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  1. Stakanak

    Islands early winter San Clemente Island fishing

    Balls to the wall kiddo! Beautiful goat!!!!
  2. Stakanak

    Inshore Izors 12/1 No rain!

    How blessed your pups are! Pretty sure the buddy you lost is running around Heaven trying to get someone to take him fishing…the angels are straight trippin out!😂
  3. Stakanak

    Inshore Baja Surf Trips

    Go ahead…go shred
  4. Stakanak

    Islands daughters first yellow

    …as cool as it gets poppa!
  5. Stakanak

    Islands Another Santa Barbara cod jigging trip!

    Good times, Couldn’t decide whether or not to fish tomorrow…your rad video convinced me to just do it. Thanks!😉
  6. Stakanak

    Bay / Harbor 10/2 SD Bay Morning Run

    Good times! Question. I’ve never caught a Corvina. Looks close to a juvenile White. What are the major differences besides the vertical bars on Seabass?
  7. Stakanak

    Is it me or are the dodos more fishy tasting this year?

    Catch fish. Bleed fish. Put fish on ice. At home. Fillet fish (always cut out the bloodline). Vacuum seal fish. Freeze fish. Thaw fish in the fridge. Eat fish. I absolutely do not rinse off the fillets with fresh water. Dododododo’s!
  8. Stakanak

    Inshore LB 5/31 1st time with the dogs

    I think Buddy smoked a little too much smelt!🤣
  9. Stakanak

    Inshore La Jolla 6/2

    Sometimes I get better intel checking the stats of guys not loading the boat with fish. Appreciate the report. You’ll get em next time🤙🏽
  10. Stakanak

    Inshore Five Dicks on a Boat. 5-26 Long Beach Inshore.

    Your lack of humor is astounding!😂
  11. Stakanak

    Inshore Five Dicks on a Boat. 5-26 Long Beach Inshore.

    I’ll fish with a bag of Dicks anytime🤙🏽
  12. Stakanak

    BONITO where you at

    I’d say right now…frontside Cat or King Harbour😉
  13. Stakanak

    Inshore Five Dicks on a Boat. 5-26 Long Beach Inshore.

    Honestly Kman, that is hands down the funniest post I’ve read in years!!!!! 🤣😂😆
  14. Stakanak

    Offshore 5/27 Yellows towards 371

    Stoked! Yeah, my etec doesn’t like “just under plane” either. Signals overheat with that obnoxious beep😂
  15. Stakanak

    Young Boat Owner in need of Help

    California Boaters Card is mandatory. USCG class highly recommend. Complete knowledge of any and all intake and outlets in hull absolutely necessary, especially under water line. At your age fishing is secondary. Learn the boat. Learn the rules. Learn the responsibility of operating a...
  16. Stakanak

    Offshore God almighty must really not want me to catch a bft

    You could turn your story into a hilarious cartoon…seriously! 😉
  17. Stakanak

    Inshore Spring Break Butt

    Stoked! Its getting ready. Might be special this year locally.🙏
  18. Stakanak

    Inshore 3/23 Long Beach Local

    I cooked them all today in the skillet. Garlic, butter, salt and pepper with some Togarashi (Japanese chili powder). They all tasted the same…delicious!
  19. Stakanak

    Islands No Seabass Cat 3/22-23

    Dig it! Can’t always get the right kind, but just being on the water is always an adventure! You’ll get em next time!
  20. Stakanak

    Islands Catalina 23-24

    That’s a fatty Boccaccio! Don’t know why people have issues with grouper. I just ate some Boccaccio and Vermilion pan sautéed in butter and garlic. Could not tell the difference!
  21. Stakanak

    Inshore 3/23 Long Beach Local

    After 5 days of wrenching on the Buzzcatcher, finally got a chance to do a shakedown cruise with my buddy Justin. Headed out of Alamitos around 8:30am, picked up some nice dines from Nacho, and headed out to drift for Halibut. Zero current and zero wind. Nabbed a baby Hali on the first drop...
  22. Stakanak

    Braid for 20-25lb flyline stick.

    PS Last year I watched a guy on the New Lo Ann slaughter the schoolie BFT’s on a 1 1/2 day trip. I walked up to him in between stops and before I could speak he said, “20lb Power Pro to 20lb flouro…and a number 6 hook.” Tight Lines😉
  23. Stakanak

    Braid for 20-25lb flyline stick.

