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  1. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    Excellent hull to deck joint advice. I’ve seen some tragic attempts at this intregal Bond. Our shop, has seen some things that are criminal. And admittedly I’ve assumed it was good on other projects, only to later discover the boat had had an impact issue. I’ll double check the Salty’s bond...
  2. 40Grit

    Polaris, Always wanted one

    Thanks for the info. Pictures to follow. The wind made this a work vacation.
  3. 40Grit

    Polaris, Always wanted one

    Nomad, I found it in a friends garage, he’d left it for dead, I’ve always wanted one, snagged it and figured I’d see if I could Resuscitate it. I found this interesting cat, who rebuilds them. Commander Gerold, retired Air Force electronics guy. More importantly none of them have the original...
  4. 40Grit

    Polaris, Always wanted one

    Dear Big, I’m using this to locate the hotel fleet in the East Cape. Trying to decipher the radio traffic. with the bird calls, slang, whistling, Is impossible. This thing, Say’s that way. 👉 After today’s radio test, it’s a great stand alone vhf Time will tell
  5. 40Grit

    Polaris, Always wanted one

  6. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    Dear Joe, thanks again for the input. I’ll post the trim calculations when I’m back. The designer was very careful about the tank locations. They are placed outboard of the motor.
  7. 40Grit

    Polaris, Always wanted one

    Had commander Gerald rebuild this antique. It’s the size of a Sony TV The retired Commander specializes in these RDF units built and tuned the antenna. The thing works great.
  8. 40Grit

    New vents

    Yes, what do you have
  9. 40Grit

    New vents

    After a long life, my vents were done. These old production parts are no longer made. Frustrated, I dragged one back from Mexico and copied the dam thing. Originally pretty flimsy, the under gunnel set was flattened. My craftsman upsized the sheet metal, and I welded, instead of spot welding...
  10. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    Dear Blue, thank you for this invaluable input. With so much going on with these projects I can use any help I can get. I’ve studied the tunnel project quoted earlier. And actually talked with the builder. Very together cat. One of the big reasons for extending in addition to more space, was...
  11. 40Grit

    Need info on private boat launching at Los Cabos

    This ramp is not public. At least not gringo public. I’ve launched there, but it’s a bitch. Traffic, super tight, guys in uniforms clipboards and lots of rules. The easier ramp is on the other Or leeward side of the shipyard. The Marina office charges a minimal amount for use. If you’re able to...
  12. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    5’ extension. we had Shad Turner do the drawings and engineering, 28-33 We should begin the laminating next week. Debating on molding in a tunnel. Now is the time. I’ve got the weight and trim, but haven’t laid out the shaft angle with the new 1.5-1 10 degree transmission.
  13. 40Grit

    Need info on private boat launching at Los Cabos

    The trailer is the problem. SJDC is ridiculous, they force you to store your trailer at the shipyard for $50 a day It’s quickly becoming gentrified. Trailer folk are being fazed out.
  14. 40Grit

    Physical Gages or Electronic gages?

    I just did my Mexico boat, we had built a Gofast for Mr Livorsi, he said any time you need gauges. I took him up on the offer. After my ancient Stewart/Warners Disintegrated. I figured it’s time, his main guy was incredible, quick discussion they arrived with senders. Beautiful and accurate...
  15. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

  16. 40Grit

    School me on PH thickness and sourcing windows!

    Windows will be your challenge. My source in Corona, Mark window is retired. Sad for these projects. I think Coosa board might be a bit heavy, unless you can build using a male jig to hold steady your building core before glass. If we were building a small PH, we’d build a melamine female mold...
  17. 40Grit

    How I re-cored and glassed my delaminated deck

    Really clean work. It has to be really strong, cored and knitted fabric.
  18. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    More progress. Next week will have the topsides formed.
  19. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    Progress, should be laminating next week. Once the molds are finished.
  20. 40Grit


    Thanks so much for these responses. This site is amazing. This is exactly what I needed. Pictures to follow
  21. 40Grit

    I need a bit of gel coat assist

    We can give it a go. Finco Santa Ana.
  22. 40Grit


    New build. What say the forum seems like theirs a lot of domestic gear for the lake and bass fishing guys. The sport boats have dedicated drop-down transducers. What’s the forward scan appropriate for a 33’ privateer.
  23. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    Surprisingly it's not wood. High density structural foam, brick like. We decided not to splash mold the hull. The extension mold will be melamine board and framing material. Quicker, and less $ The transom will be cut in half on center line, the bisecting sheer lines reduce overall width by...
  24. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    Finally got the demo done. Had a number of jobs took priority. 5' extension
  25. 40Grit

    Fuel Tank Replacement Business In San Diego to LA

    Got a trailer. We're in Santa Ana. 714-425-9788
  26. 40Grit

    IF you ever get hassled for fishing from shore or reef in Mexico here is the information that allows you to do so ... information only ..

    My mother owns a home in a compound. Similar to a trailer park. It's a land lease where the owners of the land have decided they own the beach. They dictate who can access the beach, you can't get to the beach because you have to cross their compound. With Mexico's Napoleonic legal system, you...
  27. 40Grit

    Gel-Coat Spray Gun

    I figured that. I can get one from the supplier. Thought I'd see if you were local
  28. 40Grit

    Gel-Coat Spray Gun

    $100 delivered to Santa Ana 😎
  29. 40Grit

    WFO on surfer at Huntington Pier

    Years ago, the J24 fleet was active. One of the race courses had the thirty strong fleet short tacking Newport point, up from Balboa pier, and around Newport pier. One of the fishermen was firing pyramid sinkers through the fleet rounding the tip of the pier. I'm middle top rounding, ahead of...
  30. 40Grit

    WFO on surfer at Huntington Pier

    Having grown up surfing Huntington pier, I have a different perspective. The comments about surfing elsewhere. Are silly. The pier, and surrounding sand build up is why it's a famous break. It's a very specific spot. Rarely would fishermen attempt to set lines in the zone. In some cases the...
  31. 40Grit

    Fuel tank replacement in osprey 26 long cabin

    We did one last year. Yes it's a difficult job. Motor didn't need to come out. The majority of the interior did. The owner had additional work, $10k It was three weeks of work.
  32. 40Grit

    Wtb tower box

    I've got a new model. 714-425-9788 Steve
  33. 40Grit

    1973 Bertram Flybridge 28

    Dear JP, if you're near Santa Ana, you can build yourself a couple of male molds, we can gelcoat, and glass them for you. You can then fit some 1/2-3/4 insulation foam sheets, we can lightly glass over them. If your deck is removed and you wan to glass them to the underside, we can do that...
  34. 40Grit

    28 Bertram Work in Progress

    Beautiful work. Keep the photos posted.
  35. 40Grit

    EastCape Safari28

    40Grit submitted a new listing: EastCape Safari28 - EastCape Safari28 Learn more about this listing...
  36. EastCape Safari28

    Mexico EastCape Safari28

    EastCaper has been in Los Barillies for 8 years after a full restoration. She was re powered in 2000 with a pair of Volvo DP 290s I replaced the trailer last year with a triple axel Pacific The boat is stored in Verdugo’s under a steel roof and has its own bodega garage for gear storage. Over...
  37. 40Grit

    New Radon

    It's interesting how some folks get vicious about cost disparity. Without knowing these simple economies of scale. The production Parker, is built in a facility that probably eclipses the entire Santa Barbara harbor. Their square foot land cost is pennies, and His raw materials come in tanker...
  38. 40Grit

    Best way to DIY paint plywood deck

    Great thread. As some members know I run a glass shop. Everything above is excellent advice. Some things I’ve learned about glass over plywood. Using roving or biaxial isn’t necessary, unless structure is needed. It’s too hard to bend around the edges. it’s about keeping the water out. We...
  39. 40Grit

    East Cape Reports?

    After a slow start we finally figured things out. Personal best couple of weeks ago. Hot water, had the fleet 40 out.
  40. 40Grit

    La Paz 8/4-8/9

    Ran the boat to LaPaz last week It was 110 at the marina fuel dock. The fancy dock, charged a fee for tying up, $35, another fee for fueling, $15 And of course worked the exchange rate. A little sobering, $600 for 90 gallons. Fishing, and overnighting at Partida. Priceless. Love LaPaz.
  41. 40Grit

    Mako 254 rebuild

    I’ve got a hardtop mold if you’re interested. Might save you some time. Happy 4th Steve 714-425-9788
  42. 40Grit

    Guide Posts and Side Bunks

    East Cape Beach launching, they can’t be big enough or strong enough, it’s occasionally so rough I’ve come down on top of the guide planks. Using plastic decking planks instead of wood, has eliminated another vacation task. Can’t decide if I’m complaining or bragging.
  43. 40Grit

    Gel coat damage on new boat

    Hi Guys, my 2 cents. We at my shop make many repairs, Small to large. Anything composite is repairable, simply remove what’s not structural anymore, grind back a big taper and re laminate the structure then Gelcoat finish. The discussion and photos are gelcoat failures and damage. The...
  44. 40Grit

    What Engine Room and Bilge Paint to use

    Ok went back and read the thread. We used an additive in the gelcoat. I’m thinking it’s called patch booster or Raam It’s a surfacing agent that cures the gelcoat. Gelcoat is designed for use in female molds. It’s chemistry is chemical and mechanical. It wants to stay sticky, making an open...
  45. 40Grit

    Help, I need a new fuel tank for a 18ft Outrage

    We use 8 pound density,
  46. 40Grit

    Offshore Trailering a boat to San Jose del Cabo

    Yes it’s a tough drive that seems to go on forever. Quite doable, obviously as previously posted, your truck and trailer need to be in trim. I don’t have any issues with towing a wider boat. when I trailered my boat down, I focused on my passenger side mirrors. Setting them up to view the...
  47. 40Grit

    Glassed pour foam for a deck?

    Wow, that’s a really desperate proposition. The other advising posts are on track. The marine plywood, means it is void free. Generally the same exterior glue. Using plywood from the local home supply is fine. You can carpentry your hearts desire’s then glass over and it’s plenty great. Some...
  48. 40Grit

    Raw water pick up line question

    It’s a power steering cooler, if you look inside, it’s a woeful useless thing. Basically a tube connecting the inlet’s dipping into the intake stream. Yank it
  49. 40Grit

    Furuno 1732 dome, need head unit

    Have lightly used 24 dome Looking for head unit. Steve 714-425-9788
  50. 40Grit

    East cape Safari

    Latest photos Ran to LA Paz 85 miles each way.
  51. 40Grit

    After a successful December. Not on the market anymore. 😎

    After a successful December. Not on the market anymore. 😎
  52. 40Grit

    German, great guy the mayor of Los Barillies and restaurant owner of LaTerazza Don’t miss a...

    German, great guy the mayor of Los Barillies and restaurant owner of LaTerazza Don’t miss a dinner on Main Street with his family
  53. 40Grit

    Apply epoxy over a housel?

    What’s housel?
  54. 40Grit

    Boats at Palmas de Cortez Los Barriles

    The guy who runs the fleet is great. He’s got a name that’s difficult to remember, and pronounce. But obviously manages the boats well. All of the skippers who work for the hotel are excellent, it’s their job to know where the fish are. They all are amazing cats, they know. As things slowly...
  55. 40Grit

    CAT 3208 375hp rebuild

    My reman was about $17K six years ago. Biggest problem is finding machinist who have the size to handle these bigger bores Ended up going to a Cat machine shop in riverside. It’s an event. Also the heads can only handle one valve job. If the valves depress too far the critical compression...
  56. 40Grit

    La Ribera harbor launch access

    I’ve heard it’s become an upscale deal? I’ve launched a number of times.
  57. 40Grit

    Stringer repair

    Great thread, At my shop we have done many of these projects. Reading this thread there’s lots of examples of making these repairs. We strive for practicality, sadly many rotten stringer repairs are not practical in a shop setting. Overhead, cost of labor and these inflated times, Can exceed...
  58. 40Grit

    East cape Safari

    I think maybe next year. She’s running way to good to sell
  59. 40Grit

    Transducer installer

    We would be happy to help. We can lift the boat from the trailer.
  60. 40Grit

    Got my tower !!!

    They look fabulous
  61. 40Grit

    matching gel coat on sport cruiser

    Surefab Ontario
  62. 40Grit

    Looking for 35 Cabo or 34 Radovich

    Couldn’t resist posting a photo
  63. East cape Safari

    Southern California East cape Safari
  64. 40Grit

    East cape Safari

    40Grit submitted a new listing: East cape Safari - East cape Safari Learn more about this listing...
  65. 40Grit

    New build

    Some photos of our latest laminate. fully engineered by Fred Courouble. Carbon deck full bag deck. Balsa core hull, foam sides. Using vinyl ester resin. Fred is the resin policeman, hammering us on maintaining ratio. The bigger laminate is in epoxy and carbon
  66. 40Grit

    New control box

    Getting a number of requests for a smaller control box. Our original is 48” and has been built for years fitting most everything. the new revision is 36” and will hopefully have better proportions for the 20-30’ projects. One of the challenges is how to access the storage. With a wheel, and the...
  67. 40Grit

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    I’ve got access to the hardtop tooling. With today’s window cost$ the complete price is sobering
  68. 40Grit

    Heading down next week

    Heading down next week
  69. 40Grit

    Heading down next week

    Heading down next week
  70. 40Grit

    East Cape Safari 28 new drives

    heading down Apryl 1st
  71. 40Grit

    Where to buy Coosa board?

    We purchase weekly. How much do you need?
  72. 40Grit

    Gantry Cranes

    Gantry cranes with trolleys and chain falls $2500 each, Or Best Offer. Steve 714-425-9788
  73. 40Grit

    East Cape Safari 28 new drives

    time to go to the East Cape
  74. 40Grit

    East Cape Safari 28 new drives

    Thanks RD, I’m building another Baja special, trying to make room. Price drop to $20K Single best thing I’ve done in boat building. Pictures of next project
  75. 40Grit

    East Cape Safari 28 new drives

    Just did the ten year rebuild. Both drives and assorted. Needs.
  76. 40Grit

    Gantry crane

    Great addition to any driveway. Your wife will love it.
  77. 40Grit

    Sold going to Mexico

    it’s from my restoration Packy I built a fiberglass version
  78. 40Grit

    Sold going to Mexico

    Jeez idiot alert. I didn’t check my phone number. posted incorrectly 714-425-9788 Steve
  79. 40Grit

    Sold going to Mexico

    Hi guys sorry too lazy to do the calculations. make offer. Cleaning yard.
  80. 40Grit

    Gantry crane

    Less than a buck a pound
  81. 40Grit

    Gantry crane

    Heavy duty gantry crane $1,500 Recently upgraded Steve 714-425-9788
  82. 40Grit

    Sold going to Mexico

    Original Radovich bait tank $500. Or best offer. Organizing yard. Needs new home Steve 714-435-9788
  83. 40Grit

    What gears

    We work with Robert Sherill. He had a Crystaliner in his tow boat fleet. I’ll ask My prop guy is in Detroit, “Jimmy’s he runs the calculations for us. Good luck on your project.
  84. 40Grit

    What gears

    With the higher reduction ratios like 2-1 you won’t have enough room to fit the larger propeller needed. Much of what’s written on the subject pushes for fitting the largest wheel possible. As the ratio goes down, so does the propeller size. Obviously folks like Robert Sherill or Seaboard would...
  85. 40Grit

    Triangular Dock Box in San Diego

    Two different models. One with one without recess for breaker box Santa Ana 714-425-9788
  86. 40Grit

    Anderson Greenough 21

    wow great boat
  87. 40Grit

    Custom Battery boxes

    Another photo
  88. 40Grit

    Custom Battery boxes

    We build custom battery boxes, using our standard batt box molds, we cut and paste. Many projects would have nonskid pattern and rigid core to become a step
  89. 40Grit

    wtb - thru hull step wrench - san diego

    We band saw steel plate the inside diameter of the fitting. They have lugs that the plate wedges against. Held with vice grips
  90. 40Grit

