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  1. mrfish11

    Saltwater Razor clams 2023

    EZ limits on the 19th. Clams were all mediums but I would see 10+ holes on every dig.
  2. mrfish11

    What’s new for 2023?

    Those rods look bad ass. Thank you for keeping em OG and not gay bar spiral.
  3. mrfish11

    How Many More Times…

    Drives me fukin crazy.
  4. mrfish11

    Cowlitz River guide recommendation?

    Coles Chrome. He is usually top boat each day. Hes probably already booked every day in march already though. Beau Smith is a great guy too and he kills em.
  5. mrfish11

    WTS Yamaha F8

    This is a steal. Someone needs to buy this. Mike's stuff is kept in mint condition.
  6. mrfish11

    Saltwater MadMacs at Cabelas

    @Chasin' Tail isnt this your go to lure? I heard these things fill the boat full of albies.
  7. mrfish11

    Colorado ELK Hunt - again

    Atta boy Greg!
  8. mrfish11

    Happy Halloween

    @TwoTapPat you interested in this action or what big boy?
  9. mrfish11

    Albacore live bait setup

    Avet sx for live bait and irons. Small and simple. Works great. I prefer the smaller size vs my mxl's, mxj's etc but they all work just fine. 40-50 lb braid. And if you need to cast a chovy, your doing something wrong.
  10. mrfish11

    9.9 vs 15 kicker 25 foot pursuit

    T9.9 high thrust is what you want.
  11. mrfish11

    Saltwater Albacore Numbers

    I'm an eels only guy too. They get picky on the eels and will bite certain colors and sizes each day. Saturday was med blues only. Wouldnt touch green.
  12. mrfish11

    White pass microbull

    I'm in the 'never pass a legal OTC bull in WA camp'. Nice job. He didnt do a very good job of rubbing did he?
  13. mrfish11

    Saltwater Kodak's Last Tuna Trip

    Nice job Greg. Way to get it done!!! Good chatting with you.
  14. mrfish11

    Saltwater Albacore Numbers

    30 to 35 x 58 to 02 was good Saturday too. 27 fer 3 of us. Dont think you could wrong on Saturday as long as you went SW. I did hear a report of "1" from a guy that ran straight west. 23 bait, 4 swim bait fish. And the last 3 troll fish came at 2pm, prior to that we had only 1 troll fish...
  15. mrfish11

    Aberdeen and Axle

    He wanted 5200 for new brakes and 1 axle on my trailer. I went and bought a new trailer for 5600.
  16. mrfish11

    Saltwater WP tuna 9/21

    Match the hatch.
  17. mrfish11

    Saltwater Halibut Friday!

    Looks fine to me.
  18. mrfish11

    Aberdeen and Axle

    Ernies might have it, but you would probably pay less just going and buying a new trailer....
  19. mrfish11

    Saltwater Tuna Safari Wednesday!

    Hopefully Friday for me.
  20. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport tuna rookie Sat 9/17

    You did great! Sounded like a smooth operation. See you out there again soon!
  21. mrfish11

    Saltwater Shakers. Or lack thereof.

    Dont be a quota killer.
  22. mrfish11

    Saltwater Kodak's TUNA Trip Wednesday

    Hell of a report Greg. You guys worked hard for em. Well done!
  23. mrfish11

    1st Tuna trip

    Guarantee that probably has a lot to do with it. 😜😜😜 @Chasin' Tail this must apply to North River bums too????
  24. mrfish11

    1st Tuna trip

    I just take this with me and it always ends up being just about 1 full tote. 😝
  25. mrfish11

    1st Tuna trip

    He may have just made you a deal, cause like mike said for the last 10 years it's been a full tote or nothing....
  26. mrfish11

    1st Tuna trip

    Its go time Saturday! We will be on the hunt as well.
  27. mrfish11

    Saltwater WP Tuna 9/9

    Save at least 10 for me. I'm picky and prefer to be in double digits. I will be on the hunt Saturday since the forecast is going to hold and be absolute glass. :)
  28. mrfish11

    24' Skagit Orca 2010

    Sweet boat. It has to be sold already for 75k.
  29. mrfish11

    Saltwater WP Tuna 9/9

    That sounds much better than what was forecasted.
  30. mrfish11

    Saltwater WP Tuna 9/9

    Nice job guys. I was going to test that weather window too but it was just a lil too small for me.
  31. mrfish11

    Lindell 41'

    Wonder if he would buy my 250 to use as his kicker so I can upgrade to a 300?
  32. mrfish11

    Newish boat to me

    Badass boat right there.
  33. mrfish11

    Saltwater Wp tuna 9/2-9/3

    Love it! Nice job boys.
  34. mrfish11

    ITC Invitational 2022 Live Leaderboard

    @Reel Hooker kicked some ass!!! Nice job Benji and team!
  35. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport tuna 3 Sept

    @wdlfbio That iron does not work at all I cant beleive out of all the irons in your box you picked that pos. Lol!!!!! Killed em. Great job L
  36. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport tuna 3 Sept

    Your post is a a little one wants to steal your numbers from August 3....however some guys would still go there and think that's where the tuna are gonna be. :)
  37. mrfish11

    Lowrance Autopilot

    Now your getting all serious with this kind of talk!!!! :) I would call it "butter her biscuits" btw....
  38. mrfish11

    Westport Coho

    Theres no fish there. Stay outta there cause that's where I am gonna go this weekend. ;)
  39. mrfish11

    Saltwater Kodak's WP TUNA Run Monday

    Hes right you know. Just a week or so ago we were catching tuna is shit green water with 3 ft of vis less than 30 miles from the tips. It doesnt always have to be perfect conditions to hold fish.
  40. mrfish11

    Saltwater Kodak's WP TUNA Run Monday

    More S, go more S!
  41. mrfish11

    Saltwater 8/24 live CR report. Great fishing.

    No, I am here. They have some in the pens but it looks like shit and isnt seasoned. And they are not selling to sport boats yet....said they are looking for more each day though.
  42. mrfish11

    Saltwater 8/24 live CR report. Great fishing.

    I fished sunday (the really shitty day) and got 18 fish sw of the corners a ways. That seemed like the only place they were biting that day.
  43. mrfish11

    Tuna 8/20

    Aaron text me.....I have never seen so many tuna in my life today.
  44. mrfish11

    Saltwater Aug14 WP

    I'd guess pushing a 1000lbs. I have no clue on the type, I dont know my turtles.
  45. mrfish11

    Saltwater Aug14 WP

    I suprised myself and actually caught one finally so I figured I better at least post a report. 3 guys, gorgeous glassy water, close to home, 40 some fish, great bait stops, good grade, and lots of blood......what more could a guy ask for. The numbers below were best, but we trolled NE from...
  46. mrfish11

    Yamaha 150 lower unit question

    I call it a crush gasket, it is the same fiber looking ring all the yamis have on them. My 250 has the same "crush gaskets" as my dads 150. I am probably using the wrong term for it. These things...
  47. mrfish11

    Put me in coach!

    Wtf 225k Did he accept the 95k offer???
  48. mrfish11

    Saltwater 8/13 CR tuna report

    Whoops, missed that key
  49. mrfish11

    Saltwater 8/13 CR tuna report

    Nice job! This had to be Saturday right, not Sunday? Cause you could have been in a 12ft rubber raft still doing 30mph on that ocean today. :)
  50. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport salmon?

    Go sw to 300 to 330ft. You shouldnt have any problems finding fish.
  51. mrfish11

    Saltwater Ropa de Opah in La Push

    That is so cool. Great fish!
  52. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport tuna 8/12

    You fish for tuna in a Parker, dude you are crazy!!!!! And you really need to clean that boat. ;) Nice work Aaron!
  53. mrfish11

    OTC suggestions

    Oh weve found a place to park the trailer there before.... @Fish_on!
  54. mrfish11

    Yamaha 150 lower unit question

    Has anyone ever had this happen or heard about this before... Dads new yami 150 sits in his shop in yakima and when the air temps in the summer get to over 107 ish degrees outside he gets a small puddle of gear oil fluid on the ground. It is definitely coming out of the upper vent screw in the...
  55. mrfish11

    Tuna Friday or Saturday

    I am going sat or sun. I wont catch any though.
  56. mrfish11

    Saltwater WP Tuna 8/9

    Nice job but I'm confused. Running from 26x09 to 27x55 is not SW...seems that would be up and in (NE). Maybe I'm not thinking straight...
  57. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport chrome!

    Dandies! It's a Parker thing, most wouldnt know....
  58. mrfish11

    CR Or Westport for Albies?

    WP. Ilwaco ice and bait sucks.
  59. mrfish11

    PSA South King county Derby??

    I plan to make it onto the leaderboard again this year.
  60. mrfish11

    Saltwater Kodak WP 7 28

    I have some spare 15's poured up I will sell you for a good deal if you need them greg. If you want 1 or 2, text me.
  61. mrfish11

    WDFW Fish Checkers

    Goldrush is right you know!
  62. mrfish11

    WDFW Fish Checkers

    I can probably get you in contact with Big E, that is @Fish_on! brother if your interested?????? :) I dont call him 2 totes for no reason. LOL!
  63. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport season change, MA2

    Yes, small but lots.
  64. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport MA2, HALI dates added.

    Hear anything for MA1 Paul? @Genie Aye
  65. mrfish11

    Saltwater Saturday Tuna

    When are you coming up to fish? I will even buy the bean and cheesers with extra onions.
  66. mrfish11

    Saltwater Saturday Tuna

    I went right by you on the way out. (That was me honking at you). Called on 68 but no reply.
  67. mrfish11

    Saltwater Saturday Tuna

    We caught salmon on the way in. It was a late one. I want to say 6 pm ish on the bar.
  68. mrfish11

    Saltwater Saturday Tuna

    Headed to Mike's house now to hook him up. I may be able to spare a few bloodlines for you.
  69. mrfish11

    Saltwater Saturday Tuna

    I just went to ask this one a question and he said he cant talk cause his mouth is full of ice....
  70. mrfish11

    Saltwater Saturday Tuna

    That definitely isnt salmon blood..... And I got tired of waiting for all of you. It wasnt great, but there are a few around. 1 single, 1 double for a long day and quite a few miles SW. Go get em boys.
  71. mrfish11

    WTB Q Cove leash

    Shit, I'll sell you a new q cove flasher and leash in the bag for $50. Send me a pm and I'll send you a pic of what I got to make sure it's what your looking for.
  72. mrfish11

    Any advise for Hernia surgery

    You'll be good for a tuna run in a week. Its glass out there. You can just kick back and watch me reel them all in like usual ;) hope your doing well buddy.
  73. mrfish11

    18 or 20 pound balls

    I dont have big balls but if you need a 15 I will sell you one cheap cause ur my bestest buddy.
  74. mrfish11

    salmon help

    Ur photos arent showing up. It's simple, click attach files, find ur pic, click on it, click insert and click full size. figured it out
  75. mrfish11

    salmon help

    I'd go buy a cheap hand crank downrigger and strap that baby on the side of your 14 footer. There is probably someone on here that has one cheap or else try craigslist. It will increase your odds a huge amount fishing the sound. Just run any green hot spot flasher, 30 inch leader, and a green...
  76. mrfish11

    Any advise for Hernia surgery

    You better cross them fingers that your peter swells up a whole bunch so maybe next year you can drag it across my face again on the way back in......
  77. mrfish11

    Boat name

    This is disappointing. Mike @Chasin' Tail and I definitely had the best names you hairy va jj.
  78. mrfish11

    Boat name

    How about Reel the Bones?
  79. mrfish11

    Saltwater Oh Mexico!

    Awesome Mike. Looks like lots of fun!
  80. mrfish11

    B&C measurements?

    That's an impressive 5! How long were his seconds?
  81. mrfish11

    Boat name

    The Hairy Va arent gonna come up with much better than that based off of your above requirements. :)
  82. mrfish11

    Saltwater Good day on the North Coast (MA-3) 6/18

    Looks like a usual Parker haul! Hehe. Nice job guys!
  83. mrfish11

    B&C measurements?

