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    25 Flybridge Fuel Economy - gas powered small blocks

    A late 90's Vortec. I cruise around 3200 RPM.
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    25 Flybridge Fuel Economy - gas powered small blocks

    25FB, carbureted 5.7, I get around 1.7mpg at cruise 18-20 knots.
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    How (why) did you come up with your boat name?

    I named mine Bug N Out, for three reasons.. First, when my wife was a young girl her family's nickname for her was bug, or "Sheribug" specifically. Second, I like to hoop lobster, or "bugs". And third, I'm from Bakersfield and I don't freshwater fish. So for me to get to where I need to be to do...
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    Whats the largest fish you've landed on a low profile reel

    Caught a bakers dozen of these, 60-80 pounders, on the RP at Guadalupe one year. On a Calstar 800MH with a Daiwa Lexa 400. Roy told me to go get my "bass rod" and pin on one of those Macs we caught the night before. As son as it hit the water, it was on. I thought the first one was going to...
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    Kc outdrive marine

    Kevin Cotter at KC Marine in Anaheim. He can be reached at 714-716-6541.
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    most of you will remember this

    Back when I was working on oil rigs, we'd say "That's when the rigs were made of wood, and the men were made of steel.
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    Kc outdrive marine

    Kevin rebuilt my VP 290DP, did a great job, good as new.
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    Naming Your Boat - yea or nay?

    My boat had a name 2 owners ago for sure. When I bought it it had no name on it. By my calculations that should have given any bad juju to whoever removed the boat name. Juju that I then reclaimed by putting a name back on the boat. Sound legit?
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    Our 2023 Seminar Speakers

    Is there additional info with this? Days and times for each speaker, and topics?
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    Polarized sunglasses for saltwater opinions ?

    Maui Jim's, hands down the best polarized glasses.
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    Coaming panel lighting

    Did the same, not too long ago.
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    Polaris Supreme 12/26-12/31 5 day trip semi long summary

    Great report Steve, you were definitely the hot stick on this trip. For an end of the year, open party, it was a pretty good group to fish with.
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    24 skipjack flybridge

    My 25FB is a little bow heavy and will plow going down swell also. As said earlier, slow down a little, pull your trim tabs up and ride bow high in those conditions.
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    This is surprising to me. I guess I've always been under the impression the boats work together to help each other out. Always figured one boat would go to the rocks while one or two of the other boats fished the 23 or Uncle Sam or Thetis, then report back to each other and trade spots after a...
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    things that make you go "hmmmm" : lock-washers.

    Good read, thanks for taking the time.
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    Need a 290dp a 1.95 Outdrive

    That's Kevin at KC Marine, he is on here. He rebuilt my outdrive, very knowledgeable. does great work and is a nice guy.
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    Post up your old fishing pics

    This picture was on the bathroom wall in a Bass Pro Shop in Phoenix. I thought it was cool, so I took a picture of it.
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    Mustad 7691 as Assist Hooks

    If it were me, maybe a 7732. It has a more open gap.
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    Baby yellowtail killers

    This thread did not disappoint. :) My personal take on keeper size is this: if I can bounce it, I'll usually release it. If I gaff it, I keep it. I'm referring to Wahoo, Dorado, Yellowtail or Tuna.
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    Recommend me a radar

    A FLIR camera can see buoys. It's like night vision :)
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    Somebody tell that old man…

    To stop tagging my railcars 😂🤣😂
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    Were the 25's 22° deadrise? Is that the beam at the waterline also?
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    What's the beam?
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    Out of curiosity, what is the benefit of the forward swept transom? The 25's did not have that, but the 262's do.
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    BFT for $250 each

    Everyone keys in on the fact that you're not supposed to sell them, but nothing about 10 tuna being 4 over the limit? And besides, the first thing the alphabet bois will do when they show up at his house is shoot his dog, they always shoot the dog. EDIT: Mr. Dre did pick up on that.
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    Upcoming trip on the Angler

    Have fun Steve. I'm leaving the day before you, on the X. Tanqueray Ten, I hope.
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    Which brand mono for surface iron reel?

    I'm not sure what I have against the Izor XXX, I think the darker color they have reminds me of some of the cheap brands. For surface iron, I've always fished Izor First String, Blue for offshore, clear for inshore. That's what someone told me to do 25 or so years ago, and that's what I've...
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    Bay / Harbor Stolen Boat This Morning 8/9 Dana Point Ramp

    Nice looking rig. I hope he gets it back.
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    Melton Tackle Big No No

    Here's the part that sounds sketch to me; You sold the one you bought from Billy to recoup what you overpaid for it, but you also say you needed more, partly due to the fact that you give them to buddies. In my experience, it's either about the money, or it isn't.
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    Mad mac trolling leaders.

    Get ahead of the curve and start buying up Halco’s 😁
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    Mad mac trolling leaders.

    John, you need more friends in Bakersfield that fish saltwater. I have some 250lb and 400lb. mono coils. If you want your lures rigged HMU and we can put them together. I have chafing springs and crimps. Bring your own swivels tho :)
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    Offshore Nice grade Bluefin at the 499

    Nice work on the 40. Looks like it started to straighten out one of the hooks.
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    Skipjack 20 new tank

    Berry is now in Santa Anna, or at least they were when they made mine in November of 2019. BTW, yours is in remarkably good shape for it's age.
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    Cobra - CIS

    Always been a fishy boat. No galley, so no generator. They pull up on a spot and shut down the motors. Stealthy quiet. If they still fish the same way that they used to, it'll be more likely fishing down the line and not so much at the islands.
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    Tackle Bag or Backpack

    Wish they still made the Albackore backpack. I still have mine. best tackle bag ever.
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    Offshore 499 bft 7/15

    Well done. great report, and way to share the intel.:appl:
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    Islands New Hustler Seabass 7/8-9

    Sounds like a good trip, I hope it holds out thru Thursday/Friday
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    anyone got an idea for binos storage in simple bench tower???

    you could attach one of those pre-made glove boxes to the underside of your seat.
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    Steve K…a true long range friend!

    Had Steve as a roommate on one of Chris' (Baja Dreamer) trips on the Shogun maybe 20 years ago. Solid guy.
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    “Born free” chopper show Irvine lake this weekend

    My buddy will be there. His bike is next level.
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    Any way to target Opah during a tuna trip?

    Although I have never caught one, I've seen several caught on trips that I've been on. As others have said, fishing on a kelp paddy that's producing, blue and white or blue and chrome 6X seems to work well. Deep under the paddy, 250-300 feet if I was guessing.
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    best prescription sunglsses?

    Maui Jim's are available in prescription, I have 3 pair. IMO the best polarized glasses on the market.
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    Kill bag for big game?

    I bring one with me when I pick up from the processor, just in case my hard coolers aren't enough, it gives me a back-up.
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    Offshore 6/8 BFT and freak accident... Learn from my mistake.

    Thanks for sharing the story, it's a good learning opportunity for all. I think I'll put a mask in my boat now.
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    Penn 16 vsx

  46. Stringer

    Penn 16 vsx

    $350 and I'll come pick it up tomorrow.......
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    Older Baja baby boomer rods and big sealine reels.

    Did Chris wrap those rods?
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    Tuna two step

    Seems like a lot of people have been using 2/0 mutu's.
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    Wsb limits

    Seems like it's been this way for 2 months. Decent weather Tuesday through Thursday, then blowing 40 Friday through Monday. Can't wait to retire.
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    What was the outcome of the may 26 lobster DFG meeting?

    No, 6PM Friday would be correct. They had already moved it to 6AM Saturday, I believe 2 years ago, if I recall.
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    Hello and Outdrive Painter Needed, Trailered boat, Dana Point

    You're in the "inshore fishing reports" forum. Try putting it in the "boating discussion" forum. Bellows replacement isn't that hard. Neither is painting. Good Luck.
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    Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel
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    Complete ring kit

    John, They are back in stock now.
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    Barnes Welding Supply, Rosedale Hwy and Landco. Silver solder and flux is o the right as you go...

    Barnes Welding Supply, Rosedale Hwy and Landco. Silver solder and flux is o the right as you go in the door.
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    Complete ring kit

    If they don't have the kit, they usually still have a lot of the parts that make up the kit. Get the flux, the silver solder and some assorted ring sizes. You can check some of your current rings to compare sizes.
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    Why Use Level Wind Reels w/Line Counters?

    I use a cheap Okuma levelwind linecounter on my Sabiki rod. It's great for repeatability.
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    Bluefin with 8" hole caught in NH

    These kids and their piercings. :git:
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    Skipjack Fuel Tank - is it time?

    From what I've seen, there's usually a bulkhead between the tank and the engine. If you have fuel in your bilge, I would start by looking for a culprit in the engine compartment. Maybe a cracked hose or fuel pump or filter leak. Just my $.02, good luck.
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    It's Zinc and almost any Acid will remove it, so yes vinegar will.

    It's Zinc and almost any Acid will remove it, so yes vinegar will.
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    Booth 518 Saturday

    Tell me more about this 270....
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    Rusty trailer chain hooks

    It's possible that the vinegar removed the galvanizing from the hooks. Get a can of cold-galv spray paint, that should do the trick. I use it for touch-up on my galvanized trailer.
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    Great to meet you, good luck with your project.

    Great to meet you, good luck with your project.
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    Booth 518 Saturday

    I'll be there. I like free shit :)
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    New MXL star drag spool problem

    A friend of mine had the same issue, he took it back and went a different route.
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    First bug of the season holding an egg packet

    She doesn't look like she's carrying eggs to me. She looks like she has a sperm packet, which she can carry for up to 15 months before she releases her eggs. 100% I'd let one go that was berried (holding eggs), but they will all undoubtedly have a sperm packet towards the end of the season...
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    water slide decal paper
  67. Stringer

    New model soon to be

    Any chance part of the lengthening is getting rid of that forward slanting transom and returning to more of a vertical drop like the 25's had?
  68. Stringer

    20 open project.

    Looking forward to seeing the progress.
  69. Stringer

    New model soon to be

    26' Pilothouse?
  70. Stringer

    How to get back in the boat...?

    Definitely something to remember. I count myself lucky for having a swim step with a boarding ladder, but this is a good second option.
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    Water slide decals. My computer has better handwriting than I do.
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    under wraps

    Most builders have digital calipers. I measure the guides (foot to foot) and add an inch. Divide by 2 that gives me the length on each side of center, and center is where I had already marked guide spacing. That gives me 1/2" at the end of each foot for consistency. I CP over under wraps, then...
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    A little slow for us, there were some nice bugs weighed in though.

    A little slow for us, there were some nice bugs weighed in though.
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    Long Beach lobster tourney?

    You guys were right behind us. Gotta admit I was wondering what I'm doing wrong, when somebody anchored behind me has two women polishing the boats brightwork, and I've got two Goobers belching, farting and watching TikTok for two hours waiting for the start of the tournament. :D
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    Do you ever surprise yourself at the random shit you find in your garage?

    So it's an adhesive backed glow stick? Can you stick them on lobster buoys? How long are they good for? :P
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    1978 25 Flybridge

    Mine is an '87, so I'm not sure they are exactly the same. But if they are, mine had what you might compare to door casing that went around the box that the tank sits in, so it's not as tight of a fit as it looks, its just sealed off somewhat. My tank was held in only with the foam that it was...
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    Unofficial California rockfish record

    I saw that on Facebook a couple days ago. One of the best comments was something about 7 pounds of it being worms. I got a good laugh out of that.
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    Hatch leaking.

    West Marine sells hatch gasket in like a 9' length.
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    Replaced fuel tank. Rebuilt outdrive. Manifolds and risers. Remove 10+ F**d up layers of bottom...

    Replaced fuel tank. Rebuilt outdrive. Manifolds and risers. Remove 10+ F**d up layers of bottom paint down to gel, barrier coat and fresh bottom paint. I could continue, but you get it. Not everything I do is necessary, some are for creature comforts, some are for reliability. I think my next...
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    Anyone have a 25' flybridge?

    Love my 25FB. that being said, I easily spend 5K a year keeping it up. I'll go down your list as good as I can, with what information is pertinent. 1. Whether you're going to see anything in the oil depends largely on how long ago it was changed. Any issue that might have been found in oil near...
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    I'm also on the PQ 11-14. It's not looking real good. We'll see, I guess. I'm sure they'll wait...

    I'm also on the PQ 11-14. It's not looking real good. We'll see, I guess. I'm sure they'll wait til the last minute to cancel, if that's what happens.
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    Show me your best shot!

    Looking through the galley window on Tanner, Pac Queen.
  83. Stringer

    OK...which one of you guys is this?

    Couldn't put my fat ass in the hammock, it would tip over the whole thing, ass over tea kettle.
  84. Stringer

    Show me your best shot!

    Sunrise at Catalina
  85. Stringer

    Back to back 11 day trips on the Indy

    Wow, hella jealous. Enjoy your time on the water.
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    Wanted 30 Skipjack

    Ventura Craigslist has one listed.
  87. Stringer

    Nah, get a receipt tho. 😂

    Nah, get a receipt tho. 😂
  88. Stringer

    Yes, you are correct. I was intentionally being a little vague, thinking anyone who wanted...