    I need Transom/engine advice

    Just finished one yesterday.
  91. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    That’s an early photo of the motors I rebuilt for my boat. The repower Cats might not look as good,
  92. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    Picture of one of mine. Heavy
  93. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    I’m going to have a couple of caterpillar 3208 375 hp in excellent service. Coming out of a Cabo 35
  94. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    Good question, I was offered an abandoned Skipjack 24 open. Local marina, Wanted it gone. After getting excited about another Mexico project, I realized, Free, is never what it appears. The effort required to revive a gas inboard, was not much less than the much better suited Diesel project...
  95. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    This one’s heading to Mexico
  96. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    Apparently this one was originally from Alaska. The Volvo 40 series is still running fine since new. The fresh Cummins should wake her up.
  97. 40Grit

    Mako 254 rebuild

    Great work, really liked the through transom supports. I’m assuming that hatch mold will produce multiple penetrations for your project.
  98. 40Grit

    Beware Cabrillo dry boat storage

    Sorry for your mishap. Hopefully it’s not a huge event, at minim a new starter. I’ve got one of the larger sailboats in dry storage. They don’t offer the service of launching without an owner present. The bigger boats are too big to easily be moved by the yard guys. It’s a bit of an...
  99. 40Grit

    Bertram Re Power

    Old jet leaving, Lots of glass work required.
  100. 40Grit

    Bertram Re Power

    Re Powered Bertram 20 with a late model Volvo package. Fuel injected closed cooling. DPX drive. Thanks to Grant Sea&Ski for all the help. Removed a Six cylinder jet drive, that was a bit under powered, to the 5.7 dual prop woke up the 20 Saturday sea trial revealed needed larger props, and a...
  101. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    Rough drawing of tower, will move Outrigger’s to structure, and redesign the seat and control console
  102. 40Grit

    Diesel Salty Dog

    Started renovation of a mid 80s Uniflite Salty dog 28x10.5 Re Powering with a Cummins 5.9 315 hp 1.5 down angle trans. Northern lights 5KW Planning on re configuration of the bait system and Cold plate fish hold. Both with back up AC systems. Shaft angle and strut still undecided.
  103. 40Grit

    33’ Pilot house build

    Yes your right, this is the hull for LA Harbors new lifeguard patrol boat. developing a pilot house from this base, will involve a bit of politics Steve
  104. 40Grit

    And... yet another skipjack rebuild. Help needed

    God bless you, I simply wanted folks to know how difficult it is to estimate these projects. Like you, I take pride in solving restoration projects, that means discovery, and time. Keep the photos coming. I’m thinking with our flat mold, we might help develop the deck for you. I’ve been thinking...
  105. 40Grit

    And... yet another skipjack rebuild. Help needed

    Dear BassCat, really have enjoyed your shared project. Great work. Please keep the photos and problem solving coming. I’m in the glass business, and have done many like yours. I do some things different because I’m in business, meaning I’ve got to stay as practical as possible $ epoxy is a...
  106. 40Grit

    Who is the best Volvo Outdrive Rebuilder These Days?

    Grant has always supported me in spades. Just bought a motor from him today. My vote
  107. 40Grit

    Fresh Water tank suggestions?

    Complete waist of time. West is beyond useless. The wife bet me they wouldn’t have a demand pump for an RV project. Nothing on the shelves. Everyone is quitting, the company has decided to stop paying suppliers. Their pathetic attempt at covering this tactic, is to blame it on the virus Skunks
  108. 40Grit

    33’ Pilot house build

    Waiting on naval Architect.
  109. 40Grit

    Dometic Toilet and Holding Tank

    I’m in if you’re still able to deliver Steve 714-425-9788
  110. 40Grit

    East Caper Safari 28

    Ten year renovation. New drives transom shields, manifolds, starters and new alternators.
  111. 40Grit

    Bait tank help on a skipjack 24

    Squish them
  112. 40Grit

    What type of waterproof sealant to use?

    McMaster Carr catalog. Neoprene foam rubber strips. Overwhelming choices, hardness, width, height, We don’t calk them down, impossible to remove. Just my way of thinking
  113. 40Grit

    33’ Pilot house build

    Mold making resin filled with an extender to limit shrink
  114. 40Grit

    33’ Pilot house build

    Preparing plug for mold
  115. 40Grit

    Volvo Penta 5.7L with XDP outdrive

    The Volvo’s have alignment lugs cast into the shield. It’s a feeler gauging system. A screwdriver will work. The biggest thing to check is side to side. Your aligning your exhaust risers with the “Y pipe Easily out of alignment side to side
  116. 40Grit

    Gas station crook in Guerrero negro

    I just stared at the pump while he was trying to re direct. Skunk. Yes it’s the station closest to the monument on the outbound side. Never leave the pump, and have your calculator ready.
  117. 40Grit

    Gas station crook in Guerrero negro

    Got taken by a Pemex reptile. I pulled in to fill up. While letting the dog out, slippery resets the pump. Adds on an additional ten bucks and plays with the exchange rate. While attempting to engage me, I asked him if he played games with locals as well? I kept my ten, told him if there’s a...
  118. 40Grit

    Going to Bola need info

    Just returned from the East Cape No problems
  119. 40Grit

    Mexico Travel Restrictions extended

    Drove Baja last week it was open, with limited traffic. The East cape was slowly opening
  120. 40Grit

    Volvo dualprop restoration.

    Back in the day, the gap between the motors was considered, innovative. until they started using late model drives, they never had cavitation problems. the Pictured 290 drives have spacers that eliminate cavitation in a turn. She's also got slender side decks. With the two Chevy's she owns the...
  121. 40Grit

    another 23/26 Blackman build

    Fabulous work keep the photos coming
  122. 40Grit

    Volvo dualprop restoration.

    After eleven years in Baja, multiple shade tree repairs over the years, I yanked everything last fall, and trucked it back to the shop. It was Volvo Grant, of Sea&Ski who convinced me it was time. His pronouncement, that “All us Baja Cunts, have to bring it home every ten years” As many of us...
  123. 40Grit

    Cracked Transom

    Terrible bracket. Terrible hull design. IMO If you eyeball estimate the height of the cavitation plate, the bracket and planing height is about 8-10 inches too low. Meaning, as the photos show, the motors are drowning. The freeboard height is borderline irresponsible. If there’s a fix, given the...
  124. 40Grit

    Marine surveyor OC/LB area

    I’d ask Sea&Ski to advise on the diesel
  125. 40Grit


    Border politics can be very apparent. Waited 12 hours in TJ last year, after current regime made an announcement about immigration. lanes closed, got to crossing at midnight, the roadway was awash in urine, hawkers had switched to selling gas by the gallon.
  126. 40Grit

    Need help finding a console

    I think we have one
  127. 40Grit

    In need of help

    If you’re in Santa Ana, we can get you a pail of Vinylester, we deal with drums. sold by the pound, I believe a pail is 50 give or take, I’m guessing at $3.50 per pound, We have the wax surfacing additive, should be a little cheaper than the epoxy route. Hopefully this helps as an alternative...
  128. 40Grit

    Trim tab system complete

    Driving to Long Beach shortly
  129. 40Grit

    Trim tab system complete

    I’m in Steve 714-425-9788
  130. 40Grit

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    We get everything ready, blocking and the tank exactly where we want it. Then build bracing to prevent the tank from floating up. we then remove the tank, and carefully pour the bottom. And quickly assemble the bracing. The two stage foaming, limits the thing from getting out of hand. It’s all...
  131. 40Grit

    Anchor winch repair.

    Fred Cook of Scheafer marine purchased what was left of Ideal windlass. Said he took over a workshop with countless unfinished repairs and mountains of unorganized parts, saying he’s got parts? Might be worth a call or cut your base off and weld a new one?
  132. 40Grit

    Montauk Deck Repair

    Clean up the nasty foam, so that fresh resin will have a chance to bond. Grind the edges back a bit, apply a layer of chopped strand mat and cloth, repeating until your level with the surrounding original glass. Final layers will want to overlap the feathered edges. Once cured, grind flat and...
  133. 40Grit

    Electrolysis or a bad paint job?

    The friggin state has outlawed etching primer, alodine, and Farkin paint remover. And while I’m ranting,,, contact cement. the only thing easily available is vinegar
  134. 40Grit

    Help with Blige pump

    I’m thinking the diodes in the switch panel Are to fancy up the indicator lights. When the circuit is de energized, the light fades slowly
  135. 40Grit

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    Hi guys excellent thread. We do many of these replacement projects. And use American tank in San Diego. Many times we will foam in the tanks, after epoxy coating the fresh aluminum. We use many different foams for many different projects, structural and flotation. Our foam of choice is an 8...
  136. 40Grit

    Looking for a Project Boat

    Skipjack 24 open. Needs trailer 3k
  137. 40Grit

    In need of help

    Great work. Keep the photos coming Here’s some photos of today’s laminate. This will be a foam cored deck using vynelester Back in the day we would laminate a project like yours using two oz mat with a layer of cloth. Once tightly laminated, and cured. We would flow a coat of resin and wax...
  138. 40Grit

    Looking for Aluminum Fab, NO Weld, Small Piece

    This is a repair we did.
  139. 40Grit

    Looking for Aluminum Fab, NO Weld, Small Piece

    We can build it. would be better in stainless
  140. 40Grit

    Electrical Mayhem

    We start at 7;00 you can have my bench. No health benefits when can you start
  141. 40Grit

    Advice on hull painting

    We use both Awlgrip and Alexseal, we’re good friends with the rep from Alexseal, consequently named Alex, everything comes from San Diego marine supply. Good luck with your job. Measure carefully, use the reducer to match the temperature of your paint day, pay careful attention to clean...
  142. 40Grit

    1978 Tiderunner

    Beautiful work. Keep the photos and discussion coming
  143. 40Grit

    In need of help

    We will have a time slot next month
  144. 40Grit

    Skipjack Open 20-23

    Call me 714-435-9788 Steve
  145. 40Grit

    Bent strut

    We machine a temporary plastic bushing that centers the shaft in the log, then dry fit the shaft strut and log. It’s when we align the strut. using a bit of dish soap as lubricant, and shimming the strut, it should spin freely.
  146. 40Grit

    Looks like Rancho Leonero is for sale

    I’m selling my home in Costa Mesa, three bedroom two bath. It’s been on the market awhile. $11 million.
  147. 40Grit

    Gel coat over fairing Compound

    For your project we will use 3-M marine bondo it’s made with vinylester resin base that can be used under the waterline. Any generic bondo, not good
  148. 40Grit

    Is Epoxy worth the extra money over Vinylester resin??

    Great project, keep up the momentum. I’m in the restoration business. We don’t use epoxy, because of the cure time limitations. Yes to all of the previous comments. For us we will strip a hull like yours, all the way. We will then carefully set the hull on her lines. Using her original...
  149. 40Grit

    Shamrock 5.7 closed cooling upgrade

    Been thinking about converting my Volvo’s. Great job
  150. 40Grit

    What is your boat size and battery bank AMP Hour?

    Had a set of AGMs in my Mexico truck. Post hurricane, the storage dorks left my truck connected after moving it. Beyond dead, they were new, only month earlier.
  151. 40Grit

    FloScan - no longer in business???

    What’s his number
  152. 40Grit

    FloScan - no longer in business???

    Bought a bunch of replacement gauges, senders, and friggin dampers, at $80 each. One gauge didn’t work, while dealing with one of them, I got a recording? We’re out of business. maybe the new folks can help, tired of a lopsided setup
  153. 40Grit

    Mobile gelcoat repair in Orange County

    We don’t do house calls, glad to help 2520 South Broadway Santa Ana
  154. 40Grit

    Life raft re-pack

    Just used Avalon In Wilmington. Necessary evil $1400 8 Man
  155. 40Grit

    Bluetooth Audio recommendation

    JBL sucks, glad to hear their products stink, years ago we built and developed prototypes. Absolute Skunks.
  156. 40Grit

    Bait tank lid and more

    Great job
  157. 40Grit

    Chris Craft 30 (33) pilothouse build

    Fabulous work. Love the progress photos.
  158. 40Grit

    Determining battery needs

    When calculating amp hours. You use half of the batteries capacity. Most charge regime will only want to consume to fifty percent. As the completely discharged batt will take a charge at a much lower rate. Purchase Nigel Calleders book he explains all these questions
  159. 40Grit


    Dude, everyone on this site has lost anchors. Its earning stripes. Some of us have more stripes than we want to admit.
  160. 40Grit

    Hauling a boat to Los Barilles

    Call me. 714-425-9788 Steve
  161. 40Grit

    Belize Caye Caulker

    Lots of guides with boats. Not much shore side fishing. It’s all barrier reef. The majority of the fishing is on those reefs. super diverse place. Inside the Caye there’s flats fishing. highly recommend a snorkeling trip to Goff’s Key.
  162. 40Grit

    Seeking info on replacing gas tank

    Yes it cheep and plastic. Usually 1 1/2 cut in half j
  163. 40Grit

    Seeking info on replacing gas tank

    We use Vince, and son’s American Tank. With your drawing it’s an easy build for them. Top notch family, building practical tanks. Your project looks straight forward, if the original is foamed in, its challenging to remove. We have found some builders utilizing the Tank/Foam bond for increasing...
  164. 40Grit

    Mercury 225 SeaPro 3.0 L

    1998 Mercury 225 two stroke 3.0 L carbureted $2200 Clean, running, motor. Make offer tired of looking at it. Steve 714-425-9788
  165. 40Grit

    Offshore Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    Countless boat have come to my yard with sun rotted plastic thru hulls. The outer flange simply pops off. No plastic will touch these greasy fingers
  166. 40Grit

    Looking for fiberglass pros to fix my boat

    How about a description of what you wanna build?
  167. 40Grit

    Looking for a Marine Exhaust Fabricator !!

    On your way up to Long Beach. Stop by my shop in Santa Ana Finco fabrication 714-425-9788
  168. 40Grit

    Small Console

    Might have a mold that Will work. I’m out of office will sen dimensions tomorrow
  169. 40Grit

    Boat US and Grant From Sea And Ski to the rescue

    That sounds like Grant, one of the good guys
  170. 40Grit

    Bait Tank Pump without a Scoop?

