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  1. yakdout

    So, how many threads have I started that moderators have shut down?

    Of course you have a therapist. Saw that one coming
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    It was fun while it lasted

    I’ve never wanted the downvote button back more than when that guy posts.
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    Inshore Boil off mission beach Jan 27, what could it be?

    I have seen yellowtail in that area boiling this time of year. In fact some of my biggest are late winter surface iron fish. Between mission bay and La Jolla out to 3-4 miles .
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    Congrats to BD Moderator(s) for banning Rookie

    Can I guess? FI FWC= Florida Incompetent Fool With Chlamydia?
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    Environmentally oriented Fisherman from SoCal?

    Makes sense if you don’t think about it .
  6. yakdout

    Environmentally oriented Fisherman from SoCal?

    I agree. I think bob marlin is definitely the same person or related to OP.
  7. yakdout

    Environmentally oriented Fisherman from SoCal?

    Confucius say, man who don’t know English, better tuna fisherman.
  8. yakdout

    Environmentally oriented Fisherman from SoCal?

    Is that what Confucius say?
  9. yakdout

    Squid / Bait gear

    Free? I’m too late. HMU!
  10. yakdout

    Environmentally oriented Fisherman from SoCal?

    I hate eating tuna but love catching them. I just bring the whole carcasses and dump them in Huntington harbor.
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    So BD has been selling my info??

    When BD WOKE mods delete my posts to capt Ritchie in natural gas thread, but leave his up…
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    Predictions for the hot lure/jig of 2023?

    That’s the biggest bird I’ve ever seen
  13. yakdout

    Critique the casting technique! Version 2.0

    Much better. I would say just try to widen your feet a little more, but other than that looks great.
  14. yakdout

    Which used Kayak?

    If you want a real fishing kayak, hobie is the only way to go. They really hold their value. In fact I’ve sold 3 for 3 higher than what I bought for new. There’s a reason why they are the most expensive.
  15. yakdout

    Vacuum sealer. Advice and exoerience.

    If you’ve never had a chamber sealer before you will be impressed with even the smallest one. It basically comes down to the max bag size you to use.
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    Yield % when cutting fish???

  17. yakdout

    Critique the casting technique!

    Nice setup. I noticed your body is very off balanced. Almost like you are about to fall forward at the end of your cast. Try planting your feet, with a wider stance and bend your knees.
  18. yakdout

    Shimano Tiagra 50

  19. yakdout

    Predictions for the hot lure/jig of 2023?

    Down-rigger at 100’ with a rapala.
  20. yakdout

    Extra fishy BFT

    If it was not frozen and sitting in blood and fish juice, that’s definitely the cause. Have to cut the blood lines out and dry with paper towels and keep cold ASAP.
  21. yakdout

    280 Lower Stuck Bolts

    Local in San Marcos and El Cajon
  22. yakdout

    280 Lower Stuck Bolts
  23. yakdout


  24. yakdout

    Natural Gas

    That’s cool til your power goes out. Nice to have backup generator that is dual fuel and runs on NG. We should not be relying on only one type of energy.
  25. yakdout

    Yield % when cutting fish???

    If you were my neighbor I’d be lighting bags of shit on fire and placing on your doorstep nightly.
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    Compliments to BD

    I wish it would bring you to the last read post like it used to. Instead of making you scroll from the top when you come back to the thread.
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    Natural Gas

    90 amps? Holy shite.. 400 amp main?
  28. yakdout

    United Composites 9e & 10e

    I guess we know who bought em
  29. yakdout

    Bait sticks for BFT

    About 400 yards of 65lb braid to 4’ of 40lb mono
  30. yakdout

    Why dont we harpoon Bluefin on the West Coast?

    Is there a rule against blasting a tuna with a 7.62x51? Asking for a friend.
  31. yakdout

    280 Lower Stuck Bolts

    Borrow a pneumatic impact gun and large compressor.
  32. yakdout

    Coolers and Ice or chest freezer and generator?

    Prick maybe but, You’re no genius if you consider yourself a vaxxer and that being a positive thing.
  33. yakdout

    Chipped your Volvo Penta Diesel?

    I wouldn’t do anything electronically aftermarket to a diesel engine beside a custom tune. Yes it would increase EGTS, pyrometer would be a must. You can get a lot more performance out of tuning a diesel engine vs a gas engine.
  34. yakdout

    Coolers and Ice or chest freezer and generator?

    If you’re going to do your own processing get a chamber vacuum sealer. I can’t even tell you how much better they are than foodsaver type vacuum sealers. I got the one at Costco recently it was on sale for 600-700$ and it’s insane how well it works. I’ve vacuum sealed so much stuff already...
  35. yakdout

    Menthol cigarettes

    I remember one specific time visiting my moms side of the family in Germany. I was about ten years old and was able to buy smokes from a vending machine on a sidewalk.
  36. yakdout

    Menthol cigarettes

    Mexico should have plenty.
  37. yakdout

    IRS changing tax laws for used goods when using PayPal, Venmo etc.

    From your income you were already taxed on.
  38. yakdout

    Suggestions for backcountry hike-in off-trail camping and fishing

    Yes I meant to say conceal carry sidearm, not open.
  39. yakdout


    it sounds like accurate should be replacing your bearings too.
  40. yakdout


    I would go abec 5. Tighter tolerance than 3’s but ceramics are no good for saltwater IMO
  41. yakdout

    Suggestions for backcountry hike-in off-trail camping and fishing

    Don’t count out the desert here in CA and baja. Lots of open land in both. I suggest getting onx maps and you can see boundaries for property lines. You can basically go camp anywhere on BLM land and national Forrest areas. To add to the fun, do it doing turkey season and bring a shotgun along...
  42. yakdout

    Are AMMO sale NO longer allowed?

    That was earlier In 2022 and cal guns never skipped a beat with guns and ammo postings. Can’t you create a disclaimer of must be 18 to view firearms posts.? I get that this is a fishing website with hunting secondary and that CA sucks for stuff like this, but it doesn’t seem like it would be...
  43. yakdout

    Winter storage of FX-500 and Valiant reels?

    I’ve always left my reels in freespool with no tape and no clicker. Never had a problem. An overrun would only happen if someone started pulling line off the reel intentionally
  44. yakdout

    Assorted tuna trolling lures

    Damn that’s the deal of the week.
  45. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    I didn’t know it was amateur hour…
  46. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    Really what happened is you felt like a dumbass after post number 3 of this thread when I told you “It’s a numbers game, it’s the same reason they don’t target opah, marlin, etc.They put you on schools of fish for numbers for everyone. Not a single bite for one person. A lot of people would be...
  47. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    Ouch sick burn
  48. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    Whatever makes you feel better snowflake.
  49. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    So now you ask dumbass questions AND think about guys blowing each other? Wow, keep digging.
  50. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    Yes the question was as equal to “is the ocean wet”? That’s how dumbass it was. And you defending him shows how much of a dumbass you are as well.
  51. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    The dude is an idiot. He asked a dumbass question, got some reasonable answers for his dumb ass question, and keeps asking it.
  52. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    Yet we’re all over the map and need reading classes in his mind. 😂
  53. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    Can’t wait for your next dumbass question. Good luck trying to top this one.
  54. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    Ok snowflake. I think colonel kurtz was right on the money.
  55. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    You asked a question, and some gave you a viable answer including myself. Apparently you didn’t like the answers that were given. Why even ask the questions?
  56. yakdout

    Are AMMO sale NO longer allowed?

    That’s a chicken shit reason. If that were the case cal guns would be gone, and that website is way bigger than this one. I’m sure it has to do more with being “politically correct” this place is going down hill fast.
  57. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    You quoted the wrong person
  58. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    I’m not mixed up I catch BFT in glorietta bay regularly. You must not be in the know.
  59. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    Sounds like you’re ready to buy and run your own boat. What are you waiting for? You have the freedom to do anything you want. Fish halibut at the 43, sure. Fish bluefin in San Diego bay. The sky is the limit.
  60. yakdout

    Forgive me Padre, for I have sinned

    Golden grouper. When I used to fish Gonzaga, these guys would consistently swim after hooked spotted bay bass for a chance at an easy meal. Pretty easy to spot those guys in the water
  61. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    What’s to stop you from bringing a rigged squid and heavy weight and trying yourself? I don’t think you need the crews permission.
  62. yakdout

    Why don’t sport boats fish for swordfish?

    It’s a numbers game, it’s the same reason they don’t target opah, marlin, etc.They put you on schools of fish for numbers for everyone. Not a single bite for one person. A lot of people would be pissed. The 4-6 pack boats can accommodate you for that.
  63. yakdout

    SxS rollovers…

    To add, I’ve always felt safer off road on two wheels vs four. One straight set of wheels for obstacles not two. Hit a rock or obstacle/uneven terrain on a dirt bike and jump and land. Do it on 4 wheels and if your suspension isn’t kush enough, you’re rolling it.
  64. yakdout

    SxS rollovers…

    Know two people personally who have been killed on sxs’s. I grew up riding and desert racing 450 dirt bikes. 100 MPH in the dirt washes was common. I gave it up a long time ago to injuries but I would feel safer getting a bike vs SxS
  65. yakdout

    Are AMMO sale NO longer allowed?

    I wonder what would happen if I tell the MODS that the amount of ads on BD hurt my feelings.
  66. yakdout

    Are AMMO sale NO longer allowed?

    Firearms and ammo do not meet the woke agenda
  67. yakdout

    Offshore Fish ID?

    That’s a cabrilla for sure. There’s a reason why they call them leopard grouper. Broomtail don’t have that type of pattern. I can see how the tail might throw you off. I’d say that’s just mostly from where the fishes habitat is.
  68. yakdout

    Bank Recommendations Needed

    I don’t know, when I see my pay stubs and how much money they take from me, let’s say it’s enough for a good salary for someone. Except they do that to every person who files in the US. Sure would like to know where all the money they’re stealing from me goes to.
  69. yakdout

    Bank Recommendations Needed

    Just like the government
  70. yakdout

    Bank Recommendations Needed

    Navy federal been good to me. I was a DOD contractor which is how I got in though.
  71. yakdout

    When is Enough Enough

    Actually, it’s too much.
  72. yakdout

    Go get your FLU SHOTS.

    POTUS got the shot, do you think he’s smart? Don’t answer that
  73. yakdout

    Go get your FLU SHOTS.

    We need Elon musk for a BD mod.
  74. yakdout

    Physical Fitness

    Rookie numbers. Need to bump up to 32-40oz.
  75. yakdout

    Holy. $#@&*$#$^^

    Making some of the hoarders here look like amateurs.
  76. yakdout

    There's A New Sheriff In Town....

    It says your 5150 though. Bummer
  77. yakdout

    Solar panels for homes - door solicitor at my house again!

    It would take a long time to break even at $100 electric bill. I would say it’s probably a 10-12 year break even. Most people down here have at least a $200 sdge bill. Some of my neighbors had a $700 sdge bill, don’t even know how that’s possible. But it’s a pretty simple math equation on your...
  78. yakdout

    Go get your FLU SHOTS.

    This information you have just provided me is at least ten times more important than any info about a flu vaccine.
  79. yakdout

    anyone have a VacMaster VP95?

    I have this one as well. Works good for me. I had a small issue with a hose in the front of the unit which came disconnected during shipping. Customer service was great. After a short diagnostic the rep knew what it was. I was bummed when I first got it because I thought I got a dud, or it just...
  80. yakdout

    California - failed smog check - gross polluter

    I don’t think you have to go to star or smog every year, I think it’s more like you can’t get your registration until it passes smog. Gross polluter is a government buy back program for older cars they deem never worthy of our ca air.
  81. yakdout

    Bachelor party time!

    I know of a massage parlor or two who might have a few willing. They aren’t bunnies though. More like rabbits.
  82. yakdout

    Go get your FLU SHOTS.

    For all the delusional folks here. Never forget this!
  83. yakdout

    Go get your FLU SHOTS.

