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    55hp Tohatsu Outboard

    These motors are tough, power to weight ratio will likely never be matched by any 4 stroke in its class. Original paint on the power head (not "flaky" , bubbled up or missing) is testimony its never over heated........$1200 is very fair
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    WTB Aluminum Boat

    PM sent
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    Inshore Winter Calico

    Deep bass, must be hanging out with the reds
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    Cedros halibut

    Probably 12, 15 or 20 lb mono depending on the vis, 3/4 to 1.5 ounce (red) lead head with eyes painted or glued onto the head. Single curl or twin tail 5" to 6" WHITE plastic bait. Kalins Mogambo single tail in white my favorite but Scampi type a close second. Pin on narrow strip...
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    Guadalupe island officially Closed Today

    Mexico is caught in a epic struggle these days between commercial interests / feeding ones family and this new environmental consciousness. May not work out so well for the little guy.
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    Shore fishing all around Baja Sur

    8 to 9 foot spinning rod, 15 to 20 lbs test mono on a 4500 series spinning reel and lots of one ounce Krocodile spoones (mack pattern). Pretty much good anywhere in the baja surf. With this set up, you will need little luck.
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    Guadalupe island officially Closed Today

    I wouldn't put off that Colonet trip too much longer
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    Bird shit color jigs

    Some people say color doesn't matter, too many times I've seen that it does. .....and not just for calicos
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    Guadalupe island officially Closed Today

    Little by little, piece by piece the baja fishing grounds will be closed off to foreign sport fishing interests. Many of us saw this coming for a while, it really sucks and likely could have been avoidable I can't help but think much of the issue is directly related to long range boats...
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    When La Salina first opened up over a decade ago, was launching my little skiff outta there most every month for the first few years. Great fishing just a short run to the north for yellowtail (Pt Mesquite) or bass, rock fish and halibut at points south. Used to just leave my truck and boat...
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    San Quintin yellows

    Get out the soy sauce, lemons and limes.........really nice haul Thanks for the report
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    Bahia de Los Angeles 2023 Trip Recommendations

    Never seen or caught one like that and been going to la bay since '78 Very cool
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    Bahia de Los Angeles 2023 Trip Recommendations

    Is this a grouper or Jurrasic red rock fish?
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    IF you ever get hassled for fishing from shore or reef in Mexico here is the information that allows you to do so ... information only ..

    Mexicans always seem to cheer for the "under dog". Perhaps this mind set goes back to the days of Pancho Villa
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    Mexicali scam

    They seem have a reputation down there a being nice but "cheap"
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    2021 Suzuki 15HP Outboard (Like New)

    Actually its the weight of the motor; 123 lbs
  17. 2021 Suzuki 15HP Outboard (Like New)

    Southern California 2021 Suzuki 15HP Outboard (Like New)

    2021 Suzuki 15HP outboard (Model # DF 15 ATHL4) Ran only a couple times with less than 3 hours on it. I love the motor but its a bit too much for my little 12' aluminum boat. Some features and specs; Tiller Steering Fuel injected Tiller steering Electric start w/manual thru cowling back up...
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    2021 Suzuki 15HP Outboard (Like New)

    surf launch submitted a new listing: 2021 Suzuki 15HP Outboard (Like New) - 2021 Suzuki 15HP Outboard (Like New) Learn more about this listing...
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    Punta Abreojos in winter

    Probably better options for fishing and accommodations at La Bocana these days. Plenty of people in the know should chime in soon ......stand by
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    The guy lived life on the baja fronteer by his terms. Something most of us only dream of. Sorry to here of his passing.
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    What is the consensus of driving in Baja MX at night?

    Also, might as well mention try to stay off the road during Easter week. Its party time in baja and (at least) half the population stays liquered up better part of 7 days. A fun time for sure but vehicle wrecks every where as Mex 1 resembles a Mad Max movie
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    Mexicali scam

    New York thugs have no need to bribe or shake down victoms. They'll just kill ya and take whatever they want
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    Mexicali scam

    Every where you go there are unscrupulous dirt bags looking to make an easy buck.....being a Mexican has nothing to do with it. New York is full of them.
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    Mexicali scam

    Professional and non confrontational. Gonna keep one on hand myself........thanks
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    Mexicali scam

    Built a custom rack on top of my truck shell to carry down my small skiff, that and chartering pangas is my new way.. No longer towing my boat down will relieve much stress for sure, sometimes you have to innovate The border town "gauntlet" is just a little longer and more intense these...
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    Mexicali scam

    More bullshit scams these days for sure. Used to be the occasional crooked TJ cop looking for a $20 and easily bluffed. Sometimes I say I'm done, not worth it anymore. Then I think about LA Bay sunrises, sipping a cold beer on the Old Mill patio or another surface iron yellowtail at...
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    Mexicali scam

    Don't drive (or bring) anything into Mexico you can't afford to loose. You'll relax more and have a better time trust me.
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    What is the consensus of driving in Baja MX at night?

    I've driven down at night many times but won't do it anymore. Sure, I'll push on through dusk an hour or so to reach the motel or camp but thats it. The nastiest thickest fog I ever experienced one night occurred between Colonet and San Quintin (old mill turn off). Almost zero vis for over...
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    Cousin Mike and the Zooboys In LA Bay

    Slather that yellowtail head with picante sauce and chuck it back to the dog
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    Islands Which islands off the coast of Baja are currently off limits to the U.S. long-range boats?

    San Martin, the Breakers, Ben rock even south to Geronimo .....used to be the LR "three day bread and butter trip" for the longest time. The wrong attitude got em' run out of the area never to return. History seems to repeat its self........
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    Islands Which islands off the coast of Baja are currently off limits to the U.S. long-range boats?

    Plenty of places for the LR boats to fish along the remote northern Baja coast where little (for now) large scale co-op activity takes place. Yes, it takes time to find the new sweet (or high) spots but its investing in the future. Just like years ago when one or two LR skippers were motoring...
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    Islands Which islands off the coast of Baja are currently off limits to the U.S. long-range boats?

    In remote Baja, the Co-Op's are the king pin of their local area and have the ear of Mexico City. Screwing with this entity is a MASSIVE long term mistake. The arrogant American full of entitlement could some day lead to the total ban of all long range boats from Mexican waters. Time for an...
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    Sometimes It Ain't About Karma...

    The look on that young couples face says it all. The act of giving something to those in need (and expecting nothing in return) demonstrates best of humanity. Good for you. Right before I head down, I round up anything around the house no longer in use. Careful not to much, as to draw unwanted...
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    Islands Which islands off the coast of Baja are currently off limits to the U.S. long-range boats?

    I've heard that it comes down to this; if there is a Mexican commercial fishing co-op near by, that makes the area off limits to US long range boats......(pretty much all baja islands) San Martin island was popular thru the 1990's til the San Quintin co-op ran them out. Same thing happened...
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    BOLA May 2022

    Great day fishing and drinking ice cold Tecate on the panga, pretty tough to beat that anywhere
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    San Quintin Oct. 14 & 15, 2022

    A retired buddy of mine had a house in LA bay in the 80's & 90's. He would drive all around with a machete on top of the dash in his pick up. Sounds like those days are over.
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    San Quintin Oct. 14 & 15, 2022

    Thanks for heads up on pocket knife, good to know
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    Fall in Bahia Asuncion

    Always cool to see a Klammath skiff in Baja!
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    Baja sur recommendations

    Neat town with friendly vibe. Was down there during spring break years ago, the yellowtail fishing was quite good and the weather nice. Might avoid August and September........damn hot
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    Sportboat inflation

    Here some inflation perspective; In the mid '70's , Mom would drop us kids off at the Saturday afternoon movie and she gave my brother and I each a dollar. It cost .50 cents to get in and the other .50 cents bought a pop corn, soda and candy bar!
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    1996 Arima Sea Chaser 16

    Very nice boat, attention to detail is obvious and price seems very fair.
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    Small bait tank

    These make great bait tanks, made several over the years
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    BOLA in Nov What's good

    Couldn't have said it any better..... I used to go mainly for the fishing, still important but that "LA Bay Vibe" is what attracts me just as much these days. Especially that sun rise that sets the entire sky on fire over the islands while sipping that first cup of coffee.
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    BOLA in Nov What's good

    For old times sake; take a drive out to La Gringa point, close your eyes and remember all of those campers parked out on the gravel spit with the (mostly) aluminum skiffs pulled up in front camp sites. Generators powering portable freezers, camp fires made from the drift wood you scavenged that...
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    1996 Boston Whaler Justice 21

    Saw one once with a mini 50 cal deck gun mounted and ready for action, cool boat
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    BOLA in Nov What's good

    I think you'll be surprised to see LA Bay hasn't changed too much (compared to most places in Baja) since you were there in the early 80's
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    WTB trailer for 14' aluminum boat

    Last Chance Marine in Hemet (recently) had quite a few boat trailers on hand, adjustable ftrailers for 12 to 16' boats
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    San Quintin Reports?

    Can always catch tune up here, I'd go for the big reds then something else. Sounds fun, good discussion on Let's Talk Hook Up radio program this last Sunday from the guy who bought Don Eddie's. Recommend you listen to it (archives on web site)
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    Baja Info for Travel

    Turtle bay has become sketchy with rumors of crime and even piracy. Some yachts have actually just "disappeared" while over night there. Most boats bypass that place and fuel up somewhere else. This info was related to me from a long range skipper who runs a boat out of San Diego
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    Southern California WTB; Tohatsu/Nissan 8hp 2 Stroke Outboard

    Also looking for a 8hp Tohatsu or Nissan 2 stroke outboard , short shaft, in exceptional new like condition. Not interested in beat up worn out junk. Located in San Diego but willing to drive a ways for the right motor. PM if interested Rob
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    WTB; Tohatsu/Nissan 8hp 2 Stroke Outboard

    surf launch submitted a new listing: WTB; Tohatsu/Nissan 8hp 2 Stroke Outboard - WTB; Tohatsu/Nissan 8hp 2 Stroke Outboard Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California WTB; Yamaha 15hp, 9.9hp or 8hp 2 Stroke Outboard

    Looking for a Yamaha 15, 9.9 or 8 horse power, 2 STROKE (no 4 strokes) , short shaft for my small aluminum boat. Must be in exceptional condition, practically new like condition as I'm not interested in worn out junk. I'm in San Diego and willing to drive a ways for the right...
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    WTB; Yamaha 15hp or 8hp 2 Stroke

    surf launch submitted a new listing: WTB; Yamaha 15hp or 8hp 2 Stroke - WTB; Yamaha 15hp or 8hp 2 Stroke Learn more about this listing...
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    Baja travel and Hurricane Kay

    Central Baja really hasn't changed much in the past 50 or so years when it comes to natural disasters and infra-structure. Wash-outs, power poles, trucking in supplies and fuel tankers take some time to happen.
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    Baja travel and Hurricane Kay

    Probably best to wait a bit for things to settle out and get back into shape.
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    Livingston 14 with Suzuki DF30

    Fantastic surfing and diving platform as well
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    1959 17Ft. Glasspar Seafair

    That Glasspar is in fantastic shape! Excellent first time boat for anyone, they also make an excellent platform for downrigging / bounce balling for halibut.
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    All out war in TJ now..

    I have a bad feeling Mexico is on the precipice of "narco traffico wars 2.0"
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    All out war in TJ now..

    The original Hong Kong Club?
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    All out war in TJ now..

    Discover Baja tavel club just issued a safety advisory for Northern Baja. They've never done this before, so far as I know, as it would be bad for business. Danger and opportunity often go hand in hand, some people call this "the spice of life." If you go take all precautions and try to...
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    Renting a Slip vs. Trailer Storage..

    Lots of practical and valid points but I would also add; The inevitable higher maintenance cost being in a slip because your boat is sitting in that acid bath 7/24.
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    Yamaha Enduro Sales in Ensenada

    Looking to buy a Yamaha (8hp) Enduro, was told Ensenada is the place to get one. Years ago, Agenca Arrona on the water front was the place but that was a long time ago. Wouldn't mind going to San Felipe either. Any suggestions or even contact info would be appreciated. Post or PM, thanks! Rob
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    San Quintin fishing sept 10 & 11

    Was just thinking today its been a while since any fish report from SQ. Supposed to be the time of year for WSB? Time will tell..........
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    2000 World Cat 266lc

    Looks like a fun party boat for a trip over to Catalina for the weekend
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    WTB 25-50 tiller OB

    Actually, a 2 stroke Mariner would be a cost effective good choice and they were sold new in the late 1980's thru the '90's. It was actually a Yamaha power head paired to a mercury lower end. It was a good match as the end product was tough and reliable. They never did get much of a...
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    Ensenada Fishing off Punta Banda

    You can drive out there and scramble down the rocks BUT, I would not leave my car parked for the day and assume it will still be there when you hike back up Been fishing that area for years, launching my tin boat off Campo Villarino or just fishing from one of Vonnie's pangas. Even seen those...
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    BOLA Report - July 7,8,9

    Good write up and thanks, looks like a great time Nothing like the approaching / full moon to mess up the bite and send the fish into a nocturnal feeding mood. It especially effects the bait down there. Its becoming clear that shake-downs, which were't too frequent years ago, should be...
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    Any suggestions for late October fishing trip near Ensenada to San Quintin?

    Shallow water rock fish and calico bass pretty much a sure thing with surface iron yellowtail a really good possibility.
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    State advisory

    I'm sure your right but my uncle told me years ago; "Never take anything into Mexico you can't afford to lose".
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    Any suggestions for late October fishing trip near Ensenada to San Quintin?

    Vonny's pangas at south end of Todos Santos bay is another option. Fair prices and very good skippers that speak english. Check him out on Face Book
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    State advisory

    Thinking about leaving the new Tundra at home and buying a 20 year old beater mini van, packing all my shit into the back and heading down. Oh, and stick a couple of "Baby on Board' decals on rear windows for added measure
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    State advisory

    While driving through border towns, perhaps its possible to pay escort money to the Cartels for protection from Mexican cops? Good question for Discover Baja travel cub I suppose
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    Fiberglass dinghy for sale

    Should sell quick
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    Fish Dope or Fish Nope?

    Nothing colder than two day old "Hot" fishing info
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    One more thing to consider; LA bay is actually considered some kind of marine reserve where a fee is charged (typically daily) in the form of of a bracelet at the public launch ramp in town. You need this to legally fish this area. Discover Baja sells the "yearly" pass which, depending one...
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    I've been using Discover Baja for all my needs for years, highly recommended
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    Looking for 40-50 HP outboard

    Just Google; boat sales / boat motor repair for LA county and Orange county. Should be plenty around
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    wow lots of boats being posted For Sale....

    Bought a brand new jon boat from a dealer in Hemet, paid $1400 for it and the same little boat 2 years back was half the price. It kinda hurt but planning on taking my daughter fishing a lot this summer in the sierras. Then I needed to buy a little outboard for it. After calling a dozen...
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    They sold in a New York minute
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    surf launch submitted a new listing: Newells - Newells Learn more about this listing...
  81. Newells

    Southern California Newells

    I have two, new in box Newell S533 - 5.5 reels for sale for $250 each Located in Poway, Pm if interested Rob
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    Inshore Bola report 6-7

    High spot, biggest macs you can find, dropper loop w/1-2 lbs lead and big circle hook
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    Looking for 40-50 HP outboard

    That skiff you got there is a good one. A 40hp, 2 stroke would be a good match for sure. A Johnson/Evinrude, Yamaha, or Tohatsu would be a good 2 stroke match up. Trust worthy, reliable , lite weight outboards for sure. Spare parts for just about everything you need are still readily...
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    Islands BDLA 5/31-6/2

    That ruse was very effective ......till recently. I know of someone who was pulled over driving thru TJ on some BS charge. The driver refused to pay the bribe and insisted going paying at the police station to settle. The crooked cop just said "you are welcome to go to the police station...
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    Islands BDLA 5/31-6/2

    These days towing anything of value invites a guarantee'd shake-down......too bad Still you guys still made the best of it.......thanks for the report
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    Inshore San Quentin next week

    Pm Gerry (jer dog), probably has it
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    2006 4 stroke Evinrude

    I believe these were built by Suzuki for the smaller line of BRP 4 stroke outboards. These motors have a good reputation.
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    Inshore Take a girl fishing

    Looks like you launch at the base side of O'side?
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    Inshore Take a girl fishing

    Fishing for sharks from an inflatable, what I call "participating" in the food chain........ sporty for sure
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    San Quintin 5/27

    Any word of halibut about?
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    Believe It or Not...

