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  1. Warlord

    Q 105. Itoa sad day

    Sad end to the boat.
  2. Warlord

    Live on the water report. Independence 16 day

    The red bird has it!
  3. Warlord

    Best Quiver for Cow Trips

    My quiver going on the boat Monday: Tac 50 - UC Invictus Mak 20 - UC Viper Tac 25 - Calstar 7475H 30SW - UC Centaur VISX 16 - UC Raptor Tac 16 - Black Hole 801H Plus another bundle of rods for the slimy one and bottom grabbers.
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    Need my rod re-wrapped.

    Bob Sands in Van Nuys can do the rewrap.
  5. Warlord

    Here we go again!

    Good luck on your trip. We get off the trip prior.
  6. Warlord

    How I puts VISX knob on a Fathom arm

    I have a 40 with the Cal Sheets handle (same grip as VISX 16). I’m considering getting the gen 2 40. Being more narrow is attractive.
  7. Warlord

    Apollo sportfishing new ownership … what the “F” ?

    i did a 2 day BFT trip this summer. There was no ice for the passengers. the cooler was so small you were unable to get a cold beer. The Apollo is a one and done for me!
  8. Warlord

    HEY SANTA! Here's the new PENN reel/rod I want to see under the tree! [*post your wish list]

    Id like to see either a Torque or Fathom 40XNII. I want a reel similar in size to a TN40 Narrow Special.
  9. Warlord


    Couldn’t resist, eh? 😁😁😁
  10. Warlord


    I’ve shared the rail with Joe in the past. He was a pleasure to fish with and we both share similar sarcasm and humor. I won’t hesitate to join him on another adventure. My goal when I board is to have a good time, meet new folks, create new memories, and catch some fish. My biggest...
  11. Warlord

    Quiver thoughts Shimano Tiagra 30LRS on a UC Viper 7’6”?

    I think you’re putting lipstick on a pig! If you’re comfortable with spending more, I’d sell the Tiagra and get a lighter more modern reel.
  12. Warlord

    Fathom 40NLD 2nd Generation

    I’m considering replacing my TN 40 and wondering if this would be a good choice. Any reviews of the 2nd gen Fathom 40N for Wahoo jigging. With the increased high gear ratio, I would think this reel would be the sheet. Any comments on this?
  13. Warlord

    Best Meals You Ever Had On - LONG RANGE Trips

    Definitely! He’s a god in the galley.
  14. Warlord

    Casting FG Knots

    The only issue I’ve had is the Rizzoto finish might unravel a bit. I put a drop of Tac Glue on the finish wrap.
  15. Warlord

    Gen II Fathoms

    When I was at the Fisherman’s Landing tackle sale, I believe I saw a 40 extra narrow. It was very similar in size to a TN40N. I’d be very interested in buying such a reel! Is it available anywhere? I can’t find it on the Penn site.
  16. Warlord

    Just saw the Vagabond weigh in this morning with ..........

    The chew off may be chunk fish. I usually employ “J” hooks for that purpose.
  17. Warlord

    Stiffing the Crew

    That wasn’t the guy on the 1st January trip a couple years ago? He brought a case of handles of Captain Morgan and I really never saw him when wasn’t shitfaced. His picture is prominent next to “That Guy” pictures. He got his karma when he refused a handoff because he “wanted to hook his own...
  18. Warlord

    Short Review UC 10E

  19. Warlord

    UC 10E Very Short Review

    You might contact Jamie at Bob Sands.
  20. Warlord

    UC 10E Very Short Review

    I had an opportunity to play with my 10E on my recent ten day. Surface iron fish were virtually non-existent so fighting the fish will be found out on a later trip. But tossing a surface iron was so easy! The rod is so light and easy to load and casts a “mile”. I was using a TN20A with a...
  21. Warlord

    Just saw the Vagabond weigh in this morning with ..........

    My brother and I were on the trip. All the bites came on day one. We stayed until after lunch and went to Thetis. Bryan and I lost two bites each due to spectra damage resulting from fn tangles.
  22. Warlord

    Offshore Game Changer 10/28-31

    Another great read!
  23. Warlord

    Indy 11 day .... Leaving Monday the 31st.

    I’ll wave to you, Soda from the Vagabond. We leave the 5th. We’ll probably cross paths us going and you headed up the line. Please leave a few for us! 😎😎😎
  24. Warlord

    Issue with installing VISX 16 handle on Fathom 40NLD2 (Gen 1)

    Cal makes a handle with the VISX “knob”. It appears to use the handle arm. It was a better match to my Fathom 40.
  25. Warlord

    L.A.R.A a new Jackfin Lure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s awful ”music”! And $45.?
  26. Warlord

    Long Range 30# Rig

    I use a GP Mega and a 1st gen Torque 25.
  27. Warlord

    Parasites in my fish

    All sushi served in California restaurants must be frozen for a prescribed period that kills any parasites. In reality, your “fresh” sushi is more hazardous.
  28. Warlord

    30-40# fly line rod

    The GP Mega is an awesome stick!
  29. Warlord

    60# Rod Recs

    My 60# outfits are a VISX 12 on a 7’6” UC Raptor and a Tac 16 on a Black Hole Cape Cod.
  30. Warlord

    Alijos Mexican Hogfish

    From a conservation perspective the Mexican Hogfish is currently considered to be of Least Concern with stable, widely distributed populations. They are viewed by locals as poor table fare and normally a “catch and release” to all but subsistence fishermen.
  31. Warlord

    How long should you date, when to get married, and when it's time to divorce.

    I learned on the boats in the 70’s. It was combat fishing! If I remember correctly, it was $25 to the Coronados and $35 for albacore. Bunks, galley, etc. all extra. They packed the boats with 60+. Fifty years later, I’m less into pinching pennys to be able to ride and more into comfort...
  32. Warlord

    Offshore Mahi

    So what are you doing with a limit of mahi? They don’t have a good reputation for doing well in the freezer. I’ve also heard that the larger fish are better for dining. i enjoy fresh mahi but I’ve had some that was awful! Any suggestions on keeping it for prime dining?
  33. Warlord

    Getting hard to find a berth😳

    I do two trips a year and sign up when I get off the boat. The deposit protocols have changed drastically. I could put a $100 deposit and pay the balance on the dock. No more! And with interest rates as they are, it really doesn’t matter now when I put down the new 50% requirement.
  34. Warlord

    Offshore Apollo 9/5-7

    My brother and I jumped on the trip. There was 17 passengers that boarded. Short of the max load of 22. We motored south to the area of the 30-40 BFT. Night fishing wasn’t very productive when we arrived. During the first, day we got about 50 BFT and 12 YFT (of similar size). Night fishing...
  35. Warlord

    Recovery and Retooling

    I generally like longer mono top shots on my lighter gear when bait fishing. The tangles are going to happen and I try to mitigate the damage.
  36. Warlord

    Mark Pack Hippo Ranger

    It uses the large trays. There’s an internal frame making getting the boxes easy to get in and out.
  37. Warlord

    Mark Pack Hippo Ranger

    Granada Hills - north San Fernando Valley
  38. Warlord

    SPRO#3 Will Fit Most Med Plugging Rod Tips & Higher!

    Abrasion resistance doesn’t seem to be a concern of yours. I’m not sure how you avoid fraying especially from shore.
  39. Warlord

    Mark Pack Hippo Ranger

    Sorry for the delayed replies! I’m located in Granada Hills - North San Fernando Valley. The tackle bag come with the large boxes.
  40. Warlord

    Mark Pack Hippo Ranger

    Warlord submitted a new listing: Mark Pack Hippo Ranger - Mark Pack Hippo Ranger Learn more about this listing...
  41. Mark Pack Hippo Ranger - Reduced

    Southern California Mark Pack Hippo Ranger - Reduced

    Used Hippo Ranger with new boxes. There are no rips or tears. The zippers are all in good order. No shipping! Sorry for the picture orientation. Now $100.
  42. Warlord

    Need 1 boat ho for weekdays (Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday)

    So after settling for fuel and bait, I’d be free to take off and let you tidy and clean up?
  43. Warlord

    Similar to Mad Macs ?

    Billy K. prices with no middle man! 🤣🤣🤣
  44. Warlord

    Nomad Madmacs - Get them here without crazy markups...

    I think it’s BS that they sold them 5 at a time. The ensures a lot of disappointment!
  45. Warlord

    Best hot weather fishing shirt?

    I like the Huk with the mesh sides and back.
  46. Warlord

    Well, look what I got

    It’s comparable to getting tools from Harbor Frieght (the cheap tool place!). Some items are serviceable for a limited time (which may mean after you step outside). You do your due diligence and pull the plug. If your going through Amazon, you’re protected to some degree. I’ve never had a...
  47. Warlord

    Long Range 30# Rig

    My current favorite 30# rig is a UC GP Mega 8’ and a Torque 25 (gen one).
  48. Warlord

    Cobra - CIS

    We’re doing a trip on this boat soon. Anyone have comments about the boat - no galley, microwave?, tackle stowage, rod storage, area for a soft cooler, etc. Any comments reviews appreciated! Thanks, Steve
  49. Warlord

    Sort of a 7 day?

    Good luck with your trips. I’m looking forward to meeting you in May.
  50. Warlord

    Offshore Vagabonding in a Virus...a Variant of Concern

    Thanks for the great read! Good on ya to get your PB and had a great trip. Your experience with the crew is the reason I’ve been going on the boat for over 20 years. Mike is one of the great captains. He has his priorities in order. He trains his crew well He insists on customer service...
  51. Warlord

    MadMac Price Gouging

    We joked about all the Wahoo tackle there was a run on a few years back when all the PB’s were trolling the Huntington oil rigs.
  52. Warlord

    Helmet straight helmet

    I’ve fished one of the boats annually for over 20 years. I was able to put my name on a trip and pay the total on the dock day of departure. No more! 🤔
  53. Warlord

    Is this stuff priced right?

    The reels look like Theresa lot of corrosion. The rods are ok. The 220 and 196 are very light - 15-20#. The 90J is a popular light jig stick. I wouldn’t go very high on you bids!
  54. Warlord

    Bft back on it

    What size?
  55. Warlord

    Tranx 400: Which Power Handle?

    I didn’t like the 400 handle also. I bought the TN 20A handle and put it on my TNX 500. Then put the 500 handle on the 400.
  56. Warlord

    Have you have actually caught a Bluefin Tuna over 100lbs?

    I’ve gotten two both over two - both on the kite.
  57. Warlord

    New Custom UC GP80 Mega

  58. Warlord

    What brand rods do you usually take on a trip?

    UC Phenix Black Hole Calstar Lamiglass
  59. Warlord

    What No 4/1 Local Albacore Report?

    I’m a bit surprised that’s no one has posted the local unicorn report today!
  60. Warlord

    UC Mega showdown - RCE800 vs RUS800?

    I’ve got the GPMega and I use it as my go to 30#. It could fish up to 40# or down to 25# but IMHO it’s sweet spot is 30#.
  61. Warlord

    Little Help

    Look at the Loftus and Martin rocket launchers.
  62. Warlord

    I’d asked Cal about blueprinting my Tac 16. Basically, he said I wasn’t needed. That it’s a...

    I’d asked Cal about blueprinting my Tac 16. Basically, he said I wasn’t needed. That it’s a 60# reel and there are better 80# reels.
  63. Warlord

    They were stock! Both fish caught same day and same top shot! No backup required.

    They were stock! Both fish caught same day and same top shot! No backup required.
  64. Warlord

    60# reel for Lupe

    These two were caught with a Tac 16. They went 292# and 356#.
  65. Warlord

    60# reel for Lupe

    VISX 12
  66. Warlord

    Two Piece Rod

    You might look at tha Phenix travel series.
  67. Warlord

    Got a surprise today.

    I have my 12 on a UC 7’6” Raptor. There are a few rods in the UC catalog that would work for 60#.
  68. Warlord

    That sounds like an awkward combination. The low gear can’t keep up with a ‘Hoo and the high...

    That sounds like an awkward combination. The low gear can’t keep up with a ‘Hoo and the high gear might make it difficult to get a crank.
  69. Warlord

    Thanks for the offer. I have them being delivered today. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll take you...

    Thanks for the offer. I have them being delivered today. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll take you up! 😎😎😎
  70. Warlord

    Andy and his store is a “reel” find! Great response and shipping time.

    Andy and his store is a “reel” find! Great response and shipping time.
  71. Warlord

    Sal told me they’re having difficulty getting parts from Okuma. ☹️

    Sal told me they’re having difficulty getting parts from Okuma. ☹️
  72. Warlord

    I can’t get an order through! 😡😡😡

    I can’t get an order through! 😡😡😡
  73. Warlord

    PV Charter Share March 21-26

    Not trying to hijack your post. Hope you find someone to share costs. I’ll be in the Nuevo Vallarta area a couple weeks prior to your trip. I’ll be primarily looking at real estate but if there’s someone that wants to share an inshore trip during 2/7-12… Steve
  74. Warlord

    Harness Lugs for silver Makaira 20 SEA

    I’m having some difficulty finding anyone selling these! Anyone know of a source? TIA, Steve
  75. Warlord

    SD fleet seems to have joined the “boycott” except for the Rooster.

    SD fleet seems to have joined the “boycott” except for the Rooster.
  76. Warlord

    The Viper is a 100# plus rod and the 16 is an 80-100# reel. The combo will work.

    The Viper is a 100# plus rod and the 16 is an 80-100# reel. The combo will work.
  77. Warlord

    Dedicated yoyo setup?

