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  1. Big_Tuna_

    WTB Grady White 265 Express

    Didn't like the aquasport?
  2. Big_Tuna_

    Rail rods or any rods on gelcoat

    Only the rods with the long grip lay on the gel coat
  3. Big_Tuna_

    ‘68 luhrs refresh

    Cant really help you but I think you should post pictures
  4. Big_Tuna_

    Solo Launch/Retrieving in San Diego

    At south shores ramp you can not walk your boat
  5. Big_Tuna_

    Solo Launch/Retrieving in San Diego

    Yeah nice , perfect!
  6. Big_Tuna_

    Solo Launch/Retrieving in San Diego

    I've solo launched and retrieved my parker 23 at south shore ramp in MB. Can't walk it back there..... launching is joke easy, just tie a rope from boat to truck and barely float the boat. Climb on boat , start motor, untie and motor away. Retrieving is a little trickier but still very doable...
  7. Big_Tuna_

    A few deck pics and action needed

    All 3 alternatives show CA salmon closure for 2023?
  8. Big_Tuna_

    Yamaha F250 prop

    Yeah I think so
  9. Big_Tuna_

    20lb live bait setup help

    What are you going to fish 20lb test for? If you really need to fish 20, just tie on a 20lb test leader to your 30lb outfit if you aren't getting bit. Lots of people on here trying to spend your money, I just don't see the point.... I was at PCS this past weekend and felt like there's so much...
  10. Big_Tuna_

    1992 210 Striper Cuddy Cabin

    Nice fishing sled, I've got 2000 hours on my F250, I feel like I'm just getting started!!!! Great motors
  11. Big_Tuna_

    Yamaha F250 prop

  12. Big_Tuna_

    Just Chinook it

    CA Chinook season is closed this year 😞
  13. Big_Tuna_

    Best metered braided line ?

    I heard diamond hollow has one that switches every 50 ft?
  14. Big_Tuna_

    Wanted.Parker 2520 seat Pedasal.

    I might have what you need , these are off a parker 2310 but I think it's a pretty standard height, will need to find a tape measure. I also have seats if anyone is interested. I'm located in SD, Clairemont mesa
  15. Big_Tuna_

    12” Taylor Made Boat Dock Wheels

    I love these things, sometimes they are hard to find
  16. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore They're here!!!

    Wait, there's a hotel on SCI?
  17. Big_Tuna_


    I tried to fix jt myself with the washer younposted above, I don't remember exactly what I tried, it was over a year ago. It didn't work. Don't waste your time. They ended up replacing the spool , I don't know what else.....
  18. Big_Tuna_


    I had same issue and sent it to penn, they fixed it for free even after my warranty was up. Just send it to them asap before season starts be done with it. There's lots of convos on here about people complaining but Penn will fix it for you so just send it
  19. Big_Tuna_

    Visit to PCS Show 2023

    Cool, are there any grady white or boston whaler express boats on display?
  20. Big_Tuna_

    Special edition MadMac

  21. Big_Tuna_

    Socal transducer question

    What kind of boat? Does it really have to be a transom mount? So much better when it's an in hull or thru hull cuz you can definitely get readings while on plane.
  22. Big_Tuna_

    Jabsco Oil Changing Pump

    Where you located
  23. Big_Tuna_

    2015 Everglades 230cc

    That's a sick little ride with nice motor hanging on it, glws
  24. Big_Tuna_


    What about power pro ace hollow, that's what anglers choice uses and they seem to know their stuff
  25. Big_Tuna_


    Im just curious, I've never caught cow yellowfin, why would you need different braid for yellowfin vs bluefin? Assuming the same strength....
  26. Big_Tuna_

    2006 Verado 200 (under 200 hours)

    I thought you were selling boat? 😆
  27. Big_Tuna_

    Parker 2320 tower for sale

    Why u selling?
  28. Big_Tuna_

    A plea to Penn

    Plea Sorry I couldn't help myself
  29. Big_Tuna_

    What size bags do you use? VacMaster.

    The one issue with 5mil that I've noticed is that sometimes it doesn't "mold" very easily to fit the shape of the meat. So it doesn't really matter that much, but occasionally voids will form rather than the plastic touching every part of the meat
  30. Big_Tuna_

    What size bags do you use? VacMaster.

    I got 5mil 10x13, works great for big tuna loins
  31. Big_Tuna_

    Pursuit 2470

    I would consider fully loaded as a full 50 gallon bait tank, 3-4 guys, 300lbs of ice, fishing gear, helium tanks, so yeah its underpowered. but perhaps for your inshore duty it will be fine
  32. Big_Tuna_

    Pursuit 2470

    Sick boat!!!!!! What year? I want something like that, also looking at 28' pursuits. Did you install tower? What is fuel economy?
  33. Big_Tuna_

    What boat less than 30ft can take a 3' @ 6-7 head sea

    Yeah I love my parker 2310, the cockpit, layout, v berth, etc is fantastic (and possibly the best) for a 23' boat. Even looking at GW 282 or any other 28' ft boat with outboards the cockpit size and fishability is about the same. Would need to move to center console or something but I really...
  34. Big_Tuna_

    Pursuit 2470

    Sounds underpowered considering most 23' boats now come with 300hp. Need more info, pics? I really want a pursuit , I'm looking for the 28 ft walkaround or bigger.
  35. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Madmac's on outriggers?

    I don't think anyone runs madmacs on outriggers... you're talking about the 200 gram madmacs right? you'll be lucky to not break your outriggers lol
  36. Big_Tuna_

    What boat less than 30ft can take a 3' @ 6-7 head sea

    My parker 23 beats me up if I try to cruise through a headsea of 3' @ 6-9seconds. Every once in a while, it will fall into a trough and pound; or come off a steep wave and pound. Don't worry I've got all the parker upgrades like seaspension seats, oversized tabs, permatrim. The boat rides...
  37. Big_Tuna_

    drag range for the new penn 50 visx

    Did you have to grind the cam? I am trying to get 40# at the number 4, but at that point number 1 is almost 20#
  38. Big_Tuna_

    Madmac storage for the 200mm and 240mm's

    that's what I got, it works great!
  39. Big_Tuna_

    28' Henriques. Rare opportunity [Deleted]

    That's Bob's old boat and an upcharge with it
  40. Big_Tuna_

    Pond prowler down

    I've made kayak repairs using a soldering iron and extra plastic, should be easy to fix
  41. Big_Tuna_

    **MAYBE** FS: 2005 Parker 2120 with 200hp 4s Yammies

    Ah okay sorry! yeah I was imagining the coastside post, haha anyway cool boat, good luck.
  42. Big_Tuna_

    **MAYBE** FS: 2005 Parker 2120 with 200hp 4s Yammies

    Trying not to be a jerk but why say "maybe"? If I was interested i certainly wouldnt bother talking to you about buying the boat. Why waste time on someone who will back out at the last minute? Say price is firm if you are not willing to negotiate. You posted on coastside a few days ago with the...
  43. Big_Tuna_

    EPIRB mounting

    +1 on 316 stainless. Sometimes youll find an ACE that sells them. Also Use a counter sink before drilling , will eliminate gel coat chips completely.
  44. Big_Tuna_

    Want to buy a simrad autopilot unit
  45. Big_Tuna_

    Any Advise on This?

    Is your throttle cable in there? Ie is it mechanical controls? If so I would be worried, otherwise maybe not a big deal?
  46. Big_Tuna_

    Free spectra, reel purchase.

    Is free spectra the best quality?
  47. Big_Tuna_

    Boat loans?

    I imagine the rates will suck big time right now
  48. Big_Tuna_

    Yamaha F250 prop

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Yamaha F250 prop - Yamaha F250 prop Learn more about this listing...
  49. Yamaha F250 prop

    Southern California Yamaha F250 prop

    I believe this is the original prop to my 2005 F250. But not exactly sure. Free to anyone who wants to drive over and get it. Located near Claremont mesa
  50. Big_Tuna_

    Will 2023 be an El Nino fall?

    Haha yup makes you wonder what an el nino will bring! I'm pretty stoked. I've never lived in SD during el nino so I have only heard the stories
  51. Big_Tuna_

    Will 2023 be an El Nino fall?

    Seems like it's transitioning yeah
  52. Big_Tuna_

    Newb questions/SD blue fin

    Of course its easier to waste all our time instead of your own time searching the site, that goes without saying.
  53. Big_Tuna_

    Newb questions/SD blue fin

    Man I don't wanna sound like an asshole but you could google and search this site for most of those answers.
  54. Big_Tuna_

    Torque 25n star drag black

    I'm interested too
  55. Big_Tuna_

    Fathom 25nld2 or Torque for 40#

    I got spooled on my 25N by a massive BFT, never again will I use it for BFT fishing. Maybe for our yellowfin tuna. But I'm on my own boat. Maybe the sportboat captains can tell you how big the fish are in the sonar school he found before you wet lines
  56. Big_Tuna_

    Fathom 25nld2 or Torque for 40#

    I dunno what you would use 40# for in SD fishing? I find it too light for bft work and too heavy for patty fishing
  57. Big_Tuna_

    Torque 25n star drag black

    $50 shipped to my house, what's your paypal?
  58. Big_Tuna_

    Deal of the day for some one

    FYI it looks like a mod V
  59. Big_Tuna_

    Islands 2-2-23 Catalina report

    Nice! How does the shrimp taste?
  60. Big_Tuna_

    Coming up soon

    Maybe i didnt understand the orginial post... but if MX did indeed restrict US sportfishers from entering MX waters then the sportfishing fleets would move to MX and all the gringos would be flying or driving into enseneda to jump on the sportfihsing boats. Economy in Ensenada would blow up
  61. Big_Tuna_

    8' VHF antenna

    Price drop to 25
  62. Big_Tuna_

    Trailer rental

    Curious to know others opinion, I have to pay $160 a month to store mine it is really annoying. I pay to slip the boat too. It's super handy having a trailer though.
  63. Big_Tuna_

    Finally pulled the trigger on a parker.. dreams come true some times...

    Gotcha, now i know XLD is deep V. On my parker 23 I put seaspension posts and some pompanette seats. Its downright luxurious. You won't regret seaspension posts
  64. Big_Tuna_

    Finally pulled the trigger on a parker.. dreams come true some times...

    Pretty sure XL is deep V and given the fact its got 2 200s
  65. Big_Tuna_

    Here's to bonito, the most underrated sportfish in the ocean

    Yup, I've ran into a couple good sized Bonito schools and it can get really fun fishing them live bait if you get the school stick to the boat. Watching them chase after the live baits and taking them right off the boat is a blast. Aquarium style fishing
  66. Big_Tuna_

    Off season maintenance, Replaced zincs

    That zinc was on my Armstrong bracket,chewed away to almost nothing
  67. Big_Tuna_

    Off season maintenance, Replaced zincs

    Anyone else in the habit of replacing the zinc on your Armstrong bracket? This was after 9 months, it's an AL zinc. I'm thinking of putting on those "diver" friendly zincs so it can be replaced in the water
  68. Big_Tuna_

    Finally pulled the trigger on a parker.. dreams come true some times...

    Nice! You'll have a blast. Yeah I'm not too familiar with f200, but I bought a parker with a 2005 f250 3 or 4 years ago with 1500 hours and put 500 hrs on it. Runs great but it's wearing out after 18 years.
  69. Big_Tuna_

    Finally pulled the trigger on a parker.. dreams come true some times...

