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  1. odh33

    Offshore Tomahawk Overnight 8-19-22

    The real question is how much are they charging for beer?!?!?!? i'm on a 2.5 dayer in a couple of week and need to figure out if i need to take out a 2nd mortgage on my house!
  2. odh33

    looking for Mike Naoe

    Hey BD'ers - I'm looking for Mike Naoe formerly of Bob's Sporting Goods in west LA. Does anyone know if he is still wrapping rods? if he is does anyone have his contact info? cheers - Dan Hernandez
  3. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    How about a little fish porn from past Apollo trips... 2 spots open...
  4. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    2 spots left who wants in?!?!?!
  5. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    3 spots left guys they will fill today let me know in you want to join in on the fun and madness!!! dan
  6. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    Here is the latests update from Fisherman's Landing. Tuesday Update #1 APOLLO called in with a final count of Limits of Dorado, 94 Yellowfin tuna, 67 Bluefin tuna, 32 Yellowtail and 4 Skipjack for their 2 day trip. Only 4 spots left
  7. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    bumping it up I have a few spots to fill and 2 days to do it!!! LET'S GO FISH!
  8. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    Hey guys I talked to JJ yesterday. He is super stoked on the trip and said it is lining up for a really fun trip. I still have a few spots open let me know if you want to join in on the fun and carnage!!! Dan
  9. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    Hey BD'ers - I have a few spots open on my trip we leave Thursday and return Saturday this week. Cost is $650.00 limited load to 18 anglers! JJ is still on the fish. he got back from a 2 day on 9.6 with 71 BFT, 83 YFT, 40 DODOS, and 8 YELLOWTAIL. PM me for deposit info.
  10. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    A few spots still open. fishing is hot. let me know if you want in!
  11. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    hey BD'ers I still have a few spots open on this trip. PM me if you want in. I send you deposit info!! fishing is hot out there and getting better day by day! dan
  12. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    A few spots still open. let me know if you want in! dan
  13. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    Hey Steve, this trip is going to be a blast. See you tomorrow at the shop... coming in for the madness sale!
  14. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    Matt - thanks for the interest in the trip. pm sent
  15. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    Thanks Mike I have asked the mods to move the post. Maybe next years trip will work out for you Mike.
  16. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    Day 1 beers on me for any bloody deckers that sign up today!! only few spots still open! dan
  17. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    Thanks guys. a few spots still open. Contact me if you want info about this trip.
  18. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

  19. odh33

    Apollo 2 day Sept. 2012 open spots

    What's up BDer's :finger::finger:!!! I have an upcoming 2 day trip on the Apollo Sept 14 and 15, 2012 and i have a few open spots. Some trip details... Depart: Fisherman's Landing on Thursday 9/13/12 between 6 and 9pm. Return: Fisherman's Landing on Saturday 9/15/12 about 6pm. what we...
  20. odh33

    American Angler home a day early

    great trip WAY TO GO SAILOR JACK! you'l get that 300 pounder yet...
  21. odh33

    World-Record Bigeye

    sick fish
  22. odh33

    Shogun 7 Day 10/17-25!!

    LOL bring it Ron! I dont have pocket AA every hand i just play like i do... Great fishing with you. Dan
  23. odh33

    8 days at the rocks!!!!

    this has me pumped for my Oct trip with you guys!
  24. odh33

    Shogun mid. Oct 7 day or Royal Polaris late sept?

    Fred, Relacson and I are on the shogun 7 day we paid for our spots at Fred Hall... would love to share the rail with you and a beer with Erika. if you are thinking about the shogun trip book now as the primo state rooms are filling up.
  25. odh33

    Shogun Staterooms

    hey dick you snore too LOL
  26. odh33

    shimano trinadad 16n

    do you have a clamp for this reel?
  27. odh33

    First trip to Los Barilles-Any pointers?

    make sure you check out the local talent
  28. odh33

    Offshore Apollo 2 Day 7/5 to 7/7 Done Deal!!!!!

    Lacs that was one for the record books. i was happy to plan it. too bad the vivid girls we were trying to get fell through. don't worry brah you aint married yet... i can't wait until we slay more fish!
  29. odh33

    2 day on the Apollo leaves 7/5/2009

    good fishing out there boys this trip leaves Sunday night and i still have a few spots open. we will fish with the 16 we have but would like to get 1 or 2 more guys. don't think about just jump on it!
  30. odh33


    is the reel still for sale?
  31. odh33

    2 day on the Apollo leaves 7/5/2009

    only a few spots left boys and the fish are biting. we will be hunting and chasing fish for 2 days and the Apollo well it's just fishy!
  32. odh33

