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  1. Maverick

    2 bait tanks

    They have been sold/given. Thanks
  2. Maverick

    2 bait tanks

    Maverick submitted a new listing: 2 bait tanks - 2 bait tanks Learn more about this listing...
  3. 2 bait tanks

    Southern California 2 bait tanks

    I removed two bait tanks from my boat don’t need them anymore free 21w 35l and 28h Please pm if interested
  4. Maverick

    Roll Call Independence Thanksgiving 11 Day Trip

    Sorry guys the reason we picked this tri[p is to be the first boat down in the wahoo zone to tear them up. It will be 8 days since a sport boat harassed them and they will be biting like last year.
  5. Maverick

    Roll Call Independence Thanksgiving 11 Day Trip

    Any bloodydeckers going on this trip? Did this trip last year and was a trip of a lifetime
  6. Maverick

    Indy Stan Vanderburg- LIMITED-LOAD ... Oct. 31 - Nov. 11 11 Day ... roll call

    We will see you Soda on the Bob Sands trip leaving day after Thanksgiving Bart and Ben
  7. Maverick

    Repower Cost TAMD41 to YanMar 4LV350

    I was trying to get an idea on the cost to repower. When i look on the internet the YanMar 350 goes for $17,000, but when i contacted a local YanMar dealer they said the engine is $35,000. Why the huge difference in cost? Also on a different subject I discovered that my dipstick was missing...
  8. Maverick

    On the water short report. Brandon Miller’s 11 day independence.

    Great sharing the rail with you Soda. The three biggest fish were 341, 288 and 281. Soda is a character always saying or wearing a funny hat to make us all laugh.
  9. Maverick

    Bring beer on the boat or buy?

    I was on a 6 day trip on a long range boat and we ran out of Beer on the 3rd evening. Sucked
  10. Maverick


    Ready to go. Just need to know what time should we meet Friday morning? Also with the news of the lower ridge Tuna what gear should i bring? Currently have Accurate Boss with 80 and 60. Avet 30 wide 100#, then 50 and 40 pound outfits. Let's Go Fishing!!
  11. Maverick

    Soda, I am on the Thanksgiving trip 11 days, is there any chance of going to the Lupe on the Indy?

    Soda, I am on the Thanksgiving trip 11 days, is there any chance of going to the Lupe on the Indy?
  12. Maverick

    This is what 21 days of packing looks like

    Agree with Soda, it is not all about fishing that is enjoyable on these trips. Just hanging with new and old friends is what matters most. Had great times when the fishing was sub par.
  13. Maverick


    Picked up the last two spots. My son and I are stoked. Bart
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    Leaving on a 7 day on the 28th aboard the adventure. What Wahoo trolling lures and jigs worked the best? Bart
  15. Maverick

    Low RPM's at WOT

    The prop size that are currently on my boat are 4 blade 20x18. Would the workshop manual explain/diagnose the low RPM issue? Seems that regardless of my prop size starting the boat without a load in neutral my RPM's should have maxed out in the high 3000's or low 4000's. Should i remove the...
  16. Maverick

    Low RPM's at WOT

    Thanks for the prop specs, looks like i will be taking a dive to check the prop size on the Topaz. Can a diver install the props or do i need to haul her out?
  17. Maverick

    Low RPM's at WOT

    Also in boat log he indicated that at 3100 rpm's after rebuild he was cruising at 20 knots. Log was entered in 2014.
  18. Maverick

    Low RPM's at WOT

    Hours on engines after rebuild is 525 both.
  19. Maverick

    Low RPM's at WOT

    No black smoke, blades spin freely. Maybe injection pump. Since owning the boat just figured she just ran at 17 knots due to previous owner feedback. I can run at 17 doing 2500 rpm's just seems like i am running almost full throttle. Want to make the SCI crossing but worried about fuel...
  20. Maverick

    Low RPM's at WOT

    The model is TAMD41B. I have owned the boat for 2 years. I pulled the air filters, they were dirty(oily). I am in the process of cleaning them (could not do it at the dock due to oil). Planning on installing them tomorrow. BTW i ran the engines at neutral no load it topped at 3200 RPM's. I have...
  21. Maverick

    Low RPM's at WOT

  22. Maverick

    Low RPM's at WOT

    I have read that the engines should max out at 3800 rpm's. The boat i have is a 29' Topaz express.
  23. Maverick

    Low RPM's at WOT

    I have twin Volvo Penta 200 HP TAMD41's On My 1990 Topaz. The maximum RPM's i get is 2700-2800 at WOT. At this RPM i cruise at 17 knots. The boat rarely gets on a plane. Prop size is 4 blade 20x17. Is there someone i can contact about doing a sea trial to figure out if i have the correct...
  24. Maverick

    Offshore Any fish showing up around the 267/209/14 lately?

    Was out last Sunday nothing local to DP that i could find. I would try the 181 or 182, most likely going their on Saturday.
  25. Maverick

    Offshore Frustration on the Fury.

    I donated the only Bluefin caught on a trip once, felt sorry for everyone on the trip. They each had enough for a nice sushi meal. Awesome someone did the same thing.
  26. Maverick

    Coolant Leak Volvo Diesel

    I do have a heat exchanger, no visable leaks.
  27. Maverick

    Coolant Leak Volvo Diesel

    I rented a coolant pressure test kit from Auto Zone (For Free) and did not find any leaks. I then went to Orange Engine and purchased a new Radiator Cap for $4.50. We both noticed that the old cap had no rubber seal left. Ran the boat at high RPM's and discovered i had not lost any coolant...
  28. Maverick

    Coolant Leak Volvo Diesel

    I do see staining on the side of the block, assumed it was from oil seeping from the block. I read this is common for diesel engines? I bought the boat last year and the prior owner had both engines rebuilt. They have 400 hours on the engines, I had the oil and fuel filters changed, they...
  29. Maverick

    Coolant Leak Volvo Diesel

    I was looking at the pressure test kits, looks like you just insert the correct cap size into a full radiator and pump until you hit 12 psi or whatever the radiator cap indicates the pressure is suppose to be at. If this does not reveal the leak, it looks like I will have to stick my head into...
  30. Maverick

    Coolant Leak Volvo Diesel

    its running at 185 degrees and there's no overflow tank it runs right into the bilge
  31. Maverick