    Nice boat! Good decision. How much? And 100 gallon tank? Geez! Didnt know folks put that big of tanks on the 25s. Take care of those old 200s
  70. Big_Tuna_

    Sharing gas and bait costs

    I have a 7 gallon bucket (a little taller than 5 gallon) and a toilet seat lid, it's great
  71. Big_Tuna_

    Sharing gas and bait costs

    Ah okay so you can afford 6000-7500 a month in gas....nice. if not enjoy fishing the point loma kelp beds by yourself 😆
  72. Big_Tuna_

    Sharing gas and bait costs

    This is true, you make excellent points, but if I go fishing every weekend by myself (easily $1500 for each trip last summer) I would go broke.
  73. Big_Tuna_

    Sharing gas and bait costs

    What boat size did you downgrade from and what size do you run now? I am just curious because I have a 23 now and would like to get into 28 or 30 but worried about trip costs and my cheapass friends
  74. Big_Tuna_

    Sharing gas and bait costs

    That's funny. Did you ask him to buy beer? I've noticed some people will attribute boat ownership with wealth , implying we don't need their contributions
  75. Big_Tuna_

    Sharing gas and bait costs

    Bft trips got expensive last year with fuel going through the roof. Easily 1k for a long trip. So I got some friends who insist we split the trip costs among all and they help clean boat. Thats cool, im fine with that, but then I have other more generous friends who volunteer to pay for...
  76. Big_Tuna_

    8' VHF antenna

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: 8' VHF antenna - 8' VHF antenna Learn more about this listing...
  77. 8' VHF antenna

    Southern California 8' VHF antenna

    I pulled this from my boat, I think it's shakespeare. I don't know for sure it is pretty old, but boat is a 2005 so it cant be older than that. It was mounted on those classic ratchet mounts. It worked fine before i pulled it, I replaced it with an AIS antenna. I had to cut the cable sorry there...
  78. Big_Tuna_

    2015 Steiger craft miami 21

    Seems like a really good deal, but then I saw "northeast"
  79. Big_Tuna_

    Polaris, Always wanted one

    Doesn't AIS and DSC basically replace this? I could see it being useful for coast guard or tow boat US for trying to find a boat in distress that doesn't have anything but old school VHF, but that's about it
  80. Big_Tuna_

    Islands Couple Reds with my Boy 01/21/23

    Nice job. Got some good ones! I like your steering wheel wrap, how did you do that?
  81. Big_Tuna_

    Need help setting up for Trolling Madmacs

    Do a search on the site there are quite of these threads floating around already
  82. Big_Tuna_

    WTB Parker 2320

    It seems like the parkers have gotten expensive, what used to be a 50k boat before covid is now a 70k. But I only see boat listing I don't know how much they actually sell for
  83. Big_Tuna_

    WTB Parker 2320 Prolly a nice ride and under your budget
  84. Big_Tuna_

    Socal/Mexico Bluefin Seiner Limits Information

    Lol only 15 days into 2023 and already itching for news on the BFT. I have no idea how to get the info but it seems someone in the know always posts once they got their quota
  85. Big_Tuna_

    How often do you get checked?

    3 summers going in and out of mission bay, only once was i stopped. game warden..... we were happy to show them a 200lb tuna 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  86. Big_Tuna_

    Fishing the rockpile

    I was thinking of going out fishing this coming weekend too but weather looks a bit iffy. Just a heads up
  87. Big_Tuna_

    GX2200 VHF Radio

    Old thread I know but what antenna did you get for the AIS transceiver?
  88. Big_Tuna_

    Best time of year for coronado islands halibut ?

    I've caught halibut just a bit south of Coronado islands, can't remember what time of the year it was. Is there a specific time of year that is best?
  89. Big_Tuna_

    Want to buy Parker 2320 (somewhere around 2017, preferred)

    Hit up Eric Hermann at executive yachts
  90. Big_Tuna_

    How to Filet Larger fish?

    Also it helps to have bendy filet knife
  91. Big_Tuna_

    How to Filet Larger fish?

    BTW, I scale my yt and leave the skin on, later I cut skin off when it's in smaller pieces if need be, or if cooking just leave the skin on
  92. Big_Tuna_

    tuna are biting

  93. Big_Tuna_

    Trolling rod/reel combos for big Northern California bluefin tuna

    Madmacs on the 50visx, don't really need anything else🤣🤣🤣
  94. Big_Tuna_

    Inshore Last trip of the year

    Thx, nicr haul! What size hooks yall use for the white fish? Found in sandy bottom or rocks?
  95. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Christmas bluefin

    Best Christmas ever
  96. Big_Tuna_


    +1 dynamat, I've used it on 3 cars to dampen noise from air cooled motors and general road noise, works wonders
  97. Big_Tuna_

    Boat inflation?

    Do you pay a property management company to handle the properties or do you do all the work yourself? Im trying to get into real estate now in SD but it's hard to justify investment properties, the rent i could earn doesn't even cover the mortgage. Both prices and interest rates are high right now
  98. Big_Tuna_

    Socal Parker test ride

    How does that even happen? I see pictures and videos all the time and wonder how someone could manage that
  99. Big_Tuna_

    Penn carnage III vs okuma pch or ???

    For my cheap basic rods I bought a bunch of carnage 2 rods like 4 years ago and i dont really like them. I've been slowing replacing with phenix axis rods which I really like and are priced cheaper than calstar, etc
  100. Big_Tuna_

    Socal Parker test ride

    Super loaded with an extra 50 gallons of gas, (200 gallons total), 45 gallon bait tank, 3 guys, my 2310 with old F250, will get between 1.6mpg and 1.9 depending on sea state. It really comes down to whether I can cruise at speed like 28mph (1.8mpg) or slow down to less than 20mph and get...
  101. Big_Tuna_

    Socal Parker test ride

    I have a slipped parker 2310 walkaround in mission bay, I will take you out anytime, hit me up. Annoying it is dark early as most weeknights I am free.
  102. Big_Tuna_

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    Bluefin o-toro tastes better than swordfish
  103. Big_Tuna_

    1996 Shearwater 33 Express

    Conversion? That's a lot of boat for 75k!!!!!!!!
  104. Big_Tuna_

    Line Counter on Fathom

    Yeah mine gave up the ghost after a season too. Sent it away for warranty repair and it broke again in a year but I was able to take it apart and fix it myself. Eventually it quit working beyond the point of repair. I had an okuma with a line counter that also quit working in my opinion they...
  105. Big_Tuna_

    anyone have a VacMaster VP95?

    Vp95 chamber H is 3.25 inches. Just measured a couple tuna lions in my freezer and some are easily over 4 inches tall , so they wouldn't fit in a vp95, but that is from a 200lb tuna, guess it depends on how big of fish you are going to be targeting. Guess you could always cut them down in size
  106. Big_Tuna_

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    For what's it worth I'll follow up with my decision, as I was comparing those 2 boats as well. I ended up buying a parker 2310 with bracket f250. It really is turn key and go. Sure I get slapped around in the chop, but when it's flat we can blast out to SCI at 32mph getting 2mpg fully loaded for...
  107. Big_Tuna_

    anyone have a VacMaster VP95?

    With a flat lid you're gonna be limited to the size of tuna loins you can fit in there.....
  108. Big_Tuna_

    TRANQUILO My Parker 2330 Project

    Nice! You gonna add upper controls and bench up there?
  109. Big_Tuna_

    1978 Skipjack 24’ FB

    Rdy to go , drop it in a slip, looks like a good deal 👌
  110. Big_Tuna_

    Is upgrading worth it?

    I checked out the gw 232, i passed on it because I thought the rear deck space for a 23' was small compared to a 2310 parker. Especially since our west coast Bait tanks take up so much space
  111. Big_Tuna_

    Is upgrading worth it?

    What did you move up from? And what 30ft? GW marlin?
  112. Big_Tuna_

    Center console recommendations

    Wow nice, thats 23 foot boat right? How does it get such good mpg? My parker 23 doesn't even get half that mpg
  113. Big_Tuna_

    Center console recommendations

    Nice boat! That's impressive mpg, what is the range aka tank size?
  114. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for 2 tomorrow 11/18 for chasing bluefin

    Got any Intel? I was planning on going tomorrow too but canceled, seems the big ones have left town
  115. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Ensenada

    Geez that's some big rockfish!!! Nice Job
  116. Big_Tuna_

    Grady 208/226/228

    Parker 2310 can sleep 2 grown men easy
  117. Big_Tuna_

    Fujinon Tsx 1440 review

    Thx, Are the frasers worlds better?
  118. Big_Tuna_

    Fujinon Tsx 1440 review

  119. Big_Tuna_

    Fujinon Tsx 1440 review

    It all started one day.... I turned it on and the stabilization LED would flash and never work. Now it's odd , hard to describe, its like they take a very long time for the stabilization to kick in. Batteries are okay.
  120. Big_Tuna_

    Fujinon Tsx 1440 review

    Mine crapped out mid way through its 2nd season. Anyone have better luck? I'm thinking of buying the Fraser but so expensive
  121. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Solo guy that was asking for help

    I'm curious how that work between two small skiffs? How did they help you land it? Gaff it for you?
  122. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Solo guy that was asking for help

    Lol yeah that's not coming out easy
  123. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Solo guy that was asking for help

    Wow nice, where at? I heard radio chatter about bft off Coronados, I stayed in LJ for baby bonito
  124. Big_Tuna_

    NorCal Crab Combo Trips

    Yeah I don't understand it either. But I also don't understand paying a charter at all whatsoever when I can buy a boat and do it myself so I'm probably the wrong person to comment. I fished up there for 5 years, I'd drop pots off my kayak and get limits of dungies out of half moon bay, it's...
  125. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Swordfishing Sucks

    Congrats! Id like to try. So all these trips were with a charter captain?
  126. Big_Tuna_

    '98 Parker Deep V bracketed 2520

    What mpg do you get loaded and unloaded?
  127. Big_Tuna_

    Pro Pedestal shock absorbing pedestals up for grabs

    What are you replacing them with?
  128. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 10.28.22 Save fuel 238/double 220

    Thx for report at least you got a nice trio of species
  129. Big_Tuna_

    250-pound deep-drop swordfish on PENN International 50VISW

    Nice fish! I think a few of the charters like bight also make their clients hand crank lol
  130. Big_Tuna_

    Raymarine E80

    A classic
  131. Big_Tuna_

    "Lead Bottom"

  132. Big_Tuna_

    Repower San Diego Marine Performance

    Yeah I talk with them over there too, but they only deal with brand new motors and new yamahas have jumped in price. Last quote I got was 38k for f300. I'm curious to see what used yamaha market is like for f250/f300
  133. Big_Tuna_

    Repower San Diego Marine Performance

    did you end up getting the repower done with san diego marine performance? Curious to know how it went....
  134. Big_Tuna_

    Do I need a needle to splice #100 and #130 mono?

    No stainless steel wire for loop in HC!!! Stop by a tackle shop and ask them to show you or search on you tube for connecting windon leaders
  135. Big_Tuna_

    Do I need a needle to splice #100 and #130 mono?

    He is suggesting to not splice at all whatsoever and use the FG knot instead. I would suggest buying a windon leader and let someone else do the splicing for you. Once you have a windon, create a loop in your hollow braid. (Will also need a splicing needle). Then do a simple loop to loop...
  136. Big_Tuna_

    2005 Grady White 282 Sailfish

    How many hours???
  137. Big_Tuna_

    Penn VISX 16 hollow braid question

    Hmm yeah tunasniper makes a good point. I hadn't really thought of that, I think it can be done I did troll and hook up using a visx16. it will easily fit 500 yards of 100lb braid (I think). But at one point lines got tangled and I had to cut off 100-150 yards off my visx16 :(((((( so now for...
  138. Big_Tuna_

    Penn VISX 16 hollow braid question

    Oh I see, okay, I'm sure you'll get many ideas here, but if you are going with hollowbraid, just get a 200lb windon leader and do a loop to loop connection with your hollow braid. Will go through the guides no problem. No topshot. You're just adding more connection points aka failure points
  139. Big_Tuna_

    Penn VISX 16 hollow braid question

    How big are the bft up there? Trolling what? Madmacs? I'd go heavier leader like 200. We got chewed off with 100lb trolling madmacs.
  140. Big_Tuna_

    Chamber Vacuum bag source and size

    oh I forgot one detail.... you have to change the settings when you change bag thickness and that is kind of a pain when you are trying to move fast to process fish. For that reason I'm going to stick with 5mil no matter. Sometimes I will cut a bag down in size if it's too big
  141. Big_Tuna_

    What's a Parker worth to you?

    If you got the change for a brand new one, cool, but electronics, bait tank, rod holders, all adds up on top of a brand new one. If I had a chunk of change to spend on a brand new boat I would rather find a used one with very high hours and do a repower.... There was a parker 2310 for sale...
  142. Big_Tuna_

    Chamber Vacuum bag source and size

    I got 5 mil the heavy duty ones from vacmaster. I think they are 10x13. A little big and waste of bag sometimes, but great for big pieces and bones wont break the bag. would be nice to have a smaller bag size for smaller filets though. Could only get them in massive quantities
  143. Big_Tuna_

    What's a Parker worth to you?

    Let's just say they aren't getting any cheaper than 2-3 years ago. Cost of yamaha repower alone here in california and subsequently used outboards have gone up 25-35%. 50k I thought was about fair value in CA for a 2000-2005 parker when covid started. Now I think it's definitely higher than that.
  144. Big_Tuna_

    2005 Grady White 282 Sailfish

    Maybe! 🤣🤣
  145. Big_Tuna_

    2005 Grady White 282 Sailfish

    Pics? mpg at cruise? LOA with motors tilted up including bow pulpit?
  146. Big_Tuna_

    What do bluefin marks look like on a 1kw HW chirp sonar at 10-12 kts?

    First marks are drifting, second set is MM trolling speed. M285hw inhull transducer , still a 1kw high wide transducer
  147. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Oct 14 - Dead Smack in The middle of Islands, 302 and 371 - Wide Open Dodo

    Nice job. Great photos on the fish before they lose color
  148. Big_Tuna_

    Anybody got a report for the 9 and the Coronado Canyon?

