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    Penn 20 VISX drag question

    The VISX, Torques and Fathoms have horrible drag curves. IYKYK, send them in for drag work and they become better reels.
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    Offshore Still biting down south 12/27

    Nice! I’m about to board the Intrepid..12/27
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    How much fishing on freedom 22hr to tanner?

    Looks like they are making it to an area on the overnight too.
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    Calstar Grafighter 800XXH

    They are out there. Here is my 800XXH.
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    New cow rod!!!!

    Great rod. I have one at 7’9”. Awesome balloon rod too.
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    Video from ICAST with BDO team: PENN Fathom II lever drags

    @cooper669 here is the 60NLD2 and 40NLD2. I’m holding the 60N. I really dig that reel. Great low on it too
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    Is the Big Bluefin move on ?

    Hmm, interesting as the folks from Izorline mentioned about some biologist seeing bft breeding offshore. Also, many 5lb bft swimming and fish that small usually can’t make the trek across as they are too small. Need to be about 10 plus pounds to make the crossing.
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    Best use for Penn visx16

    80/100 top shot.
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    Charter Openings

    That dude Jeffrey Grill (if that’s even his real name) that ran that got exposed. He is done ever trying to step foot on any San Diego boats. Came out he was conning folks and a fake chef or just a horrible one.
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    Albacore on the Intrepid

    Here is a quick note on the yellowfin.
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    Albacore on the Intrepid

    Caught on a Cedar plug
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    Albacore on the Intrepid

    There was this post today up in that area of a good yellowfin caught on a cedar plug. Someone out of Fort Bragg took this picture too of the Intrepid today.
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    Best Hook for Salas 6X Jr. for Big BFT? And which Rig?

    We have caught plenty of BFT on the 3/0-4/0 ST-66 to the chrome Salas 6x jr
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    Tuna rods built by Yo’s tackle

    I remember in the 90’s when the old man handed me my rod (Yo’s custom built) and said I built this for you to get one like the tuna on the wall. Well he was definitely right
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    Offshore Report-1.75 on the Legend-and a question

    I was just reading this thread and came across this today. Speaking of MS and BMS.
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    Cobra - CIS

    Just did a family charter on 7/10. Enough room to store items (small coolers and bags) down stairs a table, bench seating and microwave. Bathroom is very tight, but it serves it’s purpose. We had a great time. Room for tackle boxes above.
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    Owner ST-66 4X Split ring sizes?

    Yep, I busted two of them PB HD pliers.
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    Penn VSX 16/30 Handle interchange

    I had a shop put the 30 handles on my 12 and 16. Yes they fit.
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    Tuna rig with inline sinker...

    It’s still one knot to the hook end like a fly line. The other is for the sinker and that one wouldn’t matter.
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    100 lb Solid Spectra choices

    Take a look at this. Some great information.
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    Soldering Rings - The Movie!

    You have to just keep checking from time to time as they put the kits out.
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    Friedman Adventures podcast BFT sinker rig

    It is a very successful set up. I had a private charter and we caught many that way. This set up is what the PQ and SD started and Island Tackle just did a podcast to show what this set up is that has been working for many of their customers. Some call it the Bralla rig.
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    Grinding down the cam of a penn international 20 VISX

    Give it a go. My reel was new that was a replacement from a bad skipping VISX 16 and a 12 had the same skipping issues.
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    Grinding down the cam of a penn international 20 VISX

    @Pitchinwedge Send it to Penn they will replace it. I had the same exact issue and had to get a new frame, spool, follower cam and bearing. Email Tony and call him. They may make you a postage and then send your reel. It took about 3 weeks total from delivery to getting it back. This was...
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    Set ups to bring on Islander Kayak mothership trip to San Clemente?

    A coworker went back in 2019 I think it was and the yackers got a surprise showing. The Islander landed a 140. 6 of the kayakers that made the paddle from the island to the fish all hooked up. Some had a short fight others were on for hours. This fellow lost his pretty quick
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    Here's a few jigging related questions for the most knowledgeable and generous anglers anywhere.

    Thank you as always for your informative posts. I will definitely stop by and check them out.
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    Here's a few jigging related questions for the most knowledgeable and generous anglers anywhere.

    Anyone use a Maxel Ocean Max 10? Vs the Jigging Master PE8?
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    Grinding down the cam of a penn international 20 VISX search tutorials or just the Penn model
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    Looking for Calstar 900h, 100j

    This person just put a post up today.
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    Nomad madmacs

    Island Tackle in Carson has plenty of 160-200’s like plenty.
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    GP80 Terminator is a great 60lb. The Predator is more of a 50lb rod, unless you use a light drag then 60 will do.
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    BFT jigging setup

    What reel do you have on the Zeus? I have a 4 that is being built.
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    Sealskinz Amazon has them too.
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    West coast jiggerz
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    The new 95J mag

    I have one and fish 60lb Sunline Super Natural as it’s a thinner diameter on a Fathom 30LD2. Thing is fun. I hung a few fish on it last year and last month. It’s every bit of a 50lb rod. I got this built specifically for chucking at bigger fish.
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    WTB UC 7’9 Deviant

    Look up and call Darin at 310 Rodworks in Gardena. He may help you with that.
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    Charlie Brown Hooks FYI....

    None. All he said was that one was selected. Not known yet as when production will start.
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    Braid 50# to 80#

    So has anyone here used a loop to loop, where one end is solid braid formed from a Bimini? The other end would be the usual hollow formed loop. Thanks
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    Redondo Sportfishing "Blackjack"

    It is definitely the Black Jack.
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    Penn VISX 12 80lb hollow Line capacity update

    I put 650 80lb Hollow Ace with top shot room
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    Charlie Brown Hooks FYI....

    It’s been a running joke for a few years. 🤣🤣 Hope all is well. It was a pleasure fishing with you two.
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    Charlie Brown Hooks FYI....

    John Trophy sent a message via Facebook and said that the maker of the 1/0-4/0 Charlie Brown hooks actually retired. Trophy Tackle selected a new vendor that will continue making them. The problem is when will that happen.
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    Charlie Brown Hooks FYI....

    @Gouryella its the 2x2 (aka Springer)
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    Charlie Brown Hooks FYI....

