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  1. Buttchaser

    RP - Fall 10 Day Report

    Very nice Doug , looks like Darin knocked another few fish off his bucket list this year :hali_olutta:
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    When is Enough Enough

    I don't tip either , Bah Humbug!:food-smiley-014:
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    i did not build it , I had my friends daughter build it … I kept it simple and told her to build it as a factory style rod matching the old RCX patterns just with different colors ..I originally wanted a metallic blue , but then told her to pick a color since I couldn’t find the blue I wanted...
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    Salt Water striped Bass all over southern California?

    That would be too easy fishing cut bait, i like throwing large top water plugs and huge swimbaits that imitate trout in the fall & winter
  5. Buttchaser

    Salt Water striped Bass all over southern California?

    I call BS as well , I didn't see any stripers at lake pyramid today either
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    Fujinon Tsx 1440 review

    I bought the TSX1440 back in October ,Worked great on land out the box, First trip out 2 day later they were blurry on the water ,I ended up returning them . I don't think anything will compare to the frasers , They're built to take a beating!
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    Desert Smallmouth (video)

    Fun fishin !!!!
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    Tranx alternatives?

    Daiwa lexa 400tw?
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    Bd decal

    That is not a decal Get you the real chit here
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    Moving Sale - All Must Go

    Damn Steve , I'll miss fishing with you , A lot of Fun time on the water :hali_olutta:
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    Good bluefin news from NOAA

    Let them go so they can grow:D
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    Talk me out of a Torque 15XNLD2

    Don’t do it , you’ll end up buying all the other torques as well LOL
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    Top water fishing is fun when the fish are showing , I haven’t seen foamers for a month:1041677399:….. Im getting ready for some fresh water top water fishing :food-smil
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    Great White Shark makes Giant Leap behind Surfer off San Onofre

    Of all the years I've kayaked fish , San O is the only Place I had a pup come up to my kayak … Definitely my fault for having a halibut hanging over the side on a leash in the surfline
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    Calstar 800XL reel advice?

    What is your budget?
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    Small Craft Advisory 10/23 Windy, 5-7ft swells

    Coming in this morning was nice !!!:D
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    Nacho's or San Pedro bait report anyone??

    No squid at San Pedro , they do have cured 5-7 inch deans got some Thursday morning
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    Padres take series 3-1 against the Doyers

    The LA Charges play today :D
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    What do bluefin marks look like on a 1kw HW chirp sonar at 10-12 kts?

    We had the same issue when we installed our chirp unit … I only like the chirp when I’m at the islands , Ikeep it off and use the standard furuno offshore but use the monitor for navigation , Radar , charts … Island with chirp offshore with standard 1 kw
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    What do bluefin marks look like on a 1kw HW chirp sonar at 10-12 kts?

    Your getting interference from the other transducer
  21. Buttchaser

    What do bluefin marks look like on a 1kw HW chirp sonar at 10-12 kts?

    Are you running any other electronic, perhaps another sonar and transducer at the same time ?
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    Offshore Heading out for some fun 14 mile bank

    You got to put more water in there :D
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    My guess would be the Bart Hall show , it’s a bigger venue
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    Padres take series 3-1 against the Doyers

    Welp , as a lifetime Dodger fan all I can say is the Pads were the better team , moving forward ….. Good luck !!!! Go Pads !!!!!
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    Not your Dad's Padres

    What’s with the game delayed?
  26. Buttchaser

    SD Padres at LA Dodgers next in the NLDS Starting Tuesday! Bring it!

    When I seen The starting pitcher was Kershaw ... I just knew we already lost the game
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    Offshore My 53lb Dorado aboard the Triton 10/8/22

    Congrats on that beautiful fish. Pops was there smiling !
  28. Buttchaser

    The Police

    Waaaaaaa ,waaaaaaa ,waaaaaaaa
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    Where to post "help wanted"
  30. Buttchaser

    Why Do Boats Do This Sh* *

    You should of jumped on the New LoAnn:D
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    MadMac @ Bob Sands tackle

    Stopped by to talk fishing with Aren at the shop and holy smokes they are loaded with all sized Mad macs , I needed to reload , lost another 240 this weekend . We did get 1 on a back up 240 :D orange and black still biting
  32. Buttchaser

    UC Red GPX blanks

    I used the prototype but never put a fish on the viper and Invictus and did not have enough time to use them .. I have used the GPX raptor and centaur , landed fish on both , they are faster then the RCX models and noticed that you do have to keep the pressure on the fish do to faster recoil…...
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    Rigging 200mm MadMacs

    Don’t forget to set your drag appropriately , lost a pink Mac 240 this weekend on the bite … Drag was to tight!!! Had back up and did get one on the orange and black 240
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    Offshore PB bft tuna 10/7

    Congrats David , what a fun weekend in the water !!!!
  35. Buttchaser

    Offshore Teach a man to fish

    That’s awesome , very nice … He’ll never forget that !!!!
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    MadMac's Everywhere!

  37. Buttchaser

    MadMac's Everywhere!

    Pm sent
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    MadMac's Everywhere!

    Shhh they are still biting the mad macs Thanks going to pick up a few more 240’s for this weekend
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    499 SCI Blue Fin

    Change of plans , I’ll be launching at 5 am Friday morning from Huntington Beach , fuel and baiting up in San Pedro
  40. Buttchaser

    Amazing Tuna Magnifying Eye Sight

    Im going to have to break out the scalpel blade this weekend and do a little dissecting myself
  41. Buttchaser

    Drag Preset Backing Off...

    I’m not sure if it’s the pre set nob , just my opinion but I think it has something to do with the grease / oil getting to warm on the drag ( temperature heat) causing it to lose drag pressure … I’ve noticed this with my shimano, and okuma maks..
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    Offshore Dodo Video Report 9/25 West End of 499

    Câu cá thú vị, Cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ
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    499 SCI Blue Fin

    I'll be out Saturday morning to Sunday noon...
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    Offshore Bluefin

    Did the line snap , or did the fish spit the jig? Congrats and WTG on putting in the time for those fish !
  45. Buttchaser

    AIS transponder

    It definitely makes it easier to communicate, we travel a lot in the dark .. A few times heading out of the shipping lanes big commercial cargo ships contacted us via vhf on (16) and redirected us to a different channel for communication, Worked out their position , Heading etc even though...
  46. Buttchaser

    Offshore 499

    830 am we had all we need by 11am .. We we’re seeing marks while trolling the madmacs , after a hour of trolling with no bites we pulled in the trollers and slowed it down looking at sonar marks .. chunk chum and live bait got them charging the boat
  47. Buttchaser

    Offshore 499

    A group shot , after calling in and handing off bait to a friend on the water
  48. Buttchaser

    Barbecue for a 28

    Nice grill , nice having it after a long day of fishing
  49. Buttchaser

    United Composite CXJ 6005

    Nice work, the colors pop! Fun rod too fish with too…
  50. Buttchaser

    Offshore 499

    Bait was excellent , we baited up at San Pedro bait . Bait was about 6 days cured (3 ) scoops way better than last weekends bait . They bit 25 to 50 lbs fluoro .. The bf are mixed in with the YF , we had a estimated 70lb Bf that bit a 25 lb flouro . That fight lasted about 1hr 10 minutes, we...
  51. Buttchaser

    Offshore 499

    Good fishin for mixed fish bft/ yF from 30-70 lbs , fly line on meter marks
  52. Buttchaser

    Question re BD free fishing charts I see what your saying
  53. Buttchaser

    Is the Big Bluefin move on ?

    jigged up about 30 pieces at pyramid cove Saturday night , few boats working desperation reef
  54. Buttchaser

    Islands SCI 9/27

    Nice fish , I was looking at gettin back out there this weekend , looks like a lot of training going on this weekend ..
  55. Buttchaser

    Mexican fishing limits

    yes, its 2 now , that post was in 2008 Rest in peace Mark (sdangler)
  56. Buttchaser

    Should the jackpot have better procedures?

    n They don't need too! It's usually Handled at the end of the trip , when the captain says 'we are out of time," This applies to 1/2, 3/4 .full day and over night trips Deck hand calls Jackpot Going once Twice Done If you had a fish worthy of being in the jackpot , its your job to be in...
  57. Buttchaser

    Should the jackpot have better procedures?

    Did you get clarification of the rules from the captain , Jack pot are Boat rules . The deck hands declare a winner
  58. Buttchaser

    Who here went to Vietnam?

    Much respect to all whom served . Being a airforce Brat , I've seen first hand what war does . I spent countless hours at the Va Hospital visiting the old man. He was in Vietnam from 1965-1969...
  59. Buttchaser

    New Radon

    Look at the prices , They are not cheap. They are very nice boats Parker’s are more affordable
  60. Buttchaser

    Angler Overboard!

    You did great , Its best to keep a eye on the man overboard Throw a trashcan or something that will float to mark the spot and yell for help !
  61. Buttchaser

    Islands Sci live report

    We left this morning, seen white caps coming from the north , so we slid into pyramid cove for the night , This morning we made the xing to cat , choppy , white capping , water coming over the wheel house ,had lunch at cat and made the run to HH
  62. Buttchaser

    Islands Sci live report

    We ended up with 9 yt for 2 farmed a few as well. Caught about about 60 calicos ( released) . Spent the night at pyramid cove.. Just making the crossing back to Catalina. Big-time white caping.. shhh There is squid. cove… Didn’t see fish caught
  63. Buttchaser

    Islands Sci live report

    Coast guard on the radio kicking people out the 9
  64. Buttchaser

    Islands Sci live report

    Just a little fun while the BFT are Mia
  65. Buttchaser

    Thank you gift for boat owner

    how big of a boat ?What type of fishing ? Gaff , cooler bag for drinks
  66. Buttchaser

    UC 7' Viper & 7'6" Centaur

    nice , They should sell quick as prices went up ....
  67. Buttchaser

    How long should you date, when to get married, and when it's time to divorce.

    It depends how she smells Hit it and quit it
  68. Buttchaser

    Trolling Madmacs

    Yes , the long line out at 100 seconds been bit the most for us as well 5-3
  69. Buttchaser

    Trolling Madmacs

    I usually set one back at a 70 count and a 100 count never have been tangled up 2 trolling trips this year for 8 fish from 80 -190 lbs all on the 240 this year
  70. Buttchaser

    Have spot for 2-3 fisherman. 24' Oceanside. This Thurs.

    After death ???:imdumb: or what is Active Duty:urno1:
  71. Buttchaser

    Nicotine: what's the policy for cigs/cigars on LR boats?

    Smoke them , Just not indoor or around kids as a common courtesy
  72. Buttchaser

    Offshore 9/18 @ 277-209

    100 Gallon, yes about 12 passes … bait did really good this week as there was no major temp change in the water we had some dead but not more than half a scoop die . Labor Day weekend we took 4 scoops of cured bait and half rolled as the temp from the 499 to sci had major temp change from...
  73. Buttchaser

    Offshore 9/18 @ 277-209

    Launched out of HB at 4am and grabbed 3 scoops of nice 5-7” cured sardines from nacho .. Little snotty heading out , we took our time heading out , we had Gary’s 13 year old son with us for the first time in 4 years .. We were pumped up ,the kid wanted to go fishing .. Water at the 277 was 71...
  74. Buttchaser

    16 OZ , I n- Line sinker Lots

    Great deal , Your not going to find them cheaper than that
  75. Buttchaser

    Owner 5134 JOBU Big Game Hooks 9/0 or 10/0

    I use the 9/0 as well , they will rust over a period of time .. Just get in the habit of rinsing the jig with freshwater when yo break down your gear..
  76. Buttchaser

    Fish on the deck.

    I use to keep my catch on a game clip for a period of time , I’d just gut the fish and put it back on the game clip and into water .. Only once in my 17 years of kayaking I had a shark come up to investigate , That was at San onofree where GW are frequently there..
  77. Buttchaser

    Well the secrets out

    When these are not ready and I have them rig me one up , should I tip? How much?
  78. Buttchaser

    Fishing bent rip rollers

    The bft are going to know :hali_ruahahaha:
  79. Buttchaser

    Islands limit style yellowtail fishing 9/5/22

    Nice way to break in the new boat !!!!:beerbang:
  80. Buttchaser

    Just a torpedo sinker with hooks?