    Do not listen to this guy Andre....he couldnt shoot a bull UNDER 300 or a mulie UNDER 200 inches if his life depended on it.....except for big buk big buk. Inside joke above...... but his "meat hunting" has ended in a few OTC 320 plus westside bulls and a 215" mulie while I've been with him...
  84. mrfish11

    Need your motor expertise

    Well, we finally figured it out and fixed it. HUGE THANKS to @Walker Inc. and Kerry Allen for helping me narrow in on the ****STATOR*** after I tried replacing every other part on this motor. I just got back from the lake and shes purring perfectly again with zero surging. Keep those battery...
  85. mrfish11

    Open seat Friday, Lapush

    @Swede would go with you but he would just end up puking the entire time.
  86. mrfish11

    Life raft loaner

    Someone on here will definitely hook you up. I would, but I dont have one.
  87. mrfish11


    Nothin 4 me.
  88. mrfish11

    ISO Salmon Guide - My boat, you tell me what tf to do

    First time I've ever seen oly fast fuel the cheapest around
  89. mrfish11

    ISO Salmon Guide - My boat, you tell me what tf to do

    Where the heck can I get non e for 5.09 per gal???
  90. mrfish11

    Thursday Shrimp Open Seat

    Hookers n blow?
  91. mrfish11

    License issue

    I usually just go to walmart, they seem to have it all figured out.
  92. mrfish11

    Thursday Shrimp Open Seat

    I unfortunately have to work and cant make it, but I did read wdfw's news release and they said there will plently of other shrimping opportunities so I guess I will just have to wait for those.
  93. mrfish11

    Saltwater area 11 closed

    "Plently of opportunities"....who the heck defines plently of opportunity as 2 days (a Wed and Thurs) per year for 4 hours per day in MA what a joke!
  94. mrfish11

    Saltwater area 11 closed

    Hes right you know....
  95. mrfish11

    Saltwater area 11 closed

    You mean like sturgeon fishing now???
  96. mrfish11

    Trailer shop/Welder recommendations

    Maybe Zieglers welding in olympia?
  97. mrfish11


    Are they selling to sport guys Mark?
  98. mrfish11

    Saltwater game on for South Coast Halibut in June

    Looks good now but they will just cancel those last 2 days if the first 4 days happen to be nice weather. Possibly pumping folks up for no reason....does this sound like a common theme for wdfw??? Plan on salmon fishing in MA11 all of june.......wait nevermind, we meant june 1, 2 and...
  99. mrfish11

    WA Fish Transport regs?

    I would just go fish.
  100. mrfish11

    License issue

    I agree with all of this but at least our seasons seem to be a little longer now days. Before it was max 3 or 4 days in wp and la push and they "claimed" the quota was all gone. It's still not even close to reality, but we have gotten a few more days at least.
  101. mrfish11

    Wyoming elk

    Yes, that is a question to the other post. Did you understand what he was talking about and how whatever he said applied to your Wyoming discussion? Btw, congrats on getting that tag.
  102. mrfish11

    Wyoming elk

  103. mrfish11

    Saltwater Is this a lingasouris??

    Nice fish paul. Did you weigh him? 35 ish?
  104. mrfish11

    New prick in the 'hood

    Nice boat G! Dont run over that dog ;)
  105. mrfish11

    8oz banana weight mold

    I could definitely use some 6 and 8oz nanna weights. I have lots of lead too:)
  106. mrfish11

    Cowlitz drift boating?

    Call me Chris. The cow is as easy as it gets. I have shuttle info, etc. I'll pm you my number.
  107. mrfish11

    Need your motor expertise

    Thank you, I appreciate your help. I am so far from a mechanic but trying everything I can.
  108. mrfish11

    Saltwater 5/22 Westport action

    Dont get your hair caught in that electric reel Norm!!!! :)
  109. mrfish11

    Need your motor expertise

    So is the (TPS) throttle position sensor the same thing as the pressure sensor near the throttle body? If so, it sure doesnt look like mine is adjustable like I see on the older motors. There is only 1 bolt holding it on. The older ones had 2 bolts and some play in the position sensor it...
  110. mrfish11

    Need your motor expertise

    You clearly did not read my whole post Laurence
  111. mrfish11

    Need your motor expertise

    That is a big negative ghost rider. That didnt do a damn thing. Took some videos but the surge is hard to hear with the wind but you can hear if you listen close. Also you can see the rpms going crazy. Files too big, cant figure how to post em.
  112. mrfish11

    Need your motor expertise

    From reading forums it doesnt sound like my motor has a TPS. It is built into the computer or something. Dont see one on the sim yamaha parts diagram or looking at my motor.
  113. mrfish11

    Need your motor expertise Just found this.....and pulled the piece and here is what I found on my motor.... Almost fully clogged with salt but could barely see through it ( this could have easily been clogging and getting worse...
  114. mrfish11

    Need your motor expertise

    Really no correlation to how long the motor has been running. It will do it when I first start it and sometimes back at the dock at the end of the day. Here is one weird thing I noticed though yesterday at la push. When I started it first thing in the morning it did a few of the very minor...
  115. mrfish11

    Need your motor expertise

    I probably was editing my post as you typed this....I had the injectors flow tested and cleaned already..... they all checked out good. I appreciate your thoughts though.
  116. mrfish11

    Need your motor expertise

    Heres my motor issue: 2012 Yamaha F250 4.2L 1500 hours with DEC controls. 2 station controls. August 2021 - First noticed a very very minor surge (increased Rpms by only about 100 rpms) while the motor was sitting idle warming up. It would surge for about 1 second then go back to purring idle...
  117. mrfish11

    Westport sunday?

    Will you have the new boat? Or you just being a ho like usual?
  118. mrfish11

    Westport sunday?

    D No one wants to see the honey around your hole.
  119. mrfish11

    Excellent work by WhoDat Towers

    I would highly recommend not going to la puss or wp this weekend. It is going to be really rough and there will likely be lots of parker puking going on. Tell eli hes a pussy for me too.....see you in a few days. And no I dont need your damn banner. :)
  120. mrfish11

    Dab bait

    Man those things are tasty!
  121. mrfish11

    Shitty situation

    This article made my day!
  122. mrfish11

    WTB Styrofoam (x2 @ ~10"x24"x36")

    Is this to put in the floor of your jet sled???? ;)
  123. mrfish11

    Crab pots/shrimp pot

    Add this to my pile.....
  124. mrfish11

    Ocean seasons set 2022

    True statement when I have you in my presence:)
  125. mrfish11

    Ocean seasons set 2022

    My statement was as accurate as it could be now days. I agree with you and am pissed about the whole situation too, but every once in a while you just have to step back, have some fun, and enjoy life a little bit. I dont live my life being a miserable son of bitch every second of every day.
  126. mrfish11

    Ocean seasons set 2022

    Sweet, 7 days a week.....a tiny light in a very long dark tunnel. Thanks Paul and Dave.
  127. mrfish11

    Saltwater rods and reels

    Mike I will take the lami and torium for 75. I can come get it tomorrow
  128. mrfish11

    Long Shot but H1000?

    Can you grab some for me? I will pick it up from you in westport this year. I can paypal you the money in advance if you would like too.
  129. mrfish11

    MA 5 closes

    Another facebook fucking at its finest..... I was convinced that eventually people would catch on and stop posting loads of fish pics on social media but now I'm convinced people really are dumber than I originally thought.
  130. mrfish11

    Stay tuned...

    I see a Coors light in that picture. Did you switch to those pussy light beers from the buckskin originals?????
  131. mrfish11

    2022 Ocean Options

    Done!!! And, the bottom link worked fine for me when I clicked on it. I assume we were just supposed to write our support for alt 1 in the comment section under D2?
  132. mrfish11

    Freshwater Columbia river springer salmon

    Shoulda been there yesterday.....
  133. mrfish11

    Scotty 2106s down riggers

    Use weed wacker line for your clip leashes. Make them any length you want, I do about 5ft so they are easy to grab with my stick. Works great, it's cheap, and I havent had one fail me yet.
  134. mrfish11

    Freshwater Columbia river springer salmon

    Hooking 2 springers on the Columbia in March is a real good day.
  135. mrfish11

    Oyster rule question

    "Stomach content" may actually sounds worse than guts Steve. 🤢
  136. mrfish11

    Oyster rule question

    Yes, get the smallest ones you can find. Those big monsters are NASTY!!!!
  137. mrfish11

    Shrimp gear

    Got some rope....still looking for a few mckays preferably.....
  138. mrfish11

    Here’s the “Current Situation”

    I wouldnt be worried about the bait situation this year. Ilwaco is now only a few minutes away for you in this beast..... ;)
  139. mrfish11

    Here’s the “Current Situation”

    How fast will she go on a flat lake at wot?
  140. mrfish11

    Oyster rule question

    Apparently you havent had my moms famous fried oysters???? I will have her make you some at wp this year!
  141. mrfish11

    Shrimp gear

    PM sent
  142. mrfish11

    Shrimp gear

    mrfish11 submitted a new listing: Shrimp gear - Shrimp gear Learn more about this listing...
  143. mrfish11

    Pacific Northwest Shrimp gear

    My buddy wants to go shrimp our incredible WA seasons this year. Anyone have any quality shrimp pots, rope, or buoys they dont use anymore that they want to sell? Thanks
  144. mrfish11


    I dont know about you guys....but I'm headed fishing!!!!
  145. mrfish11

    Saltwater WTC Rules

    If you know, you know....
  146. mrfish11

    Saltwater Area 10 Blackmouth opener

    Just go fish. Then, if you catch fish, get online and tell us you didnt catch any and if you didnt catch any, get online and tell us you didnt catch any. And....definitely tell us you DIDNT catch any shakers or throw any back. It is a shame that's the way it has to be, but we all know the...
  147. mrfish11

    Pair of Avet SXJ

    I run these for a few of my live bait reels and love em.
  148. mrfish11

    Shrimping 2022

    Smelt...yum, yuuuum, delicious! 🤮
  149. mrfish11

    WP to Ilwaco tips

    Stay off the north side on your way gets really big and really steep, really fast. Dont take any chances on the big tide swings even if you cross at high slack, cause sometimes she never lays down, especially this time of year. This sucker is a whole different ball game than the...
  150. mrfish11

    Saltwater Area 10 Blackmouth opener

    There are no fish. No reason to shut anything down when you go all day and dont see one fish on.
  151. mrfish11

    Kingfisher vs Hewescraft

    Fine gentlemen on Bloodydecks? This sounds more delusional than thinking of buying a kingfisher. Lol, happy to hear you found a boat. Let see some pics!!!!
  152. mrfish11

    Westport Moorage Sublet

    It doesnt take a pro to figure this one out, even an idiot like me can do it :)
  153. Kids lifevests

    Pacific Northwest Kids lifevests

    Who needs some kids lifevest?
  154. mrfish11

    Kids lifevests

    mrfish11 submitted a new listing: Kids lifevests - Kids lifevests Learn more about this listing...
  155. mrfish11

    Westport Moorage Sublet

    Huh? That makes zero sense. You put in and take out on 1 launch fee, not 2. I cant beleive you actually paid for that shit.
  156. mrfish11

    Kingfisher vs Hewescraft

    I would definitely go hewes over kingfisher no doubt, however, there is some hard core hewes preaching going on here and in no way is a 22 HT hewes the most bullet proof boat out there that can take on any conditions the PNW has to throw at it. I have been side by side with my buddies 22 hewes...
  157. mrfish11


    Those look badass. Nice work!
  158. mrfish11

    Shark Fin

    Type it into google, it pops right up. See you out there.
  159. mrfish11

    Downriggers wanted

    I'm glad this post is for a friend cause you dont know how to salmon fish and some asshole lost your lucky gold handled salmon net a long time ago anyways....
  160. mrfish11

    Saltwater Ilwaco Tuna club Invitational

    Holy crap, your not joking about the high stakes part. $5k entry fee......yikes!
  161. mrfish11