    I dig the CB hooks. My buddy got a 241 last week on a 1/0 with sinker rig.
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    Intrepid in bad weather

    It’s a great boat. Wear the regular boots, no shorties. Watch the slammers
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    241 pound bluefin on PENN Torque TRQ40NLD2 reel

    Yes indeed. Lee did great on that fish, unfortunately it won that battle, ugh so close.
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    241 pound bluefin on PENN Torque TRQ40NLD2 reel

    It was a fun trip indeed. George is ready to get after it again.
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    Torque 40 NLD or VISX12 for 60lb Guadalupe

    This past weekend on a 3 day. My dad George landed a 241.9 on a Torque 40NLD2, Calstar 800XH, 80lb spectra, 60lb Momoi mono, 70lb Seaguar FXR, 5 oz weight and a 1/0 Charlie Brown.
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    Knife jig rigging?

    Island Tackle in Carson has plenty. I was just there and Point Loma Sportfishing as of Sunday 5/1.
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    Braid Marking for Depth Determination

    I just do it like this. 50’ apart and mark at the 100’
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    Grinding down the cam of a penn international 20 VISX

    @alantani I have a 12 & 16 that you ground the cams for Mark, that he will be installing tomorrow. Do you know what I may possibly get on those drag curves? 10-40?
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    Its ON…… the Condor🤙

    I know the feeling😢🤣 @jer dog really? Looks like a fun trip and that would be nice to load up, get home early, instead of traveling around paddy hopping.
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    Its ON…… the Condor🤙

    Don’t read todays reports. New Loann already docked after limits last night. Came in way early.
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    Its ON…… the Condor🤙

    Best of luck. Wind is forecasted to drop this evening.
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    I deleted the video as I saw one was posted. Wish BD have delete options.

    I deleted the video as I saw one was posted. Wish BD have delete options.
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    Torque 40 NLD or VISX12 for 60lb Guadalupe

    I have the GP 80 Terminator for my 40NLD2 and just bought the new GPX80 Raptor for my 12. That rod is a perfect 80/100. Like a Centaur on roids. I believe the Terminator ratings should be that of the Predator as it feels stronger.
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    @tony38. I don’t remember exactly, but I want to say it was about 120 for all three.
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    I had Island Tackle put the 30 sized on my 12 and 16.
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    You’ll dig the new GPX 80 Raptor feels just right for 80/100

    You’ll dig the new GPX 80 Raptor feels just right for 80/100
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    Tune is on party boats?

    Quite a few boats do play music.
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    Reel Cover for VISX 16

    Check out the Jaws reel covers on eBay. Solid covers and sized perfect. That’s all I use. They ship out from Los Angeles and quick.
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    Knife jig rigging?

    Yes, I use them and they make it so much easier.
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    30# duty reel

    I have the same rod with a Torque 15LD2. A Fathom would be good too.
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    A Freelance story

    Such solid writing.. it was a pleasure to read and thank you for it.
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    40# thin braid recommendations

    Here you go. Braid test and diameters Found this on BD. Just click on continue with website
  66. solid72

    40# thin braid recommendations

    I got 550yds of 40# PP, plus a top shot of 100 ft of 30# mono. Plenty of line for mine.
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    Jawbone Jigsticks

    @reginald Yes sir…. I am going to give it a try too.
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    Richard will definitely test that at Fairmont. We have been talking about that blank. I’ll be...

    Richard will definitely test that at Fairmont. We have been talking about that blank. I’ll be checking that out too.
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    Fathom/Torque 40NLD2 on What Rod?

    The 40NLD2 in either model is perfect for the GP 80 Terminator. That rod is actually under rated in line sizing. It’s a perfect 60lb and 80 in a pinch. That’s what I use.
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    Tern 2

    Checked one out on Friday and definitely feels much better and the freespool is solid. I’m getting the 5:1. Some nice upgrades.
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    Name one thing you shouldn’t do naked.

    Fall asleep next to Lorena Bobbitt
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    VISX 16, what pound test braid you put on ?

    I have 650 yards of 100lb Hollow Ace. I use it for jigging or sinker rig.
  73. solid72

    Reel Cover for VISX 16

    I order JAWS reel covers from eBay. Solid covers. Quick delivery from Los Angeles. Price varies by size
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    What’s the biggest fish you’ve landed on a 660? Picked up a beauty

    Those fly downs were awesome. Made it easier on the time off that allowed for more trips 🤣
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    What’s the biggest fish you’ve landed on a 660? Picked up a beauty

    Yes sir. Great crew.. Bacon and I on going for a slay ride, getting after my gear in the drink with a backup in hand. That was fun.
  76. Seeker WTS S/B 10’3” Ulua Creamsicle

    Southern California Seeker WTS S/B 10’3” Ulua Creamsicle

    Selling a 10’3” blank. No trades price is firm. Pick up in Torrance evening or Norwalk area day. I could meet in OC too.
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    Seeker WTS S/B 10’3” Ulua Creamsicle

    solid72 submitted a new listing: Seeker WTS S/B 10’3” Ulua Creamsicle - Seeker WTS S/B 10’3” Ulua Creamsicle Learn more about this listing...
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    What’s the biggest fish you’ve landed on a 660? Picked up a beauty

    @Rubberhook2 yes, great call. Must be the signature writing of his. @SMYLEE definitely great memories down there. Those Rivilla fish are mean.
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    What’s the biggest fish you’ve landed on a 660? Picked up a beauty

    Back in mid 90’s on a 5’5” Sabre 6455XXH. 240lb at Clarion. That rod and my 655XH have put down some big fish. The 240 is my biggest for a yellowfin on a short rod.
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    Daiwa zakana jig hook sizes

    The 9430 as it’s round vs the ST-66 (left side in all pics) not by much, but the ST is a big wider in size. Seems like the Mustad “looks” stronger. The hooks in these pics 1-3 top to bottom with jigs in the background are 5/0 Mustad 9430 and 4/0 Owner st-66. The last picture, the left hook is...
  81. solid72

    Daiwa zakana jig hook sizes

    Your 3/0 Mustad and the Kaiju 2/0 will be great on it. I have in these pictures the Mustad 2/0 9430-DS and the the green Zacana is the 2/0 ST-66 and are just a tad bigger and I like those better just for a bit more size. I will be upgrading to a 3/0 ST-66 on some or the 3/0 9430 Mustad...
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    The 2022 Pacific Coast Sportfishing Show

    Yes, that is him.
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    That’s how I started doing mine and also my wind ons.

    That’s how I started doing mine and also my wind ons.
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    For a blank

    For a blank
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    Calstar over $700.00 and UC just over $500.00 for a 7’6”

    Calstar over $700.00 and UC just over $500.00 for a 7’6”
  86. solid72

    Calstar $700 plus and a UC about 500.00 plus

    Calstar $700 plus and a UC about 500.00 plus
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    Best reel guy in Ventura County/ San Fernando Valley???