    Will the name now be changed to the RP sinker jig John Collins jig Asking for a friend :nutkick:
  81. Buttchaser

    Why yellowfin counts low considering warm water

    There was some up at sci this labor day weekend , water temp ranged from 73-77 from sci to the 499
  82. Buttchaser

    Close Call - My Hobie Nearly Sinks - Lesson Learned

    Yup , always have a hand pump handy , if you have a external bait pump ,you can always use that with the hose connected and pump out water with the battery .
  83. Buttchaser

    hurricane KAY outlook

    Great weekend for Football :D
  84. Buttchaser

    BFT for $250 each

    Mario slayed them :D
  85. Buttchaser

    What jigs to buy?

    Kayle is at it again , on the new loann early this morning you need these
  86. Buttchaser

    Emergency call out systems

    PFD With a whistle attached VHF handheld If you don't have the basic safety equipment that coast guard recommends, STAY OFF THE WATER
  87. Buttchaser

    60lb. REEL

    something with speed
  88. Buttchaser

    Offshore Call it a cow

    Very nice , MOOOOOOOOOHH
  89. Buttchaser

    Setup for trolling madmacs

    50's, nothing less with 130lb line
  90. Buttchaser

    Offshore 157 Miles for Bluefin Blue Balls. Again!

    You did nothing wrong , Bluefin are being bluefin and have disappeared , a lot of guys and some of the best out there also got Blanked
  91. Buttchaser

    Shogun 8/20 - 8/24/22 Report

    you’ve came along ways since your post in March Congrats !!!
  92. Buttchaser


    That person is definitely out of the loop . Bk has more for sale as of last week … Yes , straight from nomad .If you need g flys he can hook you up on those too!!! Hurry because he’s almost sold out !!!
  93. Buttchaser

    Offshore BFT’s and Asshats Fishing for boats 8/12-8/14

    No problems for us this weekend a little further out :food-smiley-014:
  94. Buttchaser

    Offshore Above the 499 8/20 -8/21

    Lauched from HB on The( Hokees)early morning( 2 am )and ran up to San Pedro for some nice cured 4-7” sardines. on the way out near the horseshoe we saw dorado boiling out the water , never seen that before !!!! Down at the 499 area we did not see much , lot of bait no signs of fish until we...
  95. Buttchaser

    Madmac Skipping out of water at 13-15mph?

    What size MadMac,stocke hook or trouble?
  96. Buttchaser

    Marine grease

    yes I am
  97. Buttchaser

    Marine grease

    Doing a little boat maintenance and servicing the engine on twin 200hp yammies this weekend What type of grease should be used when changing out engine impeller ? TIA John
  98. Buttchaser

    Offshore BFT’s and Asshats Fishing for boats 8/12-8/14

    Its only going to get worse in the next few weeks , especially over labor day weekend .... I'll be bringing extra cans for the long ride :D if weather permits.. Nice work all around :beerbang:
  99. Buttchaser

    WTT New 200 MM 8" Sardine

    Buttchaser submitted a new listing: WTT New 200 MM 8" Sardine - WTT New 200 MM 8" Sardine Learn more about this listing...
  100. Buttchaser

    Southern California WTT New 200 MM 8" Sardine

    Looking To Trade my 200 Sardine for a 200 or 240 size Madmac in HOT PINK PINK Mac Spanish Mack Phantom Black pink mackeral NOT FOR SALE , Please do not contact me , TRADE ONLY!
  101. Buttchaser

    Fred Hall show Belongs To Bart Hall

    Just heard Bart Hall took possession of the Fred hall show , Going to be great to have the shows back!
  102. Buttchaser

    Offshore 8/12 BFT 2 Miles East End of Catalina

    That was cool , bummer on the fish spitting the hook .. So close !!!!
  103. Buttchaser

    Nomad madmacs instock

    You got cheated $3
  104. Buttchaser

    Penn Fathom 40 2spees

    should of went with 80lb On my trq 40 and Fthm 40NLD2 I was able to get over 600yds
  105. Buttchaser

    Who is this Billy K guy?

    He provide a “service “ for those whom have deep pockets and little time … Yes he gets hated on a lot , but those who hate on him have never met him in person ..
  106. Buttchaser

    Question on knots for MadMacs.

    Whatever you tie best , I used a San Diego on our last outing . I don’t know if it’s a coincidence the mad max I Straight tied to out performed both lures that were crimped .. We fished two of the same colors in pink Mack , the crimped one never got bit . We also fished a black and purple...
  107. Buttchaser

    Offshore 8/9/22 The ocean is loaded

    Sick !!! The amount of fish out there is amazing looking prime once we get past this big moon … Its going to be an epic Fall!!!!
  108. Buttchaser

    Mustad Rip-rollers in the Lumo Dot color

    I need SK jigs :D 140 & 170’s
  109. Buttchaser

    Offshore 8/8/22 BFT

    How cool Is that , The kids all fire up !!:cheers:
  110. Buttchaser

    Bay / Harbor Stolen Boat This Morning 8/9 Dana Point Ramp

    Call 714-222-6192 (Donavon).:rolleyes:
  111. Buttchaser

    Madmac madness

    Hope you all been planning ahead and stocked up on Helium and flyers
  112. Buttchaser

    WTB United Composites red

    @Bob Sands just got a bunch in on Saturday , Picked up my Red GPX76 Raptor blank and Madmacs
  113. Buttchaser

    Halco Max work

    I got you covered for $150LOL
  114. Buttchaser

    American Angler Izorline 7/31-8/6 6-Day report

    I wish I was there to see George Iwamoto at 84 years young kill that cow ! Congrats on your 170 and 202 !
  115. Buttchaser

    Melton Tackle Big No No
  116. Buttchaser

    Melton Tackle Big No No

    I hope you had screen shot , what was posted .. If you did Good for you !
  117. Buttchaser

    Braid or mono for surface iron reel?

    I like saving money, so braid to about 75-100yds of mono.
  118. Buttchaser

    Similar to Mad Macs ?

    Ready , set , Goooooo
  119. Buttchaser


    Having a GpX76 Raptor built I’m going with a blue base layer , maroon on top of that , still playing with colors for inlays and trim bands
  120. Buttchaser

    Just a heads up if your not aware!!!

    Sheesh , I feel so greatful a cow cod did not come up and bite my madmac at 12 knots:D
  121. Buttchaser

    Nomad Madmacs - Get them here without crazy markups...

    Btw sell me all your kite stuff , That stuff doesn't work anymore LOL
  122. Buttchaser

    Nomad Madmacs - Get them here without crazy markups...

    This is as bad as shopping for ammo online , its never available :D
  123. Buttchaser

    Rip Vin Scully

  124. Buttchaser

    WTB reliable kill bag

    Thanks. Found a 30X90 locally
  125. Buttchaser

    Islands Catalina west end update - BFT breaking all over - not one landed

    I believe my annual plan is $55 , That's all you need ! Yes I check for a new game plan every Thursday after 3 pm , My buddie that I fish with uses Fishdope , every bit of info helps !
  126. Buttchaser

    Islands Catalina west end update - BFT breaking all over - not one landed

    I'm not to sure how that works as my subscription automatically renews annually , Dave has some very informative info on everything fishing related... He's definitely not a scam ...
  127. Buttchaser

    WTB reliable kill bag

    Buttchaser submitted a new listing: WTB reliable kill bag - WTB reliable kill bag Learn more about this listing...
  128. Buttchaser

    Southern California WTB reliable kill bag

    Looking for a new 0r near new condition kill bag 42" X 90" 30x90 or 30X72 Thanks Los Angeles area or SFV .. Thanks John
  129. Buttchaser

    Offshore 7/30

    Bluefin everywhere on the bf grounds , up high ,down low . water temp 69.7 Madmacs,trolled at 12 knots We went 5/5 on the Hokees ,done by 2pm with fish from 90-200 lbs
  130. Buttchaser

    Rip Roller falling apart

    Yeah , these jigs are usually a few fish and trashed , They usually get damaged after the fish has been landed and the fish is flopping around on deck …. They do kill fish though!!!
  131. Buttchaser

    BV-2 800 Drag at Strike

    Use A line label sticker, set up a temporary strike and set your drag according to you line ..
  132. Buttchaser

    Well, look what I got

    Here comes the BOOM
  133. Buttchaser

    Windy App

    yes , without a doubt
  134. Buttchaser

    Long Range 30# Rig

    Will a 30lb outfit for inshore be any different than a LR 30lb outfit :imdumb:
  135. Buttchaser

    FishDope spotter planes

    BS without pics :D
  136. Buttchaser

    U.C. RCX 76 FACTORY WRAP VIPERS AND CX 76 VIPER BLANKS in Stock at Bob Sands Tackle 7-24-22

    Not anytime soon according to Randy, best bet is to have a custom rod built
  137. Buttchaser

    Offshore Navegante 7/21

    Plenty of parking , when entering you take a ticket , parking anywhere near Captain kids , with a validation from redondo Sportsfishing Parking is $2 … Parking attendant are there from 6am -10 pm .. when we got back in the landing at 4am no attendants there and parking was free…
  138. Buttchaser

    Offshore Navegante 7/21

    I had the opportunity to fish the Navegante out of Redondo beach Sports fishing on 7/20 - 7/22 on a 1.5 day trip . This trip was a charter from the IUEC (Internantional Union of elevator constructors )Local 18. This trip had over 10 sponsors and over 50 prizes to be raffled off and all...
  139. Buttchaser


  140. Buttchaser

    Need a guide

    Try Darin at 310rodworks (310) 710-5431 [email protected]
  141. Buttchaser

    MadMac Price Gouging

    Every old lure in the past 50 years become new again at some point
  142. Buttchaser

    Offshore One stop shop 7/15

    Good stuff, the colors on a fresh Dodo look amazing!!!
  143. Buttchaser

    Boat hoe list?

    Trip planning
  144. Buttchaser

    MadMac Price Gouging

    Hook us up Carl :D
  145. Buttchaser

    Penn VSX 16/30 Handle interchange

    I don't think they are compatible On the 16Vsx they also had a design change so . now you got to figure out what you have if its before (Before S/N J100001) if it was after After...
  146. Buttchaser

    Penn VSX 16/30 Handle interchange

    edit Misread title
  147. Buttchaser

    New hot lure for BFT

    seen that video earlier , fkn hillariousLOL
  148. Buttchaser


    Fkn Rookies man!!:imdumb:
  149. Buttchaser


    sheesh Thought I had to DROS them:D
  150. Buttchaser


    Check your local Turners :food-smiley-014:
  151. Buttchaser

    Offshore Finally got my first triple digit BFT, and finally won a jackpot!

    Congratulations !!! What did you do different from your last few trips , what was so different with weather , conditions and moon phase etc ?
  152. Buttchaser

    WTF - UC Composites and Ringedhooks

    With whom did you speak to over at UC and when ? Randy was away from the shop for a few weeks with health issues ... What Rod do you need a tip for , Maybe I can work some magic:D
  153. Buttchaser

    Madmac rental??? Would you?

    You have got to come up with a better business plan !!!! How many time , have you had your 'friend(s)" say, " Can I borrow that ?" Did they ever bring it back ?
  154. Buttchaser

    Madmac rental??? Would you?

    You have got to come up with a better business plan !!!! How many time , have you had your 'friend(s)" say, " Can I borrow that ?" Did they ever bring it back ?
  155. Buttchaser

    Best Reel For 80lb

    I'm going to say a Penn 12T Super by Cal , with a Tiburon Topless frame ... :D
  156. Buttchaser

    Best summer month for bluefin tuna

    I like August and September for Bigger grade bft … Kite , Knife jiggin….
  157. Buttchaser

    Best time for bluefin fishing

    5pm , it's not too hot out
  158. Buttchaser

    Madmacs 200’s FOR SALE

    Email Jack , he's looking for a handful [email protected]
  159. Buttchaser

    MadMac Price Gouging

    The only thing that pisses me off is , why didn't I think of that ?:imdumb:
  160. Buttchaser

    Getting fish blood out of clothes

    Put hot water in a bucket , add a cup of bleach and toss your clothes in it for a hour :urno1:
  161. Buttchaser

    Does any one bring a small kill bag on open party boats for smaller rockfish or bass?