    Fishing raingear? Not Grundens

    Kuiu Yukon.
  162. mrfish11

    Rod Tip Repair Question

    Simple 30 second fix. Get new tip top guide, apply a little heat, slide old one off, put on a drip of glue and slide the new one back on.
  163. mrfish11

    WTB Gloomis 1141S

    PM sent
  164. mrfish11

    Pacific Northwest WTB Gloomis 1141S

    Anyone have a Gloomis STR 1141s laying around that they want to get rid of? I would be interested for a fair price. Let me know. Thanks.
  165. mrfish11

    WTB Gloomis 1141S

    mrfish11 submitted a new listing: WTB Gloomis 1141S - WTB Gloomis 1141S Learn more about this listing...
  166. mrfish11

    Winter Boat Mods

    Hell yes! Your boat looks so sweet!!!!
  167. mrfish11

    Winter Boat Mods

    What the heck are you going to do if you catch a fish over 42"???? ;)
  168. mrfish11

    Jet/Tiller mod needed

    I would have loved to see your face as you were grinding away at that thing. LOL I know how picky you are about your stuff and I am so suprised you attempted the "ah fuck it, I'll just start grinding" idea. :)
  169. mrfish11

    Blackmouthers prophecy

    I have no fucking clue what they are talking about either.
  170. mrfish11

    Free Sailboard

    Dammit, I so badly wanted to see @Hard Chargin' try and make it to the 125 on this baby.
  171. mrfish11

    Disappointing G Loomis Experience

    Good thing you didnt have to deal with Lamiglas across the road. They are 100000000000000X worse to deal with.
  172. mrfish11

    Happy holidays

    Pretty sure I can see the edge of a lip on the top one. And I like it a lot. Merry Christmas bitchez.
  173. mrfish11

    Mini jet build! Almost done!!!

    You can beat Andre's record mike!!!! Think she will make it to the 125 line?
  174. mrfish11


    Year round ski trips for all!!!!!
  175. mrfish11

    Spring bear canceled

  176. mrfish11

    Spring bear canceled

    Yes, and you won! :)
  177. mrfish11

    Spring bear canceled

    High on the list for worst reply of 2021!
  178. mrfish11


    I'm surprised your pussy muscles were able to reel in a beast like that. That looks like a lot of fun Vance!
  179. mrfish11

    New squid color

  180. mrfish11

    Area 11 blackmouth

    People still love to brag about all the fish they caught.....and released. It all fucks us in the end.
  181. mrfish11

    Stay tuned...

    Are we still shooting for december for the test run, with the steering wheel duck taped on with the buckskins in hand? If so, I'm still in.
  182. mrfish11


    Reel Hooker dont like no cheap things :)
  183. mrfish11

    Hunting Plans / Expectations ????

    Its @mrfish11
  184. mrfish11

    Reward - Tagged Albacore

    So your telling me theres a chance!!!!!
  185. mrfish11

    Freshwater River Salmon

    Dont divulge any secrets and get yourself a pair of waders Andre. Nice job!
  186. mrfish11

    Allied Boats 30’ Wildcat #2 on the books for 2023

    I was thinking "sandbar slayer" or "olympia shoal" or "channel cat" or "Larry's sandy adventures"????? Lol j/k buddy!!!!!
  187. mrfish11

    Allied Boats 30’ Wildcat #2 on the books for 2023

    This new one deserves a much better name than Feral 2.
  188. mrfish11

    Saltwater Lonely WP

    Killed em. Atta boy.
  189. mrfish11

    Muzzleloader 2021

    Gotta have the right rig for the road.
  190. mrfish11

    Will I Be alone?

    Yes. Likely very lonely. Good luck out there.
  191. mrfish11


    Horrible news John. Sorry to hear.
  192. mrfish11

    Crossing Westport Bar

    Too slow....that's why. You ramp cloggers need to give me about 15 seconds and I will be on my trailer and up to the top of the ramp before you know it. Drop a guy off real quick to grab the truck, back the boat out and stage out in front of the CG station so I dont clog the ramp dock for 15...
  193. mrfish11

    Stay tuned...

    Hey @Walker Inc. you got any 200hp cowlings in that crate? I might know a guy. @Chasin' Tail too soon???? LOL!
  194. mrfish11

    Crossing Westport Bar

    That sounds like a mess....I passed you turning left at mccleary about 9pm....seemed pretty late for you to be headed home.
  195. mrfish11

    Muzzleloader 2021

    I'm heading out there. I'll be hunting that honey hole just south of Bellingham, but north of Vancouver and a little west of Pullman. I've got a new Knight Ultralight dialed in and ready to rock. Good luck this season.
  196. mrfish11

    Saltwater A10 Coho Unicorn with Parents

    Patience is key! You have it mastered. Excellent job.
  197. mrfish11

    Saltwater Another kick ass Sekiu fishing report

    Nice report, fish, and boat. This site is starting to turn to dog shit. I am lucky to have met and continue to be good buddies with a select few I met here long ago.
  198. mrfish11

    Can’t fix stupid!

    "Moored". Lol
  199. mrfish11

    Saltwater where the tuna are not - Quinault Canyon 9/16

    Hardcore. I fucking love it! Nice job bud!
  200. mrfish11

    Anyone else interested in a run to/beyond the 126 line?

    I will make a run next friday if it's nice, but definitely not going to the 126.
  201. mrfish11

    Trucker air ride seats on auction. Expires 16 Sept

    Pretty sure you could extract more than just sweat from those babies.
  202. mrfish11

    Saltwater Tuesday TUNA Trip

    Nice job greg, thanks for the report. At least you took a crack at em.
  203. mrfish11

    Sept Hali day in MA1&2

    All gonna depend on the swell height and period with those tides.
  204. mrfish11

    Anyone Been Out/Going Out?

    Edit: Waiting a week.....
  205. mrfish11

    For the Goat

    Sorry to hear about your loss John.
  206. mrfish11

    Looking to possibly borrow a trailer

    LMFAO....I am trying to remember back to who borrowed your trailer a few years ago....I swear it was posted and discussed on bd
  207. mrfish11

    Saltwater MA2 closes to salmon

    Shit. One last run at em.....
  208. mrfish11

    Raymarine help

    @Walker Inc. Patrick knows his Raymarine stuff very well.
  209. mrfish11

    Got a Venture trailer in Westport trailer storage?

    I never got a message. Did you call me or text me.
  210. mrfish11

    Got a Venture trailer in Westport trailer storage?

    After this one, I truly believe you guys can find anything to argue about.
  211. mrfish11

    Wednesday Tuna trip

    I'm in Ilwaco all week and will probably run on Wednesday too.
  212. mrfish11

    Tuna roll call Saturday

    I just got here but I will be slammin salmon.
  213. mrfish11

    Saltwater Need prop ASAP

    I am headed to ilwaco today. I can throw this in if needed. Not pretty but work great and no damage. Let me know.
  214. mrfish11

    X-rap 20s

    Sold to Master Chief.
  215. mrfish11

    X-rap 20s

    mrfish11 submitted a new listing: X-rap 20s - X-rap 20s Learn more about this listing...
  216. X-rap 20s

    Pacific Northwest X-rap 20s

    8 of them, size 20. All are used, to well used condition. $65. You pay the shipping.
  217. mrfish11

    Nice day on the pond (tuna)

    Glad you found em! Well done.
  218. mrfish11

    Any got tuna coords?

    Lots of logs out there (and that's not a joke). Be careful running in and out guys. Go get em!
  219. mrfish11

    Any got tuna coords?

    Just watch for sandbars when leaving the marina tomorrow. Sorry, low blow.
  220. mrfish11

    Westport Tuna is…..

    Better than my 96.7 gallons. And you have 2 motors. :)
  221. mrfish11

    Get ya sum

    No, but I'll be there next monday the 16th
  222. mrfish11

    Get ya sum

    I'll see how many I have. Maybe a few more down at the boat, maybe not. They are yours for free. Most are that light blue colored one.
  223. mrfish11

    Get ya sum

    Just save your time and money and buy them from me. I know I have some more around here somewhere. Who wants them. How bout FREE? They even say Robo on them.
  224. mrfish11

    Westport crab bouys help

    I have buoys in olympia you can borrow. I know it's not wp, but I'm only an hour away. Will meet you in the mud bay/summit lake area to save you some time. Let me know. Text sent.
  225. mrfish11

    Westport Tuna is…..

    We cant give you numbers but I can show you the spot. Mike is sitting right on it here in this pic.
  226. mrfish11

    Westport Tuna is…..

    Oh its waaaaay too close to tournament time for any of that nonsense.
  227. mrfish11

    Westport Tuna is…..

    What were we, 41 miles from the tips?
  228. mrfish11

    Westport Tuna is…..

    I told them if they waited too long, we were gonna have to go do it again.....
  229. mrfish11

    Uh oh Westport

    There are no tuna. Do not go fishing. You would be a fool to go give it a try. Edit: see you out there.
  230. mrfish11

    Saltwater Round #2 to East Cape Baja. Los Barriles at Hotel Los Pescadores

    Great pics once again Mike. Looks like a lot of fun
  231. mrfish11

    Not in the know

    Catch em both, kill em both. Nothing else you need to know. Perfectly legal.
  232. mrfish11

    WP 7 days starting the 6th

    See you friday bitches.
  233. mrfish11

    Saltwater A10 unicorn

    Heres what your looking for. This fish was caught in Oregon. :)
  234. mrfish11

    Ideas for affixing commercial numbers for part time fishing

    Take me and I'll hold them up each time a boat passes. The rest of the time I will just be catching fish.
  235. mrfish11

    WDFW survey call

    They took one look at you and knew you didnt catch a thing. ;)
  236. mrfish11

    La Push Moorage

    I hope so. Give us the MA 3/4 quota down in WP and we will show you guys how not to leave any on the table.
  237. mrfish11

    Saltwater Saddle up boys. They’re here!!

    Just checking in and wondering if any if you assholes are going to go catch a tuna this year????? I guess Mike, Ben and I need to make another run and show you how it's done again?? @Chasin' Tail @Fish_on!
  238. mrfish11

    Saltwater Got lucky

    Dandy fish!
  239. mrfish11

    Westport Prowlers

    It almost looks like he turns his head and smiles for the camera. Lol!
  240. mrfish11

    Saltwater Halibut Open Aug 19

    This dissappoints should already have your yearly limit of halibut and only be focused on tuna by the middle of August. What is this world coming too????? ;)
  241. mrfish11

    Saltwater WP 7-20

    Good looking fish. Nice job!
  242. mrfish11

    Saltwater Saddle up boys. They’re here!!

    Try this one is really good.
  243. mrfish11

    Saltwater Saddle up boys. They’re here!!

    @dragonballs are you happy now? See, I told you fuckers I wasnt kidding!!!!!!
  244. mrfish11

    Trailer axles

    I had the same issue for a few years and just bit the bullet and went and bought a new trailer from Dave. Dealing with 6roblees was an absolute joke and any shop wanted close to the same price as new to fix my axles and install new brakes. So happy I dont have to worry about that pos ruining my...
  245. mrfish11

    Saltwater Hey look what we found!!!

    You must have got into them just a day or two after we talked down on the float Mark? Nice job. You run a solid operation and are a great fisherman!
  246. mrfish11

    A7 closes

    Cannot have said it any better!!!!! The dead fish in your fishbox should be the only fish you even heard of all day long.....PERIOD.
  247. mrfish11

    Happy Birthday Vance

    Happy birthday buddy!
  248. mrfish11

    Heater and A/C unit maintenance

    Need my heater and A/C unit looked at. Anyone have any recommendations in the olympia area? Thanks.
  249. mrfish11


    So sexy! What a machine!
  250. mrfish11

    Coast Guard Question

    You must get a kick out of talking shit to people you dont even know Goat.
  251. mrfish11

    Coast Guard Question

    And you are such a badass.
  252. mrfish11

    CQ Roll Call

    I heard the moorage and camping is wide open and there will be no one at all in the launch line at 6am.
  253. mrfish11

    Coast Guard Question

    Yes, and I simply told them it was unsafe to board me on that bar and they could meet me at the dock. On the other hand though, it sure makes me feel better when they are sitting there watching us cross on a shit ass bar that should have probably been a 30ft restriction in case something were...
  254. mrfish11

    Coast Guard Question

    You guys seem awful sore about something that seems pretty no brainer to me. If I'm crossing and they call me and ask how many I have onboard I will just take it as one extra set of eyes who knows i am headed out and a little better chance of me being found if something goes wrong. I have one...
  255. mrfish11

    La Push opens

    Spread em out. I'm happy.
  256. mrfish11

    Boats went down in westport today?

