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  1. Triumph 210 Center Console for Sale with Yamaha Outboard

    Southern California Triumph 210 Center Console for Sale with Yamaha Outboard

    Up for sale is a 2003 Triumph 210 center console along with a matching 2017 EZ-loader trailer. The Triumph has a Yamaha ox66 150 fuel injected motor that purrs like a kitten. We regularly did 100 mile trips last season and hooked into all the pelagic favorites. This rig comfortably fishes 4...
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    Triumph 210 Center Console for Sale with Yamaha Outboard

    tuff guy submitted a new listing: Triumph 210 Center Console for Sale with Yamaha Outboard - Triumph 210 Center Console for Sale with Yamaha Outboard Learn more about this listing...
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    Islands Couple Reds with my Boy 01/21/23

    Great photos, my 4yo isn't quite ready for the coros trip, but we'll be out there soon
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    Offshore Offshore 6/25, struggled to find life

    Thanks for the Intel. Gotta love a surface iron strike
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    Offshore Offshore 6/25, struggled to find life

    Long story short hit the 226, 230, 302, 371. Trolled a purple/black cedar plug and a Rapala for about 6 hours, no sign of tuna we could see. Stopped at 4 paddies, no luck there either. Plenty of scattered birds dipping, but moving fast and not really blowing up. Back at it again soon.
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    Inshore All about the Reds!

    Good work, that's a decent sized starry
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    Offshore Offshore Wed 6/8

    I'm actually more interested in where the chevron is that let's you fill up without having to swipe your card 3 times haha.
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    Offshore Oceanside - 182

    Nice job. Never a bad day to end up with a couple yellowtail
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    Offshore Rookie mistakes cost 3 bluefin.

    He was there emptying out the machines and restocking. He gave us a couple bags because he didn't want to make us wait. Lucky timing.
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    Offshore Rookie mistakes cost 3 bluefin.

    Thanks, any knot suggestions, I'm all ears. I use two uni knots for braid to mono. I think one failed on the first pop. I also use uni knot for my hooks, but suspect it was a weak point as well. But ultimately failing to use a scale to set my drag did me in, I buttoned it down too tight, and...
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    Offshore Rookie mistakes cost 3 bluefin.

    Yeah I cast my spinner, has 25lb of drag and I've landed tons of fish on it, I just have confidence really launching it with no fear of backlash. When I saw the reports of the 80lbers, I went 50lb on my top shot and cranked the drag too tight for fear of getting spooled. The spinner can't hold...
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    Offshore Rookie mistakes cost 3 bluefin.

    Pretty good. Little wind and light swell. Picks back up tomorrow though. That zone will still be hot I bet.
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    Offshore Rookie mistakes cost 3 bluefin.

    Took the Taquito Bandito out this morning with a 6 o'clock launch at shelter. Really quality bait and the ice vendor was there who hooked it up with 3 bags of ice. Off to a good start. Bait stank started overflowing, I suspect a clog. Made it to the 302. 61 degree water around 730 and got...
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    For sure. Bonito poke is awesome. As good as yellowfin if prepped right

    For sure. Bonito poke is awesome. As good as yellowfin if prepped right
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    Islands One for the Books 4/9/22

    Great read. Maybe think about going with a floatline next time, reels always made me nervous.
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    Offshore father son trip

    Nothing beats a father son trip
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    Inshore Mission bay 2-20-22

    Love to see the kids out there smiling
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    Bait tank issue

    great advice, thanks all.
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    Bait tank issue

    Thanks all, I'll definetly try flushing it. If not, would it be smarter to restrict flow pre-pump, or at the 1/4 turn valve inside the tank? Not much of a plumber.
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    Bait tank issue

    I need some help with my boat's bait tank. I have a Triumph 210CC with a 30 or so gallon tank. The pump is new and works well, however, recently, the bait tank has begun to overflow after a few minutes of running, whereas it didn't do so in the past (same pump) I have read online and some...
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    Inshore Windy as Hell today

    Yeah we went to windy and checked it. We were hoping it was going to die off by mid morning but it didn't. Thanks for the Halibut tips all
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    Inshore Windy as Hell today

    Left point loma at 730 with calm seas and a small group of Grey whales just outside the channel. Then we got out to the South 9 and we were getting 3 to 4 foot wind waves coming from the east, to the point there were white caps. We reluctantly decided to bail on our plan to do some rockfishing...
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    Lobster bait cages FS/FT