    Yes, you are correct. I was intentionally being a little vague, thinking anyone who wanted particulars could look up the regs. I keep a copy on my phone, mostly to keep up with size and take limits on fish that seem to constantly change.
  89. Stringer

    Lobster season coming up- questions about giving them away

    Catch 7 on Monday. Gift them to your wife. get a 2 day permit for Tuesday and Wednesday, catch 14 more. :D That being said, you have to actually fish Tuesday AND Wednesday. and there are minimum time limits for how long you have to fish each day.
  90. Stringer

    Legal .410 in calif.?

    I still have my old Savage Model 24, .22/.410 O/U from my childhood. I know they're still making them. Growing up in the Midwest, it was a great gun for rabbits and squirrels.
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    Bad Volvo Penta Props?

    I loaded a pic of the outdrive, you’d be hard pressed to find one as clean.
  92. Stringer

    Bad Volvo Penta Props?

    What you see in the close up is the zinc, the outdrive is in great shape.
  93. Stringer

    Thanks Eric, I had wondered if that were the case., is there any way to minimize or combat the...

    Thanks Eric, I had wondered if that were the case., is there any way to minimize or combat the affects of the cavitation? Or is it just the nature of VP Duoprops? I wonder if it would help to smooth it out a little and re-powder coat them when they start to show heavy pitting, as a preventative...
  94. Stringer

    Bad Volvo Penta Props?

    already shipped out the broken one. I have 2 weeks left on VP's one year warranty. :D
  95. Stringer

    Bad Volvo Penta Props?

    Zincs are a few years old, but don't see the water that often and have lots of meat on them. you would be hard pressed to tell the outdrive itself from a new one.
  96. Stringer

    Bad Volvo Penta Props?

    Launched out of Channel Islands on Saturday, picked up some decent fin bait and motored out of the harbor. I had just throttled up and was starting to come up on plane when I heard a thud and started getting a really bad vibration. I immediately killed the motor and lifted the outdrive, thinking...
  97. Stringer

    Vinyl Recommendations

    X2 for Sailrite. They also have a lot of really good tutorials on their site.
  98. Stringer

    Sounds like a speedy sleeve.

    Sounds like a speedy sleeve.
  99. Stringer

    Reel Clamp Like This One

    Try googling hippo grip offshore reel clamp, it should come up.
  100. Stringer

    Why did you join bloody decks?

    Peer pressure. All my friends were doing it, they said it was safe and non-addictive. I figured I could quit anytime.
  101. Stringer

    Penn for Sabiki rod

    I found a cheap Okuma line counter levelwind. no muss, no fuss, easy to get it back to the same zone. Ypu can pick them up for under $50. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, it's just a bait stick.
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    47, actually :p

    47, actually :p
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    time for the pros- whose got a mechanic near Long Beach after I've pissed in the wind.

    Also check fuel lines, ethanol can cause swelling internally in some older hoses not designed for it.
  104. Stringer

    I wonder how long they have been at sea...

    Do they need crew?
  105. Stringer

    FG Knot with Hollow Braid

    Seems to be a few doing that. Not to jack the thread, but any reason you wouldn’t just pull the fluoro inside the hollow and serve it?
  106. Stringer

    1st 3dayer, How much $

    On my most recent 3-Day trip, about 2-1/2 weeks ago, The trip itself was $1275, I tipped $220, my fish processing was $550, for 1 fish at 125#'s and 5 fish at 63# average. The boat I was on had soda and water on tap, so no extra charges there, and I didn't need tackle or line fills, etc. So...
  107. Stringer

    Fresh Water Cooling System Question

    Volvo does not put impellers in their drives. Your impeller will be engine driven.
  108. Stringer

    live bait hooks for BFT?

    Nice sized sardines, Owner 3/0 ringed Mutu's worked well.
  109. Stringer

    Winn grip preferences...

    I tried to use the contour winn grip on one of my rods, only because thats the only one they offered the saddle color in. Hated it, there's no decent way to get solid contact with the reel/reel clamp. I ended up stripping it back off, buying another one, and cutting the contour piece off of it.
  110. Stringer

    New tank in 25 skipjack fb question

    Yes, the tank cavity is lower than the engine compartment. Saw the same thing on mine. Drilled a hole, glassed it to seal it. When I replaced the tank in my boat, I coated the tank and put two 3/4” thick neoprene strips on each side. If you had berry’s make your tank, I’m assuming you did not go...
  111. Stringer

    Katy perry colors

    The Katy Perry... Not to be confused with the Sarah Jessica Parker...
  112. Stringer

    Re-gearing older JX

    Well, I guess that answers that. Thanks for the reply.
  113. Stringer

    Re-gearing older JX

    I have a couple of the older style, (4.1:1 metal handle, embossed side plate) JX's. I would like to convert 1 of them to the 8:1 gear set that is also from the older reels. Does anyone know if that's doable? And if Avet has the 8:1 gear sets. TIA
  114. Stringer

    Aq290 trim cylinder repair the easy way

    Here's another tip to remove the ram from the stem. I drilled a couple holes in the end of the ram that fits my angle grinder wrench. Doesn't affect the performance of the ram, makes removal and reassembly a snap, and will keep the ram from getting scarred up.
  115. Stringer

    ISO Nayarit Captain

    Look at "Fishing Adventures on the Topless II" on Facebook. I fished with him in Jan 2020, Captain is a Florida transplant, Nice guy, New 29' CC
  116. Stringer

    Question about coaming pads

    I fished a CC in PV last year that had them, I got rug burns on my knees from them, I'm not a fan. maybe if I was shorter, they'd have caught me mid thigh, guess it depends on placement.
  117. Stringer

    Volvo Penta outdrive question

    Thanks for the reply. You are correct that the sensor (#22) is accessed from the inside, however the drive wheel (#28) which is the part I’m changing, is accessed from the outside. In the yoke above the helmet. I have the manual, and am aware that the instructions call for removing the outdrive...
  118. Stringer

    Volvo Penta outdrive question

    Does anyone know if there’s a cheat to not having to pull the outdrive off to replace the trim sender gear wheel? I’m guessing the answers “not really” but thought it was worth a try. It’s on a 290DP. TIA
  119. Stringer


    Really like the boat, and I am looking, but I'd love it without the bottom paint. GLWS
  120. Stringer

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    I put some dense foam strips, on the angled bottom sections. I did not run them the entire length of the tank though, maybe 6" from the end on each side.
  121. Stringer

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    No, just sitting on dense foam runners, and bolted to the floor supports.
  122. Stringer

    Looking for a good lobster dip recipe

    Haven't made any dips, but this Lobster Paella is very good for a side.
  123. Stringer

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    I had no ballast in my 25'. I coated the bottom 2/3 of the new tank with KBS coatings 4401, it's like a hard plastic shell. I don't know weather you could see it from the pictures or not, but I completely enclosed my tanks 'coffin'. I used plastic decking lumber, sealed it all up, and put in a...
  124. Stringer

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    Cliff @ Berry's welded tabs (angle) on the top, I just trimmed them down a little, drilled a couple holes in each one and bolted them to the floor supports.
  125. Stringer

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    Just finished mine in my 25FB.
  126. Stringer

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.
  127. Stringer

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    can anyone who has done this tell me if there is a long wait time for the tanks, or does Berry’s have some pre-made?
  128. Stringer

    Drew1234: you are about as low key as they come.

    Drew1234: you are about as low key as they come.
  129. Stringer

    Newell P440-F $175

    I’ll take it, check your texts.
  130. Stringer

    Converting Trailer Drum to Disc Brakes- Tutorial

    I've been thinking about doing the conversion. I was wondering if anyone has done this conversion, and also changed out the actuator to an electric over hydraulic actuator, since my tow vehicle has the electric brake controller installed from the factory. I'm curious as to the pro's and con's...
  131. Stringer

    boat trailer wash down

    I rinse mine every time, and do as good of a job as possible in flushing the motor and washing down boat and trailer after the trip. Bakersfield can be 3 hours away sometimes. That's a long time to let anything pickle in salt. I'm sure it helps keep the rust down.
  132. Stringer

    You know you are hooked wrapping rods when:

    1. I always seem to have more rods than reels. That's my motivation to build a new rod, I find a shiny new reel I need. 3. No chair, just can't do it sitting down. I've tried. 4. I don't know what any of the acronyms are. I really do miss Gudebrod thread though.
  133. Stringer

    Would you toss your bent rod in the ocean?

    The 90's is "back in the day" now. Guess I'm officially old.
  134. Stringer

    Thinking About Quitting

    I definitely can relate to what you're saying. The price of diesel. Wear and tear on the tow rig. Back and forth over the grapevine. every f'n time. It tends to wear on ya. I am lucky enough that I can still afford a few LR trips a year, plus fish when and where I want on my own boat, fishing...
  135. Stringer

    Penn 50TW 2-Speed Cal Sheets BNIB

    Thanks Texlee, you've saved me from becoming a hoarder.
  136. Stringer

    Penn 50TW 2-Speed Cal Sheets BNIB

    That's a fact, Although I don't need another one, it sure makes my 'buy it now' finger itchy.
  137. Stringer

    Knot for popper leader.

    I really like the Boone crimping pliers. Very solid compared to cheaper models.
  138. Stringer

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    Breaking in a new one. 4 months old, growing like a weed, smart as a whip.
  139. Stringer

    Looks Like The Angler Is Going To Guadalupe On A,Five Day

    Best of luck to all the boats there or on their way. I’ll be watching closely for a report. Hopefully we will head there too if conditions were good, 12 days, I can hardly wait.
  140. Stringer

    Hooks??? What do you do?

    Since I'm old and on meds, I have an abundance of Rx bottles. They fit well in either of the Plano boxes. I write on them with a sharpie which hooks are in them. They fit everything up to 6/0. I use a variety of hooks, but mostly Mustad 94151's, which used to be called 94150's, for "J" hooks...
  141. Stringer

    goto/default jig colors??

    my bad, I fixed it, thx
  142. Stringer

    goto/default jig colors??

    What I always have on any trip, minimum: Surface: Birdshit, Scrambled egg, mint/white, blue/white. YoYo: Scrambled egg, blue/white, blue/chrome.
  143. Stringer

    Yeti cup tipping over on trip ? what to do.

    I have this.....still tips over, but...I've dropped it overboard 3 times....and it just doesn't sink.
  144. Stringer

    skipjack propeller advice

    I have a 25' Flybridge with a 350/290DP and mine are J6. I've read that you go up one number from the B series to the J series, ie; B5 = J6. I read also said that A series would stay the same, ie; A5 = J5. I don't know anything about props and their characteristics, hopefully someone that is...
  145. Stringer

    Loop to loop

    Rather than writing out how I do it, here is a link to Blackwater's video, that is where I learned, and that is exactly how I still do them.
  146. Stringer

    Keeping Bugs alive 3 Day

    Living in Bakersfield, I've been doing alot of trial and error on what keeps them the freshest all the way from Catalina to my driveway. Here is what I'm doing now, and it has kept them better than anything else we've tried. While we are hooping and all the way back to the ramp, we keep them in...
  147. Stringer

    Komodo Casting

    I have one of the Komodo 364's and really like it. I think it may be a little small for a decent size yellow, but I like throwing the Coltsnipers with it. Casts hella good.
  148. Stringer

    Elk hunt consolation prize

    Great write up. I'll bet those two hours must have seemed like ten. Nice consolation prize though, I'd be happy with that. I've had plenty of hunts where I never even got to let an arrow go, let alone three. Can't imagine what the voice(s) in your head will be saying the next time you're at...
  149. Stringer

    Swap-out outdrive 75 skipjack 20ft open.

    Aaaahhh, the "Old Bloodydecks" how I've missed it.:fighting0061:
  150. Stringer

    Lure Wraps?

    I bought mine here: I thought they were a good product and easy to put on.
  151. Stringer

    Super Glow

    Those are 8 oz.
  152. Stringer

    wrapping tuna cord on deckhand rod

    X2 on the X-flock. I have an older Ulua that I was going to rewrap the corktape on because it had started drying out. I checked out some rods that were wrapped with cord, and just didn't care for the texture. It didn't feel right in my hand. So I gave the X-flock a try, and could not be...
  153. Stringer

    Tuna Hats

  154. Stringer

    Maui Jim and Costa Sunglasses

    I have two pair, they are the best ones MJ makes. Any reason you don't keep them and have them made into your prescription? I did that with my Stingrays.
  155. Stringer

    Lupe rod for tac 20

    Have to agree on the XH as a minimum, last year I saw people fish rods like the Calstar 700H, and they were definitely bottomed out on average-size Guadalupe tuna.
  156. Stringer

    Solid to Hollow Spectra size

    So, I probably missed something, but is there any reason you wouldn't just tie a Bimini for your loop to loop connections? I only have one of my bigger reels that still has solid on it, but it's worked fine on that reel for a long time.
  157. Stringer


    Saw one on the way in from Anacapa on Sunday afternoon too.
  158. Stringer

    Canadian fisherman survives sexual assault by dozens of seals

    “I felt the heavy weight on my back as I was pretending to be dead. I can still hear those awful grunts and remember the pounding." Pretty sure that's a direct quote from my wife. :rofl:
  159. Stringer

    Loop to loop

    The Blackwater website also has two very good videos. One shows how to make the loop, the other shows how to insert the leader and serve the connection.
  160. Stringer

    Loop to loop

    I don't profess to know anything, but I know what I like and what works for me. I tie all my own wind-ons as well. I fish solid braid on 65 and under, and I use knots to connect leaders there. Mostly Uni to Uni, sometimes FG, sometimes RP. I fish hollow braid 80 and up. On the 80, I use a little...
  161. Stringer

    What are you towing with?