    I will be there in no time ready to scoop your happy ass up and I promise not to talk any shit until we get back on dry land ;) .......well maybe.
  257. mrfish11

    Yamaha Trim Seal tool

    Pretty sure I also need the one on the left to get my tilt seal cap off? I watched the video but still not sure what the tool on the right is for if you have the one like you do in the middle? I find lots of info on folks replacing trim seals but not much info on replacing the tilt seal. I...
  258. mrfish11

    Yamaha Trim Seal tool

    I have the f250 4.2L. Do you have the same?
  259. mrfish11

    Yamaha Trim Seal tool

    Gabe, does it work for the trim seals only? I had my trim seals done a few years ago and now I think my tilt seal is barely leaking (but only seems to leak when I have my outboard sitting on my wedgie during trailering). Anyone done the tilt seal themselves, it looks a little more complicated.
  260. mrfish11

    Cell service in Westport

    Only male, so it's never been an issue for him.
  261. mrfish11

    WP Bottomfish

    I have no good numbers out of westport.
  262. mrfish11

    Hub replacement

    X3 Six Roblees sucks nuts and is way way way way way overpriced on everything.
  263. mrfish11

    Saltwater East Cape Baja was fantastic! Los Barriles at Hotel Los Pescadores

    So awesome Mike!!!!!!! What brand bait tank is that?
  264. mrfish11

    Precision machine work?

    To put it into your kind of words the "barta way" would be comparable to someone taking a 15 ft boat 80 miles offshore tuna fishing.....or taking a large bathtub with a sketchy ass motor and cotter pin prop connection out to sekiu...... or using a snow shovel as a paddle when that prop finally...
  265. mrfish11

    Wa permits

    How many pts to draw moose?
  266. mrfish11

    New Rods for AES

    Those rods look amazing!
  267. mrfish11

    Wa permits

    I drew the Sinlahekin buck tag now who's got the good info and private property I can hunt. ;) Any pm info from you guys on this one would be great! Oh and I got a cow tag..... Should be a good year.
  268. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport Hali 1st timer

    I am confused by what your asking. They must be 2 completely seperate questions that have nothing to do with one another? 1. It shows up on most I would assume but if it doesnt, draw a straight line from the tip of the exposed rocks to the red can about 1/2 mile? off the tip and this should get...
  269. mrfish11

    New Trailer

    To hit all the good stuff a trailer is a must. Congrats on the new trailer.
  270. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport Hali 1st timer

    You must fish with a shitty captain cause that has never happened on my boat.
  271. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport Hali 1st timer

    Very well said!
  272. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport Hali 1st timer

    Hes just joking Siv. Trying to get the guy to do it a few times with hand crankers vs electrics is all. We used to do all hand crank and hand pull pots as well but have gotten wiser with age. ;)
  273. mrfish11

    Just Noticed....

    What are you, new?
  274. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport Hali 1st timer

    May 23rd rings a bell.......
  275. mrfish11

    Additional Halibut Days???

    My guess is the dates will be June 17, 20, 24 and 27.....until the quota is met of course.
  276. mrfish11

    Saltwater No Halibut Reports??

    I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast! You eat pieces of shit for breakfast? NOOOO!!!!
  277. mrfish11

    Electrical engineering in the Field

    When the gettins good, the gud get gettin'!
  278. mrfish11

    Do I just suck at lingcod fishing or what?

    Oh and to more specifically answer your direct question, yes you clearly suck at lingcod fishing!! 🖕🖕🖕😜🐟🐟🐟
  279. mrfish11

    bean bags. what's the go to.

    The blue and white one floating somewhere in the westport marina is a real good one.
  280. mrfish11

    Tekota 500 rebuilds

    @Rougarou That's all you need to know. Rock solid.
  281. mrfish11

    Do I just suck at lingcod fishing or what?

    Backtroll to slow the drift and get that bait closer to the bottom. 5 to 10 cranks up is too far. If your not snagging up here and there your too far off the bottom.
  282. mrfish11

    South Korean electric reels

    Do you know a price there vs buying online?
  283. mrfish11

    Stay tuned...

    This statement interests me Barry. PM me some more info.
  284. mrfish11

    Westport Moorage available...short term

    This is a great slip but watch out for the neighbors. ;)
  285. mrfish11

    Stay tuned...

    Looks pretty badass Patrick. Big changes from when I saw it sitting in your backyard a few months ago.
  286. mrfish11

    Lost my bag

    Ball bag, ball gag, bean bag...its all the same.
  287. mrfish11

    Lost my bag

    Not my ball bag, my bean bag. At WP, somewhere between the ramp and float 12. Never had one fly out until today. Let me know if you see it please. Its blue and white.
  288. mrfish11

    20-24’ Grady in sekui accident

    Ya maybe it's me but I couldnt understand a fucking thing in that first post.
  289. mrfish11

    Which forecast do you rely on?

    Yesterday was an R&R day after Thursday.
  290. mrfish11

    Saltwater Nut slapped

    I know that spot.... ;)
  291. mrfish11

    Lost at sea, Westport, yesterday 13 May???.

    On the long tuna runs, guys sit in bags on my back deck tucked up against the cabin, but they usually have pdf's and plb's on. I will make sure they always have them on from now on.
  292. mrfish11

    Lost at sea, Westport, yesterday 13 May???.

    Damn, this is tough to hear. I was way south about that time and didnt hear anything about it on the radio. Were you other guys hearing stuff on the radio about the search?
  293. mrfish11

    Which forecast do you rely on?

    @Chasin' Tail arent you primarily a NOAA fan???
  294. mrfish11

    We need a couple 32-ounce jig heads

    I have lots of 24 oz lead heads, havent seen 32s before. I can spare a few 24s if you need em. In oly too.
  295. mrfish11

    Saltwater Open Seats Week 3 WP

    Do you allow shitting off of your swimstep?
  296. mrfish11

    Freshwater Golden Delicious

    Ho lee fuk I cant believe you ate that shit. You are one risky sob!!!
  297. mrfish11

    Tanacom Recommendation

    750, 80lb braid....just cause I'm used to catching bigger fish than these other guys. ;)
  298. mrfish11

    Weather May 6th Westport

    Speaking of shitting between the motors...... @Chasin' Tail you got a copy :)
  299. mrfish11

    Tanacom Tip #3

    Good tip, thank you.
  300. mrfish11

    PNW Classifieds

    If I'm seeing this correct, it looks like we have a specific PNW Classifieds now under the WA subforums! Finally.... and Awesome!
  301. mrfish11

    Puget Sound from Shore

    You should be able to catch some fish off the jetty. Do some research online and fish the right tides and you should find a few rockfish at least.
  302. mrfish11

    Let's talk batteries.

    Thank god me and Big E will have the scotty plugs. "BRING EM UP"
  303. mrfish11

    Ocean 2021

    Thanks Dave. At least it is not option 3!
  304. mrfish11

    Which chlorophyll service

    Definitely Coastwatch and a great network of buddies!
  305. mrfish11

    Navionics 912P+

    So it sounds like you recommend option #1? That was less than 0 help. Thanks.
  306. mrfish11

    Navionics 912P+

    Ok, I got my 912 p+ card. When I activate it, I get to choose from three different overlays. Which of the three do you guys prefer? 1. Satellite overlay with SonarChart shading. 2. Relief Shading or 3. Sonar Imagery. Researching it looks like #3 is for I think its between #1 and 2.
  307. mrfish11

    CQ tomorrow?

    Tell the truth...were your still packing the shovel as your "paddle"? :)
  308. mrfish11

    Did you draw spring bear?

    I didnt draw.
  309. mrfish11


    Why is there no back and forth commenting in the classifieds, why only 1 post? How do you know if its sold already? How do you know if the price changed? How do you see if someone asks a question that you also want the answer too? How do you talk shit to the person if you want to? :) It's...
  310. mrfish11


    That new format is a fucking joke. Nothing like we used to have. Us PNW guys used to have a great classifieds and I've been here since 2009 and sold and bought a ton of stuff on here and NEVER HAD ONE ISSUE with anyone buying or selling. It's an absolute shame it's gone. Are our classifieds...
  311. mrfish11

    Spot Shrimp Season

    Its wdfw. "If" may be more applicable than "When".
  312. mrfish11

    Navionics 912P+

    This is what I assumed too. I cant beleive you buy charts and then they just wipe them all at the 1 year mark, but I'm sure Goat knows.
  313. mrfish11

    Navionics 912P+

    Which 2? My understanding was if you want neah to ilwaco and the entire puget sound, then 912 was the only one that covered them all. This info was from @DEEP MAGIK And 2x149 is $300....
  314. mrfish11

    Topshot - Mono vs. Fluoro

    What is this barbless hook you speak of???? And yes, braid to mono top......sometimes a fluro leader, but not always necessary.
  315. mrfish11

    Navionics 912P+

    This sounds shitty. I didnt know lines instantly disappeared if you dont update the card.....sounds like a disaster.
  316. mrfish11

    Knotty Pine for sale

    Sounds gay. Go Cougs!
  317. mrfish11

    Navionics 912P+

    Raymarine Axiom 9
  318. mrfish11

    Navionics 912P+

    $404-572 on ebay. Cheaper at west marine....and west marine is usually the most expensive.
  319. mrfish11

    Navionics 912P+

    Anyone know a good/cheaper place to get this micro SD from? Hoe lee fuk these stupid cards are outrageous.
  320. mrfish11

    Classified Ads

    Yes, make it it's own sub forum under WA State, just like WA Fishing Rights and WA Hunting right now. The classifieds get used way more than either of those two anyways.
  321. mrfish11

    New tech

    X2. @G-Spot is exactly right on this one. We want our old PNW Classifieds back cause this new shit sucks.
  322. mrfish11

    New Boat! No Bait Tank ☹️

    Please tell me that my guess was correct and the plan for that shovel was what I think it was.....The $3.99 harbor freight custom oar for when (not if) that merc goes tits up??
  323. mrfish11

    New tech

    Its 2021. Everyone gets a prize. It was so easy before. If aint broke dont fix it.
  324. mrfish11

    New tech

    It is way harder to find stuff now. From what I see, there is no stand alone Washington State forum anymore correct?
  325. mrfish11

    It could happen.

    Wrong @gspot. I'll find you the right @G-Spot . ;)
  326. mrfish11

    2021 Ocean Salmon Options

    I just want to fish. Thanks Dave.
  327. mrfish11

    2021 Ocean Salmon Options

    Let us know how that works out for ya.
  328. mrfish11

    Saltwater Anything to catch in Area 13 this time of year?

    We dont call it the Dead Sea for no reason. If you like dogfish and dabs it's the place to go, besides that dont waste your time.
  329. mrfish11

    QCove Flashers #1

    These will be gone in a flash. GLWS
  330. mrfish11

    A LOAD of gear!!!

    Everything is SOLD pending pickup.
  331. mrfish11

    A LOAD of gear!!!

    The .300 bottle is about 1/4 full and the .175 bottle is full. And a bunch of slinky cord that fits the .300 shot. +3 leader holders $12
  332. mrfish11

    A LOAD of gear!!!

    I'm giving you lowballers a buck or two worth of air so you can jew me down. :D:jig:
  333. mrfish11

    A LOAD of gear!!!