    On certain boats it might fly , the past few RF / Wsb trips I’ve been on ,all rockfish are accounted for . The deckhands will take your fish and mark their board to keep track on the count and put it in the gunny sack…
  162. Buttchaser

    Local Bluefin

    Woo hoo Can you imagine the mayham this weekend , I'm gonna fly a kite off my kayak:D
  163. Buttchaser

    Help Me Locate a Spot - Madison River Valley

    No shame at all ... :rolleyes: You will now forever have an asterisk on your claimed IGFA records......
  164. Buttchaser

    Offshore New Lo-An 1.75 day - July 3-5

    nice write up , great boat and crew !!!
  165. Buttchaser

    Penn VISX 20

    Take it back for a exchange ?
  166. Buttchaser

    Offshore Constitution 2.5 day 6/30 – 7/3

    Did you experience anything such as fishing in a OFF LIMIT area , Mexican Navy boarding the boat with M16 Rifles pointed at passengers and everyone forced on the ground faced down , What could go wrong ?
  167. Buttchaser

    Some boats have a mask required?

    It’s not mandated , you don’t need a mask … Even when they did require one it was just around the landing just to follow the guidelines so they could keep buisness moving along…
  168. Buttchaser

    BD Math

    Solid gear, Perfect for what you want to do!!
  169. Buttchaser

    Offshore Albacore this year ?

    possible in the fall up in morro bay When I was up there in June, The talk on the boat was 80 miles out of
  170. Buttchaser

    Offshore Constitution 2.5 day 6/30 – 7/3

    Haha Con Man Keith strikes again, Fucken crook!!!
  171. Buttchaser

    Intrepid 1.5, Penn gear getting the job done

    One of my favorite reels and favorite jig nice work!!!!
  172. Buttchaser

    Any one using the Nomad DTX for SD tuna with success??

    What’s the word on these things nomad slipstreams
  173. Buttchaser

    Plug opinion BFT

    NO , it won't work ... It needs to have Madmac printed on it:)
  174. Buttchaser

    MadMac Price Gouging

    I found a way I’ll drop ship to your door starting Today venmo only , Venmo only….you’ll get them soon , I promise Venmo only!!!!!
  175. Buttchaser

    MadMac Price Gouging

    inflation man I know where you could get some sardines madMac Don’t leave home without them:rolleyes: Giddyup suckers
  176. Buttchaser

    Starting to get nervous

    They are not canceling unless the weather is up , they went to channel island with 4 anglers from San Diego and back the other day for WSB and rock fish
  177. Buttchaser

    Accurate BX2-600N

    Mother fucker :food-smiley-014:
  178. Buttchaser

    Bft back on it

    A couple of years ago while fishing at sci on the 095 , we went into pyramid and made a few tanks of squid , that trip we had a Steady plunked bite on 80-100 lb models … later in the day Rick on the 095 told us to clear the port side …. he handed off a few scoops of squid to the red rooster 3 …...
  179. Buttchaser

    Bft back on it

    Polaris supreme had 50 yellowfin yesterday
  180. Buttchaser

    Smallmouth or Largemouth?

    Definitely a smallie
  181. Buttchaser

    Tunaslam's been hacked!

    I knew he was getting up there in age , but I know he ain’t crazy either …:) Hook up Corey LOL
  182. Buttchaser

    160 Madmacs

    Bob Sands has 200 and 240 Pink , orange and black, also a handful in 160
  183. Buttchaser

    Flat fall advice

    You should be fine with a handful of knife jigs , I'd grab a 200 gm, 300.and a 500 and call it good .... Have a few sinkers for sinker rigs..
  184. Buttchaser

    Top Gun 80 "No Report" Reports

    Fish counts are for those who need to fill the boat and have spots available , TG80 is just about all booked , yes they are catching just like the rest of the fleet
  185. Buttchaser

    Tribute to my good Long Range Fishing buddy Charlie "The Bear" Bullan

    Doug Sorry for your lost , My condolence to you and the rest of the fishing community that lost a great friend..
  186. Buttchaser

    Kite fish as PB ?

    No they don't count , and its nothing to boast about...
  187. Buttchaser

    Anyone willing to share contacts of sponsors that would be will to help a few sportboats that got robbed?

    They are in the buisness , I think they would have connections … Start with their insurance !!!!
  188. Buttchaser

    Channel island halibut

    It's nothing special , standard reverse dropper loops as you would fish wsb , the halibuts are on the squid beds
  189. Buttchaser

    Dogs on Board

    Its no different than bringing a child on board , , put them in a pfd and be responsible by watching them .When driving , keep them in the cabin !!!
  190. Buttchaser

    Inshore Morro bay

    I fished on the black pearl a few weeks ago , one guy had a salmon to color they released it ! I’m On the mirage for the next few days hopefully the seabass cooperate
  191. Buttchaser

    Fish ID - BFT or YFT?

  192. Buttchaser

    Set ups for 2.5 day

    Check with the boat as well , a lot of times they do have rental rods(loaners) on the boat ….
  193. Buttchaser

    Leadhead Squid Rig for White Sea bass

    I always enjoy a cool how to video ... Clean presentation !Now I'm almost positive I'll get my limits of seabass this week !!!:D
  194. Buttchaser

    Kayak vault live well

    Use a 500-800GPH pump and grab a 6V 12 amp battery , it use to last me all day on the yak and has the perfect water flow , for Macks , deans , or whatever you put into the Tank....
  195. Buttchaser

    Kayak vault live well

    Use a 500-800GPH pump and grab a 6V 12 amp battery , it use to last me all day on the yak and has the perfect water flow , for Macks , deans , or whatever you put into the Tank....
  196. Buttchaser

    Thoughts on Sunline FC100 fluoro?

    Yes , use it all the time from 6lb test to 100lbs
  197. Buttchaser

    Moon phase for departure on overnight boat June 19th

    I like it , Going seabass fishing on the 20th:D
  198. Buttchaser

    Danapoint tomorrow (June 8)

    Good luck !!! Great place to fish !!!!
  199. Buttchaser

    Inshore Turd rollers are here

    Grumpies!!!! Time to pull out them Big hammer plastics :p
  200. Buttchaser

    "Different" Style of Sinker Rigging?

    price just shot up for these amazing jigs $33 for a 12 ounceLOL
  201. Buttchaser

    Fish limits?

    If your on a private boat you need a permit for multi day limits , On a sporty the landing takes care of that…
  202. Buttchaser

    Come To The Landing and Take My Fish

    living the dream!!!!!
  203. Buttchaser

    Fake bloodydecks email scam

    When you receive an email verified by clicking the email, it’s only obvious on fake email….
  204. Buttchaser

    Seeker 2x4 vs UC 76 Viper

    If you can find one , look for a GP centaur or GP viper blank , you will not be disappointed!! Try Bob sands tackle shop or other UC dealers.
  205. Buttchaser

    Seeker 2x4 vs UC 76 Viper

    Btw those two , It looks like size the 2x4 is 7'3 , the viper is7'6
  206. Buttchaser

    Jig vs Sinker rig reel

    You can't go wrong either way, both are cow killers
  207. Buttchaser

    Offshore 6/2/22 Murphy's Law of BFT till it wasn't... Kinda

    What a heartbreaker , That's exactly what keep us going back !!!!
  208. Buttchaser

    Outrider or Pacific Islander?

    I’d chose a 2- 2.5 day trip , there are so much options between boats you can chose depending on the week you are planning the trip …
  209. Buttchaser

    Penn 50 visx for sinker rig/ jig

    It’s doable and not as tiring as flat falling with a 50 visx
  210. Buttchaser

    Lost fish

    Many have never seen a Albie!
  211. Buttchaser

    Offshore Pacific Queen 1.5 day 5/30-6/1 New PB

    Congrats and way to go on keeping at it !!!
  212. Buttchaser

    Lost fish

    Your going to lose fish no matter what , but preparation of gear , tackle and setting your drag can go a long ways … If your not sure proper rigging , Ask the crew , If your not sure if your drag is set from the start , ask the crew!! These fish are mean and you got to Pull on these fish, the...
  213. Buttchaser

    Sinker rig set up

    5’ of mono is what I use make sure you pull like a mad man mano a Mano:D
  214. Buttchaser

    Do you Tip the crew at the fish processor?

    no , I paid them for a service !!!! I’ll tip the guy who bring out my fish and ice that I buy a few $….
  215. Buttchaser

    Heavy setup for a trip leaving in less than a week? 80lb or stack 100 or 130lb?

    Yeah , your good to go with what you have !!! Good luck on your trip !!
  216. Buttchaser

    Have you have actually caught a Bluefin Tuna over 100lbs?

    If you want bigger fish , take notes of what’s happening , moon phase , time a day , conditions ….. Early season bft is overrated the real fishing for the bigget grade usually picks up in July through November …. The early season hype is overrated… Grab a pen and paper and jot down some notes …...
  217. Buttchaser

    Islands Whole lotta butts

    Damn , that's some fun fishing !!! congrats!
  218. Buttchaser

    Beginner Kayak?

    verm if its just for the inside bays and lagoons , you will need something around 12'6 , for outside breakwalls in open water I'd recommend a longer kayak... The longer the kayak , faster it gets!! you will also want a PFD !!!
  219. Buttchaser

    Best deal you ever got…

    I'm still waiting on my reel , It should be coming anytime soon ... I paid through venmo by emailing someone on bd a month ago
  220. Buttchaser

    Spill the Beans....we want to know!

    I'll drop it through the zone depth ,if not bit I'll put it in gear and do a Fast 25 cranks, and drop it back down ,,,,, repeat until I'm bit....
  221. Buttchaser

    4 Pack for Tuna - San Diego in Oct?

    Duane diego pinnacle sportsfishing seasons sportsfishing
  222. Buttchaser

    Islands Catalina 5/21

    Go figure , I don’t eat fish…. It all goes to family and friends
  223. Buttchaser

    What's up with the Tomahawk?

    I called in March to try and book it , said schedule was not out yet and would be released as soon as the owner and captain released it , I also asked if Mike would be running the boat again … “we don’t know who will be running the boat“
  224. Buttchaser

    Which Rod for Penn Torque 15ld2

    I have mine paired with a Gp tilefish JR
  225. Buttchaser

    any recomendations for a 6pk charter in socal? affordable, that wont be a waste of time/ money?

    What species do you guys want to fish for ? San Diego ,LA Full day , over night ,Multi day?
  226. Buttchaser


    Great form of communication , we used our on the water this weekend and got real time info from friends fishing different islands from channel Island to down south on the Tuna grounds .... We also chatted up with @Dave Hansen
  227. Buttchaser

    Islands Catalina 5/21

    I heard the dreamer Calling him but did not hear a response from the carnage , I did see a squid boat last night .. It looked like the Annie Marie it was to far for me to see a name on it through the binoculars
  228. Buttchaser

    Islands Catalina 5/21

    We are still on the water , heading home !! We burned 65gallons …. next weekend if weather permits s we will be fishing Sci
  229. Buttchaser

    Islands Catalina 5/21

    Kicked off from HB on Sat morning 1230 am, headed back of the west end and searched for bait , we found it but the sea dogs were on us instantly , we decided it wasn’t worth the effort as we were reaching gray light .. We brought fresh dead so we had enough to chum and fish with .. i got 1...
  230. Buttchaser

    Catalina This weekend 5/20

    we got limits for 2, report to come later
  231. Buttchaser

    Catalina This weekend 5/20

    The weather looks great Anyone making the run down to Cat this weekend ? I'll be heading out of HB late Friday night, Same routine , make bait and fish the backside middle to the west end this weekend !! Good luck !!!
  232. Buttchaser

    Muscle Cramps...

  233. Buttchaser


    For a kite reel , I want a work horse On a private Boat so its going to be either a Penn Visx 50 or a Penn Visx 50:) If your talking about a kite reel for them 1 or 2 long range trips a year , get the bling bling :D :D Accurate
  234. Buttchaser

    Muscle Cramps...

    Hydrate , Drink more beer !:)
  235. Buttchaser

    Offshore Oceanside 95

    I'd fish with Rick and the O95 anytime over many other sporties in the fleet , One of the old school capt. that has respect from the fleet including the long range fleet .. Been fishing with Rick For over 20 years from the the time he owned the Seahawk..
  236. Buttchaser

    Heading out to Catalina this weekend.

