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  1. muletrain

    2015 Boston Whaler 180 Dauntless

    1st post SCAMMER
  2. muletrain

    42 More Trout Lures, Kastmaster, Roostertails, Super Douper, Thomas Bouyant

    Great deal Perfect for the up coming Sierra opener lots of tried and proven trout catching lures GLWS
  3. muletrain

    Purebred Jack Russell Terrier Puppies

    Saw the dogs and are beautiful that come from loving home. No puppy mill.
  4. muletrain

    Offshore You Give Me Fever

    HWPO= HARD WORK PAYS OFF Congratulations on a nice DORADO in our backyard. Enjoy the fruits of your labor that you worked so hard to get. Great read Thanks for sharing
  5. muletrain

    Madmac 160 Hot Pink Makeral $45

    Finally I guy that has the Bloodydecks heart that want to help out fellow bloodydeckers good karma coming your way……..
  6. muletrain

    United Composites US80 TILEFISH JR

    I wish I was closer……..if you are in Long Beach or San Clemente I’ll take it GLWS
  7. muletrain

    Offshore Lost tackle bag Seaforth landing

    We all have been there. Hopefully you get your bag back
  8. muletrain

    Bait tank

    muletrain submitted a new listing: Bait tank - Bait tank Learn more about this listing...
  9. Bait tank

    Southern California Bait tank

    SOLD SOLD. SOLD PLEASE REMOVE Just upgraded my bait tank and have this for sale. You can pick up in Lakewood during the week and San Clemente on the weekends This is a one scoop tank perfect for small skiff 22” height x 16” width 80 bucks Mark
  10. muletrain

    Inshore Eds Jigs, Saltwater gulp, Lings and things

    Real nice grade there. Looks really fun thanks for sharing
  11. muletrain

    Bay / Harbor Grunion Run at Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro 4/2/22

    That’s a lot of grunion on the beach i have been on several grunion runs but never seen them that thick on the beach thanks for sharing
  12. muletrain

    Islands Slug yellows are here!

    Hell yah thats a beast thanks for sharing
  13. muletrain

    Seeker Jig sticks

    Real nice jig sticks GLWS
  14. muletrain

    CALSTAR GF800M Custom (20-40lbs.)

    Smoking deal GLWS
  15. muletrain

    Inshore Horseshoe 2/5

    Positive identification BSB AQUARIUM SIZE
  16. muletrain

    Fishing out of oceanside after turkey

    No fish in Oceanside! good luck 😎
  17. muletrain

    Offshore My first bft and it was over 300lbs!

    Russian River Beer is the best Pliny the Elder is a classic Pliny the younger is just a little better in my humble opinion Congratulations on a west coast fish of a lifetime Thanks for sharing
  18. muletrain

    Cod Weights

    3rd that Jer dog is the man. Purchased from him multiple times and have sent friends to see him ALWAYS QUALITY WEIGHTS!!!
  19. muletrain


    I’ll take them i can pick up sunday
  20. muletrain

    Set of calstars/accurates!!

    Smoking deal for someone that needs to outfit there sled GLWS
  21. muletrain

    For sale Farallon 25’ Whaleback for sale

    That’s what boat owners do when they really do t want to sell their boat! 😀
  22. muletrain

    Powder coated steel cabinets

    I wish you lived closer sweet cabinets GLWS
  23. muletrain

    Anacapa Seabass

    Nothing Better than fishing with your father a getting a fish of a lifetime Thanks for sharing
  24. muletrain

    Offshore Big Lings on the Sherminator

    What area did you fish? Those are some nice lings
  25. muletrain

    Offshore 226 Yellows and Bluefin 5-5

    i can’t think of a better way than to catch them on the popper and on your own boat! Thanks for sharing
  26. muletrain

    Offshore Offshore and Islands - 4/30

    I like those magic tricks. Turning yellowtail into beer. Love it Thanks for sharing
  27. muletrain

    Inshore Platform Esther 4/18/2021

    Waiting for report ...........good luck
  28. muletrain

    Islands San Diego 4/6

    Great read Driving 400 miles to fish you deserve to be rewarded for that long drive thanks for sharing
  29. muletrain

    Islands 3/31 surface iron yellow

    That’s how you get rewarded being the first one on the scene congratulations on your new person best yellow
  30. muletrain

    Islands South 9 Mile Bank Mar 27th

    Those are some really cool looking fish. I have been fishing all the way down to colonet Mexico rock fishing but never caught any cod like those really special thanks for sharing
  31. muletrain

    There's a few less WSB off Pt. Loma today...

    Amazing picture. I never knew they ate white sea bass
  32. muletrain

    SEEKER Rod with DAIWA Reel

    Free bump for a great starter rod and reel to go overnight and fish the tuna GLWS
  33. muletrain

    Offshore 9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    22nd street landing San Pedro
  34. muletrain

    14’ Valco

    Free bump for a really nice boat Pride of ownership and attention to detail with all the custom work completed shows GLWS
  35. muletrain

    Calstar GF700M/H for Mark

    Masterpiece! enjoy your rod
  36. muletrain

    Offshore 9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    The Freedom is the BEST BOAT In the Los Angeles area. Tino the captain is the man. He has excellent customer service. Runs a tight boat. Never had a bad trip. His passion for fishing and great customer experience you feel the moment you step on the boat and get the captains speech. Enjoy your trip
  37. muletrain

    Offshore Here's a good read of Escaping earthly reality to enjoy the wet worlds harmony while a sucsseful Scouting mission 1/7

    Thanks for taking the time to share your enjoyable day on the water. You don’t always have to catch fish to have great time on the burg pond we get to call our backyard. Seeing all that life makes it worth the trip alone. Orca in the prop wash, sperm whales, Mola’s, paddIves the size of...
  38. muletrain

    Jacks from the Beach, Cancun

    Nothing like catching Jacks in the surf. Little bulldogs that take a lot of line with attitude thanks for sharing
  39. muletrain

    Daiwa Saltiga 40HA, Daiwa Lexa 400HD HS-P, Penn Torque 30LD2

    Free bump on a good price on one of my favorite reels Saltiga 40 is an Awesome reel to do whatever you want GLWS
  40. muletrain

    Calstar 770 xxh 80-130 rail rod $250 firm

    Can you show a picture of the complete bottom section. I’m trying to figure out where the seine cord is located. It’s not clear in the picture. I can see hyphalon above and below the reel seat. Thank You
  41. muletrain

    LJ YT and Red Action

    That’s how you get it done Enjoyed watching the video thanks for sharing
  42. muletrain

    Offshore Great way to end 2020

    Great to put all that information to good use. The DSL is so important when listening on Wednesday webinar. Thanks for posting your results and how you were fishing. Daytime sword fishing in our backyard in December. You guys got an early Christmas gift thanks for sharing
  43. muletrain

    Local OC 12-12-20

    Happy YELLOWTAIL birthday
  44. muletrain

    Info on jigs

    Mail them to me and I will try them out for you. They look brand new. Look like yellowtail killers Good luck with finding information about your jigs
  45. muletrain

    Pair of Calstar 655XH

    Free bump for a nice deal on some cool sticks GLWS
  46. muletrain

    28' ugly duckling

    Great question from above post. Waiting patiently for some updates Thanks for sharing
  47. muletrain

    New to me Blackman 20 center console.

    Pride of ownership shows. The wiring, woodwork, gauges all looks beautiful. Enjoy your new sled. Thanks for sharing
  48. muletrain

    Rpt-12-09-20 SCI Fun!

    Great read as usual. Looks like a fun day. Glad to see y out back on the water thanks for sharing
  49. muletrain

    Want to catch a swordy?

    Ali Thank you for setting this up. I have been trolling around reading everything I can about this subject. Looking forward to hearing the expects present this information. Hopefully one day I will be able to put it the test to see what I learned Tight Lines
  50. muletrain

    Talica 25, Talica 20

    Free bump for some nice reels i would buy the buy them but don’t need what I already have HAPPY HOLIDAYS GLWS
  51. muletrain

    SNAP 12.06.20 - D.P.

    Time to buy another rod. That’s the only silver lining when you snap a rod. Weather looks nice thanks for sharing
  52. muletrain

    Aerial footage of Calico Bass and Barracuda eating the jig

    Great video to watch. Really enjoyed watching the fish eat the jig. Never seen a video like that on Bloodydecks. Keep them coming Thanks for sharing
  53. muletrain

    Sunday Was A Fun Day 11/29 😃

    Fry those up crispy. Yum yum thanks for sharing
  54. muletrain

    Shimano talica 20 & 25 with seeker rods

    Free bump for some really nice gear GLWS
  55. muletrain

    LJ 12-2

    Those are some nice barber poles. Good looking out getting the hook out of that pup. He appreciates your kindness. tight lines thanks for sharing
  56. muletrain

    Offshore Action on the ridge

    Awesome you were there to help. The picture of the boat upside down in such calm waters make you wonder how the boat sank. drain plug not in? bilge pump not working? The list goes on and on. Just another reminder to have your boat in order when you leave the dock Thanks for sharing
  57. muletrain

    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    Sorry for your loss. Cherish the memories and remember all the good and bad times to get you through your day. Tight lines
  58. muletrain

    11/23- Hooping in LB Harbor

    Keep exploring, marking spots for future use and take notes. Congratulations on your success and thanks for sharing
  59. muletrain

    A pair of jacks 11/25

    That how you know your spots and use the meter to find what your looking for. Great report thanks for sharing
  60. muletrain

    Offshore New Lo-An Charter Trip Report 2.75 Day 11/14 - 11/17

    Thanks for the report. It does not always go your way but that’s fishing. You have to take the bad trips like the good trips. Its not always about catching that makes fir a great trip. New lo-an is a above average BFT boat. They work there ass off to get you on the fish Thanks for sharing
  61. muletrain

    Offshore Aztec 11/15-11/18

    Congratulations on a nice fish What size weight were you using? How deep do you think you were when you got your bite? thanks for sharing
  62. muletrain

    Offshore Outrider 2.5

    Outrider class operation Refunding your trip and rod rentals says it all I have never fished the boat but only hear good things about there operation Book another trip with to show your gratitude for there generosity Thanks for sharing
  63. muletrain