    For whats it worth, we caught dorado on kelp on the north 9 last Friday.
  149. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore YFIO 10/10

    Once I was on a wide open paddy dorado fishing and when the bite died we got pick up by a mako right under our boat.....broke rhe line quickly. so I think sharks will shut down those bites occasionally Nice job btw!
  150. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore PB bft tuna 10/7

    Thanks everyone! It was an amazing trip. I cant wait to get out there again. The transducer is m285hw, an inhull 1kw high wide transducer. Its connected to a simrad evo3 nss12, amd networked to the lowrance. so it's not directly ran off the lowrance units, but on my previous boat I ran the same...
  151. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore PB bft tuna 10/7

    A fishing buddy from norcal of almost 10 yeard calls me up last week and wanted to chase big bft. We made the run to backside of sci Fri morning with intention of overnighting. We get there and start trolling madmacs. I kid you not, within 30 mins we see marks and bzzzzzzzz. 1 hour and 20 mins...
  152. Big_Tuna_

    Recommend me a radar

    BTW likely not going to see hoopnet floats unless maybe it's flat calm. I can see buoy markers in the bay but not floats
  153. Big_Tuna_

    Recommend me a radar

    you can go with lowrance or simrad. I have halo24, it is very nice , the radar I had before was circa 2005 so it is worlds better. Combined with AIS receiver I don't miss anything. I think halo 20+ would be fine, but I wouldn't bother with the halo 20....
  154. Big_Tuna_

    Got a Good One on VISX 16

    What size hook on that 80lb sinker rig?
  155. Big_Tuna_

    Broke a bolt taking tower down today.

    How did you get the busted bolt out?
  156. Big_Tuna_

    499 SCI Blue Fin

    I'll be leaving out of mission bay on Friday very early, heading to SCI. David on the "the Tuna special" on channel 72
  157. Big_Tuna_

    499 SCI Blue Fin

    Where you gonna go? 499?
  158. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore DORADO/BF 10.05.22

    Thx for report guys, looks glassy out there. Can't wait to get out on Friday
  159. Big_Tuna_

    Broke a bolt taking tower down today.

    Nice boat. 700hp? Dayum. Ace hardware at claremont mesa has cheap stainless for that. I dropped a few in the water and had to replace. You need to take them out on a regular basis every few months, clean and grease them. Not sure where you can get stainless 316 bolts for that, maybe online...
  160. Big_Tuna_

    499 SCI Blue Fin

    So I'm reading the SCI closure chart, looks like most of it closed through thurs/Friday/sat? We wanted to anchor in pyramid cove and/or fish for yellowtail on the front south side
  161. Big_Tuna_

    499 SCI Blue Fin

    Next time, let's go in a week or two
  162. Big_Tuna_

    499 SCI Blue Fin

    Yeah was thinking of heading towards south of island, if we don't find bft we can fish the island
  163. Big_Tuna_

    499 SCI Blue Fin

    Going Friday
  164. Big_Tuna_

    AIS transponder

    That's pretty neat, so anyone can see you on anytime you are out? I know my family and gf would appreciate that. I have AIS reciever
  165. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore San Diego Full Day Range YFT

    They got pretty close to the upper 9 not too long ago but the once in US water the schools were wrapped up. Same thing happening at mack bank
  166. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Dorado party 2022

    2 dorado per angler in MX
  167. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Dorado party 2022

    Shame it's only 2 in MX
  168. Big_Tuna_

    2004 Prokat 2660

    Where are you located
  169. Big_Tuna_

    Islands SCI 9/27

    Nice job, did you fish front side or back side
  170. Big_Tuna_

    Renting a Slip vs. Trailer Storage..

    How do you paint the bottom every season when it's on the trailer?
  171. Big_Tuna_

    Renting a Slip vs. Trailer Storage..

    Wanna trade your 25 for my 2310?
  172. Big_Tuna_

    To bleed or not to bleed

    Definitely gut and gill tuna, it's so easy to do
  173. Big_Tuna_

    Got a Good One on VISX 16

    Ok 80lb test on sinker rig?
  174. Big_Tuna_

    Got a Good One on VISX 16

    Do you also fish sinker rig with it? Or is it a jig reel only?
  175. Big_Tuna_

    Night fishing for BFT from private boat

    Any private boaters (<30ft) have any luck night fishing for bft? I've tried it a few times and the best bite was sunset and sunrise. Big lull at night, but I hear the big sportfishing boats do well in the middle of the night? What gives?
  176. Big_Tuna_

    Wing/Vent window adjustable latch?

    Let me know what you find, I duct taped my drivers window shut because of broken latch.
  177. Big_Tuna_

    Re-Power yamaha 225 to 300 On a 2320

    Quote this year for f300 installed on my parker 23 was 38k
  178. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Sat 9/24 Cat/Clemente for tuna

    Thx for report, sucks someone ran over your lines
  179. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Oside 9/24

    Nice CC with upper controls, the helicopter radar is a bit excessive on a 25'CC
  180. Big_Tuna_

    Got a Good One on VISX 16

    Nice job. Jig or what?
  181. Big_Tuna_

    First Fishing Trip In Nov. Rod - Reel thoughts and input

    I dont wanna be a negative Nancy but im not sure bft will be in socal in November. Hopefully they will circle back to tanner/cortez....
  182. Big_Tuna_

    Islands Sci live report

    Nice! I thought about making the trip to SCI for yellows this weekend too! But then got lazy and now I'm sitting on my couch. Glad you found them, that is awesome
  183. Big_Tuna_

    friday 9/24 limits for 3 on the 277

    It can always be worse, last year we rescued guys from a capsized boat
  184. Big_Tuna_

    Best vacuum sealer?

    Vacmaster chamber
  185. Big_Tuna_

    Thank you gift for boat owner

    Do you help wash boat? Wanna come on my boat? Lol you sound like an excellent hoe For $200 ? That's about 5 madmacs? Jk, I have friends that will buy random stuff , like fixing a broken cup holder or seat fabric, random wear and tear stuff. Quite frankly I have a lot of friends that use my...
  186. Big_Tuna_

    Free promar net

    Yup its still available when can you come by
  187. Big_Tuna_

    Trolling Madmacs

    Maybe you can fish for swordfish with it too!!
  188. Big_Tuna_

    Trolling Madmacs

    I have the same issue.....
  189. Big_Tuna_

    Free promar net

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Free promar net - Free promar net Learn more about this listing...
  190. Free promar net

    Southern California Free promar net

    Anyone want this net? Free or maybe a beer if you have one. (Not picky) I'm located near claremont mesa in SD. Big net, use it to catch dorado. I used it to catch salmon
  191. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Went 0 for 3 today

    I feel you, we went 0 for 4 on bft on my last trip to SCI. I'm thinking about doing another trip this weekend were you on the NW corner of SCI ?
  192. Big_Tuna_

    Judge Yacht

    With a bracket???, who does that haha inboard diesel all the way on a judge, big cummins
  193. Big_Tuna_

    Labels for vacuum seal bags

    It's called a sharpie , jk sorry I couldn't help myself. Chamber sealers are awesome, congrats, you'll never go back
  194. Big_Tuna_

    Landing dodo solo?

    Net with a long handle..... I fish salmon solo all the time , same thing
  195. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Backside East Cat

    Nice job guys and thanks for report. I'm jealous of the beers and tacos on a mooring
  196. Big_Tuna_

    Fishing off the east end of cat and beyond Friday. Share intel?

    Nice job!!!! Yeah I spent too much time mulling over weather forecasts
  197. Big_Tuna_

    Fishing off the east end of cat and beyond Friday. Share intel?

    Wish I could go.... but btw I _think_ there is a small craft advisory at your "?". I could be wrong though....
  198. Big_Tuna_

    Pro- Line 201

    Seems like good deal to me, quick way for someone to get on thr water for cheap
  199. Big_Tuna_

    Talk Me Out Of A CAT

    Do you have a tower on yours?
  200. Big_Tuna_

    25' Skipjack Sport Cruiser Diesel and Tower/Dual Controls

    What is mpg trolling madmacs? Gotta list that now too. Jk sick boat.
  201. Big_Tuna_

    Talk Me Out Of A CAT

    Worldcat is becoming a popular quality brand just like GW, parker, boston whaler, etc. I think their prices mimic those manufacturers with respect to twin engine boats
  202. Big_Tuna_

    Talk Me Out Of A CAT

    Do you have towers installed on any of these boats? Any boats less than 30' with tower? I think I heard from worldcat that a tower is not ideal on the 266
  203. Big_Tuna_

    Talk Me Out Of A CAT

    Well if what Jason is saying is true about the drifting and the tower, well that rules it out for me since 90% of our fishing is drifting and most definitely need a tower!!! I do remember drifting by a cat earlier this summer, their boat just didn't move, I thought maybe they were anchored to...
  204. Big_Tuna_

    Best Place to Live SoCal for Sportman

    I moved down to SD 2 or 3 years ago from monterey area. I got a slip in mission bay and live 10 minutes away. It's perfect I think, I can go south into MX or north depending on where the fish are biting. You're gonna want a boat with 60-100 mile range so SCI amd tanner are in reach.
  205. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore A day late? Now $1.70 short . . .

    Nice pic, the calm before the storm
  206. Big_Tuna_

    Used Outboard Motor Dolly

    Where are you located
  207. Big_Tuna_

    Steiger craft 23 dv miami

    Nice west coast bow rail but tall step
  208. Big_Tuna_

    Islands Saturday 9/3

    Nice job!!! Thx for report
  209. Big_Tuna_

    New Electronics This Winter - Whaddya Like?

    I redid all my electronics with simrad, I like it, but I was familiar with navico before this boat. Autopilot, side scan, halo24 radar, 1kw transducer, 12 inch display, 2-9 inch displays, satellite heading sensor, AIS radio, it's all connected, pretty cool
  210. Big_Tuna_

    Inshore Just another Dorado report!

    No worries joining the flotilla, we did the same today it was wide open! Maybe those marks at 200 down were yellowfin
  211. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Take 2 Tons of Dorado 30 off Oceanside 9/3

    Lol, I saw you guys and the Klamath guy charging in, that was funny. Didn't really matter anyway, it was wide open. They'd hit baits before they even had a chance to swim.
  212. Big_Tuna_

    Anyone want to help a guy from up North?

    We got unlimited dorado on 20, 25 lb test, with size 1 to 1/0 hooks. Start with lighter line and smaller hooks and go up from there if they keep biting Weve been getting yellowfin tuna up to 38lbs on 30lb test with 1/0 mutu ringed circle hooks I fish fluoro seaguar bluelabel leaders of about...
  213. Big_Tuna_

    60lb. REEL

  214. Big_Tuna_

    Planning my next boat. Recommendations please

    I go to sci in my parker 23 , just have to pick my days. Having a bigger boat would enable us to go whenever....
  215. Big_Tuna_

    Planning my next boat. Recommendations please

    Ride is okay in parkers for 23 foot boat. BIG Trim tabs are your friends. You'll find plenty of parker haters but listen... there is a reason they are popular and that is the fishing/cockpit size. The ride is bad because the helm is pushed so far forward to leave more room for fishing. That...
  216. Big_Tuna_

    Planning my next boat. Recommendations please

    I'd love a 30' GW Marlin , that would be siiiick. But gas mpg will be like 1mpg or worse. I'm in a 23 parker walkaround (full eisenglass to keep spray out and v berth to sleep) and as much as I want to move up the gas efficiency is keeping me in smaller boat. It's sure nice to just go out solo...
  217. Big_Tuna_

    For anyone looking for MadMacs

    Geez, you know it's possible to find them at msrp, just shop around
  218. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 8-29 Tuna at Cat

    Nice job solo! Madmacs? How big were the tuna? I bet those guys who flaked regretted it
  219. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 8/13 - N9-178-Canyon Quality Over Quantity

    I think there are fewer kelps than last year... more boats + fewer kelp paddies = crowded fishing
  220. Big_Tuna_

    Sports Cabin ride quality

    Parker 2310 or 2510, check them out
  221. Big_Tuna_

    Whats the best boat wax?

    Well first ya gotta compound/polish if it's old, cuz if it's oxidizing it will stain really easily. Once gel coat is in good shape your wax will do a better job. Personally I use woodys wax after washing
  222. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 8/25 - 8/26 late report, yellowfin and mahi

    Late report but maybe it will help someone going out tomorrow. Friend in town he fished hard Thursday and Friday. Thursday morning fished Coronado islands for calico, barracuda, bonito and a yellowtail that got off. Slowed trolled crappy bait. We left the islands heading west a bit and found...
  223. Big_Tuna_

    T-Mobile Reception in and Around the Coronados

    Wait what there is cell phone coverage at Coronado islands????
  224. Big_Tuna_

    Keeping batteries charged while running bait pump?

