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  1. swami 805

    Ever run into these out there

    Nice to get your kid in the mix, I bet he likes driving as much as fishing. Great way to cut down on screen time
  2. swami 805

    Ever run into these out there

    I’m in Santa Barbara, in the 90’s we had some good salmon fishing and there was a guy “inflatable Dave” I think. He had a 12-14’ inflatable with a tiller outboard and 2 downriggers and was pretty hardcore. He fished in absolute shit weather, good weather didn’t matter. Dude was pretty much a...
  3. swami 805

    On the water report. Rodgers 16 day trip.

    Hope you have a great trip! Thanks for taking the time to post for us poor sots who aren’t fishing
  4. swami 805

    Electronic Rat Zappers Are Clean & Effective!

    Bait the traps but don’t set them. Let them get used to eating out of them for a couple of nights. Your success rate will greatly improve
  5. swami 805

    Sportboat suggestions from San Diego to Santa Barbara

    Lots of options for seabass at the Channel Islands, watch the counts. We had a good trip on the endeavor last July And don’t rule out the day boats out of there, the aloha spirit is fishy, if there’s seabass around he’ll find them
  6. swami 805

    Anyone ever fish 🎣 White Sea Bass ?

    They’ll eat fin bait too, don’t think you have to find squid nests. The islands can be good but don’t overlook the coast. I’ve got some good ones calico bass fishing kelp beds. They are where you find them. My last trip of the season last year we got 13 fishing anchovies. Skipper got 2 on 100lb...
  7. swami 805

    Sportboat suggestions from San Diego to Santa Barbara

    If it was me I’d do a 10 day in early summer. With all the driving and logistics costs it would pencil out to not that much more money and almost guarantee some phenomenal fishing
  8. swami 805

    Sinker rig vs jig

    I think why is because you can. Be nice to fish a live bait on 200lb but it will cut down on the number of bites you get With a jig it’s a reaction bite, nothing natural about it
  9. swami 805

    Shimano Vanford 2000 or 2500 to pair with St Croix Avid 7' ML

    I’d think a 2000 would work, enough capacity, about 20% lighter Still only an ounce difference so almost a toss up
  10. swami 805

    Shimano Vanford 2000 or 2500 to pair with St Croix Avid 7' ML

    Depends on what size line you’re going to use. More about capacity than drag numbers. I have a 4000 I use for 10-12 mono. Super light and smooth reel
  11. swami 805

    Ventura Charter Boat Recommendation for Spring WSB

    Endeavor for over night. aloha spirit for a day trip,
  12. swami 805

    Surface irons vs yo yo irons

    Surface iron, go buy a 10’ fat butt ulua and slap a Trinidad 20a full of 40lb on it. Buy a nice assortment or jri surface irons. Go fishing Yoyo, 6480h or hx with a penn fathom 40n( 2 speed or star drag). Fill it with 80lb braid and top shot of your choice. Grab an assortment of JRI yo-yo...
  13. swami 805

    Does anybody know Paddler 13? His account has been hacked.

    Thanks for the heads up, I changed my password, hope I can remember it
  14. swami 805

    Shimano tranX 400 or Daiwa Lexa 400

    The gold Trinidads use pretty standard bearings,easy to find online, smooth drag has them. A few parts are hard to find but normal ware parts aren’t. Manufacturers don’t work on them anymore but still plenty of reel service guys do
  15. swami 805


    The custom power wrapper has a thread carriage that uses magnets and paper discs. I bought one several years ago and tried it. I didn’t like it at all for what that’s worth. Hope the OP has a better result than me
  16. swami 805

    Dana Harbor - Fish Report 1/16/23

    Ronckys, also known as butter bass to the unseasoned sportsman
  17. swami 805

    What’s on the menu tonight?

    Making a batch of shrimp fried rice
  18. swami 805

    Yield % when cutting fish???

    Skinned fillets is 25-40% depending on the fish, less in some cases. There isn’t 50% meat on a fish, maybe a bill fish.
  19. swami 805

    The EXCEL

    It was originally planned to be made of aluminum, they did the hull and were over budget so they made the house out of steel, so it rides a little low. That’s what I remember anyway Nice roomy boat
  20. swami 805

    Braid or mono for surface iron reel?

    I have a gold Trinidad 16, 40lb is a little too thick , I use tournament ande 30lb, it’s thinner than regular 30 but breaks right at 30lb. It casts really nice and ties a nice not. You’d be better off with a 20 if you can swing it
  21. swami 805

    Shipping rods

    As long as it’s 7-10” or less it’s not too bad, over that it’s crazy
  22. swami 805

    Lake Cachuma rising 1ft per hour. May spill over dam by Saturday

    I pretty sure Gibraltar and Jameson are both spilling over
  23. swami 805

    Guadalupe island officially Closed Today

    I remember back in the day trading with the pangeros for lobsters. Beer and porn were the currency. Sucks they closed it but not surprising
  24. swami 805

    Surface iron casting distance

    Being higher on the bow of a boat instead of flat ground will give you more distance too
  25. swami 805

    Surface iron casting distance

    A big part of the equation is spotting sign of fish and which way they’re heading. If you can throw 150’ accurately you’ll be in the game. Of course distance helps, but you’ll need to pick your spots A longer rod would help too, better distance with less effort Another thing to practice is...
  26. swami 805

    Goodwill Find Kencor 610 80S

    Decent reel too
  27. swami 805

    100lb surface iron reel.

    Rainshadow makes tuna popper blanks, the “H” model feels like a legit 100lb rod. I haven’t built it but it’s stout
  28. swami 805

    heavy reel 7day

    My guess on a 7 day you won’t spend much time fishing bluefin if they want a shot on the rocks and ridge. Just not enough time with the travel time south. You never really know but I wouldn’t invest in a bunch of high end heavy gear thinking that’s in the cards. The boat has serviceable loaner...
  29. swami 805

    CRB Power Wrapper Gen 2

    Does alps use the same track as the CPW machine? I’m thinking of getting a new thread carriage, I’m used to the CPW carriage but I could use an up grade
  30. swami 805

    Ultimate surface iron reel

    Trinidad 20 or Newell 332
  31. swami 805

    SX bearing upgrade

    Spool bearings pull the shields off and i clean them with carburetor cleaner a few drops of tsi321 and back in they go. They others get packed with grease. If you’re going thru that many bearings something ain’t right
  32. swami 805

    Epoxy cracking

    Thanks! Th hat would be good for those tiny single foot guides
  33. swami 805

    Epoxy cracking

    What’s magic tape?
  34. swami 805

    Menthol cigarettes

    Terrinton, I’d rather fight than switch I smoked old golds back in the day
  35. swami 805

    WTB colored Newell Reels

    Getting crazy money now and harder to find Highest gear ratio on a 600 is 4.2-1
  36. swami 805

    Jig Slingers meet up

    West coast guys have of sense of style, the smooth arc of the rod as it’s rolled over 45* to watch the line as it spins off the spool flowing strait thru the guides. Coffee grinder smoffee grinder
  37. swami 805

    CRB Power Wrapper Gen 2

    Thanks, I’m not on Facebook. They have two in the catalog, I got the cheap one since it said the other one was for the reversible motor and mine doesn’t reverse. I guess I’ll order that one
  38. swami 805

    CRB Power Wrapper Gen 2

    The foot pedal on my cpw is old and almost dead. The only way it works is if I hold it upside down and squeeze it with my hand ( there’s a joke in there somewhere). I bought a new one from angler’s workshop but it doesn’t have variable speed and seems cheap and crappy. I also have a daton motor...
  39. swami 805


    Sounds like he’s going to be ok. If it was the old NFL they would have jumped his heart with a car battery, sat him down for a series, give him a handful of painkillers and let him finish the game
  40. swami 805

    Bay / Harbor Capitola Wharf

    I heard the cement ship and the little pier are gone. That would suck
  41. swami 805

    WTB: Looking for a Calstar 765H or XH ~no roller guides~

    Good evening. I have a calstar 7465H I built as a rail rod. Fuji sic turbo guides with an alps tip top, no rollers. 15” rear grip 16” for grip. I built it in 05 when tall fishing was taking off. It caught a few fish at HB and the lower banks. If interested I can send pictures 7465h is a765h...
  42. swami 805

    Ultimate yo-yo reel

    Hard to beat that Baja special, doesn’t cost a fortune either
  43. swami 805

    280 Lower Stuck Bolts

    Kroil is good stuff, also a 50/50 mix of transmission fluid and acetone. Heating it should help too. Take you time and give it a chance to work
  44. swami 805

    Offshore Outstanding Fishing Threads - 2022

    It’s a fucking fish report, who cares if it doesn’t meet some assholes standard of truthfulness. Give the poor sot his moment and move along. There could also be some useful information to glean from it. I don’t post many because I semi suck at it and it’s mostly boring fishing for calico bass...
  45. swami 805

    CRB Power Wrapper Gen 2

    Seems like we always have some boogie man every few decades, it’s china now. Americans want stuff cheap so china is happy to feed it to us.
  46. swami 805

    Optimum Rod Care

    Don’t use wd40, some of it evaporates and leaves a gummy residue. I’ve used mop-n-glow before, keeps them shiny. If you need to ever repair a guide clean all that off so it doesn’t screw up the finish
  47. swami 805

    How to Blackcod/sablefish

    Santa Barbara found them in 220-250 feet off the coast. Only got them for a few days, kind of a fluke.
  48. swami 805

    Dedicated Troll Rig?

    A 6/0 should serve you well for wahoo trolling and just about anything else that might eat a wahoo plug in 8 day range down south
  49. swami 805

    Saltwater Done with Lamiglas

    have you checked out thrasher rods? Might be worth a look
  50. swami 805

    CRB Power Wrapper Gen 2

    No speed control on the pedal with a 58” cord? WTF? Doesn’t sound like a well thought out machine, maybe if it’s your first one you wouldn’t know any better so they figure they can get away with it a lot of the time Kind of what you get from a bean counter not a guy wrapping rods
  51. swami 805

    What iron to bring on a 16 day

    I had a great night bite at HB on jigs. Full speed pandemonium, nothing under 150. We were using these tady heavy kids, 45,4/0 and giant 15s. They came with good hooks too
  52. swami 805

    Inshore 12/24 report

    Mantis shrimp. Good thing they don’t get big, imagine a hundred pounder, thing would be unstoppable
  53. swami 805

    Don't want to be here right now

    Happy Christmas!!! Going to be in the 80’s today in Santa Barbara
  54. swami 805

    Winterizing big game reels

    So there’s a small gap between the spool and side plate, as the water spins off the line as you’re winding it back onto the spool some of that water will find its way inside and cause problems. Many reels have a hole in the bottom of the side plate to let the water out Most newer high end reels...
  55. swami 805

    Winterizing big game reels

    High digit reels like that I’d take the line off and clean the spool up, add a light coat of wax to protect it. If you’re handy pull them apart and clean/lubricant as necessary. If thats not in your wheelhouse send them in for service so they’re tiptop for next season
  56. swami 805

    Fathom II Level Wind Free Spool Problem

    All the level wind stuff slows it down quite a bit, some worse than others depending on how much other stuff the spool is turning
  57. swami 805

    Franco Harris

    That guy was gnarly. Who else was in the backfield with him? Rocky Blyer? Back when football was way more fun to watch RIP
  58. swami 805

    Trinidad 20A

    Be nice if they added DC models back in the lineup. Those white handles can go away too
  59. swami 805

    Trinidad 20A

    I’ve thought about getting one but I have a gold 20 that still works great maybe when I run it into the ground. I replaced my gold 12 with a 10a, love that thing It is odd that so many nib show up for sale. Buyer’s remorse? I’m old enough to remember buying a decent used VW for less
  60. swami 805

    Choose Your Ride II

    Something about wood boats that’s comforting, like all the parts can move and flex a little so they don’t feel stiff, not as practical as other materials The size of the excel is nice, it feels so roomy. Some reason I thought it was part steel and part aluminum? I did a 6 day on it to the lupe...
  61. swami 805

    Largest fish landed on your 530 or 690 jig stick

    I got a big soup fin shark on a calstar 540. Was not fun at all
  62. swami 805


    Better off with open bearings for the spool so they can be cleaned and lubed properly. The non spool bearings should be opened and packed with grease.
  63. swami 805


    Check out Smoothdrag for bearings. Might save you a few bucks. 5’s should be fine.
  64. swami 805

    Winter storage of FX-500 and Valiant reels?

    Just to keep the line on the reel so you don’t get a bird nest. Taping the line on the spool works too
  65. swami 805

    Calstar Grafighter blanks

    They still make them. Seeker and United composites make some nice blanks too that are similar
  66. swami 805

    UC Reaper tip size

    I’d do 10+tip. # 25 stripper down to # 8 running guides. Those are pretty stiff blanks, 10 should be more than fine
  67. swami 805

    Inshore Sheephead

    When I was a kid there was an old guy who rode the day boats that only fished for sheephead. He use whole razor clams hooked right thru the shell. Pretty much nothing else would eat them but the big sheephead. Pretty effective but takes some patience, you’ve got to really let them eat it. He’d...
  68. swami 805

    12/17 Slab City

    Damm, that’s a pig.
  69. swami 805

    Burial at sea versus regular services?

    Sorry about your brother, that’s a tough one. When my father passed I was in the same position except my siblings left it up to me since my father had never told us what he wanted. We had a service for him with the family and he was cremated. He was in the navy in WW2 and he’s buried in the...
  70. swami 805

    How to wrap a rod?

    I think it’s better to a good high temp ferrule cement than epoxy for a rod tip. Pretty common to break a tip, sucks if you can’t get it off
  71. swami 805

    Which recommendation to follow re:eating saltwater fish from California waters?

    Life is all about moderation, eating fish is no different. Lots of things will kill you, having a moderate amount of fish in your diet isn’t one of them with a few exceptions. Things like ronkies from Santa Monica bay and Some tropical reef fish come to mind.
  72. swami 805

    WtB Harrington 532,553,552,542

    Not many Harringtons around, that’ll be a tough find. Probably have a better shot at finding those models in a harnell, pretty much the same thing The way I understand it Harrington was kind of a budget model harnell There’s also a vintage gear section on here somewhere, might post...
  73. swami 805

    San Juan county PWC ban

    Those things look kind of fun for a couple hours. After that? I mean how much stuff can you really do on one? I cruised around on one of those old school stand up ones years ago in Tennessee, it was fun I guess but after a couple hours the thrill is gone. Maybe I’m just old
  74. swami 805

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    Maybe put together a charter with like-minded individuals on a long range boat where you fish pelagics during the day and swords at night. I might catch on. Who knows? Won’t get far insulting a bunch of people who think it’s a dump idea though
  75. swami 805

    The eXcel-Files - 12 Days and 12 Nights

    That’s not bacon, it’s prosciutto.
  76. swami 805

    The eXcel-Files - 12 Days and 12 Nights

    Pretty sure that’s not bacon
  77. swami 805

    Honey/Black Seeker 7x

    If it’s never fished I’d think 450 would be reasonable, those blanks weren’t cheap
  78. swami 805

    SIX Verbs that make You sound Weak=No matter what your job is!

    We make hundreds of assumptions daily, the sun will come up, people will stop at red lights, car will star, the list is endless Always that that saying about assumptions was kind of lame
  79. swami 805

    Penn Surfmaster Stainless Steel Spool?

    Most of the spools were chrome over brass like the 3 piece one in the picture above. They did make stainless spools but they’re not super common. Both are heavy. Aluminum is a far better choice if you’re planning to fish it, shouldn’t be too hard to find them for most of the older penns
  80. swami 805

    Artemis=ORION Successful Splashdown at 11:30CST today

    Planning for the future, having a base on the moon will help us get to mars. Could be handy for some other stuff too
  81. swami 805

    Stripper guide size SS 6470 XH

    I’d use a 20 as long as it’s not a ring that sits low in the frame
  82. swami 805

    10’ Jig Stick building measurements?