    Daiwa - SL20SH

    Free bump for an absolutely bulletproof reel great deal GLWS
  64. muletrain

    Offshore First ever Tuna trip EPIC!! 2.5 Pacific Dawn Oct. 23-26

    Excellent first trip. You might not EVER have a trip like that again. Take a moment to really let it sink in what you accomplished. I know friends that have fished out of San Diego boats for over 20 years and NEVER got into a bite like that. You were truly blessed with an EPIC TRIP...
  65. muletrain

    Daiwa Slosh 20 (SL20SH) Fishing Reel

    Bump for a bulletproof proof reel GLWS
  66. muletrain

    First Boat Project-1987 Cabo 216

    Really enjoy watching and reading your rebuild / restoration thanks for sharing
  67. muletrain

    Offshore 43, ridge, 289, mackerel, Clemente saved

    Panties ........ that’s what you take off if your having a good night! 😂😂😂😂
  68. muletrain

    All my bug gear is for sale - $500

    Free bumb for the deal of the year GLWS
  69. muletrain

    Many Handles !! PICTURES ADDED

    I agree with this quote. Purchased rods from him in the past. Great seller
  70. muletrain

    Calstar GFGR- 770-xh

    I’ll take it I can pick up tomorrow
  71. muletrain

    Avet Ex50/3 and Rainshadow Rod

    Excellent set up GLWS FREE BUMP
  72. muletrain

    Late Report Fort Bragg Albacore

    A family that fishes together sticks together. Your story put a smile on my face. Keep the reports coming and making great memories that you and your family will never forget. Thanks for sharing
  73. muletrain

    Last seeker rod (for now)

    If you are ever in Orange County I will take it great rod free bump GLWS
  74. muletrain

    Saltiga Star Drag - GONE.

    Excellent set of reels GLWS FREE BUMP
  75. muletrain

    NP, 14 mile , 8 miles off Catalina

    That’s not our typical kelp paddy Dodo. Congratulations on a real nice catch. Thanks for sharing
  76. muletrain

    Lost and Found Temecula

    Good karma coming your way way to go above and beyond to try and find the owner
  77. muletrain

    Jigs for SoCal costal bluefin

    I was only using 40 LB when using the jigs No issues with them holding up to that size line You can get a better hook to use but I used what I had available My friend had the in-line single hooks put on his snipers at the tackle shop. If your going to use heavier line it would be a good...
  78. muletrain

    Starting them young

    Fish slayer in no time Thanks for sharing
  79. muletrain

    Dana Point Halibut Reports?

    Fished salt creek kelp line in 35-40 feet. All the calicos you wanted However I was trying to make mackerel using sabiki with NO MACKEREL to be found. Good luck
  80. muletrain

    Jigs for SoCal costal bluefin

    FYI USE at least 40lb. I lost a 100 plus pound fish that came unbuttoned 20 feet from the boat after an hour plus fight on 40lb. I wish I was using at least 50. I could not put enough pressure to turn the fish. My buddy got 8 BFT using the sinker rig using 80lb All his fish were caught using...
  81. muletrain

    Jigs for SoCal costal bluefin

    Colt snipers 80-120 gm remove the treble and replace with quality single hook i replaced mine with owner ahi twist 6/0 drop it 250 feet and burn it back to the boat ........ you can’t crank fast enough. i fished the Shogun 3 day trip and July 19-22 and got 5 BFT fishing this way good luck
  82. muletrain

    Talica 16 II speed

    Thank you for all the responses I found my reel I appreciate all the quick responses Tight lines every one
  83. muletrain

    Talica 16 II speed

    New or used does not matter Looking for something that does not have a lot of boat rash
  84. muletrain

    Talica 16 II speed

    Looking for Talica 16 2 speed let me know what you have and price i have tried to purchase reel from multiple buyers on forum without success. PM ME FOR FASTEST RESPONSE thanks
  85. muletrain

    Talica 16ii FS

    I sent you message back in November about a reel Do you still have the Talica 16?
  86. muletrain

    O side quiet

    No fish in o side.......
  87. muletrain

    Tommy Gomes

    Kewpie mayonnaise was being sold at Costco today in Cypress
  88. muletrain

    O side fish news?

    No fish in oside...........
  89. muletrain

    Team Fandango goes north. Channel Islands.

    Excellent report. Very detailed. You guys make it look sooooooo easy. thanks for sharing
  90. muletrain

    Bermuda Triangle 05.08.20

    Thanks for the local report Hopefully you will cross path with a BFT FOAMER to throw some jigs in the middle thanks for sharing
  91. muletrain

    Nados and beyond. Report 5/1

    Nice day there. Glad you enjoyed yourself The yellowtail with jig in its mouth is my favorite picture. Did you get the yellow on the surface or yo-yo? I guess it does not matter how you got the yellow. Just glad to see a yellowtail thanks for sharing
  92. muletrain

    SCI “Lingasaurus” Bonanza

    Lingasaurs at Jurassic canyon great way to spend the day enjoy your bounty thanks for sharing
  93. muletrain

    Offshore Limits BFT 4/29 US Waters

    Excellent day fishing thanks for sharing
  94. muletrain

    Rpt.-The Origin of my "Tunaslam"!

    Awesome read as always. I got 3/4 of a tuna slam back in the 90’s. Missed the bigeye but was still an absolutely awesome day Keep on posting and I hope you and wife‘s heath are doing better Thanks for sharing
  95. muletrain

    Brand New TN 12 A. 400$ No Trades

    BUMP FOR A GREAT PRICE Mint condition Hopefully you get back to work and stay healthy take care
  96. muletrain

    Best Day Ever...

    You need to take that picture and frame it!!!! Thank you for sharing precious moments
  97. muletrain

    Pelagic Fishing Shorts

    Free bump to help you sell your small shorts me and my buddy had the same issues last year the shorts from pelagic we got last year at fred hall were small or I’m just getting fatter GLWS
  98. muletrain

    Fenwick, Shimano, rainshadow, Phenix rods Reduced!

    when and where do I get to pick up this smoking deal?
  99. muletrain

    Fenwick, Shimano, rainshadow, Phenix rods Reduced!

    I’ll take the judge rod at the new price you listed at 25 bucks...nice of you to take 250 bucks off the original posting price. I guess you really do want to move these rods
  100. muletrain

    Tiger fish out of Emeryville with Daughter

    Awesome pictures I can taste the crab memories to remember the rest of both your lives thanks for sharing
  101. muletrain

    Offshore Limits at the Butterfly 11/16

    Amazing grade of YFT Congratulations on an epic day
  102. muletrain

    Answer your messages You are a member in good standing with bloody decks community

    Answer your messages You are a member in good standing with bloody decks community
  103. muletrain


  104. muletrain

    I finally fucked up

    I feel the Bloodydecks love on this thread chuck:get well soon Styx: You are a gentleman and scholar
  105. muletrain

    or trade Trinidad 20

    That is a real JEWEL GLWS I think you should be asking 350 smoking deal
  106. muletrain

    5/0 Ringed Gorilla Pro-Pack - $9.99

    Thanks for posting the sale ordered a couple packs way to keep the Bloodydecks forum INFORMED
  107. muletrain

    Offshore Bug rider at it again

    WARNING You better watch bug rider. He is on a secret list to kidnap to help with people that don’t know what there doing! thanks for sharing
  108. muletrain

    Shimano Trinidad 16a and Teramar 86XH

    Pm sent I’ll take the reel
  109. muletrain

    Offshore Flying Fish

    I would post where the sell Pliny in Orange County but I am scared to run out of my beer
  110. muletrain

    Tady jigs

    Common guys.......those are the special ones that always catch fish. Worth every penny to someone!
  111. muletrain

    Trinidad 16

    Looking for newer model in good to mint condition let me know what you have
  112. muletrain

    Phenix Black Diamond 868MH

    Rod as advertised easy transaction thank you
  113. muletrain

    Offshore SCI 9/27 Big BFT & a Marlin!! 4K Video

    Thanks for sharing that great video of an truly awesome day fishing in our backyard
  114. muletrain

    Daiwa Sealine X 50HV

    FREE BUMP Good deal bullet proof GLWS
  115. muletrain

    9 day Excel adventure 09-10 to 09-19-19!

    Its only your last trip if You decide it’s your last trip. When you have passion and desire to do another long range trip your going to make it happen. Don’t let your age or your heart get in the way of what you love to do in life. You only live once. Live it the way you want Great report as...
  116. muletrain

    Offshore Islander Charters - 3.5 Day - Video

    Enjoyed watching the video Looks like a fun trip Thanks for sharing
  117. muletrain

    Offshore 9/20: Tick, Tick, Tick......

    Great report. Real nice quality YFT thanks for sharing
  118. muletrain

    Offshore lost your boat?

    Thanks I have been looking for my boat. Just could not remember where I parked it!
  119. muletrain

    Crystal Cove 8/24

    Nothing like your maiden voyage outside the harbor Have fun and be safe Thanks for sharing
  120. muletrain

    Offshore Shogun 3 Day Open Report 8/13-8/16

    Thank you for the great report and your service to our country. Would enjoy spending time at the rail having a cold one and grinding on some fish with you
  121. muletrain

    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna Doubled Up Slow Trolling ( Video )

    Always enjoy your videos It’s been too long since your last post Thanks for sharing
  122. muletrain

    Offshore Left rods and reels outside of H&M landing

    Love to hear about someone getting there gear back. Good karma coming your way
  123. muletrain

    2012 Parker 2320 Yamaha 300

    Great boat and nice shirt I’ll take an XL Let me know how to get the shirt GLWS
  124. muletrain

    Orcas on the 9

    He’s got dolphin meat in his mouth......... love the quote Nice video Thanks for sharing
  125. muletrain

    New LA Blue Fin Tuna Record

    What a great read. Excellent report. Thanks for sharing
  126. muletrain

    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    Good karma coming your way. So sad to see such a beautiful boat in the water Glad to hear everyone is ok. That’s what is most important. Thanks for sharing
  127. muletrain

    Offshore 7/29 Report..Some meat on the deck

    That’s some meat on the deck. If I was your neighbor and you are the type of neighbor that shares I would be eating good Happy you got your BFT. THATS WHY YOU PUT IN TIME......GOD THINGS HAPPEN THANKS for sharing
  128. muletrain

    Offshore Season is shaping very well, BFT report

    You can’t worry about the one that got away. You caught a real nice fish and you should be happy. Not every day you get a 100 plus pound BFT in our backyard Thanks for sharing
  129. muletrain

    Offshore Little G has The Big D!