    Give Mark Romero a call. 323.229.0031
  88. solid72

    Rigged Flat Fall and Knife Jig Storage

    I use a Plano Jig bag
  89. solid72

    WTB SK JIgs

    Check the shops as many have seemed to restock this week.
  90. solid72

    Nite bite for the biggins

    Those get bit good.
  91. solid72

    Nite bite for the biggins

    200-300 gram KB knife jigs, 400-500g Rip Rollers, GHT knife jigs. Ocean Cat knife in 300-400g. Colors were Iron Man, purple, pink, bubble gum, red with polka dot, what they call Rasta, chrome 4/0, 6X jr’s and the 320 Nomad. Those worked on trips I was on and for me. Zacana and Colt sniper in...
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    Shimano 30 TLD2 Will Fish and Tib upgrades

  93. solid72

    Favorite experience of 2021?

    Getting 3 bites and two solid hookups on the same day fishing swordfish for my first time. Landing a 238 and losing a huge one at the boat, made the other look small. Just went out thinking well, I’ll learn how to fish for these if anything. Definitely humbling and VERY appreciative for the...
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    Shimano 30 TLD2 Will Fish and Tib upgrades

    solid72 submitted a new listing: Shimano 30 TLD2 Will Fish and Tib upgrades - Shimano 30 TLD2 Will Fish and Tib upgrades Learn more about this listing...
  95. Shimano 30 TLD2 Will Fish and Tib upgrades

    Southern California Shimano 30 TLD2 Will Fish and Tib upgrades

    Reel was a backup and has 550-600 yards of 100 lb Berkley Pro Spec solid put on last year. I’m in Los Angeles and will meet up in OC if need be. Shipping is additional
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    WTS S/B Ulua Creamsicle blank

    solid72 submitted a new listing: WTS S/B Ulua Creamsicle blank - WTS S/B Ulua Creamsicle blank Learn more about this listing...
  97. WTS S/B Ulua Creamsicle blank

    Southern California WTS S/B Ulua Creamsicle blank

    10’3”. I’m in Los Angeles area will drive to OC if need be. $280.00 OBO
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    FISHING THE CHUNK??????????

    That jumbo squid was on fire on an 8 day back in 98 at Alijos. This one is a picture on the Shogun from a W.O.N 8 day I was on. We caught that 100-130yft and quite a bit of 40-60lb yellows off the kite with squid.
  99. solid72

    If you get to see Tim Ekstrom, ask him about his surf session at Clip. Definitely needed a...

    If you get to see Tim Ekstrom, ask him about his surf session at Clip. Definitely needed a Dentist onboard.. That break is FAST…
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    FISHING THE CHUNK??????????

    One very hot day(Q105 - 1990’s) at Clarion me and one angler were out fishing with deans, while crew member Armando was dropping chunks over. He calls us two over to grab our chunk rigs, as he saw some in the chum line. Took about 1 minute and we both were on. That wheelhouse cleared quick.
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    50% off fishing license

    The state hasn’t upgraded their computers, so unfortunately that license is not available yet at least not in 2023 or longer.
  102. solid72

    50% off fishing license

    Yes it does. With even 10% off other items of course I had to pick up more than what I need, just in case.
  103. solid72

    50% off fishing license

    I got mine today and yes, they are covering the difference. It’s all month long.
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    Offshore 12 Days of Christmas on the New Lo-An

    An entertaining and great report. Sounds like a fun trip🤙🏼
  105. solid72

    That Guy Strikes Again

    My guess is that it was the PS
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    Favorite 50lb reel

    Makaira 10 Sea.
  107. solid72

    UC Rod and Valliant reel matching

    Just remember the ratings for some reason are backwards on those rods. The Terminator is more suited for using 60/80 pound line. 50 for the predator.
  108. solid72

    Anyone willing to rent big bluefin gear?

    What boat are you on?
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    Offshore Swordfish with Ali - Nine Mile Bank

    Congratulations! I got one two weeks ago in that area. 238# and lost a bigger one at the boat as it was jumping.
  110. solid72

    We were talking that maybe we would score an Opah. That’s the fish I always drop my jigs deep...

    We were talking that maybe we would score an Opah. That’s the fish I always drop my jigs deep on paddies just in case one bites. Nice fish you landed. Marshall is great guy, showed me a lot.
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    Offshore Deep dropping consolation prize

    What a great consolation fish. I had 3 bites with two hook sets Monday, landed a 238 and busted a very much bigger one that showed itself all fight long, full body clearing jumps. Broke off at the boat getting ready to remove the last light as it decided to jump again.
  112. solid72

    Chance of catching a swordfish during a 12 hours trip out of San Diego?

    Go now! I went Monday on my very first ever sword trip and got 3 bites, 2 hooked, landed one at 238# and the other was a wild one and broke at leader right next to the boat, when it went to jump and thrash. It was about 350-400#. I saw it jump completely out of the water as I was reeling it...
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    It has 550 yards of 80# Berkley Pro Spec solid

    It has 550 yards of 80# Berkley Pro Spec solid
  114. solid72

    12 visx for 80lb

  115. solid72

    12 visx for 80lb

    I have a 12 with 650 yards of 80# Hollow Ace set at 25lbs strike with a 20’ top shot. My 16 has 700 yards of 100# hollow Ace set at 30lbs strike. They both have the upgraded 30 size handles and put the 16 handle on my 40N. So yes the 12 is an 80lb reel.
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    Looks like someone made a brand new account this week, claiming to be the captain of the Affliction and gave there side of the story. It’s in the Chit Chat forum.
  117. solid72

    Offshore Tomahawk Chop on the biggies 9/12 1.75 day

    Boat was pulled out today and repairs are being done. Will be ready for Sunday’s 2.5 day according to the captain.
  118. solid72


    Hmm, maybe that’s the only way they know how to fish. Get tight to the big boats.
  119. solid72

    The crew…

    About 25 years ago on a private charter, Captain Alan Faye was yelling all day, on a great limits of big albacore and decent yellowtail trip. One of the passengers who was very gentle and quiet, but you knew he would light us all up at the same time, had enough and got in Alan’s face and told...
  120. solid72

    Leg Cramps

    Hmm, LR boats carry them and have them out for snacking.
  121. solid72

    Fluoro to Hook Knot - Pics or it Didn't Happen - Show me Your Knot!

    I use both the scale and digital. They both have been identical so far.
  122. solid72

    Guadalupe Tuna Method Theory

    For your question regarding reel covers. Check out the JAWS reel covers via eBay (quick delivery out of Los Angeles) or through
  123. solid72

    What rod would you recommend for a PENN VISXS 50?