    Coolant Leak Volvo Diesel

    My 1992 TAMD 41B Diesel is low on coolant the last two trips I had her out. I cannot figure out where the coolant is leaking from? I tried throttling her up in the slip for 20 minutes and could not see anywhere it was leaking. Is there any way to determine where the leak is while in the slip...
  32. Maverick

    Big Yellow Catalina 7/20

    Fished the back side of Catalina on Saturday and caught this brute on the surface iron. Estimate weight around 35 pounds.
  33. Maverick

    1989 25 Skipjack Flybridge 15K

    New installed by outdrive exchange in costa mesa. Exhaust manifolds were replaced in 2017.
  34. Maverick

    1989 25 Skipjack Flybridge 15K

    Reduced price to 10K, bought another boat need to sell boat ASAP. Will consider any offers. Bart
  35. Maverick

    1989 25 Skipjack Flybridge 15K

    Please call me at 949 887-2056 if you have any questions about the boat Bart
  36. Maverick

    1989 25 Skipjack Flybridge 15K

    Here are additional pics of the boat.
  37. Maverick

    1989 25 Skipjack Flybridge 15K

    Selling my 1989 25 Skipjack. Replaced engine with 280 HP 350 last year (Volvo Penta). The engine has approximately 120 hours. The DPA Volvo Penta outdrive was rebuilt 3 years ago. The boat is slipped in Dana Point harbor and there is no trailer. I will post more pictures shortly. Bart
  38. Maverick

    How much to repower my '25 Skipjack to Diesel?

    Thanks for the replies, I cannot do this myself as my boat is in a slip and I do not have a trailer. My problem is that my current range is roughly 130 miles, I cannot fish San Clemente Island with my current range. I have seen used Skipjacks with diesels in the 75K price range, which is out...
  39. Maverick

    How much to repower my '25 Skipjack to Diesel?

    I have a 89 25' Skipjack with a single 2.7l Volvo Penta engine. I am thinking about changing out the gas engine with a diesel, what kind of cost can I expect? Who in the OC area can do this? Thanks Bart
  40. Maverick

    Roll Call Oct 21 Red Rooster

    Do you guys recommend J hooks or Circles when fly lining for Wahoo?
  41. Maverick

    Roll Call Oct 21 Red Rooster

    Ill be on there with my buddy Tyler hopefully the hoo's continue to bite!
  42. Maverick

    Offshore 7/14. 14 Mile

    We were running to Catalina Thursday from DP and stopped on a patty around the 267 and it was loaded with Dorado and a few large yellows, could not get them to bite. Water temp was 75.2
  43. Maverick

    RP getting them at the Lupe..

    Game plan is to catch a couple Tuna Friday/Saturday maybe one before the 1:00 pm Charger game on Sunday then just relax and watch the Chargers beat up the Chiefs
  44. Maverick

    RP getting them at the Lupe..

    TLD 30 2 Speed with 80# Accurate 600 Fury 80# Accurate 600 Fury 60# Trinidad 30 50# Avet JX 50# Should I match the pound test mono with the same Fluoro?
  45. Maverick

    RP getting them at the Lupe..

    Leaving on the RP this Thursday 9/21, looks like it will be a good one. Fishing 50/60/80 outfits hope they are big enough.
  46. Maverick

    Offshore Dana Point: 209 down to 9 mile!!

    Has anyone tried trolling a "hoochie" I was fishing the east cape a few years ago and we trolled a couple of these that were barely 2 inches in length just big enough r cover the hook. They worked great on 100 pound tuna (yellowfin)
  47. Maverick

    Water getting into bilge

    Whenever I wash down my deck, I get water into the bilge. I was thinking about adding siding to the inside of the engine compartment, so that the water would hit the sides and then flow back to the deck and out to the scuppers. I am worried that this may inhibit fumes from venting from my...
  48. Maverick

    Offshore Rpt.-Wed.-12-07-16 a 1.5 day on the O-95 No skunk this time!

    Good meeting you Cory, glad you caught that tuna right off the bat. That weather sure was ugly.
  49. Maverick

    Catch a cow in PV...

    Price? Is food and Drinks Included? Is Tackle Included? What time does boat leave the dock? Thanks
  50. Maverick

    Pulling Motor To Replace Gimble?

    Last question then we can put this thread to bed. What exactly are the symptoms that the gimble bearings are bad? I had no issues with the I/o bringing the boat over to the yard other than the hose clamp on the bellow being busted. The boat shifted normally turned fine backup fine no clanging...
  51. Maverick

    Pulling Motor To Replace Gimble?

    The mechanic did mention that they had to access the bell housing to change out the gimble bearing. I did not see this done in any of the videos I saw, but as 40grit said the housing needs to be accessed to replace the seals so that's what they must be doing, I am fine with that.
  52. Maverick

    Pulling Motor To Replace Gimble?

    I brought the boat in for repairing the metal strap that holds the exhaust bellows in place my diver told me it snapped in half and needed replacing. I do not have a trailer so was forced to use the local boat haul out company. I called the shop to cancel the repairs but they said it was too...
  53. Maverick

    Pulling Motor To Replace Gimble?

    I have a '25 Skipjack with a Volvo Penta outdrive. The mechanic just told me that my gimble bearing is bad and that they have to pull the outdrive and Engine Out to replace the Gimble bearings. Based on all the DIY videos I have looked at since the phone call, I have not seen one that...
  54. Maverick

    Just replaced Manifold Now Won't Start

    OK Sounds fairly easy to do. I just talked with a neighbor who suggested that maybe I somehow knocked the timing off when I replaced the manifolds, or maybe one of the plug wires jarred loose at the distributor or at the spark plug itself. I will check the later before I pull the valve cover...
  55. Maverick

    Just replaced Manifold Now Won't Start

    Just got back from the boat, I cleaned all the connections from the starter to the grounds, replaced leads that looked corroded. It now starts. BUT I hear a clanking noise coming from the port side, I am afraid that one of the valves is bad. I replaced the spark plugs when the manifolds were...
  56. Maverick

    Just replaced Manifold Now Won't Start

    Going back to the boat today, I will pull the wires from the starter solenoid and replace the leads. I will then go over the entire length of the wires going from the ignition to the starter. Wish me luck
  57. Maverick

    Just replaced Manifold Now Won't Start

    Will check, also off subject matter. I keep my boat in a slip and the diver that cleans my hull said that my zincs at the propeller has corroded to 30% and my inside prop has pitting and a hole in one blade. I do not run shore power to my boat and I turn off the batteries while at the slip...
  58. Maverick

    Just replaced Manifold Now Won't Start

    Most of my grounds are tied to my Exhaust Manifold Bolts. I changed out my Exhaust Manifold today and reconnected the grounds where they were before. When I turned the key to start my engine I hear absolutely nothing. I did prime and paint the new manifolds, but I took a wire brush to the...
  59. Maverick

    Guadalupe permits are a total game changer.