    You have been waiting to post something great on your 1st post. Congratulations on a amazing day in our backyard. Thanks for sharing
  130. muletrain

    Cabo surf set up

    Good luck in Cabo and post some pictures
  131. muletrain

    Cabo surf set up

    You can always pick up a set up Jansens. Jansens is in Cabo or San Jose del Cabo They had cheap surf set ups for less than 200 bucks ready to go. Not the best. But It will get the job done.
  132. muletrain

    Cabo surf set up

    Amazon Just picked up a Daiwa 8000 size spinning reel that holds 400 yards of 80 LB power pro for 100 bucks and a 12 foot ugly stick that that rated 20-40lb for 80 bucks Was just in Cabo last month and guide was using same real but was using a Daiwa rod Set up cost me less than 200 bucks
  133. muletrain

    Saltiga 30 ha

    Great real Great price GLWS
  134. muletrain


    What’s the name of this fish. Never seen that one. Looks like a cow cod with stripes
  135. muletrain


    Amazing pictures and great report I can fish my entire life in Southern California and NEVER catch lings like that. Fortunately I have fished Alaska multiple times and have caught nice lings like the ones you caught. Brings back great memories Thanks for sharing
  136. muletrain

    Enterprise 7-20 - My son’s first 3/4 day

    My dad took me on the Enterprise back in 1976 when it was running out of Belmont pier when I was 6 years old. I have not stopped fishing since. Hopefully you get your boy hooked on fishing and you have a lifetime fishing partner Thanks for sharing
  137. muletrain

    Owner Ringed Pocket Packs

    Your the man Thank you Received shipment quickly Great seller Buy with confidence
  138. muletrain

    Offshore 1.5 day trip on the Endeavor

    Great report Keep it up Someone gave you great advice when fishing the flat fall or yo yo......keep grinding and wait for the crap to start peeling off your reel Thanks for sharing
  139. muletrain

    WFO Seabass 4th of July on the Pacific Dawn, Ventura.

    Great report Enjoyed watching the video Thanks for sharing
  140. muletrain

    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna 7/10

    That fish looks bigger than 30lbs Real. Ice quality Thanks for sharing
  141. muletrain

    Offshore Insane Topwater Yellowfin out of San Pedro - 7/7

    It’s been toooooo long since I seen one of your epic reports Thanks for sharing
  142. muletrain

    Offshore 7/7 Nice one on the popper

    Fish of a lifetime. Getting it on a popper truly amazing Thanks for sharing
  143. muletrain

    I caught all these fish with Jaime On the Jessica in the last 7 months.....

    Looks like good times to me...... Thanks for sharing
  144. muletrain

    Dana Point South -- 6/30/19 mediocre

    Nice report Thanks for sharing
  145. muletrain

    Local wsb June 28th

    Amazing catch Congratulations on a well deserved fish. You were prepared when the opportunity happened. Fishing the 40lb Flouro gave you a chance to land that beauty. What type Flouro were you using? Thanks for sharing
  146. muletrain

    A LOT OF FISH only a couple biters

    Awesome day on the water when fishing with the man that taught you how to fish Even more special when the man that taught you how to fish was your father Thanks for sharing
  147. muletrain

    Biggest ling I’ve seen in local waters and friends pb

    Nothing like a two for one Was it the small one that was hooked then eaten by the lingasaurous? Thanks for sharing
  148. muletrain

    One more time.Seabass not Tuna

    Nice video Thanks for sharing
  149. muletrain

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    Happy to hear of your full recovery. Looking forward to all the fish reports your going to post. Always read your reports that are well detailed and with pictures. Keep it up. Life stops when you stop doing the things you love.
  150. muletrain

    Offshore Yummy bluefin 6/25

    Real nice report Glad you made a day of it Thanks for sharing
  151. muletrain

    (Price reduced)Trinidad 50 In like new condition

    I always say when you start talking to yourself and answer to yourself you need to go talk to a psychologist .........but you are right at buying the reels you want. You only go though life once so might as well have the things you want
  152. muletrain

    Balloons and Butts Oh My

    Balloons and butts.......looks likes real a real nice day with your son Thanks for sharing
  153. muletrain

    Triton 6/17 Big Yellow

    Real nice grade Thanks for sharing
  154. muletrain

    Great Bait and Good Bite in the Bay

    Sorry to hear about the one that got away but it sounds like a real nice trip you put together Thanks for sharing
  155. muletrain

    Down rigger weight question

    Usually 5-8 lbs of weight Weight varies with each downriger Look up manufacturers recommended weight for your specific set up Good luck and post some fish reports
  156. muletrain

    Offshore First trip for the mustang

    Nothing like popper fish Amazing to hit triple digits on a popper Congratulations on a fish of a lifetime Thanks for sharing
  157. muletrain

    Offshore Happy fathers day today

    Happy Father’s Day to all my bloodydecks fathers!! Enjoy your day
  158. muletrain

    Offshore Bluefin Fail #2 6/12

    Great detailed report Should help your fellow bloodydeckers Thanks for sharing
  159. muletrain

    Relentless 2 day - SCI

    Beautiful lingcod Really nice to get um on a jig Thanks for sharing
  160. muletrain

    Offshore Bft jig rigging

    Innovative......when you stop trying you stop learning and growing as a fisherman and life. Thanks for sharing
  161. muletrain

    Malibu 6/2 Am

    Flat calm conditions make for a nice day on the water Thanks for
  162. muletrain

    Toronado report from 5/30

    Nothing like getting stopped by a yellow when your throwing the iron. Damn fur bags needed to leave you alone to land those fish. You will get them next time Thanks for sharing
  163. muletrain

    Horseshoe reds

    Nicely done Enjoy your bounty Thanks for sharing
  164. muletrain

    San Clemente 5-31-19 to 6-1-1

    That’s how you make lemonade out of lemons Thanks for sharing
  165. muletrain

    Bait Stealers Caught Red Handed!

    I have never seen a zip tie attach a hook to a crab Really nice way to present the bait Thanks for sharing
  166. muletrain

    Coronado islands 6/1

    When it’s time to catch a yellow you will even catch them rock fishing Fished my entire life and never caught a yellow on a shrimp fly and squid strip. Never even been on a trip where a yellow was caught like that. Thanks for sharing
  167. muletrain

    Offshore Liberty Bluefin Tuna 5/29

    Nothing like being right place and right time. Congratulations on those beautiful fish. Never thought you could catch 50 plus pound tuna on 12 hour day trips. We are truly blessed Thanks for sharing
  168. muletrain

    Best floro to mono knot?

  169. muletrain

    Blind Squirrel syndrome, SMB, SAT, 5/25/2019.

    Nice bycatch Thanks for sharing
  170. muletrain

    Phenix BDH PHD700X2H

    Sick rod Great detailed work Good luck with sale Thanks for sharing
  171. muletrain

    Cory update Thursday

    Glad to hear the surgery was successful. Now it’s just a matter of time before we start getting are fish porn. Speedy recovery
  172. muletrain

    Where to try for wsb this Sunday.

    I rather have my best friend kick me in the nuts than go hunt for those ghosts. You are looking for a needle in a haystack Good luck and post a report
  173. muletrain

    Offshore Tomahawk Overnight Report 05/05/19-05/06/19

    Thanks for the report Great boat and crew. They work their ass off for you to enjoy your time on the boat Fished a two day with them last year. Just like the previous guy reported. 80% to enjoy the trip is the crew and boat. The 20% is the catching. We didn’t catch much fish due to poor...
  174. muletrain

    Offshore BFT 5/5

    Timely report Thanks for sharing
  175. muletrain

    4/23 - The Liberty

    Great report Nothing like fishing with your brother. Lifetime fishing partner Thanks for sharing
  176. muletrain

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Prayers going your way for a speedy recovery Always enjoy reading your detailed reports
  177. muletrain

    5/6 Great Local Fishing

    Anytime you can get a yellowtail on a 1/2 day this time of year you have done well Thanks for sharing
  178. muletrain

    Offshore Bluefin Fail 5/3

    Nice report Keep it up You will get um next time Thanks for sharing
  179. muletrain

    Super Mint Trinidad 12A!

    Free bump for a great reel and nice deal It would be mine if I already did not have one GLWS
  180. muletrain

    When fishing is slow go find the local Ling cod. LB area Sunday 4/28/19

    Wolf eels are fish. That’s what I have heard. People up in Northern California go poke poling in the rocks to target wolf eels. They say they are delicious. I never had one but the way talk about them they are most likely good Like my dad says “ try it... you might like it”
  181. muletrain

    Offshore 101,425,302, Coranado Islands Friday ( Video )

    Always enjoy your reports and videos. Congratulations on the new sled Thanks for sharing
  182. muletrain

    BNIB Daiwa Seagate 50H OBO

    Great set up for overnight trips Looks like my college set up that I really enjoyed Good luck with sale Somebody going to score
  183. muletrain

    4/22 Mission Belle ! Aw Yea ! ! !

    Great report The pictures were great Thanks for sharing
  184. muletrain

    Whistler Reds

    Nice day there Thanks for sharing
  185. muletrain

    Da Nados Great weather report
  186. muletrain

    innocent passage...