    I use a TN40 and a 528 Lamiglass for Raiders and jigs for ‘Hoo and yo-yo for YT. I use 80# spectra with a top shot of 50 or 60# mono.
  78. Warlord

    Cow rigs

  79. Warlord

    Cow rigs

    January 2019, these two were caught back to back at the Jaime Bank. They went 292 and 356 boated on 80# on a Talica 16. No backup outfits were splashed!
  80. Warlord

    SKB Boxes

    I contacted SKB and waiting for a return call back after they contact the production department.
  81. Warlord

    SKB Boxes

    I’d like to add some footman‘s loops to my box. Does anyone know the size and type of inserts SKB uses? TIA, Steve
  82. Warlord

    I pulled the plug on a SKB 7200 and sent a check to John for the rocket launchers and name...

    I pulled the plug on a SKB 7200 and sent a check to John for the rocket launchers and name plate. I also found a Mark Pac Hippo Ranger. Now come four weeks of organizing for my RRIII fly down/back right after New Years. I appreciate all the replies received!
  83. Warlord

    The sizing on circle hooks is insane!

    The sizing on circle hooks is insane!
  84. Warlord

    I use all the desiccate packs out of pills, etc. in my hook boxes also. Greatly reduces rust.

    I use all the desiccate packs out of pills, etc. in my hook boxes also. Greatly reduces rust.
  85. Warlord

    Colonello Memorial 10/24 – 11/3/2021: “we just might have been there yesterday”… or “here comes the son”…

    The seiners on the ridge prefer to wrap skippies! They’re easier and the price per ton I s nearly that of YFT.
  86. Warlord

    That looks like a great solution. When I get back from my fly down/back on the RRIII in...

    That looks like a great solution. When I get back from my fly down/back on the RRIII in January, I will evaluate how my adjusts made work. I think the re-evaluating of your tackle and personal gear is one of the more valuable aspects. Nothing beats lessons learned through experience! You...
  87. Warlord

    Hook Organizer

    One of the great things about BD is the number of varied suggestions to your queries. In evaluating some of the responses, I remembered I’ve got a Gamagatsu hook box that I haven’t been maximizing it’s utility. Getting the hooks out of my main box has great advantages. I keep 4 or 6...
  88. Warlord

    Hook Organizer

    I’m in the process of getting a new tackle bag/box and reorganizing. Two 3700 boxes for hooks (one for “J” and another for circle) seems inefficient and uses a lot of space! What great options has anyone found? Thanks, Steve
  89. Warlord

    Colonello Memorial 10/24 – 11/3/2021: “we just might have been there yesterday”… or “here comes the son”…

    Great read! Congratulations on a memorable father/son experience. I’ve known Tim over 20 years as one of the fleets finest engineer/deckhands. He will be missed!
  90. Warlord

    Tackle Boxes, Hippo Ranger, big wood box

    check your pm
  91. Warlord

    Searching for New Tackle Box/Bag

    After some little research, there isn’t much choice. Calcutta has eliminated the large rolling bag. Nomad bags seem to have been discontinued. I’m not enamored with the large FishLab offer - seems to suffer the same issues as the Calcutta and storage seemed awkward. I may make some mods to...
  92. Warlord

    Searching for New Tackle Box/Bag

    I’ve used my Calcutta rolling bag for a number of seasons. Although having served me well, there is one thing that really irks me! Naturally, you load the heaviest 3700 boxes on the bottom. Well after time, the dividers are basically useless in function. The rigidity of the bag doesn’t...
  93. Warlord

    What makes a jig swim?

    I tried the new Shimano Colt Sniper and found it swam well. I’m no surface iron pro but I had a swarm of yt chasing it. But maybe they’d have chased anything!
  94. Warlord

    I’ll take exception to Tim being “that guy”! He was courteous and friendly. His skills might...

    I’ll take exception to Tim being “that guy”! He was courteous and friendly. His skills might not be up to your standards but I’ll welcome him on any of my trips.
  95. Warlord

    Vagabond 10-Day Nov 5-15 ... A Fishing Story

    Nice write up, Nick! To any that might possibly concerned, upon my return, I tested negative for Covid. The Urgent Care Dr. diagnosed bronchitis. That made for one of my toughest trips! On another note, despite Brandon’s skill in the galley, I lost 7 1/2 pounds. I was not trying to lose but...
  96. Warlord

    Just returned from RR3 8-day

    What, no mention of the galley? Mike is tops in the fleet!
  97. Warlord

    Vagabond 10 day Nov.5 roll call. Who else is on this ultra fun adventure?

    Save my spot in line, Fred. I’ll be there early!
  98. Warlord

    Concern about new Penn torque 25nld2

    Are the drags cranked down? This will cause to bind and lose freespool.
  99. Warlord

    Searcher 8 day Oct 23-31

    Thanks for the timely report! I leave Friday for a 10 day. Last report the big island was a bit tough. I’m hoping for one of those slug YT. I even defrosted my freezer although I’ll keep my processing bill down and not bring home much.
  100. Warlord

    Vagabond Oct 20 to 24, late report

    Great report, Carl. I’m going out Friday with Mike and crew. We’ll see where he opts to go. I’d like to try for one of the monster yellows they’re getting at ‘Lupe. Steve
  101. Warlord

    I’m not handicapped by leaving a 40# and 50# outfits at home. I think I’m good in that range.

    I’m not handicapped by leaving a 40# and 50# outfits at home. I think I’m good in that range.
  102. Warlord

    What to leave home?

    With ‘Lupe now being considered as a possible destination, I may have to revise my final quiver. I’ve decided to leave the SPJ gear at home along with a 50# and a 40# rod.
  103. Warlord

    You can now fish for more than three days. It’s $250 for the permit and $75/day.

    You can now fish for more than three days. It’s $250 for the permit and $75/day.
  104. Warlord

    Bryan will be staying on shore taking care of his wife. 🙁🙁🙁

    Bryan will be staying on shore taking care of his wife. 🙁🙁🙁
  105. Warlord

    I’ll grant you the Talica 50 might be overkill. But when asking the skippers, they say bring...

    I’ll grant you the Talica 50 might be overkill. But when asking the skippers, they say bring it. I like having a dedicated troller. I know there’s a lot of overlap. I really don’t feel there’s a “dog” in the quiver. And the 25# Tranx 400 rig is a kick on wahoo!
  106. Warlord

    I like to have a few rigged up for ‘Hoo - one for Raiders, one or two for bombs, surface iron, a...

    I like to have a few rigged up for ‘Hoo - one for Raiders, one or two for bombs, surface iron, a light and heavy bait wired, and popper maybe. 😎😎😎 I’ve yet to get a ‘Hoo on a popper or surface iron. When the action gets frantic, there’s no time to be rigging!
  107. Warlord

    What to leave home?

    I’m leaving 11/4 on the Vagabond for 10 days. The ‘Lupe is likely not a destination. I’d like to pare down my tackle. I’m looking for suggestions as to what might be left at home. UC Invictus/Talica 50 Kite/big baits UC Viper/Mak 20 UC Centaur/Penn 30SW. Trolling Calstar 7475H/Talica 25 UC...
  108. Warlord

    Come on Saturday.

    Get south before it’ll get sporty here! 👌👌👌 you’re karma may be working for you.
  109. Warlord


    I’ll be on the big bird!
  110. Warlord

    Offshore Game Changer 10/5-8

    Great report Joe. Always a good read! I really hate BFT fishing. 😠😠😠. Such long days for few opportunities. But when you’re on a good one, it’s almost worth it! 😎😎😎
  111. Warlord

    Columbia river boat accident

    I’ve witnessed some near misses that were caused by the operator driving into the sun in the later afternoon.
  112. Warlord

    Talica 50 vs Avet EX 50 3 speed for cow BFT

    The Avet is a heavy framed reel as opposed to the Talica. Both will do the job but the Talica is significantly lighter.
  113. Warlord

    Chunking for ‘Hoo can be very successful!

    Chunking for ‘Hoo can be very successful!
  114. Warlord

    The Plano 974 stowaway storage is $30 at Walmart.

    The Plano 974 stowaway storage is $30 at Walmart.
  115. Warlord

    “Best Mexican food in the world” may be a bit exaggerated. Mexico might hold that title but the...

    “Best Mexican food in the world” may be a bit exaggerated. Mexico might hold that title but the food in SD is solid. LA has some quality also.
  116. Warlord

    Wahoo trolling reel braid/mono suggestions

    Mike Lackey of the Vagabond is a fan of using a Penn 6/0 because of the jerky drags. He says it sticks more fish. I use a 30SW with 80# braid. I like a longer top shot as it keeps the spectra out of the dirty exhaust. I use 80# mono but 100# is an easy substitute. If trolling at HB, I’d be...
  117. Warlord

    You won’t ever catch up to a ‘Hoo in low!

    You won’t ever catch up to a ‘Hoo in low!
  118. Warlord

    Long Range wahoo trolling Outfit … Rod & Reel

    I think you’re good to go for trolling for ‘Hoo. The combo seems plenty even if you’d get a tuna!
  119. Warlord

    Best Place To Rent Rod/Reels

    The boats often have loaner gear and you’ll only pay for the top shot. Call the boat’s office and check.
  120. Warlord

    There are a few reasons to be on the “list”: Stiff them at the end of the trip with no tip Be...

    There are a few reasons to be on the “list”: Stiff them at the end of the trip with no tip Be “that guy” Bounce a check and don’t make it good et al
  121. Warlord

    Red Rooster III 5-day August 26th-31st **NO GUADALUPE BECAUSE 2 PASSENGERS DON’T HAVE PASSPORT**

    You likely correct in a significant percentage would have preferred not to shell out another $475 ($250 plus $75/day) to go to ‘Lupe. I’d rather skip it! I’ve been there enough and it can get rather tough.
  122. Warlord

    Red Rooster III 5-day August 26th-31st **NO GUADALUPE BECAUSE 2 PASSENGERS DON’T HAVE PASSPORT**

    There won’t be any passengers without a passport on my upcoming RRIII trip! It’s a fly down and back to Cabo so they wouldn’t get on the plane. Linda might have been OK with it but TSA - NO WAY! 😎😎😎
  123. Warlord

    16 DAY, CLOTHES?

    I bring performance shirts (Huk, Aftco, and Pelagic). They wash easily in the shower and dry quickly.
  124. Warlord

    About Guadalupe island

    The basic permit fee is $250 plus $75 per day. As Mike pointed out, the daily fee is midnight to midnight. If you’d arrive at 6 pm, it’s still $75. You are no longer limited to a three day stay as in the past. I’m not sure what the policy is if the captain decides to not go and fish BFT...
  125. Warlord


    I think your reels are sufficient! I’m not familiar with your sticks. If you need anything heavier, use the boats kite gear. I don’t think you’ll use the real heavy gear enough to justify the purchase.
  126. Warlord

    Advice On When to Fish La Paz

    it almost seems universal that May/June is early season for most areas. 🤔🤔🤔. July and August are extremely hot and humid. There are big chances for Cubascos in September and October. Given the choice, I’d do late fall/early winter in PV, Cabo, or Mag Bay. The fishing is great and the weather...
  127. Warlord

    Weight of pre-prepped bluefin

    Mike Lackey did a number of samples to get that “Gill and gut” causes a 13% loss.
  128. Warlord

    Furthest you've fished on 1-3 day trip

    I was on the Searcher when LoPreste took it 120 miles down for Albacore with 13 anglers.
  129. Warlord

    Looking for Talica 50

    I’d trade mine for a 50 VISX spooled! No fish ever caught on it. It has a few miles on it but in perfect condition.
  130. Warlord

    Seeker 6480 vs Seeker D8

    I had the SS versions of both. I liked the D8 more as it fit my style better. The 6480 was heavier and seemed ”very weighty” for a 30# stick and ”could” fish 40# in a pinch. The D8 was a 30-40# stick.
  131. Warlord

    30# rod choice for fly lining / casting sardines

    I use a UC RGP Mega with a gen one Torque 25 SD (Squider size). It’s a great 30# outfit that could be pushed to 40#.
  132. Warlord

    Need your help on gear setup for BFT

    I’d rent your heavy combo for the time being. You can try various brands a determine what you want.
  133. Warlord

    Only One YT Setup for under $600

    A Fathom 25 2-speed will handle YT duty well. It’s a great reel for the price point. You can pick up a well matched rod off the classifieds.
  134. Warlord

    Visx 16 handle on a fathom 40nld???

    The VISX handles will fit the Fathom.
  135. Warlord

    3 Year Hiatus! What Did I Miss?

    Bluefin Tuna!
  136. Warlord

    Calstar 670H for 50lb/60lb?

    The 670H would not be my choice for a 50-60# blank. I prefer 8’ rods in that class. United Composites have a number of blanks in that range with a varied type of bends. You might consider talking with Jaime (Fishordie) at Bob Sands. He can help with all the options. Send him a PM.
  137. Warlord

    Talica 25II Rod Pairing

    The UC Viper and Centaur both come in 7’6” versions. You should check them out.
  138. Warlord

    Where is the first string Sport fishing boat ? It was spotted at Ensenada Mexico marina. Can Ask Sergio sport fishing in Ensenada for a update .