    A good friend once told me, "figure out what size truck you need, then get the next size up, you'll never be sorry."
  162. Stringer

    Great Barrier Reef first timer looking for input

    We did two weeks there over Christmas and New Years 3 years ago. We spent a week in Brisbane with a couple days in Sydney. The Christmas concert at the Opera House was worth seeing. Two solid days of driving and taking in all the sites on the way up north was also cool. They have a highway...
  163. Stringer

    Looking for a bright squid light

    Take a look at the Hydro Glow squid lights, I bought the 4 footer at Fred Hall, seems very sturdy and definitely brings the squid to you.
  164. Stringer

    Boat show freebies

    Two things. First of all, it should have adhesive on the back to stick it onto your cell phone. It has a slot for ID, business cards, whatever. The parts that kick out are meant to act like a kickstand for watching porn, I mean videos.
  165. Stringer

    Wahoo recipes

    Grilled Wahoo with onion and bell pepper and a passion fruit and sweet chili glaze. Served over whole grain wild rice. It was lick the plate good.
  166. Stringer

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Champagne sunset.
  167. Stringer


    The standards run through 6/0 they are the TK619R.
  168. Stringer


    I used the Trokar offset ringed hooks exclusively at Guadalupe last week. 3/0 to 5/0's. Great hook, super sharp, and strong. Those will be my go to hooks from now on.
  169. Stringer

    Skipjack Gunwale Vinyl

    On my last boat, I used indoor/outdoor carpet adhesive. I put it on with a small v-notch (looked like a 4" wide putty knife with grooves at the tip). Held it in place and applied pressure with a slew of the thick pool noodles until it was set. It seemed to work well and made good contact with...
  170. Stringer

    What Happened to the Fishing Weatherman?

    No news is good news??? I'm hoping.
  171. Stringer

    knots for 80-100lb flouro

    I generally make my own wind-ons, Loop and serve with about 15-20' of leader. Fluoro 100+ I generally crimp at the hook and use a chaffing spring.
  172. Stringer

    Wind on leader ?

    Easy enough to make on your own. Good time killer on long trips too. I spent the first 2 days of a 4 day ride to hurricane bank making leaders. The blackwater website has some instructional videos, done well, to get the idea. One of the videos is on making the loop end, and the other is on...
  173. Stringer

    Modern jig slinger

    Have to agree with you Nate. I have plenty of new equipment, but there is something about the Newell/Long rod set-up. I have a 10' Ulua and a 533 that is my go to. I think it makes me feel like I'm being true to sport when I use it, and it has killed many fish.
  174. Stringer

    WTB: Tuff Boots

    Just an FYI, in my experience they run a half size big, so a 9 should do the trick.
  175. Stringer

    Guadalupe permits are a total game changer.

    I don't know how I finally got some positive karma points but go me. Every time something like this comes up I'm either too busy or too poor. Not this time though, 3 weeks away from my six day on the RP on a super limited load charter. Fuckin' A.
  176. Stringer

    Buy a boat they said...It will be fun they said...

    This is a great read, good luck with the project, I'll be checking back for the updates.
  177. Stringer

    The Lupe is open to the R.P. and the Shogun

    25 days away, I really hope we are fishing there. I'm getting a chubbie.
  178. Stringer

    Speaking of Opah...

    We had two nice ones caught on an 8 day on the Shogun several years back when Bruce was running the boat. One on a chrome and blue iron and the other on a white and blue iron, both heavy iron, thrown toward the kelp paddy and then allowed to sink out. The jigs were probably 150' or so when hit...
  179. Stringer

    Safe reel seat removal without cutting

    If you are trashing the seat, you may be able to use a high speed cutter or a dremel with a cutting wheel. be careful to just cut through the seat, it looks like there is plenty of room between the seat and the blank. I have seen many things used as filler between the seat and blank, I'm sure...
  180. Stringer

    RP is on em good at Guadalupe

    Now I'll start getting excited, just a little over 3 weeks away. Hope we slay 'em too.
  181. Stringer

    1st Post & 1st Long Range Trip

    I've never fished the Sea Adventure 80, but have done several trips on the Ranger 85, and would definitely recommend it. My first time on the Ranger 85 was also a birthday trip about 13 years ago. We slayed the albacore, it was a fun trip.
  182. Stringer

    Offshore Insane foamer action

    That is some excellent fish porn!
  183. Stringer

    Sold, Moderator please delete post, Thanks Bloodydecks!!!

    J - If you make it through the weekend and haven't sold it, please message me. I am interested and would like to come look at it, just too tied up this weekend. Thx.
  184. Stringer

    SOLD: Brand New Avet HXW Raptor spooled with 130 lb

    Thanks Brad, don't fly through Denver or SFO when you can help it. Your neighbor says you owe him some beer, good shit too like a nice IPA.
  185. Stringer

    AVET 4/O (RED) SOLD!!

    I think I finally have a complete arsenal, Thank you Jake
  186. Stringer

    Wind-on leaders and braid to mono connections

    The Blackwater vids is where I learned too, great instruction. I can't stress enough trimming the end of your flouro/mono before choosing a needle in which to insert it, to feed into your hollow spectra. The smaller the needle, the easier it is to push up through the spectra. I made it too hard...
  187. Stringer

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away -DAY 11- Accurate Fury

    Australia, and I'm here right now, should get the chance to wet a line in a day or two.
  188. Stringer

    Australia is offshore?

    Sounds like the same time we will be there, I'm hoping to find some time to get out and fish a day myself. We will be a week in Melbourne with at least a day in Sidney, followed by a week in Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. Good luck to you, hope you get out and get some fish that you can't...
  189. Stringer

    Sunrise pics...let's see some

    Sunrise at San Miguel Island
  190. Stringer

    butt wraps need help please

    Bow rhyme with joe not bow rhyme with cow, IOW make sure the threads stay straight from crosspoint to crosspoint. I usually leave a small reel lying around my rod table like a 200 series newell. I put it in the reel seat and check for straightness of the first crosswrap. It makes it easier to...
  191. Stringer

    butt wraps need help please

    I agree with the light reflection technique. I generally save my buttwrap for last, just the way I do it. So at that point it's relatively easy to look down the blank with the guides at TDC across the light reflection from my overhead fluorescents. I use digital micrometers for all the...
  192. Stringer

    Need Oahu Recommendation

    I have a friend of the family going to Oahu (probably Waikiki area)in a couple weeks with a large group (10 people). They would all like to go out and get a days fishing in with everyone getting an oportunity to fish. They are hoping to keep it affordable. Maybe $1200 - $1500 for the group, can...
  193. Stringer

    ATF bullying for private info AGAIN!!!!

    Short version: EP Armory who manufactures the 80% lowers were the first ones raided. Their 80% polymer lowers and customer information was taken. Ares Armory was the next one hit, they sell the EP Lowers. In as much as I have my own personal feelings about what is going on both in Washington DC...
  194. Stringer

    Levon Helm FTW

    Been a long time since I've watched "The Band, The Last Waltz" may have to give it another view.
  195. Stringer

    Meniscus tear sugery....

    Had the right knee done a few years ago, looked like shredded wheat. Doc just removed it and polished up the heads of the bones. It got rid of a lot of the snap crackle pop. I did try to play golf a little too soon after the surgery (2 weeks) and ended up having a bleed into the compartment...
  196. Stringer

    Leveling kits for Ford 4 x 4 full size

    I have a '05 F350 Crewcab dually 4X4. Had The leveling kit installed along with other goodies, it certainly didn't hurt the ride any. I had to put longer shocks on, so they may have helped too. Put some big aggressive tires on it, she looks real purdy now.
  197. Stringer

    Excel on Big Fish @ Clarion

    I would think Thetis or 23 Fathom spot?
  198. Stringer

    Fighting a cow tuna

    I like that.
  199. Stringer

    First 14 Dayer Questions

    Seeker made some blanks that were olive colored, so I used brown, Khaki, and Olive thread, with some red accents, I don't photograph well, which is why I don't normally post pic's. They always look better in person and I only build them for me, and I'm easy to please.
  200. Stringer

    First 14 Dayer Questions

    I want to thank everyone who has given me advice, sent me their lists, and offered to watch my daughter while I'm away. Sorry, only have son's..........and....NO. I've got some good stuff, and I wanted to say that I appreciate all who helped. Cal's called and said that they are done with my...
  201. Stringer

    First 14 Dayer Questions

    Sweet, I'm looking forward to meeting everyone on the trip, I'm sure I'll come away with some new friends. Most of my wife's family lives in Phoenix, so you and her will be trading places for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  202. Stringer

    First 14 Dayer Questions

    Royal Polaris Nov. 20 - Dec. 4
  203. Stringer

    First 14 Dayer Questions

    Having made the normal progressions from short trips to longer trips, I finally booked my first really big trip. I leave in about two weeks on my first 14 day trip. I have a few questions that I'm hoping some of the veterans can answer for me. 1.What did you bring that you should have left at...
  204. Stringer

    Soupfin off carlsbad

    Caught one of those out around the Channel Islands a few years back on an overnight charter. I wasn't sure about keeping it at first but the deckie talked me into it, glad he did, that was some of the best tasting fish I've had, and so dense like a chicken breast. I even brougt some to work and...
  205. Stringer


    I'll be on this one as well.
  206. Stringer

    Ceiling rod rack

    mines real easy 2" pvc on a fence board and rubber coated hook's
  207. Stringer

    8x8 bull elk

    Congrats to your brother, that is a fine looking animal.
  208. Stringer

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Then there was my all-time favorite. Back in like '95 or '96 when Ventura was crazy overrun with salmon, I had been going out a couple times a week with friends and was stocking up quite well on the salmon when I ended up with an extra unplanned day off of work, so I thought I'd take one of the...
  209. Stringer

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Be a "commercial fisherman on days off" and act like a complete know it all ass the whole trip, and every time you get hooked up make the biggest "Bassmasters" swing that you can and take about 4 steps backwards as you swing on the fish. Of course, make sure you are also 90 degrees to either...
  210. Stringer

    Spirit Of Adventure 6 Day. Sept 2-8. Epic Fishing. JUMBOS INCLUDED

    Great job on the report and on getting a real good grade of fish.
  211. Stringer

    1 Spot on the Mirage July19th-20th

    If anything falls through or if you have another cancellation I would like go on this trip.
  212. Stringer

    Underwrap questions

    I'm sure there are a million ways to skin a cat, but the way that has always worked for me (assuming you are doing a triple wrap) is to do the underwrap, apply color preserver and let dry, then wrap my guides with the first wrap and apply preserver to them. I then apply a light coat of finish...
  213. Stringer

    Sportboat Lobster Hooping Questions

    Rather than starting a whole new thread, I'll just hijack this one. All Promar politics aside, the wife bought me one of these trips for Christmas because it was something different and I have never hooped lobster (that and the fact that she really likes lobster). So I have a couple of questions...
  214. Stringer

    Offshore Ranger 85 2.5 10/10 - 10/11/'12

    Good report, Ive been waiting for the report on this trip, I am on the next 2.5 day. Some good observations about what was working/not working, thanks for sharing.
  215. Stringer

    Old BD stuff.......

    Wow! I wqs on here morning noon and night back then. Nowadays I just cruise by for a look every now and then. The Katana thing was bad, The shop closing sad, Pickleboy was good for a laugh, and Bill kicking a crackheads ass out in front of his house. I did get to go on one of the first BD...
  216. Stringer

    I got kid problems. Please vote so I can prove a point

    I'm probably one of the last parents that don't feel a child needs a phone, we have told ours that we don't feel they need one until they are driving, then they can have one and we will pay for it. We got a plan without unlimited texting and with just enough minutes so that they can use it when...
  217. Stringer

    sticker removal

    Zippo lighter fluid lifts them off and whipe off the adhesive with it.
  218. Stringer

    Some men aren't men

    Wish I still had the knees to sit like that, I could play baseball again.
  219. Stringer

    3 more out the door

    Nice job Bill, sure makes me wish I had the coin for an Alps printer too.
  220. Stringer

    SLD 30 Two Speed

    Try here:
  221. Stringer

    Fishing out of Seaforth/LOST equipment

    Wow...Set the "wayback machine" been quite a while since that happened. Anyway, sorry for your loss of gear.
  222. Stringer

    Manny and David Ortiz on the list of 104 testing positive

    I consider it a wash, 1 team with a few juicers playing another team with a few juicers. Makes for a level playing field if you ask me.
  223. Stringer


    Happy Birthday Big Guy. Love the cake.
  224. Stringer

    Question for Dad's...

    I always told my kids that the Tooth Fairy belonged to the same union as Santa and the Easter Bunny, and that they got paid in gold coins. ThenI would just swing by a Post Office and buy 1 stamp from the stamp vending machine with a twenty, they give change in gold dollars, I usually have quite...
  225. Stringer

    Favorite line?? (mono)

    P-line under 30lb. Over 30lb. Izorline first string - blue offshore, clear inshore.
  226. Stringer

    The trip to the darkside is complete

    I like the skull, I think it turned out geat.
  227. Stringer

    New avantar, new family member, no more fisihing...