    I would save yourself the hassle and negative experience of not having the proper paperwork. When I was running offshore in Mexico I always had the correct paperwork. I never wanted the potential to give the Mexican Navy any reason to give me any problems when I was fishing in there backyard. I...
  187. muletrain

    Offshore Tomahawk 4/16/19

    EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE Real nice of you Eric Fished with you last year. Can’t wait to get on again
  188. muletrain

    Halibut PLK

    Nice fish Thanks for sharing
  189. muletrain

    4/9 LBC Wall

    Had some of best days fishing at the wall Nice quality fish you posted Thanks for sharing
  190. muletrain

    Offshore WFO tails - 04/05

    Let the season begin Can’t wait to throw the jig stick to breaking fish My favorite type of fishing Thanks for sharing
  191. muletrain

    3/27 San Nicolas on the El Dorado

    Did the same thing last Friday. Quality fish for all that were aboard Thanks for sharing
  192. muletrain

    2 New Custom Rods $175 each

    FREE BUMP Beautiful work Wish you were closer
  193. muletrain

    3/21/19 - 3 hours and 60 ft of vacuum seal

    Great report Makes me want to visit Loreto Thanks for sharing
  194. muletrain

    Huge Sculpin! - Catch and Cook Beer Battered Tacos video

    Nice video Dog Dude Keep them coming Thanks for sharing
  195. muletrain

    Hobie outback kayak

    Thanks for the smooth transaction
  196. muletrain

    Custom Calstar 770xxxh

    Sagedaddy beautiful work GLWS FREE BUMB for detailed work
  197. muletrain

    2/8 Dana Point

    Thanks for sharing I can see my house from your picture
  198. muletrain

    Local YT

    After all the rain and NO FISH REPORTS for over a week your report was well over due Congratulations on PB NOTHING better than time with your father. Cherish the moments Thanks for sharing
  199. muletrain

    Rpt.-Sun. 01-27-19 Relentless 1.5 day to Colonet.

    Great report as always One day I’ll be able to fish as often as you do Thanks for sharing
  200. muletrain

    They’re still here....1-26-19

    That’s how you get it done Thanks for sharing
  201. muletrain

    DP Butt Action

    Donating a kidney is donating life Congratulations on the nice butts Thanks for sharing
  202. muletrain

    Local YT 1/13/19

    Nice job men Way to put time on the water and getting rewarded for your efforts Thanks for sharing
  203. muletrain

    Offshore Kelp Paddy yellows in December out of OC?

    That’s a nice Christmas gift Thanks for sharing
  204. muletrain

    Dana Point 12/22

    Nice fish Always nice to catch quality close to home Thanks for sharing
  205. muletrain

    Offshore Old Glory Does It Again Big Grade YFT

    Thank you for taking time filming a great video. You have skills.....thanks for sharing
  206. muletrain

    Hooping long Beach 11/20

    I only find sand fleas when I’m fishing the sand........I’ve never caught lobsters when sand fleas in the pots Does anyone else have similar experience with sand fleas?
  207. muletrain

    Offshore Thanksgiving Yellowfin 11/19

    Well that does not SUCK! thanks for sharing
  208. muletrain

    shore fishing Big Bear Lake

    Damn or observatory best places to fish the shore Good luck
  209. muletrain

    Whistler Bonito

    Nothin* better than putting the kids on fish Nothin worse than Boat issues Thanks for sharing
  210. muletrain

    Talica clamps

    Just go to Everything you need ..... that’s what I did. Get exactly what you want Good luck with the search
  211. muletrain

    El Dorado-San Nic-11/13

    I love fishing San Nicholas Glad you had a nice trip Thanks for sharing
  212. muletrain

    GONE. Newell P533 5.5F

    The color is magenta......common guys! GLWS
  213. muletrain

    Old school line winder

    I saw that in my science class when I was 7. It’s a Thomas Edison invention However I am not sure what I’d does Thanks for sharing
  214. muletrain

    PLANNING BBF Trip San Diego SCI Nov 6-8

    My buddy fished the Aztec 2.75 day reverse trip two weeks ago. 30 LB fluro with small hook and a long soak got him a 50 plus pound BFT Read the reports and all educate yourself Most of the big BFT during the day are coming on the kite. 250-400 gm glow in the dark flat falls working in the...
  215. muletrain

    PLANNING BBF Trip San Diego SCI Nov 6-8

    You won’t know unless you go You are fishing for one bite and catching a fish of a lifetime Be prepared
  216. muletrain

    11/1: Dana Point 1/2 Day on the Clemente

    Looks like a victory at sea kind of day Weather perfect Wife caught a fish Can’t get better than that Thanks for sharing
  217. muletrain


    Never owned a Kencor Zebra rod but if it gets me some free water I better go purchase one
  218. muletrain

    Dana point Clemente 1/2 day 10/29

    Good job dad getting the boys fishing Thanks for sharing
  219. muletrain

    LJ 10/27

    Looks like a good time Thanks for sharing
  220. muletrain

    White flesh lobster meat. Not cooked yet

    Just eat and let’s us all know how it tasted and how you feel after eating Thanks for sharing
  221. muletrain

    Halibut 10/27

    Beautiful halibut Thank you for sharing
  222. muletrain

    Offshore Big Eye near the 302

    Fish of a lifetime in our local waters Going to be hard to beat that Thanks for sharing
  223. muletrain

    Offshore 10/19 N9, 302, 371, 425

    Nice detailed report That will surely help someone come up with a game plan for the next trip Thanks for sharing
  224. muletrain

    La Jolla 10/15 AM

    Congratulations on the new sled Thanks for sharing
  225. muletrain

    Local hooping 10/13

    Amazing video Almost a limit in one net Nice quality Thanks for sharing
  226. muletrain

    10/12 San Pedro to PV and Personal Best Homeguard Yellows

    Excellent report Thanks for sharing
  227. muletrain

    Late Report LJ 9/30

    Always watch for your posts and videos Awesome the way the halibut just inhale the bait Be safe out there and PLEASE keep the fish porn coming You are a member that makes keep coming back to Bloodydecks Thanks for sharing
  228. muletrain

    Great Barrier Reef Savagery!!

    I have been trying to my friends to book this trip I’ll show them your post and try and get them interested Amazing Thanks for sharing
  229. muletrain

    Fishing trip - cool UW footage of yellowtail

    Excellent video Your birds are dive bombers Thanks for sharing
  230. muletrain

    Offshore N9 to 302 10/7 Good Fishing

    Way to get it done neighbor
  231. muletrain

    Offshore 302 Limits (10/3) Mission Belle

    Broil in toaster oven or any other oven with your favorite marinade My favorite part of the fish I use soy sauce, lemon, garlic and honey for my marinade YUM YUM
  232. muletrain

    Norcal to Socal Lobster 2018

    Congratulations Lots of driving for the bounty Enjoy
  233. muletrain


    Thank you for your kind consideration for my needs Make it a great day
  234. muletrain

    Shimano talica 12ii 2 speed reel

    Click on name and start conversation PM = private message
  235. muletrain

    Channel Islands 9-24

    That’s how you get it done Congratulations Thanks for sharing
  236. muletrain

    Shimano Tn16 clamp

    Super easy to order on Shimano website Get exactly what you want
  237. muletrain

    Phenix PSW-700XH

    Thanks for the rod Good luck on your trip
  238. muletrain

    Offshore 2 miles off Torrey pines (late report)

    Happy happy happy time Thanks for sharing
  239. muletrain

    Offshore Two marlins, one cup....I mean day.

    EXCELLENT thanks for sharing
  240. muletrain

    Offshore 09/08/18 The Salt shaker finds em early

    That’s how you get it done and not let the the other boats make or break your day A lot easier dealing with other boats when you already have your fish on ice Thanks for sharing
  241. muletrain

    Good day at the box with my old man

    Any day on the water with the OLD MAN is a GREAT DAY thanks for sharing
  242. muletrain

    Offshore Where ? At SCI.....!!!!!

    Nice video Dave Thanks for sharing
  243. muletrain

    Offshore Dorado out of Newport Beach

    Picture with your smiling grandma says it all..... Thanks for sharing
  244. muletrain

    Offshore Windy , tight, and rough.

    Nice effort You cant catch them from the couch Thanks for sharing
  245. muletrain

    Offshore Tuna Redemption continued- 8/27

    Ok I have to ask How do you get flying fish? Fished Southern California my entire life and never caught one Had some fly in my boat and have swim with them on offshore kelps but never caught them Thanks for sharing
  246. muletrain

    Offshore Best day of bluefin fishing I'll ever see / Catalina Sunday 8/26

    Great report Epic pictures and videos Thanks for sharing
  247. muletrain

    whole steamed Snapper recipe

    Nice easy recipe Thanks for sharing
  248. muletrain

    14k Yellow Goldp

    Damn brotha You are a gifted chef Your food looks amazing Next time call me for dinner. I’ll bring the drinks Thanks for sharing
  249. muletrain

    Cabo San Lucas Fishing

    Gordo banks panga Talk with eric( he is american and books the trips) Have Chame(panga captain) take you fishing CHAME IS THE MAN I have fished cabo for ovd 20 yearss Jyyst tell him what you are after and he will advise if its the best chance of csthing thst fish. He told us lets get...
  250. muletrain

    Shimano Backpack, Blackmoon Med. $100

    Thank you Bob Nice easy transaction Item as advertised
  251. muletrain


    Looking for some FREE water Does anyone know where I can get some FREE water? I need sone water to drink after I eat my FREE bread
  252. muletrain

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    Just goes to show never know what your going to catch unless you go!! Thanks for sharing
  253. muletrain

    Offshore Sometimes you must take the FAT GIRLS home from the ranch, this big girl has not skipped a meal. #To

    Going to have to nickname you “TOADS ONLY” Nice read Thanks for sharing
  254. muletrain

    Offshore Bluefin on the plastic squid thing 8/11

    Always nice to get them to bite the fake stuff! Congratulations Thanks for sharing
  255. muletrain

    Offshore From Bad to Worse To Pretty Fantastic - 8.6.18

    That’s exactly why you keep going Thanks for sharing
  256. muletrain

    Shimano Tld 20II

    Price to sell Reel nice GLWS
  257. muletrain

    Offshore 1st bluefin and of a lifetime!