    Agree. Flu and covid shots should not be considered vaccines. Remember when they said if you were vaccinated you would not get covid and stop the spread. What a crock of shit. And people are still eating that shit up. Crazy
  84. yakdout

    New Trinidad 20a

    It’s a good deal, just hold out
  85. yakdout

    Punta Abreojos in winter

    I know more about abreojos than La bocana. But agree there are more amenities at La bocana. In abreojos, drive to the co-op a day or two before you want to fish and ask for Chelan. He’s a great captain. All those captains are mostly commercial guys but a lot of them have no problem taking guys...
  86. yakdout


    Sad news, fished with Ross in Gonzaga a few times. Always cool and a very fishy guy. He’s up there with makobob now.
  87. yakdout

    Kaiser Medicare Advantage

    My experience with Kaiser as well. Never again. Luckily I have a nice ppo through work.
  88. yakdout

    Butt Hole Neighbors

    Nothing tops the snow shoveling dispute in Pennsylvania last year. I’d post the video here, but it’s pretty graphic and I know there’s kids here.
  89. yakdout

    Butt Hole Neighbors

    Two pretty wild things have happened in my neighborhood. Both while I was not living here yet. One was the Mcstay family being murdered. There’s a documentary about it called two shallow graves. The second is a dude who got hired by a woman to murder her husband. The hitman, who was an...
  90. yakdout

    I just got home and found out... Pics up

    Don’t forget the silica dust…
  91. yakdout

    I just got home and found out... Pics up

    That’s fucking crazy.
  92. yakdout

    Go get your FLU SHOTS.

    Vaccine? Never heard of it.
  93. yakdout

    I just got home and found out... Pics up

    Are there uncertain property lines coming into play? Or it’s not even questionable? I would start there.
  94. yakdout

    I just got home and found out... Pics up

    Your neighbor dumped an almost ten wheeler load of demo on your property? I would probably lose it.
  95. yakdout

    Upgraded bearings on reels

    Abec 5, nothing more.
  96. yakdout

    What is the consensus of driving in Baja MX at night?

    All of them. I always blow through the border towns as quickly as possible
  97. yakdout

  98. yakdout

    What is the consensus of driving in Baja MX at night?

    Negative. Know someone who was solo and hit a cow. Stranded for a long time and almost died.
  99. yakdout

    Failure to Launch: Why So Many Adult Kids Still Live With Their Parents

    I’m 34. Moved out at 17 and never looked back. Tried community college, wasn’t for me. Been making good money in construction for ten years and now a construction manager for a utility company. Zero manual labor for me anymore. Bought my first house 3 years ago. Have two kids under 4. Wife is...
  100. yakdout

    Do You Hate Hotel "Resort Fees"?

    Unfortunately that’s not working anymore. Been doing it since I was 18. Some people think socialism is still a good idea…
  101. yakdout

    Do You Hate Hotel "Resort Fees"?

    Tell me about it. CA wants to start charging for the sun usage on solar panels..
  102. yakdout

    Do You Hate Hotel "Resort Fees"?

    Where do we complain about taxes?
  103. yakdout

    What do you do for a living?

    Field construction advisor/ construction manager SDGE.
  104. yakdout

    Not sure about posting this……

    I used to use feeder goldfish from petco for LMB. Best bait I ever used. They did start to question how large my moms pond was that I kept getting 30 goldfish a night. They were gold at the golf course that’s for sure.
  105. yakdout

    Tankless or old gas water heater?

    The unlimited hot water argument is bogus. I have 2 kids under 4 plus my wife always taking baths. I have a standard size 50 gallon water heater and we have never run out of hot water, ever. And we do not conserve. I suggest Bradford white . I’ve never seen the benefit of switching to tankless.
  106. yakdout

    Tankless or old gas water heater?

    Old school for sure.
  107. yakdout

    Stiffing the Crew

    Agree, you could make a case for any profession to be tipped. I wonder how tipping only certain professions came about and the origin of it.
  108. yakdout


    Pete rose?
  109. yakdout


    I’m almost positive he was being sarcastic and ridiculing Public school system. I hope at least..
  110. yakdout

    Don’t let this happen to you

    Most guys here would still call that 8/10 cosmetically.
  111. yakdout

    Top 10 rock and roll guitarist!

    Slash and Kirk Hammett.
  112. yakdout

    FTH15XNLD2 Gear Shift Button Issue

    Mine will go into low if I have some forward movement on the handle and press very hard on the button. Same retailer though
  113. yakdout

    FTH15XNLD2 Gear Shift Button Issue

    Yep mine has the same problem.
  114. yakdout

    FTH15XNLD2 Gear Shift Button Issue

    Have you tried turning the handle forward slightly when changing gears? My 15xnld2 I just got has this problem also.
  115. yakdout

    Diesel supplies on Zero in 25 days?

    That’s going to happen with elderly dementia patients at the helm.
  116. yakdout

    Lake Striper

    Don’t forget your long rod and surface iron
  117. yakdout

    Talk me out of a Torque 15XNLD2

    I just bought a 15xnld 2 speed for $150 OTD. It was considerably cheaper than the star or lever drag single speed. Sure you might not NEED a 2 speed. But I think the reel can fish 40lb so it’s not a bad idea, especially when cheaper than single speed. Guys used to catch cow tuna on single speeds...
  118. yakdout

    Clean your fish offshore or at home? Or at the dock?

    I still actually prefer to throw most of my fish in Huntington harbor.
  119. yakdout

    Clean your fish offshore or at home? Or at the dock?

    I own a house now but I loved fishing when living in apartments and condos for fish processing. Giant dumpsters at my disposal. Next house I’ll have enough land and a tractor to reap the benefits of using it as fertilizer.
  120. yakdout

    Clean your fish offshore or at home? Or at the dock?

    Because it’s a pain in the ass to do legally (with tuna)
  121. yakdout

    Lure suggestions for SJDC?

    Green or pink marlin lures for dorado.
  122. yakdout

    Deckhand rod for larger/cow tuna?

    If you have a real clamp like a cork puppy, it’s not problem. Finding a deck hand rod strong enough for the task is the real problem.
  123. yakdout

    How to transport fishing rods question

    I use rod ties, leave the reels on with no covers on anything. A rag or towel where the rods meet the tailgate and that’s it. If you wrap your rods tight and have padding on the tailgate nothing should get scratched or damaged. I keep the rods at a certain angle in the truck to keep the reels...
  124. yakdout

    Braid sticking to itself

    A few companies make a line conditioner to help with that. As long as that is indeed the problem, and the line isn’t actually digging into itself in the spool.
  125. yakdout

    Chamber Vacuum bag source and size

    Don’t see a lot of good options for bags. seems like it comes up a lot. Probably going for the 8x12
  126. yakdout

    Chamber Vacuum bag source and size

    For those of you with chamber vacs, where are you sourcing your bags? It seems like they mostly come in very large quantities. Also what’s the preferred size? Max capacity for mine is 15x10. Thanks
  127. yakdout

    All penn reels 94 bucks Im calling BS

    They sell jewelry, watches, handbags, and fine writing equipment. Has to be real.
  128. yakdout

    Trolling - storage for rapala’s, feathers, cedars plugs, ect

    This is what I use. Just make sure it’s big enough for you.
  129. yakdout

    New fathoms, disappointed...

    50lb braid to the top.
  130. yakdout

    New fathoms, disappointed...

    I got sucked into that deal too. Mine came a few days ago. I really like the size of the reel.
  131. yakdout

    Processing costs for a 7 day

    There’s actually a storm drain inlet right outside the bathroom that works better than the toilet.
  132. yakdout

    Offshore Western Pride Offshore

    How much was the processor fee?
  133. yakdout

    Processing costs for a 7 day

    I filet most of my fish in the bathrooms at Dana landing. The homeless will help you hold the bags open.
  134. yakdout

    Offshore YFIO 10/10

    Sounds like a seven gill for sure
  135. yakdout

    Trolling for tuna with whales and dolphins?

    Fast forward to 3:10 and you’ll have an answer
  136. yakdout

    Any idea what would be next year , hot tuna

    Roberts ranger. Skip jig
  137. yakdout


    Haul ass to Oregon? 😂
  138. yakdout

    Penn Fathom 2-speed reels

    Damn you guys. I couldn’t pass that up either.
  139. yakdout

    Question re BD free fishing charts

    The pictures I’m showing you is their free version. No subscription. Navionics plus is like $25 a year.
  140. yakdout

    Question re BD free fishing charts

    Use the boating app. It’s navionics, free. You can zoom in and get any coordinates you want. Has fishing banks marked.
  141. yakdout

    Bridle rig for BFT knife jigs w/300 lb bite leader

    Huh? I was asking if the jigs were through wired after someone brought up a question of strength of the jig. Do you know what through wire means?
  142. yakdout

    Bridle rig for BFT knife jigs w/300 lb bite leader

    Are they not through wire? Because they should be.
  143. yakdout

    Can I eat U???
  144. yakdout

    Baja travel and Hurricane Kay

    Guys in this thread made it two weeks ago, you won’t have problems in a couple weeks unless they get another storm.
  145. yakdout

    Gun Safe Shopping

    My big safe has an e lock but also a key if the e lock fails. I thinks that’s pretty standard.
  146. yakdout

    Hunting Gear Garage Sale

    Are you no longer a prepper?
  147. yakdout

    Madmac 4 sale

    I’ll do $1001
  148. yakdout

    Best vacuum sealer?

    This one ? Get it now
  149. yakdout

    Best vacuum sealer?

    Yep bite the bullet and get a chamber vac or you will be disappointed again.
  150. yakdout

    Rubber ties?

    3 dolla
  151. yakdout

    Well the secrets out

    It better be called the Jerry Rig. Or I ain’t buying it.
  152. yakdout

    Whats a guy to do, so many choices?? Looking for some deep drop lures for up coming trip. Any help would be appreciated. (T Y)

    Just buy everything that way when you go and fish dorado and don’t touch any of it you can feel great about your decision.
  153. yakdout

    Just When You Think You Have Seen It All...

    No but there is an app that lets you do it from your TV so your fat ass can stay home and do it from the couch.
  154. yakdout

    Just When You Think You Have Seen It All...

    Why not just stay home and play video games? I can understand a kite rod being electric, or maybe even a deep drop sword rig. But if I’m connected to a fish I want to reel it in myself, not press a button.
  155. yakdout

    Almost screwed myself buying Albin 28

    Was there anything that wasn’t wrong with the boat?
  156. yakdout

    Complete Tuna Fishing Package

  157. yakdout

    Well the secrets out

  158. yakdout

    WTB Car/truck

    Im laminating that picture and putting on my fridge so my wife knows how it really could be.
  159. yakdout

    Baja travel and Hurricane Kay

    That was one of the decision makers for us. Worried about fuel and don’t have a drag tank.
  160. yakdout

    Preparing Locally Caught Mackerel - Chef Method

    Let’s see some pics of these 8lb greenback or Spanish mackerel.
  161. yakdout

    Talk Me Out Of A CAT

    You’d be pissed if you capsized in 3ft of water too.
  162. yakdout

    Best mono line for offshore SD

    I like suffix superior. Landed tuna close to 100lbs on the 40lb stuff.
  163. yakdout

    The Police

    Message in a bottle
  164. yakdout

    Baja travel and Hurricane Kay

    Thanks for the report. I think we’ve gathered enough info to unfortunately postpone/cancel our trip. If we were going somewhere further north it would be a different story but to be 600 miles down and have to turn around would not be a great feeling.
  165. yakdout

    Baja travel and Hurricane Kay

    I’m in a lifted 2500 4x4 but worried about the road from highway 1 to abreojos. Hopefully we can get some kind of update before Sunday or Monday.
  166. yakdout

    Baja travel and Hurricane Kay

    Thanks for the report. Might have to push our trip back a few days.
  167. yakdout

    Baja travel and Hurricane Kay

    Will report back here when we can. We have friends that stay down there so hoping to get an update from them as far as the road coming in from highway 1
  168. yakdout

    Preparing Locally Caught Mackerel - Chef Method

    You might be mistaking mackerel with bonito. There’s no way any Spanish or greenback mackerel are even close to 8lbs. Even 3lbs would be a stretch.
  169. yakdout

    Baja travel and Hurricane Kay

    You are going to be a day ahead of us. We are leaving Sunday mid morning with no rush as we are splitting the drive to abreojos in two days. Good idea on calling Gonzaga. Could probably also call papa Fernandez down there. If for some reason saturday you can’t make it through, and have cell...
  170. yakdout

    Baja travel and Hurricane Kay

    I would say there will be no problems between Mexicali and San felipe. The problem areas will all be south of that. I’m especially concerned with the area between San Felipe and Gonzaga. Where the bridges were collapsed last time I was down due to a hurricane.
  171. yakdout

    Baja travel and Hurricane Kay

    We have a trip down south to Abreojos planned for sept 11-21 leaving Sunday morning from SD and driving from San Felipe to abreojos on Monday morning. Anyone going down south between now and Sunday/Monday? Or anyone traveling at the same time that wants to caravan. Tough to say if we can make it...
  172. yakdout

    Gas prices vs diesel

    You can’t get rid of gas either, but they’re making their best attempt.
  173. yakdout

    Gas prices vs diesel

    Phase diesel altogether? I think they’re trying to phase out all fuel altogether.
  174. yakdout

    Guaranteed wahoo in so cal after next hurricane

    La Niña year with wahoo. Global warming is the only answer.
  175. yakdout

    Dorado line and hook size?