    I’m sure that the they couldn’t “fish plate” the hull and get by CG. In Mexico, that’s probably an acceptable repair. It looks like shit when you have patches everywhere. That might get people to question it’s seaworthiness.
  139. Warlord

    Came across this jig website

    That’s the way back machine for sure! I use to be a pest at the Straggler Jig Stop in Rosemead and rode a number of their charters. Chuck, Glen, and Carl were good friends. After meeting Leonard Straggler, I completely understood why the shops didn’t buy his stuff. He definitely lacked...
  140. Warlord

    Calstar Graphiter 800M vs Super Seeker 6480

    I sold both the SS6480 and an 850M. The 6480 I used as a heavy 30#. I seemed too soft for most 40# applications. The 850M seemed right at 30#. Both were rather heavy and I moved to lighter weight combinations.
  141. Warlord

    Power Pro Depth Hunter Offshore - Will it help with Bluefin Flat Fall fishing?

    The line sounds like it might be useful. You won’t always start at zero, so some simple arithmetic. Remember to also figure for the angle caused by the drift And that’s a little geometry. 😁
  142. Warlord

    PennFathom40NLD doe anybody have any good or bad things to say about this reel. Looking to get one for YoYo rig and 60#-80# rig. Since I'm on a budget

    The Vagabond Wes using the reel for 80# at Guadalupe for 100#+ tuna. They held up very well!
  143. Warlord

    Guadalupe isle updates ?

    I heard a rumor to that! Supposedly, it would double previous year’s trip fee to $600. At that cost, I’ll skip it. I’ve been there enough.
  144. Warlord

    Royal Star Albacore

    Justin last worked on the Vagabond. As far as I know, he was working for the navy towing targets at Clemente
  145. Warlord

    8 day advice

    The X has plenty of space for rods! I generally put my big gear upstairs on the variety trips (10 days or less) and use mostly 40 & 50#. I carry my big gear even though on some trips, it doesn’t get used but you never know ...
  146. Warlord

    Trolling rod rail strap?

    I’ve carried mine for years and not had to use it. The boat’s straps were fine. I’ve carried a rain suit for over ten years. It still has the tags. 😎
  147. Warlord

    New sportboats coming soon?

    The retrofit on these would likely be prohibitive. They’d probably require engine replacement as the navy isn’t that fuel conscious.
  148. Warlord

    50th Birthday...Tranx500

    I have one of my 500 HG’s on a UC Reaper and the other on a Phenix 869XH.
  149. Warlord

    Royal Polaris Location

    They’re having a great trip and have been releasing everything under a hundred. Big D reported they made a tank of bait. ???
  150. Warlord

    Royal Polaris Location

    They most likely made their bait and got a couple YT at the rocks.
  151. Warlord

    Vagabond 10-day Report

    Nic, Your view of the trip is the right attitude. Despite weather and a passenger with an emergency health issue, you’ve come away with a memorable trip that you enjoyed! Congrats on the JP, Steve
  152. Warlord

    Vagabond Pheonix rods 10 day

    Bryan and I are staying on the beach this year. We’re hoping for a vaccine early next year. We’ll miss all our regulars!
  153. Warlord

    Favorite setup for 30# bait?

    A 8’ GP Mega with either a Tranx 400 or a Torgue 25 SD.
  154. Warlord

    Portable Boot Dryers for Long Range Trips

    If you look for ski or snowboard boot dryers, you’ll find tons in all price ranges.
  155. Warlord

    Oct 10-18 RR3 trip:Need help!

    I’d start a diet and lose some weight that Mike will put on you.
  156. Warlord

    Newbie Info

    There’s no trading for cans any longer. That went away with the Albacore.
  157. Warlord

    Star drag backing off

    The order the washers are stacked is important. That’s probably the cause.
  158. Warlord

    Izor's Reef and Long Beach Breakwall 9/5 - 9/6 Yellowtail inside longbeach harbor?

    Not a YT but I did see a YFT way in the back of LH harbor in about 4’ of water.
  159. Warlord

    Reel suggestion for bluefin

    And the 292# a few hours before that!
  160. Warlord


    My newest is the 9’ UC Reaper w/ Tranx 500 HG. I sold my 10’ Ulua. I tried it with a TN20A, TN30, Penn Baja, and Penn 545. I liked the 545 but cracked the frame and couldn’t replace. As I’m getting older w/ bad shoulders, I needed something easier, thus the Reaper!
  161. Warlord

    My First Post! Let The Hazing Commence!

    BC’s are best!
  162. Warlord

    Colt snipers

    The knockoffs on EBay work well!
  163. Warlord

    *Freestyle Disc* aka frisbee, anyone on BD do it?

    Alex Stein was the guy that snuck onto the Dodger field during the seventh innning stretch to play with his Whippet Ashley.
  164. Warlord

    Reel suggestion for bluefin

    These two YFT were caught on a TAC 16 with 80# on the same day. They went 292 and 356#.
  165. Warlord

    All Rods Sold!

    The 670H is 7’.
  166. Warlord

    All Rods Sold!

    The 850M is available for pickup in the SFV - Granada Hills,
  167. Warlord

    United composites rod

    I have both the Phenix 809XHJ and the UC Wahoo. The Wahoo is stiffer at the tip. I prefer the UC for my style of fishing. Both work well if you point the rod at the bomb on the retrieve. I consider both too light for Raider type jigs.
  168. Warlord

    All Rods Sold!

    Coved-19 sale! 😎😎😎
  169. Warlord

    Go checkout

    When the fleet finally gets an OK, will the galley be to go orders only? 🤔
  170. Warlord

    Lexa/Tranx for everything

    You could do those trips with level winds. I’d consider 2 outfits as yo-yo is usually done with 40#+ and for the bait fishing you might consider a 400;Tranx to cover you 30# and under use.
  171. Warlord

    50lb and 60lb reel

    These two fish were caught on a Talica 16 on the same day fishing 80#. The back up rig was never used. They went 292 and 356#.
  172. Warlord

    All Rods Sold!

    Easter bump for new prices!
  173. Warlord

    Best Wishes For Pappy

    Bryan and I have enjoyed spending time with Pappy. We did the last two Cabo to Cabo fly downs. He is a legend!
  174. Warlord

    best reel for a Reaper

    I’ll be putting a Tranx 500 HG on mine. Also getting wrapped at the moment.
  175. Warlord

    Shimano TranX 500 vs Trini 20a

    The 20A seems to have more power than the Tranx. The Tranx is a great reel for uneducated thumbs. I had an 80# BFT on the Tranx - lots of work!
  176. Warlord

    All Rods Sold!

    Super Seeker 70M Gone!
  177. Warlord

    Processor leaves the skin on?

    Typically, it’s removed. Some processors left the skin on wahoo saying it kept the flesh together.
  178. Warlord

    All Rods Sold!

    Price reductions
  179. Warlord

    Guadalupe 1st timer

    You’re posting to a very old thread!
  180. Warlord

    All Rods Sold!

    Thanks, Nick. Good meeting you!
  181. Warlord

    Low Gear Star Drags I have a Penn Baja in very good condition.
  182. Warlord

    All Rods Sold!

    Clearing out some stuff that’s not been used for some time: Seeker heavy roller trolling rod $60 Seeker 670H. $60 Sabre 665H. $60 CalStar. 850M. Excellent Condition $225. SOLD to Joel Varmac 30-50# Blank. $15 $150 for the 3 remaining plus The blank picked up! In the last pic, the...
  183. Warlord

    Calstar 800M.

    I have an 850M if you’re interested.
  184. Warlord

    Needing help!!!

    We got a 292 and 356# YFT the same day fishing a Talica 16 w/80#. The reel never got dumped but the backup was very handy a couple times on each fish. Reel held up fine!
  185. Warlord

    Thanks BD Sold

    I sent a PM about the Tranx 400.
  186. Warlord

    Thanks BD Sold

    What spectra is on the 400 Tranx?
  187. Warlord

    First 8 dayer in June

    The Tern’s probably the better 40# reel. I can’t see much use for the Tiara. The Mak 20 can do as a 100# dropper loop reel if you get to the Rocks for those early season YT. The rest of your gear looks solid.
  188. Warlord

    Looking to upgrade a 545.

    I really liked that reel. I did the drags and put on a Trinidad handle .The frame cracked and it’s impossible to replace.
  189. Warlord

    High Speed Cavala

    Any news of a high speed 12II? I’d like to replace my Android 12SNII.
  190. Warlord

    Restaurant recommendations in Puerto Vallarta.

    Ocho Tostados in the marina if you want the best ceviche!
  191. Warlord

    Help a brotha out please!

    Go west young man! Bob Sands in Van Nuys is a great shop that can get you started in the right direction.
  192. Warlord

    Nomad reports?

    Yes, but all the manufacturers recommend heavy flouro or mono!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  193. Warlord

    Ring them yourself

    If you don’t want to deal with the above quantity, surface sells a kit with rings, silver solder, flux, and a box for it all. You’ll need a butane torch and smooth jaw pliers. i put together a plastic ammo box with some small bolt cutters, butane torch, pliers, spare butane, and their...
  194. Warlord

    What is the best long range tackle box?

    I use multiple “boxes”. Main box has hooks, weights, light flouro, and misc. tools. Small box has iron. All my wahoo gear is in one bag. Rigging gear, any spare line, heavy flouro, poppers and flat falls, and butt plates in a duffel kept in the room. I know I carry too much but it’s nice to...
  195. Warlord

    Initial Long Range Setups

    The Fathom 40 and 720 XH might be best as a 60# outfit. The Vagabond has used the Fathom 40 at Guadalupe for 100+ YFT without issue. The 720 XH is a bit light for 80# but we got a 292 and a 356# on the same day with it using 80#.
  196. Warlord


    It was nice to see when was the latest post while scrolling through the forums.
  197. Warlord

    Trolling for Wahoo with Spectra

    On our trips, my brother and I set up his TLD 50. It’s got 100# spectra with a 100# mono top shot. I’ve been on a number of the top boats and their troll gear has been sketchy.
  198. Warlord

    Penn 6/0 (114H) for wahoo trolling?

    Though not recommended for HB! I was on the Star a few years ago when a Marauder got tuna bit. Their boat trolling gear wasn’t in the best condition at the end of the season. This guy got handed his lunch by ~150# YFT.
  199. Warlord

    Did my first 6 day - now I'm hooked

    X2 on the fall 8-10 day trips. We gave up on September trips after experiencing too many trips in Cubascos.
  200. Warlord

    Trolling for Wahoo with Spectra

    I really don’t like spectra in the water on the troll. It gets quite dirty from the exhaust.
  201. Warlord

    Penn 6/0 (114H) for wahoo trolling?

    He does claim the 6/0 jerky drags set the hook better than the lever drags.
  202. Warlord

    Offshore Signs of bluefin

    I also heard about reaching the quota from Alex at Rusty Hook.
  203. Warlord

    Gearing Up for December 11 Day

    A December 11 day can make it to the lower banks with enough time to give it a decent look. Even if they find fish, recent history shows it to be a very tough bite! A 10/11 day trip is designed as a variety trip. The captain will make the call if the code groups recon seems promising. In that...
  204. Warlord

    Braid cutting

    I have the Shimano split ring pliers (small). They cut braid very well but I’m unsure how they’ll last especially given the split ring use.
  205. Warlord

    UC Terminator, Predator 80 or Tilefish 80?

    I fish my 8’ Terminator with 40#. I believe it could easily fish 50#. My 7’6” Raptor is my “heavy” 60# that I use with my 12VISX. FWIW, I’ve always considered 60# kind of an orphan class. It’s like why not fish 50 or 80#.?
  206. Warlord

    Nomad Madmacs

    On my recent trip on the RRIII, the DTX Nomads we’re trolled almost exclusively on the boat rods. There were a couple that wouldn’t track after being bite - I didn’t note how many fish were caught by that perticulprit jig. We didn’t use any of the new 220’s to my knowledge. And as far as...
  207. Warlord

    RRIII Cabo to Cabo

    This is a short recap! Andy posted numerous photos on the boat’s Facebook page. We flew into Cabo Saturday afternoon. After getting a shuttle to the marina and taking a water taxi to boat, we were greeted by the crew - Andy, Ethan, Jason, Justin, Austin, and most importantly Mike and...
  208. Warlord

    Happy New Year... Who is getting ready to go Long Range Fishing 2020 style

    Here on the RR3 we had a good first day. Very slow on day 2 & 3!
  209. Warlord

    Blue jb hollow braid

    Having the the blue enables me to keep a better eye on where I’m at and make adjustments.
  210. Warlord

    Happy New Year... Who is getting ready to go Long Range Fishing 2020 style

    I’m amped enough to be rereading all the recent reports trying to glean some hints to tactics. Less than 72 hours til taking the Cabo water taxi to the RRIII.
  211. Warlord

    Blue jb hollow braid

    I have blue spliced as top shots. I can’t say I have enough experience doing comparison testing. I like to know when the fish is close!
  212. Warlord

    Happy New Year... Who is getting ready to go Long Range Fishing 2020 style

    We’re loading our gear on the RRIII tomorrow and flying to Cabo for nine days on the boat. Good luck, Soda. Maybe we’ll leave a few!
  213. Warlord

    Looking for a new tackle box....

    The SKB has plenty of fans. It’s pricy. It is heavy. The storage isn’t that great for its size. The hanging jig storage isn’t really that useful. The rod holders are rather small and the larger butt rods don’t fit. Unless you shim the box up, the lid doesn’t open because of the usual lip...
  214. Warlord

    Cabo Temps

    I can’t recall the temps being this low 69/70 deg. high??? The locals must all be in ski wear! I’m getting on the RRIII the 4th and I’m packing a few warmer clothes. Typically, sweating in short sleeves and shorts.
  215. Warlord


    I have the Viper, Centaur, and the 8’ Raptor. I use the Viper for 100/130#, the Centaur for 80/100#, and the Raptor with my 16VISX for 80#. The Vipers are great for heavier line.
  216. Warlord

    372 Super Cow caught on lower banks.

    Mike reported yesterday that they had 16 over 2 with 4 of those supers!
  217. Warlord

    SD Bass Assassin has 2 Cows!!!