    Front Back $31
  334. mrfish11

    Weird looking aluminum cat

    That thing is hideous looking.
  335. mrfish11

    A LOAD of gear!!!

    Trade for the lower unit?
  336. mrfish11

    A LOAD of gear!!!

    True, wrong forum to sell steelhead stuff. I'll split it up and sell it individually in smaller LOTS on a freshwater forum. Was thinking someone who fishes float and eggs or float n jigs a lot would want a great deal on a lifetime stock of quality floats, but I'm not giving someone $600 worth...
  337. mrfish11

    A LOAD of gear!!!

    Maybe it will help if I break up this stuff so it's not so much stuff in one LOT? I was just hoping to get rid of it all at once but I will split it up if needed....will work on it this afternoon and repost individually. May help me zero in on pricing a little better too.
  338. mrfish11

    Raymarine Axiom 7" with Navionics chip & CPT-90 Ducer

    This would work well for my 2nd....hmmmmmm.
  339. mrfish11

    Simms wading boots 14

    Best wading boots ever. Wore mine until they were completely toast.
  340. mrfish11

    New WDFW Salmon Forecast is out - compared to the "good ol' days"

    What pissed me off is when I read the news release from wdfw is they make it sound like they are setting us up for failure, even though there are a few highlights it looks like. The way I read it they seemed to be saying yes the Columbia coho should be a good return but dont plan to be able to...
  341. mrfish11

    A LOAD of gear!!!

    I just sold a LOT of over 100 salmon and steelhead plugs the other day. You know, those kind that wdfw wont let you fish with out of your boat this year....
  342. mrfish11

    A LOAD of gear!!!

    What about the donut Jonas?
  343. mrfish11

    A LOAD of gear!!!

    More garage clean out. This time I tackled the freshwater section. Everything you see pictured is for sale. Some has been fished, some has never seen the water. Over 75 floats....Thill, Beau-Mac, Aero Float etc Over 50 spoons/spinners...Blue Fox, Gibbs, Little Cleo etc Over 30 jigs 15...
  344. mrfish11

    Canopy for long bed Chevy

    Happy 1 year anniversary!
  345. mrfish11

    Movin' to Texas

    Hard pass on TX.
  346. mrfish11

    29 Almar Walk-Around Rebuild

    Looks really good Allan.
  347. mrfish11

    Steelhead rod blank

    Looking to have a rod built for a guy at work who is retiring soon and I need a good quality blank. Thinking of a steelhead spinning rod in the 9-9.5ft maybe 8-15lb range. Anyone got an extra blank laying around that they want to get rid of? Let me know what you got. Thanks.
  348. mrfish11

    Fish NW garage sale

    Hahahaha this made me spit my drink out!!!!!
  349. mrfish11

    2002 16' Hyde Driftboat

    I believe it say 4k obo....
  350. mrfish11

    Texas bound!

    I knew youd like that 201e7. Best curado ever question.
  351. mrfish11

    Texas bound!

    Dammit I want that 201e7 but the crank is definitely on the wrong side. @Reel Hooker If someone has a 200e7 they dont use, let me know please.
  352. mrfish11

    It could happen.

    I like your test fire. Now let's see the .50 cal. Fire in the hole!!!! least I still to try and instigate for the titty pics. :) ........"thats better than most"........"BETTER THAN MOST"!!!!!!!
  353. mrfish11

    Couple of lamiglass rods

    Yep, deal of the year right way back in the line it looks like.
  354. mrfish11

    Too much ?

    125 line hot tub
  355. mrfish11

    Hope for salmon & Steelhead

    ^^^^^^^This!!!! X 1000000000. The fish they raise are definitely the biggest and baddest around without question.
  356. mrfish11

    Gate Keeper

    I miss the titty pics.....
  357. mrfish11

    Splash plate reinstall project

    I just used some cheaper white caulk or silicone right off the shelf at home depot. Nothing special and it still looks like new after 1 year.
  358. mrfish11

    24' North River OS

    Mike I'll swing over and grab yours tomorrow for $105k, what cha think?
  359. mrfish11

    Skagit/Sauk opener

    Just stay up north.
  360. mrfish11

    How to stop boat leak.

    What if my penis is not big enough to fully plug the hole?
  361. mrfish11

    Cancel your big boat builds

    Man I so badly want to roll up to the bait dock in that peach. I would just cut off the Kelli Ann, give Mikey the official salute as I power up that smoke stroker. Lol. ;) Buy it Miles and WE ARE IN!
  362. mrfish11

    Cancel your big boat builds

    I've seen worse on the 125.
  363. mrfish11

    Saltwater WA saltwater fishing regs?

    That is absolutely fucking insanity.
  364. mrfish11

    Thrasher 2021

    I'm in on this photo shoot! Maybe you will get lucky and catch a rare glimpse of me yacking over the gunnel.
  365. mrfish11

    Thrasher 2021

    Atta boy Benji!
  366. mrfish11

    Westport Charter Recommendations - April Bottomfishing

    I went by the closure last year and there were 9 sport boats parked in it one day. It was a slow day for most, so that may have had something to do with it. ;)
  367. mrfish11

    Recommendations for roof mounted life rafts

    Pole to pole may be a better result than pole to hole in this situation.
  368. mrfish11


    I guess I may have to try the real ones cause those Gibbs flat ass suck balls compared to a pipe. Never once have those Gibbs outfished my pipes and I fish a lot.......and I get all my lings more than a lot.
  369. mrfish11

    Westport Charter Recommendations - April Bottomfishing

    Was this rule posted as an emergency regulation change?
  370. mrfish11

    Westport Charter Recommendations - April Bottomfishing

    Good to know, thanks Paul.
  371. mrfish11

    Westport Charter Recommendations - April Bottomfishing

    Well that regulation you posted condtrdicts the book, so who the hell knows what the real regulations are. Typical wdfw...make it as complicated as possible.
  372. mrfish11

    Westport Charter Recommendations - April Bottomfishing

    Slammer is best. 30 fathom restriction is in place in early April so you will be in 180 fow max. It should be good fishing for both lings and rockfish early in the season. Weather may be a little iffy though.
  373. mrfish11

    Here we go again NB 2021

    Jay will definitely find another way to fuck us over and support them, just wait.
  374. mrfish11

    Thermador 36" Rangetop

    Your giving some of the weirdos on here an awful lot of credit! ;) GLWS
  375. mrfish11

    Saltwater WA saltwater fishing regs?

    I dont believe a barb ticket qualifies as a convicted offense, but I could be wrong.
  376. mrfish11

    Two Stroke Silencer?

    Best solution for reduction in noise of an old 2 stroke is to go buy a new 4 stroke. ;)
  377. mrfish11

    Slick Bunks

    I have slick bunks on my new trailer. 2320 Parker. Like them way better than my old ones that were not slick. Piece of cake loading and unloading, just make sure your strap is hooked on at all times. When she decides to go, SHE GOES!
  378. mrfish11

    Slow motion train wreck

    I've said it once and I'll probably say it again... Un fuk n believe able
  379. mrfish11

    Saltwater WA saltwater fishing regs?

    Halibut is 1 per day, not 2. It means you cant fish for them deeper than 180fow from second sat in march thru may 31, except on the days when hali is open. (On Hali days you can fish them at any depth). Outside of the dates above, you cannot fish for them deeper than a line defined by the...
  380. mrfish11

    Ever wondered what sunfish meat looks like

    It didnt seem like they had an approved lane closure to do that work.
  381. mrfish11

    Saltwater Area 10 blackmouth

    Most people just dont get it, its unbelievable. They cant say I didnt warn em'.......
  382. mrfish11

    SRM 12 gauge Shotgun

    That is a sweet gun Mike! I like it.
  383. mrfish11

    Saltwater Area 10 blackmouth

    Wdfw loves lots of encounters!
  384. mrfish11

    Saltwater Area 10 blackmouth

    I would just keep it at "absolutely no fish are being caught", because if wdfw catches wind that it is at all decent fishing they will shut it down in 2 days like they did the sturgeon fishery. All it took was the guides posting their limited boats of sturgeon on those first few days and...
  385. mrfish11

    Anyone missing a T8?

    Even the criminal is smart enough to know the Merc kicker will never sell!!!
  386. mrfish11

    Left leaning commission

    Fucked again.
  387. mrfish11

    Browning xbolt 300wsm & Nightforce shv

    Oh man Mike, she is super badass!!! I let a few buddies know so I will pm you if they end up being interested in it.
  388. mrfish11

    WTB primers

    ....and I need some h1000 powder. This is like a xmas wish list thread! :)
  389. mrfish11

    Too much gear!

    Sold to Barry.
  390. mrfish11

    Too much gear!

    Everything pictured. Make me a reasonable offer for all of it and it is yours. I have way too much stuff and need to clear some space. Some is new, some is used, some I bought on here, some I didnt. Roughly: 18 new spoons 5 used spoons 3 kone zones 3 fish flash 12 skateboards that most need...
  391. mrfish11

    Freshwater McNary Sturgeon 1 January

    Yes, I heard the same thing. Really slow fishing for all. Hardly any bites and didnt hear of a keeper caught. Good part is the quota should last for quite a few months!
  392. mrfish11

    WTB primers

    I need to find your MT honey hole Chris cause I looked in great falls and they didnt have shit. Was in idaho last weekend and nothing there either. Unless you want the same shit box ammo you can find here in WA if you look hard enough.
  393. mrfish11

    WTB primers

    AMEN. I need some Federal 215M primers. I will keep my eyes open and if I see any of the ones you are looking for I will be sure and let you know Jason.
  394. mrfish11

    Firepit, military themed $450

    It all looks outstanding, except for the Huskies stuff. That looks like shit cause it says Huskies on it. :) Go Cougs!
  395. mrfish11

    Winter boat projects...

    @G-Spot this didnt suprise me at all.........haha jk
  396. mrfish11

    PSA for those on a septic system

    I knew you wernt full of shit @Ugly Bayliner
  397. mrfish11

    Boat deck chairs

    Your crazy, I've only been on that boat once and we didnt catch one damn tuna all day. Oh wait.......
  398. mrfish11

    300 suzuki compare to 300 yamaha

    We just assumed he wanted to make it back to land I guess.
  399. mrfish11

    Get your hip waders out .

    That is definitely possible, you make a very good point.
  400. mrfish11

    Get your hip waders out .

    ......uh oh, the guides are really pissed and hopefully will get the ridiculous boat rule thrown out soon after this meeting. Join the meeting, express your frustration. They need to stop fucking over the recs. We generate lots of money from licenses etc and are the ones who continue to get...
  401. mrfish11

    Get your hip waders out .

    Think of how many additional landowner/boat-bank conflicts are they going to have to deal with now. The ol "you only own to the high water mark" debate.
  402. mrfish11

    Get your hip waders out .

    You can row down but then have to get out. Dumbest shit I've ever heard. I bet the guides are all really happy that they lost their jobs today.
  403. mrfish11

    Get your hip waders out .

    This is absolutely un fuck ing believe able.
  404. mrfish11

    Transmission porn...

    Can we get our hands on one if were down south?
  405. mrfish11

    Transmission porn...

    F trannys. I need one of those tanacom deals you were talkin about. When we gonna see that happen. :)
  406. mrfish11

    GMC Duramax

    I've bought stuff from the kahuna, I know his stuff is nice and as described. If it was a long bed it would be a done deal.
  407. mrfish11

    GMC Duramax

    Long bed?
  408. mrfish11

    Canopy for long bed Chevy

    For the love of God, someone take one for the team and buy this canopy! :)
  409. mrfish11

    Single vs Twins

    I seen it, planes out no problem. Probably puking, but I was there. :)
  410. mrfish11

    Happy birthday MARLIN MIKE

    Happy birthday marlina michel!
  411. mrfish11

    Pretty stoked

    The shit butcher gave you someone elses shit meat. I shoot rut bucks in MT every year and never have any bad tasting meat.
  412. mrfish11

    Survey says....