    I'll second that
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    Inshore Oceanside to the Domes KELP?

    Plenty of thick kelp is needed to maintain a thriving calico bass population Kinda like a protective "ozone layer" for the near shore fishery
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    San Francisquito info

    the sight of that propane freezer brings back lots of memories.......had two myself!
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    Covid proof coming back to USA

    no kidding, political games for sure
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    San Francisquito info

    Been going to Baja (LA Bay area) since 1979 both diving and fishing. I don't spearfish so much any more but back in the 80's and 90's, it was my thing. Cortes spiny lobster and Cortes halibut have always been very challenging for any diver, esp. the baja bugs ; Do well on them one trip...
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    San Francisquito info

    We were actually camped over there, on the beach next to the cabana's. So we had the perfect line of sight from one end of the beach to the other when they came through. Always seemed to happen last hour before dark while we were having dinner and drinking beer. Used to go there often back...
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    San Francisquito info

    I know of a guy who caught a 200 lbs black off that point. Sent down a 2 foot barracuda on a dropper loop w/2lbs of lead. "Hot dog on a stick" to grouper
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    San Francisquito info

    A special place indeed.....
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    How to troll for trout with spinning gear???

    Set up one combo with a longer (at least 7'6) medium action rod and lite braid on the reel. Tie the braid to a Invisa-swivel then a 3' to 5' leader of 4-6 lb mono or flouro ..... to what ever lure you choose. This set up will not twist
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    San Francisquito info

    The other side by the airport. Two evenings in a row the yellows came breezing around the corner chasing bait up onto the beach. We ran down with jig sticks, my buddy and I each got one or two per session. .......Just a blast
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    White sea bass L a bay north.

    WSB have been caught off the gravel bar at La Gringa as well. People don't realize how deep it drops off there and how fishy it can be. Seen plenty of WSB caught in gill nets up there as well. Live macs are key
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    San Francisquito info

    The only place in baja I've caught yellowtail from the beach .....more than once. By water is for sure the way to go. Last time I drove in there, without a doubt one of the longest-shittiest roads in all of baja. Beat the Hell out of my trucks suspension and nearly shook my balls off.
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    San Francisquito info

    Are you driving in or boating down from LA bay? Best fishing seems to begin in June.
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    Erendira Lodging

    Erindira is still old baja for sure. Bring down some kids cloths n toys if you can......much appreciated for sure.
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    White sea bass L a bay north.

    The only consistent spot(I use that term loosely) for WSB for me has been drifting macs around the osprey nest at Alcatraz Island
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    2001 17ft Custom Built Center Console Seaway

    How could this boat still be for sale? Don't let he 2 stroke fool you, the Enduro series are the toughest most maintenance free outboards ever made
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    BOLA 4/27

    I hear they taste like chicken......... most everything is good wrapped in a fresh warm tortilla
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    Looking for possible career change advice

    The 30's are a challenging period for most guys, especially if married with sure was for me (50's now). and many others I knew. Perhaps because even though 30-ish, married, career and kids.........we're restless because we misses that freedom and spirit of adventure of our...
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    Looking for possible career change advice

    I think the biggest consideration is; do you have a family? If yes, then pay check and home life stability should remain priority over personal aspirations of adventure. At least until the kids are grown. Kinda sucks but just the way its meant to be
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    WTB Bayrunner

    Might be better off calling Trade Wind and just having one built to YOUR specs. I did this and although it took 6 months and I paid a bit more, I got the skiff that I wanted (thicker bottom, zincs, tiller steering etc.) Just a thought...........
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    More and more boats and RV's will start popping up in time........I guarantee it. Only problem...

    More and more boats and RV's will start popping up in time........I guarantee it. Only problem is; when short term interest rates exceed 25% and long term rates; 12% to 20%, few people can qualify to buy anything. Cash will be the key. I grew up in the 70's and saw this happen to my...
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    wow lots of boats being posted For Sale....

    For those who have minimal debt, secure job or retirement and liquidity/cash on hand...........recession can mean opportunity for sure.
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    Too many people believing socialist dogma from government elites and university...

    Too many people believing socialist dogma from government elites and university academics........especially among younger adults.
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    wow lots of boats being posted For Sale....

    I believe currently we're in the beginning stage of recession. All the economic indicators are there. Fourteen years of stimulus, excessive debt, cheap interest rates & money printing brought us here. Only thing left will be the "economic chemotherapy" (increase interest rates and recession)...
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    Very well stated

    Very well stated
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    16' CC

    The utility of this boat has tremendous potential, for a lot less work than most people think. To start I would dump the old smoke wagon (Merc), remove the center console, and go with a new tiller steer 4 stroke OB. Next remove that old hand rail, trolling motor etc and start the cosmetic...
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    Kicker Motor for Backup

    Always been a firm believer in kickers when fishing remote locations where there is little help or assistance around. In Baja, my 14' aluminum skiff is powered by a 15hp main outboard and 2.5hp kicker...... I even have a pair of oars on board! Some would consider this over-done but when I...
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    Newell’s and a possible bonus!

    Price more than fair
  119. S

    Best mono line pound for squidder 146, 140???

    I would consider 20lb P line CXX extra strong in clear.
  120. Fishing and Marine Stuff Cheap  (sale pending)

    Southern California Fishing and Marine Stuff Cheap (sale pending)

    Getting rid of more stuff so it all must go, everything you see here in the pics for only $80, Hell of a deal for someone Chum buddy Outboard motor extension handle 12v five gallon bucket aerator Marker bouys Tree anchor Jig stick protective rod socks (91" long) Hull letters/number kit...
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    Fishing and Marine Stuff Cheap

    surf launch submitted a new listing: Fishing and Marine Stuff Cheap - Fishing and Marine Stuff Cheap Learn more about this listing...
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    TESLA lands on rocks at Dana Point the other morning!!

    Rich privileged college grades bored and crying out for attention.
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    1984 Invader Center Console

    Excellent boats, made by the same talented craftsmen that built Boston Whalers. Super clean too and a very fair price.
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    Arima Sea Chaser 17

    That 90hp Johnson is a good motor, no doubt one of the best OMC ever put out. Rugged, reliable, simple to work on (little maintenance) and incredible power to weight ratio. It was respectfully nick named: " the tractor" of the 2 strokes
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    Penn Squidder 140, GREAT SHAPE!!

    A piece of American sport fishing history right there, more than fair price
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    State advisory

    The advisory seems to be rooted in young American/Canadian women being kidnapped while traveling in Mexico and pressed into sex slavery. If they don't cooperate, they're killed out right..........disturbing Like I said, even though I still plan (possibly) to travel down south........ Mexico...
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    Offshore BFT, I mean Whales within sight of PL. - Chasing AIS whoops

    Maybe this will be the year a yak launched of LJ sticks a 200 pounder. One of those guys must have a death wish.
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    State advisory

    Still, there have been several murders in LA Bay alone in recent years. Its not that big of a town!
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    State advisory

    Good point Gerry.
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    State advisory

    You guys make good points BUT, just when I start planning a trip more BS surfaces down there. Haven't completely given up on Mexico yet but shit, the violent crime is really getting tough to ignore. Plus going down isn't the deal it used to be either. I'd feel so much better if could...
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    State advisory

    Been going down since 1978, things were great and pretty much stayed just fine all through the 90's. Then the narco wars (2006-2009) and something since then has changed for the worse in Mexico ......and I fear its permanent. Glad i got to experience Baja in much better times
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    Ensenada 3/23. Júrels.

    Those boiler rocks in the back ground are very familiar, pulled some toad calicos off them over the years. Like a prom queen slut, they just keep-on giving!
  133. Tady Lite Iron  (SOLD)

    Southern California Tady Lite Iron (SOLD)

    A total of 17 jigs, 45 and C's, many brand new and all in great condition. Only $100 for entire lot, located in Poway, PM if interested.........Rob
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    Tady Lite Iron

    surf launch submitted a new listing: Tady Lite Iron - Tady Lite Iron Learn more about this listing...
  135. Old Heavy Iron Cheap.......SOLD!

    Southern California Old Heavy Iron Cheap.......SOLD!

    *Salas YoYo1, 6X, 6X jr, 7X & 7Xjr *Rod Bender *Holiday Special * (2) Tady 15 SH (super heavy 27oz) 30 pieces in all and priced to sell..........Only $80 for the entire lot (less than $3 each) Located in San Diego county (central), meet/pick up at I-15 and Poway Rd PM if...
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    Old Heavy Iron Cheap

    surf launch submitted a new listing: Old Heavy Iron Cheap - Old Heavy Iron Cheap Learn more about this listing...
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    5S Mexicali to La Chapala

    Turns out the Mexican military was the presence of law and order on the Baja frontier. Don't know what you've got till its gone. You would hear of an occasional issue at some check point but rare for the most part. Over-all these guys were professional. This "thin green line" was there to...
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    Santa Rosalia charter?

    Might be other options a few miles down the road at San Lucas cove
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    Truline Spinning Rod

    A collector will snap it up for sure, more than fair price
  140. S

    Drive to BOLA?

    The best fishing in Bahia has (most) always been the first couple hours in the morning, before the sun hits the water. However the one exception is a during a full moon. I've experienced some of the most incredible twilight bites for yellowtail the last hour or two before sunset. By then...
  141. S

    Ruben Dagget passes- bola

    The Daggets were nearly as prominent in Bahia as the Diaz family were in founding that town. Sorry for the loss
  142. S

    That pic captures it all. I would have it blown-up, framed and hung in the man cave.

    That pic captures it all. I would have it blown-up, framed and hung in the man cave.
  143. S

    Drive to BOLA?

    Mexico wouldn't be Mexico without an occasional bribe or good o'l fashion trash can fire..
  144. S

    Looking for Newell parts

    Nothing casts like a Newell............O'l Carl would be proud
  145. S

    I'll bet your right, Ivan most likely could arrange something as far where to stay. All this...

    I'll bet your right, Ivan most likely could arrange something as far where to stay. All this talk has given me the itch to head down there myself.......been since pre covid
  146. S

    San Felipe?

    Ivan's (Vonnie's) brother has the camp ground across the street called Campo Villarino. We just throw a tent on the ground or crash in the back of the truck and in the morning they launch in front of the camp ground. We actually walk less than 50 yards and hop in the panga.....super convenient...
  147. S

    Looking for Newell parts

    Try Squidco
  148. S


    Located in what city?
  149. S

    San Felipe?

    Very well put, Beto is an excellent panguero We used to bring down toys for his kids..........20 years ago! Last time I checked, Ivan took reservations on Facebook
  150. S

    This time of year, much wind and too few fish. Rest of the year, just too few fish period...

    This time of year, much wind and too few fish. Rest of the year, just too few fish period. Much better options else where
  151. S

    San Felipe?

    Ivan (Vonny's) has lots of experience taking out spearos. Vis off the tip of Punta Banda averages 25' to 100'. If your into shooting YT and WSB, this place should be a consideration. Also, a much shorter run (boat ride) compared to many other places. Plus there is the potential for shooting...
  152. S

    San Felipe?

    I would for sure take San Quintin (6 hour drive) over San Felipe.....way better fishing Another option would be Vonny's pangas (near Ensenada at only a 3 hour drive). Good rockfish and bass fishing plus surface iron yellowtail year round. Very reasonable prices, campground on site where...
  153. S

    Shark Attack at San Miguel island: 2/26/22

    Back when problem seals were shot and white sharks caught, human interaction with both was pretty rare. White sharks were caught and killed for food internationally until recently and seals protected since the early 1970's. Now both species are protected, their numbers way up and...
  154. S

    Yard sale items.

    A couple foot long Subway sandwiches cost nearly $25 these days, you got a good deal.
  155. S

    MAG BAY Inshore

    Been going down for over 40 years and the gill netting scene is all to common....... The gill netters move in and net the Hell out of an enclosed estuary till nearly destroyed. After no longer profitable, they move on. Saw this happen to Laguna Manuela, Coyote, La Bocana and Laguna San...
  156. S


    That boat looks like a fishing machine! Good luck in your new business venture.
  157. S

    Bahía de los Ángeles - BOLA

    And it should stay good so long as they keep the (foreign owned) high seas commercial boats out of the Sea of Cortez. When they show up they take it all, leaving behind a "marine desert" slow to recover
  158. S

    Ensenada January 2022 Report

    Nice haul! especially those reds and that was a toad tree fish!
  159. S

    Starter boat recommendations for father/son

    I've owned aluminums most of my life, Klammath and Gregor are some of the better makes. Stay away from any Valco smaller than 16', they were mostly riveted and leaked like a seive.
  160. S

    Starter boat recommendations for father/son

    Consider this; Buy a modest aluminum boat for you and the boy for bay and inshore fishing ALSO, Join a boat club for access to larger boats for off shore fishing or just taking the whole family out in comfort on occasion. Probably won't break the bank
  161. S

    Bahía de los Ángeles - BOLA

    Snorkling gear is always nice to have in the panga should you feel like taking a break from fishing (and takes up little space.) Your skipper will take you to some neat place to take a dip maybe even skin dive for clams. Second hand items like kids clothes, shoes, jackets, blankets etc. and...
  162. S

    Paddleboard Yellowtail

    What ever became of Mulege? If you decided to blow through that crime n' tweaker infested zombi-land wouldn't blame you a bit. Loreto has held up (for the most part) ) not just to fishing pressure but to the ills putting a strain on the fabric Mexican society. It also has managed to...
  163. S


    That inshore stretch between the Coral and Pta Salsapuedes is bass Heaven for sure. Lots slug sand bass in there mixed with the calicos. Picked up many a kicker halibut in that area as well. I used to launch my skiff at La Salina (before the place turned sketchy and tweaked out) and make the...
  164. S

    Abreojos Report

    OK now......I get it. Those fish were really caught in the Rio Mulege estero right? Ha Ha you almost fooled me!
  165. S

    Abreojos Report

    I would just skip Mulege and keep fishing right there.....more fish and less tweakers
  166. S

    Inshore New rockfish limit for 2022

    Lets not forget the impact Humbolt squid have on rock fish stocks when they return to our deep water reefs. Those voracious damn things eat everything.
  167. S

    Missing boater off of carpinteria Ca

    A good friend of mine related an experience he had in recent years. I'll try to get it straight. This is his story.......... Large sport fisher leaving San Diego harbor after midnight and headed for Colonet, My buddy, still feeling the effect from that evening's celebration, wanders back...
  168. S

    Missing boater off of carpinteria Ca

    Leading cause for falling over board; taking a leak over the side. Something we should all remember. Hoping for a happy out come
  169. S

    Any downrigger hints for Baja....?

    20' to no more than 30' behind the ball when trolling the mack over over rocky structure. Too far back and more hang-ups. I mark the line with a felt tip marker at 30' as a reference point for the release. Keep in mind this is just for grouper over nasty rock reef. Generally you would want the...
  170. S

    Any downrigger hints for Baja....?

    Can be very effective way to fish grouper/cabrilla along the reefs; I always use a very heavy 10lbs cannon ball and troll very SLOW as this will allow the cannon ball & wire to stay nearly strait up and down which is key for accurate depth presentation. I prefer to troll live macks, nose...
  171. S

    Last time I checked; La Paz and Todos Santos were still in Baja Sur

    Last time I checked; La Paz and Todos Santos were still in Baja Sur
  172. S

    Misinformation? Saw it on Nomads (Baja News forum) and seems legit, check it out for...