    Call up Darin at 310rodworks and see about the Deviant. That rod was made for them by UC.. Perfect pairing. If you have FB look them up and check out his article on that rod. I absolutely dig the 76 Viper, but the Deviant is next level.
  124. solid72

    Fluoro to Hook Knot - Pics or it Didn't Happen - Show me Your Knot!

    I tested a few several weeks back with the 3 and 4 turn uni and the SD knot. SD knot is shown in the pics, as it seemed to hold better with the flouro. 25 Soft Steel Flouro broke over 100% as well as my 30 Gold label. 35 pound Izorline MONO that broke at 41 pounds
  125. solid72

    Flat fall set up

    I made a few with the swivel / hook thing. Looks good🤙🏼
  126. solid72

    Tag team bluefin

    Great going. I saw your post on FB..
  127. solid72

    Bad Bearings in Torque 25NLD2

    Thanks everyone. Reason why I was asking is I had a recent problem arise with two Penn reels. I sent several of another brand of reels to Cal-Sheets, thinking I wouldn’t need them right now and well the bluefin have been biting really good. So I go and purchase a 12 and 16 VISX at different...
  128. solid72

    Bad Bearings in Torque 25NLD2

    Thanks and much appreciated..
  129. solid72

    Bad Bearings in Torque 25NLD2

    I’ll check out the BOCA bearings and do as dalurker mentioned. Do my own🤙🏼🤙🏼 Just was a bit baffled by the bearings on a new-ish reel. I guess that’s very possible that it could have come that way.
  130. solid72

    Bad Bearings in Torque 25NLD2

    They would be the 2 spool Bearings above the drag disk and to the rear behind the clicker shield. Reel has been taken care of this last year. I took it in for service just as it’s annual like the rest of my gear. Just probably a coincidence that the bearings were bad. I did notice the free...
  131. solid72

    Bad Bearings in Torque 25NLD2

    Just sent my Torque 25 NLD2 in for service and only had about 10 fish on it (one year old reel bought new) and two bearings were bad. Anyone have this issue or possibly just a fluke? They would be 2 spool bearings, one above the drag disk and to the rear behind the clicker shield. Yes, I do...
  132. solid72

    Seeker does not sell stock rods to the public, they only sell blanks..

    Seeker does not sell stock rods to the public, they only sell blanks..
  133. solid72

    Advantage of Fish Processing?

    First of all, if you want same day service, it’s always good to notify ahead of time. If it’s busy that is one way to hopefully assure same day service 2-4 hrs. Marios’s is $1 a pound 3 mil bags. Fisherman’s and Five Star are $1.25 for 3 mil and I believe 1.35 for 5 mil. So worth it to have...
  134. solid72

    Same here. Seems like the 60 pound in that exact label does it

    Same here. Seems like the 60 pound in that exact label does it
  135. solid72

    Offshore Got a call from Redondo Sportfishing. The Pescador 3/5 1.5 day to bring the big stuff for bluefin

    Reports saying 30-60 at the 43 and 150+ pounds behind SCI. Best of luck and hope y’all find them.
  136. solid72

    Success Sportfishing or Others?

    Good to hear Cary is doing well, I’ve fished with him when he worked on the Vagabond, right before he bought the Success.
  137. solid72

    Got time? How about washing your spectra?

    I saw that they have two sizes. I take it the smaller ones will not hold a 50 sized reel worth of spectra?
  138. solid72

    OC Seeker Pinhead Ulua 93h e-glass blanks

    Is it still available? I know, a couple months later, but have to ask.
  139. solid72

    Post photos of your catches with the new PENN "Slow-Pitch Jigging" rods and reels

    Who carries the rods right now? The Penn site says not in stock.
  140. solid72

    Avet hx or hxw for big tuna

    I ended up with a Makaira 50
  141. solid72

    Avet hx or hxw for big tuna

    Regarding the HXW Raptor, I did a private 2.5 day on the Constitution and my buddy hooked and landed a 313 on it flat falling. Now, here is what happened, he was nearly spooled 4 times and we followed the fish and had to plane a cow we had hooked at the stern. We chased his fish and his reel...
  142. solid72

    Seeker Blank CJBF100 H

    Oh man! Very tempted
  143. solid72


    I use the Mak 50, Viper, but will try the Invictus next and I have 200 pound spectra.
  144. solid72

    life jacket rig

    Yes, same riggin
  145. solid72

    life jacket rig

    I forgot to mention a small balloon on top of the flyer itself, like the skinny ones you make animals with, so you could see the flyer.
  146. solid72

    life jacket rig

    Yes, just like fly-lining. Put about a 3-4” length and poke through when you spread the wings, tie down or zip tie the jacket.
  147. solid72

    life jacket rig

    Last week on a Jeff Price 2 day aboard the Thunderbird, we used 400lb leader with 10/0 or 11/0 j hook, 6 inch leader to a 5/0 4x treble with 1/2” hot water pipe insulation as a nice warm life jacket for the flyer for those who were not flying the balloons. We had an epic trip.
  148. solid72

    Offshore Tanner 10/25

    4 days and I set a couple FF like yours 🤙🏻🤙🏻
  149. solid72

    Finally got a chance to use/test my Makaira 20 SEa

    That is a perfect match. Some like the 7’6” Predator, but for me the GP80 Terminator is really nice with it.
  150. solid72


    If anyone was going out soon on the Shogun they posted this today about 6:30 am. Good morning guys!! Shogun returned this morning from a 1.5 day with near limits of BFT. They head back out today on a 3 day trip. . . . I know you all are wondering about the recent incident on the Shogun and we...
  151. solid72

    Offshore Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    Sounds like the boys have found the bigger ones this weekend. Time will tell what they do with it this week or more like if the larger BFT want to play too.
  152. solid72

    Blue glass composite sb ulua

    Great rods. I bought a Skinny Butt (SB) Ulua earlier this year. That is a great blank. Yup, sure looked like Halloween fingers at first glance. GLWS
  153. solid72

    Alan Tani scores 93 pound bluefin on little Torque TRQ15LD2

    I’m really leaning towards the TRQ15 narrow sized. Anyone use that one yet? I would like to match it with a Seeker TAC80 being built for me.
  154. solid72

    Avets 35% on Blems-Turners in Corona

    Sorry so late. They are not mismatch. I didn’t notice what was the Blem. Solid colors. They will have them until they are all sold.
  155. solid72

    Brand new Makaira 30 and 20 for sale

    Interested in the Mak 20 SEa. Could you possibly post a pic?
  156. solid72

    Avets 35% on Blems-Turners in Corona

    I was just at the Corona location and all the Blems are 35%. Plenty of HXW and HX’s Raptors and standard. A few of the EX and EXW 30-2&3 speed, a 50 and an 80.
  157. solid72

    Avet EX 30/2 verses Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor

    My buddy got this 313 last year on the HXW Raptor with a FF, but we had to chase the fish 3 times to get line back, while having to plane a cow at the stern as it would not stop, until he leaned with all his 6’7” 295lb’s could, to finally turn it. Took almost 3hrs. We also had to chase a 326...
  158. solid72

    Tern 400/500 review, good and bad

    I know it’s an old post, but have these Tern issues been fixed? I don’t want to buy something, just to see what needs adjustments as I notice this quite a bit on here and from a couple folks I personally know that bought them last year. I do want to give them a go, but again has the QC been...
  159. solid72

    Tern 500XN or Tern 500X for throwing irons?