    Just FYI bait has been crap. From mission bay at least.
  225. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Where'd the tuna go? 8/25

    Haha yeah we saw marks on the sonar, stopped, chummed with the crappy dead bait we got and then fly lined the live bait. Three bites in maybe three hours, we landed 2 , folks around us hooking up too
  226. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Where'd the tuna go? 8/25

    We got 2 yft today a few miles west of coronado islands
  227. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Yellowfin afternoon bite at the Nine – 8 23 2022

    Haha sounds like a zoo out there..... so I guess I'm leaving the madmacs at home then huh... and soaking baits... let me get a few mackerel and see if they'll go for it
  228. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Zero etiquette SMH with a side of Dorado

    Not defending him , but these dorado aren't really boat shy, I would have definitely kept fishing that spot. Especially if the charter started chumming
  229. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 8/23 Islands Plus Offshore

    Nice job! Thx for report! So are the tuna _only_ biting mid day slack tide? 🤔
  230. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore What's Better? 8/23

    Nice! Colt sniper? I'll be out Thursday and Friday
  231. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Tuna on board 8/23 , #9

    That's a massive school!!!!!
  232. Big_Tuna_

    Trolling bags to slow the troll using the main?

    Yeah you will be surprised how well an appropriately sized drift sock will work
  233. Big_Tuna_

    Trolling bags to slow the troll using the main?

    5 gallon buckets.... not sure yiu need 2 drift socks
  234. Big_Tuna_

    Renting a Slip vs. Trailer Storage..

    You mean to say they should have shafts and not outdrives?
  235. Big_Tuna_

    Add more solid braid using hollow core braid

    Happened twice, first time we untangled for 10 mins, second time i said fuck it and cut it.... I think we were turning too hard
  236. Big_Tuna_

    Add more solid braid using hollow core braid

    Yeah madmacs >:(>:(>:(>:(>:(>:(>:(
  237. Big_Tuna_

    Add more solid braid using hollow core braid

    Sorry if this has been posted already but couldn't find it. I had nasty tangle recently and had to cut a bunch of line off one of my 100lb rigs that has solid braid. Has Anyone use a piece of hollow core to splice on more solid braid?
  238. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore First Tuna

    Nice job! 20 pound test did the trick huh. What size hook
  239. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore BFT in Mackarel bank. Hard work..

    Nice! At least you got one, we went 0 for 4 there last weekend. Brutal. Nice work
  240. Big_Tuna_

    My Parker…

    Nice thread let's keep it going
  241. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore NFIO NOT 8-16

    Thanks for report and advice
  242. Big_Tuna_

    2320 fuel range

    I've got a 2005 2310 with f250. 4 blade with permatrim and motor up 2 holes. This past weekend I was a little disappointed in the mpg during an overnight at SCI. Loaded down, 3 guys, bft gear, helium tank, 250lbs of ice full bait tank 45gallon, and 40 gallons of gas in cans (for madmac trolling)...
  243. Big_Tuna_

    WTB cow bft rail rod ~ seeker osp 4x

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: WTB cow bft rail rod ~ seeker osp 4x - WTB cow bft rail rod ~ seeker osp 4x Learn more about this listing...
  244. Big_Tuna_

    Southern California WTB cow bft rail rod ~ seeker osp 4x

    Title says it all. Seeker osp 4x or something like it. Excellent condition only. I'm located in SD near clariemont mesa.
  245. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Right place right time 8/16

    Nice job, wowww, wish I could make it out this week
  246. Big_Tuna_

    Chamber vacuum loaner

    Yeah I got mine off amazon too
  247. Big_Tuna_

    2019 2320 F300 Battery Replacement

    What about acid leaking out? What type of batteries do you use?
  248. Big_Tuna_

    2019 2320 F300 Battery Replacement

    Hmmm is it dangerous to have the batteries bouncing around up there?
  249. Big_Tuna_

    Penn FTH 60 2 speed

    I would spend the extra money for penn international.
  250. Big_Tuna_

    Lures for foamers?

    Do the bft eat the colt sniper on the drop or reel in?
  251. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Overnight on mackerel bank

    We saw kelp yeah but didn't stop on them
  252. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Foamers between 499 and Snail 8/14

    Good work getting out there. The wind scared us away. Did you try the kite
  253. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Overnight on mackerel bank

    Fun trip!!!! But went 0 for 4 on the BFT. Left MB Sunday morning at 5am with 1 scoop of bait, some mackerel from dock mate, kite gear, and madmacs. Pointed boat directly into windswell and bounced our way to mack Bank. Stop to pee halfway and see dorado jumping everywhere. My norcal friends...
  254. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore BFT’s and Asshats Fishing for boats 8/12-8/14

    Thanks for report.... your fish on madmacs at mackerel Bank...blind strike or did you target foamers?
  255. Big_Tuna_

    Heading out sunday - monday to mackerel bank area

    190 gallons this time, hopefully will be enough otherwise have to stop in avalon or just go home
  256. Big_Tuna_

    Heading out sunday - monday to mackerel bank area

    Looking for buddy boat if anyone is interested, we are Leaving mission bay Sunday morning up to mackerel Bank/catalina. will overnight through to Monday afternoon. hopefully find some big bft. "Tuna special" on 72 David
  257. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Liberty 8/12

    Thanks for posting, I like the map 😀
  258. Big_Tuna_

    Renting a Slip vs. Trailer Storage..

    Slip is a luxury, no doubt. Not needed but damn is it nice to drive down to water and push off
  259. Big_Tuna_

    Gas stolen Dana landing

    Geez from your truck? That's barely 100 bucks now
  260. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Dorado and YT 8/9

    Nice job, thanks for report
  261. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Offshore 8/9/22

    Nice! You use live bait at the Coronados?
  262. Big_Tuna_

    dumb question on dorado filets

    Careful the dorado guts stiiink, try to avoid cutting into the guts
  263. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 8/5 BF Bird Schools Coronado Canyon

    Nice job! I'm out the vid too, perfect timing for a windy weekend;-)
  264. Big_Tuna_

    Suggestions needed. 100% newbie.

    And get a new VHF ASAP
  265. Big_Tuna_

    Suggestions needed. 100% newbie.

    Start by hitting the spots you fished with your kayak and move up from there
  266. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore What I learned about fishing Madmac for BFT

    Outrigger clip would need to be really tight trolling them 12knots, quite frankly I'd be worried about breaking my outriggers
  267. Big_Tuna_

    2008 C-Dory 22 foot with Trailer-Original Owner $23,000

    Seems like a really good deal
  268. Big_Tuna_

    Any idea how to re attach this transducer?

    Hmmmm You're still gonna need to repair that gel coat...I wouldn't tape over that. ... and fill those holes left behind by the previous owner. You could do both with marine tex, super easy to do. Then sand and tape
  269. Big_Tuna_

    Any idea how to re attach this transducer?

    Crazy to me they did not fill the old holes, just slapped that transom saver on there. Pretty poor job. If you slipped your boat you'd have a wet transom
  270. Big_Tuna_

    Any idea how to re attach this transducer?

    Hmm, got it a little nasty ripping off that gel coat, lol. Here's what I'd do: I would first overdrill all those holes and fill with epoxy. Next repair the missing gel coat with marine tex (or epoxy). Then plan to mount the transducer wihtout that transom saver. Mark holes, and again overdrill...
  271. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Madmac monday!

    Nice! What zone
  272. Big_Tuna_

    WTB Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transducer

    I got one, brand new, $200, I'm in SD
  273. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore An afternoon on the south nine

    Nice job getting them to bite!!!!
  274. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Still not a bad day

    Nice job!!! That one paddy makes the day!
  275. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 499 to SBI. Bluefin advice

    Have you hooked any on DTX minnows???
  276. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 7-29 302 kelp patty for yt and dorado

    For what it's worth I'll post a report but probably a broken record since it seemed like quite a few people did well? Left MB around 430am with some beat up bait. Head to 302, before we get there right at daylight we find some kelp paddies. Went 1 for 2 on 15lb yt and got a nice 10lb dorado. All...
  277. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 499 to SBI. Bluefin advice

    Should troll with 100+ lb test or maybe had your drag too tight...
  278. Big_Tuna_

    BF on the Ff
  279. Big_Tuna_

    BF on the Ff

    Its a 1kw airmar m285hw
  280. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 7/29 - 9 mile

    Dude nice yft, looks like decent size
  281. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 12 fish sport boat put trackers on paddies?

    Yeah i see them all the time, and yeah easy to steal, but only if you can stop it from transmitting ;-)
  282. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 425/371 TODAY 7/29/22

    Nice! at least you got some. Thanks for the quick report. Going tomorrow, dunno if I should go to 302 or 425.
  283. Big_Tuna_

    Inshore HITTING OUT 499

    Good luck, sounds like quite the spread
  284. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Finally kelps 302

    Nice job, how did you know a bilge pump went out?? was it your high water alarm that went off? you are taking on that much water to the point you are dependent on your bilge pump...?
  285. Big_Tuna_

    BF on the Ff

    Thanks for your post! I should switch to that color scheme that looks nice. You mention 600W , is the 3 in 1 a 600watt transducer?
  286. Big_Tuna_

    32' Mega Panga

  287. Big_Tuna_

    BF on the Ff

    Here you go... channel 1 on the left is a 1kw HW transducer, on the right on channel 2 is an active imaging 3 in 1 transom mount. Right before we caught a nice 100lb bft. Definitely clearer with the 1kw
  288. Big_Tuna_

    22' grady center console

    Nice boat! I really like your helium tank install, do you mind posting another pic/description?
  289. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Sunday 7/24. outside of the Coronado's/425

    Yup, I was in the same area on Friday and got a yft. They are moving up!!!!!
  290. Big_Tuna_

    33 Owens Concorde Brigantine

    How many hours
  291. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna (Coronado Canyon) 7/23/22

    Wow sounds like an epic trip!!! Thx for report
  292. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 6th time is a charm LB to 499

    Nice job!!!!! You definitely made the right choice to go out up there instead of san diego!!!
  293. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 7/22 MX one kelp patty - 2 fish

    Pushed off around 5am , got some good bait from mission bay. Clear the harbor and greeted with "afternoon" wind chop. As expected whatever. We bounce our way down south, stop short directly north maybe 3 miles of the 475 on a small kelp. Farmed a yellowtail first, then boated a 15lb yellowtail...
  294. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 7/21 - Paddy Whacked Em

    Nice job, thanks for report, we are going to give it go tomorrow
  295. Big_Tuna_

    Weather this coming weekend...

    I'll be out there tomorrow (Friday) See you there. "bigtuna" or the "tunaspecial" on channel 72
  296. Big_Tuna_

    Cobra - CIS

  297. Big_Tuna_

    Weather this coming weekend...

    Says 5ft at 8 seconds for Saturday. Prolly okay in the sportfishing boats but I'm on my own boat
  298. Big_Tuna_

    Weather this coming weekend...

    What do yall think of the weather this weekend? I have some friends talking about coming down. With the south swell and now some more wind and wind swell I don't know what to expect. We were hoping to fish yt paddy style down in MX prolly. Bite seems decent, but again not sure what this wind...
  299. Big_Tuna_

    Ideal MadMac trolling speed in parker23

    Sup yall, I am curious to know what speed yall in parker 23s troll your madmacs. I troll up to 8mph and still get about 2.2-2.4mpg. Above that my mpg plummets to as low as 1.4 till I'm fully on plane at about 16-17mph. So really at about 10-11mph I'm getting the worst mpg possible , but that's...
  300. Big_Tuna_

    Need 2 - Private Boat - 7/20

    Nice, I hope you find some folks. "will not pound". I wanna get one, just so few on west coast. Also I like your no phone or sleeping during paddy hunting. I get so frustrated with that too... there's only so much the captain can do...
  301. Big_Tuna_

    what is a rough yearly budget to have a 55' sportfisher slipped in San Diego ?

    Yeah where you planning on parking that thing????
  302. Big_Tuna_

    what is a rough yearly budget to have a 55' sportfisher slipped in San Diego ?

    Uh oh, parker 23 going up for sale! JK Dude, what about a freeman? Sorry for hacking thread, I can't answer your questions 😔
  303. Big_Tuna_

    Inshore La Jolla White Seabass Surface pick 7/15

    Wow, there is actually fish in LJ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔🤔 Nice work!
  304. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore One stop shop 7/15

    Great report, thank you, and nice fish!!!!!
  305. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 7/12 BFT out of MDR

    Nice fish!!!! Wheres the "zone"?
  306. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 302 yellowfin

    Yeah, i love yft. can someone go out there this week to check the 302 and report back 🤣🤣
  307. Big_Tuna_

    Reliable kill bag repair in San Diego?

    A good dry cleaning shop that does alterations can replace the zipper for you
  308. Big_Tuna_

    anyone got an idea for binos storage in simple bench tower???