    Anyone know if the Polaris Supreme is getting permits for the Lupe this year? I am on the 7 day that leaves 10/22
  60. Maverick

    Offshore 6 1/2 Hour Heartbreak

    You are absolutely correct on your statement. It was a big mistake to take the easy way out of a fight between the fish and the fisherman. I disrespected myself and the boat for trying this stunt. I have talked to both my son and his buddy about what it means to be a true fisherman and we are...
  61. Maverick

    Offshore 6 1/2 Hour Heartbreak

    I just want to thank the Blue Cat that called in the numbers, you guys made our day. Also a huge thanks go to the spear guys on the Osprey, they stayed with us until dark. This was the most epic day of fishing I have ever had, seeing those 200 pound plus tuna practically jumping in my boat...
  62. Maverick

    Offshore 6 1/2 Hour Heartbreak

    Went out on Wednesday to the 289 spot where fishdope had some numbers. Trolled and looked around this area and saw breaking yellowfin that did not want to bite. At around noon a boat called in some numbers of big Bluefin, described it as "National Geographic" I put in the numbers and they...
  63. Maverick

    Need to maintain batteries at anchor

    I like the idea of adding a third battery and stringing it together with my "house" battery. If I run the battery on say number 1, will the second battery still get charged when running the boat from the alternator?
  64. Maverick

    Need to maintain batteries at anchor

    My boat has two batteries for running the electronics and of course starting the engine. When I do an overnight trip I must turn the batteries to one and by daylight the battery is dead as I am running the bait pump and my anchor lights. What is the best way to maintain my battery in this...
  65. Maverick

    What is required when fishing mexican waters

    I am planning on taking my boat from Dana Point to fish the BFT's in Mexico. I realize that we all need Mexican licenses, but what else is required? Passports? Thanks
  66. Maverick

    Garmin 3210 with built in charts and GPS Antenna

    What year is the unit? I am upgrading from 182 which is not supported by Garmin anymore. Need reliable unit. Please PM me with info. Thanks Bart
  67. Maverick

    Morse Throttle Cable Problem

    Thanks for the reply, I will go ahead and order the cable on-line. Bart
  68. Maverick

    Morse Throttle Cable Problem

    Thanks for the reply, I will go ahead and order the cable on-line. Bart
  69. Maverick

    Morse Throttle Cable Problem

    I checked the connection at the control and it is secured, looks like I will have to pull the cable. When you say use the old cable to pull the new one, should I connect the new one to the old and pull from the Morse control station? Also where is the best place to buy a new one? Thanks Bart
  70. Maverick

    Morse Throttle Cable Problem

    I have the Morse D32377 003 0264 throttle cable for my 25' Skipjack (single control). When I put my boat in gear the other day the gear worked but I had no throttle. I checked the engine and it was connected properly, when I had my son put it in gear and rev it up it did not move the throttle...
  71. Maverick

    Lupe Info

    Yes I realized it after I replied. Thanks Rick!
  72. Maverick

    Lupe Info

    I am sure we will meet up again Ron, just need to book on a boat where beer is 1.50 or less. Kind of looking at next year's 9 day trip with the Bob Sands group that departs prior to the Doc Ski trip.
  73. Maverick

    Lupe Info

    There are always a few on the boat, just difficult to avoid when hooked up to a large fish. You and Rick really whacked the fish!
  74. Maverick

    Lupe Info

    Just got back from the 8 day Shogun trip, we fished the Lupe for 1.5 days. 50 or 60 pound outfit with a two speed is your best choice. Circle hooks were best choice but I also caught lots of fish on the J hook. The main problem was too many fish were hooked up at the same time causing many...
  75. Maverick


    Leaving on the 8 day after yours Doc Ski trip
  76. Maverick

    Offshore 12 Off Golf Balls

    We saw three of those things today. Did not lose any fish to them. BTW tried fishing San Onofre for Yellows slow trolled dines no luck while cleaning fish.
  77. Maverick

    Offshore 12 Off Golf Balls

    Just came back from great Tuna Fishing about 12 miles off the coast from Pendelton? Caught 16 tuna kept 6. Little bumpy out there. Chunk and Bait worked.
  78. Maverick

    Wednesday 8-19 out of DP- great YFT action

    Glad you stopped at 7, no reason to kill more than you can eat/give away. Heading out Friday boat limit is 4 total for the four of us. Bart
  79. Maverick

    Good trip at the 267

    What do you think the weight is of the first fish in the pics? I am thinking over 50 based on previous post I have seen here.
  80. Maverick

    Good trip at the 267

    OK We left from Dana Point at 6:30 am on 8/13/2015, saw a paddy 18 miles from domes and fish had lockjaw, lots of free swimming dodo's. Came back towards Dana and floated with a few Dana boats. Oh my bait pump died and we chunked all day.
  81. Maverick

    Free Trailer Dual Axle

    I am keeping my boat in a slip now at Dana Point. I do not need the Trailer anymore. It is a 1988 Zieman Trailer, needs brakes and lights.
  82. Maverick

    Wanted Galvanized Double / Tripple axle Trailer

    I will get some close up pictures for you, as far as registration the Auto Club says no title is needed for the trailer. The trailer is located in Dana Point Embarcadero Marina.
  83. Maverick

    Wanted Galvanized Double / Tripple axle Trailer

    The sign is a little faded, but it said 10,000 pounds. The brakes have been removed and the lights are not working. If you want the trailer I will give it to you, it will be a project. There is no pink slip or any documentation, it does have the permanent tags. My slip is going to be...
  84. Maverick

    Wanted Galvanized Double / Tripple axle Trailer

    I am going to sell my trailer once I get a slip in Dana Point (maybe 2 - 4 weeks), you can see the trailer under 25' Skipjack for sale in this forum. Bart
  85. Maverick

    Solo trip last Saturday Dana Point.

