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  1. mutu0069

    Jigs for bluefin tuna

    West Coast Jiggerz KB knife jigs in blue and pink
  2. mutu0069

    Jig selection

    All my jigs are stored in a 3600 open tray unrigged. I keep all my leaders in a zip loc bag. My trebles and assist hooks (depending how I’m going to rig them) kept in their packaging. I put them all together on the way out.
  3. mutu0069

    Penn International VISX

    mutu0069 submitted a new listing: Penn International VISX - Penn International VISX Learn more about this listing...
  4. Penn International VISX

    Southern California Penn International VISX

    Penn ViSX 16 in mint condition. 100 lb. Jerry Brown solid filled to the top. $520. Local transaction only. Located in Los Alamitos/Seal Beach area weekends and evenings and Redondo Beach weekdays during the day. Text: (562) 318-4342 or DM Brian
  5. mutu0069

    Colt sniper / zakana deals?

    I believe Islands was offering buy 2 get 1 free on all jigs.
  6. mutu0069

    Best Multi Color Spectra for depth finding?

    I’m using Izors metered braid. It’s marked at every 100 ft. So far I like it. No real problem seeing it at night
  7. mutu0069

    Lure suggestions for SJDC?

    This was the hot ticket 3 weeks ago
  8. mutu0069

    Question on knots for MadMacs.

    I tie a Springer knot using 200 lb. Mono
  9. mutu0069

    Braid question for Tranx 500

    I have 80 lb pro spec and can’t complain. The benefit of a higher # braid is the cast ability. It comes off the soool better rather than digging into itself.
  10. mutu0069

    Madmac at fishermans access! Go now!

    At least he’s offering free shipping!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  11. mutu0069

    Madmac at fishermans access! Go now!

    Big shipment went out Monday to dealers. Once the dealers have them on their shelves they’ll start selling them on their website too
  12. mutu0069

    Madmac at fishermans access! Go now!

    Word on the street there’s going to be a huge shipment hitting the US market in short time. Bye bye price gougers! 😂😂😂
  13. mutu0069

    Offshore Talica 16 vs 20 for 2.5 Day on Condor

    Totally agree. But I’ve yet to find out how Penns customer service is. Never needed them LOL My Fathoms have been bulletproof, just routine maintenance I do myself. Don’t get me wrong. Love my Talicas, They’re great reels, but they’re a lot of money to shell out to fish 40 lb kelp paddy...
  14. mutu0069

    Offshore Talica 16 vs 20 for 2.5 Day on Condor

    Nothing like a little TSI on the bearings couldn’t help. I own a Talica 12, they’re expensive but a great reel. A little bit of high maintenance and scratches easy But me personally, I would get a Fathom 25NLD. Especially since they’re blowing out the Gen1’s. You can find a great deal on one
  15. mutu0069

    Offshore Talica 16 vs 20 for 2.5 Day on Condor

    Or save some money and buy a Speedmaster 12 and with the money you saved buy a new rod to go with it.
  16. mutu0069

    Horseshoe area fish id?

    And never seen them caught that shallow. Back in the day we used to catch them in 400-600 ft of water at Short Bank. And the funny thing was that we always viewed them as junk fish back then. We would chunk them up and send em back down. Always remembered how oily the meat was.
  17. mutu0069

    Owner ST-66 4X Split ring sizes?

    You can also get those trebles ringed which makes it a lot easier putting the split rings onto.
  18. mutu0069

    El Capitan

    Personally, I would try and get on the Fortune or the Pacific Dawn
  19. mutu0069

    Surface iron help

    Forgot to add the Stinger is also a badass jig as well.
  20. mutu0069

    Surface iron help

    My go to are the JRI’s. I usually stick to 3 models that will pretty much take care of most of what’s biting. DW1, 4, and 7. All solid mint. You can get them here:
  21. mutu0069

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    Damn that sucks. Couldn’t imagine the feeling.
  22. mutu0069

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    Good to see they’re still doing offshore trips in the summer and fall!
  23. mutu0069

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    Yea, it’s luck of the draw. It can happen anywhere. But that lot just makes me nervous thinking of leaving my truck there. Probably would make someone else drive or Uber it there. 😂
  24. mutu0069

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    Yup, that’s the only reason that keeps me from going on an overnighter. I’ll be damned if I leave my truck parked there overnight.
  25. mutu0069

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    Yup, that Ricky. I remember fishing with him years ago on the Del Mar. Been so long didn’t know he was out of the game.
  26. mutu0069

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    Yea if so that’s a shame. That boat should be fishing offshore and no more Guadalupe or PV trips either.
  27. mutu0069

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    I heard it’s Jeff and Ricky Carbajal partnered in the Apollo. Hope they get dialed in, that boat is a bad ass platform.
  28. mutu0069

    Knot pullers?

    Accurate makes the ones that slips inside each other.
  29. mutu0069

    Tranx 400: Which Power Handle?

    After I upgraded my 500 with a Trinidad 16/20 handle I put the 500 handle on my 400. Big improvement in my opinion and no issues with the reel getting thrown into gear but then again I always make sure my handle is in the down position anyways.
  30. mutu0069

    Split ring retardation

    I use ringed 10/0 Owner Jobus and ringed 5/0 Owner ST-66 Stinger trebles with a #10 ultra with no problems. You may want to look into ringed hooks if you want to use that size split rings.
  31. mutu0069

    "Different" Style of Sinker Rigging?

    Yea I just saw that video yesterday. I like the idea to be able to drop into the zone faster. I swear it seemed no matter how slow I let it drop it would twist up once in awhile. Can’t wait to try it on my next trip.
  32. mutu0069

    Best deal you ever got…

    I bought diesel last year for $3.79 a gallon 🤣🤣🤣
  33. mutu0069

    Which Rod for Penn Torque 15ld2

    GP Mega
  34. mutu0069

    Ouch, big time

    Ouch! That was painful to watch
  35. mutu0069

    So are the Fish Lab Roller Bags defective

    That’s weird. Have you tried reaching out to FishLabs, maybe they’ll warranty it.
  36. mutu0069

    So are the Fish Lab Roller Bags defective

    Does the front feet on yours have this extra step? Mine sits level
  37. mutu0069

    20# live bait rod/reel setup?

    My go to is a Trinidad 12A paired with a Calstar Graphiter 800xlh
  38. mutu0069

    Nope, couldn’t believe it either. He went up to the PNW

    Nope, couldn’t believe it either. He went up to the PNW
  39. mutu0069

    Pacific Voyager Feedback?

    Agree with what everyone else has already said. Sure going to miss Charlie though……
  40. mutu0069

    Found a surface iron I hadn’t ran across yet “YT 1”

    He also has a YT 1 in a yo-yo model that’s 🔥🔥🔥
  41. mutu0069

    Mustad Rip Roller jigs @ Young’s Tackle in La Palma 🎣🐟

    The 250 & 300 gram Katy Perry’s were 🔥🔥🔥 last week.
  42. mutu0069

    Its ON…… the Condor🤙

    Yea…… I know……been moping around the house all day like a junior high kid who’s girlfriend just broke up with him! 😩😩😩.
  43. mutu0069

    Its ON…… the Condor🤙

    Good luck! We cancelled my charter on the Pac Voyager tonight. Everyone will probably limit out tomorrow. 😩😩
  44. mutu0069

    UC rod for 40# bait?

    I use a GP Tilefish Jr
  45. mutu0069

    Overnight boat food

    Awww RIP Markie! I sure miss your cooking!
  46. mutu0069

    15xnld2 setup

    50 lb braid to 25 ft of 30 or 40 lb flouro depending on what I’m using it for.
  47. mutu0069


    According to their website they have 4 in stock.
  48. mutu0069

    Best Spectra for Jig casting?

    My favorite is solid Berkley Pro-Spec
  49. mutu0069

    SM16ii & UC GP 80 Predator uses?

    I use that rod with my talica 12 with 50 for yo yo iron.
  50. mutu0069

    Fishing the beach with your boat

    He thought he was the first one at Copper Canyon. 🤣🤣
  51. mutu0069

    Shimano No free spool unless I loosen drag

    Sounds like your washer orientation might be mixed up
  52. mutu0069

    Rod for lighter jigs

    UC RCE Monster 9’ or 10’. Perfect for J pots, C’s and DWI’s
  53. mutu0069

    Spring 2022 Fishing Equipment Sales

    x2 for Young’s Tackle, Performance Tackle
  54. mutu0069

    Is Fred Hall happening this year?

    Pretty weak lineup if you ask me……
  55. mutu0069

    Getting older is tough

    That’s why I don’t freshwater bass fish anymore!! :hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli:
  56. mutu0069

    What’s it worth! Little help please

    Sold a 4/0 yellowtail special with accurate frame and side plates, pro gear handle custom anodized flat black in excellent condition a couple years ago for $150.
  57. mutu0069

    Help a Brother out?

    Anytime! It went out in the mail today. Hey worst case you end up with a stock pile of them! :beerbang:
  58. mutu0069

    Help a Brother out?

    Do you need both the nut and post screw? PM me your address I’ll throw it in the mail to you
  59. mutu0069

    Private charters in SD, late January

    Book a 1 1/2 day out of San Diego to fish Colonet
  60. mutu0069

    Cigars anyone?

    Check out Cigar Bid. You can save a lot of 💵💵💵, then with the money you save you can buy more fishing gear!
  61. mutu0069

    Favorite inshore/island setup?

    My Trinidad 12A and Calstar 900xl
  62. mutu0069

    There’s no need to fish a 2 speed for 20-25 lb. The star drag will allow you to cast your bait...

    There’s no need to fish a 2 speed for 20-25 lb. The star drag will allow you to cast your bait further and have less effort pulling line off the spool
  63. mutu0069

    20-25lb Reel?

    Trinidad 14A
  64. mutu0069

    Fathom 2 speed 15XN & 25N applications?

    I use my 25N with 40 lb for bait and sometimes yo-yo iron. I mostly use my 15XN with 30 lb for bait but on occasion I will use it with 40 lb just to change it up. That’s the versatility I love about the 15.
  65. mutu0069

    January fishing

    Leadhead and squid for bass in structure. Fun fishing!
  66. mutu0069

    Recommendations for a good leather plier sheath?

    Reach out to Salty Cords if you have instagram. He also does badass wraps on pliers.
  67. mutu0069

    Any scotch or whiskey drinkers on BD?

    Glenfiddich 18 year
  68. mutu0069

    Penn fathom ii 15sd alternative

    Trinidad 12A or 14A
  69. mutu0069

    Carrying on reels at Cabo airport

    Went a month ago. No issues either way.
  70. mutu0069

    Slow Pitched on the Old Glory for BFT to be ridiculed and ignored.

    You’ve been fishing on the wrong boats. Definitely have had way more positive encounters than negative The boats I regularly fish treats my group as good as it gets.
  71. mutu0069

    10.11- 3 Day on the PQ weather forecast is all bad

    My cousin was on that trip. He cancelled.
  72. mutu0069

    Where Are the Tuna?

    Thanks. La Playita (the next hut over). Caught Monday and Tuesday of this week
  73. mutu0069

    Where Are the Tuna?

    Good luck and enjoy! 🤙🤙🤙
  74. mutu0069

    Where Are the Tuna?

    I think the area is called San Luis? It’s north near Vinorama but out more
  75. mutu0069

    Where Are the Tuna?

    The areas we fish are too far to reach by kayak but I’m sure you can find spots closer that’s accessible by kayak to catch some bottom fish but they won’t be of that size we’re fishing with half a skipjack on the bottom using 200 lb leader. Lost more than we landed, just couldn’t stop them...
  76. mutu0069

    Where Are the Tuna?

    I’m in SJDC right now and the yellowfin fishing has been slow. I caught a 60 lber today. One of my partners caught 3 on Monday and 1 yesterday. that’s been pretty much it on the yellowfin for the whole landing this week. We’ve been concentrating on bottom fishing more than tuna fishing just...
  77. mutu0069


    F/V Thief
  78. mutu0069


    Let’s Talk Hookup. Radio show
  79. mutu0069

    Which 20# reel for YT, DoDo & Schoolie Tuna?