    If you are drifting for Halibut, rockfish, etc, the 30 works great. Keeps the scope down with less weight. That’s what I use on my 15-25lb rigs. If your on a party boat, 30 and under can cause some gnarly tangles! Good Luck!
  24. Stakanak

    Inshore I am an idiot

    I have come face to face with Whites, underwater and while surfing. Luckily they have always been juveniles. Well, except for the time at Bolsa Chica Inlet when a 10 footer swam leisurely beneath me. Most White shark attacks happen without notice, by an adult ambushing it’s prey from below...
  25. Stakanak

    Inshore San Pedro Half Day 3-2

    Don’t worry about the airplane. The instructors close the throttle on students and state, “you lost the engine, where are you going to land?” My CFI did that to me a dozen times while going for my private pilots license😂
  26. Stakanak

    Dana Point Harbor Spotty Puzzle

    If you are fishing from shore, nothing beats the weedless dropshot when the water is cold. Drag it and pop it sloooow! As slow as you can possibly stand without loosing your mind. Hell, you might “accidentally” nail a legal Halibut😉
  27. Stakanak

    Inshore I am an idiot

    Fish Kilr is correct. Any GW under 10 feet near shore is hunting stingrays and lobster on the crawl, maybe a Halibut or two for good measure, but if you get that “I’m being watched” feeling, get the hell out of the water😂 PS Juveniles do not like to be in the vicinity of large adults less they...
  28. Stakanak

    Inshore Fun fishing

    Stoked! Been dry docked for winter maintenance since December…looks like it’s time to get wet😉
  29. Stakanak

    Inshore New rockfish limit for 2022

    Meh, I’ll just fish for Sandabs…they taste better anyways😂
  30. Stakanak

    Even small Tsunami waves can cause boat damage.

    Santa Cruz Harbour has to make some changes…they get beat up consistently…
  31. Stakanak

    Islands Catalina with Pop and a YT on 9.4.21

    Fuckballs everywhere…good job😉
  32. Stakanak

    Offshore Full day fishing... 8/15

    I’ve spent 40 years weeding through skippers and party boats. I have a short list of both I would recommend. That being said, tuna fishing is tough and everyone goes on “the long boat ride” for zero fish. Check the counts, see if he just had a bad day, or simply sucks as a Captain! If your...
  33. Stakanak

    Offshore 8/15 East end of Catalina

    Awesome! Great catch! Just out of curiosity, do you boyz watch a lot of Wicked Tuna?😂
  34. Stakanak

    Offshore Skunked at 14

    I’ve chased em solo 3 times so far…I gotta get the skunk off The Buzzcatcher!😆😭
  35. Stakanak

    Inshore My Son's First Bluefin - 7/24/2021

    “Those Rigs” are 13 miles from Alamitos Harbor mouth!
  36. Stakanak

    Offshore 7/3 south of Coronados

    Simply amazing… You’ve got a fishing buddy for life!
  37. Stakanak

    Izor+Horseshoe Help

    Sardines for Halibut. Squid for everything else. Always good to have a few small mackerel in the tank😉
  38. Stakanak

    Inshore Horseshoe 5/17

    Great report! Is that a Scad mackerel? Or a super sized Spanish Mac?
  39. Stakanak

    Offshore Game Changer 5/14-17

    Well written! It’s called fishing not catching for a reason. You’ll get em good next time.🤙🏽
  40. Stakanak

    Islands Not a midshipman...

    How did it taste?😆
  41. Stakanak

    Sliding sinker on a short fluoro leader?

    Man the slider Roy Rose had on that rig was huge!😆
  42. Stakanak

    I’d eat that fucker!

    I’d eat that fucker!
  43. Stakanak

    Offshore barracuda in Long Beach Harbor in March

    Hell, early January drifting for Halibut around the Horseshoe, damn Barries kept stealing our rigs on the bottom!😂
  44. Stakanak

    I have a theory...

    Mattfred1414, How did it go?
  45. Stakanak

    I have a theory...

    Tomorrow, Buzzcatcher local, LB, let’s see what happens. Mid March grunion run should pull em into the shallows...
  46. Stakanak

    Izors Friday 2/26

    That Simrad is, well, Rad!!!!!:p
  47. Stakanak

    I have a theory...

