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    White Seabass in San Diego

    Guys in San Diego catch them every year fishing the squid beds at night under lights and it's kept very quiet, Big seabass along with nice yellows and halibut are caught on the beds , off Scripps pier is a good area along with IB , it's like anything else you have to put time on the water when...
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    Bay / Harbor Calico at the wall

    Great Job on the catch and release. Nothing better than a good calico bite on plastics
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    Learning to fish via youtube

    Time on the water is the best learning tool you can get , even on a half day boat , watch who is catching fish and their gear and technique, don't be afraid to ask questions, everybody started somewhere
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    Martinez Lake Bass Fishing | Spring 2023 (Video)

    I love fishing out there, I've been going for 50 plus years , face Lake is another place to fish there
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    Intrepid 8 Day

    Bill and Sam work hard to put you on the fish , the boat is awesome along with the food , you'll have a great trip for sure
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    Too much rain

    It Doesn't matter how much rain we get , there's more water flowing to the ocean than our reservoirs due to all the bullshit it takes to build or upgrade retention basins and the fact that building construction continues without any solution to our lack of water issues, I'm all in to filling...
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    Too much rain

    Rain ,Rain Go away Let us fish another day
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    Mission/San Diego Bay best Guest Slips?

    There are some guest docks by harbor police in San Diego Bay, maybe try calling harbor police or look it up on the internet
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    Yamaha F70 460 hours

    West coast is a great place to get a motor , I've built a couple of 30 foot pangas and they installed a 200 HP Yamaha on each one , they do really clean work , I think the asking price of your 70 HP is high though but good lluck
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    Updated El Nino

    It was announced over a month ago about a developing El Nino , no reason for anyone to jump down anyone
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    Halibut head needed for bone mount-any Alaskan fishing guides/trip charter info?

    I go every year and this year I leave August 20th for 12 days, I have my Fish processed and boxed for the plane ride home , maybe I'll bring back 2 and get one for me as well , every year we get a few 140 to 180 lbs , let me know what you think
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    Updated El Nino

    Hopefully the water won't get too warm for the bluefin, conditions have been great the last few years and it's been a positive for the Charter Businesses as well for us private boaters
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    Special edition madmacs

    Tough Crowd for sure
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    Cousins raze/Lexa 300HD

    Great setup
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    Does history repeat itself?

    Just be Happy if we have a repeat of 2022 fishing season with quality Bluefin, lots of Dorado , occasional yellowfin and decent yellows and all are Happy and Life is good, oh and a dozen nice halibut
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    1989 Radovich 34ft for sale 150,000.00 FIRM

    I have a 2002 39 foot Blackman and they look very similar, great Boats , Battlewagons
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    Marlin Club Swap Meet

    Bad timing for sure
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    Best new lures for albacore?

    Classic Hex heads , all colors
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    Offshore They're here!!!

    Pretty vague report and I'm not so sure I'm buying it , it would certainly get people fired up , there's nothing Like Albacore fever running in your veins , time to dig into this post and hopefully find it true
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    1999 Boston Whaler 260 Outrage

    I have a 39 foot Blackman and a 30 foot CC otherwise I would for sure, I owned a 99 outrage 21 footerbut I moved up in size
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    Choosing the Right Rifle

    Street sweeper
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    Best Age for Social Security

    For myself and my Salary taking SS would be costly, I can start collecting next October but I have no plans to do so , the Government takes HALF of your earnings after 20 thousand dollars or so when you start collecting SS and that number goes up every year and how much you can make , I plan on...
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    Have you ever changed favorite fish?

    My favorite fish is whatever is biting and edible, most all fresh fish is fish of the day
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    Naming Your Boat - yea or nay?

    Absolutely not at all , im not a thin skined person so no worries at all, I'm old school and done myshare of barb throwing. , it's a great way of keeping my son in memories
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    Naming Your Boat - yea or nay?

    My son's name was Jimmy and he died when he was 29 years old ,his sisters , my Daughters said that they would name their first child after their Brother Jimmy , well the first Child my youngest had Lexie named her Daughter Jimmie in memory of her brother and when I bought the boat I named it...
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    Naming Your Boat - yea or nay?

    My first Blackman was named Harvey B after my older brother who died in a car accident and to me it was a easy choice, 2 Blackmans later I named my 39 foot Blackman Jimmie C after my Granddaughter, I belive a boat should have a name , it can say who you are or just a Catchy name , most boat...
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    A recent jig box for a friend

    Unreal work you do , that's a art for sure
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    Pay First Fish Processing

    Pay me now or pay me Later ,it's all good , use those guys and I'm very happy with their service
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    MAG BAY Inshore

    That's why I have boats in both of my garages , especially at LA Bay where it's 550 dollars a with tip , I fish with the locals in the off-season on my boat or there's, it works out great for all
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    Thresher boats out of business

    The 39 foot Blackman is a couple of inches shy of 40 foot and a couple shy of a 14foot beam , they ride great
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    Severe Storm/Gale Warning upgraded 2/21 FYI

    Updates are good but Visual is the only way to go , I went today to the cliffs and mother nature is pissed off so it's a great time to do boat maintenance or get the wax out
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    MAG BAY Inshore

    I 100 percent disagree with your take on sustainability fishing methods from our friends south of the border, they fish lobsters year around , there's no more abalone, they gillnet all the local inland waters as to not burn too much fuel , they are wiping out all the bait thru out baja to feed...
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    MAG BAY Inshore

    I totally get providing for your family via gillnets or whatever, take the American tourist and dollars out of baja and it becomes a ghost town , baja was built as one of the best fishing destinations in the world and it's slowly becoming a thing of the past, no regulations, drugs , corrupt...
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    Thresher boats out of business

    Sounds like you are on top of keeping your boat sea worthy, always try to stay on the front end of maintaining your boat, on my 39 foot Blackman I wasn't happy with the sculpers on the inside of all the deck hatches , I was getting some water in the bilge caused after a bloody fish stop from...
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    Thresher boats out of business

    People don't go into business to fail which is what happened here , everybody runs there boat different regardless of how rough and shitty the ocean is , these boats had a lot of issues with leaks and what not and weren't able to keep up with the warranty work which caused them to shutter the...
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    help with a rod builder

    Waiting on blanks is one thing , no communication is another, sounds like someone ran off with your money , I'm the type that if I can't physically see or touch it I'm out unless I know the person , hopefully you didn't pay too much
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    Thresher boats out of business

    Not a lot more to the story other than they built a inferior boat that has some issues, hopefully you can keep it together and get your money's worth , improve on what you can and hope for the best, one would certainly think someone has to be accountable especially seeing how your running your...
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    Joey at Squidco

    Joey and his crew have always been a class act , it doesn't surprise me that he turned the situation around , I was in there a couple of days ago dropping off a couple of Kenedy Fisher blanks to be built , I talked to Joey and his Dad and then I asked for Josh to take the rods build order , it's...
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    Talica 25, 16, and 12. What’s next?

    The sky's the limit
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    Canned tuna in water

    I like the olive oil ,kosher salt witl a little garlic clove or Jalapeños on top , I think everyone has their favorite ways and taste , it's all good
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    On Whale Deaths and Big Wind Projects and NOAA

    leave well enough alone , someone will get rich and could care less about the whales or any other sea life
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    Offshore A Sportboat Angler’s Guide to Yellowtail

    I know I'm spoiled being able to plan my own trip whenever I want, 1 day 2 or 3 day drips it doesn't, I have slipfees , insurance and the spoils of owning several boats but I wouldn't change a thing , I grew up wit 5 brothers and a sister and when my Dad took me fishing which was a lot we keep...
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    Horizon Blue or Gunmetal Grey

    The lighter the color the better f9r maintenance on the gel coat , lighter colors will show less dirt as well , as far as the trailer goes if you plan on towing your boat thru baja you will want a galvanized trailer, good luck with the new rig
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    Offshore A Sportboat Angler’s Guide to Yellowtail

    It's not always about the limits when fishing, we never take limits on my boats , I'm sure you're info is good for some and it means well but a lot of guys I fish with keep a couple of fish and they are good, also it's fair to say I don't fish sports boats for at least 40 plus years now, I...
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    30lb surface iron setup

    Old school Saltiga 30 with 30 lb mono on a 10 foo UC 20 -40 rod throwing a Tady 45 at Puerto San isdiro fishing white seabass on a slowwwww crank is the best , I think a 30 lb Jig stick is a must have , we get a lot of big barracuda fishing seabass which means your in the right area and we...
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    Professional custom Swordfish fishing line 2000’

    Sounds good, I fished with a lot of Homer Legends that are no Longer in the game except for Mike Mann , my Dad Jim Bingham knew Johntan Hillstrand Sr who owned the FV Time Bandit and of course Coal point which his Daughter Nancy runs , I had some good times at the Salty Dog Salon with Johnathan...
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    Chiefs beat the Eagles 38-35 in Epic Superbowl Game JUST WOW!

    Can't remember a super bowl game this close and exciting, I don't watch much football but I'm glad I did
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    Gregor 15 w Honda 25 and EZ loader trailer

    Great boats, I had mine for 16 years, well built
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    Boat loans?

    Money is tight right now and older boats are hard to get loans , contact Bobby Woodard at 619 227 5478 and tell him Mike Bingham gave you his number, he's a boat broker so he can steer you in the right direction, Good Luck
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    Bay / Harbor Lobster Buoy Rigging Help Needed

    drill a hole in the center of your buoy , insert a hose and stick your glow stick in the hose , run a piece of galvanized chain from the bottom to each side to keep the glow stick upright and you are good to go , we've been using this system for years and it works great
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    Professional custom Swordfish fishing line 2000’

    I have fished Homer the last 3 years in a row , I've fished Homer close to 20 times all the way back with Tony D Michelle on the original Sea Otter , I've fished with him a dozen times and I used to stay at the spit road lodge when Ade owned it, now it's a vacant lot , Tony sold his boat and...
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    New Gale Warning 2/14 12pm to 2/15 3am. Wind 25-35kts, gusts 40kts+

    So far this winter ocean has been Brutal , seems like every week another storm rolls in , it's messing up my nados halibut fishing
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    Professional custom Swordfish fishing line 2000’

    Where do you run Charters out of ?
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    Professional custom Swordfish fishing line 2000’

    I've been fishing Alaska for over35 years and I've never used a electric reel , the last 3years I used 20 Talica with 100 lb spectra , lots of fun
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    Question Guys...

    Offer up seems to work pretty good , I've unloaded some rods and reels lately and I still have 30 plus rods and reels to unload , the hard part for me is trying to figure out what to get rid of , I've got too much gear in my garage, my Puerto San isdiro house , my LA Bay house and on the Jimmie...
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    Multipurpose jig stick

    30-50 eight foot Phoenix is a awesome rod for all of the above
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    Being a kid in the 70s

    We loved at the bottom of Milton hill , you had a hell of a Trek
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    Being a kid in the 70s

    Stingray bike with the gear shifter in front of the seat , red skate board with metal wheels and skip fry surf boards, , we used to ride our bikes to Pacific Beach board walk and rent a body raft all day for 75 cents and lean our bikes up against the boardwalk wall and at the end of the day get...
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    New versus old surface iron

    old iron quivers are priceless and everyone you have tells a story of good memories you had on yellows breezing, tuna foaming or deep drop yo yo fishing , hang onto what you got because todays fish chew as good as yesterday's fish , get out and put them to work , you'll be glad you did
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    What's your favorite generator?

    For a portable generator you can't beat a Honda , problem is our Joke of a Governor made it so you can no longer buy one new in the state of California, go on offer up or Craigslist, I know you can drive to Arizona and buy one as long as they don't ask for ID , this state with Newsom is going...
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    Coming up soon

    Lots of people as you know will not travel in Mexico so I don't see Ensenada benefitting from this , personally I don't see the sportboat fleet getting the boot , I think mexico will charge more money for the permits
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    Coming up soon

    It would be bad for both Mexico and the US , it would kill the long range fleet and piss off a bunch of people , it would also add pressure to our Local fishery, it's a no win situation
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    Coming up soon

    This has been kicked around for a few years now and it gets brought up every other year, Just like closing the coronado islands to all fishing period , a lot of money flows into Mexico from the Gringos that fish , hotels , fishing charters , restaurants, transportation and so on , I don't see...
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    What are some must haves when rigging up new boat

    A water proof ditch bag with some water , first aid , hand held radio , flares and strobe light , I also have satellite phones on both of my boats in the states
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    Environmentally oriented Fisherman from SoCal?

    Today's fishermen are responsible more than ever , today's fishermen are paying for the over fishing of the past , our resources and fish stocks with better management are rebounding except for 3rd world countries, California sol cal anglers love and respect the fishing industry
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    Environmentally oriented Fisherman from SoCal?

    Nothing goes to waste , fresh bluefin on the barbecue is great , bluefin sashimi is great , and bluefin smoked is awesome, no fertilizer, no cats some people don't care for bluefin and that's fine but it's one of my favorites for sure ,
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    Is a 1.5 day to colonet worth it?

    Colonet is 25 minutes from my house and it's a little early yet for a good yellowtail bite , I'd wait a few weeks and then hit it , I'm planning on going for a few days next week and I'll have more information
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    Getting old sucks!

    The only way to go out for sure , Sorry about having to give up surfing, I've got 5 Skip Frye Boards hanging on my walls that haven't seen water in years , I also don't do too much fishing for tuna anymore, I'm always on one of my boats usually at the nados drifting for halibut, l still fish 1...
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    Polaris, Always wanted one

    I have a 22 year old unit on my boat that was installed by Blackman boats
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    Getting old sucks!

    I had shots in each thumb Today and I go back April 20th, I've been doing this since 2013 and the Doctor back then told me surgery would not help because I don't look like the kind of guy to flip pages of a boot the rest of my life so I use Voltaren gel that I buy in Mexico by my house because...
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    Moving your boat to different marina early and late season

    I keep 2 boats there , a 39 foot Blackman (Jimmie C ) and a 30 foot center console Pura Agua , Ted is a great guy and when you get a chance go talk to him , I like where I'm at and I won't leave the Bay Club
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    Three Weeks Old Dry Aged Bluefin

    The 48 hours time in the cooler for best quality is nothing new , we've been doing for years schedule permitting, as far as aged bluefin I definitely have to try it , he'll dry aged beef is the best so it makes sense
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    Grom question

    One and done for me on the Marlin ,I've caught more than my share on the CBandit ,Sea Call and the Harvey B , I don't mind letting my buddies bait a marlin for catch and release but that's as far as it goes, I worked with Ron Costa out of San Diego for 2 seasons trolling and baiting marlin in...
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    Predictions for the hot lure/jig of 2023?