    Sounds like same scenario for me. Caught my 1 st BFT on the Searcher in 1994. It was about 115 lbs. I have not broke the 100 lbs since. Lots of 80 lbs fish but none over 100. Congratulations on a fish of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing
  258. muletrain

    Catalina Front Side 7/26

    Your thumb says it all! Thanks for sharing
  259. muletrain

    Offshore Short Report 6/30, 7/4 and Good Popper Bite Video

    You have to love it when you get them on the popper Thanks for sharing
  260. muletrain

    Offshore Winner Report of the Month is Up (BoatUS)

    Well deserved winner Thanks for all the great reports Keep them coming
  261. muletrain

    Big Bay Halibut...

    Nice work on the filets Looks like you are a shotgun master with the blade Thanks for sharing
  262. muletrain

    Mrs Legal - Halibut off Encinitas

    Reel nice butt Thanks for sharing
  263. muletrain

    Mirage 2-day laid the wood on WSB

    Yeah I agree.....your buddy is ruined for life. He is going to be chasing those fish for a long time Congratulations on a nice trip Thanks for sharing
  264. muletrain

    Run & Gun seabass on the tak

    Congratulations on nice fish Excuse my ignorance but the rocks look like Cabo in the background What island were you fishin?
  265. muletrain

    Offshore 6/23/18 BFT... moo-moo

    That’s how you get it done Nice fish
  266. muletrain

    San O 6-16

    Alaways enjoy watching your videos. You are the kayak halibut king Thank you for sharing
  267. muletrain

    Pacific Dawn halibut

    Real nice butt.....
  268. muletrain

    Catalina Saturday same day report 6/9

    Nice start for your new sled Thanks for sharing
  269. muletrain

    Operation Ghost Kill 6/2-3/18

    Right turn or left turn out of the harbor? Have the next few weeks off and have been doing the same thing when I have been able to get on the water. Thanks for sharing
  270. muletrain

    Catalina Dog Fight

    That’s always nice to land a nice halibut Thanks for sharing
  271. muletrain

    Offshore Awesome time on the Tomahawk Sportfishing!

    Real nice fish Loooks like a fun trip Thank you for sharing
  272. muletrain

    Coronado Islands 05/27

    Nice way to spend the day Thanks for sharing
  273. muletrain

    La Jolla 5-23-18

    Now that’s a bloody deck Thanks for sharing
  274. muletrain

    Fishing 'port 5/20, mission bay

    Nice picture Congratulations Thanks for sharing
  275. muletrain

    Mid-week Birthday Bite

    Great way to spend your birthday Happy birthday
  276. muletrain

    SM - Bass, Reds W/ Side Of Plastic Ling

    You have been fishing and no time to read the board. He has been posting quality reports for years He is the Santa Monica bay GURU
  277. muletrain

    Offshore Cherry breakin' 5/8...

    Amazing mileage on your nice new sled. Makes it easy to go out and play Wishing you many more happy and safe trips. Keep on posting your results .....good and bad. It helps your fellow bloody deckers
  278. muletrain

    Offshore 371 5-6

    Thanks for sharing and posting a report
  279. muletrain


    Thanks for sharing Makes me want to adventure a little more
  280. muletrain

    Pursuit at Catalina 5/3/18

    I finally got to share a post instead of always reading yours. It was a fun day on the water
  281. muletrain

    Pursuit at Catalina 5/3/18

    They even put your fish in the REFRIGERATED FISH HOLD to keep your fish fresh. Made some great sashimi out of the yellowtail because it was well cared for by the crew.
  282. muletrain

    Pursuit at Catalina 5/3/18

    I knew I was getting his name wrong. Thanks for the correction. He deserves to have his name right Your the man Jeremy. Keep up the great work
  283. muletrain

    Pursuit at Catalina 5/3/18

    Taking advantage of my day off from work decided to go fishing on the Pusuit out of 22nd street. First time time fishing the boat and was impressed by how hard the crew worked and how clean the boat was maintained before, during and after the trip. Captain Gus friendly and helpful, Thomas the...
  284. muletrain

    Pursuit at Catalina today

    Taking advantage of my day off from work decided to go fishing on the Pusuit out of 22nd street. First time time fishing the boat and was impressed by how hard the crew worked and how clean the boat was maintained before, during and after the trip. Captain Gus friendly and helpful, Thomas the...
  285. muletrain

    slow fishing BUTT rewarded!

    You need to put the first picture on the wall of fame Thanks for sharing
  286. muletrain

    Dana Point 4/21 - lots of Sheephead

    Great job on releasing your friends back to there home. Now you can go back and catch them again
  287. muletrain

    LJ 4/14

    Thank you for sharing One day I’m going to kayak fish that area
  288. muletrain

    Solo Bull Orca in the channel yesterday

    Had big orca do that to me when I was in juneau Alaska. Made the boat feel small Thanks for sharing
  289. muletrain

    SOLD 26' Farallon Walkaround 2006 SOLD

    Great boat Good luck with selling her. Someone is going to be real happy Pride of ownership shows. You have taken real good care of your boat
  290. muletrain

    Tibor Everglades

    Sorry to hear your fishing days are over Nice reel
  291. muletrain

    MB 3/12

    Oh I remember the days when I had time to go pull on some spotties out of Huntington harbor. The pictures bring back memories. Thanks for sharing
  292. muletrain

    Catalina Report 03/05 to 03/07

    That’s a real nice feast you are about to enjoy Fruits of your labor Thanks for sharing
  293. muletrain

    SD Bay flatties 3/5/2018

    Interesting lure selection Gonna have to give them a try Have you been using them long?
  294. muletrain

    3/2 Rock Pile report on the San Diego

    Great report Thanks for sharing
  295. muletrain

    3-1 La Jolla

    Thanks for sharing Nice to fish the opener of cod
  296. muletrain

    Offshore COD COD COD!!!! 3-1

    I agree with you. FINALLY some NEW fish reports. Thanks for sharing
  297. muletrain

    2006 Davis Cortez w/ Yamaha 250

    Bump for a great boat Someone going to be real happy
  298. muletrain

    Diving for Lobster in SD

    I agree we are ALL having the same issue with gaining to much stomach muscle to fit into outer wetsuits That’s funny Dean
  299. muletrain

    Calico on the chew = happy kids! Sat 2/17/18

    I agree with owning a boat Priceless time on the water with your kids I have some of the best times with me on the water with my children Thanks for sharing
  300. muletrain

    25 Mosquito rebuild Kauai

    Beautiful build. Thanks for sharing
  301. muletrain

    Catalina report 9th-11th

    Sorry for your loss. Nothing like time on the water to let go of some stress Thanks for sharing
  302. muletrain

    2/2 - Vermilions, Coppers, Square Spots, Boccaccio and more

    You could always leave your numbers. I’m sure nobody on here would try and poach your spot Thanks for sharing
  303. muletrain

    ...lucky than good. 1/28

    Another amazing catch Thanks for sharing
  304. muletrain

    1/26 DP

    Well that sure does not SUCK thanks for sharing Was down at baby beach in the back of the harbour paddle boarding
  305. muletrain

    Offshore Bluefin at the end of January !!

    You can tell that fat lady to BEAT IT
  306. muletrain

    Offshore Bluefin at the end of January !!

    Thanks for the report Glad to hear they are still here Going to book another trip once I find the time and correct weather window
  307. muletrain

    Giant Black D

    Amazing fish from the rocks Thanks for sharing That looks like fun
  308. muletrain

    1/26 slow day in th LBC

    Fishing with son Saving a dolphin Teaching your kids these values PRICELESS GOOD JOB DAD
  309. muletrain

    Bent butt Rod

    Cchris had one for sale but I think it sold Good luck
  310. muletrain

    I guess I've been lucky

    I have purchased lots of equipment of this site. Always have been face to face transactions. I believe it’s the only way not to get swindled. Jer dog took care of me last January before my Colonet trip
  311. muletrain

    What the hell?

    As always.......I really enjoyed your post. You should change your name to halibut king
  312. muletrain

    Not just in Dana Pt.

    Looks like he caught it on the outside. Just curious on the depth. Lots of DP butts have been caught 90-120 feet How deep were you fishing?
  313. muletrain

    Mlk Rockfish from Mexico

    Excellent report Happy your son landed all those nice fish Thanks for sharing
  314. muletrain

    Catalina Report 01-15 to 01-17

    The picture of the second bonito is just beautiful. That is a well lit up fish taken st the perfect moment I agree with proper care bonito is excellent table fare. Sashimi or grilled Give the bonito a try.
  315. muletrain

    Offshore Bluefin are still biting

    Not sure Sorry I don’t have details We left at 6 to get down south. We drove all night ......not sure that helps but most party boats go 9 knts
  316. muletrain

    Offshore Bluefin are still biting

    Photos are up on 976 tuna
  317. muletrain

    Offshore Bluefin are still biting

    Almost forgot. Thank you captain Gavin and crew for an awesome trip. The captain and crew were all over the chaos and kept everyone straight and help land more fish
  318. muletrain

    Offshore Bluefin are still biting

    just got back from a 1 1/2 day trip aboard the pacific queen out of fisherman’s landing. Fished Monday MLK day. Quality bluefin Largest 152 lbs caught on 60lb using ringed 3/0 circle straight mono. Fish was hooked on the slide as we pulled up to feeding tuna. Not mine but fun to be on the...
  319. muletrain

    Offshore New Lo-An on the bluefin in January!

    Unbelievable Can't believe it's January
  320. muletrain

    Poor Mans Seabass

    Thank you for sharing Always wanted to catch one
  321. muletrain

    Boy this looks like fun

    To each there own......if that’s what you are into
  322. muletrain

    stolen 2015 Boston Whaler Montauk

    Sorry for your loss Will keep my eyes out for your sled
  323. muletrain

    Seeker Black Steel 6480H

    Nice deal This won't last at that price
  324. muletrain

    It was fun while it lasted

    Fish have tails You have to go look for them Nice try. Better luck next time
  325. muletrain

    Rpt.-12-28-17 SCI-Final trip for 2017.

