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  1. Jacobk123

    Is this a Ballyhoo, caught at night in San Diego bay

    After looking at photos online i think you nailed it.
  2. Jacobk123

    Is this a Ballyhoo, caught at night in San Diego bay

    We went out about a week ago at night to hoop net with a buddy and had a few of these guys swim up in our deck lights. They hung out around the boat as long as the lights were on and we managed to snag one with the bait net for a closer look. My first instinct was Ballyhoo but I've never...
  3. Jacobk123

    Offshore Monday 9/19 Took another look around the 425 again and found some fish

    Got out again this Monday on my buddy's 19 ft Arima with the same goal as last week, run down to below the border in search of yellowfin and dorado. Got the boat launched from Shelter Island at 5 am and ran to the bait barge for a decent scoop of sardines. We got everything strapped down for the...
  4. Jacobk123

    Offshore Chasing mahi 9-16. Found the right paddy and mayhem ensued.

    Awesome report, hopefully those YFT are going to keep sliding up and you get your shot soon!
  5. Jacobk123

    Offshore Monday 9-12 trolling the 371 and 425

    We threw a few net fulls on two of the stops but didn't see any reaction to it.
  6. Jacobk123

    Offshore Monday 9-12 trolling the 371 and 425

    Been a while since I've posted but I'm going to try and be as detailed as possible so pardon the longer report. Had the chance to get out Monday 9/12 on my buddy's 19ft Arima sea chaser yt edition (his boat is named "The Slammer"). Launched out of Shelter Island around 5 am and ran to the bait...
  7. Jacobk123

    Spanish Landing Float Tube Session

    Thank you. I think I've had more fun on that float tube in the bay then any other boat I've fished on.
  8. Jacobk123

    Spanish Landing Float Tube Session

    My buddy and I decided to go out and kick around Spanish Landing this past Sunday, the 26th of Jan. I ended the day with 3 nice spotties that I caught on 5 inch Kalins grubs and my friend caught 2 using a 3 inch Christmas tree color Fish Trap. Successful day in my opinion, fishing could have...
  9. Jacobk123


    I'll drink to that! :hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  10. Jacobk123

    sd bay halie 6/2/13

    Awesome catch man, Med sized macs and big lizard fish are lke candy for those big flatties! Congrats!
  11. Jacobk123

    Friday Night Squid Fiesta on the New Seaforth

    Great job out there, went out on the New Seaforth last night but we couldn't seem to find a school that wanted to play. Looks like your son had a blast though!
  12. Jacobk123

    Grand Slam plus one on the Klamath Aluminum Skiff

    Awesome job, still trying for my first Grand Slam haha.
  13. Jacobk123

    Frog Plastic (first attempt)

    Haha yeah hook in the ass and 30lb mono through the body tied off to a swivel at the mouth. And thanks for the encouragement on the bait, it doesn't bother me that it sinks. If anything I think the fact that it swims just under the surface makes it a better bait because not many on the market...
  14. Jacobk123

    Frog Plastic (first attempt)

    Yeah they are weedless, I rig them in an interesting way though. I take a large sewing needle and thread 30 lb mono through the body of the frog and tie the frog hook to the mono before I bury it in the frogs' "back end". At the mouth of the frog I tie off the other end of the 30lb mono to a swivel.
  15. Jacobk123

    Frog Plastic (first attempt)

    I can tell you it doesn't float 100% float, but it sinks VERY slowly. So walking it on the surface is not a problem at all. If i take a picture of it in a bucket of water it would look like it was sitting at the bottom of the bucket but it would sink super slowly before it reached the bottom...
  16. Jacobk123

    Frog Plastic (first attempt)

    PMed you back, fished it today for a little while with no luck. Swims well and when its hooked up it sits just below the surface.
  17. Jacobk123

    Frog Plastic (first attempt)

    Thanks you, havent got the pm yet but im waiting for it
  18. Jacobk123

    Frog Plastic (first attempt)

    Thanks for the feedback, the hook was set with barbs down but i fixed that so they sit up. It has a solid rubber body and it doesn't "float" when rigged, but it kinda sits near the top of the water on a slow retrieve so it might still work like this. I get to fish it tomorrow so I'll give an...
  19. Jacobk123

    Frog Plastic (first attempt)

    Here is that top view. Yeah tapitio, took a few tries to get this right. the ones i messed up pissed me off though... these things take a while to cool so pulling it out and having it look like crap sucks.
  20. Jacobk123

    Frog Plastic (first attempt)

    I'll get a top view picture with a quarter next to so you can get an idea of the size
  21. Jacobk123

    Frog Plastic (first attempt)

    This is my first try at pouring a large plastic. Made the mold yesterday and the frog was made in clay first. Haven't had a chance to fish it yet but looking for some feedback. Any input would be appreciated. Im still new to pouring plastics and was testing a few ideas, and this is what I came...
  22. Jacobk123

    Identification Please

    Sand shark would be my guess. Edit: sand shark is a different name for the smooth hound isn't it?
  23. Jacobk123

    Stolen Boat!!

    keep an eye on craigslist for it to show up. not just the local but in other near areas as well.
  24. Jacobk123

    What kind of fish is this?