    Congratulations on the beautiful baby girl, hope mom and baby are both doing well. Ive still got some of those stickers too, they were from the first B/D booth at Fred Hall.
  228. Stringer

    green super seeker blanks

    I have 2 blanks in the 6463XXXXH in the green. Can't wait to build them.
  229. Stringer

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Awesome job, absolutely awesome. I'm probably the king of ADD and short attention span, and I read the whole post thus far. Great job on the boat, post and technical side too.
  230. Stringer

    question on jx reel

    Troll strap eye or hook keeper, you pick. :D
  231. Stringer

    Offshore no tuna, but but but........

    Very nice, I saw 2 get caught off a paddy on a 5-dayer once, one on the blue/chrome and one on white/chrome Irons. Seems like a pattern to me.
  232. Stringer

    Is it just me ,or do all of you have the same problem

    Yeah, i was reading threesome from halfway through the first sentence. :D
  233. Stringer

    Intrepid at a disadvantage???????

    I agree whole heartedly with that statement. I have been on several trips that missed the radio fish by 30 minutes.
  234. Stringer

    Bloody Decks Sighting Texas

    Tell me you were letting the dog pee on the Texas sign :D
  235. Stringer

    FUCK YOU - I'm an Anteater

    Yes they are.......
  236. Stringer

    Noah's Tackle is closing the doors...

    Sorry to hear about the closure, it was nice to meet you and shoot the shit when we came down, hope your new job (whatever that may be) will afford you more time to do some fishing. Best of luck.
  237. Stringer

    chartering a boat in hawaii

    Great write-up Mike. I am going to be right there in Oahu in August, and would like to go out 1 day, you have given me a good base to start from. Thanks
  238. Stringer

    Rodbuilding with a Scout twist

    Sorry, the cut paste didn't work, here's the 13 some thread detail and a closeup of the plaque.
  239. Stringer

    Rodbuilding with a Scout twist

    Just finished what is hopefully my last arrow of light awards for our Cubscout pack, or at least for a while. My youngest is bridging to Boyscouts on Monday. This was the largest group I had done this for, and if you've ever been involved in Scouts you would know that 13 boys is a larger than...
  240. Stringer

    The definitive Irish intelligence test

    So if you're drunk and you want to fight do you pass? :D
  241. Stringer

    Purple Bomber 700M Finished

    Nice work. Glad to see all of the guides are on the right side too. :D
  242. Stringer

    Can you bring a shotgun to kill a shark?

    Saw a guy shoot a shark once right in the head. On an aluminum boat. The shark was IN the boat when he shot it. :D never seen a guy haul ass so fast before.
  243. Stringer


    Just guessing, but maybe a hypodermic with glue and wrap it tight with tape 'til it dries.
  244. Stringer

    The Best Knives

    Cutco's around the house, Forschner's around the feeshes.
  245. Stringer

    I would hate to be this guy!!!

    good trajectory
  246. Stringer

    Hey Crackhead - Get your own crack pipe

    Alley with Louisville slugger in hand, I'm not that rough on my tools.
  247. Stringer

    r u kidding me?

    I don't get the windtunnel hairdo and bottle tan.
  248. Stringer

    Thread size for triple wrapping guides?

    Try putting down your basewraps, sealing them, then wrapping your first guidefoot wraps, then a light coat of finish, then the final wrap. The finish between guidefoot wraps helps the last wrap have a nice even surface for you to wrap on.
  249. Stringer

    Little League coach gone too far?

    I feel ya, my son has a catching clinic from 10 to 12, and a pitching clinic from 2 to 4.
  250. Stringer

    Speaking of jobs

    Shame I can't relocate....mucho experience on jet engines. Also, currently running a solar turbine in the plant. Of course I could always do the Taft Tech job....Hhmmm. What are the bennies like?
  251. Stringer

    Tossing iron for yellows

    10' Ulua w/Newell 338, birdshit.
  252. Stringer

    HOLY S**T

    Mythbuster's.........Ha Ha......I heard about it happening at bandcamp once. You going to Fred Hall this year Brandon?
  253. Stringer

    klamath falls

    Sneekee, can ya put me on a nice bull elk next year brother?...maybe I'll give Bend/La Pine another chance.
  254. Stringer

    I think I can stop pulling my hair out

    Ha Ha funny video...Im actually got a free t-shirt from the people at Tazer for letting them taze me.....too much fun....I'll type slow, so Joni can read it on her slow assed internet...Peace. :D
  255. Stringer


    I was going through the checkout at the local grocer not too long ago with the Tampons my wife had asked me to pick up...and some bloody Mary mixer.. I actually asked the checker if it seemed a little redundant.... She didn't get it. Maybe it's me.
  256. Stringer


  257. Stringer

    Can You Spot the Young BD'er?

    Karl, ha ha ha same one it is every time. Peace
  258. Stringer


    I agree with David....please send all "sub-standard" fish to me.
  259. Stringer

    11 Russian Fishermen & Fisherwomen stranded for 3 months

    Unibrow or not, somebody hit something after a while.
  260. Stringer

    West Coast Custom Rod Show May 3rd, Costa Mesa

    I'm going to try to make it. I hope my schedule allows it.
  261. Stringer

    If you love C.S.I. you goota love this....

    Repost or not, that is still some funny shit.
  262. Stringer

    Avet reels

    I'm not wanting to start a fight or nothin' and I do have Avets, but, the best Avet for a jig stick is still a Newell :D
  263. Stringer

    new to bloody decks

    Hell of an entrance Tim, hell of an entrance. Welcome.
  264. Stringer

    Pictures of Bulls Locked up and story.

    Wow, cool pic's thanks for sharing.
  265. Stringer

    suggestions for thread colors

    Not a big fan of metalics as a base good for accent colors......first wrap over guide feet etc....they tend to fade and look washed out if you cver much area with my opinion.
  266. Stringer

    New connection method

    vey easy.....extremely strong.....count me in.
  267. Stringer

    Bloodydecks Timing out for you?

    I still don't get BD at home. I get it at work though, so I guess I shouldn't bitch.
  268. Stringer

    do you carry a side arm

    I could be mistaken, but I was always under the impression that it was illegal to carry a firearm bowhunting (during bow season)
  269. Stringer

    Can't Access BD From Home

    And on a dumber note........How do I know my IP address?
  270. Stringer

    Can't Access BD From Home

    I'm having the same problem, B/D seems to be the only site I can't access. I just get the typical Internet explorer message that says the website is busy, or typed in wrong or it could be some DNS issues.....I'm not computer saavy enough to figure it out either. Oh, I don't have Cox.....I have...
  271. Stringer

    This is low.

    I think I'm a mule for this new drug, Ive got some of the raw material keestered.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  272. Stringer

    As good as vacume packing

    Best thread of the week.
  273. Stringer

    bow for sale

    Sneekee, heard good things about that F.B. Truth, Only drawback I heard was the green color they used for the cams and limb pockets, supposed to shoot nice though.
  274. Stringer

    Displaced BD'ers ROLL CALL

    Don't forget to sign of the computer. :D On a more serious note, good luck to all who are affected, we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
  275. Stringer

    Big lesson for the leetle gurl...some help?

    Not sure about there.....but here some of the shops will pay for the towing to them if the repairs are over a couple hundred. Wouldn't hurt to look around, as it saved me $125 on the tow. :)
  276. Stringer

    Chargers Vs. Raiders

    Go Raiders.
  277. Stringer

    My handwriting sucks!!! I need labels

    C & M sells waterslide decals that work with your printer, maybe you can find a font that closely resembles the type of writing you're looking for. I've also heard that they can be a little difficult to get to lay down flat until you have mastered it.
  278. Stringer

    Favorite phrases to say when throwing iron.

    Smaller boats, I may say something. Bigger boats.....not much need. I usually take my happy ass up to the bow and see how badly I can burn my thumb. I'm not a real jig thrower though.....more of a donkey I think.:imdumb:
  279. Stringer

    questions on dropper loop....

    Yes what Steve said, that's the preferred method of the L/R fleet.
  280. Stringer

    Offshore FOR WHAT ITS WORTH!!!!!

    Thanks Tommy, always good to see your reports.
  281. Stringer

    Need your opinion & advise

    After witnessing the births of my 3 children, I would say this: In my opinion letting a child of any age witness the birth of a sibling is not a good idea. Seeing their mother in so much pain and seeing so much blood can be very traumatic. Even if you have done a great job of letting her know...
  282. Stringer

    in df brittney spears

    Damn Emu's
  283. Stringer

    G5 brod head's

    How do they fly, compared to a field point on the same shaft?
  284. Stringer


    Go Blue
  285. Stringer

    Condor and fishermans landing

    :imdumb:Wow, all I can think in response to that is wow.:imdumb: Calling someone a fag on the go.
  286. Stringer

    OK, now that the MLB pot has been stirred,

    My take. We are baseball family. It's the first thing we look for on tv on a night in. I'ts the first thing we look to go see on a night out. Doesn't matter who (local minor league as well) and it doesn't matter where. I also coach it every year. The wife and I are both born and raised Dodger...
  287. Stringer

    SD fish processors

    Recently returned from a 5 day, used 5 Star (had always cut my own fish before) picked mine up just a few hours after dropping it off. My brothers fish was sent back to Omaha. No complaints from either one of us, we would use them again.
  288. Stringer

    Call the cops on a chick masturbating?

    Pretty amusing read, real or not.
  289. Stringer

    I dont think so

    I'm in.....what does it pay??
  290. Stringer

    Fair time is fun time

    SOOooo, you can post pic's, eh?
  291. Stringer

    I think a repost, but funny so f off :)

    Dru, that's funny. Jorge WTF is that?
  292. Stringer

    Somebody Was Hungry

    Wow, huge head, that thing must have been a toad.
  293. Stringer

    2 Opah

    Both caught on iron, if I remember correctly.....I think they were blue and chrome.
  294. Stringer

    Wifezilla is really fucking pissed right now!!!

    Great, It's not just my kids that do this kind of shit.
  295. Stringer

    Who's this?

    Wow, and I got like a dozen left over from the first Fred Hall show. I'm sittin on like $11.88, and I didn't even know it. :D
  296. Stringer


    Is this a Cuda poll without the poll?
  297. Stringer

    HA................................................ ..HA

    Damn ya beat me to it :D
  298. Stringer

    In Gen. Patton's Opinion

    Good stuff right there.
  299. Stringer

    HA................................................ ..HA

    Wooo Hoooo the next generation. Soon they'll be running the country. :imdumb:
  300. Stringer

    We did it again! Seabassssssss 8/2/07

    Nice fish. You guys suck.
  301. Stringer

    Rod selection

    I use a Calstar 700XH for troll/heavy bait, works well for me.
  302. Stringer

    Offshore Some one forgot to tell team Hanna that the Albies were gone

    Hey I thought the new rule was to be holding a copy of todays paper in the photo's :D
  303. Stringer

    Camoflage Wetsuit for Sale

    Oooohhhh, 6'2" and 260 lbs., just misssed it by one size :D
  304. Stringer

    Offshore Some one forgot to tell team Hanna that the Albies were gone

    Sweet, great job on the midweek feeshes. quality fish too. You guys suck. I'm leaving on a 5 day on the Shogun on Thursday, hopefully we can nail them on the way out. Thursday's still mid week, Curtis, My brother and I will probably stop by the shop tomorrow afternoon after his plane comes in.
  305. Stringer

    Offshore Limit 7/16 SOUTH

    Way to go solo.
  306. Stringer

    I'll never go back to h and m harbor!!!!!

    I can't even believe this is a real post. I've been waiting for the punchline, but I guess dude was serious. It's okay to get a little frustrated that you didn't get a fish but it looks like 25 of the other guys on the boat didn't get one either. Ya buys yer ticket and ya takes yer chances...
  307. Stringer

    starting a cook book

    I've got a bunch of camp and dutch oven reipes. I guess you could substitute rattler/woodchuck/beaver where it says chicken/beef/pork. :D
  308. Stringer

    Shogun Update 7/13/07

    Thanks Shelly, 6 more days until my 5 day, hope we see some bluefin then too.
  309. Stringer

    Eagle nails deer.

  310. Stringer

    Another closed wrap

    Nice work Ed.
  311. Stringer

    Knuckleheads fishing-dancing

  312. Stringer

    Need some feed back-Check these out !!

    Ha Ha I remember when I was 25 too, I ate lots of (other peoples)Cheeto's. :imdumb:
  313. Stringer

    Grateful Dead Fish Gaff

    That one is badass Doc.
  314. Stringer

    Coming Pads

    A guy I work with did his own, some ribbbed marine grade vinyl, and a staple gun, they turned out good, and he is no rocket scientist. I think the hardest part for him was taking them off due to the corrosion.
  315. Stringer

    Coming Pads

    I thought everyone used to go across the boarder for upholstery work?
  316. Stringer

    Show Your Ghetto Rod Wrapping Setup!

    Homemade - with starboard, oak 1X6, some hardware store parts, and a sewing machine motor. works for me.
  317. Stringer

    There and Back - My First Salmon

    Nice job. Glad you got out up there. Funny how some of them swim to the net and others get really hot when they see the boat, huh?
  318. Stringer

    Offshore Trevors First Albie...

    Awesome pic's. You should be proud, well done.
  319. Stringer

    Rigging for a 3 day

    That's some funny shit there. I think that's the quote of the day.
  320. Stringer

    Bloody Driveway

    Tastes just like chicken sort of.
  321. Stringer

    My sons new stix..