    Anyone got an idea of how I can store my binos in my tower so I don't have to carry them up and down everytime?
  309. Big_Tuna_

    Skipjack 262

    Looks clean with some nice electronic upgrades!
  310. Big_Tuna_

    Inshore La Jolla 7/10

    Good fun, coulda been a WSB too! I've put in my time kayak fishing in LJ and all the hassles that come with it. For all the effort the payout was just not there. I did like kayak fishing in norcal for salmon and bottom fish. But now I just spend money on my boat and get skunked in LJ anyway 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  311. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 302 yellowfin

    Oh schnap, yft about to go off
  312. Big_Tuna_

    Line for visx30

    You'll want a 50 for the kite
  313. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore BF Avalon Bank Volume....No Blood

    Yup I had the same story, better than sitting in an office somewhere
  314. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Wide open bft 7/8

    Nice fish on a slow day. Advertising for your lures?
  315. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 7/8: SD to Catalina looking for BFT

    Been a couple weeks since I caught a BFT so had to scratch the itch. Took my madmacs, some heavy gear, and left MB in the pitch black around 430am. Skipped bait. Took a 2-3ft at 6-7 second headsea slowed us down to 22mph. Felt like it took forever to get there. We get to Avalon bank, is pretty...
  316. Big_Tuna_

    Islands Lucky 7's 7-7 BFT report

    Did you use the new simrad fishfinder?
  317. Spinfisher V 8500LL

    Southern California Spinfisher V 8500LL

    Penn spinfisher V 8500LL , never used. $130 each. Live liner version. Clairemont mesa in San diego
  318. Big_Tuna_

    Spinfisher V 8500LL

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Spinfisher V 8500LL - Spinfisher V 8500LL Learn more about this listing...
  319. Big_Tuna_

    Blackman billfisher 26 info

    24 degree deadrise on the Bertram I think but go to
  320. Big_Tuna_

    Anybody “blown up” a Fathom or Torque LD2 reel?

    Also im never fishing with a 25nld2 for BFT ever again. I set up a 40nld2 with 40# for my lightest BFT setup
  321. Big_Tuna_

    Anybody “blown up” a Fathom or Torque LD2 reel?

    I got spooled on my 25nld2 fishing 40#, drag pushed to full , I had to push to sunset to break line. Spool was smoking hot. Ever since then the reel has worse free spool, even after a good cleaning. I think the shaft might have bent idk
  322. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 9 mile bank (7/4)

    nice!!!! BTW, did you fish 9 mile reef for rockfish in US waters or MX. 9 mile reef in US waters is off limits for bottom fishing...
  323. Big_Tuna_

    Parker 2820 wanted

    Every boat in the marina is for sale.....for the right price 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  324. Big_Tuna_

    Opinins on penn fathom 25n star drag. 1st gen

    They are good. I have three i use for 20-30lb yellowtail setups, island fishing. I wouldnt use for bft like that guy above does....simply because they are not 2speed. I don't maintain my reels much and they've lived up to my harsh boat life with a simple rinse after use for almost 3 summers now
  325. Big_Tuna_

    Wahoo finally bitting to the Southwest

    Ouch!!! How far south did you have to go?
  326. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 7/1 Blue Devils...

    Did you try madmacs
  327. Big_Tuna_

    Seat options for parker 2310

    Loving them!!! The arm rests were not upholstered, I guess that is an grady white option. But I do love the arm rests!!! Maybe I'll have a local company upholster them idk. The seats are way better than the stock parker seats. They sit a bit higher so while I am steering and seating I'm still a...
  328. Big_Tuna_

    WTB: Parker 2820, Blackman 26 Billfish, Bertram 28

    Trailerable Bertram 29-31??? That would be a sight to see. You've got some nice boats in your selection criteria!!! Three totally different animals if you ask me. I wish I could own 1 per year and then after 3 years decide..... 🤣 If I didn't care about gas money and old diesel motor maintenance...
  329. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore BFT Hunting - Sat 5/25 & Sun 5/26

    Sick report. Thanks. Man that looks like some fun & chill fishing
  330. Big_Tuna_

    4th of july weather

    Yeah weather has been annoying. I have my own boat and pick my days. Great during the week when I have to work, then every weekend it blows hard. I was hoping for a break in that pattern for this 4th of July but NOPE. I took that whole week off to fish so let's hope it tames down some...
  331. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Foamer Fishing 6/26/22

    Ocean salmon on the other hand, it is illegal to foul hook in state of california. Really I think this protects the salmon in the streams, rivers, etc. Even though a lot of river salmon fishing is essentially snagging, they certainly arent teying to eat anything at that point. Anyway, whatever...
  332. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Nado Islands 5/26

    Nice report, thanks. looks like a cool bait tank in the transom
  333. Big_Tuna_

    Inshore N9/178 then LJ

    Interesting idea, what size treble? You worried it will ruin the action?
  334. Big_Tuna_

    Private boat, once you catch limit, can you catch and release?

    Its illegal to target a species once you have reached the limit for that species
  335. Big_Tuna_

    Alexseal topside paint

    I have rolled and tipped awlgrip. it's definitely not required to spray awlgrip
  336. Big_Tuna_

    Alexseal topside paint

    I like awlgrip topside paint , let's see your alexseal project
  337. Big_Tuna_

    Setting drag on a VISX 16,

    What do you mean grind the cam?
  338. Big_Tuna_

    6/25 Big Fuel Ticket

    I guess it could if the motor was heavily clogged and pulling a lot of amps, hmm but that is weird on a brand new pump
  339. Big_Tuna_

    6/25 Big Fuel Ticket

    What kind of bait pump? Do you have strainer set up before it? There could be something clogging it. how Was the weather out there? Sci buoy was reading 10-15knots all day...
  340. Big_Tuna_

    Small Owner ringed mutu circle hooks....

    I love the ringed mutu circle hooks, but have only fished 1/0 or bigger. I wanted to try the smaller sizes and found these on for 14.95 each. Pricey and the packages don't actually look like owner packages. Thoughts? I am thinking they took nonringed mutu hooks and welded their...
  341. Big_Tuna_

    Springfield seat mount d3725 with rack

    price drop to $20 OBO, I don't want this anymore
  342. Big_Tuna_

    You are in Aptos end of July and in fishing withdrawals..

    Actually now that guy posted about the dorys that would probably be your best bet if you want to fish capitola. It's a little red boat with an outboard they launch from Capitola pier. Might wanna call beforehand. Also santa cruz pier does the same thing except their boats are yellow. Charter...
  343. Big_Tuna_

    You are in Aptos end of July and in fishing withdrawals..

    salmon in monterey bay if they are biting would be fun. Jump on a private charter out of santa cruz or moss landing. or hit me up closer to the date and I can try to get you on one of my friends boats. otherwise kayak fishing is pretty nice and calm for some rockfish, halibut, wsb right...
  344. FrEE Spinning rod

    Southern California FrEE Spinning rod

    Come take it, free 10' spinning rod. Located near Clairemont mesa
  345. Big_Tuna_

    FrEE Spinning rod

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: FrEE Spinning rod - FrEE Spinning rod Learn more about this listing...
  346. Big_Tuna_

    Rule 1100gph live well pump

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Rule 1100gph live well pump - Rule 1100gph live well pump Learn more about this listing...
  347. Rule 1100gph live well pump

    Southern California Rule 1100gph live well pump

    It just came off my boat in working condition as I swapped it out for an 800gph setup. Cartridge is new since last fall. $30 OBO. I might have some new cartridges for sale too, just need to find them
  348. Big_Tuna_

    Yellowfin are near San Diego now, the rumors were true

    I thought its 50/50 now?
  349. Big_Tuna_

    Jensen BT radio

  350. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for isinglass enclosure Parker 2310

    what do you mean? My 2310 has an enclosure on it. You want the measurements or what?
  351. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 6/21 bft

    Also, love the VP racing jug
  352. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 6/21 bft

    Nice job!!!!! Thx for report. What size leader and how far back was the madmac?
  353. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Got a few 6/21

    Thanks for report! Love it! Madmac tight to the boat, seems they really do work.
  354. Big_Tuna_

    Insurance agreed or book value

    They go off NADA and east coast prices. you'll need a survey done here in california to get above that price. No big deal if you just bought the boat assuming you got a survey, but if you've had the boat a while you'll need to spend the few hundred to have a surveyor come check out the boat...
  355. Big_Tuna_

    Through Hull scoops and Flanged seacock?

    1 piece Groco thru hull with strainer + seacock valve placed inline, no flange other than a nut that screws down on the groco. Unless I'm not understanding something?
  356. Big_Tuna_

    Navionics charts socal

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Navionics charts socal - Navionics charts socal Learn more about this listing...
  357. Navionics charts socal

    Southern California Navionics charts socal

    Here we have a socal navionics chart from maybe 2016. Was on my boat already and I mistakenly bought the newest charts so im selling the old. Located near Clairemont mesa
  358. Big_Tuna_

    Jensen BT radio

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Jensen BT radio - Jensen BT radio Learn more about this listing...
  359. Jensen BT radio

    Southern California Jensen BT radio

    Jensen radio $25. Claremont mesa in SD
  360. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Fathers Day Outing 061922

    Thanks for the report! How far back were you trolling that spreader bar?
  361. Big_Tuna_

    Simrad GO7 XSE

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Simrad GO7 XSE - Simrad GO7 XSE Learn more about this listing...
  362. Simrad GO7 XSE

    Southern California Simrad GO7 XSE

    Used. Comes with totalscan transducer. $300. No bracket mount. Located near Clairemont mesa in SD
  363. Shimano TES70M

    Southern California Shimano TES70M

    Shimano spinning rod. Used. Good condition. $75 obo. Located near Clairemont Mesa
  364. Big_Tuna_

    Shimano TES70M

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Shimano TES70M - Shimano TES70M Learn more about this listing...
  365. Big_Tuna_

    Shimano teramar TMC70B

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Shimano teramar TMC70B - Shimano teramar TMC70B Learn more about this listing...
  366. Shimano teramar TMC70B

    Southern California Shimano teramar TMC70B

    Shimano inshore series $140 obo. Went for few boat rides, never used. Like new condition. Located near Clairemont mesa in SD.
  367. Big_Tuna_

    Penn Spinfisher SSV 8500LL

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Penn Spinfisher SSV 8500LL - Penn Spinfisher SSV 8500LL Learn more about this listing...
  368. Penn Spinfisher SSV 8500LL

    Southern California Penn Spinfisher SSV 8500LL

    New in box, live liner edition. I bought a couple years ago and never used them. $150 obo each. Located in SD near Clairemont mesa.
  369. Big_Tuna_

    Islands YT are hungry! Coronados 6/17 on the Mission Belle

    Nice fish, dang I was going to sit it out tomorrow since bft tuna bite sucks, but now I wanna go motor down to the Coronados
  370. Big_Tuna_

    2022 update , what's your big tuna, live bait, best knot ?

    I use simple cinch knot to ringed circle hooks, caught a nice 90-100 lb tuna last weekend on sinker rig. Fg knot from braid to 6 ft fluoro leader
  371. Big_Tuna_

    Inshore Dana point 6/18 rough day, happy ending

    Dude sounds like a fun day. Slim sticks are fun to tug on. I think They taste good too.
  372. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Boat ride

    Thanks for report
  373. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Madmac Bluefin & Cows on the popper.

    Nice job, how fast you trolling those madmacs
  374. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Only 1 bite 6/16

    Nice job! Flyline on 60lb test, what a nice treat when they bite line that heavy. Interesting it was a small hook, I wonder if it is generally the hook size rather than line size
  375. Big_Tuna_

    Anyone increase drag when tuna is in death circle?

    That's putting the hammer down
  376. Big_Tuna_

    FS: 2X Suzuki DF300APXX4 30" shaft Brand New

    How much is install
  377. Big_Tuna_

    Anyone increase drag when tuna is in death circle?

    thanks, yup, I've done the extra thumb pressure and I like it. Also easy to cup the reel when using spinning reels. Like you said its nice way to way to add some extra drag.... but then the only way to gain line is to lift the rod while applying that extra pressure. At this point I am so...
  378. Big_Tuna_

    Anyone increase drag when tuna is in death circle?