    So now that some have had the opportunity to give the Terns a sling, how were they? I want to get one to see what they could do, but I hear a bit to much about lack of QC and the Terns having a few issues. Is that still the case? I’m still interested as I like the lower gear ratio. Thanks...
  160. solid72

    Okuma Makaira 15T Catches

    I broke in my 15T on a 105bft 80 spectra with 60lb leader on a GF 700H. After that I wanted a different rod for my reel, I now have a GP Terminator for it. Reel is flawless and kicked this one in about 10 minutes. I’ll get another 15T for 50lb to match my GF700H
  161. solid72

    Mak 15T Questions

    Just picked up a GP80 Terminator for mine.
  162. solid72

    I found someone who is tough enough!

    Nice rod. I bought the CUI 12 footer from Reginald. I’m still waiting for the builder to finish it. Can’t wait to try it.
  163. solid72

    Mak 15T Questions

    I used a GF 700H, but I am going to get a different rod. The rod I used did the job, but I want one with a little more back.
  164. solid72

    Mak 15T Questions

    Killing a 115 BFT with the Mak 15T in 10 mins. I will be getting another one, because I dig how well and effortless it was, I’ll use the new one for 50lb.
  165. solid72

    Offshore Constitution 2. - 5 Day 9/26-9/29 - Super Cows

    It was a pleasure fishing with you John and thanks again, that was definitely a stand up move on you at the end of the trip. It was a fun trip for sure with plenty of rail space. Glad you had a great time.
  166. solid72

    Whatever happened to Capt. Jim Slivkoff from AA???

    I know old post, but great memories for sure. Jim, Sam and I on the Q-105. I also have fished the BJ in the 80’s off RB.
  167. solid72

    First Long Range Trip!

    Do the 10 day. To me the fall 10 day trips have always been the best for variety. Do it and just relax. I miss those trips.
  168. solid72


    I use a UC 1000 Del Mar on a Torium 20 with 80 Max Cuatro and 50 pound 3’ mono top. So far I have a couple bluefin up to 70lbs. I have a CUI-120f being built right now. Cut down to 10-6” and debating on a Fathom 25N II or a Tern 500.
  169. solid72

    Anyone fish the Legend or Old Glory?

    I have fished the Legend and like the boat. The bow is easy to work with for throwing irons and poppers. Standing on the bench isn’t really necessary, it’s not that wide.
  170. solid72

    Offshore 1.5 day trip on the Endeavor

    Great start and write up. Now let me get my popcorn.
  171. solid72

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    My sarcastic shoulder shrugs and laugh didn’t appear on the thread. It was a line I always hear on Live PD.
  172. solid72

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Season hasn’t even started for the R85 and he’s already tweaking. Boy that could have gone bad. Now maybe it was just in the vehicle and he didn’t know. Kidding aside, I hope he gets help.
  173. solid72

    Whoever returned my Jig tote to H&M landing 7/1/19

    We tell the truth when we lie
  174. solid72

    Tuna Congo Line to SCI?

    My buddy was on a 2.5 day Islander skiff trip fishing off the south end front part of SCI. Here is the video of the 100 plus pounders that surprised the yakers. Caught off guard with only bass and yellowtail gear in the yaks. One dude was on for about 6 hours. You could see the tuna crashing...
  175. solid72

    Offshore Fathers Day Weekend - Bluefin & Yellowtail - Video - 2 Days on the Excalibur

    Dude!!! Super stoked for you. A very special Father’s Day gift for sure. I was super stoked for y’all watching the video.
  176. solid72

    How To Fish Bluefin Foamer

    Here’s a 2 day, we shopped at Foam Depot with great success.
  177. solid72

    Anybody know any retailers with Mak 15T's in stock?

    I found this posted on another thread about the Mak 15T. R8rs link has better pics.
  178. solid72

    Any old guys remember her?

    Jim is still running tugs and I heard a rumor that’s where Sam Patella went on to now, again just what a shop manager who knows Bacon told me.
  179. solid72

    Any old guys remember her?

    Found a last evening dinner pic on the Q105.
  180. solid72

    Any old guys remember her?

    On Steve, Jim was referred as Bacon. I don’t recall Capt as Bolsa.
  181. solid72

    Offshore The San Diego 3/4 Bluefin Tuna 5/8 2019

    Thanks, I meant flouro to mono and you answered that too. Thanks again.
  182. solid72

    Any old guys remember her?

    Q105 was my first LR to Clipperton Islands. Went on 2 charters a year in the 90’s. Caught my first cow on that boat, first time out. My avatar is on the Q105. Thanksgiving dinner was always delicious as well as the other meals and snacks. Pictured is Capt Sam Patella and crewmember Jim on...
  183. solid72

    Offshore The San Diego 3/4 Bluefin Tuna 5/8 2019

    Awesome Got em in the Medula. Curious what knot you used for the mono to spectra. I use the uni to uni with great success, but have heard otherwise. Fun sized fish for sure.
  184. solid72

    CUI Blanks (Black)

    F1-100 10' 20-50# 1.30"
  185. solid72

    2.5 vs. 3 day trips

    Most of the LR boats leave at 8-9 am and return 7-8 am on 3 day trips.
  186. solid72

    Trip to La Paz or ? Would like input.