    That's some very good work Steve.
  322. Stringer

    is it dangerous?

    That definately goes in Brandon's top ten.
  323. Stringer

    How 1 person found BD

    Nobody's copping to it Jason. Oh, and me, I heard about it on a June 8 day on the Shogun.
  324. Stringer

    Someone needs to....

  325. Stringer

    We lost a Great Friend and BD Member 5/7/07!

    Thought and prayers sent to those who knew him.
  326. Stringer

    Cub Scout fishing derby

    It's a shame that the date doesn't work for us, my wife and I are both leaders/commitee members and would have loved to have helped out. Hope you and the kids have a great trip!
  327. Stringer

    car damage

  328. Stringer

    Which reel is better?

    Out of the box (no mods.) The Avet casts better and produces more drag.
  329. Stringer

    Annoyance meter

    you got it backwards, you need to be the one behind. Always helps my workouts if I try to catch the chick in front of me. You know, the ole carrot on a stick. LOL
  330. Stringer

    Rinsing reels/rods on long range trips

    Take a shower with them, or soak them in the sink in your cabin on the good L/R boats.
  331. Stringer

    Harnell info

  332. Stringer

    wooden handle.... what could i do ?

    Lakeland still makes these; a regular butt section w/ hypalon and you're in business.
  333. Stringer

    wooden handle.... what could i do ?

    Well if you could find one of these old 2 peice reelseats.....I just rewrapped this one for a good friend of mine. If it were for me to keep, I probably would have turned down the bottom peice, to resemble a normal rod taper, and added hypalon there too. I think that may be an old Varmac...
  334. Stringer

    your rods on planes

    I have a Flambeux(sp.) bazooka pro, it extends to about 8 1/2 feet, and hoolds probably 10 rods or so. I only ever use it when I fly, but it has worked well for me.
  335. Stringer

    wooden handle.... what could i do ?

    I don't know much, but here's my $.02, a little heat should remove the old handle/reelseat, assuming you don't have a solid glass blank, I would ream the inside of the butt a little and clean it out with acetone/denatured alcohol or whatever, find a blank or peice of blank nice and heavy, with a...
  336. Stringer

    10th wedding anniversary need help

    Soak your wife and some bait at the same time. :D
  337. Stringer


    Redneck 401K (Lottery). House will be paid off soon, regular 401 doing well, thinking we'll get a liveaboard when we retire.
  338. Stringer

    do you have to...

    A footjob, with happy ending.
  339. Stringer

    Update On Diamond Jim

    That's great news, I had been hoping for some decent results this time. Hope to share a rail with him soon.
  340. Stringer

    Dirtbag alert- Guy selling Accurate reel "picture" on Ebay

    I'm a little dissappointed, I've seen your work, it's very good. I know you could probably paint a very nice poop picture. :)
  341. Stringer


    Nice, Very Nice.
  342. Stringer


    Slip the doctor an extra Benjamin this time. :) Good luck
  343. Stringer

    Big dork knocks little dork the fuck out!!!!

    The future leaders of the country. :D
  344. Stringer

    what do you think?

    My two alltime favorites for LMB are cinnamon/blue neon, and red speckled green weenies. Hard to find they are best in the really soft hand pours.
  345. Stringer

    New site, tell me what you think.

    I also got a phishing site warning.....don't know what it means either......IT guys???
  346. Stringer

    Hyplon grips

    Chris (Baja Dreamer) showed me. Use contact cement, only where the hypalon goes. While you're putting that on, stick a torpedo sinker in one end of the hypalon and fill it up with acetone. It will soak in a little and help soften the hypalon. Once the contact cement starts to set a little...
  347. Stringer

    Atlanta jig stick

    Wrapped a 90J for a guy I work with, He is an Atlanta (Ron Mexico) fan. My shit camera doesn't do it justice.
  348. Stringer

    What should you and I pay? Owner & Ho

    Man, that in itself should be enough to push anyone thinking about purchasing a boat to go ahead and pull the trigger. :rofl:
  349. Stringer

    what optic's do you hunt with

    Thanks Karl, thought I was all alone with that.
  350. Stringer

    Freezer Filler trips!

    You can still give away free tackle.....I'll come by later to claim it.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  351. Stringer

    Freezer Filler trips!

    I'm sure I'd enjoy fishing with you David, but a guy only gets so much vacation a year, and I'm spending mine on Chris' 5 day :) in July.
  352. Stringer

    who knows how?

    This is you right here bruthah....
  353. Stringer

    Freezer Filler trips!

    If I wasn't out of town, I'd be all over this. Chris runs a good fishing trip......and on the Shogun.......can't get any better than that.
  354. Stringer

    anyone ever used the ring and flotation ball anchor retrieval method?

    The skippers in Alaska were using that method when I did a trip up there. Seemed pretty straight forward, the floating rope was the only revelation I saw. Big ever widening circles until the shank of the anchor passed through the ring which would bounce the ball. Retreival was as easy as...
  355. Stringer

    LOTS of New "Members"

    Talk about fresh fish!
  356. Stringer

    Congratulations Byeye!!!!

    You guy's are crackin' me up....that's some funny shit....Congrat's Mike.:beerbang:
  357. Stringer

    What is this shit!!!

    you should have all received your secret decoder rings by mail.....if you have not received your ring yet email here: ÝtÚ;æ ñ³Gæïõ?ÿ&#169...
  358. Stringer


    A toast I heard while serving in the military: Here's to the Eagle...wing's long and straight, Flies all the way from Maine to Mexico, Just to shit on the Lonestar state. Which was quickly followed by: Here's to so fertile and rich, We don't need no turds from no high...
  359. Stringer

    Bush Screws the Country!!!

    Haters :D
  360. Stringer

    oh shit I'm getting married

    "I once was asked when fishing season was over? I replied when I'm dead!!!" Fishing Season is officially over. J/K Congratulations.<!-- / sig -->
  361. Stringer

    who likes limericks?

    There once was a guy named Skinner, Who took his girl out to dinner, Quarter to nine they sat down to dine, Quarter to ten it was in her. Not Skinner, The dinner, Skinner was in her before dinner. :D There once was a guy named Tupper, Who took his girl out for supper, Quarter to nine they...
  362. Stringer

    Congratulations Cuda, your famous!!!

    Yeah, Nice Ass Goathat
  363. Stringer

    who likes limericks?

    There once was a young lady named Dot, who lived on pig shit and snot, When she couldn't find these, She'd eat the green cheese, That she'd scrape from the sides of her twat. :D The once was a guy from Morroco, Who's motto was really quite macho, He said, to be blunt, God decreed we eat...
  364. Stringer

    Ferrari of the floattube world

    Ha ha.......point taken.
  365. Stringer

    Great to be back with my friends.

    Good to see you back on the board DJ.
  366. Stringer

    Ferrari of the floattube world

    Not gonna sound as stupid as this: I've often looked at those 'toons and wondered if you could use them in the ocean, you know, instead of a kayak. I mean, they look pretty stable and all. I know Bruce likes to trout fish and I'm assuming that's what he bought it for, but I was just wondering...
  367. Stringer

    A jack rabbit hunt turn's into a shed hunt

    Next time I'll just get ahold of you and find out where the rite place is.
  368. Stringer

    The ultimate Divorce Letter

    Very Funny.
  369. Stringer

    A jack rabbit hunt turn's into a shed hunt

    Just looked it up on my old license, it was 2000, hot as hell all the Elk were broken up into 2-3 head groups (water was scarse) it was way hot (Bakersfield hot) at the end of Sept. only saw one Elk that whole week, couldn't get inside a 100 yards, small cow anyway. Did do some fun shooting in...
  370. Stringer

    A jack rabbit hunt turn's into a shed hunt

    Hunted Elk several years ago in La Pine.....ever hunt that area?
  371. Stringer

    what do you do with old swimbaits/irons/fishing licenses?

    Fuckin' George. You're too funny.
  372. Stringer

    Suiside by Moderator...

    Too funny.
  373. Stringer

    Thank You Saluki...

    Gil the new avatar is just wrong.....on sooooooo many levels.
  374. Stringer

    so proud of jay

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  375. Stringer

    so proud of jay

    Jesse please leave any posts regarding fishing to the secret forum please.
  376. Stringer

    so proud of jay

    Julius: "My name is Julius and I'm your TWIN brother." Vincent: "Oh obviously! The moment I sat down I though I was looking into a mirror." ...
  377. Stringer

    Tejon bowhunt report

    Nice Bow Hog, great report.
  378. Stringer

    What arrow do you shoot

    I have used Golod Tips and Carbon Express arrows with good results, also in the 7595, even with the overdraw, with 90 gr. Muzzy 3 blades.
  379. Stringer

    Planning Honeymoon to Cabo Need Advice

    Re: Planning Honeymoon to Cabo Need Advice Don't do it. That is all.
  380. Stringer

    What would you do?

    Just styrofoam and jet fuel aint it? Lovely poem from my military days: Momma and baby sittin' in a ditch Baby suckin' on mommas tit Navy pilot don't give a shit Cuz napalm sticks to kids :D
  381. Stringer

    Happy Birthday Cooter

    Happy Birthday Curtis.
  382. Stringer

    Oops Wrong Turn

    Damn it Jim, I'm a Doctor not a Swamp Boat Pilot!!:rofl:
  383. Stringer

    Favorite Bucketmouth Bait

    Hand poured plastic worms, Carolina rigged. Sometimes Texas rigged.
  384. Stringer

    Yet another poor taste joke

    I think the poor taste jokes are my favorite, definately got a chuckle out of this one. :D
  385. Stringer

    Would this be the proper way to Beat a Dorado

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: gayz: gayz: gayz: gayz: gayz: gayz: gayz:
  386. Stringer

    Monterey question

    Ive been there and I'm pretty sure most if not all of them have been there too, they say they really want to fish, any guys from up that way got some 411 ?
  387. Stringer

    Monterey question

    Our Boy Scout troop is camping in Monterey towards the end of next month. Several of the Scouts and their parents are interested in going on a fishing trip like a half day boat. I know what the restrictions are. Does anyone know if there are any boats that are going out in the Monterey area...
  388. Stringer

    who the heck is this dude?

    Hope it works out for us, on a brighter note though....nice to see Al Davis looking frail and near death. :D
  389. Stringer

    I'll be damned if....

    thothe are thweet
  390. Stringer

    Subservient Chicken

    My kid tried to wear him out with push ups and jumping jacks. :D
  391. Stringer

    Subservient Chicken

    it's creepy
  392. Stringer

    Need some advice

    I've always had the same question, I haven't taken mine in salt. I worry about what salt is going to do to the motor since it will pull saltwater into the block for cooling. I think someone told me once that if it was meant to go into the ocean it would have a heat exchanger?
  393. Stringer

    Lemme see your Home "fishing" rod storage system

    hers one side of the garage door opener....still working on the other truelines though.
  394. Stringer

    Great pics

    how was somebody there just at the right time to take the picture in this one??
  395. Stringer

    Bears vs. Chargers Superbowl Party

    Congrats on your Bears Brandon.
  396. Stringer

    Happy Birthday Misuse!

    Have an outstanding birthday
  397. Stringer

    REGARDING WFSF........!!!!!

    Richard is a great guy, glad to see things turn out at least 'okay' for you guys, hope Rick got what was due him as well......what time for the tacos? :D
  398. Stringer

    Happy Birthday Our Mighty Leader

    Happy Birthday Jason!!
  399. Stringer


    That's funny...instant fridge. :D
  400. Stringer

    lucky bastard

    It looks like he's giving her the B/D salute when he gets up.
  401. Stringer

    Moose (yellow Lab) Found!

    You got to be a lowlife piece of shit to steal a mans dog.
  402. Stringer

    Basic Battery Question...

    You would have to ask Saluki, he's on their pro staff. Send him a PM. :D
  403. Stringer

    Pig Hunt success!!!!!

    Congrats on the hog, nice play by play. I just got an invite from one of our suppliers, He thinks it should be easy to get in bow range. I can't wait.
  404. Stringer

    Pig Hunting with a Knife

    I know some local necks that do it.
  405. Stringer

    My New Hummer!!! w/ Pictures

    Jason, the Hummer truck holds more poo, you should trade yours in.
  406. Stringer

    Avet Pro EX 50/02 SDS High-Speed Kicks Ass

    That would make a hell of a sig line.
  407. Stringer

    Oh please....there isn't a soul on here that won't drop their drawers the second you pull out a camera (myself included). :D
  408. Stringer

    ********** fisherman

    Well I think it's funny Mike.
  409. Stringer

    Avet Pro EX 50/02 SDS High-Speed Kicks Ass I think I'm getting it figured out now. 25 lbs. of drag = 2 hrs. getting a cow in. 35 lbs. of drag + 15 mins. getting a cow in. Cow = over 200 lbs. L/R tuna don't count. Rex never posts anything that isn't about Avet's, but is not affiliated. David has a temper. Chris is not afraid to...
  410. Stringer

    They are a PG-13 version of B/D. Or in their own words..."Get Bent is like Cheers as BD is like the strip club."
  411. Stringer

    Don't ever let that asshole Spooker...

    Damn, thats one fucked up camera. That had to suck to watch.
  412. Stringer


    Got a stalker?
  413. Stringer

    Happy Holidays Bloodydecks....