    DeGroot showed me this trick. Drill three holes in the back of the scoop. That way they won’t starve when backing down.
  171. 40Grit

    Best way to fix my dash

    We fill them in with glass. Then color match the entire dash.
  172. 40Grit

    Mystery through hull in Radon project

    Interesting setup. One side is through a sea strainer? The other runs aft where presumably connected to the drive intake. To another T fitting.
  173. 40Grit

    Massive amount of stolen gear please help

    Where’s your shop. I’m coming down to buy something
  174. 40Grit

    East Cape Safari 28 new drives

    Ok I changed my mind. Truck not included.
  175. 40Grit

    1972 Safari 28 - Excellent Condition - Rare Family Cruiser- SOLD

    Will, has put his soul into this yacht. We have been privileged to be part of his journey restoring his Safari. Finding balance with his family first, boat second, philosophy. Everything he’s done makes this an excellent opportunity for long term success. With this Catalina fisher. photos of...
  176. 40Grit

    Cab Windows

    Go windows corona. Incredible solution great guy AKA Mark plastic
  177. 40Grit


    Agreed. I responded to one as well
  178. 40Grit

    Need recommendations for bus to bottom paint

    Jeez I didn’t notice ha
  179. 40Grit

    Diesel motors

    Cat rebuild photos Had to get a core motor. Needed a crankshaft
  180. 40Grit

    Need recommendations for bus to bottom paint

    Here at Finco we can help 714-425-9788 Santa Ana
  181. 40Grit

    Fuel Tank repair in Long Beach

    From my experience trying to fix tanks is never practical. I’ve welded old tanks, and don’t like the results, if the tanks are gasoline. They have to get washed out with soap and water. Even then it makes me nervous. I use Vince at American tank. And now don’t give tanks much thought. They...
  182. 40Grit

    Marinco Guest Charger 2611A and Battery Questions

    Hi Chris, excellent post. Answering Your last question on the charge regime, concerning your A-B switch while running. Output is directed by the switch, Everything centers on the switch, or more importantly, the main terminal. All power needs should start on this terminal. It’s also the main...
  183. 40Grit

    Old unlimited Roddy and Penn 14/0

  184. 40Grit

    240 tons of BFT released from pens off Ensenada.

    just did the Ensenada Race, those friggin pens were a late night challenge. they were towing four of the things a midnight, giant barge operation.
  185. 40Grit

    Fiberglass hardtop question

    wow beautiful work, if that top were built at my shop, it wouldn't be 1/2 inch. thats cast iron territory. your structure will support a top half that thickness, and doesn't need core. you have all the support needed. skin the mold two layers of three oz mat, and if you want use the 1708...
  186. 40Grit

    Boat Buying Scam

    The worst are targeting the elderly. Your grandson is in jail in Mexico
  187. 40Grit

    East Cape Safari 28 new drives

    Your right Frank, the bigger in the water deal might be a big expense. The thought of air conditioning in Baja drives me on. Therapy?
  188. 40Grit

    East Cape Safari 28 new drives

    Truck included 84 turbo diesel fresh motor
  189. 40Grit

    Non Skid Deck Painting

    Many boats have decks painted with sand as the nonskid media. This can be too aggressive. removing nonskid sand is brutal going, Your sanding sand. the problem with painting another coat over the original deck, is it can go the wrong direction becoming an ice rink, Ask the Apollo skipper. When...
  190. 40Grit

    DIY hardtop build

    Fabulous work keep the photos coming
  191. 40Grit

    East Cape Safari 28 new drives

    Seasons about ready to get started Make offer.
  192. 40Grit

    Poly Bait Tank Repair

    We do glass work for Ronco. Great guys and company. They can spin weld Anything you need.
  193. 40Grit

    1978 Skipjack 20

    Hi we’re located in Santa Ana 2520 South Broadway 714-425-9788
  194. 40Grit

    Hi bud thanks for the check in. I’ll write you tomorrow, send photos if possible I’d love to see...

    Hi bud thanks for the check in. I’ll write you tomorrow, send photos if possible I’d love to see what you’re planning Steve
  195. 40Grit

    East Cape Safari 28 new drives

    It’s about $200.00
  196. 40Grit

    East Cape Safari 28 new drives

    It’s been a great journey. A set of happy circumstances brought the Safari to the Cape, I’m very proud of her longevity, it’s like having a vacation home, that keeps getting better and better. As does your fishing skills. It’s been a lesson in list keeping, and organization. I’ve learned where...
  197. 40Grit

    1978 Skipjack 20

    fabulous work, give me a call about glass if needed. we have flotation foam and kusa board here at the shop if you need some. Steve 714 425 9788
  198. 40Grit

    Mag Bay, "Day Two"

    Ever the ambassador. Great share, hope to see you in Los Barillies soon
  199. 40Grit

    East Cape Safari 28 new drives

    Great old photos, thank you for finding all that stuff. I acquired the boat when a customer didin't want to finish an attempted restoration. The 2010 motor work, was new motor dressing. water pumps, exhaust manifolds, fresh carbs and distributors. Over the years, iv'e enjoyed upgrading this...
  200. 40Grit

    East Cape Safari 28 new drives

    couple more photos ]
  201. 40Grit

    East Cape Safari 28 new drives

    EastCaper has been in Los Barillies for 8 years after a full restoration. She was re powered in 2000 with a pair of Volvo DP 290s I replaced the trailer last year with a triple axel Pacific The boat is stored in Verdugo’s under a steel roof and has its own bodega garage for gear storage. Over...
  202. 40Grit

    Mounting Offshore fiberglass bait tank.

    we use release tape on the bottom of the tank, inside. then we laminate a complete ring of the inside of the tank. this ring is beefy minimum 1/4 inch the ring becomes a perfect fit for the tank to rest upon and makes it easier to keep water out to create the deck flange of this ring, we use a...
  203. 40Grit

    What is the best way to remove old failed gelcoat

    we grind everything off right down to the laminate, then laminate a new layer of mat and cloth, to hold the new work together. Whalers are very thin, another layer of material simply makes them stronger with a nice base. we then gelcoat and sand again, using the gelcoat base as primer. then...
  204. 40Grit

    Pour foam

    we have it by the drum, 4 lb 8 lb and 12 lb bring your project to us and we can help you fill your void. might save a bit of material
  205. 40Grit

    Mex a car/FOX rent a car Los Cabos Scam

    I refuse to drive my truck into the airport. It’s a hot bed for fuck with you
  206. 40Grit

    Toothpick at Basin in Newport--What Brand/Model

    no I'm in long Beach
  207. 40Grit

    water rot in transom.

    We’re currently restoring a 24’ with an immense amount of rot damage the entire structure was gone. Including the transom. And motor supports. Two weeks of work $5500
  208. 40Grit

    Boston Whaler deck.

    glass guy, would cut out deck and bond in high density PVC 3/4 sheet as backing. we've got some here at the shop your welcome to. whalers haven't much backing
  209. 40Grit

    Rule Tournament series bait pump problem

    Baja boat was eating pumps. Had the overheating batch. Increased wire size and back drilled the scoops. Much happier. Tuna tube pump can be diverted to run bait tank. As backup
  210. 40Grit

    To foam or not to foam

    Here at my shop we routinely foam tanks in place. With that said we have a lot of foam experience. And know how to design the drainage, or re direct of the bilges. We first prepare the tank beds by building a drain to pass between the bulkheads. We usually cut a section of plastic pipe in half...
  211. 40Grit

    Bait Tank Mods

    Thanks for the kind words. This post hit home with me because my first boat had the same problem. I tried everything, but, until I built a tank without the side to side leverage, I lost bait,
  212. 40Grit

    Bait Tank Mods

    Dear Ryan, my Fiberglass guy opinion, is your tank is too small. my experience with fitting custom built tanks, especially square athwart ship designs, are problematic. The slug of water, just slams side to side. We have built a number of pressurized models with regulated discharges and sealed...
  213. 40Grit

    Bait Tank Mods

    Dear Ryan, my Fiberglass guy opinion, is your tank is too small. my experience with fitting custom built tanks, especially square athwart ship designs, are problematic. The slug of water, just slams side to side. We have built a number of pressurized models with regulated discharges and sealed...
  214. 40Grit

    East Caper Safari 28

    Price adjustment
  215. 40Grit

    30 Grady ready to go in LaPaz

    Yes give me a call I’m heading down end of month. 714-425-9788
  216. 40Grit

    Somebody stole my trailer Wednesday February 28th

    Got a stolen trailer back. Hwy patrol guy said it didn’t pass the sniff test. And had a plate that didn’t go with that kind of trailer. I didn’t know that. A flat trailer plate has a different prefix than a camping trailer. She had been gone for three years. The patrolman said, seven to ten...
  217. 40Grit

    Paint Help

    Kiwi deck
  218. 40Grit

    East Caper Safari 28

    I will dig some up, they all have the same layout, the earlier models were all plywood the later boats like mine have molded shower and liner.
  219. 40Grit

    RIP Jack Cole

    lucky enough to have met him a number of times. Never stopped innovating. he was versed in Glass, Canvas, upholstery, stainless. that guy was fabulous.
  220. 40Grit

    Bertram 38III Convertible $69,900

    I looked at the boat, it was going to be a great deal for someone, I don't think she went for anything near $ 69K saw a utube video of the sea trial, great yacht,
  221. 40Grit

    Electrical system Layout

    I would use a blue seas A-B switch that combines while maintaining two circuits "H" style that way the house is aligned, separately from the starting batteries. the middle rung of the switch will combine the house with the starting circuit. and why are there two starting batteries? in the middle...
  222. 40Grit

    Cabrillo dry boat storage break ins

    thanks for the heads up
  223. 40Grit

    Polished stainless anchor

    its beautiful, i'd loose the thing
  224. 40Grit

    anyone have a msd box?

    Got one Steve Brown 714 425 9788
  225. 40Grit

    East Caper Safari 28

    This is a great set up for the right hands on guy, its been the single best thing I've done fishing, her range has been 60 plus miles up the pacific coast from Cabo and about the same out of La Paz but as most know, its not necessary to travel far the fishing is straight out. under twenty.
  226. 40Grit

    East Caper Safari 28

    Heading down next month. will take more photos
  227. 40Grit

    Hull chip repair help in OC

    bring it to us we will fix it, lift off the trailer and repair would be $200 hope that works Steve 714 425 9788
  228. 40Grit

    East Caper Safari 28

    Thanks Bud we did the work on your old boat here at my shop, we increased the fuel tank capacity. and added a bait tank. Great boats the Mexico boat has late model Volvo 290 DP 270 the thing rips. and gets great milage.
  229. 40Grit

    Wet Foam, But Bad Stringer?

    also the woven roving is laped each time the laminated layers are put down. meaning the stem or bow is three and four time the thickness of the bottom and sides. if this was a serious structural issue it would be moving aroundc and you would see it from the outside. additionaly if the laminate...
  230. 40Grit

    Wet Foam, But Bad Stringer?

    first glance, this is nothing but a puddle of resin with a crack in it. in our world of laminating we see this from time to time. if the resin slides down into the bottom of the mold, we will reject the resin, as they have specific thixotropic or Thix assigned to the Resin. vinylester resins...
  231. 40Grit

    East Caper Safari 28

    Great Sport boat, Safari located in Los Barillies fully restored and re powered in 2010 East Cape veteran comes with new galvanized triple axle trailer, Complete electronics, lots of spares, dedicated storage shed and Bodega easy and economical 32K Steve Brown 714 425 9788
  232. 40Grit

    Fiberglass repair Dana point area

    pull the thing and bring it by, Steve B 714 425 9788
  233. 40Grit

    Bait tank drain line, question or suggestions ?

    I always wondered what happened to that Cabo accident
  234. 40Grit

    Mag Bay 33 Hull 16 Build Thread

    Beautiful glass work. The design is so well thought out, then optimized. after years of glass work, and observing how most production projects are economy engineered. These photos are just incredible. thanks for sharing. And more importantly to us, is the explanation, and photos of a properly...
  235. 40Grit

    30 Grady ready to go in LaPaz

    I replaced my 30’ trailer when I got a too good to pass up deal. Have extra trailer for sale $1500 Los Barriles Steve 714-425-9788
  236. 40Grit

    Volvo 280 COMPLETE drives

    i don't know, simply on fishing expedition, I know their old and finding a set might be hard, their for a customer. the prop guy says they were very low in pitch.
  237. 40Grit

    Stolen Boat Bahia de Los Angeles

    heading down to the cape, in a couple of weeks. will look for her, in cabo and la paz sickening
  238. 40Grit

    Volvo 280 COMPLETE drives

    looking for a set of propellers steve 714 425 9788
  239. 40Grit

    BLACKMAN 26 fridge maxed out !!

    Excellent work. I’m inspired to change out my turkey
  240. 40Grit

    Great potential Seaway project

    I got to meet the Seaway guy, just before he retired. that guy was prolific, he was building boats in an open yard in Long Beach, with a skilsaw and a scarfing jig. super humble, with an easy way about him. he glued a lot of plywood together in his career. Wish I could remember his name. Rare
  241. 40Grit

    Engine Room Insulation?

    my supplier will build but has a minimum order fee of $600
  242. 40Grit

    I have someone to recommend for fiberglass repair-San Pedro area

    Guys, I own a fiberglass shop, the most difficult aspect of repairs are the color match. Even when we have to original gelcoat, it's challenging. I've seen a couple of these cats that can nail it. Priceless
  243. 40Grit

    DIY inexpensive Hardtop build.

    Great work excellent problem solving
  244. 40Grit


    my restoration was easily over $200 K and then I rebuilt both motors.
  245. 40Grit

    Southern California Fiberglass/Fuel Tank Install

    Hi Will, I have, the same boat, and know the whole deal. They did come with a fiberglass tank. the first question for anyone purchasing one of these classics, is "has the tank been replaced with aluminum" great boats love mine. yes you will need to cut out the deck, as many have. the aluminum...
  246. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    He had a solution for every fabrication problem, and would "step it up a notch" As many Artists he suffered from severe depression. I'm lucky to have had the chance to work with Steve, and have had an insight to how skilled he was. just tragic
  247. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Rest In Peace Steve Degroote, We are heartbroken
  248. 40Grit

    WTB Console

    we have a montauk mold. 714 425 9788
  249. 40Grit

    Boat Shipping

    Rick Peters.
  250. 40Grit

    How much usable Fuel in Gas Tank

    I have a 150 in my boat. Twin chevys kept having fuel issues finally figured it out. My flow scan calibration was off by 20%
  251. 40Grit

    Mexico Beach Spanish

    best tasting critter in Baja
  252. 40Grit

    Bait&Tackle shop robbery

    I was thinking the same thing, robing a tackle shop is kicking a guy when hes down. they don't make much. every time I visit a little shop, I just gotta buy something, don't care, just anything.
  253. 40Grit

    Cabo end of May early June boat share?

    Roger, were still in the what week planing stage,
  254. 40Grit

    Cabo end of May early June boat share?

    We're going to be down, not sure what days, if they all align, we can fish my boat.
  255. 40Grit

    3/10/17 Ensenada

    Back in the day my little boat was tied up next to the ZingZing and i believe the owners name was Charlie, He's long gone, but taught me how to prepare the Bones, what a guy.
  256. 40Grit

    Gas Tank Replacement

    We have done a number of these projects, we have a rogues gallery of offending tank failures, some had minor pin holes in the welding process where impurity's had infected the weld. others, had stagnant salt water eaten the bottom out. we use Vince to build tanks for us. and in many cases we...
  257. 40Grit

    Changes coming to Anaheim Bay - Huntington Harbor

    Read up on how the Federal government, deals with the Coastal Commission, State officials have zero say over what the Military does.
  258. 40Grit

    How to choose bottom paint

    We can do it, but our schedule is some what busy as the season is upon us. I would recommend the hard vinyl, like the 1088, the primer is more for adhesion, high speed boats if not prepped, can shed paint at speed. the wet on wet technique is best for bonding the epoxy primer to the bottom...
  259. 40Grit

    Food Items Allowed into Mexico/Baja?

    they like Steaks
  260. 40Grit

    ACTION REQUEST: Sign 12-Month Fishing License Petition

    Great plan, I've always chafed at the stupid system, enough is enough.
  261. 40Grit

    Baby Great White Gaffed @ Huntington Beach Pier

    I know their legal, the point was, these guys had no idea of what they were going to do with it, simply a message of pointless torture. they were driven by the same logic of these dopes on the pier.
  262. 40Grit

    Baby Great White Gaffed @ Huntington Beach Pier

    My boat is moored in Alamitos bay adjacent the Yacht club, this corner is a favorite for bay fisherman, every so often one of these idiots catches a large bat ray. last year, one used a pier gaff to drag the thing up the seawall. I tried to stop them, and was able to un skewer the thing and...
  263. 40Grit

    tanking a external gas tank into mexico

    my truck in Los Barilies has never had a problem, we keep the pump in the Bodega when not needed, as my set up is for the gas motors on the boat. I did get fucked at the airport once, picking up friends. the goons lay in wait for unsuspecting motorists passing through the Airport, I was informed...
  264. 40Grit

    Baja in May

    should be great have fun, the locals will help with gear selection, I would bring what I have and see what happens.
  265. 40Grit

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    I've never been so glad to get off a ridge road in my life, Google earth doesn't give the perspective of how steep it is. the problem is the length of wheel base, the F 350 has the turning radius of a freight train. that road is a Jeep trail, Some Hair pin turns were so tight the back of the...
  266. 40Grit

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    Google earth that bad boy,,, wish i did.
  267. 40Grit

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    Too farkin scared to take pictures,,, We kept asking locals if they thought we could make it, They were 50/50 every time we asked. Eventually a local driving an old Suburban two wheel drive said he takes it? the road is so gnarly that once committed you will not be able to back up or move over...
  268. 40Grit

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    Last year I got ahead of myself. Decided to take the 4x4 truck on a day trip from Los Barilies to Muertos We knew there was a coastal road that wound around the mountains eventually emptied out near the bay. Never in my life have I over estimated my shit. Forty miles of sheer terror never...
  269. 40Grit

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    sometimes Baja gets you.
  270. 40Grit

    Cabo/ East Cape Surf Fishing Report?