    Use a layer of friction tape under the cord, shrink will make it too bulky
  83. swami 805

    Looking to trade

    Are those renoski’s?
  84. swami 805

    Winter Cow Grounds

    I was on a 20 day and we spent the whole trip at HB, seemed like the only viable option. 12 days, by ourselves for the first 9. It wasn’t bad at all, that place is constantly changing from day to day. Super sharky one day, zero sharks the next. We had an epic night bite on jigs, full speed on...
  85. swami 805

    81 years ago today

    My dad was in the navy fighting on the pacific. He drew this picture of his ship
  86. swami 805

    Winter Cow Grounds

  87. swami 805

    Black Friday 2022

    I ordered a bunch of sunline then too. Got an email Monday and it came today Thanks for the tip, pretty good deal
  88. swami 805


    I’ll buy the lm9 if you’re heading north to the 805
  89. swami 805

    Upgraded bearings on reels

    The metal covers aren’t hard to get off, I use a fish hook and pop them out with that. I use a small pair of vice grips to hold them. I clean them out with carburetor cleaner then add your lube of choice.
  90. swami 805

    Go get your FLU SHOTS.

    I got all the shots, I figured maybe they work, maybe they don’t but what the fuck, it’s free and I’m not getting any younger. 100% if you don’t get them they don’t work. Anyway so far no Covid, flu or anything else to speak of.
  91. swami 805

    Holy. $#@&*$#$^^

    Banjo minnow!!!
  92. swami 805

    Go get your FLU SHOTS.

    When you hit 60 it’s the walking farts, a low intensity air biscuit with every step
  93. swami 805

    Ocea Jigger 4000 as the New Trinidad 40N?

    I have an older ocea jigger 4000, pretty much the same as the old 40N except it has a spool lock
  94. swami 805

    Miss the old days..

    I was fortunate to fish the islands before they closed, clarion was the favorite. Fishing with Danny Palm on the rooster when it was new. He was a fun guy to fish with
  95. swami 805

    How to wrap a rod?

    I learned from that book, before videos were available. Lots of trial and error. I’m probably still doing some stuff wrong. Haha
  96. swami 805

    Rock Fish ID Help

    Shot in the dark, rosey rockfish
  97. swami 805

    Show Me You Fuel Line Setup 24 Open

    Another half a dozen hose clamps and a few zip ties and you’re good.
  98. swami 805

    How to wrap a rod?

    Lots of good videos on utube and what have you. My advice would be to get a couple crappy blanks to learn on then wrap the nice ones you want to keep
  99. swami 805

    Rock cod stick

    I’ve been using a seeker ESM 80m for jigs and cod, been working well. Nice and light blank, not thick walls like a black steel. Has a soft enough tip for a decent underhand lob to get the jig out a ways
  100. swami 805

    Another Boat Tragedy in Santa Barbara

    Hope he’s ok and his boat survives
  101. swami 805

    Kj's custom rods

    I think his name is Kevin?
  102. swami 805

    Clark Griswold (Christmas Vacation) weave

    Incredible mad skills
  103. swami 805

    I just got home and found out... Pics up

    His cheap quick flip just found a whole new dimension
  104. swami 805

    I just got home and found out... Pics up

    For sure call the city and get a hold of whoever issued the permits. Those guys can be total dicks to a Contrator who does shit like that, really hold up their job for endless inspections and other bullshit Also if it’s deemed hazardous they would also have to remove and replace all the soil...
  105. swami 805

    Service or not?

    I would service them. The grease has probably hardened and put some drag grease on the ht100 washers
  106. swami 805

    Islands daughters first yellow

    So cool, I have 2 daughters, the youngest one got her first yellow when she was 10. She’s 35 now and still talks about it. You’re fortunate to get to spend the time with her, a day you’ll always remember
  107. swami 805

    Penn 113H 4/0 Hunting: Questions

    Pretty sure the older darker side plates are bake-a-lite, the newer lighter ones are a different material I think. I like the old ones with the accessible drags better, but fishing with them? I don’t know,
  108. swami 805


    And now for the rest of the story. (Paul Harvey)
  109. swami 805

    The "BEST" chunking hook IMO

    Here’s a thought, you should use the hook you have the most confidence in. Seen a lot of big tuna caught on a silver 7691. A lot of the game is mental, how hard are you going to pull if in the back of your mind you’re questioning your hook choice?
  110. swami 805

    Colt sniper / zakana deals?

    Mustad has 35% off on their site. JYG has 30% off
  111. swami 805

    Looking for an Inshore Baitcaster, Confused on what to get

    I have a slx dc, works great with light lures and braid. The dc is nice, no bird nests!
  112. swami 805

    2 Piece Popping Rod Build

    Rainshadow makes a blank called a tuna popper. 10’ 2 piece with a 3’ butt section and 7’ rod part. It’ll fish 100 no problem. Get the MH, the H is stupid heavy
  113. swami 805

    "Normal" minimum drag of a Penn Surfmaster/Jigmaster?

    If you’re going to get new metal washers get them from smoothdrag,theirs are smooth. Most of the others are stamped so they’re not perfectly flat. Jigmasters work great up to about 10-12lbs of drag. After that stuff will start to fail
  114. swami 805

    Penn Surfmaster vs Jigmaster to Upgrade (Or a better alternative)?

    I wouldn’t bother magging it, spend the time learning to cast, it’s all in the thumb, once you get over FOBN (fear of bird nest) you’ll be fine. It’s 90% mental,10% thumb
  115. swami 805

    Mini-Long Range on the Polaris Supreme, Nov 20-23

    Nice to see Tommy got the boat into good hands, love that boat Thanks for the report!
  116. swami 805

    Successful Pheasant hunt with recurve bow

    Wow, that’s some good shooting, neck shot with a recurve. I think the best bird I ever ate was one of those
  117. swami 805

    Great Whites - La Jolla

    From what I understand those are mostly juveniles and the feed on rays and flat fish. Hopefully they’ll develop a taste for mammals quickly
  118. swami 805

    Which Older USA Penn Reels are worth being purchased to use today?

    First jigmaster came out in 1959,in a green box( this box has faded).They hadn’t made the plug for the side plate yet so it had a sticker on the side plate. I’ve fished this one a couple times with 25lb mono, still catches fish
  119. swami 805

    Which Older USA Penn Reels are worth being purchased to use today?

    Hard to beat a jigmaster and there’s still a ton of upgrades available Costs adds up quickly though, you can drop a couple hundred into it pretty easy. Even stock with new drag washers will get the job done as long as you recognize it’s limitations The Penn Baja special US senator is a good...
  120. swami 805


    Mystic is a big Penn parts dealer. I think you just want the handle part, the international arm is thicker
  121. swami 805

    Pancreatic cancer: near the end

    Sorry to hear it, rest easy
  122. swami 805

    Wireless Surveillance Cameras

    All that money for a video of someone stealing your crap. Chances aren’t great they’ll ever get caught and even lower that you’ll get your crap back. Money would be better spent making your crap and property more secure. Better locks, alarms, fences or a gnarly dog are better. I guess they are...
  123. swami 805

    Paddle kayak trollling

    Deep diving crank baits would work well. In Santa Barbara I’d try trolling those down the beach from Ledbetter to the break wall. Another good area is from the bacara and head down past sand piper golf course Lots of good calico bass areas too. Find some good kelp beds and fish the edges with...
  124. swami 805

    Sand dabs

    Use a couple of sabikis strung together with a tiny bit of squid on each hook. Put a heavy weight on the bottom and a small weight at the top of the sabiki so it will be semi flat when it’s at the bottom. You get a bunch every drop when you find them. Find some sand of mud bottom usually between...
  125. swami 805

    Short Review UC 10E

    It’s not for everyone, I built both the 9E and and 10E, I don’t like them much either
  126. swami 805


    How do you figure out the choke point for the stripper guide? Not a spinning reel guy but thinking about building a couple
  127. swami 805

    Prototype Newell 400 series side plates with tiburon frame and spool

    Many machined Newell plates on the market? Who else made them? So if I bought a stolen car and didn’t know it was stolen I could keep it? I don’t think so, not a criminal offense but dollars to donuts the rightful owner would get his car back
  128. swami 805

    Fishing with John, Episode 2 Tom Waits

    Loved that show. He had a new show for awhile on hbo. Painting with john
  129. swami 805

    What do you do for a living?

    I’m an arborist
  130. swami 805

    Best Meals You Ever Had On - LONG RANGE Trips

    First trip I did on the supreme with Javier, get on the boat, there’s a big platter of oysters Rockefeller and clams casino, we haven’t even left the dock yet. That man was amazing with what he would prepare on that boat I road the boat back to SD on a 21 day, hadn’t re upped the food in 3 weeks...
  131. swami 805

    I have racoons living in my center console

    You can’t relocate them but no law against killing them. Catch them in the have-a-heart and drop the whole thing in a trash can full of water. Wrap the dead ones in trash bags and throw them in the trash don’t let them get comfortable living near you, nothing but problems. Once they start...
  132. swami 805

    Stiffing the Crew

    That blows, you gotta grease the crew. Seems like I see these skin flints more often these days and they’re usually the douce bags who take up most of the guys time
  133. swami 805

    Ray Guy

    Saw this morning that Ray Guy passed away. When football was in its golden age. Sad day for Raider nation. RIP to one of the greats
  134. swami 805

    Unpairable reels anybody?

    Those Hawaiian fellas love those extra wide reels for casting on a long fat butt rod. Maybe scrounge up one of those 13’ CUI’s and have some fun. Fill it with 80lb braid and a short 30-40lb top shot and let it rip. Not your everyday take it anywhere kind of deal but you could find a niche
  135. swami 805

    NorCal Crab Combo Trips

    I’ve done a few of those trips out of half moon bay. The pots were stuffed so I think we pulled 3-4 and had boat limits of crabs. The weather was really crappy both times so we scratched out limits of blue and Johnny bass and called it good. If the weather was nice I’m sure the rockfish would...
  136. swami 805

    Offshore Swordfishing Sucks

    Thanks for posting, great write up.
  137. swami 805

    New Radon

    I’m betting when you went to buy a watch you got a Casio and not a Rolex
  138. swami 805

    Offshore A GOOD SUMMER

    Keep after it, lots more to check off that list
  139. swami 805

    New Big Game Spinning reels for sale

    Joined in 2009, really setting up the long game, huh?
  140. swami 805

    Penn International 30 Questions

    Keep in mind that is an old reel and the drag material and frame may not be up to fishing heavy line. You could certainly upgrade it but it would be a fair chunk of change to do so
  141. swami 805

    Rainshadow blanks?

    I got a couple of those long steelhead blanks I got for surf fishing light line. I didn’t know shit about the layout either. I had one I got built from bass pro so I semi copied the layout of that with a few more guides and they came out good. Love fishing them, great blanks
  142. swami 805


  143. swami 805

    BV-500N SPJ reviews?

    I bought a single speed but haven’t used it yet. Hopefully soon. Sure feels good. Not sure I’m in love with the handle knob but the length of the arm seems right
  144. swami 805

    Inshore Virg's Landing boat rescued by USCG in Morro Bay

    More importantly how was the fishing?
  145. swami 805

    Ka-BOOM ...New Rockfish Regs are in & Special Interest Groups Will Love It.

    Still plenty of white fish at the Channel Islands. Easy limits if you target them One of the boats up here found sable fish in 230’ of water here. Got a few hundred off it for a few days. Might be a fluke or might be no one really looks for them. Easy to think they’re all really deep but not a...
  146. swami 805


    So Jamie what brand of mono, floro and braid do you use when you’re fishing?”
  147. swami 805

    Great White Shark makes Giant Leap behind Surfer off San Onofre

    Air jaws at sano. I’m sure “it’s fake” guy will be along shortly
  148. swami 805

    "Lead Bottom"

    For bait 8-12oz. Jigs 150-300gram. Depends on conditions. If the boats drifting fast might need more
  149. swami 805

    Calstar 800XL reel advice?

    Trini 10A is pretty sweet if you can find one otherwise sticking with the Newell isn’t a bad plan. The fathoms are nice but big compared to other reels in that class. Accurate valiant 300 is nice if you want a lever drag
  150. swami 805

    My first season as Skipper of a commercial salmon troller

    Good for you, nice first season on your boat. Good to see some young blood doing well
  151. swami 805

    Avet sx raptor or mxj raptor for spj

    If you’re fishing 900’ you’ll want something with a taller spool than those, with that much line out your ipt will be less than half the first 300’. Think tall and narrow reel otherwise you’ll be cranking forever
  152. swami 805

    Vagabond rod storage and selection questions

    Bring them all. Have a great trip!!
  153. swami 805

    Islands Yellowtails on Catalina Island 10/21

    Nice fish! The only benefit of a crowded boat is a fat jackpot
  154. swami 805

    Suggestions rigging these setups?

    It’s a good idea to fish rods at the middle of their rating. So 40-100 would ideally be 60-80 something like that
  155. swami 805

    Suggestions rigging these setups?

    First off bring as many set ups as you think you might use. 5 of 6 isn’t excessive Second see post above ^^^^. Spot on. Those rods are too light
  156. swami 805

    Best tackle/fishing shed

    Build a shed for your boat but keep your gear in the house. Nothing good will happen to it in a shed
  157. swami 805

    Rip Rollers - advice on colors and rigging

    Mustad is having a 25% off sale this weekend Code FALL25.
  158. swami 805

    Tip Jar or Tip Directly?

    I do the tipping when they’re collecting for the galley tab or fish clearing. I mid that not happening give it to them on the way into the harbor
  159. swami 805

    Albacore live bait setup

    Check out eBay for a Penn fathom 15xnld2. There’s an out fit in Australia selling them for about 170 all in brand new. 2 speed could come in handy. It’s a good albacore reel. A step up from the avet
  160. swami 805

    Tern 2 reviews?

    I tried my 400 last week. I put 300yds of 50lb braid with a long top shot of 40 mono. I was casting a 2oz weight on a reverse dropper loop for halibut. Didn’t hook anything but the reel worked fine and feels solid. So far so good The cast control system is pretty lame though, not user friendly...
  161. swami 805

    J&H 15% off code

    I bought it on eBay $168 American all in. PayPal does the conversion I guess. Got here in 10 days New in a sealed box
  162. swami 805

    Rod help - How to cast further?

    You shouldn’t use the spool tension adjustment as cast control, it’s hard on the spool bearings. It is good to adjust it to what you’re throwing though. Put the jig at the tip of the rod with the reel in free spool, loosen the adjuster just to the point that the line comes off freely when you...
  163. swami 805

    Newell p332f

  164. swami 805

    Who is Coach in San Diego?

    I fished with him once on the rooster, what a dick
  165. swami 805

    Dorado processing

    You can use hooks that will rust and cut the line if you don’t want the fish
  166. swami 805

    Swap Meet Finds. Avet SX 5.0: 1 and Pro Gear 545

    The 545 is like a narrow jigmaster size with 4/0 senator guts. Stout little reel. 65lb braid with 50lb top shot would be about right
  167. swami 805

    Tell me about this rod

    I had a bunch, good rods for the day. I still have a 8 footer I still fish Well made rods
  168. swami 805

    J&H 15% off code

    Pulled mine out of the box and it’s the real deal. Feels good to me. Going to fill if with 30lb braid for a stealth rig
  169. swami 805

    Avet JX Raptor non-MC on a Jig Stick?

