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    2 barely used cannon downriggers

    russianrivercap submitted a new listing: 2 barely used cannon downriggers - 2 barely used cannon downriggers Learn more about this listing...
  2. 2 barely used cannon downriggers

    Pacific Northwest 2 barely used cannon downriggers

    They are the Digi-troll 10 TS, used probably 4-5 times, I bought them at the start of Covid so I never used them like new condition and I’ve sold my boat and I’m moving to Wyoming…….. $1000 each OBO I paid $1500 each for them
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    Put me in coach!

    I asked I didn’t buy it…
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    Put me in coach!

    Boat sold for $190,000…
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    Put me in coach!

    The same boat new without all the extras and with 200 yamahas is 240,000 (quote from dealer) and and a almost 2 year wait, also they don’t gauantee the price you put money down and pay what they want when it comes in……..
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    Put me in coach!

    I’m looking at this one….
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    Is it pretty obvious at this point that sport fishing is both better for the economy and fish stock over commercial fishing?

    The only thing that matters is who donates more to the re-election campaigns of the politicians that makes the rules…….
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    Lowrance speed sensor

    Lowrance s primary customer Is bass fisherman in fresh water……. They don’t care about us guys in the salt…..
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    Deception pass gil net

    Wow wow wow there just your Indian brothers trying to make a meager living….. where’s all the Indian sympathizers that frequent this board why aren’t they jumping in to the defense of the native Americans COME ON MAN!
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    No crabbing in the islands this year………

    At least for the cowboys, I’m sure the Indians have been out there for the last month at least…..
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    WA Fish Transport regs?

    Just put a seagull feather in your hair……good to go…….
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    License issue

    Don’t worry next year there will be no halibut season……..problem solved!
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    Anacortes area Cummins whisperer

    I’m guessing that by smaller you mean cheaper? I heard there’s a good diesel guy in LaConner
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    Shaping public opinion….
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    Shaping public opinion….
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    Areas 7, 9 taking it in the shorts

    Well thank god for the tribes……
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    2022 Shrimp Seasons

    Seems fair……😡
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    2022 Shrimp Seasons

    The only spot prawn a fucking Indian ever saw is a dead one washed up on the beach…
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    2022 Shrimp Seasons

    So am I…..
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    Areas 7, 9 taking it in the shorts

    Keep defending the tribes it’s working out great.
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    American Angler 8-day Oct. 1-9

    Wonder how many native boats were checked……
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    Steiger Craft

    I thought there was a guy in Anacortes selling those………..not sure though.
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    MA 5 closes

    How long is it shutdown for……?
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    Campbell River Advice

    It’s the closures you have to worry about
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    Shrimping 2022

    Probably the most accurate description of WDFW rules I have ever layed eyes on….
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    WTF - some folks are better swimmers?

    You guys should be careful if you keep talking bad about the Indians the apologists on this board will show up and tell you what a racist you are, that the Indians deserve the lions share of everything and they don’t need lifejackets because they’re an ocean fairing people……..blah blah blah……
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    Saltwater Tell me all about PNW saltwater sportfishing

    I’ll tell you all about it, get a pen and paper I’ll wait"….……………………ok ready? You missed it by about 25 years………..
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    WDFW Manager Arrested For Poaching

    Oh it must be true than because a government official would never lie, especially to save his own skin………
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    WDFW Manager Arrested For Poaching

    What he said……
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    WDFW Manager Arrested For Poaching

    I would like to know the whole story, was he by himself or where there witnesses?
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    WDFW Manager Arrested For Poaching

    I wonder if joe blow the average citizen did this same thing what the penalty would be and would he trade that penalty for a little embarrassment at work with his co-workers…… This guy should be held to a higher standard than the average person, and this is not an honest mistake, an honest...
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    Another win for the tribes….

    quotation marks implies that somewhere in this conversation somebody used that term…… please tell me where, and what tribe do you belong to that wouldn’t take up this case and fight for these guys had it gone to court……
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    Another win for the tribes….