    You don’t have it listed but I use a Trinidad 12A
  80. mutu0069

    The 9 at SCI

    Years ago on the Aztec saw the biggest foamers of yellows I’ve ever seen there.
  81. mutu0069

    Tiburon Clamp for Saltist 35H(2018 black/blue)

    The clamps don’t fit snug on the reel feet, they kinda float a bit. Once you clamp it to the rod you’ll be good to go.
  82. mutu0069

    Problems with Trinidad 16NA on Deckhand rod

    You won’t find too many deckhand rods that reel will fit with the stock clamp. Get yourself a Durans clamp
  83. mutu0069

    Okuma Markaria 15TII SEa which Rod/Braided line ?

    Mine has just shy of 500 yds of 80 lb pro spec solid with a 20’ top shot of 60 lb flouro on a UC 80 GP Terminator
  84. mutu0069

    Catching Mack’s at Catalina ?

    If you see any kelps on the way to Cat stop to see if it’s holding bait
  85. mutu0069

    Poke ingredients popup bullshit

    Yea pretty effin annoying
  86. mutu0069

    Inshore 3/4 double B’s

    Just like the old days. Maybe the cycle is returning? Hope so!
  87. mutu0069

    Penn Fathom 25NLD2

    Mine lives on a UC 8’ GP Tilefish Jr.
  88. mutu0069

    GP 80 Tilefish Jr

    GP Tilefish Jr is definitely a 40 lb stick. GP Mega is a solid stick for 30
  89. mutu0069

    GP Terminator Reel ?

    Mak 15t. This combo feels like it was made for each other!
  90. mutu0069

    July 4th YT

    Clemente has been putting out some yellows. Freedom, Thunderbird or Toronado would be a good choice.
  91. mutu0069

    Favorite brand of fluorocarbon line?

    40 and under Seaguar Kureha 150 50-100 Aftco Seiko
  92. mutu0069

    sk jigs, where to get them

    Meltons has the Orange Gold in 300g according to their website if anyone’s interested.
  93. mutu0069

    Penn fathom reel clamp

    No need for grease or anti seize. Just make them snug. Don’t over tighten the clamp onto the rod. You don’t want to risk crushing the blank. Put a piece of heat shrink or electrical tape where you’re going to mount the reel to build up that area of pressure.
  94. mutu0069

    Is it just for Trolling? Tac 20ii

    Nice and smooth. Only drawback is the low gear could be lower. I find myself using my Visx 16 in those situations over my tac 20. You can have Cal install a lower low gear which is what I’ll probably do one day. it would pair up nice with a UC Centaur, UC raptor or a RGP Terminator depending...
  95. mutu0069

    LA Harbor Landing??

    Sent you a pm
  96. mutu0069

    Offshore Island yellows/Inshore bluefin

    Damn nice job! You’ve been killing it! 🤙🤙
  97. mutu0069

    Tiburon gone?

    They’re updating their website
  98. mutu0069

    Looking for Seeker PH 93H stock rod

    Have you tried the Green Room?
  99. mutu0069

    Reel for 25-40(30)# bait rod

    I would look at a Fathom 15xnld. Awesome reel for 30-40
  100. mutu0069

    Penn 4/0 yellowtail special. What do you use yours for?

    Back in day that was my go to reel fishing mackerel for yellows at farnsworth. Nice score!
  101. mutu0069

    Offshore Shogun 3 day. Rice Bowl.

    Sick trip bro! Enjoy the stoke!
  102. mutu0069

    #4 owner mutu

    Charkbait shows they have them in stock on their website
  103. mutu0069

    Yellowtail irons???

    JRI 6 and 66 in scrambled egg for yo-yo and JRI 7 and DW1 in mint for surface iron.
  104. mutu0069

    Catalina fisherman vs male karen

    I’m sure that bitch ass wouldn’t have done that to just any fisherman based on how he looked.
  105. mutu0069

    Offshore Pacifica 04/23/21

    I’ll be there but going on the Pacific Voyager.
  106. mutu0069

    Talica 25II Rod Pairing

    if you’re looking at other than a Seeker, 100 lb. top shot the UC Viper 80 lb. top shot the UC Centaur.
  107. mutu0069

    60# UC rod

    I fish a Mak 15T with 60 on my RGP 80 Terminator. This things a beast could fish as a light 80 lb if needed. This combo to me feels like it was made for each other.
  108. mutu0069

    50-60# rod for sinker rig/ bait

    Inexpensive? Okuma PCH or Graftech probably your best bet new.
  109. mutu0069

    Offshore Polaris supreme 4-19 roll call

    Hey good luck and happy early birthday. Mine is 4/20 also. I’ll be heading out on 4/23 on the Pac Voy.
  110. mutu0069

    Sct-i 8’6”

    Did you notice if they have the H and XH?
  111. mutu0069

    Reel for Axis 7’8” 30-80#?

    Fathom 40nld2 or a Makaira 15T
  112. mutu0069

    Offshore Albacore 2021? Friedman Adventures Podcast has high hopes

    Ahhh time to get out the channel island chovy and purple haze fish traps.
  113. mutu0069

    1.5 day trip in June boat recommendations

    Spirit of Adventure is not 61’ it’s 88’ Very rare to have the opportunity for an open party trip as that boat is almost 100% private chartered. Sounds like a great chance to fish a long range boat with great amenities. This would be my choice.
  114. mutu0069

    Looks like the Gailforce-Tritan sportfishing is hiring

    Unfortunately Marky passed away last year. I still miss him not being on the boat it just doesn’t feel right. He was one of a kind! I believe they’re looking for a deckhand on the Triton since Nick moved to Texas.
  115. mutu0069

    Any one have an Avet JX 6.0?

    Personally, I would wait until the Fathom 40nld is back in stock
  116. mutu0069

    Penn Accurate ATD vs Makaira SEA vs Penn VSIX

    Makaira SEA’s have incredible free spool.
  117. mutu0069

    Bay / Harbor Random catch while getting bait ...

    Also caught a bunch of small yellows while trying to snag some macs on a kelp in the channel on the way to cat. Dumped them at the Horseshoe on the way home. Caught a 2 lb red trying to make bait outside the wall.
  118. mutu0069


    I knew the BD sleuths would catch him slippin. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  119. mutu0069

    Inshore Shame on the Enterprise and LB report 3/20

    Send down the little ones as bait to catch the bigger ones! Problem solved. 🤣🤣
  120. mutu0069


    Dude, you might as well create a new account if you’re still going to troll the site. The BD sleuths are gonna be on you! 😂😂😂
  121. mutu0069

    Does Okuma make the MK-8iiSEa in SILVER?

    Get a Torque 25N and call him the Makaira 8’s “step brother “ 😂😂
  122. mutu0069

    Shimano Torium 40

    Yup. No plans for 40N 👎
  123. mutu0069

    Shimano Torium 40

    Haha nice! 🤙🤙
  124. mutu0069

    Shimano Torium 40

    I asked that same question to Shimano on IG
  125. mutu0069

    Brand New Tranx 500HG cheap

    And someone still asking 10 years later if still available! 🤣🤣🤣
  126. mutu0069

    Cell coverage around San Clemente Island

    Yup! Verizon has a tower on Clemente
  127. mutu0069

    Cell coverage around San Clemente Island

    Currently I’m through Spectrum ( not prepaid and they use the Verizon network). I was with Verizon before that and I’m experiencing the exact same coverage
  128. mutu0069

    Triton, San Pedro opinions or comments

    Good boat. Good crew. Shane, Nick and Jeff are a solid crew. Nice to have RSW. Make sure you grab a spot quick for you bag. Not too much space for tackle. Nice to have bunks too if they’re open yet due to COVID.
  129. mutu0069

    Cell coverage around San Clemente Island

    Verizon works good behind Clemente
  130. mutu0069

    Surface Iron or Yo-yo Iron

  131. mutu0069

    Long Beach Queen Mary lease to be auctioned off. They filed section 11 bankruptcy

    Here’s something to entertain you! Saw this a few years ago
  132. mutu0069

    How do truck owners protect their rods in the truck, when they have to leave the truck with the rods in it?

    Put a lift on your truck so high that they can’t reach them! 🤣🤣 But all seriousness, I try to never be in a situation where I have to leave them unattended in the bed. Even if they were locked down somehow I wouldn’t feel comfortable. I always have someone standing watch.
  133. mutu0069

    Wall mounted rod rack

    Custom is the way to go. Then you can build it exactly how you want it and for how many rods. Only problem is when you keep buying rods you have to build more racks! 🤣🤣
  134. mutu0069

    Boccaccio Worms

    Dr Pimple Popper could have some fun with those filets. 🤣🤣
  135. mutu0069

    Food recs for offshore

    Buy yourself a Magma grill. It’s a game changer. Chili dogs, burgers and carne asada tacos/burritos and you’ll never want to eat another cold sandwich!
  136. mutu0069

    Penn 114 narrow tiburon frame/spool

    It’s definitely a narrow 6/0. I have one with the same kit and that’s what it measures.
  137. mutu0069

    30SW top bar removal?

    Years ago I had Cal cut the top bar off my Tiagra 20
  138. mutu0069

    Mak 15T spooling up

    I have 480 yds of solid 80 lb Berkeley pro spec and fish a 30 ft top shot of 60 lb flouro
  139. mutu0069

    Small 2 Speed 30/40 Reel Recommendations

    Fathom 15XNLD
  140. mutu0069


    Definitely silver. Rash doesn’t look as noticeable
  141. mutu0069

    How Honest is COSTCO?

    Craziest I saw, lady next to me tried to return a brown grocery bag with all the broken pieces of a vodka bottle 🤦‍♂️
  142. mutu0069

    Just bored, what calstars do you own?

    700L 700ML 700M (2) 760M 765L 800XL 800XLH 800L 800M 800H 850L 850M 900XL (3) 900M
  143. mutu0069

    THANKS SANTA! Here's the new PENN rod/reel I found under the tree!

    My 16 VISX was just delivered to me by my mail lady today!
  144. mutu0069

    Parker 2520 XLD w/ twin 300's?? Am I crazy?!?

    There’s a late model 2520 XLD with twin 300’s listed at Executive Yachts. It does have a Seakeeper so could be why they went with bigger motors.
  145. mutu0069

    Late Report - Santa Barbara Island 11/22 on the Pescador

    Really cool video! Poor sardines! Like having a leash on them and they can’t go anywhere! 😂😂😂
  146. mutu0069

    Use for Tranx 500PG

    For surface iron the gear ratio is fine. A lot of the surface irons swim better at a slower retrieve. Plus if you hook something really big you’ll have more cranking power. Now for yo yo iron you would want the higher gear ratio.
  147. mutu0069

    Use for Tranx 500PG

    Load it up with 80 lb braid. Throw jigs, poppers and big stick baits.
  148. mutu0069

    Makaira 16SEA - Charkbait Black Friday be damned

    It’s actually going to start thanksgiving day and go through cyber Monday
  149. mutu0069

    Makaira 16SEA - Charkbait Black Friday be damned

    Not as good as the Charkbait price but you can get the 16 for $492 OTD at J&H.
  150. mutu0069

    30% Off Mak SEA 10, 15, 20, 50

    If that’s the case that’s a helluva deal
  151. mutu0069

    30% Off Mak SEA 10, 15, 20, 50

    Thanks. J&H doesn’t and they have a 15% discount. Comes out to be pretty close price wise. And I agree, the 15T is an awesome reel! Have mine paired with a UC GP Terminator. Feels like they were made for each other!
  152. mutu0069

    30% Off Mak SEA 10, 15, 20, 50

    Do they charge sales tax?
  153. mutu0069

    Rod for makaira 20 sea silver

    Mines on a UC 76 Viper
  154. mutu0069

    Gfdh 800l or something similar (got what I need)

    For 20 lb. I would look at the 800xlh. The L is more of a 25 lb stick.
  155. mutu0069

    Offshore Restless & itching

    Hope they decide to bite again after the new moon. I’ll be out there Tuesday & Wednesday. At least the weather will be nice!
  156. mutu0069

    3700 sized tackle bag recommendations

    I have the large Shimano Blackmoon. Perfect for local to 3 day trips
  157. mutu0069

    Buddy boat to the cortez for Wednesday.

