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  1. Rav3n805

    Avet Pro EX 30/2 SOLD

  2. SOLD

    Southern California SOLD

    Graftech Rail Rod - GRR78XXH Used in good condition ,some scuff marks , solid rod for flatfall /knife jigging or sinker rig for big bluefin. SOLD Murrieta Ca Fishing Rod Graftech Okuma Seeker Calstar Shimano
  3. Rav3n805

    Graftech Rail Rod - GRR78XXH

    Rav3n805 submitted a new listing: Graftech Rail Rod - GRR78XXH - Graftech Rail Rod - GRR78XXH Learn more about this listing...
  4. Rav3n805

    Fishing Reel Clamp Tiburon $40

    Rav3n805 submitted a new listing: Fishing Reel Clamp Tiburon $40 - Fishing Reel Clamp Tiburon $40 Learn more about this listing...
  5. Fishing Reel Clamp Tiburon $40

    Southern California Fishing Reel Clamp Tiburon $40

    Universal Tiburon Reel Clamp , I used it for a Saltiga 15, works for Shimano Trinidad 12, 14 and Talica 8, 10 , Progear V20 , Fishing $40 (Murrieta Ca)
  6. Rav3n805

    Avet Pro EX 30/2 SOLD

    Rav3n805 submitted a new listing: Avet Pro EX 30/2 - Avet Pro EX 30/2 Learn more about this listing...
  7. Avet  Pro EX 30/2 SOLD

    Southern California Avet Pro EX 30/2 SOLD

    Avet Pro EX 30/2 speed loaded w 120 Hollow Braid, and 200 lb Fluro wind on leader, perfect for big bluefin , sinker or knife jigging. Reel is used w some minor scuffs, mechanically its smoth ready to fish. SOLD
  8. Rav3n805

    Centaur Constellation Popping Rod 7ft 9"$185

    Rav3n805 submitted a new listing: Centaur Constellation Popping Rod 7ft 9"$185 - Centaur Constellation Popping Rod 7ft 9"$185 Learn more about this listing...
  9. Centaur Constellation Popping Rod 7ft 9"$185

    Southern California Centaur Constellation Popping Rod 7ft 9"$185

    I have a like new spinning popping fishing rod that is heavy duty yet light weight and strong, it's a 2 piece breaks down at the butt grip , here is the model # w link w details, I only used it on one trip and didn't catch anything, super nice rod w Fuji guides. PE 5-7 line rating approx...
  10. Rav3n805

    Daiwa Proteus 80HFS

    Rav3n805 submitted a new listing: Daiwa Proteus 80HFS - Daiwa Proteus 80HFS Learn more about this listing...
  11. Daiwa Proteus 80HFS

    Southern California Daiwa Proteus 80HFS

    Used Daiwa Proteus 8HFS Spinning Fishing Rod 50-80lb braid, I used this rod for Poppers,Stick baits, live bait and Jigging. It has caught Tuna, and Dorado. Very solid rod w lots of backbone. I'm upgrading so it needs to go!
  12. Rav3n805

    Saltiga 15HL

    Rav3n805 submitted a new listing: Saltiga 15HL - Saltiga 15HL Learn more about this listing...
  13. Saltiga 15HL

    Southern California Saltiga 15HL

    This Daiwa Saltiga 15HL is a left handed reel loaded w 40lb J braid. The reel has a spool lock button and an auto clutch that puts reel in gear w rotation of the handle. Great reel for fly lining baitand slow pitch Jigging, mechanically sound, like new, super smooth with a few scratches on body...
  14. Rav3n805

    Offshore NLA 6/20- One word report

    Congratulations Jurel on that nice BFT! I was on a few weeks ago and scored one like yours same boat! This year is shapping up to be one for the records!
  15. Rav3n805

    Offshore NLA 6/20- One word report

    Im on it as well on 17th w 4 peeps. lets get em!
  16. Rav3n805

    Used Avet PRO EX 4/02 LH 2 spd price drop to $250

    What is the max drag for this reel? Where are you located? Thank you
  17. Rav3n805

    The New Lo-An 9/11 Overnighter

    nice haul, any on PopR? or jigs?
  18. Rav3n805

    DumbAss kayakers

    How about you slow down... the fog can be tricky...
  19. Rav3n805

    PV Fishing Trip 11/12/14

    Went down to PV not planned jumped on a 8 hr shared charter we caught decent dodos and jack crevalle, no bill fish, I did not get my fix in so rented a panga for 4 hours and caught 2 nice dodos and skippys 4 miles off the beach on a trash slick from the local rain runoff. The pangas are the way...
  20. Rav3n805

    PV - how to find a fishing partner to share a charter?

    I just got back from PV yesterday. I did the $150 shared charter one day, from Mikes SF you pick a number from a hat and that is your troll number, Once a fished is hooked the number changes so you take turns on the troll, we fished for 8 hours and ended up with 6 DODOs 20-30lbers, nice grade...
  21. Rav3n805

    Offshore Solo Quad BFT

    nice score on the troll
  22. Rav3n805

    Offshore Appears as though the BFT bite is on again...