    Old school Green and yellow deep water Jap Head chrome with red eyes
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    Moving your boat to different marina early and late season

    Lots of good banks to fish south and west of point Loma when th3 season starts and theirs always fish moving up the line thru out the Summer ,bait out of San Diego Bay is usually great through out the season, I prefer San Diego Bay to mission bay and I've got 2 boats in slips at the Bay Club...
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    Byrds, CSNY Singer/Songwriter David Crosby dies, 81, after long illness

    One of my Favorites for sure I saw him play a half dozen times and I was never disappointed His music will always live on he had a very unique voice RIP
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    33 Owens Concorde brigantine sport fish

    Brings back memories, the Lead Sled
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    Guadalupe island officially Closed Today

    We Fished Cedros island Last year on the Sea Call 119 foot that my Brother Bryon runs , the port Captains Son came out and picked up the crew and gave him drive around tour of the island and fished for 2 days , Edgar went to school with the port Captains Son in Ensenada, theygrew up together...
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    Guadalupe island officially Closed Today

    My Son in Law is a National , Edgar Castro
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    Guadalupe island officially Closed Today

    Boats are still fishing there on the way down to Cabo , I've fished it numerous times with my Brothers, there is a patrol boat from time to time as well , no sport boats
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    Hawaiian Fisherman pulled overboard by massive Ahi. Not found. RIP

    Man what a way to go, I hope and pray he didn't suffer , take everyday and make it a great one , no bad days no matter how bad we sometimes have it, Like is way to short
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    What’s on the menu tonight?

    Siesels Bacon wrapped around diver scallops, Rice and veggies
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    Yield % when cutting fish???

    Today's anglers care more about the environment and our resources then ever , today's sportsmen aren't responsible for the sorry state of mother Earth , Big Money and Corporations and not too mention politicians are responsible for for today's environment, Not sure how what percentage of fish...
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    Jags squeek a playoff win over Chargers 31-30. Long ride home for the Bolts.

    Doesn't surprise me one bit , how many times have we watched this happen ? The Chargers couldn't put together 4 quarters of football, I have no idea what the answer is on there losing games they were in total control of , Look at the bright side is Spanos deserves every loss he gets , he should...
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    Guadalupe island officially Closed Today

    My son in law Edgar Castro explained it to me last night and it's been in the works for a couple of years now, he said they are eventually going to close Benitos island as well , there's a lot of areas the Mexican Government is planning on closing to Sportfishing, hate to see it happen, they...
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    Guadalupe island officially Closed Today

    The Mexican Government closed the Lupe today to all Sportfishing, I've only been a hand full of times but it was always epic being there, it's definitely a Magical place to fish and Just enjoy where you are at , it's amazing how big the white sharks are there even though once they showed up it...
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    No more Same Day process?

    Local fishermen that catch some bigger size bluefin there's no issue, it's the out of towner that has to figure out ahead of time how to Handel his catch which should be done way in advance of his trip, ther4 is also a company that will come to the boat, pick up your fish and take it to a...
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    Jeff Beck

    One of the all time Greats , he'll be missed but his music will live on
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    Ultimate surface iron reel

    Old school Saltiga 40 star Drag , one of the best reels made
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    Fishing Mexico

    CCastros rooms are pretty bad and I don't recommend it, Fernando still has a panga fleet with some great Captains, Rick at Coyote cals is a fun place to stay and not too far from Castros and the boat ramp , the restaurant in town is Gloria's and she'll cook up some of your fish with rice and...
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    Best time of year for coronado islands halibut ?

    I fish the islands year round May,June , July 30 to 55 feet of water the Lee of South island, December through April 92 to 132feet of water below south island, start drifting on the back side of the hump (north west wind ) east wind start off in deeper water and drift towards the high spot ...
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    Kill bag recommendations needed

    Go with the reliable and go big or stay home , if you have the room for the bigger bag you'll be glad you did
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    Bay of LA

    I've had a house at Puerto San isdiro on the pacific side for 43 years now and we've never had any issues whatsoever, it a small fishing village and farming town, no night life at all , I also have a 26 foot CC in my garage as well , baja is in my blood and always will be , we know everyone in...
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    Bay of LA

    Shoot me a message when you might be going, I keep a 30 foot center console in my garage down their and my son in Law is Edgar Castro and we go down there a lot , we go out interstate 8 thru Calexico to the 5 freeway which runs past San Felipe, past Gonzaga and then the road gets narrow, we...
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    It became a hassle to fly from Anchorage to Homer, I know they are back on line after going bankrupt, Less flights ,Less hours and longer waiting times , also you are Limited on what you can put on the smaller planes , you can't put 10 boxes of fish I went the Homer route for 30 years , until...
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    Yay it's was under 3 hours getting there , nice drive along the river ,
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    Daiwa Simply screwed!? Anybody got an extra laying around? Daiwa saltist 30T

    Call Dana Landing and ask for Doug , he's the one who repairs all the reels
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    Homer is great , great VRBO houses and you will for sure see moose along the roads driving around , you can fish the Keni river at Centennial Park a little over a hour drive from Homer , The Anchor River is 25 minutes from town , Lots of charter boats for halibut fishing and Lingcod season opens...
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    What are your 2023 fishing goals?

    More time on the water, catch a 300 lb plus halibut in Alaska in October, my biggest to date is 259 lbs , catch a local bluefin tuna over 400 lbs on my boat , current biggest is 368 lbs and the hardest wish yet is a local halibut over 60 lbs and my biggest to date is just over 54 lbs so it's a...
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    2023 Seattle Boat Show

    Flying their will be the cheapest part of your new investment and being able to take a good look at all the options will be 100 percent beneficial, nothing beats a boat buying road trip and I'm sure you will be happy you did
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    Yamaha vs Mercury for a repower?!?

    I think it's a problem for all brands of outboard motors , I bought mine from West Coast on Morena Blvd I worked with Augustin who is great ,
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    Yamaha vs Mercury for a repower?!?

    Yamaha now offers a 6 year warranty so when I repowered my center console I went with the 200 HP Yamaha, the new motors are way more fuel efficient, whatever you choose good Luck finding one , I've bought 2. 200 HP Yamahas in the last 2 years and it took 3 months to get the 1st one and 6...
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    Offshore Outstanding Fishing Threads - 2022

    I used to never post my halibut fishing trips but I've softened up in my old ago , Tuna fishing post are either successful trips or I hate the fucken bluefin, for some reason we always do really good on our tuna trips because of hatd work and our Intel, gotta have guys on the glasses all day...
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    Rams Chargers game New Years

    You never know about the Chargers and if the good team or full of holes team shows up , I'm guilty of not watching football like I used too , I enjoy football when it's convenient to watch and fits my schedule, when my Dad was still with us we never missed fishing super bowl because like he...
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    2023 what's your fishing plans for the upcoming year

    No Long range trips for me other then the 2 to 3 day trips through out the season, January 15th LA Bay to my house for a week, February 10 Lake Mille Lacs Northern Minnesota ice fishing, back to LA BAY in March , April my house at Puerto San isdiro for 10 day's. June 10th Baja base for 10...
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    Inshore Islands Halibut fishing

    Set the drift mode on the GPS and the bottom alert on the meter , three guys on the boat 2 hour shifts, not much fish on the under water lights to help the time go by , earlier in the season I've never seen so many calico u d3tthebait lights , it was full speed catch And release , we also had...
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    1998 Boston Whaler Outrage 21' Restoration

    Great boats , pride of ownership shows Big time
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    Importance of Jigging Rods Specs

    I'm the guy who pairs rods closely to the recommended specs but I more than not go by the feel of the setup , I play around with several setups and stick to what feels good for casting, yo yo and so forth, I usually almost go lighter line wise then what's suggested, there's a lot that goes...
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    Santa didn't bring me any Madmacs

    I've got a 6 pack I ordered from. BUBBA at Dana Landing
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    What iron to bring on a 16 day

    Everything you got
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    Catch and Release Bluefin Fishing

    I've never lost a biting school of bluefin or yellowfin by releasing them , they keep chewing , if you ask a deckhand to keep a fish or release it he's going to kill it for the count ot limit , it's your fish to keep or release
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    Robin Williams

    The guy was a Genius in comedy for sure, Loved watching him and he never disappointed, it's hard to understand why people take their own Lives and what it does to the loved ones you leave behind, it is a sickness for sure , memories is what we have
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    Inshore Islands Halibut fishing

    Left Thursday for south island Halibut drifts with really nice deans and perfect size macs , water is cold at 56degrees but clean , started off in 96 feet of water and drifted to 138 with the perfect drift , got in a few drifts and headed in to the island and dropped the pick , fired off the...
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    Safe holidays to all and to a epic 2023 fishing season
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    Menthol cigarettes

    Drive to Arizona , you can't buy a new generator here as well (portable) which is a crock of shit, one of my daughters lives in Arizona so I sent her the money to buy me a honda generator
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    Waterfowl (back to Idaho)

    Memories for Life , it's been 12 years now since my Dad passed and my memories of our fishing ventures is still fresh in my mind ,
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    Robot Food Servers

    Small businesses have to adapt in order to stay in business especially in the golden state, Labor cost increases due to our politician's along with sky rocketing rents and food prices , pretty much it's about survival for small businesses owners ,California has the reputation for the most...
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    Trinidad 20A

    I don't own one , I'm still using my old school saltigas which are great reels
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    Best Moments of 2022

    Any water time is the best time and catching fish is the bonus which we Definitely caught our share of all species except a swordfish, hit a long of good weather and not so good weather , season isn't over , I leave again on my boat Friday morning and I have to be home by 3 pm Saturday for...
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    Targeting Opah while deep dropping

    Why not give it a shot ? The Xtra line in the water certainly won't hurt anything and deep dropping isn't lighting the world on fire , who knows you might catch a Thresher shark as well I've always dropped deep on kelps and I've never had any luck , some day
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    Which recommendation to follow re:eating saltwater fish from California waters?

    I don't pay much attention to how much fish I eat and what kind , Let's see to much Beef will kill you, eating chicken skin isn't healthy, too much alcohol isn't good for you, too much sun and on and on and on , eat whatever floats your boat because you never know when you're ticket will get...
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    Vintage brown fenwick long rods

    I'll give you $ 450 dollars for both ? 858 776 9966 Mike Bingham
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    How much fishing on freedom 22hr to tanner?

    man that's a long boat ride but most likely worth it to be on the water , my boat from San Diego to the outer banks is a solid 6 to 7 hours at 10 knots traveling at night and 18 to 20 knots during the day depending on the sea state , usually we leave on a Wednesday night and return Saturday...
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    Rumors of my demise and retirement false

    Awesome Rods , have a great holiday and New Years
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    Boat inflation?

    Food has gone thru the roof along with everything else , insurance, fuel,wages bait , it just doesn't stop and business owners and consumers can't get a break and it's not going to change anytime soon , overhead has gone up across the board for everything we do or like in our daily lives, I'm...
  126. M

    Boat Launch fees

    Hold on to your wallet, the City of San Diego is broke and they want to figure out a way to charge for Launching boats at our boatramps that is paid for with our TAX DOLLARS ,once again Todd Gloria isn't capable of reining in his spending habits , I know they just passed the trash feeas well to...
  127. M

    From incidental to intentional: rockfish, pargo, ling cod, halibut, etc.

    Depending on depth I fish with light gear, my house in Puerto San isdiro I use a curado 300 with a 12 /25 phoenix rod with a plastic and 3 to 4 ounce head ,I fish from 180 to 280 feet and catch nice reds and lings , if the current or wind is pumping I slide a 2 ounce down my line for Xtra...
  128. M

    A quick rant on modern appliances

    I had a viking fridge in my last house for 15 years and when I sold my house it still worked great along with the viking stove and ovens, I installed viking appliances in my new build house and so far so good , I have maytag washer and dryer and I haven't had any issues at all
  129. M

    Burial at sea versus regular services?

    Have a Full Church service to satisfy family members and then a family gathering for the burial at sea, I had a church service for my Son and then a burial at sea and I talk to him when I'm fishing to this day , especially if it's slow fishing , it's been 15 years now since he passed , not that...
  130. M

    Inshore Long beach lobster

    Female Lobsters have a hook on their back leg
  131. M

    What fleet boat/captain fishes Cortez bank the most?

    That's a tough one to find a captain that knows the outer banks like the back of his hand ,tough fishing a lot of thetime due to the outer waters weather which can be brutal , most boats travel there when the weather is fish able, my boat spent about 10 days this year targeting Bluefin and...
  132. M

    Just wondering

    I know coming back from the Coronado island's we're supposed to stop at the Customs dock and I never do , I would waste your time stopping
  133. M

    15' Klamath with 40hp Mercury and trailer.

    Great Boats , I had one for 16 years that I used at the river
  134. M

    When is Enough Enough

    I never donate at grocery stores ,or round up to the dollar , my family and my company donate to the burn victims fund , and Saint Judes the research hospital for kids along with Susan G Komen breast cancer research in my mom's name , I've also donated to Friends of Rollo, I don't give any...
  135. M

    Which one of you is this?

    Most people play by the rules , the majority of hunters respect the sport and are responsible people , then here comes the hand full of worthless pieces of shit barney's their hunting privileges should be stripped for life , guns confiscated, the vehicles they used confiscated, fines thru the...
  136. M

    Holy. $#@&*$#$^^

    The guy was definitely a avid fishermen, that's a life times worth for sure 👌
  137. M

    Physical Fitness

    YMCA has really nice facilities ( Friars Rd ) ,I do 2 to 3 miles on the elliptical, 20 minutes or so on the weights , and 20 minutes on the rowing machine, it's free with Medicare, it's a great routine to get into, it clears your head and gives you some peace away from work and all the...
  138. M

    New cow rod!!!!

    Looks Awesome, good addition to the arsenal
  139. M

    Free Youth Fishing Derby-12/3

    Hopefully the weather holds up for the event
  140. M

    Fishing after weather/rain

    Shouldn't be to bad unless the ground swell picks up and then your dealing with a heavy current, any time on the water is a bonus, good luck , look up the marine forecast, I know it's supposed to start blowing Thursday night and thru Friday
  141. M

    Where's the better fishing for halibut, SD bay or off in the ocean?

    I use a crane swivel with a 6 inch leader to a Thunder mist 3 way swivel which I order from Canada ,from there a 18 inch or so lead leader and on average a 7 foot Leader, I use big game no fluro at all and size 1 or 1/0 owner fly line hook , I like big game green because it makes the perfect...
  142. M

    Kaiser Medicare Advantage

    Absolutely it pays to get out and walk, ride a bike and go to the Gym ,before covid shut the country down I had a great routine of going to the YMCA on Friars rd 4 to 5 times a week on average for a hour or so, 2 to 3 miles on the elliptical, 20 minutes on the row machine and 15 minutes on the...
  143. M

    Kaiser Medicare Advantage

    My parents had Kaiser and they hated it , my medical p,an is Sharp VIP advantage and along with medi care I'm 100 percent covered anywhere I go , no copay , 2 dollar prescriptions, no emergency room charge , I choose this in order to keep all my doctors thatI I've been with for years, I pay...
  144. M

    Panama Pedasi report with FishPedasi

    Looks like a great trip, thanks for the pics and information
  145. M

    New Member

    Enjoy and welcome
  146. M

    Catch and Release Bluefin Fishing

    Absolutely it's your fish , you paid to be there Let it go if you want or maybe someone on the boat isn't doing so well catching fish and it might be nice to offer up a fish , if not release it, we do it on our boat all the time
  147. M

    Ice machine suggestions

    Electactic make a unit , 100 pounds a day with a 48 pound capacity, cost under $400 dollars
  148. M

    Ice machine suggestions

    Most ice makers make 2 to 4 hundred pounds a day but I'm sure they make a home owners model, I'm pretty sure Costco sells a counter top model
  149. M

    Stick Baits; when do you use them?