  24. Lobster bait cages FS/FT

    Southern California Lobster bait cages FS/FT

    Got a full set of 10 bait cages for hoop netting. I don't use them anymore (dive mostly). They are in good/decent shape. $50 obo. I'd also trade for some floro (20, 30, or 40) or maybe some flatfall jigs, trolling tackle, or other socal offshore tackle. Located in San Diego near mission bay.
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    Lobster bait cages FS/FT

    tuff guy submitted a new listing: Lobster bait cages FS/FT - Lobster bait cages FS/FT Learn more about this listing...
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    Inshore Oceanside 1/2 day Trigger and Sculpin

    Interesting. We brought up the one we caught at the islands a few months back. I wonder if we’ll start seeing more and more of them around San Diego. Was it up in the kelp in calico turf?
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    Help dialing in lowrance HDS8

    Bumping this again. We have been out all season and had some luck, but never really able to mark fish on the finder. We can see some bottom structure, but never fish. Is it worth playing with this older unit, or should I upgrade? I was looking at the garmin units. Any advice on how to get a...
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    Islands Coro Islands Bonito, Bass and a triggerfish?

    Cool, thanks for the Intel. Glad to hear they taste good.
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    Islands Coro Islands Bonito, Bass and a triggerfish?

    Hit the islands today, 9/23. Left shelter 745 and got a half scoop and went south. Better than expected conditions on the ride down. Threw out a magic zucchini and a mex flag feather and trolled through the middle grounds down on the Lee side of South Island and picked up a 14 inch bass...
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    Islands Coronado bones

    Awesome, thanks for the report
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    Offshore 9-19 03 over 21 YFT and Dados

    awesome day out. im sure your son loved it.
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    Inshore Kayak Dorado

    So cool to hit that on a yak. Nice work
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    Offshore 8/23 kelp dorado and YT

    Awesome trip, very cool
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    Offshore Socal Trinity - Dana Point

    Hell yeah, it's wild out there right now. What a story.
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    Offshore Mahi Every Paddy

    72. Sometimes down to 71.6 or so. All 3 paddies held, all were hi 71 degree waters
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    Offshore Mahi Every Paddy

    Very well, he's had it for a few years now. Been good
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    Offshore Mahi Every Paddy

    Took off out of mission bay around 630 headed straight west. Made a plan to head to the 182/43/corner. 15 miles out of mission we saw a school of terns working. We slowly rolled up and saw a paddy in the distance, and 2 or 3 mahi mahi jumped out. I dropped 2 divers in. 1 hit a large...
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    Offshore Fresh cow .

    damn, thats amazing
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    Offshore Fresh cow .

    score, what were the specs on the gun you used? nice work getting one on the spear!
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    Oly's Bent Again - Father Son Trip

    Awesome photos, great story
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    Islands Sons first yellow on fathers day

    Ah man, I got a 2 year old. This post made my day. Can't wait! What a day, congrats pops
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    Inshore Point Loma Bonita, 371 no BFT 6.2.21

    Nice catch, they were going nuts.
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    Offshore Beautiful Day for a Ride. 6/1 Coronado Canyon to the 302.

    How’d it turn out smoked? Any good? I made some pretty good poke with bonito
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    Offshore Searching for paddies holding fish

    Made poke. It was as good or even better than the yellowtail poke I made. Thanks again
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    Offshore Searching for paddies holding fish

    Cool, thanks for the ideas. I'll try some of them out
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    Offshore Searching for paddies holding fish

    Left point Loma with a half scoop of good looking sardines. Headed for the south 9. 20 minutes in, Bonito were blowing up everywhere. Probably 6 to 8lb fish. They destroyed my blue and white surface iron time after time. I landed 4 in about 15 minutes. All went back in the water except for...
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    Help dialing in lowrance HDS8

    Awesome thanks for the help
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    Offshore 5/18 Kelp Paddy Yellows - nice grade of fish

    Nice report, glad to see you got rewarded for toughing it out
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    Help dialing in lowrance HDS8

    Hi, I have a Lowrance HDS8 and wanted to see if anyone else who uses one has any helpful tips dialing it in. It seems to be a 83/200 transducer but the head unit also gives me the option for 50? Here are a couple photos of the transducer. When rockfishing, I don't seem to have trouble marking...
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    Offshore 2021.05.07 offshore 226 and beyond, paddy YT