    Star drags in general cast better than lever drags due to spool weight. Some lever drags cast pretty good though Ceramic bearings won’t improve casting distance much if any. The benefit of ceramic is they don’t corrode. Clean out your spool bearings with carburetor cleaner or the like and use...
  170. swami 805

    New Radon

    I live in Santa Barbara, you throw a stick in the harbor and pretty much hit a radon. In general you leave in the morning when the ocean is fairly calm going uphill. Wind comes up in the afternoon and coming home down hill. Hard to beat that hull for fishing here especially commercial Damm...
  171. swami 805

    J&H 15% off code

    Mine came today. Sealed box, just as advertised. Got here in about 10 days
  172. swami 805

    Fixing Broken Boat Rod Guide

    Don’t Dick around, put a new guide on it. No good way to put humpty dumbty back together again
  173. swami 805

    Baby yellowtail killers

    Those would be good cooked whole, maybe keep a couple,that seems excessive. But judge not lest you be judged
  174. swami 805

    Offshore 3.5-day TopGun80, 10/5-9/22

    I went on the pos once ,never again. Being salty is one thing, being an asshole is another. Fishing to me is a vacation, catching fish isn’t everything, I like to enjoy my time on the water. I’m always baffled why people put up with that shit. Thanks for the report Jose, glad you and your dad...
  175. swami 805

    One of a kind Super Seeker 9' for sale

    Beautiful rod, holy cow! Is a cjb90f the same as a cjbf90?
  176. swami 805

    J&H 15% off code

    It’s on eBay, oz meaning Australia. Search Penn fathom 15xnld2
  177. swami 805

    Offshore Western Pride Offshore

    Great report, thanks
  178. swami 805

    Full day setup guidance

    Try and find out from the landing if there’s a plan on where they’ll be fishing. If going to SCI for bluefin or something like that you’ll need to rethink it a little. Dorado you should be fine with what you have, fresh mono/floro for sure though
  179. swami 805

    J&H 15% off code

    I ordered one a week or so ago $168 all in from OZ. Says it’s in LA now, should have it in a couple days. Hard to beat that deal
  180. swami 805

    Trolling for tuna with whales and dolphins?

    When I snagged one salmon trolling we we’re going about 1.5kn. 3lb ball, spreader, 12”dodger to a Kroc. It had all that junk wrapped around its face. It was a big one too Kinda sucked seeing it.
  181. swami 805

    Adding gas line

    If you have to cut and thread pipe hire someone. If it’s just adding a splitter and a flexible line have at it, should be easy
  182. swami 805

    Offshore 10/9 between 209 and 312

    I looked albatross up and they do land from time to time but have a hard time taking off. Up to 12’ wingspan with locking elbows, they can soar for days without flapping their wings. They also have an acute sense of smell and can smell food up to 12 miles away. I’ve seen a few albacore fishing...
  183. swami 805

    Offshore 10/9 between 209 and 312

    An albatross sitting on it? I thought those things never land but maybe on a kelp? Nice job calling other boats in, I’m sure it made their day
  184. swami 805

    Calstar Grafighter GFGR 765-L, 6.5'

    Yeah 2 speed by cal. Perfect for 50
  185. swami 805

    Trolling for tuna with whales and dolphins?

    I snagged one salmon trolling once, though it was a big thresher for the first few seconds until it came up with all the gear in its face. Burned the crap out of my thumb trying to break it off
  186. swami 805

    Sportboat inflation

    The big draw for long range is places you can’t really fish any other way. Having your own boat isn’t going to get you to alijos rocks or hurricane bank. Getting on a boat and have nothing to do but eat some delicious grub and fish is pretty sweet. Costly but worth every penny I think the...
  187. swami 805

    Calstar Grafighter GFGR 765-L, 6.5'

    I built one a long time ago and used a caled 12 topless international on it with 50 top shot to 65 braid. Worked great on long range trips for mid grade tuna and what not. No roller guides, I still have that set up, need to dust it off
  188. swami 805

    Saltwater westport spearfish

    Wow. Cool And delicious
  189. swami 805

    Baja sur recommendations

    Been to Loreto a few times. We took a side trip to guerro negro to pet the whales, kids will like it. Took a couple hours in a van with stops along the way to check out the flora and fauna. Another time we took a day trip to the cave paintings above mulege, that was worthwhile too. they have...
  190. swami 805

    What jigstick did you change out your Harnell 724 for?

    Closest thing I’ve found is a CUI
  191. swami 805

    New Rockfish Regs/New SPJ Strategy?

    East coast does SPJ way deeper than we do here, it works fine Long way down for one fish though
  192. swami 805

    Sportboat inflation

    If you compare it to other fishing vacations it’s still pretty competitive factoring in all the costs. I was fortunate to do several long trips before Mexico closed most of the islands which was awhile ago. It wasn’t cheap then either. Don’t think I’d do it now since there’s so few...
  193. swami 805

    Processing costs for a 7 day

    Be selective in what you keep and decide what you really want. Wahoo is a treat and holds up well, how much YT do you think you want? Smaller tuna don’t yield that great so you’re paying a lot for that. Grouper is delicious , small ones don’t yeild that great either and the monsters are kind of...
  194. swami 805

    Best way to DIY paint plywood deck

    If you’re using fairing compound to fill the voids missing in the plywood you might be better off just painting it knowing that you need to replace the deck in the near future. No strength in that repair except to make it smooth. You’re polishing a turd at this point, no use spending a bunch of...
  195. swami 805

    Alps power wrapper?

    I’ve had a CPW for many years and use it a lot. The motor got funky and I replaced it for about $40, replaced the foot pedal too. Every few years I clean and lube the bearings on the rollers. I think you’d be better off fixing what you have since you’ve used it for so long and are used to it
  196. swami 805

    Shimano Torium looses drag setting at random?

    A lot of star drag reels have a spring washer that puts a little pressure on the star to keep it from moving. It looks like a regular washer but it’s wavey. Could be yours are missing or just lost they’re “spring “. That would be one thing to check, could be something else too
  197. swami 805

    Seeker SSR Ulua VS Seeker G540

    Seekers newer version of the 540 kind of sucks but that’s just my personal opinion. Feels sort of dead to me. Haven’t used that version of ulua yet so I have no opinion.
  198. swami 805

    Who here went to Vietnam?

    My older half brother went, wasn’t the same when he got back. He disappeared for a few years and his skeletal remains were found at the base of a cliff in Hawaii. My lottery number was 2 but they ended the draft before I got called up. I remember opening the newspaper the morning the numbers...
  199. swami 805

    Help: Casting conventional reel with frenzies, poppers, halcos

    Go easy at first and get a Feel for it. Also don’t have your jig at the tip of your rod, if space allows have enough line out so the jig is about touching the ground
  200. swami 805

    Help: Casting conventional reel with frenzies, poppers, halcos

    You can cast with that set up but it is far from ideal. Rods short and stiff, that reel doesn’t cast great either. If you want to up your game look at getting a dedicated set up for casting that stuff
  201. swami 805

    My wonderful grandson

    Grandkids are the shit, I got 6. You wonder why you put up with all the shit from your kids? Grandkids. Nothing better
  202. swami 805


    Great looking rod, outstanding
  203. swami 805

    Airline Long Range Tackle Box?

    I had good luck with SKB boxes. No wheels though. I have a big one and small one, both cagey veterans of many trips
  204. swami 805

    Cub Scout Harbor Fishing

    A couple baited hoop nets and see what crawls in them. Anything alive would be interesting to kids X2 on gulp, just about everything eats that and it stays on the hook really good. Get the sand worms
  205. swami 805

    Fishing near UCSB

    I have a couple buddies who float tube around campus point, lots of fat calicos and the occasional sea bass. Swim baits are the ticket. Pick your days when the wind is blowing all the tar up the coast or you’ll be cleaning that shit off for days Lots of good perch fishing from the beach, gulf...
  206. swami 805

    Alternative to Calstar GX8 for #20 NorCal rod, United Composite?

    I have a gx9 but not gx8. I also have a UC 900xf. Similar but the UC shuts off quicker , fishes a little heavier. If you like the gx8 the gx9 feels like a gx8 with a foot added to the butt end
  207. swami 805

    shimano trinidad 16n narrow special -

    Still using my gold trinidads upgraded drags and added the DC dog. Still working fine
  208. swami 805

    Bay / Harbor Exploring new areas.

    How were the skeeters? That is some fun fishing down there
  209. swami 805

    Fly down-fly back or fly not?

    I enjoyed the rides back, did have one that was absolutely shit weather for 3 days that kinda sucked. Didn’t make sense for me to drive all the way home then back to San Diego to get all my crap
  210. swami 805

    Rubber ties?

    I have those shimano wraps, the rubber padding is nice and just big enough to bundle 5 rods with reels no problem. Held up well for the last 15 years
  211. swami 805

    Inshore Fish ID Please .Was Caught This Today At Shelter Island Pier

    Missing the big question, did anybody watch the whole video? 30 minutes of pier fishing was more than I could bear, we’re there naked chicks or something I missed?
  212. swami 805

    Fluorocarbon - What Brand is Better to Tie Knots

    I’ve been using floro stretch too with good results, ties a nice knot.
  213. swami 805

    Inshore Fish ID Please .Was Caught This Today At Shelter Island Pier

    Looks like a Spanish mackerel to me but not really sure
  214. swami 805

    Maury Wills passes

    Good man, rip
  215. swami 805

    Anacapa tuna today!

    I was out yesterday, lots of foamers on micro bait. Boat went 0 for 2. Fire a jig or popper in the middle of the foam, they wouldn’t eat a bait. Another boat killed the dorado but we never found them
  216. swami 805

    Cpxtra with a tint or other recommendation?

    So the 2nd coat of CPXTRA and it went sideways on you? Only thing I can think of is the first coat hadn’t cured completely.
  217. swami 805

    Do you have your first reel?

    1st salt reel was a Penn monofil 27 that my dad kicked down to me. I put a Newell kit on it and a bigger handle. Still use it once and awhile with 15lb mono, nice chovy reel
  218. swami 805

    What's your favorite all around rod/reel/line combo?

    I have that same WTS F100, very close second to the Sabre 540
  219. swami 805

    What's your favorite all around rod/reel/line combo?

    If I could just keep one sabre grafast 540 Newell p332f with 30lb mono and hope the fish will eat iron
  220. swami 805

    Curado300ej local YFT rod??

    1008 is money for school tuna dodo’s and the like. I use a trini 12 with 30lb braid with a short floro leader. That curado should be perfect for small lures.
  221. swami 805

    Islands Any body got a report for the Coronados

    My half baked theory, they’re easy to catch so the fish gourge on them, since they’re almost all shell it takes a long time to digest so the fish quit eating for awhile.
  222. swami 805

    Curado300ej local YFT rod??

    Seeker csw 1008
  223. swami 805

    Maui Shore Fishing

    I’d bring some gulp too, you never know
  224. swami 805

    Seafood Market ?

    Cali king crab looks similar to a king crab but smaller kind of like a not so ugly spider crab. Reddish pink color I didn’t like it much but it was ok Box crabs are pretty good but not super meaty, better than rock crab though I had a buddy who worked on a shrimp dragged and they got those as...
  225. swami 805

    Pelagic mammals

    Holy crap!
  226. swami 805

    Clearing out my blanks.

    Hope you feel better
  227. swami 805

    Lion Head Ring? - Opinions!

    Looking for advice about a nazi ring on BD? This should be entertaining
  228. swami 805

    Processing advice needed

    Hang out while they’re bagging your fish and bag them yourself and keep the water in the bag to a minimum. Don’t rinse them when you get home, pay dry with paper towels and make triple sure that the end of the bag you’re sealing is very clean. Food saver bags are fine if sealed properly and...
  229. swami 805

    Vintage Abu Garcia Rod and Reel?

    Tune up that jigmaster and it’s fine for 30lb mono. The white one is marginal but if it’s all you got run whatcha brung. Those side plates are famous for cracking.
  230. swami 805

    Shimano speedmasterr 16 hard to reel

    Only adjust the preset knob with the reel in free spool or that bearing gets crunched. Could be someone did that before you got it. Always best to buy new reels in a factory sealed box. Send it to shimano and they’ll sort it out
  231. swami 805

    Shimano speedmasterr 16 hard to reel

    How tight is the drag preset knob? If you have it super tight it might do that
  232. swami 805

    Rebuilding a classic 14' Fenwick SU-1689 4-6oz

    I like it, color looks good on that blank. Seems a lot of people are afraid of color
  233. swami 805

    The Police

    Looks like we have policing the police now too
  234. swami 805

    Cleaned rod with Alcohol!

    I cleaned a small section of a new super seeker blank with DNA and it got hazy. Thankfully the spot will have finish over it so no harm done. First time it’s happened to me too, I use that stuff all the time
  235. swami 805


    Pretty sure they use lock tight or something similar.
  236. swami 805

    This is new

    Great advertising right, I’ll never buy a yeti or any of the crap in those pop-us out of spite for the irritation
  237. swami 805

    Best Place to Live SoCal for Sportman

    Lived in the la Oc area in my youth, moved to Santa Barbara and never looked back. Took 30 years to realize life is too short to live like that. Not the pelagics here but very good fishing if you know where to look. Nice harbor too for a private boater. Close enough to CIH to find a cattle...
  238. swami 805

    Rebuilding a classic 14' Fenwick SU-1689 4-6oz

    Worth it sometimes though
  239. swami 805

    Best Hook for Salas 6X Jr. for Big BFT? And which Rig?

    What about a 6X jr rigged like an old school wahoo jig with a big single on each end? I had a tar baby 6x jr that was money on wahoo
  240. swami 805

    Fishing hooks and Fluoro for sale

    Sent you a pm
  241. swami 805

    The trouble with trebles

    I switched the trebles on LC’s to single in line, Matched the weight to not upset the action. They work fine for me and don’t drag as much salad up the beach
  242. swami 805

    Prayers after tragedy

    There’s no logical argument for something based on fantasy Humans have a need for answers, when they can’t find it they make shit up or something that seems to make sense at the time Be a much better world without it
  243. swami 805

    Ghost shrimp

    Check out Bill Barney’s web site. Everything you need to know about surf fishing so cal, and how and when to use those. Ton of good information
  244. swami 805

    Newell c220

    I’ll buy your 220 too. Thanks
  245. swami 805

    8’-8’6” Jigsticks

    super seeker CJBF85 is worth a look too, fish 40 no problem
  246. swami 805

    Newbie here!! Reel Daiwa Lexa 400 TW

    I think he’s still on the fence
  247. swami 805

    Super seeker ulua 93h question

    It’ll fish 50
  248. swami 805

    Offshore Report Full Day Sea Watch 9/1/2022

    Sounds like a fun trip with a captain and crew who have their priorities straight. Thanks for posting
  249. swami 805

    What size jigs are you NorCal guys using for local rockfish?

    I went last Saturday to Santa Rosa island and used a 150gr jig all day with 30lb braid. No problem getting to the bottom or getting bit in 350ft of water. Skipper is pretty good at holding the boat over the spots though. I also used a swim bait with a 4 oz head for awhile trying to get a ling...
  250. swami 805

    Help with choosing Grafighter rods to be built

    Hopefully you can go pull on that monster, it’s pretty stiff. I have one, wouldn’t use it for iron, would be good for a 60lb bait rod
  251. swami 805

    Reel spooling and Top shot recommendations

    I spool my own reels, it’s not too hard. Just a thought
  252. swami 805

    How much should I tip?