    2 day on the Apollo leaves 7/5/2009

    ok BD brethern i need to fill a few spots. i also need some help getting the decks of the Apollo bloody as all hell so if you sign up for this trip i'll buy your first 6 pack. if you smoke cigs i'll buy you a pack (i don't smoke cigs so let me know your brand). if you are like snoop dogg well...
  33. odh33

    2 day on the Apollo leaves 7/5/2009

    i have 4 spots left guys. who's coming fishing with us?
  34. odh33

    2 day on the Apollo leaves 7/5/2009

    the price does not included the mexican permits for 2 days. Johnny PM me we might be able to work something out for the permits
  35. odh33

    2 day on the Apollo leaves 7/5/2009

    Hey guys i have a 2 day charter on the Apollo that leaves July 5th at 10:p.m. and returns July 7th early evening. This trip leaves from Fisherman's landing and it will be a limited load charter. We are fishing with 19 or 20 only. If you have fished the Apollo then you know the boat and...
  36. odh33

    Offshore Apollo 5 day Video!!

    i watch this video at least twice a day takes me right back to the trip. watch out for our full length video that was just a teaser!
  37. odh33

    Apollo 5 Day 11/13-11/18

    man that was a fun trip. i cant wait to do it again! more sashimi tonight
  38. odh33

    Lupe on the AA 8-23 thru 8-28

    great report i'll be there in November!
  39. odh33

    Video report LJ 1/20

    nice video Jason. I was out there on Sunday on my yak. i would have stopped by had i known you were out there too. oh well next time!
  40. odh33

    SM 9/26 Takin' The Looper Fishn'

    nice job boys. i need to get some of those now famous VS lead heads! good stuff
  41. odh33

    Fishing in Santa Monica...

    drive north or south... i'd start at redondo or san pedro to the south. Port Hueneme, CISCO, Channel Islands to the north. Stay clear of Malibu. Marina Del Rey is ok if you like fishing the half day with you 75 of your close friends. The New Del Mar is a badd ass boat but they do tend to...
  42. odh33


    glad you guys enjoyed the video.
  43. odh33

    Offshore 7/16 - Konked Albies on Old No. 7

    lol Nino! good job out there guys
  44. odh33

    SM 7/16 w/ The Drummer

    way to go out there
  45. odh33


    we finally finished editing some of the footage from our trip on the Mirage 6/22/07 we had a great trip with YT hung all around. Check out the video on You Tube. stick it out until the end the last shot is for you boys here on bloody decks. also stay tuned for our 30 minute video of our...
  46. odh33

    Offshore Bluefin and Albacore 7/08/07

    nice fish we lost a blue fin at boat side yesterday...
  47. odh33

    Offshore 7/8 we found fat albert

    First off i have to thank Jason for the invite to fish with him. He was nice enough to take Joey and I in for the night. took to a great dinner and let us crash for a few hours before we took off. That is Jason in the first pic with a huge 44+ pound albacore. i know you think it looks small...
  48. odh33

    6/22/07 26 YT @ SBI on the Mirage Candy Catchers Style

    we are editing the video and will have it up soon!
  49. odh33

    6/22/07 26 YT @ SBI on the Mirage Candy Catchers Style

    We just got back from a great trip on the Mirage. Albert is slicing and icing up some fresh YT right now for a little sushi as I am writing this report. First off I have to thank Joe V for another memory filled trip. Once again he put us where the fish were and we hung them! The Mirage...
  50. odh33

    which rod length do you prefer?

    chicks dig the long rod
  51. odh33

    new yellowtail painting

  52. odh33

    Ahi Strike No Tolerate.

    nice report and great fish
  53. odh33

    LJ WSB 6.9.07

  54. odh33


    This "Jumbo" Squid Bite is amazing and now were keeping track of it.... Take the family. Twilight Trips are Cheap, Fun and The Squid Want to Bite! Good Times! 1st Jumbo Squid Bite in the Ventura County Area Since the 30's Candy Catchers Squid Jigs - Squid Invade Ventura June 2007...
  55. odh33

    First Fish Report

    way to fish boys. wish i could have made the trip!
  56. odh33

    4 day on the excel lots of fun 05.28 thru 06.01

  57. odh33

    SMB Bassfest w-pics

  58. odh33

    500 Pound T???

    nice T
  59. odh33

    SMB Rpt. 4/7 w-pics

    that was a fun day on the water Vince thanks again! can't wait for the next ride.
  60. odh33

    dan hernandez photos

  61. odh33

    LJ 17,18....double down

    nice fish boys nice fish
  62. odh33

    looking to get a rod for the wife

    i'd say hit up Scott Throop (finadict) or call Mike at A.R.C. (American Rod Company) both do a mean tiger wrap. the effect is killer... i'll try to find a pic of one of my customs and post it google ARC or Scott both have web pages
  63. odh33

