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    Shimano reel maintenance station.

    Anyone know if they will have the reel maintenance booth at the show this year?
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    Slow Pitch success aboard Pacific Voyager 3-day trip, Feb. 16-19, 2023

    Steve, how big a difference is it between the X9 20lb and 30lb for the slow pitch?
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    spooling VISX 20

    Is it better to go with 100lb hollow, 130lb hollow or a combo of both with a depth hunter finish for the last 500'?
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    Rookies first 1.5 day- gear check

    A couple of surface irons and yo yo jigs. I'd rent a big game set up, the 40 fathom ins't up to 100lb duty.
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    Catalina Tomorrow or Wednesday

    Check with the Cat Express office, I'm betting they won't be running in this weather and guessing lack of passengers. That said if you do go bring a bass rod or spinner and you can catch calico's all day off the end of the green pier, lot of fun. If you're just kicking around watching the rain...
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    Fathom (1st gen) mods

    Nope, no issues when shifting\ after changing the handle
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    Penn Fathom 25nld2 Free Spool and Drag

    I always have the captain or the deck hands check it for me even after setting it with a scale.
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    6 pack vs 30 pack

    One advantage of a 6 pack is they can stop on much smaller schools that may be biting than the sporties that need to catch for 30. If it's the same length of trip you can cover more ground on a 6 pack
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    VISX 12 or 16

    16, has enough guts for 250lbs and won't kill you with the weight standing at the rail
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    PENN 20VISX vs 30 VISX

    Love my VISX 16, just sent to Cal's to BP, but picked up the 20 just because..... Fish of a lifetime
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    the 20 visx

    Hey Alan, wanted to see if the spec's on the 20 is still the same, doesn't need tuning out of the box? Just picked one up
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    Slow Pitch success aboard Pacific Voyager 3-day trip, Feb. 16-19, 2023

    Are you using an x length of fluoro to the jig? How are you connecting it to the braid?
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    Visit to PCS Show 2023

    The deals were not the same as past Hall shows, like buy 2 packs of hooks get one free, same for jigs and most terminal tackle that I saw. More deals on higher end items like reels and rods. Next year they need to expand their seminar seating most were SRO
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    Rod length

    Back in the day it was short rods for heavier fish. Is there still a place for 6'6" rods in party boat fishing? Seems 7 1/2 is now the min.
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    Why you should learn to service your reels

    Why not do like Shimano and have a reel service seminar at the shows. You bring in your reel and they go over how to change drags, lube etc, Nothing major just basic service
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    SD (Big 3) casting practice location?

    Dana Landing either off the loading dock or go around the corner and cast from the walkway or the rocks.
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    Jig Stick recomendations

    Looking at a 9' stick, do you prefer a deckhand style or a reel seat?
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    Slow Pitch success aboard Pacific Voyager 3-day trip, Feb. 16-19, 2023

    Thanks, this would be a second 15xn so dedicated to this type of fishing although anything over 400' sounds exhausting.
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    Slow Pitch success aboard Pacific Voyager 3-day trip, Feb. 16-19, 2023

    Steve, is 20lb the heaviest you'd go on the braid for slow pitch?
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    Bart hall show

    Part of the issue is this time of year used to be down time for the industry, boats, tackle shops etc but with the continuous bluefin now there is no break and it's more economical for them to stay home and make sales than send a group to staff a show which used to be the main way to get...
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    Better deals this year? SaveOn Tackle or Charkbait?

    San Diego Tackle Traders, you can pick up a used heavy reel for a bit more than a new Fathom. May even check out Cal's Customs Reels as they sell previously blue printed ones as well
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    What are your 2023 fishing goals?

    Spend less on gear and more on trips. Have to convince myself i've got enough stuff and just go!
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    Thinning the herd

    I have some duplicate reels, VISX 16/Shimano Speedmaster 25, Fathom 40/Speedmaster 16, also a Fathom 30, all 2 speeds. Thinking of selling off some and putting it to a 20VISX or maybe upgrade to Torque's?
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    Gen II Fathoms

    Part of the issue is the Gen 1's so over preformed that we get spoiled. As an angler that is on a budget I'm elated that there is an affordable options that gives me a reasonable chance to land quality fish and still lets me afford the trip, the other stuff is just pablam.
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    Polarized sunglasses for saltwater opinions ?

    They make a quality product
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    Sharing gas and bait costs

    I've had friends who just loved to go out and wanted the company. I would bring breakfast and beer/ice. Help clean the boat and fish and buy bait. I have friends who aren't as well off and i'll also kick in for gas.
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    Shimano terez xh rail rod

    If you're jigging I'd go with the xxh for more lifting power
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    Shimano terez xh rail rod

    Depending on the line your fishing, may want to go xxh
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    Need 1st budget Railrod for 50sw

    I second the graftech. That said, I'd sell that 50 and then start saving for the correct set up, every landing has top quality rental gear as well as many of the boats. Don't spend more money trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.
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    Polarized sunglasses for saltwater opinions ?

    I currently have Costa's and Hobie's, for the money difference the Hobie's are a good deal. I should stipulate I do by my Costa's when on sale at sites like woot.
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    Is a 1.5 day to colonet worth it?

    For that money I'd check out Bight Sportfishing, Brandon Heywards fleet, and fish seabass and maybe yellows, much better odds
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    Special White Seabass Gitzem with a 8/0 Hook

    That's my go to store, good stock and helpful
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    CCA South Los Angeles Chapter

    Anyone else a member? Do they ever hold meetings? I'm currently with the Orange County chapter but looking to transfer and can't find any info.
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    Getting too Tony Reyes..

    While Tony Reyes is a cool trip, may be easier to do a Cedros trip
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    Fishing pre-April

    So basically processing yourself. I like the idea of vac sealing there, make it easier to pack and shill. Whats the drive time from LA/LBC area?
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    Fishing pre-April

    How do you get there, fly, drive? Is there fish processing?
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    Fishing pre-April

    What is the better option. A local bluefin trip to the banks or rock fishing/yellowtail in MX, for say a 1.5 day.
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    What boat for Colonet trip?

    Want to get out before April and maybe pull on YT, which boat is the GOAT?
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    Question on Extratufs

    I've got the full version and love them
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    On the spot long beach lobster report

    Your best bet would probably off the finger piers out by the aquarium and the lighthouse park. Especially now with a bunch of fresh water coming down the river channel, should get the bugs moving.
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    Basic combo matchups for "Slow-Pitch Jigging"

    Steve, what would you spool the 15xnld with for multi-purpose use, jigging as well as flylining baits? Mine currently has 50lb braid for general non-slow pitch use.
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    Fish I.D.

    Partial digested squid
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    Chance at trophy bonito!

    Everyone bitching about bonito taste is because they don't take care of their catch. BFT would suck if left in a gunny sack for 8hrs in the hot sun. Bleed and ice immediately.
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    Which one of you is this

    I'd get some ointment on that, but hey infection is cool
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    Pacific Queen Charter July 12th-14th

    Message sent
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    Which recommendation to follow re:eating saltwater fish from California waters?

    Good stuff guys, could say food for thought.
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    Torium 40

    I'd say for what it does a 30 or 20 Torium would suit better for what we do, unless you're targeting wahoo down south.
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    Trinidad 20A

    It's not meant for catching the same fish as a larger 2sp, For a jig reel it's about as good as it gets.
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    Boat inflation?

    Inflated real estate prices aren't part of inflation. Inflations is the effect on goods and services not what a market will bear.
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    Boat inflation?

    No, but that price was for limited loads from covid, now they've also upped the number of passengers for the same price
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    Choices for 80#?

    VISX 16 is awesome, light weight and ready to rock. That said that's my 100lb reel and I use a Fathom 40ld2sp as my 80lb.
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    Fathom (1st gen) mods

    Put a 16VISX handle on my 40, just had to drill the extra hole but works great
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    What pound braid are you fishing on your 300-400 size reels?

    Back when I had mine spooled up it was all about 65lb. Thinking now more like 40-50lb max?
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    PCS vs Hall Show

    If it's gear for Central CA down to Cabo, PCS may be your best bet since that's what it caters to If PCS gets the big vendors. Otherwise the Hall show will have more diversity and possibly more large vendors.
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    Fishing after weather/rain

    Looking to get out this weekend 12/3, possible rain in So Cal 12/1-12/4, how much does this effect the rockfish fishing? Will be leaving from Dana Point.
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    Am I covered

    Yes, you're good. If you have the money for that rod/real combo get it otherwise, spent the money on 3 trips.
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    I’m Torn

    Put them on a rod and pull. I debated between the 16 & 20 VISX and went with the 16 for size and weight, just felt right. If I need a true 130lb outfit i'll rent it. I also don't plan on pulling any heavier drag than I can generate with the 16VISX
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    Pancreatic cancer: near the end

    Tight lines and boiling fish, rest easy.
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    Would love your feedback on my setups

    I'd add a star drag for 40lb that can double as a jig and bait reel, budget Torium 20 or Fathom 25 match with a 6485 30-60lb rod and you're good. I'd also add another conventional reel or small 2spd for 20-30lb like a fathom 15ld2 either narrow or stanard.
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    Talica 12ii applications?