    Heard your son just bought a boat
  86. Maverick

    1988 Skipjack 25 Flybridge

    The cover would be great to have, I am planning to keep the boat in a slip. Thanks
  87. Maverick

    1988 Skipjack 25 Flybridge

    I am stoked, been without a boat for two years, bout time I got back.
  88. Maverick

    1988 Skipjack 25 Flybridge

    Where can I see the boat? I had a 24' Skipjack years ago, great boat, but I always liked the 25'. Bart
  89. Maverick

    Ten day october 23 american angler who is going

    Leaving on an 8 day Oct 22, make sure you bring a high speed reel such as an avet JX with 50 pound for the wahoo, throw a raider in gold/green pattern and grind as fast as you can. Sorry for your loss. Bart
  90. Maverick

    Offshore Fortune 07/29 report

    JC Great seeing at the dock. We had a great trip on the First String, I caught my limit of YFT and 1 BFT. There were two BFT's that were in the 100 pound class that were landed out of 6 hookups, lost mine after a 1 min fight. Bart
  91. Maverick

    Independence July 5th 5 day report

    Nice post JC, it was great fishing with you and Tang, my boy and I had a blast. Of course one of the pics shows ben with a fish on.
  92. Maverick

    Independence 5 day july 5th bad weather!

    My son and I will be on the trip. First time for the both of us on the Indy, can't wait. Bart and Ben
  93. Maverick

    Roll Call for First String 10 Day trip Sun.11/03/13

    Well the fishing was a little slow on the large grade yellows and yellowfin. We fished the ridge most of the trip and dedicated two days for the wahoo. I caught 5 wahoo on the raider jig (Gold and Green). The wahoo were between 35 and 65 pounds. We did nail about 12 grouper most were caught...
  94. Maverick

    Roll Call for First String 10 Day trip Sun.11/03/13

    I was on the 10 day in 2010, I have been on 2 8 days since then and will be going on the 8 day leaving 10/22. The best part about this boat is that they limit the number of anglers to 18. When I did the 10 day there was only 12 people on the boat. You should bring a folding chair for the...
  95. Maverick


    Juan, I will be fishing on Friday 8/23 do you have anything available? Thanks Bart
  96. Maverick

    Big 240 Yellowtail K&Ms Capt Oscar

    Nice Oscar way to go. Looks like the weather laid down after we left. Bart
  97. Maverick

    K&M continues with ANOTHER EPIC DAY!!!!

    Thanks for hooking us up with those Big WSB, we will be back next summer to do it all over again. Bart
  98. Maverick

    K&M 68water-dodo&slugs on 240

    Looks like we are in for some great fishing for our charter on 8/26 and 8/27 on your Parkers. I will bring some heavy stuff. Bart
  99. Maverick

    2001 Trophy 2352 with NEW ENGINE

    I replaced my 5.0L Mercruiser Engine with a 5.7L engine in July 2012. I have done sea trials and the engine runs great. I desperately need to sell my boat due to some financial hardships. The boat has a custom hard top with rocket launchers and deck lights. The cabin sleeps 3 with a sink and...
  100. Maverick

    First String 8 day!

    Glad to hear your trip is a go. I will be on the 8 dayer leaving on 10/10. Hopefully we will fish the ridge and maybe a couple days at the lupe. Was at the Lupe last year on the constitution in Nov and the seals were the biggest problem we had.
  101. Maverick

    Offshore First Tuna Trip

    It was a real pleasure fishing with you guys on that trip. Your great attitude the whole trip made this one very memorable. Bret and I will be there at the game cheering you on 9/23.
  102. Maverick

    SCI reports?

    I will be out there 7/9 (Sat), checked the Navy site and it looks like the west end will be closed. Really wanted to fish the 9 fathom spot, but looks like i will just work the front side slow trolling dines.
  103. Maverick

    Need help filling 8 day trip on First String 11/11

    O.K. Now i am getting desperate, I reallllly want to go on this trip, therefore i will offer this deal "for the first day of the trip i will foot the galley tab for the first 2 people who sign up" We have until Sunday to find 2 more people for this trip. Bart
  104. Maverick

    Need help filling 8 day trip on First String 11/11

    Eric wish you could go, it would be great to fish with you again, it has been a long time. Call me
  105. Maverick

    Need help filling 8 day trip on First String 11/11

    I have booked a trip on the First String leaving 11/11 for 8 days. They currently have 9 people signed up for the trip and need 12 to make it happen. This trip is limited to 19 people max. The cost of the trip is $1,850. I did a 10 day on this boat a couple years back and had a great time...
  106. Maverick

    Any reports for the 43 or Butterfly?

    Thinking about launching from Dana point and heading to the 43 Sat morning, anyone hear of any reports for this area? According to the weather forecast the seas are going to be calm in this area. I did hear that a boat from Newport Landing is catching some tuna on a two day trip, do not know...
  107. Maverick

    Going to P.V Mar 27 to 31st Looking to split cost

    I will be in PV on 03/31 arriving via a cruise ship. I was planning on doing a 4 hr panga trip for some Roosters. The bad thing is that we do not arrive until 8:00 am and i do not know what time i will be able to actually arrive at the dock (maybe 9:00). I do not know if it is even worth...
  108. Maverick


    Im thinkin about going local out of Dana Point, was wondering if anybody has been out lately to give some insight?
  109. Maverick


  110. Maverick


    I am on a 6 day trip leaving 11/01, are you saying that the Lupe will be closed for the remainder of the 09 season and that we are negotiating for 2010?
  111. Maverick


    cirlcle hooks
  112. Maverick

    Opinion on the First String?