    The heaviest they will bite
  176. yakdout

    Beef Jerky recommendation Hal’s

    Buy London broil on sale. That’s the cut I use because you want a cut with little to no fat. I freeze it for about 30 minutes and cut in 1/4” pieces. The freezing is key to get good even cuts. Marinate in teriyaki sauce and red pepper flakes or whatever you want for a few days. I don’t rinse...
  177. yakdout

    Beef Jerky recommendation Hal’s

    $40 a pound? Damn! I make my own with London broil for $4-5 per pound. I’ve used a pellet smoker, oven, but most recently found it to come out very good in the air fryer.
  178. yakdout

    Sacrilege to the Parker gods

    Where did he get that magic stick
  179. yakdout

    Wtb LBZ Duramax

    LLY not bad either. Have an 05. Been a great truck. Only 170k miles, but better than the new shit with all the emissions.
  180. yakdout

    Divers jumping on paddies with fisherman on them

    I would just pick that sum bitch kelp up and move it.
  181. yakdout

    New stickbait to try out?

    Ah the ghost minnow. Very nice
  182. yakdout

    Refi to shorter term but higher interest rate?

    To me it’s fairly simple as to why I would want to keep a mortgage payment at a 1.9 fixed % interest rate for 30 years. My loan cost will stay the same but the value of the dollar in 30 years is going to be much less.
  183. yakdout

    Offshore Limits

    Did you catch everything on the B52 bucktails?
  184. yakdout

    Refi to shorter term but higher interest rate?

    Exactly. Invest elsewhere and keep the mortgage term as long as possible.
  185. yakdout

    Roller Tip?

    It might be because a roller guide can handle a swivel being brought on the rod without chipping an insert.
  186. yakdout

    The 80+ yard jig stick

    No sense of humor, chief?
  187. yakdout

    Identify this Boat?

    Looks like a 26’ chinook but my eyes are bad.
  188. yakdout

    Does anyone catch more Bluefin than BillyK

    Well ya when you have all that extra gas money from madmac profit anything is possible
  189. yakdout

    Offshore Road less traveled, now I know why.

    Very nice looking kelp to have all to yourself. Sucks when there’s no one home on those.
  190. yakdout

    Sick of these foamers not biting. New tactic..

    12 gauge slugs have been working for us.
  191. yakdout

    New to the Tuna world. I Want three setups for anything under 100 pounds

    Ditch the shimano rods. Reels are as good as as other manufactures, however overpriced in my opinion. But their rods are shit.
  192. yakdout

    Bluefin Jig Rigging Without Welding

    That wouldn’t make much sense. One of the main benefits, is the cost of the cut solid rings are waaaaay cheaper. There is an initial cost but that would be made up very quickly. If you get the stuff to braze do it right, using the right rings.
  193. yakdout

    Discovery Bay Pot Puller

    Not a chance
  194. yakdout

    Offshore 8/16 N9 Dodos and BFT

    Depends on if the bite shut down or got better with the added bait.
  195. yakdout

    Offshore 9 Mile Bank

    I wouldn’t pay much attention to his comment. When dorado want to bite they’ll eat anything. Dorado have been caught on all kinds of lures. I hooked one yesterday on a nomad madscad with no paint left on it. But I wouldn’t be afraid to try surface iron, popper, colt sniper, Daiwa sp minnow, etc..
  196. yakdout

    All out war in TJ now..

    I would take the chance for that.
  197. yakdout

    Offshore 9 Mile Bank

    Big jet heads and marlin lures. Pink or green. Great for dorado
  198. yakdout

    Penn Fathom 40 2spees

    We’re talking about line capacity. Not if 100 LB braid can land a tuna..
  199. yakdout

    Penn Fathom 40 2spees

    277 yards will get dumped pretty quick on a big fish. Also imagine if you’re 300 down with a knife jig and hook up only having 177 yards left to fight a big fish. I say try it til you get spooled. Tight drags.
  200. yakdout

    Cleaning black marker off braid

    Power washer
  201. yakdout

    Question about Bino's

    I’ve found a ton of fish using techno stabis miles away that would have never been seen with a naked eye. Example would be me telling the guy I fish with there’s a bird school at 270 heading. He trusts me and would start that heading at 30 knots. After 5 minutes at the speed he might start...
  202. yakdout

    Freezing whole fish

    Whats the purpose ?
  203. yakdout

    Melton Tackle Big No No

    What kind of personal info? Sounds borderline illegal
  204. yakdout

    Braid to fluoro or mono to fluoro?

    Lighten your drag at strike if you’re used to fishing with a mono top shot or you WILL pull hooks
  205. yakdout

    150 Clear Feed Poppers

    Another option. 34.99 for 170mm rigged clear popper. I got two, one clear and one purple and black. Seem to be built very well.
  206. yakdout

    Is this from termites?!?!

    Make sure you take care of it...this is my buddies boat after he let termite condition go for 2 weeks... Damn those bitches were hungry.
  207. yakdout

    Offshore Bluefin Love Penis

    How did you get your hands on an original Joe Biden jig?
  208. yakdout

    Offshore 499 bft

    Must have meant 16 pounder. Damn autocorrect
  209. yakdout

    In France...

    Electric cars? No more fossil fuel? Haaaa stupid fuckers must not understand where electricity comes from. Guess what the batteries are made of, lithium. Do you know what it takes to mine lithium, and the amount of diesel from machinery it takes? Utility companies already telling people to...
  210. yakdout

    Mario's Fish Processing - Seaforth

    Mario’s always been good for me.
  211. yakdout

    Carnage rods broke

    Calstars. United composites. Phenix.
  212. yakdout

    Flat fall advice

    I’m only 34 years old but I was fishing knife jigs 20 years ago for albacore and bluefin.
  213. yakdout

    Protect a reel from salt spray - makes sense or not?

    reel covers are great for scratches but couldn’t be worse for saltwater. When the reel cover gets wet all the saltwater and humidity is trapped inside the cover on the reel.
  214. yakdout

    You can only own *three* fishing books. They would be....

    This is my only fishing book.
  215. yakdout


  216. yakdout

    Rental Tuna Spreader?

    You can buy a brand new sterling spreader bar for $100-150. Please don’t rent a spread bar for $100.
  217. yakdout

    Rental Tuna Spreader?

    It’s actually more like buying a gun and renting a bullet.
  218. yakdout

    Supreme Court Ruling Today- CCW does not Require a Reason for Permit

    You can skip step four on that list. After you fill out the 2 year permit application in step two, start looking for a local place to take the 8 hour class. There’s a few in San Diego county.. This might be worth your time.
  219. yakdout

    Supreme Court Ruling Today- CCW does not Require a Reason for Permit

    Here is all of the info you need.
  220. yakdout

    Offshore Thought my dues were paid by now

    What the fuck is a Trinidad 16 Wide?
  221. yakdout

    MadMacs 160

    I doubt it, he’s the Hung one
  222. yakdout

    Yellowtail-2 parter

    9, smoked yellowtail dip, baked, beer battered for tacos, sashimi hamachi. I like 1 cup flour to one Pacifico for the batter. 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Add some paprika, salt, pepper and lemon. Fry in avocado oil until golden brown. Perfect fish tacos.
  223. yakdout

    Electrical storms on the water. What to do?

    My FIL sells some type of technology to Boeing and other plane manufactures to prevent lightening strikes. I’ll ask him what something like that costs, and how it works. If i recall it’s some type of constant low voltage electric charge. Also if you think it’s bad on a boat, I was out like 4...
  224. yakdout

    Best Florocarbon?…. Go!

  225. yakdout

    Yellowfin close all the next 4-5 days

    You’re welcome.
  226. yakdout


    There’s a huge difference there when the retailer also charges $200 for the fake flyers. The $200 mad macs retail for $50 and less. The notion is that dudes are ripping fellow fisherman off and I tend to agree.
  227. yakdout


    I believe it.
  228. yakdout

    BFT What To Troll If Only 3 Lines?

    Pink? Squirted? Please elaborate
  229. yakdout

    Madmacs 200’s FOR SALE

    Can I rent them?
  230. yakdout

    Inshore La Jolla 7/10

    If the you have trouble with the circle hook spinning around the poking back in the bait try coming out the upper jaw through the mouth. That’s how I always slow troll mackerel to avoid that problem.
  231. yakdout

    State advisory

    If you have a Mexican auto insurance policy (which you definitely should) theft and damage is included.
  232. yakdout

    State advisory

    Going fishing in Baja for ten days in September. When I get back, Instead of a fishing report I’ll let you guys know how I almost died.
  233. yakdout

    MadMac Price Gouging

    Ah mad macs. The new 95jmag…
  234. yakdout

    Supreme Court Ruling Today- CCW does not Require a Reason for Permit

    I was told you should now enter N/a under good cause for any CCW app in CA and they have no choice but to process it as long as you aren’t a criminal
  235. yakdout

    Supreme Court Ruling Today- CCW does not Require a Reason for Permit

    No where in CA needs good cause anymore, is my understanding. Wonder which counties still require interviews.
  236. yakdout

    Offshore Long rod punishment

    Expect bruises. 5 days minimum
  237. yakdout

    Anybody “blown up” a Fathom or Torque LD2 reel?

    was I think you are confusing drag rating with line class. The penn 25ld2 is a 40 LB reel not a 100lb reel. Fish it accordingly. Drag specs to not dictate line class. A lexa 400 has a 25lb drag rating. A lot of people fish 1/4 drag to line class. Does that make a Daiwa lexa a 100lb reel? Hell...
  238. yakdout

    Anybody “blown up” a Fathom or Torque LD2 reel?

    I have caught a few around 100lb mark with a 25 on 40lb. No drag or line capacity issues with those fights. Probably 20 mins
  239. yakdout

    Cal star Grafighter 760L $300

  240. yakdout

    Damn! Some threads don't have a chance.....

    For 5.2 mil I’ll take any STD offered
  241. yakdout

    New pre-parking payment system

    This is why I typically fish at seaforth.
  242. yakdout

    .308 rifle

    I have a tikka t3x in 308. So far it has been a great rifle.
  243. yakdout

    Cal star Grafighter 760L $300

  244. yakdout

    WTS - Daiwa SK Knife Jigs

    Yes it’s $100 per jig. I have plenty at that price if you would like some let me know .
  245. yakdout

    Offshore Oceanside tuna sighting 6/26?

    way too fat to be a bone. Shut it down slide into it and start chumming. Throw a bait with a hook in immediately after throwing a net over.
  246. yakdout

    Bluefin in the Bay???

    My thoughts exactly
  247. yakdout

    Cal star Grafighter 760L $300

  248. yakdout

    Supreme Court Ruling Today- CCW does not Require a Reason for Permit

    Finally. I’m not sure how they ever passed anything that says you need a reason to begin with. That is unconstitutional.
  249. yakdout

    Spreader Bar?

  250. yakdout

    Cal star Grafighter 760L $300

  251. yakdout

    Border Check for Bluefin?