    I don’t think anyone would complain about you tipping them. Personally I use the tip jar or when settling up my tab If you’re tipping each guy 25% they’ll remember you, no doubt. You should be more than fine
  253. swami 805

    Trinidad 20gold 20a…jig stick reel

    I still use a gold Trinidad 20 I bought new, I upgraded the drag and added the DC dog, still works fine with 40lb mono. They still go for a lot used, I wouldn’t buy one now, spend the extra money and get a 20A if you want a shimano. Lots of good reels out these days.
  254. swami 805

    Divers jumping on paddies with fisherman on them

    Get up current of them, hang your ass over the side and pinch a loaf. Make sure they see you doing it. Floater is a plus
  255. swami 805

    9 colors Avet m

    Catch ‘em up!!! Best to you in your struggles, that’s a bad one
  256. swami 805

    Reel service lost receipt

    You need to lean on that guy because that some bull shit right there. Go back in there and don’t leave without your reel, just keep after them until they give it to you. Let them call the cops to throw you out
  257. swami 805


    3 dollars won’t buy 2 dollars these days
  258. swami 805

    Reel seat direction question

    Personal preference really. I don’t like them that way but other people do
  259. swami 805

    Help with choosing Grafighter rods to be built

    Looks like you’re pretty well covered especially for all the lighter stuff. I don’t think those grafighters are going to fill any holes you have in your lineup. Overall I think I’d want some longer rods in the mix, improve casting distance and more forgiving
  260. swami 805

    A mix of old and new - a Mikkelson favorite, the murdered T670XH - 8 1/2

    I have that blank, not sure why I bought it. I thought commercial rod and reel rock cod. 5lb sinker, 12 hooks and a rail plate.
  261. swami 805

    Planning my 1st. LR trip

    10 days is enough time to hit the lower banks too, never know could happen down there. Wise choice on boats, you won’t be disappointed
  262. swami 805

    Upgraded bearings on reels

    Thanks for the bearing run down, very good information
  263. swami 805

    WTB: DFP mini clamp

    Check out jonrx7 on eBay, he has them
  264. swami 805

    Offshore Condor 8/21/22 Overnight

    OP comes on here with what he saw or smelled and all the replies are that he’s full of crap, like it’s totally not possible. He was there just maybe it happened? Why would he make that up? I’m old enough to remember doing biker lines off the the tables In The galley of that very boat, weed...
  265. swami 805

    Islands Loreto Trip 8/18-21

    Love that place, still dream about Mc Lulu’s fish tacos. Probably the friendliest place I’ve ever been, even the cops were friendly
  266. swami 805

    Replacing Fuji MNOG with what?

    When you’re at Sam’s check out the American tackle viridus guides with the tall frames. I’ve tried a few sets and so far so good, allows the use of a smaller ring while keeping the height off the blank Voodoo’s customer service is second to none, crazy fast shipping, and personal service
  267. swami 805

    Replacing Fuji MNOG with what?

    Alps makes some nice guides and American tackle has stepped their game up Try voodoo rods for supplies, way better than mudhole but not the biggest selection. Anglers workshop is also a good source.
  268. swami 805


    Did you read it? It says ready to ship
  269. swami 805

    serengeti charters, port hardy, british columbia, august 14-16, 2022

    Action packed few days of fishing, congratulations on the tyee x2!
  270. swami 805

    Vintage Ocean City 614 (14/0) reel for sale on eBay

    That’s an OC collectors dream
  271. swami 805

    Inshore looking for kayak partners

    Thank for what you did. Best of luck in your adventures. I know a good kayak spot in Big Sur , pm me for directions
  272. swami 805

    BNIB Penn Torque 12 Star Drag (Black) & Used Penn Torque 15 Star Drag (Black)

    So what do you want for the 12? You have to have a number in mind right?
  273. swami 805

    Need Advice: Clear Coat on Rod turns milky color in wet condition only

    I’ve seen that too on some of mine older rods with flex coat. No idea what causes that but it goes away when dry. I don’t think it’s a problem though, doesn’t seem to affect anything
  274. swami 805

    Most durable baitcaster?

    I have a lot of miles on a 300te, still going strong. I’ve had a 300D and 400D, so far so good with those too
  275. swami 805

    Guide sizes for Seeker BS 6470

    Chrome boat guides 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-8. 8 ring for the tip
  276. swami 805

    2 piece surface iron rod

    I have that 10’ rainshadow, will fish 40-60 no problem. If you pulled on one you wouldn’t know it’s 2 piece unless someone told you
  277. swami 805

    Paddy Jackals

    Go up the the patty, Drop your trousers and lay some cable
  278. swami 805

    Offshore Zero etiquette SMH with a side of Dorado

    Some how I’m not surprised at the boat doing that. They own the ocean, it’s in the Geneva convention Sucks for sure,especially trying to get your kids on a few fish. I’ve had it happen fishing bird piles, haul ass to the pile and get a couple cast in before the party boat would come...
  279. swami 805

    Islands We tried

    Hat’s off to you for putting in the time and effort, it will pay off, just keep at it. Feel all the sweeter when you do
  280. swami 805

    Islands We tried

    Bad knot, that sucks. Learn the SD jam, pretty easy to tie. That kind of fish will test everything you do, the weak link will be exposed
  281. swami 805

    Harnell 723??

    Yes. It’s in one of the old catalogs. 10’ step taper blank. Sold for $17.65 back in the day. Believe it’s a tad lighter than a 724
  282. swami 805

    Good value inshore level wind reels

    If it was me down there I think I’d go with abu’s like the older 5500c. Only 2 spool bearings to worry about and not a lot of little parts to corrode. Not perfect but easy to fix and get parts for. Switch out those little handle and drag washers Option B would be inexpensive shimano or...
  283. swami 805

    The official CDC guidelines on how to avoid the coming pandemic

    Remember the anus is an exit not an entrance
  284. swami 805

    Why are bad sport boat reviews discouraged?

    There are some crappy operations and it’s good to call them out as a warning to others. There’s always a group of devils advocates who will argue about anything pretty much because they can so if you post a negative review except some of that. If you go out to eat and the food sucks do you go...
  285. swami 805

    Would a seeker pinhead BH89 be a good live bait rod?

    Love mine, great for flyline
  286. swami 805

    Trinidad 14a Rod Pair

    Seeker LM9, I have a red UC mega that’s nice, seeker 1008 for something a bit longer, for real small bait calstar 220 or 196-8. Hard to find but a sabre grafast 220 or calstar Gx9. So many good choices for that line class, a lot depends on what you’re fishing for
  287. swami 805

    Calstar vs. honey

    I never noticed a difference. I had a tan one that I used a lot. Sold it and built a black one Used it a couple times and sold it. I fished the crap out of the tan one and it seemed to loosen up a little over the years. Both are pretty stiff, I think the newer ones seem stiffer than the ones...
  288. swami 805

    Which brand mono for surface iron reel?

    For light line 30lb tournament ande. 40lb izorxxx. Try some different brands and see what you like
  289. swami 805

    Bay / Harbor Stolen Boat This Morning 8/9 Dana Point Ramp

    Man that sucks, hope you get it back in one piece. Hope it’s insured anyway Mostly likely pull it into someplace out of sight, pull off the motor and anything else worth selling then abandon it somewhere Pretty risky pulling it across the border
  290. swami 805

    Cpxtra with a tint or other recommendation?

    I’ve done a blue tint with CPxtra that came out ok. I used blue testors model paint. The trick was mixing it and using it before it settles. If the powder is very fine it could work, mix it in a separate little bottle and agitate the crap out of it Post some pictures when you’re done!
  291. swami 805


    I use pvc rain gutter downspout. Cheap and doesn’t roll around. Make endcaps from the cut off end. USPS is usually cheapest
  292. swami 805

    Newbie question

    Fore grip about 18” is as long as I’ve done Distance to stripper guide won’t effect power, at least I’ve never heard that. Running guides #10 with a 12. Tip shouldn’t be a problem. Sometimes it’s not possible to find a smaller ring size in a big tube size If you have a bubble in your dried...
  293. swami 805

    Melton Tackle Big No No

    That sucks balls. Maybe hit you up first and see what that actual story is? And posting your personal info? Wtf? Anyone here gonna trust these aholes online ordering again? I had them pull some bullshit on an order with shipping , what a bs operation
  294. swami 805

    Braid or mono for surface iron reel?

    Braid backing to 100yds of mono. I like 30 or 40 lb depending on what we’re fishing for
  295. swami 805

    Help refinishing an old wood rod handle

    Sand all the crap off it and use some varnish. I you have a lathe it should make quick work of it, by hand will take some time Do you have a reel seat for it? I might have something laying around. Did you save the old one?
  296. swami 805

    Suggestions needed. 100% newbie.

    A buddy of mine had one of those arimas back in the days before gps. We used to take it to San Miguel island from SB harbor. 48 miles each way in the channel. Got a little hairy but boat was up to it. Back in those days the cod limit was 15 and 5 lings and the whole island was open. Insane...
  297. swami 805

    Vin Scully Tribute tonight prior to Padres at Dodgers Game

    No doubt the best ever. Rip Vin
  298. swami 805

    Some great new products for the West Coast!

    2 hour drive for me to island without traffic. I’ll try anglers workshop. Thanks
  299. swami 805

    what to tip on 8 day trip?

    20% of the trip cost for me, more if above and beyond. I don’t feel bad about stiffing them if they suck too, shitty crew shitty tip. Jackpot to pay my tab and the rest to the crew Painful to watch cheapskates stiff a good crew, saw a guy last trip with a $57 tab give them $60 , guy caught fish...
  300. swami 805

    Advice for maintenance for Bait Pen

    All that stuff is camouflage from the sea lions, scrape enough off to let water flow and leave the rest
  301. swami 805

    Suggestions needed. 100% newbie.

    If it’s running good take it local this weekend. Do some fishing and get to know what you got. Scratch the itch, get your skills boat handling up to par up close. Use your free time doing that instead of spending a bunch of money and tinkering in the driveway. Dial in that radio though
  302. swami 805

    Suggestions needed. 100% newbie.

    Get your vhf fixed first, can’t call for help unless you yell really loud Once that’s done have at it, no better way to learn than doing it You’ll want some heavy gear for those bluefin , no use getting corn holed and loosing those golden lures. An older roller rod of decent quality and a Penn...
  303. swami 805

    Some great new products for the West Coast!

    Looks good! Where can I get those light Virtus guides?
  304. swami 805

    Is this from termites?!?!

    Termites in the wood so it’s probably somewhat degraded. We used to use something called timbor I think for spot treating an area like that. Go thermonuclear on those bitches. Tent the boat if you can’t get at all the wood and pray they’re not in anything structural
  305. swami 805

    Older rods, reels and waist belts?

    Not very much, the Loomis rod might be 100 or so, the boxed fly rod about the same or a little less. The rest not a lot. Good place to check is eBay, find the item and look at the sold listings not the for sale or auction stuff
  306. swami 805

    Yellowtail on fly

    Kelp patties I would think would be your best bet. Throw some chum to get them feeding
  307. swami 805

    Penn International II 12 T - 2 speed

    Wow that’s the deal of the day, upgraded handle and clamp to boot
  308. swami 805

    Full Day Sport Boat (Tuna - offshore) — What would you take?

    I think I’d bring 80lb, after getting a couple yellows try a 12oz sinker rig 200-400’ feet down and see if anything is down there. Or maybe a heavy jig deep. Never know, keep ‘em honest
  309. swami 805

    Recommend lb. Line for irons

    I like 30-40 mostly, maybe 50. It really depends on the jig and the rod I’m using
  310. swami 805

    White Seabass captains

    With Tucker on the endeavor a week ago today. Looked like a total shit day and mid morning pulls a rabbit out of his hat. 60 fat ones in a couple hours
  311. swami 805

    7 foot rod or 8 foot rod?

    I’d go with the 8’. Easily to cast and keep your line off the hull. More forgiving too
  312. swami 805

    RIP Bill Russell

    Sad day, one of the greats
  313. swami 805

    I’m evacuated. May need to give up my spot on SOA 8 day leaving Wednesday.

    Good call. Nothing you could do anyway. Hope you have a great trip and your home survives
  314. swami 805

    Bay / Harbor Is there any places to fish from shore in Morro?

    Try around the the boat ramp in Morro bay. Jig up some live smelt. With the current running try the bottom for halibut Cayucas has decent surf fishing for perch or rockfish around structure.
  315. swami 805

    How to find halibut

    Find one of those free little tide books they give away at tackle stores or marine related places. Should have the info in there. Google grunion run , should find info there too. It’s pretty predictable when, the where can be tricky
  316. swami 805

    California Rockfish/Groundfish Fishing 2023 Big Changes

    I know but Merit moved on and Bobby is in Oxnard. Plenty of calicos here, just these guys don’t do that. Steep learning curve to get that dialed in plus half the prime spots are closed.
  317. swami 805

    Red glass UC GPX80 help!

    I did a couple for me, I use gold metallic under regular nylon garnet with no CP. nothing super fancy but works with the red ok Got to like people who aren’t afraid of color, some cool stuff on here
  318. swami 805

    California Rockfish/Groundfish Fishing 2023 Big Changes

    5 months? That will kill the boats in Santa Barbara, all the do is rockfish. Maybe they’ll learn how to fish calico bass, they die of old age here
  319. swami 805

    Shimano Trinidad 14a handle

    You can put the counter balanced 14 handles on a Calcutta if you have one, lose the paddles
  320. swami 805

    Offshore Super Solid Done by the Captain of the Aztec

    Fishing in Mexican waters fish need to be left whole so they don’t clean them. Does suck. Be nice to cut and vacuum pack fish on long range trips, something to do on the 3 day boat ride home
  321. swami 805

    New rod builder with a couple quesitons

    If it’s wrapped on fairly tightly and the finish is put on properly you should be fine
  322. swami 805


    Nice first post though
  323. swami 805

    New rod builder with a couple quesitons

    You could but the wrap will be giant after adding more finish too. I think you should be ok with two Here’s something fun to try, take a pair of vice grips and try to pull a guide off, normally you’ll destroy the guide before it comes off even with one layer of thread.
  324. swami 805

    Daughters 1st Car

    Volvo’s are pretty safe, hardly anyone ever dies in one
  325. swami 805

    Offshore Super Solid Done by the Captain of the Aztec

    That was a solid for sure, how would you drive home with a bunch of fish if you’re not prepared to? In the old days of popsicles you could line your trunk with a tarp or something, now with the rsw they’re turn to crap pretty fast
  326. swami 805

    Bait Receiver Ideas

    A buddy of mine got one of those ones made of pipe and white fabric off bass pro or something. Left it in the water for a couple months until it got all crusty with various sea life and it looked like part of the dock. Sea lions would swim right by it and never figured out what it was, never...
  327. swami 805

    Torium 16 drag backs off during fight

    Usually there’s some kind of spring washer between the handle and drag star that adds a little pressure to keep it from backing off. They can lose the tension when smashed down or crack sometimes. That would be first thing to check
  328. swami 805

    Want to send my dad tuna fishing out of SD

    Couple rinky dink operations mixed in at H&M. If they have open spots this late be careful and do your homework Spend a few extra duckets and get him on one of the Cadillacs. They have waiting lists if your pops can swing last minute
  329. swami 805

    Offshore Report-1.75 on the Legend-and a question

    I feel for you, sucks how a few drunk passengers can set the tone and make a trip miserable I was on a 8 day with 3 hard drinking lapd metro cops that were drunk the whole trip and total aholes The boat wasn’t big enough to stay away from them. They brought cases of booze and would start...
  330. swami 805

    Scammer look out for klity

    That sucks, may they acquire genital warts of the anus
  331. swami 805

    Question on Rod Finishes

    Sure you can do multiple coats but that’s multiple opportunities for something to go wrong. Also some products you should wipe down with DNA if it’s been more than a day or two between coats
  332. swami 805

    Question on Rod Finishes

    Match it to what you’re building. For fly rods and very light rods use the low build, heavier rods with more bulk to the wraps high build
  333. swami 805

    No Lupe

    I wonder after a few years if the sharks behavior will change without the easy meals. They’re so conditioned to the rattle of an anchor chair, the dinner bell. I think it all started with the cage diving boats feeding them then they started in on the fishing boats. That island wasn’t always so...
  334. swami 805

    Giant fishing chart

    There’s a question from a single guy
  335. swami 805

    What is this call?