    Three and a half weeks until we board in Cabo. We could easily fish the Jamie in the AM. We’re hoping things will still be great! Great cell service at the San Jamie. It makes the reports easy to send an increases the excitement level here!
  218. Warlord

    NEW NOMAD DTX220 Minnow

    We were advised by a respected skipper to replace the barbless hooks. Very little slack allows an escape.
  219. Warlord

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Good deal! We’ll have some scouting reports for our RRIII trip. We fly down and back. Loading on New Years Day and meet the boat in Cabo on Saturday.
  220. Warlord

    Red Rooster

    The boat and crew are great. And it doesn’t get better than Mike in the galley!
  221. Warlord

    Seeker EX Ulua

    I have a 10’ Ulua that looks very much like that. What is it that makes this rod so valuable even in a less than perfect condition? Enlighten me please!
  222. Warlord

    Marla's 11/1/19

    Great start! Anxiously waiting for the next episode.
  223. Warlord

    Vagabond 10/25-11/4

    The guys on bombs and the troll fish accounted for the majority of ‘Hoo. They were biting sardines much better the Excel trip I was on last month.
  224. Warlord

    Seeker EX Ulua

    At $1350, all you’ll see is lowball offers!
  225. Warlord

    SOA 10/23-11/2

    Breaking your reports with a few paragraphs would help with readability! We joined you at the Ridge on the Vag. Great fishing for wahoo. Our trollers really scored with the Nomads! They may not be as durable (we lost 3) but they caught fish better than any other lure.
  226. Warlord

    Vagabond 10/25-11/4

    Mike captained an awesome 10 trip with Dave, Adam, Josh, and Chowder as crew and Brandon and Kit in the galley. It’s a big crew change but the new guys are accomplished and did great! I’ve done this trip for a number of years and this group is great fun! Ryan was the Phenix rep and had great...
  227. Warlord

    Queequeg = Ahab

    Ignore = easy!
  228. Warlord

    Bring it or leave it at home...

    I’m heading out on a 10 day on Friday. After fishing the Excel last month on another 10 day, I’ll again bring everything from 25-150#. With the Intrepid finding big fish on the lower banks, I can’t predict where we might go. (And I did have a bit of fun catching ‘Hoo on my 25# outfit!)
  229. Warlord

    Calstar GFGR 800-M

    Check your PM. No desire to hijack the thread!
  230. Warlord

    Calstar GFGR 800-M

    Interested in an 850M?
  231. Warlord

    Vagabond JRI 8 Day

    That would be Jeff. I’ve fished with him a number of times. Glad your trip went well!
  232. Warlord

    Quick change clip

    I’m not sure how that could possibly happen. It hasn’t occurred on any of my fish.
  233. Warlord

    Quick change clip

    I have them in two sizes - 125# and 175# (I think). I’ve used them for bombs, yo-yo iron, surface iron, and poppers. While I don’t think they inhibited the action or the bite, I’m not sure I’ve seen a tremendous benefit to their use. I don’t change jigs that often.
  234. Warlord

    Penn fathom 25nld2 aftermarket reel clamp

    I’ve taken a Dremel and shortened the nuts until the clamp tightens enough that the reel won’t twist.
  235. Warlord

    2 Tropical Systems may affect Baja..

    Capn Jack, I think you’ll be fine. It might be sporty on the trip down but you’ll fish in the lee of the island.
  236. Warlord

    2 Tropical Systems may affect Baja..

    Thanks, Carl! Hopped on this one last minute. Going to miss my brother. We’ll be on the Vag for 10 days beginning October 25.
  237. Warlord

    2 Tropical Systems may affect Baja..

    Looks like they may fizzle! I’m off on a 10 day tomorrow on the Excel. Cubascos can really make things rough.
  238. Warlord

    Offshore THE BIGHT, 9/15/19

    Great job with the fish and story, Joe!
  239. Warlord

    Ocea Jigger 1000 and or 1500 (japanese trinidad 12/14)

    You replied to an eight year old thread???
  240. Warlord

    Bait Report?

    From the BD article, it appears that the SD bait situation is at its best. There’s no time to cure bait so the die off is heavy. Is this the consensus from those just coming or going? I’ve been there before and we chunked sardines to use at Alijos. Going out Thursday on the X. Only three...
  241. Warlord

    Gearing up for lupe end of nov

    At the end of November, the sharks should have disappeared. It’ll make boating tuna easier without the added pressure of having to grind them to the gaff.
  242. Warlord

    Sunline Flouro WTF $$$?

    There’s a member on the classifieds that’s selling Seaguar Premier at a very good price. His name is Jordan Alamo.
  243. Warlord

    Gearing up for lupe end of nov

    I’m not familiar with the rod but my brother and tag teamed a 292 and 356# YFT in the same day with the Talica 16 and 80#. It was close to needing a backup a few times but 6 hours of fighting and they were on deck.
  244. Warlord

    What To Leave Home?

    I watched a guy throw his brand new rod and reel over after taking pics with his first ever Hoo. He neglected to wash his hands. He did release my Hoo that was almost to gaff because he was planted in the corner. Those fish can move! He didn’t! BTW Apogee, I’ve pared down my quiver to give...
  245. Warlord

    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    Apogee, looks like we’re on the same trip. I’ll try and leave some spaces for your rods. LOL and I’ll do my best to not be “that guy”. And for those going after, we’ll leave a few Hoo for you. They’ll have Apogee’s hooks in them!
  246. Warlord

    What To Leave Home?

    I use it for poppers and such. So, I have the high gear ratio.
  247. Warlord

    6 day red rooster september 20-26

    Best thing to do is find a deckhand to help you set up your gear. After getting bait, they’ll all be available and happy to assist.
  248. Warlord

    Sad news, boat fire.

    Carl, The daughter was charter master. Her husband was leading another trip.
  249. Warlord

    Wahoonista Question

    Tony, Forty yards is sufficient to reach the wahoo. Let your jig sink. It’s not surface iron. Often, they’re sitting under the boat.
  250. Warlord

    Sunline Flouro WTF $$$?

    The last time I got a 100M. Spool for less than the cost of a 30M. Spool at today’s cost. Is this a Trump tariff thing?
  251. Warlord

    Fish processing prices?

    I’m fortunate to be able to fish multiple trips per year. It allows me to be rather selective about what I get processed (I never filet at home unless it’s to clean up the filets of a local trip.). I’m grateful the processors are available. I’m way beyond having fish processed to give it away...
  252. Warlord

    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    And that’s before you get out the shop door!
  253. Warlord

    What To Leave Home?

    That’s my wife’s job. Hopefully, she’ll never see this post but if she does, she’ll have to work to find the relative value of all my shit!
  254. Warlord

    Boat Ramp in Lopez Mateos BCS

    What’s the passenger load? It appears a bit light for rod storage.
  255. Warlord

    What To Leave Home?

    I've got a 10 day in late October and a 9 day fly down and back to Cabo in January. I think I should leave some equipment home. Eighteen outfits seems way overkill. I like to have multiple setups when wahoo are around and with the small grade YFT, I'll bring some lighter gear. I usually...
  256. Warlord

    United Composites 50-60 rod

    I have a 7’6” Raptor as my 60# rod paired with a 12VISX. This is my big fish 60# outfit. I also have the new Calstar 7’6” H from Bob Sands getting rolled. I’ll pair that with a Talica 16.
  257. Warlord

    Torque 25

    Steve, I just sent back parts from the larger series Torque 25’s. I was told that the spools and frames from the 12 and 15 may interchange with my 25. Is this correct?
  258. Warlord

    Torque 25

    I actually hate the width of my 25. It’s either narrowing the reel or selling it. I kinda like the small size but the width made it seem awkward. Thanks, I’ll look into the parts.
  259. Warlord

    Torque 25

    I have the older 25. It’s smaller in diameter than the later models. Did Penn make that version in a narrow that I could buy a spindle, spool, and frame to convert it?
  260. Warlord

    Torque 25

    I have a Torque 25 star drag that appears to be an older model. The spool and frame are smaller in diameter than the current models. I really don’t like the width. Did Penn make a narrow version and would the spool, spindle, and frame be available?
  261. Warlord

    Bent rod tip eye guide and thoughts how it can affect fighting a monster.

    I’ve lost the use of rods when the tip broke or the ring cracked. I now carry an assortment of tips and glue for emergency repairs. You won’t need much time to get this repaired. It’s a very easy fix. If the emergency repair at the landing doesn’t match the other guides, take care of it after...
  262. Warlord

    RR3 5 day report

    Looks like you missed the best part of the operation- Mike in the galley. Might be a good thing as you could have easily gained five pounds eating his gourmet meals.
  263. Warlord

    Shimano Trinidad TN30DC - Reduced (sell or trade for Trinidad,OSP, or Talica)

    Ed G. these reels have a very rabid fan base among the long rod surface iron crowd. It would be long gone if it was a 20 in similar condition. The reel appears to be in excellent condition with minimal rash. GLWS
  264. Warlord

    Tranx Handles

    Does anyone how if the 500 and 400 handles are interchangeable.
  265. Warlord

    Tranx Drags

    I must be deaf as I can’t hear any audible click from an incremental drag! I was checking the drag every time the fish stopped. It was constantly backing off and I’d adjust. I want my reels to work the way the should and have sent both off to Shimano.
  266. Warlord

    Tranx Drags

    On my reels, the drags aren’t fading. I’m certain the star is backing off. The 400 is new and this should not happen! Nick at Shimano said the drag washers may be worn. Huh??? To those who say get a lever drag reel, I really appreciate your non-constructive comments. I’ve never had a...
  267. Warlord

    Vagabond 7/17-21

    We didn’t do any mods on the snipers and didn’t use a bite leader. Lucky, I guess!
  268. Warlord

    Tranx Drags

    I’ve never had the 500 serviced and the 400 is brand new!
  269. Warlord

    Vagabond 7/17-21

    I believe the fight was extended longer than necessary. I think I could have got that fish probably ten plus minutes earlier without having to constantly retighten the drags.
  270. Warlord

    Tranx Drags

    With the Shimano forum gone, I’ll apologize for posting this here but... Does anyone have a fix for the drags backing off during a fight? My 400 and 500 both do it and I talked with another angler on the trip and he told me his we’re backing off on a 12# YT.
  271. Warlord

    Vagabond 7/17-21

    We loaded the boat and left for the bait barge where we topped off the tanks with nice looking sardines. The plan was to go to the Coronados, fish the rest of the day and the next morning, then head to the bluefin grounds. The water had cooled and the bite there was not worth sticking around...
  272. Warlord

    Anybody going to put up a fish report

    Fishing is tough! The water turned over at the Coronados. There’s a huge volume of reluctant biters on the tuna areas. Every method worked sporadically. Flat falls, Snipers, sinker rigs, and fly lining all seemed to catch one or two. I’ll try and post a report on our Vagabond trip that...
  273. Warlord

    Tranx Drags

    i have an issue with the drag backing off on my 500HG and my 400. This seems to be a common complaint as I spoke with other owners on my trip. Is there a fix? I lost a jackpot 80# BFT because the drags were constantly backing off. I lost the fish at gaff and I know I could have landed it...
  274. Warlord


    10’ Ulua with Trinidad 30. Phoenix 869XH with Tranx 500 HG Black Hole 801 with Shimano Twin Power 14000
  275. Warlord


    First off, I didn’t mean to imply I used a popper to hook that fish. I was playing with it using bait and ended up with the knife in the proverbial gunfight. The reel was able to stop an estimated 130+. When the fish got up and down, there was no getting a crank on the reel. Shimano needs to...
  276. Warlord


    Good luck with the twin power 14000! I’ve done it at ‘Lupe and it’s next to impossible to get a crank on a 100#+ fish when it gets vertical. (I handed the rod off to some of the most experienced anglers I know and they handed the rod back and wished me luck!)
  277. Warlord

    Pacific Islander 6/18

    Hoping for WSB, my brother and I booked an overnight on the PI. Captain Steve chose to try the backside of Santa Rosa as the weather was perfect - very little wind and swell.. Fishing was very slow for biscuits and we only had one legal (maybe 30”) and a short for a few hours. We moved to...
  278. Warlord

    Going to do some 6 day trips. Need some tackle tips

    Fred, Six day trips going to the Ridge or Rocks are not the norm. I know Mike has done it with the Vagabond but there was nothing biting elsewhere. All that travel doesn’t leave much rail time. I have seen ‘Hoo caught at ‘Lupe but it’s unusual - more snipped hooks than biters. When they were...
  279. Warlord

    Going to do some 6 day trips. Need some tackle tips

    On a six day, my total tackle would be a minimum fifty pounds lighter without all the wahoo gear.
  280. Warlord

    Looking for a Gold Torque 12

    OK, I’ll bite. Tell us about the two new sizes of the Torque.
  281. Warlord

    Tony Reyes for 2019??

    I was on the April 21-26 with an above poster. According to a few of the Tony Reyes veterans onboard, we were a bit early for nicer Cabrilla fishing. Best time is end of May for fish and weather - good fishing and it hasn’t gotten scorching hot as yet. And Brian, you need to get a WiFi app...
  282. Warlord

    FG KNOT?

    I use two half hitches and finish with the Rizutto.
  283. Warlord

    FG KNOT?