    SMB W/ Red Drum 12/1 - 12/2

    nice report Jason! you guys always slay'em. can't wait to ride the big drum again!
  64. odh33

    Sx and #25 test line.

    i run 30# spectra ans 20# top shot. if you arenot going spectra i'd fish 20# or buy an mxj...
  65. odh33

    Catalina Rpt. 11/4 w-pics

    nice haul vince!
  66. odh33

    2 spots on the mirage leaves 11/11

  67. odh33

    10/20-10/21 Baaaaahhhh-ja

  68. odh33

    Leopards on the Swimmy

    nice fish scribby
  69. odh33

    A couple of recent rods..

    i've seen better! just kidding Scott once again nice work brutha!
  70. odh33

    Offshore Royal Polaris 5dayer :LUPE" Aug 23-28

    nice haul there! sounds like a fun trip
  71. odh33

    JiGGZ and Doughnuts Alaska AVET Challenge

    great pics. love the shots of you guys getting bent!
  72. odh33

    has anyone fished the Islander?

    i just got off a 3.5 dayer on that boat at Aug 3-7, 2006! we had an excelent time with epic fishing 3 days! Great crew Great boat Great time on the water! IMO the Islander is quickly becoming the premiere mid range sportfishing boat!
  73. odh33

    Offshore tAIL AND dodo's from the 302 7/18/06

    thats some nice tail you got there! and a dodo to boot!
  74. odh33

    ADDED***PART 3 Blue marlin Videos*** 4 days Aboard Pacifico Parts 1&2

  75. odh33

    Channel Islands Report 7/12

    nice haul on the sea bass!
  76. odh33

    Surf Calico Santa Monica 6/01

    way to go Scrib. I just took a job in SM so i'll be hitting the shores with you real soon!
  77. odh33

    Spitfire 6/1/06 with pics

    way to go fellas. i've had some great catching days aboard that boat!
  78. odh33

    Memorial Day Weekend

    jumping on the PAC STAR tomorrow night comes back Sunday night. Monday i'll be studying for finals
  79. odh33

    Good deal on Foodsaver V830

    thanks for the link i just bought one!
  80. odh33


    way to fucking fish guys!
  81. odh33

    Neptune Rail Rod

    great work Scott!
  82. odh33

    Which Kayak should I buy?

    dont rent "demo" the yaks....
  83. odh33

    NC, 100lb Bat Ray, C & R, protesters

    Killer?!?! LMAO the fucker was probably holding a burger at the time! I C&R big ass rays all the time way to go buddy! nice ray!
  84. odh33

    Boobs, Butt or arm pit?

  85. odh33


    good luck Matt
  86. odh33

    B-Rad Scores

  87. odh33

    154# thresher may 9th

    kick ass fish! good job
  88. odh33

    Pix of Old #7 Cat. 4/30

    thats a great pic!
  89. odh33 SCAM!!!

    its too bad someone would try this shit good thing you guys caught it and are dealing with it. BD and GBSF have my support
  90. odh33

    Spooling SX ?

    i got mine spooled with 50# spectra and 100 yrds of 20# mono. have not been spooled yet.
  91. odh33

    Happy Birthday Scubapro5!!!

    Happy B Day Roger
  92. odh33

    Mencias Wetback mountain

  93. odh33

    MDR Evening Rpt 4/12 w-pics

  94. odh33


  95. odh33

    Nostalgia time - Post your facorite Albacore picts from the past

    don't have any albies but heres a dodo. note the dodo blood on my hand!
  96. odh33


    hey nice fish but... :finger: PUTYOUR SHIRT ON NOONE WANTS O SEE THAT!!!!!!!!:finger:
  97. odh33

    Loreto 4/2-4/6

    looks like fun
  98. odh33

    SHOGUN 8 DAY MAR31 to APR8

    nice fish!
  99. odh33

    Avets in action

  100. odh33

    Offshore My big Seabass Adventure on the HeatherLynn II

    lookslike a lot of fun! congrats on the toad!
  101. odh33

    Catalina Open Party 2-DAY

    damn wish i could i'll be in vegas fishing the land tuna. good luck boys!
  102. odh33


    LMAO!!!!!!!! this pic was a little later in the day. i am pretty sure he was hooked up to a shorty this time around. funny story about the guy in the pic he hooked into i'd say a 70lb ray that flat out kicked his ass. 40 mins laters he is sweating and hurting trying to get the fish up...
  103. odh33

    Marina Del Rey Sportfishing

    I fish the NDM all the time great boat great captain great crew. Bama is one heck of a guy. actually all the guys that work the NDM are good. the pin heads thats another story but i guess thats why they are pin heads...
  104. odh33

    Bloodydecks Raffle Winners

  105. odh33


    we gave you guys a few scoops of live candy... i was on the bow when were handing it off to you guys. hope it worked out for yall
  106. odh33

    A Fish Report

    nice fish scribby. i need to get out there with you! say hi to the "nugget" for me
  107. odh33

    Avet reel covers

    i have the AVET reel covers for all my AVETS. i am right handed so the left handed thing does not apply to me... I like them a lot. good material (neoprene and velcro) nice tight fight. They work well on and off my rods. plus they look bitchin and i am a tackle ho so my shit always has to...
  108. odh33

    What resolution do you use?