    Recently acquired one, not sure what to use it for? Any thoughts/suggestions? Currently spooled with 375yrd of 65lb spectra.
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    Okuma Cavalla 5Nii or Penn Fathom 15LD2

    If you already have the 15NLD2 you've got your 30lb set up, no need for another unless you just want to buy gear. That said the max drag ratings on these smaller reals are kind of irrelevant, you aren't going to be pulling 20-24lbs of drag when fishing 20-30lb line.
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    80lb Sinker/Yoyo/Bait rig

    Leaving Friday on a 2.5 day. Have a VISX 16 as my 100lb wondering if I should use my Fathom 40NLD2 or my Speedmaster 25 as my 80lb outfit?
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    2.5 day out of SD this weekend 11/11, what should I expect and what setups should I bring?

    I'm not that optimistic on the fish processing. I've got enough to cover a 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 60ld and 80 and 100lb just don't want to bring the whole garage
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    2.5 day out of SD this weekend 11/11, what should I expect and what setups should I bring?

    Great tip, thanks. I'm hoping my AFTCO Reaper hoodie will cover me for warmth
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    Set up for a Tac 12ii

    Won it in a raffle and since i wasn't shopping for it not sure what niche it should fill? 50-60lb or more a 30-40?
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    2.5 day out of SD this weekend 11/11, what should I expect and what setups should I bring?

    My first trip over a day in the last couple of years. I've got the gear just not sure what to limit it to.
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    2.5 Day Limited Load Charter, Oceanside 95 Nov. 11-14th, $650pp SOLD OUT

    Sent you a text, don't stop me from having a good time. :-)
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    Tackle Days 11/05

    Anyone else going, loved it the year prior to Covid. Treking down from the LBC to grab some deals.
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    Issue with installing VISX 16 handle on Fathom 40NLD2 (Gen 1)

    Did the same change out, would love to know the outcome.
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    The last Hail Mary Pass

    This is probably the best time to be on the water weather wise. I've caught BF in December, just don't go less than an 1.5 day.
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    Deck Boots

    I went with the xtra tuff's ankle boots, since i found them on sale for $70, otherwise would go with the Shimano's, everyone i've talked to who has them loves them, 2 pair of socks it also key.
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    Fishing Hawaii?

    On Kona there are some operators that do combo inshore/snorkle trips which would be more like So Cal fishing, otherwise as mentioned it usually a boat ride with heavy gear. Most boats will allow you to keep enough for dinner as well.
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    They are 2 different shows. PCS is strictly southern CA saltwater fishing, including baja. The Hall shows are everything, fresh/saltwater, hunting, camping, boating and travel destinations so will be bigger just for that alone,
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    conventional reel on surf spinner rod?

    Don't use any rod upside down, the spline of the rod is meant to bend in one direction to provide performance. As stated the 30LD2 is way overkill even if bait fishing in a holder. Pick up a cheaper star drag and an 8-9" casting rod.
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    Full day setup guidance

    Latest update from Captain Matt on the San Diego. Go to rig is your 40lb, fly line outfit gets bit fine and allows you to handle bigger fish if they bite and land the school grade quickly so you can get back in the water. Next is 30lb outfit if you need to drop down or have caught a few...
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    Parasites in my fish

    I'd wager 99% of the fish you get in a sushi restaurant or ones serving sushi/sashimi has been frozen. Doubt anyone is trucking unfrozen fish more than a few miles from where it's offloaded and processed.
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    Just When You Think You Have Seen It All...

    There comes a point where technology ends and you still need to be an angler and fish. What is the fun in this? Fishing was never supposed to be easy.
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    Marking spectra

    My local tackle store does it, costs $10, many boats are doing it now for a fee.
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    Where to buy Graftech rods

    Turner's, Performance Tackle in Los Alamitos to name 2,
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    Recommend lb. Line for irons

    I think 40lb mono is the go to mostly. Check out a recent podcast on Friedman Adventures Youtube channel, they interview guys from Tady and they discuss different line size in relation to how jigs swim. Sorry don't have the link handy
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    Fishing Friday 9/2 recomendations

    yeah, that's part of the conundrum, limits vs oportunity.
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    Fishing Friday 9/2 recomendations

    Where can you fish out of? I'll let you know what I book if you want to meet up.
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    Fishing Friday 9/2 LB area or SD overnight

    Looking to get out on an overnight leaving 9/1 and fishing Friday. Found 2 boats in SD with room at $325 and one in LB at $240. Are the opportunities better driving down to SD and spending the extra money or just as good from LB. I've notice mostly dorado for the boats from LA down to Dana...
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    Fishing Friday 9/2 recomendations

    Looking for an overnight boat, my options are 2 out of the SD landings at $325 per, or one from Long Beach, where I live, at $240. Are the options out of SD worth the extra $$ now or should be as good from the LB landing?
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    Lexa 400 hd gear ratio for tuna?

    Short of a Tranx 500, that's just for popper fishing, leave the bass rods in the rack when fishing tuna.
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    Tuna reels

    your other option it to use that money for a trip and then rent the big gear. Good way to go and you get to try before you buy.
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    Ike jime bluefin

    I've done it on smaller fish, like rockfish/bass. it's not that hard to do but when you're in a bit and they are stuffing the fish in a bin it does get a bit complicated. I'd settle for taking out the brain and bleeding. If you have time before they put the in the hold then go for the the...
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    Tony Reyes trip in May?

    Regardless of the fishing, it's a beautiful area, bring snorkel gear and I think they still let you hike on some of the islands if you're close enough.
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    "Limited Load" Fishing

    yeah, how times change. I seem to remember when they raised prices to accommodate the Covid protocols all the landings saying everyone loves the reduced loads even for a bit higher price and we're going to keep doing this.
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    "Limited Load" Fishing

    Have an open day on 8/14 so I booked a 3/4 day, advertised as limited load. Checking the fish counts the landings 3/4 day boats had 52 and 54 passengers. WTH? I guess it's limited to less than 60. In my experience locally when fishing for surface fish anything over 40 is a cluster.
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    Why are bad sport boat reviews discouraged?

    The ones that say skipper/crew didn't want to catch fish, just drive around all day are usually a dead give away of a review that shouldn't be published.
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    Equipment for 10year old

    If he's just dropping down and not casting then a 300-400 size bait caster would be perfect. I'd also consider a 6000 size baitrunner type spinning reel on a 7-8' rod for flyline
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    7 foot rod or 8 foot rod?

    8' for that size line class, makes casting easier, better able to move around the hull when the fish is close to the boat. Also if anchovy are in the bait you'll want that extra length.
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    Parking at Dana Point on Aug 13th 2022 advice needed

    Not sure how far it is from O'side but may be a better bet. In addition to the event if fishing is still hot you'll have a ton of boats launching to get to the SCI area
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    Davies launch ramp long beach. ???

    Couple of places, they can park in the lot by West Marine/Schooner or Later and just walk down the dock or by Ballast Point at the end of Marina Dr and meet you where the boat rentals are on the dock, that's the easiest.
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    where can I leave stuff on land while on a multi-day trip

    I believe that's intended to store your gear before boarding and not excess stuff while on the trip. Either way, call the landing and ask and yes it's shared so not really secure for long term.
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    optimal landing to which fishing grounds?

    Depends, Dana is the closest landing to SCI. If you like calico bass and want to mix it up it's a great landing. Boats and crews are good and the parking is free. For the drive back I just take PCH all the way to Long Beach, nice and relaxing.
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    Deck Boots

    Did you order your shoe size or go one larger?
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    El Capitan

    Go to YouTube and check out Vagabond Basser, he's the night driver on the boat and you'll get plenty of info. He does fish but usually hook/hand or to help fill limits.
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    Need Help with First Pair of Binoculars

    gyros are a true game changer, ask most captains and they would rather leave the dock without a sonar than their gyros if fishing tuna/yellows. If you can't afford the gyros then a good quality 10x50 pair will get you going
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    Deck Boots

    When ordering boots, do you go 1 size larger than your shoes?
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    Are the 182 and upper 9 a go for Wed

    The swell is more important than the height until you get over like 6'. I think the rule is the period should be at least 2x's the height, then you get to figure in the wind.
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    Yellowtail on Kelps

    You are really comparing apples to oranges. The 7-8 day trips are able to get much further south and give you a shot a more species. The 2-4 day trips will give you more fishing time in the local zones of the 1 and 1.5 day trips. Unless the conditions crash and you need to get 100+ miles down...
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    Surf Fishing at Rancho Leonero

    Check with the Ranch, pretty sure you can rent or they loan surf gear, no need to bring anything except the tackle part.
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    Braid to flouro problem

    RP/John Collins knot and make some knot pullers. Cut up a 1" dowel and wrap with electrical tape, easy peasy.
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    Deck Boots

    Need a new pair, my XtraTuffs don't seem to be lasting and not really comfy. What are you guys wearing and what are you doing for comfort, insoles, 2 pairs socks, buy one size larger?
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    Newbie building quiver... suggestions welcome! (SoCal + Mexico fishing)

    Second this, add the Penn Carnage rods to match and you're set.
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    Need some help with setups

    I'd go with a Fathom 25nld2 one of the most versatile reels out there and with the new Gen 2 coming out can be had for under $250. Add a fathom 40 2spd and match the rods and you're good to go.
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    Penn Fathom II 2 speed reels

    You're comparing apples to oranges with Torque and Fathom
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    Graftech Rail Rod XXH

    My 78XXH us 14" from the start of the grip
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    Tackle Bag or Backpack

    If going more than a 1.5 i'd suggest a roller so you can carry your clothes, bedding etc in your backpack.
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    Getting my boy bent.

