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  1. sbyaker

    Free trailer parts

    sbyaker submitted a new listing: Free trailer parts - Free trailer parts Learn more about this listing...
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    Anyone looking to get rid of an old fish mount?

    sbyaker submitted a new listing: Anyone looking to get rid of an old fish mount? - Anyone looking to get rid of an old fish mount? Learn more about this listing...
  3. sbyaker

    Inshore Lost surfing foil board off Camp Pendleton

    My neighbor was driving his jet ski near Camp Pendleton river mouth and lost his foil board. If you see it floating off oside Camp Pendleton please let me know. Thx.
  4. sbyaker

    Shakespeare 4ft antenna extension mast

    sbyaker submitted a new listing: Shakespeare 4ft antenna extension mast - Shakespeare 4ft antenna extension mast Learn more about this listing...
  5. sbyaker

    1994 pacific trailer

    sbyaker submitted a new listing: 1994 pacific trailer - 1994 pacific trailer Learn more about this listing...
  6. sbyaker

    1994 single axel pacific trailer

    Just ordered a new trailer and looking to see if anyone would be interested in buying my 1994 pacific trailer upon its arrival in a month or two. The trailer tows a 16 radon raft and is approx 20 ft in length total. New tires in 2018. Has foldable tongue. Had brakes but one of the lines...
  7. sbyaker

    Daiwa Saltist LD20 2 speed reel

    Downsizing. I never use this reel as I prefer my avets. Serviced by Kens in Oceanside a year ago used once since. Has a couple hundred yards of 50 lb spectra. $150
  8. sbyaker

    Yamaha 60hp high thrust four stroke 2008

    Probably being sold to be parted out. About a month and a half ago it started overheating at idle. New thermostat new water pump kit new water tube descaling water jacket removal nothing fixed it. Bought a new motor being installed Wednesday so motor will be available Thursday. If you could...
  9. sbyaker

    Mahi mahi or other fish mount or replica

    For my sons room. Its all decked in fishing motif. Not looking to spend and arm and a leg and quality isn’t high priority. We have some kelp forest decals in there so would also be stoked on sheepshead calico yellowtail lingcod or rockfish. Let me knwo
  10. sbyaker

    70-90 hp four stroke yamaha

    Looking for something with low hours And ready to go.
  11. sbyaker

    2008 Tacoma quad cab 4 x 4

    142,000 miles. Sr5. Clear coat issues on hood and roof. Hankook all terrains with approx 20000 miles. Black American racing wheels. Snug top shell. Oil changed every three to four thousand miles. Tow package. Tire sensor on spare needs replacing so low tire pressure light always on...
  12. sbyaker

    6 lobster hoop nets

    They aren’t winning any beauty contests...and some of them could use a little more rope. $50 for all 6
  13. sbyaker

    Used furuno fcv-620 fishfinder with transom mount transducer airmar p66 $100

    used but in good working condition. There was a short in the wire before the inline fuse but works perfectly without it. $100 obo 760-637-0284
  14. sbyaker

    Pyle audio player

    Used boat audio player. Has usb aux port and sd card slot. Plays great but takes up too much space under my console. No speakers. Now free.
  15. sbyaker

    Used P66 Airmar transducer

    Transom mount. Came off a furuno fishfinder that no longer works. $30 obo
  16. sbyaker

    Bubble box

    Converts bucket or cooler in to bait tank. Works. Free to good home.
  17. sbyaker

    Scotty downriggers $30

    Came with my boat. Never going to use them. Probably need new cable and I don’t have the bases for them. $30 for both.
  18. sbyaker

    Under water squid light

    12 volt. Light works but top has crack. Could easily be made water tight with caulk. Just don’t use it. Pick up in Carlsbad.
  19. sbyaker

    Lower unit oil west marine 80w-90

    Almost full missing cap but has been covered with Saran Wrap. Don’t have this motor any more.
  20. sbyaker

    2 cycle oil homelite

    Free to good home. Located in Carlsbad.
  21. sbyaker

    Cousins 95JMag like new $250

    never caught a fish on it. Just on a couple trips. Immaculate. Rubber wrapped base. $275 obo
  22. sbyaker

    Round bait tank $20 approx 15 gal

    20” tall by 17” wide at bottom 15” at top, came with my boat don’t know exactly how many gallons but mako Matt’s marine sells an 18 with similar dimensions. It’s a lot bigger than my old 10. $20 if your ineterested. I went to a 20 gal tank. This tank is great for a pass or two of bait. Any more...
  23. sbyaker

    Fish mounts wanted

    Redoing my sons bedroom and looking to put a few mounts in there. Saltwater fish only. Even the replicas you buy in mex are acceptable. Let me know if you have any that you want to get rid of. Only desire is that they are in decent condition. Thx.
  24. sbyaker

    Free infant life jacket

    7606370284. Up to 30 lbs
  25. sbyaker

    Wtb-16 radoncraft

    any condition. Not afraid of work. No substitutes. PM please. Rj
  26. sbyaker

    Morro bay 12/13

    had a fun day out of Virgs landing on a 3/4 day fishing off Cambria and San Simeon. Limits of rockfish and lings. Watched a rent a rodder haul in a 33 llber. Had to get a pic. Get out there before it closes. Light load only 16 guys on the fiesta, tried a cribbs jig for the first...
  27. sbyaker

    12/13 outta morro

    Moved to central coast. For some reason when you press central it moves to northern. Got to watch that.
  28. sbyaker

    12 livingston

    anyone want to sell one?
  29. sbyaker

    Need a project--Hawkins or del mar skiff

    anyone looking to unload a del mar skiff or Hawkins skiff? Please let me know.
  30. sbyaker