    La Bay for the cabria and they work awesome, also boiler rock calicos, it's worth keeping a few in your arsenal
  150. M

    Go get your FLU SHOTS.

    Automatic every year for the last 12 years and I still get the flu sometimes but it's never as bad
  151. M

    I just got home and found out... Pics up

    Confront your neighbor and give him time to make it right and if he doesn't follow through call the city for illegal dumping on your property, get pictures of his backyard for proof of where it came from ,it's going to cost him a lot more to remove it then haul to a recycle site the first time...
  152. M

    Cousins 90m...

    You fish that rod and you won't use the others, it's a great rod that you can cast all day no problem, I have 2 andI have a old-school saltiga 30 on o e and a40 on the other
  153. M

    Where's the better fishing for halibut, SD bay or off in the ocean?

    San Diego Bay will produce halibut year around with the bigger fish moving in late may thru September, some years the water temp warms up earlier and the bigger females will move in as well , everyone has their honey holes in the bay and I've done good around the outside of the bait barge or...
  154. M


    I agree but with some caution it doesn't have to be that way, they can be a nuisance for sure
  155. M


    You're right my bad , it was a good story until I got to the bird kill , I've done some stupid shit on the water as a kid that I wish I hadn't, I'm getting Long in the tooth now and stuff like that bothers more than it ever did ,I'm sure the person who was involved knows better and he got...
  156. M

    Islands daughters first yellow

    Great Job , your new fishing partner,
  157. M


    How does Slander fit in this situation ? The guy recapped what he saw and that's it , your spin on the situation doesn't hold water, we're you their ? I didn't think so , what the POS did was kill a bird which is against the LAW ,if I was on the boat and I saw this happen the POS would have...
  158. M


    You are , now I'm done
  159. M


    Killing for food and for pleasure is LEGAL killing a hungry bird is not , Lots of sport fisherman choose to release fish and only keep what they want to eat , I fucken guarantee the ass hole who smashed the birde brains out had no intention of eating the bird , what a fucken moron
  160. M

    Dana Point Halibut. - ??? - Any Reports

    Not sure about Dana point but off San Diego the fish are Laying in 90 to 122 feet and nothing over 30 lbs yet ,we started fishing the same time last year in this debt and did really good
  161. M

    Inshore Bass trifecta

    Man the smile says it all , he is hooked for like , 👍
  162. M

    Am I covered

    You can't go wrong with a VISX 12 as Phil said , awesome reel lightweight and does th3 job
  163. M

    What's the Best Freezer?

    I have 2 chest freezers and they always last 15 years or so , I prefer a chest to a up right , it is a pain if you completely fill it up , what I do is I separate my meat , fish and veggies in boxes , one box will have seafood, the other steaks ,Tri Tips and so forth , I find the right size...
  164. M

    Great Whites - La Jolla

    That's great for the seal population control which is great for us fishermen but not so great for the surfers, as longas the seal population keeps exploding theirs no reason for the sharks to leave , kinda like fishermen leaving fish to find fish
  165. M

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, the weather is beautiful and the ocean flat calm down at Puerto San isdiro, Make it a great day
  166. M

    New car debate??

    Life is too short , get whatever you want, I do know that gas isn't going to go down anytime soon and it's slated to go up ,I would get something big enough to cover your needs with Goodfellow mileage, shit is only going to get worse with fuel and a 25 billion dollars deficit projected 2023 in...
  167. M

    Traveling to Baja with rods

    I pack 8 rods every trip with no issues whatsoever, I put my reels in reel covers and pack them in a soft pack cooler and I carry them on the plane
  168. M

    Getting old sucks!

    No it's not but it works and anything good cost us plenty
  169. M

    Radon boats poll

    Back at you , you stepped right in, it's amazing how the corncob response even came it , their are some warped minds out their , one minute it's Radon boats the next it some gay guy who started the post
  170. M

    Getting old sucks!

    FYI Voltaren gel in the states is 1% strength, in Mexico at a pharmacy it 2 percent , twice the strength and HALF PRICE , I use this or NONI Cream ,soothing penetrating inflammation pain relief ,on the bottle it says icyheat Noni Lotoin , it's organic and mad3 in Hawaii from the Noni berry , I...
  171. M

    Getting old sucks!

    I get cortisone shots in my thump joints every 4 months and it helps big time , surgery won't work unless you plan on reading books the rest of your life, replacement parts for hands are plastic and doctor said they don't last ,I'm 65 years old and still very much enjoying my life and fishing...
  172. M

    Boat Poll

    I have a 39 foot Blackman and a 30 foot center console at the Bay Club marina on shelter island, I have two 26 foot center console pangas at my Puerto San isdiro house and a 29 foot center console at my L A Bay house , I sold my river boat
  173. M

    Radon boats poll

    How old are you? 10 ? I give my thoughts on a question you ask and from their it goes to sticking a dry corn cob up someone's ass ? Your a fucken idiot and you HAVE NO IDEA who is at the other end of this conversation
  174. M

    Radon boats poll

    It doesn't matter the cost of a Radon or the commerical look or finish it's the eye of the beholder, what boat isn't overpriced? There's boats out there you or I wouldn't touch and yet their out there fishing , I believe Radon builds a great boat and those who own them could give 2 shits about...
  175. M

    Radon boats poll

    Barney is a east coast banana, a west coast kook , the idiot who runs over a kelp paddi or your Mad Macs you are trolling 🤣
  176. M

    2014 Honda 225 stays at 2000 RPM

    Sounds like water in the fuel, no telling how old the fuel is or how long the boat sat , maybe try installing a Raycor water separator
  177. M

    Thresher boats out of business

    Bummer for those who bought them although there could be some out there that held up , I used to see one all the time in tight south Coronado island calico bass fishing , Like anything else take good care of what you have and hope for the best
  178. M

    Radon boats poll

    Their a nitch boat and not for everyone, they seem to do great north of san Diego, channel islands and so forth , someone who buys one obviously is going to say they love it regardless of the cost , I believe there's something to all the hype of owning one , owners swear by them and it boast a...
  179. M

    Boat burns near Mag bay

    They were very Lucky to be picked up by a Mexican Commercial fishing boat, they were 60 miles off the beach and the boat sank at sunset , 3 guys in the water with one kayak, the boat was heading back to san diego after fishing the Bisbee tournament, someone was watching out for these guys
  180. M

    Inshore Izors 11/14

    Thanks for the pick me up , it looked like a great day on the water
  181. M

    Blackman 26' outerbanks

    Great boat , super economical, Don built quality boats ,someone is going to get a great boat
  182. M

    8 hours and still hooked up

    Usually in that situation you call tournament control and let them know there's a Jackass sitting at the weigh in dock and you are waiting to pull up and weigh your fish , all tournament's have a designated channel they want you to monitor and there's always a kook around to mess shit up
  183. M

    Boat "Conception" Update 10.19.2022

    Boat Captains are responsible for all passengers on their vessel, a simple night watch may have smelled the smoke and had time to alert the passengers and grab a fire extinguisher, the skipper Jumped in the water along with some other crew members, I do not think the skipper should be let off...
  184. M

    Stiffing the Crew

    A tip is just that , either it's deserved or it isn't, case closed
  185. M

    What do you do for a living?

    DOD Contractor , Business owner
  186. M

    Boat "Conception" Update 10.19.2022

    Failure all around that night , I was on C dock Marina Cortez in the 70s and I worked around some of the great skippers, Gene Grimes , Gary Samson , Don Chin, Lewis Mauer and so on , it was Always night watch Shifts on the pick, never longer than 3 hours and we would check bildges, wind...
  187. M

    Tackle stores

    I've never used them for unloading gear, I bought a Saltiga 30 reel from them one year at the Del Mar Fred Hall show, I've sold reels on eBay and I was happy with the amount of money I got
  188. M

    Mexican Immigration checking drivers?

    If it shortens line waiting time it sounds good but shit like this tends to flame out after a few months, I always come back through Tecate on a Monday ot Tuesday, I leave my house in Puerto San isdiro at 9 am and when I hit the border all the morning traffic is gone and I never wait longer than...
  189. M

    Tackle stores

    Tackle Trader San Diego
  190. M

    Salt Water striped Bass all over southern California?

    Years ago it was common to catch stripe bass in the Ocean Beach Channel which connects to the San Diego River, these fish were caught on incoming tide coming in the Channel, the Jetty would be lined up with anglers fishing for them
  191. M

    Inflated Price's

    It's all quality, capstan, cousins , Phoenix, United composite, Soper seeker
  192. M

    Inflated Price's

    It's tough selling fishing gear especially to get a decent price, I've got over 50 rods to go thru and get rid of along with 20 reels or better to get rid of, both of my Mexico houses are equipped with all the gear I need, my 39 foot Blackman Jimmie C is loaded with all the gear I need and I...
  193. M

    Dead Great White

    It's sad that a 8 foot Great White shark is dead so some fucked person can get his rocks off catching and killing a baby white shark , they help the echo system and keep the seal population down ,
  194. M

    Distance to the Coronado Island from

    It's a no Brainer, San Diego Bay all the way , call the Bay Club marina and ask for Shelly the dock master , close to the bait barge and 7 miles or so closer to the coronado islands from mission bay, yes slip fees are more but the Bay Club is unreal , you can hear concerts and see the stage...
  195. M

    Cooler bags

    Good to know
  196. M

    The Constitution - Never Again

    I don't think yelp is a good gauge on any business because a disgruntled customer gets mad or doesn't get his or her way uses yelp as a payback to damage a company's reputation, dealing with the public in any businesses is a chore for sure , lots of people expect something for nothing and if...
  197. M

    Anybody got a report for Coronados, Rock pile, 302, 226, 9, 425, 371?

    A little below south island 5 minute kelp which is pretty much gone ,,along the edge 92 to 128 feet of water , lots of nice sand in the area , keep track of your drifts and work the area
  198. M

    Anybody got a report for Coronados, Rock pile, 302, 226, 9, 425, 371?

    I'm going to the islands Sunday to start the deeper water Halibut season and I can't wait, my tuna season is over for me and I'm all rigged and ready to go, good luck out there Saturday
  199. M

    The Constitution - Never Again

    If you fish on party boats on a regular basis it's bound to happen and things go from bad to worse especially when the crew are burned out because it's the end of the season, it doesn't make it right for the paying customer who wants to get away from all the bullshit called life ,move on to...
  200. M

    New-ish fresh seafood shop in Point Loma

    For those who can go to work every day in a public oriented environment and be Jolly and happy go lucky is a pipe dream , the public can be a brutal bitch day in and day out and some people including myself have bad days , I guess the free trade practices works well in this situation we...
  201. M

    New-ish fresh seafood shop in Point Loma

    Tommy is a great guy and always makes time to talk and answer any questions you have, he took great care of my Dad Jim Bigham and all of his sons , Tommy turned Catalina offshore what it is today with his retail seafood counter and his cooking seminars, he is The 1st to offer help in any...
  202. M

    Did you know 30% of all caught Marine Life goes to make 1 thing??

    Ya I read that earlier, this should surprise no one , sooooo stupid , all we need to do is a better job of Fish stock management, I just got back last night Sunday from Gloucester massachusetts, beautiful place , 400 year old fishing ports , what I can't believe is it's so over fished for...
  203. M

    2010 Trophy 1703CC

    Great starter boat for someone, it looks immaculate
  204. M

    Walleye Cheating Fishermen Indicted on Felony Charges Now.

    They already lost their boat and gear, I don't think they will get away with Just a slap on the wrist , these guys have won multiple tournaments and it's now obvious why, ban them for lifetime fishing tournaments and no fishing license for 10 years , send a strong message, they won't be seen...
  205. M

    Baby yellowtail killers

    It makes no sense at all. To kill Lemon backs like that but as well know it happens , people need to respect the fishery some what , I see shit like that and I wish I hadn't, let them get bigger and have a chance to spawn
  206. M

    Compare mid/late 80’s Mako to Robalo

    both great boats for sure , I've fished on both and I like the hull design and the way it rides on a Mako better
  207. M

    Inshore Slow lobster opener SD bay/zoo-updated day 2!

    Tough opener at SD Bay , complete shit show but it was fun 9 Leagals for 3 of us so 3 apiece was good enough, I forgot how crazy it is on opening day
  208. M

    499 SCI Blue Fin

    Leaving tonight at midnight and coming back Friday afternoon on my boat Jimmie C
  209. M

    Tell me about your favorite casting setup

    Cousins 95 J mag , old school Saltiga star drag with 30 lb big game
  210. M

    Boat/Outboard deals coming soon

    Not sure I'd buy from some poor soul who lost his boat ,it's probably worth the risk for the right boat or motor depending on the price , lots of boats destroyed for sure
  211. M

    Blackman 20cc Fish Machine

    Say no more ,it's a Blackman , quality built west coast boats with a insane reputation, as Don Blackman used to say, Where Perfect is Good enough , I'm a very happy Blackman boat owner, my third is a 39 foot ,Jimmie C
  212. M

    Is the Big Bluefin move on ?

    The season is winding down and the fish have moved up north more, I don't think it's over , still lots of bait on all the banks , they just found better water up north ,water Temps south are starting to det spoty , bands of cooler water on the beach for sure
  213. M

    BOLA in Nov What's good

    Everything is good at LA Bay in November, I'll be there as well rehabbing after surgery , I only need to make it to my front porch to feel the magic and stare at the midriff islands ,I've learned being on the water is a bonus but just being there is satisfying enough , I can always get fresh...
  214. M

    Islands Anyone else get skunked yesterday?

    I think it was a tough day in general, not a lot of boats caught fish , water on the beach rolled as well ,hopefully outside wind backs down and the water cleans up to get the bite rolling again, it's still early
  215. M

    New Parker deadrise?

    Great choice , I had a Parker for a season and I bought a 39 foot Blackman and kept my 30 foot CC
  216. M

    New Parker deadrise?

    I'm on the Parker Forum because I can , I'm not going to bash the boats because I think you DESERVE ONE, Parker on buddy
  217. M


    Electricity is back on , Daggetts is up and running, the internet has been up and down , I'm sure Amanda at Daggetts is busy with the grading of roads and hauling in dirt to fill all the damage done from the storm , it was a mess , I just got my property graded out and one of my power poles...
  218. M

    Sea Adventure

    I've called in sport boats before who watched us reeling in fish and they kept their distance, it was nice to see them slide in and start catching fish ,years ago the big Game kept going around us on a wide open yellowfin bite , I called them on the radio and they slid right in and caught fish...
  219. M

    New Parker deadrise?

    Why a Parker ? Way better boats out there , all my friends that bought parkers sold them after 1 season and bought Boston Whalers or Blackman fish machines
  220. M

    is hoopin' declining?