    Hopefully they wake up and bite after the new moon like they have been.
  158. mutu0069

    Sunday 11/8 Mission Belle

    Pretty sure they won’t be going out. It’s supposed to be downright shitty this weekend.
  159. mutu0069


    Mak 20 hands down plus a Tac 20 is more of an 80 lb reel.
  160. mutu0069

    Which UC rod for Penn Fathom 25nld2?

    I have mine on a GP 80 Tilefish Jr. Bad ass combo!! This rod has some serious pulling power!
  161. mutu0069

    3-1/2 Day Pacific Voyager

    Good luck! My 2 day on the Pac Voy returns the Wednesday before your trip.
  162. mutu0069


    Mak 20 and a UC Viper
  163. mutu0069

    max drag when scale tested is below manufacturer rating

    Are you sure you’re braid isn’t slipping on the spool?
  164. mutu0069

    Favorite setup for 30# bait?

    Calstar 800m with a Trinidad 16
  165. mutu0069

    Is it Saturday yet?

    Thanks. Sorry to hear about your motor problem.
  166. mutu0069

    Is it Saturday yet?

    Did pretty good. 16 legals 45 shorts and a bunch of jumbo crab
  167. mutu0069

    Yellowtail Bellies

    Marinate in Yoshidas and throw on the Q
  168. mutu0069

    What to expect on a Nov 3 day?

    Chance of bluefin behind Clemente/43 and weather permitting Cortez or Tanner. I have a 2 day charter around the same time. That’s what I’m hoping for! 🤞
  169. mutu0069

    How much longer will the bite at catalina last?

    The bite definitely bites through the fall. Plus during the fall you have less skiff traffic pushing the fish down.
  170. mutu0069

    Looking to book a 2-day on July 2021 -- Which boat?

    Are you only interested in the boats you have listed?
  171. mutu0069

    Aftco Saiko Flourocarbon

    Sorry your trip got canceled
  172. mutu0069

    Aftco Saiko Flourocarbon

    Hey Jer, Thanks that’s what I was hoping to hear! You use the heavier stuff like 50 or 60? That’s what I want to pull the trigger on.
  173. mutu0069

    Aftco Saiko Flourocarbon

    Anybody fish this? How do you like it? Is is soft like Seaguar Premier or stiffer like Blackwater?
  174. mutu0069

    Marking rods?

    Never had a problem with the tape coming off on the butts.
  175. mutu0069

    Marking rods?

    Or you can put colored electrical tape on the butts. Really stands out as you walk up the rail.
  176. mutu0069

    Penn Fathom 25

    GP Tilefish Jr.
  177. mutu0069


    UC Wahoo 10’ with a Trinidad 20a or Tranx 500 depending on my mood.
  178. mutu0069

    Best overnight boat out of h&m landing

    They’re out of Fisherman’s
  179. mutu0069

    Shimano Gold Trinidad clamp

    If you’re asking if it’s still available, yes it is
  180. mutu0069

    Kureha150 Fluorocarbon

    Here you go Right off the packaging
  181. mutu0069

    Seeker TAC 80H for David

    Damn that’s nice!
  182. mutu0069

    Albackore Tackle Bag Butch Green Style Tackle Box

    Albackore 5 tray tackle bag No tears, all zippers work Includes insulated lunch box No trays included. Sold Butch Green style tackle box 18” x 11 1/2” x 11 1/2” Sold Brian Orange County Los Alamitos area or Manhattan Beach area. Local pick up only no shipping
  183. mutu0069

    Offshore Catalina Bluefin 8/12

    Nice grade! This weekends flotilla is going to look like Copper Canyon during spring break! 😂😂
  184. mutu0069

    Murdered out Yellowtail Special

    Reel is sold. Thanks Larry! Pleasure doing business with you and enjoy the reel! Hope we can share the rail one day.
  185. mutu0069

    Offshore Shake down trip successful

    Couldn’t ask for a better way to break her in! 👍👍👍
  186. mutu0069

    Offshore San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    Mussel Farm should be empty 😂😂😂😂😂
  187. mutu0069

    Murdered out Yellowtail Special

    Bump for a well liked reel 😂😂😂
  188. mutu0069

    Murdered out Yellowtail Special

    Fully Accuratized Yellowtail Special Newell Spool and 4:1 gear Accurate frame and side plates Pro Gear handle, star drag and lever with rubber o rings to prevent dinging sides plate Frame and side plates have been anodized flat black Sold Orange County. Los Alamitos area
  189. mutu0069

    Shimano Gold Trinidad clamp

    Handle pending to NamxDaxMan
  190. mutu0069

    LA Fishing Alliance - New tackle shop in San Pedro

    Looks like a cool shop. Gonna have to check it out. Thanks
  191. mutu0069

    Shimano Torium 16 older generation

    Shimano Torium 16 Very good condition. Slight rash on left side plate Sold Orange County Los Alamitos area
  192. mutu0069

    Shimano Gold Trinidad clamp

    Shimano Gold Trinidad clamp. Sold Orange County. Los Alamitos area
  193. mutu0069

    Braid line for jig reel.

    x2 on the 80 lb pro spec
  194. mutu0069

    Davies Launch Ramp Bait Barge

    And come in hot and let your wake rock him out of his bed.
  195. mutu0069

    Penn Intl 16 VISX in Silver

    What lb. braid is on it?
  196. mutu0069

    Davies Launch Ramp Bait Barge

    We’ve given him and I believe its his nephew rides back to shore. And he sure remembers what we did so he always hooks us up.
  197. mutu0069

    Davies Launch Ramp Bait Barge

    Yea that’s about the earliest you want to be there. DO NOT wake him up! Good chance he’ll tell you to fuck off.
  198. mutu0069

    Davies Launch Ramp Bait Barge

    Don’t go too late or too early. You have been warned!
  199. mutu0069

    Looking for a Newell 220 and Newell 229

    Let me wait for Marcel to reply since I replied to his post. If he’s not interested you’ll be next. I’m in Los Alamitos (Orange County)
  200. mutu0069

    Looking for a Newell 220 and Newell 229

    I have a S229-5 in very good condition with the box. I’ll let it go for $100
  201. mutu0069

    Tranx 500 real clamp

    You try their website?
  202. mutu0069

    Kicker Jigs For Sale

    those are the textured finish
  203. mutu0069


    Damn that was quick!
  204. mutu0069


    Got my order in! :devil:
  205. mutu0069

    GOT Lead , New in - line , and 2 L B .Cannon Ball Sinker's in the OC, (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)

    Hey Gerry, Nice meeting you. thanks again! Just picked up my 2 boxes of sinkers! Great quality and quick service!
  206. mutu0069

    Reel clamp for torium 14

    Duran Super Clamp.
  207. mutu0069

    New PENN Favorite From ICAST?

    Well if you really want the Torque you can get it at J&H Tackle. They’ll give you 10% off after signing up on their email $521 out the door no tax and free shipping. They have them in gold and silver.
  208. mutu0069

    New PENN Favorite From ICAST?

    Same here! Was about to pull the trigger on a Torque 15 XN and thought why not save a few Benjamins
  209. mutu0069

    Shimano torium 20hg reel clamp support

    Unless you don’t have the original hardware the screws should be “T” shaped and insert into the bigger opening then slide them to the outside and tighten down the nut.
  210. mutu0069

    Mak 15T line capacity

    Just shy of 500 yds of 80 lb. Pro Spec
  211. mutu0069

    New Saltiga 2 speed

  212. mutu0069

    Catalina trip 22nd landing

    LA Waterfront. Gail Force or Triton if there’s an open party trip available.
  213. mutu0069

    DW-1 Jigs

    Damn! I want one or six!!
  214. mutu0069

    Pop ups....

    Blue Buffalo for me.
  215. mutu0069

    Dream Truck Stolen from Fisherman’s Lansing

    Man that really sucks! Sorry that it happened. That’s always on the back of my mind of it happening to me.
  216. mutu0069

    Role call!

    I’ll be out there tomorrow on my charter on the Gail Force. :beerbang:
  217. mutu0069

    Offshore Pier Point - Toronado 06/07

    Haha and today the headlines say they’re catching yellowfin tuna when they’re actually catching yellowtail :rofl::rofl:
  218. mutu0069

    Outrider with Fisherman's Landing

    I I’ve seen them pass other sport boats leaving them in their wake. I know they have also fished SBI and Cat on the same overnight trip.
  219. mutu0069

    fresh dead squid (LA/N.OC)

    San Pedro Bait used to sell their own squish frozen and packaged. Not sure if they still do
  220. mutu0069

    Outrider with Fisherman's Landing

    That boat is fast!
  221. mutu0069

    Gopher problem

    I like the sound of this and nice and easy!
  222. mutu0069

    Gopher problem

    Thanks guys, all sounds like great ideas. I like the flare idea but I think it was mentioned that it’ll kill quite a bit of grass around the flare? I think I’m going to get a gopher hawk. For the time being I jammed my hose in it and ran it for 15 min and will do it every day until my traps...
  223. mutu0069

    Gopher problem

    Just noticed a gopher hole in my front lawn. Want to get a jump on this before the little shit tears up my yard. Anyone have a tried and true method? Saw a you tube video where the guy stuffs it with propane and blasts him but look like it could do some damage to the landscape. Is it worth...
  224. mutu0069

    San Diego full day boats $200

    + a $5 fuel surcharge :rofl::rofl:
  225. mutu0069

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    really like that font they use on their labels
  226. mutu0069

    Pop ups....

    Yesterday I kept getting a Honda pop up in Spanish at the bottom of the screen Haven’t seen it today.
  227. mutu0069


    Jamie, Thanks for all the info! The tilefish jr does have my interest.
  228. mutu0069


    Hey Jamie, Which 8’ GP Series would you recommend for 40lb fishing bait?
  229. mutu0069

    Offshore Tricks to use in a picky bite

    Keep changing my bait til I get bit.
  230. mutu0069

    Watch for our biggest sale ever to start tonight.

    My order went through at 2 am this morning
  231. mutu0069

    Home Owners Insurance Recommendations Please

    Been with Wawanesa for both auto and home for quite awhile. Never filed a claim so can’t vouch for how they handle their claims. When I was looking couldn’t find anyone lower.
  232. mutu0069


    I have about 480 yds of 80 lb Pro Spec to the top
  233. mutu0069

    If You Only Had One Jig

    Solid mint JRI 7
  234. mutu0069

    65lb braid for Lexa 400?

    Berkley Pro Spec or Daiwa J Braid Grand. Both are pretty smooth and easy on the fingers.
  235. mutu0069

    How big are these YT?

    If there’s no pics, they’re rats.
  236. mutu0069

    What do you prefer to fish in winter?

    Paciific Queen, New Lo An, Tribute, Aztec or any other boat going to Colonett weather permitting.
  237. mutu0069

    Reel and braid information

    Anyone know how much 80 lb Pro Spec on a Tranx 500?
  238. mutu0069

    Bass with worm

    He’s shitting out a Senko with an O ring on it. Crazy!
  239. mutu0069

    What do you prefer to fish in winter?

    Local stones for bass using lead heads and squid.
  240. mutu0069

    shears to cut braid?