    Misinformation? Saw it on Nomads (Baja News forum) and seems legit, check it out for yourself......I assume you have an open mind. I still go down (for now) because I love the fishing and the people but WAY more careful these days.
  173. S

    1985 Holiday 18’ Center Console

    Might want to clarify carb with direct oil injection OR direct fuel injection (FICHT)
  174. S

    Inshore Beach Report Todos Santos BCS 11/16-24

    Cartel activity, & attempted kidnapping of ex pats around there.........careful
  175. S


    Nice rig for a fair price. Most people just don't appreciate the practical lay out of tiller steering especially in smaller skiffs. Much more room for for throwing jigs and comfortable eating.
  176. S

    Last Minute Where to Stay Gonzaga Bay?

    Save yourself a few bucks and do it old school; take some dirt road off the main highway a few hundred yards, park, couple beers n' shots and plop on a cot.
  177. S

    Offshore Mac slow troll

    Not just for salmon and butts anymore.........
  178. S

    Be Ware! Internet Scammer. His name is Jeremy Arriaga.

    This venue can be a tough crowd but mostly just good nature'd bantering. Just one big "fishing frat house" Many see a $50 loss to a dirt bag as something to joke about and poke some fun real harm done. Nine out of ten guys on this board would give you the shirt off their back...
  179. S

    Westcoaster Wahoo Bayrunner

    Starting to think this add originated someplace besides CA (perhaps north Africa or maybe Pakistan?)
  180. S

    Westcoaster Wahoo Bayrunner

    Looking kinda sketchy
  181. S

    16' Dory

    Anyone considering getting into commercial fishing needs to consider this skiff. This is the hull design the Cardiff Dory men (Stan & Tommy Lewis and Dick Doleman) used back in the '50's thru the '70's. Pushing thru 6-10 swell to bring in the oceans bounty, it was this hull type they knew...
  182. S

    Trout, Salmon , Steelhead Lures and Gear

    surf launch submitted a new listing: Trout, Salmon , Steelhead Lures and Gear - Trout, Salmon , Steelhead Lures and Gear Learn more about this listing...
  183. Trout,  Salmon , Steelhead Lures and Gear

    Southern California Trout, Salmon , Steelhead Lures and Gear

    Over 80 trout, salmon & steelhead lures ( at least 45 are brand new) mostly around 1/4 ounce but some heavier / some lite. Roostertail, Panther Martin, Needle fish, Little Cleo, Acme, Blue Fox, Vibrax, Mepps etc. Also flashers, wedding rings , keel weights, bobbers, Rebel plugs, & other...
  184. S

    Islands 10/29 rockfishing gone wrong

    A fat jack and dabs for supper......nice!
  185. S

    Vintage Jigs

    surf launch submitted a new listing: Vintage Jigs - Vintage Jigs Learn more about this listing...
  186. Vintage Jigs (Sale Pending)

    Southern California Vintage Jigs (Sale Pending)

    Some Japanese bone jigs, older spoons and this old plug. Great nautical decor for the fishing man cave, pilot house, or some guys are just into collecting this stuff. I have kept a few for my den but no use for the rest, total of 7 in all,. Not looking for much; how about a case of Coors...
  187. S

    The cannery will clean and freeze your fish for a fair price, just drop it off there and pick...

    The cannery will clean and freeze your fish for a fair price, just drop it off there and pick up the day you hit the road. Also, the cabins on the beach were more than adequate with restaurants not too far. Oh, and bring lots Magnum Rapalas and 6x Jr's!
  188. S

    To the point, well said

    To the point, well said
  189. S

    Was hoping you'd chime in Mike, much appreciated.

    Was hoping you'd chime in Mike, much appreciated.
  190. S

    Offshore Baja Roadtrip: Castro’s Fishing Place

    Latest info on places to stay and places to eat would be great by someone in the know. Motels, cottage/home rentals, restaurant's etc., maybe even a campground in the area? My last time down (quite some time ago) we stayed in one of Castro's cabins. The place smelled and lets just say the...
  191. S

    Offshore Baja Roadtrip: Castro’s Fishing Place

    Used to go there a lot, panga and surf fishing. This story has re lit a fire of interest.....gotta plan a trip.
  192. S

    10 Day Return - Thieves SUCK (HM lot)

    Charles Bronson for parking attendant
  193. S

    10 Day Return - Thieves SUCK (HM lot)

    Laws are created to govern a "civil population" for the fabric of decent society. As for the "bad people" (murderers, thieves, rapists, etc.) with no intent to follow the law, a ready hand of consequences and punishment must be ever present. In California today, the latter appears to no...
  194. S

    For those who’ve had both: spiny or Maine lobster

    CA bugs....... cooked Baja style w/ rice, beans, tortillas and washed down with Mex beer and shots of tequila. Good luck topping that New England
  195. S

    Used Iron Cheap (lot 3)

    Sale Pending
  196. S

    Used Iron Cheap (lot 3)

    surf launch submitted a new listing: Used Iron Cheap (lot 3) - Used Iron Cheap (lot 3) Learn more about this listing...
  197. Used Iron Cheap (lot 3) SOLD

    Southern California Used Iron Cheap (lot 3) SOLD

    Next batch of 65 jigs, good to very good condition (many new). Brands like Sea Strike, CP105, Wes Jigs, Sumo, Dix, Christy, Neptune, Kicker and SM4.2 Gotta move em, only $80.00 for entire lot (little over a buck a jig) PM if interested and located in Poway
  198. S

    Tady Jigs

    Sale Pending
  199. S

    Fire Jigs

    Sake Pending
  200. S

    Fire Jigs

    Yes, Yo Yo jigs and similar to Salas 6xJr
  201. S

    Westcoaster Wahoo Bayrunner

    Just a bit "light" on the description here
  202. S

    Fire Jigs

    surf launch submitted a new listing: Fire Jigs - Fire Jigs Learn more about this listing...
  203. Fire Jigs

    Southern California Fire Jigs

    Total of 50 Fire jigs for sale, 38 of which are brand new; (34) #5's... (16) #3's... $120 for the entire lot, located in San Diego county central. PM if interested..........Rob
  204. S

    Tady Jigs

    surf launch submitted a new listing: Tady Jigs - Tady Jigs Learn more about this listing...
  205. Tady Jigs

    Southern California Tady Jigs

    Getting rid of another 50, this time all Tady's; (11) AA 's...... *6 brand new (12) A2's........*all 12 brand new, still in package (11) A1's (10) #9's (7) miscl. All are in fine condition (or new). $120.00 takes the entire lot, located in SD county central (Poway). Pm if...
  206. S

    Inshore Baja Roadtrip – San Felipe

    Fishing in SF is a cut bait kinda place, just the way it is. Best bait hands down is shrimp , bring down a bag or two of uncooked fresh frozen...... Stater Bros (usually) has it. Its your best shot at catching corvina. Carolina rig it
  207. S

    Used Iron Cheap (lot 2)

  208. S

    Used Iron Cheap (lot 2)

    surf launch submitted a new listing: Used Iron Cheap (lot 2) - Used Iron Cheap (lot 2) Learn more about this listing...
  209. Used Iron Cheap (lot 2) SOLD

    Southern California Used Iron Cheap (lot 2) SOLD

    50 (heavy) Salas jigs, mostly 6xJr's, but some YoYo #4's and Christy's as well. Good to very good shape and a few new. $125 takes them all, local pick up in San Diego county. PM if interested.......Rob
  210. S

    Used Iron Cheap

  211. S

    Used Iron Cheap

    PM sent
  212. S

    Used Iron Cheap

    surf launch submitted a new listing: Used Iron Cheap - Used Iron Cheap Learn more about this listing...
  213. Used Iron Cheap  (SOLD)

    Southern California Used Iron Cheap (SOLD)

    Sixty five pieces all together, in fair to very good condition and all fish catchers. Many have chipped paint and lite surface rust on hooks. Most of these are heavy but some surface iron as well. Makes include; Salas (6x and Christy), UFO, SeaStrike, Dart, Tady, CP, Fire, Diamond...
  214. S

    Inshore Baja Roadtrip – San Felipe

    The area was a sport fishing paradise back in the 50"s til 70"s that made the town. Be nice to see it make a come back. Those two fellas getting in the way of organized crime are taking on substantial risk.......wish them the best. Fun read.....thanks
  215. S

    1983 Boston Whaler Montauk 17

    Had a 17' Montauk just like that one, classic Whaler battle wagon design. Rugged durability and history is the legacy of this skiff. Although a bit small for my needs, I (reluctantly) sold mine as well.
  216. S


    Know of a buddy who's been free diving at Cedros for years. It's become his favorite of the many places he's spear fished all over Baja. Consistently good conditions, lots of fish, hard working professional panga skippers and better and better facilities will make this a popular...
  217. S

    Cod Weights

    surf launch submitted a new listing: Cod Weights - Cod Weights Learn more about this listing...
  218. Cod Weights

    Southern California Cod Weights

    With rock cod season approaching, felt the need to stock up. After much research, it seemed jer dog (Gerry) was the man to see ......and that's the truth! With his incredible prices and quality sinkers, it was well worth the drive from San Diego to Orange County. After picking up the...
  219. S

    Ha! Had a Sears 7.5 hp OB mounted on the back of my 12' Sears fiberglass skiff. Loved the boat...

    Ha! Had a Sears 7.5 hp OB mounted on the back of my 12' Sears fiberglass skiff. Loved the boat but the motor was a little piece of shit. Pretty much a Briggs lawn mower engine with a propeller. On the engine cover it said; "Ted Williams Quality". Always thought ol' Ted could have done a lot...
  220. S

    Baja mini panga

    Sears outboard motors wern"t worth a damn but their boats (fiberglass and aluminum) were actually quite good as they were made by professional tradesmen. Built starting back in the 60's and all through the 70"s, most are still in use to day someplace.
  221. S

    Inshore Local Fishing Punta Banda

    Those spooners on the rocks are hard core, they'll sling the plug ALL DAY in hopes any pelagic will connect.....and they do. I've seen them drag big bonito and yellows over those rocks. When motoring by, sometimes we'll just give them whatever we have in the sack. Man are they stoked on that...
  222. S

    San Felipe Fishing

    15 to 30 feet average, any small boat or kayak will do. Set up on rocky area ( if there's rocks on the beach likely in the water out front as well). Shore fishing usually sucks unless your into skates, sharks, rays & miscl. trash fish
  223. S

    San Felipe Fishing

    I have a friend who is down there now south of town (mostly) working on his place. Fishing can be quite good if expectations are realistic for this area; spotted bass, corvina, croaker, sargo ect., this is mostly a cut bait kinda program but a gulp on a jig head can work. Bring frozen shrimp...
  224. S

    22’ Amato Panga

    Very nice set up and reasonable price
  225. S

    San Quintin shore fishing???

    Drive out on the sand spit toward the estuary mouth. ........not bad but I'd have a 4x4 just in case as can be soft in places. Here is your best shot at perch and halibut; 7'6 (at least) rod with a 5/8 to 1 ounce Krock on 12 to 15 pound test. OR you can bait up with squid strips or frozen...
  226. S

    San Quintin fishing 9/4 & 9/5

    Full bendo on the spinner rod.........nice!
  227. S

    SQ Report 8/26-8/29

    Love those big reds.......I think my new favorite
  228. S

    San Q: Where to buy breakfast/lunch for the boat?

    A pile of tankers on the table, where else but SQ
  229. S

    Those people were lucky to not end up shot along the shoulder of the road or held for ransome...

    Those people were lucky to not end up shot along the shoulder of the road or held for ransome. With Mexico's strict gun laws or even a knife blade over 3", its time to get creative. I refuse to go without a fight
  230. S

    Highway 5 Ambush

    For years I've been carrying a can (or two) of wasp & yellow jacket spray in the cab of my truck. Concentrated nasty shit with a 20' range, I wouldn't want a face full of it. If asked what it was for just said "camping". Looked into carrying bear/pepper spray in Mex a while back but got...
  231. S

    Highway 5 Ambush

    Been working on my truck and boat past 6 months to be ready for my first baja trip in quite some time. Was actually planning on renewing all permits and Mex insurance this week for a trip next month.........lets just say I'm reconsidering everything.
  232. S

    Highway 5 Ambush

    I somewhat (but respectfully) disagree with your assessment. I too have been going down to Baja for many decades and yes, the challenges were there for certain. But those challenges we faced were different. Mostly the uncertainty of gas, food stuffs, fresh water, ice, beer, etc. Not to mention...
  233. S

    Highway 5 Ambush

    This could have ended much worse; none of the robbery victoms were killed or taken for ransom............thank God
  234. S

    My brother was always doing knuckle head stuff like that. However, he seemed to score on the...

    My brother was always doing knuckle head stuff like that. However, he seemed to score on the best looking women so go figure.......
  235. S

    2008 15 Hp Yamaha Enduro

    surf launch submitted a new listing: 2008 15 Hp Yamaha Enduro - 2008 15 Hp Yamaha Enduro Learn more about this listing...
  236. 2008 15 Hp Yamaha Enduro    (SOLD)

    Southern California 2008 15 Hp Yamaha Enduro (SOLD)

    This is the commercial series of outboards made by Yamaha for sale mostly in developing nations. Engineered to be ran everyday of the year, on poor quality fuel in the harshest of marine conditions this is about as tough as a outboard can get. This is the motor occasionally seen in National...
  237. S

    San Quintin Tackle Recommendations

    I appreciate the input thanks
  238. S

    San Quintin Tackle Recommendations

    Just trying to consider some options. Once upon a trip, when my truck and (boat) trailer were parked on the road to the ramp my spare tire was stollen off the trailer while we were out. After that incident, I would drive the rig back into the old mill parking lot while we were out .....problem...
  239. S

    San Quintin Tackle Recommendations

    Thats my main reason for returning to the Mill, launching pretty much on site then I can park my truck back in the "compound". Someone once told me that Eddie's had a small dirt/rock ramp that was do-able for a "over the beach launch" kayaks, tin boats etc. I appreciate the pic Les, but it...
  240. S

    San Quintin Tackle Recommendations

    I've stayed at the old mill probably several dozen times over the last 35 years but never wandered over to Don Eddie's (perhaps at one time this was Lorenzo's?) Also; is there anyplace to launch a small aluminum boat at Don Eddie's..... there on site w/ secure parking?
  241. S

    Inshore 9-182-La jolla

    To this day nothing casts like a Newell!
  242. S

    San Quintin Tackle Recommendations

    Someone mentioned a lite set up for shore fishing around the motel and back bay, good advice as the place is plugged full of sand bass. Not usually big but small to decent size and lots....... One giant turd-roller fest
  243. S

    San Quintin Tackle Recommendations

    Calico bass; all standard sizes and colors of swim baits work well but I would have some of the larger / weedless types on hand for throwing into the nasty stuff. After all, thats where the really big pigs live. Almost forgot.......bring down a few bricks of frozen squid.
  244. S

    BOLA dodo’s

    Bought my "biosphere swag" at Discover Baja travel club while there renewing my Mex insurance, fishing / boat permits etc. Was told I need it while fishing from my private boat.around Todos Santos island (Ensenada). Some said I didn't but I don't fool around and cut corners on Mex paper...
  245. S

    BOLA dodo’s

  246. S

    BOLA dodo’s

    Two count as five fish in Mexico and only two fish per person? I thought (in most cases) ten fish per person and that only five fish of the same specie for total of 10 in combination. Is this not correct?
  247. S

    BOLA dodo’s

    I had an older 17' Montauk, woke up one morning and it was flat as a mill pond. Ran north up past Punta Remidios and by lunch, it was howling up out of the south with rain squalls, thunder and lightening. Hid out on the lee side of Alcatraz til the worst of it blew through (couple hours)...
  248. S

    BOLA dodo’s

    Based on past experience, they can show up anytime between now and September. Some of the skippers are less than enthusiastic about looking for em when they know larger numbers of the 'bread n' butter fish" can be counted on with much more certainly. Understandable as thats just good...
  249. S

    Offshore Mako shark eating a seal by the corner

    More fun to watch snack on a knot head than catch......but thats just me
  250. S

    Halibut fishing south island

    From San Martin to Santa Rosa, the tanker halibut seem to love the islands
  251. S

    BOLA fishing in late July?