    1024 x 768
  109. odh33

    Offshore CAT 4/1/06

    nice report
  110. odh33


    then you probably heard my war cries...LMAO first one was a batray second one was a short WSB. i came home empty handed but had a great time out there. i can't wait to get back out
  111. odh33


    I got to ride on the Ultra out of Newport Sportfishing last night. I went on representing Candy Catchers. This boat is a fish killer! Great crew, great boat, great group of guys on board, GREAT TIME! I arrived at the landing at 7:45 for a 9 pm departure. I checked in and headed straight...
  112. odh33

    Props to Shimano service

    i've had good experiances with them everytime i send them my reels!
  113. odh33

    This is a test

    testing what?
  114. odh33

    New Bloody Decks Member

    welcome dude
  115. odh33

    Sooo how many of you stopped by the Avet booth in LB?

    stopped by all 3 days i was at the show. great booth. great t shirts. kept bugging Hairy about the reel covers and got them on Sunday. Thanks you guys ROCK!
  116. odh33

    New Avet T-shirts!

    a steal at $10 bucks
  117. odh33

    New Avet T-shirts!

    sweet T's
  118. odh33

    LAGOON toad

    nice toad
  119. odh33

    Fred Hall Freebies @ Bloodydecks booth

    i'll stop by to say hi
  120. odh33

    MB Surf

    way to go
  121. odh33

    GULP! Goes BrokeBack and...

    brokeback bass fishing at its finest!
  122. odh33

    DP-it's why we go

    nice fish
  123. odh33

    MB Surf fishing 2/25 - One big pig

    great shot
  124. odh33

    Avet Reels at Fred Hall Show

    see you there thanks for the info!
  125. odh33

    Tradgedy strikes Condor crewmember

    sorry to hear about Alan. i fished the condor last season and he was on the boat. we shared a laugh about the wild and crazy grey tailed mexican dolphin... he and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers
  126. odh33

    My Tuna popping video... is here!!

    looks like fun!
  127. odh33

    North County SD 2/11/06

    wow great day out there
  128. odh33

    cleaning avets

    thats what i do!:appl:
  129. odh33

    Avet sx

    i have an older SX square frame... i fish 50# spectra and a 20# top shot. i have hung countless fish on that lil reel its one of my favorites. i recently took it to AVET to get serviced and they changed the guts for me for free. the gal hands it back to me and says i noticed you had all the...
  130. odh33

    Casting with MX vs JX/LX 2 speeds

    i am picking up a MXL 2 speed for my 30# outfit. I have an SX and an LX that i fish a lot. I can't wait to whoop some albies YT and dodos with this set up
  131. odh33

    Halibut Schmalibut

    nice fish
  132. odh33

    LJ 1/04...Game on!

    way to go nice fish!
  133. odh33

    Dana Pt wsb 12-22

    nice fish!
  134. odh33

    on 2lb (pics)

  135. odh33

    SM 12/12 Cod/Bass/Lobster

    sounds like a fun day out on the water
  136. odh33

    Excel 17 Day Braid Trip

    great trip!
  137. odh33

    Man, I have a huge butt....

    nice fish. send that pic to W.O.N.
  138. odh33

    12/11 LJ Black Sabbath

    great pics! great fish! WTG
  139. odh33

    RP 11/25 - 12/05 Pics

    great pics!
  140. odh33

    PV Cow with JT 12/6-7

    way to go!
  141. odh33

    58 lb Hog

    damn nice fish
  142. odh33

    Avet SX coming loose

    had the same problem with my sx when i first purchased it. i used some lock tite all is fine now!
  143. odh33

    Dana Point Flatties

    nice fish
  144. odh33

    LJ 11/29

    nice fish!
  145. odh33

    Independence 5 day 9/19-9/24

    great report and pics!
  146. odh33

    good YT at LJ 9-13

    way to go
  147. odh33

    Utah-Rainbows & Cuts

    great report
  148. odh33

    Offshore Rpt-Sat. 12-18 Tails go off at SCI!

    nice report. good job out there