    I’ve caught a 292# and 356# YFT using the FG. I’ve never had it fail. I do like the PR but I’ve had a couple slip in my initial use. I think the big thing with me is to cinch the half hitches before trying to cinch the weave. It helps stop the slipping during the last bit of tightening the...
  284. Warlord

    Comment on Okuma Andros 12SII

    Initially, I had problems with mine. I believe it was overgreased and the clearance between the high gear and the sideplate is too close causing the reel to have hard cranking. I sent it to Okuma and the replaced the spool. I don’t really know what all the did. When I got it back, it still...
  285. Warlord

    Fish processing prices?

    I’ve gotten over processing a trips worth of fish to give it away. I’ll give fish to the other anglers and keep my processing bill to a reasonable amount.
  286. Warlord

    April 4-8, 2019

    Great read as always, Joe! The last couple seasons have been tough. We’ve been lucky and got to pull on a couple of fish of a lifetime but I dream and wish for those foamier bites.
  287. Warlord

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    One of the big pluses of this type of policy is that it significantly reduces the number of bags of trash they need to store on the boat. If they visit a Mexican port, it is my understanding that all the trash becomes hazardous waste and they pay a premium to unload it in SD. When checking in...
  288. Warlord

    Border Closure

    It looks like air and sea travel aren’t included in his stupid border shutdown.
  289. Warlord

    Rod reel setup recommendations

    If you intend to be ready for the local BFT, you could get by with the 16VISX. I carried a 30SW for years before it caught a fish! I was ready. For the “normal” 1-3 day trips, I’d say a 30 won’t see much action. But these days, who knows? I say borrow or rent until you see a real need for...
  290. Warlord

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    The fly down and back options on the SD boats can give you more time on the water. The PV/Matzalan/Cabo trips have all been a bit tough the last few years and it could take multiple trips before you realize your dream fish. Targeting big fish can get real scratchy and the likelihood of...
  291. Warlord

    Shimano Talica 20 II with box spectra

    How much and what kind of spectra.
  292. Warlord

    R.I.P. Leon Todd

    He did so much for Sportfishing in general and So Cal and long range especially!
  293. Warlord

    What's your favorite Wahoo Bomb Rod?

    I use a Lamiglass 528 and a Trinidad 40 for jigs and raiders and a UC Wahoo and an Andros 12NSII for bombs.
  294. Warlord

    Ideal 80lb UC rod for the Lupe?

    X2 on the 8’ Raptor. I’ve got mine paired with the 16 VISX. It’s an ideal 80# combo for ‘Lupe.
  295. Warlord

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Greg, I’d go a bit longer than the 30’ of mono. I like to keep my spectra out of the exhaust and staying relatively clean.
  296. Warlord

    U.C. RUS 80 Terminator A Phenomenal 40 pound stick

    You may want to look at the 76 Raptor! It’s a step up from the Predator.
  297. Warlord


    When I talked with Cal about the Talica 16, he didn’t recommend any mods. I don’t have any trouble with the gear ratios. It’s easy enough to crank against the drag and a lower gear would just make it easier. We got a 292# and a 356# at the Jamie Bank in January on the 16 with no issues.
  298. Warlord

    Apollo report, Feb 1-4

    Let me know the dates so I can keep those open!
  299. Warlord

    Apollo report, Feb 1-4

    Nice read Joe! Too bad our schedules didn’t align because I’d like to fish with you again. We seem to have a good time together. You’re a true sportsman to be able to enjoy watching others catch fish and personally blanking. I’m getting there ( I think). Maybe the BFT will stay in the area...
  300. Warlord

    8ft. UC Raptor

    I have mine set up with the Penn 16 VISX.
  301. Warlord

    New Wahoo Reel

    The Okuma Andros 12NSII is a nice small reel that has a high retreive.
  302. Warlord

    Penn 12T 2-Speed

    They have a very clean 12 at Bob Sands. It’s on consignment and will probably go for a very reasonable price.
  303. Warlord


    On the recent Red Rooster III trip, we caught a 292# and a 356# YFT at the Jamie Bank on a Talica 16 with 80# test. The reel held up perfectly on the two back to back fish.
  304. Warlord

    Or trade. Clean Talica 16ii

    Super cow killer. Bump
  305. Warlord

    Light line super?

    Hook likely Owner, 8 feet of Seaguar 80#, and FG knot.
  306. Warlord

    Light line super?

    That fish was 356# caught on 80# test on a Talica 16 and a Phenix Axis 720 XH and a 3/0 circle hook. My brother and I tag teamed it. We tag teamed a 292# on the same gear earlier. That was a 3 1/2 hour battle!
  307. Warlord

    Rooster reports on FB

    I’m on the Cabo RRIII trip. We have 12 fish for 3 days! Weather’s nice but we only got one fish today although it was 265#. Looking for things to improve.
  308. Warlord

    RP current trip

    Be nice to get a report from HB. We’re meeting the RRIII in Cabo tomorrow afternoon. I’d hate to do a run to HB if it’s not putting out.
  309. Warlord

    PV Openings Apollo February 2019

    I’d be tempted if you had 2 spots. My brother and I will be staying in the marina that week. A last minute sell may be difficult given that non-stop airfare at that time is about double what we’ve been paying.
  310. Warlord

    RRIII Cabo Fly down/back

    I load it up in SD and then fly down. Driving down to get my gear after flying home is easier on me than riding the boat back uphill.
  311. Warlord

    Paul Carramao

    Blake is the reason I will not ride the Star again!
  312. Warlord

    RRIII Cabo Fly down/back

    No one?
  313. Warlord

    RRIII Cabo Fly down/back

    Anyone from BD doing this early January? My brother and I are flying down Saturday 1/5 and back on that Monday 1/14. Hope we get great weather and some fish.
  314. Warlord

    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    I’ve learned a tremendous amount fishing SD long range - a bit about catching fish and a lot more about how to appreciate life. I fish with my closest friend who coincidentally is my younger brother. Dad passed a few years back and our last trip was made for great memories. Our first...
  315. Warlord


    Which are more productive the 16 or 32 oz.? Is there a big difference in brands - Ballyhood, Mag Bay, or any other mfg.?
  316. Warlord

    AA this Friday

    After the Intrepid blanked at the lower banks, the might be some hesitation about going there for a while. I leave tomorrow on the Vag for 10 days. The ridge has been good so maybe we’ll get the variety trip with some grouper and Pargo.
  317. Warlord

    First Hurricane Cow?

    Shaun, You’ll be getting on after we get off. We’re getting on Friday and headed to wherever Mike points the boat. Have a good trip. Ask the guys for help. They’re very good at that!
  318. Warlord

    024 050VIS Handle interchange

    The 50 handle is the same as the 20 and longer than the 12 and 16.
  319. Warlord

    Your favorite 5 boats for 6-8 day range

    My usual ride is the Vagabond. There’s a lot of pluses going on a bigger boat. I haven’t done the Indy. Of the other two, I choose the Rooster. There’s quite a number of personal considerations and experiences that determine my favorites. You’ll make your own choice.
  320. Warlord

    Roll Call Vagabond trip 30

    Go get ‘em, Carl. Wishing you fair seas and biting fish! Bryan and I are on the 10 day end of October.
  321. Warlord

    Which trip(s) are you going on in 2019?

    January - RRIII fly down/back 8 days from Cabo February - PV for a week and will try and put something together March - San Jose de Cabo for another week. Something? April - San Filipe Tony Reyes trip July - Vagabond 4 day October - Vagabond 10 day Might try and fill in a blank spot here or there.
  322. Warlord

    Please exercise caution my friends

    It’s the responsibility of each individual angler to keep track of their fish count. There’s no glory in putting a huge pile of fish on your number when the perception amongst our watchers is that we’re pillaging their resources. We need to demonstrate that we’re good stewards of their...
  323. Warlord


    So John, Penn makes a 50 handle that will fit the 30, 20, 16, and 12? And the 16 and 12 use the same handle? I was hoping there were incremental size difference so I could get a longer handle for the 16VISX and use the 16 on the 12. Oh, well!
  324. Warlord

    Where’s the Excel?

    In all my 40 + years of LR, this is the first rooster I’ve seen in a report. (I could have easily missed some but ...) Congrats, nice fish!
  325. Warlord

    San Felipe Tony Reyes

    Joe, Any tips on techniques and gear? Things to bring that make the trip better?
  326. Warlord

    024 050VIS Handle interchange

    Will this fit a16VISX?
  327. Warlord

    San Felipe Tony Reyes

    My dad went years ago. My brother and I are doing it in April. I’ll be following.
  328. Warlord

    Penn VISX12 and UC US80 Predator

    If I didn’t have both of these, I’d be all over this!
  329. Warlord

    Penn 16VISX Porn

    I have mine set up with a 8’ UC Raptor. A very sweet combo!
  330. Warlord

    7ft vs 8ft rods

    The pressure on the fish isn’t solely a function of drag. If you don’t bend the rod, you won’t get any pressure. The length of my rods is mostly a function of purpose. I do like 8’ rods for a lot of applications but my “cow” gear is all 7’6”.
  331. Warlord

    200/200 Club?

    I’ve got a 212# YFT in 2010, a 216# BFT last year, and a 213# BFT this year. All caught on SD sport boats. I doubt the 200/200 club is that exclusive anymore. The local cows have been expanding the membership at a good pace.
  332. Warlord

    Rod recommendation for casting small sardines/anchovies

    I haven’t brought an outfit less than 30# for maybe ten years on my long range trips. I have plenty of light gear but it hasn’t seen water in a long time. May bring out the 196-7, the 870, maybe the 850M along with the 525GS or (OMG) go ask to use the 145 Squider that I gave him. I guess I...
  333. Warlord

    Guadalupe Permit fees ?

    Here's the story from the Mainland Mexico Board: I can comment first hand. I was on a long range party boat in April just a couple weeks ago and we were boarded by the prison officials and escorted into the prison marina at 10pm at night. they made all the customers get off the boat and produce...
  334. Warlord

    Guadalupe Permit fees ?

    It’ll be interesting to see how things shake out in PV after the “San Juanito Massacre”. When the Mexican boats get the same treatment as the SD boats, you get the impression that the island restrictions are being enforced somewhat fairly by the navy. I’m getting concerned for the future of SD...
  335. Warlord

    Guadalupe Permit fees ?

    We did both last year on our late October/November 10 day. For a 10 day you get two out of three Rocks, Ridge, or ‘Lupe.
  336. Warlord

    Best Casting reel for 8' casting rod

    Andros 12SII or the 12SNII
  337. Warlord

    San Juanito Isla fishing

    There are individuals who scour all the reports looking for things that make the San Diego fleet look bad - pictures with fish in areas that are off limits, decks full of fish that seem overkill, anglers bragging about their total catch, etc. If the fleet doesn’t show more respect for the...
  338. Warlord

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    Good luck with your trip, Carl. Bryan and I are on trip #33.
  339. Warlord

    Height of rail in inches??

    I believe the minimum rail height would be 42”. Years ago we had to add a cap rail minimum to get certified by USCG.
  340. Warlord

    *REDUCED* NIB Penn Torque & Pro Gear V32

    Thanks, E man! Great seller.
  341. Warlord

    Spooling 12 VISX

    How much solid 80# spectra with a short topshot will the reel hold?
  342. Warlord

    location of bluefin/ fish processing

    Yes, the BFT are right behind Clemente in CA waters. No long range boat will process them that I know.
  343. Warlord

    Vagabond BFT Score

    No extra hardware. Keep it clean!
  344. Warlord

    Vagabond BFT Score

    You can flat fall anytime the boat’s stopped. It wasn’t very productive during the day and there were a few hookups in the dark. The fish are scattered enough that you wanted to know when they were around so you weren’t wasting energy. Mike was good about that when he was in the wheelhouse...
  345. Warlord

    What Okuma reel for UC Wahoo rod

    I have a Andros 12SNII on mine. It makes a nice light weight bomb or yo-yo combo.
  346. Warlord

    Vagabond BFT Score

    I was on the epic BFT trip on the Vag and here are a few takeaways from the trip. The bite was mainly a kite bite. This made things rather boring for most of the anglers for the majority of the day. It did have big advantages for fighting the fish. There were virtually no tangles with a...
  347. Warlord

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    I was on the trip. We had 26 fish over 100# and every passenger got one! There were 9 in the 190’s and 14 over 200#.
  348. Warlord


    Still available?
  349. Warlord

    50# 60# reel advice

    Fred, I’m sure you can borrow a Fathom 40 from Mike in October. You could try before you buy. I have the Talica 16 and while it’s a good bait fishing reel, I don’t think it’s what you’d want in at jig reel. I don’t think Shimano has a good reel for that niche. I’m not a fan of Avets and...
  350. Warlord

    50# 60# reel advice

    Fred, The Fathom 40 is the Vagabond’s boat reels. They were using them for 80# at Guadalupe last year on tuna to over 150#. They’re very reliable.
  351. Warlord

    Braid Color (YF & YT)

    There’s some that like yellow or high vis-blue as they believe the deckies will get them out of tangles faster because they can follow the colored line easier. But anything but Power Pro green!
  352. Warlord

    Red Crab Hookup Baits

    See you soon, Carl.
  353. Warlord

    Red Crab Hookup Baits

    All the local shops are out of stock. They’re selling good quantities.
  354. Warlord

    Red Crab Hookup Baits

    So, these are touted to be the new hot bait. Tell us - what size, how do you fish ‘em, and for what?
  355. Warlord

    Best choices for a variety trip?