    Have a good season , I'm on my way in 2 hours Leaving on my boat on a 2 day , no stress , no Jerks , hopefully some good bait and great company with my son in law and a couple of buddies
  221. M

    is hoopin' declining?

    Your right I should have ,Looking forward to getting out again pulling hoops , I've been working on the gear and getting everything ready for hopefully a good season for all
  222. M

    is hoopin' declining?

    By telling him I'm pulling my gear , nothing negative came out of my mouth , I had the decency to let him know and I basically got the fuck you , put the spin on the story the way you want , maybe it was you who set your gear on top of Mine I've been hooping San diego bay for 55 years now and I...
  223. M

    is hoopin' declining?

    No chirp from me what so ever , he set his gear right on top of mine , I pulled my gear. Said good luck and let him have the area , no confrontation what so ever from me , if my daughter wasn't on my boat it might have been a different story ,my water time is my down time and when I leave my...
  224. M

    is hoopin' declining?

    Hooping is like finding a good kelp with fish on it , people could give 2 shots about you or anyone else , it's the new mentality of the sportfishing world , it's a free ocean ,it's a free bay , I can set my traps where ever I want, I had a guy last year match exactly where I set my gear , not...
  225. M

    Question, anybody throwing jigs microbaits at these dorado?

    My last trip I was throwing a 7x surface iron and I was catching bigger grade Dorado , Lots of fish around the boat and they liked the mint color
  226. M

    Bahia de los Angeles - Charter Cost

    All day super panga is 400 to 450 a day , make sure you check road conditions before you go, they had some pretty big road blowouts from the last storm
  227. M


    I'm leaving Thursday morning, make sure you check road conditions from San Felipe south , I was told by Oso who is my contractor in LA Bay who does all of Daggetts building that there's a section of new road that washed out , safe travels , my place is fine he said
  228. M

    Cleaned rod with Alcohol!

    Real oil is what I use on my rods, reels and line I've been using it for years , it's a dry lube and a micro rag to wipe it clean , you can get it on line or Walmart sells it in the fishing section, I don't think I've ever used anything better
  229. M


    La Bay took a good hit with the storm with washed our roads , damaged homes , cars and loss of power as of yesterday Friday , haven't heard if power has been restored but there's a couple hundred yards or more of washed out road , I'm trying to find out how my property faired and hope to go down...
  230. M

    Which one of you is this?

    Hey you made a observation and than stood up to make it right , kudos for doing that I really believe 99 percent of fisherman would do anything possible to get a physical challenged person out on the water , most Fisherman enjoy seeing a person catch his or hers first fish , it's special , I...
  231. M

    Joke Of The Day JOTD

    WHY DON'T SHARKS EAT CLOWNS ? BECAUSE THEY TASTE FUNNY, it's a time joke you laugh when you get time
  232. M

    Which one of you is this?

    The smile says it all , catching a fish is just that, no matter what gear or means it took , congrats on on a nice fish and getting out on the water
  233. M

    La Bay storm

    Waves are breaking over the boat ramp at LA Bay with fierce wind waves , internet is out as well , I was able to get a hold of my caretaker for my property yesterday early evening but no luck this morning , hope all is OK and will give a update when I get one
  234. M

    Islands Calm before the storm

    Good Job spending time with the kids and catching some nice fish , memories for life , my Dad used to tell me everyday you fish the Lord doesn't count that day against your life and I'm not a to big of a religious person bu hell my Dad said it so it's got to be true
  235. M

    Gale Warnings now posted for Tropical Storm KAY .Friday 5:30am

    it's a good time to watch from shore mother Nature at her best , work on the little boat needs we keep putting off and give our fishing gear a little extra attention, I started yesterday changing out some line and completely reorganized my tackle station , hopefully after the storm pick up...
  236. M

    Goodbye to the 262..........

    It has fish machine written all over if , a True battle wagon that will be around for years too come
  237. M

    Cedros is about to get pummeled hope they all are well

    Hopefully they prepared for the storm as much as possible, they don't have any protection what so ever , I'm sure they all have a plan where to seek shelter if possible,
  238. M

    Fish ID please! What is it?

    Pinto Bass , moved up with the warm water
  239. M

    Why are bad sport boat reviews discouraged?

    Bad experience on a boat is just that, people in ALL trades wake up on the wrong side of the bed , we don't live in fairytale land , and we al. Have bad days , roast a guy's lively hood is not cool , keep it in your own circle, nothing to gain and nothing hurts more than bad press
  240. M

    Hurricane Kat what will it do?

    Time will tell and not sure how far north the storm will travel , I don't think the fish are going anywhere anytime soon, warm water, clean water, lots of bait, I think the storm along with the swell will push up a band of even warmer water, the bite will probably slow for a few days but it'll...
  241. M

    Dorado in Oregon

    Watch the weather, I wouldn't make any plans 25 knots of wind coming along with a 5 to 7 foot swell
  242. M

    Dorado in Oregon

    Unreal , next will be Marlin
  243. M

    Empty kelps?

    Kelps, my bad
  244. M

    Empty kelps?

    I've been fishing 25 to 30 miles below the rock pile and I've had great luck on the keeps along with willing bitting tuna , no boat traffic whatsoever, all the local keeps have been hit hard , you need to venture off the opposite direction from the fleet and make it happen
  245. M

    How much ice.

    San Diego ice , I put 300 lbs in the deck freezer and 120 lbs in the 260 quart yeti and 20 lbs in the deck cooler
  246. M

    So sad. S

    Always sad to hear when a person loses his or her life doing what they Love , this is a reminder to stay on top of your boats safety features , pumps,batteries, flare kits and a portable Avon or a type of life boat , I ha5one in each of my boats and I belive they are worth the money which for a...
  247. M

    Wine cabinet

    Is your wine cabinet still available I'll buy it Mike 858 776 9966
  248. M

    Super seeker ulua 93h question

    40 cast really nice but depending on how aggressive the fish are I'll have a 30 and 40 lb backup , Great rods for sure
  249. M

    Talica clickers

    I can't hear them on the bridge of my 39 foot Blackman either so I keep someone on the deck that I rotate and it works out great , one one the back deck and one on the bridge with the glasses
  250. M

    T-Mobile Reception in and Around the Coronados

    Verizon is the phone of choice for cell phone service in baja
  251. M

    Offshore Seiners back

    The state should subsidize the seiner fleet as do the federal government does for farmers , where's the California Tree Huggers when you need them
  252. M

    Best fishing jacket ?

    Look up the AK Nomar store in Homet Alaska , the absolutely best jackets money can buy and all made in the store I've had the crabber Jacket for 10 years , I also buy all my water proof reel bags and Luggage bags, awesome store
  253. M

    Does anyone catch more Bluefin than BillyK

    Edgar Castro on the Jimmie C kills it every time
  254. M


    Great boats , super clean
  255. M


    The world is full of people who knowingly take advantage of others and sleep just fine at night , best case scenario is for people not to buy BK shit , go to Dana Landing and pay a fair price , what goes around definitely comes around and it will sooner than Later, call Dana Landing and ask for...
  256. M

    Paddy Jackals

    I would never shoot anyone ov3r a kelp or fish , I enjoy my freedom and I'm DOD so yes I have guns like everyone else and I've been lucky to never have to use them other then target practice, it would certainly scare the he'll out of someone thou , no one owns a kelp , even the person who finds...
  257. M

    Paddy Jackals

    I don't carry paintball guns o. My boat , I carry a 4- ' you can put the second number in , it's a big ocean and most of us get along great with respect for the other person
  258. M

    Paddy Jackals

    People Just don't give a shit when you are fishing a kelp holding fish that could have taken a few hours to find the right one that produces fish for you and your buddies and then here comes a boat load of dirt bags and there it's a free ocean Attitude and funky you guys if you don't like it...
  259. M

    Blackman Albacore 23

    Someone will score with this boat , lots to work with and a Great price
  260. M

    RIP Bill Russell

    A Legend and a Great person , old school ways how he lived which these days dosen' t excist
  261. M

    Windy App

    it's my go to for sure , I was at Puerto San isdiro for a week last week and it was right on every day , I depend on it a lot
  262. M

    Great white

    Bummer on killing a Mako like that , not many that size left , too each his on
  263. M

    Much Mexican Navy Lately?

    2 weeks ago on Friday drifting for halibut off south island the navy came by my boat and stopped , I waved at them , they waved back and left , that was the first time this year that I saw them but I try not too fish on the weekends and I fish at least once a week out there
  264. M


    Boat is sold but Like all diesels , fuel filters 2 oil and oil filter every 100 hours , great motor ,
  265. M

    Yellowfin close all the next 4-5 days

    Left the slip yesterday morning Saturday and returned today back at the slip Bay Club marina on shelter Dr, we covered 148 miles total and NOT A yellowfin in sight , great water Temps, mixed swell and so so bait , Lots of nice yellows and small Dorado, so the yellowfin theory doesn't hold water
  266. M

    WTB Blackman Outer Banks 26

    Hope you find one , they are the best , Don Blackman use to say Where Perfect is good enough , he was a great person and great boat builder, he built me two 26 billfishers 10 years apart
  267. M


    michael e. bingham submitted a new listing: 26 FOOT ANGLER PANGA 2006 - 26 FOOT ANGLER PANGA 2006 Learn more about this listing...
  268. 26 FOOT ANGLER PANGA 2006

    Southern California 26 FOOT ANGLER PANGA 2006

    2006, 26 ft Angler Panga 120 HP, 1.7 Liter Isuzu Diesel motor with less than 1000 hours 5-6 miles per gallon, cruising speed 22 knots Brand New FE Trailer & tandem axle Brand New 9 in Simrad Evo3, VHF Radio, & Antenna Brand New turbo, outdrive, & prop Brand New pumps, belts, batteries, &...
  269. M

    SQUIDCO .. Reel Service Going on 6 months

    Parts are a major problem for all vendors , it's the same at Dana Landing , squidco doesn't make any money if they can't get the parts needed for reel repairs and it hurts us as much as it hurts store doing the repairs and it's not going to get better any time soon which is a bummer for all ,
  270. M

    Online version of Mexican wristbands?

    Never heard of it , I bought mine from Joey at squidco, I got one for the year which is way better than the day pass
  271. M


    Happy Father's day to all , special day today with my Daughters and Granddaughter, today will. Be spent on my boat cruising the bay throwing plastics
  272. M

    Reel Service San Diego

    Doug at Dana Landing is great
  273. M


    Nothing like a family trip , it looks like you guys had a blast , good Job Dad
  274. M


    Nothing like a family trip , good job it looks unreal
  275. M


    Daggets just ordered 2 new pangas and they have Great air-conditioned rooms they have Great Captains as well they are on the beach at LA bay and the pangas are right next to the rooms , super easy and great fishing ,
  276. M

    BOLA Question

    All was good there a couple of weeks ago, we stopped in for dinner
  277. M

    Boat Owners - What MPG You Gettin?

    I have a few pangas and a 39 foot blackman , one of my pangas is a 2006 Angler with a 120 HP Isuzu diesel that gets 4 to 5 miles a gallon , it's 26 footer with new EVERYTHING and I will be listing it next week for sale
  278. M


    Water at the islands Monday at south island was cleaner than its been an 65 -7 degrees , lots of bait and birds , I fished the tides for halibut and didn`t see any yellows but lots of birds working the bait , its only only going to get bettet with the water warming up , im heading back out...
  279. M

    Inshore New Seaforth Sunday 5/29

    Great Job Dad , memories for Life , my Daughters grew up on the water with me fishing and they still do to this day at 34 and 29 years old
  280. M

    Catching Halibut at Anchor.

    Casting out and slowly retrive your favorite plastic back to the boat keeping your Jig as close to the bottom as possible and then rod number 2 in the rod holder with dead squid , live sardine or mackeral whatever you can round up
  281. M

    Stop freaking out

    BFT are not a waste if time if like most people enjoy time on the water , the last few seasons we`ve had great success chasing and catching BFT , we are off to another great season this year as well , being on the water is my first choice for spending my day catching or not
  282. M

    Offshore Spring Shootout tournament victory! Big BFT 5/21

    You should sign up for the Don Blackman Memorial tournament on June 18th at the SD marlin club it`s a great time
  283. M


    Not all bums or homeless people are by choice so helping out Fater Joe feed his people is a donation to him which helps keep the homeless fed which could be less crime , he`s done a lot of good with his programs
  284. M

    1983 23' Blackman Billfisher

    You can`t go wrong with a Blackman `they are built to last im on my 3rd boat I had 2 built Harvey B and Vonnie B both 26 feet now I own a 39 foot Blackman Jimmie C ,Good luck with the sale
  285. M

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    I used to cut the tails . I still have some in my lure collection
  286. M

    Nados Halibut hunting

    Once again a tough day with the flatties , fished 38 feet to 122 feet with NO halibut , sand bass ` sculpin and lots of calicios in shallow water , water is still off color and 63 : 5 degrees , bait everywhere and lots of birds , I don`t think I had a halibut bute all day , left the slip at 5 am...
  287. M

    Erendira Lodging

    LA bay was great , super fun trip with the family and great fishing , also the garage is done except for outside paint , the weather was nice and not too much wind , caught cabria , grouper , and yellows, beach fishing was good as well in front of the house for trigger and pinta bass ,
  288. M

    Erendira Lodging

    Give me the dates and my place might be open , ive got a really nice 26 foot panga in my garage with a good captain , im 3 to 4 hundred yards from the boat ramp and the best view in town , shoot me a text 858 776 9966
  289. M

    What to do with a new-in-box Penn 6/0

    Is it the 6- 0 special ? If so it's a higher gear ration and a great rock cod real
  290. M

    Any bluefin spotted near Catalina recently?

    I think most of the fish are south right now but anything is possible , lots of bait down here and the fish aren`t moving too much
  291. M

    Inshore No postings about Alaska for awhile

    I fly out for Homer June 20th for 10 days , fish down by Elizabeth inside of the Baren islands and we will also fish the Keni for 2 days , we had a great trip last year and hoping for good weather on the sea , a bunch of Binghams going so it`ll be a blast either way , Last year our biggest was...
  292. M

    Stock Market: Home of the Brave

    Stocks won`t be worth shit if the war going on expands , Dam sure can't trust putin , id be buying Guns and ammo pretty serious shit going on in the world and stocks won`t save you , im going about my daily life working and fishing and try not to get caught up in it
  293. M

    Shooting off my boat in California

    AK 47 Time , lots of fun
  294. M

    Offshore God almighty must really not want me to catch a bft

    Next Time it`ll happen , you got all your bad luck over in one trip , smooth sailing from here on out
  295. M

    My last Trip with Friends "that want to go fishing"

    iv`e canceled trips when one of my buddys says ` oh by the way im bringing my girlfriend , I did it once and NEVER again , it ruined the entire trip , we neveff left the dock before 8 am and if it was a little rough it was hey bro my chick isn`t feeling good , who gives a shit you dumb ass ...
  296. M

    Help me get back from Baja

    That I still go thru Tecate , it,s a no stress line and iv`e been doing this for 15 years now , usually I leave for my house at Puerto San Isdiro on a Tuesday and I go thru Tijuana on the way down , Tecate on the way back on a Monday or tuesday , I leave my housr at 8 am and get to the border at...
  297. M

    Only In California

    The people who grew up here didn`t cause the mess , it`s the people who run the state and have done a great Job of running it into the ground and continue to do so , I don`t see any changes in the future because people keep voting in these idiot`s in the ground , I sometime `s think they want...
  298. M

    Only In California

    All states have Lawyers are all Lawyers sue people , get off the california bashing wagon , why in the fuck do you care if ypu left in 2018 ? Looks like you are still looking , I guess where you live now you don`t have Lawyers
  299. M

    Worst Conditions You Ever Fished?