    I usually set drag to 1/3 of breaking strength of weakest line in the setup. That being said, I've started increasing the drag beyond 1/3 when tuna is in the death circle to speed up the process. Anyone else do this? Could be the safest point to increase drag as fish is too tired to make sudden...
  379. Big_Tuna_

    Hooks, of course…

    super mutu is only 4/0 and above.
  380. Big_Tuna_

    Rubber Bands for marking depth on braid

    how do you measure the line in the first place?
  381. Big_Tuna_

    1959 Cruizon 30’ Sportsfisher

    I'm curious to see what it looks like
  382. Big_Tuna_


    I bought 4. :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang: I'm such a sucker What size leader do y'all tie? I've heard 100 okay, 200 will restrict action.... ?
  383. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Long Rod Torture 6/12

    Lol three hour catch....the three hour catch. 60lb leader? Button down that drag and reel it in so the rest of the boat can fish instead of watching you wrestle a fish with light gear. Just kidding nice catch. 👍
  384. Big_Tuna_

    GW 282 sailfish

    Ask to go see the boat, could be an email clist scam. If not that's a good Deal 👌
  385. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore AA 2-day 6/10-6/12

    We fished next to you guys for a better portion of the day on Sat
  386. Big_Tuna_


    Out fishing yesterday folks wouldn't stop talking about madmacs. Seems one or two guys catch one on a madmac then all fisherman in Southern California are buying and fishing madmacs. God forbid someone fishes a yozuri Bonito or for that matter a wooden cedar plug. Imagine for one minute we all...
  387. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 6/11 -BFT off Ensenada

    Yup I was really surprised to see that too
  388. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 6/11 -BFT off Ensenada

    The classic rubber band method
  389. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 6/11 -BFT off Ensenada

    Got some bags, thank you for all that replied.
  390. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 6/11 -BFT off Ensenada

    Made the 60 mile journey down to enseneda and caught a nice big bft. Got some nice sardines from mb. Caught on 40lb sinker rig. Got home and realized I am almost out of vacmaster chamber style bags. Can someone help me out- got some bags, thank you Some more details if anyone cares, we saw one...
  391. Big_Tuna_

    24 Skipjack Open

  392. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Offshore Wed 6/8

    Did you visit any kelp paddys?
  393. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Offshore Wed 6/8

    Nice job! Thx for report!
  394. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 6/8 BFT and freak accident... Learn from my mistake.

    That's terrifying man, something nightmares are made of. I'm glad you are okay. Thanks for sharing so we can all learn.
  395. Big_Tuna_

    Salty needed for day trips

    ^^^^ this. I'd rather spend the $500 in gas money myself and take the girlfriend then have to deal with whiny and controlling fisherman. That said I have a few good friends who I will take out when they are free. And the random coworker. Otherwise I'm out there to enjoy my time on the water
  396. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Plunker bft plus a surprise 6/8

    So 40lb during the day was the ticket huh
  397. Big_Tuna_


    Yeah I was already walking down to my boat to get in the water
  398. Big_Tuna_


    Not a report man, you got me excited
  399. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore BFT 6/7/22

    Nice! Pics or it didn't happen
  400. Big_Tuna_

    25 Farallon Whale Back for sale

    Nice boat. Looks like a really nice comfy seat on that 5 gallon bucket... I need that
  401. Big_Tuna_

    Inshore Macs Mission Jetty?

    Smelt was the abundant on Sunday, not sure you want that 🤔
  402. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore The San Diego 6/4 - lucky redemption

    Shesh, nice fish but suspect "improved" sinker rig. Correct me if I'm wrong..... but by tying your weight directly to the eye of hook with mono you are asking to have that hook pulled out by your weight... and no amount of tension applied to your mainline can help!!! That's 🤪
  403. Big_Tuna_

    16visx too much line?

    Is this spooled up with too much line? I haven't used it yet, worried if I don't lay the line down just right I might hit the frame.... Thanks
  404. Big_Tuna_

    Help deciding on big BFT setup (Makaira or Boss Xtreme)

    People say the black diamonds break more than the axis. I have no first hand experience to that though
  405. Big_Tuna_

    Bluefinned out

    You have your own boat? September/Oct turn left and go south into MX for yellowtail and Dorado instead of going west to cortez/tanner for bft. That simple!!!! It's really fun paddy fishing for yellowtail when everyone else is bft fishing because you have it all to yourself!!!!!
  406. Big_Tuna_

    Salty needed for day trips

    $150 set price? On a 19' Montauk? Gas might be expensive but not that expensive. You a charter captain? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  407. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 6/2/22 Murphy's Law of BFT till it wasn't... Kinda

    That's so cool man, thanks for the report and read.
  408. Big_Tuna_

    Tower console controls

    Asked many times bar is your friend. my 2 cents... as i thought about this recently. you have mechanical controls so running cables up there for throttles will be pain in butt and expensive for setup. Steering assuming you have seastar won't be as bad as the throttle. My...
  409. Big_Tuna_


    dude! that looks so comfy, I want one
  410. Big_Tuna_

    Penn 50 visx for sinker rig/ jig

    I've got 2 penn 50s I use for kite fishing. They have either 1) straight braid to big swivel or 2) mono leader crimped to big swivel. Question is why not also use these for sinker rig or jig fishing when not kite fishing? I'd like the leave the crimped swivel on there for quick duty for kite...
  411. Big_Tuna_

    3 bank charger and group 27 batteries

    How much did those lithium batteries set you back?
  412. Big_Tuna_

    Any private boaters fishing friday or saturday?

    Weather looks decent 0-30miles: FRI...Wind variable less than 10 kt...becoming SW 10 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 2 to 3 ft at 8 seconds and SW 3 ft at 17 seconds. .FRI NIGHT...Wind SW 10 kt. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 2 to 4 ft at 7 seconds and SW 3...
  413. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Pacific Queen 1.5 day 5/30-6/1 New PB

    Nice job!!!! Why your avet hx get spooled? Maybe drag messed up
  414. Big_Tuna_

    Parker 2820 wanted

    There's a 2830 for sale at executive yachts, I'd get that.
  415. Big_Tuna_

    Calstar Rods

    Not a report
  416. Big_Tuna_

    Parker 2510 2006 Deep v, Twin 250 yamaha 4 strokes

    Hours and year of motors would help
  417. Big_Tuna_

    Inshore 5/30 LJ water conditions

    I left the mb harbor for a few minutes yesterday afternoon there was short period slop, real messy. today my dock mate made it sound like it was even worse this afternoon
  418. Big_Tuna_

    Which rod/reel combo to troll with and why?

    Just use a beefy setup, any setup you have that has at least a 60 or 80lb leaders will suffice. Between those 2? Definitely the visx
  419. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 5/27/22 straight west

    Nice report!!!! Thanks for that. So what's up with this jellyfish zone? I hear a lot of people talking about it, i haven't been out yet this year.
  420. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore NEW Small Craft Advisory 3am 5/29

    whew, maybe I will work on the boat this weekend. need to replace livewell pump and wax the hull
  421. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore NEW Small Craft Advisory 3am 5/29

    This week is perfect but I can't fish :(
  422. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore NEW Small Craft Advisory 3am 5/29

    Ehhhhh idk maybe Saturday but wind is forecasted to pick up quite a bit offshore
  423. Big_Tuna_

    Livewell Bait Pump

    can someone post a picture of their rule pump setup with an inline strainer? thanks
  424. Big_Tuna_

    1983 23' Blackman Billfisher

    Cool boat
  425. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Long day on the water

    Did you have to pay an extra fuel surcharge?
  426. Big_Tuna_

    Pompanette Helm Chair - $1,750 OBO

    Dayum that looks like a cozy boat. Whay kind of boat? 1750 is a good price, I just bought a pair of brand new pompanette chairs easily 2.2k each
  427. Big_Tuna_

    Grady White 228

    Nice garage
  428. Big_Tuna_

    Inshore Newport 5/22

    Barracuda taste great
  429. Big_Tuna_

    Inshore Weather report

    You can look at current and past swell at the point loma buoy here: Looked pretty steep today!!!
  430. Big_Tuna_

    Inshore Lb wall

    Nice! How'd the sculpin taste? How'd you cook it
  431. Big_Tuna_

    Volvo Penta AD41 heat exchanger issue?

    I'm not much of a diesel mechanic but could you have a broken head gasket and/or cracked head and burning through the antifreeze? You'd see a lot of white smoke
  432. Big_Tuna_

    Airmar B175 Transducer - B175H & B175HW

    Can use both with 1 evo3
  433. Big_Tuna_

    16VISX New, no rod clamp hex nuts

    Yeah just go to ace hardware man
  434. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Got me some bluefin on the San Diego !

    Awesome! Nice fish! 55 miles on full day trip? How much fishing time vs boat ride time
  435. Big_Tuna_

    Bracket for simrad RS35

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Bracket for simrad RS35 - Bracket for simrad RS35 Learn more about this listing...
  436. Big_Tuna_

    Southern California Bracket for simrad RS35 radio

    Anyone have the mounting bracket for the rs35 radio laying around? Maybe you flush mounted and don't need the bracket? Thanks, I'm in San Diego
  437. Big_Tuna_

    440 W solar panel $100

    Where you located
  438. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore fish between the 9 mile bank & 43 spot

    I'm trying to decide where to go this weekend too. But who knows what will happen once this wind storm ends. Hopefully a few will venture out Thursday and Friday so we get some reports
  439. Big_Tuna_

    Structure scan/down scan transducer recommendation.

    I've used it let's say up to 120 feet pretty well for locating structure. I used it a lot halibut fishing in monterey bay to try and fish sandy areas next to rocks
  440. Big_Tuna_

    Structure scan/down scan transducer recommendation.

    Ummm Transom mount Structure scan won't work for identifying structure 400 ft down. I just installed the active imaging transom mount transducer. it's nice for locating structure inshore. Works really well in the harbor lol
  441. Big_Tuna_

    Islands Coronado

    Nice job, sounds like a good morning to me
  442. Big_Tuna_

    Canvas boat cover

    Man if I was you I would not git rid of that cover.... You could pay a guy to patch that cover to fit your new radar and antennas
  443. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Pacific Islander 1.75 Day 5/4/22 - 5/6/22

    Nice report, I can't wait to get out there
  444. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 1st 2022 trip, Team Tuna Sniper

    Nice job yeah I'm curious how you caught them, kite?
  445. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 5/5 Bluefin Fail

    Awesome report, thank you. Was thinking of going this weekend but conditions look sloppy
  446. Big_Tuna_

    How hard is it to come by a wet slip or dry dock spot these days?

    I get the feeling that marinas keep prices high enough to keep waitlists short
  447. Big_Tuna_

    Stainless clamp on rod holders (2)

    Where are you
  448. Big_Tuna_

    NON-SKID Cleaning

    Comet and stiff brush works for me
  449. Big_Tuna_

    Misc boat stuff

    Interested. Where are you
  450. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 04/30/ 22 Finicky Fishing should be what it’s called

    Nice report! Thanks for posting. At least you got a nice yt! Congrats!
  451. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Rookie mistakes cost 3 bluefin.

    Thanks for report, nice job getting hookups
  452. Big_Tuna_

    FMM Online Anymore?

    I quit emailing them my "package" after the second time and not getting a reply.
  453. Big_Tuna_

    Boat US Pop-up

    Happens to me all the time
  454. Big_Tuna_


    Probably ridiculously priced
  455. Big_Tuna_

    Epirb /survival bag

    Free? I'll take it!!!
  456. Big_Tuna_

    I thought mine was in the medium setting but I could be wrong it's been years since I messed with it

    I thought mine was in the medium setting but I could be wrong it's been years since I messed with it
  457. Big_Tuna_

    I like your choice of beer and fried chicken, I do the exact same thing

    I like your choice of beer and fried chicken, I do the exact same thing
  458. Big_Tuna_

    Yup! I am still finding things the mechanic/surveyor missed and it's costing me $$$$

    Yup! I am still finding things the mechanic/surveyor missed and it's costing me $$$$
  459. Big_Tuna_

    Trying buying gas from the fuel dock......

    Trying buying gas from the fuel dock......
  460. Big_Tuna_

    Rockfishing spots in San Diego?

    And it's red tide now so not surprised you got skunked
  461. Big_Tuna_

    Rockfishing spots in San Diego?

    I'll post some of my GPS numbers for local SD next time I'm down at the boat. Not like they are a secret anyway, there are millions of boats pulling on our tiny local rockfish
  462. Big_Tuna_

    Fathom 25 Star Drag

    Yo, you gotta rearrange some washers in there to adjust the drag higher. Not sure why you would want more than 9# for yellowtail anyway
  463. Big_Tuna_

    Rockfishing spots in San Diego?

    LA Jolla up to del Mar will score you some small rockfish. Widows rock straight out of mission bay might have some bigger reds. The artificial reefs of mission bay will have small rockfish. Point loma small rockfish. Honestly after moving from the monterey/carmel bay area I was disappointed in...
  464. Big_Tuna_

    Yamaha lower unit

    Are the seals refreshed? Pressure tested?
  465. Big_Tuna_

    The guy posted on the site earlier asking for paying passengers and then posts a report without...