    I would go with a rod on both the Tanacom and Avet. It is tough to land a hali or tuna with just the reel. 😝 :boobies:
  413. mrfish11

    Sad day but happy ending

    I figured for $20 you were gonna say she made you eat it! The backwards just keeps getting worse.....👅barf
  414. mrfish11

    FRESH ONE!!!!

    Congratulations Steve!
  415. mrfish11

    Customer service sucks

    $24k for a boat trailer?????? WTF? That seems insane.
  416. mrfish11

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Is 125 gallons going to be enough fuel capacity for that hog with twin 300s Larry?
  417. mrfish11

    Razor Clams closed due to Toxins

    He's just following the science and data. And the science and data show they give him money. What a joke!
  418. mrfish11

    Planing speed

    What avg mpg do you get on tuna trips with your 300 and what 4 blade are you running. I am trying to decide if my next motor is gonna be a 300 instead of a 250. Thanks.
  419. mrfish11

    Saltwater My last ocean 2020 boat ride

    Way to go get a few Steve!
  420. mrfish11

    Opening day 4x4

    Awesome job guys! Good looking buck.
  421. mrfish11

    Saltwater Elephants eat peanuts

    That is one awesome fish gooch!
  422. mrfish11

    Winding down locally, where is everyone going this winter/spring to fish?

    I'll be here just doin what I do best, killing tons coho and steel in the op rivers.....between WA, ID and MT hunting trips of course.
  423. mrfish11

    WTB Spotting Scope Tripod

    Dang it I saw this a few minutes too late. I ordered one already and it's already shipped cause I need it for this weekend. Thanks though.
  424. mrfish11

    WTB Spotting Scope Tripod

    Anyone have one laying around they dont use anymore? Thanks Brian
  425. mrfish11

    Bad Kitty

    See above. Steve summed up exactly what I was thinking.
  426. mrfish11

    Bad Kitty

    I saw that online earlier. It just seems so set up to me, the way reacts. And who holds a camera up the whole time in that situation.
  427. mrfish11

    Fuel at Westport

    Is there any fees for having a masco card? It is good at all Pacific Pride and CFN gas stations correct?
  428. mrfish11

    Saltwater Last run of season for kelli ann

    Great pics guys. It was a super duper awesome day to be on the big pond.
  429. mrfish11

    no bait

    Are they charging by the scoop Mark? Same price as the chovies?
  430. mrfish11

    Tuna 10/3?

    Do I really need any more tuna? No. Will I be able to resist another run knowing it will likely be the last time I can go this year? Heck No!
  431. mrfish11

    Ryder’s Big Westport salmon

    What's wrong with that?
  432. mrfish11

    WFO Dorado and Yellowfin

    Get your mask on Trav, Jay says so!
  433. mrfish11

    I know that redundancy is good but......

    Is that his piss bucket strapped to the stern between the 2 PVC kicker handles? :rofl:
  434. mrfish11

    I know that redundancy is good but......

    What your looking at there is a gigantic hunk of shit.
  435. mrfish11

    Glowing tuna carcass...

    The video is horrible and your penis is going to fall off tomorrow. Sleep well. :)
  436. mrfish11

    Monday, Monday.... So good to me??

    You know the old saying, shoulda been there Wednesday!
  437. mrfish11

    Monday, Monday.... So good to me??

    Dont go to 54x31 that's my only advice from today.
  438. mrfish11

    Experienced Ho.

    I am full up in my boat for tomorrow but I would love a good starting spot. :)
  439. mrfish11

    Party @ 126?

    That's all I was saying is there are 10 ish boats all congregated working a small patch sw of ilwaco. No first hand info benji. I'll text you if I hear something.
  440. mrfish11

    Party @ 126?

    Lots of boats sw of the cr today working inside the 125
  441. mrfish11

    Tuna dumbass

    Looks like you went about 40 miles too far. :)
  442. mrfish11

    WTB hard sided cooler. Yeti,rtic,pelican,etc. 100 or larger.

    That took me to a page with every single cooler sold out. I give up.
  443. mrfish11

    Saltwater Kelli ann on the kelli ann

    Is this the one your looking for? Now should I post the pic of what we did to you when you fell asleep too? :jig::pee::urno1:
  444. mrfish11

    Westport salmon?

    Damn Dany, you should have been out in the rodeo in 2220' last Saturday:)
  445. mrfish11

    Westport info needed

    Best of all time!
  446. mrfish11

    Westport info needed

    1. Westport Inn and RV Park, put the boat in a slip it's just a 200 yard walk to the docks 2. Usually, call port office. Float 12,14,16 are good ones. 3. Both, but I wouldnt recommend eating the ones on land as they have way more yellow spots than the ones in the water. 4. Coolers on land only...
  447. mrfish11

    Spring Rolls in Tuna Town

    She matches the carpet!!!!
  448. mrfish11

    Looking for scotty 1101 (30") booms

    I had two that I posted on the classifieds a while ago....tired of them sitting around and couldnt get rid of them free so they went to the dump a few weeks ago
  449. mrfish11

    Saltwater Kelli ann on the kelli ann

    No puking for me today. Like I said, I only puke on metal boats!!! :)
  450. mrfish11

    Saltwater Kelli ann on the kelli ann

    Like Mikey would say, "we really fucked sum shit up today"!
  451. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport Tuna Tomorrow

    I'm guessing he went west to the 125 24 line and didnt give us a top number
  452. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport Tuna Tomorrow

    What was your top (46) number? Did you go straight W or SW or what?
  453. mrfish11

    WP Labor Day weekend

    I'm in for Saturday.
  454. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport Tuna Tomorrow

    All I can say is 1 week ago the amount of tuna and bait/bird activity straight out was absolutely insane. The line pushed out to the sw. If I run its gonna be straight west.
  455. mrfish11

    Going Full Tote

    I just lay them out on the deck and let them cook on the way back in. Isnt this what everyone does? Dont even have to use a knife when your carking, can remove the loins with my fingers.
  456. mrfish11

    WP 7 day Salmon

    I heard it's really good right now
  457. mrfish11

    WP 7 day Salmon

    Who's got some recent salmon intel? I'm sure I'll be out there one day this weekend. PM me if your salmon #s are super secret! :)
  458. mrfish11

    Boat window hard water spots

    Before After Gotta clean up the edges but man this stuff really works. Btw it is absolutely imperative you use plenty of @Cohoho remedy if you have spots that are really baked on like mine were! Wax on, wax off Daniel son!
  459. mrfish11

    255 whaler conquest Repower ?’s

    Better go with the yamaha then! :)
  460. mrfish11

    Saltwater Albie Madness in the PNW

    It's really not that big of a deal. Who really gives a fuck where someone posts. This site is definitely not the easiest for figuring out how/where your posting. Hope your able to find a seat. Lots of great guys and super duper fish killers on this site.
  461. mrfish11

    Pop ups....

    So I'm no IT expert but when I'm on BD and I'm typing a message and then go hit the backspace or delete button, my letter keyboard disappears on my phone. This has to be some sort of spam shit cause it has never done it before and doesnt do it on any other sites, text messages, etc, other than...
  462. mrfish11

    Boat window hard water spots

    I'll post a before and after tonight.
  463. mrfish11

    Boat window hard water spots

    Yep, that's it Matt.
  464. mrfish11

    Boat window hard water spots

    @Chasin' Tail send these guys a pic of the secret sauce. Wasnt it something like Sprite and tomato juice mixed together with a couple squirts of lemon juice?
  465. mrfish11

    Boat window hard water spots

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Mike @Chasin' Tail gave me some stuff that works amazing in exchange for some no bake cookies. I will use a combination of this stuff and @Cohoho suggested technique and I should have clear glass in no time. ;)
  466. mrfish11

    Boat window hard water spots

    And I tried white vinegar and that didnt work.
  467. mrfish11

    Boat window hard water spots

    What product do you guys use to get the hard water spots off your boat windows? I watched a youtube video on Glassweld Pro Clean glass restorer and it seems like it's legit. Anyone use this stuff or have any recommendations on what works good? Thanks!
  468. mrfish11

    Pursuit 2670 CC Cuddy

    Wow, that is such a badass boat at a great price. GLWS!
  469. mrfish11

    Saltwater Thinking of moving to Washington

    Parkers are badass fishing machines!!!!!
  470. mrfish11

    Another B-10 collision / sinking

    It's not near as crazy or crowded as it used to be out on the line years ago. Those ripping incoming tides and 20 knot winds at the bouy ain't for most. If you cant handle the shit, go fish the sound.
  471. mrfish11

    Tuna thursday 8/27

    I'm just gonna get out there and shut off my motors and listen for kitty cat cant hide from me. @Marlin Mike
  472. mrfish11

    Tuna thursday 8/27

    How was the fishin. Give us some hope. ;)
  473. mrfish11

    Tuna thursday 8/27

    I'm in!!!! Let's do this!
  474. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport Albacore Thursday!!

    GH bar. Game time decision!!!!
  475. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport Albacore Thursday!!

    I will be on 68. Mrfish. My plan is to do lings, hali and tuna if the !!!!WEATHER!!!!! doesnt fuck us again. I am willing to share intel on tuna fishing. My plan is to go wsw at this point but dont have an exact starting point in mind. I've been known to change my mind and run deep nw at...
  476. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport Albacore Thursday!!

    The hell with the weather. 2020 fishing weather sucks balls. WEATHER, WEATHER, WEATHER....there I said it. Probably be shitty again Thursday as well. Already fucked up my tournament plans for the weekend and plenty of other trips this summer so it might as well screw up Thursdays plans as...
  477. mrfish11

    Another B-10 collision / sinking

    What day did it actually happen? I've heard mixed reports on the day it happened. I was there fishing fri afternoon to sunday.
  478. mrfish11

    Who’s going to Girabaldi this week

    Dammit!!!! We had a solid team and were headed to Costa Rica.
  479. mrfish11

    Your Tanacom 750 may need service if...

    ....or just but 3 and a half tanacoms...
  480. mrfish11

    Well, T run Wednesday

    Weve all been waiting way too long for a report like this. Great job.
  481. mrfish11

    Saltwater Down Riggers at Buoy 10

    Lead. This is the weekend to go!!!!
  482. mrfish11

    Tuna town campsite for tonight

    Say it isnt so.
  483. mrfish11

    Well, T run Wednesday

    Trailer her down to ilwaco and you should be able to reach a few
  484. mrfish11

    WP slip aug

    The kicker issue we were talking about or something to do with the main?
  485. mrfish11

    Westport Tuna Run 8/14 & 15

    You can expect a controlled mess. As long as theres not a lot of wind at the pens, people control their boats pretty well for the most part. Just dont be the dipshit cutting in line or you'll hear about it on 68.
  486. mrfish11

    Another joining the 30' club

    Fuck the thruster, I'd take the blow jobs any day.
  487. mrfish11

    Last minute salmon open seat

    He clearly knows the step by step procedures. :)
  488. mrfish11

    Westport thieves 2020

    I slept on 21 on Wednesday night. Didnt see any suspicious activity. Just a bunch of drunk fisherman.
  489. mrfish11

    Westport outboard help

    Yep, I have one in olympia too and will be down Thursday 5am at the latest if you want me to bring it with me.
  490. mrfish11

    Saltwater Where are the Area 4 hali reports n pics?