    I second, make him YOUR priority, not the crews. They will help regardless. Also, this is not a "cattle boat" that's 80 guys on a half day. Make sure you and your son speak to the crew early and tell them, newbie here and want to learn, they'll take care of you, then tip them out.
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    First time Surf Fishing, Huntington Beach 7/10/2022

    Pretty work, just got the annual park pass so will be hitting up HB and Bolsa Chica regularly.
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    Surface iron reel question

    I use my tranx 500 for throwing poppers/stick baits and some jigs. If you want a dedicated jig real Trinidad 20a and don't look back.
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    Graftech 50-60 rail rod

    I have 2 of the GOF83XH rated 50-60, per the Graftech rep these were specifically designed for bluefin fishing.
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    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    I fish the twilight regularly out of 22nd St and have not had an issue in the parking lot. Other than Dana Wharf most parking lots are sketchy.
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    Catalina twin harbors - camping/shore fishing

    It depends on how much hiking you want to do. There are fire roads and dirt trails that will get you to a lot of coves/beaches but it's not an easy trek.
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    Rigging a 12 VISX

    Alan how about rigging out the 16VISX
  119. D

    Catalina twin harbors - camping/shore fishing

    There are a few videos on youtube of guys doing just this, search there.
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    Setting drag on a VISX 16,

    Where do you set the strike lever, 3rd position?
  121. D

    Setting drag on a VISX 16,

    Say fishing 100lb do you shoot for a certain percentage at different stops, like 10lb at 1, 23 at 3 etc. Or do you set up max drag and strike? Is there a break point where you lose free spool?
  122. D


    I believe Fisherman's Landing stopped shipping rods at least ones over 8' as the cost was way to prohibitive, more than have the cost of the rod in some cases.
  123. D

    Kite fish as PB ?

    I've got a 217 yellowfin from a boat in HI, fought it from the chair and it was a fucking battle. Yes I count that fish!
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    Re-tap a Penn Fathom 15nld2 Frame?

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Did the copper wire trick for now and will order a new frame when they come back in stock next month
  125. D

    Cal blueprinting

    Will it make it a better reel, Hell Yes! Will it put it on par with heavy framed reels, etc. No.
  126. D

    Fishing for sheepshead...?

    Replies are correct, totally different fish from CA to southern sheepshead. Most of the catches i've seen are around jetties or structure, i'd go with a 20lb fluoro leader then depending on your setup maybe a 10lb mono breakaway to the weight.
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    Aztec 4 day 6/23-6/27

    I wish great boat and Gregg is a hell of a skipper, leaving for Catalina on the 28th so can't really get the wife on board for that. :0
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    Gear for a 1.5 day and a 2 day trip.

    Leave the bass gear at home, switch your Torium 16 to the Teramar, The Torium 20 is fine as is, I'd add a Fathom 40ld2 and maybe a Fathom 25ld2 as well then a solid jig stick to mount your Torium 20 on, rent the heavy gear.
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    $8.00 beers

    Man, what boats are you riding? Cheapest i've seen is $4, they're barely making money at $2
  130. D

    $8.00 beers

    Coors Light or a flask.
  131. D

    Rod length

    I have a couple of 6'6" heavy rods, that would fish 60-100lb. Is anyone using rods this short on the sport boats? My other gear is all 7'6" to 9'. I was thinking of using them as backups or maybe for yoyo?
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    Can you put a VISX 20 handle on the 16?

    Sweet, will be ordering the handle ASAP
  133. D

    PSA Skin care

    I feel ya, I've had one cut out of my face and one on my arm
  134. D

    PSA Skin care

    Noticed a funking scab on my head a couple of weeks ago. Went to the dermatologist today and had 5 different pieces of pre-cancer frozen off. Don't neglect you skin. Sunscreen and SPF 50 shirts and hats guys, it's no joke what can happen.
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    Re-tap a Penn Fathom 15nld2 Frame?

    Anyone know off hand what the size is? 8-32?
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    SD Landing Parking lot

    According to Frank LoPreste, the high cost at Petfco is the reason for removing the free 72hr parking as non-fishing people were parking there and then Ubering to the game to save on parking. From what i understand the lots controlled by the landings will be reasonably priced it's the other's...
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    Re-tap a Penn Fathom 15nld2 Frame?

    I stripped one of the screws trying to get it on a deckhand style rod, is it possible to tap it out or do I need a new frame?
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    Can you put a VISX 20 handle on the 16?

    I bought the 16 because i liked the overall feel except the handle. I loved the fit on the 20. Can you put a 20 handle on the 16?
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    Penn Torque 25NLD2 Drag Curve?

    I think he's on point, it will fish plenty of drag for what the reel is designed for. For the most part people can't begin to pull the max drags these reels claim especially standup with no harness.
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    Now the rods...

    All good suggestions, I do prefer a rod at least 7' 1/2" feet going to 8' so you can get around the boat hull as well as other anglers.
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    Reel Choice, Penn 16VISX vs..???

    I like the feel of the 16 much better than the 20, weight really ramps up.
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    Gear bag for non-fishing stuff on 3+ day trips

    Apparently big in the fly fishing world
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    Gear bag for non-fishing stuff on 3+ day trips

    Just say a Steve Abel bag mentioned in a Western Outdoor News article and was wondering what is everyone using? If you've had a Steve Abel is it worth getting the bigger 15 day over the 10?
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    Reel Choice, Penn 16VISX vs..???

    I've got a Shimano Speedmaster 25ii but feel like I may need a heavy framed reel. I've talked myself into the Penn, what other options should I consider or is my current reel adequate?
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    Video with Searcher Sportfishing: "Big Tuna Combos"

    Steve are you using hollow or sold spectra?
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    Better Penn Carnage rod for the Penn Fathom 15nld2 and 25nld2

    Which rod would be the best fit>. For the 15ld the 1540 8' seems good but would the 2550 be a more versatile choice? For the 25ld2 I'd be replacing a Cal Star 6480 glass rod
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    VISX 16 uses

    What other than big tuna is it good for? Primarily fish 1-3 day from SD, thinking of pulling the trigger butttt....
  148. D

    Which shop is your one stop shop ?

    If you're going to SD anyway I'd just wait and hit Fisherman's Landing Tackle. They have a big selection and all the latest up to the minute info on what you need to take with you.
  149. D

    Added some new grips

    What size are you using? Are you laying it over the existing grip.
  150. D

    Penn Fathom 25N 2 Speed for Bluefin

    If fishing a 2 speed you're only going into low gear when the fish is straight up and down and you need to winch them up and need the cranking power.
  151. D

    Graftech feedback

    Rule of thumb, you'd want the line you fish to be in the middle of the rod rating.
  152. D

    Boat friendly hotels in San Diego

    The Dana is a great hotel but the parking lot is not boat friendly. You are next to the dana launch ramp, not sure if there are guest slips but may be worth it to launch, park your boat/trailer and then spend a relaxing evening at the hotel. May be able to park across the street at Seaforth...
  153. D

    Second this, plenty of line, smooth, great freespool and compact.

    Second this, plenty of line, smooth, great freespool and compact.
  154. D

    I caught offshore fever and need help gearing up

    I'd skip the popper setup and get a trinidad 20a and an 8-9 rod. With that you can fish jigs or bait. The Penn VISX 16 is an awesome reel but if you truly want to target cows you'll need at least a 20 size for line capacity.
  155. D

    gear help

    Also look at reels that are getting an update to the line like the Diawa Lexa's when they went to the Winn and the new level wind, they do a good markdown on the remaining stock and they work great.
  156. D

    Fluoro v mono on knife jigs

    Who is using fluoro to rig these verse say 200-400lb mono as the leader
  157. D

    25lb v 30lb mono topshots

    Does anyone fish 30lb? Seems most of the setups i see people carry 20, 25 and then go to 40lb.
  158. D

    Help me choose

    I have the Fathom 15nxld2 filled with 50lb and am comfortable fishing everything from 25-40lb on it.
  159. D

    Fathom 15xnld2 setup

    Just picked one up and the shop filled it with 50lb braid. Good call? Should i run some mono on top?
  160. D

    Shimano Tranx 500HG Spring Training

    Yep, although a guy I trust uses 65 regular braid and does well.
  161. D

    Any way to check line rating?