    Wow what's up w no gas?
  271. 40Grit

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    Trailering down Baja is the best kept secret in the Western Hemisphere. Come prepared, don't underestimate the power of vibration on dirt roads. Fifty miles of dirt will find any weaknesses in your setup. If your trailering stick w standard rim sizes. Remember 16.5 rims are obsolete Forget...
  272. 40Grit

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    Hi Tony. The photo is misleading, on a good day I can launch that 9k twin engine monster With the truck and trailer tires holding 10 psi. We need the hotel loader for retrieval. At best it's a movie
  273. 40Grit

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    I went the other way, its what I had, and have never looked back, heading down end of the month. can't wait.
  274. 40Grit

    Anyone know this lucky SOB. 40 hour castaway

    I thought I read somewhere that as part of his kit, he did have small flares that divers do carry? new to me. the first thing that came to my mind, was, why didn't he start making his way to Avalon, either up and over, or picking his way around the shoreline? its not that big of island, any...
  275. 40Grit

    Lewmar V700 Windless problem

    Mine had a connection come loose
  276. 40Grit

    If anybody is looking for a re-power.......

    Probably never been a close competitor, for the Worst Outboard ever built. Love the Ad copy, and Delusional optimism.
  277. 40Grit

    Modified CB radios for your 4x4, Mexico or Home

    Ok awesome collection of gear. Clearly over my head beyond VHF and my sideband knowledge. Please sell me on how this would be beneficial aboard my 4x4 in Mexico.
  278. 40Grit

    Fuel tank advice wanted

    Santa ana
  279. 40Grit

    Bottom Painting San Diego ??

    Chuck is a great guy if your heading to shelter island
  280. 40Grit

    34 Radovcich BlackBeard

    Congrats on the sale of BlackBeard. I'm sure it's been a long journey. I'm not a believer of "Best Day" analogy. Yachts have souls' and the personalities we build into them. Hopefully the purchase price will be close to the journey. We all know it's not even close.
  281. 40Grit

    How much does this weigh?

    1200 lbs
  282. 40Grit

    WTB Teak Ladder Rungs for Skippy 24

    Starboard with nonskid texture
  283. 40Grit

    Marine Grade Plywood for aluminum boat stringers

    when building a plywood boat voids are a bad thing. the only difference is no voids. when we build stringers using plywood, we encapsulate, cdx or if we want really nice painted stringer looks we will use Baltic birch 15 lam about $125 sheet,
  284. 40Grit

    Bottom Painting San Diego ??

    we would be glad to do it here in Santa Ana, prep is important, especially for high speed boats, Steve,
  285. 40Grit

    Fuel tank advice wanted

    we replace them, then have our tank guy pick up the original to pattern the new tank from. 714 425 9788
  286. 40Grit

    Variety at the East Cape Oct 9,10, 11 & 14

    Lucio is impressive
  287. 40Grit

    Long Beach report

    After fishing loaded everything in the work van. A week later, I heard a noise from a playmate cooler falling from the top shelf, that was filled with squid. while driving the van. One stoplight later, the smell was so overwhelming I had to pull over,and leap from the truck
  288. 40Grit

    Pair of late model Mercruser 454 inboards

    sorry for the slow response the motors are carbonated, hours are unknown, I would venture to say given the boat they came out of, and when she was repowered, they have 7-800 they are nice running core motors, that both spin standard. the trannys do the reversing work. Steve 714 425 9788
  289. 40Grit

    34 Radovcich BlackBeard

    Looking for the molds
  290. 40Grit

    SOLD! 1972 28' Safari Cabin Cruiser

    The single best thing I've done in boating. she's lying in Baja. Try to get down three -four times a year.
  291. 40Grit

    SOLD! 1972 28' Safari Cabin Cruiser

    Love mine, great boat, Big little boat,
  292. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Careful what we wish for. The universe works in misterious ways
  293. 40Grit

    Question about bait tanks & keeping bait alive

    Rea Like this set up nice boat
  294. 40Grit

    34 Radovcich BlackBeard

    Great job, I think you should be asking more,
  295. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Helm seats. Finally
  296. 40Grit

    1966 Bertram 20 Bahia Mar repower

    I missed the circulation part of the set up. We did a repower with a fuel injection set up like your previous system and loved it. Report the progress w the carb. Again great clean work
  297. 40Grit

    1966 Bertram 20 Bahia Mar repower

    I have run a couple of stroker motors in Sea boat projects, one heavy single motor fisher, I reduced the static compression ratio to 8 to 1 and used a cam with very little overlap, cylinder heads with small valves, to get the most grunt. even with these changes, the Strokers power curve was...
  298. 40Grit

    Saltwater What do you do when your livewell breaks down?

    great photos, here's how I solved the pump deal. the pumps are plumbed into this athwart-ships manifold. the valves allow fill to be diverted to either tank, or both using Port and Starboard pumps. The red switch is wired to supply current to either pump, or both, I do need to work on the...
  299. 40Grit

    Terrible Day... Fiberglass Advice needed

    We would be glad to fix it here at Finco, $300.00 possibly less. estimating from photo is always a challenge. if the foam is wet we will use a heater to dry the wet stuff, if its really saturated we will re foam the area, 714 425 9788 Steve
  300. 40Grit

    Free red dye diesel

    Bring your boat to Finco we will help you remove the tanks 714-425-9788
  301. 40Grit

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Core, excellent response. The loss of any vessel is tantamount to losing a family member I lost a race boat to an idiot delivery captain who lied about his crew attempted a solo delivery back from Ensenada. These losses are complete, nothing but sit back and wait for the guys with badges...
  302. 40Grit

    Pulling Motor To Replace Gimble?

    The metal strap is called a hose clamp. Specific Volvo clamps are used. Much heartier than a domestic. The exhaust bellows has a factory designed drain hole in it that needs to point down.
  303. 40Grit

    Pulling Motor To Replace Gimble?

    Geez guys, this is a runaway of speculation. The output bearings in the Volvo are located in the bell housing. The output shaft is supported by a pair of large bearings and seals. Think wheel bearing size. Many times these bearings will fail because of too much grease being forced into the...
  304. 40Grit

    WTB Panga

    Uncle has nice one. We restored it a couple of years back. Clean w tabs and hydraulic steering 8K Steve 714-425-9788
  305. 40Grit

    boat transport

    Try Rick Peters, 310-720-2577
  306. 40Grit

    Mag Bay / Sd Fishing Fleet

    Strong opinions, on both sides of the issue. as long as no one shoots the Arch duke maybe we can avert another W/W I like to fish my own boat down in Baja, I try to always hire a local captain, who would know the local political climate, and act accordingly.
  307. 40Grit

    Anyone ever shipped a boat to Hawaii???

    Your. Right check my avatar finishing TransPac in the Moloki channel. Beyond burly
  308. 40Grit


    It's all pretty easy. Like the earlier posts said seal the ply. We remove lots of rotting ply core boat decks, because many production builders don't seal the underside of their decks. We also see cored plywood that had been sealed absorb moisture and rot. when once wet can't dry out, very...
  309. 40Grit

    Thresher Boats in San Clemente

    Great discussion. And difficult marketing. Nothing tougher than Red blooded bloody deckers. And rightly so, I'm in the fiberglass business. And for years have been inundated with products and suppliers from China. My suppliers are constantly pushing fabric manufactured overseas. At considerable...
  310. 40Grit

    Cracked prop shaft

    Worked on an inboard years ago. The bait pump hot wire came loose and landed on the shaft and shorted. The sparking created a little discoloration just aft of the coupling. The shaft broke right where the short had etched the shaft. Crazy
  311. 40Grit

    Stringari Repower

    this is the picture that says it all!!!
  312. 40Grit

    bait and food???

    this is your first stop
  313. 40Grit

    bait and food???

    Our first stop is the Mariscos restaurant just past the off ramp for the Airport heading North, first one on the Left, they use an old Car hood for a sign, then we get gas, and stop at the OXOX for beer. Begin Vacation, absolutely no concerns driving to the East Cape, the bait will appear on its...
  314. 40Grit

    East Cape Surf Fishng Report?

    So true we keep our boat in Los Barilies . And try to get down twice a summer. Two weeks of Marlin fishing and fishing the dorado tournament, really gives perspective. If we were fishing hotel boats it would have been tough. You really feel for their plight when the fishing is slow.
  315. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Some recent photos of the journey
  316. 40Grit

    Pair of late model Mercruser 454 inboards

    I will be back in shop tomorrow
  317. 40Grit

    Pair of late model Mercruser 454 inboards

    We're looking at a pair of running takeouts Yanmar LPA DTP ZP I believe they are 260 hp. It's a long term project. We are on a budget to go diesel The gears on the Mercurys are ZF down angle
  318. 40Grit

    Puerto Los Cabos Marina?

    Yup, not Difficult math there at the yard. We stayed in the marina ovr Xmas lots of rules, our first dock assignment had no power. Oh you wanted power? Still a great place.
  319. 40Grit

    Watch Out for this Thief in PV!!!

    Been to the same movie. Great deck hand got on the pipe So sad when your trust is stolen
  320. 40Grit

    Pair of late model Mercruser 454 inboards

    Pair of late model 454 Mercruser inboards with 1.5 ZF Gears these motors have very little time on them, We are going to repower with Diesel. fresh Water cooled with all the inline oil and trans coolers. remote oil filters. they were new packages in 07 pictures to follow. $6800.00 Steve B 714...
  321. 40Grit

    dying sea of cortez

    Classic collapse of the commons discussion. Years ago I fished San Felipe. Luckily I was invited aboard a boat with the mayor and the chief of police. We fished the island for Totuava On the trip out they waved over one of the Shrimpers for bait. Shrimp heads. They were very accommodating...
  322. 40Grit

    Towing a 2520 to Baja

    I set up the passenger side mirror to focus only the white line at my trailer wheel. when a big rig approaches, I place the wheel about four to six inches over the white line, and only look up when they have passed.
  323. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Used opening day to focus on completion Finally the large pieces in place
  324. 40Grit

    Volvo 290 DP sealants?

    I use "O" ring silicone grease. It won't expand the rubber
  325. 40Grit

    Boat wiring questions

    Get Nigel Calders book. It's my boat wiring bible.
  326. 40Grit

    Do You Keep Sanddabs? How Do You Cook Them If You Do?

    Dude. Sand dabs are a vehicle for butter. Bones are part of the process, embrace! They have no limit. Nor size they are delivered from God
  327. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Thanks so much Bill, still picking away at the details. as they say 90% done 100 to go. Steve
  328. 40Grit

    RIP Mama

    what a great tribute, you are the ambassador, may we all learn something from you.
  329. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Thanks Neil. Your boat looks great, give me a call when you get a chance.
  330. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Yes he's an Artist, look carefully at the details around the upper station, how it goes together, the foot rest, and hand holds. He draws the boat to scale first then creates the design. his work comes from years of evolution. My Project would never have this look without Steve's eye.
  331. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Here's a harbor tour photo. Nothing prepared me for how much wiring in the tower
  332. 40Grit

    Short term slip In cabo or san jose

    it was about twenty bucks to launch, lots of guys in white suites standing by.
  333. 40Grit

    Short term slip In cabo or san jose

    We just stayed in San Jose, our 28' was about $70 a night, and they don't let you store your trailer anywhere, you must take it to the shipyard for another $30 a day, it seems they have lots of Rules, and cater to the larger yacht customer, can't blame them?
  334. 40Grit

    1972 Safari Cabin Cruiser

    Hi Glen great update congrats on your new boat. We finally got down to the east cape to run ours. Unfortunately we discovered fuel in the bilge. We spent a bit of vacation cutting the deck and repairing the aluminum tank. Apparently these boats had built in fiberglass fuel tank as original...
  335. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Thanks for the interest guys. Restoration projects take on a life of their own. The Radovich is no different. Our initial inspection of the Catipillars revealed turbocharger were not to spec, hairdryers at best. the college where we purchased her, Reported fresh re-manufactured long blocks...
  336. 40Grit

    Missing charter boat out of Cabo

    Asked my my buddy about the old Hatteras, he had acquired by default, when his boat yard customer was notoriously arrested for murder. He had sold the boat, and the boat had gone down to the Cape, I remember the boat was rough, and old. He said they filled the thing w diesel and sailed south, to...
  337. 40Grit

    Baja Summer of 2016

    I would probably stay at the Los Barilies hotel then wander over to the Palmas hotel and charter a boat ? it will be going off in July
  338. 40Grit

    La Ribera Tripppp

    we are heading down xmas day cxant wait!!
  339. 40Grit

    Bottom Paint Removal-So Cal Recomm. Needed

    I started Finco doing racing bottoms for sailboats. Over the years and countless reams of sandpaper, we use paint remover. By doing small sections you can control the burn, and limit Gelcoat softening. This approach eliminates using heavy grit grinding and associated deep scratches. Once the...
  340. 40Grit

    Cabo fishing, 11/22-12/3

    Dave we are going down December 24 I think we will miss you?
  341. 40Grit

    Cabo fishing, 11/22-12/3

    We would love to fish w you we will be heading down the 24 th. thru the 5 Th.
  342. 40Grit

    ok im a little clueless.. Direct drive.

    in order of experience, and budget, no more gas boat, no more outdrives. as Ferris Bueller once said, "If you have the means, I highly recommend it" its inboard diesel
  343. 40Grit

    Anyone else see that thing in the sky saturday night?

    I was motoring back from the Channel islands Saturday night, about five miles out, we saw a disturbance in the dark near the West end, at first I thought it was a low flying Helo? as the Bright Red flame got bigger and brighter, it became apparent, it was a large missile! the thing was not more...
  344. 40Grit

    What would you have done?

    Great story thanks for sharing. Love the part about navigation to the sewer outfall!! Going offshore is hard enough enduring this level of irresponsibility really give perspective to seamanship
  345. 40Grit

    A First . . . and then Another First!!!

    Caught one a couple of years ago Couldn't turn it felt like I was hooked to a car
  346. 40Grit

    Seal gets an e-ticket

    that's impressive! buddy told me a story of the fleet waiting to start a sail race near Vashon island in no wind. while waiting the Orcas chomped a number of seals front and center, up close and gooey.
  347. 40Grit

    East Cape/Los Barilles 10/6 - 10/9

    ask him about his new 4x4!!!
  348. 40Grit

    East Cape/Los Barilles 10/6 - 10/9

    Herman, is the essence of Baja. he helped me on my first trip, and always goes out of his way! we have become good friends over the years. here's a photo of the Man stealing a little fishing time!!!
  349. 40Grit

    New 6 pack operating out of Mag Bay

    Great looking new ride, good luck with her. We are going to to plan a visit with the EastCaper in the spring. Steve Brown Christian's brother inlaw
  350. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    We work with Rick Peters, and used his utility transport trailer. then hitched it up to Steve D's duly and did it ourselves!!!
  351. 40Grit

    Ensenada Mordida

    Thank you all for checking in on this matter. this is a cautionary post. speaking for myself, I love Mexico and my Pisanos. I own a boat in the East Cape, and consider it my home away from home. I related all the considerations that have been previously posted, to my customer. since I wasn't...
  352. 40Grit

    Ensenada Mordida

    The customer had his boat in Loreto for a couple of years, the Wife had a health problem, and they were bringing their boat home. not a business.
  353. 40Grit

    Ensenada Mordida

    They were pretty scared, and had an expensive boat to get home? big boat, big road tax? its a bummer. you just have to plan on it happening occasionally.
  354. 40Grit

    Ensenada Mordida

    Customer was the victim of a Ensenada police shakedown. A Well dressed Federalie stopped him and his co driver while driving thru town. While returning to California With all necessary paper work, insurance and limit flags. they were cited for a yet another flag for length$ The federal...
  355. 40Grit

    I always burn my bait pump! Help!