    Dorado on top, yellowtail down deep, roosters prowling along the beach, sailfish wandering around the channel. Hotter than Hell on land, make sure of 24 hour A/C in the room!!
  252. S

    Flex Seal for Aluminum Boat Leaks??

    I've done this with an old sears aluminum and it worked well. I think the technique is called; "re bucking the rivets" My brother and I did this and it cured the leaks. Being on the outside of the hull and doing the hammering is for sure preferable. Bought him beer and sushi after words for...
  253. S

    East county bait and tackle bad business.

    Called Squidco looking for a certain AVET, said those were tough to come by but they'd call me when one came it. Got the call almost 2 months later and by then I'd almost forgot..... but they sure hadn't! They beat any price both internet and brick n' mortar. Price even included braid...
  254. S


  255. S

    14’ Livingston

    So here is a picture of the "2 -rod holder mount" that I plan to install on my 12' aluminum boat. However, they make a "4- rod holder mount" that works great in the 14' Livingston because there is so much flat side space below the gunnels. Plus the material is easy to custom modify with hack...
  256. S

    14’ Livingston

    Had a 14' Livingston for 20 years also with 25 Yamaha (first generation 4 stroke...damn heavy motor!). Mine was tiller steering and I mounted a six gallon fuel tank up in each nose which made the boat ride real well. I had horizontal rod holders mounted on the sides below the gunnels, worked...
  257. S

    Offshore Makos

    I remember when (plug in the decade) those who said the sardines would never return, same for the white sea bass, bonita, anchovies and blue fin tuna etc......but they did. All just one big blue water cycle
  258. S

    Missing Person in Bola

    Disturbing events and sad. I'll continue to keep going so long as victomizing ex pats and tourists stays the rare exception and not a continuing trend. The natural beauty and amazing fishery of Bahia always beckons. Unfortunately, it would appear evil can lurk most anywhere including this...
  259. S

    Inshore San Quentin next week

    Could someone give me an idea what your typical panga $ rate/day is these days out of San Quintin......thanks
  260. S


    Been going down since 1978, for years most of us towed or car-topped our boats down. Sometimes staying at a hotel in of us camped on the beach with our tin boats pulled up on shore at night. Cleaned our own fish and cooked our food over the Coleman stove. Went into town so often...
  261. S

    Inshore Inflatable shark fishing

    Hooked an (estimated) 500+ thresher off Carlsbad power plant some years ago in my 14' aluminum. All going to plan til along side, ready to stick it and the MF decided to jump at the last minute. Launched 10' up in the air, coming down and nearly just missing the gunnel. That was enough for us...
  262. S

    Top 3 fishing locations for Baja Fall fishing trip

    South Ensenada ( Vonny's), San Quintin, LA Bay and Loreto.
  263. S

    Need prop advice Honda BF15 on 14’ aluminum boat, poor performance at 3200 ft Altitude

    Knew a guy who ran the boat consession at Lake Crowley (around 7000') and the first thing they would do when taken delivery of new outboards is change out the factory stock prop to one of a much smaller pitch. This usually compensated for the altitude problem without carb/jet modifications.
  264. S

    Inshore 5/23 Capitola skiff doormat

    The smile on your boy's face is magic and day never forgotten!
  265. S

    Fishing butts

    Sounds like good fishing, too bad Bobo poached a halibut. Never seems to be a orca or great white around when you need one.
  266. S

    Inshore Muscle farm yellow

    Always a good day when you score a jack and fill the cooler with out burning 50 gallons!
  267. S


  268. S

    hwy 1 updates ?

    The Old Mill has that unique charm that never goes out of style........
  269. S

    BOLA gear

    He's right, usually not line shy. When fishing the deep water reef''s either yo yo or soaking a mack, I go (at least) 80 braid to 80 mono........give em' the rope.
  270. S

    San Quintin

    I heard (Nomads) that the process has been expedited considerably?
  271. S

    Late report BOLA May 6-9 pics do the talking

    Love the pic with the panga, and the rising sun behind the island
  272. S


  273. S

    Best Baja Fishing "Bottom Critter" Table Fare? (Not a Report...Yet)

    Cabrilla and grouper THE BEST in my book......melts in your mouth. Keep what you can, arrange for it to be bled and put on ice in the panga in advance. The extra effort will be worth it.
  274. S

    stealing fish from freezers ?

    $25 a night to keep your fish in a freezer? Wow and I thought a bag of "LA Bay ice" was expensive! Might have to go back to packing my canning gear down like we used to do it back in the 80's
  275. S


    surf launch submitted a new listing: Downriggers - Downriggers Learn more about this listing...
  276. Cannon Downriggers Cheap

    Southern California Cannon Downriggers Cheap

    Cannon Uni Troll HP manual downriggers; telescopic boom, high speed reel, quick connect/disconnect 360 swivel base, full spool of cable and in excellent condition (no terminal tackle). Great way to troll for halibut, outside of kelp beds for seabass /yellowtail or sharks.. Also works great...
  277. S

    Cannon Downriggers

    surf launch submitted a new listing: Cannon Downriggers - Cannon Downriggers Learn more about this listing...
  278. Cannon Downriggers

    Southern California Cannon Downriggers

    Selling 2 Cannon Uni Troll HP (manual) downriggers in excellent condition. Both have 360 degree / quick disconnect swivel bases, telescopic boom, and full spool of cable (cannon balls and releases not included). Sold as a pair for $260 , Located in Poway, Pm if interested Rob
  279. S

    Inshore Couple butts

    That boat of yours has the right Juju for sure!
  280. S

    Rapalas Cheap

    Back up for sale
  281. S

    San Quintin Bound - few questions

    Nice bottom grabbers, I'd take a 8 lb red over a 18 lb ling any day!
  282. S

    F/S newell

    To this day, nothing can cast like a well tuned Newell.
  283. S

    Vintage Plugs and a Reel

    surf launch submitted a new listing: Vintage Plugs and a Reel - Vintage Plugs and a Reel Learn more about this listing...
  284. Vintage Plugs and a Reel

    Southern California Vintage Plugs and a Reel

    Bunch of (mostly) wood Martin plugs and a old Penn reel. Lures in good to new condition and reel in good condition. Pretty cool stuff if into it. I have no use for this so will sell everything for $60 Pm if interested.....Rob Shipping possible if buyer pays
  285. S

    Rapalas Cheap

    surf launch submitted a new listing: Rapalas Cheap - Rapalas Cheap Learn more about this listing...
  286. Rapalas Cheap      (SOLD)

    Southern California Rapalas Cheap (SOLD)

    Selling (23 ) Magnum series Rapalas, in CD9, CD14 and CD18 sizes.... thirteen still new in box and the rest in good to very good condition. also included are other miscl. plugs and poppers in very good shape. They gotta go so $100 takes the whole lot. Local pick up, PM if interested and...
  287. S

    Inshore What in the actual Fuck

    Problem solving at sea.......Very cool
  288. S

    Missouri Livingston 12’

    I've owned 5 livingstons over the past 30 years. They cut through swell and chop like butter. If your caught out in a storm (in a small boat) and fighting your way back to harbor, this is the one to be in. Suggestion; I would consider mounting two 6 gallon fuel tanks in the front as they...
  289. S

    Summed up nicely in a paragraph

    Summed up nicely in a paragraph
  290. S

    Best bait for spotties

    Where's a mud sucker when you need one? They were like a hot fudge sunday to spotted bay bass. Many tackle shops to sell them........ I miss the good ol' days
  291. S

    stealing fish from freezers ?

    Bought an Engel fridge / freeze 10 years ago. Runs on 110v in our room and 12v for the trip home. Best $800 I've ever spent and have used the Hell out of it. Fishing trips to Baja and summer camping in the Sierras. Smaller in size than a 48 quart ice chest, it will hold 40 to 50 pounds of...
  292. S

    Inshore Isabella Lake 4/24/2021

    Had a 14' Western Aluminum, caught everything from Baja yellowtail to Lake Crowley trout from it. It was a fish killing machine!
  293. Trout, Bass, Panfish Rods  (Sale Pending)

    Trout, Bass, Panfish Rods (Sale Pending)

    Don't need them so they gotta go, all spinning rods. 6 Shimino in new to almost new condition 5'6 to 7 foot in medium to ultra lite. And 5 other poles in good condition. Excellent for trout & kids, especially with the Sierra trout season just a couple weeks away. All 11 rods for only $80...
  294. Good Rods Cheap

    Good Rods Cheap

    5 Kunan and one Shimano stick, all rods in good to very good shape with AFTCO components; Kunan #FM598OST 5'6 30-80 test Shimano #TJ70H 7' 20-40 test Kunan Boat Master#7503 7' 12-30 test Kunan #HR5950ST 5'6 20-50 test (2) Kunan Custom #CG7804 6' 9" 50+test As these rods haven't been used...
  295. S

    Offshore Upper 9, non-report

    You were un usually nice bringing the puker in, most have been made to "ride it out" when blowing chunks.
  296. S

    Inshore LJ 4/18- KooK of the day KLAMATH CC

    My Klamath just showed up, ordered back in October. Who knows when outboard motors will arrive in North America again........hopefully before Christmas!
  297. S

    Bait Tank Installer in Long Beach Area?

    Some small business owners make it difficult to patronize local when you inquire into their services and they come off arrogant, aloof and try to make you feel stupid! Probably don't need to mention any names.......
  298. Sabre Rods

    Sabre Rods

    Selling these 3 Sabre fiberglass rods in good to very good condition as a package of 3.........$80 for all and located in Poway. Rob
  299. "Time Machine" Rods n' Reels

    "Time Machine" Rods n' Reels

    Just cleaned out great grand dad's home and came across this cache of vintage old rod n' reel combos from the 1970's all the way back to before? Six combos all together. Everything is fair to good condition (when you consider age) but show the effects of time and long term storage. For...
  300. S

    Inshore Izors SandBass tacos

    Any legals you can dredge up in these cold, windy inshore conditions are impressive in themselves. Makes those tacos taste just a bit better.
  301. S

    Who do we have to blow to get our electronics??

    Over 60 container ships resting on the hook just outside Pedro and LA harbors..... some for over a month. Problem isn't the ships or dock facilities, its the lack of trucking to haul and disperse the merchandise across the nation. To some, must be a better deal to take the free govt. covid...
  302. Fenwick Pacific Sticks Cheap

    Fenwick Pacific Sticks Cheap

    Selling these five Fenwick Pacific Sticks and in great condition. Don't have the time to sell them one by one so; I'll sell the whole bunch only $120.00 Local pick up, San Diego county central (Poway), PM if interested. Rob
  303. S

    Gonzaga Bay - April 6th and 7th

    I remember back in the '80's when those corvina averaged 20 to 30 pounds. Huge schools would prowl the beaches from Gonzaga to Punta Final. We'd catch em trolling CD14 Rapalas just off the beach usually in less than 15 feet deep. Once a plug got slammed, firing back 1 ounce Krocks sometimes...
  304. S

    Missing Person in Bola

    Sweet little old gringo lady. You couldn't ask for a better ex pat for the promotion of retiring in Baja, victomized by petty criminals. So sad.......
  305. Spring Cleaning (Boat Stuff)

    Spring Cleaning (Boat Stuff)

    Time to move some stuff that I don't need or plan to use; *Fulton 1800 lb winch (new) *Chum Buddy (new) *West Marine Mini VHF Speaker (new) *Outboard Motor Hood (for up to *Coleman 100qt Marine Cooler w/rod holders (used but in great condition) I think we all know how...
  306. S

    BOLA mixed bag with Guillermos

    That water looks greasy calm like a mill pond on a July morning. Perhaps the calm before the spring time winds howl down the Sea of Cortez? You guys hit the weather window for sure and nice fish'n!
  307. S

    BOLA and highway 5

    June and October are my favorite months, great fishing and weather still nice. August and September the yellowtail seem to go deep as surface water temps quite warm and not to their liking. The macks don't like the warm water either and bait gets tough to make. Gets so hot in town even the...
  308. S

    Long Beach Queen Mary lease to be auctioned off. They filed section 11 bankruptcy

    My wife and I would go up every year and have dinner on her, sometimes spend the night. You really can smell, taste and feel the history while on that a floating time machine back to another era.
  309. S

    Bahia de Los Angeles in June

    Best shore fishing at north end of bay out on the cobble spit at La Gringa point. You can drive all the way out there, its paved most of the way now and literally start fishing right where you park on the gravel. 4 WD (usually) not necessary if you don't stray of the road graded road. Medium...
  310. S

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    Been beach launching in Baja for over 40 years with too many rigs (and boats) to remember; Gregor, Kammath, Western, Mirro Craft and Valco(what a hunk of shit that was!) and even an old Sears. I have seen many trends evolve over the decades with this unique gringo "beach launch aluminum boat...
  311. S

    6hp suzuki for sale

    Looks like a fair deal to me, especially since new is tough to buy these days
  312. S

    14' Aluminum Boat w/ Galvanized Trailer

    SOLD! ........ man it sure went fast!
  313. S

    14' Aluminum Boat w/ Galvanized Trailer

    Selling my 2018 Tracker Guide V14 deep v-aluminum skiff with Pacific galvanized trailer. I did a lot of Baja beach launch stuff, mostly at Campo Villarino south of Ensenada and this skiff was fitted out with transom launch wheels and the trailer with a tongue mount "tricycle" wheel that rotates...
  314. S

    Young Boat Owner in need of Help

    16 years old and my first boat was a 12' Sears flat bottom boat w/ 5 hp Montgomery Wards outboard (pretty much a lawn mower engine). With this I fished everywhere from Lake Hodges to the LaJolla kelp beds. Of course this set up is no longer available.........thank God.
  315. S

    Young Boat Owner in need of Help

    A modest sized aluminum boat is a good place to start when young, learning seamanship and putting together your program. No, not a off shore boat but a good fit for bay and in shore kelp beds (learn to walk before run). I fished a skiff like this for years back in my early days and caught all...
  316. S

    Missing Person in Bola

    After all this time, any facts as to what in the happened to her? Also, I wonder how many ex-pats are planning on selling their LA bay assets and getting the Hell out.......
  317. S

    Zooboys In the Bay 02-10

    Thanks, man its been too long since my last cup of coffee watching a LA Bay sunrise!
  318. S

    Zooboys In the Bay 02-10

    Are the authorities still checking for proof of residence before being allowed to travel south? Also, availability of fuel and food stuffs in Bahia? Thanks for the report and answering questions.
  319. S

    Feb in Asuncion.