    As has been said, strip it and re-spool it with what you want.
  162. D

    15xnld2 setup

    How do you set yours? Straight braid topshot of mono?
  163. D

    100lb setup

    How are you setting them up, straight braid to the lure/leader or a top shot of mono, like 20 yards?
  164. D

    Thursday nite-lites! Grunion edition.

    Everything eats Grunion, lay them out flat and freeze them for future use.
  165. D

    100lb reel suggestions

    Penn VISX 16, smaller and lighter.
  166. D

    Solid braid to Solid braid?

    Captain Matt from the San Diego has a great video on this on their patreon account under Captains Concepts. See if you can find that.
  167. D

    Replaced assist hooks

    When you guys replace the hooks on your heavier jigs, do you re-use them on say smaller knife/flatfalls?
  168. D

    Stand up fighting belt for SD based bluefin

    I find using the rail and putting one knee down relieves the stress on my back.
  169. D

    30lb rod advice

    Calstar 6480 glass.
  170. D

    Thanks to the team at Fisherman's Landing Tackle

    Same except i use the Tranx 500
  171. D

    Wheres the beef? (BFT)

    There have been small schools spotted around the Coronado's.
  172. D

    The whole store is pretty much on sale, similar to FH specials. I got knife jigs buy 2 get 1...

    The whole store is pretty much on sale, similar to FH specials. I got knife jigs buy 2 get 1, hooks buy 2 get 1 free, fathom 15xbld2 and some shirts.
  173. D

    Best all-around offshore reel?

    Since it looks like you are going budget and assuming local islands up to 1.5 day i'd go with a Penn Fathom 25ld2, can fish 30-50lb sweet spot at 40 and cast bait, jigs, do dropper loop etc, great all around reel.
  174. D

    Thanks to the team at Fisherman's Landing Tackle

    Doug and the boys went above and beyond. Good deals on gear, raffle prizes and some surprise guests doing seminars. If you have a chance hit up day 2 tomorrow.
  175. D

    China actually has an accord with Ukraine.

    China actually has an accord with Ukraine.
  176. D

    Fathom 40ld2 80lb reel?

    Thanks, looking forward to your seminar this weekend at Fisherman's Landing.
  177. D

    Fathom 40ld2 80lb reel?

    was thinking for 80lb sinker fishing
  178. D

    Fathom 40ld2 80lb reel?

    Steve, would that also apply to sinker rig fishing or as noted earlier would a 12visx or other heavy frame reel be better?
  179. D

    Fathom 40ld2 80lb reel?

    Cool, I've got the 40 with 80lb braid on a Proteus 70xxh hoping that does the trick
  180. D

    What did you get at the PCS show?

    2 Graftech F83XH' for 50-60lb bait jigs. Some knife and flatfalls, fluoro at turners and shirts.
  181. D

    How do you store rigs?

    I think Shimano makes a folder with clear storage bags.
  182. D

    Which 2sp for 80lb sinker, daytime flatfalls?

    Looking at a heavy frame reel and not sure by looking at the specs, which one is everyone using and what is the setup?
  183. D

    Fathom 40ld2 80lb reel?

    was thinking of using it for the heavy sinker rig or the "light" flat fall/knife jig rig. Will it handle 80lb top shots?
  184. D

    Shimano Speedmaster II who's using them?

    The Penn Fathom's seem to be everywhere, what's up with the Speedmaster line? Not as good, not as hyped? Anyone using them and what are you catching?
  185. D

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Show Feb 18,19,20 OC Fair and Event Center

    Totally different shows, Fred Hall was more a sportsmans show, hunting, fishing, camping, boating etc. PCS is strictly saltwater fishing
  186. D

    shimano speedmaster

    These came out about the same time as the Penn Fathoms but I hear or read about is the Penn. So and so uses them as their rental gear or loaner gear. Does anyone fish the Speedmasters? What uses and any quality fish taken on them?
  187. D

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Show Feb 18,19,20 OC Fair and Event Center

    hey, stay home or go fishing then.
  188. D

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Show Feb 18,19,20 OC Fair and Event Center

    that's a hella hike from there, especially if you have a ton of shit.
  189. D

    Bluefin Jig Rigging Without Welding

    You need assist cord 200-300lb, solid rings, heavy duty split rings, heavy duty hooks 6/0-9/0 and have at it.
  190. D

    PCS Festival

    So what deals are everyone after? Seminars look a little sparse but what y'all attending?
  191. D

    Best gas station for fueling up near Sunset Aquatic Marine HB

    Chevron on Bolsa and Edinger and stop at Pacific Edge for some gear.
  192. D

    Shimano Speedmaster 20

    The speedmaster's are all 2 speeds. The 20 would be the same as the Talica just without some of the upgraded materials. I have my 25 set up with 100lb braid to fish heavy jigs/sinker rigs.
  193. D

    2022/ rod for Calico

    Seeker Corey Sanden special
  194. D

    I second this, skip the beach and hit up Pizza Port.

    I second this, skip the beach and hit up Pizza Port.
  195. D

    Calstar 775H or XH or another 7'6 Rail Rod for #60-80 Sardine Fishing

    If you're coming to OC just go to the Pacific Coast Sportfishing show next weekend. Tone of vendors and deals.
  196. D

    Speed master 12 ld uses

    I'd go 65# braid, can't see getting 500yd of either that or 80# on that reel
  197. D

    Tuna trip for a friend

    The best option would be to book with Brandon Hayward, Billy K or Duane Diego on their boats. All the gear and they score fish.
  198. D

    Islands O2-05-22 Catalina Bonito

    Nice, that's what properly taken care of Bonita looks like.
  199. D

    Video with Searcher Sportfishing: "All-Around Tuna Combo"

    Steve, any idea on the price point on the rod?
  200. D

    Which Stick for Guadalupe? 60# Leader. Pics Included

    You're the one pulling on them, what feels better for you and then match to what you intend to target.
  201. D

    Which Rod for Fathom 30 & 40 2spd

    Looking to match up with the new Penn's or any good suggestions.
  202. D

    Long Range Reservstions

    Call the landings for the boats you want to ride and see is a general waitlist or get on the one for the trips you are interested in.
  203. D

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival

    Anyone know where to find a list of the vendors attending or when they might be updating the website?
  204. D

    Is Fred Hall happening this year?

    Actually the vaccine makes it significantly less likely that you will contract covid, spread it, become ill from it or need hospitalization but whatever.
  205. D

    Favorite inshore/island setup?

    Looking for something to fish 15-30lb that isn't a bass reel, i prefer to fly line with a conventional. Star drag or lever drag and if a lever single or 2spd.?
  206. D

    thanks Steve, i mainly plan to fish this on local inshore, 1/2 and island trips...

    thanks Steve, i mainly plan to fish this on local inshore, 1/2 and island trips, Catalina/Clemente etc.
  207. D

    Thanks Steve, what is your go to for the inshore that would also work on the 1.5-3 day trips?

    Thanks Steve, what is your go to for the inshore that would also work on the 1.5-3 day trips?
  208. D

    Star drag or 2spd for 20-30lb line class?

    Looking for something in the lighter line class range that's not a bass reel. Using local, islands and on trips up to 3 days.
  209. D

    My current Quiver and future suggestions

    Get a Penn Fathom or Torque 25nld2 and pair it with a CalStar 6480, best all around set up you can get.
  210. D

    Inshore Long Beach 12/27 - The Short Window

    Nice job, i'm heading out of 22nd St on Friday for the last hurrah and some NYE taco's.
  211. D

    Fishing before the new year

    Looking to get out one last time before I need to renew the license. Thinking either 12/28 or 12/31 due to the weather, what are you guys using to check conditions? Will be going out of Dana Point 3/4 day.
  212. D

    Shimano Tranx 500 or trini?

    Honestly, you're choosing between all high quality reels and really can't go wrong. The best thing you can do is take your rod into a quality tackle store that stocks all these and try them out.
  213. D

    Free Kids Fishing Event 11/20 El Dorado Park

    Dan, are they stocking the lake prior to the event?
  214. D

    Kid's starter outfit

    Big 5 has plenty of rigs that would work. For salt I'd go with a 5000 size spinner or a 300 size bait caster
  215. D

    To charter or not to charter??