    Not wide open by any mean , slow c basing ,calicos on fire ,fun fishing with the buds
  237. Buttchaser

    Heading out to Catalina this weekend.

    ill be out there fishing , leaving tonight should be at the island by midnight, taking 20 lbs fresh frozen , crowder just in case with the generator and cash just in case we don’t get any live , Hit is up on the “Hokees “ if your out there , Good luck John
  238. Buttchaser

    Shimano split ring pliers

    Put one in my day bag , put one in my 1-3 tackle bag and of course one in my long range box;)
  239. Buttchaser

    VISX 16 uses

    Troll for Albacore?:cool:
  240. Buttchaser

    Rent/Borrow left handed 80# reel?

    I don't have any lefties to fish but have a few 80lb reels ,right hand crank , 2 speed available for you to borrow free at NO cost if needed...
  241. Buttchaser

    Intrepid in bad weather

    Do your self a favor ,run to your nearest pharmacy ,and get some motion seasick pills, bonnie ,Dramamine or whatever ....NOW !!!!!! You need to start taking them at least 24 hours before going on a boat ride...... Hope all goes well, good luck!!!! EDIT , Never mind , I thought it read never...
  242. Buttchaser

    Want to take my 8yr old on a 1.5 day

    Baby steps !!! Take him island fishing , Halibut , Bass , yt, seabass If you do decide on a Tuna trip , do it on a chartered trip
  243. Buttchaser

    Would u buy this?

  244. Buttchaser

    Would u buy this?

    Wait .. Are you a scammerLOLLOL
  245. Buttchaser

    Airbrushing Blanks
  246. Buttchaser

    Offshore first cow of 2022

    Hey , That's Pablo WTG guys !!!!! Buddy lost one at the gaff last night , Failed connection
  247. Buttchaser

    Visx 20 line capacity

    wow , that's crazy! I was only able to get 520 of 100lb
  248. Buttchaser

    Worst Conditions You Ever Fished?

    Oh yeah , My dad use walk barefoot to school in the snow :D
  249. Buttchaser

    Sons first multi day trip

    Port and starboard side bunks , first top middle bunk is the biggest … Tight fit in the bunks area but the boat kills fish!!
  250. Buttchaser

    Inshore Redondo 4/30/2022

    Save the seals!!!LOLLOL
  251. Buttchaser

    Sons first multi day trip

    What are you looking for , fishy boat , capt , comfort? Lots of options just depends on the experience your looking for .. For Parking convenience , I'd recommend seaforth landing Aztec would be my choice Fishermans Landing comfort Islander space(elbow room Condor Depends on who's...
  252. Buttchaser

    Inshore Redondo 4/30/2022

    Leave my halibut alone ! LOL
  253. Buttchaser

    Bait Boats at Catalina

    Carnage is at avalon
  254. Buttchaser

    Albacore or Bluefin… what’s your favorite?

    Halibut ,seabass, YT , Bass Tuna
  255. Buttchaser

    Los Angeles fresh water

    That was a cool spot, I use to take the kids there...
  256. Buttchaser

    Unanswered Lever drag question

    30% of the line rating at full
  257. Buttchaser

    Are flat falls a thing of the past??

    If you fish it , They will come !!
  258. Buttchaser

    Enhanced Driver License
  259. Buttchaser

    Bob Sands rod builder

    He doesn't post
  260. Buttchaser

    Islands YT and cbass action

    This weather sucks , Hopefully the weather lays down by monday or Tuesday , I'd like to get a trifecta :D for 2022
  261. Buttchaser

    How much should I tip?

    SOB Sometimes I get hit with a 40% tip Imagine that , paying for a trip , and then Paying the processor who owns both operations ... :Exploding_Smiley:
  262. Buttchaser

    Fish Processing Cost

    I’ve had them do it the same day too , you just need to make arrangements with them … later in the season it gets harder to have same day service (Fall)
  263. Buttchaser

    How much should I tip?

    I was on a boat last year , The capt was collecting Tabs and tips .. A few guys in front got called out for leaving less than 20% The capt “Did you not enjoy your trip” he also went on the PA speaker and thanked everyone and put the guys that came up short on blast !!! :rofl:
  264. Buttchaser

    Fish Processing Cost

    If your at Seaforth you can have Mario handle it for you in a few hours..Call them first for arrangements
  265. Buttchaser

    How much should I tip?

    I haven't been out since October ... Trolling on a boat sucks !!
  266. Buttchaser

    Offshore New lo -Ann 4/22 1.5 day

    Not acceptable , I would of waited for larger grade fish to fill my bag limit LOL
  267. Buttchaser

    Is it enough for overnight

    Spool it with 80lb braid , fish it at both 60or 80 you will be good until your not
  268. Buttchaser

    How much should I tip?

    With the cost of inflation , How much should I tip on a trip :D
  269. Buttchaser

    Surface Iron for Albacore Tuna

    Never really tried iron so much but had a lot of luck fishing the slide with a channel island chovie fish trap
  270. Buttchaser

    Black Hole cape cod 86 Nano

  271. Buttchaser

    Charkbait customer service

    That’s awesome !!! That‘s why we should all support our local shops !!!
  272. Buttchaser

    Will there be Albacore caught in 2022?

    Time will tell !!
  273. Buttchaser

    Best braid pound test for light tackle?

    yep, I'd go 6-8 lbs
  274. Buttchaser

    White Seabass Hatchery Research Results

    Seabass :food-smiley-014:
  275. Buttchaser

    WHY flatfall at night?

    They do bite a little bitty sardine at night , but not many fish it because it’s mostly a reaction bite… Got one at 3 am on a sardine one morning , ( sinker rig)everyone was in bed , 2nd ticket was still looking , we stopped on deep marks and started dropping on them (2nd capt and I) I got...
  276. Buttchaser

    Brand new rod eyelet ring is gone !?

    repair At a rod shop , probably cost you about $40 unless you can return it to the eBay vendor
  277. Buttchaser

    Offshore Lost tackle bag
  278. Buttchaser

    Black Hole cape cod 86 Nano

    Still available
  279. Buttchaser

    GP Blanks , Gp custom rod `

    Gp blanks are all gone 1 US80Tilefish available $185
  280. Buttchaser

    Favorite reel for flat fall/ knife jigging for bft

    My rig would be a Penn visx20 paired with a viper I cant say I have a favorite , Because I fish them all ( penn VISX 12 , 16, 20,30, 50) The 16, and 20 definitely keep me at the rail longer , The other reels are heavier which I tend to put away after a few drops ... Just an observation from...
  281. Buttchaser

    Spooled On The Makaira 50?

    It will not stop a fish due to user Error
  282. Buttchaser


    Well , Did you hit up Drew ?:imdumb:
  283. Buttchaser

    Any Other Way is wrong!

    No Dave, This is wrong! My Aunt's , husband little brother showed me the rite way.... EDIT RI GHT is a bad word LOL
  284. Buttchaser

    Best narrow reel for jigs

    newell 322
  285. Buttchaser

    T-Bird or Pacific Islander

    These boats would have to pay me to jump aboard
  286. Buttchaser

    Question about Daily Limits

    Ha Bull chit , I'm not stopping because your to good for 20 lb fish , I'm out there to kill some chit!!!:D
  287. Buttchaser

    Question about Daily Limits

    They do not allow anyone to TAKE more than their legal limit at the end of the trip, They are in business to make money , Numbers fill the boat. At the end of the day , they don't give two shits ,, You have a limit they have your cash , and tip ... Repeat , recycle !!!!
  288. Buttchaser

    Small Craft Adv. 4/22 6am to 4/23 6am Cat to Channel Islands

    Made it out Saturday night from Huntington Harbor , It was a little bumpy 4' at 8 seconds ,going 16 knots , it flattened out a bit and we ran 27 knots(10 miles) the rest of the way to Catalina . The wind picked up at 10pm .. It was fishable yesterday morning ...
  289. Buttchaser

    Small Craft Adv. 4/22 6am to 4/23 6am Cat to Channel Islands

    Made it out Saturday night from Huntington Harbor , It was a little bumpy 4' at 8 seconds ,going 16 knots , it flattened out a bit and we ran 27 knots(10 miles) the rest of the way to Catalina . The wind picked up at 10pm .. It was fishable yesterday morning ...
  290. Buttchaser

    Catalina 4/9 -4/10

    The small craft advisory nixed our plan to look for squid , it was blowing11 knots from the east .. We anchored at the front over by the rock quarry for the night .. Early this Am we went to the East , fished fresh frozen on dropper loops , Jigs , leaf heads … No exotics , lots of calicos , and...
  291. Buttchaser

    Catalina 4/9 -4/10

    A little bumpy this evening 4 feet at 8secs
  292. Buttchaser

    SELLING SPOT ON INDY FOR 8/28. 7 day

    I'll take for $1000LOL:food-smiley-014:
  293. Buttchaser

    Catalina 4/9 -4/10

    Planning on making the run tomorrow evening , will be fishing up by the V's If your out there give me a shout on 72 . 25"Parker "Hokees"
  294. Buttchaser

    BF Leader Length For Night Time FF And KJ.

    Do not over think it , You have your spectra marked 50,100,200,250 feet Rig your flat fall . Knife jig with leader of your choice .. 3-5 feet is all you need Attach that to you braid , your done .....
  295. Buttchaser


    The card, will still work, Your subscription just allows you to update your maps
  296. Buttchaser

    What are your great early memories of OG San Diego and Long Beach Bloodydecks?

    That weekend when BD took over the world Fuckin Stan!!!
  297. Buttchaser

    Questions on sportboat limits

    limits is a formality , don't stop fishing until Capt, or crew said so...I'm always looking to upgrade my possession limits ,and help out in any way that I can...
  298. Buttchaser

    Offshore New Lo An 4/1

    Anthony Way to start the season!!! My trip up north ended with an emergency. Passenger fell and fractured his lower vertebrate L1& L2 ...
  299. Buttchaser

    WSB Tips

    San O was always a fun spot to fish , a lot of halibuts ! One year we heard rumors of squid at the Box canyon so a handful of my kayak buddies and I launched our kayaks from San Onofree state beach and made a 4.5 mile paddle to the box canyon area ... I Got lucky that day with a 41lb cbass on a...
  300. Buttchaser

    Bay / Harbor Bitey Day on the Halibuts

    Congrats Peg!!! Fun fishin!
  301. Buttchaser

    Next 5 Day Wind/Weather Info. Nice inshore/windy offshore

    My rockfish opener is lookin good on 4/1 in Morro bay :D
  302. Buttchaser

    WSB Tips

    Find the squid , crowd the squid , dropper loop to the bottom .Turn on your clicker … Go to bed until clicker goes zzzzzzzzz
  303. Buttchaser

    Black Hole cape cod 86 Nano

    Trades are good to , some things I'd be interested in Talica Skb box 7100.7200 Visx Trqs
  304. Buttchaser

    Shhhh.....looking for some BFT

    Hook up with Crash
  305. Buttchaser

    WSB - Maybe Soon? WSB Showcase @ #12 onward.

    I love me some seabass fishing , bf is fun too…
  306. Buttchaser

    ATD30T or ATD12T Super?

    Yeah , I'd take both just for the reason stated above, But I'd fish the super 12 Knowing it is capable of landing a cow and endurance at the rail...
  307. Buttchaser

    Which UC Rod for 80# Fly Line / Sinker Rig BFT

    I was fortunate enough to fish the gpx prototypes last year , the Gpx Raptor and the centaur were 2 rods that I really liked the most . Both well balanced and handle fish at ease ...
  308. Buttchaser

    My fishing spot..

  309. Buttchaser

    My fishing spot..

  310. Buttchaser

    New UC GPX Viper blanks and rods

    To bad Bd doesn’t allow video to be uploaded That’s the GPX viper at work , in the shot Shane is fighting a 150+ on the GPX prototype , in the background is his son Hooked up on a good 1 … The kid had a hell of a trip . He caught his cow the previous night but on this night he had 4 over 100-...
  311. Buttchaser

    WSB Tips

    Book early at channel island sports fishing :D I like going after June 16
  312. Buttchaser


    Fished that boat a few time back in the day "Samuri" and early last year in May from San Pedro with Capt Shawn (now owns the Pride ).. One thing I've always like about the boat is it had wide bunks, Capt Shawn took a chance on a whim , and we had a blast on some early season yellowtail at...
  313. Buttchaser

    BFT Nomad Jigs

    Try a mustad rip roller if you can’t find anything Rasta , Sardine , Ironman
  314. Buttchaser

    BFT Nomad Jigs

    Yeah , with knife Jigs I like to go heavy …Always have a 300-500 GM knife jig ready
  315. Buttchaser

    Kelp paddy - lense colors?