    They’re waiting on papers.
  252. yakdout

    Saltist BG vs Fathom?

    I landed an 80ish pound BFT on a long rod with a BG 35 last year. Can’t speak for the fathom star drags, I know the LD2’s have way more balls but the BG’s are not bad reels. Just crank that drag down when fishing 40-50lb on em.
  253. yakdout

    Fish Dope or Fish Nope?

    OP, lock your doors at night. The mods will be coming for you.
  254. yakdout

    Current bft jig

    That’s what I make my night leaders with too. 300 izor Wrist spools. Why would you not fish heavy at night. It would be like flying the kite on 80 or 100lb.
  255. yakdout

    Cal star Grafighter 760L $300

    BUMP $250
  256. yakdout

    Best $4.99 you will ever spend

    1/2 gallon of gas
  257. yakdout

    Mutu hybrid ringed hook for bft

    Calico bass
  258. yakdout

    Cal star Grafighter 760L $300

  259. yakdout

    Chafing tubing vs. springs on leader loops

    In no circumstance would I ever wind a crimp on to my rod or reel. Easy way to damage guides on a rod. I used to use the chafe spring but prefer the chafe tubing from catch all. Much more economical and accomplishes the same goal. I’ve tried thimbles but don’t fully understand their...
  260. yakdout

    Calstar 775h

  261. yakdout

    $8.00 beers

    Cleaning of the covid ridden bedding surcharge coming next.
  262. yakdout

    What kind of braid

    White izor 100 solid
  263. yakdout

    Drop Shot Blue fin/ Bralla Rig

    I hook mackerel through the upper jaw when slow trolling for yellowtail. Ive been doing that for many years because I got sick of circle hooks spinning around when hooked sideways through the nose and poking back into the bait.
  264. yakdout

    $8.00 beers

    If you were married with children you might understand..
  265. yakdout

    Cal star Grafighter 760L $300

  266. yakdout

    Offshore 6/8 BFT and freak accident... Learn from my mistake.

    I thought maybe we were going to be reading about missing fingers. Surprised you were able to break the 80lb especially after it was already tight on your fingers.
  267. yakdout

    Best 80# reel and gear ratios

    I think the lack of heat dissipation and the smaller drag is a bigger problem than .3 gear ratio differential.
  268. yakdout

    "Different" Style of Sinker Rigging?

    In no way was I suggesting a dropper loop knot.
  269. yakdout

    "Different" Style of Sinker Rigging?

    I think some of you are confused. He isn’t suggesting sending a sinker down with a hook on it (I’m not saying it won’t work). But for discussion sake, he’s talking about a drop shot rig with a sardine on it. I don’t personally like the idea due to lack of movement the bait can have.
  270. yakdout

    Boat Owners - What MPG You Gettin?

    2019 hobie outback. 3 BPM (beers per mile)
  271. yakdout

    300# Izorline leader 4 FT

    Triple crimpers. Niiiiiiiiice.
  272. yakdout

    16visx too much line?

    Not too much line if you’re paying attention even when connected to a fish.
  273. yakdout

    Cal star Grafighter 760L $300

    yakdout submitted a new listing: Cal star Grafighter 760L $300 - Cal star Grafighter 760L $300 Learn more about this listing...
  274. Cal star Grafighter 760L $300

    Southern California Cal star Grafighter 760L $300

    Cal star Grafighter 760L $300. Few minor marks. Overall good condition. Rod is retailing for for about $600 right now Price drop $275
  275. yakdout

    BOLA best stick baits

    daiwa SP Minnows work
  276. yakdout

    Choosing between 2.5-3 day boats

    So he wasn’t pulling up to the wrong side of the kelp, he was having you guys fish on the wrong side of the boat.
  277. yakdout

    Tuna jigs SK, Durans cnc jig, California slow pitch jig

    If you take the time to go back and read previous posts made by the OP on other threads, you can see he is not a scammer.
  278. yakdout

    Choosing between 2.5-3 day boats

    If you pull up to a kelp on your starboard side, and the kelp is getting further away from you, that means you should have been casting on starboard side not the port side.
  279. yakdout

    Offshore Rather be lucky...

    Is that a yellowfin?
  280. yakdout

    Offshore 6/1 at the 425/371 BFT

    Usually I’ll take my flylined smelt and try to cast that sum bitch right into the tuna pen if I can. Almost a guarantee.
  281. yakdout

    Question about line rating on the rod...?

    Is it a newer rod? Or an older one? Chances are it’s fine. Some of the older rods and components, especially with the really serrated braid like izor, would V groove the guide with good pressure. Just keep an eye out for it.
  282. yakdout

    Question about line rating on the rod...?

    Also keep in mind some guides aren’t meant to have braid dragging on them. In that line class it shouldn’t be a problem, but when you start upping the pressure on the reel, it can make a difference.
  283. yakdout

    WTB 2 Speed Trolling Reels

    I wanna see a picture of that bad boy..
  284. yakdout

    Penn 25N or Daiwa Saltist 35H ?

    They make 2 speed saltist as well.
  285. yakdout

    Best deal you ever got…

    Daaaaamn! What was his name?
  286. yakdout

    Best deal you ever got…

    I got my 05 duramax for a good deal. $9000. And it had 80,000 miles on it at the time. Those miles were put on by me because it was my company truck. Company lost the contract and we got first crack. It still bluebooks over $20,000 and I can probably get closer to 30,000. Won’t sell it though...
  287. yakdout

    Best deal you ever got…

    Pictures or it didn’t happen. And not the fat one.
  288. yakdout

    Offshore Long day on the water

    When you say you were with the fleet, could you see the other boats in the FL counts that got bluefin? If so I’d be pissed too.
  289. yakdout

    Shimano shipping reels in excellent condition

    Good deal. Give the OP a break. Hoffman if you send me your bank info I will wire money right now.
  290. yakdout

    Fathom LD2 vs VISX/SEa2

    When you hook a 150+ LB tuna you’re going to be wishing you had a mak20 after an hour. Much easier to grind fish in on the heavy framed reels. The fathoms are great reels for medium tuna but not meant to fish over 80lb test. There’s a reason why the heavy framed reels are twice the $. It’s like...
  291. yakdout


  292. yakdout

    Cox Cable F****D Up (I know, hard to believe)

    Not only are you from the Midwest, but you (Ryan GAY)Initiate a conversation about cox suckers and call me gay?
  293. yakdout

    Cox Cable F****D Up (I know, hard to believe)

    Your last name is fitting, do you work there by chance?
  294. yakdout


    I’ll go $250
  295. yakdout

    "COMMENT" button disappears. YOU think its gone?

    It’s probably to keep you on the site longer by scrolling longer. I’m just going to resort to using the report button for everything. You should see that one disappearing shortly here.
  296. yakdout

    Fishing the O95 5-20, 100lb set up?

    50’ of 80lb flouro. Damn, baller.
  297. yakdout

    Fastest sinking BFT jigs?

    Just get one of those large spoon jigs they make.
  298. yakdout

    Recommended kayak trolling lures for CA yellowtail?

    Bomber cd30. Wider lip than a xrap 30 so it has more action and dives deeper at slower speeds. But as others have mentioned, giant greenback flylined can’t be beat. Can go .5 mph to 5 mph on a kayak and it will always have great action. Don’t throw the huge mackerel back. The home-guards have...
  299. yakdout

    Hmmm never noticed..

    Hmmm never noticed..
  300. yakdout

    Only In California

    I don’t get it.
  301. yakdout

    Are flat falls a thing of the past??

    I’ve been trying to explain the anatomy of a fish and their lateral line for years. Sounds like a few guys starting to believe. Glow is for show. Nothing mo.
  302. yakdout

    State advisory

    We can start by getting rid of the open borders policies…
  303. yakdout

    Worst Conditions You Ever Fished?

    Tribute for a 1.5 day in January about 5 years ago. Breaking waves over the bow going out of mission bay channel. 15-20ft swell. Gale winds. Went out to Cortez and murdered the yellowtail on yo-yo. Captain and crew all sick. The following trip was cancelled in better conditions.
  304. yakdout

    Are flat falls a thing of the past??

    Knife jigs are actually the thing of the past. I remember guys using them 30 years ago on sport boats out of San Diego. Albacore and bluefin.
  305. yakdout

    Expect that to get deleted by the woke mob.

    Expect that to get deleted by the woke mob.
  306. yakdout

    Offshore New lo -Ann 4/22 1.5 day

    Circle on a jig? Must have worked well
  307. yakdout

    Surface Iron for Albacore Tuna

    Used to catch albacore 3 at a time on a sabiki. That’s how dumb they are. They will bite a bare hook
  308. yakdout

    Post Hernia Surgery... When Can I Fish Again?

    I had inguinal hernia surgery back when I was about 25, I had basically a full recovery in 2 weeks. I actually went back to work the second day after the surgery. This was a laparoscopic surgery and the doctor said I was on the table an extra hour because of how much scar tissue was in the way...
  309. yakdout

    Maybe if it’s an El Niño year which this year is not. In fact it’s the opposite and our water is...

    Maybe if it’s an El Niño year which this year is not. In fact it’s the opposite and our water is pretty cold during this La Niña. If you stop on a kelp with yellowtail and dorado your best bet is going to be a good flyline bait.
  310. yakdout

    Wasn’t sure of your prior experience with large salt water poppers. They do work so if your...

    Wasn’t sure of your prior experience with large salt water poppers. They do work so if your confident definitely bring a couple it’s a great thing to have in your arsenal. Typically more of a yellowfin thing.
  311. yakdout

    That comment matches your avatar.

    That comment matches your avatar.
  312. yakdout

    Arkansas guy First time Tuna fishing San Diego

    You would be lucky to find a beefy used reel for the caliber of BFT we have been seeing for under $200. Let alone new. If you don’t fish that often I’d probably go with renting. For jigs, unless proficient with poppers, stick with heavy knife jigs and colt snipers. Other than that, dial in your...
  313. yakdout

    WHY flatfall at night?

    The lateral line on these fish show the flat fall moving around like crazy. It would be hard to emulate that with a bait at 300’ deep at night. You can cover much more water quickly with a jig. During the daytime, bait is always going to be better because the fish are using eyesight just as much...
  314. yakdout

    Upland Game Bird Validation???

    Where are any of our taxes going? They will never want us to know. They can just keep taking and taking at their will, and there’s nothing anyone will do about it.
  315. yakdout

    Braid Marking for Depth Determination

    Buy a cheap measuring wheel. Harbor freight $15
  316. yakdout

    Gen 2 Daiwa Saltiga Lever Drag Experiences

    What does that matter if it’s been working? In no way did I say it’s ideal or the best reel out there to fight cow tuna. I simply stated that he’s killed cow tuna with that reel and that is a display of the strength of the reel.
  317. yakdout

    Spooled On The Makaira 50?

    Push the lever forward and hold on. It wasn’t moby dick he hooked. You either break it off in the first 60 seconds or kill it quickly
  318. yakdout

    Gen 2 Daiwa Saltiga Lever Drag Experiences

    I think Duane diego of pinnacle sport-fishing uses a saltiga 50 for cows. That should say something about their strength.
  319. yakdout

    Ok well that might change it, but just so you know boat limits include the crew members. And you...

    Ok well that might change it, but just so you know boat limits include the crew members. And you stated in your story if the boat was already at limits.
  320. yakdout

    He literally stated, if boat limits were already met. So basically in your opinion, an illegal...

    He literally stated, if boat limits were already met. So basically in your opinion, an illegal catch should be eligible for a jackpot?
  321. yakdout

    No it has to be weighed against the other fish at the time of the jackpot weigh in. Typically...

    No it has to be weighed against the other fish at the time of the jackpot weigh in. Typically right before they start cutting fish.
  322. yakdout

    Jackpot rules.

    Not if it has to be released
  323. yakdout

    That’s an understatement

    That’s an understatement
  324. yakdout

    Well got the Tranx 400 today ….

    We’re you using the exact same rod on the 400 as you were the 300?
  325. yakdout

    My New Tow Rig…Your Thoughts

    Tow vehicle so strong and heavy it’s lifting the back tires of the trailer off the ground
  326. yakdout

    Soldering solid rings - Iron vs Torch..? Flux needed?