    Awesome report, I appreciate the detail. Way to go!
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    Offshore First time offshore in my own boat

    I've had it over 5,000 only rarely and I was hitting 30 to 32mph. I generally cruise around 3800rpm at around 19 to 22mph. I've taken about 10 trips around la jolla, coronados, etc. I return figures in the 1.5 to 1.8 range. Remember this is a 20 year old 2 stroke. Prop is pretty beat up...
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    Offshore First time offshore in my own boat

    Thanks, yeah I'm disappointed by the mileage too but I think a 4s is out of my range with 2 kids in daycare. One day I'll get there, plenty of stuff I can get at in my 80 miles of range or so
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    Offshore First time offshore in my own boat

    Haha I hear you, anxiety meaning range for for boat. I am getting 1.5nmpg and I have a 70 gal tank. I charted us a 60 to 65 mile course round trip just to make sure we had enough reserve to get back.
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    Offshore I see red and yellow - 5/5 report

    Same thing on the mylar balloons, we pulled like 4 groups of them out today what the heck
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    Offshore Great weather and fun fishing

    Excellent report thanks for the detail, great work.
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    Offshore First time offshore in my own boat

    Took my boat out offshore today after getting comfortable with it in the kelp and Coronado islands. 21 foot triumph with a Yamaha OX66 150. Boat did great. Conditions were really flat and smooth today, couldn't ask for better weather. Saw a massive humpback whale, some false killer whales...
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    Inshore La Jolla - struggled to catch anything

    Thanks Fellas, good advice here. I’ll keep working it
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    Inshore La Jolla - struggled to catch anything

    Yeah. The FF is an hds8 Lowrance. I'm trying to work on getting it right. I had a Garmin unit on my old boat and I think I liked that more
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    Inshore La Jolla - struggled to catch anything

    Yeah I thought about getting one, how much of a pain is it to set it? I got fed up today and throw a bucket out and tied it on to the bow anchor, didn't help much haha.
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    Inshore La Jolla - struggled to catch anything

    Fished la jolla today, mainly at the 32 spot, but hit the Canyon edge, 270, 60 fathom curve. Worked for about 6 hours, dropper loop with squid, jigs, droppers with artificials, nothing. Got one small copper we sent back and another unidentified rockfish we sent down. Really hard to stay on...
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    Islands Full Day Coronado's on the San Diego - 4/18/21

    Did you hit the rocklike south of the islands?
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    Islands 4/2 Coronado Islands

    Yeah we had heard that they bit in the afternoon on the previous few days but unfortunately we had obligations back home. Congrats on your YT. Would you shoot me a Pm with where they hit? Thanks
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    Islands 4/2 Coronado Islands

    Hit the Coronado Islands for the first time on my own boat. Rough leaving the Pt Loma channel in the am, short period swell meant we had to throttle down to 12kts or so. Finally made it down closer to 8, worked the middle grounds, trolled south between South Island and the tuna pens with a...
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    Inshore La Jolla 4/1

    Hit la Jolla this morning around 830 to 1. Went up by the 32 and caught a monster rockfish. I think it was a starry. Then it went pretty flat, I think using my 6oz lead made it hard to get to the bottom fast enough to stay on the spot. Hightailed it over to the 60 fathom curve area and saw a...
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    Islands 3/22. The San Diego

    Thanks for the report? What size line was working? Think we can get away with straight braid to a yoyo iron?
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    Buying from Florida

    I got my triumph from n Carolina. Not exactly as advertised but not bad either. Get it cheap enough to be able to fix some stuff up. Get a good survey.
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    La Jolla 3/12 with the diawa sk lure

    Decent weather despite the reports of possible T-storms. Decided to forgo the squid and try out some of the Diawa SK lures for rockfish. We tried a few lures from 160 to 250 grams, silver and glow, red and gold, blue and gold, blue and white. All in all mixed results, color didn’t seem to...
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    Ensenada - feasible by sea?

    Awesome, thanks for the replies guys
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    Ensenada - feasible by sea?

    For sure, a huge part of the appeal is the town itself, I really like ensenada. Is there trailer parking?
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    Ensenada - feasible by sea?

    Thank you all for the replies. I plan to do the TIP anyway just to fish the islands, so I'm not too worried about the paperwork. I've fished ensenada a few times with Sergio, so I know its great fishing. Mainly just curious as to peoples experiences making the run at sea. Trailering isn't...
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    Ensenada - feasible by sea?