    Baron islands 40 to 50 knot winds 15 to 18 foot seas with no place to hide , we managed to make it to Blue Fox bay and stayed thete for 4 days until things cleared up , The Bering sea is Brutal , you find your survival suit and religion real fast
  300. M

    Post Hernia Surgery... When Can I Fish Again?

    Don`t push it unless ypu want to chance it popping out again , trust me it`s not worth it , let it heal 10 to 12 weeks , it`s still early in the season and you`ll have till October to kill fish
  301. M

    La Bay fishing trip

    Bryon is still running the seacall , it`s a 119 foot custom and his son Cameron is also running a boat , I was able to fuel my truck in san Felipe but my brother Jim who was a couple of hpurs behind me tried to fuel his truck and they were out of fuel ` I didn`t have any problems buying fuel at...
  302. M

    La Bay fishing trip

    We didn`t get any over 40 lbs , we let go lots of fish and ate fresh fish every night
  303. M

    La Bay fishing trip

    Headed down to my property at Daggets for a week with my family April 5th to the 12th , paid my condolences to Alfonso about his dad passing away , Ruben `s wife wasn`t there yeg she was still in Ensenada , the workers we`re finishing up the bathroom and shower in the newley built garage that`s...
  304. M

    Looking for a fishing buddy who is a guide

    I think your approach is all wrong , you`re a charter captain up in the north country and ypu want a guide from socal to take ypu fishing ? Do you charge for ypur charter services ? I Thought so , the way this works is ypu have to have a baited hook in order to catch the fish , so what ypu...
  305. M

    Halibut fishing off mission beach (or PB, or OB?)

    Our biggest last year was 38 pounds , first time in YEARS we didn`t catch several fish over 40 pounds , 2 years ago our biggest was 54 ' 4 on 12 pound test it was our 3rd over 50 pounds , this year our biggest so far is 44' 4 and we have 2 over 35 lbs and 3 over 30 ,our biggest one fishing the...
  306. M

    Halibut fishing off mission beach (or PB, or OB?)

    You are kidding right ??????` really
  307. M

    So I was robbed today....

    Your right it took a lot of hard work to get to this point in my life and I wouldn`t trade it for anything but I still very much feel the pain at the pump
  308. M


    The skipper Jim Edwards lost his license for a year and the coast Guard ruled it a no fault for both Vessels , they couldn`t prove negilence for either party
  309. M

    So I was robbed today....

    And they say it`s going to get worse , how much worse can it get? They tell us in advance the fucking we`re getting is just starting , I have 22 work trucks in my company fleet along with Bobcats , backhoes , airmans MT 100`s and on and on and on . its brutal along with a boay at LA bay , a boat...
  310. M

    State advisory

    im going to my LA Bay house in April for a week and have no worries what so ever , I plan on doing the slow ride on the way down and doing a few days of fishing , you can`t worry about what you can`t control
  311. M

    Islands Coronado islands halibut hunt

    No it wasn`t me who ypu talked to , I also only saw one boat all day , im glad I wasn`t on my center console and was on my blackman
  312. M

    Islands Coronado islands halibut hunt

    Left the dock at 5:30 am and got great bait at the barge , headed to south island and right away we had wind and I thought that`s great we`re going to have a drift for halibut which was the target fish , water temp was 60' 9 and pretty clean , got down to my deep water spot and set up our first...
  313. M

    Ruben Dagget passes- bola

    Minor back surgery gone wrong , my daughter was at our property and spent time with Ruben and his wife and he told her he was having a minor surgery , he was in great spitits as always and ready when needed to lend a hand to his tenants , he helped me with my building projects and always had the...
  314. M

    5S Mexicali to La Chapala

    it was closed 2 weeks ago
  315. M

    Tuline in Long Beach Only

    im also a Truline collector , Kennedy fisher and old fresh water lures from northern minnesota , it`s a fun hobby but I will admit I never use them , ive got over 20 collector rods with 5 being Dave Bell`s I also have a large collection of skip fry surf boards , some day ill get rid of it all
  316. M

    Tuline in Long Beach Only

    How`s that trade only working out for you ? Lot`s of trulines out there and plenty for sale , good luck with the trade only
  317. M

    This seasons fishing & boating will be very expensive....

    Hope you get back on your feet sooner than Later , us older gents take longer to heal , I Fish the islands a lot on my 39 foot blackman which is a comfortable boat , call me when ypu are ready it`ll be a R-R trip 858 776 9966 mike
  318. M

    This seasons fishing & boating will be very expensive....

    Whats the plan ? Sit on the beach ? I didn`t think so , for those of us that fish for our outlet or the Love of the sport will find a way to get on the water and enjoy our time fishing , yes it`s going to cost more but we don`t have options right now so tell ypur fishing buddies it`s going to...
  319. M

    Price of Trulines

    Pristine Trulines sell for a pretty penny , they are classic rods and people who fished them back in the day are classic as well as in old , Trueline rods bring back lots of childhood memories for those who fished them , I own a dozen or so including 4 Dave Bell
  320. M

    Longline boats for sale

    I commerical fished in the 70`s for 5 years and had some great paydays and some shit no pay days , I loved being on the water and money wasn`t the main goal for me to be on the water , it`s a tough way to make a living these days for sure and im sure there is still money too be made , im glad I...
  321. M

    PSA: DFG at boat ramp

    This whole thing is fucken stupid , thank god my boats are in slips and don`t have to deal with the wanna be fush and game , I also think everyone who pays for a license and to go fishing has the same right to catch the same limit , cry me a fucken river and lock this stupid ass post up
  322. M

    Longline boats for sale

    Long hours , no money and lack of fish , soon to be a thing of the past
  323. M

    June or July and WHY?

    June and July , why not , the currents have been pretty close to the same in the last 5 years, abundance of bait the last several years has played a big part as well , fish as often as possible especially with what is going on in the world , I fish year around 3 to 4 times a month regardless of...
  324. M

    Bay / Harbor SD Bay 2/24/22

    Time on the water is what counts , our numbers are way down as well but we always make a day of it fishing plastics for spotties and then setting gear , thanks for the report
  325. M

    truline d8, dave bell, gary nordby

    Beautiful , ive got 4 Dave Bell Trulines in my collection ill get pics up over the weekend
  326. M


  327. M

    Save The Fleet From CARB

    The State won`t stop there , in 2025 they are going after ALL sportfishers , private or commerical , the new engines will only work in steal hull boats because the engines run so hot they won`t work in fiberglass or wood hulls , there are almost 700 thousand private sportfishers on the...
  328. M

    Stringari Center Console

    Bob built great little boats
  329. M

    Big change in Weather SMALL CRAFT WARNINGS now

    im heading out tomorrow Monday before the storm rolls in , im going to the islands to fish flatties
  330. M

    Reaching out to old timers. boat Fugitive

    Dave Labruisies boat , Bill keith was the deckhand , a San Clemente island favorite , smaller boat compared to todays rigs , not sure when it sank or if Dave is even with us anymore , Bill Keith turned 67 Friday and he`s still fishing, we`re supposed to go too the islands Sunday
  331. M

    This is why they play the game.

    Finally a good game and not a blowout for a change
  332. M

    Refs Stink

    As always but they are calling the same for both sides , refs are letting the players play
  333. M

    Islands Pura Vida Halibut hunt

    Pulled some cured deans from my receiver and left the slip at 5:50 am and headed to south island , started out in 104 feet of water with no drift what so ever , water temp was almost 60 degrees up almost 3 degrees from last week , had a good out going tide but no wind until 10:30 am and not much...
  334. M

    Islands Islands bound Friday

    ill be on the pura vida and my son in law will be on the Jimmid C , channel 6
  335. M

    Islands Islands bound Friday

    Heading out tomorrow to drift the deep water for Halibut , hopefully we will have a good drift and covet some ground , still lots of bait out there so the fish are getting fat , the mexican navy was out their last week and he went right by us and never slowed down, I can,t remember the last time...
  336. M

    Gen 1 seeker 7 x

    No way are they worth more
  337. M

    Islands Pura Vida nados halibut trip

    Dropper , barrel swivel to a 3 way to sinker leader and a leader to the bait
  338. M

    Newbies on Silver Salmon next August

    You don`t need a guide , go to centennial park and pay your 8 dollars for the day , park and watch how they catch silvers from the beach , they use a little sinker with a leader and a piece of red yarn on the hook and they stand sideways and throw out about 10 to 15 feet and catch salmon full...
  339. M

    Islands Pura Vida nados halibut trip

    Left the slip at 5:30 am saturday after pulling some deans and mackeral from my receiver , a little bumpy heading out but still made 16 knotts , tried the inside south end of south island in 77 feet of water which was a mistake , I should have stuck to my game plan for the time of year and...
  340. M

    Fuel surcharges

    Oil hit $92;56 a barrel today and they say it`s going to hit $ 125 dollars a barrel , fuel is gonna go thru the fucken roof which means everything is going to go up which it already has , bait at the bait barge will be next to go up
  341. M

    Ohoh...Small Craft Warnings Wed.3am to Thurs. 8am Cat-North

    im moving my fishing date to Saturday instead of Friday because of the winds and wind waves , ill go to the Nados for deep drift halibut fishing , it should be a great drift and hopefully the fish cooperate ,
  342. M

    Looking for Skip Frye Surfboard

    Good luck with that. , they sell for way more than 1200 dollars , Skip made me 4 boards at once 5 years ago for my family
  343. M

    1/30 Windy/Snotty offshore and more fog early this next week

    The marine forcast off San Diego has been way off lately which is a good thing , yesterday on the water was o`e of the nicest days ive been out in a long time , water visibility at the islands was unreal and lof`s of life , it`s going to be a great year and ive finally learned how to cut my work...
  344. M

    What pound line are you fishing a Ulua?

    30 pound for puerto san isdiro white seadass special with Tady 45 mint surface
  345. M

    Islands Pura Vida Halibut hunting

    Pulled some cured deans and mackeral from my receivers and headed to south island to my deep water spot , left the slip at 5:45 am Saturday morning , a little lumpy early on but still cruzed 22 knots heading out ,got below south island and stopped in 98 feet of water , 56:8 degrees and really...
  346. M

    Islands Overnight Halibut hunting trip Jimmie C with pic

    I use chrome torpedo sinkers fron 2 to 5 ounce depending on conditions , winter fishing for halibut I fish deeper water usually 90 to 120 feet or so , I fished IB saturday in 74 to 85 feet of water and we caught 5 halibut with one going 8 or 9 pounds and all were released, I use a barrel swivel...
  347. M

    First bug of the season holding an egg packet

    Maybe practice what you preach , Just saying
  348. M

    Islands Overnight Halibut hunting trip Jimmie C with pic

    Edgar was a little quick on the gaff but he got it done and all were happy with the outcome
  349. M

    Getting older is tough

    Better to grow old than -
  350. M

    2022 predictions

    No complaints here so far for 2022, halibut fishing has been great , my boats are running great , im leaving June 21st to head back to Alaska for 10 days, and if the water dosen`t warm up off San Diego ill spend more time at my LA bay house , I belive we will all have a good year fishing in 2022...
  351. M

    Islands Overnight Halibut hunting trip Jimmie C with pic

    Size 1 or 1`0 owner fly line , 2`0 if im using mackeral depending on the the bait size , I used to go to the Del Mar boat show and buy 10 owner pro packs back when they were 14 to 15 dollars a pack and that would get me thru the year for all my boats
  352. M

    Islands Overnight Halibut hunting trip Jimmie C with pic

    I only use 12 or 15 pound test big game green , if you look at the reel in the picture you will see we use all small gear with 5 to 7 foot leaders , im not sure what Wyatt was using probably 15 pound test , I also don`t use any special leader just straight tie , 2 years ago we caught a 52 pound...
  353. M

    Get free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests now.

    Fu-k Biden and his free test that say your negative when your positive , the rich Just keep getting richer ,
  354. M

    Islands Overnight Halibut hunting trip Jimmie C with pic

    Where are you fishing out of ? If its san diego try the yukon wreck off mission beach , we`ve pulled some nice fish in that area the last few weeks, ill be fishing the wreck Thursday and then back to the islands Saturday
  355. M

    Islands Overnight Halibut hunting trip Jimmie C with pic

    Edgar did a gut gaff which bled all over so im thinking the fusg was probably closer to 46 lbs , my 52 pounder a couple of years ago was just under 54 inches , the fushvwill fatten up with all the bait down there
  356. M

    Islands Overnight Halibut hunting trip Jimmie C with pic

    Left the slip at 7 am with my son inlaw Edgar Castro , Jim Bingham,my brother and my nephew Wyatt Bingham , stoped at SD bait barge and got 3 scoops of nice bait and headed down the coast into Mexico , lots of bait and bird life off IB and water temp 57-7 degrees , did a couple of drifts for no...
  357. M

    Favorite experience of 2021?

    Idaho stream fishing for a week , Homer Alaska for 10 days fishing for halibut and salmon and having a epic Bluefin tuna season on our boat with the biggest going 313 lbs
  358. M

    Off season

    Leaving Friday morning on my boat for a 2 day trip exploring new Halibut spots south of the border and will end up at south island for the night
  359. M

    Skipjack 30 or similar (Blackman, Radovich, Crystaliner, etc.)

    Yes 11 and a half feet beam , fast boat with twin yanmars and holds 265 gallons of fuel so it`s got great range , I have a 39 foot Balckman with almost a 14 foot beam and it holds 565 gallons of fuel
  360. M

    Which restaurant has the best fried chicken?

    My wife`s fried chicken is the best , she rolls the chicken in blue cheese dressing and then flour and bread crumbs and it`s a treat
  361. M

    Inshore DP Halibut 1/8

    Nothing Better than a solo Halibut session , iv`e been out twice in the last 2 weeks with a 28 pounder and a 34 pounder , I caught one in 83 feet of water and one in 103 feet of water , I also threw back 2 legals 8 to 10 pounds , I always use 12 pound test big game green and a owner 1/0 or 1...
  362. M

    What is your Monofilament of Choice for Surface Irons

    Berkley Big game , it has the least memory , I also use the same on my Halibut rods, 12 lb test green for the perfect set up
  363. M

    So, fish will probably end up killing me???

    Along with Beef and Chicken , im not giving up any of it , Eat On
  364. M

    Skipjack 24 Water in bilge

    Deck work is not cheap , marine ply mahogany from frost lumber is 146 dollars sheet and that`s contractor price , just the materials with resin , matt , glass , gel coat , and all the little things will cost $4000 dollars and you don`t know the condition under the deck , get your buddies...
  365. M

    Help getting stain out of fiberglass

    Try soft scrub with bleach
  366. M

    Where did the politics board go?