    Always nice to see a tin boater wacke'n the jacks. Suppose its time to find some ground fish till the pelagic's return., halibut better eating anyways! Best of health and thanks for the report.
  320. S

    Collonet this weekend

    I would like that very much, thanks for the invite.
  321. S

    Collonet this weekend

    Blowing at 50, Damn! Remember coming in to the haul out with Conrado back in the late '90's, it was blowing at least 30 and the swell had come up 12 to 15 while we were out........even the deep water reefs were breaking! He said a prayer, positioned the panga and we rode the back of a "big...
  322. S

    Missing Person in Bola

    Authorities and close family have gone silent. Unfortunately, clues and the over-all situation imply abduction. If those involved would snatch a sweet old lady and victomize a family of modest means..... which one of us could be next traveling down there? Scary
  323. S

    Fix the website

    Discover Baja travel club has everything including Biosphere Permits (thats where I got mine)
  324. S

    Dometic Portable Fridge

    Price drop........$300
  325. S

    Missing Person in Bola

    Hopefully this was just some miscommunication and all will end well. But the fact is; violent crime in remote Baja towns, unthinkable not long ago is on the rise. There have been several murders in LA Bay alone in recent years...........what a shame.
  326. S

    Castro's Camp, Erendira, Baja Mexico

    A wise old gringo once said to me; "Never own anything in Mexico with out wheels under it."
  327. S

    Castro's Camp, Erendira, Baja Mexico

    Conrad murdered, had no idea? Used to go fishing with him over many years and he was our favorite skipper.........very sad to hear this.
  328. S

    Dometic Portable Fridge

    I bought it 10 years ago and used it on two Baja camping trips. Been in the storage rest of the time.
  329. S

    Dometic Portable Fridge

    Standard "BBQ type" connection. Like any RV fridge; the level bubble can be up to half out of the circle for it to function efficiently.
  330. S

    Dometic Portable Fridge

    Almost new, Dometic RC3000, 3 way (12v, propane and 110v) portable refrigerator. Perfect for camping, fishing, off road etc. Super efficient, this fridge will run for nearly a week on one 5 gallon BBQ tank of propane. Perfect for long stays camping out in remote places in Baja etc. Price drop...
  331. S

    Travel to Bahi de Los Angeles in January

    The bus lines used to stop at the LA Bay turn off, so you could have your uncle drive you up from Bahia. Know of people who have done this (took the non stop from there to TJ) and seemed quite easy.
  332. S

    2020 scout inflatable 430 & Honda 5hp

    Perfect set-up for someone with space limitations (compact car, apartment living etc) Seems like a fair price as well.
  333. S

    A few Baja questions

    Hang state side till the virus thing starts to wane. Not worth the hastle or loosing your stuff.
  334. S

    Killer in BoLA Killed

    What happened to Ray and JoAnn kinda reminded me of what happened to Larry and Rachael a decade or so ago, vicious senseless murder.
  335. S

    Punta Abreojos Day 3

    Reminds me of top water northern large mouth bass fishing in Yuma AZ. Plugg'n along the reeds at Lake Martinez.
  336. S

    16’ Mirror Craft Aluminum

    The Mirro Craft was probably the best riveted aluminum skiff ever made as the company was known to employ those who also built airplanes. Lite weight and tough, they were the beach launch hull of choice in Baja back in the 70s and 80s.
  337. S

    Dead lobos in South-Central Baja

    Trust me, there are still more than enough to go around.
  338. S

    Driving south?

    Yes, unless you can prove your at least part time resident you could be turned around. Although some have said f**k it, bombed on down and things worked out OK. Horrible return waits at border, somtimes 12+ hours.........throw the dice. Not much of a gambler so I'll wait for the time...
  339. S

    Erendira from shore?

    California's over regulation and high taxes; even the sand crabs struggle to survive.
  340. S

    Erendira from shore?

    Yes, fished it for many years; Big barred perch on the sandy beaches especially where the sandy beach runs into a rock barrier, sometimes halibut around.. Calico bass, sheephead, sculpin, cabezon etc. off the rocks on the long rod soaking squid. Best bass fishing from a kayak if casting...
  341. S

    Bahia De Los Angeles Kayak Fishing Questions

    Weather and wind can change FAST there, carry a few extra items on board in case you have to over-night on one of the islands. More than a few have paddled out in AM glassy conditions and never returned when a westerly suddenly reared its ugly head. LA bay is kinda the "Bermuda Triangle" for...
  342. S

    La Salina update

    Having to pay a "dredge fee" to escape from a poorly maintained harbor? What the Hell will they think of next.........
  343. S

    Baja 2020 Not to Be?

    The way things are shaping up with the virus, going down to Baja the remainder of the year may be a lost cause. I usually make multiple trips to Ensenada, SQ and LA bay annually. Considering all dynamics, just don't see much hope for travel down for the next several months. Really sucks for...
  344. S


    Looks like a 7 sisters tanker.
  345. S

    La Salina trip planning? Thinking of towing the boat down and launching at the marina?

    From Ensenada to La Bocana, LA Bay and across the Sea of Cortez......Your tough to keep track of Derek. And your not even retired yet are you? Put my papers in 3 years ago and life is really good now!
  346. S

    La Salina trip planning? Thinking of towing the boat down and launching at the marina?

    Fished my skiff out of there quite a bit although its been a few years. In and out at the mouth can get sketchy depending on swell and tide. Had to "ride the back" of a big one in a couple times that didn't crest over and break till we were IN the event not soon forgotten...
  347. S

    Looking for info on a spot below Punta Banda.

    I fish the area often from my 14 aluminum skiff, launch at Villarino and make the run around the point. .....thick fog can make it interesting. Plenty of pens south of Puerto Escondido but little gill netting as mucho rocks, still high spots not so good as once was. Area seeing more sport...
  348. S

    Back Pack and Bivy

    Marpat ILBE internal frame pack in excellent condition and Gor-tex bivy (new) which will fit most any sleeping bag. Great back packing system for hunting, fishing and general exploring. Riffle scabbard and miscl. pouches included. Only $160 for everything and located in San Diego county...
  349. S

    Anyone going out these days?

    We all feel the same these days and wish we were fishing. ....BUT for many good reasons, its not the time to head south. Perceived virus infected gringos are not so welcome in baja at the moment.
  350. S


    Gill netting biggest threat to groupers, many of us still remember what happened to Estero Coyote and Laguna San Ignacio back in the 90's.
  351. S


    Considering how that estero is plugged full of smelt, macs and baby turd rollers (sand bass)........kinda like a "Home Town Buffet" for grouper.
  352. S

    San Diego Border Crossing/Corona Virus Status

    What do you suppose is really in some of those bottles of "hand sanitizer"?
  353. S

    Cedros.......lock down?

    Can't think of a better place to be stuck......some people can be so lucky
  354. S

    C virus, flying to Cabo

    Looks like Mexico has no choice but to go with the "heard immunity experiment". Where most of your casualties are front loaded, eventually most of the people gain immunity during the process. Kinda scary but their society may be better for the long run.
  355. S

    C virus, flying to Cabo

    Well put Les
  356. S

    Gonzaga in April

    Anyone headed down to there should be prepared for the worst. I would not count on having enough of anything, unless you bring it, if the shit hits the fan. Recently I've had this horrible feeling that this virus is a huge ticking time bomb in far with a delayed fuse. God I...
  357. S

    C virus, flying to Cabo

    Now this fella knows the definition of living.......Awesome!
  358. S

    C virus, flying to Cabo

    I believe the virus is a lot more established in Mexico than most people realize. The people down there just don't rush to clinics & hospitals when they feel typical cold and flu symptoms. They hunker down, do what they can to get better and march on........."old school" toughness as they say.
  359. S

    hwy 5 road condition, any updates ?

    Hi Leslie, This Spring I'm considering taking my small 12' aluminum down to fish for halibut in SQ bay, probably stay at the mill. Been there many times with my Whaler over the years but usually only stopped to fish for the halibut briefly coming or going at the bay mouth. ........picked up a...
  360. S

    6 HP Nissan/Tohatsu Outboard Motor

    Originally this motor was a 4 hp but has been up graded with the 6 hp carburetor. Four stroke and long shaft, ideal for sail boats or as kicker/trolling motor for larger boat. Low hours, well maintained, runs and looks great . Never sat in a slip exposed, was mostly stored in the garage for a...
  361. S

    Hauling a boat to Los Barilles

    You will need a TIP permit (among other paper work) for the boat, can take up to 2 weeks to get as it comes from Mexico City. Contact Discover Baja travel club tomorrow and they will take care of everything. BTW; Safest place to keep a boat in Mexico is on a trailer behind a high wall.
  362. S

    Thinking about SQ

    When? And where was your rig parked ....outside in secondary parking next to east hotel extension perhaps? Always considered Old Mill safe for (at least) overnight parking. Man that sucks!
  363. S

    Fishing Erendira and San Quintin in January???

    Campo Archelon at Bahia de Los Angeles has excellent camping; Large sites w/ 180 degree walled palapa right on the water (don't need to set up your tent) Pull kayak from water to site w/good bay bass fishing out front (sometimes halibut in bay in winter) Showers and bathrooms Near town for...
  364. S

    Excalibur Equinox Crossbow

    **PRICE REDUCED** need to sell...... $350.00 or best. Hell I've got that much here in bolts and broadheads alone!
  365. S

    Off the beaten path in North Baja

    Have fished both places with my beach launched 12' aluminum skiff. Old school Baja stuff for sure. Thanks for sharing and good report.
  366. S

    Fishing estero at La Bocana

    They have "special regulations" as far as take in that body of water. Pretty sure all grouper catch n release. Not sure about (keeping) halibut, spotted bay bass, corvina etc?
  367. S

    Excalibur Equinox Crossbow

    I'm selling my like new, Excalibur Equinox crossbow; *350 FPS *225lbs draw weight *Realtree camo finish *Vari Zone scope (and open sights) Accessories include; *Excalibur carbon fiber bolts (2 dozen) *Slick Trick 175 gr X Bow broadheads *Hip quiver *Crank- a -roo mechanical cocking mechanism...
  368. S

    Ruger Mini 30 Mags

    Also willing to ship (lower 48 states) for an extra $5.00
  369. S

    Ruger Mini 30 Mags

    I've got five (new) 10 round, steel, Mini 30 magazines and selling all for only $60. PM if interested
  370. S

    toll booth advice to Ensenada ?

    Nothing compares to local, home-spun baja advise!
  371. S

    Rifle Display Cabinet $50

    I know a guy who took a gun case like that one and with little modification uses it to display his bows. Looks pretty cool too.
  372. S

    Question About Fast Pass And Kayak

    I would assume if a kayak is acceptable; an inflatable or aluminum boat mounted on top of the pick-up truck shell rack (flipped upside down) wouldn't give them heart burn either.
  373. S

    Tecate crossing FMM...

    Yes, some years ago they asked for mine at the military check point near El Rosario and once at the cross into Baja Sur.
  374. S

    Baja Beach Fishing Motor Bike

    Sold it to a young guy who just wanted to take it out joy riding in the local desert, was hoping a baja fisherman would buy it........Oh well Thanks for the compliments, put a lot of thought into fitting it out Rob
  375. S

    San Felipe Consag Rock

    That rock is a underwater "Garden of Eden" in an other wise barren sandy northern gulf. I've had some epic grouper fishing there as well
  376. S

    Baja Beach Fishing Motor Bike

    Created and fitted out for surf fishing remote places not easy to get to in Baja. Four stroke Honda clone engine (Chinese made) runs great with all kinds of power, fuel efficient and tough. Holds 2 rods, gear and cooler. Will fit into the back of any pick up, many SUV's, campers and mini vans...
  377. S

    Northern Baja Pacific side fishing

    Vonny's out on Punta Banda, you can look up his facebook page. Beach launched pangas for bottom fish, halibut, bass and yellowtail. Skippers speak English, his brother runs a nice campground at the spot the pangas are launched in the morning making it easier.....just hop in when they arrive in...
  378. S

    Bahia de los angels... have 2 spots available

    Consider tipping the Mexican skipper BEFORE and while headed out to the fishing grounds. For sure this seems to increase your luck. What ever you plan on eating or drinking in the panga be sure to bring enough to share with the captain too Consider bringing down any tackle, rods & reels your...
  379. S


    Should get quite a few tacos from that bucket mouth pig!
  380. S

    Bahia de Los Angeles Road (Northbound)

    Do you prefer to cross at Tecate both coming and going? Thanks
  381. S

    Gamefisher charter Ensenada

    Do you still fish out of La Salina Derek?
  382. S

    Selling ammo?

    So if I understand correctly, selling ammo person to person is still legal in CA UNTIL July 1st when it must go through an FFL?
  383. S

    Gonzaga Bay Rancho Grande leases TRIPLED!!

    Still plenty of other great places to re locate to and dig in for a while, paradise has a way of changing for the worse sometimes. Whats going at Gonzaga is just (another) classic example to not bring anything down there that doesn't have "wheels" under in.
  384. S


    My definition of "progress" in Baja ; Resorts, golf courses, traffic, theft, tweakers, crowds, high prices and obnoxious assholes at the loss of good fishing, open spaces, nature, nice people, peace and quiet.
  385. S

    Gonzaga Bay Rancho Grande leases TRIPLED!!

    Paving the road into Gonzaga was the beginning of the end for that awesome place. Might as well re name it "San Felipe Sur"
  386. S

    day 2 san quintin

    I had a feeling it wouldn"t take long for the "arrogant aloof judgemental American" comments to present once that mako pic posted. The Mexican skipper obviously didn't have a problem with it. Its their country and their way......let it go.
  387. S

    Snow in BoLA!

    Very neat, saw that once back in the late 1970s when we were camped at la gringa during Christmas vacation. I'll bet the town folks froze their ass off last night!
  388. S

    Looking for BOLA report

    The last time I camped out there was quite some time ago, the fish camp shacks were still there with a few pangas beached out front. We never saw those guys launch out until sundown and oddly enough no nets or fishing gear to be seen. During the day they all seemed to lay low never venturing out...
  389. S

    Looking for BOLA report

    If your talking about the fish camp at la gringa, its been gone a long time now with hardly a trace left. It got to where they were "processing" more dope than fish and the government came in leveled it.
  390. S

    stolen boats

    Anyone bringing boats to baja with big block outboards should have their head on a swivel these days,
  391. S

    Looking for BOLA report

    I dry camped at la Gringa for many decades but now there are better options: Daggets or Archelon is where I've camped the past 10 years. Archelon has become my favorite as you can camp right on the water, its quiet, each site has a palapa, the showers are decent.and there's panga booking on...
  392. S

    Rpt.-12-09-18 2 Day Castro Camp Adventure

    Trader Joe's has a real tasty pre- made curry simmer sauce, eliminates a few steps (if in a hurry or camping).
  393. S

    Awsum san quintin today

    Looks like the saebass were a no-show this year, hopefully next summer then.
  394. S

    La Bocana 10/28-11/2

    Catching toad wahoo in sight of land, just doesn't get much better than that.
  395. S

    BOLA October 19-20

    7 hour wait in the early am, could someone elaborate why this could be so?
  396. S

    San Quintin 10/13 - Help Identifying this Fish (?)

    The kind that could kill you if eat it, thanks for the report
  397. S

    14' Livingston Skiff w / Yamaha(s)

  398. S

    Educate me about February in Cabo

    Bring lots of money and credit card with high debt limit
  399. S

    Punta Banda 8/15

    Can't believe how many locals are throwing the plug off the rocks near the point these days, especially on the weekends. Man their get'n em too; bonita, barracuda and often a yellow......very cool.
  400. S

    Punta Banda 8/15

    Was down there last week and we had fair fishing for bass and some big bonito(no yellows though). My buddy ate some bad shrimp tacos down the street from Campo Villarino and got really ill (thats why I usually stick with the beef)
  401. S

    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    Looks like Trump, Nieto and Obrador made a new deal today and shared a olive branch ......Should help everything concerning us gringo fisherman. Trump is no racist just one hell of a deal maker.
  402. S

    Cannon Electric Downriggers (New)

    I've got 2 brand new Cannon Magnum 5 ST electric downriggers with 24" S/S fixed boom. Some mounting accessories and one 10lbs ball included. Boom could be easily switched out for the telescopic one. Was going to mount in my boat but plans have changed. $500.00 for everything and located in...
  403. S

    Punta Banda 8/15

    Thanks for the report as we're headed down tomorrow. Launching my own skiff from the beach in front of the campo. Ivan runs a top notch program for a VERY REASONABLE PRICE and no need to drive the extra 3 hours to get into great fishing. Why more people don't take advantage of his operation...
  404. S

    Vonnys fleet price?/ campo 7

    I'm not sure how much Ivan is on BD anymore, pretty sure he does most communicating on face book. They seem to launch before 7am and back around noon and charter price around $150+ depending on the program your after. They prefer two clients per panga but I've seen dad and two kids before in...
  405. S

    Today in san quintin

    I'll bet the guy who designed and built your boat 40 plus years ago could never have dreamed what you've done with it. Any halibut prospects in the bahia yet?
  406. S


    Its been a while since I've chartered a panga (prefer to fish from own skiff) but my program was always this; * I want to see the boat and all questions answered up front BEFORE I fork out any money. *Bring my own rods and gear including PFD *Pack a good lunch not just for us but the skipper as...
  407. S

    TIP Needed In Ensenada For Jet Ski?