    My 2018 New Years resolution is to fish half as often as you do Thanks for sharing Wishing you a fantastic 2018 fishing season Keep the reports coming
  326. muletrain

    North of the whistler...12/23/17

    Early Christmas present Nice job. Thanks for sharing
  327. muletrain

    12-22-17 Local reds on the chew

    Real nice Thanks for sharing
  328. muletrain

    1984 28' Skipjack Pilothouse "Koa Honu"

    Sorry to hear your loss Happy that you have decided to keep your boat. May it bring you years of happiness! I know some of my happiest times in life are being on the water.
  329. muletrain

    12/16 Dana Point seafood combo

    Always a great meal when you do the work to put it on the table Congratulations and hope you enjoyed the fruits of your labor Thanks for sharing
  330. muletrain

    Caught this in the SD Bay yesterday...

    Really. Ice we can catch those in our backyard. One day I might get lucky to catch one Thanks for sharing
  331. muletrain

    12.9.2017 Capistrano Beach

    Thanks for the report Your fishing right in my backyard
  332. muletrain

    Homeguard 12/13

    Now that’s a homeguard Is that SD OR LB
  333. muletrain

    Small Halibut Malibu

    Now it’s time to catch a legal Thanks for sharing
  334. muletrain

    WTB Skiff

    Good luck in your search. Stay patient. This is the season to score a deal. Post on Craigslist as well
  335. muletrain

    Offshore Aztec

    No fish caught on our trip But still had a nice time on the water Nice to be able say at this point in my life that the catching of fish is not the highlight of the trip. Being on the water with some cool fellow fisherman, having some wind in my face and leaving all the stress at the dock...
  336. muletrain

    Offshore Aztec

    Just wanted to give captain Greg and crew a big thank you. We went long looking for trophy’s but it didn’t happen for us. It definetly was not from a lack of trying. I believe total miles covered for the trip was 298 miles on a 1 1/2 day trip that left Wednesday night. We did not get back to tho...
  337. muletrain

    12/2/17 yellowtail

    I agree 100%. The tail grab works great. Just wait for it to get tired and will lay nice and quiet. Don’t be in a rush. Great way to release without harming the fish. I have released many yellowtail thus way Thanks for sharing
  338. muletrain

    Late Report LJ Thanksgiving Hali (Video)

    It’s been to long since I have seen your posts. Stop working so much and start fishing more. I have missed your video posts. Always cool to see the fish take the bait. Thanks for sharing
  339. muletrain

    !st Trip after the Pacemaker Thur12-7

    Glad to hear your taking care of your heart. You only have one. Looking forward to more reports now that your feeling well Now get out there a make some more reports.
  340. muletrain

    12-7-17 43lb Halibut

    Very well done. Went by that area this morning heading in from a 1 1/2 trip abroad the Aztec. Beautiful weather. Looks like a real nice day Thanks for sharing
  341. muletrain

    Manhattan Beach Hali

    Well that's a nice bycatch. Really nice to land that on 4lb test. That takes some skills and patience Congratulations
  342. muletrain

    12-4-17 Sunday nice weather and big assortment of rock fish 20+ lb Sheephead from Horseshoe.

    That sounds like a real nice day on the water The weather looks real nice Thanks fir sharing
  343. muletrain

    Quality reds LJ 12/3

    He’s not made Just concentrating Nice pics and thanks for sharing
  344. muletrain

    12/1 SCI Report

    Quality cowcod in the picture Thanks for sharing
  345. muletrain

    Corral State Beach - Halibut & Calico Bass Fishing

    Very nice. Looks like a beautiful day on the beach.
  346. muletrain

    The San Diego, 3/4 day trip

    I have never fished this boat but all I hear is great and positive reviews
  347. muletrain

    22nds Street Landing buy my credit and save $20

    Had similar issue with landing. They cancelled the trip. They would not refund credit card. Called credit card and made a disputed. Cedit card was issued refund. Pain in the ass and office less than helpful even after multiple calls. Asked to speak to manager and never was available. Call your...
  348. muletrain

    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day 11/24-26

    Picture says it all Great report and thanks for sharing
  349. muletrain

    Stripe Bass Ventura County Surf 11-22-17

    Nice catch Thanks for sharing
  350. muletrain

    8 Day on the AA

    Thanks for taking the time to write up a trip report. One day I’m going on a 7 day plus trip. Until then I will wait for more reports like yours. Glad you got your PB YFT
  351. muletrain

    Success of Flatfall Jig

    It’s all about putting WHATEVER JIG in front and of the right fish. As you keep hearing all the jigs work when you get it in front of the right fish. Believe in your jig and work the the different levels and success will be yours.
  352. muletrain

    Offshore TL;DR 3.5 days of EPIC on the PAC VOY

    Congratulations on a trip of a lifetime Right in our backyard Does not get any better
  353. muletrain

    A lot of catching

    Bonito is great when you take care of yourself catch Bleed and placed in an ice slush.......yum yum later that day
  354. muletrain

    LB Oil Islands 11/13 - New PB on the Fly

    That’s really cool catching bass on the fly rod. Outstanding
  355. muletrain

    Big game surf fishing socal??

    No need to paddle out. Just make a nice cast and let it happen. I like to fish 1-2 hours before the high tide. I fish right on the beach. That’s why I was telling you to bury a 6-7 foot 2 inch PVC pipe in the sand. Its cheap at works very well to hold your rod. The long PVC pipe helps get the...
  356. muletrain

    Big game surf fishing socal??

    I have routinely caught many sharks surf fishing bolsa chica / Huntington Beach. Lots of 4-5 foot leopards and lots of big bat rays. Even some mystery fish that have dumped 400 yards of line off my reel My go to rig is 9 foot jig stick. Diawa sealine 50 with 50-60 power pro. 4-5 foot leader of...
  357. muletrain

    Downriggers Big Bear Lake

    Lead core. 3-5 colors down. 3-5 foot fluro. Needlefish and yo Zuris. All you need Keep it simple
  358. muletrain

    Long Beach - Bugging with my fishergirl!

    Now that looks like a nice day on the water. Thanks for sharing Stay safe out there and keep pulling in the bugs and bass
  359. muletrain

    Solo Swordfish

    Persistence pays off. I have been followed the Texas style swordfishing and don’t remember anyone else posting positive results Congrats Thanks for sharing
  360. muletrain

    Laguna Swordfish 10/23

    Thanks for sharing. Great picture. You can see my house in the background
  361. muletrain

    Lizardfish everywhere

    Try lizardfish for halibut bait. My biggest but came on a 10 inch lizardfish
  362. muletrain

    Misc. Hoop nets FS

    If you ever come to LA area I will take the Danielson's. just to far for me to pick up in Ventura
  363. muletrain

    Offshore New video up Angler Wear offshore trip!

    The last scene with the blood was great Thanks for sharing
  364. muletrain

    Bluefin at the Coronados

    Satisfaction right there
  365. muletrain

    Offshore Top Gun 80 3.5 day trip

    Sounds like funny Looks like the weather was up
  366. muletrain

    Native Sun

    Fished the native sun today with less than desireable conditions. Went out front a bit outside the horseshoe with all the other local boats. Trolled rapalas and waited for a stop. Fishing was just like tuna fishing with the first few baits in the water had a chance on getting one hanging...
  367. muletrain

    1.5 day O95 plus 1/2 day PM New Seaforth Report

    Timing is everything Good job
  368. muletrain

    FS: Saltiga, Avet, GUSA/UR, Seeker

    Messaged you on the saltiga
  369. muletrain

    (Sold) Cabo 226

    Beautiful boat This won't last long Wrong time for me but someone is going to score
  370. muletrain

    Go pound sand

    Well that does not suck Thanks for sharing
  371. muletrain

    Offshore One Stop Dorado Paddy

    Thanks for sharing Nothing like finding the magic patty and going home early to enjoy the fruits of your labor Oh by the way no fish in oceanside
  372. muletrain

    Offshore Follow Up-Friday-Saturday, August 25, 26 Cortez Bank

    Nice report You made it home safely You did not sink the boat Sounds like success to me Enjoyed reading your adventure
  373. muletrain

    Braid to Fluoro

    No issues here......been doin it for years
  374. muletrain

    Offshore Overnight On The New Lo-An

    Great report Great information
  375. muletrain

    Maui in august

    I'm staying at kahana village on the west side of the island in Kahana. Just below Kapalua. Watching the local fish for the past several days right in front of the beach house we rented. The locals are using a very small hook and catching small fish in the surf. Only using about 6 feet of...
  376. muletrain

    Fathers Day at Izors - 6/18

    Just does not get any better dad catching the trophy on Father's Day Thanks for sharing
  377. muletrain

    Beautiful 2005 Key West 186 Bay Reef Deposit taken

    Beautiful clean boat Someone will be happy
  378. muletrain


    Worth it to buy the annual pass depending on how often you visit Best thing about buying a pass it makes you go the the beach to get your monies worth:-)
  379. muletrain

    Awesome Surf Fishing with Good Friends

    I know the spot. Thanks for sharing. Looks fun
  380. muletrain

    The days you expect the least...Pt. Loma, 1/6

    Nice way to have lunch and catch dinner
  381. muletrain

    Dana Point halibut 1-7-17

    Nice flat fish there Enjoy the filets
  382. muletrain

    Breaking the new boat in....

    Are you sure your not a chef instead of a musician? The food looks amazing. Congrats on the new sled and be safe out there Cheers
  383. muletrain


    Nice butt Thanks for sharing
  384. muletrain

    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    Sick sled Looks like a fantastic trip Thanks for sharing
  385. muletrain

    LA harbor lobster report

    Thanks for all the interesting opinions about the LA HARBOR lobsters Going again this weekend and will try totally different areas. Will post my results one way or the other Wish me luck to catch one for dinner and make it home safely Best wishes to the bloodydecks crew
  386. muletrain

    LA harbor lobster report

    Quick trip last night to the typical spots that have produced well over the years. 3 sets with 10 nets and fresh salmon heads for bait. No lobsters. No crabs. Nothing. Had fun and made it back safely Next time hopefully can find one for dinner
  387. muletrain

    Terhi 6020. 15.5ft Honda 25hp 4 stroke skiff

    Give me a call. Mark 562 -650-1282 I will take it if all is well with the boat Cash in hand a ready to pick it up today
  388. muletrain

    Long and lean

    Always like your videos. Thanks for sharing
  389. muletrain

    Chief 2.5 Day is cancelled!!!!!!