    Really handy items, the pin removers work well too
  336. swami 805

    What is this call?

    It’s called badbearingbuddy or something weird like that. I’ll see if I can dig up the name when I get home
  337. swami 805

    What is this call?

    It’s a bearing puller, I have a whole set, super handy if you service your own reels
  338. swami 805

    WTF - UC Composites and Ringedhooks

    So he just posted he’ll send you the tips, a simple thank you and move on would be appropriate
  339. swami 805

    Surface iron help

    Another vote for JRI. Consistent swimmers, I like the 7’s but they all have their place. Mint , mint and white. Yellow
  340. swami 805

    Newell 229

    Looks like a P to me. Aluminum bars base. Spool looks aluminum is graphite Smoking deal for a c note. Wish I was closer
  341. swami 805

    Help with Bent Butt Wahoo Rods

    Voodoo rods is a great outfit for rod building stuff, if they don’t have what you need anglers workshop is good too. Triple wrap should be adequate for trolling rods, 1 base layer and 2 over the feet 4’-6” seems pretty short to me but maybe that’s just me? I’d want more bend in the rod for...
  342. swami 805

    New Here - Going to SD to have some fun

    Invest in a good pair of deck boots and get some cushion insoles, your feet will thank you. All kinds of ways to screw your feet up on a boat Crocks are for day care schools and mental institutions
  343. swami 805

    Offshore Tribute 6/6 Class Act

    Wow, nice to see a boat more concerned about passengers than the bottom line. That’s first rate right there. Really class move by those fellas
  344. swami 805

    Long range trip

    Check out the royal Polaris, royal star, Polaris supreme too. Worth it to go to hurricane bank at least once in your life. 18 days gives you plenty of time down there, maybe the lower banks too. I’ve been several times, it can suck one day and be epic the next
  345. swami 805

    Offshore Albacore this year ?

    I’d gladly take some user friendly tuna up here
  346. swami 805

    Will a 100 ton capt license help with landing a seasonal job aboard on an overnight to long range boat?

    Just don’t let that union card slip through your fingers. A job with good benefits is gold. Won’t find that in the sport fishing fleet. If you enjoy fishing maybe you could traded night driving for fishing during the day without having to work on deck
  347. swami 805

    SS Alua SB

    It’s got the wrong label on it too. PH SB Ulua
  348. swami 805

    New Here - Going to SD to have some fun

    Don’t worry about your stuff on the boat to much, usually not a problem. It’s when you’re at the landing where your stuff gets pinched
  349. swami 805

    New Here - Going to SD to have some fun

    Check and see if you need a passport, if the trip goes south you probably will There’s a thread about the recent constitution ,interesting reading , be prepared so you don’t get hosed. I’m thinking you should bring what you need for terminal tackle, one less thing they can gouge you for Main...
  350. swami 805

    seeker pinhead ph36 uses??

    Too light for iron. Great for flyline on 20lb, throwing small plastics too
  351. swami 805

    Shipping 9’ rod help

    PVC rain gutter downspout pipe, it’s rectangular so it won’t roll around and pretty cheap It’s going to cost a bundle to ship anything over 8’ though
  352. swami 805

    Removing super seeker paint

    Seeker can recoated it but it’s not really the same red color Unless it’s really bad I’d leave it, if you want green find a pinhead and save yourself the trouble
  353. swami 805

    Removing super seeker paint

    Put it on the lathe and wet sand. Keep the paper wet and rinse frequently. If it’s composite go easy at the transition from glass to graphite. 400 grit and then 800 to smooth it out. A lot of work so be prepared. Solvents make a mess I’d leave if it at all possible. Don’t worry about the label...
  354. swami 805


    Probably fishing for cuda or some other 1/2 day fare
  355. swami 805

    Newell Threaded Inserts

    Guy on eBay sells them. He sells a lot of little Newell parts. Wileright or something like that Pretty sure McMaster Carr might if you want a bunch of them
  356. swami 805

    Question about star vs lever drag

    I suppose you could and I’m sure it’s been done but having a low gear is a game changer
  357. swami 805

    Channel island halibut

    Dropper loop, reverse dropper loop, Carolina rig, they all work as long as you’re on the bottom. A lot depends on how fast your drifting. Fast drift either way dropper loop, slow stealthy Carolina rig. Trap rig is helpful with bigger bait but don’t discount a lively anchovy on a small hook. If...
  358. swami 805

    Kite fish as PB ?

    My pb yellowfin was fishing jigs at night at hurricane bank. Fish ate the jig, came straight up, layed on it side and straight at the boat. Full kamakazi. Gaffed before it put a dent in the boat, I just reeled in the slack. Does that count? No one touched anything but me
  359. swami 805

    Kite fish as PB ?

    If you put your time in kite jail it should count. A hand off from the crew maybe not Pretty sure you still get a jacket with a kite fish, right? Do they still do jackets?
  360. swami 805

    Best guide?

    Kind of depends on what you’re doing. Fuji, alps, amtac newer high frame guides are nice for heavy rods. Hard to go wrong with those 3
  361. swami 805

    To cut or not to cut….

    Cutting that rod is between you and satan
  362. swami 805

    First attempt at a Dragon weave.

    So far so looking good , having done a few that’s some serious concentration
  363. swami 805

    Seeker tac 80 reel choice

    Star drag maybe a torium trinidab20a with 65 lb braid, lever drag fathom or torque 25nld2 with 65. Lots of good choices, especially with deep pockets
  364. swami 805

    What does a Red Sabre look like?

    There’s also those old cinnamon colored blanks too. Kinda red
  365. swami 805

    $8.00 beers

    I know a few boats the skipper gets a cut of the galley, nice to have a captive audience
  366. swami 805

    Mint deep diver?

  367. swami 805

    How to protect my rods when moving?

    Make bundles of 6 rods with 3 going in each direction so the tips are protected by the handles on each end. Cut the insulation in 8-12” pieces and wrap around the bundle where the handle meets the blank on each side. Bundle 5 of these together so 30 rods are together. Wrap tightly in a couple...
  368. swami 805

    How to protect my rods when moving?

    Foam pipe insulation. It’s split on one side and comes in different thicknesses. Cut pieces for cushions between rods
  369. swami 805

    Seacliff Beach Surf Fishing help

    Go to the harbor to bayside marine, they’ll have what you need. He usually posts a fishing report daily which can be helpful
  370. swami 805

    My New S/B Ulua "Creamsickle"

    Looking good!
  371. swami 805

    Shimano Cardiff

    Ok reel if you’re careful about rinsing it and don’t drop it in sand. 6’-6” is pretty short for a rod. Not a great deal though
  372. swami 805

    Guide Train Suggestions

    Where is the Fuji sponsored board? Asking for a friend
  373. swami 805

    Seacliff Beach Surf Fishing help

    Berkeley gulp sand worm in camo. Carolina rig or drop shot, sand crabs will work too, try to find soft shell ones. I like crack of dawn and don’t really consider the tides just like it early when not many people around.
  374. swami 805

    Guide Train Suggestions

    I use Fuji, American tackle and Alps depending on what I’m building and what the client wants. No complaints with any of them, actually glad we have choices and competition in the market, makes for better products Done a few builds with the amtac high frame guides, not much feedback yet from...
  375. swami 805

    Penn Jigmaster Question

    Braid backing and 100 yards of mono on top and you’re set. Those having been catching fish for decades, will work just fine now As for the Michell kinda hard to find parts for
  376. swami 805

    help with underwrap and overwrap

    Looking good!! Much better with the guide centered
  377. swami 805

    Inshore Local barracuda and bass bite

    We got a few at Santa Cruz Island last week. One was legal
  378. swami 805

    Go to knots?

    RP braid to mono. SD jam for hooks, palomar for jigs
  379. swami 805

    Seeker rod advice

    how old is it? The older tinted green glass ones are softer than the newer ones. If you’re looking for 10’ check out a baby Ulua. Real soft tip with more meat in the middle Closest thing next step up I can think of
  380. swami 805

    Spinning vs conventional

    With spinning gear it’s hard to control the rate of fall of a jig like you can with a conventional.
  381. swami 805

    Seagull Problem? Morro Bay has one solution!

    There’s a couple falconers in Santa Barbara too that spend they’re days doing the same thing at a recycling center. They use falcons and a couple kinds of hawks. Fun to watch
  382. swami 805

    UC Reaper (9E) vs. 9 ft CE Del Mar

    I’ve fished a reaper, it’s stiff and you really have to muscle it to get any distance, not the rod you’re looking for. I’d suggest a calstar 690J, seeker csw90,or something all glass like that in 9’. Not the greatest rods for pulling on fish but a lot less effort to cast. If you can find one...
  383. swami 805

    Old Mystery Blanks

    I’m thinking conolon too
  384. swami 805

    Old Calstar, maybe? ID help?

    If you’re going to put a new handle on just go right over it, cork tape or friction tape and cord. You don’t need to take it off
  385. swami 805


    I can’t remember having a roommate it’s been so long. Pony up the cash so you get your own room. Problem solved
  386. swami 805

    Red snapper fishing from boat...

    501 is better, picks up line faster, taller spool and higher gear ratio than the squidder which is painfully slow. Fill it with 50lb braid with a 30lb top shot
  387. swami 805

    Calstar Rods

    If you know which manufacturer made them check their website, should give you basic info. I don’t know of one comprehensive list though
  388. swami 805

    Add reel seat

    You could but a 80h has a pretty fat butt, you’d need a really big reel seat like a 28 or 30.
  389. swami 805

    The trip that popped your cherry?

    1963 my first tuna. purta Vallarta
  390. swami 805

    Have you have actually caught a Bluefin Tuna over 100lbs?

    Want a big one? At times there’s bigger ones hanging a couple hundred feet down below the school. Ask the skipper if he’s seeing any deep when on a school. Use heavy gear and a sinker rig Plan b. Go on longer trips on better boats that fly kites
  391. swami 805

    Reccomended Trolling Setup

    Heard there’s a good walleye bite between Newport and Catalina
  392. swami 805

    Inshore Fish ID from down deep

    Looks kinda like a greenling but I don’t know
  393. swami 805


    Thanks for all the tips, more importantly my feet thank you
  394. swami 805

    I want a "complete" primer to fishing out of Santa Barbara, please

    Yes, Finaddic is the one I’m thinking of, beautiful boat, never fished it but heard nothing but good things For a good dining experience try the Tee-Off on upper state. Old school leather booths, really good food, nice bar. Not some trendy place. steaks, chops, fish
  395. swami 805


    What kind of socks do you prefer when wearing deck boots? I wear cotton tube socks but there’s got to be something better
  396. swami 805

    Best deal you ever got…

    Coolest BDer ever gave me a full length CEX Ulua. Eternally grateful for my favorite jig stick
  397. swami 805

    I want a "complete" primer to fishing out of Santa Barbara, please

    There’s another 6 pack here, I believe it’s a tricked out 32’ radon. I’ve seen the boat, awesome. Mucho $$$ but purpose built for the islands
  398. swami 805

    I want a "complete" primer to fishing out of Santa Barbara, please

    Restaurants here? Throw a stick and you’ll hit a restaurant. Seafood ?Lure is good, brophy brothers is good but busy crowded with small tables and people standing all over. Not that fun. beach the boathouse at hendry’s beach, right on the sand, great place for dinner and cocktails at sunset. If...
  399. swami 805

    I want a "complete" primer to fishing out of Santa Barbara, please

    Stardust and coral sea out of sea landing. If you like rockfish you’ll love it. That’s pretty much all they do here. If there’s sea bass at the front side of Santa Rosa island coral sea will chase those at times. Calico bass and surface fish here pretty much die of old age There’s a really...
  400. swami 805

    Buy then sell?

    I sold a rod awhile back, dude haggled a little and I gave him a little break. See the rod on offer up for $75 more that afternoon
  401. swami 805

    Gears still available? And surface iron question.

    For the gears check Mystic penn parts, For throwing iron I like a reel that's cubed shape, 99 jigmaster, trinidad 20, newell 332. Gear ratio does change with spool diameter, I don't know that it makes a huge difference in IPT rate though
  402. swami 805

    Tired old thread & guides

    Mix white vinegar and water 50/50, drop the guides in for a couple hours and rinse with water. Probably just surface corrosion. Get all the old finish off first
  403. swami 805

    Joke Of The Day JOTD

    What's better than roses on your piano? Tulips on your organ
  404. swami 805


    I've used them on 2 rods already Seeker WTS 1x3 and a rain shadow tuna popper RTP100mh I've got another tuna popper blank waiting, a RTP100H, also a seeker WTS 4X in the line. Great guides for the tuna popper since I can use a smaller ring with the taller frame
  405. swami 805

    Crystal Pier Bait and Tackle forced to close by rent increase

    Make them evict you. It will take a lot longer than 15 days. The way the courts are backed up who knows how long it will take especially if your lease is still valid All the best to you and I hope you land on your feet
  406. swami 805

    Sabre SG B60 7

    I think it's a 670 too and someone got the numbers mixed up
  407. swami 805

    Assist or J hooks, and other question...

    Yeah I was thinking no hooks on the jig.
  408. swami 805

    Recapping your pissed off moments….

    Everyone playing nice casting their flyline baits up by the bow then following them down to the stern and around the corner. Guy gets a hot bait, walks to the stern corner and casts over every one then elbows his way to the rail while bitching about crossed lines. Can’t say anything cause it’s...
  409. swami 805

    Assist or J hooks, and other question...

    Attaching the Assit hooks to a solid ring that’s attached to the leader sounds prudent. How about attaching the jig to the ring with something like a tactical anglers clip instead of a split ring and eliminate the need for split ring pliers? Make switching jigs easier
  410. swami 805

    Best fishing/surfing combo trip

    Cheaper and closer to home, get a camp site at lime kiln in Big Sur. Bring a kayak, there’s a reef offshore that can be pretty good for lings and reds. There’s surf up there too if you know where to look. It’s a bit chilly though. Lots of nice hikes and a small mellow camp site
  411. swami 805

    USPS Fee for 'round' item - Have you seen this?

    Yup, heard the same thing. I ship rods in plastic rain gutter downspouts. Cheap strong and doesn't roll around. I make end caps with a small cut-off from the end
  412. swami 805

    Redondo Sportfishing "Blackjack"

    I remember fishing that boat in the late 70's early 80's. Rockcod 600-900'. Fill your sack in a couple drops then to the sushi bars in little Tokyo and watch those fellas work their magic. Couldn't understand a word they were saying, had no idea what they would do but damm it was good.
  413. swami 805

    Another Trip on the New Hustler in the Bo0oks

    They don't even want you to mention you caught one so the deep stuff doesn't get closed again. Skipper gave it a shot, that's all you can ask, could have just parked it in the lee and fished white fish all day. Thanks for the report, next time
  414. swami 805

    Tough Day Yesterday...

    So sorry for your loss and hope you find some peace in being there with him when he passed. I sat with my father much like you did as well as making some very difficult choices when the end was near. I'm sure it was much better for him having you there. Take some time to work thru it, it gets...
  415. swami 805

    WSB caught at Newport Pier

    Wow, nice fish, how many things have to go right to pull that off
  416. swami 805

    Change My Mind, BT670XH-8 1/2

    I've got a blank sitting here, really thick glass and weighs a ton. Kind of funky action. Would be good for fishing rockcod deep with a lot of weight
  417. swami 805

    Order of operations

    I do any butt wrap first especially if I need to use a circle template to make the layout
  418. swami 805

    best eating rock fish???