    Took my skiff down two weeks ago (thru TJ) and they checked boat and trailer registration, making sure all numbers matched from paper to the hull and trailer.
  408. S

    BoLA Reports?

    Haven't seen a butt that big in Bahia in a while.......with fins anyway
  409. S

    Bahia report for June 2-9.

    Best news I've heard concerning Bahia de Los Angeles all week.......Thanks!
  410. S

    Murder in Bay of LA

    Looks like it made State side news real quick, the pressure is on.....
  411. S

    Murder in Bay of LA

    That saying implies; Choosing to build / invest a pile of money in a home down there and 10 (plus) years of your life creating your little slice of "Baja fishing Heaven" doesn't mean it will stay that way for long. While staying in the many newer and safe campgrounds or hotels; motor homes...
  412. S

    Murder in Bay of LA

    I know many of the ex-pats that have built north of town have resorted to extreme measures in recent years to combat the ever increasing theft in their area of the bay. Putting up chain link security fences, building large garages to lock up boats, quads etc. and even hiring a security guard...
  413. S

    Murder in Bay of LA

    Slain victims tell no tails , they even killed the dog. The worst of the worst sort, hard and lacking any compassion or decency.
  414. S

    Boat Captain BOLA

    Considering recent events, couldn't hurt to book a panga with bow mount .50 cal deck gun
  415. S

    Increased crime in Baja?

    LA bay suffered huge losses in sport fishing / tourism and ex pat retiree residences during the 2006-2009 baja narco traffico wars. It has taken it nearly a decade to recover these losses..........this event is really bad for bahia.
  416. S

    Increased crime in Baja?

    Got it......very sad and disturbing.
  417. S

    Increased crime in Baja?

    Latest BS in BOLA?
  418. S

    Increased crime in Baja?

    The safest place to camp anywhere in Baja is near a garrison of Mexican soldiers.
  419. S

    San Quintin fresh report..

    Any word on any halibut bite inside the bay? Thanks for the report
  420. S

    Bahia De Los Angeles 5/21, 5/22

    gringo name; "big mouth bastard"
  421. S

    Bahia De Los Angeles 5/21, 5/22

    Sounds like the perfect mix of fishing and R&R, great report and thanks for sharing. Been going there for 40 years and can remember being able to catch all the yellowtail and grouper never needing to leave the inner islands of the bay. Obviously times have changed and longer runs are the norm...
  422. S

    Increased crime in Baja?

    To those new to traveling anywhere in Mexico; Get caught with a hand gun down there and your in soooooo much trouble, don't even consider bringing one. In the cab of my truck there is a small open box within reach that has; first aid kit, window cleaner, roll paper towels, quart of oil, quart...
  423. S

    Where to go, last week of June, southern Baja?

    For fishing and relaxing in baja sur, thats an easy one.........rancho leonero
  424. S

    San quintin recent reports?

    Just bought a new 12' aluminum skiff and 6hp four stroke just for fishing places like bahia san quintin, estero coyote, estero bay (ensenada) etc. Put a rack on top of my truck shell to car top it down so don't have to mess with the bad road & trailer issues.
  425. S

    San quintin recent reports?

    Was planning on going this weekend but cancelled because of poor conditions.
  426. S

    Best Time / Place to catch Roosters - Gonzaga / Bola?

    I'm no rooster expert so only going by what I've seen and heard at Bahia. They seem to be caught at LA bay from the end of June, into November with August thru October by far most consistent. Talked to a guy who goes there late every summer just to target them with his kayak slow trolling live...
  427. S

    Punta Banda Reports?

    Headed there in a few weeks, launch my own skiff off the beach......doing it old school.
  428. S

    Parker Boat stolen from Alfonsinas GB mooring

    I believe this is a good conversation where something can be learned by many.
  429. S

    Parker Boat stolen from Alfonsinas GB mooring

    Hard to put the mind to rest anytime your boat is swinging on the hook at night.........especially when your not on it. Really to bad, I feel for the guy.
  430. S

    Oar Set

    I have this set of oars, 6.5', like new and used only once. Perfect for dingy, tender or small aluminum boat and only $50.00 for the pair (which includes hardware seen). Located in Poway but could meet at the I-15 corridor, PM if interested.
  431. S

    Pop-up Hunting Blinds

    PRICE DROP..........$80.00
  432. S

    Boat caravan April 25

    Puerto Lobos, must be mainland Mexico? Sounds like a fun time.
  433. S

    Pop-up Hunting Blinds

    Selling these two, brand new, pop up hunting blinds with a folding bench seat. I do not need them and priced for quick sell.......Only $80.00 for EVERYTHING! Located in Poway, Pm if interested
  434. S

    WTB gun locks

    I've got 9, PM sent
  435. S

    Camping at Gonzaga

    Half the population of Mexicali will be camping at Gonzaga during that period. For God's sake pick another week!
  436. S

    SQ tackle recommendations

    Government not likely, after all Mexico city is a long way away. BUT........the local Mexican sportfishing captains would have a huge stake in this new dynamic fishery. Printing and putting up a half dozen signs couldn't cost that much. Back in the 1970's, as late as the mid 80's, San Martin...
  437. S

    SQ tackle recommendations

    Perhaps someone should put up some signs around the launch ramp and dock suggesting catch and release the small grouper.
  438. S

    Spotted Bay Bass Fishery in SQ Bay?

    Estero bay (Ensenada) has a good spotted bass fishery, although contingent upon how hard its been hit by gill netting any particular year. Several decades ago, it was incredible spottie fishing until the floods of the late 1970's silted in half the estuary. The water temp from Ensenada north it...
  439. S

    Spotted Bay Bass Fishery in SQ Bay?

    I sure hope they're no longer dragging the bay.......very destructive practice.
  440. S

    Spotted Bay Bass Fishery in SQ Bay?

    Been fishing out of San Quintin for quite some time and have caught plenty of halibut and sand bass back in the bay but never a spotted bay bass. Of course there must be some in there but I always figured because the water is usually so cold much of the year, there couldn't much of a...
  441. S

    Credit card fraud

    Could not have said it better
  442. S

    Upper Cortez - recommendations on fishing the tides

    BTW, Estero Coyote (campo rene) near Abreojos is good for small boats/yaks. Easy launch near camp and plenty of calm backwater areas.
  443. S

    Upper Cortez - recommendations on fishing the tides

    In the winter, best time to fish the upper Cortez is when a low pressure front is going through So Cal as it usually makes for perfect weather down there. On the contrary, high pressure events centered from California to the Great Basin cause the wind to howl from the north down the the Sea of...
  444. S


    Been shooting trap n' skeet for years.....sounds like a new kind of fun.
  445. S

    Road From Bahia de los Angeles

    The garage in the background belongs to Terry (Dan's next door neighbor) The doors, if remember correctly, came off an old building someplace in Oceanside. Whats unique about the way he built it is that it can be disassembled without too much difficulty and moved.
  446. S

    Looking for a good Northern Baja fishing charter

    I'll second Vonny's out on Punta Banda (Ensenada). Great captain's, rockfish, bonita, yellowtail, and halibut. Especially kid friendly. His brother has a nice campground across the street where you can camp to make an even more cost effective trip. Clean showers, restrooms, picnic tables trees...
  447. S

    Road From Bahia de los Angeles

    Been traveling and fishing Baja & Sierras with Dan Merritt since 1979 at the age of 10. He was my uncle and was instrumental in shaping my life. Bahia de Los Angles will never see a better gringo yellowtail fisherman among the Anglos there. He was well respected by the local residents of LA Bay...
  448. S

    TJ Dentist

    A while back we were headed down to LA Bay and stopped for street tacos in Ensenada. My buddy bit into some thing hard and busted a tooth. Just down the street a sign says "dentista"........what the hell so in we went. Seemed like a modern clinic and the gal that worked on him was smok'n hot...
  449. S

    Fishing Punta final (Gonzaba Bay)

    Hunting and fishing......The ying and the yang
  450. S

    10' Tracker Jon Boat

    Pics wouldn't up load here.......See on Craigslist.San Diego
  451. S

    10' Tracker Jon Boat

    I'm selling this nearly new Tracker #1036 jon boat that comes with oars and transom dolly (no motor). Perfect for fishing lakes, river, the bay or as a dingy/tender. Will fit in the back of many pick-up beds or easily on a rack. Asking $380 cash only. Located in Poway, PM if interested.
  452. S

    New 3.5 HP Mercury Outboard

    I'm selling this brand new, short shaft, four stroke Mercury 3.5 that I bought for a trip that was cancelled last year. Cost $1150+tx, will sell for only $700.00 and the motor is located in Poway. Pm if interested ***not letting me upload pics, see on Craigslist San Diego
  453. S

    Another "need advice on gear thread" for Baja thread.

    I recommend you contact Jonathan (Tailhunter International). He's an ex-pat who has a bar n' grill in La Paz and also runs a sportfishing operation there. He and his wife Jill are very nice helpful people.
  454. S


    The gravel spit at La Gringa has good beach fishing especially early and late. Easy drive from Dagget's. Krocs and plastics on 10-15 lbs test and a 8' + rod best.......longer the the cast the better. Mostly bay bass, halibut, barricuda and often jacks. Not unusual for the yellowtail to chase...
  455. S

    Playa San Rafeal & Punta San Francisquito Beach Fishing

    Drove in there through El Arco with my uncle (at night!) back in '92. Caught yellowtail and cabrilla from the beach in front of camp, didn't even need to launch the skiff. This was back when it was mostly a "fly in" destination. Drove out through LA bay which took 8 hours and 2 destroyed...
  456. S

    Any San Quintin reports?

    I was thinking the same thing recently. You just don't see some of the local skippers posting, (at least in this venue) like you used to
  457. S

    Stolen Boat Bahia de Los Angeles

    Avoid leaving your boat on the hook in LA bay if at all possible.......if not the thief's than the westerly's.
  458. S

    AMMO; 12 Gauge 00 Buck / Slugs and Accessory

    I'm selling 155 rounds of 12 gauge 00 buck, some of it military grade and (10 ) 1oz slugs. Included is also this MOLLE compatible shot gun scabbard. Only $60.00 for everything / could meet in SD county or Temecula......Pm if interested Rob
  459. S

    Knives for Sale

    No, the kukri is not full tang
  460. S

    Knives for Sale

    Down-sizing stuff so gonna let these go cheap; 1) Camillus Magnum Camp Bowie w/kydex sheath 2) K-Bar Kukri w/leather sheath 3) SOG "Spirit" dagger/spear point w/cordura sheath 4) Pilot's survival knife w/leather sheath (made by Ontario knife & Tool) Some are new, others have seen lite field use...
  461. S

    Need Help...Favorite Baja Places

    Morro Santo Domingo / Laguna Manuela Bahia San Rafiel / San Francisquito Bahia Tortuga / Punta Eugenia
  462. S

    Bola or Santo Tomas help

    Haven't been down for a while? Leave your boat at home, just get a charter and learn the scene......You'l be glad you did!
  463. S

    Bola or Santo Tomas help

    As did I with my 12' Zodiac, dove the hell out of that place shooting giant sheephead and lingcod. Everyone so nice and used to bring tortillas, beans, lobster down to our camp site (on the beach).....price was dirt cheap.
  464. S

    Bola or Santo Tomas help

    So true these days.... Drug trade / meth zombies have chased all the decent hard working families out. Back in the 80's and 90's, the place was a diving and fishing paradise, many great memories I have of there. Puerto Santo Thomas is almost too secluded for its own good. If the government...
  465. S

    14' (New) Square Stern Canoe

    I have this brand new 14' Scout canoe with square stern transom that will accept a small gasoline or electric trolling motor. Included are two new paddles and parking lot dolly. Good option for fishing local and sierra lakes or harbors and bays.. Selling everything for only $350.00. PM if...
  466. S

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    His fish, his country, his culture. No sense being a judgmental aloof gringo over it.
  467. S

    14' Scout Canoe

    I've got this brand new canoe that I bought for an Alaska trip that never happened a few years back. Has a square stern for mounting a small outboard or trolling motor, included are the new paddles and dolly. Good option for fishing lakes or bays. Asking $350.00 or best........PM if interested Rob
  468. S

    WTD Livingston 14LV

    I run a 25 Yamaha 4 stroke on my 14' LV, which delivers decent power and fantastic fuel economy. Although I must admit, it really hauled ass with the older 40 HP/ 2 stroke tiller.........Ah the good old days! These skiffs are developing what you might call "a cult following" as of late. Kinda...
  469. S


    Recent report of seabass and halibut?
  470. S

    BB/Pellet Guns & Accessories For Sale

    ***SALE PENDING***
  471. S

    BB/Pellet Guns & Accessories For Sale

    Need to move this stuff........$100.00 for EVERYTHING
  472. S

    San Quintin panga prices

    $250-350 for a day for a charter, split between 3 guys for (likely) full coolers is very fair. Fuel, boat & truck maintenance, home and kids cost money..........none of these skippers are getting rich.
  473. S

    Fished Ensenada on wednesday

    For one of the bigger cities in Baja, I've always thought Ensenada has a certain amount of charm and authentic Mexican culture.
  474. S

    BB/Pellet Guns & Accessories For Sale

    I have five pellet/BB guns, targets and accessories for sale cheap. These were shot very little and some not at all, kids are grown so no longer needed. Great way to take kids out shooting on public land, part of your "desert season program" or even safe in many back yard venues. ***Price...
  475. S

    Pellet Guns and Targets For Sale

    I'm selling all of these pellet/BB guns, a custom "shooting gallery" that I made and extra targets, CO2 cartridges etc. Most of these air guns have been shot very little or not at all. Perfect set up to take along with during desert season for the kids or could be very safe in many back yards...
  476. S

    Bahia de los Ángeles 7/1/17 & 7/2/17

    Very nice haul and congrats. Getting to be that time when they "turn the heater on" in Bahia (and I don't just mean the fishing) My next trip will likely be in October.
  477. S

    BOLA FIRST TIME report 6-25-6-26

    Nice grade slugs, thanks for report.
  478. S

    All quiet in Camalu.

    Thanks for the report and BTW, what does Lee charge for the day and the best way to contact him?........Thanks!
  479. S

    New Penn International 50-Sold

    Selling this International 50, won in a contest long ago and been sitting on a shelf in the den ever since. Time to get it out fishing and priced for quick sell, the only thing it needs is the rod clamp. Prefer pick-up in SD county, could meet as far north as Oceanside or Temecula $200.00...
  480. S

    Bahia de los. Angeles fish report. May 23 and 24.

    You guys tore em up for sure.......nice haul!
  481. S

    La Salina--- YT, Ling Cod, Fish n chips

    That battered and cooked ling looked delicious!
  482. S


    Ralph's been gone quite a while, Bill is still doing well spending his time between Bahia, El Cardon and a couple months a year in Idaho....... good guy.
  483. S


    Thats right, I was referring to Ralph(and his wife Betty). Their last name was Cobble I believe.
  484. S


    My first trip to LA Bay in 1979 took 20 hours Talked to an old timer (out at la gringa) whose first trip to bahia de los angles back in 1959 took a week! Said back then you could catch all the 40 pound yellowtail off the beach at la gringa you would ever want , on bone jigs, and no boat was...
  485. S


    I admire your fighting warrior spirit
  486. S

    LA Bay Report; May 10-13

    Thanks Connie and Bret, I appreciate the sentiment. That nasal/chest cold was the worst case of the crud I've had in years and the westerlies blowing off the desert at night really tore me up. Saw the doctor day I got back and antibiotics were the ticket. Doing much better now but sorry I missed...
  487. S


    Yup, thats what I saw last week as well. Hit one so deep it could have swallowed a milk crate. You know its getting bad when even the semi's are pulling into the opposite lane to avoid em.
  488. S

    Santo Tomas Weekend Recon...

    Perhaps in a way, Puerto Santo Thomas is "too isolated" for its own good. What a shame..... BTW, thanks for the report
  489. S

    Santo Tomas Weekend Recon...