    My trip on the Grande was cancelled end of July for mechanical issues. Like everyone says SHIT HAPPENS. Boat let us know same day and assisted with my group getting booked on another boat. Not only did they let us know ASAP and help get us on another boat offered my group a cancelation bonus. We...
  390. muletrain

    Offshore 8/27 Not a Bluefin...

    That's an absolute pig of an opah Did you get it weighed? Looks well over 100lbs I guess it doesn't matter congrats on a fish of a lifetime. Still waiting for mine Thanks for sharing
  391. muletrain

    Offshore Thursday and Friday 8/12 and 8/13

    Boat down always expensive Now to enjoy some time on the water Looking forward to the progress with deep dropping for swords off out coast. Good luck and may you be the first to score a swordfish deep dropping Texas style I might be wrong but nobody has landed a sword deep dropping off our...
  392. muletrain

    Offshore 8/12 Big YFT on the chunk God is Good

    Congrats on a really nice fish. Nothing better than watching that fish take your bait in the corner of your boat. Enjoy the fish Now go back to flagstaff. That's one less fish I can catch next month on my trip Haha
  393. muletrain

    Offshore Another amazing BFT foamer video.

    Great video Thanks for sharing How did you wait so long to make a cast? Incredible patience
  394. muletrain

    Offshore Dodo vid off Oside

    Looks fun Thanks for sharing the video
  395. muletrain

    Offshore Rubber Ducky goes Long !! 18th Monday

    No fish in oceanside......I wouldn't go there from all the reports that keep coming
  396. muletrain


    Looks like a fun local trip Glad to hear the cuda are around Congrats
  397. muletrain

    Offshore Giant Bluefin Video..

    Thank you for sharing that AWESOME VIDEO. Very special moments Fish of a lifetime
  398. muletrain

    Chame Chame Chame

    Just wanted to post a quick report for Gordon banks fishing on Monday. Eric got us scheduled with Chame as requested and was not disappointed. Chame brought us to fish inshore for cabrilla and snappers. We used fly lined caballitos for bait. We were not using the right equipment. Tried using...
  399. muletrain

    Offshore Trophies only 6/8

  400. muletrain

    Offshore Nice BFT

    What did it eat? I know that's not a troll fish Live mackerel or bonito?
  401. muletrain

    Offshore Nice BFT

    Really nice to see that some people know how to get the job done Great catch so close to home
  402. muletrain

    Limits of Yellowtail Tunas on the irons! 5/14

    Great video. Looks fun. Thanks for sharing
  403. muletrain

    Offshore Manic BFT Monday

    Thanks for posting Huge bones
  404. muletrain

    It's Official...

    Congrats Lots of positive posts and feedback from clients that have used your services Now go use your license
  405. muletrain

    Amigo – Ventura Sportfishing

    Thanks for the report. I am booked first weekend of June for a limited load overnight trip on the Amigo. Can't wait to go fishing
  406. muletrain

    Sheephead Jaws?

    Nice teeth specimens
  407. muletrain

    Sunglasses question

    Maui JimJim
  408. muletrain

    Offshore SHOGUN 1.5 Day Great Times!

    Great report Glad you found what your looking for Looks like a real fun trip Cheers
  409. muletrain

    what bait/ lure is good for trout

    Use 3lb line and float a night crawler about 12-18 inches off the bottom Use a sliding egg sinker and keep your spool open to allow the trout to run and swollow the Hook. Trick is to keep your line light and fresh moving crawler with a small hook Good luck and post your results Always good...
  410. muletrain

    Sad news from Castros camp

    I have great memories fishing Castro's Hope the place stays open to fish there again Vaya con Dios Señor Castro Thanks for the memories
  411. muletrain

    Yellooowwsss 4/3

    Beautiful fish Thanks for sharing
  412. muletrain

    San Jose del cabo fishing

    Looks like we have winner Thanks for the response. Time to look up Chame
  413. muletrain

    How mad IS she?

    How about Back in the game Congrats on new boat. Now go fishing. Going to do the same thing to my wife
  414. muletrain

    San Jose del cabo fishing

    I will be in cabo last week of June and would like recommendations of fishing out of San Jose Del cabo Please provide contact info and names of charters. Thank you in advance for any info Staying in the corridor and much closer to San Jose Del cabo than cabo San Lucas
  415. muletrain


    Looks like a killer trip. Thanks for sharing. Happy birthdaybirthday
  416. muletrain

    LB Rockfish trip 16MAR16

    Yummy Sounds like a great , fun, fast and well execututed trip Enjoy
  417. muletrain

    18' Center Console

    Very well taken care of boat. Boat should sell fast at that price. Good luck with sale
  418. muletrain

    Nooner with Carl

    That's a better nooner than my wife gave me the other day Looks like a good time to me
  419. muletrain

    Offshore Went Looking 2-26 ( Video)

    Thanks for sharing I have been watching your videos since last year Hope this season is a good to you as last season Keep on posting
  420. muletrain

    Island Chaffee Hoop netting 2-27-16

    Looks like a successful trip Enjoy the fruits of your labor
  421. muletrain

    Ca. Delta Stripers - Feb. 13 and 15.

    That looks like soo much fun. Glad you found the fish and thanks for sharing. I can go to sleep and dream about fish
  422. muletrain

    Florida Cool Down!

    How do you catch snook?? Never caught one before. We don't have them in california
  423. muletrain

    Coronado Islands report 2/15

    Unbelievable catch while looking for some taco meat Must of shocked you when that beauty hit and did not want to come up Congratulations
  424. muletrain

    2/13/2016 PV Kelp Beds

    Nice wat to match the hatch and get some red crab for bait Resourceful
  425. muletrain

    74.2lb So Cal White Sea Bass--Still Can't Believe It!

    Trophy fish of a lifetime Congrats and thanks for sharing
  426. muletrain

    Rpt.-WFO Local Bass'n!

    I want to see a picture of your thumb Looks like a great day
  427. muletrain

    Catalina Report 1/22-24

    Thanks for the report Can't wait for my turn to pull up some nets
  428. muletrain


    What craw dadguy said. Excellent action 3-5 colors and using needle fish and pins minnows always produced for me I liked the 1 1/2 inch lime green needle fish and 2 inch pins minnow
  429. muletrain

    El Niño 2015

    The video says it all As tall and long as you are just reach over and grab the tail of those yellowtail and forget about the gaff. Try it. It's a lot of fun
  430. muletrain

    Offshore JRI / GETSOME Vagabond 3day report.

    Thanks for sharing Gives me the motivation to book my own trips Nice quality fish and the weather did look rather comfortable
  431. muletrain


    That's how you get it done. Thanks for sharing Great job
  432. muletrain

    Tis da season

    Bait tank? Fuel capacity? Electronics? Happy holidays
  433. muletrain

    On the water (slip) halibut report

    Did one of the halibut bite at night???? I have never hooked a halibut at night Just wondering. Congrats on such a nice fish sitting in your slip
  434. muletrain

    Kayak sale

    Thanks for the info I have been looking at your site in sunset. Going to get down to your shop when I get some time
  435. muletrain


    Is that the two speed????
  436. muletrain

    Offshore 10 year old niece's first Tuna - heart video

    AWESOME I love that girls attitude and zest for life
  437. muletrain

    Offshore Great time on OSIDE 95

    Sounds like the experience I had fishing with them multiple times this past summer. Great captain and crew. They truly care that you are enjoying yourself while on their boat.
  438. muletrain

    What a nice surprise long beach 11/29/15

    Beautiful picture of the cbass Thanks for sharing
  439. muletrain

    Offshore Limits on YFT Most Impressive Boil of the Season

    Excellent local bite in November Thanks for sharing
  440. muletrain

    Kayak sale

    Does anybody have ant intel on the kayak sale that usually goes on this time of year in paramount. Any info would be appreciated.
  441. muletrain

    Fishing In The Dark-Squid Eging (EGI) and Trolling

    Thanks for sharing. Nice to see reports from Portugal.
  442. muletrain

    Rpt-11-12-15 2 day Salsapuedes Tale of Tails!

    Thanks for sharing. Love reading your reports. One day I will have time to make my own reports IF I ever get a chance to go fishing
  443. muletrain

    1990 SkipJack 20ft open

    El guapo es muy bonita Good luck with sale Nice boat and VERY well taken care shows
  444. muletrain

    Bahia de los Angeles

    Great post I wanna go play
  445. muletrain

    yellowtail popping in Korea 2015

    Thanks for sharing Great report
  446. muletrain

    Rpt-09-24-15 A 2 day adventure for Tails, Lings and Reds!

    Nice read as always. Thanks for sharing your adventures
  447. muletrain

    Offshore FINBOMB catches 662.2lb Blue Marlin

    Awesome catch Congrats Had some blue marlin down in cabo when the fish died and could not release Not bad. Pretty good grilled Enjoy the catch and the good eats
  448. muletrain

    Marlin Monday GetAway Video

    You the man Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the video Now go fishing and post more videos
  449. muletrain

    what we've all been waiting for...

    Nice video Way to get it done
  450. muletrain

    Best day ever without landing a fish!

    That's how you do it. Great job dad
  451. muletrain

    Offshore 8/10/15 yellowfin delight

    Pics of the kids says it all Great job getting the boys hanging on some tuna
  452. muletrain

    Oceanside 8-7 and 8-8

    Nice quality Looks like fun
  453. muletrain

    Offshore Put the Bass Rods down and went Offshore

    Best pics I have seen in months. Thanks for sharing
  454. muletrain


  455. muletrain

    Offshore Video at 30 mile bank cashing out!