    Grass bass are favorite, white meat and supper flakey, after that they're all pretty not so much on salmon grouper, wormy bastards
  419. swami 805

    Gudebrod thread dilema, has passed!

    I still have a bunch and buy it when I find it. It’s not perfect, some of the light colors have turned to shit and the die batches can be inconsistent but just so used to it’s characteristics, kind of like an old pair of shoes. Love to find some dark blue Electra Been using some pro wrap, no...
  420. swami 805

    Gudebrod thread dilema, has passed!

    I have a spool of 245 ncp C if the other ones don’t pan out for you
  421. swami 805

    Red Side Plate 349 Spool ID

    C N Carl Newell. Those spools are gold on eBay
  422. swami 805

    Ulua Owners chime in! S/B Ulua that is.

    Cutting blanks is a crap shoot, sometimes it works but usually would have been better long. Lots of good 9’ blanks if you think it’s too long. Go check some out For your shoulders and back a long rod will probably beat you up more fighting a fish but less if casting distance is important
  423. swami 805

    Where to go and what to chase.

    It’s cbass time. I’d do Channel Islands for sure. Find the squid and give it hell. Been so windy so probably not much intel but the usual spots are worth a look
  424. swami 805

    Gudebrod thread dilema, has passed!

    I have some in regular nylon D, might have some NCP, I can check when I get home later
  425. swami 805

    Going out on the Enterprise (LB) tomorrow. A question...

    Try a big jig or swim bait instead of dropper loops, keep the dinks off mostly
  426. swami 805

    Penn rail rod tip

    Go to the Penn forum, I'd bet tunanorth could take care of you
  427. swami 805

    Hook Up Bait?

    They worked good a few years ago when there were a lot of red crabs. Now about the same as everything else’s that worked at one time or another. I wouldn’t get too worked up about finding them and they cost too much. Do a search on here, there’s a story to be told
  428. swami 805

    Albacore or Bluefin… what’s your favorite?

    I remember going on longer trips and they’d fish albacore the first day or two. Drop them in the slammer for popsicles and they’d get crushed so it was hard to tell what they were. Crying shame, only saving grace was trading them for cans, kind of rip off but it was better than salvaging what...
  429. swami 805

    Are we at the pinnacle of reel/rod technology?

    2 speed spinning reels were around in the 50’s, not really a new concept and didn’t catch on Auto shifting 2 speed reels long before Tiburon made them Pretty much the golden age of guys tinkering in a machine shop to invent a better mouse trap is behind us I don’t think there’s much in the way...
  430. swami 805

    Funniest Experience?

    Years ago in Avila I was going on an albacore trip, get on the boat at 10pm and go to sleep. It was kind of windy. I wake up thinking the wind layed and it was pretty quiet. Turns out it was 11am and we never left the dock, too windy. Nobody woke me up The boat was empty, no crew, nothing. All...
  431. swami 805

    Baja special bearing sizes?

    Smoothdrag also sells bearings, worth a look
  432. swami 805

    Lefty Newell

    One just popped up on eBay. L533-5.5. $425 buy it now
  433. swami 805

    How much should I tip?

    How much do you tip the guy who brings weed to your house? My wife always stiffs them, I turn invisible because I’m embarrassed but she thinks she doesn’t need to, she doesn’t tip the guy who delivers the booze either. I don’t drink or smoke the hippy lettuce but she seems to enjoy and we...
  434. swami 805

    The Mad Bomber has passed away.

    Loved that guy. The golden age of the raiders. Rip Blitinifkof with wads of stickum on his calfs?
  435. swami 805

    Rabid Peluso reel

    It’s got a raccoon on it, it’s gotta be good
  436. swami 805

    Will there be Albacore caught in 2022?

    I hope so, I miss those things. We need more user friendly fish like that. Nothing like brailing bait on a biomass of fish and watching the ocean turn into a chovie blender
  437. swami 805

    Rod Recommendation

    No bad choices there, comes down to feel really. One thing to check is how the handle is set up. Put a reel on and stick the butt under your dominant arm pit and see if it’s comfortable to reel. Too close or too far from your body won’t be very efficient
  438. swami 805


    I've ordered a few JDM reels from Japan lately ,get here in a few weeks, thru the mail, not on a slow boat. They have airplanes now
  439. swami 805

    OLD penn senator 9/0 help

    Mystic Penn parts has everything he'll need. Drag washers, new bearings if it's a newer model. Some cals grease for the drags washers, penn grease for the rest. Pretty sure they have aluminum spools if he wants a new one. Like dayone says AlanTani for info
  440. swami 805

    What was Calstar's original line up before Grafighter?

    Here’s a sheet from around the time grafighters showed up or a little before. The first prototype of grafighters started with GX I think. I don’t think much has changed with the glass rods
  441. swami 805

    Help! Need clamp for 90j

    X2 on the Duran super clamp, he's a member on here try a search
  442. swami 805

    Mustad Rip roller

    I’ve done well for rockfish with those, the lumadot one
  443. swami 805

    Brand new rod eyelet ring is gone !?

    If you got it on eBay try to return it. If you can’t you’ll have to have a new guide put on
  444. swami 805

    Calstar BT670-8 for throwing iron?

    670-8 can do a lot of things ok and it will throw an iron fairly well but for maximum distance 10’ is the way to go. Sometimes the extra few yards matters
  445. swami 805

    In -line Weights

    I’d buy some if you d mail them too me. You should check out sea landing up here in Santa Barbara. They go thru a ton of sinkers.all they do is cod fish Half the passengers are rent rods and they buy all the crap at the landing
  446. swami 805

    Tern 2 reviews?

    Thanks for the video, I couldn’t find much. For $400 you’d think they’d mix in some kinda tool and maybe some kind of directions in the box instead of having to search for how to do it.
  447. swami 805

    Calstar GRAFIGHTER 90J

    See if you can find an all glass 90j and a grafighter and pull on them. There’s a difference in feel for sure. See what you like better
  448. swami 805

    Question about Daily Limits

    That could go either way. Boats at half limits, Captian decides to bail on that school and go look for a better grade. Ocean turns into a desert the rest of the trip. Everyone has 1 fish. Would we be seeing a different post?
  449. swami 805

    Small Craft Adv. 4/22 6am to 4/23 6am Cat to Channel Islands

    Pretty much sunny and clear in Santa Barbara with some clouds here and there. The wind is howling, the ocean is a blender, pity the fool who’s out in this crap
  450. swami 805

    My last Trip with Friends "that want to go fishing"

    Get a panga for the non fishing days of your “friends “and go solo, get some serious fishing in while you’re there
  451. swami 805

    Minimizing jigs..?.

    I’m a firm believer if you got it bring it, won’t do you a bit of good at home Get the dock cart to the boat, Stow your gear and relax. A bit of extra effort on the front and back end but rest easy knowing your prepared
  452. swami 805

    ID on jig type and use.

    Just about everything that will eat a jig will eat a Hopkins at times
  453. swami 805

    S series was all over the board, some with long screws, some short, some with big bearing cups...

    S series was all over the board, some with long screws, some short, some with big bearing cups, some with one small one. C series were the worst, long screws, one bearing cup. Still not a horrible reel, just need to stay on top of it
  454. swami 805

    Tern 2 reviews?

    So I got a 400 in the mail yesterday. Hadn’t bought a new reel in a few years. Feels nice in the hand, going cbass fishing Thursday, I’ll see how it works. One lame thing is the cast control. They stick a few little weights in the box, nothing in there about how it works or what to do with them...
  455. swami 805

    Inshore 4-6 FOG Fishing at the Shoe and the Next Generation

    Congratulations on the grandkid! You’ll realize now why you had kids to begin with.
  456. swami 805

    UC rod for 40# bait?

    I’m building a GP monster for I client and like the feel so much I’m building one for me too. My first UC rod so time will tell, fells like it’ll work with 40 and 50 should be fine too. I got a 10E while I was at it
  457. swami 805

    Need Suggestions & Ideas

    Brick and mortar or online shop?
  458. swami 805

    Usps shipping surcharge

    I get a lot of stuff usps no real problems, we have the same gal delivering and she leaves packages on our porch. The worst for me is FedEx, dogshit slow, beat up boxes, they suck up here. They ain’t cheap either. You’re kind of screwed anyway you do it
  459. swami 805

    SEEKERS- Help me understand…

    It’s true there are times when a blank sells for more than a freshly wrapped rod, especially with the colored or collector type seekers. With a blank you can get it exactly as you want it built. Also there is the trading factor at times like pogs or something
  460. swami 805

    Newell help please....

    First thing to try is tighten the handle side bearing cup all the way tight. Adjust the clicker side to have just a tiny bit a lateral play. Spin the spool and see what you got. If you tilt it to the handle side and if there is resistance or clicking sound shim that side. Same program for the...
  461. swami 805

    High Frame

    Will do. Been getting them from voodoo, they stop at 10’s
  462. swami 805

    High Frame

    Do you think you’ll start making them in size 8 ? Those 10’s are kinda klunky on some of the thinner diameter blanks
  463. swami 805

    SEEKERS- Help me understand…

    They charge more for the colored e glass because they can I’m sure. Doesn’t make much sense but what does these days
  464. swami 805

    Well got the Tranx 400 today ….

    If you ok opening up the reel clean the spool bearings in carburetor cleaner and then lube them with tsi321. Factory is probably packing them with grease which will slow them down. Leave all the other bearings greased Does the level wind disengage when casting? If it doesn’t might want to...
  465. swami 805

    SD Bay Float Tube Fishing Advice?

    I used to float tube a lot. Get a game bag for diving that clips to the tube. Find one with just a small amount of mesh in the bottom, that way you’ll be protected from fish spines popping your tube or sticking you. No need to kill the fish with the bag, just drop them in. One rod 6-1/2’ to 7’...
  466. swami 805

    I have a grafast 540, my favorite for throwing iron. Just the right blend of materials

    I have a grafast 540, my favorite for throwing iron. Just the right blend of materials
  467. swami 805

    What brand rods do you usually take on a trip?

    Sabre, seeker, cousins, harnell, calstar, cui
  468. swami 805

    The overthinker

    Make sure the jigs are the hardest metal available like brass, the teeth will slide better over it, avoid the knock-off jigs. That jell seems like a reasonable idea
  469. swami 805

    10' Super Seeker Ulua Blank Differences

    Baby ulua is different from a skinny butt. Then there’s the 93H ,100,100H and the 9’-4”model ulua Trying to Figure out seeker model #s, the SGlaass, E glass, composite, graphite will keep up at night if you let it. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, well maybe to the guy at seeker who makes it all up
  470. swami 805

    10' Super Seeker Ulua Blank Differences

    I think one is the skinny butt
  471. swami 805

    WSB Tips

    Back in the olden days when I had a boat we’d fish bird piles for seabass Find a bait ball with mackerel feeding, fire a krocodile at it and hook a mackerel. Then leave it on there, free spool a bit, wind a bit, the seabass would eat the whole thing. It was called carp style since it was...
  472. swami 805

    WSB Tips

    Channel Islands sport fishing. Shawn Stewart has a 6 pack boat, at least he did last year. Book a trip with him and spend the whole trip in the wheel house watching what he does. If they’re around he’ll find them, can’t think of anyone who has it more dialed in than him
  473. swami 805


    No stems no seeds that you don’t need…..Acapulco gold is badass weeed!
  474. swami 805

    Factory EX Seekers?

    Thanks, now that I think of it never saw a factory CEX either
  475. swami 805

    Unwelded jig ring

    Is that one of those $40 jigs? Someone wasn’t paying attention
  476. swami 805

    Anyone catch the Will Smith train wreck?

    Good to see “it’s fake” guy chiming in on this thread too.
  477. swami 805

    That's a pretty good idea, have a guy video the action during the day and play it during dinner

    That's a pretty good idea, have a guy video the action during the day and play it during dinner
  478. swami 805

    Factory EX Seekers?

    Did Seeker sell wrapped EX rods or did they just sell the blanks? Anyone have a factory one and could post a couple pictures? Thanks
  479. swami 805

    Swordfish Attack

    Who the fuck would fake something like that? Think of the time and effort needed to pull that off and for what? Weird shit happens all the time,they got that on film Hope they ate it
  480. swami 805

    Black Steel D8 vs. Super Seeker D8 ??

    The SS will be either all S glass or composite. now days most of the PH labeled rods are E glass I think
  481. swami 805

    Who has fished OC make Super Seeker D8?

    I have an albino I think E glass. The SS is different I’m sure. WTS is a white tiger
  482. swami 805

    Who has fished OC make Super Seeker D8?

    Kind of soft and spongy Feels like a truline that’s been fished hard for 20 years. Good rod for something with a soft mouth.
  483. swami 805

    Inshore BIG RED LA JOLLA

    Limit of chuckleheads. That’s a nice red
  484. swami 805

    Inshore What did I catch ?

    Sarcastic fringe head not a kelp fish
  485. swami 805

    UC 10E ?

    I got one today. Looking forward to building it.
  486. swami 805

    Who has fished OC make Super Seeker D8?

    I have an albino D8. It’s ok, I don’t love it though
  487. swami 805

    I stand corrected. Grey Davis but you get my drift. Just another CYA move

    I stand corrected. Grey Davis but you get my drift. Just another CYA move
  488. swami 805

    State advisory

    Spring break in TJ. What could possibly go wrong?
  489. swami 805

    graphite blank, left a one inch gouge

    Pull on it really hard and see if if holds up. Better to find out now before dumping a bunch of coin into it
  490. swami 805

    Fuel Surcharge

    Pretty simple why the $400 instead of suspending the gas tax. Remember Pete Wilson and car registration? Dude suspended the fees and when they put them back he got recalled and we got Arnold. Pure self preservation. Imagine the out cry when they reinstate the tax when people are used to not...
  491. swami 805

    Accurate sale @ Turners

    New models coming out soon. Got to clear out the old models
  492. swami 805

    Penn 930 and 940 experiences?

    It's also difficult to get the handle nut off, you'll need the Penn wrench that came in the box. The wrenches from other Penn models don't fit.
  493. swami 805

    The one that got away

    Another one. In the early 80’s fishing the marina del Rey halibut derby. We had pre fished a couple days so 2nd day of the derby went to a spot where we had caught a 32 pounder the week before. Only live bait was tiny chovies, I think sardines hadn’t been invented yet. Bait was so small w we’re...
  494. swami 805

    40# thin braid recommendations

    I’ve had good results with diawa j braid in 30lb
  495. swami 805

    The one that got away

    Mine was an 18 day in 2007 at HB. Pinned a fresh skippy on a 12/0 7691 200lb floro to 130lb jb hollow and a tiagra 80W filled to the brim. Pretty short soak and I’m bit. Push it to strike and line starts peeling and peeling and peeling. I’m down to 3/4 of the line gone and they’ve got a back...
  496. swami 805

    Is this a CEX Ulua?

    I think an EX ulua. No graphite in the butt. All blue glass.
  497. swami 805

    check out stealth of navy ship!

    Can only imagine the shit they have that we don’t know about
  498. swami 805

    Just Wondering why my last post was removed!