    Just got my Pitbull’s yesterday after seeing this thread.These things cut damn good! And the mono cutter on the inside is a nice feature too!
  241. mutu0069

    Tranx 500 handle upgrade

    That’s what I wanted to hear! Thanks guys.
  242. mutu0069

    Tranx 500 handle upgrade

    For all you guys who have changed out your stock handle are you guys swapping it with a trinidad16/20 handle? If so how do you guys like it? Is it a direct swap? And I’ve heard from some people that since it’s a longer handle you have to make sure to position it right when casting to avoid it...
  243. mutu0069

    Tranx 500hg $400

    Thanks again Josh and nice meeting you. Solid seller. He even delivered the reel to my house on his way home!
  244. mutu0069

    Tranx 500hg $400

    I’ll take it. PM’d you
  245. mutu0069

    $5000 Waxwing Lure

    I’ll wait for Black Friday!! o_Oo_O
  246. mutu0069

    sport king 10/22

    Haha, yea he does! Pretty comical though if you ask me. Years ago during the insane local yellowtail bite I was on one and I hear Bruce yelling at me from the tank “Don’t pull so hard!! “. I yelled back I’m using 50!!! He changed his tone and said “ oh oh ok”. Every fish I hooked after that I...
  247. mutu0069

    Trinidad 12A (No BS)

    I think my buddy is just happy he has closure with his reel!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  248. mutu0069

    Trinidad 12A (No BS)

    Too funny! Just talked to my buddy who I told to call you Turned out it was his!
  249. mutu0069

    Trinidad 12A (No BS)

    I actually think I know who the owner is/was! It would be cool if he could be the one to get it back.
  250. mutu0069

    The reel deal. 533 narrow

    it kinda looks like the old Torium handle.
  251. mutu0069

    Offshore Tough Trip On The Tribute 10/25/19

    Very nice! Thanks for the write up! I would take any trip of not catching a damn thing to be able to fish with my pops one more time! You are blessed!
  252. mutu0069

    Anyone fish the rigs lately? Sand Dab show up yet?

    Saw a menu of a restaurant in downtown LA. Price was $55 for a sand dab plate.
  253. mutu0069

    Offshore Big yellow fin off Catalina

    I can see it now! Future 5-7 day trips. Catalina, Clemente, Coronados! LOLLOLLOL
  254. mutu0069

    Restaurants near the landings

    Pizza Nova
  255. mutu0069

    Newell Rod Clamp problem

    This ^^^. And I added some on top From what I can remember it held up fine
  256. mutu0069

    Offshore Condor 1.5 yft limits and hole in my gas tank at the landing

    Man that really sucks! Getting so fuckin tired of having to worry about anything and everything these days! Between people getting robbed in landing parking lots, trucks getting stolen, and now getting your gas tank drilled??? Wtf???
  257. mutu0069

    The Captain that is....

    Markus/New Lo-An
  258. mutu0069

    Newell Rod Clamp problem

    I kind of remember this happening to me many moons ago and used JB Weld
  259. mutu0069

    Bass set up advice

    For baitcasters, I throw with a Curado 70, Curado 150 DC (sweet ass reel!) and for big Swimbaits my Tranx 400. For drop shotting and other light fishing I use my Stradic 1000 spinner. For rods I use Irods and St Croix’s.
  260. mutu0069


    Didn’t know that. Thanks
  261. mutu0069


    Anybody know what happened to the Ultra? I don’t see it listed on 22nd st’s website anymore.
  262. mutu0069

    Rare NOZ Tadys,Candy,3n1

    Nice collection! Man, didn’t know those 4/0 lites fetched that kind of money! I have a 4/0 lite in the angry squid that’s been sitting on my jig rack for years and never fished it! Seeing how much it’s worth now I probably won’t! LOLLOL
  263. mutu0069

    Rod line rating difference between mono and braid - why?

    To me it seems like they’re listing the most likely braid pound test you’re going to use with your top shot pound test you’re going to use. As for why? Doesn’t seem necessary.
  264. mutu0069

    Credit card fraud and GetBit Outdoors

    Man, nice work! Hope they get the scumbag(s)
  265. mutu0069

    Wow!! Purple Zucker(?) Wahoo

    Didn’t hear a single thing she said!! :drool::drool::drool:
  266. mutu0069

    Small smoker for beginners

    Little Chief. I’m sure there’s better. This is what I started with and still use after 20 years! It’s easy to use and does a good job!
  267. mutu0069

    Useing lighter line than reel recommends?

    Nope. Not at all. Just remember to set your drag accordingly. And if you already have heavier line on it just leave it and tie on a 20 lb flouro leader
  268. mutu0069

    Blast from the past!

    Mascot VI became the Big Game 90 then the Chief and.......well I’m sure you’ve see the posts of what happened to it now.
  269. mutu0069

    Seaway Boat company

    Those Seaway boats get bit! The Aztec was practically my second home when Curtis used to own it! LOLLOLLOL Btw, anyone know what happened to the Tide Change (New Hustler II)?
  270. mutu0069

    2017 66' Viking Enclosed Bridge! A must have!

    Ok in that case, where do I sign? :beerbang:
  271. mutu0069

    2017 66' Viking Enclosed Bridge! A must have!

    WOW!!! :eyepoppin:eyepoppin:eyepoppin I couldn’t even pay the sales tax!!
  272. mutu0069

    Gail Force Catalina Swordfish!

    I’ll be having one Friday! :D
  273. mutu0069

    Japanese Seaguar Kureha Fluorocarbon

    Since they’re being shipped from Japan most likely no chance to get it by Tuesday. I do know you can pay for shipping and get it in a little over a week. I do remember Fisherman’s Hardware in Huntington had it. But that was awhile ago and like the others said you can get it at some of the...
  274. mutu0069

    Shimano Curado 300DSV drag capacity

    Might be losing a little with the greased drags.
  275. mutu0069

    Marlin Mid Catalina Channel this AM

    That was bitchen! Congrats! That thing looked like he’s been hanging around porpoise the way he was jumping! LOLLOL
  276. mutu0069

    How to Treat Seasickness

    The compound can be bought in the states. This is one pharmacy in Costa Mesa that will do it
  277. mutu0069

    How to Treat Seasickness

    Find a pharmacist that will make the scopolamine in a compound form. Ive seen first hand this given to numerous people who were already sick and they were completely fine in 30 min, me included one day years ago! Plus it doesn’t give you the dry mouth like the patch!
  278. mutu0069

    90 anglers WTF

    Hey Nick, that was my charter on the Gail Force Friday. Jared is a really solid skipper who does help out private boaters. I heard him help you where to setup. Did you get any that day?
  279. mutu0069

    Choosing the right dean

    You just said it. They key is getting a bait that swims away from the boat. If my bait doesn’t swim as soon as it hits the water I’m changing it. Dropping down in line size may help also. If there’s absolutely no current try butt hooking it.
  280. mutu0069

    Need boat suggestion - 12 yo niece from AZ wants to go fishing

    Take a look at the Spitfire out of Marina Del Rey. A bit closer, though it’s a 3/4 day boat. Loads are usually a little lighter than the San Pedro/ Long Beach boats.
  281. mutu0069

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Wow! Just wow!
  282. mutu0069

    Amazon Peacock Bass Lures

    I’ll bet the Whopper Ploppers would get exploded on too!
  283. mutu0069

    Golden shimano reels

    You have pics of the trini 12a?
  284. mutu0069

    2017 2500hd duramax Leveling kit

    x2. I had CJC install a full Cognito kit ( A arms, torsion keys, aftermaket pitman arm and fox shocks) on my 2017 Duramax. Those guys do awesome work and you can’t beat their price on labor either. Yea you want to change your A arms as well. If you just change out your torsion keys it doesn’t...
  285. mutu0069

    What are some tips and tricks for catching yellowtail on the surface iron?

    Also, if you’re going to throw the iron you have to commit to throwing the iron. I know it’s hard when you’re on the bow hearing people in the back screaming and yelling “fresh one”. Can’t throw the plug for 10 min and quit.
  286. mutu0069

    TranX 400HG Rod ?

    Use mine on a UC Swimbait Finatic.
  287. mutu0069

    Thursday on the Pursuit ?

    Might be the opportunity to go out with a light load.
  288. mutu0069

    Letters have Changed?

    Yup. It’s that way on my iPhone too With my bad eyes I actually like it!
  289. mutu0069

    Which headlight bulbs.

    Are you looking to just get a whiter light or are you also trying to improve lighting on the road? If you’re just trying to go for a whiter look, going up to a higher Kelvin halogen bulb would achieve that. But be careful going to a much higher wattage bulb. I’ve seen first hand them getting hot...
  290. mutu0069

    Fishing subscription boxes and pointers!

    Drop shot. 3-4” Roboworm Halogram Shads has been working for me all winter. Also take a look at some chatterbaits or square billed shallow dive Crankbaits.
  291. mutu0069

    Recommendations on private or limited load fishing charters

    Here you go: Gail Force and the Triton are both good choices. Either to charter or you can hop on one of their limited load open party trips.
  292. mutu0069

    80lb & 100lb Maxcuatro 500yd. 1 100lb 300yd

    Is the 100 lb in white 300 yds? Looks like the box in the pic says 300yds.
  293. mutu0069

    Big Red Rock Cod in San Diego

    Cherry Bank :D:D
  294. mutu0069

    Looking for 1.5 day +, leaving 10/4

    Might be tough finding a 1 1/2 leaving on a Thursday night. That means they’ll return on a Saturday morning which kills a prime day to be fishing for them
  295. mutu0069

    9-20 Mussel Farmers

    It was all the macs you wanted to make at the end of the wall yesterday.
  296. mutu0069

    Charter boat deck hand etiquette/behavior

    New Lo An!! You won’t be disappointed!
  297. mutu0069

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Only way to get a fish count was reading it in the sports section or calling the landing.
  298. mutu0069

    Offshore Late Post SCI 7/29-7/31 Cow Bluefin

    Nice job! I didn’t know the Phantom was still doing trips? I remember hearing awhile back that LB State bought it for a reasearch boat or something like that.
  299. mutu0069

    Closest ramp to nacho

  300. mutu0069

    Trition or Gail Force

    Gail Force! Markies food is second to none!
  301. mutu0069

    Brine to smoke Tuna and YT???

    x3! Just took 10 lbs of yellowtail to work today and disappeared quick!!
  302. mutu0069

    Shimano Which rod for your Tranx 400HG ?

    Use mine with a UC Swimbait Fanatic Mega Bass. Sweet ass combo!
  303. mutu0069

    Who still sells the J pot?

    Love throwing the J Pot and the JRI 1! Performance usually has them in stock. You can also get the JRI 1, basically identical jig.
  304. mutu0069

    Spawning Sand Bass

    Cool throwback report. Actually those counts were low. There was a time when every landing would have anywhere from 500-1000 daily. Limits on both 1/2 days; 3/4 day and the twilight. Belmont Shore did have 15 lizard bass though . LOLLOLLOL And remember when the barracuda would settle in at the...
  305. mutu0069

    Basic brine for smoked bonito/barracuda

    I keep it simple. Yoshidas Marinade sauce.
  306. mutu0069

    2006 PACIFIC 20' (Aluminum)

    That’s a sweet ride!
  307. mutu0069

    Gail Force Keeping the Fun Live

    Glad to see the island finally starting to come alive! Looking forward to my charter on the 15th!
  308. mutu0069

    Doorbell security camera

    Agree. Really cool product. Just make sure your WiFi signal is strong enough or you could experience missed events. Ring makes a WiFi / chime extender in one if needed. I chose to add a WiFi extender and for the most part it helped quite a bit. Also a cool feature is the My Neighborhood. Let’s...
  309. mutu0069

    Soft cooler for airline travel

    Just bought the AO36 on Amazon. It’s $59 ($20 off) in Charcoal.
  310. mutu0069

    Gamakatsu Value Packs

    Still have any left?
  311. mutu0069

    Shimano tranx 400 hg

    Hmmm. Interesting. I’ve taken both a tranx 400 and a Trinidad 14 for warranty work and was never asked for a receipt. They straight out gave me a brand new replacement for the Trinidad and did the repair on the Tranx.
  312. mutu0069

    Education needed... New Lightweight Composite Rods

    You may also want to consider looking at the new Okuma PCH rods. Hearing really good things about them.
  313. mutu0069

    Fresh frozen Squid ?
  314. mutu0069

    Better rod for 20-25#...800xlh or 800l

    X2! Love mine!
  315. mutu0069

    Plano bazooka rod tube

    Extended to 8' both Alaska and American charge normal check fee. Been that way for the last 11 or so years for us with no issues.
  316. mutu0069

    wrapping tuna cord on deckhand rod

    Have you considered using X wrap shrink sleeving over your existing cork tape? A lot less work. Just a thought.....
  317. mutu0069

    Travel with line on reels

    Been flying down to Los Cabos for over 10 years and always carried on my reels with line and never had an issue.
  318. mutu0069

    So tell me again Why do I want to use Braid or Spectra

    And if you ever find yourself fishing inshore. It's a must for cutting through kelp.
  319. mutu0069

    Galley Grub

    For breakfast, bacon fried rice and Portuguese sausage and eggs! For lunch, carne asada quesadillas.
  320. mutu0069

    Local Boat to Chase Calico

    Checkout the Spitfire. Jeremy loves to fish calicos.
  321. mutu0069

    question who was first making the

    Newell was making yellowtail special kits before tiburon or accurate. Though the Newell kits used aluminum bars and base and not a one piece frame
  322. mutu0069

    Tundra crewmax-best way to transport 8' + rods?