    As stated if you want to specifically target cows, book with Bight Sportfishing, Billy K or Duane at Pinnacle Sportfishing. That's about as close as you'll get to a guarantee for the money.
  216. D

    Marking own spectra

    Anyone know of shops in the LB area that will mark already filled reels? What do shops charge?
  217. D

    Marking own spectra

    Once you've laid out 400' of line, how do you re-pack it tight on the spool? Just use a towel to apply tension? A weight on the end or do you even bother and just wind it back and use?
  218. D

    First Timer Offshore Yellowtail Fishing SoCal - Buy Reel or Rent?

    Check out a Torium 16 or 20 and pair it with a Californian rod from Turner's or a Graftech should get you in the game with quality gear for under $400.
  219. D

    Trying to add fishIng to a mid December Dizzyland trip

    Are you looking to go by yourself or take the kids? If taking the kids I'd recommend Dana Wharf, they even have kids fish free days with a paying adult.
  220. D

    camcorder/video camera/go pro suggestions?

    For filming at distance you'll want a camera that can zoom. There are a few water resistant/proof cameras on the market i believe Sony makes one that is reasonable or if you have a higher end iphone/galaxy buy a dive case and use that.
  221. D

    How/when do you like to use your baitcaster; Komodo, Lexa, Tranx, etc.?

    If you fish party boats when the tuna show up or decent size yellows put it in the rack and get a beefier conventional or at least nothing smaller than a 400 size. I've been on 2 trips this year where a guy hooks up on the bass gear, takes 45 minutes and the school is gone while the rest of us...
  222. D

    October choices….2 day….finally get that above 100lb fish

    I'm in the same boat so following. I haven't checked the Aztec but that is a great 1-3 day boat but there are others.
  223. D

    Inshore Why I fish!

    Heading out tomorrow 9/18 for a half day from Pierpoint in LB. Best part is it's with my son, so regardless of the catching,, the day will be perfect! Oh and add in breakfast burritos and a cheeseburger, BAM! Hoping for a mess of taco meat.
  224. D

    Bay / Harbor Worth a shot. :/

    fingers crossed, that shit's deep.
  225. D

    Connection Knots – Royal Polaris & Triple Surgeon’s Knot

    these are my go to for most connections, have heard the Bob Sands is better for casting, will need to check that out.
  226. D

    Rod Recommendation Please for So Cal

    The reel you have is a great 30-40lb reel for live bait or throwing iron, i wouldn't use it for more than that. I have mine paired with Seeker 6480.
  227. D

    Shore fishing the Bahamas? Advice?

    just don't get too far from your umbrella drink.
  228. D


    Assuming you're fishing mostly sport boats, i'd go with an 8-9 rod and a 20 size reel, tons of options from Shimano, Penn, Okuma etc. Load it with 65lb spectra and about 100yds of 40lb mono. Many more options for bait, too many to list without more info.
  229. D

    Is this right gear for bft and yellowtails?

    I'd throw in some smaller hooks from #4-1/0.
  230. D

    Use end of Belmont Pier to pick up family?

    Park down by Ballast Point, easy access to the dock used for the electric boats and then hit BP when they come back for dinner.
  231. D

    Islands Catalina Sat

    The seals won't bother ya. Now those pesky sealions are a different story. :-) Sorry pet peeve. Nice job on the tuna.
  232. D

    Offshore Feel the burn! Blue Fin Tuna!

    So what was the right rig to land it?
  233. D

    First time in 5 years, advice?

    X2 on the passport.
  234. D

    Best month to book 1.5 trip for bigger BFT?

    If you want a shot at a 100lb fish i'd book with a smaller outfit like Bight Sportfishing or Billy K, better shot at it.
  235. D

    Multi task setups

    It's a party boat charter, boat provides rent rods.
  236. D

    Penn 500 jigmaster drag upgrade

    there are a lot of options for this but if it's in your budget, i'd upgrade to a fathom 25sd or a torium 20. Both can be had for about $250
  237. D

    Polaris Supreme 3 Day

    Bottom line is the boat/landing made a mistake, we're all allowed to make those. Now it comes down to how they handle it, vouchers, $$, etc for other trips?
  238. D

    Go pro cameras..

    I'd go with a GoPro, something from a 7 on up. Get extra batteries. they go quick, and multiple mounts, chest, heat/hat and stick. Checkout some Youtuber's and maybe shoot them a message on what they use, FishNSips it good.
  239. D

    Multi task setups

    Going on a private charter for a full day out of Dana Point as a guest. I was thinking of bringing 5 setups however the boat is smaller, 50'er, What is your opinion on using a 40lb out fit to also fish 30lb with a change of fluoro leader to the mono topshot, same with 20-25lb etc vs a...
  240. D

    How would you fish this combo?

    great reel for 40-50lb, load it with 65lb braid and have at it.
  241. D

    Tipping the deck hand

    Like the stated 20% same as restaurant work, i do go over that if the service warrants it.
  242. D

    Polaris Supreme 3 Day

    Everyone seems to forget, BD like Facebook, Twitter etc are PRIVATE companies that get to set their own rules for their products. If you don't like their policies do like Ali and crew did when they bailed on Allcoast to start their own gig.
  243. D

    Poor charter experience. Poll: Do I deserve a refund?

    If you charter the boat and want a certain captain and fishing plan you need to communicate that with landing ahead of time. It is your call since it's you're charter. We've all had bad trips for various reasons, chalk it up to experience and don't fish with that boat/owner again.
  244. D

    Thinking of trying for some Local Tuna (3/4 day or full day boat)

    Go on the longest trip you can afford and have time for. More time on the water means more opportunities. As has been said your spinning gear will work, i'd rent for now or you can get a torium 20 with a decent rod for about $400 or less, or fathom etc.
  245. D

    Big surf rest of the week.

    So what effect does the big surf this week have on the fishing? Nothing? Don't bother? Just use a shorter leader?
  246. D

    Fisherman’s Gift

    some Plano 3700 tackle trays
  247. D

    Would you take your family to La Paz?

    Yes, i'd go and take my family however if you're worried about it go to Rancho Leonero and you can day trip to La Paz.
  248. D

    Fathom for fly lining 25-30lb?

    Which size, 15 or 25, star drag or 2 speed? Want something that will cast a medium live bait and has the power to put the hurt on the 25-40lb tuna we're currently seeing.
  249. D

    Charter groups and charter openings

    got to the landings websites etc and get on there waiting list. Often when a charter master has an opening he asks the landing to fill it. Once you get on just be a cool guy and you may get asked back.
  250. D

    Ate fresh BFT and got the shits - Farting was a gamble and I lost!

    I freeze all my fish before consumption, firms up the meet and lets the flavor come out, ask a sushi chef.
  251. D

    If anyone is interested now I suggest a poke into the BD politics forum. Things are heating up.

    I come to BD to get away from all that stupid shit.
  252. D

    Local 3/4 day party boats - Tuna Freshness

    That or bring some frozen water bottles, can stuff a few in your tackle box and then add to the bag.
  253. D

    Swivel and bead vs Carolina keeper

    I like the swivel which reduces line twist due to the surf and allows me to fish different line sizes.
  254. D

    Local 3/4 day party boats - Tuna Freshness

    AFTCO is working on a gunny sack style insulated kill bag that you would take on the boat and hang in place of the sacks, hopefully it hits the market soon.
  255. D

    Speedmaster II 16 Spooling Questions plus

    Go with 80lb, gives you more options with your leader material.
  256. D

    Screw Up

    Everyone is allowed to make a mistake, it's how you deal with it that matters, sounds like you did it right. I am confused though, generally i'm so amped coming up to a trip my stuff is ready to go at the drop of a hat 3 days early. :-)
  257. D

    40lb for a 3/4 day

    I have both a 30 & 40 as well as a speedmaster 16. From what i see need to be ready for everything from bass to tuna. Maybe the 30 for line capacity and load it with 50lb?
  258. D

    Too many rigs for 3/4 day?

    i"m looking at my tackle rack and they all say take me. :-)
  259. D

    retire my old Penn 975

    If you're talking flyline i'd go with a conventional like a Penn Fathom 15 or the Torium 14, maybe lever drag with the new Penn 8? If you want a baitcaster type they all work just go with what feels good to you.
  260. D

    40lb for a 3/4 day

    Fishing out of Dana Wharf this week and may chase tuna, should my 40lb outfit be a Fathom 25nld2 or a Tranx 500, both to fish bait and cast a jig at foamers if they show? Boat is full so trying to limit how may rods i bring.
  261. D

    Too many rigs for 3/4 day?

    Sorry, though i put in in the header, it's a 3/4 day.
  262. D

    Cheap 80# setup

    I picked up a Speedmaster 25 and a Graftec rail rod for about $450
  263. D

    Offshore One and done

    Awesome job, that's plenty of fish for a party.
  264. D

    Too many rigs for 3/4 day?