    Westport was pretty slow. As of 415pm I had not had a single bite in an area that I usually have pretty consistent action. Maybe it will turn around this week.
  491. mrfish11

    Open Seat 8/13 Hali

    I'm screwed then. Edit....but now that I think about it, I think I only puke on metal boats. :) Felt great all day in the Parkaa in those confused thursday seas.
  492. mrfish11

    WTB Mens Mountain Bike

    Hey guys, Anyone have a mens mountain bike laying around that they want to sell. I need one for hunting. PM me with what ya got. Thanks, Brian
  493. mrfish11

    Tuna town campsite for tonight

    If that old mans shorts got any shorter, you may be able to see his balls hangin out. @ draggin balls @dragonballs
  494. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport hali 2020

    It's open thursdays and sundays only starting aug 13 (and it was open aug 6).
  495. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport hali 2020

    You better check the regulations cause there is no open season tomorrow for hali out of grays harbor.
  496. mrfish11

    26' Olympic XLC w/ Suzuki 250 & 9.9 Armstrong bracket

    Count me in for trading fishing seats for time hunting your property Dave. I am definitely game for this kinda deal. I'll pm you my number, let's talk.
  497. mrfish11

    26' Olympic XLC w/ Suzuki 250 & 9.9 Armstrong bracket

    @Cut-Throat you got yourself one hell of a deal. That boat is awesome for everything PNW. @Sockeye71 Dave, so I know your moving to Idaho but are you completely giving up the whole PNW fishing gig? I know you "gave away" :) all your gear and sold your boat. I just dont know how a guy who...
  498. mrfish11

    Freshwater Sturgeon Yesterday

    Nice job mike!
  499. mrfish11

    Anyone have a Boat trailer

    It's a race. @Fish_on! Was gonna buy it too Might want to send ben a pm john, he went and looked at it and said it is A LOT of work.
  500. mrfish11

    Saltwater Sept king in July?

    Agree, 13, is as dead of a shithole as it gets. See you guys in wp!
  501. mrfish11

    Free bottom half Shimano Convergence

    These sound like rock solid rods. :)
  502. mrfish11

    Halibut in the straits again?

    Yes it's open, look at the announcement from a few days ago. They had to open sekui thurs, fri, Saturdays; the same days as MA 3 and 4 so people can land their hali in a legal port that is also open to hali fishing on the same days. Us wp guys got fuct because on fri and sat we cant go fish ma...
  503. mrfish11

    Hey y’all

    Agree with fuel n filters. That little cylindrical one on the face of the motor caused me grief once.
  504. mrfish11

    WP kids business opportunity

    Yep, end of 16 is where I often hang out too. It's a shitty situation out there. We bitched and they brought out the pressure washer one year.
  505. mrfish11

    WP kids business opportunity

    "And that's where all the seagulls of the pacific go to shit".... I love this one. Made me laugh my ass off!
  506. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport 7-29

    They will turn back on. This happens all the time. Patience young grasshoppers. Cross your fingers you head west on a "biting" day ( and know what your doing), that's all you can do.
  507. mrfish11

    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    When is MA 2 going to 7 days a week Dave. Let's do this!!!!!!
  508. mrfish11

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    Fill those tanks and get ready for a hell of a run.
  509. mrfish11

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    I'll be headed sw Saturday
  510. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    Flashers sold to @ttcustomz
  511. mrfish11

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    Scratch the Striper my dad had for sold in 6 hrs.
  512. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    Yes, they are yours. No reply from the clark dude so they are yours. I am at the beach and can ship em out to you on Monday when I get back. PM me your contact info and I will do the same. Thanks.
  513. mrfish11

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    He will get 1 day of use and one of us will be towing him in the other 5 times.
  514. mrfish11

    BD Decals?

    Save me one of those bottom ones vance. I will bring you wood. Hint hint
  515. mrfish11

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    How has this not sold? This is such a great setup for the price. You cant get shit for 30k now days.
  516. mrfish11

    Looking for new boat trailer

    "You" is definitely not the right word.
  517. mrfish11

    Looking for new boat trailer

    I just bought a new trailer from Dave @Happy Daze it is awesome. I should have pulled the trigger and bought it years ago.
  518. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    Hey @clarktar you didnt reply to my PM or this message on this post. Do you want the flashers or not?
  519. mrfish11

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    I heard "kinda" just ain't the right word. ;)
  520. mrfish11

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    My dads getting ready to sell a 21ft Striper with a 175 yami main and 9.9 yami kicker....but it's still out of the 15k price range.
  521. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    I didn't forget about you.
  522. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    PM response sent to @clarktar for the lot of flashers listed above. @fishing fanatic I will send you a pm, I may have some of what your looking for.
  523. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

  524. mrfish11

    It’s official. TUNA TOWN IS SET UP

    Next time I'm in town I'll swing some by.
  525. mrfish11

    More stuff....................................

    You never sent me any info on the fenders.
  526. mrfish11

    boaters safety card replacement

    I have been asked for mine multiple times. Generally during every inspection I get asked.
  527. mrfish11

    Saltwater Tuna updates for Westport -2020

    Good work. Those numbers sound familiar.
  528. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    $90 now, just so I can sell one of his flashers before he gets his hands on it.
  529. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    Its gay like you.
  530. mrfish11

    Anniversary salmon fishing

    The ol' saltwater beaver!!!!
  531. mrfish11

    Etiquette of selling a boat

    It was research specific to this boat that couldnt necessarily be done PRIOR to the deal.
  532. mrfish11

    Anniversary salmon fishing

    I like the sounds of this.....
  533. mrfish11

    Etiquette of selling a boat

    My buddy was the one wanting to buy Kim's boat. Neither Kim nor my buddy are bad guys at all, or meant to screw over either party in any way. My buddy had certain things he was doing (and rightfully needed to do) A LOT of research on before he felt confident pulling the trigger. I dont know...
  534. mrfish11

    Anniversary salmon fishing

    Congrats to you love birds but how was the fishin? :p:boobies:
  535. mrfish11

    Flashers FS

    I just flat out have too many flashers. Time to get rid of some duplicates. All are used (some need new tape/stickers), except the 4 q-coves that are brand new in package with pins. I acquired some of these for a good deal, so I will sell to a BD bro for a good deal. How about $100 takes them...
  536. mrfish11

    New SST & Chloro Charts 7/14/2020

    I'd still puke at 2 knots. It must be quite a bit different at the bouys than what NOAA is showing. ....and I hope your typing this from your boomer phone 60 miles out and are going to text me a report tonight when you get back in!!
  537. mrfish11

    New SST & Chloro Charts 7/14/2020

    Theres no tuna in WA. It all looks good. Let the wind machine die so the tuna can too!!!!!
  538. mrfish11

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Is that me puking in the cabin of Mike's boat again? @Chasin' Tail
  539. mrfish11

    Saltwater Sekiu fishing sloooow

    The kings were early, your 2 weeks late to the party.
  540. mrfish11

    Neah Bay Coho

    XTRA LIKE!!!!!
  541. mrfish11

    Neah Bay Coho

    Fuuuucccck ENCOUNTERS!!!!! I ALWAYS hook ONLY the fish that are in my fish box. ZERO extras. I am dead set that telling them any more only negatively affects us. Until I feel like we arent getting the shaft for simply telling the truth, I've never released an extra fish in my life.
  542. mrfish11

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    Hes right you know!
  543. mrfish11

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    I dont want to rain on your parade but 15k for a boat in the 23 to 28 class, that actually runs, may be tough to come by. I will keep my eyes peeled and if I see anything I'll let you know. Good luck and have fun searching.
  544. mrfish11

    WP trailer parking

    It will be fine. Just park it and throw a lock on it.
  545. mrfish11

    Good Lawd. I gotta rebuild some troll reels

    In case you missed it.... @Rougarou
  546. mrfish11

    Saltwater It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    I go back and forth from one side to the other....throw some bait, run to the other side and puke so the wind doesn't carry it into Mike's face....move back, hook up and repeat. Sounds and looks like an angry caged gorilla.
  547. mrfish11

    Saltwater It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    It is a loooong ways. 65 ish miles from the tips. We trolled out to 70 miles or so....
  548. mrfish11


    I have a quite a few new qcoves in the package. I can probably get rid of a few if someone needs them. PM me for details. Variety of colors.
  549. mrfish11

    Saltwater It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    You write that like it is unexpected or something..... I CANNOT go back to back 3am mornings on 2 hrs of sleep. And my equilibrium does not do well in a bean bag. I need the captains seat and I am good to go. #8 Fuuuuck, I'm getting too old for this shit.... until this Thursday I guess.....
  550. mrfish11

    Saltwater It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    You write that like it is unexpected or something.....
  551. mrfish11

    It’s a beautiful morning

    Nice fish norm. What style of hair gel do you use?
  552. mrfish11

    Saltwater It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    Eye knew it was gonna be a good day!!!!
  553. mrfish11

    Kelli Ann. Anacortes to Westport

    Today was a good day in wp....hint hint....
  554. mrfish11

    north river eye candy

    I always thought it was for once your wife found out how much you spent on better be in pursuit of some new pussy.
  555. mrfish11

    Kelli Ann. Anacortes to Westport

    Meet us in the canyon tomorrow Vance. Were gonna be working it south of you a couple clicks.
  556. mrfish11

    Thanks For Nothing!

    I agree with everything you said Travis. The only part I stumbled on was "scamdemic". I thought you were the: hunker down and obey Jay or were all gonna die guy, just a few months ago?
  557. mrfish11

    Saltwater No complaints

    He must have not read your post. Doesnt get much clearer than 50x22.
  558. mrfish11

    RIP fishguidebrian Brian Oldfield

    I have fished side by side with Brian in a certain river many times. Usually just our two boats.....that always made it great!!! RIP Brian
  559. mrfish11

    Saltwater Tuna scouting

    Good looking out Patrick. Mike and I are thinking about burning some fuel later this week.
  560. mrfish11

    Smith house Westport party cancelled

    August is going to be a very busy month this year. Looking forward to it!
  561. mrfish11

    Saltwater Shrimping area 6

    My theory in situations like this is that a few checkers/wardens checked the wrong boat(s) (wrong boats = a few guys who really know what they are doing, with lots of people on board and lots of limits). I've seen this happen before and no matter how far fetched, still believe its true...
  562. mrfish11

    Transport company

    72 hrs? Isnt it like 18 hrs each way to LA? Take a buddy, turn n burn it. I almost did it to Encinitas but got waaaay to good of a deal through uship. And yes, that osprey is unreal. You better secure that baby FAST!
  563. mrfish11

    Scaley/Flaky rust on torsion axle load arms?

    Six robblees....but my god they are outrageous.
  564. mrfish11


    WOW! That's a machine! Amazing work Mark.
  565. mrfish11

    26' Olympic XLC w/ Suzuki 250 & 9.9 Armstrong bracket

    Docked next to Dave at wp last year. It's a fishy boat for sure. GLWS!
  566. mrfish11

    New fishing opportunities begin!

    That boat looks incredibly badass Gspot
  567. mrfish11

    Bottomfish scouting help

    Most guys dont "research and then go find" the ling spots out of wp. They are given numbers from their buddies or see other guys fishing and roll up on a spot. Thats just the reality of how it usually works. The spots are generally pretty small and not shown on most charts like you said...
  568. mrfish11

    Saltwater A10 - Week of 6/15

    Never fished there in my life. Went this morning for the first time. Had a double on in under 30 seconds. Double digits. E Z P Z.
  569. mrfish11

    Saltwater Shrimping area 6

    We saw you guys the other day out at Eastern Norm.
  570. mrfish11

    Saltwater A10 - Week of 6/15

    I've just heard quite the opposite. I'll confirm tomorrow.
  571. mrfish11

    Saltwater A10 - Week of 6/15

    Is this an April Fools post?
  572. mrfish11


    Hey mark did that 30 gallons completely fill the tanks? Do you think you'll be able to make it to the S Jetty and back? :boobies: 😝 Badass looking machine!!!
  573. mrfish11

    Bloodydecks gear review

    If you knew Jodie, you would be suprised he still has his hand. :)
  574. mrfish11

    Bloodydecks gear review

    If you knew Jodie, you would be suprised he still has his hand. :)
  575. mrfish11

    The Paragon

    You know my preference!
  576. mrfish11

    Water is getting warmer.