    Are you thinking of some kind of rack? I just throw rod socks and bundle them together and hang them over the tailgate in my Silverado.
  323. mutu0069

    Fixing scratched up guide?

    Touch up paint for cars
  324. mutu0069


    Try Seaforth Landing
  325. mutu0069

    Rod/Reel Help!

    X2. That's what I use on my 20
  326. mutu0069

    SEAGUAR 130 ORANGE LABEL fluorocarbon

    I've bought most of it from PLAT Tackle. You can find them through Amazon or EBay. Keep in mind though the shipping can take a really long to to receive.
  327. mutu0069

    SEAGUAR 130 ORANGE LABEL fluorocarbon

    I've been using the 20, 25, 30 & 40 lb equivalent for over 15 years. I like it, it's smaller diameter and softer and never had any issues with it. The only downside if you would consider it one is that the spools they come on are bigger so they do take up more space in your tackle box.
  328. mutu0069

    Shimano Trinidad 16a or 20a

    I use my 20 for throwing iron. I have 65 lb braid and use either a 40 or 50 lb top shot. I use my 16 for fishing bait. I have 50 lb braid and use either 30 or 40 lb top shot.
  329. mutu0069

    Liberty 3/4 Day (24JUL16) Coronado Islands

    Liberty came from Long Beach Sportfishing. The Liberty, Freedom and Grande I believe are all the same design.
  330. mutu0069

    Shimano Which Terez for #80

    Haha! Changed your mind again??
  331. mutu0069

    Shimano Which Terez for #80

    Good to know. Thanks! I just ordered one!
  332. mutu0069

    Shimano Which Terez for #80

    Thanks Dan. Didn't really want to spend that much buying the rail rod series. How about the TZC66XXH? Being that it's more parobolic, is it too light for #80?
  333. mutu0069

    FS-SHIMANO TEREZ ROD 80H 50-100 $170

    Curious to ask why you're selling if you don't mind me asking? I was looking to get that exact model to fish #50.
  334. mutu0069

    Shimano Which Terez for #80

    Looking for a Terez rod to fish #80 for live bait. Is the TZCX66XXH a good choice? Haven't had any luck finding it at any shops to pull on.
  335. mutu0069

    Tribute have bunks or staterooms ???

    I remember when it was the Holiday it had a few staterooms up front. Did they gut those out?
  336. mutu0069

    Possible Marlin Sighting on Shoe

    We were at the 150 on Friday and saw the Victory hooked up to one. Jumped off the stern and heard everyone hollering I assumed it busted off right after that cause it got quiet.
  337. mutu0069

    Offshore Endeavor - August 27-28, 2015

    "Sueno" is a good skipper and runs a tight operation.
  338. mutu0069

    Black Cod fishing close to Catalina ?

    I remember catching them in the late 70's and early 80's at the Short Banks with my pops. They were mostly incidental catches after drifting off our spot. We would chunk them up and use them for bait. Worked good too! Never thought of eating them back then.
  339. mutu0069

    2007 Parker 1801 $25000

    Sweet ass ride! Does it happen to have a collapsible tongue on the trailer? Do you happen to know the total length from trailer to prop? Trying to see if this would fit in my driveway without sticking out into my sidewalk. Thanks.
  340. mutu0069

    Boat storage

    So it's $175 for storage at Sunset for your 20 ft Skipjack?I guess if you factor in that the launch fee is included it's really not much more than what I got quoted at Accurate. ($140) for a 21 footer. Trying to decide if I want the boat close to my house and tow or close to the ramp and not tow...
  341. mutu0069

    Boat storage

    Yea I hear ya about keeping it stored away from you! That's the one factor keeping me from pulling the trigger on a purchase! Good heads up on the theft too! Thanks!
  342. mutu0069

    Boat storage

    Hey guys, Thinking about pulling the trigger and ready to buy my boat. I would of bought a long time ago if I had the space to park it at my house. So my question is for all you boat owners who store your boat. Do you find it really inconvenient? Do you regret buying? The storage lot I plan on...
  343. mutu0069


    Nice! Thanks
  344. mutu0069


    How do you like that super slick braid?
  345. mutu0069

    Trinidad 20A and Black Diamond Phoenix hybrid for sale

    How do you like that super slick braid?
  346. mutu0069

    Reels with line in Carry on luggage ???

    Flew to SJDC in May on American. No issues carrying on our reels with line. This time or the past 9 years.
  347. mutu0069

    Catalina Yellows - 6/14/15

    Nice report! Glad to see Markie is still around! I remember when he was on the Pierpoint/Tradition before the Premier was built. You are right he did make the best breakfast burritos! Shit he would even hand deliver ice cold Coronas to you at the rail without even asking! Good dude for sure!
  348. mutu0069

    Yellowfin Belly Preparation

    you can also, bbq them or pan fry them
  349. mutu0069

    The Trip of a Lifetime

    impressive! such a big variety of fish too!
  350. mutu0069

    Best way to store swim baits

    Try using the disposable food storage containers
  351. mutu0069

    Shimano Trinidad 10A 12A aftermarket clamps?

    Go old school with the hose clamps! :)
  352. mutu0069

    Offshore Tanner & Cortez

    there are 2 267 high spots. And one of them is between Cortez and the Butterfly
  353. mutu0069

    Credit card hack

    Had my B of A account hacked on Thursday. I just happened to log onto my account and saw a gas purchase for $125 at Chevron. Called right away and the lady said it was done using my PIN # and they tried again but was declined! I fuckin hate thieves!!!
  354. mutu0069

    Yellows On Da Plug 3/11/14

    Those are solid fish! Nice job!!!
  355. mutu0069


    You never could of been a sub. I remember back in the 80's when they were filming Hunt for Red October off of Long Beach when a sub used in the movie snagged the tow line of a tub boat pulling a barge from Catalina. the force was so strong it stopped the tug boat in its tracks and...
  356. mutu0069


    here you go:
  357. mutu0069

    Whole, Frozen or Fresh Squid for Rigging in Cabo San Lucas

    its not in Cabo but in San Jose, you might be able to get it at Mega Supermarket
  358. mutu0069

    Long Beach Bait Company

    From what I was told, Nacho & LB Bait Company merged, so there is just one jumbo receiver on the east end of the break wall now.
  359. mutu0069

    Kitchen Cabinets

    Have you tried here It's a little ways from you though
  360. mutu0069

    Leadhead+Squid for Sandbass?

    The Southern Cal does once in awhile. And probably more so when the rockfish season ends.
  361. mutu0069

    27 foot design-build

    man....that thing has some nice flowing lines! Awesome job!
  362. mutu0069

    Verizon in Cabo and PV?

    If you have a smart phone, make sure your data roaming is OFF/disabled! Or you will rack up $$$$$$$$
  363. mutu0069

    2000 Century 20' Center Console w/ Yamaha 150 - SOLD

    Hey, thanks for the cool offer......might just take you up on it one day! Good luck, hope you find a buyer soon!
  364. mutu0069

    2000 Century 20' Center Console w/ Yamaha 150 - SOLD

    Nice skiff! Do you park it along Spring st.?
  365. mutu0069

    Avet SX repaint?

    How about looking into getting it polished instead?
  366. mutu0069

    Any of these reels good for throwing iron.

    Use the Newell with 30 lb.
  367. mutu0069


    here you go for the kicker jigs: and heres your salas and tady's
  368. mutu0069

    Phone call while being eaten?????

    Damn! Thats crazy! But to be honest, with my dirty mind, after reading the title of the post, wasn't expecting that!!!
  369. mutu0069


    Queen of the Sea. i think its on the bottom somewhere!!
  370. mutu0069

    Barracuda Lure Recommendations

    Purple and white salas J Pot has always been money for me.
  371. mutu0069

    Offshore Lots of Anglers on the Nautilus

    imagine how long it would take to get your cheeseburger!!!!!
  372. mutu0069

    30# bait rod suggestions

    Calstar 700 ML
  373. mutu0069

    Toyota R22 motor

    I know a lot of guys who bought from here: Watanabe K Corporation 11550 Wright Road, Lynwood, CA 90262 (310) 763-6420 ‎
  374. mutu0069

    The new Tattoo

    He should of tatted "shut the fuck up bitch!!!!" on her!!!!
  375. mutu0069

    Anybody not get all their caught fish on open party boats? badass timing, I haven't been on a trip in the last 3 years that had a 50 fish stop!!! Heck, i don't think we had a 50 fish TOTAL!!!!! And yes it does sucks but it does.
  376. mutu0069


    bump :D
  377. mutu0069

    would you shit in your pants?

    Fuck! My hands got all sweaty watching that!
  378. mutu0069

    12-25 8' Stick?

    Calstar 800XL for 15, 800 XLH for 20
  379. mutu0069

    Trinidad 16 for 40#

    I fish 40 lb. on mine. 65 lb. spectra with a 3 ft. piece of flouro. i throw iron and fish bait with it.
  380. mutu0069

    Shimano Trinidad 12, 14, 16 DC digital Control, Shimano Tallica II 16 w/ Spectra,

    Looks like someone is making room for some new model trinidads?? :D
  381. mutu0069


    Sorry to hear that. Nice bug he had, how fast did it do in the 1/4?
  382. mutu0069

    Offshore 9/02/10 Hidden Bank, Scratchy Rough as Heck.

    Do you mean Jimmy Lew? This wasn't his trip. He's going out tonight on a 2 day
  383. mutu0069

    Offshore 9/02/10 Hidden Bank, Scratchy Rough as Heck.

    Congrats! I think I saw you out there! And was thinking damn they got a long wet ride home! We were on the Endeavor, along with the whole fleet! It was blowing hard all damn day!
  384. mutu0069


    X2, or if you can, slow troll a live mack or dine too!
  385. mutu0069

    Shimano Trinidad 20

    The 20 doesn't come with a metal clamp, it comes with a black plastic nylon type of material clamp. The gold metal clamp your thinking of is a shimano aftermarket clamp that costs around $40. It was originally made for the 16 which didn't come with a clamp at all but will work on the 20
  386. mutu0069

    Which Boat?

    Outrider out of 22nd st not Long Beach but not that far from it.
  387. mutu0069

    Knots for flourocarbon leader too big to cast through guides...

    Try the Tony Pena knot, both tag ends are facing you.
  388. mutu0069

    August 15 on the Spectra

    fuckin a! Thats a nice local cow! And some pig salmon grouper!
  389. mutu0069

    Offshore Legend 2-day 8/13-15

    Very, very nice! It doesn't get any better than that!
  390. mutu0069

    Top Shot Length

    In your case its probably easiest to increase the length of your top shots so you don't hit the knot when you cast. Me personally, I fish straight spectra to a 3 or 4 ft piece of flouro on all my set ups. I don't fish hollow so I'm not familiar with the kinds of knots or splices you can use. But...
  391. mutu0069

    Wanted: 20ft Skipjack open

    are you looking for turnkey or a project boat?
  392. mutu0069

    LCD repair

    Have you tried unplugging the ac and letting it sit for awhile? If not try googling the light sequence, it could be telling you one of your circuit boards are toast.
  393. mutu0069

    2007 blackman flybridge

    Drooling and sporting wood right now!!
  394. mutu0069

    Are there any 9 foot bass rod blanks out there?