    That will be a waste of your time. You asked a question earlier and I answered it for you. The iron isn’t hot enough..
  327. yakdout

    Soldering solid rings - Iron vs Torch..? Flux needed?

    Not enough heat. Not even close
  328. yakdout

    We are pussies with bluefin

    I’m a 34 year old homeowner and construction manager who desert raced years in district 37. I’ll pull on fish toe to toe with you any day. Not all millennials are little bitches.
  329. yakdout

    Offshore BFT, I mean Whales within sight of PL. - Chasing AIS whoops

    Holy shit, the first time I’ve ever agreed with strackle. Is the world ending?
  330. yakdout

    CARB decision proves Strength in numbers is real!!!

    You can thank Gavin newsome and anyone who votes democratic for this if it passes.
  331. yakdout

    Diesel stabilizer

    Standyne. If it’s cold where you’re at and storing through winter get the winter bottle so the diesel won’t gel.
  332. yakdout

    Chance of bringing fish home this April from a 1.5 day trip out of San Diego?

    Bring a sabiki to dip in bait tank to avoid the skunk, just in case.
  333. yakdout

    Old Fuel; How to Drain?

    Siphon with pump and burn it in a fire slowly.
  334. yakdout

    MLB/Players reach agreement. FULL 162 game season too!!

    Did he run out of stuff to deflate at home?
  335. yakdout

    UC Reaper.

    Lots of gear for sale lately. I’m guessing for gas money.
  336. yakdout

    PSA: DFG at boat ramp

    Sorry but I don’t count one in a million laws lessening up as a perk for us. As far as the depth restriction, that’s something that should not have been take away in the beginning. It didn’t change the limit of fish someone can bring home. Again, the government getting their hands in too much of...
  337. yakdout

    PSA: DFG at boat ramp

    Hate to break it to you, but regulations only get tighter. Just like your freedoms in day to day living that you lose and will never get back. Keep in mind, it’s a government agency.
  338. yakdout

    Drive to BOLA?

    Mexicali definitely the way to go. 6-7 hours past the border is average. Lots of variables. Traffic in San Felipe and Mexicali, immigration checkpoints, washed out roads with detours and so forth.
  339. yakdout

    Not saying anyone here is responsible..

    Probably forgot to wear his covid mask.
  340. yakdout

    PSA: DFG at boat ramp

    They need slot limits for BSB. They’re a good eating nuisance at this point.
  341. yakdout

    Let's Go Fishing! Rainshadows

  342. yakdout

    Let's Go Fishing! Rainshadows

    Ya that’s what the entire crowd was saying….
  343. yakdout

    Hotels? Not So Funny

    First world problems
  344. yakdout


    Contact your local pharmacy
  345. yakdout

    Torque 40N Handle Conversion

    Tiburon worked good for me.
  346. yakdout

    June or July and WHY?

  347. yakdout

    Which I do 😂

    Which I do 😂
  348. yakdout

    How to clamp a reel onto a deckhand without crushing the blank?

    Cork puppy. And/ or precision gun scope torque wrench if you’re really paranoid
  349. yakdout

    Best Mexican food near the landings?

    I don’t disagree
  350. yakdout

    Best Mexican food near the landings?

    Didn’t realize how many swingers on this site.
  351. yakdout

    How do you store rigs?

  352. yakdout

    Looking for Diawia SP minnow

    Tackle direct has a ton and if you spend 50$ free shipping
  353. yakdout

    Spring Turkey Tune Up 2/26 Lake Henshaw 8am

    Damn I hope I can make this.
  354. yakdout

    Boats are expensive

    Agree. We’re not talking about a business operation or boat partners. We’re talking fishing on friends boats. Gas, bait, ice. No problem. I even give my buddies a little bit more, for the gas that it takes them to to trailer the boat down and back. For all we know you are taking that $150-300$...
  355. yakdout

    How many kilos did it have ?

    How many kilos did it have ?
  356. yakdout

    Boats are expensive

    Seems a lot of the stuff you spent money on such as electronics and creature comforts are a once in ten year or so purchase. Maintenance doesn’t go away, but it seems as if your costs should be much cheaper the next 5-10 years provided nothing catastrophic happens.
  357. yakdout

    California yellowtail. But we don’t have AJ in CA. That’s a different species. They are found in...

    California yellowtail. But we don’t have AJ in CA. That’s a different species. They are found in Baja though.
  358. yakdout

    California Amberjack? 🤔

    California Amberjack? 🤔
  359. yakdout

    the pump action should cycle subsonic ammo as well

    the pump action should cycle subsonic ammo as well
  360. yakdout

    Winchester 9422XTR

    Very good looking lever gun. I like the lever action 22’s because they cycle subsonic ammo with ease. For those that don’t know, that lever action 22 will take subsonic ammunition that’s quieter than a pellet gun shot. The first time I shot a subsonic 22 I had to take my ears off to make sure...
  361. yakdout

    What are you Carrying CCW ?

    Make sure you have a good cause. And don’t try to hide anything. They know about any and all law enforcement interactions in your lifetime. That’s pretty much it.
  362. yakdout


    I’m higher than the price of gas
  363. yakdout

    This site becoming more like china everyday so don’t hold your breath.

    This site becoming more like china everyday so don’t hold your breath.
  364. yakdout

    🦄 Do you need a unicorn rod to go with that Unicorn Trini DC or Unicorn Black Penn Torque 25? 🦄

    Here I was thinking you lost your ass on Bitcoin…
  365. yakdout

    Too political, admins please delete

    Too political, admins please delete
  366. yakdout

    Putting a bend in Colt Snipers?

    I’ve tried it in mega baits. It does give it more action, but sometimes it makes them just spin and does not look like a natural bait fish .
  367. yakdout

    Tri Axle Trailer

    Did you care to read the title of the thread? Or just skip it to breeze in and talk some shit 😂
  368. yakdout

    Tri Axle Trailer

    Didn’t know they make a triple axle 4x6 utility trailer. Crazy..
  369. yakdout

    They have great eyes, but if it’s pitch black it’s not like they can see light that isn’t there...

    They have great eyes, but if it’s pitch black it’s not like they can see light that isn’t there. When it’s that dark, no moon/ deep, it’s all lateral line. That’s why I think glow is a bit of a gimmick. If they were relying on their eyes only, glow would get bit 100 times more often than no glow...
  370. yakdout

    Nah it was Brittany

    Nah it was Brittany
  371. yakdout

    Be Ware! Internet Scammer. His name is Jeremy Arriaga.

    Thanks for the phone number, sent her a prank dial and bitch fell for it. Here’s the recording. Got one for the homies! Press the stop button and it will play the recording
  372. yakdout

    Shimano 30 TLD2 Will Fish and Tib upgrades

    Says $300 right there
  373. yakdout

    For sure more died in car accidents. there has been one reported death in the world from...

    For sure more died in car accidents. there has been one reported death in the world from omicron. I think more people died in that time frame from a vending machine falling on them.
  374. yakdout

    The Vax anyone else get smoked?

    Just because they did something does not make it constitutional.
  375. yakdout

    The Vax anyone else get smoked?

    Studies? How long ago was it that the booster was beginning to be administered? To me in the short term it's still an experiment. I just recovered from covid, I do not see how much easier of a time I could have had with it, and I am not risking an experimental dose of medicine for something that...
  376. yakdout

    The Vax anyone else get smoked?

    Well I hate to break the bad news to you all mighty boosted one. I know two people who are currently in the hospital who are boosted and have covid. They are having a hell of a time. Meanwhile, every family member neighbor and friend of mine who currently just recovered (including myself) or...
  377. yakdout

    Off season

  378. yakdout

    BD Outdoors traffic took a big dive on December

    Now you heard it straight from the horses mouth. Conspiracy theories. BD went full WOKE! Bummer!
  379. yakdout

    Which one do I NEED?

    My vote is for the 16. You can always catch a smaller fish on a bigger reel. But could possibly be under gunned with a fathom 40
  380. yakdout

    Ruger No. 1 Tropical .375 Magnum [Deleted]

    It’s showing up just fine.
  381. yakdout

    Black Seabass not as endangered as was thought?

    They could open that shit up for at least 1-2 per angler per day no problem. Nothing negative would happen to the species. They’re more of an annoyance by catch at this point. They are delicious though when caught in Mexican waters.
  382. yakdout

    Abreojos Report

  383. yakdout

    Where is this?

    That would be pretty fun with an AR 15
  384. yakdout

    Which restaurant has the best fried chicken?

    The crack shack, there’s one in Encinitas and one in little Italy. Bonus is they have a full bar.
  385. yakdout

    Where did the politics board go?

    Doesn’t seem like they are censoring politics that are being posted outside the politics board. Might as well talk politics here, who cares what the title is. If that starts getting censored then it’s time to bounce for sure. Agree with above about one side not being able to take it but no...
  386. yakdout

    Feeding the yellow tail, bass and others at Barefoot Bar

    500lb broomtail grouper 😂 I’ll have two of whatever you’re smoking please…
  387. yakdout

    Flipped Out

    I take my cheaper setups. You don’t need top of the line gear on a kayak since drag pressure isn’t as important as it is on a boat because you are being towed around easily on a kayak. Leash everything down and be cautious when turning around to grab something behind you. Sometimes it helps to...
  388. yakdout

    How to get back in the boat...?

    My strategy is to tell the MOB I just spotted a Gws
  389. yakdout

    How do I get BD to stop sending me SPAM daily

    I also don’t need a PM about an article thats showing me how to tie a dropper loop. If you don’t know how to tie a dropper loop and you’ve been fishing more than a year in SoCal, you should quit fishing and continue knitting or doing the dishes.
  390. yakdout

    Are You Being Stalked?

    Everyone is being stalked 24/7 through their phones. How do you think google maps knows how much traffic there is?
  391. yakdout

    What To Do With F**ked Up Rods

    If you don’t want to spend anymore time or money on them, I’d throw them in the trash.
  392. yakdout

    Bluefin tackle

    Make sure you post in the politics forum why you’re leaving California. Oh wait…
  393. yakdout

    Volvo Penta white steam/smoke

    Maybe head gasket
  394. yakdout

    What are you drinking today?

    Small glass of wine and headache for multiple days? YIKES!
  395. yakdout

    What are you drinking today?

    Champagne, hazy ipa, now water.
  396. yakdout

    Beginning Hunter?

    It’s as addicting as fishing. It’s a good problem to have to decide whether to go fishing or hunting. More work than fishing but can be just as rewarding. Network with guys who have experience to cut the learning curve. California has a ton of public land to hunt on. Get on-x app and make sure...
  397. yakdout

    Shimano 40n

    What’s the holosun going on? AR?
  398. yakdout

    Shimano 40n

    Given they don’t make it anymore and it looks brand new I’d say it’s a pretty good deal.
  399. yakdout

    What is your Monofilament of Choice for Surface Irons

    I like sufix superior mono.
  400. yakdout


    Would have been cool to see if he rode it up there. We used to do stoppies to set our bike down on the stands. Had an RM 125 for one of my first bikes and the rule was if I could start it I could ride it. I couldn’t touch the ground on it when I was 7-8 years old so I’d have to find a bench, log...
  401. yakdout

    Airplane at Isla Guadalupe

    Check out narcos on Netflix
  402. yakdout

    Partially sunk Parker 2350?

    When a boat looks chuck Norris in the eye, it sinks.
  403. yakdout

    Salmon spotted inside Socal harbor

    Wow now I’ve seen more salmon is SoCal this year than albacore.
  404. yakdout

    Californians shoveling snow

    Did you guys see that video last year of the snow shoveling dispute that ended up with the one guy going inside grabbing a gun and blasting the husband and wife? That shit was crazy.
  405. yakdout

    Favorite brand of fluorocarbon line?

  406. yakdout

    The Vax anyone else get smoked?

    I don’t think they should be given to infants. Not a great argument considering I don’t believe vaccines should be given to infants, especially shit like Hep B. That’s some dumb shit, if your girl can keep it in her pants, you shouldn’t worry about it. The antibodies produced by natural...
  407. yakdout

    The Vax anyone else get smoked?

    man asking which shot is a great question actually. Do we go with fourth largest lawsuit settlement payout or the third? Fraudulent and illegal misconduct. But yes, the government and these mega pharmaceutical companies definitely have your best interest at heart. There’s no way it could be...
  408. yakdout

    The Vax anyone else get smoked?