    I used to dive and fish there a lot back in the 80's and 90's. Car topped either my 12' zodiac or 14' aluminum mirro craft in and just set up camp on the beach. Very different place back then, just families of fishermen, great people and always safe. Then something very wrong happened to the...
  490. S

    Ensenada (La Bufadora)

    Ivan who runs Vonney's pangas out on Pta Banda used to post his reports here often, although its been a while. He's always ran a top notch operation out there and has been around a long time.
  491. S

    LA Bay Report; May 10-13

    At Campo Archelon and fished on my uncle's boat (he lives out toward la gringa)
  492. S

    LA Bay Report; May 10-13

    Headed down to Bahia Tuesday with no issues .Road conditions south of El Rosario fair to poor but especially BAD between Catavina and LA Bay turn-off. Some of the biggest pot holes seen in years with no crews filling them seen even on our return out. If towing I would be sure trailer and tires...
  493. S

    HWY 5 to BOLA

    A buddy of mine towed his Sea Swirl C/C down that route back in December. The last 20 miles of dirt road beat the living hell out of his boat and trailer. He's still finding new cracks in the gel coat and miscl. shit that that vibrated loose or broke. If it were my boat I would still take the...
  494. S

    Colors of Plastics

    If I could only pick "one" color it would be a rainbow trout pattern swim bait. Crazy as it seems, its the for sure fresh to salt water cross over swim bait that sand / calico bass and halibut will readily bite.
  495. S

    Repower shake down la Jolla

    The Invader Skiff is among the best from the last century. A rugged work horse that like the Whaler, just never seems to go out of style.
  496. S

    La Salina

    Nice report, just love fishing those beds off the Bajamar bluffs. A couple times in unusually flat calm fall conditions, was able to fish in tight to the cliffs for incredible calico's of jurassic size.
  497. S

    Gonzaga Bay, Alfonsinas 04/8 and 04/9

    LA bays saving grace all of these years has been its just a little too far south for most people to bomb on down for the weekend, even a long one. The new highway when it ties into Mex 1 at laguna chapala will certainly increase those going in there but most likely not the weekend warriors from...
  498. S

    Gonzaga Bay, Alfonsinas 04/8 and 04/9

    Thanks for the report, shore areas at Gonzaga have been getting hammered over the past couple years......especially on weekends. With easy access comes major increase in pressure. I sure hate to see the fishing there go the way of San Felipe.
  499. S

    Reminder - bring boat registration !

    A bit harsh for a guy relating his experience so others may learn.......I think he deserves some slack
  500. S

    Camp Pendelton kelp beds

    A slot limit might be a better way on the sand / calicos; 3 per day - 14" to 17" length in combination of species. Plenty for an occasional meal (sport or private boat) while looking out for the future of the resource. Just my take on the subject.......
  501. S

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    For myself, tipping has been mostly reserved for "sit down service" or sport boat crews. You know, those that actually work their tail off to provide service and comfort. I believe many people are just getting fed up with tipping in general as it has so saturated our culture these days ...
  502. S

    Food Items Allowed into Mexico/Baja?

    When headed down to Baja, I like to bring "pre packaged and bagged" salad, frozen vegetables and sandwich lunch meats (cured sliced balony, turkey etc.) also apples, oranges and bananas . All of my searches on the web or asking people have always been vague. So I've always just stashed these...
  503. S

    Fishing San Quentin and need a little advice please

    The shoals around the estero mouth are ever shifting and dangerous. Many a boat and fisherman has met their fate there. Not unusual to head out during a AM high tide in calm conditions and return that afternoon to an out going tide (at the mouth) and a several sets of 3-6 foot swells breaking...
  504. S


    Agreed......we all had to start somewhere.
  505. S


    Not unusual to see fishing Kooks tied up on a trap float or even pull to the surface when their jig snags it. Not to say some wouldn't poach given half a chance. Inexperienced knuckled heads using discount tackle fishing from a time machine skiff that no self respecting gull would shit...
  506. S

    Any Ensenada reports?

    Vonnie's pangas at the south end of Ensenada (todos santos bay). Rock fish, yellowtail and halibut always on the menu there.
  507. S

    Bahia de Los angeles

    Sunny nice winter days in SoCal mean wind in LA Bay, high pressure in SoCal means a hell of a lot of wind in LA Bay for days at a time. Low pressure on shore forecast for SoCal or sub tropical westerly......Beautiful weather in LA Bay.
  508. S


    Very well stated.....
  509. S


    It seems every 10 to 20 years Mexico goes through some type of political turmoil. In the 70's and 80's, it was the worst of governmental corruption (personal stealing of the national treasury by elected officials) and massive peso devaluations. Then the narco traffico wars 2005-2010 and now...
  510. S

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    Been fishing Baja for over 40 years, owned full size 4x4 trucks (diesels) some with slide in campers or just a shell, towing Whalers, Westcoasters and Livingstons. Lots of good times with plenty of mechanical failures and shit breaking. The more you haul down there, the more expense and exposed...
  511. S

    mexico gas prices increased & highway 1 closed

    Being a small isolated (captive?) market, Pemex stations at places like Gonzaga and LA Bay, I'm sure their fuel will go up like a Polaris missile. At least until some enterprising locals buy it cheaper someplace else, pick-up truck it in and sell out of 55 gal. steel drums in their front...
  512. S

    Camping at BOLA

    Man, this is what I was really hoping to hear. Its been my favorite LA Bay camping spot for over 10 years and was concerned with Tony's passing it would hit the skids. I know Tony (Sr) spent a lot of money putting his kids through college and must be looking down these days and feeling proud!
  513. S

    Camping at BOLA

    Been going to BOLA for over 40 years, most of that time spent dry camping out on La Gringa. In the 90s switched to Daggets then to Campo Archelon, but I haven't been there since Antonio died. Has anyone been to Archelon (in the last year) and how are things being ran there. I'm a tin boat...
  514. S

    Camping with Grizzlies and Wolves What Gun?

    12 ga. pump shotgun w/00 buck. Wolves, bears and cost effective.
  515. S

    Selling Ammo in Ca

    Is it still legal to sell ammo between private parties in Ca.... now or next year? I'm having a difficult time getting a straight answer.
  516. S

    Cabela's Hunting Backpacks

    I'll sell both as a set for $200.00...... now thats a deal!
  517. S

    Cabela's Hunting Backpacks

    Cabela's Alaskan 1; pack and frame, Mosey Oak, lite use and like new.......$100.00 Cabela's Alaskan 2; pack and frame, Mosey Oak, BRAND NEW.......$180.00 Can meet most any place in SD County PM if interested........Rob
  518. S

    Mt. Lion kill in campground

    You can't hardly hike through Ranch Cuyamaca State Park without stumbling across a cat killed deer carcass....sign of the times I guess.
  519. S


    My buddy was down 2 weeks ago, yellowtail good on deep water reefs, Dorado out in main channel 5-10 mi east of Smith(sails also spotted in same area so keep that in mind) .Surprise jack cravelle (spelling?) bite off the gravel beach at LaGringa in 5-30' of water and many over 10...
  520. S

    Air Gun; RWS 22 Cal

    I 'm selling my RWS Model 48 22 cal air gun. Unique side cocking lever most people would agree is much better than any "break barrel" design. Original owner, the rifle has seen little use and presents like new. $300.00/obo and I'm located in San Diego county Pm if interested.... Rob
  521. S

    Buck Knives

    I can't believe nobody has snapped these knives up, they're new and would (at the very least) make great gifts for a friend or relative who hunts
  522. S

    15 HP Johnson OB

    SOLD! Osidefishin is the new owner of this fine motor and I wish him great fishing with it.
  523. S

    15 HP Johnson OB

    The sight and sound of a new outboard motor coming to life right out of the crate is a cool thing. Good luck out there Mike putting the hurt on the ducks and steelhead....Rob
  524. S

    15 HP Johnson OB

    Made contact with Bodegacowboy, the motor is on hold for him and considered sold. If the sale falls through I'll re-post it in the spring.....Rob
  525. S

    Buck Knives

    I will also throw in a Havalon (exchange-a-blade) folder w/12 extra ss blades A great deal made even better
  526. S

    Buck Knives

    Central part, shipping or meeting half way is do able
  527. S

    Buck Knives

    I've got 3 Buck knives, new and will sell all three for $110.00 Pm if interested....Rob (SD county)
  528. S

    Ruger LCP 380 Mags

    I've got 5 new LCP 380 mags (never been shot) $80.00 for all, PM if interested....Rob (SD county)
  529. S

    15 HP Johnson OB

    2 stroke, short shaft, tiller steering, pull start, original owner, low hours, spare props of different pitches and in great condition. FINAL PRICE REDUCTION: $650.00 PM if interested....Rob
  530. S

    15 HP Johnson OB

    While most people prefer a 4 stroke these days, this was one of the best 15hp OB's (2 or 4 stroke) ever produced and this motor is very nice. $800.00/obo.
  531. S

    15 HP Johnson Outboard

    Price reduced; $800.00 obo........This is a deal for a nice motor with very low hours.
  532. S

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    I'm sure their taking one hell of a beating in Bahia, at least the town's spring is getting a good recharge.
  533. S

    Livingston LV9 $850

    Nice little skiff for less than half the price of new, the beach launch wheels alone must have been over $200. I'd buy it in a heart beat but if I bring home another boat my wife will beat me for sure.
  534. S

    15 HP Johnson OB

    Original owner bought new in 1999, 2 stroke, short shaft, manual start, lite weight(only 65 lbs) fast yet fuel efficient. This motor has been well cared for, low hours and looks as good as it runs. Comes with extra props of different pitches, fuel tanks and spare parts. $1000.00/obo.......Pm if...
  535. S

    California's Ten Day Waiting Period Ruled Unconstitutional

    Hopefully that Ca law that only allows one hand gun purchase every 30 days will be repealed next.
  536. S

    New Nissan 6HP OB

    15" shaft and yes it has port for remote tank
  537. S

    New Nissan 6HP OB

    Brand new(out of the crate) 6hp, short shaft and manual start. Includes stand; $1000.00 firm. Send pm if interested.
  538. S

    15 HP Johnson Outboard

    Sold the hull w/out the motor; 1999 Johnson 15HP, 2 stroke, short shaft(for 15" transoms), manual start with extra props of different pitches and spare fuel tanks. I'm the original owner and this motor has been well cared for, recent water pump change, light weight(only 65lbs) and very fast...
  539. S

    3 Hunting Knives For Sale

    Case Ridgeback (Drop Point) camo handle , Case Ridgeback (Skinner) black handle and Outdoor Edge Swing Blade with black handle. All knives are fixed blade, brand new and include sheath, $100.00 gets them all. PM if interested, sorry no pics.
  540. S

    Coleman Camping Stoves

    I have (2) Coleman two burner liquid fuel stoves, very good condition, and will sell both for $70.00. PM if interested.
  541. S

    300 Rounds of .38 Super Auto

    Bump.......Price reduced to $75.00
  542. S

    300 Rounds of .38 Super Auto

    I have 6 boxes of new Winchester USA Pistol .38 Super Auto+P 130 grain FMJ that I will sell for $100.00. PM if interested.
  543. S

    Coleman Stoves

    I have (2) Coleman liquid fuel stoves(two burner) for sale and in good condition; $50.00 each or both for $80.00. PM me if interested/San Diego county.
  544. S

    For Sale: Coleman Stoves

    I have (2) Coleman liquid fuel camp stoves, two burners each and in very good condition. $50.00/each or both for $80.00. PM me if interested/San Diego county.
  545. S

    Knives in Mexico

    Does anyone know what is legal( folding pocket, fixed blade/sheath, multi-tool, and blade lengths etc.) also is it legal to carry on your person, car or boat. I've carried different knives with me for years while in baja and never thought much about until now. Thanks....Rob
  546. S

    Pellet Guns in Mexico

    You guys have done a good job talking me out of bringing a pellet gun on my hiking trips through baja, thanks for all the input. My back-up plan is a can of bear spray on my belt and a Cold Steel Assegai spear for my "walking stick".....Rob
  547. S

    Pellet Guns in Mexico

    Does anyone know FOR SURE if pellet guns are legal/illegal in mexico? I would like to start doing some back-packing in Baja and put one on my gear list. If legal, other considerations(road check points) when bringing one down would be very helpful. Thanks....Rob
  548. S

    1995 14' Livingston 25hp

    It would be great for the sea of cortez, I take mine to LA bay all the time. Best place to mount the fuel cans is up in the bow and you can mount a second seat up toward the bow as well.
  549. S

    8ft. Walker Bay Boat

    I need the space in my garage, $500.00/obo
  550. S

    1995 14' Livingston 25hp

    Brand new, just the hull alone sells for more than that. Without a doubt the most stable '14 skiff ever built.
  551. S

    8ft. Walker Bay Boat

    Its stable enough to stand up and cast(calm seas of course) I have launched it off LaJolla shores and fished the kelp beds but mostly bays and esteros(San Diego, San Quintin, Estero La Bocana, Coyote etc.
  552. S

    8ft. Walker Bay Boat

    Price reduced to $600.00
  553. S

    Plastics-Leadheads(shallow water rockfish)

    I had know idea it was that cheap. OK, $130.00 shipped( Lower 48)
  554. S

    Plastics-Leadheads(shallow water rockfish)

    That box is full of lead and is very heavy, shipping would be expensive so I would rather not....Rob
  555. S

    Plastics-Leadheads(shallow water rockfish)

    What I mean't was (14) 3oz jig heads, not (14)-14oz
  556. S

    PELAGIC Kill Bag/ Drift Sock

    PELAGIC kill bag (40"x24) new and Cabela's 30" drift sock with float harness also new....$100.00 for cell 858 pick up(lakeside)
  557. S

    Plastics-Leadheads(shallow water rockfish)

    All twin-tail 6-7" Scampi type twin tail and 1.5-3oz jig heads(about half painted red) (60) lime green (110) rootbeer (25) pink JIg Heads; (75) 1.5oz (40) 2oz (14) 14oz Everything for only $120.00....Call cell 858 248-7843 You pick up...lakeside
  558. S

    8ft. Walker Bay Boat

    8 foot model, 3.5hp. nissan 2 stroke, oars, and beach launch wheels. Great condition.....$750.00/ call cell 858-248-7843
  559. S

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Hey Ivan, Nice Yellowtail bite, hopefully Jeff and me will get back down there in May or early June, Hope the box of Rapalas helps.........Rob
  560. S

    Santo Tomas Bonita Bite

    Nice bones! Hopefully they won't get wrapped in Todos Santos bay and used for "bluefin tuna chow" Thanks for the report.
  561. S

    LA Bay Trip : 4-10 to 4-17

    Lots of wind, and the earthquakes destroyed the fishing but the beer was cold, the food in town was good and the camping at Archelon was great.
  562. S

    Poison Oak/Ivy

    Dawn will cut through the oil better if you soap down BEFORE you get wet. When I get home from the field, I remove all my clothes in the garage, walk straight into the shower(grabbing the bottle of Dawn on the way) and just dump that stuff all over myself in the shower, lather up and let it soak...
  563. S

    Daggets vs Guillermo's La Bay

    Going down April 9, staying at Archelon, trip report when I get back.
  564. S

    Daggets vs Guillermo's La Bay

    A good place to clean the days catch for me has always been the old turtle pen lagoon. You can motor back in there and beach the boat on the gravel, lay a 24"x48" piece of plywood across the bow and get out the knives and ziplocks. It seems to work for me when its getting late and I don't feel...
  565. S

    Gonzaga Bay in August

    I remember the two sisters ranges, mid 1980's trip, a guy in our group driving a VW camper could not make it up the second grade without the help of a tow strap. Those were the days.
  566. S

    Gonzaga Bay in August

    Someone correct me if I"M wrong but all things considered, driving time from Tuscon to Gonzaga or Ensenada would be 7-10hrs. I think most people from Arizona camp and fish the Sea of Cortez from mainland Mexico which is more realistic for a 3 day trip.
  567. S