    I think we're seeing just how crummy these lesser pumps can be? the leads connected to the batteries look small, and the plumbing looks like it needs some help. We're in Santa Ana your welcome to come by? Steve
  356. 40Grit

    I always burn my bait pump! Help!

    I feel your pain, finally got my situation under control. my problem was low voltage, or voltage drop. pumps doing that much work, need the full 12, with drop you will see huge loads heat and finally the smoke comes out. I only use pumps that attach to the thru hull valve, as low in the boat as...
  357. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    She's Launched! lots of little things on the list, but what a happy event. had to pay the Dunes launch ramp extra to open the gate. waited until we had a little tide, She floated right off!!! after a lot of blood sweat and Tears. photos to come.
  358. 40Grit

    Baja fishing? It's peculiar...

    always a great report, thank you.
  359. 40Grit

    Cost of a cab from San Jose del Cabo to East Cape?

    Take a cab to the fish taco restaurant on the HWY . Then get acclimated to Baja time, go back to the Airport pick up stragglers, take Van to Los Barilies,
  360. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Hi Neil I have seen you on the water in Long Beach, will try to hook up, I will be keeping the boat in the harbor near the Yacht Club. steve
  361. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Thanks for the great responses! tower had a hiccup, we missed on the rear leg spacing, of course we miss on the shop job. I will have some photos next week, 98% done, 100% to go. nothing prepares you for how much work goes into building one of these towers.
  362. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    new photo prior to loading her on trailer to launch !!!!!
  363. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Thanks Kevin when I first saw the boat a couple of years ago, I thought it had great lines, Who knew I would get to restore it. I agree this is the perfect size for California Steve
  364. 40Grit

    alternator issue

    I have switched to external regulation on my projects, then focus on max rpm the alt can handle when sizing the pulley. these setups will drag down a little sail boat diesel at idle with the external reg can be adjusted to soft start.
  365. 40Grit

    One dead, one missing and three injured @ Catalina on Sunday

    Talked with one of the fathers this morning, His son was driving the Whaler that collided with the Carib. he was the designated driver waiting for the call to go pick up his group that had been in Avalon. He was not impaired. I also talked with one of the victims friends on the way to the...
  366. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    think it's another boat that's listed for $325,
  367. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    couple of photos
  368. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Here's a photo of the paint work and new DeGroote bow rail, Steve's favorite saying "Step it up a notch"
  369. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Here's a photo of Master fabricator Steve DeGroote hard at it!!! remember one scratch or incorrect weld, you will need to start over.
  370. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Thanks Zman, your right, Captain Steve is amazing, we merged the first of the year. Bringing Both shops under one roof and doubling our size. Steve's knowledge and his eye for details, combined with our composite experience, is great synergy. The Radovich will have our latest Laminate schedule...
  371. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Launch planed September 10, its finally ready,
  372. 40Grit

    Onboard filleting instead of slurry storage on my sailboat?

    Sailing and fishing, can be a bit of a challenge, check out, cruisers guide to fishing. Great study. If I were to take my boat on an extended fishing trip. its all about the ice, no Ice no fish. invest in a kill bag, fill it with ice. and have a cooler filled, work both to manage your catch...
  373. 40Grit

    Boat Transporting

    put it on a trailer and get the thing where you need it, nothing else will work out. trust me.
  374. 40Grit

    Coosa board?

    glass structures benefit from sandwich construction, equal laminates on both sides is ideal, generally inter skins will be a bit thinner, outer layer would be two ounce mat and 1708, then your board followed by three ounce mat and cloth. cutting support ribs out of the board, and bonding them...
  375. 40Grit

    Fuel tank replacement on my 26 cuddy

    if the final work is tight, and the tank has epoxy primer over it, foam is a great solution. done properly the boat will actually get stronger when foam filled. Locking in the tank to the bottom and longitudinal stringers.
  376. 40Grit

    outdrive bellows

    mounting instructions indicate the down location of small hole. easy detail to miss .
  377. 40Grit

    Bait pump questions

    my pumps in Mexico are always a problem, because they sit for long periods. the Olson Brothers swear by the stainless body model most of my pumps are on the bottom near Fralies
  378. 40Grit

    Too excited in E. Cape . . .

    Dude your living the dream!!! great video, couldn't happen to a nicer guy "The Ambassador"
  379. 40Grit

    20' Skipjack Flybridge rebuild...

    we are right in your back yard, we would love to put a roller on the bow and help with a bracket? Steve Brown Finco fabrication 2520 South Broadway Santa Ana
  380. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    thanks Ali, you cant imagine how much stuff is aboard these critters! systems alone, are,,, all new and upgraded. fresh water, head and holding. fixtures, batteries and wiring, inverter, electrionics, third steering station and controls lighting, interior and exterior. bow plank and windlass...
  381. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    That building hundred footers is bad for your health!!
  382. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Primer in full swing
  383. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    We are, Steve Degroote and I merged the first of the year.
  384. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Get your butt over here! We need more tower builders
  385. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    here's what it looks like when both motors are in!
  386. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Here's a photo of the tower drawing,
  387. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Cold plates and fish hold reefer unit, thanks to Roger at Glacier and his son Jeff.
  388. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Great posts!!! thank you all. been 7 days a week, lately! Full press, moved every guy I have on to the paint job!! Brother Bob Olson delivered his diamond concrete grinder to level the Gnarly non skid.
  389. 40Grit

    Volvo (Valeo) HO Alternator - No Fit

    run into this often, longer arm to my way of thinking would be the way to go??
  390. 40Grit

    Too excited in E. Cape . . .

    nice job Dave!!!! congrats your the Ambassador!!
  391. 40Grit

    Hawaiian Glaspar re-build

    Such great Work!!! I really like the concept. thats getting it done, problem solving without breaking the bank!!
  392. 40Grit

    Fuel tank replacement on my 26 cuddy

    We routinely foam in tanks. We also glass over the exposed foam. Currently we have a skipjack tank replacement project, that looks like the photos above. We converted the original square tank to conform to the hull giving the new tank more volume. And have reduced the overall footprint by one...
  393. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Their in!!
  394. 40Grit

    Sea Lion Pulls Man Overboard in SD

    Recently read a proposal, requiring two sets of Sea Lion Ears, prior to applying for a California Fishing license?
  395. 40Grit

    Looking for Lapaz storage info

    I think that La Paz idea is great, we keep our boat in the east Cape and often motor up to La Paz for an overnight. We looked into keeping our boat in the Marina San Jose, and immediately realized we were not their customer!!! We couldn't be happier in our storage yard, handling the launching...
  396. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Finally over the hump,, plumbing done, electrical, and sanitation. Today the last fuel tank went in. My Partner Bob Olson and I got it in and secured. Bob Reminded me that I don't need to go to Yoga tonight,,, "DownWard Dog" all day!!!
  397. 40Grit

    fisherman Needed Baja trip May 23-31

    What a great use of the web site! and downright cool offer! good on ya! once I get my new ride going, I think this is a great way to spread some serious fun! I'm gettin close to finishing my deal!!
  398. 40Grit

    putting a truck motor in the boat?

    Kool thread, I have endured all such problems with Small Block Chevys in boats! Principal differences between Car motors and boats Are,,, Cam Pistons and timing curve, how a motor is built is huge, LIke when the power curve comes on, Cars can handle motors that are a little Peakey meaning the...
  399. 40Grit

    Theft from Newport Dunes dry storage. ** Hit again**

    The Dunes stink almost as much as the Irvine Company. when your the only game in town, they act accordingly! My favorite Dunes Fuckover, is that your launch Pass expires at Midnight? how fucked up is that, you launch then deliver your boat, come retrieve your ride in the morning? and they ring...
  400. 40Grit

    So Dakota Vehicle Reg.

    off topic but the classic car we just sold had expired plates, the DMV wanted $800 to get the car current because,,,,, they didn't get the non Op on the books and when questioned about the Non OP they said it needs to be updated every year. if not fines and registration apply!!! Well thankfuly...
  401. 40Grit

    So Dakota Vehicle Reg.

    Just tried to re register an old classic for my business patner, been in her garage the DMV folks said she had to have been keeping up the non operational deal yearly if not its going to be $900
  402. 40Grit

    So Dakota Vehicle Reg.

    Killer thread, Got ER DONE, nice folks, Really Hits home how California is Pure Revenue driven.
  403. 40Grit

    1972 Safari Cabin Cruiser

    I love mine, its the single best thing I have ever done with boats, mine lives in Mexico. good luck you have a older boat with late model motors.
  404. 40Grit

    East Cape in May, need help

    Great thread, makes me want to go South!! I love the post that says the surprise is the best part! I absolutely agree with that! Relax, it will exceed your expectations, and your not going to the gas station!! Hope to see you down in May, Steve
  405. 40Grit

    Cabo/San Jose Boat Trailer Repair

    its called Baja every trip down you have plan of a little getting on ya.
  406. 40Grit

    Any advice from you guys who slip your trailer able boat is appreciated and a few questions

    I say don't plug in. with an outboard the odds of shipping water are long, an inboard with shaft log penetrations. would be different. the plug in will develop stray current and eat zincs, of course docks and other sources of stray current ad to the issue. but in my experience not plugging in...
  407. 40Grit

    carburetor rebuilder

  408. 40Grit

    Need fiberglass repair help on deck lids

    thanks for the kind words,,, we do these all the time, hope we can help. get them to us we can adjust price when hatch is in hand.. Steve
  409. 40Grit

    Need fiberglass repair help on deck lids

    Gotta love the Starboard fix. We would vacuum bag new balsa down followed by a layer of Biaxial fabric on one shot. they would be light weight and farkin strong, we would be glad to rebuild your existing hatches, for $150.00 each. many of the core rigid materials are plywood replacements that...
  410. 40Grit

    I tried eating Jack Crevalle....

    Caught a bunch of them in Mexico, had a feeling that they were not well respected for consumption when a couple of them were laying unattended on the dinghy dock. the locals don't touch them, saying Red Meat Bad. Caught this guy at anchor, what a stud, He lived to see another day!!!
  411. 40Grit

    Help rigging a hand trolling line?

    We trolled hand lines sailing to Hawaii in the TransPac race. we learned, that hand lines quickly become forgotten, all terminal tackle needed those chafe prevent-rs, like the little springs or thimbles. all connections to the lures need protection. They would get days of use. we ran all...
  412. 40Grit

    Too Windy to fish East Cape

    Nice going. We are going to have to wait untill spring visit..
  413. 40Grit

    Too Windy to fish East Cape

    Should take up Kite boarding! it never laid down, always a bit of a gamble during the windy season. We waited a week in the La Ribera marina. on the windiest day the entrance was breaking mid channel. never less than twenty knots, we saw over thirty knots two days in a row. Woof it was blowing.
  414. 40Grit


    We will look for you guys right after xmas.
  415. 40Grit

    East Cape

    heading down for xmas cant wait!!!!
  416. 40Grit

    Large Boat Problem crossing at Tijuana

    great report, we call that a TMD typical mexico deal, glad it worked out, put a new boat railing on a truck full of quad runners last night, they only were concerned with the quads. she breezed thru
  417. 40Grit

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    You will need to remove the drive leg, this is where your going to get challenged, these things are a bitch if crusty. the bellows is inside the leg and connects to the transom shield, the U joint also is in the same location. and while your at it change the shift cable. and the raw water pick...
  418. 40Grit

    Moving a boat down the Baja

    I like the post above that says 24-7 it sounds like you have enough fuel to get to turtle then beyond. 500 gallons at 8 knots will do it. Returning sailboat delivery's will stop in Mag bay, or Bahia Santa maria, just outside. then on to Turtle, then the wait under Cedros, for the big bash...
  419. 40Grit

    some advice needed...

    Cool project, We did the exact same repair a couple of years ago. Many Pangas suffer from being built in a Hurry. much of the dead wood was raw. My partner Don's Panga was no different, and had the same problem, possibly worse. the slim double floor had come away from the inner framing and had...
  420. 40Grit

    Mex1 Ensenada policia doing sweeps

    I love it Chocolate driving w Cali plates, my buddy had his Chocolate helper drive the truck to the cabo airport with a phony Cali DL ,, really bad mistake. El commandante compared the two CDL's the phony one, just don't have the same swing. it went from 20 K and the 2011 4x4 truck. to around...
  421. 40Grit

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    Volvos are notorious for poor pick up thru the leg... disconnect the intake, and clamp the hose directly to it. inside the boat, check your impeller as even a little time without water will smoke them, for some reason they will work when submerged but not well with rabbit ears? keep picking...
  422. 40Grit

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    Great project and good luck to you. I have resuscitated a number of projects like your Fiberform. in fact, we have done a F/F 28 If I were launching your project, I would, Replace both the risers and [manifolds], debris settling in the passages will always reduce cooling, and more...
  423. 40Grit

    Cabo Killer in East Cape

    There's also a very interesting tackle store in La Rabera on the main road near the marina, I'm sorry I cant remember the shop name, but its run by an American guy who is in a Wheel chair, very knowledgeable and fun to talk to.
  424. 40Grit

    *Wanted* 200 Gallon Split Bait Tank

    Here's a photo of the tank that came with my boat. its enormous and I thought it used up too much cockpit. it is aluminum and quite roachie, this sistership photo of the tank makes it look better than it does. The fiberglass photos are of mid construction of the replacment tank that I built.
  425. 40Grit

    Direct drive steering and manuvering advice needed!

    depending on rotation the boat will pull one way, generally standard rotation will pull to the right. Use this to your advantage. always try to dock to the port side. using the pull to help walk the stern away. I use the bump method, stop the boat, bump see what she does, then bump again. this...
  426. 40Grit

    New Panga from Ensenada, Mexico

    heres some photos of a panga restoration
  427. 40Grit

    New Panga from Ensenada, Mexico

    Great looking Rig I want one.
  428. 40Grit

    New Panga from Ensenada, Mexico

    What's with the fishin poles? don't ya hand line when your on a Panga? White boots,, a must.
  429. 40Grit


    We make them. Finco Santa Ana 714 973 2878
  430. 40Grit

    Boat Ramp In Newport

    just remember, they charge by the day for over night parking! each day starts at Midnight!!! I told them their practice was shitty and refused to pay! they said I was an idiot for not reading the fine print? Literally on the back side of the receipt, in bitty letters. somewhere my name is on a...
  431. 40Grit

    los barrios - post hurricane

    Talked to my Peeps down there this morning, they said the same things, bridge out on road to Airport, road out, heading to Pulmo, no water, no power, I don't think I would be going down any time soon. the Pueblo, seems to have made it through with a lot less than Cabo, they said that no roofs...
  432. 40Grit

    Found Inflatable

    Good for you Pete, somebody is really bummed right now. they will turn up. and after your good ole Amerkin try and they don't its yours!!!! by the way the Highway Patrol located a car trailer that somebody borrowed from our storage yard a couple of years ago!! farkin stoked!!!
  433. 40Grit

    Volvo Raw Water Pump Not Priming From Drive

    I have a pair of these drives on my mexico boat. one primes other does not. its in the drive leg. they are notoriously finicky. I flush with the internal hose bypassing the drive. they work fine, once in the water. the one leg will not prime? they are designed to run the raw water thru the drive...
  434. 40Grit

    East Cape shore fishing questions...