    I was on the 10 dayer last year and no sacks were used. The fish were treated and put in the fish hold. You will have a great time on this trip and Bradly is a fish killer along with a limited load you will have a great time. Bart
  113. Maverick

    First String Trip 10/19-26

    Sounds like a great trip, i am booked on the next 6 dayer on the String leaving 11/01. Sounds like 40 and 50 pound outfits will be the way to go, did you use Fluro? Thanks Bart
  114. Maverick

    Rpt Wed 10-22-08 SCI Bonito, Reds & Lings

    Thinking about fishing the tuna at the 43 this weekend, did you guys see any promising signs off of SCI when comming or going to the island? Thanks
  115. Maverick

    Offshore WFO The best fishing I have ever experienced

    We were 29 miles away from you when you gave out the numbers, almost convinced my group to hall ass to your location, but we were on a time constraint. Nice job out there, btw we were fishing the 209 area and got the skunk.
  116. Maverick

    Offshore 43 on the Sea Horse (PIX) 9/13

    We were on the 2 day trip prior to yours, first day we caught 25 fish (Albies and YFT), then the second day we found a spot of YFT that stayed with us until the bait was gone, they were boiling everywhere, but it was a plunker bite. I believe we picked up 50 fish on that spot for 17 anglers...
  117. Maverick

    Wed 07/30/2008

    If you need two people for Wednesday, my son (16) and myself would like to go. My boat is being repaired (starter), need to get out there. Bart 949 887-2056
  118. Maverick

    Removing Starter from 5.7 Liter Merc

    Thanks for the reply, i will disconnect the battery leads prior to the project. I will then disconnect the battery connection to the starter, then the fun begins. Bart
  119. Maverick

    Removing Starter from 5.7 Liter Merc

    I need to remove my starter from my boat 24' Trophy with the 5.7 Mercruiser. I just need to know how i should go about performing this task, do i need to remove the distributor coil, turn the batteries to off, etc. Also I can not even see the starter, have to feel for it. Any tips on removing...
  120. Maverick

    Fishin this Weekend Coral Marina

    Very nice reports from Ensenada, just hope the weather lays down by next weekend. We will see you at the Marina!!!
  121. Maverick

    Fishin this Weekend Coral Marina

    I am planning a trip this weekend 07/05 - 07/06 to fish outside of Ensenada (1010, Double 220's, etc.), then head into the Coral Marina for the night and come back Sunday. All the reports that i have been receiving is that the fish are West 371, 390, Butterfly etc. Have any fish been reported...
  122. Maverick


    Hey Eric you going out this Saturday? I am taking Frank and Ben, we will most likely fish the Domes. Nice catch on the Bone's just like the old days out of Newport. See Ya
  123. Maverick

    catalina dive boat and DFG busted

    I was busted for 3 1/4 lobster last year, was written up and received a ticket. The ticket was $430.00, but when i went to pay it, the clerk told me to see the judge and have him determine the cost. Saw the judge he said $130.00 O.K?, I said yes and paid the reduced fine. I will no longer...
  124. Maverick

    San Quintin 8/26 - 8/27 report

    I think it's Breakers on the map definately not Ben's, the locals call it the 240 spot. By the way are you going to be hiring a guide to take you out the harbor the first day, it can be tricky to get out due to the numerous sand bars. I finally have a phot to share.
  125. Maverick

    San Quintin 8/26 - 8/27 report

    We made the bait both inside and outside the harbor, the bait was everywhere. The WSB were caught in 30 to 40 feet of water just outside the entrance. You will see the fleet of panga's just slow troll around them. Also I would chase the bird schools and throw the iron. If the WSB do not pan...
  126. Maverick

    San Quintin 8/26 - 8/27 report

    Just got back from San Quintin yesterday. The fishing is very good for WSB just outside the harbor entrance, we caught fish up to 48 pounds. We also caught 20 pound class yellows at the 240 bank and while fishing for the WSB. There is a ton of Bonito to 12 pounds under the diving birds, we...
  127. Maverick

    hey Bart

    Thanks for the invite I would love to go, but I have promised the family a trip to the North End of the Island Friday. Hope you whack the fish good today, by the way I went on a trip to the Napili Coast a couple days ago on one of those sail/snorkel trips and noticed a lot of birds and flyers...
  128. Maverick

    New Arrival BD'er in Kauai

    I'm staying in POIPU till 7/30, heard they were hammering the Ahi to 175 lbs! a couple weeks ago. I have not heard of any recent reports in the area, can anyone give me an update. Thanks Bart
  129. Maverick

    209/181 tomorrow

    Where you leaving from? Are you talking about 7/12
  130. Maverick

    Offshore Huge Thank You to T-Bone and crew!!!

    Well the day started off good we launched from SI got bait and were headed to the 43 with no problems. Our problems started around 08:30 when we lost radio reception (not good) checked the antenna and the fittings with no success. Headed towards the E-Bfly and while enroute our GPS takes a...
  131. Maverick

    Offshore Yellows, albies, vessel assist then more albies

    Glab we were able to help you out with the coil (did not need it at the time). Our alternator took a big dive on us and we were rescued by the crew of the T-Bone 47 miles out. Why didn't you tell me about the large Mako that you hooked while I was floundering in the water trying to tie the tow...
  132. Maverick

    Jumbo Squid/ San Mateo Point

    Good job on the squirts Eric, I am thinking about heading to Cat this week possibly Tuesday. WSB, Cod and Bugs.
  133. Maverick

    2/17 - 2/18 Catalina bound

    Will be heading to CAT this weekend as well. Most likely be fishing the East End, then hooping the front side. Good luck
  134. Maverick

    Leaving this Sunday - EXCEL 10 Day

    Got back last Saturday 10/14 from my 10 dayer on the RR3. The DoDo's are thick as fleas, use the yo yo iron for the yellows at the Ridge and crank like hell (i used 50#) and only lost 4 jigs. Use Fluoro for the Tuna at the rocks, I used 50 and 60# fluoro with matching line size. Chunking...
  135. Maverick

    LR Rookie Seeking Wahoo Wisdom

    I just got back from a 10 dayer, the secret too getting a Hoo is to throw either a Hopkins (Chrome) or a Raider (Gold) jig. Prior to using these jigs SHARPEN the hooks!! It is imperative that you use a high speed reel and crank like a mad man, cast out and let it sink 150 feet or so, then...
  136. Maverick

    Going on RR3 10/4 - 10/14 Don't Eat Fish

    You are quite welcome, glad to give fish to someone who will appreciate it. I will post a report of my trip tomorrow, still waiting for my friend to download the pics to a cd. Bart
  137. Maverick

    Goin 4 bugs 09/30 from Dana Pt

    I will be launching from Dana Point Friday around 6:00, I was just wandering what time can you set your traps? Can you set them at 11:30 and bring them up at 12:01? Just want to be legal Bart
  138. Maverick