    Probably, you’re best variety trip without chasing cows might be early to mid-October. Seems that end of October or beginning of November, the captains seem to want to hunt for glory. Understandable because the anglers seem to go gaga at the prospect of trophies! With almost everyone having...
  356. Warlord

    Torque Reel Conversion

    My bad! I'm only familiar with the LD models.
  357. Warlord

    Torque Reel Conversion

    I believe the spool diameter is significantly larger on the 40 and that the 40 is a narrow model to start.
  358. Warlord


    If you use a circle hook that is kirbed, it can hang in places other than the corner of the mouth. Tuna inhale a bait and the hook is going to pass by a number of potential snag spots on its way to the corner of the mouth.
  359. Warlord

    Royal Star Black Water 7 Day - October

    The trip will hit Alijos and 'Lupe. What the order is and how long you spend in each spot will be determined by the reports of other boats. As to the boat, I haven't fished it for a few years. The crew is good! I was on before Paul was promoted. They've a few new faces I'm not familiar...
  360. Warlord

    September 8 day vs Sept 10 day

    I think the gear will be the same. It's a month early to head further south. The latest trend has been to keep 'Lupe as an option. As always watch the reports to make last minute adjustments in gear and attitude.
  361. Warlord

    Do you prefer boat limits or personal limits

    If the fish are WSB, there should be no catch and release! Their survival is doubtful. Once you catch your limit, sit it out!
  362. Warlord

    20# Class Reel

    Ocea Jigger 1500HG with 40# JBraid and FG knot to a 20# flours leader. But you may have brought a knife to a gunfight!
  363. Warlord

    Lure Storage

    I suppose the "Popperstore" probably won't work for you. I don't fly with my popper gear, so I don't have a good solution for you.
  364. Warlord

    Ocea Jigger 1500HG - What Line?

    I'm setting up a SPJ outfit - Blackhole Pioneer 6 1/2' with the 1500HG. I plan on fishing So Cal waters and SD long range with it targeting YT, Pargo, and misc. reef fish. I might try catching schoolie tuna also. Is it better to use something like JBraid metered 40# or bump up to 50# in the...
  365. Warlord

    Slow pitch jigging rod for cow bft and flatfalls?

    I haven't seen a SPJ rod that I'd want a cow BFT on the other end. I'd have to question the reel size necessary, also. I think landing the fish may be difficult wth SPJ specific gear.
  366. Warlord

    Our friends on the Apollo nailing them

    Nice fish, Joe! I'm waiting for the report Mr. Loreto.
  367. Warlord

    Length of 80 lb live bait stick

    I’m looking to try my UC Raptor 80 with the 16 VISX on my trips this season. The 8’ Raptor is a bit heavier than the 7’6” version which I thought was more of a 60# rod.
  368. Warlord

    Shimano Upgrading Tuna Reel

    The Fathom 40 would also be overkill for the rod. Tha Andros 12II or the Fathom 25 are good fits for the rod. Not sure what blank that rod is but the Seeker Black Steel are usually rated high.
  369. Warlord

    80lb leader too light for PV tuna??

    After getting schooled at 'Lupe on their nicer grade tuna with my popper set up, if there are 100# fish around, my outfit is staying in the rack. I was able to stop the fish on 80# but when it went up and down, I couldn't get a crank on the reel - too high geared!
  370. Warlord


    I think the Viper is overkill for the16 VISX. I'd personally go wth the 7'6" Raptor for the 12 and the 8' Raptor for the 16 using 60 & 80#.
  371. Warlord


    Just an FYI, The Fathom 40 two speed has proved itself as a light 80# reel on under 200 # tuna at Guadalupe over the last year on the Vagabond. I own one and although that's not my use for it, it was greatly impressed. Mike said it was very reliable and low maintenance - qualities you need in...
  372. Warlord

    UC Rod Application Advice

    I'd go with the 8' Raptor. It's more the 80# stick than the 7'6" model.
  373. Warlord

    Bringing the candy to PV

    Squid was fairly easy to catch last month when we were there. Good luck and report back!
  374. Warlord

    help with hard steering please!

    The cables tend to wear and fray. That makes steering tough. Those little wires really hang!
  375. Warlord

    Grundens for multi-day trips?

    I pack light rain gear for all my trips as insurance. They still have the tags.
  376. Warlord

    RRIII PV 1/6-13took a cab to the Flamingoed like tHey

    Joe, I've really enjoyed the time I've spent with you! My brother and I share a very similar sense of humor with you. The time flew. Congratulations on your fish! You didn't mention it in your report.
  377. Warlord

    RRIII PV 1/6-13took a cab to the Flamingoed like tHey

    Anyone want to PM me on editing the title?
  378. Warlord

    RRIII PV 1/6-13took a cab to the Flamingoed like tHey

    1/2 I drove to SD to put all my gear on the boat. Met my brother who drove from Rancho Cucamonga and a few of the other passengers on the trip. It was going to be a long wait until Saturday when we were to fly down to PV and meet the boat. 1/6 Bryan and I took the FlyAway from Van Nuys to...
  379. Warlord

    Red Rooster III January PV Trip

    Anyone from the board doing this trip? My brother and I are looking forward to getting some!
  380. Warlord

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    The San Diego long range fleet can't generate sufficient income to Mexico to overcome the perception that we aren't good stewards of their resources. The past history of killing everything caught is difficult to overcome. We rely on the goodwill of a few reasonable people in Mexico. All the...
  381. Warlord

    8.0 ft Rods for 60-80lb. Topshots

    I have the UC Wahoo 8' rod and I really think it's too light for 60#. I use it for bombs with my Andros 12SNIIA with 50# mono topshot. Also, I think the blank is too light for Raider type jigs. I'm thinking that an 8' Raptor wrapped with lighter components paired with my Talica 16 may be a...
  382. Warlord

    Vagabond Phenix Rods trip

    Nice to see you're on board! Bryan and I will be there. Wonder if Mike has decided to add 'Lupe to our agenda. Should be a great time and we should get to yank on plenty of finned creatures.
  383. Warlord

    PV on the RR3

    I'd love to get on one of those epic bites. Congratulations! I saw some pics of the snappers. Whoa! I'll be on the January trip with my brother. Really looking forward to the trip! First up though is a 10 day leaving this Friday on the Vag and a week in PV with the wives in December.
  384. Warlord

    Its on!!!!

    I'll be on the January 6 day in PV. A couple things first - 10 days on the Vagabond leaving Friday and a week in Nuevo Vallarta in December.
  385. Warlord

    Accurate Reels - 665H Single and Two Speed and Penn 16S

    Not sure why they don't load. I'll put them somewhere else. In the meantime if you PM, I'll text them. The Accurate have 80# solid, I believe. The 16S has hollow that's stepped from 80 to a short length of 130.
  386. Warlord

    Accurate Reels - 665H Single and Two Speed and Penn 16S

    i have a 665H Magnum single speed $250and a 665H two speed $325. Both reel are clean with a few light scratches. They're filled with spectra and have been serviced recently and not used since. Both reels for $550. IMG_0099 by Warlord posted Oct 12, 2017 at 2:28 PM IMG_0101 by Warlord posted...
  387. Warlord

    Passport Paranoia?

    The passport card is OK for shorter trips but should you have a medical emergency on a long trip and need to get flown home, you may experience some difficulties.
  388. Warlord

    Royal Star 15/12 or Intrepid 16

    I've held off commenting on this post. I've never ridden the Intrepid but I do have experience with the Star. I chose a fly down/fly back trip as I really hate the ride back. I will probably never ride that boat again with the current staff. Except for Blake, the deck crew was top notch...
  389. Warlord

    Christmas 5 Day

    The RRIII does have permits for 'Lupe but the prospects for catching fish would need to justify the cost of the permits. Costs are $150 per person which is OK if you can catch something.
  390. Warlord

    PV on the RRIII

    Welcome aboard, Brian. I talked with the office and Maria was able to talk with the captain. He said there would be time to fish for other things. I've seen some large cubera snapper that I'd like to sample.
  391. Warlord

    PV on the RRIII

    Nice hijack Brian! LOL I have appreciated the responses. I'll be on the RRIII 1/6/'18 with my best fishing buddy and my newest friends.
  392. Warlord

    PV on the RRIII

    Thanks for the intel, guys!
  393. Warlord

    PV on the RRIII

    I'm considering doing the trip in January. I've never been on the boat before. Anything I should know good or bad? How about staterooms? I generally prefer mid-ship, away from the engine noise, and not on the main deck. Thanks, Steve
  394. Warlord

    Vagabond (7/19 - 23) Jan Ishii Charter

    The Vag only trolls one flyer and does a 15 minute rotation. I felt very fortunate to be up at the time and sort to privileged to be able to share the fish.
  395. Warlord

    Vagabond (7/19 - 23) Jan Ishii Charter

    Short Report Loaded up with sardines of mixed size and headed to backside of Clemente to try for BFT. We had a tough time locating fish and any that we found had lockjaw. After dark, we headed south to the lower area. Any fish we found didn't want anything to do with us until afternoon...
  396. Warlord


    I have a UC Wahoo and the Andros 12NSII. It's a very light combo with more than enough power.
  397. Warlord

    Excel and 5 star

    My tuna that went into a slushy bin ended up as anorexic. The bellies looked like they came off a 30# fish instead of 125+. I didn't see it until I got home. I wasn't near as disappointed as a Croation friend that I give the bellies.
  398. Warlord


    Great read so far, Joe! Sorry, I missed going with you.
  399. Warlord

    New Andros 16II-Bad Bearing?

    Okuma tends to be generous with the grease especially with the Andros series.. There is tighter clearances in high gear and excessive grease will cause a feeeling that it's dragging. Either clean some of that grease out yourself or send it to Okuma and they'll do it and they paid for shipping...
  400. Warlord

    Andros 12SNii a

    I sent mine back to Okuma. It was excess grease was what they told me.
  401. Warlord

    Intrepid is on them

    Leaving Saturday on a 9 day. Maybe a bit out of range especially with the great wahoo fishing at the Ridge and Rocks but....
  402. Warlord

    Oct 31st RR3 8 day. Anyone else on this trip?

    Looks like you'll miss Seymour and things will have settled by the tie you get south.
  403. Warlord

    Vagabond 9 day

    Fred, My brother, Bryan and I will be on that trip again this year.
  404. Warlord

    Andros 12NSIIa

    According to Okuma, the issue I had with the Andros 12SNII was excessive grease.
  405. Warlord

    Andros 12NSIIa

    Thanks to Mike and Eddie at Okuma service for helping me get this issue resolved.
  406. Warlord

    Andros 12NSIIa

    Mike and Eddie at Okuma are taking care of the issue I had with m Andros 12SNIIa. They also had me send in my Andros 12II to make sure it has the latest upgrades. When buying an Andros 12SNII, I'd spin the handle to make sure it's turning easily. You can do that in a brick and mortar store as...
  407. Warlord

    Andros 12NSIIa

    Thanks, Mike. I haven't seen the email as yet.
  408. Warlord

    First timer LR, Polaris 8 day

    Sounds like you had a good trip!
  409. Warlord

    Andros 12NSIIa

    I just received my reel that was preordered from J&H Tackle. The handle required excessive effort to turn in high gear. I called for warranty repair and got a repair order but that reel should have never been sent out in the first place. I'm a bit upset that I needed to send it in and pay the...
  410. Warlord

    Andros 12NSIIa

    Just received mine! It does feel a bit stiff in high gear. After playing with it for a bit, it seems to "break in" and get smoother. Initially, I thought it was too stiff to be grinding for 'Hoo for any length of time. I'll give it a go before I give up on it.
  411. Warlord

    Andros 12NSIIa

    You may be able to get one from J & H and expedite shipping.
  412. Warlord

    Andros 12NSIIa

    J & H Tackle emailed a response to the status of the Andros 12NSIIa. They said they'd contacted Okuma and were told they would be shipping this week.
  413. Warlord

    Indy 9/3 - 9/10 short report

    The storm season has gotten later in the last few years. It usually ended in September. But now it can go into mid October. We switched our Alijos/Ridge trip to late October/early November. I hate storms!
  414. Warlord

    Andros 12NSIIa

    Is there any updates on when this is going to ship? Looking forward to getting this reel.
  415. Warlord

    The soda has popped

    Heal up soon!
  416. Warlord

    Okuma Andros 12SIIA 2 speed

    Thanks Hyun! Great reel and a a standup great seller. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with this guy again.
  417. Warlord

    Andros 12S Gears

    Will the 12S gears fit in the 12 and if so are they available for purchase?
  418. Warlord

    Royal Polaris

    'Lupe is a full day's travel to the North end of the island.
  419. Warlord

    Joe, Didn't the Maimus sink? I heard he bought the Constitution. I might be able to make that...