    Advertisers are paying to be on a fishing website with people discussing fishing. There’s many things that don’t belong on here, it’s not a free speech issue just not the place for your favorite political leanings, or feminine hygiene products or whatever other crap that doesn’t involve fishing
  499. swami 805

    Hook size and fighting bigger fish

    I had a bunch of mustad ringed circle hooks. Bent 2 in a row cinching down SD jam knots on 40lb. I gave them all away and stick to owner now pretty much. Maybe it was a bad batch? I bought them at a tackle shop not online. I just lost confidence in them
  500. swami 805

    Chance of bringing fish home this April from a 1.5 day trip out of San Diego?

    Could be colonet for yellows and cods or bluefin if they’re around. I’d think way better than 50/50 of something
  501. swami 805

    WTB Seeker EX ulua

    swami 805 submitted a new listing: WTB Seeker EX ulua - WTB Seeker EX ulua Learn more about this listing...
  502. swami 805

    Southern California WTB Seeker EX ulua

    Looking for a seeker EX ulua, any condition as long as it’s straight and full length. Thanks
  503. swami 805

    Green Glass Ulua 100 For Sale (white and green wrap)

    How much?? Put a price on it instead of some lame offer shit
  504. swami 805

    yeah nasa never developed anything useful

    yeah nasa never developed anything useful
  505. swami 805


    I had a pair of yakama racks with rollers on it so it sat upright on the roof of a sedan no problem. Pretty easy to roll it on too
  506. swami 805

    SPJ talk

    X2 on the 16NA, I have the gold one, works great with jigs for cod
  507. swami 805

    Channel Islands Anacapa and Santa Cruz

    Meter around the gap for Mack’s, definitely cod and lings around, might try a few drifts for halibut inside, east end of Santa Cruz Might be worthwhile to sniff around the east end of anacapa, fishy spot, might be holding game fish but with all the wind,the water turned over wouldn’t spend a...
  508. swami 805

    Made my dog a peephole to watch for ninjas

    That sucks, sorry, so difficult losing a great dog
  509. swami 805

    Seeker 93H Ulua Metallic Purple Build

    You could do a cord grip in purple and black or something, keep in mind that’s already a really fat butt so a thin material whatever it is will be helpful X2 on metallic black, it’s a pian to work with and doesn’t really look all that great I did a purple ulua recently and used purple,blue and...
  510. swami 805


    I asked my dad why women wear makeup and perfume, he said because they’re ugly and the stink
  511. swami 805

    25lb v 30lb mono topshots

    I fish the crap out of 30. I go 20 30 then 60. If they’ll eat 40 or 50 they’ll eat 60
  512. swami 805

    Not a hunt. But I bet they died

    I used to watch that pigman show, he’d kill some pigs, especially in the early shows
  513. swami 805

    Removing gimbal from Okuma 741 rod

    I’d use the dremel, if you nick the blank you’re going to shorten it anyway, right?
  514. swami 805

    Seeker 1x3 and 2x4

    Smoking deal, get right in the bluefin game with those
  515. swami 805


    If you're not first you're last
  516. swami 805

    Starboard head shot. Corroded to crumbles. Need new head.

    Well that sucks, good thing you found it on dry land and it didn't take a shit at tanner or Pt.Sur or something
  517. swami 805

    Robert Duval in Colors

    Robert Duval in Colors
  518. swami 805

    Inshore Monterey party boats 3/16-3/19

    Might check the regs. Is rockfish even open up there yet? Surf fishing can be pretty good up there
  519. swami 805

    Calstar teal

    Gudebrod. I can check the number when I get home.
  520. swami 805

    Where has Alan Tani's web site gone to?

    Works fine for me. Recently went thru a crazy godaddy upgrade so still working out a few bugs
  521. swami 805

    Price of Trulines

    Any rod will break if pushed past it's limits, easy to do fishing bluefin. It certianly isn't because it's composite. I still fish a couple contenders, the grandaddys of composites,still going strong 40 years later, trick is not to use it past what is designed for
  522. swami 805

    General noob-ish advice needed

    Bring your calstars and diawas, they should work fine. Service the reels, new CF drag washers and fresh line. You don't need 2 speeds on that light stuff. Fresh clothes would be good, look on the boats website for a list of stuff to bring Your own beverages are more than fine to bring, snacks too.
  523. swami 805

    DNA test

    If there's some marker that shows you're prone to some disease it could effect your ability to get health insurance, and who knows what other BS could affect you later. I wouldn't do it.
  524. swami 805


    I won a couple squares last year, he styled me out with jigs and shirts. I'm sure he'll take care of you
  525. swami 805

    Braid for 20-25lb flyline stick.

    I like 30 for 20lb. Can get plenty of line even on a small reel. That on a trini 12 is money
  526. swami 805

    Looking for Newell parts

    There’s a guy on eBay that sells all kinds of small Newell parts, washers, springs and that kind of stuff. Cortez conversions has SS gear sleeves and shift levers
  527. swami 805

    Cod rod

    6480 should work for that
  528. swami 805

    Newell Jerry Downey P533

    I have one he narrowed for me, great reel. I added a drag kit and a stainless sleeve.
  529. swami 805

    Nylon thread with NCP thread

    x2 on putting finish over the nylon, if you just use cp and smash the thread burnishing the next layer or something you'll have dark spots on the nylon like it didn't have CP on it. Otherwise you can mix the 2 no problem
  530. swami 805

    Possible scammer alert

    Walks like a duck....
  531. swami 805

    Favorite SPJ set up for SoCal fishery

    Thanks, I'll check one out, the leverwind comes in handy
  532. swami 805

    What do you think of the calcutta 300? I was looking at a 800F,

    What do you think of the calcutta 300? I was looking at a 800F,
  533. swami 805

    I have issues - cold shrink

    Try a layer of heat shrink over the cork tape first, then the cold shrink. They also make cork tape with just adhesive on the cork, not with that layer of fabric stuff on it. I Don't think that kind will slip from the cold shrink
  534. swami 805

    250kg Bluefin Stand Up - 45 minutes

    wow, big tuna nice job. Were those more tuna up feeding next to the boat?
  535. swami 805

    Save The Fleet From CARB

    It's coming to every sector that uses fossil fuel for energy, it will suck for awhile, people will figure it out. We put a man on the moon, figuring out cleaner engines isn't a giant hurdle to overcome. They'll throw in some grants and low interest loans, this to shall pass
  536. swami 805

    Micheals has some adhesive backed gold material the works well for the bands if you're looking

    Micheals has some adhesive backed gold material the works well for the bands if you're looking
  537. swami 805

    Ultimate ling cod reel for seeker 6465 black steel

    I would look at reels you're comfortable servicing yourself with a limited amount of moving parts and bearings. They gonna get saltwater in them and won't last long if you don't stay on top of it. Don't really need casting distance or a ton of drag, line over 30lb just becomes an anchor if you...
  538. swami 805


    I had a couple WTB ads and would get some clown response that my cousin/friend has one with their email Pretty weak scam attempt Sucks that happened to you, hope that dip shit gets running sores on his scrotum
  539. swami 805

    Will a P16 frame fit a Newell 220?

    12 year old post but you never know I guess
  540. swami 805

    Indian ocean fish cutting

    You'd think he'd hack up the tail and fins and throw them in the basket with all the other lovey bits of goo. Probably saves the gut sacks for later
  541. swami 805

    Indian ocean fish cutting

    Make a great tide commercial for that guys shirt
  542. swami 805

    Inshore Goodbye to the Kahuna

    Had some great days mooching salmon on that boat. Before that on the wild wave out of Santa Cruz. I guess the salmon fishing ain't what it used to be.
  543. swami 805

    Show and Tell.........The Holy Grail of Surfing History?

    The long john with the beavertail, remember it well.
  544. swami 805

    Inshore Goodbye to the Kahuna

    Was it in Moss Landing?
  545. swami 805

    Want to take a couple kids fishing out of LB area, what boat?

    I took my 7 year old grandson on the monte carlo a few years ago. He really enjoyed it and the deck hand was really good with him. Fishing was weak but he still had fun catching bank perch and a few rockfish.
  546. swami 805

    Yard sale items.

    Those look like fryburger rock cod jigs. Looks like lead to me.
  547. swami 805

    Frozen Fish near Tahoe 2/18

    Cool trip, thanks for the report
  548. swami 805

    How to choose and present a bait correctly

    If you can swing it start riding the 3/4 and all day boats that surface fish for the 3 B's, nothing compares to time actually doing it. Many times their bait is crap compared to the cured bait on a LR boat. You'll learn what to look for and how to fish it and can make the most of your time on...
  549. swami 805

    The Black Pearl In Monterey?

    Anyone know what happened to the old seahawk? Loved that boat, wood and slow but it sure was fishy
  550. swami 805

    Pro gear 255 clamp pictures

    Check out cortez conversions, he makes a nice clamp, should fit your reel, it fits a 251. The distance between the holes is 1 3/8". nice big area to fasten a hook. only thing is the screw threads might not be the right size
  551. swami 805

    Deckhand wrap reel placement

    It's personal preference, try different spots until you feel comfortable. Check the distance on a similar rod with a reel seat and go from there
  552. swami 805

    Sabre (dark blue) guide wrap color

    245 for sure. I think I have some if your'e in a bind
  553. swami 805

    Advice on new Trinidad 16NA

    I’ve been using jbraid and so far so good I use 20lb floro leader fo a little extra abrasion resistance and it’s easier to break when you hang the bottom and in theory you won’t break the braid Jig weight depends on current, drift of the boat and shape of the jig. Super deep start out heavy...
  554. swami 805

    Advice on new Trinidad 16NA

    Maybe switch it to 30lb braid for that deep. More capacity and faster retrieve since your spool will be taller. White fish and sheephead don’t eat jigs to well, I use jigs to avoid catching them. You might get a few but bait works way better. Also don’t see a lot of those deep mostly 200’ or less
  555. swami 805

    Serial Lobster Poacher Rustin Craig Wilson caught commercial fishing lobster in closure at Catalina Island

    12 months probation, $885 in fines and community service, can't fish for a year? That's it? serial offender while on probation for the same thing and that's it? Pretty weak sauce
  556. swami 805

    Planning a "anniversary" (fishing) trip

    What about going north? Monterey, moss landing, Santa Cruz. Decent fishing close by, nice ramps and hotels, good restaurants. If the weather sucks lots of other stuff to do. Much mellower too
  557. swami 805

    Ugly Boats

    Be fun to trailer that bad boy. Low bridge!
  558. swami 805

    How do you fish your 540?? Taking insight

    I use a grafast 540 with 30 and a 332 newell. It could fish 40 but to me it fishes light iron better with 30. I like the ulua for 40. Try both and see what you think, might be the chocolate is little heavier
  559. swami 805

    Seeker factory rod sale

    They only let you buy one colored blank each
  560. swami 805


    Thanks adds a nice wrinkle
  561. swami 805

    Seeker factory rod sale

    I don't get why they don't have more blanks to sell. The purple crap was pretty much done after the 1st 10 minutes. Another 100 blanks is 25K that would have sold in the 1st hour. Seems like a missed opportunity
  562. swami 805

    WTS Calstar GG90J Sabre

    Yes, cork with shrink over it. It's a 90J not a 690
  563. swami 805


    Bengals 35. Rams. 24. Thanks!!!!
  564. swami 805

    Sabre labels inside blank??

    never seen a label inside a sabre you can get a good idea of what blank it is by measuring the butt and tip and looking it up in an old catalog
  565. swami 805

    Inshore Ventura Bait

    Try to get to know a few of the sport boat skippers, they'll make their own and might kick down a scoop if you catch them at the right time. between 3:30 and 4:30 am when they're getting ready to go out or at the end of the day when they're coming in
  566. WTS Calstar GG90J  Sabre

    Southern California WTS Calstar GG90J Sabre

    Looking to sell calstar factory GG90J. Shrink over cork tape handle. Guides recoated. Few scratches on the blank but just cosmetic. $250 10’ Sabre. Not sure the model but from after sabre was sold. Graphite 15-25lb rod, reminds me of the older 1008 seeker. Great for flyline or swim baits...
  567. swami 805

    WTS Calstar GG90J Sabre

    swami 805 submitted a new listing: WTS Calstar GG90J Sabre - WTS Calstar GG90J Sabre Learn more about this listing...
  568. swami 805

    I'll have to try that, thanks

    I'll have to try that, thanks
  569. swami 805

    Hannibal Bank

    That's too bad it turned out like that, must be a lot of time and prep to put a trip together. Good on you for taking care of the skipper and mate, if the owner weasels his clients like that working for him probably sucks too
  570. swami 805

    long casting reels

    Penn makes a fathom for long casting, I think it's a 15. Has a different spool and a knobby mag
  571. swami 805

    Rod Tip Repair Question

    Easy fix, apply heat and the tip should pull off, buy a new tip and re-attach with hot glue. Or take it to your local shop and have them do it. $10-20 tops to fix it. Don't try welding it, likely do more harm than good
  572. swami 805

    WTB Seeker LM9 blank

    swami 805 submitted a new listing: WTB Seeker LM9 blank - WTB Seeker LM9 blank Learn more about this listing...
  573. swami 805

    Southern California WTB Seeker LM9 blank

    Looking for a seeker LM9 blank, one of the colored ones. Blue, green, red, purple. If you got one I'm your huckleberry. I'll be in LA next Saturday. I have a few Seeker blanks for trade too, WTS skinny butt ulua or baby ulua, fat butt cream sickle, albino 540, honey graphite 7X,
  574. swami 805

    SUPERBOWL 56. Make your picks NOW. Winner and Score!!

    Rams melt Bengals 24 Rams 7
  575. swami 805

    Possible missing diver off H.B. oil rigs

    RIP to that poor guy who died, at least he went out with his boots on I think they have to remove the entire rig done to the ocean floor by law. Sucks since they have become such good habitat. There’s a few groups trying to change the law to allow them to remain, maybe they’ll relent...
  576. swami 805

    Jigmaster upgrades

    Building reels from parts can become a hobby unto itself. The old penns have so many upgrade parts available you can build a reel with only a few actual Penn parts. If you enjoy doing it why not? It leaves you with something useful when you done unlike many other hobbies like building a ship in...
  577. swami 805

    Fish Wrap Lay Out Spacing

    Hit every mark on the 0 and 180 for a 4 axis pattern. Hit the marks on all 4 axis for 8
  578. swami 805

    Fish Wrap Lay Out Spacing

    If I'm understanding your question just on each mark. Make your life easier and go metric, MM are much easier than inches
  579. swami 805

    Flipped Out

    Only time I’ve been drilled was in the shore pound at lime kiln in Big Sur. Lost a sweet contender with a Calcutta on in. Everything else was in a Fanny pack on my waist and I was wearing a wet suit. It was cold up there. I was in a 14’ 2 person yak that wasn’t set up for fishing. Good fishing...
  580. swami 805

    GO RAMS....Beat the 49er's today. The future is NOW RAMS WIN!

    Go 9ers, I've hated the rams since they got rid of Roman Gabriel.
  581. swami 805

    Need Help with Advice for a SB ULUA

    Don't cut it, wrap it the way it is. 11 guides plus the tip
  582. swami 805

    What pound line are you fishing a Ulua?

    I like 40#, I'm an all mono guy. Don't cut it,
  583. swami 805

    MID DECEMBER 11 DAY, THOUGHTS? what can be expected? RIDGE, LOWER BANKS

    Could be a great trip, hit the lower banks right and yatzee!! The few extra days down there offer a lot of flexablity
  584. swami 805

    Florida man drives into waterspout

    Last thing the redneck said before he died? "hey watch this"
  585. swami 805

    tarred seine cord sizing

    Thanks Mike
  586. swami 805

    2 Sharp jigs

    They called them copy cats, I have a few. I still fish 2sharps, they get bit.
  587. swami 805

    Build a 690j to fit a Trinidad20a/torium 20

    Those reel clamps will fit
  588. swami 805

    tarred seine cord sizing

    I'm in Santa Barbara. I went online and got a bunch, from size 6 up to 24. Thought I'd try adding some texture to the handles with some thin cord woven in. Could work out or be another lame waste of time.
  589. swami 805

    Bucket List from Out of Town

    Go on a boat with state rooms, bunk rooms kinda blow.
  590. swami 805

    Bucket List from Out of Town

    Don’t go cheap if you’re spending all that money on travel. Look at the Cadillacs. Royal Polaris, red rooster, American angler, Polaris supreme. Excel. I’m missing some but you get my drift. Less guys, nicer boat. Better food
  591. swami 805

    SS 2x4 Guide Repair/Replacement

    Looks like a size 10
  592. swami 805

    Ca sheephead slot size reg.