    Shot sissies, more like the boosted guys are natural immunity and natural body health sissies! Duhhhhhh more booooosters pweeeease.
  409. yakdout

    The Vax anyone else get smoked?

    The vaccine probably weakened his immune system to contract the infections. That’s what vaccines do, they weaken your body.
  410. yakdout

    What are you Carrying CCW ?

  411. yakdout

    Best hunting memes

  412. yakdout

    Splitting a half scoop DPH

    You can keep the extra 1/4 scoop on the deck in a container. Dead whole or chunk makes good chum!
  413. yakdout

    Islands Quality cods

    Yes it’s the south 9 mile bank, which is in Mexican waters.
  414. yakdout

    Blueprinting question

    Do you NEED more drag? Have you maxed the reels out on big fish? Do you want lower gears? I’d fish out of the box until you can answer yes to those questions.
  415. yakdout

    La Bocana Questions

    You back yet?
  416. yakdout

    Good day gone bad Thanks Karen!!!

    That’s a guarantee.
  417. yakdout


    So with all these deals, the prices are going back down to pre Biden inflation.?
  418. yakdout

    Good Time to get your CCW

    Good cause would include having a hobby which requires walking around at night with expensive gear. Aka fishing.
  419. yakdout

    Last Minute Where to Stay Gonzaga Bay?

    Yep camping is probably your only option. Which isn’t a Bad one.
  420. yakdout

    Last shot at BFT?

    Tribute had a pizza port sponsored 1.5 day leaving Sunday or Monday, with a ton of spots open.
  421. yakdout

    2007 Parker 2320 SL Sport Cabin FOR SALE

    What you’re saying does make sense. Logically yes you would think that would all play a factor. But typically the guys running everyday get the most hours out of their engines .
  422. yakdout

    2007 Parker 2320 SL Sport Cabin FOR SALE

    Commercial boat engines almost always outlast private guys. Why? Because the commercial guys are keeping the fluids and internal parts moving everyday. Parts start to corrode, parts get frozen, etc when they sit. Same reason you would take a motorcycle a guy has been riding for the last ten...
  423. yakdout

    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    I think if you get butt hurt from down votes, the United States is not the place for you. 🇺🇸
  424. yakdout

    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    Bring back downvotes so I can thumbs down this shit!! Oh wait… 👎🏻. New downvote is thumbs down til mods outlaw emojis… spread the word.
  425. yakdout

    Thumbs down/ downvote

    Yes I was also stripped of my donkey, most downvoted trophy. It was most coveted. Sad sad day …
  426. yakdout

    Thumbs down/ downvote

    You can click the number of votes and it tells you who down or upvoted. That’s been a thing ever since voting up or down was a thing. Now there’s only likes and upvotes, which is basically the same thing. Must have been the department of redundancy department who approved that.
  427. yakdout

    Thumbs down/ downvote

    Damnit, see this is why I need the downvote back.
  428. yakdout

    Thumbs down/ downvote

    Two questions, 1. What happened to down voting. 2. What am I now supposed to do when I read lougio, tunahead, and fishklrs posts?
  429. yakdout

    Weapons and Assault Rifles

    I just lost all my weapons in a boating accident.
  430. yakdout

    1989 230c Seaox

    Ill bid $0.75 and pray there’s no reserve.
  431. yakdout


    Be a long ride on your PB to get to the wahoo grounds unless it’s a 2015 anomaly
  432. yakdout

    The meaning of the term, "downswell" in marlin fishing.

    Does it necessarily mean that’s direction it’s traveling or just the relationship of the location compared to the boat?
  433. yakdout

    Your favorite fish name

  434. yakdout

    Bluefin-Destroyed Jig

    When I look at that all I can think is the jig getting mouthed and missing the hook completely. I understand you’ve had personal success, I’d still be tentative myself.
  435. yakdout

    Back arthritis

    acupuncture better than your surgery? Disc replacement or fusion?
  436. yakdout

    Back arthritis

    Stretch, exercise, Motrin , Tylenol, tramadol, medical grade weed, oxycontin. Back pain is a bitch. Nothing is ever going to resolve it 100%. I live with back pain from a ruptured L5s1 everyday. Nothing changes. Might bite the bullet and try a disc replacement soon
  437. yakdout

    Bluefin-Destroyed Jig

    Less likely sure, but to say people don’t lose fish on circle hooks is a bit of a stretch. I watch guys pull hooks, get chewed off using circle hooks all the time.
  438. yakdout

    Bluefin-Destroyed Jig

    Bridle wouldn’t be 100% either. Bluefin can chew through flourocarbon or Mono too.
  439. yakdout

    La Bocana Questions

    Good luck, looking forward to report here when you get back.
  440. yakdout

    La Bocana Questions

    Good choice of location. Inshore fishery in the estuary would include things like, calico bass, corvina, halibut, small grouper, occasionally White Sea bass and snook. Lures such as krokodiles, lucky crafts, swim baits with lead heads or any thing like that will work. Not sure where you’re from...
  441. yakdout

    Reel repair in east county

    East county bait and tackle , in lakeside.
  442. yakdout

    surf fishing in baja sur?

    Roberts rangers which is the best skip jig I’ve ever used. Sp minnows, crocodiles.
  443. yakdout

    Duckbill or needle nose

  444. yakdout

    Container Ship Debacle

    More like they want to stay home and chill while sucking off the governments tit. They got a taste of getting paid for no work. Time to cut em off, they’ll get their ass back to work real quick. How about instead of whining that whole time, saving money to become an owner operator and make 6...
  445. yakdout

    Bit coin

    Everything is speculation in the stock market as well. Im not really sure what you are trying to say. There are very few certainties in life.
  446. yakdout

    Bit coin

    It’s a gamble, just like any other market. Buy low sell high, nothing different. Can make some serious coin, but it has to be money you’re okay with losing too. I think long term, crypto will see more of an increase.
  447. yakdout

    Bit coin

    You can sell for dollars just like any stock and transfer to your bank account. I’ve done it. It takes about 3 clicks with your thumbs. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
  448. yakdout

    Bit coin

    It’s really not that idiotic if you’ve made some serious money on it.
  449. yakdout

    Thanksgiving in Gonzaga

    For the bait question, depends what you’re fishing for. Large grouper? Bass, small Sierra will work. I’ve also seen large fish chasing mullet up on the beach. But not really any sardine or mackerel type baits around the area.
  450. yakdout

    Like new avet Raptors for sale [Deleted]

    He said $2000 won (Korean currency) which is the equivalent to about a $1.70 USD
  451. yakdout


    Would you consider trade for premium grade nail clippers?
  452. yakdout

    Weather this weekend 10/22-10/25

    NOAA Says 4-7 with gusts to 20 knots. My prediction is they go.
  453. yakdout

    Like new avet Raptors for sale [Deleted]

    $355 and with cosmetic flaws I’m not going a dollar higher
  454. yakdout

    Boats responsibility when the cooler goes out?

    Even if it was the crews fault, there’s no way they would admit to that. Cost them too much money in reparations. But yes I agree to save face, they should have done something as it’s not fair to paying customers who caught fish and aren’t bringing any meat home.
  455. yakdout

    Best breakfast in San Diego

    The original Pancake house in Encinitas is a great one too. Not sure it’s still there.
  456. yakdout

    Best breakfast in San Diego

    Janet’s in santee. And agree with penfolds in Temecula.
  457. yakdout

    Best fast food

  458. yakdout


    Can’t wait til my boy is old enough. Definitely a trip I want to take him on. Nice report and good pics.
  459. yakdout

    Fishing Closures

    you only have to wear the mask for the 10 seconds you walk in. The second you sit down, you may take it off for the next hour and a half because COVID gasses rise. Ever heard of science bro?
  460. yakdout

    Fishing Closures

    They’re gonna shut it down for 15 days to slow the spread…
  461. yakdout

    What Happened To The BFT Bite at Tanner/Cortez?

    All the tuna died from oil ingestion.
  462. yakdout

    Boston Whaler 170 montauk

    I’m sorry does your ad say $47,000?
  463. yakdout

    How does a fish get tail wrapped?

    Slack line
  464. yakdout

    Canning Tuna

    I use a MAPP gas torch .
  465. yakdout

    CZ perfection

    Beautiful furniture.
  466. yakdout

    Anyone Use Lead-core Line

    dude it was a joke, he was making fun of the fact that you misspelled the name of a fish for a woman who takes off clothes for a living. Stripers, the fish, has only one P.
  467. yakdout

    OK...which one of you guys is this?

    T Top on jet ski nice. That’s probably top speed right there with all that weight.
  468. yakdout

    Anyone Use Lead-core Line

    Don’t get used to it. It will be banned soon enough
  469. yakdout

    San Felipe Fishing

    Worth the extra short drive to Gonzaga. Fishing night and day better.
  470. yakdout

    3 methods to reduce fishy smell

    You drank all the rum instead of putting it on the fish? You got so drunk and fell over, hit your head and couldn’t even remember the rest of the story years later…
  471. yakdout

    Anybody hear what happened to the Tomahawk?

    I think I found the second captain guys….
  472. yakdout

    WTB- 80 international 2peed

    I’ll give you $500 for the 80 but you have to send me the reel first.
  473. yakdout

    Anybody hear what happened to the Tomahawk?

    Hopefully it was a sea lion.
  474. yakdout

    Offshore Epic cow Bluefin 341 lb

    @Rabid Fish “It's a cow for sure but not a super if that things over 300 I'll blow myself”- Rabid Fish. Alright bro, you saw the update on the other thread, you know what you have to do now….
  475. yakdout

    Legal .410 in calif.?

    What do you mean by single shot? Like break barrel holds one round single shot? Because it seems everyone who answered before me didn’t actually understand what you were asking .
  476. yakdout

    Rising Ocean Temps - Tropical Species in California

    I came here thinking wahoo or blue marlin, but a damn triggerfish? 😂 Have you guys ever fished sea of Cortez? You can pretty much guarantee hook one every drop inshore. Those things are a nuisance. Agree great ceviche.
  477. yakdout

    Leg Cramps

    Beer and a lot of it. It might dehydrate you and give you more frequent cramps, however if you drink enough it will take the edge off the pain. And if you really go hard, you might not even remember the cramps.
  478. yakdout

    Offshore When you deck a 225 pound bft, and the 360 decides to hop onboard

    If I’m not mistaken anyone can pay a fee to be a part of that connection.
  479. yakdout

    Offshore When you deck a 225 pound bft, and the 360 decides to hop onboard

    You forgot to subtract 100lbs from the scale . Nice looking 260 fish
  480. yakdout

    Best Mexican food near the landings?

    spicy beef, and leg rolls. I mean egg rolls.
  481. yakdout

    Best Mexican food near the landings?

    And if you really want to blow your mind, go down to adelitas bar and grab some fish tacos, butter clams, and red snapper.
  482. yakdout

    Why such long rods?

    Right, which makes it the rail the fulcrum point. Not sure what’s hard so hard about that.
  483. yakdout

    Offshore Epic cow Bluefin 341 lb

    Wow, did you do that in your head? 😬 Give me a thumbs down if you like dudes.
  484. yakdout

    Why such long rods?

    Wrong….When you fish the rail, it actually should be the fulcrum point as both hands should be back toward the reel not the fore grip. Left hand on the top of the reel And right hand turning the handle.
  485. yakdout

    Beautiful 196 and 216-pound bluefin aboard Pacifica

    How short is the butt section? Looks almost too short.
  486. yakdout

    Offshore I wish the albacore would come back

    Wow ya the weather and fishing looks terrible. You should just give me your boat because you guys suck dick at catching albacore. The fishing was so terrible where you were at that you blacked out your numbers on the FF
  487. yakdout

    Calstar 100j 20-50lb $320

    I think you are confusing the grafighter with the old rod. His is a grafighter which is closer to a little over $400 new.
  488. yakdout

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna scale mystery - UPDATE !!!