    A person needs to be able to voice a opinion and people can and do get carried away with their beliefs and opinions but that`s not enough to take it away from other members , come up with a format that works for all , Deal With It
  367. M

    Stop !

    i`ve been saying for years im going to unload some rods, I have 16 various rods at my puerto san isdiro house , 15 various rods at my LA bay house , ovet 20 rods on my 39 foot Blackman and over 60 rods in my garage along with 10 trulines, , I have five 95 J mags cousins rods which I gave one to...
  368. M

    Offshore windy-Small Craft Warnings still posted 12/31

    i`ll be at my deep water halibut spot tomorrow fishing monster tides out of san Diego , ill fish my bigger boat in case of weather
  369. M

    How to get back in the boat...?

    it could be a life saver for sure
  370. M


    ive been happily married for 38 years now
  371. M


    The number one cause of Divorce is Marriage so stay single
  372. M


    Chances are slim to none on me buying a 92 foot Viking, the good thing is it`s free to dream so what the hell
  373. M

    Skipjack 30 or similar (Blackman, Radovich, Crystaliner, etc.)

    theres a 29 foot blackman for sale in San Diego , asking 124 thousand and you could get it for 90 to 100 thousand , look up blackman boats for sale , its clean and a great boat
  374. M

    The “Old Guy” thread!

    Sounds good , mynew Garage is 90 percent done , doors need to be installed and the toliet and vanity , im about 200 yards south of Daggets right on the beach
  375. M

    Getting ready for some bluefin

    My boat is fueled and ready to go , our last 4 trips have been to the Tanner
  376. M

    FISH Alaska? It was 67F degrees there Dec. 26th

    2 weeks prior to that Homer had 10 feet in 5 days , im going back in June for another 10 days
  377. M

    The “Old Guy” thread!

    Age is just a number , i`ll be 65 in April and im not going to get into my health issues which are plenty , I still fish at every opportunity by myself or my son inlaw or one of my nephews , we all hope to get to a ripe old age and that`s my plan , im still running a company , building 2 houses...
  378. M

    Most productive ways to fish plastics

    A lot of times conditions are how you fish , I like to bounce a a plastic stright up and down a few times than reel in slow or cast it out and walk it back too the boat , im leaving December 27 th for my house in puerto San Isdiro and will be fishing shallow water cod 120 to 180 feet and I like...
  379. M

    Rain/cold weather fishing jacket recommendation?

    I was there in August and they are making lots of new things , try their water proof boat bags, reel bags , water proof backpacks , their polar fleece beanies , I have 2 and you`re head and ears syay super warm
  380. M


    M and M uses a decal machine
  381. M

    Rain/cold weather fishing jacket recommendation?

    I use Nomar which I buy in Homer Alaska , you can order on line , I also buy my waterproof boat bags from them ,
  382. M

    Dedicated yoyo setup?

    40 -100 Rainshadow 7 foot with Talica 20
  383. M


    Looks like fun , Thanks for the report , im heading to my house at Puerto San Isdiro on the 27th of December for a week and im hoping to catch some nice lngs with live mackerl at the 240 spot , great time of year for rockcod after a fun season of Bluefin tuna fishing
  384. M

    Pacific Yacht Towers

    Chingon worked on my new center console 2 weeks ago and it came out really clean welds , im almost done with my new 29 foot panga which is going to my garage at LA Bay , he also made custom sculpers for my 39 foot Blackman so I could put bigger drain lines in , I went from quarter inch hose to...
  385. M

    Should I stay or should I go?

    Its a life style , people are lazy and choose the life they live , lots of programs out there to get people off the street but theres curfew and drug checks
  386. M

    Pacific Yacht Towers

    Nothing worse then a business that dosen`t return phone calls from a customer , I don`t care who you are and obviously they don`t care who you are either , it`s called bad business and the outcome is no business , move on
  387. M

    Brown Trout Wall Mount

    Sounds good
  388. M

    Brown Trout Wall Mount

    Hey Todd , Mike Bingham here , it`s been a while , as you know from the dozen of pieces iv`e bought off you I like your work and will buy the Brown Trout , my office is in kearney mesa , iv`e moved from my house in Bay Park 858 776 9966
  389. M

    Second annual Christmas light rant

    Best time of year with my Grandaughter and all the Christmas lights, good food and lots of presents, This time of year and thru new years is Family time , find a way to enjoy it and get ready for winter Halibut or whatever floats your boat , im not sure what kind of person dosen`t like christmas...
  390. M

    Bay / Harbor Some POS took my grandson's Zodiac

    Thats fucked up for sure , ill be sure too keep a look out for it and hopefully it`ll show up
  391. M

    another 23/26 Blackman build

    You have a Great talent , Great Job
  392. M

    So who won the halibut tourney out of Mission Bay?

    2 fish and 17 boats = tough fishing and not much of a tournament , maybe next year
  393. M

    does this seem fair?

    Looks good to me , hope she`s happy and yoi`ve got a comfortable couch
  394. M

    Set of 3 Antique / Vintage Lures

    The old Jap Heads
  395. M

    Inshore Bugzilla

    I think everyone at one time or another keeps a big bug at least once, im guilty of this as well , years ago I kept one over 10 pounds and it didn`t eat as well as the average size ones so anything over 5 pounds goes right back where it came from , good Job on the catch and maybe next time even...
  396. M

    Over 100 Voiced Opinions at CARB Meeting-Vote=2022

    Private yachts are going to be required to do the same engine retrofit in 2025 , they are sneaking this thru the back door as we speak , hold on too your wallets , if this becomes law boats will be worthless and the rich will get their way with ONLY the wealthy living in california , we,re all...
  397. M

    Over 100 Voiced Opinions at CARB Meeting-Vote=2022

    it`s already been mandated for Leaf blowers , Lawn Mowers, and weed whips , the cost of a gas Leaf blower is 2 to 4 hundred dollars , a battery blower with the charger and battery which are sold separate are 6 hundred dollars and the same with the Lawn mowers , prices are outrageous and then...
  398. M

    Offshore Has She Sang?

    We caught 3 bluefin on the tanner monday between 70 and 80 pounds. Beautiful ocean with no wind which made it hard too fly the kite , lot`s of smaller fish around and small throw back yellows on the paddys, we fished or 39 foot blackman the Jimmie C
  399. M

    GG 95J-Mag 9'6"

    Great rods ` im glad I own a few and would never sell them
  400. M


    Shoot me a text im interested in your G Loomis 858 776 9966 Mike Bingham
  401. M

    Seeker 6480 for a USMC

    Beautiful , Great Job
  402. M

    SO BD - 2021..... DID YOU KEEP A FISHING TRIP LOG ? Seriously....

    My log book for winter Halibut includes , month , moon phase , ocean conditions , tides , wind, water temp, bait and of course sucess
  403. M

    Maybe all the ex wives were right

    I say if you owned a boat you would know shit happens especially at thr end of a long season , it`s only a matter of time when boat`s are in need of attention, so I don`t think it`s you it`s Just a bad break at thr wrong time
  404. M

    Lack of albacore

    This story about China , Japan and Korea rapeing the oceans of the world is one Big rerun
  405. M

    Custom Rainshadow RCJB84XH 40-80lb

    Good Job , nice rod
  406. M

    To repower or not?

    I ordered a a new yamaha 200 HP for my 29 foot center console and it took 4 months to get , I was told it would take 6 to 8 weeks which was BS , if you are up and running I would wait another year
  407. M

    Kencor Trout Rods

    I won`t sell them
  408. M

    Kencor Trout Rods

    I bought it years ago from Bill Stroud from Stroud tackle its a sp- 42V , I also have a original Sabre trout rod 2 to 4 pound test , I keep them in my trailer at the river
  409. M

    Kencor Trout Rods

    I have one and I still use it , it`s got great action even for bluegill
  410. M

    Question for the old, old heads…

    Single hook , 2 squids
  411. M

    Offshore Fishing Report (Today )10/30/21 - Offshore

    Sounds like a day well spent , good times for sure
  412. M

    Fishing/Snorkel Day Trip?

    It won`t be a problem to find a panga skipper to take you out , Just walk along the marina and someone will Approach you , you can probably ask the people at the hotel you are staying as well ,
  413. M

    Dorado vs WSB-for those who have fished both

    Halibut , WSB , Dorado
  414. M

    Tackle Box/Bag for Flights

    I meant Homer Alaska Nomar
  415. M

    Tackle Box/Bag for Flights

    Check out Nomar store in Homet Alaska , best water proof and storage bags ever , they also have the best fishing clothes for cold weather , iv`e been using there bags and clothes fir 30 plus years , also the bags are great for hunters as well
  416. M

    You can only own *three* fishing books. They would be....

    Fish or cut Bait Bill Poole , the Original Baha fishing guide book
  417. M

    Sleep Apnea.......CPAP machine

    One of my fishing buddies has been bringing his on over night trips for 25 years ,, it`s no problem at all , the new one he has is a lot mlre compact and it dosen`t bother anyone else on the boat , he get`s a good nights slerrp and is up bright and early with the rest of us , if you use one it`s...
  418. M

    2021 was Brutal....but at least I learned.....

    I learned not to throw a popper on foaming bluefin with 40 lb test and hooked the fish in the corner of the mouth , two and a half hours to gaff and it weighed 159 pounds , I was on my boat the Jimmie C named after my Grandaughter on the first day of a 2 day and I was a spector the rest of the trip
  419. M

    Offshore Baja Roadtrip: Castro’s Fishing Place

    Call Ramon 011 52 646 117 7798 , he has nice cabins and great boats, another great captain with a great boat is Christain 012 52 646 257 9503 , tell Christain Mike Bingham sent you , he has a awsome place to stay
  420. M

    Offshore Salty Spotlight: Capt. Duane Diego - Pinnacle Sportfishing

    3 weeks ago before the storm he did a trip on my boat the Jimmie C which is a 39 foot bkackman, he does this trip at the end of the season with my son inlaw Edgar Castro, my brother Bobby , Carlos from puerto Rico and one of Duanes buddies , they left on a wednesday afternoon for the tanner and...
  421. M

    Westcoaster Wahoo Bayrunner

    Good luck getting rid of the ????
  422. M

    Anyone happen to know the price, or ballpark, for diesel in Turtle bay?

    9 dollars a gallon depending on how many gallons you buy , buy a ATL fuel bladder and save yourself money over the long haul
  423. M

    Whats the best setup for sleeping on deck?

    Best bed on the boat is a roll up mattress on the back deck with 2 pillows a nice heavy blanket and all the fresh air you want , zzzzzzz`s
  424. M

    Boats responsibility when the cooler goes out?

    Shit on boats break thats for sure , mine went out 3 weeks ago but we noticed it wasn`t pumping water so we pulled out the kill bags and dumped the ice from our 250 quart yeti cooler and saved the fish , it`s routine checks EVERY HOUR to check all mechancial systems on boats, plain and simple...
  425. M

    SD & MB bait question...

    Not in years, in the 70`s every know and then you could get the candy baits ,
  426. M

    Chance of catching a swordfish during a 12 hours trip out of San Diego?

    My Nephew Cameron Bingham caught one Thursday on a 10 hour trip , he had 2 bites and one stuck , so put the time in , beats sitting at home
  427. M

    Chance of catching a swordfish during a 12 hours trip out of San Diego?

    Time on the water is your best chance in catching a swordfish , the more time the better chance of hooking one , lots of luck helps out as well
  428. M

    Meals on overnight and longer for 'special needs' diets?

    I have celiac and put in writing to the boat what I could eat and was told no problem, well it went over like a lead baloon so I ate fruit , eggs and hamburger patties for 8 days which was totally fine , fishing was good and I brought some dry snacks that I can eat and I was fine , I would pack...
  429. M

    Makes you wonder, What would you do?...

    She should lose her job and license for filming it , fucken dumb ass for sure , all she did was open herself up for a slaughter by filming it , nothing good will come out of this with all the bleeding hearts out there , she is now media kill
  430. M

    Pier Drama

    No time for Drama on the water , leave that shit at work
  431. M

    Wear sun protection

    I had a spot on my back that was cut out 2 years ago December 10 and sent to the lab , I got a call 4 days later from my doctor telling me to come to the office ASAP , 2 hours later I was told it was Melanoma and December 16 th I had surgery on my back which was a 10 slice across my back down to...
  432. M

    Affliction: My Response

    Forgot to say stay the F--K away from my boats we don`t play nice
  433. M

    Affliction: My Response

    it`s a big ocean , why even go near a sport boat and put yourself in a situation like this ? Why explain yourself ? There is no right here and if you have really have been fishing since the 80`s you know this , oh ya im glad you got you`re limits
  434. M

    Inshore Why I fish!

    Always a good time on the water , we work hard so we can play hard and nothing beats a good day away from it all on the water where it`s you`re world , enjoy the burger and catch some bottom critters for taco night
  435. M

    Funny looking little trout

    White bass , caught them in idaho
  436. M

    Almost time for Lobster

    Always fun lobster fishing . Looking foward to a great season for all
  437. M

    BD Radio Channel

  438. M

    when is end of the season ? for yt and bf

    Boats seem to stop fishing around the end of November which makes for a long season , they need down time to catch up on life and do boat maintence , you still got time
  439. M

    Where to Fish In SoCal

    You Just have to put time on the water and hope it happens , find clean water with the right temp or the right kelp and it`s game on , I don`t belive for a minute it`s over already ,I think we will see another run of bluefin tuna as well as yellowfin , get in you`re boat and explore , it beats...
  440. M

    "No report"

    The last trip we got im birned out on the san clemente run , I just got back from fishing halibut and salmon in Alaska for 10 day`s and before that chasing around bluefin tuna offshore , we`ve done really good this season on the bigger models, I can`t keep up with my son in law Edgar Castro ...
  441. M

    Do i need a bigger bait tank?

    I would try a bigger pump and make sure all the connections are tight , No Air
  442. M

    "No report"

    Spent the night at south island Thursday night , got thete around 4 pm and did a few drifts for halibut and got blanked for the first time this year , water temp was 64 and dirty , we fished 30 to 55 feet and only caught calicos which we tossed back , dropped the pick , made a nice dinner and...
  443. M

    Help with TIP to fish the islands.... SD to MX.

    I used Discover Baja , it takes 2 to 3 weeks to get ypur tip from them , they charge 25 dollars a year I belive and it`s worth it , they tell ypu what`s going on in baja, road conditions and so on , Good Luck
  444. M

    Best diesel engine for 24' radon repower

    Sure did , I have over 3 thousand hours on my 370 HP yanmars , my boat is a 2002 39 foot Blackman , Don Blackman built a custom 32 foot in 2001 for Alaska with a northern style wheelhouse for Tony De Michelle and it has over 5000 hours on his yanmars , I just got back from Homer Alaska Last...
  445. M

    Best diesel engine for 24' radon repower

    My yanmars are 2002 and i`ve never had any problems what so ever , there`s also more applications for install , yanmar makes a great motor and all my buddies in Alaska run yanmars , do you`re homework
  446. M

    Offshore Worth it or not? Bisbees Los Cabos Tourney 2021

    If money isn`t a issue why not ? Entering the tournament isn`t really the cost , the cost is the daily Jackpots which you would have to be all in or not at all , my Brother Bryon Bingham won a daily jackpot and it paid $ 229` 000 thousand dollars so you really need to look over all the details...
  447. M

    Eating oysters from Mission Bay?