    The guy posted on the site earlier asking for paying passengers and then posts a report without location. From Ali: This site is built on fish reports. If you use the info here to help you formulate a plan for your next trip, please take 10 minutes to type up a fish report and tell us: 1...
  466. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 4/25/22 and 4/26/22 BFT US Waters

    I'm tired of charters gloating to get customers on this site so I asked for a location.
  467. Big_Tuna_

    I don't think it's a lot to ask for a location on a report forum, but thanks for the snide remark

    I don't think it's a lot to ask for a location on a report forum, but thanks for the snide remark
  468. Big_Tuna_


    I'll buy that blue cockpit cover, how much you want for it
  469. Big_Tuna_

    Phone based anchor alarm

    Ummm yes I believe does work without cell service but I can't remember. I've only used it locally
  470. Big_Tuna_

    Phone based anchor alarm

    Sorry , this one....
  471. Big_Tuna_

    Phone based anchor alarm

    I use "Anchor Lite"
  472. Big_Tuna_

    Yamaha Fuel Management Gauge

    Nice. Twin 100s. Sometimes I wished I had twin 100s or 150s instead of one f250. It would make docking the boat so much easier.
  473. Big_Tuna_

    2006 Grady White Marlin 300 + twin Yamaha F250s

    Nice boat, nice marina, I'm jealous of your lifts
  474. Big_Tuna_

    2007 C-Dory TomCat 255

    Whaaaat, that is one classy cat. I had no idea CDory made a cat
  475. Big_Tuna_

    Boat Detail / Wet Sand / Polish

    Shines real nice, I need that. How much was it
  476. Big_Tuna_

    2006 Yamaha f250 problem

    What happened?
  477. Big_Tuna_

    Question about Daily Limits

    Rule number 234: Don't leave biting fish to go find fish.
  478. Big_Tuna_

    26’ Skipjack Flybridge

  479. Big_Tuna_

    People tell me the 28 pounds as bad as the 23. Helm is so far forward. I wonder if there is a...

    People tell me the 28 pounds as bad as the 23. Helm is so far forward. I wonder if there is a better 28 suited for our waters?
  480. Big_Tuna_

    Waiting 16 months for a new boat - advice?

    I wouldn't be surprised to see your price go up
  481. Big_Tuna_

    Small Craft Adv. 4/22 6am to 4/23 6am Cat to Channel Islands

    We dropped the boat into the water today to move into mission bay slip and boy was it rough on the ocean in the late afternoon. Easily 6 ft swells with short period and windy
  482. Big_Tuna_

    Not yet, launching on Saturday. BTW I actually dropped back down a hole, so at end of day I will...

    Not yet, launching on Saturday. BTW I actually dropped back down a hole, so at end of day I will have raised 1 hole
  483. Big_Tuna_

    School me on prop walk

    Can someone school me on prop walk? I own a 23 with single outboard with a 4 blade prop (regular direction, clockwise) I'm trying to get a handle on the prop walk to make maneuvers in and out of the slip easier. With boat moving barely moving and then pushing into Fwd gear the stern tends to...
  484. Big_Tuna_

    Pair of Volvo AQAD41 Diesels and DP Outdrives - Remove From Boat and Their Yours Free

    hopefully you'll find a nice individual to hand these off to who is not looking to flip those motors , otherwise a shop/rebuilder will come and make a MASSIVE profit margin off ya
  485. Big_Tuna_

    Vacuum sealer & bags

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Vacuum sealer & bags - Vacuum sealer & bags Learn more about this listing...
  486. Vacuum sealer & bags

    Southern California Vacuum sealer & bags

    everything for $25. Works fine, I upgraded to chamber, located in San Diego near Claremont mesa
  487. Big_Tuna_

    WTB---Parker 2530

    Hard to find, I'm assuming you have checked classicparker?
  488. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for a fishing buddy who is a guide

    Message was edited to say he will pitch in for fuel
  489. Big_Tuna_


  490. Big_Tuna_

    I wish $100 was 20 gallons

    I wish $100 was 20 gallons
  491. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for a fishing buddy who is a guide

    Hey now, small boats catch fish too
  492. Big_Tuna_

    Thx, I can never tell the difference between yellowtail and rockfish/calico when I'm at...

    Thx, I can never tell the difference between yellowtail and rockfish/calico when I'm at islands... I'll see something on the sonar so we'll stop and one person pulls up a calico and another time someone pulls up a yellowtail
  493. Big_Tuna_

    Islands Coronados 4/1

    Nice report thanks, what's that on your sonar?
  494. Big_Tuna_

    2006 f250 blown lower unit

    What happened
  495. Big_Tuna_

    371 to 425 tuna and yellowtail.

    Prolly not a good idea to repeat fishdope reports here. But have fun. Seems like the royal Polaris and condor have been catching bft
  496. Big_Tuna_

    Will do, thanks

    Will do, thanks
  497. Big_Tuna_

    Designed to fail thanks Lenco

    I just bought the led lighted switch off Amazon so I'll be replacing my switch soon, I'll check out my wiring. Thanks for posting and nice work
  498. Big_Tuna_

    Is there a new fathom coming?

    Interesting, yeah maybe, I've been shopping around a bit online and the fathoms are hard to come by. I thought maybe supply chain but it's been a while
  499. Big_Tuna_

    Airmar Transducer.

    Bass boat guys do it all the time, but of course they have very little deadrise
  500. Big_Tuna_

    Airmar Transducer.

    Yeeeeeah good point, you'd need a flat spot.
  501. Big_Tuna_

    Airmar Transducer.

    Just FYI future buyer can epoxy that bad boy to the inside of your hull for a poor man's inhull 1k transducer
  502. Big_Tuna_

    Hope so

    Hope so
  503. Big_Tuna_

    Parker 2320 prop

    Raised up two holes! I have permatrim and rev4 on a 2310 with 2005 F250. Let's see how she runs now. Won't know for a couple weeks once she is back in the water. I put some wood and cinder blocks under motor and used the trailer jack to raise/lower. So frigging easy!!!!!
  504. Big_Tuna_

    I managed to get a boat show "special" price directly from pompanette.

    I managed to get a boat show "special" price directly from pompanette.
  505. Big_Tuna_

    I think they were 1000-1200 each? PLUS FREIGHT. I tried to block it out of my memory.

    I think they were 1000-1200 each? PLUS FREIGHT. I tried to block it out of my memory.
  506. Big_Tuna_

    Thoughts on new Nomad Flyer

    The point of the kite and balloon is to get the flyers skipping on the surface like a live flying fish. And of course far from the boat. You gonna get that same action trolling this thing? Or casting? Maybe drag it far behind the boat if youbhave the kite up already. All that said for bft...
  507. Big_Tuna_

    2.5 day, Vagabond

    Cool postba report, hopefully bft have moves in by then
  508. Big_Tuna_

    Downrigger Bling

    I'd be worried about rusting if you slip the boat. stainless or not
  509. Big_Tuna_

    Boat chairs 100.00 each

    I'd do 50 for both, where are you located
  510. Big_Tuna_

    Seastar Solutions Hydraulic Steering Fluid

    You can use a correctly rated hydraulic fluid, some shops will use something like aeroshell 41, it's much cheaper. I'm a sucka and I buy the seastar fluid, but by the gallon
  511. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for new Helm Chairs

    Won't be easy under $500 for a nice chair
  512. Big_Tuna_

    Seat options for parker 2310

    I bought some pompanette seats
  513. Big_Tuna_

    Loooking for a RELIABLE Marine Shop in SD

    I buy Yamaha parts from west coast marine on Morena blvd all the time Never paid for any service there but they seem pretty good
  514. Big_Tuna_

    How many hours you think I can get? Compression is good. I get the feeling these motors aren't...

    How many hours you think I can get? Compression is good. I get the feeling these motors aren't worth money much past 2500 hours but I've seen some folks post 3500-4000 hours. It's 2005 f250
  515. Big_Tuna_

    Yamaha 250 lower unit

    What year
  516. Big_Tuna_

    WEATHER Forecast now til' SUNDAY Night, Wind,Rain,Fog, More

    I was going to finish painting my bracket this weekend!!!! I guess not
  517. Big_Tuna_

    Butane stove

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Butane stove - Butane stove Learn more about this listing...
  518. Butane stove

    Southern California Butane stove

    This came with my boat when I bought it and I don't want it. Looks like a butane stove in never used condition. Comes with carrying case too. Guess it could be good for camping or something. Asking $1.00
  519. Big_Tuna_

    Perko switch

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Perko switch - Perko switch Learn more about this listing...
  520. Perko switch

    Southern California Perko switch

    Perko switch, removed from 2005 parker and replaced with an automatic switch. It worked fine when I pulled it. Located in bay ho area
  521. Big_Tuna_

    Vacuum sealer and bags

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Vacuum sealer and bags - Vacuum sealer and bags Learn more about this listing...
  522. Vacuum sealer and bags

    Southern California Vacuum sealer and bags

    Located in bay ho area, San Diego. I bought a chamber sealer so up for sale is all my vacuum stuff. Lots of bags. Rolls and pre-made pouches. $50 takes it all, will not bother separating.
  523. Big_Tuna_

    Where’s The Bluefin

    Umm. Not last year
  524. Big_Tuna_

    Water pump repair question

    Okay, just take the lower unit off, it takes less than 5 mins. Then take some more pictures for us
  525. Big_Tuna_

    Water pump repair question

    What's up with the garbage bag by prop area? And is your hose pressure really high? Looks like your muffs have a really good seal. Could be just your hose pressure forcing water past your pump housing somehow. Water shouldn't be weeping out like that.
  526. Big_Tuna_

    Reliable Kill Bag Advise?

    I've got the yellowtail edition 28x48 and the cow tuna edition. Yellowtail edition bag fits nicely in my fish hold and does most of the work. Fits bft up to 60-70 pounds.
  527. Big_Tuna_

    VISX 16, what pound test braid you put on ?

    @Tuna-Sniper what are you going to use the 16visx for?
  528. Big_Tuna_

    Reel Cover for VISX 16

    I have Penn reel covers on my 50visx and they are perfect
  529. Big_Tuna_

    CMap Reveal San Diego - Santa Cruz

    I'm interested, can you snap a picture of what the bathymetry around Coronado islands looks like? I have navionics right now and I'm not too impressed
  530. Big_Tuna_

    Pursuit Dual Console (DC) Feedback - Looking to Purchase

    true, but a convertible would be larger than 30 ft and you'd be able to fish off the transom because there would be no outboards (assuming inboards). I suppose a 30 ft DC could have a good size cockpit, but you won't be able to fish off the transom. My biggest gripe of those DCs is that you...
  531. Big_Tuna_

    Pursuit Dual Console (DC) Feedback - Looking to Purchase

    Dual console for fishing seems like a terrible idea
  532. Big_Tuna_


    First post, scam?
  533. Big_Tuna_


  534. Big_Tuna_

    Lowrance hds 7 gen 3

    FYI, this unit will network to any lowrance or simrad unit. I have one networked to my nss12evo3. It's nice extra screen
  535. Big_Tuna_

    Yup, the most gracious friends I have are the guys from out of town who own boats...

    Yup, the most gracious friends I have are the guys from out of town who own boats themselves..... because they understand the costs of owning a boat and will pay for literally everything to go tug on some BFT
  536. Big_Tuna_

    Albemarle 24’ cc diesel

    That motor and outdrive look pretty clean. This could be a really good deal for the right buyer
  537. Big_Tuna_

    Permatrim worth it ?

    Yes get a permatrim. search the site for 2120 & permatrim. Been asked multiple times before
  538. Big_Tuna_

    Yamaha F250 cowling

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Yamaha F250 cowling - Yamaha F250 cowling Learn more about this listing...
  539. Big_Tuna_

    Southern California Yamaha F250 cowling

    Looking for a cowling that will fit my 2005 Yamaha F250. Doesn't need to look nice , just nicer than mine which has a giant crack because I dropped it.
  540. Big_Tuna_

    If mexican liability coverage was legally required for boats launching in the USA, traveling to...

    If mexican liability coverage was legally required for boats launching in the USA, traveling to the coronado islands for fishing, and the MX navy checked for it on a regular basis, the mexican navy would be impounding a lot of boats at the coronado islands...
  541. Big_Tuna_

    Boats are expensive

    I bought my first real boat in 2020, a 2005 2310 parker. Since then I've spent a ridiculous amount of money on it, probably 20-30k. I like keeping it in a slip which lends itself to more work cleaning the top and bottom of the boat( I do it all myself). But I find myself constantly spending...
  542. Big_Tuna_

    I fished barbless for years fishing salmon when I lived in nocal. Never again.

    I fished barbless for years fishing salmon when I lived in nocal. Never again.
  543. Big_Tuna_


    Does that FCV628 support CHIRP? You want a CHIRP sonar. Do you know the deadrise? That can make or break whether or the b60 will work. They come pre-tilted. Otherwise you can get a thru hull with a fairing. Third option would be a shoot thru , like p79 or m285hw, but only if you don't have a...
  544. Big_Tuna_

    It was a fish box drain that I'm not using anymore.