    Awesome, glad to hear that. Was a bit concerned about the winds in the afternoon, but would be nice to avoid screwing around with my truck and trailer.
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    FMM issues

    I need the FMM to do the TIP though dont I? I want to submit for it, but one of the required submission docs for the TIP is the FMM
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    FMM issues

    I wanted to touch base about my issues getting an FMM without going through a broker. I went ahead and did the spreadsheet, paid banjercito and emailed the receipt and spreadsheet to the following emails: [email protected] and [email protected] The funds have cleared my...
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    Ensenada - feasible by sea?

    I know this isnt the Mexico forum, but I figured this area gets more traffic, and its trip planning related. I am looking into the idea of taking my boat (21 ft triumph CC) down to Ensenada to do some fishing and wanted to get input from folks who have trailered their boat down to launch it as...
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    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs, turkshead Knotts, Mustad gaff hooks, Tarred Sein Twine Handles, Be Ready!

    Great gaff. Like a work of art. Nice guy too, thanks for my new gaff!
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    16' glasspar for sale

    interior pics this weekend. Its garage kept, so the interior is in good shape.
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    16' glasspar for sale

    Putting my 16' glasspar up for sale. The boat is a 1961 citation in great shape. It has a 1997 mercury 40hp oil injected 2 stroke with power tilt and trim. The motor has been well maintained. The boat comes with the following Garmin ff/nav ($500 unit bought last year) Trailer Swim ladder...
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    32 fathom area

    Nice work
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    Another rockfish report

    Yep! 1962 glasspar citation
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    Another rockfish report

    Went out this morning around 8 to hit the rocks around the 32 in La Jollla. Conditions were supposed to be pretty glassy, but it was a bit more windy and choppy than I bargained for. Nonetheless, filled up the cooler with 15 rockfish or so. Hard to stay on them with the current ripping so...
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    La jolla inshore report - Memor

    Memorial Day. First report from my new (to me) 1962 Glasspar citation out in LA Jolla. Beautiful conditions out in 200 to 220 feet of water. Limited out on rockfish between 830 to around 10am. Squid was working just fine. Felt good to be back on the ocean.
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    2 stroke gas and oil pre mixed

    Not even sure what that is. Took some down to Pearson yesterday but they can only take a gallon or so. I have 6 im trying to give away as I got a new motor and don't need this fuel.
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    Johnson 40hp 2 stroke

    up for sale is a 40hp Johnson 2 stroke. The motor needs work, and commes without a prop. Long shaft. Good motor for parts or for a mechanic to fix up. 300 obo
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    2 stroke gas and oil pre mixed

    I have about 6 gallons of pre mixed oil and gas for a two stroke 50:1 if anyone wants it. I'll throw in a gas tank as well if anyone wants it. Let me know if there is any interest. Gone. Thanks all
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    Tandem fishing kayak -$300obo

    I have a tandem fishing kayak for sale, it is a 15 foot perception that has done a solid job for me out in LA Jolla. It has 3 flush mount rod holders, storage hatches, 2 paddles, 2 seats and a gear crate. 300 obo.
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    Outboard parts

    18 or 19ft cables for mercury outboard Controls (center mount) for mercury Came off a 40hp 2 stroke (1997) Free
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    Panga with trailer

    That's a bit far, I'd prefer to buy one locally. Thanks!
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    Panga with trailer

    I dont have a message from you, can you shoot it over to me again?
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    Panga with trailer

    Yeah, but I would rather buy one here in San Diego. If I have to go south, i want to contact someone before I head down. I don't have sentri and the border wait time is a pain in the neck driving back.
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    Panga with trailer

    Picked up a boat already. Thanks all!
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    Kayak car racks?

    Go to west marine in pt loma. They have a kit that consists of 2 foam blocks and 4 straps. Has worked great on my 15 foot kayak and I have no roof rack on the jeep. It's like 45 bucks
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    5/3 in Ensenada

    It was the Selena, about 500 bucks, pretty good deal
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    5/3 in Ensenada

    Thanks everyone, it was a good time
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    5/3 in Ensenada

    First time posting a trip report. Went to Ensenada on 5/3 and chartered the Selena. The boat worked out great. Between me and 4 friends, we caught 29 fish: ling cod, red snapper, sculpin, rock fish etc. here are a couple of pics: <a...