    I am the absolute king of the puffer fish!
  435. 40Grit

    1986 23' Correct Craft Fish Nautique

    Tried buying the molds from Correct Craft, they didn't want the boat produced, it had been discontinued for quite some time. I have always admired the design. reminder this boat is less money than a new Volvo outdrive leg!
  436. 40Grit

    Offshore Thank you coast guard

    Years ago I did a tournament aboard a customers new boat. little fella with one battery, and a bait tank. West end of Catalina, my guy turned off the motor during an wide open Halibut bite. I assumed he had two batteries, a short time later found us very lacking. We waved down the nearest...
  437. 40Grit

    Hydraulic Leak on Trim Cylinder

    Yup lots of experience, with the cost of replacing these things, I went on, Fuck Volvo vengeance!!! traveled to multiple hydraulic suppliers and repair facilities. researched the shit out of it, had custom parts machined. only to come to the forgone conclusion that Volvo owns us. Call Grant at...
  438. 40Grit

    Offshore Thank you coast guard

    Interesting that the sailboat happily sailed by. as you might have guessed by my avatar I am a sailor. as a group we are the worst at monitoring 16, abysmally bad. as a fisherman, I am constantly on the radio, and monitor 16. only as of late during offshore races have we sailors been kicked in...
  439. 40Grit

    Through Hull Fittings

    ordered a bunch of bronze thu my supplier, who services shipyards they gave me what was the popular model valve and thru hull stuff. i then ordered the same valves thru Marine hardware cost was double, What a difference between the two. Wall thickness was double.
  440. 40Grit

    Shootout in Los Barriles

    Been witness to the to this scourge. seen the damage and outfall from drugs slowly effecting the community. the reach of these addictive drugs is amazing, I have seen a number of friends in town get hooked, and think they are handling it. You don't want to even think they have a problem. until...
  441. 40Grit

    Offshore unprofessionalism of the Thunderbird Captain

    There is about as much toleration of this bad behavior as some punk surfer telling you not to surf his beach. I got news for them, they are a licensed operation controlled by the Coast Guard. a simple phone call to the Coastie's will End their bad behavior.
  442. 40Grit

    Best Boat Insurance

    Growie, and company are unbelievable Dicks. We had them underwrite a TransPac see picture in Avatar. then stayed with them post event. the Logic they use is crazy, they had just written coverage for a race to Hawaii, 5K by the way, then a couple of months later upped the premium to four times...
  443. 40Grit

    A short history of my engine dilemma and a fuel line mystery...

    Krusty shit from west marine. Just like the Home Depot , West will knock off products. Put their name on it. we know where it's made? Other Domestic suppliers are forced to compete. With their lowest quality product. In this case hose! And your ass offshore using it. We purchase Triple A...
  444. 40Grit

    Slow fishing in the East Cape with 87+ deg water?

    fishing was great, not wide open. but how often does Aspen have powder?
  445. 40Grit

    Foco Roc

    The Gaff nor the filet knife would penetrate these critters, their Scales were as thick as your thumbnail! the net was the only way to get them into the boat! I should have taken better pictures, they were beautiful fish! they were beyond delicious! honored guests at three dinner party's. Here's...
  446. 40Grit

    Foco Roc

    after dodging the lightning and rain we ran up to La Paz. on the way back to La Ribera we stoped at Foco roc north of Ceravalo it was a bit of a hike out there, nothing prepares you for how strong these fish are.
  447. 40Grit

    Wahoo - Cerralvo Island

    Nice fish, super place, I'm heading down Sunday!!! can't wait,
  448. 40Grit

    Another Catalina boat crash, one critically injured

    Dunnigans? rock? with a beaching to follow? I have wandered out there, it is the darkest place I have ever been with the shadow of the island, the west end is plenty inky!!!
  449. 40Grit

    Need help in estimating costs on updating an older boat

    I fished a pair of 454s in a similar boat. Woof it was down right a bummer when you forgot yourself and pushed the throttles up a piece!!! I own a little boat with a pair of small blocks, but its an 9,000 lb unit. it gets one mile to the gallon. the larger express boat is probably in the...
  450. 40Grit

    Saddle Tanks

    I have a couple your welcome to have, they came out of a ski boat, under gunnel jobs. seems like they are around 4 feet long. we are moving, soon everything needs a new home. Steve 714 425 9788
  451. 40Grit

    transom repair

    We do them all the time, we use Baltic birch 17 lam 3/4 doubled. we have found, that the continuous strand board is not strong enough. obviously, this requires access to the offending transom. and the post finishing required after the new transom has been replaced. There can be a bunch of major...
  452. 40Grit

    Shift Cable Lubrication

    We are having the same problem in Mexico. After inspecting the drive legs we discovered the frayed and rusty truth!!! They are only 4 years old! At least they have the length labeled.
  453. 40Grit

    Shift Cable Lubrication

    I was fortunate early in my career to work w the Olson family. Carl and brother Bob are the sons of "Rig a Jig Johnny" Carl's hose and compressed air solution is typical of the rig a jig legacy. The early days of nail guns, had the old man strapping scuba tanks of C 02. To our backs. W a nail...
  454. 40Grit

    Volvo Penta Mechanic La Paz or Cabo?

    Do have a number for David. Need some parts Steve
  455. 40Grit

    tin boat cabin build

    Drivers permit? How old are you now?
  456. 40Grit

    Batteries - where to buy and quality

    Kool discovery! Carl.
  457. 40Grit

    Blue adds more color to an exciting week

    Many visitors simply follow the lead of the charter captain and crew. Don't know the answer. Somewhere between great photo w your catch, less trauma on the Marlin. The guys I have fished w quickly lifted the marlin aboard, Photo. Back over the side, where they held the beak while speeding the...
  458. 40Grit

    tin boat cabin build

    Nice wk jack. Are you driving yet? I need some help at Finco.
  459. 40Grit

    turbo charging deisels

    Yep Ramon great guy builds one hell of a turbo and at the right price.
  460. 40Grit

    What a day! Cab San Lucas 5 hour Panga trip! + video!

    Here's a photo of our annual Marlin harvest of "one" large Blue. The fish in the photo Died while fighting, and had to be hand lined up from 50 yards. Dead pull! the second photo is from the slaughter house later that day. on its way to the smoke house/ flash freeze. this will be our 5th year...
  461. 40Grit

    Tuna at The East Cape

    Could not be better news!!! Going down next week.
  462. 40Grit

    stainless anchor

    I'm in, can you get it up to Santa Ana, Maybe put it on the San Diego Marine supply delivery truck? steve 714 425 9788
  463. 40Grit

    East Cape Report?

    Heading down the first of the month, can't wait. we are going to try the new marina for the month, will report back. I do know its a little uppity for a little dirt patch. Lots of rules for the marina. No fishing, or making bait at the dock, no fish cleaning. somebody always rearranges your...
  464. 40Grit


    Legendary, Guy, His nephews have done a great job of keeping Windsong top notch! Last week I fueled up in San Diego where Oscar would Tie up. Don the crusty fuel dock operator reminisced about what a great guy Oscar was.. after that connection, he wouldn't take my money for the Oil Change labor!!
  465. 40Grit

    East Cape Report?

    we are heading down in a couple of weeks, can't wait!! good bad or ugly, looking at the back side of Ceralvo or the light house is high on my List!! if any of you BDers are down look me up we will be in the Marina. first week of June.
  466. 40Grit

    Hammerhead shark keep or release?

    Last year my deck hand decided to keep one about a 6' Hammer, "Fish Tacos" I was a little dubious. they literally cleaned the shark on the side of the boat. instant dressing out, then iced it. Later that night we had some, and it was surprisingly good. more an earthy taste. but no ammonia taste...
  467. 40Grit

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Great advice on this thread, some serious combatants. myself included. as I have aged it is not as challenging, but sitting at the nav station during an offshore race in a hefty seaway, will get my attention. Or digging in the engine rm with my head down. My navigator, partner can hang upside...
  468. 40Grit

    Dying With Dignity

    I asked my house keeper about a Mexican wife? she asked what are you looking for? 40? ..... or two 20's ?
  469. 40Grit

    Mexico Fishing trip opportunty anglers needed( with boat even better)

    Going down to the East Cape first of June for the week, welcome to hop aboard, if your down that way.
  470. 40Grit

    Cabo Riviera ?

    just made a reservation with them for the month of June, its a little rugged, out of the way, and they want to pay for the marina with slip fees but its still a cool spot? after making my call I asked if they wanted a deposit, "Nope Plenty of Room" at dam near a grandie for the month for a 30...
  471. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Ok finally some pictures to post.
  472. 40Grit

    35' Radovich Sportfisher

    Here's a couple of shots, from last week. Motors are going back in next week!! Turbos had to be replaced, Woof that hurt. Don't even try to pick up the Tranny!!
  473. 40Grit

    Side scan

    Its the Learnin part I was worried about!
  474. 40Grit

    Family Rescued

    Facts found, Young Family Launches Circumnavigation voyage. These voyages begin, by sailing south east to Mexico, Generally PV then Launching South for the Marquesas, Between February and June. AKA "The Puddle Jump" about 3500 miles. and month at sea. Sailing to Mexico is fairly an easy...
  475. 40Grit

    Side scan

    Looked into it for our current Radovich project. after a talk with my electronics guy Dave, and inspection of the underwater unit required. after the tutorial, I am just not that guy. the unit easily stood 4.5 feet tall and required a tube bonded to the inside of my boat. and + 10 K
  476. 40Grit

    35' Radovich Sportfisher

    It just takes time. The motors are finally going back in. Everything is ready, after a long overhaul. It's been like looking at a remodel w bare studs, pictures to follow.
  477. 40Grit

    Fuel tank manufacturer in Calif

    We have a winner!! they deliver and PU!!! Imco builds the absolute best, $$$$
  478. 40Grit

    Marine Electrcian

    Ali, super guy, very practical. and Smart?
  479. 40Grit

    Where to buy 4lb polyurethane foam?

    Sounds Good, the foam thing can be a bitch, too much too little, hate running out in the middle of the job. Bring some containers, Like 5'ers with caps. Once we go over the job we can estimate the amount required,
  480. 40Grit

    Powder Coating half towers...maybe?

    Great Thread, Recently we did a big fiberglass project for the folks who own Embee powder coating, Here in Santa Ana. I have mixed opinions on paint vs powder coat. We exclusively will sand blast, and Paint, using an Alodine conversion, basically an acid and neutralizer. Cromic acid. this gets...
  481. 40Grit

    Where to buy 4lb polyurethane foam?

    Feel free to give us a call, we have foam by the drum, in the higher densitys. We don't use much 2 pound. More for flotation. It's the B component that determines the density. I can order a pail of the density your looking for. The problem w retail foam kits, is quantity. generally, gallon kits...
  482. 40Grit

    Where to buy 4lb polyurethane foam?

    It's not a quick pour you have to go little by little. Bottom then sides. We also like to seal the top edge of foam w a layer of glass
  483. 40Grit

    Where to buy 4lb polyurethane foam?

    Bring it to us we will put em in. If you have it ready to go it will save a bunch of time Steve 714 425-9788 cell
  484. 40Grit

    Where to buy 4lb polyurethane foam?

    Finco in Santa Ana, what are you trying to do? we have 8- 15 on hand, Steve 714 425 9788
  485. 40Grit

    Unfortunate experience with Boston Whaler and Schock Boats

    Very appropriate Reply. My boat shop started on 29th street in 1990, where we were one block away from Schock for a good part of 5 years. They were unbelievably arrogant. The minute I read the beginning of the post I knew exactly how it would read out. I am in the fiberglass business, I...
  486. 40Grit

    New Bottom Paint

    We are located at 1332 east Borchard 714 973-2878
  487. 40Grit

    Avley Deck winch

    Any body
  488. 40Grit

    Avley Deck winch

    Hello all, I am looking for an Avley Deck winch to use while kite fishing,, or a better reel idea for roping in the Kites?
  489. 40Grit

    New Bottom Paint

    Thanks for the great review. It takes good communication for the Win-Win Steve
  490. 40Grit

    Importance of OEM risers and manifolds?

    have never gone back to Volvo. stupid expensive, could replace 3 to 1 with aftermarket!!!! they only last a couple of seasons anyhow why worry?
  491. 40Grit

    Pair of 454 inboards

    Have a pair of 454 Mercury inboards, they were running take outs from Bertram 31 repower we did. They are complete, with 1.5 to 1 Trannys, fresh water cooled, vintage 80s $2500 Steve Brown 714 425 9788
  492. 40Grit

    Orange County boat assessment

    Homer Simpson quote "Did We Loose a War?"
  493. 40Grit

    Orange County boat assessment

    Back in the day, I would not apply CF #s on my racing Sailboat. As the Code has a provision for Craft used exclusively for Racing. Eventually the assessor would lien the slip owner! gota love it. Proud to have tortured them. An Army of silent Assessors sneak around with Clipboards and badges...
  494. 40Grit

    Buddy Boat Baja

    Nice, love this stuff... Baja is the best adventure in North America!!!!
  495. 40Grit

    Need Help...Bait Pump Issue

    Large Centrifugal pumps can be problematic, especially when mounted close to the waterline. they seem to work better when mounted directly to the thru hull. if that's not possible, then face the motor aft of the pump housing, and orient the discharge straight up, they have a small reoccurring...
  496. 40Grit

    Shipping from East Coast

    Our long haul guy is Rick Peters. None better. Generally the rig will be in better shape than when it started. The challenge is to find guy who knows what the problem areas are before they digress into bigger issues. It's all in the prep as they say.
  497. 40Grit

    Get your Flu Shot

    Interesting thread. Very sad news of what should have been a memorable adventure. Clearly when the topic of vaccination is discussed there will be strong opinions pro&con Having grown up during the heady days of polio, , or MMR vaccinations. I am proponent of vaccinations. Now in my mid...
  498. 40Grit

    Los Barriles : Wide Open Dorado bite

    great report, every couple of trips we will keep a Marlin. especially if they have survival issues.
  499. 40Grit

    need info who does fiberglass in OC area

    We can even do the non skid Finco 714 425 9788 nice job on the plywood, give me a call we can discuss Steve
  500. 40Grit

    WTB - Fiberglass Service

    We would be glad to do it this weekend. Here at Finco. in Santa Ana 714 425 9788
  501. 40Grit


    nice report and a huge thanks for your efforts!!! the frustration of being run off by the authority's has been absurd at best. they still will not allow anchoring in the Harbor, and will cite you. Quote from Homer Simpson, "Did we Lose a War"
  502. 40Grit

    Safety steps if engine failure in open water?

    Your report of the bad ignition switch is a clear example of where the test light is the solution. A simple jumper lead would have bypassed the offending switch. And you would have limped in under full power. After reading some of the previous posts. The droge anchor is a great idea. Especially...
  503. 40Grit

    Safety steps if engine failure in open water?

    Assuming your boat is gas, there are things that are fixable, and others are not. Generally outdrive problems concerning internals are not fixable. a spare propeller is changeable. On my gas boat, I carry, a coil, a cap and rotor, and distributor internals, a couple of HT leads, "spark plug...
  504. 40Grit

    Best East Cape Spot...

    Great place Great people, Summer time your going to want to do the trolling deal, that's where the action is. once you get down there, the local guys know best! your never going far offshore, Your going to love it.
  505. 40Grit

    Time to haul out, Sunset aquatic shipyard OK?