    Ron , Have you tried a amber lense , I know it works for sight fishing in fresh water .
  316. Buttchaser

    We are pussies with bluefin

    I'd like to watch that fight with a Bf, Good luck :eek:
  317. Buttchaser

    Quality dip net?

    your better off making your own
  318. Buttchaser

    Diawa SK Jigs..

    i have 1 SK jig , but if I need a certain size or color , I just reach in my buddies tackle box :D
  319. Buttchaser

    Diawa SK Jigs..

    Did you try island tackle?
  320. Buttchaser

    When to replace Braid
  321. Buttchaser

    Fish I.D. needed.

    silver hake
  322. Buttchaser

    Blue fin setups

    I'd buy something you can switch from 50- 40 and rent a 80 . and 100lb
  323. Buttchaser

    Help with two new setups

    Nice setups !!! That's the way I fish my Trq 40nds2 , with 80LB. 600+ yds Visx 16 100Lbs with a little over 550 yds
  324. Buttchaser

    Black Hole cape cod 86 Nano

    Buttchaser submitted a new listing: Black Hole cape cod 86 Nano - Black Hole cape cod 86 Nano Learn more about this listing...
  325. Buttchaser

    Southern California Black Hole cape cod 86 Nano

    I have a Brand new black Hole cape cod 86 nano , Purchased it from bob Sand 2 years ago , I had Bob sand cover up the Gold lettering on the blank .. Never used $550
  326. Buttchaser

    GP Blanks , Gp custom rod `

    Buttchaser submitted a new listing: GP Blanks , Gp custom rod ` - GP Blanks , Gp custom rod ` Learn more about this listing...
  327. Gp custom rod `

    Southern California Gp custom rod `

    I have a GP 80HP and a GP Tilefish JR , with SIC guides , Graphite reel seat They have no marking , name on them Both are brand new never used ... $340 Blanks GP Blanks All sold Us 80 Tilefish $185 Sorry , no shipping , Pick up SFV
  328. Buttchaser

    When to replace Braid

    Greg , The only time I replace the spectra is if I’m running low on the spool , I usually pull off the braid and soak it in soap and repack the reels at the end of the season..
  329. Buttchaser

    Preventing dropper loop tangles

    As someone above mentioned Try slowing down and shorter loops on the spyder hitch
  330. Buttchaser

    So I was robbed today....

    Once upon a time ago , while on a road trip during the start of the pandemic I still had change back after purchasing a 12 pack and 2 packs of smokes !!!!LOL
  331. Buttchaser

    Preventing dropper loop tangles

    What pound test are you fishin , Seems to me everything under 30lb gets twisted up on the spyder hitch
  332. Buttchaser

    Royal Polaris updated report..... Great wahoo fish.... Tuna are getting Taxed BIG TIME

    Awesome !!! It’s spring again Thanks for the report !!!
  333. Buttchaser

    It's Started...

    Good luck !!! I have a Rock fish trip in Morro bay on 4/1:)
  334. Buttchaser

    It's Started...

    Go get em y’all !!! This year my plan of attack will be different … I’ll be fishing The local islands through summer , and back on the Tuna in the fall !!!! I kind of miss the island and them pesky cbass!!! Besides , you guys were quick on pre booking The tuna trips :D
  335. Buttchaser

    gear help

    What kind of trips are you fishing ?
  336. Buttchaser

    State advisory

    So the Coahuilla is not a good Idea ? Asking for a friend ..
  337. Buttchaser

    Fluoro v mono on knife jigs

    it makes no sense at all using fluoro on a jig , Your not finesse fishing
  338. Buttchaser

    Decent fishing weather this week forecast.....Get out there!!

    Made a quick stop at a local lake after work , fish are biting
  339. Buttchaser

    Best Selection of United Composites rods

    My apologies , looks like it ended on the 6th
  340. Buttchaser

    Best Selection of United Composites rods

    Selections of rods will vary from dealer to dealer I would suggest in your case to give a few dealers a call and pick their brains … @Bob Sands is currently running a sale , you can call the shop , I’d ask to speak with Jaime for a complete run down …Edit sorry sale ended here is the link...
  341. Buttchaser

    Daiwa Lexa 300XH-P

    reel shipped
  342. Buttchaser

    Chance of bringing fish home this April from a 1.5 day trip out of San Diego?

    Each year is different last year in April they bit , If your out fishin you might have a better chance at some fish then staying home :D
  343. Buttchaser

    Daiwa Lexa 300XH-P

    SOLD To @sneakypete
  344. Buttchaser

    What time is Nacho / LB bait barge open

    Yeah , Nacho sets his own hours , we usually hang out and make bait around the barge .. Once his lights and generator fires up its ok to tie up too the dock .. He's usually up by 4-4:15am ... If you approach in the dark , he's not going to be happy !
  345. Buttchaser

    Hook size and fighting bigger fish

    For anything under 80lbs , I'm comfortable with size 2 & 4 owner Mutu circle hooks also found the Blacktail Mutu circle hooks to be dependable and comparable to owners hooks. For the larger fish I'm reaching for my 1/0- 2/0 Charlie browns
  346. Buttchaser

    Torque 40 NLD or VISX12 for 60lb Guadalupe

    Yes SR.. Rated at 30-80
  347. Buttchaser

    Daiwa Lexa 300XH-P

    Buttchaser submitted a new listing: Daiwa Lexa 300XH-P - Daiwa Lexa 300XH-P Learn more about this listing...
  348. Daiwa Lexa 300XH-P (SOLD)

    Southern California Daiwa Lexa 300XH-P (SOLD)

    Spooled up with 50 lb white maxcuatro , fished once this fall in fresh water with big swimbait … $300 pick up can ship on your dime , PayPal plus fees
  349. Buttchaser

    Torque 40 NLD or VISX12 for 60lb Guadalupe

    I have my trq 40nld2 paired with a gp terminator (80lb solid) Visx 12 paired with a cx80 raptor (80lb Hollow) Any of the the rods you mentioned above will work
  350. Buttchaser

    Torque 40 NLD or VISX12 for 60lb Guadalupe

    Visx 12 has a heavier frame medium frame on torque , heavier frame on the visx12 handle on the torque is smaller , full handle size on the 12 diffrent shifting system, different gear ratio ..
  351. Buttchaser


    kayak saddles if your unsure and need a little help , give Andy at OEX sunset beach a call
  352. Buttchaser

    Family 6 Pack Boat Recommendations SD

    We had a good trip with capt Jake on the prime time in may of 2020.
  353. Buttchaser

    Yes , That will work to get the bait away , When there is no wind and your boat stops , The...

    Yes , That will work to get the bait away , When there is no wind and your boat stops , The balloon will be at an upright position over the bait with no lift , your bait will just sit there at the same position with no movement .
  354. Buttchaser

    Helium balloon with no kite

    You need both . There will be some days where neither of them will work .. Helium alone will get the balloon up but you also need wind to get the balloon and bait away from the boat
  355. Buttchaser

    Attaching helium ballon straight to fishing line

    We have had success using a snap swivel , swivel , 3-4 ft line attached to the balloon .. You simply burn 25-30 ft of your main line , attach a rubber band to the mainline , attach snap swivel to main line , before closing the snap , place your rubber band loop into the snap .... When you get...
  356. Buttchaser

    Passport Cards

    Yes , a card is all you’ll need for border crossings
  357. Buttchaser

    How Do Y'all Fish Tuna Here

    Are you fishin on a private boat or from sport boats ?
  358. Buttchaser

    Help Bloodydecks get rid of scammers!

    It’s really not the scammers fault is it , some of y’all just dumb!!!
  359. Buttchaser

    2022 predictions

    Yeah , La Niña , El Niño, el covid … Seabass !!!!!!
  360. Buttchaser

    HOLY COW: United Composites, Cal-Star and Phenix Rod Sale extended again

    I'll take one too , see you at the show :D
  361. Buttchaser

    Insane Raiders Chargers game…

    Charger lost because of their coach , The game is tied Raiders letting the clock run out for the tie and chargers call a time out It was 3and 8 with 38 seconds
  362. Buttchaser


  363. Buttchaser

    The Last BFT and Where?

    Long range bft doesn't count !:D
  364. Buttchaser

    11/13/21 San Diego Striper

    Too cool , great catch!
  365. Buttchaser

    Taking apart that $1200 lure

    Sheesh , I cringe on spending $55 on a glide bait LOL
  366. Buttchaser

    Favorite brand of fluorocarbon line?

    I've had great luck with Seaguar Kureha @ 25-40 lb ,and use Sunline from 50 lbs on up .
  367. Buttchaser

    Where for get Carpet for bunk boards

    Earlier this year
  368. Buttchaser

    Anyone try new Yozuri Lipless Crankbaits Yet?

    Not yet . I've been fishin the Lv 500,Jackall TN50/60/70, Hardcore flash n vibe , Bill lewis , cotton cordels this fall ... None of them work so far :1041677399: It's been a weird fall !!
  369. Buttchaser

    What Happened To The BFT Bite at Tanner/Cortez?

    Now I know how you plan a trip LOL
  370. Buttchaser

    Fishing memes

  371. Buttchaser

    VISX 16 OR 20

  372. Buttchaser

    Polaris Supreme

    I've never fished with the Capt or boat but would like too . Been trying to find a spot on that boat all year , it seems too be booked through next year , If any of you charter masters have a spot for a 2-3.5 day next year in August -October ... I'm in :D
  373. Buttchaser

    Sponsored Trips

    No , bring what you have !! A sponsored trip is to get their company product out to you the consumer … Its a great way for you to learn and use there products while on the trip!
  374. Buttchaser

    Offshore My first bft and it was over 300lbs!

    congrats , you should try for swordfish next LOL
  375. Buttchaser

    Penn Visx 30

    Great reel ,I'm actually enjoying this reel a lot more . It's not much bigger than my 20 visx .
  376. Buttchaser

    Penn Baja Special as a general purpose 40lb reel

    Baja special was made for Jigging and bottom fishing
  377. Buttchaser

    10-11-21 day charter open party?

    Your trip is looking good , it will be bumpy the first day out
  378. Buttchaser

    10-11-21 day charter open party?

    The weather look like chit !!! This is the first time I’ve seen a multi day trip on the Queen open this year
  379. Buttchaser

    10.11- 3 Day on the PQ weather forecast is all bad

    3 day on the 15th , and 24th .... good jigging weather :D
  380. Buttchaser

    Freaky Flyers Now in Stock!

    They do work !!!!
  381. Buttchaser

    Cow BFT on PENN 16VISX

    That’s awesome , congrats on a great catch !!!!
  382. Buttchaser

    Help with finding the UC rod blank most similar to a Phenix 700 4xh

    The specs will put you in line with a RCX Invictus
  383. Buttchaser

    Tuna: rank 'em for catching and for cooking

    1. Albacore 2. yf albacore and yellowfin because they are easy and dumb … Bft for for size , but very frustrating at times As for table fair Heck if I know , I don’t eat fish…
  384. Buttchaser

    Getting prepared for all my trips 1 day to 3.5 days..

    Ted I'd leave almost all of those sinkers ,maybe take (1) 6 ounce (2 )8 ounce maybe 1 of each on the 10 , 12 ounce ... I'd also down size by leaving some of the smaller flatfalls behind , most likely you will not be using them... Other than that your styling !!!! Good luck Bud !
  385. Buttchaser

    Is this right gear for bft and yellowtails?

    You'll do fine without them....
  386. Buttchaser

    Slow Pitched on the Old Glory for BFT to be ridiculed and ignored.

    When your on a fish and need a hand , you call them ' need a hand here " they do have other customers on the boat as well ! Speak up , they are their to help you ! I don't think you were being neglected !
  387. Buttchaser

    Is this right gear for bft and yellowtails?

    Ted you can rig them any way you’d like as long as you change out the stocked rings and stocked assist hooks .. I normally have my jigs rigged with a single hook on the bottom and assist hooks on top… You can also set them up with assist on top or bottom Hope this helps
  388. Buttchaser

    Is this right gear for bft and yellowtails?