    Nice video Thanks for posting
  456. muletrain

    6/28 SCI

    Thanks for the report. Heading out on the freedom on Tuesday night to go fish SCI.
  457. muletrain

    Offshore We're gonna need a bigger cooler

    Nice fish. Way to go get some quality close to home
  458. muletrain

    Surf rod/reel combo

    Fishing for Corbina and Perch a 7-8 foot rod in medium to light action works great. Only need a small trout real that has 4 pound test. I use 1/2 ounce egg sinker with 18 inch leader with # 6-8 owner hook. Weights and hooks depends on conditions and bait You get a set up like that for about...
  459. muletrain

    Broke in the new Outrage in style

    Congrats. Nice way to break in the new boat
  460. muletrain

    2 Macks = 2 Hookups

    Looks like a nice place to fish. Is that in la or oc or sd county? I don't recognize the area
  461. muletrain


    How many miles can you run offshore? What's the gas tank size? How many scoops does it hold?
  462. muletrain

    Late Kayak Mothership Trip Report

    Thank you for posting. Enjoy watching
  463. muletrain

    Late Report 150 & Long Beach Harbor Halibut 6-14-15

    Great job dad hooking your son up and keeping interested
  464. muletrain

    Yellowfin Tuna Spotted in Dana Point Harbor..

    I live in San Clemente. Did not know I can tuna fish in the harbor. I'm on my way Haha Nice video
  465. muletrain

    Surf peach

    Fished yesterday at Bolsa by the jetty on the incoming afternoon tide. Beautiful sand crabs with eggs. No bites. I guess the El Niño has scared the perch away. No other bites.
  466. muletrain

    Surf peach

    Fishing Bolsa Chica and Huntington the past few sessions and can't seem to catch any surf peach. Has anybody been catching them lately? Using all the regular baits and fishing the tide changes By the way lots of sand crabs perfect size by Bolsa Chica jetty rocks. Best I have seen all year
  467. muletrain

    My girl is SOLD!

    Sancha es muy Bonita Good luck with-the sale. Going to make someone very happy
  468. muletrain

    **SOLD**2006 Parker 2520 SLD Sport Cabin dropping to $ 55,000.00

    Convince your wife by saying A HAPPY HUSBAND IS A HAPPY LIFE works both ways Good luck
  469. muletrain

    5-10 BIG BUT

    Excellent Thanks for sharing
  470. muletrain

    Last Drop is a Winner

    Great watching your videos. Keep them coming
  471. muletrain

    Monster from the beach

    Beautiful fish. Hope you let it go to be caught again. I fish that spot and like to play with those leopards
  472. muletrain

    Parker 2008 21 CC

    Nice boat. Wish I had the cash. Glws
  473. muletrain

    34 Pound Yellowtail from Kayak!!! Photo and Video

    Enjoyed watching. Thanks for sharing
  474. muletrain

    Surf Fishing Lures

    You are fishing a little light. I would suggest a 20lb 2-3 foot top shot of fluro leader when fishing the lucky craft. 20 bucks a pop gets expensive when you lose that lure. When fishing that lure in the shallow water you are looking for a reaction bite anyways so you can get away with a heavier...
  475. muletrain

    Grab your rods, again!

    Thank you
  476. muletrain

    First SUP Yellowtail of County Line

    Great post. Keep um coming
  477. muletrain


    Let me know if you have a Diawa SEALINE 20 that you no longer want. Mark
  478. muletrain

    An Oldie but a Goodie

    Great video. Keep um coming. Enjoyed watching
  479. muletrain

    Offshore All you wanted....

    Just want to post and say THANK YOU for the excellent service and great fishing trip. Left Seaforth Sunday night aboard the Aztec. Greg(captain) gave a great speech and off we went in search of tuna. 2 stop shopping and handed the 2nd spot of to the Producer. EASY LIMITS. High lite of the...
  480. muletrain


    John Collins/ROYAL POLARIS is the easiest way to go. NEVER failed me yet. Easy and strong.
  481. muletrain

    PB WSB!

    Your hat says it all
  482. muletrain


    You are my HERO! Awesome video. Looks like Hawaii ?
  483. muletrain

    WTT or SELL 9'Jig Stick

    I'll take it. Mark 562 650-1282. Call me
  484. muletrain

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    I wish both my eyes were on the same side. I could get a better view!!!!
  485. muletrain

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    I am the luckiest Bonnet shark alive!!!!
  486. muletrain

    XtraTuff Size 12 USA made deck boots

    What's would you take for a fast cash offer Text or call 562 650-1282
  487. muletrain

    high end rods and reels, not into fishing any more

    I will take the calstar if still available mark 562 650-1282
  488. muletrain

    1997 Parker 1801

    Still waiting on that offer..........or do you really NOT want to sell your boat!
  489. muletrain

    need some major help!

    Launch out of Huntington harbour. Much shorter boat rude and go fish the 150 spot by the Ellie-Ellen oil rigs. Lots of good stones that have been producing reel nice! Good luck
  490. muletrain

    1997 Parker 1801

    Make me an offer I can't rufuse. I have cash in hand. The hours on the motor are a BIG concern for me. mark 562 650 1282
  491. muletrain

    Offshore Condor 8/13/13 1.5 Day Mixed Bag Hat Cam

    Now that was fun to watch. Nice job. Best video in a while. Keep it up and hoooook up!
  492. muletrain

    Surf fishing at El Capitan State Beach

    After catching the perch. Put one out on a big out fit. 30 lb test or greater. 6 oz pyramid dropper loop and watch your pole it just might get dragged into the water!
  493. muletrain

    Nice Yellow,San Clemente island.

    What's up's mark. Matt mans friend. I see you sold your toy. I am selling mine too. I got a scarab for sell if you want to get back into boating. Just kiddin. Nice to see you had a nice trip
  494. muletrain

    Best spots in San Clemente?

    There's no surf fish in San Clemente. Try old mans .......lots of nice spot fin croaker.
  495. muletrain

    First Trip - 7-1-13

    Nothing like breaking in the new sled with a quality local tail! Congrats on the new sled
  496. muletrain

    Another Seabass and Personal Best for Me

    Nice feesh. That's a whole lot of satisfaction getting it done yourself!
  497. muletrain

    Squid bed

    How about in 60 feet inside of Izor's......just look for the show.
  498. muletrain

    Squid bed

    Fished yesterday and had a good one. Nice squid bed in 60 feet at Izor's. Have fun with the info.....
  499. muletrain

    Lost rod

    Fished south Bolsa Chica on the beach just north of the rocks and had my pole taken by a sea monster. Lost a 9 foot Seaker rod with a Diawa sealine X loaded with power pro spectra anda top shot of 30lb mono. Let me know if you find it getting dragged around this area.
  500. muletrain

    Daiwa SL30SH Great Condition

    Thanks for the reel. It's what I have been looking for. Shoot me a text when you go bounce balling. Have always wanted to try that technique. I will let you know when go fishing and hopefully you will be able to join. Mark
  501. muletrain

    Daiwa SL30SH Great Condition

    65 is good Give me a call and let's gets this done when you have a chance Mark
  502. muletrain

    Daiwa SL30SH Great Condition

    Still interested.....
  503. muletrain

    Daiwa SL30SH Great Condition

    I will take it for 60 with the specta if you think you can part with it for that cheap. Live in Lakewood and can give you cash mañana Mark 562 650 1282
  504. muletrain

    Best fluorocarbon?

    Blackwater. Never had a problem
  505. muletrain

    sitka or juneau

    Not even close.......SITKA
  506. muletrain

    Offshore Bait Rolling

    Have at least 1100gal per hour bait pump. I use the sureflo sentry 1100 with a 3 scoop bait tank. The tricked for me was not overload my tank. If the fish can't swim they can't live. Just my 2 cents. I can't remember the last time my bait rolled on me.
  507. muletrain

    halibut and 5 spotties today

    Nice report. Keep them coming!
  508. muletrain

    Took some Ese's fiching on the Dolphin!! 3-30-2012

    Good job on introducing your friends to the wonderful world of fishing
  509. muletrain

    Nochinges63 sighting

    Look at the twilight on the native sun post video
  510. muletrain


    Thanks for the cool video. That really brings back Memories when I ice fished that lake in high school. That was a real nice grade of fish. I don't remember the fish being that good when I was there. Keep the videos coming! Thanks the man!
  511. muletrain

    Favorite wsb recipes !!!!!!!!

    sashimi style .....dont waste your time cooking!
  512. muletrain

    Hoopin in Dana Point, 1 monster and 2 avg. keepers + 1st Cavalry Poster

    let me know where you pick up the mackeral for that price. that is a good price with no hassle of making bait! thanks mark
  513. muletrain

    Ed Rosenblum Memorial Tackle Sale*

    matt thanks for the delivery of the fishing rod! it will go to good use. give the best to his family. it is never easy losing a loved one. you are a true friend to handle this business i know it cant be easy delivering all these goods all over southern cal. on your free time. mark aka san...
  514. muletrain

    oceanside squid

    fished this weekend out of no fish o side with ok results. went looking for mr t with a couple of knockdowns that did not stick with the bait o matics. cauhgt one small blue shark about 30 lbs. then at sunset the squid decided to chew the paint off the bottom of the boat 4 miles north of the...
  515. muletrain

    Ed Rosenblum Memorial Tackle Sale*

    ill take item #24 the dan hernandez pole if still available. i live in san clemente and will be fishing the tournament next week. e mail me back with thew details!
  516. muletrain

    South Coronado Island Dive Report

    nice fish!!! you get rewarded when you put the time in!!!!
  517. muletrain

    Tournament Limit

    lets start fishing and stop the bitching. thanks for putting on the tournament! see you all out there. mark
  518. muletrain

    oceanside pier squid

    anybody know if the squid showed last night? any info would be nice! mark
  519. muletrain

    oceanside pier squid

    can anyone report on the squid at the pier? did they show last night? any info would be nice mark
  520. muletrain

    back from alaska

    thanks for the detailed report. i have spent some quality time with my family fishing alaska. your report brings back good memories. mark
  521. muletrain

    I Need New Batteries, Suggestions?

    check with your mechanic about optima batteries. johns custom marine informed me that these batteries can make problems with your engines. i have evinrude ocean pros 225's and told me to get the lead deep cycle. i went to costco and picked up the same batteries i have been using the past 3 years...
  522. muletrain

    need numbers

    want to fish the 9 for some cod on 12/14/06. anybody want to give up some numbers. fishfinder went down but gps is all good. cant wait for christmas for new fishfinder. happy holidays muletrain