    You could also try Lynn Rose Tours. I used them several times for La Paz to fish out of Las Arenas.
  187. solid72

    Best trip to start kids

    I started my kids on the Betty O, because they start at 8 am and are super kid friendly. They couldn’t wait to go back. It’s out of Marina Del Rey.
  188. solid72

    Outrider charter nov 7-9 1.5 day BFT or bust, 2 openings

    Yup, going with them and will let them know.
  189. solid72

    Outrider charter nov 7-9 1.5 day BFT or bust, 2 openings

    Cortez or Tanner even the backside of SCI are very doable on a 1.5 from Oxnard. Capt Tucker is no asshole, has a very solid following and is very fishy. He has been on the fish, just his Oxnard move for the season. I’m on a 2 day leaving Oxnard to fish BFT on the Ranger 85 this weekend. They...
  190. solid72

    Wrapping handles on pliers

    Where would one go to find the hooks to put on the pliers for shaking baits off or using it to hold your hook when tying a knot? TIA...
  191. solid72

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    Still available. I sent mine in for friends to use or as a 80-100lb spare. Freespools great and with the service and upgrades, it was 221 with shipping. I got it in June. One week exactly for a turnaround. I just need to upgrade the handle. Frame came with a new black anodized clamp. Also...
  192. solid72

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    I received mine two months ago and it was a one week turn around. I hope to break it in the next two weekend 1.5 days I have. I tried to last month on a 2 day, but didn’t connect on the jumbos, just small 30-70lb fish. Guys are great at Will Fish. I had my reel for 20 years, so it was time...
  193. solid72

    Offshore Ranger 85 7/23 to 7/25 2 day

    Yup, same Elsa. She is a great fisher gal.
  194. solid72

    Offshore Ranger 85 7/23 to 7/25 2 day

    A fishing buddy was on that trip and she was one of the lucky ones. Taped out at 221. Back to back 200lbers for her. Last year she caught one too on the R85.
  195. solid72

    Anyone know what the Excalibur was? Vessel name before it. Taft brothers bought a new boat.

    Yes sir, I was getting on to edit. Thanks. He is on Let’s Talk Hookup this morning.
  196. solid72

    Anyone know what the Excalibur was? Vessel name before it. Taft brothers bought a new boat.

    I believe it’s Steve Taft. At least that is who has been posting the remodel and replying to everyone.
  197. solid72

    Red Crab Hookup Baits

    I used a 4 ounce HUb and was bouncing it off the bottom for 4 lings. Two for me and two hand offs. Two weeks ago on a two day on the Prowler I used a 1.5 ounce green sardine to go 1 for 2 on a bft with the HUB. I also was chewed off on a HUB, so I bumped up my leader. I wish the hooks were...
  198. solid72

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 6/27-7/1, 4hr cow tuna...almost

    Sorry about the heartbreak, but what an epic fight. Great write up, like I was there type
  199. solid72

    Re-gearing up, from scratch.

    Such a true statement.
  200. solid72

    Offshore 976-Tuna 2 day on the Prowler 6/17-6/19

    I just wanted to see if I could get one on it. So out it went.
  201. solid72

    Offshore 976-Tuna 2 day on the Prowler 6/17-6/19

    The hooks are thin wire Owner, so I was probably at the max fish weight with the 1.5 ounce. I think you could get a 70 if you do some drag adjustments. My fish was 32lbs and the other maxed my scale (50lbs). I am going to guess 60’s.
  202. solid72

    Offshore Pacific Queen 4/20-21 Overnight..

    Darn bluefin, I just came back from a 2 day and what didn’t work for y’all, worked for us on 85% of the foamers. Once we snagged a little chovy, we started hooking up the rest of the two days.
  203. solid72

    Offshore 976-Tuna 2 day on the Prowler 6/17-6/19

    That small silver lure WAS a 1.5 ounce Hook Up Bait in green sardine. I lost one earlier to a chew off, so I tied on a 100lb pink flouro and feed it to one. Mixed schools for sure. Don’t know what size will grab it. I should have thrown the left over out, since it looked like the size bait...
  204. solid72

    Offshore 976-Tuna 2 day on the Prowler 6/17-6/19

    Yes some were caught on sardine. First light when we were fishing a school of jumbo (don’t fish less than 80 type), a few hooked up and we’re instantly spoiled or watched slowly as all the line went. We landed about 8 on bait.
  205. solid72

    Offshore 976-Tuna 2 day on the Prowler 6/17-6/19

    Booked a trip a month back and just waited. Boarded the Prowler with Andrew Viola at the helm. Left at 9:00 pm, baited up and traveled to the grounds, just a guess but about 60 miles. About 5 am we were on a big spot of jumbos dropping FF’s, Tady ST, flyline and sinker rigs and two hooked up...
  206. solid72

    Offshore PQ Limits BFT 60-90#

    Just returned from a two day on the Prowler. We left Sunday night. About 11 am and on, it was run and gun on small and massive foamers. First light a few hooked the jumbos all spooled. Just like it was mentioned earlier, Colt Snipers, Mega Baits, poppers and even on the Hook Up Bait.
  207. solid72

    Okuma STCi-c861xh rod

    Thanks! That was on the 4 ounce HUB. I used that the entire time and hooked 4 lings handing off two.
  208. solid72

    Okuma STCi-c861xh rod

    Just broke in my AXEON SCTi 801XH, with a Komodo 364 that came with the reel at the FHS. Spooled with 50 braid and a 40lb short mono leader, this past weekend off La Jolla. Brought it to give it a go at some yellows off Coronados, but some of the clients forgot their passports on this vendor...
  209. solid72

    Offshore Rough Weekend Offshore

    Thanks for the report. It’s always cool to read reports with folks helping others catch a fish.
  210. solid72

    BFT and the damage done

    Like the majority have mentioned, easy fix. I just had to add this pic.
  211. solid72

    Beginner surface iron rod

    When you hook one, just put the rod in your left or right hip, kick the opposite leg back a tad and point the rod about 1 o’clock. If need be, point the rod at the fish, rod tucked under your arm pit and rock his ass back. You’ll kick its ass. Sort of like golf, it’s how you align it. Then...
  212. solid72

    Sea Adventure 80??

    Went on a 1.5 day last year and Scott, crew and boat was great.
  213. solid72

    Beginner surface iron rod

    What Ray said. Great starter gear that Ray mentioned. I own a 690j and it is still fun 25 years later.
  214. solid72

    Another back ordered VISX thread.

    I was looking at the 16 and 20 at Sav-On last week. Took a picture for the wife to get a Father’s Day gift.
  215. solid72


    Can’t wait to throw those anchodines. Thanks for letting me pick up a few fresh from the box.
  216. solid72

    Prowler at Seaforth

    I am on a two day coming up, with the Prowler mid June. Fish or not going to be good to get on the water.
  217. solid72

    Double vs Single Knots

    I now use the 5 turn trilene knot doubled. Just check it and make sure you DO not cross the lines. In a quick pinch, I will do a SD knot.
  218. solid72

    Prowler at Seaforth

    Yup, they announced it during the Fred Hall show. This came from Markus of the NLA. From Markus. We haven't said much yet, since the deal wasn't concluded until yesterday morning. Here is the straight scoop... Andrew Viola (Thunderbird relief operator, ex American Angler crewman), Drew Card...
  219. solid72

    Anyone fished the axeon pro rods?