    Change out all stocked Rings and assist hooks ...I've been out quite a bit this month On my Ranger 85 3.5 day trip earlier this month the standard flat fall did well (SK jigs , Nomads , shimano flatfalls ) On my most recent trip on the Aztec from 9/19-9/23 Knife jigs worked the best( 400-500...
  389. Buttchaser

    Is this right gear for bft and yellowtails?

    Ted Its time ! Any more question before your trip , I'm hoping all the stars line up for you in the next few weeks!!!
  390. Buttchaser

    Need new boat recommendations for 2.5 day for October..

    Congrats Ted !!!That is a great boat to be on,I’m on that boat for a 3 day on 10-15…
  391. Buttchaser

    Spirit of Adventure 9/19-9/27

    Great report Lake !!!! What size popper do you throw ? Im really considering a 8 day for next year , what’s the max length rod that will fit under that overhang ?
  392. Buttchaser

    12 visx for 80lb

    I have 80lb hollow on mine and fish it at 20lbs at strike and set at 30lbs at full
  393. Buttchaser

    Blue Makaira 20 SEA & 7ft UC Viper

    wow , cow killer 3 2 1
  394. Buttchaser

    Gunmetal Makaira 16 SEA & 7' UC Centuar

    what a deal , catch a cow!!!! 3 2 1
  395. Buttchaser

    yes , from 9/19-9/23 on the Aztec

    yes , from 9/19-9/23 on the Aztec
  396. Buttchaser

    Using Jumbo squid at Tanner?

    yes , from 9/19-9/23
  397. Buttchaser

    Need new boat recommendations for 2.5 day for October..

    Ted What dates are you looking for, will a longer trip fit your schedule?
  398. Buttchaser

    Using Jumbo squid at Tanner?

    100-130 lb spectra too 300 lb (3’)bite leader
  399. Buttchaser

    Using Jumbo squid at Tanner?

    Good luck !!! Bring some heavy knife jigs 300-500 grams for night fishing ! We did pretty good from 12 am to 5 am on large model bf on our trip. We had 30 from 120-180 and 3 over 200 all on knife jigs at night …
  400. Buttchaser

    UC CX80 Predator (50-80# rating) custom rail rod “Reel Choice”?

    Nice !!! Darin knows all about the 10E , here he is this past week throwing the iron on it
  401. Buttchaser

    Getting to Fisherman processing after trip…

    Contact and make your reservation now , Mario was not accepting any fish , rumor has it that all processors are turning away fish … I just got off a 3.5 day we had 30 bf between 120-180 lbs and 3 over 200.. couldn’t get our fish processed
  402. Buttchaser

    Using Jumbo squid at Tanner?

    Just got back from a 3.5 today , we did not use squid but seen plenty of it floating at night … A few fish were spitting up squid on deck
  403. Buttchaser

    UC CX80 Predator (50-80# rating) custom rail rod “Reel Choice”?

    I think that was Bob sands that posted about the 10E Give Jaime a call ,he should be able to answer any questions for you today , he’s always there on Saturday’s
  404. Buttchaser

    Freshwater Forum?

    It‘s there ,under fishing reports a sub category in the bottom
  405. Buttchaser

    FS: Sea Adventure 80, 2 day trip 9/20-9/22

    this thread is from last year
  406. Buttchaser

    Nice , I like the MK16 for that calstar , Nice to have options ! Funny , I'd like to get the...

    Nice , I like the MK16 for that calstar , Nice to have options ! Funny , I'd like to get the 7'6 predator myself ,That rod has a lot more lift power than the 80 predator .... Btw , heading out with Darin (310rodworks ) this Sunday on the Aztec for a 3.5 day trip
  407. Buttchaser

    UC CX80 Raptor (60-80# rod) brand new virgin

    Thats a tough one for me , I like the Mak 15T as a bait / flyline reel only. My Cx80 is fished with a visxs 12 or trq40nld . I’m mostly using it as a 80lb flat fall / sinker rig .. For reference I pair my trq40nld with a GP Terminator mak 15T with GP 80 Predator I think I would pair your...
  408. Buttchaser

    RS 4-day, Sep 11-15

    I seen that fish count this morning , what a great trip for you all !
  409. Buttchaser

    WTB 76 RCX Raptor and 76 RCX Centaur with factory wrap

    Try Hogans tackle in Dana Pt...
  410. Buttchaser

    Skorext scammed me!!

    I have a friend ,his name is bob , he mentioned he has that reel for sale .. pm me your bank account info and I'll put you in contact with him LOL...
  411. Buttchaser


    krocodile , try it
  412. Buttchaser

    Watching TV on the water

    We watched the Thursday night game this past week on direct tv on the ranger 85 while at tanner banks
  413. Buttchaser

    Best Mexican food near the landings?

    What is that Mexican joint called that Ali visited on local knowledge ?
  414. Buttchaser

    Best Mexican food near the landings?

    Alderberto or Tony’s
  415. Buttchaser

    SUPERSTITIONS.... Strange thing we do while fishing.

    No sunblock lotion on my hands , sunblock spray is okay because I don’t have to rub it on my skin with my hands 😛
  416. Buttchaser

    25-30 lb blank recommendation?

    If your considering a uc rod (blank) take a look at the US 80 mag or US80 Tilefish Jr.. I like the 80 mag for 25 I fish the Tilefish Jr the most and I use it for both 25 and 30 , seriously one of my favorite rods to fish with .
  417. Buttchaser

    What rod would you recommend for a PENN VISXS 50?

    I fish mine (50visx) with a united composites RCX76 VIPER, I also have a RCX76 INVICTUS that I like for night time flatfall , knife jigs .. My favorite of the 2 rods would be the viper , great all around rod with a nice tip for bait fishing ... My viper has landed quite a few fish in the 100's...
  418. Buttchaser

    Not fishing,fishing

    Did you speak with the Capt. about this at any point of the trip like you should have ?
  419. Buttchaser

    Is this right gear for bft and yellowtails?

    Ted The flat falls are outdated and don't work anymore , where are the Knife jigs ?:p:D
  420. Buttchaser

    Help with TIP to fish the islands.... SD to MX.
  421. Buttchaser

    Looking for two spots on a 2+ day trip leaving 9/2 or 9/3
  422. Buttchaser

    Shotgun issue

    What type of ammo (brand) , are they reloads?
  423. Buttchaser

    First time in 5 years, advice?

    A few options for processing
  424. Buttchaser

    Red Rooster III 5-day August 26th-31st **NO GUADALUPE BECAUSE 2 PASSENGERS DON’T HAVE PASSPORT**

    I'd ask to have them off the trip , or ask for my refund !
  425. Buttchaser

    International knob replacement

    Try Mysticparts
  426. Buttchaser

    Poor charter experience. Poll: Do I deserve a refund?

    Did you leave a tip of 20% or more that most Capt are asking for? :D FYI that boat broke down a few weeks ago on a over nite , (one engine ) They gave all passengers a re ride at a later date..
  427. Buttchaser

    Sabiki rigs

    I like a size 2 or 4 for Mack’s
  428. Buttchaser

    2 day amigo question

    I‘d bring your standard 25-60 for the school grade tuna/Island yellows and definitely a 80/100 rig for sinker rig or flat fall … The past few weeks has been standard grade fish from 25-50lbs…. leading up to the full moon you should have a big setup on stand by… Good luck !
  429. Buttchaser

    Fisherman’s Gift

    Some thing Useful and thoughtful that a fisherman can use and appreciate ! reel covers assortment of hooks in a small Plano box finger tape split ring Pliers assist hooks rigged knife jig/ Flat fall / colt sniper Rod tethers cocaine and Russian hookers
  430. Buttchaser

    Factory UC GP rod Hypalon dimensions

    Contact Darin @ 310 rodworks
  431. Buttchaser

    Charter groups and charter openings

    Network while your out fishing . check with tackle shops for group charter trips ...
  432. Buttchaser

    Charter groups and charter openings

    Network while your out fishing . check with tackle shops for group charter trips ...
  433. Buttchaser

    Knife jig rigging?

    Last month I rigged a bill williamson kensaki jig (280gm) with a Owner ring , mustad 7691 j hook on the bottom and 2 mustad assist hooks on top … The shank of the hook went through the BF face ..
  434. Buttchaser

    UC CX80 Predator (50-80# rating) custom rail rod “Reel Choice”?

    I fish mine , with the following reels .. visx 12 torque 40nld2 mak 15T all good from 50-60 lbs
  435. Buttchaser

    Offshore 7/30/21: BFT West of the 178

    Spinner = Dinner !!!! Way to go!!!:cheers:
  436. Buttchaser

    Offshore Lost 3...I suck but they're out there

    It’s not the brand , it’s the size of fluoro being use , most likely the jig was swallowed and you were chewed off …
  437. Buttchaser


  438. Buttchaser

    When is the sell

    Looking for a 2-4 day trip for August or sept… prefer the back side of the full … let me know :D
  439. Buttchaser

    Is it over????

    This happens every year , they are out there feeding on small chovies , when they are done it’s game on !! Get your kite game ready!!!
  440. Buttchaser

    What about MOON PHASE???

    Yeah it doesn’t matter this year but if your persistent on fishing for certain species you’ll notice what a difference it makes
  441. Buttchaser

    Mexican fishing license with a felony?

    Enjoy your trip , your good to go!!
  442. Buttchaser

    Mexican fishing license with a felony?

    Yes you can buy one , Here’s a question for you, are you able to get a passport?
  443. Buttchaser

    Hook size comparison......Help me decide

    I learned from a well known long range veteran that you can use a 1/0- and a 2/0 (chaie brown)for our sardines .. If bait is bigger and using mackerel then you should consider the 3/0 -4/0... I’m using a 1/0 for 40 to 60lb and 2/0 from 60 and above to 100lb..
  444. Buttchaser

    Offshore Oceanside 95 7/2-7/4/21 1.5 day

    We had some 5-6” sardines and a mix of Mini Mack’s in the tanks
  445. Buttchaser

    Offshore Oceanside 95 7/2-7/4/21 1.5 day

    Fished aboard the Oceanside 95 on 7/2-7/4 , 1.5 day trip .. The boat was full with 32 passengers , Capt Rick announced we would be driving all night and running down the line some 80 + miles down by Ensenada.. On 7/3 we fished a few spots and looked for sign of Bf to none available , so we...
  446. Buttchaser

    Man Up or spend money, what would you do?

    Fish it , spend the 1200 on a 3 day !!!! The deck hands will help you out if things get out of hand ... Enjoy !!!
  447. Buttchaser

    Storing Ice

    We use a heavy duty industrial plastic bags , load up about 40lbs per bag its just like these bags ....
  448. Buttchaser

    Anbody ever order rods, reels, etc from

    oh my , look at the prices .. Such a bargain :D
  449. Buttchaser

    Pulling on a BFT,,,for 7.5 hours!

    What a heartbreaker , I was on the New Loann fishing the WON tournament we heard about it. Our boat (New LoAnn)ended up with the Jackpot winner , My friend Gonzo won with a 178 lb Bf Tuna 2nd 3rd place was on the Tomahawk with a 174 & and a 164 Congrats to Gonzo
  450. Buttchaser

    Tuna hook recommendations

    1/0-2/0 is all you would need for our sardines ... I’d use a larger hook if flylining a mackerel
  451. Buttchaser

    GP 80 Tilefish Jr

    Definitely a 40 lb stick , I’d look at the US80 TILEFISH JR for 30
  452. Buttchaser


    Right now it seems like it’s a 24 hr round the the clock deal ... I’d fish the dark and take breaks throughout the day depending on the action on the deck and what the capt is seeing !!!
  453. Buttchaser

    100lb reel suggestions

    Penn visx20 or Makaira 20 , shimano 20/ 25 all seem to be the popular choices for 100
  454. Buttchaser

    80# reel

    All I was told is to try this” 100lb prototype ” There are many rod that are labeled prototype .. Nothing else was mentioned other than” it’s 100lbs prototype “.
  455. Buttchaser

    80# reel

    I love what my penn reels do for me , can’t complain... I fish all the penn visxs models 12, 16, 20,30, and 50 .. They are tanks .. I also have a Mak 15t , it’s been back and forth for maintenance twice ... last weekend I used a visx20 on 100lb on a uc 100lb prototype rod..
  456. Buttchaser

    Questions about flat fall set up and sinker rig set up..