    Merry Christmas George.....hope you have a good trip.
  414. Stringer

    Archery Shop?

    Good for you, start 'em as soon as you they can pull one back. my boy's love to shoot the bow.
  415. Stringer

    She's under construction Part 16...3 months later...

    Bump.......hey Neill, I know it's winter and all, but I'm kinda Jones'n for an update. Can't leave a brothah hangin like that.
  416. Stringer

    Further proof of GOD (wreckingball)

    Pastrami goes very well with Tots :D
  417. Stringer

    Get your wife or girlfriend the best gift ever this christmas......

    when you've been married as long as me, the only way they like a dick in a box is if it's severred. :D
  418. Stringer

    Merry Christmas to All BDer's

    Bend over .
  419. Stringer

    24 over 200

    Congratulations to you and the Bakersfield boys, Chris, sounds like a trip to remember. Can't wait to hear all the details.
  420. Stringer

    Danny is the bestest Partridge

    :appl: Go Danny:appl:
  421. Stringer

    Jason & Jessica X-Mas Photo

    you look different without the hat
  422. Stringer

    Happy BDay Eyeproblemo

    Hope you had a good one.
  423. Stringer

    What is on your Holiday Menu???

    You have a Merry Christmas George.
  424. Stringer

    What is on your Holiday Menu???

    No no no the whole idea of a bread bowl is not aesthetics, it's all about total consumption and not washing anything when you're done. If you don't eat the bread after you've eaten the soup, that's the violation. Now excuse my while I scratch myself with a burning TV
  425. Stringer

    What is on your Holiday Menu???

    You're "fisting" the loaf......that's all man. :rofl:
  426. Stringer

    What is on your Holiday Menu???

    Right on Roxanne, way to get my back :D
  427. Stringer


    Good for them.
  428. Stringer

    What is on your Holiday Menu???

    on a side note and to totally jack Roxannes thread, I thought about calling up you guys for lunch this last weekend (chicken & tots), had the nephew graduate marine corps bootcamp in SD, and was down for the weekend. Just could'nt find the time. threadjack over.
  429. Stringer

    What is on your Holiday Menu???

    you eat the chowder then the bowl it came in.... thats barbaric.....hence no violation. You know how I know you're looking at your avatar. actually it's a toss up between yours and Georges for most gay avatar.
  430. Stringer

    What is on your Holiday Menu???

    Roxanne, Nothing better in the world than the clam chowder or cheese and broccoli in the breadbowls. My all-time favorites right there.
  431. Stringer

    Closing in on 20,000 members

    But only 37 who ever post anything. :D
  432. Stringer

    yo-yo rig?

    Either the accurized narrow 4/0 or the Baja special 113HN penn.
  433. Stringer

    Legally blind want to hunt?

    Didn't Dick Cheney do one of these hunts:rofl: :rofl:
  434. Stringer

    Stan got the new Playstation 4 !!!!!!

    Thats one dedicated MFer
  435. Stringer

    SHOGUN UPDATE 12/11/06

    Hey, I know that guy. Nice tuna.....and good to see Chris with a smile on his face.
  436. Stringer

    Funny Shit Right Here!!!

    That's very funny. Sure gonna miss the soulfull stylings of Mr. Lou Rawls. He is on my christmastime playlist.
  437. Stringer

    New software for Classifieds

    Good to have them in the new posts.....still won't beat Kurt to anything.
  438. Stringer

    First Elk Ever - 2006 CO

    Nice Elk, nice freezer full. I gotta get me one of those Elk, maybe a bowhunt in Co. is in order for next year.
  439. Stringer

    Winning their HEARTS and MINDS the USMC way

    :D pissing in cokes :D
  440. Stringer

    Black Pearl San Miguel Lingcod closer 11/30

    Thanks guys...yeah, got lucky...had the 2 biggest lings on the boat. Of course they couldn't beat out those big sheapshead for the J/P, but man....nothing like a whole cooler full of fillet's to take home....I think I ended up with like 5 gallon size ziplock's full of fillet's. :D All those...
  441. Stringer


    The guides are a little crooked.:rofl:
  442. Stringer

    Benjamin Franklin, Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of a Mistress (1745).

    Good advice for sure :D What do women and dogshit have in common? The older they get....the easier they are to pick up. :D
  443. Stringer

    casting the small sx5:1

    I had to get used to my avets too, the same way I had to get used to the newells after fishing with reels that don't have near the freespool. You are getting good advice here....I would stay away from the mag thing....don't adjust the endplay....and train your thumb, use it early....use it...
  444. Stringer

    Black Pearl San Miguel Lingcod closer 11/30

    Yeah, they bit the Sumo banana jig too.....lost 2 out of the 3....guess I'll be seein ya in the shop on my next days off for refills :D
  445. Stringer

    X-Ring rubber bullets for sea lion deterrent?

    Good old fashioned wrist rocket.
  446. Stringer

    Black Pearl San Miguel Lingcod closer 11/30

    Ron, Everything got bit. Plastics, live bait, chunk, gulp, and iron did very well. I saw some big plastic squid, and some oversize bass tubes, didn't see anyone fishing them on swimbaits though.
  447. Stringer

    Black Pearl San Miguel Lingcod closer 11/30

    We fished less than 150' the whole trip.
  448. Stringer

    Black Pearl San Miguel Lingcod closer 11/30

    My fatty Lings Fished an overnighter on the Black Pearl with Tommy (heaveto) at San Miguel for the Lingcod season closer on Nov. 30. Had a phone call from a friend in Ventura saying there were very high winds, and not to come. So I went anyway. Could not have made a better decision. Limits of...
  449. Stringer

    Staph Infections are bad..........

    Here.......this will help. :D
  450. Stringer

    Family Planning Advise

    Too funny :D
  451. Stringer

    Work in progress....

    So, I can't really tell from the pictures, but are you wrapping the whole rod from butt to tip or what?
  452. Stringer


    I'm on is Tommy (heaveto), any other B/D'ers having a go at the last Ling's of the year?
  453. Stringer

    Sharkin on a yak

    Oh yeah, almost forgot about the whole Rapala in the chin business. Note to self: always carry a really good pair of side cutters. :)
  454. Stringer

    AZ Bull Elk Report

    Nice, very nice.
  455. Stringer


    Hey Jeff......whats my B/D'er discount? LOL
  456. Stringer

    black friday

    Wifey was at work (Macy's) at 4am.......She'll have some good stories when she gets home for sure.
  457. Stringer

    Bowhunting Humor

    I have one of those ginormous duffel bags filled with gear( you know:extra peeps, extra string, extra cable, extra sites, extra doinker, extra vibration dampeners, extra rest, lots of calls, rubber gloves, sharpening stones, etc......) And then there's the top shelf of the closet crammed tight...
  458. Stringer

    What a Great Thanksgiving

    Glad to hear you and Betty were both feeling up for it. Definately makes you proud to see that the military still turns boys into men.
  459. Stringer

    solo tuna madness

    great stuff
  460. Stringer

    Sharkin on a yak

    Inside sportfishing has some footage online of Thresher fishing in kayaks around Malibu, looks like a good time.
  461. Stringer

    Rednecks, Fishbowl, Funnel, Farts......

    I got a chuckle out of that one :D
  462. Stringer

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiing to everyone on B/D:cheers:
  463. Stringer

    What color Avets do you have ?

    2 silver lx's, I want to get some red and black, and then swap the frames off of them for a red black combo.
  464. Stringer

    bought a new boat from iraq!!!!

    Twin 130's on a 25' Cat, should run pretty fast and there's nothing like floating on a cushion of compressed air :puff: , that should be one sweet ride. I am way jealous.:notworthy
  465. Stringer

    2nd time is better than the first...

    Aaaahhh golf........................................................the other four letter word. :) Congrats on the hole in one.:notworthy
  466. Stringer

    Hard to find Xmas gifts

    The Mrs Boozely one is funny....but you gotta be pretty damn old to get the parody. I was really young when Family Affair was on.
  467. Stringer

    Come on J Shaw.........

    You want pictures of her bump?....................................Dirty old man.:rofl:
  468. Stringer

    Meat tenderizer???

    Definate wackjob :deadhorse :jerkoff:, no pun intended. :D
  469. Stringer

    BigFoot? What do you think?

    I just can't believe in it, this is the 21st century, one would have turned up by now if it were truely in existance.
  470. Stringer

    Winding On New Line?

    In the case of conventional reels if you're spools are both horizontal there should be no line twist, spooling from top or bottom shouldn't matter either. In the case of spinning reels, I've always been told to wind it on label side up. Don't know if this is Man Law....but it's always worked...
  471. Stringer

    F350 window replacement due to vandalism

    I also think they should make a law that anybody over 18 on a bike without shifters (mtn, rd bike) creates probable cause for a stop. Why would a 35 year old be riding a BMX bike at 3:00 in the AM... I've seen this shit'd think it would be probable cause
  472. Stringer


    I'm sure it's a great product and all, and probably make your feet cum and all. But damn.....I grit my teeth paying 19.95 for some Dr. Scholls :) Sure wish I knew what you guys were doing for a living.
  473. Stringer

    F350 window replacement due to vandalism

    Only some of them is fake :D
  474. Stringer


    Where is all my good stuff going to?
  475. Stringer


    That's too funny :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  476. Stringer

    New Drink?

    HOLD THE CHILE?????:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  477. Stringer

    F350 window replacement due to vandalism

    Daaaaaaaaamn......a bruthuh from Lakeside tellin' ya yer hood is wack. :D
  478. Stringer

    Happy Birthday jscrib!!

    Happy Birthday Jason
  479. Stringer

    Military friends VS. Civilian friends

    CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Are happy that someone picked up a one night stand and leave them alone. MILITARY FRIENDS: Will Low Crawl naked into the room with a camera and hope for the tag team. I plead the fifth. :D
  480. Stringer


    Yeah, heard you were leaving, quitter. Was hoping to fish with you again, you were alot of fun......once you got over that 'sir' shit. :) Have fun in Alaska.
  481. Stringer

    Brown County Ohio - 11/9 - 11/12 - A learning experience...

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  482. Stringer

    Wild Turkey Question

    Have any of you guys shot those gobbler guillotines with yer bows?
  483. Stringer

    Killing Mola's For Sport

    Very intertaining thread...One of the funniest I have read in quite some time......Personally I could care less about Mola, but I still think it's bad juju to bring one onboard.....but if you are one who likes to eat gooey Mola dick. Bon Apetite. How does fried Sporkweazel taste by the way?
  484. Stringer

    Brown County Ohio - 11/9 - 11/12 - A learning experience...

    George, what bow/arrows/broadheads do you shoot? Whats your draw weight and bow speed?
  485. Stringer

    Best halibut recipes

    Golden Dipt is also a good brand for both beer batter and British style fish 'n chips batter. And ya have to like a recipe that starts off with "one can of beer less two swalows" in the directions. :D
  486. Stringer

    Puppy question

    My dog stole a nylabone from a neighbors dog:rofl: She loves it. Of course I don't know if she only likes it cause she stole it, or because she just likes it. :D
  487. Stringer

    Free Blood Hound

    Aren't you people supposed to start off with a houseplant? :D
  488. Stringer

    Keys to the Asylum?

    I read every post......none of it's okay. :D
  489. Stringer

    Best halibut recipes

    One of my favorites for halibut is to pan fry it in Panko flakes (Japanese breadcrumbs). Cut fish to portion size, cover in flour, then milk/egg mixture and cover with Panko flakes. Pan fry it in oil until golden. I've had other fishermen tell me it's their favorite way too.
  490. Stringer

    Veteran Day

    USAF Jet Eng. Tech. A-10 Warthogs '81 - '85
  491. Stringer

    Bamboo poles

    Ron, you forgot to throw in the "free to good home, you remove" part, so the work will get done for you. :D
  492. Stringer


    So I've seen him on T.V. trying to sell the movie. Here's my question; Do you think he is truly some kind of foreigner, or is he sorta like that Bronson Pinchot that played cousin Balki on the sitcom Perfect Strangers? You know, just an American comedian/actor with a fake accent?
  493. Stringer

    My Hero

    Saves alot of money not having to buy a Craftmatic bed.
  494. Stringer


    Stop messin' with their heads.
  495. Stringer

    What is a billion?

    :eyepoppin Nice one. Think I'll move to New Orleans before the money's gone :D
  496. Stringer

    ling cod

    Sounds like a good day fishing, good job.
  497. Stringer


    That is kinda fucked up, I thought I made it harder to track me down than that.
  498. Stringer

    Chinese sick day

    That funny :D
  499. Stringer

    ling cod

    Dude it's rockfish....ya using a 2 speed reel too? Oh, and if you're not used to palomars with spectra, this is off the web. <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD align=left colSpan=2>Palomar Knot use with HI-Tech Line My favorite knot and one...
  500. Stringer

    ling cod

    Try the "let the drift do the work" trick. Just button down the drag and ad a little palm pressure to the top of the reel. And guys come on, we're talking rockfish here. Ya don't need topshot's. Just tie a palomar w/ your spectra to a small swivel, and put a 3' piece of mono on it. Done and...
  501. Stringer

    ling cod

    Fish 'em with spectra, say 50 lb, small swivel, and then a short peice of 30 lb. mono. They like Iron, and especially chrome. Get one of the new Sumo bannana jigs. Caught 4 legals in 5 drops with one last year. The spectra will help you get out of the rocks, and has great feel. But if ya...
  502. Stringer

    Blue Lingcod meat

    Blue Lingcod and green Lingcod are both poison, bring it to me for disposal. :D
  503. Stringer

    Edwards AFB show pics today...