    Joe, Didn't the Maimus sink? I heard he bought the Constitution. I might be able to make that time work. We could get a place for my brother and I and the wives in Nuevo Vallarta. The boats leave from there.
  420. Warlord

    Reel Recommendation for uc invictus

    I'll be fishing mine with a Talica 50.
  421. Warlord

    Talica 50

    Getting a UC Invictus wrapped for this reel. How have you set up yours with spectra and top shot?
  422. Warlord

    Real Slow (as in slow slow)

    Seems back up to speed.
  423. Warlord

    Heavy Rod Question

    I used my UC Viper with my Mak 20 and found it to be a sweet combo. I'm going to have a Invictus built for my Talica 50.
  424. Warlord

    Showtime on the Star

    Nice write up Loreto! I could have stayed home and almost had the same experience. For those who've never fished with Joe, he's a great guy with whom to share a rail. I look forward to fishing with him in the future.
  425. Warlord

    Talica 50 II

    Thanks Nathan! Great seller folks!
  426. Warlord

    Showtime on the Star

    Help us Obi Wan. You're our only hope. I have to say that I would welcome this gentleman on any trip ever! Unfortunately, even a Jedi master couldn't save us from our fate.
  427. Warlord

    Talica 50 II

    PM sent
  428. Warlord

    Royal Star Fly Down/Fly Back April 17/11 Day

    Looking forward to reading your report Picasso! I'm sure I'll have some comments!
  429. Warlord

    Royal Star Fly Down/Fly Back April 17/11 Day

    SWMBO = "she who must be obeyed" for those that aren't in the know. H. Rider Haggard was unknown to me until I Googled it!
  430. Warlord

    Bob Sands Tackle/R.P. 15 Day leaving 4-23-16

    The Royal Star left today and will be picking up me and my fellow tanglers on the 19th. That's five boats! I hope we can provide some intel on where and what's working!
  431. Warlord

    Bob Sands Tackle/R.P. 15 Day leaving 4-23-16

    I'll be putting my gear on the RS tomorrow at 6:00 AM. By flying down to meet the boat on Tuesday, I have 3 sleepless nights to figure out what I forgot! :eek: Safe travels and good fishing to all those on the RP, Excel, and of course the Royal Star.
  432. Warlord

    What to know about the Royal Star

    Sorry for the semi hijack! I"ll be on the trip with you Joe. I'm still packing stuff so I can load it on the boat tomorrow morning. Steve
  433. Warlord

    Bob Sands Tackle/R.P. 15 Day leaving 4-23-16

    Best of fishing to the Bob Sands group! I'll be on the Royal Star and we'll all swap lies at the shop when you get back. Let's hope the toothy critters leave us alone enough to tag a few nice ones.
  434. Warlord

    What trips are you taking in 2016?

    Royal Star fly down and back 4/19-30 Vagabond 3 day July 20 Vagabond 9 day Oct 29
  435. Warlord

    Selecting the right jig or artificial

    Not having inventory is one thing. But I've gotten three abandon cart emails for an out of stock item.
  436. Warlord

    Selecting the right jig or artificial

    None of the OTI Jagers are in stock.
  437. Warlord

    Royal Star Fly Down/Fly Back April 17/11 Day

    Just booked this after getting the OK from SWMBO. Anyone else going? Anyone want to hook up to drive down on the 16th to load gear for the departure? I'm in the SFV. Looks like it'll be 3 weeks without much sleep!
  438. Warlord

    Reel for Black Hole 801H

    I picked up the blank at FHS and am trying to decide on the reel. This will be an 80# combo using knife jigs for tuna and whatever. The reel should have the capacity to land a cow (might need a touch of luck and skill). What's the consensus - Talica 16, Makaira, Penn 12VSX, HX Raptor?
  439. Warlord

    Too Good To Be True

    Anyone know anything about this site? Their prices are unbelievably low. I can't think anything other than scam!
  440. Warlord


    Your asking about a item that was listed 6 years ago?
  441. Warlord

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    Would you happen to know how long their top shots were? Skipper recommended 100 yards. My brother's was that long to a doubled 100# leader. He got the 283#.
  442. Warlord

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    In early November at the Potato, the skipper said that a long top shop to 100# mono was the preferred setup. Spectra doesn't sink like mono and you're not in the chunk line is what he said. The 2 fish that were caught - a 303 and 283 used this type of setup. Both were caught at almost the end...
  443. Warlord

    Long range fishing out of San Diego for a relative newbie

    While there's no doubt the X is a top tier boat, there are other smaller boats that come in a bit less expensive and would give you a great experience. The American Angler, Vagabond, Royal Star, and others would be a great start in your length of trip. I really like the Vagabond for their...
  444. Warlord

    Footwear recommendations

    Cabela's Guidewear - like a tennis shoe but quicker drying. They're very comfortable for me. They're not hot like wearing boots mesh uppers and drain well if you get hosed.
  445. Warlord

    How many rigs do you bring?

    The number of rigs I bring is also a time of year thing. For early season 8-10 day trips, I might not bring anything heavier than 80#. The shorter range trips in May and June, I'd go lighter on my 50# setups as 'Hoo won't be a likely target (they skew my gear selection big time). I don't go...
  446. Warlord

    Lower Banks 2015 - Get Down Here!

    On the recent Vagabond trip, the big fish were on chunks. We had a very tough bite as the wind and current made things difficult.
  447. Warlord

    Vagabond 10/31 - 11/9 Mike pulls it out at the end!

    Saturday After the usual gear loading and sign ins, the boat left at 10:00 am to get bait. Bait was a good mix of 'dines and macs. Crew was Mike, Gordon, Dave, Kyle, Justin, and John. At the meeting Mike said we're headed straight to the rocks. No boat had been there for 4 or 5 days. Some...
  448. Warlord

    Reels Who likes what best?

    Here's a tip: Find someone fishing an outfit that you may be curious about, complement him profusely on the wisdom of his selection, tell him that you've been looking very hard at that exact same setup, go over the specs and buy him a beer. He'll likely offer to let you try it.
  449. Warlord

    Too Many set ups for Lupe.

    I was planning on paring down my arsenal for my departure Saturday but... With the AA and the Indy catching bigger fish, I'll bring a 30#, 5 40#'s, 5 50#'s, 60#, and an 80/100# setup. And maybe a bass outfit. All a mix of old school and new school stuff. I have a dedicated popper outfit and...
  450. Warlord

    Need some help spooling a exw30

    I agree with 100lb hollow line, but if you're using it mainly for trolling a 25-fot wind-on isn't the way to go. I prefer 50 yards minimum, 100 yards is better. In case lines cross, tangle, or someone else hooks up and burns you off, you lose cheap mono, not expensive spectra. Have a couple...
  451. Warlord

    Wahoo at Cedros?

  452. Warlord

    Wahoo at Cedros?

    RR3 posted some pics of jig strike 'Hoo.
  453. Warlord

    Newbie needs help on one reel for 10 day

    Call the boat you're interested in fishing and ask them - especially about the rods available. Definitely take the TN 30 and the TLD. For you October trip purchases, I'd recommend getting the Penn Fathoms - a 25 and a 40N both 2 speeds. You can get both online for under $500 total and then...
  454. Warlord

    FOR SALE: Penn Fathom FTH60LD2 BNIB

    You'd probably get more for it on E-Bay. You're selling it for below what they're asking for the single speed.
  455. Warlord

    Decent setup

    Your friend would be better off renting gear at the landing than buying something he'd end up not using in short order.
  456. Warlord

    40# reel Penn Fathom 25nld 2 speed what else?

    Not sure I'd go that far, Jon as there's the Torque! But a lot of bang for the buck!
  457. Warlord

    40# reel Penn Fathom 25nld 2 speed what else?

    You can get the 25N 2 speed for as low as $225 with free shipping It's a great 40# reel for the money!
  458. Warlord

    Advice on Long Range Trip

    My only reservation about September and early October trips is that's Chubasco season. (I've been in a few and now go late October - early November. With the warm water, I'll bet we'll see hurricanes until November.) The 10 day trips before the end of October are great but after November...
  459. Warlord

    LR boats need to be fishing North of San Diego right now

    The Vagabond just finished a 4 day in US waters. It was a plunker for a good grade. The YT were in the lightening area during the time they had scheduled to go there.
  460. Warlord

    Fathom 40N II

    If I wanted to pay list price, I'd go to the local brick and mortar!
  461. Warlord

    Fathom 40N II

    So, PBS is out of stock! Shark River says they have stock but after my customer experience, I'd rather deal elsewhere. I'll be waiting for PBS to say when they expect to be able to fill back orders.
  462. Warlord

    Fathom 40N II

    Thanks, pretty much the same price as Shark River! We'll see how their order processing goes. At SRMO, you needed to place the order to find out if it's in stock. SMH
  463. Warlord

    Fathom 40N II

    Anyone know if Shark River received their shipment?
  464. Warlord

    The Real Sea Adventure 80

    There are people in the Mexican government that read every forum. Comments like these make it difficult for the industry to overcome the notion that we're raping their resources.
  465. Warlord

    Favorite time of the year and length of trip

    I prefer the 8-10 day trips after mid-October to mid-November. I've had trips adjusted due to hurricanes too many times going earlier. And I really don't like using up the trip days driving to cow town and back.
  466. Warlord

    2 speed or single speed

    300 yards of 65# is plenty for YT and 'Hoo. Neither one will take very long runs on 50#.
  467. Warlord


    I'd say that the probability of it being blueprinted are very high. The price is very good and if I wasn't overloaded with 40 -50# reels, I'd add it to mix.
  468. Warlord

    WTB : Penn Fathom 2spd - Model # FTH25NLD2

    Fish n Fools in Granada Hills had them a few days ago. I'm sure you've found they're back ordered everywhere and could be 90 days out.
  469. Warlord

    Guadalupe Rigs & Conditions

    With one exception, you can pretty much discount the possibility of 'Hoo in June at the "Lupe. Prepare for a long soak with 40 and 50# and the usual gear for yoyo and dropper loop for yellows.
  470. Warlord

    ***PENN- Fathom FTH40NLD/ 2 Speed***

    Hey ripped! I'd like to know where I can pick up that reel for $220. Please PM me a link. I'll be ever so grateful!
  471. Warlord

    8 Day Quiver

    On my late summer early fall trip, I'll have 3 50#'s and at least 2 bait 40# rigs. Actually, I bring 4 40's including a 10' Ulua jig rod and a popper outfit. I like having 2 rods rigged with a bomb and a raider if we stop at the Rocks. I have 60# and 80# gear but they really don't see much...
  472. Warlord

    Planning to go on Long Range boats once again

    X4 on the boat gear. Definitely go with that for the larger stuff because you won't be using it that often. For a typical 8-10 day trip, your most used outfit will be a 40# outfit. The Penn Fathom 25N LD 2 speed is a nice little reel that would fill that need and it's at a very nice price...
  473. Warlord

    How about wahoo trolling

    I lost over 15 hooks in one day there to 'hoo. If you wired up, you got a smaller YFT that did a number on your leader. No one on the boat was able to entice a 'hoo to bite a wired 'dine! It didn't take long for me to get real tired of losing $1 hooks! I saw Mike Lackey get 'hooed just as...
  474. Warlord

    Small reels vs big Reels

    I'll echo the sentiment here. The boats' loaner or rental gear is sufficient until you go long on a regular basis. Don't base your purchases on the remote chance of getting into big fish. Sure, bigger BFT were local in the last couple years and Bigeye were around in the past but watch the...
  475. Warlord

    Rod sling

    I had rotator cuff tendonitis in both shoulders one 10 day trip and hauling around a 50 or even a 30 was painful and I wished I had a strap then. Resting your outfit on the rail only goes so far. I've bought the Izorline strap and haven't had much opprtunity to use it but it's reassuring it's...
  476. Warlord

    For Sale or Trade: Phenix Hybrid 869XH Factory w/custom Reel Seat

    It is a great rod. I've had a bit of fun with my other one and it's set up deckhand style. It's set up to fish poppers with a Tranx and Mike Lackey grabs it sometimes before I can. But that's ok!
  477. Warlord

    For Sale or Trade: Phenix Hybrid 869XH Factory w/custom Reel Seat

    Thanks, Alain! It was a pleasure meeting you! Just want to give Winstondry kudos. He went well out of his way to meet me and make this sale even after he was pm'ed numerous times by BD'ers trying to snake me after he had agreed to sell it and posted that it was tentatively sold. I even...
  478. Warlord

    For Sale or Trade: Phenix Hybrid 869XH Factory w/custom Reel Seat

    I'd give you your price if we could meet up somewhere in the middle.
  479. Warlord

    Penn 40N LD for a jig rod

    I use a long top shot of 40# with spectra underneath. I have the 113N but was looking at using a 2 speed in the event something big decided to satisfy an iron deficiency in its diet. And yes I have hands big enough to handle a 4/0 sized reel. I looked a a Fathom 25N and it seemed too small...
  480. Warlord

    Penn 40N LD for a jig rod

    I like star drag reels for surface iron but what's the opinion on a Penn 40NLD as a reel for surface iron. I'd be using it on an Super Seeker 10' Ulua. Would I loose much distance on the cast?
  481. Warlord

    Mak or Talica 10

    I'm looking for a 40# "small fish" type reel that can handle a decent fish that might come by. I want a light outfit that could keep me from getting "schooled". I have heavier stuff (like a Accurate 665H) for fishing better grade fish on 40# but I'm looking for "light" outfit I can fish...
  482. Warlord

    Guadalupe Permits

    I spoke with a captain very familiar with the scene. There has always been only one real issue and that is that there's never been an EIR that deals with the San Diego fleet. Private boats were subject to different rules. The reporting in Ensenada is really a non-issue as things were...
  483. Warlord


    Dorado on a popper = bad idea! They bite it well enough and they're not as likely to throw your popper back at you like they do with iron but they flop violently on the deck for a long time before a crewman is able to club them and retrieve your popper. They're bouncing around with some...
  484. Warlord

    Whatever happened to Capt. Jim Slivkoff from AA???