    I have one that came with the purchase of the Komodo at the FHS. Maybe we will have to answer your questions when we try ours.
  220. solid72

    Royal Polaris Clipperton 2020 is already sold out

    Don’t take a surfboard and try to surf those fast waves. Captain definitely needed a dentist that trip. Reef likes to feed on teeth.
  221. solid72

    Poll on topshot creation preference: Loop, Pena Knot or Sato Crimp?

    Perfect. I am in Torrance too.
  222. solid72

    Getting spooled? throw it in with a back up rod!

    Clarion Island 1997. Fishing 60# at mid day and boom, a heavy takes my bait. Tossed the rig and backup was loosing line in a hurry. That’s me in the skiff chasing it down. Estimated 250lbs of mean Clarion isl. yellowfin won its freedom, with a pulled hook about a half a body length stretch...
  223. solid72

    the penn international 50 VISX!

    That was awesome Alan. Thanks for taking the time and sharing it. Very valuable and appreciated.
  224. solid72

    JRI Jigs -The Breakdown

    Great information and thanks for sharing.
  225. solid72

    Offshore Old Glory tonight

    And again today along with the Aztec. Sounds like a long range trip on a 1.5 day.
  226. solid72

    Offshore Mint Green Magic when the Navy sings the Blues

    Wow! Let's see, Capt does his best of the situation and y'all get in on a good yellowtail bite. Then gives 1/2 off on a next trip, that's way to cool. I would have been good with the yellowtail bite as a second choice. That's service!
  227. solid72

    Offshore 3 days that lasted forever

    Sounds like Hurricane Bank sometimes, but nowhere to hide. Makes room at the rail. Hopefully you get the calm weather next time.
  228. solid72

    Shimano Torium 20

    I have one on a Seeker WT CJB 90f and use 40lb for iron. I also have a Teramar TMC-70MHB for bait. I'm sure there are several applications out there. One was given to me (bait stick and reel) the jig stick is all I had to pair with the other one and has worked really well.
  229. solid72

    Offshore Ken's Custom Reels Trip, American Angler

    I love fishing that boat, great boat, crew and capt. Now Ken that dude is one cool guy, always has been. His charters are top notch on a top notch vessel. Sounds like you had a great trip. Thanks for the report.
  230. solid72

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 3.5 day june 30-july 3

    I fished the SA 80 on June 9th 1.5 day. Crew is awesome and fun. Food was great and the vessel has some staterooms and open bunks. This was my stateroom. Had it to myself as we only had 20 folks.
  231. solid72

    Offshore Condor Sportfishing

    Yup, always in high gear until it goes vertical.
  232. solid72

    Offshore July 1st on water report

    Good one! Totally forgot about that one.
  233. solid72

    Best Okuma rod and reel for kite/yummie fishing?

    I would bump that line to 130lb spectra with a 200lb wind on leader.
  234. solid72

    Offshore Memorial Day Cow Tipping

    Great video and sweet bft.
  235. solid72

    YT grade from Liberty Friday, May 26?

    If your dropping an iron or flat fall, you should use 60lb min. Better if you use 80lb-100lb. The schools are anywhere from 15 pounds and over 100 plus. 177lbs on the San Diego yesterday
  236. solid72

    Offshore Light load sea adventure 2

    Awesome, seen the boat website showing that they were going with, regardless.
  237. solid72

    Offshore Do you throw your brother overboard for tuna? Tribute 4/1-4/2 17

    What a solid first report and welcome to BD. Thanks for that awesome report, pics and video.
  238. solid72

    Shimano Shimano Torium 20HG

    Damn it, I have been debating between the 20hg and Penn Fathom 25n star for throwing iron on 40lb and I read this. Way better reviews than what I have read, but from 2 years ago reviews. I have been looking for reviews, not intensly and all old stuff found, so far. Glad I took a peak at the...
  239. solid72

    Maui shore fishing for gt

    How did it go? Just seen your post. I was in Oahu the same week and didn't get a chance to even drop a line.
  240. solid72

    Offshore Tribute 1/28 Bluefin Tuna

    I'm ready, I am going to throw this special surface iron at them. It's guaranteed not to sink.
  241. solid72

    Anyone field test an Omoto Talos II Speed?

    I used the Omoto Talos 10 single speed, (fished 15lb test) and landed 3 - 15-20lb yft and one 12lb dodo back in July and Aug 2016. I did have a yft with some weight on it that I fought for about 50 mins until the #2 hook pulled on 15 lb test. I didn't get to hook anything of size on the 2...
  242. solid72

    Offshore WFO Quality 40-60lb Yellowfin Tuna

    Way to go Billy, you would think fisher folks would listen to you by now. What an epic year you have had. Fish Hard!
  243. solid72

    Offshore 10-15-17 YFT below

    Thanks for the report. I always love to help look too. More eyes the better.
  244. solid72

    Offshore First Time Aboard New Lo-An

    Thanks for sharing, great write up and the classified rod part, not so much with the video.
  245. solid72

    Offshore First String Pacific Dawn tandem BFT KILL

    Was this picture taken around Feb 1997? I was on the Q105 and we were parked across from the Excel on a trip in Feb of 97. We showed up a day before they left back home.
  246. solid72

    Offshore 3 day on the Royal Star (9/11-9/14)

    Awesome report, thanks. Been an awesome season.
  247. solid72

    Offshore 9/14 liberty heading out at....

    My brother went out on the 12th and they trekked up to 50 miles and picked up 113yft. Returned at 830 pm.
  248. solid72

    Offshore 9/11 Liberty yellowfin

    My brother went out the 12th and went 40-50 miles on the 3/4 Liberty and returned at 830 pm. 113 yft. Sounds like the crew was very solid and will stretch the distance. They used 20lb at first, but switched up 30 - 50lb. I'll have to give them a shot.
  249. solid72

    Offshore First String Pacific Dawn tandem BFT KILL

    That's awesome, been a long while since I have seen it or heard about it. I seen it at Clarion twice, one time when a guys line got wrapped up and another when an anglers reel locked up, so they cut and spliced another rod and reel.
  250. solid72

    Offshore Commander BFT 9-05

    Way to go and congrats on your PB with the lighter line. Congrats to your son too. Those are some decent looking fish.
  251. solid72

    Offshore 9/5 SCI BFT Report

    Way to go. I think you're right on the size estimate. Fight on through the chum. Solid fish indeed.
  252. solid72

    Chief 2.5 Day is cancelled!!!!!!