    I will be on this trip too, hopefully we put the hurt on these BFT :madfire:
  23. Rav3n805

    Lefty Newells

    Yes depends on location, you would need to cover the costs.
  24. Rav3n805

    Lefty Newells

    Lefty Newells 338-5 L The reel is in excellent shape I bought it new last year from charkbait, used less than 5 trips! Comes with 40 lb xxx Izorline, reel clamp, and upgraded Carbontex drags $125 235-5 L This reel is in great shape, it comes with 25lb xxx Izorline, reel clamp and upgraded...
  25. Rav3n805

    Diawa Saltiga 30L

  26. Rav3n805

    Diawa Saltiga 30L

    This is an awesome reel, Left Handed model , it is 9/10 mechanically and 8.5/10 cosmetically. It comes loaded with 65lb spectra and upgraded carbontext drags and lubed this past august,only been used a few times since. This is by far my favorite reel, and sucks I have to sell it. I'm located...
  27. Rav3n805

    Guadelupe on the Vagabond 11/8-11/13

    Amazing Trip, wow :urno1: !
  28. Rav3n805

    More on the MLPA Front!

    Not sure if this has been posted, but thought I'd share this link, was browsing on a nfl football site and saw this chit... looks like the battle is getting larger this makes my blood boil It was in a flash ad like below!
  29. Rav3n805

    Went Looking for Tuna...'But...

    Nice detailed report and good score on the butts! :hali_olutta: Did you keep the angel shark? they make great fish and chips, so good...
  30. Rav3n805

    Offshore Pacific Queen SLAY 1.5 day/JP BFT

    Thanks Gang, I'm still stoked! Glad to see they are still going full speed go get em!
  31. Rav3n805

    Offshore Pacific Queen SLAY 1.5 day/JP BFT

    Thanks , good times Sean Hopefully we have many more trips like that :)
  32. Rav3n805

    Offshore Epic trip aboard Pacific Queen

    yea epic trip! looks like they are still going full speed !
  33. Rav3n805

    Offshore Pacific Queen SLAY 1.5 day/JP BFT

    So I was fortunate enough to be on the Pacific Queen during an EPIC Blue Fin Tuna BITE! First off thanks to Bill and the crew of this fine fishing vessel, they fish hard and run a top notch business. Special thanks to the Fish. Food. Feel organization for...
  34. Rav3n805

    Aloha Seabass Massacre 6/22 "trip of a lifetime"

    :Beat_Them them :shithappens: bags !
  35. Rav3n805

    arc shad bait net

    bump, price drop
  36. Rav3n805

    Lefty Avet JX 6.0 used...

    pm sent, Thanks, but I don't need anymore gear right now just bought a lefty newell 338:)
  37. Rav3n805

    Spokenfor SX

    I may pick it up, I live in SD let me know if the others flake on the sale 805 4153531
  38. Rav3n805

    ARC Shad Net

    I have a used shad net in good condition, does not have the cover can email pics upon request Located in the San Diego area. $175.00 here is a link with all the nets specs American Rod Company - Shad Bait Net call 805 415-3541 or Pm
  39. Rav3n805

    Decent day out front MB

    nice haul on them halibuts,
  40. Rav3n805

    Top Gun 80 ???

    Marston! Good luck on the trip, sounds like a blast, Are you and Jim both going?
  41. Rav3n805

    Avet JX 6.0 Lefty

    I Have a good condition used Jx lefty Comes with box and reel clamp also has 65 lb spectra on it with room for 100 +yd top shot $175
  42. Rav3n805


    Casitas does not allow them any :hali_parkutuli:more, they were easy to get but since the mussels scare, no more!
  43. Rav3n805

    A Couple

    nice Cbass
  44. Rav3n805

    Kaenon glasses

    I have the Lewi in Rx,best pair of polarized shades ever !A great deal some one jump on it!
  45. Rav3n805


    nice bass, yea them big ones head right to cover... lost a few that way, you learn thou..sometimes the big ones win.Nice qualtity.
  46. Rav3n805

    Catalina limts; Lobster and bonita

    nice haul on them bugs and bones... tailed and sealed, how i like to do it, time to stock up!
  47. Rav3n805

    2 people on a fish n dive?

    I have owned a few FND and have fished with 2 people on the yak 350lbs between 2 , and it was just fine, I was in the jump seat at 175lbs, just avoid the surf or long paddles in tuff conditions, Have Fun
  48. Rav3n805

    10 lb bug outrageous

    wow...freakin huge bug..nice score
  49. Rav3n805

    Nice Yellow

    nice tail...
  50. Rav3n805

    Slaying the Large Mouths

    very nice LMB, looks like they hanging shallow... very cool pics with the kids and lmb... nice quality for that place...
  51. Rav3n805

    Fun Tues Night Buggin

    nice haul... should have keept dat eel..