    The money for tug captains depends on what tugs you're captain of. If you're guiding container or cruise ships, the money is very good. If you're towing garbage floats and small barges, not so much!
  485. Warlord

    Video of wahoo striking Maurader

    I can just getting sawed off by someone on a 12# dodo. Camera and $50 marauder gone! Ouch!
  486. Warlord

    RR3 12/13-12/23 10 Day Thoughts

    Cancelling was the correct decision if your goal was primarily catching a cow. Historically, the odds of getting one on a ten day aren't that good and going longer increases the chances. Given recent reports, cows have been rather scarce. Yea, a few on each trip but far from one around...
  487. Warlord

    So, with the price of gas/diesel going down.....

    The fuel surcharges were put into place to avoid the landing and bait operation from taking a percentage. If the operators rolled the increase into the ticket price, then the increase in ticket price would need to be about twice the surcharge.
  488. Warlord

    Izorline Platinum Any One Use It?

    I have a spool of 50# and I agree, it's too stiff for my liking. It is OK for bombs and yoyo iron and it holds up well for that. For bait fishing, I want something a bit more supple.
  489. Warlord

    Captain Jimmy Bombs Wahoo Jigs

    Should have asked Jon! I found the green and yellow color was working well for me until a shark decided it looked too tasty to pass up. The one with the darker green head worked for a weehoo but was released with the fish by the deckie. Oops, no more green Cap'n Jimmy's! I'll have a bigger...
  490. Warlord

    Vagabond November 1-10

    Ron, I don't remember you being active on the roll call discussion. Jon (Scold) and I made an effort to find our BD buddies! And Fishy, the catching wasn't that tough if you don't count bigger tuna! It was actually the best 'Hoo fishing I've experienced but that's not really saying much as...
  491. Warlord

    Vagabond November 1-10

    This will be a relatively short post and I didn't take any pics! The boat had been at the dock for a couple days so we were able to get a fairly early start to the bait receivers. Bait was all very healthy medium size sardines. Crew was Mike, Gordon, Dave, Ryan, John and Craig and Elbow in...
  492. Warlord

    Who is eligible for jackpots?

    The Vagabond's normal jackpot is $30/ and it's paid to three places. That's not near enough money to get excited about. I'm glad Mike keeps it low. SO. it doesn't matter who's in! I didn't even think about the JP while fishing as it's just luck. I got 3rd for $102. I took $20 for a...
  493. Warlord

    Roll Call: Vagabond Phenix 9 Day, Nov 1st.

    No WIFI on the Vag. Looks like another sleepless night. See you all on the dock early tomorrow.
  494. Warlord

    Right Place, Right Time

    I think you meant 'If you substituted "if" to "I hope" '. I don't share your bovine fever. I really don't like spending all the time traveling to trophy fish. If those fish were my target, I'd go on a longer trip! Having "been there, done that!", I choose trips that petty much preclude that run.
  495. Warlord

    Right Place, Right Time

    I'm leaving Saturday for 9 days on the Vag. I'd like to see that grade of fish if we don't have to spend all our time traveling!
  496. Warlord

    JRI 8 day on the Vagabond is done.

    Recognized a few of the guys from previous trips. Glad you guys had a great trip!
  497. Warlord

    Roll Call: Vagabond Phenix 9 Day, Nov 1st.

    My brother and I are on! I'd like to get into something better than the schoolies that I've been seeing in the reports for the ridge. But four days down and four days back is way too much travel for a one day maybe shot at cows! Conditions can change way too fast on that gamble for me.
  498. Warlord

    Oahu King Charter-stay away

    Being a service provider, we always try to set the expectations to avoid misunderstandings. As someone chartering, you should have set your expectations otherwise the boat will do its normal routine. We charted a boat in Haleiwa last week for our first time. We normally do long range out of...
  499. Warlord

    Vagabond Sportfishing experience and opinions please

    My brother and I are looking forward to this trip. We've been fishing the October 8 day but DW thinks there's something special about celebrating being stuck with me for 20 years and wanted to go to Hawaii on the anniversary. And next year she says she wants to do a balloon thing in New Mexico...
  500. Warlord

    Nov 1st 9 day Vagabond Trip

    My brother and I are also on this one. We had to move from the October 8 day. For some reason DW thinks there's something special about being married for 20 years and wouldn't let me ride on our anniversary this year. Looking forward to a good time and hopefully good catching
  501. Warlord

    First Time LR - Advice

    As someone earlier suggested, you can buy most of this on the boat. For a 1st timer, the difference between what you pay on board and the Internet specials is more than compensated by the cost of buying what you won't use. You're out to have fun. Things happen! Don't let stuff you can't...
  502. Warlord

    Good signs down below

    Further translation: We suffered heavy losses due to most of our tanglers going out too light!
  503. Warlord

    Vagabond October 12 - 20th

    They were having a good time!
  504. Warlord

    Vagabond October 12 - 20th

    Mike got a lot of help on where fish weren't from "Riddler", "Hot Dog", and the other skippers. It sounded like they drew straws on where each would fish and we came out winners. A couple of very nice stops for YFT and then one for Dorado made our counts on those. Otherwise, we may not have...
  505. Warlord

    Vagabond October 12 - 20th

    The boat had been on the beach the previous week. So, we were able to leave Saturday shortly after loading anglers and the final stores. We stopped at the receivers to load up very large sardines mixed with macs. The bait was fairly fragile as we'd find out later in the afternoon. After a...
  506. Warlord


    Great talking with you Jamie (he was great enough to give me the inside sheet prior to my trip departing on Saturday). I'll still look forward to reading your wrap up even if it's after my return.
  507. Warlord


    I enjoyed you on the water reports. Looking forward to the wrap up report. I'm leaving on the Vagabond Saturday.
  508. Warlord


    Hope you got your dates right as their schedule says 11th-19th. I'll be with Mike Lackey chasing you guys down! Oh, your wahoo box looks a tad light. Good Luck, it looks to be great timing!
  509. Warlord

    Wahoo live bait rig question

    Best about 12 -18 inches of single strand. Mono to ring and use the haywire twist to make the connections to the ring and hook. Of course you can try straight mono or flouro to Owners and watch $1.00 hooks disappear. These are one fish one bite rigs so you'll want to have plenty on hand.
  510. Warlord

    Wahoo Stick...Which one?

    I just had an 869XH built there at Bob Sands to use with my Tranx. Looking forward to giving it a workout in two weeks.
  511. Warlord

    Wahoo Stick...Which one?

    Jamie, You didn't say what rod he bought. Was it the 760XH? I have an old school 528 Lamiglass that works pretty well! And a 7950 Shikari
  512. Warlord

    Calstar 850m

    Nice meeting you!
  513. Warlord

    Calstar 850m

    If we can meet up anywhere in the SFV, I'll pay your price.
  514. Warlord

    Whats your average haul? Trying to get an idea on what to expect for processing

    Tim, You weren't very clear in your original post. You could have said that it was your son's and your limit of fish. But you didn't say that! Still, there's not much point in killing a bunch of fish just to give them away! I won't kill fish for a picture again! But you can go ahead if it...
  515. Warlord

    Whats your average haul? Trying to get an idea on what to expect for processing

    According to my limited knowledge: Mexican limits are up to ten fish daily with a max of 5 in one species. Three daily limits total. Dorado daily limit is 2 and will reduce your total to 7 fish max for the day. I generally won't keep a Dorado unless it's the last couple days. Smaller ones...
  516. Warlord

    Whats your average haul? Trying to get an idea on what to expect for processing

    You might consider working backwards. How much fish can you handle? And what species? I personally don't keep many yellowtail and about 50 pounds of fillets net is plenty for me. That's maybe 120 pounds in the round. Some tuna may get traded for cans. I'll get some smoked. I have some...
  517. Warlord

    Avet HX 6/3 topshot

    That 670 might be a bit light to fish 50-60#.
  518. Warlord

    bnib shimano tranx 500hg

    Thanks, Hoss. FYI, Hoss was a pleasure to deal with. Genuine nice guy!
  519. Warlord

    Accurate BX2-800N filled w spectra

    If it's a 600N and you just mis-typed I'm interested. When can I arranged PU?
  520. Warlord

    Super Seeker D8

    I'm interested in buying and live local. Sending meetup info in PM.
  521. Warlord

    Chovy on light line

    I had a Squidder 145 and 146 with Sabre 195's and 196's and boated plenty in the Ol' Days. Haven't seen much need to update the Penn 525 and the Shimano 700S. One more thing if you're casting into the wind , you're starting on the wrong side of the boat. They throw chum to the "off" corner...
  522. Warlord

    Red Cup Navy 10/31-11/10 on the r/p

    Nice work on the JP, Tim. Glad to see you guys had a good trip. Maybe we'll hook up on another trip sometime. Steve
  523. Warlord

    Passport Cards

    Although I have mine, I think I'd rather not try and explain why this this card is good for international land and sea travel between the US and Mexico. See it says so right here on the back of the card! When I leave Saturday on the Vagabond, I'll have my book.
  524. Warlord

    shimano and accurate

    Nice doing business with you again. Steve
  525. Warlord

    Where do long rods go at bow of Royal Polaris

    Rode the boat last year. On the bow you can angle the rods under the overhang. I didn't have any issues with my ulua.
  526. Warlord

    How do I decide on which wind ons to buy?

    For trolling, you want a long top shot. It keeps your spectra out of the diesel soot. IMHO, there's not a real need for a wind-on leader if your trolling and dropper fishing. Do whatever connection you know (or learn one!) and make a long mono leader. If it gets trashed over a 5 day trip...
  527. Warlord

    New Skinny Bombs

    Are they going to be in stock at Bob Sands next week?
  528. Warlord

    8 Day Shogun trip Departing Oct. 3

    I don't book 8 day trips to go to 'Lupe! It's an awesome place to fish but unless there's some really good reason to skip the Ridge and Rocks ...
  529. Warlord

    Searcher 6-Day Report

    Nice work!
  530. Warlord

    shimano and accurate

    What kind of deal for the jaws rod and the Trini? You can PM me if you'd like!
  531. Warlord

    Vagabond Reviews

    Mike runs a very customer service oriented operation. He is one of the finest fisherman running a boat and can put you on fish. The boat is a second tier boat but it's clean and well kept. The food is not gourmet but it's well done. I don't hesitate a bit to book trips on the Vag!
  532. Warlord

    If you live in LA or North of LA and have a

    There are certainly more direct routes around the closure than going out the 15. I'd think the 5 to 57 and west on the 210 will get you around this without too much trouble.
  533. Warlord

    Intrepid Rail Height?

    I believe the USCG requirement for passenger vessels is 42" miniimum. I don't think the CG is at all flexible on this.
  534. Warlord

    Long Range Mentors

    Manny Silva - Mascot 4 Bobby Fletcher - Cat Special Jim Slivkoff - AA John Collins - AA Mike Lackey - Vagabond
  535. Warlord

    intrepid strands all of us at the dock

    I can appreciate your disappointment at being left at the dock. Having been in boat maintenance for almost 30 years, I can tell you that the crew undoubtedly did everything they could to sail safely. The timing over the holiday perhaps contributed to their inability to effect repairs. I'm...
  536. Warlord

    Fishing Line Information

    It may be cheaper to unload those reels on ebay and pick up something of the buy and sell board. Lots of good deals there. If it's just a bucket list item and you're not planning to repeat these trips year after year, use the boats rental or loaner gear. That's the least expensive way to go.
  537. Warlord

    Looking to start LR fishing

    Ten days is a long time on a boat. Before you decide to get on a 10+ day trip, you'd better know that you really enjoy being on a boat. Every boat has its stories of anglers wanting to get off way before the end of the trip.
  538. Warlord

    R/P Red cup Navy 11/1-11-11

    Nice fish John! Maybe you and Tim should use your fish pics as avatars. Your tuna is a bit more impressive than the 'hoo. And Tim's tuna surfing is a classic! Being on the water, I tend to moderate my drinking. Nothing worse for me than a hangover at sea.
  539. Warlord

    R/P Red cup Navy 11/1-11-11

    Great fishin' with you, JL, and all the RCN guys.
  540. Warlord

    40-50lbs yoyo reel suggestions?

    Shimano TN40N is a great choice for a single speed. I'm using the TN40 with no complaints - I've got large hands with long fingers.
  541. Warlord

    RP 11/1-11 Report - Mooooooo

    Crew: Billy, Cole, D., Kenny, and Evan with James and Brent in the Galley. I didn't take a lot of pictures and must have given poor instructions because some of the ones I asked couldn't figure out the camera. I'll try to insert a couple later. D. puts up a lot on the RP's site so if you...
  542. Warlord


    There's a huge difference between a September 6 day and a late October 10 day. A September 6 day gets two days at the Rocks and a 60# bait outfit is max with 40 and 50# being your go to gear. A 100+ is not uncommon but you're fishing the 50-80# class with lots of pesty 25-40# schoolies...
  543. Warlord

    Vagabond 9day

    Wanted to do that trip with Mike but he was full. Had to settle for the RP on the 1st. Enjoy and wave when we pass! Steve
  544. Warlord

    The red headed step child found them

    The RP now has 6 or less as I signed on yesterday after talking with Frank.
  545. Warlord

    Penn 10kg and 4/0 YTS

    No longer in use: Penn 10 kg 2-speed condition 7.5/10 and mechanically sound. $120 Penn 4/0 YTS Accurate gears, frame and clamp. Spectra w/ 75 yd 50# topshot mono. $60. Steve In the SFV for local PU.
  546. Warlord

    Boss Magnum 665 HXM 6:1

    I'll take it. Local and can pickup.
  547. Warlord

    tuna poppers ???

    Who doesn't have a fish? LOL That's what the pros do!