    I like theories when it comes to Halibut! Butts are always in the bays...the water is always warmer. I don’t believe they give a crap about warmer weather, it’s about a rise in water temperature they respond to. Once the water temp jumps, they’re going to start thinking of spawning and looking...
  48. Stakanak

    CIH Dabbin'

    It’s a tough call on the octopus. I used to eat em, one of my favorites. Then I started seeing them while diving in Hawaii. Their intelligence and inquisitive behavior heavily affected my psyche. I just can’t kill them anymore. Not that I hold offense to others that do. I mean, it’s an amazing...
  49. Stakanak

    Cat Attack 9/26

    Launched the Buzzcatcher from Davies around 5am. Captain Wes-The island or local? Me-I don’t know? The three guys at the dock said Eagle Rock. Catalina is gonna be a zoo... Got decent bait from Mario, anchovy sized Sardines, but good quality. Wes-Fuck it, let’s hit the backside. Easy crossing...
  50. Stakanak

    9/26/20: Is this you? Oceanside Harbor

    He was at Cat on Saturday😆
  51. Stakanak

    Offshore La Lolla Bonito's and Dana Landing Crime report

    This is a fishing thread. Keep the politics to yourself. Have a nice day.
  52. Stakanak

    Tuesday in the LBC

    Stoked! The kids smile says it all. PS He is also good with the camera😉
  53. Stakanak

    Made lemonade out of lemons

    Ohh boy, that “Calico” sure looks like a baby BSB!
  54. Stakanak

    Offshore The 976 tuna grande trip

    Don’t cook that skippie inside!😆
  55. Stakanak

    Local Long Beach

    That’s his mother in-law😆
  56. Stakanak

    Local Long Beach

    Fog warning for the South OC coast last night. Captain Wes cancelled our tuna trip. Woke up around 4am and checked local, Surfline... Good vis. Hit up the Captain. “Let’s do it!” Got to Davies at 6am thinking about mass crowds and irritation. No problem at the ramp. Bitchin sardines from Mario...
  57. Stakanak

    Not a Report -- Bait Tank Question After Report

    Pacific Edge. Makes any tank work😉
  58. Stakanak

    Offshore 9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    Hey fuckball, pull your head out. Everyone needs a reality check now and then. Who the fuck are you protecting?
  59. Stakanak

    Offshore 3Day RP Fins N Feathers Trip Video

    No dice chief. Maybe repost. I’d like to see it😉
  60. Stakanak

    Offshore 9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    Thanks for noting the boat. Most people won’t attach a name to it. After 40 years of fishing the party boats, I have axed out numerous boats strictly because of the crews shitty behavior. Some of the best boats in the fleet no longer do jackpots because of the issues you have spoken of.
  61. Stakanak

    Offshore Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    Be safe. Good call. I stayed away from everyone except the wife after my 1.5 on the New LoAnn. 🤙🏽
  62. Stakanak

    Offshore OC non-tuna report 8/5

    Thanks for the intel. It’s just a matter of time before they them move up the line;)
  63. Stakanak

    Big Sand Bass at H. Flats 7/22

    I don’t understand. Pretty sure they released most of them...
  64. Stakanak

    How to identify halibut

    Look at the tail fin. Halibut have two inner facing half moons making up the back of the fin. All other flatfish have an outward curved single crescent. 😉
  65. Stakanak

    Looking for YF found Halibut

    Congratulations on your first keeper! If you have a bait tank, net the Halibut and keep it alive, the meat comes out much better. They will live until you tow the boat home with a couple inches of water over them😉
  66. Stakanak

    Long Beach and surrounding

    That picture of the kid and the barrie is fantastic! Get it framed!
  67. Stakanak

    7/24- Izors and the flats

    Fantastic! Way to work the rubber! I always try to have some frozen squid on the boat. Whether for chum or bait, it can make all the difference when it’s slow. The local scene is getting ready to go off. When the water jumps back above 66 degrees, look out man! Keep at it🤙🏽
  68. Stakanak

    Offshore New Lo-Ann 7/19

    I was a little late on the post
  69. Stakanak

    Offshore New Lo-Ann 7/19

    I haven’t been on a party boat in a couple of years, so I decided to pull the trigger and booked a 1 1/2 day on the New Lo-Ann. First off, Marcus’s relief Captain, Adam, is an ace. From sun up to sundown, that kid worked his ass off hunting down the tuna. Adam has skills! Shaun, the deckboss and...
  70. Stakanak

    Offshore Fun 3 day on Shogun and failed owner replacement hook, returned Sun 7/19

    Don’t know about the new owners and crew, but The Shogun is awesome and super fishy, especially with Norm at the helm. I have replaced most of my jigs with xtra strong trebles (haven’t pulled a hook yet), or, believe it or not, large circle hooks. I’m done with the siwash style hook!
  71. Stakanak

    Offshore San Diego Full Day Foamers 7/18/2020

    Fishing for 40 years, I’ve seen some weird stuff man! Sometimes the kooks get bit because they don’t fuck with the bait...especially on a sinker rig😂
  72. Stakanak

    Offshore Fishing with Madrugador 7/18/2020 Tuna

    Fucking Stoked! Great video! As an asshole cinematographer...try not to use wide on the GP. Too much bend and distortion.. Thanks for pumping me up. Headed out on the New Lo-Ann tomorrow. “Go ahead, go shred”
  73. Stakanak