    It’s the tare for the weight of the rope.
  489. yakdout

    Where are the YFT??

    @surfgoose this is the reason I like to dump all my carcasses in Huntington. Mostly to feed the seals. I’ll drive up from south San Diego with a full truck load of filleted fish just to slide em in at Huntington...
  490. yakdout

    Where are the YFT??

    Currently being filleted and carcasses dumped in Huntington harbor
  491. yakdout

    How bad does weather have to be to cancel?

    I’ve been to the Cortez in Gail force with like 12’ combined seas on the tribute. We had waves coming over the bow going out the channel. Everyone on the boat got sick, crew, captains includes. They cancelled the next trip which was better weather. I was pissed.
  492. yakdout

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    I think the ramps are open now…
  493. yakdout

    Anybody know how to flare the tops of rocket launchers?

    Sleeve it with pvc and flare the plastic
  494. yakdout

    Polaris Supreme 3 Day

    Did they let you guys choose which fish you wanted to keep?
  495. yakdout

    Tarpon in the Pacific?

    Best case scenario if they come over, seal lions indulge their fat asses, fill up, and stay off our yellowtail and other Pelagics. 🖕🏻
  496. yakdout

    Would you take your family to La Paz?

    Nothing of financial interest to protect. I’ve never even been to la Paz personally. Why don’t you do some more google searching and let me know how many of those deaths in la Paz we’re tourists. Also, the numbers you produced are murders per 100,000 RESIDENTS. So they aren’t counting the...
  497. yakdout

    Would you take your family to La Paz?

    Better chance of getting shot in the US vs the city that was of topic, LA PAZ. Nothing to do with Tijuana until you came out of left field.
  498. yakdout

    Would you take your family to La Paz?

    He asked about la Paz not TJ dude. Why don’t you look up the murder per 100k in St. Louis, and those numbers are without a mass shooting taking place. Also those murders in “TJ” are mostly cartel shootings. Not innocent people at a concert like the 50 some people shot in Vegas. I bet you didn’t...
  499. yakdout

    Would you take your family to La Paz?

    I have been going to Baja all up and down since I was 5 years old and will be taking my two year old boy down soon.
  500. yakdout

    Missed Boat .? Diffrent landing policies over missed trips? Credit? Total loss?

    What kind of house can you buy for 150,000?
  501. yakdout

    Would you take your family to La Paz?

    Way more likely to be shot in the US.
  502. yakdout

    Would you take your family to La Paz?
  503. yakdout

    Canning Tuna

    I ask because I’ve never had a problem with the house smelling bad while canning.
  504. yakdout

    Canning Tuna

    Olive oil with the rest water? Or just 2 tablespoons of olive oil? I was under the assumption the jar needed to be filled with some type of liquid
  505. yakdout

    Canning Tuna

    I learned how to can from your video. Thank you I helped a buddy do a video on canning tuna. Hope this helps.
  506. yakdout

    Canning Tuna

    You also have a higher chance of breaking jars.
  507. yakdout

    Canning Tuna

    I use the American canner. Used to use 8oz but now I do 16’s because I was opening to 8oz cans to make tuna salad every time anyways. The flavor is awesome. I use olive oil, no water, pickled jalapeños and salt. That’s it. It’s a great way to preserve meat. I actually can other things I make too...
  508. yakdout

    Canning Tuna

    Why can outside ?
  509. yakdout

    Guidelines for eating offshore fish?

    There is a method to my madness. If the fish has too much mercury or metal in it, the microwave will explode and you will have avoided eating dirty fish. You’re welcome
  510. yakdout

    Guidelines for eating offshore fish?

    microwave it
  511. yakdout

    looking for darksleepers and hookup baits

    You and the game warden both
  512. yakdout

    MagBay Flyer?

    Could get away with the 150. Terminal gear in the water with this lure is the reasoning. With a kite the gears out of the water so why not use the heaviest possible.
  513. yakdout

    Best wood for smoking tuna?

    Apple or cherry
  514. yakdout

    First Attempt at Crimping

    Pull on it
  515. yakdout

    Other What reel

    Fathom 25 or saltist 35
  516. yakdout

    Pretty good ling fishing in Garibaldi earlier this week

    Nice fish! I had quite the opposite report. Great garabaldi fishing in ling.
  517. yakdout

    Anyone use sun sleeves?

    I agree, more expensive isn’t always better. Marketing can really make people pay top dollar for brand names. I’ve never been a huge brand name person, especially when it comes to clothing.
  518. yakdout

    Anyone use sun sleeves?

    Rubber band from sinker rig applied to wrist. 3rd world solution.
  519. yakdout

    Anyone use sun sleeves?

    The reason I gave the suggestion of Amazon was because he sounds like he’s on a budget. Of course something 3 times more expensive is typically better quality but that didn’t seem to be what he was looking for.
  520. yakdout

    Anyone use sun sleeves?

    Search uv protective clothing on Amazon. Tons of good looking stuff from $15 to $20
  521. yakdout

    Offshore Old Glory 07.26 WFO YT Sh&t show

    Should have tried the poodle under a kite.
  522. yakdout

    Probably doesn’t belong here but…might lose sportfishing

    The term “brain washed” comes to mind.
  523. yakdout

    Offshore Personal best Dorado

    Monster local dorado! Good thinking on bumping up the line size. Dorado will bite rope when they’re lit up and hungry
  524. yakdout

    Massive Calico Caught off Ocean Beach Pier !

    Is he dumb? Or is he smart and playing dumb. What if he knows how good BSB taste? 😬
  525. yakdout

    New Danco Pliers 2021 ICAST

    Yes it is , all that means is they are both way overpriced.
  526. yakdout

    Flat fall set up

    Question for you, is the hook with swivel long enough to come up and foul hook on the line? Or close to it? I would be a little tentative of that setup for that reason
  527. yakdout

    Offshore Fullday Bluefin on the Mission Belle

    I was thinking the same thing. What were they driving a whole 3 knots? Also, you should really be fishing circle hooks for bluefin. As you experienced, they will chew you off if they’re gut hooked.
  528. yakdout

    Historic BFT run in S. Cal. Why?

    The same reason we don’t have albacore. Cyclical.
  529. yakdout

    Inshore Grunions Dana Point/ Doho

    Oceanside: a sunny place for shady people
  530. yakdout

    Need help identifying this jigstick

    Thanks an American eagle 6x4. Rare find
  531. yakdout

    Bluefin=This just FYI.

    That shit got worse and the fishing got better? Makes sense if you don’t think about it
  532. yakdout

    Offshore Well now !

    That’s a fuckin nightmare of mine.
  533. yakdout

    Avet TRX 50W Quad /2

  534. yakdout

    Offshore Bft on the Tomahawk 2.5 day

    Chips and beer for dinner?
  535. yakdout

    Nacho - great bait - my mistake

    Looks good for chunkin
  536. yakdout

    Moving to Tennessee... most likely

    At least heroine and meth are legal up there. Lucky
  537. yakdout

    Albacore update

    I see albacore coming back and mixing like they used to with the bluefin. Big eye? No clue.
  538. yakdout

    Albacore update

    I don’t see that happening in our lifetime.
  539. yakdout

    Islands Nados are back! 7-7-21 report

    You’ll probably want to hire a secretary
  540. yakdout

    You want to shoot accurately........grab that Red Ryder!

    I practice with my Henry golden boy. Same function as red Ryder with a little more “balls” . Subsonic 22 ammo is probably as quiet as a red Ryder being shot.
  541. yakdout

    fav poke recipe pop up

    Download AdGuard on your iPhone and turn all the shit on. It really mellows this website down. I never get pop ups. I’m surprised people are just getting pissed about this now.
  542. yakdout

    eBay Jigs and Amazon Swivels

    Going to be pretty hard to emulate 80lbs of drag from a fishing reel. What were you using to apply the tension?
  543. yakdout

    Offshore 7/5 Oceanside got em!

    You get sharked or needed room in kill bag. ?
  544. yakdout

    Why did you join bloody decks?

    I signed up to get some input on how much I should be tipping a sport boat and how often I should roll up to another boat sitting on a prime kelp.
  545. yakdout

    anybody know old Toyotas?

  546. yakdout

    Confirmed 300# catch question

    Way out from the boat, at the local bar.
  547. yakdout

    Lobster Overlimits?

    I kind of like the idea. Especially since they started breeding. Think about it. Unlimited out of season lobsters....illegal? Ehhh probably not.
  548. yakdout

    I learned three lessons from fish processing (edited)

    Not only that but some people prefer to pay for work rather than doing it yourself. Like processing a 200lb tuna for example. I’m all about doing shit myself and saving a buck, as that’s how I was raised. But even I will take big fish to the processor. I wonder if that dude takes his trash to...
  549. yakdout

    Cocaine plus surfing

    Judging by the title I thought for sure your post was going to be about local costa ricans chewing on coca leaves while in the line up
  550. yakdout

    BOLA stick bait question

    I’ve had good luck with sp minnows in Baja for cabrilla and many other species
  551. yakdout

    Sometimes ya just gotta laugh at yourself

    Maybe that’s the problem
  552. yakdout

    IWB for EMP and xD

    Safariland kydex holsters are nice. I also have one of these for my glock 19 and like it a lot .
  553. yakdout

    What are the coordinates for rockfishing the lower 9?

    What’s a lower 9? Did you mean a 9 lower? Like a glock or sig for example
  554. yakdout

    Glow or not??

    Two words for you to research “lateral line”
  555. yakdout

    Haven't heard this before...

    That’s wicked sick .
  556. yakdout

    Fish processors maxed out

    A couple guys told me it was legal to dump carcasses in Huntington harbor
  557. yakdout

    Inshore PB Yellowtail?

    So what is it? The other guesses were black cod and remora. To me it looks much more like a yellowtail than either of those.
  558. yakdout

    Inshore PB Yellowtail?

    Looks like a yellowtail to me. Obviously features and colors of fish change as they age. The guys saying it’s not a yellow should let us know what they think it is.
  559. yakdout

    Dedicated Fisherman

  560. yakdout

    Other than Electrical tape ?

    Blue locktite
  561. yakdout

    Fish tattoo artists

    Check out tattuna
  562. yakdout

    Looking for 12v compressor

  563. yakdout

    Offshore Putting in the time for BFT

    I’ve heard plenty of seasoned sport boat captains say that glow isn’t much of a necessity. You’re probably wasting some time trying to glow it while missing a bite on a chrome jig.
  564. yakdout

    Handle upgrade for Fathom FTH40NLD2

    I also put a t bar tiburon handle on my 40. Much more comfortable. Especially when cranking on a fish.
  565. yakdout

    Thanks Rick..... Fucker!

    When we used to go pier or surf fishing, I’d put the leftover squid or sardines tucked in the hood of my buddies truck. Right near where the air for the hvac would blow into his vehicle. It was so hard for us not to laugh two weeks later at a party when he was saying his truck was smelling like...
  566. yakdout

    First GT in Mexico caught by Lora

    The caption of his picture says 2015. You don’t need to know Spanish to read that.
  567. yakdout

    Offshore 475 5-12 bigger Yellows with a mako cherry on top!

    Nice report. Sucks to hear about the seiners. I thought they had their quota already ...
  568. yakdout

    Any golf ponds in SD loaded with bass right now?

    We used to hit San Luis downs in bonsall. I’d get 40-50 large gold fish at petco and some light up bobbers. There are some monsters in there. The employees at petco did question my purchases after a few months of that. 😂
  569. yakdout

    Offshore Offshore yellowtail

    I remember a long time ago before I was married I used to tatter some tails.
  570. yakdout

    Another what the heck is this post

    That’s Hilary Clinton
  571. yakdout

    Ammo Brothers fishing is Now hiring!

    X2, I could use some 9. Oh and some 45, 12 gauge, 556 and 300 aac .
  572. yakdout

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    I’ll take whatever you want to give away
  573. yakdout

    1.5-3 Day Trip - How to plan around weather forecasts?