    Also been there, the Red Arrows put on a good show.
  504. Stringer

    Weave Western (Drago) dedication

    Nice work, I like the Viet Nam Service Ribbon, nice touch.
  505. Stringer

    Edwards AFB show pics today...

    Great pic.'s nice to see the A-10, always like to look at their tail numbers, to see if it's one I know, as I worked on about half of the ones that were made.
  506. Stringer

    Quality Vs Quantity

    My wife says I have alot. I think I have a few. I made them all, I consider them nice.
  507. Stringer

    Happy Birthday Neck (Dos Locos)

    Happy Birthday Neck, hope you get some nice NASCAR gifts. :D
  508. Stringer

    First weave

    Nice job Kris, very clean.
  509. Stringer

    Am I really all that bad

    Don't know 'bout that, but I do like the new avatar. Wow.
  510. Stringer

    What did Cuda catch today????

    That is some primo grade photo chop Adam. :D
  511. Stringer

    That Look..................

    Yes it is.
  512. Stringer

    New Zealand and Australia

    What a story. You are my new hero, tremendous amount of fishing, way to say fuck it and have such a grand experience. Yes, Rachel has a nice rack. Definately something that should be considered when picking a fishing partner. Awesome report, Thanks for sharing it.
  513. Stringer

    How do you cook a CAT ?

    I have one for deep fried cat Bone cat and cut into filets or just quarter the cat Dredge in flour Dip in egg and milk mixed with old bay or cayenne to taste Bread with panco(Japanese breadcrumbs) Deep fry in Wesson or Canola oil-peanut oil has to strong of a flavor Do not overcook or the meat...
  514. Stringer

    Internet Research Assistant

    If your looking for someone to find things on the net that are gross, Saluki can find them all. :D
  515. Stringer

    Acid Wrap Rods used in Longrange application

    I am happy to say that I have no opinion on how stupid or unstupid the acid rod gimicky thing is. :)
  516. Stringer

    Question from my son

    David there are alot of us Raiders fans who anxiously await the day when the camera turns on Al Davis and he is seen slumped over in his chair. Rite Aid eyeglasses and all. He has done so much over the years to hurt the team.
  517. Stringer

    Saltwater Fishing Rod Building Kit Reviews

    I just recently swore off mudhole. Was sent the wrong item too many times, and the shipping charges are too high. I'll never use them again.
  518. Stringer

    Saltwater Fishing Rod Building Kit Reviews

    C & M Custom Tackle has a "store" on eBay, they sell kits in both Seeker, and Calstar. If I was going to go the kit route I'd look there.
  519. Stringer

    I See Red......

    Nice, those colors do have a classy look together.
  520. Stringer

    375lbs Photo - Pacifico 10/9/06

    Very nice, fish of a lifetime for any angler.
  521. Stringer


    I saw that, poor squidward never did learn to use his imagination.
  522. Stringer

    bathroom tile

    Daltile....just down the street from Baja Dreamer tackle shop.....Hmmmmmm......I've heard they throw nothing away, supposed to be a good place to get matchy stuff. Kurt if you'll shoot me a pic of the tile, I can stop by today and check it out. Since it's your birthday and all
  523. Stringer

    Happy BDay Kurt & Corb!!!!!

    Happy Birthday's
  524. Stringer

    Has this ever happend to you??

    Just a thought, maybe our friends from PETA just wanted to release your lobsters back to the wild, and in return provide you with some much needed minerals.:D They're nice like that :)
  525. Stringer


    close.....but just not inland enough for me to make it. :D
  526. Stringer

    Blonde on Newlywed game

    Saluki = internet jedi master.
  527. Stringer

    Blonde on Newlywed game

    funny, but try to find the other one where Bob asks "whats the strangest place you and your husband ever made whoopie?" And the chick says......................."In the butt" :D
  528. Stringer

    makes me horny

    same list as mine. :D
  529. Stringer

    Disneyland and New Hat

    Good to see you with a new hat, the old one was pretty trashed.
  530. Stringer

    Happy b-day MOTS

  531. Stringer

    Tackle Boxes

    I also have the Albackore bag, its very good, oh and the WFO offshore bag, even better, and the big Shimano bag, I think that's loaned out right now, oh yeah, and a Shimano jig bag, and 3 freshwater boxes, Plano's I think. That's it. Oh yeah, the large Albackore reel bag, and the medium...
  532. Stringer

    Clamp or no clamp?

    had the same problem, w/ reel seats under 24mm. Clamps almost made up, but not quite. Fixed the problem by putting a small piece of heat shrink on the reel seat.
  533. Stringer

    rod stolen = heart broken

    Sorry for your loss, that was a nice stick, hope it turns up.
  534. Stringer

    I'm outta here

    Good luck, hope you find the one you're looking for.
  535. Stringer

    I need an old reel frame

    I'll quote Chris, before he e-beats you up. "Transmisions have splines, rod blanks have spines." :D But I get what you're talking about, and I'm definately no one to argue with Doc Ski. I still use the good pld fashion eyeball. If I remove all my top supports I can see the rod tip dead over the...
  536. Stringer

    10-02-06 Channel Islands Trip aboard the OLLIE "R"

    That's a toad yellow, nice catch.
  537. Stringer

    I need an old reel frame

    Maybe I'm missing something, I align my tip with the spine of the rod, then align everything else to that. Or are you talking about a way to align the reelseat to the tip?
  538. Stringer

    GPS Question

    Do not ask me to convert nautical miles to statute miles. statute miles are some dumb ass random number. :appl: Spoken in true B/D fashion. :rofl:
  539. Stringer

    Hellish trip to Morro Bay 9/30/06

    Damn, dedfinately one of those days, way to take one for the team.
  540. Stringer

    Where to camp and fish in Socal??

    Scott, the wife put together a whole dutch oven recipe book. Anyone who wants it feel free to pm me an email address, and I'll send the file. it's sized to cut apart and fit into one of those cheap little 4 X 6 photo albums. We give them out to the leaders. not to threadjack sorry Bryan.
  541. Stringer

    My neighbor trying to move his trailer

    very entertaining
  542. Stringer

    Question!!! :)

    plastic swimbaits work well.
  543. Stringer

    Favorite rod and reel combo!

    My all time favorite do almost anything rig: A Calstar 670 with either a penn 555, or the Daiwa 50shv. great for 30 or even 40 lb.
  544. Stringer

    Thread sizes?

    I'm sure everyone is differrent, but I like to use C on Saltwater rods, and A on freshwater. D just seems big. If it looks too thick on the rod I think it detracts from the wrap as a whole.
  545. Stringer

    Where to camp and fish in Socal??

    No, didn't get a chance, worked on merit badges. canoeing Sat., and motorboating Sat./Sun. It was alot of fun. And I will say, the steaks over a hickory fire for dinner, and french toast casserole and monkey bread in the dutch oven for breakfast, camp food is way better than the stuff we eat...
  546. Stringer

    Yo Kurt......... Triathalon Question for you.

    Russian womens team...was pulled out of the competition for "irregularities"....and subsequently tested for steroid use. :D
  547. Stringer

    Thought BD'ers might enjoy this, Porn Foley

    That guy's an artist. The two chicken thighs slappin together....brilliant.:rofl:
  548. Stringer

    She's under construction Part 16...3 months later...

    You guy's are really doing it right, looks fantastic.
  549. Stringer

    Why is this site running so SLOOOOOW

    Good, and I thought it was just me who was saying WTF are these guys talking about. freakin' IT geeks :D
  550. Stringer

    Where to camp and fish in Socal??

    wife and I just camped Lake Lopez this weekend with a Scout group. Saw lots of guys loading up on pan fish. I didn't get a chance to fish though. Campsties were okay, wildife abounds, had deer and turkeys in thje camp everyday, mild temps.
  551. Stringer

    Byeye's new (reconditioned) rod

    Nice work Gary
  552. Stringer

    snotty ass attitudes and big egos

    One thing I have learned in the time I have lived in Bakersfield: Since you are from here too, it surprises me that you have not noticed it as well. There is only room for one asshole per situation. So, you either have to be that guy or put up with that guy. And since I don't like assholes...
  553. Stringer

    Whats your next big fishing purchase?

    No, really thats the last thing I need. Well......when is the Fred Hall show next year anyway?
  554. Stringer

    snotty ass attitudes and big egos

    assholes abound
  555. Stringer

    Whats your next big fishing purchase?

    All I have left to buy is an Avet 50W and to build myself a Seeker 6463XXXXH to go with it. Then I'm done buying tackle.
  556. Stringer

    Your most memorable day fishing?

    I'll try to condense. Sept. '96. Got off work on a Friday, ice in new 150 cooler, gas in truck, off I go. The Salmon are running up the Delta, my dad say's it's time. Haul ass from Ventura to Elk Grove (Sac.). Day 1 - Start at 5am. Fishing a chrome and chartreuse kwikfish weighted down to...
  557. Stringer

    Prison vs. work

    As promised, I checked out the avatar. Very nice indeed.
  558. Stringer

    This ever happen to you?

    Happens all the time. Also, can't ever get past the "yellow tail tuna" thing.
  559. Stringer

    New Bloodydecks T shirt designs.. Very limited

    Save me a 2xl and I'll be in to pick it up tomorrow.
  560. Stringer

    Circumcision...yes or no

    That's funny
  561. Stringer

    Who do you like to fish with the most?

    I'm afraid of strangers and have no friends.
  562. Stringer

    Offshore Old#7 Big Eye

    Very nice fish. Congrats.
  563. Stringer

    Shogun 9/11/06 with Miss Jamie Shaw

    Nice grade of fish. Good job Jamie.
  564. Stringer

    Fishing Oxnard

    Depends on the skipper, and the latest fish counts. but no, it doesn't have to be an overnighter to fish the islands. anacapa and santa cruz islands definately do-able on a 3/4.
  565. Stringer


    Nice Brandon. I worked on the A-10's for several years. It is a bad MoFo.
  566. Stringer

    "Tattoo's" work in progress

    I don't think the marlin is sized proportionally to the island. j/k looks real nice.
  567. Stringer

    car stereos and speakers

    Kids are so funny, I'm getting a car soon, gonna need $2000 for a stereo. Save your money, you'll be surprised how quickly the incidentals (tires, brakes, etc...) start adding up. Even if you get a new car, you have to pay for servicing every 3000 miles. Just food for thought, and thing's I...
  568. Stringer

    Tight oil filter

    Also, you could look into a remote filter set-up, mounted on the wall of your engine bay. Thats how mine is and its nice and easy to get to.
  569. Stringer

    World record claim

    Okay, converted thats 661.39 lbs, in an hour and a half. Damn.
  570. Stringer

    Star Trek

    Nice one.
  571. Stringer

    Goodbye my friend

    Sorry about your loss, we've had rabbit's as well, and they great pets.
  572. Stringer

    Fishing Oxnard

    It's always a little scary to go out on a limb in regards to boats or crews. I'm glad to see so many people giving Dave and Shawn their props.:appl: I'm gad to see it's not just me who thinks these guys are tops. Wow that would be a good limeric if I could throw in the word penis somewhere.:rofl:
  573. Stringer

    Labor Day ramp video...........cluster#uc4

    :rofl: :rofl: Man what a bummer, there are guys on here that could have fixed up some of them boats like new.:rofl: :rofl:
  574. Stringer

    small suv for the wife.?

    Okay I know I'm gonna take a hit for this, but here goes, My wife bought one of the Saturn cars when they first came out. Put just under 200K on it. She loved it and never had a problem with it. So when it came time to replace it she went with the Saturn Vue. She loves it and is now a diehard...
  575. Stringer

    Whatever happened to the 'fat' contest

    Well done Joe. I hope all of you guys kept it up after the contest. I also wonder how all the guys that quit smoking last year are doing?
  576. Stringer

    Hooters Babe Magnet

    You have a're old :D
  577. Stringer

    Tipping w/ Jack Pot

    Wow, nice rant Kurt.
  578. Stringer

    first 7 day advice

    For 60lb. I really like my Daiwa SLD30II and 700xh. And yes you might bring something for chucking iron.
  579. Stringer

    READY for some football?

  580. Stringer

    READY for some football?

    Can't find it....maybe that's a Mod. feature
  581. Stringer

    READY for some football?

    Stan, I see you don't like to put all your eggs in one basket either. :D
  582. Stringer

    Offshore It's TRUE!

    I hope it's true.....thats sounds within 2 day range. :D
  583. Stringer

    Wet T-Shirt game.....

    Same here, didn't figure I needed to hear the breasteses.
  584. Stringer

    Fishing Oxnard

    I have always thought that Erna B out of Port Hueneme was one of the best boats out of Ventura County. Skipper is Dave Wortham and the deckie is Shawn Akers, hard to find any better.
  585. Stringer

    Most popular guy in prison.