    9/24 in SCI

    Saw you guys on the frontside, we were running up to the west end. Where we caught several nice lings to 15 pounds. About the time we had to leave (1:00) a boat came over to us and said that they were whacking the yellows at the kelp line on yo-yo and surface irons. The ride home was pretty...
  139. Maverick

    Fluoro Questions

    When you say straight fluoro, do you mean a top shot of 50 - 100 yards tied directly to spectra? Bart
  140. Maverick

    Fluorocarbon and Long Range Fishing

    Thank you for the info on Fluoro, al lot of great information. Bart
  141. Maverick

    Fluoro Questions

    My tackle list as of today is: TLD 50 2 speed 80# TLD 30 2 speed 60# TLD 25 50# Penn 4/0 50# Tor 30 40# Daiwa Sealine 50 40# Daiwa Sealine 50 30# Any suggestions?
  142. Maverick

    Fluoro Questions

    I have never tried using Fluoro and would appreciate any advice you may have. First off what is the best way to connect fluoro to mono (Loop to Loop, Albright, etc.). What pound test, for example if I am using 40# main line should I use 50# Fluoro? Up to what pound test do you stop using...
  143. Maverick

    Going on RR3 10/4 - 10/14 Don't Eat Fish

    That sounds perfect, meet at the dock. The boat is scheduled to come in at 09:00 on 10/14. I will be the one wearing the Chargers Cap.
  144. Maverick

    Going on RR3 10/4 - 10/14 Don't Eat Fish

    Perfect Greg, I live on the corner of El Toro and Normandale, I will be coming back on a Saturday so you will have all day to filet.
  145. Maverick

    Going on RR3 10/4 - 10/14 Don't Eat Fish

    I am on a 10 dayer on the Red Rooster 3 leaving 10/4 and coming back 10/14. I love to catch fish and will on occasion eat a little bit, my neighbors will take a few fish, which will leave me (hopefully) with a lot of fish to give away. I am fine with hook and release, except when it comes down...
  146. Maverick

    Looking to build a crew for future trips

    I currently own a 24' Trophy which i keep in Orange County (Lake Forest), used to own a 33' Cruisers Inc (twin gas), had to dump the boat due to poor gas comsumption .5 miles to gallon. I know how to handle a dual engine boat and love to drive them. I have mex permits and all my own fishing...
  147. Maverick

    Anyone fishing dana Thurs. 209 to the 14

    We will be launching from Dana Point at approximately 06:30 Thursday. I plan on heading towards the 181 looking for paddys, will also be trolling for Marlin and DoDo's. I will monitor ch 72. Good Luck Bart
  148. Maverick

    Offshore 2 Day on the First String great trip!

    The boat is 93 feet long and I beleive 25 feet wide, it has a few staterooms with some double wide bunks. The galley is huge with a big screen TV. Lots of deck room and 4 bait tanks.
  149. Maverick

    Offshore 2 Day on the First String great trip!

    Fantastic Boat and Crew. I definately went under-gunned on this trip, should of brought 40# and 50# sticks, the fish were not line shy, just needed a bait that swam and you were bit instantly (most people were soaking there bait way down swell and catching the occasional fish). I went through...
  150. Maverick

    Offshore 2 Day on the First String great trip!

    I went solo on this trip and did not bring my camera, sucks to not have pics of these nice tuna. There was a group from Ventura Fishing club that took pics, maybe one of them will post.
  151. Maverick

    Offshore 2 Day on the First String great trip!

    I tried to get the location, but was told we were out west (dumper?), water was 67 degrees. Look for the tuna seiners, also the weather was snotty out there 15 - 20 knot winds, swell about 4 - 6 feet at close intervals.
  152. Maverick

    Offshore 2 Day on the First String great trip!

    It was quite a site seeing those big fish crashing, we hooked a couple of the big ones, but did not have the right tackle to land them. I hooked one on a torium with 30, but my hooked pulled as i was using 1/0 j hook, I should have switched to a 3/0 circle when I pinned on the mac, but i did...
  153. Maverick

    Offshore 2 Day on the First String great trip!

    I was one of the lucky 11 to be on board the First String Wed/Thurs. I could not beleive the boat went out with just 11 paid customers on a 2 day with NO fuel surcharge. Day 1 We fished Santo Thomas and caught paddy yellows first thing in the morning, I caught the only BFT day 1. The...
  154. Maverick

    Saturday: 181 out of O'Cyde

    Will be launching from Dana point at 03:30 will be heading towards the Fly, will monitor ch 72. Hopefully we can find the BFT's that bit today! Bart (Maverick)
  155. Maverick

    Going to San Clemente Isl Sat 5/13

    Will be launching from Dana Point at approximately 4:00 am. Any body know any good Halibut spots at the Island to drift? We will most likely be working the East End Area. Bart
  156. Maverick

    San Clemente Isl.?

    Just heard from another site that a sportfisher caught 15 Yellowfin outside of San Clemente Isl Today! 8/26, they were fisin the Island then decided to head outside and found the YFT's.
  157. Maverick

    San Clemente Isl.?

    From Dana Point it is approximately 55 miles to the West End. The bait guys at Dana now stay open 24 hours, so no problem getting bait before 6:00 A.M. You should try the 9 fathom spot at the West End for the Yellows, then work the Isl for Calico's, Sheeps, Halibut, etc. Bart
  158. Maverick

    Fishing Sunday 8/21 & Tuesday 8/23

    I will be launching from Dana Point at approximately 3:00 P.M. Saturday, will be heading over to Catalina and fishin the frontside for the eve bite. We will then head over to the V's for a shot at the WSB Sunday morning. Bart
  159. Maverick

    Mercruiser 5.0 Starts then dies

    Replaced the Oil Pressure sensor and now the engine works perfectly. One of the wires to the engine was badly corrided and the engine did not recognize any oil pressure and just shut down. Yeah Ha!
  160. Maverick

    Mercruiser 5.0 Starts then dies

    I have a 2001 5.0 Liter Mercruiser engine, when I tried launching the boat last week my engine would start then after about 15 seconds it would just shut down. I have changed the fuel/water filter since then and I still have the same problem. I am thinking that the problem might be my oil...
  161. Maverick

    Tuesday 8/9

    I will be launching from Shelter Island at approximately 2:30 A.M., heading to the 60 Mile Bank. Will be monitoring ch 72, as always we will relay any fish reports we have. Bart
  162. Maverick

    Fishing Friday 7/15/05 - D/220 & 295

    John, We will be launching from SI at approximately midnight, planning on heading down to the D220 and surrounding area's. I will be fishing from a friends boat it is a 29' with twin 200 HP outboards. We are planning on spending friday eve at the Coral and comming back Sat. I will give you...
  163. Maverick

    Offshore 7/10 New Lo-An Albie Slaughter Fest!!!