    Huge difference in bottom work. high pressure blast and a roller pan, that don't get it. We have had better luck with Marina Shipyard in Long Beach.
  506. 40Grit

    Fiberglassing supplies and ?

    what size box we may have a mold, we do have a Cntr console mold that has that kind of fwd section its from a Willard military rib we can splash a section for you. Steve 714 425 9788
  507. 40Grit

    Story Unfolding for the Man Lost at Sea

    good thing the guy had fishing gear!!! hell of a way to do the puddle jump!!!
  508. 40Grit

    Cabo Fishing....Caution.. the Boat the Edith

    What a violation!!!! friend of mine told a story of a Kiwi female Olympic kick boxing champion that was on walkabout down in Lopez San Mateo, a trucker tried the similar deal, while giving her a ride. she was firm and confident, the trucker let her out, and saved himself a severe ass kicking...
  509. 40Grit


    your probably right? sounds like a submarine radio transmission buoy? crazy story!
  510. 40Grit

    Boating down to Cabo

    Here's my 10 Cents,,,, my gasser that lives in the East Cape has taught me some lessons. Especially on the shit you don't realize you need, until you need it!!!! Extra Coil, and distributor internals, Cap and rotors for both motors and an extra set of HT leads. at least 4 raw water impellers...
  511. 40Grit

    Intentional skunk trip by the boat Time Out in Los Barriles

    I keep a boat down there. I am relatively new, 4 years. Every time we get skunked. I can't help to think of the folks who come down and charter fish. Those skippers work for tips. The hotel pays about $30 a day. I would venture they are not lazy. I do agree w the get er. Done with the least...
  512. 40Grit

    First Project Boat.

    Nice work, you guys are very clean. I would put a couple of layers of 1708 bi Axial over the clean work you have just done, then think of how your going to core your tramsom. the original was never built to handle that bracket. I would also laminate a third layer a bit oversize where the bracket...
  513. 40Grit

    Teak Suppliers?

    Strata wood products Santa Ana or Austin hardwood.
  514. 40Grit

    Los Barriles: July 15-21

    Hi just read your post, you sounded a little disappointed, I can understand that, especially with the return to base early deal. but your pictures were fabulous! I too went down for the Xmas break, and fished, or tried to fish, as the wind was incessant. we finally decided to take the boat to La...
  515. 40Grit

    Skipjack Project boat for sale CHEAP!

    Here at Finco we have a fresh stroker motor and dual prop drive that would make a nice boat from this excellent base. As we all know too well even these large components require the time and money to complete a nice project. We are just finishing a restoration of this level. It ran $40K
  516. 40Grit

    Engine bracket refinishing suggestions

    We see exactly what your talking about with the powder coat process. I think its a bit over used as a fixall. we would sand blast your bracket back to white metal, then convert the surface with an alodine process. this is an acid and neutralizer that will get the dirt from the subsurface in...
  517. 40Grit

    Need adhesive advise

    that's an excellent repair idea. as fiberglass alone can leak. you know we use a lot of Elmers glue on our projects, it takes a lot.
  518. 40Grit

    Transom replacement questions

    We do it here at Finco Santa Ana depending on the complexity and size. around $3,000 most of the expense is in removal and post finishing the deck portions after cutting, and the sur charge for fiberglass itch. 714 425 9788 Steve
  519. 40Grit

    Have you guys seen this... Boat sinks to the bottom of the atlantic...

    Did you see the look on the guys face! in the divers video. pure state of shock. gota remember he had been in total darkness, while listening to the death throes of that ship at 30 meters down. apparently, he heard the divers swimming past where he was holed up. He missed the first diver then...
  520. 40Grit

    Robbery at Anglers Center

    Hi Guys so sorry for the break in, we will come by next week and purchase some stuff for our East Cape trip.
  521. 40Grit

    going to be building a pilot house on my 18ft glasspar could use some help

    super work just love the get er done with what I got... just fabulous.
  522. 40Grit

    insurance questions

    Jim is my guy I don't have coverage for loss only liability as required. Would like to know what theat coverage might cost
  523. 40Grit

    Fiberglass Outriggers Needs Refurbishing

    cool tip, that friggin fur is nasty.
  524. 40Grit

    who's gonna fish Cabo next week

    heading down Sunday, bringing the boat around from the East Cape to fish the WON tournament, first time should be interesting,
  525. 40Grit

    Matt Lewis Riverside Police Officer

    Thanks guys it's sooo fucked to be hijacked. It's so refreshing to have guys like officer Matt workin and thinking th t extra effort never give up there's Matts out there!!!!!
  526. 40Grit

    Matt Lewis Riverside Police Officer

    Got a Call form Officer Matt Lewis today. Apparently my long lost Car Trailer was located Saturday. The Trailer had been stolen four years ago, from my boat yard. it was a great unit, we had purchased it to move a huge production job we had. Officer Lewis noticed the License plate was for a...
  527. 40Grit

    Pancho steals Mahi

    That critter is a nuisance, the fishing fleet has created a monster. He is easily 6-700 lbs and super aggressive.
  528. 40Grit

    Port of Long Beach fishing ban

    As Homer Simpson once said "Did We Lose A War?"
  529. 40Grit

    Need help fixing my hatch mistake

    Hi Steve, we would be happy to re foam your deal, we could probably lay up a liner to re foam back in, giving you the storage you were trying to develop in the first place. Steve Brown Finco/ Foss foam Santa Ana CA 714 973 2878 check out our web site @
  530. 40Grit

    Eddie Aikau

    I have always wanted to come up with something catchy for a sticker. but out of respect, I figured better not. If you knew them and watched how they managed things on the beach as Life Guards, its not hard to understand how he would make that decision, they were fearless and plain strong. If...
  531. 40Grit

    San Nicholas

    Last time I ran out, I smoked a new motor. it was the last time I build a motor without forged pistons. they do a lot of work going that far. continuous duty will separate the goats from the sheep, the standard Hyperpertutic pistons AKA cheep stuff, gave up the gost, the ring lands collapsed...
  532. 40Grit

    Eddie Aikau

    Yes, 60 miles is a huge distance, San Clemente island is 67 to the East end. never leave the boat. the wind that night literally rattled the house. after reading some of his personal stuff, it almost sounded like a suicide. I haven't seen the movie, whats the slant? "He would go" folklore? or...
  533. 40Grit

    looking for Captain/fishing guide

    I have a boat that I keep in the East Cape, after three years I have a little advice. Steve 714 425 9788
  534. 40Grit

    Eddie Aikau

    I was living on Oahu when Eddie did go, the idiots kept postponing the send off, as it was a huge deal, being one of the crew was an honor that few could achieve. they knew that weather was heading their way, just how much weather was a whole other story, after weeks of send off planning they...
  535. 40Grit

    Blew my motor up again

    Just had a motor let go it only made about six revolutions, super pissed, called the parts supplier, broken lifter? sounded like the motor was going to split in half. I go on Line where I find three or four complaints about my motor guy all lifter related, mostly race stuff. I go back to the...
  536. 40Grit

    How is the road to Turtle Bay?

    whats the fun in that??? I want to use the pulleys, Pay some random dude for the use of the Launch Ramp, get stuck, and break some stuff!!!! Now thats Baja Nothin better than testin your inter McGiver. that first anchor drop after all the challenges to get south has to be the best feeling ever...
  537. 40Grit

    My Fuel tank started to leak!!! I need a referral to replace "wellcraft" center conso

    We use American Tanks exclusively, great outfit!!! with that said we can help you remove your old tank, and Get it glassed back in, probably will be a stiffer boat when finished, Finco is located in Santa Ana. 714 973 2878 Give us a call we can help you figure it out.
  538. 40Grit

    Americas Cup...

    Didn't think about a fish finder? Figured I'd find the fleet? For this trip it will be coolers and block ice?
  539. 40Grit

    Americas Cup...

    Ok headin south aboard the boat in my avatar she does 7.5 knots under power. 1st stop Cortez. Then on to Mexico for the YFT. Any of you Rag Bag Haters want to go??? Of course you might be seen on the dark side??? And it's bait bags but she gets great mileage
  540. 40Grit

    Americas Cup...

    Hi Matt, woof that's a lot of animosity for the sailing folk. there are many levels of sailors out there. I know the why, of how, many sailors get swirled into the idiot boater soup. as a sailor and fisherman, I see people do unbelievably foolish things, especially with regards to gross...
  541. 40Grit

    Americas Cup...

    gota love the "Blo Boats Lame" Yes we know their lame. The Star Boat World Championship was held in San Diego last week!!! how about this photo for Lame, [ATTACH]472966
  542. 40Grit

    tin boat cabin build

    Jack the pictures look great!!
  543. 40Grit

    tin boat cabin build

    Remember all you hotshots, Captain Jack is 14!!!! I think he's got a jump on all of us. Hey Jack I like the forward house hinges!!! your family has 4x4 butts in their blood!!! ask your dad what a Jackshaft bracket looks like???
  544. 40Grit

    1973 Uniflite 27 Express for sale

    Love super clean stuff. I would feel like a cockroach inside a Stradivarius too clean!!!
  545. 40Grit

    1973 Uniflite 27 Express for sale

    Gota love the orange upholstery!!!!!! makes me wana paint my mustang harvest gold!!!!
  546. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Geez this is a rough crowd!!!! Pictures to come, your uncle and dad are incredible we built a motor jig and layout the motor stringers.
  547. 40Grit

    3 boats underwater

    By the way, the photo in my Avatar is from the Moloki channel finishing the TransPac aboard my Express 37. I have never seen larger waves, couldn't emagine what it would be like to capsize in these conditions.
  548. 40Grit

    3 boats underwater

    Excellent report..... especially from you! and not the Coast Guard. I will re think my de watering program, and start shopping for an EPIRB this is what these pages are made for. Now,,,,, what about that insurance money!!!
  549. 40Grit

    Dorado Shootout

    Two years ago While fishing Cerravlo Island we were blown out. At 2 AM the Cromwell offshore wind came up. deciding that bugging out, and heading back to Barrilies Moorings was the best move. It was Farkin windy, and pushing us onto the island. We also figured as a bonus, we could watch...
  550. 40Grit

    Bottom Paint

    We can paint it here at Finco in Santa Ana. 714 973 2878
  551. 40Grit


    Leaving the first of the month!!!!! what a great report, if your down give me a call.
  552. 40Grit

    volvo duo prop vibration

    Yup, everything, said in the previous posts. my twin in Baja did the same thing. I had touched the bottom while refueling, knocked the hub out, just by a tiny amount. Propellers were done. like the other posters stated, look at the runout where the hub meets the drive, you will notice one side...
  553. 40Grit

    Build your own Skipjack 35

    Definitely, the ugly duckling of the line. I think only 6-7 built. weird layout, w V drives.
  554. 40Grit

    New Bait Tank

    Nice work, what a great Idea, that thing suffered from so many poor design problems, super solution!!!
  555. 40Grit

    The New Battle Wagon (Custom Skippy)

    ditto bag the green machine. bring it to us we will give you a deal on new color.
  556. 40Grit

    Need a good Carburetor shop....

    We use Shaun Murphy in Huntington Beach I think he calls his outfit SMI hes the quadrajet guru. 714 843 9769 He's currently doing my 454
  557. 40Grit

    East Cape Vacation

    I would say your probably right about the generator deal? its pretty quite on the East Cape for the most part. Never made it past 10 myself but have heard folks do it?
  558. 40Grit

    Return trip from San Jose Del Cabo to San Diego

    The Eastern corner of Cedros, is still the gnarliest jump off on the West Coast. as they say you still gota do it!!! Good luck, sounds like your trying your best to have an informed opinion of when to jump.
  559. 40Grit

    Return trip from San Jose Del Cabo to San Diego

    sounds like you need a single-sideband with a modem, that's what the offshore sailing set uses. used they are not too pricey, you need to get the ground plane sorted or they can be frustrating. good luck, curious, about cell coverage? I have heard, that San juanico still does not have Mexican...
  560. 40Grit

    Long Beach Bait / Nacho's bait situation

    LOL who's on first? what's on second you guys made me laugh
  561. 40Grit

    rusted oil pan

    first the hot dip folks don't want to talk to you unless your purchasing poundage. additionally, I don't think the inside of your motor wants any of that zinc falling off inside. Painting your new pan, with anything will be superior to the crap that comes on it. Paint early Paint often.
  562. 40Grit

    rusted oil pan

    We use Dooley 10 quart offshore pans on many of our projects. we paint them with a chromate etching primer, followed by an epoxy primer, then we top coat with Awlgrip. I like to wash the entire motor after every outing with soap and water. these coatings are tough. never trust any factory...
  563. 40Grit

    Cabo Pulmo Fishing

    My girlfriend has fished with Paco for years, I asked her what is his secret? she said, "He finds the fish, and throws the bait in their mouths" hard to question that?
  564. 40Grit

    Fished Los Barriles and towed the boat 1,058 miles home!

    The best adventure in North America! Great work, and good for you. taking my boat down to the East Cape, was the single best thing I have ever done in boats. Sorry it was Breeze on for ya, But you got er done!!!
  565. 40Grit

    Cabo Pulmo Fishing

    Go see Paco, great place, still a little of old Baja.
  566. 40Grit

    Mercruiser 5.0 fuel consumption

    got a pair of 5.7s with volvo dual props 28' 1mpg,
  567. 40Grit

    East Cape Spring Break

    Nice headin down in a couple of weeks this work stuff gettin in the way. Have a great trip
  568. 40Grit

    Childrens pool hooligans!

    I know its been said before,,,,, why would two mature females be on the beach with sticks and flash bulbs? knowing there are round the clock surveillance, and guards, and cops? could it be? wait for it,,,,,,,,, Hmmmm, I just don't know any women so motivated, could it be things aren't what...
  569. 40Grit

    What Engine Room and Bilge Paint to use

    did some more research, we are going to use Gelcoat with a clear additive to gloss it up. when you got the stuff by the drum you gota get a little creative. will post pictures later.
  570. 40Grit

    Building New Fuel Tank....???

    Just finished reading Dave Gerr's book on Marine mechanical systems. and have been studying the chapter on tank construction. Dave recommends installing a stand pipe on the fill within an inch from the bottom of the tank. reducing foaming while filling. its the first time I have seen this...
  571. 40Grit

    Gas tank repair and coating

    American tanks, they built new for less than I could have repaired!!!!! perfect. and fast
  572. 40Grit

    Where to buy this Fresh Water cool ?