    Going out of Dana Wharf on Friday, is 5 setups too many? Taking everything from 15-40 or can I get by with a bass setup, 30lb bottom/flyline rig and a jig stick?
  265. D

    Advice on gear for yellowtail.

    Torium 20 on a Seeker 6480 will handle pretty much anything you run into locally, 65 braid to 30-40lb mono topshot.
  266. D

    New reel purchase with free spectra?

    If you ask they'll usually throw some in.
  267. D

    Offshore Liberty Full Day trip: EPIC Fishing Monday 8/2

    Just, Fuck Yeah! Thanks for the tackle details as well.
  268. D

    Offshore Victory 3/4 day, Tuna or bust

    Bait? Jigs? 40lb? what size hooks, did you need fluoro, details man we need details! Way to get them.
  269. D

    Open Load Party boat prices post reopening

    Seeing this more on the local 1/2 - full day boats at least in the OC/LA area. Used to pay $46 for a twilight not a big deal with 55 people at that price. Post C19 they went to $65 but 35 anglers, this was great. Now back to 55 and still $65, takes the fun out of the trip.
  270. D

    Kelp Patty fishing…floro vs. mono and topshots

    Make sure you're not letting the run too far before you set the hook and then have enough drag to stop them from getting back to cover.
  271. D

    7/27/2021 surf croaker

    You totally suck! In the best way. :-)
  272. D

    Leader for bait vs jigs

    Jigs, i'd fish at least 80lb, bait it's what the crew recommends.
  273. D

    Favorite sun hoody?

    Huk gear has good ones, AFTCO and Pelagic all the usual suspects.
  274. D

    I totally agree, I remember riding the "tram" on the Seal Beach pier and getting live bait to...

    I totally agree, I remember riding the "tram" on the Seal Beach pier and getting live bait to fish Bonita and anything else. Would get dropped off and spend the whole day. I then introduced my sons to fishng by going to the pier, easy peasy on the maks and tom cod to get them hooked.
  275. D

    I look at the 25 as an LD you can toss iron with due to the narrow size as well as a great 40lb...

    I look at the 25 as an LD you can toss iron with due to the narrow size as well as a great 40lb bait rig, My 30 & 40 i consider straight bait/yo yo reels.
  276. D

    that's how mine is setup, not sure i'd push it more than 50lb

    that's how mine is setup, not sure i'd push it more than 50lb
  277. D

    3/4 day Dana Wharf this week

    I'm i wrong thinking it would be better to go later in the week due to the weather or would being on a sporty not be an issue?
  278. D

    Tady C fixed hook?

    good article in the latest WON on how to make your own. Remove the treble and ring, mount a single hook with a metal set screw.
  279. D

    Local 1/2 & 3/4 day bluefin

    I'd agree and unfortunately the landings have gone back to full loads with limited load prices.
  280. D

    Massive Calico Caught off Ocean Beach Pier !

    Unfortunately these issues are as old as time. Really unless you get more enforcement it will never change.
  281. D

    Coffee grinder for 30# stick?

    i've got the 6000 and love it.
  282. D

    Kona fishing

    that's why i suggested the bottom fishing option, last time i was there i looked into a combo snorkel/fishing trip that maybe something for the wife as well.
  283. D

    Local 1/2 & 3/4 day bluefin

    What “extra” outfit do the slippers want to see? I usually don’t bring anything heavier that 40lb on these trips
  284. D

    Kona fishing

    I fish the Ahu Nui when there, not cheap but not the most expensive either. Google up some more info and look for one's that will also bottom fish, usually a better value.
  285. D

    Local 1/2 & 3/4 day boats

    wish they would have done that for the twilight last night.
  286. D

    Set up's for local 3/4 and full day trips

    what is everyone using? Fish from SD up to Long Beach mainly south OC to LA, thinking of ditching some of the bass gear for smaller conventional's. Thoughts/suggestions?
  287. D

    Moving to Florida

    Embrace the coffee grinder, it's actually hard to get a lot of the west coast style gear we're used to out there. If you still want to fish that i'd recommend contacting tackle stores back here in Cali.
  288. D

    Hooks for upcoming 4 day

    get there early and go to Fisherman's Landing Tackle and they'll set you up.
  289. D

    Live Report Albacore Hot Bite!

    you click bait bastard. :-)
  290. D

    Help pairing rods and reels- old school

    I was in the same boat a few years ago and started selling off some of my "vintage" reals and purchasing newer technology, kept the older rods. I view it like tech, would i rather have my older ok can get buy computer or one that allows me to do my work faster and better?
  291. D

    Local 1/2 & 3/4 day boats

    Fishing the area from San Clemente to San Pedro, what are your go to setups? Thinking of ditching the bass reals and maybe going smaller conventional?
  292. D

    Who else wears sandals on boats ?

    I'm in flip flops all day but when i'm fishing it's deck boots, Getting stepped on, spiked by a sculpin, barracuda teeth and hooks. I'd advise getting a cushy pair of insoles.
  293. D

    New ice chest

    everything from bringing fish back from SD to camping and home parties.
  294. D

    New ice chest

    Time to replace my old igloo coolers, what’s the best option that won’t break the bank, like under $200? Looking for a 100+ and a 60
  295. D

    Penn Senator 4/0 113H w 100# Braid For The Big Boys?

    Assuming you already have the appropriate rod i'd spend the $280 plus spectra on a Fathom 40 or Speedmaster 20/25 if not at least rent one for the trip. As has been noted you don't want to lose the fish of a lifetime on a "good enough" reel.
  296. D

    Catalina from the shore

    Will be staying in Avalon for a week, other than the pier where are some good places to fish from shore? What type of setups are effective?
  297. D

    Islands 6-20 Catalina

    Hit up Dave Hansen's website and sign up for the trip planning. Also i'd recommend a subscription to fish dope, that and a bunch of time on the water with your dad just enjoying the adventure. :-)
  298. D

    THIS is what Fishing is ALL ABOUT

    with kids it's all about the bite and catching than it is the size of the fish, nice job.
  299. D

    Cow chasing 2021 recommendations?

    The tug is the drug. See if you can get on a charter wait list, usually less crowded and you may get invited back if you aren't a douche. :-)
  300. D

    Fish cleaning on board

    if you are in a hurry make a reservation with one of the processor and they should have it done early same day otherwise maybe trade fish with someone if they land something smaller that easily fits in a 100qt cooler.
  301. D

    3700 sized tackle bag recommendations

    I use the Nomad roller, with the heavier jigs and torpedo's now being used it nice not to have to carry a back via a strap plus can strap my clothes/misc stuff bag on top to get to the boat.
  302. D

    How to.....fresh start

    Disney is re-hiring otherwise i'd head down to a local landing and see what they have, talk to the captains/crews as they come in.
  303. D

    Help with long beach area please

    Remember to have them take the seasick meds the night before, it's a preventative and not a cure once sick. I'd start out inside the break wall and then move out as they get comfy, also plenty of bass around the oil islands and the area around the QM.
  304. D


    The knot you're referring to is the Springer Knot he ties, Just search google, john collins springer knot
  305. D

    How many 40lb and under setups, and what types do you have?

    I'm in the boat of too many. I'll usually bring a 300 lexa with 12-15lb, a 400 lexa with 20-25lb, a small lever drag for flyline on 20lg and a larger star drag w/ 30-40.
  306. D

    Where can I buy this jig?

    it's available at the photo shop
  307. D

    San Diego Full Day Fishing Trip Quiver

    The daytime bite has been on smaller flatfalls/knife jigs so i'd probably sub out the 100lb for the jig stick if you had to choose.
  308. D

    Fish finder what am I looking at?

    get a membership to Dave has a few videos on setting up and reading your equipment.
  309. D

    Baja special or Fathom 40n

    I'd go 40n for the versatility, maybe switch out the handle?
  310. D

    Rod Storage my version

    i wouldn't be able to find anything with that level of organization. :-)
  311. D

    I may have a problem.

    Is bringing a tackle backpack with 3 trays full of jigs, weights/hooks and plastics overkill for a 3/4 day? Please say no and that you understand.
  312. D

    Tranx 500 over kill for a 3/4 day?