    Couldn't paint that on me, she'd be too flat chested and broad shouldered.:rofl: :rofl:
  586. Stringer

    Some Shogun Beauties 9-06-06

    Wow, nice looking fishes, I see spots open here and there on these trips too. Wish I could get on one of these and stay married. :D
  587. Stringer

    Cyclones win first game 30-0

    Good season opener, should give the boys the confidence they need to get them through the rest of the games. Zack played mostly defensive tackle this game and had 3 sacks. We celebrated at BK :D
  588. Stringer

    I'm confused and Happy

    Hell, I thought us raider fans were going to get our own forum for that. :)
  589. Stringer


    They weren't looking at your rod I'm sure. Welcome. :D
  590. Stringer

    80's **** stars

    Kind of partial to Pandora Peaks myself. :D
  591. Stringer

    Joebalo Paddle out Pic.

    Very touching tribute.
  592. Stringer

    New to the Forum

    Let me be the first to start kissin yer I mean welcome you aboard B/D :D
  593. Stringer

    Offshore EPIC

    Nice job, way to slay
  594. Stringer

    SUA and his date

    Nice......that goes in the 'where there's a will there's a way' file
  595. Stringer

    How did you get your fishing knowledge?

    I have been fortunate enough to have always known some "old timers", when I lived in Ventura I learned alot from them. And was smart enough to know to shut up and listen to them. I have also learned much from Chris (Baja Dreamer), and some from the guys on here.
  596. Stringer


    Don't give up Chris, I got it, and thought it was funny. :D
  597. Stringer

    Meet Our #85! Baja Dreamer!

    Dove season Shelly. :)
  598. Stringer

    Newbe Scouting Report 9/1 La jolla

    Thats the ticket, let the wife catch the fish the first few times out. Once her competative side kicks in really good (and they can be worse than men about that), it'll be her idea to go out fishing all the time. :appl: :appl:
  599. Stringer

    Oh my Sunfish!

    Bad JuJu
  600. Stringer


    Ah, the Burger King Guy......Classic.
  601. Stringer

    Happy Birthday to my brother STRINGEM

    Hey NooB, how about wish my brother happy birthday....or stay the fuck out of my post. :D Ya been on B/D a week, and this was your best shot at a first post? you suck.
  602. Stringer

    We lost a friend last night

    Prayers sent to his family. Very tragic.
  603. Stringer

    Happy Birthday to my brother STRINGEM

    Happy Birthday Bro, Here's another look at your B-Day present. Now post something and put up an avatar, lurker.
  604. Stringer

    i liked this one

    How 'bout now?
  605. Stringer

    Rojodiablo did an awesome job

    Wow Kevin, nice looking kitchen. Very nice work Paul.
  606. Stringer

    Double report-Salmon off the rocks/Giant lings

    Excellent report Harrison. Killer job on both trips.
  607. Stringer

    What a fucking dumb ass!!

    Some people are just plain stupid I guess. Yeah, Kurt thats what I was thinking, must have been an HEI round. We use to have those on the A-10, bad muthers.
  608. Stringer

    What a fucking dumb ass!!

    Of course it has been all over the news up here. I feel sad for the parents. Couldn't imagine losing a 7 or 8 y.o. child.
  609. Stringer

    Dear Raider fan.......

    Ouch, that scar hasn't healed yet Kevin. I really liked Chuckie.
  610. Stringer

    i liked this one

    Albatross: Ive seen a monkey tell that joke better than you -
  611. Stringer

    The "Should Cuda stop posting polls" Poll

    Okay, that is kind of funny.
  612. Stringer


    Bet that was fun to clean up.
  613. Stringer

    hahahaha (I'm an ass)

    I like pie.
  614. Stringer

    sorry guys

  615. Stringer

    High School Football ?

    I got 1 for ya Frank. My 9 year old is playing football, running back (boys got thick thighs) we had a preseason game last week. Our defensive line was getting stood up. Coach moves a few kids around asks if mine wants to try defense. Here is where the coach fucks up, he says " I want you to...
  616. Stringer

    Happy Birthday Stringer!!!

    Done and done :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  617. Stringer

    Meet Our #85! Baja Dreamer!

    Anyone who will let me hang out in the back room for hours on end telling lies and talking shit has to be a good dude. Nice write up Shelly.
  618. Stringer

    Happy Birthday Stringer!!!

    Thanks fella's, and yeah, I think it's my night.
  619. Stringer

    Bringing fish back to the midwest. ??

    Thanks for the offer Ed. I'm still trying to figure out how to make the turnaround time work. I need to find out what time (approximately) the boat returns, and when my guys are flying out the next day. Worse case scenario, I'll just bring them back here, cut/pack/freeze then ship them out.
  620. Stringer

    I shouldn't do this but...

    A good post gone horribly wrong.
  621. Stringer

    Which Sealine-X?

    Do what I do, consider them a set, and buy the 20,30,40(4.9:1&6:1)&50(4.9:1&6:1). You can't break up the family. :D Then move on to the next group like the penn GS series for example (there are 4 of them) :D
  622. Stringer

    Ron's new business

    Now that's funny :D
  623. Stringer

    Bringing fish back to the midwest. ??

    Couple of questions about the upcoming B/D 2 day charter (Sep. 15-17). My brother and a good friend of mine are coming from the mid-west to fish this trip. It seems kind of hit and miss with the boats on this length of trip rather or not the deckies cut fish or it's on you. I'm pretty sure...
  624. Stringer

    wish me luck, I'll need it

    They'll be fatter next year.
  625. Stringer

    Need prayers for Mom.

    Prayers sent, best wishes
  626. Stringer

    Offshore Still out there. 8/27

    WTG, that redneck is a bitchin boat for sure.
  627. Stringer

    Should I?

    if the impeller sits in one spot for an extended period it 'sets' the shape, reducing its ability to pull water and causes your motor to run hotter. run it. always put a little stabil in with your gas too. :)
  628. Stringer

    proper reel placement on cork tape rods

    Alot of that depends on the weight of the rod, the use, and the build of the fisherman. Big guy like you gets nothing but cork tape. :D But, things to consider; is it gimballed, where do you wear you fighting belt (up high or John Wayne style), how far away from your body is it comfortable...
  629. Stringer

    Bull fighting at its best.

    That's the newest thing, bullfight and donkey show all in one :D
  630. Stringer

    proper reel placement on cork tape rods

    My $.02, Grab the base of the rod with your left hand (assuming you're right handed) put your right hand up to a point where you feel you have good leverage on the rod for optimum casting. Put it there. There is no science to it.
  631. Stringer

    Pay attention in school!

    :rofl: :rofl: barf
  632. Stringer


    If I had to guess, I would think it is Don (Orca).
  633. Stringer

    wish me luck, I'll need it

    Don't forget to take a luvally picanic basket. Good luck with the hunt. :)
  634. Stringer


    Freudian slip???, we take much delite in Raider posts :rofl:
  635. Stringer

    Reel Prices

    Scott, I think your best bet is to just do a search on Ebay. If you look in completed auctions, you should see what a fair market value is for your reels.
  636. Stringer

    Time for a party!!

    Happy Birthday to Jessica
  637. Stringer

    This girls is...

    Come to Daddy.
  638. Stringer

    Offshore 8/25 only 4 Blind Strikes

    fuckin' Epic. :notworthy
  639. Stringer

    Chimp In A Bar

    Even without the monkeys, it's a good joke.
  640. Stringer

    Three Spots Left!

    giving yourself more time than usual to get it done I see. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  641. Stringer

    Friggin UNbelievable!!

    Excellent juggling
  642. Stringer

    Elk Hunt Funny!!!!!

    Definitely potential B/D'er. Had to take some muscle to get that sumbitch up there too.
  643. Stringer

    Fucking cancer

    Prayers your way
  644. Stringer

    Need a prank

    Oh shit I have 2 high schoolers :rolleyes:
  645. Stringer

    It wasn't me!!!!

  646. Stringer

    Help with OLD photo

    Check out Thirston Howell III on the far right. :D
  647. Stringer

    It wouldn't work for a BD'er

    you don't live in Clairemont, George.
  648. Stringer

    Help with OLD photo

  649. Stringer

    SHOGUN 8/22/06 & 8/23/06 INCREDIBLE FISHING!

    Thanks for the pic.'s Shelly. Good lookin' trip. Good pic of Sean too, they finally let him play with the gaff huh? :D
  650. Stringer

    These are so COOL !!

    With my skillz, I can't justify the money for a set of braced perfections. :D
  651. Stringer

    Suck it, Greenpeace.

    I know, It was a joke within a joke. Carry over from a thread that I thought was real funny.
  652. Stringer

    Kidney stone surgery tomorrow

    Damn, and you're younger than me. I hope I don't get any.
  653. Stringer

    great YT fishin at CAT

    Nice tail J, sucks about the thieves.
  654. Stringer

    1 Picture = 10,000 words

    muy funny. :D
  655. Stringer

    Suck it, Greenpeace.

    Sand bass (like the one pictured) are tough fighters, I use 60# floro :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  656. Stringer

    I see stupid people

    Way to go out of your way returning the wallet Kurt.
  657. Stringer

    No bloody decks

    Water sucks Gatorade is better :D
  658. Stringer

    Need advice on boat.

    1988, for a 21 footer, $9800 seems a little high for what you're getting. just my opinion though.
  659. Stringer

    No bloody decks

    Hook up!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I'm just fuckin with ya :)
  660. Stringer

    No bloody decks

    Point taken, I'm really sorry if my being an asshole takes any enjoyment away from your visit. :D
  661. Stringer

    JiGGZ and Doughnuts Alaska AVET Challenge

    Nice job boys, way to represent.
  662. Stringer

    No bloody decks

    MMMMmmmmmmkkkkaaayyyy, No.
  663. Stringer


    Nice to see our troops still have a sense of humor.
  664. Stringer

    I need new friends

    Monty, you need a new buddy (hint) :D
  665. Stringer

    Noah's get's broke into last night

    yeah, chris. i guess those fuckin scumbags needed some redworms and uglysticks really bad didn't they! monty :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: catfishermen gotta shop too
  666. Stringer

    Double Hooked fish,,, who gets it???

  667. Stringer

    Japanese half-day open party...08/22/2006

    Cool report, thanks. Chum basket sinker, Very cool. I'd take a couple.
  668. Stringer

    What team looks good so far?

    That right there makes this sight what it is. :appl: :appl:
  669. Stringer

    Newell p series, or torium

    for a jigstick, I like the newell 533
  670. Stringer


    Scott, you just crimped the brushes, didn't heat em?
  671. Stringer

    What team looks good so far?

    I'm thinking some of you guys misread this. It wasn't which team despite their poor preseason performance do you still hope will win a few games, it was which team is looking best so far. We all know it's the silver and black. You don't have to hate. :)
  672. Stringer

    No bloody decks

    Looks like ringing the dinner bell. .........Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish maidens, fairwell and adieu to you ladies of Spain, for we've received ordewrs for to sail back to Boston, and for nevermore shall we see you again............:D
  673. Stringer

    Avet JX 2x Question

    Carlton Banks gets the pimped out reel cause it goes well with the pimped out threads he wears to the young republicans meeting. :D
  674. Stringer

    What team looks good so far?

    You know who looks good.
  675. Stringer

    F16 vs bird

    Yeah, I think that was more of a "clean-up on isle 5".
  676. Stringer

    F16 vs bird

    As an ex Jet Engine Mech, let me just say that the after bird strike motor inspection has an aroma all it's own.barf
  677. Stringer


    Very good Scott.:appl:
  678. Stringer

    Can this be fixed by tomorrow night???

    Gotta agree w/ Don on this one. borrow another stick from a buddy.
  679. Stringer

    Back Home and feeling good

    Best of luck for a speedy recovery Jim.
  680. Stringer

    who is the biggest shit talker on bd

    George is a big Sweetie, Byeye wins, Kurt, not even close, but you do win King of the Classified. :D Every good deal, you get first, Everything free....forget about it.......
  681. Stringer

    Freezer Mishap

    If it were at my house, there wouldn't be anymore room in the freezer with the boys body in there. But, Whole chunks of smoked tuna will last up to ten days in the refrigerator. Be sure it is always kept tightly wrapped. Smoked tuna chunks can be wrapped and frozen up to two months, but know...
  682. Stringer

    Damn! Adrift for 11 months?

    you know they ate those other guys, or used 'em for bait.
  683. Stringer

    tongue twisters by asians

    I'm not seeing Happy, Smile, or Wish associated with a smack in the sack. :D
  684. Stringer

    Which rod to buy?

    670 for sure I have 2, and have built a few for friends. Love 'em.
  685. Stringer

    How bout those Dodgers...

    Melonhead Cheaters................................Now that's fuckin funny, I'm bustin up.
  686. Stringer

    Damn! Adrift for 11 months?

    Yeah, it gets pretty lonely being at sea that long. :rofl: :rofl:
  687. Stringer


    Do what I did, quit and go to a slightly less paying competitor, who lets you look at anything you want to all day long, as long as the work gets done, plus you get a boss you can talk all the shit to that you want. :nutkick: Wow, now that I said that out loud....I can't figure out why I hate...
  688. Stringer

    who is the biggest shit talker on bd

    Byeye wins, Hands down. :D
  689. Stringer

    Brave or stupid?

    Darwin candidate lining up to be lunch.
  690. Stringer

    The Derelicts Want You!

    What he said
  691. Stringer

    Offshore 1.5 day trip New Lo-An 8/14

    Nice Feeshes. Looks like it was a good trip.