    Glad you slayed the albacore, were you guys down about 110 miles? Sounds like a great day on the water, action all day can't beat that. Bart
  164. Maverick

    Offshore 1.5 Day On The Prowler Bluefin Bonanza!

    I am assuming we were west hard to tell (went to sleep after we left the harbor), did i mention we also caught a lone DORADO, and about 3 YFT. I did get custody of the fish that broke off (not eligible for the Jackpot).
  165. Maverick

    Offshore 1.5 Day On The Prowler Bluefin Bonanza!

    Just got back from a 1.5 day trip on the Prowler 7/7. The trip started off Real Slow, we caught 1 albacore on the troll at 6:00 A.M. and that was it until the Bluefin erupted at 1:30 P.M., we had a jig strike and then they went Off!, boils everywhere 26 people getting bit tangles Kaos!, they...
  166. Maverick

    Yellow/Halibut at SCI 6/25

    We went to SCI on 6/25 and caught limits of bass, 1 20 pound Yellow, 1 Halibut and lots of sheepshead and whitefish. The wind was blowing a steady 25 knots with 40 knot winds mixed in. The fish are there we just need better weather. Bart
  167. Maverick

    Dumper Sat. 6/25

    The marine forecast for the SCI area looks good 10 knot winds 2-3 ft swells. I will be launching from Dana Point at 04:00 should arrive at the Island around 07:00. Good chance at catching some Yellows, and Calicos. Would be good to have another boat to work the Island with. Bart
  168. Maverick

    Going to SCI 6/25 (My B-Day)

    I am leaving from Dana Point at 4:00 A.M., will be heading over to SCI. My game plan is to run over the 43 do a little trolling then head over to the East End. Anybody have a fish report for SCI?, should I troll for yellows at Island, or just hit the kelp beds for Calico's and what ever is...
  169. Maverick

    San Quintin

    Sunday 6/12 was cold and windy, no game fish. Monday and Tuesday 6/13 and 6/14 was great weather wise, but no yellows. A boat fished outside on 6/14 and caught 1 yellowfin in the 15 pound class. We left Wednesday 6/15 and the weather was overcast and cold. We did hammer the Lings to 15...
  170. Maverick

    Albacore at the Butterfly?

    86 Miles from Newport, this should place you on the Fly. Sorry no gps numbers, they did say however that they were in American waters. Again this is second hand info, wish I were there to give first hand info. Bart
  171. Maverick

    Albacore at the Butterfly?

    I heard a report from yesterday 6/19 that a boat loaded up on the Albies at the Fly. I don't have the numbers yet, but am working on it. It does not look good for me going out this weekend due to my wedding anniversary is Sat and of course Fathers Day on Sunday. Hopefully I can make it out...
  172. Maverick

    ???? Report for San Quintin

    looks like the fishing is going to be awsome. by the way what are the odds looking like for me having a beer on the panga before 10:00 A.M? What time did you pick 5:00 A.M.? See ya down there
  173. Maverick


    I just looked at the weather report for Saturday and they are issuing a small craft advisory for the Catalina Area?. Am I seeing things or is this correct?
  174. Maverick

    Giants 1/22/05

    I did not know that Squid grew hair, they sure are ugly where are you in the picture Eric? Just kiddin, congrats on the Squirters
  175. Maverick

    Offshore 8/23 - 390/213/Sixty/E Fly NO BET

    If you want to catch some fish that pull, then SCI west end is the ticket. We were there a few days ago and caught fish from 25# to 35#'s. You will lose a few to the rocks though, make sure you use 30# or heavier. Also live macks are the hot ticket. I noticed that the Cat Special caught 125...
  176. Maverick

    Fishin the 43 on Saturday

    I heard reports that the 43 area is going off. Like to fish american waters so I do not have to hassle with the reporting in to the customs dock. The Bongos from Daveys apparantly whacked the albies and yellows on Thursday out there. Bart
  177. Maverick

    Offshore 3/21 report

    Sorry to hear you did not get into the fish. I went on a cattle boat out of Daveys and we fished San Clemente, the weather was up but the yellows bit in the morning. Looks like my paper work saved me from a rough trip. Good luck next time. Bart
  178. Maverick

    Offshore HeatherLynn II nails them again!

    Did I mention to you that I will be fishing the Tuna on Sunday?, hmm maybe I might be able to squeeze another person on board? Bart
  179. Maverick

    Long Range Plans 2004

    I have booked a trip on the Q-105 for a 10 day leaving 10/28, there are still openings. Bart
  180. Maverick

    Offshore 11/11-11/21 Long Range Report

    I beleive that Frank meant that I was going on the Lupe trip? Hint Hint
  181. Maverick

    Offshore 11/11-11/21 Long Range Report

    It would be great if we could get a Bloody Decks charter next year on a 10 dayer. My buddy charters the Q-105 for a 10 day usually for the last week of October (Glens Tackle), we should get together on this boat and have a blast!. Bart
  182. Maverick

    Offshore 8 Days On The Excel

    I went on this trip solo, It sure would have made the trip better had I been with my fishin buddies. I think next year we should organize a trip with the Bloody Deckers, now that would be fun!. Mikey are you going with Branden on your 10 dayer?, what boat are you fishin on. Bart
  183. Maverick

    Offshore 8 Days On The Excel

    Here's a pic of a YFT
  184. Maverick

    Offshore 8 Days On The Excel

    Returned from my 8 day trip on the Excel 10/18. Here's how the trip went: Day 1 & 2 Travel day to the Rocks Day 3 - Finally made it to the rocks at 09:00 and we started hooking 100 pound plus tuna while on the anchor. I was stuck fishing a damm helium balloon for about 4 hours before I had...
  185. Maverick

    Fishing the Excel on an 8 day 10/10

    I was able to get a deal on an 8 day aboard the Excel leaving 10/10. This is the first time for me fishing the "Excel", has any body out there fished this boat before?. I will post a report when I get back (Hopefully the hurricanes will take a break during this period). Bart
  186. Maverick