    For flat falls I like mono for stretch , sinker rig I’ll add fluoro for bite abrasion
  457. Buttchaser

    Offshore Rooster Open Spots June 17 3day

    I’d go in a heartbeat but have a trip this weekend and playing hookee for a fishing trip next week !!!! Good luck
  458. Buttchaser

    Offshore “Over the Rail and into the Pail” as Dave Marciano would say!

    Lori & Rob Congrats to The both of you , see you guys on the water !!!
  459. Buttchaser

    Recommendations for 6-pack charters Fished with Jake last year on the primetime , perfect for 6
  460. Buttchaser

    Flatfall assist hook upgrade

    Picked up these new too me jigging assist hooks , I was told these are legit
  461. Buttchaser

    Need a flying fish hook up

    Does anyone have access , Connections to getting some flying fish , Looking to stock up the freezer . I will need them by 4th of july weekend . I need about 2 dozen to start ...
  462. Buttchaser

    Fishing Channel Islands

    Seabass are lazy when they are on squid bed they are suspended off the bottom slowly eating the squid .... Spawning squid is usually almost dead or near death which makes it easier for the seabass feast on ... It makes no difference if it’s alive or dead when fishing the water column with a...
  463. Buttchaser

    Acceptable Tip Amount For 1.5

    I hate when capt , crew members tell customer how to tip them on a public forum ......Don't let these mother fuckers tell you how to tip ... Fuck em !
  464. Buttchaser

    Fishing Channel Islands

    Fresh dead is just as good as live for sea bassin, I always kill my squid before putting it on the hook for seabass...
  465. Buttchaser

    Fish tattoo artists

    Yeah , get in touch with my boy charles aka @tattuna ..
  466. Buttchaser

    need a 150lb setup any suggestions without breaking the bank

    You should rent one for your trip , If you plan on more trips in the future Then you should consider a used penn Visx20 / or a mak 20 .... Plenty of gear on the classified section in the off-season ... For now your screwed and will have to brake the bank...
  467. Buttchaser

    AZTEC Tonight 5/24/21

    Any bunks near the rear Good luck
  468. Buttchaser


    Seen them all at the 22snd street Monday morning when I got back from the fortune trip The original reunion ...
  469. Buttchaser

    Southern California Shimano Twinpower 14000

    Looking for a Twinpower 14000 only Thanks
  470. Buttchaser

    Shimano Twinpower 14000

    Buttchaser submitted a new listing: Shimano Twinpower 14000 - Shimano Twinpower 14000 Learn more about this listing...
  471. Buttchaser

    So which United Composites rod?

    You cant Just have one , Can you ?LOL I use my RCX76 Centaur for 80, I usually fish it with a Penn Visx 16 , I would normally use this set up as a (sinker rig for 80, This rod is a beast itself and can handle fish in the 250 Range , In a pinch I will also use it as a 100 for flat falls...
  472. Buttchaser

    Captain Jimmy’s wahoo bombs

    Bob sands tackle is fully stocked with them at the shop
  473. Buttchaser

    Kite balloon. When to stop inflating?

    When you are near full and have about 1/2” too 3/4” of the nipple to tie
  474. Buttchaser

    Fortune!! 1.5 day Roll Call! 5/16 Sunday night. Out of 22nd street. Bluefin biting!!!

    I was on this trip , we had 58 yellow from 18-48 lbs ... All bank fishin! Yo yo, surface iron , flyline , dropper loop all worked even seen a dude with knife jig speed fishin hook a few,, The trip was full with 18 , 2 were No shows!! So off we went with 16... We went the distance and did some...
  475. Buttchaser

    Shopping for 2 kayaks

    Take a trip down to OEX sunset Beach ..This weekend should be nice to get out , They have a wide selection of kayaks at the shop ... You can test paddle them right there ,they are steps away from the water .... I’d call and speak with Andy to make arrangements for the weekend bring shorts...
  476. Buttchaser

    60# UC rod

    A lot of options He can choose from depending on what size rod he likes I fish both 7'6 and 8' rods in 7'6 I'll fish both 76 Raptor Gp76 predator for 8' I fish the CX80 raptor . Gp 80 predator Gp 80 terminator
  477. Buttchaser

    New BD Is BS

    Strackle is back 🔝
  478. Buttchaser

    Aztec 2 1/2 Day September 26 Departure

    Mike , This will sell out fast ! I really enjoy fishing on the azrec , The crew is always on point , they all work hard and all about buisness !
  479. Buttchaser

    Inshore Make sure you have your license.

    Thanks for the reminder ... I alway have mine in my wallet ..
  480. Buttchaser

    Offshore 3 April Polaris Supreme 1.5 day BFT

    They(Polaris Supreme) had limits of bf for 23 anglers
  481. Buttchaser

    Anyone Want a Free Blank?

    very cool , I guess I'll have to swing by islands or 310rodworks soon !
  482. Buttchaser

    Offshore 3 April Polaris Supreme 1.5 day BFT

    The boat is on them again today
  483. Buttchaser

    1.5 day trip in June boat recommendations

    not a bad option if you want a little comfort and space
  484. Buttchaser

    Cold Water This Year

    seen this on JD's this morning
  485. Buttchaser


  486. Buttchaser

    Congrats to mikeylikesit and annetta

    Atta boy Mikey!!! :beerbang:
  487. Buttchaser

    Braid for bluefin kite reel

    We run solid 150LBS for the 50 VISX 80lb Solid for the kite reel
  488. Buttchaser

    Offshore Old Glory 3/12 roll call. Anyone on this one? will is going
  489. Buttchaser

    Mak 15T or 16 Sea for flat fall/80#?

    without a doubt , I don't consider a 15t a FF reel , more of a Livebait reel
  490. Buttchaser

    What can/should I do

    Do you own a wrench ?:p
  491. Buttchaser

    Old Glory goin for sure with seven!!!

    Good luck , I’ll read about it:D
  492. Buttchaser

    Blue Reaper for Tim

    Oh my a blue reaper !!! The colors match well with the blue rod , nice and clean looking ! I like the feel of the new E4 hypalon by 310Rodworks , what you think of it Ralph ?
  493. Buttchaser

    Cowcod Photos repsonse from DFG.

    So take a picture of it floating on top of the water while your drifting away, problem solved :confused: me personally , you get that fish up and do what you got to do to get it back down !!!
  494. Buttchaser

    Parker 2520 Rode and chain length questions

    Generally speaking on chain you want to double the boat size plus half ,we just replaced the chain with g4 , 60 ft and used the existing rope we had , 500+feet with room to Spare on the 2520
  495. Buttchaser

    Overnight/Multiday Safety and Bedbugs.....

    Fished quite a bit last year during the lock down on a lot of different boats , I noticed a lot of new GFCI plugs along with usb plugs in staterooms ... Safety protocols are pretty much standard on all boats , you just have to listen to what’s being said during the capt safety meeting while...
  496. Buttchaser

    Help with rigging flying fish
  497. Buttchaser

    Food recs for offshore

    If we are at the island on the anchor we’ll light up the propane bbq , offshore will be nothing but cold cuts , fried chicken ,tater salads , salami/provolone cheese , junk food ..
  498. Buttchaser

    Catalina 3/6

    Your best bet is this Sunday, the weather will suck this weekend
  499. Buttchaser

    BAIT - will this work for Halibut?

    Try them on your pizza :cool: Apex predators will eat anything..
  500. Buttchaser

    Offshore SD Fleet to target Bluefin 2/16/21

    Anyone fishing for cbass yet :D ?
  501. Buttchaser

    Where are you buying your. 556 ammo at?

    At Gun shows before the eligibility check law came in effect
  502. Buttchaser

    I’ve asked this of others...but this seems like a good place to get feedback.

    Single speed , tern or fury I myself would only pick a lever drag Only if it’s a 2 speed
  503. Buttchaser

    Uc US/GP Predator 76/80 catches

    if your looking for a deal check out this post from @Bob Sands Sale Alert 25% off Good luck
  504. Buttchaser


    @Bob Sands Great seeing you all at the shop Thanks again John G
  505. Buttchaser

    Lost my job... anyone hiring?
  506. Buttchaser

    TLD30 or save up

    If that is all you have , use it ! Consider something beefier from August and up....
  507. Buttchaser

    My TOP 40 Sonar Screenshots of 2020...2kw Raymarine system

    I can see many benefits on having a solid radar out here in California , that bird mode would be a game changer finding squid nest (birds on top of water ) , birds on kelp the list can go on and on
  508. Buttchaser

    Would a cal star 800m work for temporary yo-yo setup

    Cut it down a foot , then it will be a 700m :D
  509. Buttchaser

    VISX 50 Silver New in BOX

    Great deal , I'd imagine the 50 will be hard to come by just as it was last season
  510. Buttchaser


    No it’s not , it’s not a cod ! You should read the regs.
  511. Buttchaser

    United Composites USA GP85 Mag

    Nice clean work, that blank is sweet too!
  512. Buttchaser

    Gotta be a good story here

    Sight fishing for corbina
  513. Buttchaser

    Who else is looking forward to new rockfish spots?

    no , not really it doesn't make any sense to fish that deep with the 2 hook rule
  514. Buttchaser

    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    Jason Any plans on making the OG bloodydecks stencil window decal in the near future ?
  515. Buttchaser

    Torpedo Sinker Attachment

    It’s pretty simple 1. attach the rubber band 3-4’ from your hook 2. thread the rubber band through the eye of torpedo sinker 3. 4 wraps around the torpedo sinker 4. thread the tag end of the rubber band through the bottom loop of the sinker 5.grab your hook and thread it through the loop of the...
  516. Buttchaser

    its a sign of times with most small wed forums becoming obsolete with social media taking over
  517. Buttchaser

    Uc US/GP Predator 76/80 catches

    Gp80 Predator/Penntrq40nld2 on 55lb sunline fluoro on the Condor 6/2020 same trip GP terminator /mak15t
  518. Buttchaser

    Pliers, tuna spike and Needlecrook sheath

    Thanks Rick Received it in the mail yesterday!
  519. Buttchaser

    Trimming the Butt

    miter saw? :D
  520. Buttchaser

    White Seabass Trips

    I'd imagine when the rockfish opener gets going you'll see the fleet looking around locally at cat /sci .If the fish are around you'll hear about it . Keep an eye out on the Amigo and a few other from 22snd street landing For the past few years most of the cbass have been up north in july/August...
  521. Buttchaser

    PENN 20VISX vs 30 VISX

    White spectra is the 30 visxs20 with blue
  522. Buttchaser

    Casting practice advice

    Practice a underhand pitch for live bait fishing , that’s all you’ll need
  523. Buttchaser

    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    I like the old "no politics Rule " I really don't give two chits on peoples opinions ! Bring back BOTD! :D
  524. Buttchaser

    Pliers, tuna spike and Needlecrook sheath

    Payment sent , Sent you a PM Thanks
  525. Buttchaser

    Help matching rods to reels

    25n for the 6480 just because of line rating
  526. Buttchaser

    What do you use your Fathom 40nld2 for?

    As a 2nd for back up 50lb rig
  527. Buttchaser

    Bolt Cutters to keep onboard

    8' Wiss wire cutters or any side cutters , bull nose cutters from your local tool shop
  528. Buttchaser

    Trading Ammo

    Legally No! It commifornia it must be transferred legally ! But if you traded it , does the whole world has to know your buisness?
  529. Buttchaser

    NRA, worth joining?

    In California it only makes sense to support an agency that will look out for you and your 2A rights in state!
  530. Buttchaser

    2X Penn Silver Torque 30LD2 - Reduced

    Great reels , I prefer the 30 over the 25N , great price for some solid reels
  531. Buttchaser

    boat storage - Sunset Aquatic Boat Ramp

    Its safe there , the only thing that needs to change is the gate key to exit , they need to make it by remote control , if your launching by yourself it makes it a pain in the arse to exit the vehicle and scan the key chip to exit on passenger side ..
  532. Buttchaser

    International 20 VISX or a Cal Sheets hotrodded original 30?