    Oh good, more regulation, complex too. There's plenty of goats though out their range, no need to regulate them more
  593. swami 805

    Islands Great day!

    Wow, don't see that everyday on a dab trip, lots of things have to go right. Heck of a job. Anacapa home guard yellow
  594. swami 805

    Rod for lighter jigs

    690J, 530 calstar, seeker F100, 90M, baby ulua. If you can pull on them somewhere that would be helpful. They all cast good it's pulling the fish out of the bushes where the whippy ones have issues
  595. swami 805

    Combat was awesome, the dude with the BAR was all time. At school someone would yell grenade...

    Combat was awesome, the dude with the BAR was all time. At school someone would yell grenade and we'd drive for cover.
  596. swami 805

    Remember this?

    Great show, loved it My all favorite was Mutual of Omaha wild kingdom. That dude marlin and his side kick Jim. Jim would always get the shit jobs. Typical dialogue: while I’m in the hut enjoying a cold cocktail with the native girls Jim is getting a semen sample from the silver back...
  597. swami 805

    Huh?, red snapper and vermillion rockfish are the same fish just different names

    Huh?, red snapper and vermillion rockfish are the same fish just different names
  598. swami 805

    Your first or favorite concert?

    Been to a lot of shows but probably one of my favorites was the blues brothers opening for Steve Martin. What a great band that was, gotta love a horn section My buddy in high school had a brother in law who worked for ticketron and would kick down tickets. 2nd show I saw was David Bowie...
  599. swami 805

    I found a mold for 13" marauders

    Those are pretty cool and extra stout hardware. Whoever made those was a garage hack with some talent! about standard marauder size but look wider. No idea past that, like to know how well they swim.
  600. swami 805

    tarred seine cord sizing

    I'm ordering tarred seine cord not the varmac. Varmac isn't the greatest. I'll check it out, thanks Jayson
  601. swami 805

    tarred seine cord sizing

    Thanks Hector I'll check out coring bro's, where can I find it?
  602. swami 805

    tarred seine cord sizing

    Need to order some more butt cord. Squidco has Varmac in a bunch of sizes. Do the smallest numbers represent the narrowest diameter or the other way around? Thanks
  603. swami 805

    What’s it worth! Little help please

    Probably do better on ebay, if it has accurate SS gears would fetch more, you should crack it open and see
  604. swami 805

    ID Cowcod vs. legal rockfish

    Find a picture online, looks very different than the rest of the cods.
  605. swami 805

    Your first or favorite concert?

    1st one was Humble pie at the Santa monica civic when I was in high school. Peter Frampton was still with them. Weed smoke so thick you could barely see the stage from the middle rows.
  606. swami 805

    Butt Wrap

    For durability 3M cold shrink. Heavy and ugly but will take a beating
  607. swami 805

    Penn senator servicing

    Try Kroil if you have some, then heat up the post if it's an older one.
  608. swami 805

    Thread color suggestions....

    X2 on black, Lighter colors will wash out the blue a little
  609. swami 805

    Want to buy a new truck

    Buy the shell and bring it with you or have it delivered to the dealer, have them install it before you take delivery. That is if your clever ruse pans out.
  610. swami 805

    Bay Bass in Ventura?

    I've caught small spots in Channel islands on 2" gulp sand worms. There some in there. Fish structure, like any other bay
  611. swami 805

    Favorite Big Hammer colors?

    I like redrum
  612. swami 805

    Cork rings any advice?

    Rod Bond works good. I've been using gorilla glue on a few of mine, Keeps the weight down and strong so far. With rings you definetly want to use a clamp of some kind. I use water based wood putty for the small voids, doesn't last forever but easy to restore after a few years use. Just a little...
  613. swami 805

    Long Range fishing: Observations after 1st Trip

    Using a leader or top shot smaller than the braid makes perfect sense so if it breaks you still have all your braid. Casting lures. Pick your spots, if you see a cluster brewing hang back a bit, it will ease up in short order. Try the bow too Crowded boat, find a limited load and pay a few...
  614. swami 805

    Trinidad 20a arm position

    I use the inside hole for a little more speed when I want it.
  615. swami 805


    Medium, might consider light ones too unless you beat on your gear
  616. swami 805

    How does this work ?

    Nice to have when you get to the end of the bottle, Store them upside down to get the last if it out without waiting forever for it to run down.
  617. swami 805

    Different seeker tactics

    I have a Tac90, I really like it, great bend, more down the mid section of the blank than an SS or black steel. Mine has the woven pattern in the bottom third
  618. swami 805

    What # set up is used the least?

    I'd say 50 too. If they'll eat 50 they'll eat 60
  619. swami 805

    Stir It Up!

    That’s a euphoria, the sap is like battery acid
  620. swami 805

    Book Offshore Fishing

    I was on an 8 day with him once. Super nice guy, my 1st long trip, very helpful with advice on pretty much everything, good writer too
  621. swami 805


    I use a rapidograph pen also. Use water based ink and it will wipe off without solvent but works fin with flexcoat. Also good for guide layouts
  622. swami 805


    BD sends a email when someone private messages you, open the message and post the screen name of the ass clown that sent it
  623. swami 805

    What is your Monofilament of Choice for Surface Irons

    My favorite is tournament ande in 50LB. Ties a good knot, lays pretty flat. Not as fat as most 50 since it's igfa rated so it breaks at or below 50.
  624. swami 805

    Islands San Nicholas or Bust

    Looks like you had a good trip, nice rack of reds you got there I think you should expect a bunch of cheap chiselers when you go on a 2fer trip, got to suck being a deckhand on those deals Do they still nick you for $10 for rsw if they clean your fish?
  625. swami 805

    40 pound setup

    BTG is glass, GG is graphite composite
  626. swami 805

    Bv-300 with Maxcuatro question

    I've been using 30lb J braid, no complaints. I have 300M on it so plenty of line
  627. swami 805

    Sabre rod info

    Neither of these would make a good jig stick, way too light. Be great for flylining or swimbaits
  628. swami 805

    Sabre rod info

    Here’s another one I got, this ones 10’ fells like 12-25lb rod like the other one. No writing on the rod and here’s what’s left of the label on the blank. The label looks very generic looking
  629. swami 805

    Most Effective Slow Pitch Jigs

    I've done well on with a mustad staggerboard I think it's called. The red one with spots. Weight according to the depth we were fishing. Sacrificed my last one to neptune yesterday so I don't have a pic.They have a 35% off sale this weekend, I'm gonna get a few more
  630. swami 805

    Sabre rod info

    Thanks for that. Nice rod whatever it is. Guy spelled Sabre (Saber) wrong on the label. Looks like a 90's components
  631. swami 805

    Sabre rod info

    Pick up this Sabre yesterday and looking for information. It’s 9’ looks like all graphite with a number I don’t recognize. The blank is thinner than any grafast sabre I’ve seen. Is this after from after sabre was sold? The material is just dark grey, no fibers visible Thanks
  632. swami 805

    1st production Pro Gear Reel 541 value

    About $150 on ebay maybe, that size isn't super popular.
  633. swami 805

    Nomad tackle sale

    Just saw mustad is having a 35% off sale, free shipping over $50 code:JOLLY35
  634. swami 805

    Soft Steel Fluoro-Stretch Breaking Strength?

    I've been using the 20 and 30lb for about a year, so far so good. Does tie a knot a bit better than the stiffer lines
  635. swami 805

    Advice or first hand experience with Accurate Bv2-500on a united composites Rgp80 monster?

    Not a great reel for casting anything, especially artificals underhand. I think you'd be better off with a sturdy spinning reel
  636. swami 805

    Pelagic Outfitters

    I ordered a reel from tackledirect a few days ago, says right on page whether they have it in stock or not. Simple to add that feature to the site if they want too
  637. swami 805

    Pelagic Outfitters

    Does seem a little shady, I quit ordering from suppliers that don’t show what’s in stock. Some take your $ then hold the order for a few items that are back ordered. Pretty frustrating
  638. swami 805

    Knot to use on hook to 60lb mono line?

    san diego jam
  639. swami 805

    Missing boater off of carpinteria Ca

    Just speculating but from where he was and the size of the boat probably a lobster guy running thru his gear. That area is corroded with pots. Sucks
  640. swami 805

    Missing boater off of carpinteria Ca

    Heard an update on the news. A 35’ boat out of Ventura, haven’t found him yet, doesn’t look good.
  641. swami 805

    Missing boater off of carpinteria Ca

    Saw on a local site this morning the coast guard is looking for a missing boater off of Carpinteria up here in the 805 yesterday evening. They found a boat, motor running, going in circles with no one aboard. They found fishing gear on the boat. Couldn't find anything this else this morning...
  642. swami 805

    Lingcod trip coming up

    Jig up a tank of mackerel and have at it, Jigs and all that are fine but you'll waste alot of time on catching junk, big macs with a trap hook. Don't use real heavy line, 40 should be plenty, heavier and you'll play hell trying to break it when you get hung up. they don't fight like tuna or...
  643. swami 805

    If You Don't Like Turks Heads Check This Out

    Nice and clean,looks good
  644. swami 805

    Valiant for SPJ?

    Been dabbling in SPJ and thinking of getting a new reel. I have a Valiant 300 that I like for the shallows but want something for 250 to 450' range. What should I get? I'm thinking I'll be using 30lb braid but want the option of being able to get a fair amount of 65lb so I could use it for...
  645. swami 805

    Favorite Standout Reels / Sizes ???

    X2 on the g220, the early ones with the stainless lever and 4 stack for 20lb. Right up there Trinidad 12 Throwing iron with 30 g332
  646. swami 805

    if you're on a lake and you die of thirst because you only brought a 6 pack and some jack you...

    if you're on a lake and you die of thirst because you only brought a 6 pack and some jack you deserve to die.
  647. swami 805

    I sent that guy a bunch of hooks too, probably has a lifetime supply now

    I sent that guy a bunch of hooks too, probably has a lifetime supply now
  648. swami 805

    New jigstick reel

    Hard to beat a trini 20a if you got the cash
  649. swami 805

    Islands Santa Rosa SPJ Report - 11/28/21

    Look like vermillion to me too. Done a bunch of codding at the islands and only seen one sunset, not very common for me anyway. similar body shape but the coloring is different Nice load of cods!
  650. swami 805

    Largo Ranger Tackle Box SOLD [Deleted]

    Pretty cool, all state of the art back in the day, down to the yarn :lucky joe's"
  651. swami 805

    Man I miss the days when my kids greeted me like this. Such a great vid.

    Pretty soon I'll be the one in the diaper running to greet my kid
  652. swami 805

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy thanksgiving! Glad you're back!
  653. swami 805

    Reds & Copper Rockfish Bag Limit Decrease Coming?

    We’ll at least chuckleheads are tough fish, sit in a sack for hours and still kicking when you dump them out. If any rockfish would survive it’s them. Still unbelievably stupid? 1 ? 5 or something would make more sense
  654. swami 805

    Conolon surf rod?

    Those are nice, think I'd stash them away and buy a beater ugly stick or something
  655. swami 805

    Reds & Copper Rockfish Bag Limit Decrease Coming?

    1??? That’s crazy, chuckleheads are the bulk of the catch many days. Up here anyway. From what I see probably 3-4 to 1 ratio chucks to reds. Once Over 300’ not as many chucks and more other reddish fish. Hard to avoid chuckleheads at the Channel Islands
  656. swami 805

    "the fish had nearly spooled me"

    yes, that's what it means
  657. swami 805


    Mustad has 20% off this weekend, code GIFTS
  658. swami 805

    CUI’s California Bound

  659. swami 805


    My first LR trip we we spent a few days at the rocks, lots of wahoo , tuna, yellows, grouper, one stop shopping. Saw a guy get 2 yellows on the kite with a double trouble. Early eighties on the RR3. Been there several times since but no tuna the last few decades. No telling why the tuna...
  660. swami 805

    Seeker 6480 for a USMC

    Nice and clean, looking good Robbie!
  661. swami 805

    Conventional reel clamp issue

    If it has a reel seat you can live without a clamp, just snug it up tight.
  662. swami 805

    Which 8' Calstar for 40-50 lb setup?

    40-50 I use an 800H, I like a little more bend than an XH, I think it loads a little better for casting
  663. swami 805

    SS LB 2x4 and SS LB 6470H ceramic guide insert fell out.

    Just looked quick online, the 2x4 should be a 14 tube and 10 ring, at least that's what the spec sheet said. I couldn't find the other one
  664. swami 805

    Kid's starter outfit

    They used to make some decent spincast reels, might check ebay for vintage Heddon or Diawa and see what you find. The new ones are barely functional. I got a few for my grandsons, cleaned them up and they worked pretty good
  665. swami 805

    Psychedelic wrapped rods

    Psychedilic sabres had the patterns in the glass, not the way they were wrapped. Cool old wrap job though
  666. swami 805

    Offshore Aztec Nov. 1-4

    Nice one Robbie, Happy Birthday!
  667. swami 805

    My current Quiver and future suggestions

    Fishing channel islands c-bass and halibut are a possibility, something long with a softer tip to absorb the head shakes and lunges. I like a seeker 90m for fishing 30-40lb. For swimbaits 8-9' that's sensitive to feel getting bit on the sink. Bob Sands has a lot of stuff to pull on
  668. swami 805

    Advice: Butt options on a Calstar 755XH Blank for a Trolling

    Some kind of gimbal for sure from a private boat. If fishing stand up style with a rod belt you'll want a little shorter butt section so the reel isn't too far from your body, maybe about the distance from your elbow to the end of the palm of your hand. If you like the rod under your armpit...
  669. swami 805

    Advice: Butt options on a Calstar 755XH Blank for a Trolling

    What kind of fishing do you plan to do? If it’s party boat so cal style fishing I wouldn’t use that uni butt, might skip the gimbal too. If you plan to fish it in a rod holder uni butt might be the call. Those things are heavy and not really necessary most of the time. Fishing from a chair or...
  670. swami 805

    Islands Channel Is. and coastal calicos?

    I go on a couple charters a month and we fish for calicos and other game fish if they’re around, no rockfish ever. It’s been a slow year for sure. The coast has been better for numbers but the islands have better quality. Still pretty crappy bass fishing all year. I’m sure there’s a bunch of...
  671. swami 805

    The meaning of the term, "downswell" in marlin fishing.

    Nice set up for that type of fishing, those old mitchells are fine reels, simple and last for many years Yes BFS can expensive, looks like fun though, I was thinking of trying it but there is very little fresh water fishing close by here so maybe not. That kind of gear won't last long in salt water
  672. swami 805

    The meaning of the term, "downswell" in marlin fishing.

    Mr Ito, Do you fish trout with BFS gear? Looks like a good way to fish.
  673. swami 805

    Killing Hoop Nets Outside Of HB 11-2

    What kind of chucklehead drops their gear in a marked channel? Light or no light
  674. swami 805

    Back arthritis

    Good plan, lots of quacks out there to take your money. Stick with the guys with MD after their mane