    Heading out on a 3/4 day this week in the OC and wanted to limit my gear. Looking to bring one set up to fish bass that can also double as a jig stick with a change of leader if needed. Debating between a Tranx 500 and Lexa 400 to primarily through leadheads or squid for bass but use as...
  313. D


    I was following a couple of other post where it was stated that they lost free spool when the real was in the strike setting between 12-20lbs of drag. What was the consensus fix for this? Send to Penn, open up and remove and re-grease and lube the real, do a full service? In my case it's not...
  314. D

    Red wing boots on the party boats

    Definitely get the deck boots and a good pair of insoles, they'll last you several seasons so money well spent.
  315. D

    Rod line rating

    Which line rating do you use when selecting a rod for a certain application, the braid rating or the mono rating? If i have a rod that says 40-80lb braid but 15-30 mono, can you fish 40lb mono on it with 65lb braid? Or do you just go by the action, M/H etc?
  316. D

    Only One YT Setup for under $600

    I'd either go a fathom 25ld2, can still cast jigs, fish flyline and yoyo with a 6480 or something like a torium 20.
  317. D

    Help me round my quiver SD YT & BFT

    I went with a Speedmaster II 25 and a Graftech rod for my 100lb, out the door was about $500. That would leave you room for a jig outfit, i'd leave the 300 size reel at home.
  318. D

    i've wacked the yellows on the colt sniper but i would change out the hooks

    i've wacked the yellows on the colt sniper but i would change out the hooks
  319. D

    Hooking a bait

    How do you prefer to hook a sardine vs a mackerel vs an anchovy and do you change it when fly lining vs using a weight?
  320. D

    Looking for So Cal Fishing Club / Charter Group

    If you're a member of CCA there are local groups in SD, OC, IE, LA and Ventura you can join. PM me i'm in LB and fish 22nd down to Dana PT.
  321. D

    Winn Grip replacement

    Question for those that have used the Winn grip tape, when wrapping a deckhand rod are you taking off the original cork wrap and then adding the Winn or going over it?
  322. D

    Shimano Tranx 500 and Shimano Trinidad A out of stock

    I had my 500pg changed to the HG gears and it took 3 months for the parts
  323. D

    Penn Accurate ATD vs Makaira SEA vs Penn VSIX

    All the landings have quality rental gear, maybe do that to see how you like it and also fish some of your "vintage" gear then jump in an purchase?
  324. D

    Second the Dana

    Second the Dana
  325. D

    Best way to pair these rod/reels?

    See Steve Carson's recent post on the 5 setup's you need, it's in the Penn forum or you can search it on youtube Searcher Sportfishing.
  326. D

    Inshore Young Boater Update and Question about Izors

    I'd suggest signing up at Dave Hansen's website, he has ton's of info on how to fish the areas you'll access as well as boating tips. For some onetime fee's he'll even put together a game plan for you for a given week/weekend.
  327. D

    Huntington beach report

    Try halibut on the slack tides, they don't like big water movement.
  328. D

    50th Birthday...Tranx500

    Really nice multi purpose reel, Load it with power pro and use it as your jig reel, shallow water rockfish and heavy bass setup.
  329. D

    To clip or not to clip

    Recently saw someone i respect saying they use clips on their rigs to change out baits, swimbaits, jigs and even spinner baits. I've also heard if the lure maker thought a clip/swivel would make the lure work better it would come with the lure. What do you guys do?
  330. D

    Tying Double Uni Knot for braid to leader knot

    Braid to FC i use the RP/John Collins know, SD jam for anything to hooks.
  331. D

    Fun Question - Last San Diego Big Boat To Land a 2020 Bluefin

    The last one fishing at 11:59p on 12/31
  332. D

    Affordable/small 25lb spinning setup for 5 year old

    I got my son, who was 8 at the time, Shimano Baitrunner 6000 and a 7' Shimano rod, lower end. I still use this set today. :-)
  333. D

    Beginner Surf Fishing Mistakes... I need help....

    Comes down to time on the water/sand. Try concentrating on 2hrs before and after high tide or the slack if fishing halibut. I highly recommend purchasing Bill Varney's book, Fish the Surf or check out his website.
  334. D

    Any effects on party boats?

    I'd call your local landing or check their website, the order still allows for businesses to operate at reduced capacities so that makes it even more unclear.
  335. D

    Asking the pros, drop shot or palomar knot questions

    I also like Corey Sanden's(MC Swimbaits) method. He ties directly to the hook then ties another knot with a separate leader down about 24" to a 1/2 to 1oz chrome torpedo sinker, works great for halibut and much stronger connection.
  336. D

    Use for Tranx 500PG

    Thanks, think 80lb Max Quatro and call it a day, use my Torium 20 or Fathom 40 for yoyo
  337. D

    Use for Tranx 500PG

    Is the retrieve fast enough for that? Same as the old jigmaster but figured the newer jigs were set for the faster 6:1 reels now?
  338. D

    Use for Tranx 500PG

    what application would this reel have, i won one in a raffle and not sure if it's worth spooling up, selling/trading or switching out to the highspeed gears? Other than bait fishing or shallow water rock fishing not sure what to use it for.
  339. D

    TRANX 500 SET UP

    My current jig setup is a Torium 20 loaded with 40lb. i've also got 2 lexa 400's. the tranx is the PG model.
  340. D

    Need to Upgrade Little Fish Reels and Medium Fish Reels

    If they are the town bicycles, i'd go with the fathom, many boats in the SD fleet use those as their loaners and the stand up well.
  341. D

    TRANX 500 SET UP

    Just came into a Tranx 500, how should i set it up and what should I put it on?
  342. D

    Hello I am Back

    Where did you go? Always been on the website and your daily 12p Facebook chat.
  343. D

    Aztec or PQ?

    The Aztec has "staterooms" bunk areas sectioned off from 2 - 5 bunks plus TV's in the rooms. Greg is a great captain, very fishy and informative.
  344. D

    Shimano Speedmaster 20 & 25 legit

    you're right guess i can't read the specs on Penn and Shimano's website that pretty much make what you just stated a nope.
  345. D

    Shimano Speedmaster 20 & 25 legit

    Not sure the rational behind that, the Fathom 60 pulls less drag has a higher low gear and it's not topless
  346. D

    Shimano Speedmaster 20 & 25 legit

    Would these work as legitimate big tuna reels 200+lbers, for fishing bait and flat falls?
  347. D

    Shimano speedmaster 20 or 25?

    Spec's on the 16 & 40 almost identical 20 and 25 more line and drag
  348. D

    Shimano speedmaster 20 or 25?

    The Speedmaster 16 is more in line with the 40
  349. D

    Fishermans Landing Tackle Day Worth Drive?

    I'm heading down from LB, making a day of it, score some deals, support Rollo Kids and get out of the house.
  350. D


    Hi friend😜
  351. D


    How many of you out there rent equipment for the big tuna, heavy flat fall, 100lb bait from tohe landing boat vs. spending the $600-$1000 for a big tuna set up? Weighing getting one of putting the money to other tackle and maybe a trip. I have a speed master 16 and a fathom 40 2sp so I’m good...
  352. D

    Shimano speedmaster 20 or 25?

    I asked that question on Let's talk hookup and the answer was it's not worth the extra bit of line unless you like a bigger reel
  353. D

    Would a fathom 40 two speed be enough for big tuna

    I love the fathom line and like stated earlier it's become the go to loaner for a lot of the SD boats. Get it and fish it, then rent a 100lb rig incase the big ones show.
  354. D

    Orange County Surf Fishing Recommendations

    Anyone fishing Seal Beach, if so walking the beach or fishing the jetty's?
  355. D

    Penn spinning reels

    What about for the local 25-75lbers and what rod would you match it with?
  356. D


    i usually hook it to my 50lb boxer mix and let her go
  357. D

    advice for a newbie

    Also interested in this, which do most of you prefer, paddle or pedal? Seems a pedal yak would the most efficient between covering water and hands free?
  358. D


    haven't used it since, really don't want to find out on a tuna, was hoping someone else may have had the same issue and repair, looks to be common.
  359. D


    It's a smaller 2 speed that had about 300yds on it before the break off now thinking i want about 400yds and a shorter topshot.
  360. D


    Curious as to what you do if you loose a significant amount of your braid(non-hollow), say 100yds. Do you strip the spool and refill it, just increase the amount of mono topshot or tie on extra braid?
  361. D


    I noticed it within a couple of months of using it. I fished one on the Aztec on tuna trip and it had the same issue which they said was due to it being a boat reel and they hadn't serviced it that season.
  362. D


    Looks like it will become my shallow water bottom fishing rig
  363. D


    had the drag slipping issue, sent it in and was fixed. Would you guys still trust it?
  364. D


    Looking at the Penn board I'm seeing a lot of good sized tuna taken on the fathom 15 2 speed. Would the Metaloid 5ii be pretty much the equivalent?
  365. D

    Local 1-3 day Tuna gear

    Can you get by with a Fathom 40LD2 or a Speedmaster 16 or is it worth it to step up to the 20-25 size Speedmaster for the budget minded?
  366. D

    Economical fishing?

    Don't go crazy buying gear, Get 4 or 5 quality outfits and use the rest of your income to fish them.
  367. D

    Mono top shot

    I use Trilene big game
  368. D

    Feedback Please

  369. D

    Rod & Reel configuration for a newbie

    If throwing iron go with mono a bit longer than you can cast. most of the skippers on the boats for the day to 2 day trips recommend a bit of mono say 30-50yds for tangles and as a shock absorber.
  370. D


    1 piece, standard salt conventionals
  371. D


    What does everyone use to protect their rods for airplane or boat travel?
  372. D

    Surfish Catalina?