    Gonzaga Bay in August

    Way too hot, consider a trip to the west side of Baja. August is my favorite month to camp and fish at the south end of Todos Santos bay(Ensenada) I beach launch a 12' skiff like you have usually in small/flat surf. Good fishing for bass, rock fish, halibut and often yellowtail. Great campground...
  568. S

    La Bay for Memorial Weekend

    Yeh, hear that but I go whenever I get a hall pass from the Warden(my wife)Let's just say I'm back in negotiations....
  569. S

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Very nice Ivan, any sign if the halibut are moving in shallow(off the campground)yet?
  570. S

    La Bay for Memorial Weekend

    The original plan was second week of April but I'll see if I can talk the bros into the last weekend of May instead
  571. S

    Daggets vs Guillermo's La Bay

    I forget to mention the launch at Daggetts is dirt and sand with good slope on high tide, becoming more rocky and level as the tide pulls out...Rob
  572. S

    Daggets vs Guillermo's La Bay

    Launching at Daggetts with your boat should be OK on medium to high tides so long as there is no east or north wind(its usually calm in the mornings as we all know) Another good option I've seen guys staying at Daggetts do is on your return in the afternoon if the wind has picked-up or the...
  573. S

    Daggets vs Guillermo's La Bay

    I guess that means they finally washed down the fish cleaning station and told the knuckle-heads with their fire crackers to knock that shit off.....Cool
  574. S

    Daggets vs Guillermo's La Bay

    Hey Derek, I know of others including myself who have had parts taken off their boat trailer or trucks broken into parked near the ramp while on the water. Even though you pay them to launch, they just don't seem care about security. I like to camp so I can launch my tin boat almost anyplace...
  575. S

    Coming back to us towing a boat

    I do have some advice once you get pulled into secondary; throw them a "I DON'T GIVE A CRAP ATTITUDE" What I mean is roll down all the windows, turn on the tunes(but not too loud), get out some magazines, eat some food and look really relaxed and comfortable. As soon as they realize your not...
  576. S


    Good surf fishing 20 min. north of there up at Punta Cabras, big barred surf perch, its worth the trip just to check out the place.
  577. S

    19in Cutthroat

    Very nice, used to fish the Sevier river around Hatch for some nice browns a while back, not sure how it fishes anymore....Rob
  578. S

    LA Bay Trip Report

    Trailering boats to LA Bay for a 4 day weekend? Man you guys are hard core for sure!
  579. S

    BOLA; Daggetts or Archelon?

    Thanks for all the great info. guys, I always rent a palapa at daggetts and sleep in the back of the truck and as long as archelon has showers with hot water thats where I'm going this time. I usually go in June but with family and work these days I go whenever I can.
  580. S

    Taking an RV across the border

    I would have all documentation concerning it because you can never tell what they may ask for when you cross these days.
  581. S

    BOLA; Daggetts or Archelon?

    Going to LA bay this spring, usually camp at Daggetts but considering Archelon this time. Launching 14 foot boats off the beach is key and although rocky, Daggetts has always been ok for that. Also, does either place have 24HR power yet? Be great to bring a real coffee maker, thanks.....Rob
  582. S

    Heading to Todos Santos

    Todos Santos in Baja Sur or Todos Santos bay(Ensenada)?
  583. S

    BOLA - Best place to stay / Best Guide?

    Spearfishing has not been legal for some time in LA Bay, if the law is around they will take your gear. However, outside of the area your good to go. By the way, Villa Bahia has not had good reviews as of late, its expensive and the parking lot is tight and not trailer-boat friendly at all. Plan...
  584. S

    BoLA is the greatest place EVER..

    The last time I stayed at the Villa Bahia(4 years ago) it was pricey but quite nice, has it gone down hill or what? I'm heading down next April so I guess I'll go back to just camping at Ruben's unless someone knows of a another good hotel in the area
  585. S

    Spear fishing in CBad?

    Spear fishing coastal lagoons is illegal in so-cal. It was explained to me that only the man made channel going into the lagoon between the jettys "west of the coast highway bridge is legal to spearfish"
  586. S

    For Sale; 2 JBL Spear Guns

  587. S

    Vintage Tackle Box/Handline Boards

    Have no idea how old this stuff is but its been around for a long time and is in good condition(there is no tray in the box) Make me an offer, you pick up, SD county........Rob
  588. S

    JBL Spear Guns

    Sawed -Off Magnum; used 3 times, looks like new, includes reel and spare shaft Magnum; new(never been in water) , includes reel. $275.00 each or both for $500.00. You pick-up, no shipping, PM me.......Rob
  589. S

    For Sale; 2 JBL Spear Guns

    Sawed-off magnum XHD; only used 3 times, includes reel and extra shaft, looks like new. Magnum XHD; new, never been in water, includes reel. $275.00 each or $500.00 for both. No shipping, you pick-up....Lakeside - PM me
  590. S

    Archery Targets

    A total of three; two bag and one block. All in good to very good condition.....$60.00 for all, you pick-up. Lakeside. PM me
  591. S

    Ghost Ring Sight System

    Fitting out my new Marlin .45-70 Guide Gun and was considering this over the factory iron sights. Since most of you know more about guns than I do , I would really appreciate the input.......thanks, Rob
  592. S

    Hornady LEVERevolution ammo

    Thanks for all the great info.......Rob
  593. S

    Hornady LEVERevolution ammo

    Just bought a new Marlin 45-70 Guide Gun , the plan is to use it for close range deer , hog and black bear and was considering this type of ammo, any input would be great, thanks....Rob
  594. S

    Rapalas/Trolling for Trout

    Seeker A270-7 rod, Cabelas DepthMaster 2 line counter reel, 4 spools of P-Line(6lb.), 1 spool of 18lbs. test lead core line and 30 Rapalas. Most of them new in rainbow trout and black back/silver side colors. Some are jointed most float. Everything for $ cell 858 248-7843
  595. S

    3 Medium Action Rod/Reel Combos

    3 AbuGarcia 4600c(thumb-bar cast) reels, 2 Cabelas Salt Striker rods( 7ft., 8-17lb.line, 1/4to5/8oz.) like new and 1 shakespear rod (6.6ft., 8-15lb.) All for $100.00 obo Call 858 248-7843
  596. S

    Yamaha 9.9 Outboard

    1986, short shaft, manual start, tiller steering and in good condition. Priced for quick sell; $300.00 cell 858-248-7843
  597. S

    Estero Coyote/ Abreojos

    Thanks for all the help, I appreciate all the great info .....Rob
  598. S

    Estero Coyote/ Abreojos

    Plan on spending some time in the area in two weeks, we will have only car-top boats and kayaks. Is campo rene still a good place to camp and fish? Its been over 20 years since I've been through there . Any info ( Ice, fuel, places to eat/camp) would be very much appreciated. I almost forgot...
  599. S

    Buts in Baha

    The south end of todos santos bay(in front of campo la jolla and villarino) has good shallow fishing for them. Kayaks and small skiffs are a easy launch off the beach there. Good luck.....Rob
  600. S

    Military Check Points?

    All good stuff, I might also add that on travel days I get myself cleaned up( shave, clean clothes, whatever) and when approaching a check point I take my sunglasses off, radio off and roll all windows down. Just one more level of respect that I think gets me through quicker.
  601. S

    La Bocana BCS

    Thinking about going to LA bay in Jan., usually stay at Daggett's but considering Archelon. Are the restrooms/showers any good and is there a spot to launch a small skiff over the beach.......thanks, Rob
  602. S

    D16 2x3

    Congrats, very nice deer and a cape mount would look good. Another consideration would be a panel mount with a picture below the skull cap. Mike up in Pine Valley has done quite a few for me and they look great, I think the average price is less than $200.00....Rob
  603. S

    Monster in East County!!!

    Its nice to see a big old rock eater come out of the back country once in a while, great job.
  604. S

    A Little D-16 Luck!!

    Very nice local buck, great job
  605. S

    Mathews Switchback BOW

    I guess I should be a bit more clear. The bow has a 40-70 lb draw weight with a 80% let off
  606. S

    Shuttle-T-Lock broadheads

    I have a total of 15. Nine are brand new, three have new blades and three practice (dull from being previously shot) all 125grain. Also have a dozen Trophy Ridge Match Points that I will throw in....$60.00 PM me
  607. S

    Mathews Switchback BOW

    It has a Cobra cam (27RHL)
  608. S

    Mathews Switchback BOW

    Sorry, no pics but since all of my hunting is from blinds or stands, this bow has not been abused or beat at all and looks like new. The reason that I'm selling it is because I broke my wrist so bad this year ,its likely that I will never shoot a vertical bow again. I have some other extras...
  609. S

    Mathews Switchback BOW

    Just tuned with new winners choice string, trophy ridge drop away rest, (27in. draw length), premium fiber optic sight, arrow web quiver, stabilizer and wrist sling. Also includes bow case and gold tip arrows. $400.00 PM me.....Rob
  610. S

    Towing my boat to La Salina

    Like most of you, I took almost two years off to let things "settle out" ,started going back last year and have not had one problem. I think I've been down seven or eight times (La salena, Campo Villarino, Punta Cabras/Jose etc.) and everything seems better. The merchants are glad to see you...
  611. S

    Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Recurve

    Price reduced; $350.00 OBO
  612. S

    Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Recurve

    55lb. limbs, wisker biscuit rest, stabilizer, single pin fiber optic sight,and wrist sling(no arrows). This bow has been to the range only twice and has never been hunted with. Injury forces sale. Other extras, including 2 cases. $400.00 and you pick up(no shipping)-east San Diego county, PM...
  613. S

    El Nino. good or bad for inshore?

    I remember the El Nino event of the early 80's and catching yellowtail right at the oceanside harbor mouth which was not uncommon that summer. They would chase bait right up onto the breakwater. I have also noticed that warm water events kill off our kelp beds creating better access to usually...
  614. S

    Boat Storage in San Quintin??

    Jason, thanks for the great info. , I changed our plans back to LA Bay. Hope to see you down there some time.....Rob
  615. S

    Boat Storage in San Quintin??

    I'm considering a trip to Santa Rosallia/San Lucus cove this spring, Its been over 10 years since I've stayed there and the fishing used to be quite good....Not anymore? I know this is off the topic of your thread but a brief reply concerning the area and fishing would be apprediated. Thanks
  616. S

    Where is the BEST place in Mexico to fish strictly for cabrilla ?

    September is way too hot, go May/June or October/November.
  617. S

    Where is the BEST place in Mexico to fish strictly for cabrilla ?

    Out of the way areas are the best( from rancho El Barril south to Santa Rosalia ) which takes some logistics but worth it. Low light conditions bring them in close to the beach especially when the bait is in tight. North of punta Remedios also can be good(launch out of LA Bay) Getting to good...
  618. S

    AB Biller vs JBL

    I've been using JBL guns for over 20 years usually for inshore halibut or when I sometimes spearfish with scuba and they work just fine. I have a Riffe which I use for seabass and yellowtail and the JBl in no way compares but it still has its place. Its still nice to have a gun for less than a...
  619. S

    Whats up with the Federales on mex 1 ???

    Went down to Ensenada 2 weeks ago, I was also asked for my boat reg. other than that it was a smooth trip.
  620. S

    Local reports?

    I didn't hunt A22 Sept. this year, its just too tough. Plus my interest in spearfishing has comeback somewhat so thats what I've been up to this last month. A buddy of mine took a fork out of Laguna I think it was on the 23rd. I'll hit it real hard Nov-Dec. I guess its about time to get it...
  621. S

    Back to Baja

    I have a 10 and a 14' Livingston, both are fitted out for beach launch. The 14 has a 25hp yamaha 4-stroke, the 10' a 15hp johnson 2-stroke. Of course, the smaller is way easier to push through the surf and I use it mostly when its just me going out. I used a 13' gregor for many years, a good boat.
  622. S

    Back to Baja

    Its been 2 years and I finally went for it. Spent 3 days camping south of Ensenada( campo villarino), launched our skiffs off the beach for some diving and fishing. The diving was poor, the fishing fair( rockfish and halibut) but man, it sure felt good to be back. No problems or issues, just a...
  623. S

    Late LA bay post

    Looks like you guys had a blast, I always stayed at daggets.Does archelon have showers, shade palapas and a place to launch a small skiff?......Thanks, Rob
  624. S

    Morro del Santo Domingo

    Yes you will need 4wd on approach to the beach where you will camp, not to mention just needing it to explore around the headland to access all the many coves. A good place to camp is on the beach between the laguna entrada(mouth) and the lee of the point. This offers good wind protection. A...
  625. S

    O-side to Del Mar

    I was fishing the same area also out of Oceanside, caught a dozen bass mostly small ones with a few chunky calicos mixed in. I don't mind fishing in the drizzle when the ocean is so flat as it was yeaterday.
  626. S

    She was angry today out of Mission Bay 5/8

    Fished LJ yesterday also in my small skiff, man what a beat-down from the weather.The fishing sucked (slow trolled macks at the north end for nada), it felt good to get back in.
  627. S

    Bow Hunting?

    Skip the entry level stuff, buy Mathews.
  628. S

    Got Poison Oak? Get Tecnu Extreme!

    Tecnu works great but when thats not around dish washing liquid works about as good ,but here's the trick. You have to apply it to the exposed area BEFORE any water. It has to do with the poison oak oil molecule binding with the liquid soap in that it won't do it so easy if the skin is wet...
  629. S

    Gamo whisper air rifle?

    Bought a RWS 22cal last year and have been very happy with it. Have owned many others but you get what you pay for in a air gun. I would not buy a gamo. Bass PRO Shops near Riverside has a great selection and I paid close to 4 bills for it
  630. S

    Hunting Etiquette...vent!

    A few years ago I pulled all my stands out of the rec. area because I just got tired of all the bullshit and knuckleheads...good luck
  631. S

    Need a good butcher shop in N. County

    Bishers, they processed my last 2 deer and did a fine job.
  632. S

    Punta Banda

    Very good fishing this time of year for bass, shallow rockfish, halibut and yellowtail in the am. Ivan runs a good operation with local guides that speek good english and take the job serious. He has a couple of studio apts that he rents out by the night and across the street the family has a...
  633. S

    Does A22 suck more than normal this year?

    I've been out 12 mornings so far and its been all does and only 1 buck (very small fork). Almost all movement before 0630 except for yesterday morning when I saw a doe with two fawns around 0830. I'm sure the change in weather and crescent moon kept them wandering about later. Looking back at...
  634. S

    1st A22 filled for the year

    Any legal deer arrowed in this county is quite a accomplishment . Excellent table fare...better than most bucks. Good job
  635. S

    no love at agua hedionda

    The back area where you were can be very good for spot fin croaker with the right tackle and tide. The trick is to fish it at night, flood tide and full moon. Carolina rig, 2ft.leader /6lb floroc.,with FRESH ghost shrimp or blood worm and a long cast. There is a resident population of spot fin...
  636. S

    Any experience at La Salina

    Corral is good but I like Puerto Salina better. The ramp has a gradual slope good on any tide, a bar/cafe next to the ramp usually open at 0700 , good loading dock and security. The LaSalina hotel across form the marina has good food and rooms reasonable, no secure parking out front however...
  637. S

    Fitting out Sea-Doo

    Have a 3 seat Sea-Doo that I would like to fit-out for fishing and diving. Any info or tips would be very much appreciated, thanks.....Rob
  638. S

    California Bowmen Hunters

    Used to be a member, count me in.
  639. S

    Kern river ????

    Be sure to stop by the Kern River Brewery right on the highway. My favorite is the "Isabella Blond" which refer not only to the hot looking server but to a tasty brew as well. Enjoy
  640. S

    Hoyt Gamemaster 2

    Been shooting compounds for years and I was looking for a change. Never had much interest in going "traditionalist" but this bow really called out to me the first time I saw it. So I ordered one from Jim up at Willow Creek Archery and got it yesterday. Now I'm used to shooting tight groups at...