    SenDure in Florida, great folks, send a simple diagram, they will have it. probably around 7 hunge, you might also try to have it fixed by your local radiator folk, they will plug the offending rods, might get you another season?
  573. 40Grit

    engine cooling

    we would be glad to help you pull the motor here at Finco, we have an overhead frame that we use to lift boats. or a forklift will do using extensions. if you have it all ready to go its a simple deal. ten minutes with a forklift what's that worth? we are in Santa Ana. Steve 714 425 9788
  574. 40Grit

    my new project boat, also my first boat. what is it

    Gotta love a boat project that includes a shovel! its all good keep going! probably would have left the transom intact with an inside removal. but its flat, nothing a waxed up sheet of particle board won't handle.
  575. 40Grit

    Post up pics of your 4x4 rig

    the Track thing is coolest thing I have seen on this site. very rare.
  576. 40Grit

    Gelcoat/Fiberglass repair

    Hi Al thanks for the kind words. it only takes one Aw Shit, to erase all your Atta boys. Steve
  577. 40Grit

    Shipping a boat

    We work with a boat hauling outfit. Rick Peters Starboat guy .com his concerns with weather is about winterizing your rig, flat states can freeze engine blocks solid. they spnd a fair amount of time making sure the boat won't get tourtered. He was telling me that he carries cargo insurance...
  578. 40Grit

    What Engine Room and Bilge Paint to use

    We are in Bilge process this week on the Radovich 34 project. we usually will gelcoat using a surfactant to post cure the gel. I did some research last week, wanting my project to look like the photos above. my supply house said the big boys use Awlgrip. I guess we have more sanding and filling...
  579. 40Grit

    Gelcoat/Fiberglass repair

    we have done a number of these repairs, We like to do a 4 inch grind back on each side. this will get all the heavy gelcoat and resin pooling out of the way. we then will laminate two layers of knitted roving using vinylester resin. this gives us room to grind our new work down without loosing...
  580. 40Grit

    fuckin kite surfers

    When your Branson Leaping super models are part of the job
  581. 40Grit

    30' Chris Craft Tournament Sportfish Repower

    gotta love Tony at Seaboard, not only a wealth of knowledge, but very generous with his time and advice. sending a tranny his way for my project. Enthusiasm goes a long way. your project looks great, every one of my re-powers that were up graded to more horsepower over just getting it done were...
  582. 40Grit

    Basking Sharks seen again off Socal

    saw one last season early morning about halfway to Catalina. at first thought it was a bit of flotsam. As we got closer what I thought was a bit of floating tar paper, was the critters huge dorsal folded over. their such slow moving things it must have been run over as its fin was broken and...
  583. 40Grit

    my new project boat, also my first boat. what is it

    If your hell bent on gettin her right, grind out everything from the inside down to clean glass. Finco will donate the foam. you will probably want to remove everything down to glass. copy the reinforcement stringers and re glass them prior to foam. once you have removed everything, and ground...
  584. 40Grit

    DIY Bait tank

    At my shop square is difficult some times. My work force starts with a blue print, lays it out with dykem, measures with calipers and cuts with a hatchet. or so it sometimes seems that way.
  585. 40Grit

    Skipjack 28 Dirty Girl

    that looks fantastic. nice stuff.
  586. 40Grit

    Check out my free boat

    I have a starter you can have, if its a V 8 remember you cant use a car starter, as they are not Ignition protected, its not a big deal the bendex simply has a rubber boot, but you gotta have it. We just did a free boat restoration for a guy, the thing looked just like yours. It had some trim...
  587. 40Grit

    DIY Bait tank

    That thing looks great. what a concept a square lid? I guess it could be done?
  588. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Anybody want to buy some used chain? I don't think the college anchored much.
  589. 40Grit

    Panga Beach Trailer

    I am not surprised, last year I saw Paco with a couple of Pangas flipped over. He was glassing the keels where they had ground thru. classic invento Mexicano like it.
  590. 40Grit

    Need Help (foam Filler)

    some shots prior to foam work
  591. 40Grit

    Need Help (foam Filler)

    Hi we can help if your in Santa Ana area. Finco/Foss Foam 714 973 2878. Generally we will use our 2 lb foam for what your doing. it will be a lot less of a learning curve if you have us help. Although its not that complicated, foam has some funny characteristics. it does not expand as you...
  592. 40Grit

    Truck/4x4 Thread

    This is a shot of my truck in Baja, just love this thing. Older international Diesel with all the right stuff. Is there anything in the world more fun than driving on the beach in Mexico?
  593. 40Grit

    Need Advice Building A Cab...

    make your preform from coated particle board, wax lam, bond foam, lam again you will hav it or go the other way build your form, lam and core from the inside of a female?
  594. 40Grit

    Automatic charging relay

    I have the BluSea system on my Mexico boat. I have had problems with the one wire alternators voltage level not being high enough trip the combiner. a lot of my problems are from long term storage and batteries not having enough charge before loading the system down. IE the starting batteries...
  595. 40Grit

    Materials for insulated fish hold?

    We build insulated boxes for Glacier in Santa Ana. boy have I learned a lot about insulating things of this nature from them. Glacier's ultimate is vacuum panels. for your project not an option as they are custom and around a hunsky per itty bitty the next is urethane foam the lighter the...
  596. 40Grit

    Aluminum gas tanks

    We foam tanks when appropriate. we also will glass the top of the foam to tank joint. for added insurance. another detail we do is, to bond a separate channel or scupper under the tank for drainage separating compartments. we use an 8 lb foam. very dense. I like to develop an inch all the way...
  597. 40Grit

    Furuno radome- Cracked Shell- Needs Replacing

    Every repair at Furuno is $200.00 that's where I got mine.
  598. 40Grit

    Furuno Sounder FCV-260

    Any one with experience with this unit? I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. if this unit is solid I should leave her alone. if technology has obsoleted this unit I should replace? she comes with a separate pair of transducers, one has 4"x4" face, Giant!
  599. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    anyone know about these old fish finders that have two separate transducers, its a Furuno 260? fucker's huge like large TV set
  600. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    does anyone know how many of these boats were built?
  601. 40Grit

    Good fiberglass shop

    Hi thanks for the plug, we are located in Santa Ana, check out our recent project. Finco fabrication 1332 East Borchard Av Santa Ana CA 714 973 2878
  602. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Thanks, it seems like the right size of a lot of things. the motors are simply getting cleaned up they were fresh long blocks 4 years ago. at least that's what they tell me?
  603. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Check out my new, Ride,She's a 1991 Radovich 34 that needs some TLC everything is just a little crusty. decided to start the new year with the project goal for April-May launch? just gotta stay on plan. nothing prepares you for how heavy all that yellow is!
  604. 40Grit

    Transom cut out

    Don't mess up the X location, even a bit too high will cause cavitation with heaver boats. what drive unit are you going to, we have a jig. Steve Brown Finco 714 973 2878
  605. 40Grit

    New East Cape Marina Now Open.

    as a small Yachtie Fag? we looked into a slip for the week. the final expense per night made the mooring much more economical. at $50 a night I guess i'm not that gay.
  606. 40Grit


    If my boat had paying customers I would be in a world of shit.
  607. 40Grit

    35' Radovich Sportfisher

    Just purchased Harmony, once owned by Paxton Olfield. she is on her way via Truck to my shop for an extended yard visit. super excited, pictures to come. what a solid boat. this 34 is powered with Cat 3208s Merry Xmas
  608. 40Grit

    Boat transport question

    Call Rick Peters. 1310 720 2577 We use Rick all the time,
  609. 40Grit

    East Cape Fishing

    Hi Jim, my guys live on channel 12 with all the other skippers. we had a great visit, we had Herman from the Patio restaurant out with us. we caught a mess of Dorados, and had a triple hook up on the last day. with only three of us aboard, we lost them all at the boat. what a great visit. I will...
  610. 40Grit

    Amazing close call on a sailboat

    that's a great shot. the boat in the video is a TP 52 where they have a Gran Prix class of them in the Med, their only a million and change, and like indy cars they are obsolete next year. the sails are ungodly expensive, jibs are in the 15K range, Mainsails near 30 out of my league
  611. 40Grit

    Taking my boat to San Jose Del Cabo

    Hi Frank, I have had my boat down in Los Barrilies for three years now. it has been the single best thing I have done in boats. with a little roving around you will find your balance with cost and convenience. you will also learn a number of things as you go down your path. my boat is on a...
  612. 40Grit

    East Cape Fishing

    Verry nice. I caught one of those big Jacks Monday at the mooring. my deck hand said they were not good eating. they are brute strong though.
  613. 40Grit

    East Cape Fishing

    Heading down Monday, hope to see some of you BDecker's on the beach, give me a call on #9 EastCaper. Brownie
  614. 40Grit

    tin boat cabin build

    Jack nice work on the pilot house, your dad says you wired the entire thing solo. cant wait to see her run. thanks for coming by today to help on the new boat. we figured it out, it was the FireBuoy system that was killin the ignition circuit. Steve Brown
  615. 40Grit

    tin boat cabin build

    This is the Coolest thing I have seen, just realized its Jack Olson. this guy is very talented and very busy. stand back this is the tip of the iceberg!!!!
  616. 40Grit

    Fuel Gauge Sender Unit

    West Marine will have a unit, they are fairly universal but you will need to know how deep your tank is. they usually pivot a little lower than half way down. they work on a rheostat principle, allowing more current to flow when full less when empty, checking a sender is in Ohms generally the...
  617. 40Grit

    Donald Takayama died at 68

    didn't know he shaped the Webber performer? that is a legendary long board. truly the loosest of its time. even today I was out at Doheney half the boards out were of this shape. thin wide with a special rocker.
  618. 40Grit

    Water in fuel blew rings?????

    x2 not fuel
  619. 40Grit

    New Temporary Import Boat Permit for Baja/Mexico

    I was asked for it in La Paz if I were to leave my boat in the Marina, some storage folks wanted one as well. where my boat is stored in Los Barrilies they don't have a clue and don't seem to care.
  620. 40Grit

    36 gallon offshore bait tank

    bring it to us here at Finco, we will make it bigger. 714 973 2878
  621. 40Grit

    Hard to start... 25' Skipjack

    Quadrajets are notoriously cold blooded without the choke hooked up, generally I am lazy and have not installed the choke. Holley's are another story. sounds like the main jet is un happy, and could have a little water in the float bowl. I struggled with a carb doing the same thing and it turned...
  622. 40Grit

    Boat wont start

    water in the carbs
  623. 40Grit

    Volvo Penta 280 outdrive gear engagement rough

    its your cone clutch, she's burned more than likely. what your feeling is the load slamming due to slippage. if your good you can take the upper apart get to the cones and lap them in with grinding paste. or It might be time to visit Grant over at Sea and Ski Marine to get er fixed. Had the same...
  624. 40Grit

    VanWormer Resorts Hotel Punta Colorada or ???

    Question to all is - Anyone have any experiance with the VanWormer resorts Hotel Punta Colorada? Looks like it is far enough away from the drunken retardedness of Cabo. Yes it is. taking the wife to Palmas is a great idea. the resort has a spa and a couple of great restaurants in house. I...
  625. 40Grit

    Volvo Penta Duo-Prop question

    Those rear props are doing a whole lot of work. as the earlier post said, this is not electrolysis. but water becoming abrasive. I have seen the same thing on my boat. lets face it they are fairly consumable. I have run them after a couple of clean ups, and my prop guys has even welded them, but...
  626. 40Grit

    East Cape Report, post Stormin' Norman, 10/1

    Great Report, say hello to the guys in the fleet, I have to replenish my gasoline savings account, before I come down, your report is the perfect East Cape conditions. we came down in July and were disappointed. see you later this month. Senor Cafe
  627. 40Grit

    Offshore Short of the 1010...boat problems!

    I have had the same issue after getting a bad batch of gas from the fuel dock, compounded by a Fram filter that was not seated [they swear it couldn't be their gas] main Jet clogged with a chunk of crud. The motor would only come up to around 1500 rpm then lean out and sputter. if its a...
  628. 40Grit

    Haul out's and Maintenance?

    Here at my shop we have done a number of outdrives that will live in the water full time, namely my Drive. I have noticed that if the drive is coated properly the electrolysis can't get to it. simply making it as non conductive as possible. Eventually all coatings will succumb to the elements...
  629. 40Grit

    Offshore Mexico advice

    Nothing wrong with runnin it down, I have a boat down there full time, still get the pucker factor. when some official, be it cop, navy, or military check point. inspect me. I want as much baffling bullshit paper work I can muster, bring on my Mexican library card. I get Mexican liability...
  630. 40Grit

    Haul out's and Maintenance?

    Your biggest worry is with electrolysis. if you have never had the boat in the water, you might be in for a surprise with how much stray current can torture your drive leg. you must get some epoxy primer on your drive and get special Tin based, outdrive anti fouling paint over coating the...
  631. 40Grit

    Pivot pins.

    you need a metric threaded puller/ slide hammer affair. if you have snapped off the retaining bolt also the same size as the puller your going to have to drill er out. soak them a coulple days in WD might help.
  632. 40Grit

    Volvo duo prop

    There is a lot to figure out when changing drive legs. the ratio is huge, as some of them are set up for the 7.4 big block and or diesels. the drives, can handle a higher ratio. my dual prop has the higher ratio and larger motor 454, I was able to retro a pair of diesel props, rear four blade...
  633. 40Grit

    Post up pics of your 4x4 rig

    Gota love a thread to post pics of your 4x4, here's mine in Mexico.
  634. 40Grit

    Volvo duo prop

    My first question would be what kind of motor does your Skippy have? is it the ubiquitous small block? @ 260 hp you don't want to make your Chevy work too hard. Too big is not better. I like to develop things just a little on the under side, a bigger harder working prop for better mileage is...
  635. 40Grit

    Need some console work and gelcoat in OC

    we can do it Finco fabrication, Santa Ana Ca check out our web site Steve Brown 714 973 2878
  636. 40Grit

    Learning how to own a boat in Mexico

    it is a very small town, when I told German, the un official mayor of Los Barrilies, he literally stopped what he was doing and got in his car. The parts thing can be a challenge, I snapped the propeller shaft on the Starboard outdrive, I boxed it up and attempted to fly it home with me for...
  637. 40Grit

    Learning how to own a boat in Mexico

    will look for you first of the month, gettin itchy to get back down, will you folks be down?
  638. 40Grit

    I am replacing the floor of my 1972 Fiberform

    Here at Finco, we have done a number of these projects. our process is to get the new deck fit up using templates. we then cut the new deck from Baltic multi lam ply. then will hot coat the new wood, top/bottom and edges with resin. this base is then laminated in place with a layer of 1oz chop...
  639. 40Grit

    hull foam question

    Here at Finco we have disassembled a number of boats like yours. here's what we have discovered over the years. if the boat is a smaller production boat with a few years on her, the plywood structure that is the deck and tank support is generally junk, many times these boats were built to a...
  640. 40Grit

    Gelcoat / Fiberglass repair

    Finco Santa Ana 714 425 9788
  641. 40Grit

    Learning how to own a boat in Mexico

    Hi Julie, nice goin on your new boat down South. I too have boat that I keep in a storage yard up from Palmas Cortez. it took some learning curve to find the best situation for my boat. and the safest. originally we had planed on Cabo Pulmo but the whole program became super difficult with lots...
  642. 40Grit

    I drove the Baja!

    The drive is the best kept secret in North America. Drove down a couple of years ago towing a pretty large boat. I can remember every semi we passed. it can be a bit of a white knuckle'r good for you, that's quite an accomplishment.
  643. 40Grit

    9/11 Never Forget.

    Gota love the 60 interview with the Navy Seal, with Team 6 in the house, you don't want to go pokin your head out in the dark. They Drilled Bin Ladin right between the eyes.
  644. 40Grit


    Ok, thanks for the agreement about the AGM's Here's another comparison, the Glass Matt batteries have very little internal resistance, by design the things don't mind sitting for long periods and will hold their charge waaaay better than wet/lead. I leave my truck in Cabo storage for months...
  645. 40Grit


    Dude that is so appropriate, Batteries are such a consumable. here at my boat shop, we take pride in throwing even the cleanest away. boat batteries die so prematurely it boggles the mind, even new with a poor charging regime will have an early death. Woof, every time I think or have been...
  646. 40Grit

    Cranking vs deep cycle battery

    Agreed, the dual batt setup is what you need. one spare is never touched. you will also need a batt switch. to manage this. even a small system like yours could use a couple of deep cycle batteries in parallel, making one side of your A-B switch a larger house setup with the capacity to run a...
  647. 40Grit

    Late report: San Jose del Cabo 9/5 & 9/6

    With all that development down there, they can't even manage one of the biggest resources they have, sure going to make renting a slips in the marina a little tougher. sadly not surprised.
  648. 40Grit

    Offshore Weather Forecast for the Holiday Weekend

    I didn't know there was a fishing weatherman. super graphics.
  649. 40Grit

    EL NINO brings a Diamond Stingray to Newport Harbor, 8/28

    I came home to my slip and found a couple of guys fighting a similar Ray. about an hour later they wrestled the critter to the seawall, I asked them what they were going to do with it? They were fiddling with one of those giant treble hook pier gaffs. I aked if they were going to keep is to...
  650. 40Grit <