    Lots of big SDiego tuna boats in wp recently. Do they know something we dont? Looking at the charts that looks really close to being connected. This is the best news I've seen in a while.
  577. mrfish11

    The Paragon

    Farallon's are badass. A 28 is gonna be a BIG boat. My buddy wants to know when your Duck is going up for sale. He may be interested.
  578. mrfish11

    Area 4 OPEN

    With that news is there any chance we can get wdfw to move up the hali dates then Dave? I'm not liking the Aug. dates at all.
  579. mrfish11

    Clean out Make Offer

    Maybe no one is interested in it because of the stories it has "already told". 😝
  580. mrfish11


    Definitely personal.
  581. mrfish11

    Wa Permit Hunts

    Nothing for this guy!
  582. mrfish11

    I got railed in ballard

    @dragonballs. What did you do now to deserve two dudes butt tappin'.
  583. mrfish11

    Saltwater best shrimp bait for a rookie?

    Take that advice to the bank.
  584. mrfish11

    Sthil Weed Wacker

    Worked great, thanks Chris!
  585. mrfish11

    Canal shrimpers beware

    Same group that wont let us fish a river with a state hatchery feeding it.
  586. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport is open for bottom fish

    Good eye big dude E. Did you see who left the floaters? Call em out or "we" will continue to get blamed and thus become the sex addicts as eli refers too.
  587. mrfish11

    Canal shrimpers beware

    Tell that to 90% of the population in WA State over the age of ancient. "We" are not the problem here.
  588. mrfish11

    Saltwater Westport is open for bottom fish

    Nice job, but you gave away your spot in the first pic. :)
  589. mrfish11

    Canal shrimpers beware

    Hahaha. They really F'd us again!!!!! Moderator turned off comments. I wonder why? Unfukinbelievable!
  590. mrfish11

    Saltwater Deepwater ling

    Nice job Paul. That's actually what I really heard most people saying today.
  591. mrfish11

    WTB Kill Bags -

    We know how to fill er up, that's for sure!
  592. mrfish11

    WTB Kill Bags -

    Ben's tryin to steal your bags Eli. Eli are you thinking about tuna or what?
  593. mrfish11

    Sthil Weed Wacker

    I need to wak some weeds. PM sent.
  594. mrfish11

    Shipping a fishing rod

    Just cut it in half.
  595. mrfish11

    10lbs or count to 80?

    Who has the cords to .26lb shrimp? I accept pm's.
  596. mrfish11

    Bunch of Tuna Gear

    Mods....or whoever deleted my post. It was a joke. Hes my buddy. Chill out.
  597. mrfish11

    Anybody seen these halibut days starting June 18th?

    Nah, I'm ready to go. How bout we open it up tomorrow like it should be.
  598. mrfish11

    South Sound Reel Repair

    @Redzwulf is a badass. I recommend him to all my buddy's for their reel repairs. Havent heard 1 negative thing yet.
  599. mrfish11

    South Sound Reel Repair

    That's awesome!
  600. mrfish11

    Etec’s toast....

  601. mrfish11

    Mixed bag-tuna gear

    Price lowered to $50. Will ship for $55.
  602. mrfish11

    Mercury Enertia stainless 3 blade prop RH

    I believe mark is in long beach, WA. He runs his operation out of Ilwaco.
  603. mrfish11

    Mixed bag-tuna gear

    Continuing to thin the herd. How about $50 for everything pictured? Majority of it is used. 1 each Yo-zuri trolling rabbit float. 2 each mexi flags. 1 each mexi feather. 1 each blue jet head. 5 each tuna doubles (have some rust but work fine for troll). The black live bait hooks are mustad...
  604. mrfish11

    White starboard

    Thanks, but I need 1/4" to match the rest. I can order a small piece off ebay if I need to.
  605. mrfish11

    MA1-3 Open for Bottomfish

    The ol butt broom.
  606. mrfish11

    MA1-3 Open for Bottomfish

    Your welcome
  607. mrfish11

    White starboard

    PM sent
  608. mrfish11

    White starboard

    Olympia. I can come get it in Lakewood Chris.
  609. mrfish11

    White starboard

    Anyone have a small scrap of 5"x7" x1/4" thick piece of white starboard laying around? I dont make it up north much to the plastic shops....especially during their business hours. We can talk about some trade options I have available. PM me. Thanks.
  610. mrfish11

    New style transom lights

    Just dont wear your inflatable butt plug on the boat if you happen to fall in the water.
  611. mrfish11

    2020 Shrimp season

    @Happy Daze what do the couple of dates that are in parentheses mean?
  612. mrfish11

    Animal cage/crate

    You gotta be shittin me!
  613. mrfish11

    Animal cage/crate

    Will @Fish_on! fit in this if I put it on the back deck of my boat?
  614. mrfish11

    Possible Good Price on Avets

    Where you finding an sxj for 144 bux benji? Seems like a great deal to me.
  615. mrfish11

    Sekiu halibut opening

    Hopefully all the inslee fans and corona freaks took lots of pics of the ramp today to show how well us fisherman are following the guidelines and not "crowding the ramps and spreading the disease".
  616. mrfish11

    Can anyone identify this transducer

    Pretty sure I have the same one that came with my boat. I'll get a model number off it tomorrow. I could not find a way to connect mine to my axiom. Dont think they make a cable to make the two compatible. Would love to find the right cable and give it a try cause my rv100 loses bottom at...
  617. mrfish11

    29 Almar Walk-Around Rebuild

    Your boat looks like a tuna killing machine. Congrats!
  618. mrfish11

    Tanacom 750's with 80# J-Braid 8 plait $479.99

    Oh shit Pat, this must be getting serious if you have to get the ok before you buy a reel. ;)
  619. mrfish11

    New style transom lights

    Do you sell these through Metabo?
  620. mrfish11

    Liberty Fatboy Gunsafe

    I live kinda close to mike and would help someone load it if I am available.
  621. mrfish11

    Sekiu halibut opening

    Its officially GO TIME!
  622. mrfish11

    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020

    Laurence hit the nail on the head. This fishing closure is just absolute bullshit. No one is convincing me one bit that a backed up launch or fishing parking area is half as bad as the shit going on in town right now. I cant even fathom how people can buy into this horse shit, unless I...
  623. mrfish11

    My Covid Clean-out

    Now that is some funny shit right there.. :)
  624. mrfish11

    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020

    I dont give 2 shits if the tribes stay closed. WDFW needs to grow some balls and open the rest of fishing no matter what they decide to do. Behind closed doors I'm pretty sure WDFW gets on their knees and asks the tribes for permission to speak.
  625. mrfish11

    Raymarine EV-1 Sensor core

    I dont think mine is not working correctly, anyone have one laying around that they want to get rid of or that I could borrow to see if that's my issue?
  626. mrfish11

    Boat overhang on trailer

    Fyi I blew a bearing yesterday......but my lights work....sort of.
  627. mrfish11

    Boat overhang on trailer

    Appears he might me looking for a kicker.
  628. mrfish11

    Allright, which one of you was it?

    Good thing he has his fenders out!
  629. mrfish11

    2020 halibut

    Yes got hobuck cancellation for mid may today via email.
  630. mrfish11

    2020 Shrimp season

    Statements like this probably dont help either. Remember many people look at these posts.
  631. mrfish11

    2020 Shrimp season

    I thought it was all about the local communities not wanting to open.... Oh and our outstanding comanagers.
  632. mrfish11

    Let the games begin

    What are we looking at in that bottom pic? @TwoTapPat jizz rag and a toe nail?
  633. mrfish11

    Why did I think I could launch my boat?

    Finally something good to hear!!!! Thanks for sharing the info.
  634. mrfish11

    New Qcove flashers, Tica, Lamiglas, Scotty bases, rod holders, DR Balls, circle hooks, Goldstar

    I will take the q coves. Will he ship em. ....looks like I'm 30 seconds late.
  635. mrfish11

    2020 halibut

    I want to fish hali NOW, not wait until Aug. Not enough time in the day to do those crazy multi combo trips....and waaaay to many miles to run. I like it all seperate.
  636. mrfish11

    Raymarine Element 9 RV

    Tony, PM question was if this unit would network with my axiom 9 so I could use it as a second gps/sonar on the back deck. After research, I think it's a standalone unit that will not network with my axiom, correct?
  637. mrfish11

    Free stuff pick up in Lynnwood

    We were just messin with you bud!
  638. mrfish11

    Free stuff pick up in Lynnwood

    And I need the riding lawn mower.
  639. mrfish11

    2020 halibut

    Oh god this is starting to make as much sense as when you punched your "sturgin" on a Walmart receipt and had to explain that one to the gamie.
  640. mrfish11

    Columbia R to open

    I want to go with someone that is good enough to get 1 for everyone onboard.
  641. mrfish11

    2020 halibut

    I'm pretty sure they would all have a different document number
  642. mrfish11

    2020 halibut

    It will open, trust me.
  643. mrfish11

    Outdoor Activity Requirements and Recommendations for Washington and Alaska

    Just go fish. Your buddy your fishing with originally lived alone but decided to move in with you for moral support at the start of the covid pandemic because he was becoming overly stressed with the poor decisions that his governor was making. Let them prove it. They will most likely laugh...
  644. mrfish11


  645. mrfish11

    Let the games begin

    Boat is looking good guys!
  646. mrfish11

    6 man life raft

    I dont have one.
  647. mrfish11

    No holds barred opinion

    Hey inslee get your shit together, you cant even hold a press conference on time. Were 16 minutes late and it's still not on.....YOU ARE WORTHLESS Not holds barred opinion. Just in case anyone was unclear on my feelings.
  648. mrfish11

    6 man life raft

    Hahaha..."And if it all works out..." I would throw you an offer if it were in a soft case and I could throw it up in the bow.
  649. mrfish11

    No holds barred opinion

    You better plan to leave here at midnight.
  650. mrfish11

    No holds barred opinion

    The only guarantee I can make at this point is that he says something stupid!!!
  651. mrfish11

    Washington Permit hunts

    That is a toad.
  652. mrfish11

    Getting the boat set up...

    If you go with "Whisky Ginger" just make sure you grab another "e" while your at the store. Congrats on the new boat!
  653. mrfish11

    No holds barred opinion

    You mean kind of like that Seattle Times bullshit article prior to the outdoor recreation press conference yesterday that said boat launches only on may 5th followed by fishing at a later date. Seattle bullshit fake news Times.
  654. mrfish11

    Keep on the look out..... get that gear loaded

    Halibut is CLOSED! Gay.
  655. mrfish11

    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    It's all driven by the Tribes and Charters.
  656. mrfish11

    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    See you all on the banks. This is gonna be a shit show!!!!
  657. mrfish11

    Keep on the look out..... get that gear loaded

    We sure do too. Is it from a reliable source because everything I see looks like an ultimate letdown in the press right now.
  658. mrfish11

    Lake Washington Protest

    Haha posted at same time @TimeZoned
  659. mrfish11

    Lake Washington Protest

    Found em... VP Designs. $5
  660. mrfish11

    Lake Washington Protest

    Where do I get one of those fuck inslee stickers
  661. mrfish11

    But yet we cant fish....

    Of course it's a tribal pot, that's why they stayed silent about who's it was. If that was a red and white bouy the title of the article would have been, "Sportfishermans overfishing of precious resources causes floating oil container marker buoy to tangle around poor endangered whales left eye...
  662. mrfish11

    But yet we cant fish....

    Took the pic late...that's only half the total number of people.
  663. mrfish11

    But yet we cant fish....

    Un fuk n believe able
  664. mrfish11

    But yet we cant fish....

  665. mrfish11

    Let the games begin

    Yep I also want to know what type So the foam and cutting pad are on a mechanical buffer and the buffing pad is done by hand, correct?
  666. mrfish11

    Need a number

    Yakima...but it just needs to start with a phone call. I dont know the specifics but know he just needs someone to answer a few questions to start.
  667. mrfish11

    Need a number

    Friend of the family needs to talk to someone about a Mercruiser Bravo 3 repair. Who has the number of a reputable shop or person who works on these? Thanks.
  668. mrfish11

    First kill of the season

  669. mrfish11

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    Thanks @Roll the Bones and @wdlfbio for the last minute bacon order. Ben and I just finished sealing it all up. Hell of a deal.
  670. mrfish11

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    Is there a SUPER DUPER LIKE button?