    Bluefin usually bite better in slightly inclement weather.
  574. yakdout

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    try the shotgun with some #6 bird shot.
  575. yakdout

    San Quintin Bound - few questions

    I have but only in Baja sur. I’ve heard stories of guys getting turned around at San Felipe because they didn’t have them though.
  576. yakdout

    San Quintin Bound - few questions

    Unless something has changed, if your stay is under 7 days the visa is free.
  577. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    I meant no cashing out on the policy for any family member.
  578. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    If that’s the case, I think anyone who gets sick from the vaccine should be on their own when paying. Whether tomorrow or ten years from now because it’s the way you wanted it. No life insurance for anyone who passes away from Johnson and Johnson.
  579. yakdout

    Lincoln Turkey

    Very nice long beards!
  580. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    😂 it’s getting better with everything you’re saying. This is classic. I can’t wait until lougio shows up.
  581. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    @lougio this guy is talking shit bro.
  582. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    Well there you go moseley. You know what I look like now come find me at the landing.
  583. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    How did you find this picture of me?
  584. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    Wow! What an envision. Pretty funny you had to come back this morning, edit your post and tell us what you dreamt about.
  585. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    That was weak, even for a girl. What else you got?
  586. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    Damn! Talk about striking a nerve. Now who needs the bong loads? Also, I don’t fish with women so maybe some other time.
  587. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    Son, I’m not going to tell you again. This is no place to call YOUR stepdad brother.
  588. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    No more questions YOUR honor. 😂
  589. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    You love eating what?😂
  590. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    You can’t even spell HIPAA Well damn at least you got the first your correct. 😂. This is a fishing board your opinion on politics doesn’t matter. And I know you’ve posted on plenty of bullshit politics topics. 🖕🏻
  591. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    Unfortunately for you, my pet peave is the incorrect use or lack of commas. Unfortunately, even though you slipped in the word at the end of the sentence, it actually needs a comma before the word. In my previous sentence, I used two commas because it is separating a phrase in the sentence. The...
  592. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    Finally someone with intelligence on your side posting. Because also if it DOESNT do what it’s supposed to, why would it matter if someone else had it or not.
  593. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    😂 YOU’RE talking like you can hurt my feelings. As it seems I possibly hurt YOURS. A college degree doesn’t correlate with intelligence. Good luck on YOUR trip.
  594. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    You’re fired
  595. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    And I asked a question and got no answer. Why are you scared of un-vaccinated people if you yourself are vaccinated. Still crickets from you guys. And you are a COVID freaker
  596. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    The first paragraph that came up in a google search....
  597. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    Yet you want people to get a vaccine because you’re scared that yours won’t work? Or what’s the reasoning? Why do you care what I or others do who don’t get that vaccine. I can see which side of freedom for this country you are on. The sheep side
  598. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    I don’t think this If people who aren’t vaccinated are going on a sport fishing trip sleeping 6” from the dude above them they probably aren’t scared of COVID... .I fall in that group as do many of my fellow Americans who are for freedom including medical freedom. Yes that’s a thing. I don’t...
  599. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    Higher value? Someone please explain why people who have the vaccination are scared of people who don’t have it. Are people worried their vaccination won’t work? I’m trying to wrap my head around this.
  600. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    So any employer is allowed to ask for an employees medical record? Under your definition of HIPPA?
  601. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    again, it would hurt their business. Also, what is with people wanting a need for vaccination requirement? Really what is the logical reasoning? If you’re scared of COVID shouldn’t you have the vaccine? I wish people would start understanding that there’s half the country who still think COVID...
  602. yakdout

    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    If they want to lose a lot of business. Also I think it might be illegal for them to ask for your medical records. Against HIPPA.
  603. yakdout

    Vaccine, easier than I thought...

    I sure as hell hope not. Hopefully we can get newsome out and someone in like Desantis
  604. yakdout

    Vaccine, easier than I thought...

    You can still get COVID, and you can still spread COVID with the vaccine. Which is why I find it ridiculous that places like petco park make you either test negative or have the vaccine to sit in some seats.
  605. yakdout


    8 to 10 turn uni to uni solid to solid
  606. yakdout

    Electric Bikes? Do they suck?

    Just make sure you don’t buy a shimano.
  607. yakdout

    duck season is almost here....well not really but here is some pr0n to watch

    I’ve always preferred to hunt on public land as well.
  608. yakdout

    duck season is almost here....well not really but here is some pr0n to watch

    How do you get into a spot though? Wister? Or San jacinto? Isn’t there a lot more involved ?
  609. yakdout

    duck season is almost here....well not really but here is some pr0n to watch

    I’ve been tentative to get into duck hunting. Just started turkey hunting this season. The details and fine print on the paperwork are keeping me astray. It’s like fishing the Coronado islands it seems. How much paperwork do you actually need? Need to be selected through a lottery to hunt public...
  610. yakdout

    Inshore Lajolla today 4/11

    Sounds like you might love watching cars turn left for 3 hours.
  611. yakdout

    Inshore Lajolla today 4/11

    What beer is more of a fag than bud light. That’s already the Ellen Degeneres of beers.
  612. yakdout

    Offshore Albacore 2021? Friedman Adventures Podcast has high hopes

    I remember a few things about fishing albacore when I was a kid. Dropping a fish trap back on the slide. knife jigs They mix with bluefin. I remember seeing acres and acres maybe even square miles of boiling albacore. you could see the white water with out magnification from a mile away...
  613. yakdout

    Is 73 rods to much?

    Is this even a serious question ? 73 rods? I take more than that on my overnight trips.
  614. yakdout

    Line capacity for local yellowtail and yellowfin

    250-300 yards, slightly less if offshore
  615. yakdout

    2021 Turkey opener

    I know I was extremely lucky to nail one my first time out. We spent about 10 hours out in the field and saw maybe 10-14 turkey in that duration. I learned quite a bit about them and their patterns.
  616. yakdout

    WTF is level 37?

    I don’t know about the levels. But I do know XP stands for extra person. Extra person you are supporting with the ads and changes from a site that’s going to shit for money.
  617. yakdout

    NEW BLOODYDECKS Forum site

    For example, major bug. I just got a notification that Jason replied to your comment. I click what he replied to on the notification, and it sends me back to the first page and the first post of the thread. It used to take me to the post he replied to. Also now when viewing a thread for a...
  618. yakdout

    Thinking about buying a Truck...

    Insurance, full coverage. Was that 10 rods stolen ? Actually I think it was 20.
  619. yakdout

    NEW BLOODYDECKS Forum site

    A car dealership mechanic told me one time they fix things that aren’t broken, until they are broken. For job security.
  620. yakdout

    2021 Turkey opener

    Got it done
  621. yakdout

    Scopace not working anymore-

    hence your username?
  622. yakdout

    2021 Turkey opener

    Nice, I’ll be going tomorrow, but I’ll be on private land that borders CNF so shouldn’t see too many other hunters. This is my first season getting into it. Have hunted dove, quail and pheasant in the past.
  623. yakdout

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    Sabiki rod is definitely near the top. Those things are pieces of shit. Dan Hernandez buck tail probably a close second.
  624. yakdout

    Gardening for food and Security

    Gem avocados are great. Large and like you said fruit every year. You don’t need another one to pollinate. Lamb hass another smaller tree that grows great tasting fruit. Fuerte, hass, and those other common trees are just a bit too large for the room I have. As far as where to get them, maddock...
  625. yakdout

    Gardening for food and Security

    I don’t know how I can be in 10B and you 9a in Clairemont. My night temps last couple nights have been 37
  626. yakdout

    Gardening for food and Security

    nothin too crazy. I do want to try some guava varieties next season but am afraid of the night temps in the winter because I’m in a valley.
  627. yakdout

    Gardening for food and Security

    Nice! What kind of blueberries? Biloxi? I’m in 10B so I can grow a pretty good variety. I have two Biloxi bushes that are flowering like crazy right now. Also have gem, ettinger and lamb hass avos. Ice cream bananas, cavendish bananas, all kinds of citrus. For vegetables I grow tomatoes...
  628. yakdout

    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    Looking more and more like Facebook on here vs a forum.
  629. yakdout

    Where are you buying your. 556 ammo at?

    COVID and now a communist president. Prices go up and down all the time but something tells me we’re not even at the peak yet.
  630. yakdout

    Food recs for offshore

    Salted sardines
  631. yakdout

    Ensenada - feasible by sea?

    The ride there wouldn’t be too bad. Coming back uphill against current, wind and any kind of swell, whether mixed or not will suck in a 21’. Pick your day wisely.
  632. yakdout

    CC or Panga?

    Most pangas are center consoles, because the console is, in the center. Most center consoles are not pangas. Hull design is the difference.
  633. yakdout


    Why no KTM?
  634. yakdout

    Trolling BD for Trolling Pictures and stories

    Broomies and gulfies on magnum 40’s
  635. yakdout

    Makaira service check

    Alan tani
  636. yakdout

    Makaira service check

    the serial number is stamped on the inside of the race of the spool bearing.
  637. yakdout

    Lack of educated 2 speed users.

    it’s been a while since I lasted more than 20 minutes before blowing my wad.
  638. yakdout

    HR 127

    Since they consider a lower receiver a firearm by itself, just hand in your lowers if it comes to it.
  639. yakdout

    Ever been tagged by a Sculpin?

    LOL I don’t know what’s funnier. That you got BIT by a sculpin, or that you soaked your hand in hot coffee..
  640. yakdout

    NRA, worth joining?

    Another vote for FPC. When it’s my turn on the wait list to join a private gun club in esco, I’ll have to join NRA as it’s a requirement, and the best private shooting range around, but they aren’t getting more than the minimum from me.
  641. yakdout

    1990 26' Mako center console with twin Mercury 250 outboards

    sounds like you did way more than you had to. You were definitely nicer to him than I would have been.
  642. yakdout

    Dead Flyer life jacket question

    Bubble wrap and masking tape.
  643. yakdout

    Sport Ocean Enhancement Validation

    I wish our license was only $6 if we didn’t fish freshwater.
  644. yakdout

    Tow vehicle Brake Pad ?

    A. Have to know how to tow and brake downhill. Not constant light pressure, but stabbing hard pressure then intermittent letting off to let the brakes have a chance to cool. B. Trailer brakes and a truck sufficient to tow with.
  645. yakdout


    I agree I’d like to see someone else step up. Maybe pence. But if it comes down to trump vs Biden and Harris again I’ll take trump every time.
  646. yakdout


    you guys are only trying to impeach him so he can’t run against Biden in 2024.
  647. yakdout


    Even if trump isn’t the best president, he’s still better than the sleepy joe alternative. The idea is to pick the best candidate in case you weren’t aware. You guys all have TDS so bad you’re blinded as to how much worse creepy sleepy joe is going to be. I can’t wait til four years (or less) go...
  648. yakdout


    He’ll probably get butt raped two times more than a normal day.
  649. yakdout

    BD Fruit Growers!

    I’m going to have some ice cream banana pups in late spring to summer if anyone is looking for a good banana that’s cold hardy to 28ish degrees. I also have lamb hass, ettinger and gem avocados trees If anyone is interested in clippings for grafting those varieties. Located in fallbrook, the...
  650. yakdout


  651. yakdout


    Who is saying we supported what happened? Do you have trouble reading?
  652. yakdout

    BD Fruit Growers!

    Are you T grafting? I tried to t graft avocado and now citrus with no success thus far. What is your method of grafting? And what is your percentage of successful grafts to not?
  653. yakdout


    pretty hypocritical of you considering you just called all of us racist and said that we support the riots at the capital building. You don’t want us to lump you in a group yet you do it to us? You ASSUMED we think that way? What’s up with that, you’re the problem with America....homey
  654. yakdout


    but it’s cool when BLM lights buildings on fire and blinds cops with lasers. Fuck off troll
  655. yakdout


    not even sure what you’re saying? Cops are **********? Federal buildings are **********? Put the pipe down for a post or two.
  656. yakdout


    same to you 🖕🏻
  657. yakdout


    So you liberals understand what actually happened see above. Yet the whole time you guys were still touting BLM with your heads held high. Really despicable actually
  658. yakdout

    Cannot buy ammo?

    😂 that’s a good one.
  659. yakdout

    Where to Purchase Red Dye Diesel???

    you inferred that it could make engines run rough homegirl. Just calli