    I wouldn`t eat anything out of mission bay , years ago off mariners point we used too catch nice halibut and we always ate them without getting sick , shell fish I would think would be full of toxens which is why they are still there , if people thought they could eat them there would`t be any...
  448. M


    Mexican seiners are busy wrapping up the yellowfin Tuna , they had their bluefin quota in under 3 days , bait in baja is scarce so they are going after the tuna , it totally sucks and not much we can do , hopefully they are close to being done
  449. M

    Polaris Supreme 3 Day

    That`s BS , when we do multi day trips too San Clemente island we always have our 2 or 3 day permits , that`s why they exist , it`s a bummer someone dropped the ball and this should be a wake up call to all
  450. M

    Polaris Supreme 3 Day

    Never said to question the captain , when you make you`re Reservation vua the office ask if you need to get a multi day fish permit , you say why question the captain ? Why the fuck not ? He did not do his Job , how does it feel to watch the FG take you`re fish ? The passengers know first hand ...
  451. M

    Polaris Supreme 3 Day

    Sorry about my spelling , I wrote this in a hurry
  452. M

    Polaris Supreme 3 Day

    It`s infirmation that shpuld be out there ` it`s another thing to add onto the multi day check list , if a passenger had brought it up before they left the dock this might nor have happened , why squash someone`s post that was facts and could have been prevented and should have , BD dosen`t need...
  453. M

    Polaris Supreme 3 Day

    That's one major fuck up for sure , there`s no fixing that , the boat should offer you another trip or a full refund ` this should be good
  454. M

    Offshore RP, 101, 425, 371, 302, 226 - 8/17

    Paid your dues , next trip will be a great one , we`ve all been there , at least you spent the day on the water without any issues
  455. M

    Missed Boat .? Diffrent landing policies over missed trips? Credit? Total loss?

    ive left guys on the dock who were 10 minutes late, once the boat is untied and away from the dock that`s it Sorry Charlie
  456. M

    Want to buy TruLine, Roddy, Lamiglas and Sabre rods

    Thats all ? You're not asking for too much
  457. M

    Turners Californian Rods

    ive been fishing them for years for halibut and they are Great rods for the price , you can`t beat em
  458. M

    Highway 5 Ambush

    ive been going back and forth on a regualar basis because im building a new house and garage by Daggets at LA bay , I spoke to my son in law Edgar Castro of Puerto San Isdiro which is where my other hpuse is and he`s told me to cool it going down for a while until these giys get caught , he...
  459. M

    Wanted Cousins 95J-mag

    thats great ypu picked up 2 sticks hopefully you got a good price which would be under a thousand dollars ,
  460. M

    Highway 5 Ambush

    Thats fucked up for sure , baja is just starting to see people traveling again because of covid and now this happens along with rising numbers of covid cases , people are hurting and this isn't going too help
  461. M

    Wanted Cousins 95J-mag

    No such thing as the same rod
  462. M

    Wanted Cousins 95J-mag

    Good luck getting one , they are going for a thousand dollars or so per rod , if I deccide to sell one of mine ill let you know
  463. M

    Thoughts on Black Seabass Fishery

    Leave them alone , theres plenty of other fish to kill without killing a black seabass and im sure plenty are poached yearly without making it leagal to kill one , it`s like killing a elephant , why ?
  464. M

    Free boat!

    It`s a boat , hours of work never end and its free
  465. M

    Recommend a boat for us please

    Intrepid is a great boat with loaner gear as well ., call steve at the office
  466. M


    Man I don`t miss those day`s of the tackle whores on sport boat`s im very happy to own my own boat `s and able to store what I need for 2 to 3 day trip`s , buying fishing gear is a a addiction we are all guilty of and love taking it on trips to show it off or that just in case moment
  467. M

    Catching Bluefin for cat food

    Fresh caught fish deserves to be handled with the upmost care as possible , in my opinion it needs to sit on the deck after being bleed for 15 to 20 minutes and then iced as much as possible , I know not all boats have the capacity to hold a couple hundred pounds of ice for there catch but at...
  468. M

    A custom gaff for my friend

    Great Job , I want one
  469. M

    Live Report Albacore Hot Bite!

    WTF , if it`s in san Diego ------------------------------------------------- done
  470. M

    How big!?

    Not a butterball 165 lbs, great job congrats
  471. M

    Christmas in July!

    Tell Smitty to get to work and find what you need , if anyone can do it he can
  472. M


    You guys have a great trip , im leaving on thursday night on my blackman to fish down there for 2 days
  473. M

    Is it over????

    Lots of fish around still , the moon is creeping up on us and the fish are on the move , it`ll be months before the Fat Lady sings Hold onto you`re rod and be ready to slay , good luck out there
  474. M


    I can see if my house is open and youcan stay there , its a little south of the boat ramp , 858 776 9966
  475. M


    Ramon 011 52 646 117 7798 , great boats and nice cabins , tell him Mike Bingham gave you the information , Good Luck
  476. M


    Ramon`s brother David had 2 over 60 lbs yesterday at the river mouth , they have been catching them for the past week now and the weather is great
  477. M

    Hotels with good wifi in BOLA?

    No such thing , it come`s in and out daily , I have a house down there and that`s just the way it is Good Luck
  478. M


    Town is doing great , fishing is really good with nice white seabass showing up , lot`s of bait on the beach and it`s looking like it`s going to be a good season , Cod fishing is always good as well , let me know if you need a good skipper and i`ll shoot you a number
  479. M

    Charter getting fuel after the trip with customers on board?

    These guy`s are doing turn around and sometimes every hpur helps , just think how ypu are ready to jump ship and these guys are running 8 to 10 days srtright , they arn`t doing this to screw anyone and they would rather have you off the boat sooner than later to prep the boat for the next grpup...
  480. M

    Advice needed for repower

    The yamaha 4 cylinder 200 is a great motor , plenty of power , I bought a new one for my skiff which is 29 feet and it`s all I need , also Good luck finding any new motor they are hard to get right now
  481. M

    Halibut fishing south island

    Lot`s of old time Halibut fishermen ` Don Chin , the Blackman' s , Jay Brewer, Bill posey and so on , we fished with the Blackmans a lot and always shared information on depth , bait and so forth , my Dad Jim Bingham was a great halibut fisherman and we fished them year round , FYI Halibut...
  482. M

    Offshore First blue fin on my boat

    That`s great you got you`re 1st now it`s time for you`re 2nd and 3rd , good luck out there
  483. M

    Cook and Deckhands fishing

    When I worked on boat`s I hooked and handed off fish as much possible especially if it was slow, I was never really able too land any fish which was fine , hook, handoff , gaff equals a bigger tip , I never got turned down on a fish handoff people were always happy to take the rod
  484. M

    Mexican fishing license with a felony?

    Mexico will take anybodys money and then some
  485. M

    Halibut fishing south island

    That`s great , I know he`s been able to do some fishing now that he`s back on his feet , iv`e got to get him out fishing soon
  486. M

    Private Ocean fishing boats in San Diego

    Way over 500 slipped boats , at least 3000 with all the marinas in san Diego and even more trailer boats
  487. M

    25 FB Skipjack 1991

    Great looking boat , it`s going to sell fast , good deal
  488. M

    Islands Nados are back! 7-7-21 report

    ive fished the islands 5 times in the last 2 weeks and I have not even seen the mexican navy
  489. M

    Halibut fishing south island

    I run my leader from the first guide from the tip of the rod all the way to the reel , iv`e been fishing this way for over 40 years , sometimes I have to back up a little bit for the gaff , I fish with a lot of scope which is why I prefer the longer leader , iv`e been lucky enough to fish with...
  490. M

    Halibut fishing south island

    When I get bafk in town
  491. M

    Halibut fishing south island

    I was using a 3 ounce sinker , I use a crane swivel to a 8 inch leader to a 3 way thundermist swivel that I order from Canada , the best 3 ways made , I have a 15 to 18 inch sinker leader and my bait leader is 5 to 7 feet , this rig will never tangel no matter how fast the drift is , I use big...
  492. M

    Halibut fishing south island

    Took a break from bluefin fishing and fished south island by myself Friday for halibut , I caught 5 with 4 of them keepers and kept 2 with the biggest going 23lbs and a 15 pounder , there are so many barracuda , rat yellows and calico bass in the shallows 33 to 49 feet it made it tough too fish...
  493. M

    Offshore Balls, suck balls that is....

    That`s why it`s called fishing, no guarantees and it beat`s sitting on the beach , next time
  494. M

    I learned three lessons from fish processing (edited)

    That`s messed up when ypu consider how much money and effort goes into a trip to only get not even a 3rd of you're catch iv`e been taking our catch too sportsman seafood for the last few years and they are awsome
  495. M

    East county bait and tackle bad business.

    I also have been fishing Berkley big game line forever without any problems , I don`t use their floro thou
  496. M

    East county bait and tackle bad business.

    I know the owner Steve Pinnard and he`s a stand up guy and would have gladly made it right , he can`t be all the time thou , he has a young son and a wife and would do anything to avoid bad press , you did what you thought was right and that`s fine , now it`s time too put this thing to bed and...
  497. M

    East county bait and tackle bad business.

    Case made , shit happens and I get why you are pissed off , I don`t agree with how it got handled but I also don`t think it`s their fault I would have called Berkeley and told them there product is shit and im going too tell everyone I fish with don`t buy you`re product , I hate to see any bad...
  498. M

    Islands Catalina Report 6.26.21 and The Moron Googan

    Guys like that are dumb asses and olny think of themselves it`s more and more common , the old way`s are all but gone
  499. M


    What parking
  500. M

    Wtf happened today on the water?,

    What the hell it`s not my truck I rented it
  501. M

    Shimano Customer Service Nightmare over 3 Flatfalls

    A lot of effort for 3 shitty jigs , way too much time wasted , shit can them
  502. M

    Islands 6-21-2021 Bonito and BFT local!

    It`s like the 70`s with the fishing gear you`re using , llve it classic , Great Job
  503. M

    Offshore Boner jams 6/18

    Fun times for sure and a great Fathers day present Good job
  504. M

    Question about trailering your boat into Mexico

    Trailer registration and they check the vin number to match your papers , it`s easy
  505. M

    Gaffing stingrays to be released

    Plain Stupidly for sure , apparently they are afraid to get too close to the ray nothing Suprises me anymore
  506. M

    Someone had a bad day

    Looks like the American flag survived thou
  507. M

    Freedumb Boat Club

    Its called the freedom boat club which means do whatever the hell you want
  508. M

    Freedumb Boat Club

    Just pkkay dumb
  509. M

    Which is better for fishing prospects, patties full of bait or empty?

    First you have to find the paddie , second you have to hope their is fish on it willing to bite, bait or no bait dosen`t really matter , the fun is finding the right one holding fish that want to play
  510. M

    Fishing butts

    I got mine one week before the price went up, the guys I fish with don`t own bkats so if they don't want to pony up and buy one then they can sit on the beach , I have to say they are awesome about pay their fair share , iv`e been fishing with these same guys for over 40 years and im lucky to...
  511. M

    Anacapa Seabass

    It`s the best thing in the world fishing with dad, I miss my fishing buddy big time , it`s been over 10 years since my dad passed and I still talk to him while im fishing , you`ll have memories for life putting you`re dad on that fish , GREAT JOB
  512. M

    Bottom Paint chipping off after 1 month

    No way should it be coming off already , it could also be bad paint but im thinking lack of prep has a lot to do with it
  513. M

    Looking for a panga

    Rodriguez panga in Ensenada , I just had my second one built and it`s in San Diego now getting a new motor and electronics installed and then im taking it to my house in LA bay
  514. M

    BOLA Diesel?

    The first pemex on the right coming into town has diesel , farther down the station on the left does not and there is only 2 stations
  515. M

    Need a flying fish hook up

    Dana landing Just got in 500 , for a pack of 3 they cost 102 dollars . With you`re captains discount it`s about 90 dollars or so , these are grade A flyers ,Good luck
  516. M

    Preparing and running the mind game....BFT

    You`ll be fine , part of the fun is over thinking it , when it`s game time ypu`ll be in it , the only thing I would have done was save the cigar for the victory ride in ,Goiid Luck
  517. M

    Bay / Harbor Does San Diego bait barge have sardines

    Bait is tough right now , 2 of the boats are down getting worked on , sportboats are getting the bigger share of the sardines due to their contract with buck , hopefully things will get back to normal soon
  518. M

    Preventing theft on party boat

    Break down your gear and sleep with it , or throw the guy overboard at night , i like option 2 better
  519. M

    Spinners the new norm for tuna?

    Not the least bit interested
  520. M

    Offshore Mexican Insurance

    Im covered in the us and mexico which is all that matters , both of my boats are in slips so insurance is a must
  521. M

    Fish Stocking Fail...

    It`s obvious he`s not a fisherman
  522. M

    Offshore Mexican Insurance

    Chubb insurance is who I have and im good to Mag Bay
  523. M

    Offshore Dream day BF trip Saturday 5/29

    Cameron Bingham is my Nephew and learned from very early on how to fish and run boats , he`s a very postive fisherman
  524. M


    Nothing yet , the wayer is getting their thou , im hoping 2nd or 3rd week in june , ill post when I find out and let you know
  525. M

    Fishing butts

    Hit south coronado island yesterday dragging the bottom for halibut and it was tough fishing with only 4 caught and losing one to a knot head , drift was the main problem until the end of the day , biggest fish was just over 16 pounds , hooked a bigger model but we we`re all fishing 12 pound...
  526. M

    Islands Worse than skunkt

    Nothing worse to be kicked aside when planing a fishing trip , maybe get some friends together with you being the charter master and get you`re own trip going to avoid getting kicked to the curb again , good luck
  527. M

    How many setups is too many? 1.5 day

    We had 8 fish yesterday , 4 on poppers 80 pound test , 60 to 80 lb fish , 2 on the flat falls 120 lb test 100 to 110 pound test and 2 on the kite over 150 lbs , fish are close we we`re 18 miles below the point , good luck on you`re trip
  528. M

    For you Calico guys

    Nice fish , bummer to kill it thou , everyone has the right to do what they want with their catch , it`s probably a solid 8 lbs and over 25 years old , iv`e been letting toad calicos go for ovet 40 years at the islands
  529. M

    Blackman Billfisher

    Great Boats
  530. M

    FMM Check - When were you last checked?