    I'm going to be in Avalon for a week and was wondering if there are spots other than the Moll and Green Pier that anyone has had success at and what did you use, swim baits, sick bait etc?
  373. D

    Fishing Jacket

    Looking for something for all around use that will keep you warm and dry
  374. D

    Solve the dilemma

    So, after much debate and looking at my budget. Went with a Fathom 40ld2 loaded with 400yds of 80lb and a Proteis XXHF 7’
  375. D

    Solve the dilemma

    Avet EX 4/02 and a Fathom 30ld2, pushing it but doable
  376. D

    Solve the dilemma

    I can catch up to 125 or with current gear
  377. D

    Solve the dilemma

    So it’s f-it and spend the money even though you are now $700+ in the hole instead of just renting?
  378. D

    Solve the dilemma

    I do between 1-3 day and a half to 3 day trips a year so San Clemente to 110 mi below SD. Is it worth it to invest $800+ in an international 16-20visx or get a fathom 40ld2 and rod plus stuff and just rent the big game gear when we do go out?
  379. D

    In between set up

    Looking for rod/reel combo for 60-80lb line to handle tuna say from 80-150 with about a $600 budget
  380. D

    2speed question

    Does anyone use the low gear? I’ve seen fish caught from Catalina to Cedros and haven’t seen or heard of it being a game changer.
  381. D

    Rod reel setup recommendations

    Sounds like a 16visx is more versatile now what rod?
  382. D

    Rod reel setup recommendations

    I do 1-3 day and a half to 2 day trips a year, may step up to the 3-5 day range. Is it worth it to invest in a big game setup like 30Visx and a rail rod or go a Fathom 40 2 speed or a 12-16 class international
  383. D

    Cost to rent gear

    Anyone have an idea what the boats or landings charge to rent the bigger 2speeds for the 2-3 day bluefin trips? Debating if it’s worth investing in a 100lb outfit or renting and putting the money towards something else
  384. D

    Big bluefin reel bang for the buck

    Would be from a sporty, size would be the local stuff so up to and a bit over 200lbs.
  385. D

    Big bluefin reel bang for the buck

    The local big boys between 1-3 day range so up to say 200lbs
  386. D

    Big bluefin reel bang for the buck

    what is the best bang for the buck, shimano, penn, Okuma, Avet. They all seem to work. Targeting the local bruisers, between Clemente and 2 day range so 200lbers. Price range is $350-$600 at the top end. Thinking braid 100/130 to either a shot top of mono or straight flouro.
  387. D

    Rod rating

    If my rod is rated 15-30 mono and 40-80 braid can I fish a 40lb topshot of either mono or fluoro?
  388. D

    Spend the $$$

    Spend the money on a torque 25N or get a 40fathom 2speed and a less 400? Have $600 to spend
  389. D

    Must have set ups

    For local Catalina to Coronado’s and up to 3 days, what are your must have or go to setups? Looking for upgrade over my Torium 20’s
  390. D

    Local big bluefin reel & gear help

    Thanks guys, I’m going to get more “small” stuff now just need to figure if a Trini 30 is with the money
  391. D

    Local big bluefin reel & gear help

    Thought about the upgrade, leaning to buying a fathom 40ld2 and maybe a forum 30 or a torque for the $$ if a tuna real
  392. D

    Local big bluefin reel & gear help

    Debating if I should get a real to handle these, Penn/Shimano 20-30 2spd or add to my local arsenal. Would only fish the them from local PB in the Long Beach area or 2 day from SD. Currently have an Avet EX 4/02, Fathom 30ld2spd 2 Torium 20’s and a 300 & 400 Lexa. Have about $600 to spend
  393. D

    Offshore AZTEC 1.5 day early Xmas

    Captain Greg invited myself and my 11yr old son out trying to catch a fisherman. That is exactly what happened, my son is now hooked even though the sea sick bug bit him. He rallied and Capt Greg put him on his first tuna and coached him all the way through. I can not say enough as to how...
  394. D

    Local tuna reel 20-40lb

    Was thinking either the Fathom 25LD or Torium HGA 20?
  395. D

    Local tuna reel 20-40lb

    Looking for something for 1.5 to 3 day can fish 20 or up to 40lb bait or jigs
  396. D

    Go to rig 3-5 day trip

    normal 20-50lb tuna and yellows, what’s the first rig you grab?
  397. D

    3-5 Day trip go to setup

    what rig do you grab first? Normal conditions not huge fish
  398. D

    jig/bait reel

    Thanks for the response. Thinking iron or bait for outer islands, San Clemente or down the Baja. Leaning to Torium 30 but l like my Penn Fathom ld2 speed too
  399. D

    jig/bait reel

    best one for 40lb yellows and tuna under $350
  400. D


    Was looking to step up to a 5 day and wanted to see if I need to add anything (I know you always need more gear). Currently: Lexa 400hd 25-40 jig/bait Torium 20hg 30-40 jig/bait Torium 30 older model 40lb jig Avet LX single speed 40lb bait Penn fathom 30 2spd 50lb bait/yoyo Avet 4/02 60-80lb bait
  401. D


    Does anyone have a preferred free spot to park to fish these beaches or do you just bite the bullet and pay for the beach lot?
  402. D

    Tranx 400HG

    Pet peeve, if you're using weight you're not fly lining
  403. D

    Inshore/islands reel

    Inshore/islands so fishing anything from bass/WSB/yellows and local tuna. Probably is 15-20lb outfit
  404. D

    Inshore/islands reel

    Looking for a smaller reel to handle inshore and local islands, Cat/SCI. Something that will catch the 3 B's but can also pull on WSB/Yellows and the occasional smaller 15-25lb tuna found here. Was thinking a Torium 16 but wondering if the new larger level winds Lexa 400/Abu Garcia etc would...
  405. D

    Offshore New Lo-An 10/01 First Class Operation

    Had the same skunk on Saturday, the crew worked hard just wasn't to be but no goody bag when we hit the dock, think I'll try the NLA next time.
  406. D


    Going overnight tonight and was thinking of having this double as my jig stick for tossing iron instead of my star drag to cut down on the number of rods, probably throwing Colt Snipers and dropping flat falls.
  407. D

    Fathom 25/30 2spd for current tuna?

    Why, for the line capacity?
  408. D

    Fathom 25/30 2spd for current tuna?

    is the only difference line capacity due to the spoil size? Does the 25 cast better etc. looking to pick one up but can't decide on which
  409. D

    Small 2sp lever drag or Torium 30HGA?

    No, but my "accountant" can
  410. D

    Small 2sp lever drag or Torium 30HGA?

    Thanks for the reply's guys. I was looking at a Fathom 25nld2, wanting to keep it in the $270-$300 range.
  411. D

    Small 2sp lever drag or Torium 30HGA?

    Looking to add a real for 1-3 day trips and something for the current tuna bite. Currently have an older Torium 30(jig stick, Torium 20HGA(30-40 bait/backup iron, Avet LX single speed(40lb bait. Was thinking of adding or replacing just not sure which way to go.
  412. D

    What would I use an Fathom 25nLD for?

    Thanks, I currently have an Avet Lx single speed I use for 40lb bait, older Torium 30 for iron. Not sure if I'd be upgrading or duplicating. Mostly fish local islands to 1-1 1/2 day trips but looking to go longer
  413. D

    What would I use an Fathom 25nLD for?

    looking for a smaller 2 speed that can cast, fishing islands and SD day and day 1/2.
  414. D

    Surf fishing Catalina tips

    Thanks, unfortunately the rent a boats shut down for the season so it looks like the pier or Mole for me.
  415. D

    Surf fishing Catalina tips

    How did it go? Heading over there on Monday and will be bringing some gear.
  416. D

    Solterra 15 cs best application

    Just picked this up from the Turner's closeout, was thinking 30lb bait rig and maybe push to 40 with 50-65 spectra?
  417. D

    tackle tips

    For a sportboat would it be recommended to run 25-50yds of mono ontop of the spectra then your fluoro leader or just run the spectra to fluoro, thinking about tangles etc.
  418. D

    Tracy at Melton is the man

    Actually Tracey is the man, founder and owner.
  419. D

    tackle tips

    Hey, lots of reports but not much info on what line, hooks, bait and size of the fish. Would love a little info so I can make my tackle store productive before I get out there. Any help???
  420. D

    El Dorado

    Thinking of jumping on for an upcoming trip, how does she fish and how's the crew, food etc
  421. D

    Reel maintenance

    Need a good and reasonable shop in the Long Beach area and a ride on a 1.5 day!
  422. D

    Bay slam. Butts, corb, spotfin, YFC and more 5-11

    Beta which bay are you fishing? I want to get my son out to pull on some stuff and that sounds perfect.