    Lizard fish, just went out this weekend and while trying to fish for halibut ended up with about 35 of them... Pain in the ass and they are everywhere...
  25. Jacobk123

    Teach an 8 y/o how to cast a conventional

    Grab a Couple hula hoops from the dollar store and set them up in the field... Have him aim for one and every time he scores give him something... Doesn't have to be something tangible, try giving him 50 cents every time he hits the target at distance.
  26. Jacobk123

    Pending DAC Thresher Record

    That is a BEAST!!! Amazing job my friend, congratulations to both you and your daughter.
  27. Jacobk123

    Sd bay 8/30

    what kind of bass is that??
  28. Jacobk123

    Western "Gay" Pride?

    Sounds like an asshole to me, thanks for the info. I'll be sure never to take a trip on that boat...
  29. Jacobk123

    Early day...limits of Sand Bass at IB Flats

    Im guessing your fishing on the 21' trophy? Fishhold looks familiar LOL, same as my boat. Great job on the bass
  30. Jacobk123

    went out for the killer batray bite....

    Dang! Baby got back on that sucker, lol. Nice butt dude...
  31. Jacobk123

    6/30 Laguna Shark (diving) Report

    PVC!!! If a thresher charged that your gone!
  32. Jacobk123

    My Biggest Homeguard on the "SWEET TERESA"

    That is a BEAST of a yellowtail!!!!!
  33. Jacobk123

    WFO 2 day Grey Ghost extravaganza @ Catalina

    you posted the report in a code lol its to hard to read
  34. Jacobk123

    Dream season ends with a bang!!! Local slug 6-27

    Nice report and monster catch man!!
  35. Jacobk123

    ROCKPILE 6/23

    I see a reoccurring theme in these recent reports lol... Floro seems to bee the ticket.
  36. Jacobk123

    Brandon and Capt. Rod on the "Lady Luck"

    all the pics were great, last pic had something special about it though... nice job none the less!
  37. Jacobk123

    SD Bay 9-19 (late)

    Sorry I've never tried Lizard fish but I don't doubt it if they taste alright if you bleed them early. Have him try keeping a few and slicing them from the gills to bleed them and once cleaned at home try breading and frying fillets. I don't know how much meat you would get from a each since...
  38. Jacobk123

    SD Bay 9-19 (late)

    We split all that between 3 families and made all the shark today for a fathers-day party at our house, the sharks went into the smoker this morning. We usually don't keep anything but since we had family coming over the next day we decided to keep for today. All was eaten or saved in the fridge...
  39. Jacobk123

    SD Bay 9-19 (late)

    Went out this Saturday planing to head out to the islands but things didnt go our way. We left Point Loma around 7:30 and picked up some nice sardines then started to head out until my cousin got sick and we decided to head back into the bay to fish. Tried a few different spots until we got onto...
  40. Jacobk123

    What is your favorite scent

    When you guys say hot sauce do you mean like Tabasco or tapatio? lol I'm confused
  41. Jacobk123

    Estimated 960lb Tiger Shark from Shore

    you would need to call vessel assist and have them tow that dam monster back into the water :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  42. Jacobk123

    L A Firemen score on Seabass and Yellows

    Firemen have been my hero since I was a kid, they all deserve to have a good day on the water for the hard work they do day in and day out.
  43. Jacobk123

    Asians Love White Sexy Bitches...