    I grew up on a local reservation, please explain your insights to the workings of the tribal communities……. Your statement is as full of shit as you are…
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    Another win for the tribes…. i like how the woman from tulalip tribes says they “don’t have the means to defend themselves” yeah that casino is barely making it I guess……..
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    PFMC Approves cuts to halibut trawl bycatch

    Congratulations you were in the only industry (dragging) with government oversight that followed every rule every time….
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    PFMC Approves cuts to halibut trawl bycatch

    I’ve fished the bearing sea out of Dutch too…… we had a NMFS observer on board as well, she spent most of her time in the galley or in the wheelhouse flirting with the first mate….. I was longlining P-cod and we had fresh halibut for dinner many times….
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    PFMC Approves cuts to halibut trawl bycatch

    You know if they are admitting to 3 million pounds of by-catch, in truth it’s 6 million…
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    Avet reel overhaul

    Exactly what I was looking for thanx guys
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    Avet reel overhaul

    Does anybody know here to send these to get them overhauled?
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    Why is there no spot prawns

    Part of our problem is our reluctance to “call people out” the other said does not hesitate to call us out, and their winning……….
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    Why is there no spot prawns

    You dumbass I’m not a troll, do you think this is his yearly catch or maybe monthly no, it’s every fucking day I know this kid and I grew up in the same town and I have to watch them do this with every resource every day……. Salmon halibut etc.
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    Lack of albacore

    They’ll limit us because they can’t limit them
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    Must be some big ones out at neah bay, a ship just lost 40 containers at the west entrance…
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    Name the Westport thief

    Local PD should know him…….
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    Post of the week contender from WA.

    We’re these caught in wa. Or Oregon?
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    Any word on how it happened?
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    Orcas and Tribes Have total control now

    Nope just someone who understands the futility of the situation, my heart hurts just as bad as yours.
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    Orcas and Tribes Have total control now

    Sue the tribe? Sue the state? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahayayahahahay……….. they’ll use your tax dollars to beat you hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
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    I’m confused…..

    yes The tribes and commercials dug all year, so I guess the toxins weren’t the answer, when will people wake up?
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    I’m confused…..

    Last year they shutdown razor clam digging because of covid……yet this when it’s worse, if you believe the press, and the digs are on……it’s almost like the wdfw doesn’t know what the hell their doing…..
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    For the Goat

    I grew up in that valley and honestly I wouldn’t go to skagit valley hospital for a splinter, my condolences sir…..
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    Anyone wanna bet they will be MPAs

    I have no doubt area 7 will be on their list of MPAs
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    La Push Moorage

    One word........Sekui. Sure your burn a little more gas but you keep your dignity......
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    La Push Moorage

    Indeed.........why would someone....
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    Test Broadband radar

    Your cell phone emits more radiation than that radar........a lowrance tech told me.
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    Westport Prowlers

    He bearly seemed interested......
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    Oregon trying to outlaw hunting and fishing
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    Saltwater Safety Warning Newer Cannon DRs

    If your not smart enough to not get yourself caught up in the simple downrigger you SHOULD move to a Scotty.
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    A7 closes

    He is the reason we are where we are.....
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    A7 closes

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ See my post a couple above this it explains everything
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    A7 closes

    Ok here’s my research, the tribes can donate unlimited amounts of money with no accountability to what ever politicians they want, so I wonder if they will get what the want when they want it. Our fishing was doomed the day the first Indian casino opened, oh and when the state takes something...
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    CQ Roll Call

    Didn’t they shut down snow creek?
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    CQ Roll Call

    The “no reservation system” is simply greed..... if you don’t have a reservation system then you can’t be full and therefore have to turn away potential customers this way everybody shows up and it’s every boat for himself....... don’t take this wrong I’m immensely grateful for all of the...
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    A7 closes

    But keep buying your licenses......
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    La Push opens

    Yeah beer and heroin
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    Time to sell your boat
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    Additional Halibut Days???

    Any word on MA4 or MA7 dates?
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    Saltwater Kicker on 30+ft

    POWER...... better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.......
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    Saltwater Kicker on 30+ft

    If your going Yamaha then the 25 is fuel injected and the 9.9 is carbureted fuel injected it 100% better,
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    20-24’ Grady in sekui accident

    Saw a boat/truck like that staying at the bay motel, not sure if it was the same one