    Old brass boat cleats

    looking for two old looking boat cleats about 6 to 8 inches for a project. Let me know if you have any and what you want for them. Thx
  31. sbyaker

    Hawkins Skiff-wtb

    Anyone out there want to unload a hawkins skiff?
  32. sbyaker

    92 Calibogie Skiff

    Never thought I'd do this but listing my 92 calibogie skiff. These boats are very similar to the hobie skiff of the 80s , the Wagner skiff of the late 90s and the modern day power skiff. I bought this boat two years ago from Colorado. In the last two years I added a 2nd battery with a dual...
  33. sbyaker

    Wtb Mxj 2 speed

    whatcha got? If it's used all I ask is a used price not a new one
  34. sbyaker

    Wtb 8' seeker pinhead or similar

    looking for a rod for a 20 lb setup that has good tip action for lighter baits like the pinhead 8' fter 15-30. Let me know watcha got.
  35. sbyaker

    Anyone looking to get rid of an old Verizon iPhone?

    Got a gzone commando but it is terrible. Let me know if you have anything.
  36. sbyaker

    Harbor freight trailer dolly

    Used once. It's easier for me to push my boat up the side of my house than go through the trouble of the changeover. $20 or trade for lures, rapalas, etc.
  37. sbyaker

    Floating x-tools gaff

    Floating x-tools gaff perfect for kayak or small skiff. Never used just been on many boat trips. Plastic tip cover is broken where it meets main body but still protects the tip. $10 or trade for jigs rapalas, etc. 760-637-0284
  38. sbyaker

    WTB-15 hobie skiff, 15-17 triumph, or 15 radon

    Still looking. Anyone out there looking at selling? I had a sweet calibogie lined up but the guy decided to keep it. Help me get a boat by selling me yours.
  39. sbyaker

    WTB-hobie skiff

    Anyone out there looking at selling one?
  40. sbyaker

    Outer Rigs Rockcod Fishing 10/22

    Headed out to try and get some local rockfish yesterday with my dad. The day started off bad when the gps decided to take a crap. All of our rocks stored on the gps were now useless. We went to the outer rigs and cruised around looking for structure. We never found much. 3 really small...
  41. sbyaker

    HB Flats 6/23/2011

    We headed out to the flats today in hope of snagging a seabass. We didn't get one to the boat, but my dad hooked a mystery fish. He was about 10 cranks off the bottom with a jig when he got picked up. He fought it for about 3 minutes before it spit the jig. Big halibut, seabass, shark, who...
  42. sbyaker

    Surfboards Galore

    I have about eight older surfboards that I want to get rid of. Some of the boards are hammered pretty good but others still have quite a bit of life left in them. Lost Weber Surfboard 6'1". Big ding on the rail near the tail. $20 Al Merrick MX 6'1". Crack on deck along stringer about 3...
  43. sbyaker

    ***SOLD***Used Hobie Mirage Pedal Drive Kayak

    Used approx. 12 ft. long hobie mirage pedal drive kayak. This kayak is a ton of fun. I don't want to sell it but I would like to get a little boat so, it's got to go. The pedal drive makes this thing great for fishing because your hands are totally free. It does come with an oar as well but I...
  44. sbyaker

    Rock Cod Rods

    Looking to pick up a couple of rock cod rods. Prefer older sabres. Let me know if you are willing to let something go. Thanks.
  45. sbyaker

    Sand Bassin' with the fleet

    Hit the local Long Beach waters on wednesday to try our luck sandbassin'. Spotted the fleet straight out of the harbor. We were kind of short on time so opted out on live bait. We caught some great sized bass on a mix of irons. Also had a lot of mackrel in the water. Sand bass were at all depths...
  46. sbyaker

    Salas 6Xjrs.

    Looking to buy some 6x jrs. Let me know if you have any for sale. I live in North County SD and am looking to pick some up by the weekend. Thanks.
  47. sbyaker

    Rock Fishing out of SD

    Did some rock fishing out of SD with my dad. The numbers weren't great but the weather was nice and we still caught our fair share. All in all a great time on the water.
  48. sbyaker

    Xtratuf boots

    Looking to buy a pair of xtratuf boots. I wear an 11 so anything close to that will work.
  49. sbyaker

    Avet MXL and MXJ New only

    Looking to pick up a MXL and an MXJ 2 speed right handed. Interested in new items only. Let me know what you've got. Thanks.
  50. sbyaker

    Avet HXJ (Narrow, 2sp.) and Penn Baja Special

    I am looking for a 2sp. Avet HXJ in any color but black and a Penn Baja special to add to my arsenol. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  51. sbyaker

    Avet hx making a funny sound

    I was recently on a trip to the east cape using my brand new HX. On the second day, the spool starting making a different sound. The sound is audible in hi and low gear and also in free spool. The sound wasn't initially there. The reel was actually super quiet, something i don't hear from a...
  52. sbyaker

    HB report

    My dad and I fished the flats this morning with several hundred other people. The sand bass fishing was excellent, probably the best I've seen in several years. We could have had double limits in a little over two hours but threw almost everything back.(No freezer space right now) Only 3...
  53. sbyaker

    Sea of Cortez 7/13-7/17

    Headed out of San Felipe with my dad and friends in search of yellowtail and other fine species. The weather was pretty rough the whole time and making bait was difficult to non existent. We still had a great time and caught some personal bests. The coolers weren't as full as we would have liked...
  54. sbyaker

    2/4 Halibut/Sculpin Bite

    We went out Wednesday and the weather was spectacular. The water was oily all day! Not your typical February weather. We wanted to get live squid but settled for anchovies. Fished a couple of spots in the morning with little to no luck. Headed off Long Beach/San Pedro area and we had little...