    Poor fishing but GREAT sightseeing at Catalina 7/16

    Great report! Dealt with the same last Friday. Uphill current off the V’s. One 12lb halibut in 90’ of water. Metered ton of yellows/Seabass...simply didn’t bite the sardine. I’m trying to start a small code group. Let me know if you are interested.😉
  74. Stakanak

    Offshore New Lo An 1.5

    I can’t say enough about the boat. They put me on my first Albacore, Yellowtail, and Yellowfin...all from the age of 11-13!
  75. Stakanak

    Offshore New Lo An 1.5

    Ringed Circle hook, any kind. Just don’t swing. Point and reel until you come right. Good luck🐟
  76. Stakanak

    Endeavor Surface iron WSB.

    Coolest thing I’ve ever seen!
  77. Stakanak

    Catalina Success

  78. Stakanak

    Catalina Island 6/12 Fishing Report

    You are an amazing person Dan Hernandez!
  79. Stakanak

    Toronado Fri. 6/5/20

    Great report!
  80. Stakanak

    Offshore 5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Simply amazing...congratulations. 100% pure stoke!
  81. Stakanak

    Offshore 6/4 Offshore

    So fucking rad! Stoked!
  82. Stakanak

    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    Surf surf Surf fish surf!
  83. Stakanak

    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    Hit me up, I’ll help you get a Halibut for sure😉
  84. Stakanak

    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    Better to hand off to the wife😆
  85. Stakanak

    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    1/2 mile vis, no worries!
  86. Stakanak

    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    1/2 ounce slider, 2/0 circle hook, 30lb fluorocarbon...of course the Candy Bait😉
  87. Stakanak

    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    I’ve spent 40 years chasing White Seabass. Party boats, charters, private boats, I have done it all, and blanked every single time...except for today, Wednesday the 27th, on my 50th Birthday week, I finally got one... Thanks Wes! Thanks Buzzcatcher! P.S. Frontside of da island brah!
  88. Stakanak

    Offshore 10/7 Bongo's - They're Still Here!

    A couple of those look like BFT people!!!!
  89. Stakanak

    Best Casting Conventional Reel???

    Yeah, what karlow said! P220-229F period. At least with 30 test or less. The graphite ones break, but cast as well as the old aluminum models! IF you find a couple let me know:)
  90. Stakanak

    What's the bait situation?

    I think it really depends on the boat Aaron. I recently fished the Condor, (decent crew except) they rationed even though we had filled the tanks and both slammers full. Eventually handed off fifty scoops to one of their code boats who had run low on bait. Most of the SD fleet (excepting the...
  91. Stakanak

    Good water no paddies

    Hey Steve, Thanks for the response. You know what they say about luck? It's when preparation meet opportunity! Whats the name of your boat? We fish every Monday anywhere from PV to Mex so hit us up on 72 if you're out. May hoop the island next monday unless the reports go off this weekend...
  92. Stakanak

    Offshore hidden bank to far...10/01/2013

    Nice Ed! Makes me think the season is still rolling... Get Bent, Mark
  93. Stakanak

    Good water no paddies

    9/30 Headed to the 277 and worked our way to the 152 with a butt load of squid from Nacho. Not much life saving tons of porpoise. Did not find one paddy so we headed to the island to look for the yellows. Drove through a mass of Risso's chilling off the Slide. Heard on the radio a skiff got...
  94. Stakanak

    This is whay I catch so many fish

    Yeah buddy! Dig the footage...and yes, I realize fish follow you around, just wish they did the same for me! Used to see you a lot in the 90's around LB harbor. Exchanged quite a bit of local info and yours was always spot on. Heading out of SD next monday on "The Buzz Catcher". Any ideas...
  95. Stakanak

    371 and 40 Minutes to get Limits

    Super sweet guys! What was the water temp on the bank and...where is the 25lb tail? We're heading down to Mex on Monday. Hope the fish stay around. Get Bent!
  96. Stakanak

    43 area coverage weekend of 9/29/13

    The water is cold around the 43, which leads me to believe that it may not be the best call for the dodos, though there may be some bluefin and maybe even albies around the area. The area from the 181 to the 371 seems to be holding the best water temp and I would not disclude the inner banks...
  97. Stakanak

    Trolling lure selection for YT Dorado etc

    Seems perfect. I would pull the dark feathers early and as the sun comes up go lighter colors. The cedar plug can be in the water at all times as it runs deeper and is one of my favorite lures. At midday I like pulling heavier headed lures that run deeper. The rapalas have not been working...