    It was a fish box drain that I'm not using anymore.
  545. Big_Tuna_

    Want to buy a new truck

    Whats the price difference in registration? My 2006 Silverado 1/2 ton was maybe $250 to register?
  546. Big_Tuna_

    Good advic

    Good advic
  547. Big_Tuna_

    Best Time/Place To Buy Reels

    Youve been saving for this over the past couple years? Are you going to college somewhere other than socal? Just rent the gear man..... youll have plenty of money after you graduate and won't have to spend years of savings on a reel that you'll barely use. Buying reels is overrated. they are...
  548. Big_Tuna_

    Now that's a real report! Nice job! Not a charter advertising

    Now that's a real report! Nice job! Not a charter advertising
  549. Big_Tuna_

    Skipjack 30 or similar (Blackman, Radovich, Crystaliner, etc.)
  550. Big_Tuna_

    Planning a "anniversary" (fishing) trip

    Hmmm I wouldn't consider doing any of that for the first time on your anniversary. Good thing you have time before labor day to get to know the ramps, parking, mooring availability before labor day. Nothing will replace actually going there and trying any of these options, especially posting on...
  551. Big_Tuna_

    WTB Lowrance Radar

    FYI simrad will work too
  552. Big_Tuna_

    Boat Surveyor - Channel Islands Harbor Area

    And Andy Killion. I've gotten surveys from both those guys, just depends on what you want and how detailed you want with respect to your money. Ie, do you want a more thorough investigation for more money (Ross) or do you need a survey for insurance purposes (Andy). Not bashing, just my...
  553. Big_Tuna_

    Great Weather Offshore/inshore/islands=GO fishing!!!

    I would if I wasn't patching a hole in my boat 😂😂😂😂
  554. Big_Tuna_

    Radar shown on MFD or keep on a separate display

    I've got a halo24 radar, simrad evo3, hds9 carbon, and raymarine autopilot ev1, course computer and heading sensor all networked together. Let me know if you have questions
  555. Big_Tuna_

    Radar shown on MFD or keep on a separate display

    FYI you can link your raymarine autopilot with a lowrance unit. Connect the spare port on your autopilot headunit to your nema2000 network using a seatalk to nmea cable. Youll then be able to point to a waypoint on your lowrance and then confirm tracking to engage the course on the autopilot...
  556. Big_Tuna_

    24' Skipjack Flybridge

  557. Big_Tuna_

    Radar shown on MFD or keep on a separate display

    Radar is a must have for night and early morning fog. Split screen would be fine for now. Get a used 4G if you are trying to save money or a new simrad/lowranc halo20+. Network it to your hds carbon12 , and you can add another lowrance/simrad screen later if you want.
  558. Big_Tuna_

    Two Fairing Blocks Transducers on a 2320?

    That's a pretty big faring. Do you trailer
  559. Big_Tuna_

    Used boat purchase Taxes (California)

    Yes, PM me for details
  560. Big_Tuna_

    Cleaning up garage

    Is this an auction? I'll take it all for $1.50
  561. Big_Tuna_

    1993 Skipjack 25' Fisherman and Trailer

    Seems like a really good deal
  562. Big_Tuna_

    outboard - lower unit maintenance while in slip

    I'm always thinking of ways to save money. I like keeping my Parker 23 in a slip and having a trailer to pull it in and out for maintenance is great. However, I have to pay to keep the trailer in a lot which sucks because I rarely use it. I clean the bottom of the boat myself, very easy to do...
  563. Big_Tuna_

    Parker 2320 prop

    I wonder how that prop compares to the 17p rev4
  564. Big_Tuna_


    Move to classifieds
  565. Big_Tuna_

    Free boat repair books

    OC is a big place. Where?
  566. Big_Tuna_

    Yeah I agree paying someone to do it, search this forum. People have told me 20 years they will...

    Yeah I agree paying someone to do it, search this forum. People have told me 20 years they will start leaking so good that you have made it this far. Mine is 17 years old and so far so good
  567. Big_Tuna_

    Fuel tank Replacement Reccomendation

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it
  568. Big_Tuna_

    Lowrance and Simrad

    Auto spell got the best of you there hahaha
  569. Big_Tuna_

    Is the 50 VISX worth the extra weight and lower gear ratio?

    Sorry , I forgot to answer the question ... I don't think it's worth it to buy a 50visx unless you are going to fish the kite
  570. Big_Tuna_

    Is the 50 VISX worth the extra weight and lower gear ratio?

    I have 2 penn 50VISX. Mostly for fishing the kite but they also double duty as jig/flatfall rig at night. So yeah it's doable, of course it's a heavy setup but I fish off my own boat and so the rod sits in my lap
  571. Big_Tuna_

    Bilge pump - brass corrosion

    are you saying that brass piece was brand new a few months ago? Looks like it's been sitting in saltwater.
  572. Big_Tuna_

    Penn authorized dealer for warranty repairs in socal?

    Is there a Penn authorized dealer in San Diego that I can drop a reel off for warranty repair or do I have to pay to ship it myself?
  573. Big_Tuna_

    Gold star Radar

    What year was that thing built. Looks kind of like a microwave
  574. Big_Tuna_

    Islands Coronado Islands Mixed Bag

    How deep were you fishing?
  575. Big_Tuna_

    Islands Coronado Islands Mixed Bag

    Nice job!!!! Doesnt the sheephead get mushy if you steam it?
  576. Big_Tuna_

    Tuna tower recommendations

    mfd stands for multi function display, aka simrad, furuno, etc. I don't know if you have an autopilot but if it is networked through your mfd, you can network another mfd in the tower, then you will be able to control your autopilot so you can at least steer a bit up from up there. Or get a...
  577. Big_Tuna_

    Tuna tower recommendations
  578. Big_Tuna_

    Tuna tower recommendations

    Yeah I'm guessing you have mechanical controls for your motors. That's the problem you'd have to get it all synched up, I can not imagine the work if you were to do it yourself. Maybe glenningding or whatever that company is called sells a kit. Anyway, nowadays motors are all fly by wire and...
  579. Big_Tuna_

    Be Ware! Internet Scammer. His name is Jeremy Arriaga.

    FYI they hit me up just now on my WTB ad. Teresa987 messages me through bd and gives me this email: [email protected]
  580. Big_Tuna_

    Leaking Tempress Hatches - Poor Quality, Indifferent Company

    Could you try a heat gun to mold the plastic back in place?
  581. Big_Tuna_

    Leaking Tempress Hatches - Poor Quality, Indifferent Company

    Dayum, yeah you don't want water leaking on to your fuel tank
  582. Big_Tuna_

    1965 Karmann Ghia Convertible

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: 1965 Karmann Ghia Convertible - 1965 Karmann Ghia Convertible Learn more about this listing...
  583. 1965 Karmann Ghia Convertible

    Southern California 1965 Karmann Ghia Convertible

    I'm looking to see if there is any interest here, I should really post on the, but I haven't really come up with a price because I don't know what it's worth. I bought this about 10 years ago and have been tinkering around with it for the last decade. I had a new top installed...
  584. Big_Tuna_

    TRANQUILO My Parker 2330 Project

    nice job on the wiring, now can you do my helm area? :beerbang: :beerbang: LOL
  585. Big_Tuna_

    WTB: ~7' 80-100 lb rod

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: WTB: ~7' 80-100 lb rod - WTB: ~7' 80-100 lb rod Learn more about this listing...
  586. Big_Tuna_

    Southern California WTB: ~7' 80-100 lb rod

    Looking for something like this: Phenix axis 3X HAX-C 720X3H Thanks
  587. Big_Tuna_

    Skipjack 30 or similar (Blackman, Radovich, Crystaliner, etc.)

    There was a blackman 29 I was looking at in 2020 in SD. Really nice boat for bay cruising but it was not a fast boat. This boat was a bit underpowered.
  588. Big_Tuna_

    Islands Nados 1/15

    Wow How was docking the boat in that surge??
  589. Big_Tuna_

    Best place to stay with a boat in San Diego?

    Wow that sounds pretty fun actually. Will be great if they let you clean your 100lb tuna in the pool area 🤣🤣🤣
  590. Big_Tuna_

    to be clear, you aren't talking about trailering your boat into mexico are you? because that...

    to be clear, you aren't talking about trailering your boat into mexico are you? because that would be a different story
  591. Big_Tuna_

    just don't run into any boats on the water in MX :beerbang:

    just don't run into any boats on the water in MX :beerbang:
  592. Big_Tuna_

    Mexican Boat Insurance

    Huh? I'm assuming your boat is kept in the USA. Just get a MX addendum to your US policy
  593. Big_Tuna_

    Simrad evo 3 Question

    Short answer is yes to all if you get simrad. Networked with Ethernet and nmea2000. Yes to all except for autopilot if you get a lowrance. I network my nss12 evo3 with lowrance hds9 carbons. Much cheaper than simrad
  594. Big_Tuna_

    Which one do I NEED?

    Both if you can afford it
  595. Big_Tuna_

    why do you think a 2007 boat is too old to upgrade?

    why do you think a 2007 boat is too old to upgrade?
  596. Big_Tuna_

    When to upgrade plotter/transducer

    How's the radar? I ultimately replaced most of my 2005 electronics because dome radar tech in 2005 was crappy compared to now. Also how is your autopilot. If you are just replacing all the electronics only for sonar which appears to work for you, I'm not sure. If you are also using radar and...
  597. Big_Tuna_

    Spider crack in rev4 prop...?

    I brought it to props of SD, really nice guys. They told me it's a scratch and cleaned off a burr. Checked it's balance and rotation, gave me a new hub and sent me on my way. So glad it was a scratch and not a crack
  598. Big_Tuna_

    Best place to stay with a boat in San Diego?

    I want a house like that haha does that even exist in San Diego?
  599. Big_Tuna_

    Spider crack in rev4 prop...?

    Thanks guys I'll take it to props of San Diego on Monday and report back
  600. Big_Tuna_

    Costco marine RV 27DC battery

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Costco marine RV 27DC battery - Costco marine RV 27DC battery Learn more about this listing...
  601. Costco marine RV 27DC battery

    Southern California Costco marine RV 27DC battery

    Purchased in April 2020. Used for one season. Battery has always been maintained, has lots of life left.
  602. Big_Tuna_

    Springfield seat mount d3725 with rack

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Springfield seat mount d3725 with rack - Springfield seat mount d3725 with rack Learn more about this listing...
  603. Springfield seat mount d3725 with rack

    Southern California Springfield seat mount d3725 with rack

    Title says it all. $20. In very good used condition.
  604. Big_Tuna_

    Spider crack in rev4 prop...?

    Is that bad? Looks like I hit something that caused a spider crack. Rev4 prop. The crack barely catches my fingernail. Otherwise prop is less than a few years old and in real nice shape.
  605. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Better Weather, Bluefin caught today.

    Wow, still catching bft out there huh
  606. Big_Tuna_

    BOSTON WHALER 305 CONQUEST! $167,900!

    Is this a specific boat advertisment or a general broker ad? Can you list more details of the boat itself or provide a link? Neither of those links bring up information about the boat in your graphic. In fact they appear to be Facebook groups.
  607. Big_Tuna_

    2008 Skipjack 262 Flybridge

    Wow, boats certainly aren't getting any cheaper. But the D6 is a nice upgrade for a skipjack 262
  608. Big_Tuna_

    1999 Mako 253 For Sale

    Seems like a lot of boat for the money! I like that setup and layout. Full walk-around with a decent v berth
  609. Big_Tuna_

    Inshore New Year Thresher!

    Good winter fun! Nice job! Albright....tsk tsk tsk, should have been FG! I'm just kidding!
  610. Big_Tuna_

    Star drag or 2spd for 20-30lb line class?

    But how much main line capacity do you get on a 15LD2? Let's say you got a short 30lb leader, and 50lb main line, I don't think you'll even get 300 yards on that. 1. I got smoked this last summer out here in SD thinking 300 yards was enough. Light leader + 300 yards + 100lb+ bft is not a good...
  611. Big_Tuna_

    Star drag or 2spd for 20-30lb line class?

    If you are going to get into bft I would stick with lever drags so you can monitor the drag setting easily. I would suggest Penn fathom 25nld2 for what you're asking. For me If I'm fishing for tuna it's either my 25nld2s, 40nld2s, or 50VISX. If I'm casting for bft it's my Stella coffee grinder...
  612. Big_Tuna_

    Bubble Purge Pro SC

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Bubble Purge Pro SC - Bubble Purge Pro SC Learn more about this listing...
  613. Bubble Purge Pro SC

    Southern California Bubble Purge Pro SC

    I used this once and no longer need it. It works great for bleeding sea star systems. Includes everything you need: Bubble Purge Pro SC is designed for all single cylinder systems with any configuration of helm(s) autopilot, power assist etc. The Pro SC is a 5 piece kit which includes the Fill...
  614. rods for sale

    Southern California rods for sale

    cleaning out the garage, I have a few rods for sale. Some of them I don't even know the manufacturer. Prices as listed OBO (2) 8' bait casting tiger rods fast action, medium power, - $15 each ( I used for salmon fishing) - some eyelets are rusting (1) ~6' penn spinning heavy - $20 - good...