    Offshore Skippies

    Went on an overnighter a couple weeks ago and they sliced up some skippy's, used soy and onions, it was pretty good.
  187. Maverick

    Offshore 09/18 Limits YFT and Stranded in SD

    From now on, when I go fishing and do not have enough fishing people, I will post on this board for crew members. Your right about how the crew has to work with the captain, by cleaning the boat after every stop, looking for paddy's and so forth. I have learned my lession here, no more idiots...
  188. Maverick

    Offshore 09/18 Limits YFT and Stranded in SD

    Caught limits of YFT at the B-Fly last thu 9/18. Most fish were caught at the NW portion trolling Yo-Zuris and cedar plugs. We had one bait stop where they were foaming pretty good for at least 45 minutes, I called out the numbers and a couple boats showed up, which were bit immediately. I...
  189. Maverick

    Fishing 9/18 For the YFT

    I saw the SD fish count for 9/16, they caught 461 YFT's for 104 anglers. Does anyone know where they caught their fish?. I am plannning on starting at the 371 and work from there. Bart
  190. Maverick

    Spots Avail on 1.5 trp on Intl Star 9/7

    Due to the distance of the fish being caught 80 - 95 miles from point Loma, I have decided to book a trip on the Intl Star leaving Saturday Night and and comming back Monday Morning. This is a charter trip limited to 20 passengers. The cost of the trip is $225.00 and includes food. If you...
  191. Maverick

    Staying at the Coral 09/07 - 09/09

    I plan on leaving SI on Sunday 09/07 at 4:00 A.M., we will fish outside then come into the Coral later that afternoon and fish Monday and return Tuesday. Bart
  192. Maverick

    Offshore got our ass kicked 08/23

    Short story of our trip Friday (will post detail report when i get pics later today). We caught 1 yellowfin tuna at the 371, then caught limits of yellows on a paddy (called in my the Carrie Ann), caught 4 skippies at the 213, 1 30# pound albie and 2 45# Bluefin. The Bluefin and the albie were...
  193. Maverick

    The Coral loop 8/22-23

    I am leaving SI at 2 or 3 A.M. friday morning, planning on running down to the 1010 area then work my way back to the 371. Call me on ch. 72 and i will give you a report. Bart
  194. Maverick

    Offshore Wide open albies 08/09

    I carry 105 gallons and burn about 1.5 to 1.75 mpg, i like to boat down to the fishing grounds then make my way to the Coral. This last trip i ran 80 miles from the point and of course trolled for a few hours, then headed to the Coral which was 55 miles from where i ended the day. I was on or...
  195. Maverick

    Offshore Wide open albies 08/09

    Ben was on that fish for at least a 1/2 hour before he finally brought it to gaff. It was a nice healthy 30 plus pounder!. I was using 15 pound on a bass rod and caught two that way.
  196. Maverick

    Offshore Wide open albies 08/09

    My son fighting an albie
  197. Maverick

    Offshore Wide open albies 08/09

    Vince with an albie and my son hooked up in the background.
  198. Maverick

    Offshore Wide open albies 08/09

    Took the Maverick to the tuna grounds 08/09 found the fleet at 80 miles from the point. The number of boats there was amazing, but it did not hinder the bite at all. We spotted numerous spots of fish and slid in with our dines and nailed them. The best area we fished was at 31 12 117 24, at...
  199. Maverick

    8-9 Fishing

    The Maverick will be launching from SI and fishing Saturday, then head to the Coral and spend Saturday night there and leave early Sunday morning for home. I will be monitoring ch 72, hope to meet up with you on Saturday. Bart
  200. Maverick

    Offshore 2nd Hand Report from 7/30

    I received a call from Doug Beard aka "PoolGuy", he was on an overnight trip from Fishermans on 07/31. He wanted to report that they slayed the albies at 90 miles from the point. The numbers that he gave me were 31 09 117 22 (he carried a hand help gps). He said the fish were jumping...
  201. Maverick

    Offshore RPT- Sat. 7-26 Whack'n WaaTooSee Style!

    Wow what a day on the water, first off I again have to thank Frank for the numbers, they were right on!. It was great meeting everyone on "F" dock, hope my snoring did not keep everyone up Friday night. Left the dock at 2:30 and headed for Mikes, waited in line for the small choves...
  202. Maverick

    thur 7/24-27 coral

    Frank, I am going to trailer my boat to the Coral on Friday, should arrive by 1:30 P.M., i will be launching at that time and hopefully will have enough time to look at the 238. Do you have any numbers where i should start at?. We will also be fishing the area on Saturday. Bart
  203. Maverick


    While fishing Saturday 7/12 i heard on the radio the a boat caught a single Dorado. He did not give the numbers however. Bart
  204. Maverick

    Offshore Limits Of Albies 7/12

    Your right the first photo of the b decks sucked!
  205. Maverick

    Offshore Limits Of Albies 7/12

    Vince's first Albie
  206. Maverick

    Offshore Limits Of Albies 7/12

    Bloody Decks on the Maverick
  207. Maverick

    Offshore Limits Of Albies 7/12

    Here I am with a couple albies
  208. Maverick

    Offshore Limits Of Albies 7/12

    Left SI at 2:00 and started fishing at 58 miles south, nothing biting in the area. Heard Frank giving out numbers of wide open albies at 31 28 116 59. Plugged in the numbers and we were 20 miles away, made the decision to go for it. We arrived 2 miles short of the numbers and spotted a...
  209. Maverick

    Rule Bait Pump Stops Flowing

    I can remove the hose from the in-take and screw the pump directly to the thru-hall. I will go ahead and give that a shot, before i try the outside mounting bracket solution. Thanks Bart
  210. Maverick

    Vote for me

    Your ahead by one vote, by the way the pic of the amberjack is from my brother's wife's brother (Doug Nelson)?. Had to cast my vote to a fellow BD'er.
  211. Maverick

    Rule Bait Pump Stops Flowing

    I just recently replaced my bait pump with a Rule Pump that i bought from West Marine. I installed the intake to a small hose approximately 6 inches that is attached to my thru hall. I have to remove the hose that attaches to my bait tank from the pump, dip the pump on a sideways angle and the...