    The graphiters are composites, but the 900xl is a sweet blank though. Have you looked at a Phenix?
  395. mutu0069

    1 to 2 day charters from San Diego

    the New Lo-An
  396. mutu0069

    Using spectra for throwin the iron?

    Yup...Spectra + short top shots = flex wrap!
  397. mutu0069


    Dayumm!!! :eyepoppin:eyepoppin:eyepoppin:eyepoppin:eyepoppin:eyepoppin
  398. mutu0069

    Longer clamp screws?

    Hey I just wondering if anyone knows if Avet makes a longer clamp post screw than the ones they come with (specifically for the JX/LX)
  399. mutu0069

    Pro Gear

    Cool, thanks! You guys like buying from smoothdrag vs. boca?
  400. mutu0069

    Pro Gear

    Aww no worries, thanks anyways! Guess I have something to do at work tomorrow! LOLLOLLOL
  401. mutu0069

    Pro Gear

    So the bearing that fits, was it for the left or right side? My bearing thats shot is the left side
  402. mutu0069

    Pro Gear

    Hey thanks for the 411. I too need a bearing for my cs500 and was just about to figure out the size. So your saying a "kit". Are you saying you can't buy just 1 bearing?
  403. mutu0069

    Bad year for local Albies?

    The sand bass are biting! :frehya2:
  404. mutu0069

    Looking for a video clip

    I was thinking the same thing. I wanna say it was a Becks or Heinekin commercial.
  405. mutu0069

    Saltiga 2 speeds

    The low speed on a 12II is actually 3.1 to 1
  406. mutu0069

    Looking for a video clip

    This is probably a long shot, but who knows!. Awhile ago I saw a video clip ( I think on here) about this "cute" girl who went out on a date with this dude, and when she went home she takes off her costume and it this big ol fat dude! I can't remember if it was a foreign commercial or what...
  407. mutu0069

    Long distance casting

    Yeah like mentioned above backlashes can be kinda scary, especially when your jig stops midflight and feels like your jig is going to snap off. But what is nice you never get kinks in braid like you do mono in the areas where you backlash.
  408. mutu0069


    $100? Damn, that would be quite a increase! As it is a trinidad can range from $350 for a 12 to $480 for a 50. That would push all the models into a 2 speed price range.
  409. mutu0069

    pro gear 255 vs avet sx

    Both are really good reels. One being a star drag and the other a lever drag. Its a personal preference, which would you rather fish with?
  410. mutu0069

    Long distance casting

    I throw iron with 65 lb. solid spectra with a 3 ft piece of flouro and like it better than straight mono.
  411. mutu0069

    Glenn's Tackle open today, Sunday?

    You can try Fishermans Hardware in Long Beach or Huntington Beach
  412. mutu0069

    Jx 2speed on a Calstar 800m for 30-40lb?

    I fish my jx 2 speed with 40 on my 800H. To me the 800M is a little to light for a 40 lb stick
  413. mutu0069

    Saltiga 2 speeds

    How did the binding feel when you bumped up the drag?
  414. mutu0069


    X2. I rarely get sick, but last year we were fishing on the anchor @ the 60 and it just kicked my ass for some reason. My cousin gave me one of those pills and i was back in action in less then 30 min! I was impressed that I was able to recover that fast!
  415. mutu0069

    Saltiga 2 speeds

    Looks like you can pre-order the saltiga 2 speeds. They look pretty sweet! Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Lever Drag Reels
  416. mutu0069

    Carlos Boozer to the Bulls........ LeBron is next!

    Look out Ricky Martin
  417. mutu0069

    Carlos Boozer to the Bulls........ LeBron is next!

    He's going to the Clippers!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  418. mutu0069

    Mono VS fluorocarbon

    I use flouro for both iron and bait
  419. mutu0069

    New Saltists

    " The logo is definitely different. Kinda cool looking. I really like the new "35" size
  420. mutu0069

    New Saltists

    These new Saltists look badass!
  421. mutu0069

    La Playita Panga Fleet and LaMarina Inn

    We fly American Airlines every year and never ever had to pay for bringing our rod tubes (as long as they're not longer that 8'), nor for an ice chest ( as long as its 50 lbs or less). As long as you don't exceed your 2 pieces of luggage that you check on, these items are no extra charge. As for...
  422. mutu0069

    Just when things start to look up!

    Damn, that sucks bro, glad no one got hurt! I feel your pain, happened to me 2 years ago, house caught fire from my saltwater fish tank while I was in Cabo!
  423. mutu0069

    Offshore 1.5 Day On Vagabond

    X2....and with only 13 people? Major bonus!
  424. mutu0069

    Earthquake!! (5 Million earthquake threads merged here)

    Seriously! gettin tired of these things! That was a pretty good jolt here in Los Alamitos
  425. mutu0069

    Baloon Fishing?

    empty plastic water bottles work too!
  426. mutu0069

    Albies elude PB fleet for now

  427. mutu0069

    Albies elude PB fleet for now

    You mean your curse is worse than mine? LOL I was just out on my 1 1/2 er on the Endeavor that fished this past friday, the counts were building up pretty good then went MIA just before our trip. We changed our gameplan and fished the squid grounds, then wouldn't you know it!!! The next day it...
  428. mutu0069

    La Playita Panga Fleet and LaMarina Inn

    Tomas Cantor, his # is 0115216241181496. If you ask him for a good price, he will work with you. We've fished with him for the last five years and he takes care of us!
  429. mutu0069

    Albies elude PB fleet for now

    Just go the day after I go out! Guaranteed it will be wide open and grease calm!!
  430. mutu0069

    Offshore 100+ albies

    Damn! it sure leaves a nasty taste in my mouth being out there 1 day before!
  431. mutu0069

    Looking for a bait rod for my 2 speed avet SX

    If you could spend more $, I would say a calstar 800xlh. otherwise how about a shimano teramar
  432. mutu0069

    Epic WSB fishing on the BG90

    Damn, very nice! It will be long time before you see that many being caught on 1 boat! Enjoy it!
  433. mutu0069

    San Clemente Island 6.27.10 YELLOW*

    Damn, that is straight quality right there!
  434. mutu0069

    Offshore Albacore update 6/28 day and a halfer on the 1 st. is lookin good!!!
  435. mutu0069

    Ghetto at its finest

    Damn, these parents were probably hatin' because they never graduated from kindergarten!! LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL Parent brawl erupts at kindergarten graduation - Press-Telegram
  436. mutu0069

    Live bait fishing "Picking a Bait "

    X2... yeah you pretty much have it covered. Also, when you go to cast your bait you wanna try to avoid your bait slamming the water with a hard cast.
  437. mutu0069

    1.5 day 6/25

    Pacific Queen
  438. mutu0069

    Full body baits...

    Damn! I was just there today and didn't notice them! Sick looking fo sure!
  439. mutu0069

    White Sea Bass of a Lifetime

    That fish is a pig! Funny, 976 Tuna had your 2nd pic with a caption that said 60 lb. yellow caught at La jolla yesterday?
  440. mutu0069

    Coastal tanker part three. 46lb on 6-20

    Damn Behdad, you have been straight killin it!!! Congrats!!!!
  441. mutu0069

    Boat Recommendation (Teenage Girl)

    If its from those 4 only, I would pick the Islander
  442. mutu0069


    That isn't helping anymore than saying its on craigslist. Go to the boat you're talking about, then copy and paste that link in your next post.
  443. mutu0069

    Intrepid on Inside Sportfishing

    Verizon Fios, but it ended at 10:30
  444. mutu0069

    Intrepid on Inside Sportfishing

    Hey guys, just an fyi. The Intrepid is on Inside Sportfishing right now fishing the Rocks
  445. mutu0069

    Vagabond 5 day

    Sounds like a great trip! Thanks for the report!
  446. mutu0069

    1989 Mako 20 CC

    Nice skiff and nice deal!
  447. mutu0069

    Maximus Seabass on Fire!!

    Damn! Those are some toads!
  448. mutu0069

    Rockfish hitting hard out of Homer!

    Holy shit! That gut on that fish is insane!! :eyepoppin:eyepoppin:eyepoppin
  449. mutu0069

    Shimano Torium 20 drag

    Sounds like you forgot to put the drag washer that sits below the gear
  450. mutu0069


    Hey! I hear they're biting @ Nic!!!!LOLLOLLOL
  451. mutu0069

    Shimano Curado 300 E

    Is your curado your selling a 300E?
  452. mutu0069

    Skunk Odor!!!

    Cool, thanks for the suggestions!
  453. mutu0069

    Skunk Odor!!!

    Haha I wish I could!
  454. mutu0069

    Skunk Odor!!!

    Hey guys, does anybody have any recommendations or tips on how to get this freakin skunk funk outta my house? F'in skunk sprayed the side of my house last night (Lucky for my dog it wasn't on her!) Anyways, I googled a remedy to clean the spray, which was hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish...
  455. mutu0069

    overnite to Catalina.

    try the Freedom @ 22nd st.
  456. mutu0069

    New JX 6/3 Raptor

    So is there a noticeable difference with the raptors vs. the non raptors with binding when you bump up the drag?
  457. mutu0069

    Roosters at the Ranch!!!!

    Very nice! Congrats on an epic trip!
  458. mutu0069

    High speed Saltists

    Has anybody seen these yet? Daiwa Saltist Lever Drag High Speed Reels
  459. mutu0069

    El Dorado Nature Center Dismemebered Body Found

    Supposedly the killing and dismemberment happened at the base in Los Al then dumped at El Dorado
  460. mutu0069

    3/4 day or overnighter for Catalina Islands

    overnighter. Sea Horse outta Dana
  461. mutu0069

    Offshore Bluefin

    Enough of this friggin wind already!!!!
  462. mutu0069

    Yellowtail Special

    price reduced to $150
  463. mutu0069

    EXTRA EXTRA Slimers on the 'Shoe'

    Man, I hope so too! It sure isn't like back in the day when they would settle in and bite for weeks straight.
  464. mutu0069

    Yellowtail Special

    It has the top bar
  465. mutu0069

    Yellowtail Special

    For sale an Accuratized Yellowtail Special. Accurate frame and sideplates have been re-anodized to a matte black. Has a pro gear power handle, pro gear star drag knob, newell spool and newell 4:1 stainless gear. This reel is in excellent condition. Asking $150.
  466. mutu0069

    Rod for Newell 332 for throwin irons

    Baby ulua
  467. mutu0069

    Offshore The 2010 Tuna Season...

    No albie caught today, he said he predicts the first one will be caught today
  468. mutu0069

    Tuna fishing just before the offshore oil rig explosion

    Wow! That is crazy! Thanks for sharing.
  469. mutu0069

    Reverse 1 1/2 day trips ???

    Not to threadjack, I know this is kind of off the subject, but since we're talking about maximizing optimal fishing time. I was thinking why the overnight fleet couldn't change their departure times to cash in when its strictly an afternoon bite. Say the boat leaves at 3 or 4 am, gets to the...
  470. mutu0069

    Livin' Large In Cabo...

    MTV cribs ain't got shit on that!!! Badass for sure!
  471. mutu0069

    need to identify this frame

    are you sure the diameter is the same as the squidder? cuz if it is, its not a 99 kit. but most likely a 145 or 146 kit with the wrong packaging?
  472. mutu0069

    Easy diamond wrap

    nice! the colors coordinate good with each other
  473. mutu0069

    Any Wii knowledgeable people out there?