    I’d put Gramps reel away and hold onto it forever, grab yourself a visxs 16 or 20
  533. Buttchaser

    Brazing tutorial

  534. Buttchaser

    Dead Flyer life jacket question

    it's best to Drop it over on the wind in your face side , keep feeding line out and hold on :D
  535. Buttchaser

    Okuma’s Customer Service Line

    Create a ticket , they’ll get back to you ! If you need reel service they are not allowing walk up for drop offs , everything is done through mail!
  536. Buttchaser

    ARC Shad net / dip net

    Looking for a ARC or similar type shad net !
  537. Buttchaser

    Mak 50 Clicker Not Working

    Yes send it in , create a ticket on the okuma website and follow their instructions , I just received my 15t back from them. Turn around time was a week ...
  538. Buttchaser

    Heavier Sled Head?

    I used one for the first time on a plastic crawdad type bait yesterday , I didn’t like how it looked so changed it out to a shaky head . Have you tried using a flashy swimmer or a weighted twist lock type hook for the fluke?
  539. Buttchaser

    Squid from markets for fishing?

    I usually find a frozen box that looks like this or similar from Asian markets
  540. Buttchaser

    Blue spectra doesn’t work as well white

    Tried pulling it through I guess I didn’t know the proper method of removing the hook .. How have you guys done it and what’s the proper way?
  541. Buttchaser

    Curado and DC

    pm sent I'll be interested in the 200HG , IF ITS THE 6.3 Gear ratio
  542. Buttchaser

    2021 bluefin giants?

    Ted There has been a little pattern late summer through fall , try planning a trip 2-3 days to and through the moons ..
  543. Buttchaser


    Download Pluto tv app !
  544. Buttchaser

    Penn visxs20

    Sold to 808dc Thank you James !!
  545. Buttchaser


    I usually have 2 ready at all times Visxs16/ centaur for 200-250gm flat fall visxs 20 / viper for 250-500 gm lures
  546. Buttchaser

    Penn visxs20

    This needs a new home , Yes I will consider trades *Fresh water bass gear *low profile bait caster * freshwater Rods (baitcasters ) *fresh water tackle
  547. Buttchaser

    Penn visxs20

    still available
  548. Buttchaser

    Penn Torque TRQ25G Star Drag Reel

    I just see a star drag penn trq25
  549. Buttchaser

    Favorite setup for 30# bait?

    This upcoming year I'll be fishing Torque 15XNLD2 /Trini 14A with a GP Tilefish JR. The GP will be replacing my US Tilefish JR
  550. Buttchaser

    Cow Cod Photos

    why not , you got to deflate it or hook it up to send it back down ..
  551. Buttchaser


    C+ Is alps aluminum reel seat , c version is graphite reel seat =
  552. Buttchaser

    Want to catch a swordy?

    Thanks for setting this up Ali ! Nice work , Duane , Rush and Gato Gordo!:D
  553. Buttchaser

    A 373 and a 304

    Tim Thanks for sharing .. Glad you made it happen ,congratulations !:cheers:
  554. Buttchaser


    looking for a Tranx 400 only
  555. Buttchaser

    Uc viper 76 , sell it to me

    No sr... The viper can easily fish 50. Lbs of Drag if you can handle that... We fish both viper / invictus This is the viper at work on a penn visx Good luck on your search!
  556. Buttchaser

    Trout tackle , 4-6WT flyrod combo , Float tube

    BUMP Anybody have a newer float tube , 4-6 wt fly rod combo , Trout gear , freshwater stuff
  557. Buttchaser

    Face Book Censorship

    Never had face book account
  558. Buttchaser

    Dip net

    any of these guys Morita gaff Mark at Pacific edge bait and tackle Tino on the freedom
  559. Buttchaser

    Trout tackle , 4-6WT flyrod combo , Float tube

    Bump still looking , Fly fishing tackle is good too
  560. Buttchaser


    Trade you :D
  561. Buttchaser

    Trout tackle , 4-6WT flyrod combo , Float tube

    still looking for trout Lures , mini Jigs , Rapalas
  562. Buttchaser


    Looking to trade BNIB FTH15XNLD2 for a BNIB Tranx 200,300.400 only Thanks
  563. Buttchaser

    Hey Santa! Here's the new PENN reel I want to see under the tree!

    A SILVER Torque 25 SD 8-) 2021?
  564. Buttchaser

    PV Report 11/19-11/23

  565. Buttchaser

    USMC Terminator

    Devil Dog going to put the wood to them tunas!!!!
  566. Buttchaser

    Cow Reels

    yes , same diameter
  567. Buttchaser

    Trump Flags

    Thank you
  568. Buttchaser

    Trump Flags

    Now that the shit show is done , Can we go back to our old NO POLITICS rule ?
  569. Buttchaser

    Penn visxs20

    Back in town Pm replied too
  570. Buttchaser

    Is it beneficial or a detrimental to use a 2 speed reel when rock fishing?

    Next year y'all will wish you had an electric reel fishing 600 ft...LOL
  571. Buttchaser

    WTB Guy Harvey T-shirts
  572. Buttchaser

    Penn visxs20

    be back in 2 weeks
  573. Buttchaser

    tuna marks on the fishfinder

    first 2 are bf , last one yf
  574. Buttchaser

    Does someone offer gun consignment for sales?

    I’d avoid consignment route , Find out the value and list them up here or calguns !!!
  575. Buttchaser

    Penn visxs20

    I’m in West Hills
  576. Buttchaser

    Black Torque 25n star drag

    I want one in silver:D
  577. Buttchaser

    ????tackle shop?????

    If you search his last post , you’ll find his contact number
  578. Buttchaser

    ????tackle shop?????

    Send him a message
  579. Buttchaser

    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    I'm going to Mimbres ,
  580. Buttchaser

    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    Good luck on your trip , Hope you guys have a great time , welcome back !!!! :cheers: I’m counting down the hours myself , Heading to New Mexico for a elk Hunt in about 72 Hrs ...
  581. Buttchaser

    Offshore 412 pound BFT!! Wow!

    :cow::cow::cow: Super duper cows I’d like to find out what they were taped at !!!
  582. Buttchaser

    Materials that are fluorescent / glow in the dark?

    There is a few powder that can be used look up Pro-Tec ,or spike-it ...
  583. Buttchaser

    Penn visxs20

    VISXS 20 Available Updated Bump
  584. Buttchaser

    Penn visxs20

    Penn International visxs 20 $550 obo SFV/LA John
  585. Buttchaser

    Bonito pullin 8/10

    Good times You got a fishing partner for life !
  586. Buttchaser

    1 Year Fishing License

    It expires this year December 31,2020
  587. Buttchaser

    Socal Arsenal

    penn reels from 25-150lb And that other reel
  588. Buttchaser

    Firearm Parts: Concealment Holsters, Russian, 870 Express, AR, Mossberg 500, etc.

    Is this holster FOR OTW? Can you pm me a pic of the holster ?
  589. Buttchaser

    Who has better cell phone coverage off shore and around Catalina?

    Verizon by far I have ATT , my service at the island is spotty compared to my other friend that I fish with.. He has Verizon
  590. Buttchaser

    Trout tackle , 4-6WT flyrod combo , Float tube

    I’m looking for any sizes from 1/6- 1/2 oz , flame /gold ,Gold-Red (Black Hook),Silver-Blue, copper, brown trout , and golds .. Hit me up when your back in town , Have a safe trip!
  591. Buttchaser

    Trout tackle , 4-6WT flyrod combo , Float tube

    Tackle box filler , lost my carry tackle box .. starting all over
  592. Buttchaser

    Trout tackle , 4-6WT flyrod combo , Float tube

    Looking for small trout tackle Thomas buoyants , kastmaster, super duper’s , Phoebe and other general jigs
  593. Buttchaser

    Torque 15ld2

    Did you buy this reel New or used? I have not had any issues with any of my trq out of the box .
  594. Buttchaser

    Big Halibut and a story- Sd Bay 10/2

    Cool story , nice catch !!! Be careful with that knife bud , Get a gaff !!!
  595. Buttchaser

    Daiwa SK jig

    You should have both and multiple sizes in your tackle box
  596. Buttchaser


    Yeah , You can rent it at the landing , check the boat as well ,some of them offer rentals .
  597. Buttchaser

    What is "flatfall"?

    It’s kind of like a fall flat
  598. Buttchaser

    UC bent rods

    No , False Allan did not break any rod. He did use the correct form and technique to to get 80+ pounds of pressure on the machine .... I was there .....
  599. Buttchaser

    Shogun - Police

    You tell us , I’ll take a shot though BLM?
  600. Buttchaser

    Shogun - Police

    This does not happen over night !!!!
  601. Buttchaser

    How to spend a Fisherman's Landing Gift Cert.?

    Any concerns on load limits (Covid)and such ? How long can you fish ? What will you like to fish for ? A lot of great options at fisherman’s
  602. Buttchaser

    Shogun - Police

    Rumor has it that they were like dead fish out of water..
  603. Buttchaser

    Shogun - Police

    Good times! Here comes LarmoLOL
  604. Buttchaser


    Wow , That is a beauty ... This shouldn’t take long!!!
  605. Buttchaser


    Maybe you should consider a rental Sat phone?
  606. Buttchaser

    Offshore This is a Bloody Deck and a Super.

    Hell yeah ! What did the super tape out at? Ps Dont mind the guys that don’t fish LOL
  607. Buttchaser

    TN16NA $325 !!!$300 tonight!!!

    Oh my , call the number :food-smil
  608. Buttchaser

    Did captain lose my yellow?

    Curly tail at the end indicates a bad knot
  609. Buttchaser

    Fight from the reel or from the rod?

    Method is referred to as “roping”.. It‘s very effective when fighting larger fish!
  610. Buttchaser

    Will we sail this weekend

    The boat would probably make that decision on Friday morning , keep your cell phone near by! I would also check with the landing on Friday morning before making the drive . Good luck
  611. Buttchaser

    How is the mac situation at nachos?

    I made about 50 pieces about a week and a half ago in the early morning hours 3 am , cat food chum and tipped the sabiki with squid
  612. Buttchaser

    How Long In Advance Do You Put Line On Reels?

    I always find myself changing out top shots on the boat while heading out , I just can’t find the time before the trip because I just get on trips as the spur of the moment ... I kind of hate it because I often find myself getting to bed late getting rigged up !!
  613. Buttchaser


    yes it’s true , The Terminator is the beast ! The line rating is 30-80 .. I fish this rod on the higher end of the rating depending on what reel I have mounted on it ... I have no problems fishing 60 for flyline for finess fishing or when the fish are deeper in the water column I have no...
  614. Buttchaser

    Bonita Sushi!

    Some of you guys need to get out more and catch some real food :eek: I call Bonita and skippys” bait”..:cool:
  615. Buttchaser

    Flat Fall question

    Get them rigged for cows
  616. Buttchaser

    Penn Torque 40NLD2 Silver

    If the reel is available , I have a brand new never used Penn Torque 25 NLD2 spooled to the top with izor Braid ...
  617. Buttchaser

    First Time Tuna Fishing - multiday

    You will need 1 reel that is 2 speed , you will be using that one reel(80-100lb) for the bigger fish on flat falls/ sinker rig .. You can rent that setup from the landing or boat
  618. Buttchaser

    Open Spot on the PQ 3 day leaving this Sunday

    If anyone else needs to cancel , please message me on here
  619. Buttchaser

    Almost pulled the triigger on a Mak15t but.......

    Yep , I had a brand new 15t do the same , I Tried liking these reels , should of know better!
  620. Buttchaser

    Crew fishing on party boats

    They better be hooking and handing !
  621. Buttchaser

    Good Job CA Dept Fish and Wildlife!

    Nice job 6 years ago ! Seen the DFW Deploying smaller boats out 5 miles from Catalina island Saturday morning ..
  622. Buttchaser

    Need help picking my combos

    Grab a 25,40,60,and a 100 lb outfits and Go!!
  623. Buttchaser

    Offshore Sci Supercow 9/3

    150 on the spectra , 400 lb leader
  624. Buttchaser

    Offshore Damn Weather & Damn Dodos 09.05.20

    That’s paying your dues and taking one for the team , be patient.. Youll get them !:cheers:
  625. Buttchaser

    Offshore Sci Supercow 9/3

    Share the stoke with Family and friends !!!