    I was checked at south island last year April , we gave them our paperwork minus the reserve braclete which none of us had and they we`re very nice , it took less then 15 minutes
  531. M

    MB Launch ramp under attack again

    Fuck those people , it`s their choice to be homeless and steal for a living , if those women want parking for the homeless let them park in their driveways , enoigh is enough for us tax paying citizens
  532. M

    San Diego offshore weather

    They are calling for gale winds on the out side , marlin club canceled the spring shoot out , its a good weekend for boat maintence
  533. M

    Salas & Spoofer Jigs

    Paypal ?
  534. M

    Salas & Spoofer Jigs

    ill take them if we can meet up around camp pendelton or dana point
  535. M

    Inshore A dozen butts. Point Loma 5/16

    You made the best out of you`re day , sounds lot a lot of fun
  536. M

    Fuel surcharges

    That was a 2 day trip 130 miles south of the border , a overnite trip to the islands , 2 day trips to the islands , if you can`t afford to buh fuel and fish why own a boat ?
  537. M

    Fuel surcharges

    I just fueled my boat at pearsons fuel dock and it was $ 3 , 25 a gallon for diesel and I only took on 286 gallons , it would of been a better price if I would have needed more , no road tax yet on the ocean but im sure its coming
  538. M


    Covid is no longer a issue in the town , we did lose a few good people thou , things are getting back to normal , kayak fishing is really good righ now and will only get better
  539. M


    Seabass will show 2nd or 3rd week in June , water temp rose 3 degrees last week , lot`s of bait showing up on the beach , ( san antiono ) it won`t be long
  540. M

    Is it time to start flying the kite?

    I was out yesterday and we had 9 bluefin , 4 on the halco poppers , 4 on stick baits and one on a dean , fish were 30 to 60 lbs , we flew the kite for a hour with no love , we rigged up a frozen flyer , some of the fish we saw might have gone 120 lbs or so , lots of fish in the area along with bait
  541. M

    First time receiving Rainshadow Immortal blank...

    iv`e had great luck with mine , no problems at all , i`m sure they will make good on it
  542. M


    Christain has a great boat 011 52 646 257 9503 , you can't go wrong with Ramons son as well , he got really sick but he `s doing better doctor says he`ll be ready to fish soon , Christain can probably put ypu up in my house as well , he vaccum packs the fish
  543. M


    ill send you some information tomorrow on who to fish with , Ramon is doing better
  544. M

    First storm of the season.

    Yellows are already in our back pockets along with bluefin
  545. M

    Inshore A visit from the Northwest

    The best in Life to you John you`ve earned it
  546. M

    Enjoy the time you changes in a second...

    Sorry for you`re loss , get back on the water as soon as possible and fish like you`re buddy is still there with you , that`s what he would want
  547. M

    1999 Boston Whaler Outrage

    Great boat ,
  548. M

    BOLA early June

    The road on the new 5 is really nice , no traffic and 65 all the way no problem , good luck safe Travels
  549. M

    Fishing Trip, Outboard Engine Failure (LONG)

    Sounds like ypu are going to be lots of family outings , don`t throw good money to repair ypur motor unless its minor , spend the money and put a newer or new motor on and enjky fishing and boating without the stress of wondering if ypu will get back to the dock , its a good looking rig you have
  550. M

    Offshore 9 mile, kelps & the corner

    Sounds like a relaxing day on the water and a beautiful ocean , thanks for the report
  551. M

    If you know what these are...

    Unreal fishery , yellows everywhere at La Jolla along with BIG hammerhead sharks , we used to target yellows in the morning and halibut in the afternoon
  552. M

    If you know what these are...

    We used to put a slit in the tail and they swam great , we would catch yellows, bonita , calicos and barracuda , that was the good old days when half day boats out of islandia we`re 3 bucks a trip , they had different color clothes pins they gave out to do the rotation for the stern , lots of...
  553. M

    What does your quiver look like?

    Wheres the classics ?
  554. M

    Want to use my slipped boat more

    Any time on the water is better than none at all , take advantage of you`re boat being in a slip and go any chance you get. It`s a great outlet you have use it
  555. M

    Cabo or parker

    Stick with the Cabo , I think they are a better boat and the one you have seems to be the one everyone wants
  556. M

    STOLEN TOOLS! Ramona, CA 5/01/2021

    That`s fucked up ` lets hope someone knows the car and the dirt bags get caught , nothing worse than a thief ,
  557. M

    stealing fish from freezers ?

    Daggetts keeps their freezers outside the office and I doubt anyone is stealing fish , Ruben and his wife run a tight ship , have a great trip
  558. M

    Catalina fisherman vs male karen

    Any one who fishes on a regular bases has the upmost respect for calico bass , most anglers release calicos for a good reason , they are a slow growing fish and a true sport fish as fresh water bass are , those people are Jerk offs
  559. M

    The BEST thing you spent money on fishing

    My 39 foot Blackman Jimmie C
  560. M

    Loreto 4/24

    I fished there a couple of years back and it was the skippers way or no way , slow troll bait or nothing , we had our jigs sticks and never once did he stop so at 10 in the morning we told him to head in and we we`re done , that afternoon we hung out at the ramp and talked to skippers as they...
  561. M

    If you get to the landing tonight missing rods/rod socks

    What a bummer , can`t even imagine something like that happening
  562. M

    First post LJ

    Great job , awsome fish
  563. M

    The Searcher On Saturday

    Art keeps a nice boat , the wearher is going to be awsome , should be a great day
  564. M

    What is the best trailer boat for family fishing in SoCal?

    Boston whaler makes a great safe all around boat , make sure whatever you buy it has a 4 stroke motor
  565. M

    Islands Grande 4-16 Coronados -

    Any time on the water is great , fresh fish is the bonus
  566. M

    SD bait

    Dana landing should have what you`re looking for
  567. M

    Who do we have to blow to get our electronics??

    Same shit everywhere , blame Covid everyone else does
  568. M

    Biggest fish on...

    63 lb white seabass on a Tady 45 Puerto San Isdiro
  569. M

    7 feet a 12 sec - Fishable ?

    Can`t always read into the weather reports , if I didn`t go fishing everytime they said the weather was going to be shit I would have missed a lot of good days
  570. M

    San Diego's Ocean Beach Pier may be closing permanently.

    Fuck the Chargers and Spanos , he`s the onky broke dick owner without a stadium , now back to the OB Pier , Sam Diego needs to figure out a way to rebuild or shore it up just like they are doing to our freeway overpasses
  571. M

    San Diego's Ocean Beach Pier may be closing permanently.

    The city had better find a way to save the pier , it has years of history and fun times for us local san Diegans , with all the pork barrel projects going one they had better figure it out , apply for federal money while they are spending money like crazy , Save the Pier for San Diego
  572. M

    Inshore Make sure you have your license.

    What it cost to keep a boat nice, safe and sea worthy thats the least they can do is play by the rules and be legal on the water , we should not have to baby sit our friends to make sure they have their fishing license , don,t be suprised if you get checked again now that you are on their radar
  573. M

    LA Bay Garage build and fishing

    She is doing great , the surgery went as planned , Fernando junior is also doing great ,
  574. M

    31 Jersey

    This dosen`t add up , storage yards can`t take peoples property without a reason or a lien , they would haveto send out a notice at least to explain why they have taken this action or someone else took the the boat , like I said there is a missing piece ofthe puzzel
  575. M

    LA Bay Garage build and fishing

    Just got back april 10 th from a 5 day trip , I only fished 1 day due to im building a bigger garage , the weather was unreal and fishing is just starting to heat up along with the water , we caught 6 yellows 2 on the x raps 4 on the heavy irons , fished north of Guadalupe bay , also caught...
  576. M

    Inshore I've Got a Problem.

    That`s great you can act on the urge and hit the water , that`s why we work and own boats so we can jump on our boats on a whim you`ve earned this , Enjoy it
  577. M

    Bait tank leaning post combo

    Nautical Design , they are the best and many different styles ive been buying his products for years
  578. M

    White Seabass Trips

    South of Ensenada 50 miles , the port is Puerto San Isdiro, Castros camp , ive had a hohsr down there for 40 years now
  579. M

    When were Roddy jigs made

    One mans trash is anothers treasure , you can no longer get these jigs so they do have value , im sure those who don`t have a Roddy jig in there collection would love to have one even if in you`re words they are Junk , ill buy the jig if you would be willing to sell it
  580. M

    Used Outboards Availability/Cost

    2nd west cost , great operation and very fair prices , customer care is awsome
  581. M

    Calif Halibut 8FT 12-25 blank?

    Good luck let me know hiw it goes , im fishing the islands tomorrow we had a 34 pounder last sunday
  582. M

    Calif Halibut 8FT 12-25 blank?

    I target Halibut year arpund and I have some older 12 - 25 G lomis but the rods im using now are are united composite 83 M 8 - to 17 lb great rod cork handles also uc 78 m 8- 17 lb , I special ordered a calstar 4 of them GF GX 8. 8 to - 20 rod and this rod is insane , it has cork handles...
  583. M

    Thinking about buying a Truck...

    How many trucks do you see on the road ? Fishing poles and gear no problem , 250 quart yeti cooler no problem , favorite camping chair no problem , put the wife on a time out in the bed of the truck BIG problem , go buy a truck its everything you want it too be
  584. M

    Cold Water This Year

    Albacore who ?????
  585. M

    Morro Bay Halibut info

    Thank God you`re looking for Halibut up north our areas in San Diego are ALL CLOSED
  586. M

    MLPA - Huge Success

    Dosen`t matter if it`s better or worse we had no say so what so ever , they cramed it down our throats , they backed doored us on the vote and they will continue to do whatever the fuck they want , our opinion means nothing and they are Just getting started , there is NOTHING BETTER ABOUT THIS
  587. M


    Man you can tell fishing slow when no cal lou gets this much attention , can`t wait for things to pick up
  588. M

    Custom Pilot House?

    Stringari is no longer and you have a better chance of seeing God than getting a call back from Chingon
  589. M

    How about a Blackman boats page

    2002 39 foot Blackman twin 370 Yanmar diesels Northern lights 6kw generator Holds 550 gals of fuel 40 gal/hour Bluewater water maker Deck freezer All new electronics
  590. M

    Any Cousins employees or prostaff

    Money dosen`t matter if it`s something you have to have , use it , enjoy it and it`s something a llt of guus don`t have and want
  591. M

    Down Voting, what does it mean?

  592. M

    26' Blackman/Champion. $49,500

    I had 2 26 foot billfishers built , I owned one for 10 years it was called Harvey B , it was a great boat and the second one I only had it for a year. I now have a 39 foot blackman that was built in 2002 and its everything a person would want , Blackman boats on their 26 footers went to a 4...
  593. M

    Mikelson Yachts

    Check out the Nomad mikelson , awsome boat , I looked at one a couple of months ago but it sold , I have a 39 foot blackman and a 30 foot center console now and im looking to upgrade to a 55 foot to 63 foot
  594. M

    End of the line

    Boat is fueled and ready to go , im planing a halibut trip to san clemente island for a few days once the weather settles down than ill be on the hunt for tuna
  595. M

    Does anyone anchor off the beach to just chill?

    Boat camping south Coronado island and San Clemente island or big bay san Diego
  596. M

    26’ Skipjack 262 Flybridge

    Nice boat Bobby it should sell quick
  597. M

    When you need Helium call me

    I use west air and its not cheap either
  598. M

    Cleaning outriggers

    I took mine off last season and changed the rigging and cleaned them , I had a couple of buddies help me and they came out really nice
  599. M

    20 VISX, bad ass out of the box!

    Awsome reels for sure
  600. M

    Do you kill the outboard prior to dropping lines?

    You can let a 4 stroke motor idle but I always shut it down when I start fishing ive never had engine problems due to letting the engine idle for long periods of time
  601. M

    Vintage rods question

    I thinm its a great idea if you are going to fish the classics , bring them up to todays standards , if not leave them old school , I have some truline originals that I would never change and some that have been reworked and I fish them , we tend to hoard and protect our classics when we should...
  602. M

    Help identify this fish?

    They are meons , sugar bass
  603. M

    BOLA internet down?

    It comes and goes along with the power , the last couple of trips I made power was out in the morning and early and back on about 10 am
  604. M

    Not impressed

    Bed by 9 after watching some movies with the wife
  605. M

    New Member - Retired and fishing the world

    Welcome to Bloody Decks and Congrats on both of you retiring ,
  606. M

    I have a theory...

    I really don`t fish the bays anymkre but I do fish off my boat at the slip and I havn` t caught any halibut yet , usually it gets pretty good off the boat in april , I also don`t fish the shallows at the islands until middle to end of may , halibut are in the bay year round but the bigger fish...
  607. M

    I have a theory...

    I had 2 my last trip 2 weeks ago and caught then in 84 feet of water , I haven`t tried the bay yet ,
  608. M

    Missing Person in Bola

    im down on the beach by Daggets and im not going any where , some of my neighbors have been there 30 years , the area im at has a lot of full time residents which helps , rumors have it that san felipes fishing industry has been shut way back because of the dolphin that people are turning to...
  609. M

    Young Boat Owner in need of Help

    Time on the water is the best teacher , start off slow and get to know your boat , fish the bays and venture out along the coast once you feel you are ready , buddy boat when you can and always pay attention to the weather , be smart if it dosen`t feelright don`t do it , don`t put a bunch of...
  610. M

    Banda Bank on the Gamefisher

    What a great day , lots of good eats
  611. M

    Sober Fishing

    Getting sober starts with the right frame of mind , you need to be Mentally prepared and strong willed, I agree 100 percent that this is you and only you that Can do this , you have to do this for yourself , the world is a beautiful place sober and you need to concentrate and do the deal other...
  612. M

    Calstar Gossip

    That rumor has been going around ever since the dad died and they were going to try and sell the business but the rumor is it was too much money with the building and the business , I special ordered 3 rods about 8 months ago and they built the rods for me , I think maybe just trying to get back...
  613. M

    Boys got their first halibut!

    Halibut Hunters for life Great Job
  614. M

    Zooboys In the Bay 02-10

    I was down there 3 weeks ago , lots of fish and bait , had 2 days of wind but nice the rest of the time
  615. M

    Lack of educated 2 speed users.

    Can`t belive hiw stupid this post is ` who cates how people use their gear , fishing is fishing and everyone has there own way , use you`re gear the way you want you`ll figure it out
  616. M

    Cousins 95J Mag question

    People who own them and actually fish them lo ve them , its a great action rod for throwing irons , they are light which makes it nice for casting for the day , Great Rod for sure
  617. M

    Red ULUA

  618. M

    BOLA- Captain Fernando needs help

    Fernando and his family arrived in Tijuana this afternoon and will be heading back to LA bay tomorrow Monday , im sure and pray all is well
  619. M

    Defiance, Parker or Steiger craft?

    Find and buy a Blackman , end of story
  620. M

    White Seabass Trips

    We start fishing for them in april thru July at puerto san isdiro , they start off on the sqiud beds with school size 18 to 30 lbs and then the fin bait hits the beach and the slugs move in , 40 to 65 lbs , very little pressure down there
  621. M

    BOLA- Captain Fernando needs help

    Fernandos Daughter Danelia is in recovery and doinv nicley , he spoke with my son in law Edgar Castro ,he dosen`t know when he will be returning home , I will share the infomation as I get it , hope and pray for a speedy recovery