    Hey I just saw the Wii fit bundle on one of those shopping channels on tv for $399
  474. mutu0069

    South 9 Mile Banks 4/26

    Nice! That red is huge!
  475. mutu0069

    Suggestions needed for levelwind reel

    how about a daiwa saltist levelwind
  476. mutu0069

    ProGear Gold with Accurate Handle and Borca Bearing, HT-100 Drag Upgrade

    Pretty sure those were all 5:1. Reel looks badass with that handle!
  477. mutu0069


    Aerospace.....I build space junk
  478. mutu0069

    Rancho Leonero

    Glad to be able to help! Have fun! and will be waiting for the report and pics!
  479. mutu0069

    Rancho Leonero

    Yes, the rod tube counts as one of your check on. We usually fly down there with the cooler empty and bring it back with the 50 lb limit of our frozen filets. My other check on would be my duffle bag with my clothes and tackle, and my carry on would be a backpack with my reels and ipod, camera...
  480. mutu0069

    Rancho Leonero

    We've been flying American for the last 5 years to Cabo with no trouble. They let you take 3 pcs. of luggage with no extra charge ( 1 carry on, 2 check on). We take a 8 ft. rod tube and ice chests (must be 50 lbs. or less), no extra charge. And we also carry on our reels with line with no...
  481. mutu0069

    Crawdads anyone...

    Awww man that place brings back memories! I used to get em there by the shitloads using raw bacon i would steal from the fridge when I was a kid :rofl:
  482. mutu0069

    Newell 332 / 338 reel seats

    you can get longer stainless screws for the clamp
  483. mutu0069

    spectra is F*&KING EXPENSIVE

  484. mutu0069

    Taking advantage of the teeth we have left

    Wtf? homemade jig with a piece of dentures?
  485. mutu0069

    First White Seabass on the SPECTRA

    Nice job Billy! Way to go busting the cherry! Man! that amount of deck space is unfuckinbelievable!
  486. mutu0069

    ST ROCKS San Nicolis Island March 21,22

    Nice quality of fish! I love fishin that island!
  487. mutu0069

    What do I name my new boat?

    South Bay Tsunami Qwest
  488. mutu0069

    What do I name my new boat?

    Avatar lol
  489. mutu0069

    What do I name my new boat?

    not very original but.......The San Pedro or Pedro Special
  490. mutu0069

    Eclipse $99 Overnight a Go with only 7

    are they fishing clemente?
  491. mutu0069

    3-17-10 Spectra Sportfishing Rockfish Report

    Very nice Billy! Looks like you're really getting the boat dialed in!
  492. mutu0069

    My sisters biggest yellow at the Islands

    Nice job on the yellow! Pepper kicks ass!
  493. mutu0069

    caption for this pic?

    "You dumbass! I told you that wasn't a shortcut!"
  494. mutu0069

    Any advice...3 and 1/2 Day Trip versus 1 and 1/2 Day Trip

    on a jig stop, just fish the iron on the bow away from the clusterfuck. That should help some. Good luck! Hope you kill some fish.
  495. mutu0069

    Look At What I Found At The Bottom Of My Tacklebox....Memories...

    Very cool find! Dooley's does bring back the memories! One stop shopping, you had to cross the streets to go into the other buildings. Remember the big lumberjack on Del Amo? Also, remember the megabait type of jigs made by Scampi? They had a silver finish with a red bloodline. Those things...
  496. mutu0069

    oceanside 95 -vs- pacific star

    Between the two? Pac Star hands down!
  497. mutu0069

    Places to eat in LB

  498. mutu0069

    Places to eat in LB

    King Taco
  499. mutu0069

    Important tips for FHS

    or the from-the-behind full reach around???
  500. mutu0069

    Offshore Colonett report

    Thats a nice grade of yellows
  501. mutu0069

    SAN CLEMENTE rock cod opener

    This is the Pursuit out of 22 nd st? Its fishing Clemente?
  502. mutu0069

    cHeAp! ChEaP!

    Yup, i know that area. i used to go to Fantastic Burgers and Tom's Burgers all the time.
  503. mutu0069

    Life size GW tattoo!

    Damn, thats pretty wild!. Hope the guy never grows a beer belly, otherwise that sharks gonna have a mean underbite!
  504. mutu0069

    Dish Network or Direct TV

    I used to have Directv, and actually liked it. That is until my neighbors trees grew so much that it was messing with my signal when it would get windy. Got tired of watching a choppy signal everytime it got windy. If it wasn't for that problem I probably would of stayed with them. I think now...
  505. mutu0069

    cHeAp! ChEaP!

    Hey Reelking, you live or work in that area? I grew up in Dominguez, lived on Dominguez st. Good luck selling your gear.
  506. mutu0069

    Bugs and rocks 02-11-10

    fake rock with a hollowed out inside? Maybe a couple of kilos nicely packed inside?
  507. mutu0069

    Radio Controlled SR-71 Blackbird.

    that is bad ass!
  508. mutu0069

    need help to find this reel tool

    This place has a bunch of different parts Penn Wrenches
  509. mutu0069


    Dude, my backyard is against the base, I see them strolling by all the time. And you should hear them at night howling like a mofo
  510. mutu0069


    I wish peeps could hunt them down at the Los Al base!
  511. mutu0069

    What do you think?????

    There is a break by the dumper.....just sayin
  512. mutu0069

    Whats your best bottom fishing setup?

    My Daiwa 900H with straight 80 lb. dacron with my 8 ft. sabre and a 15 hook ganion. Ahhhh the good ol days
  513. mutu0069

    Tiburon 501 spools?

    I would say the tib spool has tighter tolerances, but i don't think it will really be much of an issue since your fishing 25 or 30 with it.
  514. mutu0069

    Fish Identification

    Fuggin' ugly
  515. mutu0069

    BEACH DOGS & other news.

    Nice pics! She looks like Penelope Cruz
  516. mutu0069

    Late Report for the South 9

    Nice taco meat right there!
  517. mutu0069

    where to buy dungeness crabs in la?

    Try the chain of 99 Ranch Markets
  518. mutu0069

    Which design do you like better?

    #1. its like a sportboat t shirt showing the boat
  519. mutu0069

    Offshore 80# Local Louvar-Photo

    Looks like the result of an opah and a mola doing the nasty! LOL
  520. mutu0069

    How heavy can house be???

    just turn it into a houseboat now
  521. mutu0069

    Orca vs Great White

    I saw that episode on Nat Geo last week! Badass orcas!
  522. mutu0069


    I have 19+ yrs in RF (millimeterwave) SSBI and a DoD TS. Anything that fits my bill? Always looking for a better opportunity
  523. mutu0069

    Pro Gear Yellowtail Special

    They're a solid reel. Internals just like a Penn. Put some fresh HT100's, keep all the contact of disimiliar metals well greased to keep from corroding. Other choices would be a Torium or a Saltist
  524. mutu0069

    I'm a Droider

    Its a bad ass phone. Built pretty solid, but like Arnie said about the slide out keyboard, it feels a little different, takes some getting used to. The phone is loaded with features, and unless you do some tweaking, the battery life is pretty dismal. I downloaded an app that lists your apps that...
  525. mutu0069

    Any Colonett rockfish advise?

    65 lb. spectra will work and if you dont wanna spend the $$ to fill the whole reel, load it with some dacron backing first then spool the spectra on top of that
  526. mutu0069

    Fishing Hot Spots?
  527. mutu0069

    I'm a Droider

    Yeah, had I not been eligible for a upgrade, I sure in the hell wouldn't be getting it right now. They said something like $600 for the phone! Yeah right like I'm gonna pay that.
  528. mutu0069

    I'm a Droider

    Sweet! Thats good to hear. Mine gets delivered Monday
  529. mutu0069

    3 1/2 men @ S.C.I. w/pix

    Epic as always
  530. mutu0069

    Does cutting butt increase or decrease line weight?

    nothing to the line rating, but it will change where the rod shuts off
  531. mutu0069

    Offshore 10/24 ON BOARD THE LEGEND

    What it comes down to is a love hate relationship. Thats why the San Diego fleet kicks ass, enough boats to choose from and to make your favorite!
  532. mutu0069

    angels have a chance!

    ouch! they had their chance with bases loaded
  533. mutu0069

    A Hoax!!

    Unbelievable! That 6 yr old wasn't even in the balloon. Hope they hit the parents hard! Sheriff: Boy-in-balloon was hoax, charges expected - Yahoo! News
  534. mutu0069

    Cooler size for Cabo trip & carry on Reels?

    We go to Cabo every year flying American and carry our reels on with line and have no issues. And I would recommend a cooler with wheels. We usually take a 48 qt.
  535. mutu0069

    My 7 day Intrepid Charter... Fish Report

    Damn! nice trip! 17 people??? wow talk rail space!
  536. mutu0069

    lil skweezy

  537. mutu0069

    ----Epic Local Night -----

    dude! you guys killed it as always!
  538. mutu0069

    SCI - 100809

  539. mutu0069

    Offshore late post 10/03 *JIG STRIKE*

    congrats on a good trip! I've been eyeing that boat, look like a good operation with a light load.
  540. mutu0069

    Found Truck/Fishing In La Paz

    You know its gonna have one of those cow stickers on the doors
  541. mutu0069


    I just read that. What a bunch of dumbasses!
  542. mutu0069

    SCI Smackdown Yellows Lings and Mixed Batch 9.24.09

    Very nice trip, congrats! Damn I love fishing that place!
  543. mutu0069

    Sick Video of feeding giant BFT

    Damn thats sick! I can't believe how calm those guys were! Shit, i woulda been sreaming like a mofo
  544. mutu0069

    Sheep Head

  545. mutu0069

    catch YFT that won't eat bait!

    Gonna be down in San Jose Del Cabo in 2 weeks. Givin it a try! Thanks for the tip!
  546. mutu0069

    Offshore Shogun-1 1/2 day trip

    They didn't want to catch fish??? Yeah right that makes a whole lot of sense!!!!!!
  547. mutu0069

    Peice of shit scumbags

    That really sucks man! Sorry to hear that. I heard awhile ago near that Cosco where they built the church, some lowlifes were stealing copper and got into a confrontation with the security guard on duty and shot and killed him.
  548. mutu0069

    1st Rod Questions

    you would wrap it the same way you do the thread wrap.
  549. mutu0069

    Offshore Today H&M Landing 9/14/09

    sounds right up there with that local 50 lb. bigeye caught a few days ago!:rofl:
  550. mutu0069

    Milk crates

    here ya go Milk Crates, Bread Trays for dairy, beverage container, heavy duty plastic crate
  551. mutu0069

    Eldorado or Amigo???

    Dude its fishing. Some days some boats do better, some days they're not the "top" boat for the day. bottom line is pick a boat or trip you feel good about and enjoy it. its not always about putting the wood to the fish but to just being out there and able to fish with a good capt and crew and...
  552. mutu0069

    Offshore 50 pound Bigeye on the Point Loma 3/4 day

    yeah but he's 8' 6" 450 lbs. so maybe???????
  553. mutu0069

    1.5 Day End of Sept. Who would you choose?

    i don't think you can go wrong with any of those choices. all good solid operations.
  554. mutu0069

    What size greenback for Yellowtail/Threshers?

    a yellow will eat a 1 or 2 lb. mack easily. don't worry about that, cuz they will eat macks way bigger than that! Just make sure when you're getting bit let him really eat it before you swing
  555. mutu0069

    Offshore late legend report 9-3

    nice job. Seriously. 9 times outta 10 the Legend absolutely kills em!
  556. mutu0069

    Offshore DP to the 181

    Nice job on the fish despite the problems! No pics of the chics on the jetskis?????
  557. mutu0069

    Finish coat help

    Make sure that in between coats you're not touching the finish too much you could be getting the oils from your fingers left on the previous coat. also when your torching it make sure its burning clean and there is no soot touching the finish. as a last resort you could give it a light sand and...
  558. mutu0069

    Shimano reels Tiagra20 - Beastmaster 30/50

    thats a damn good price on the 20! If I didn't have one already I would be all over it! Good luck hope you sell it.
  559. mutu0069


    Never see anything on the Mustang, did it get renamed or outta comish?
  560. mutu0069

    Break that "grow button" Kennedy's first fish 8-22

    That is what its all about right there! Great post!
  561. mutu0069

    The 209 and 267?

    one spot isn't necessarily better than the other. It all depends on water temp and clarity. When the conditions are right, the paddies around there could be holding dorado and yellowtail and look for porpoise schools that could be holding yellowfin
  562. mutu0069

    Know where I can get an ORANGE MXJ MC 5.8?

    try this: Custom Avet Reels Avet,Everol,Tsunami,Avet EXW50 QUAD,MX,AVET Reels
  563. mutu0069

    Favorite Fluorocarbon?

