ever again.
  618. stairman

    Are we all that special?

    as long as you arent jamming traffic up sure why not
  619. stairman

    Mission Belle/Coronados 5/15

    if you are pulling that many hooks its a sign.....nice report though I used to love fishing the islands on that boat when the chargers were worth watching...stood at the rail in just the right spot fishing rockfish and watching the game on in the galley at the same time.
  620. stairman

    89 and counting...

    . definitely lately getting a 2x4 ready
  621. stairman

    R.I.P. Fatty

    can only hope to match that number some day .RIP your friend
  622. stairman

    New boat Hull failure

    are they paying to remove all your accessories and install them on the new hull?
  623. stairman

    Leaving California and Was Given a Good-Bye Gift..

    some free advice... if you are leaving because of the confiscatory condition of this state dont continue to vote for those who run this system when you get there... if you are leaving because you cant stand the assholes running this state that's great but remember the people of Texas and a lot...
  624. stairman

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    it's a big bank with lots of pinicles...and no one will give up their numbers for those spots on a public forum...get a good electronics and go explore
  625. stairman

    Alijos Rock from a Different View

    God I'd love to dive there
  626. stairman

    Am I in the Twilight Zone?

    same here
  627. stairman

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    sheep enjoy being clipped close..I like carl. he is a fun guy to fish with.... along with licence prices being lower...the roads are better maintained...the sales and state income taxes are 1/3 what we pay here and gas is 1.25 a gallon can make 50% less and still own everything...
  628. stairman

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    since when has the price of a license not gone up anyway? approach the mirror please... I just spent 2 years in virginia and the cost of both years wasnt what one year costs here and it's good from a year when you bought also have your name and lic number recorded and the wardens can...
  629. stairman

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    victim of the public school system are ya? you pay....let's keep this simple for ya...let's say 365 $ for a license. .1$ per day ....let's say you buy in march at the same are paying approximate 70 ÷365 more per you really want to pay more go to the mirror and...
  630. stairman

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    If any of you people calling voted for the party running this state please go to a mirror point at yourself and then slap the shit out of yourself...repeat right before elections for the best effect.
  631. stairman

    Old School Plastic Spool Penn Reel question:

    a person was fishing a very stretching type of mono (know that cheap skate he got it cheap) that would stretch 2 or three inches per yard and not only did it crack the spool on a fish it literally blew the handle side of the reel an inch to the right with the screws staying in the brass frame...
  632. stairman

    Offshore By the Wind Sailors = Yellowfin Tuna (video)

    there were so many last Thursday on the liberty at times it looks like ice on a cocktail
  633. stairman

    BFT or not?

    those are deep cover bluefin...when scared they sit head up and as still as a Turkey hunter
  634. stairman

    Offshore Bluefin Fail 5/3

    you need shit loads of chum to get these blue fin going and to hang long enough to get bit waste of time to have one scoop and hope to hold a school no side may never find them
  635. stairman

    Stocked Trout Fishing

    small hooks a d check to make sure you bait is floating before you cast out...a few years ago they changed the formula so you had to use more to make it float...making you use more of their product so inflating a crawler bit helps.. hatchery trout are fed in small pellets ...find out what...
  636. stairman

    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    Why was it a big mistake. The shark didn’t eat any of those people, did it? That shark was just curious about those people. Gotta stop misrepresenting those awesome creatures. I quote my self as I read your post.... "WHAT A FUCKING DUMB ASS"
  637. stairman

    can you get away with straight mono

    well I hope you werent hurt by that
  638. stairman

    can you get away with straight mono

    wait there Paulo you just called everyone that wont embrace every new rod ree line or lure either dumb or poor and you want us to keep it civil lol