    Oooouch! I feel like you need a hug, that is a tough one. Had it happen once before on a 6 pack my friend was running. This was over 25 years ago, but I was supposed to crew for him that day.
  253. solid72

    Komodo 450

    Very informative and thanks for explaining that. I'm in. Next reel purchase will be the Okuma Komodo.
  254. solid72

    Komodo 450

    I haven't used a baitcaster yet, but would like to try one. So, are those plastic parts I see? I've have my brothers Lexa 400 and haven't used it yet and now I want to take it apart to take a gander at it. I like the Okuma pricing for sure.
  255. solid72

    Komodo 450

    I dig the looks of it, thanks for sharing.
  256. solid72

    Cortez 5 diagram?

    Email Okuma, they may send one.
  257. solid72

    Komodo 450

    From Sav-On instagram.
  258. solid72

    Offshore Condor 2.5 Day 8/19-8/22

    Perfection, congrats on your PB. Looks like you had everything put together just right for your biggest bft. Fun fights aren't they.
  259. solid72

    Offshore Grande 1.5 8/21

    Still a nice fish, way to go. I still don't get it why folks are going out unprepared this season. Anglers should always bring the you never know gear, imo.
  260. solid72

    Offshore Eclipse Finds Tuna August 16th Report

    Great report Dan, I was out on a 1.5 over the weekend and 15lb with #2 hooks for me. Pulled 6 hooks 3 landed and had an epic 30 min evening battle on what looked to be about 50lbs according to the skipper and pulled the hook at color, I buttoned my drag a bit to stop messing around with it when...
  261. solid72

    Yellowtail, calicos and a lady

    Speechless, way to go and by the timing of your unselfish thoughts you saved a life and kept a young girl from witnessing a possibly tragic ending to her mother.
  262. solid72

    Offshore Overnight on Pacific Queen

    This style has worked for me. Glad the kite worked out for y'all. Pulling the clip and winding down fast, gets tricky for some. Great job. PQ is a solid boat and crew.
  263. solid72

    Offshore My pb on the New Lo An 235lbs

    Congrats on your PB, nice fish.
  264. solid72

    Offshore Dorado 12 mi West of LJ

    Thanks for the report. Great report. I dig your format of the intel. Nice looking dodo. Good looking weather. Your probably a great guy until I seen THE SHIRT, lol. Seriously, thanks for the report and Fight On!
  265. solid72


    Who knows, temp is right in some areas, bait fish all over and the producer stated that they seen wahoo last week. Never hurts to try.
  266. solid72

    Offshore Boat report - on the prowler

    Great report, thanks for sharing. Like it said, "Targeting big bluefin"
  267. solid72

    Offshore Overnight Out of Oceanside Late Report

    Way to go! That puts the catch between the 30 and 40 mile bank.
  268. solid72

    Offshore SoCal Bluefin Popping/Livebait leader lb test recommendations

    If your using a popper with the heavier line, I would crimp it, less knots to fail.
  269. solid72

    Offshore Messed around and got a triple digit

    Congrats and great write up. Way to go after it.
  270. solid72

    Which model would be best to paired with PHD-760XH

    I should have mentioned, if you use the 8 strand vs the 4. TEST SPECIFICATION DIAMETER COLOR 20 4 Strand PE Braid 0.234mm dark green, brown, white 30 4 Strand PE Braid 0.286mm white, dark green, brown and 4 color 50 4 Strand PE Braid 0.405mm white, dark green, brown and 4 color 60 4 Strand PE...
  271. solid72

    Which model would be best to paired with PHD-760XH

    You could get more yardage with 60lb Toro Tamer if you wanted.
  272. solid72

    Yesterday - 3 groms, one antique rod, and a freight train yellow

    So awesome, thanks for sharing. I dig the "If it gets off it's no bodies fault" Way to go.
  273. solid72

    Offshore I'm back after 5 year Haitus, epic bluefin tuna fishing

    Welcome back and way to go, nice grade of fish.
  274. solid72

    The San Diego got em today!

    Fun part is that most were off the iron and such. At least the larger models. Reactionary bites I guess.
  275. solid72

    FOR SALE NEWELL 338-5 AND 338J5

    Is it still available?
  276. solid72

    Got a 25N

    Just seen the crazy sale at for the Penns, what gives? I'm getting a few. To much of a discount to pass up.
  277. solid72

    Anyone field test an Omoto Talos II Speed?

    I was at my local tackle shop and noticed an Omoto Talos. It looked like a 14 or 15N II speed. Felt nice and narrow for fishing 30lb. Just don't know much about them. Anyone try them or know how they perform?
  278. solid72


    So I went to the Fred Hall Show yesterday looking for a 40lb jig stick blank. I happened to just stop at the Seeker booth and the rep sold me this one through Fishermans Landing telling me it's a 25-60lb. Will 40lb work with a Penn Fathom 25n or TRQ25 At least it feels as though it would. I...
  279. solid72

    Tribute to Rollo

    Solid work, looks awesome.
  280. solid72

    Seeker Limited Edition White Tiger Blanks

    Awe man, oh well, I just added another nice stick. I asked the Seeker rep for a 40-50lb stick and that's what he took over to Fishermans Landing to sell me. I like it though. I'll hit up Island Tackle and get me a new 40lb rod done.
  281. solid72

    Seeker Limited Edition White Tiger Blanks

    I know this post is old, BUT, I just picked up the 90f White Tiger at the show. The Seeker rep told me I could fish 40 and the rating is 25-60. I couldn't find anything online to verify this. Feels as though it will handle 40-50 no problem. What reel would you pair with the rod?
  282. solid72

    50lb Bluefin caught on Pacific Queen

    Came from the PQ live report. They had BFT boiling around the boat.
  283. solid72

    1/2 Day Yellows and a White Sea BassBass

    Here is a better photo of the WSB.
  284. solid72

    1/2 Day Yellows and a White Sea BassBass

    Lol, yes. His daughter was using that Shimano 4500 series spinner/rod combo, but couldn't handle the weight. Dad had a fumble moment, since he doesn't use spinners, but it handled well. Came up floating way out, Cow Cod style.
  285. solid72

    1/2 Day Yellows and a White Sea BassBass

    January 2 2016. Took out a couple friends from Michigan for a first time salt water trip. We boarded the Redondo Special for the am trip with a tank full of candy bait. 30 anglers, 20 yellowtail from 20 - 30 lbs and one tanker of a WSB, 59lbs. I believe the boat lost just as many that were...