    Seaguar Kureha 130!
  564. mutu0069

    Seeker SJ 90F Jigstick

    Looks really clean! That color combo really looks good together!
  565. mutu0069

    Would this setup be okay for SCI Yellows???

    I would look into getting a 40 lb. setup. When those fish wanna bite they will eat the heavy stuff.
  566. mutu0069

    How do you like to cook your white seabass??

    Salt and pepper and thin lemon slices on top. wrap in foil and put on the q.
  567. mutu0069

    Barries and sandies of HB are finaly biting

    Good to hear! thanks for the info! Its about damn time those things are starting to bite!
  568. mutu0069

    Sliding egg sinkers? vs Flyline

    you can use a carolina keeper with a sliding egg sinker also, my last trip i was fishing chovies using a rubbercore using 1 twist and when you get hooked up the sinker will usually pop off.
  569. mutu0069

    One HELLUVA 4th***

    God bless america!!!!
  570. mutu0069

    Offshore Tuna Crabs

    Man, I remember a few years back we were at cat and they were everywhere! we started scooping them up and every freakin one we threw out got chomped by a nice calico!
  571. mutu0069

    Calstar 700 M

    those colors work good with each other. nice job!
  572. mutu0069

    New to me...Edgewater Center Console

    that is a very nice ride!
  573. mutu0069

    Whos comin with me!? Legend 6-30-09

    Good luck! I'll be on the Endeavor leaving the same night.
  574. mutu0069

    Daiwa Pluton 200H W/ Saltiga Inshore Rod 7'6

    Hey Steve you sell the plutons at your store?
  575. mutu0069

    kenmore fridge trade for (30) pack

    Just an FYI if no one takes you up on the offer you can call SCE and they will pick it up and give you 50 bucks
  576. mutu0069

    Restaurant Recommendation

    Salt Creek Grille Restaurants
  577. mutu0069

    Capacity of Pro gear 501?

    around 250 yds.
  578. mutu0069

    Offshore 6/19/9

    nice job. thats a nice yellow compared to most being caught lately offshore!
  579. mutu0069

    Remember these Tady's?

    Yup! I remember having to cross the street to go into the next building! And the giant lumberjack! Used to go there all the time, i grew about 5 mins from there.
  580. mutu0069

    Remember these Tady's?

    I remember the top ones, used to kill the barries on them! And also remember Dooly's! on Long Beach blvd. loved their chilidogs! I bought those jigs at Andrews that used to be on Long Beach blvd. Also, not to threadjack, but I remember way back in the days my dad used to get raw blank Jerry...
  581. mutu0069

    Big Yellow at SCI

    Damn that yellow's long!!! wtg!!!
  582. mutu0069

    Cool Gopher/Mole trap

    Man, I can sure use that right now. Freakin gophers have made swiss cheese outta my backyard!
  583. mutu0069

    Looking for tip out bins

    try: Grainger Industrial Supply
  584. mutu0069

    My 1st YT

    Nice job! But thats gotta be chased down with a beer not a diet Dr. Pepper! LOL
  585. mutu0069

    Lakers Vs. Magic Game numero quatro

    Props to the veteran Fisher nailing big shots!!!!
  586. mutu0069

    Lakers Vs. Magic Game numero quatro

    Hey Jesse the games on ch 7 not 9
  587. mutu0069

    cat bait situation!!!!

    Just read a report that Long Beach Bait has live squid. They can be reached on ch. 11. Good luck!
  588. mutu0069

    5/30 san clemente is. on the seahorse

    Very nice catch! Those yellows are toads!!!!
  589. mutu0069

    Nautilus Newport Landing - 1/2 days WSB

    976-TUNA The Internet Leader in Fish Reports: Newport Landing Wide Open White Seabass
  590. mutu0069

    1/2 day trip scores limits of Seabass

    I just read that too. all 30 to 50 lb. fish! 1/2 day trip of a lifetime!
  591. mutu0069

    Slime sticks! Hahaha...

    snot sticks, stovepipes
  592. mutu0069

    Big Game 90 (Max pass 38) for a 2-day?

    38 is alot of people doing the tuna shuffle!
  593. mutu0069

    This was pretty cool. Bald Eagles battle it out.

    I see it! That is awesome!
  594. mutu0069

    Good Seafood places in San Pedro, Long Beach

    Tneres a place in between San Pedro and Long beach in Wilmington called Shamrocks. Its not the most plush place but if you want fresh seafood cooked to order then this is the place. Pretty good size portions, a selection of ceviche and fresh seafood to buy and take home also.
  595. mutu0069


    Damn! shook pretty long and hard in Los Alamitos!
  596. mutu0069

    ? Hardwood flooring, Tile, Carpet etc...

    what city would that be in?
  597. mutu0069

    HDMI.HDTV/Blue Ray Cable question

    For most cases you won't notice any difference in audio/video transfer through lower priced vs. higher priced hdmi cables.Its a digital signal.The difference in price reflects the construction of the overall cable itself. So you may not wanna buy the cheapest you find due to the fact it might be...
  598. mutu0069

    Finally ran down Oliver Yee, skipper of the "Samurai"

    I think someone told me he was running the Truline
  599. mutu0069

    Pac Bay wrapper chucks suck, solutions?

    How about using a piece of pvc. glue an end cap on one end, drill it out to fit the motor. and for holding the rod in place drill 3 holes, jb weld a nut and run bolts with a locking nut through it.
  600. mutu0069


    or wrapped in bacon!!!! LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
  601. mutu0069

    Looking for a reel to fish 20# to 25#

    saltist 20. Load it with 50 lb. spectra and fish a 20 lb or 25 lb topshot.
  602. mutu0069

    Fred Hall- Fishermen of Manzanar

    Thanks for the read! My grandparents and my mom were sent to Manzanar.
  603. mutu0069

    VIDEO from Dana Point

    X2! the quality is very nice!
  604. mutu0069

    Women parking video........

  605. mutu0069


  606. mutu0069

    Cards up

    Awesome game! I took the 6 1/2 pts! :beerbang:
  607. mutu0069

    Offshore black pearl 2 day

    Up the line, maybe the Finger bank?
  608. mutu0069

    Penn Senators

    the only thing i can remember thats different when i tore down a 4/0 vs. a 6/0 was the dog spring. the 4/0 had a actual spring and the 6/0 uses a thin piece of metal.
  609. mutu0069

    Do you use floro for tossing iron

    No need to fish flouro fishing the iron. iron fishing is a reaction bite.
  610. mutu0069

    The New Que

    Nice! Just in time for Superbowl!
  611. mutu0069

    Longer studs?

    If you know the size and wanna do mail order try this: McMaster-Carr
  612. mutu0069

    tiagra topless frames?

    I wanted one for my 20. Couldn't find one so i had Cal cut the top bar off. Not as nice as a new topless frame but does the job.
  613. mutu0069

    1-19 Me and My son went fishing

    Good job! Brings back memories! I still remember when my dad took me on the Victory!
  614. mutu0069

    A little project I have been working on.

    Dude thats sick! looks good!
  615. mutu0069

    charter service in so cal

    Is your mind set with Point Loma and H & M ? If not, try considering Seaforth. They have the Endeavor and the Pacific Voyager. Two awesome 1 to 2 day boats that straight out catch fish with good crew! Only problem is they both book up fast.
  616. mutu0069

    Lobster - Be careful

    I wonder if this is the same boat you saw? Capsized boat spurs search for possible victims - LA Daily News
  617. mutu0069


    50 lb. spectra/ 30 lb. topshot
  618. mutu0069

    cabo in july

    Like they said its hot! plus theres a chance for hurricanes during summer.your best bet would to go late september thru november
  619. mutu0069


    pretty sharp jolt in los alamitos
  620. mutu0069

    Offshore SCI in February tips?

    Or if the backside is too rough to fish, fish the frontside around white rock to purse seine rock
  621. mutu0069

    If you had to...

    the canyon behind pyramid
  622. mutu0069

    The Porno Rod

    The stuff I use is made by 3M
  623. mutu0069

    The Porno Rod

    Hey G, a buddy of mine has me put cigar bands on his rods for him, what I do is put double back tape on them then coat over them, comes out good with no problems.
  624. mutu0069

    cutting custom drag washers

    Cool read. Brought back a memory of my late uncle Shingo, brother of my late uncle Yo from Yo's Custom Rods. He used to make his own drag washers at home. Those washers worked awesome!
  625. mutu0069

    What a moron!

    Can you believe this? LOL Gang member guilty of flashing signs with Santa | gang, orange, signs, office, santa - News -
  626. mutu0069

    Offshore 2.5 day on the constitution

    Nice trip! Was thinking of jumping on that one. Looks like it was a light load too! Damn!
  627. mutu0069

    L.A harbor butt report

    Hey Behdad thats some funny shit right there! Reminded me of what happened to us a couple of years ago. We were coming home from Cat and was around horseshoe when we saw a seal chomping on something big and silver, As we got closer we saw it was a big wsb! he tried to sink down with it but it...
  628. mutu0069

    best plastic for sandbass

    whams work really good. but when the turd rollers are really chewing it doesnt matter what you throw at em.
  629. mutu0069

    Single or two speed?

    Tiburon does. Tiburon Engineering
  630. mutu0069

    Saltist 30h

    Depends what you're gonna/wanna use it for. If it were me i'd fill it with 65 lb. spectra and you have a choice of a 25lb, 30 lb or 40 lb topshot. If you're planning on throwing iron, I would make sure you have enough room for 100 yd topshot, if you're fishing bait or using it for codding I...
  631. mutu0069

    Vonage Users ?

    I know a few peeps that have vonage and are pretty happy with it. I have one buddy who bought the magicjack and swears by it. only costs around $24 for the year.
  632. mutu0069

    "No man is an island..."

    Great read! Can't take anything for granted, you just never know!
  633. mutu0069

    Quick Question.

    Yeah like double z said. those numbers are more like a reference you really don't need to pay attention to them.
  634. mutu0069

    2 day colonet

    Isn't the Black Pearl up at Capt Hooks during the winter?
  635. mutu0069

    Saturday 12-27 on the Pac Adventure

    Is that a new boat to the landing? Are you guys fishing local or cat? Good luck!
  636. mutu0069

    Mark Teixeira Is A Yankee!

    That blows my mind how stacked that team is! A freakin all star team that still will not go anywhere unless they get some solid pitching
  637. mutu0069

    need help on where to fish

  638. mutu0069

    Hurricane Bank

    are those bank perch?
  639. mutu0069


    Gamera! Yeah he kicked ass! :beerbang:
  640. mutu0069


    The strap doesnt look right and the turtle just doesnt look right.Especially the guy on the left, it just doesnt look porportional
  641. mutu0069

    Colonett - This Friday 12/19 Constitution

    i was looking at that. Do you know if they have enough to go out?
  642. mutu0069

    Hold on Baby

    Damn! Could you imagine if it broke?
  643. mutu0069

    Fantastic Cabo Underwater Striped Marlin Video

    and sure wouldn't want one of them bait balls swimming towards me!
  644. mutu0069

    Fantastic Cabo Underwater Striped Marlin Video

    badass video. awesome seeing them all lit up chasing the baitballs!
  645. mutu0069

    Fishing for one bite.

    Nice write up! And the udon looks good!
  646. mutu0069

    sand dabs

    just outside the rigs off of huntington
  647. mutu0069

    L.A Harbor MNL report for 12-9

    You really got it dialed in! Good job!