    Nice fish man looks like it was a fun trip!
  44. Jacobk123

    float tube paint

    I've never painted one before but if its a pvc fabric try a plastic paint like krylon. That would be my best guess but look for other ideas before deciding on krylon paint.
  45. Jacobk123

    Noob help. Freshwater lake, San Diego

    Just my thoughts (I prefer fishing for trout during the coldest parts of the year)... Try and get to lake Jennings as early as they open in January and use the same setup that you have going for it. What I do is use powerbait on a small treble hook with about a 15 inches of 4lb. lead and tie...
  46. Jacobk123

    Local Pre Wind

    Well 2 small lings are better them no lings at all... no need to feel bad about that :D
  47. Jacobk123

    12 year old catches limit of halibut (Random google pic) looks like a sierra mack to me, still a nice catch though :)...
  48. Jacobk123

    La Jolla Kelp

    Thanks Par and G Ride, I think im going to try the NW section and if we have no luck then rock-fishing it is, lol. You guys think that frozen small squid and shrimp will work?
  49. Jacobk123

    La Jolla Kelp

    thanks guys
  50. Jacobk123

    La Jolla Kelp

    Well going out tomorrow and was hoping to find a few nice spots for fish since I am still new to fishing La Jolla. Was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to tell me a couple good spots around La Jolla Kelp to catch a couple. I've seen maps like this one... But wanted to know if the...
  51. Jacobk123

    Modding/Magging an old penn?

    Well the jigmaster was given to me as a gift by my dad and had a new spool and newell bars on it. Ordered 15 of the magnets so I'm thinking of just epoxying a washer to the sideplate and adding as many magnets as needed... Thank god I went with 15 of the 1/32 inch disks because now I can adjust...
  52. Jacobk123

    Modding/Magging an old penn?

    Has anyone ever attempted this with a older Penn like a No. 155 or even on a larger one like the 500 jigmasterr? I ordered 15 5/8" dia. x 1/32" thick Grade N42 - Nickel Plated Magnets from K&J Magnetics - Products and wondered if anyone has done this... The reels I wanted to do this to both have...
  53. Jacobk123

    Weather this weekend??

    Well, still unsure about tomorrow. Have everything packed up and ready to go out in case I get the break im looking for but still have my fingers crossed.
  54. Jacobk123

    Weather this weekend??

    So today looks clear, any word about tomorrow??
  55. Jacobk123


    From holding it what do you think that puppy weighted?
  56. Jacobk123

    Weather this weekend??

    I've had the same problem Rippin Lips. Been planing to take the new boat out for 2 weeks now and bad weather is going to put a damper on my day...
  57. Jacobk123

    Weather this weekend??

    really? Should we just stay in the bay this weekend then?
  58. Jacobk123

    Weather this weekend??

    Well was hoping to go out this weekend just to the La Jolla kelp and wanted to know if anyone knew how the weather would be this weekend... report says 40% chance of rain Saturday and 20% Sunday but does anyone else have plans for going out this weekend?
  59. Jacobk123

    Squidding on the "Tailwalker" 2/16

    Haha nice job out there man, they make good chunk bait if you don't want to eat them...
  60. Jacobk123

    Taking Cub Scout Den Fishing . . .

    Pumping shrimp is the best idea I've seen, The pump is a great investment and will pay for itself in one or two trips. Plus the shrimp are AMAZING bait, best bait you can find.
  61. Jacobk123

    Lower unit cleaning question

    thanks sickcat, im going to get the boat checked out at sunset before I take it out, just to be on the safe side.
  62. Jacobk123

    Squidword with the boys..Dana Pt 2/3

    Just cut off their heads and toss them in, those things kill all that swims in front of them so killing them would be a favor to everyone. Plus the other squid will just eat the carcass before it hit the bottom, everyone wins from the situation.
  63. Jacobk123

    Who sells used 4-stroke outoards in SD?

    Try Craigslist, amazing that people would sell on that site when the need cash...
  64. Jacobk123

    Lower unit cleaning question

    yup just ordered them in, had to make sure they were the right sizes and all.
  65. Jacobk123

    Lower unit cleaning question

    Thanks man, took three hours of sanding and then let it soak in a heavy duty garbage bag filled with one gallon of CLR diluted in water to break up the algae before I painted it.
  66. Jacobk123

    Lower unit cleaning question

    Well just today got it all sanded and cleaned up and gave it a new coat of marine paint with a hammered finish and this is how it turned out.
  67. Jacobk123

    What is this part?

    Some of the GPS systems have a wheel type speed sensor that works better then that style.
  68. Jacobk123

    Lower unit cleaning question

    I don't know why but the pictures look way worse then it auctaly is. I can just scratch off the green with my nail. As far as the paint it isn't corroded off as far as I can tell. I'm going to take it to the mechanics and see what it could use. Thanks for the help bud. :)
  69. Jacobk123

    Hipp Marine

    Sunset will take good care of you, been going their for a while now.
  70. Jacobk123

    Lower unit cleaning question

    Well just pick up a 2007 trophy pro 2052 WA this week for fishing with the family. Went through the test run and checked everything out on it before the original owner and I took it out on the water to give it a run and I fell in love with it. Everything on it is great including the motor, which...