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  1. Artois

    Sacramento salmon

    Steve, I back troll and anchor kwikfish the chico area and am looking for a good combo under200 or so. What penn do you recommend
  2. Artois

    Outside the box

    Its a hot Saturday afternoon I'm pondering ways to be effective using something the other 30 aren't, anyone successful: Smaller jig or scampi and rubber band a torpedo weight above it. Double sardine Anything else
  3. Artois

    Rail rod outfit, 80 to 100lb

    Artois submitted a new listing: Rail rod outfit, 80 to 100lb - Rail rod outfit, 80 to 100lb Learn more about this listing...
  4. Artois

    Line Counter

    Any recommendations for a line counter that would handle heavy line, attach to the rod and easy to remove from the line and rod. Wanting it for deep bluefin.
  5. Artois

    Back to back 3days

    For a number of reasons, I'm doing back to back3 days on the RR3 in August. Has anyone done this and how did you like it.
  6. Artois

    Bluefin restrictions

    Love seeing those decks full of monster bluefin as much as anyone. Am I the only one "a bit" concerned that the abundance of large fish will soon bring additional restrictions and possibly tonnage limits? That said, I'm on back to back 3 days on the RR3 next August and wishing for a biggin.
  7. Artois

    Anyone doing back to back shorter trips

    Thinking about doing back to back3 days next August because being 600 miles away makes a single 3 day Not practical, and my usual 5 day's schedule was changed. For those that have done it, pros and cons.
  8. Artois

    Santa Cruz Bluefin

    Yes I know it's not SD, but there is a school of blue fin in the Santa Cruz area and they're on the bite.
  9. Artois

    More or Bigger

    As I sit at my computer reading about the monster BFT being caught right now and knowing that I'm going to miss my 5 day this year makes a guy start thing. So if you're on a 1.5-3 day boat with 20 or so of your "closest friends" which you rather catch 2-4 25-50 tuna of be one of the lucky 5-7...
  10. Artois

    To all the boats headed out

    I am so glad to see you're finally able to make a living. I pray for your safety and continued service. May your seas be light and your fish holds full. May the passengers be friendly and the food, ah the food, be as great as always. God Bless you all.
  11. Artois

    Old trip reports

    I've grown tired of the recent threads Is there a way to post old reports on this, or another, thread so that those of us who love them can enjoy without doing a search
  12. Artois

    Alabama Rig/Jig combo

    I've made quite a few for bass and stripers and was thinking: Has anyone tried an Alabama Rig/Jig combo. It would be too dangerous to have the rig with multiple lures attached, but a jig with 3-4 teasers a foot or so above it seems like something that may work without being too troublesome...
  13. Artois


    The rooster is hammering the cows. Anyone have a count on how many so far. My great wife is asking me why I'm not on this trip
  14. Artois

    Mike nail

    Congrats on the new baby. Don't worry, your life won't change one bit. Prayers for your family
  15. Artois

    Albacore and Bluefin

    Not long range, well it is if the SD boats go north, but they're catching albacore and EVEN some bluefin tuna off Eureka. Albacore are common but bluefin not so much.
  16. Artois

    Out of Country Health Insurance

    Found out when I applied for Medicare that Medicare, and many supplements, do not cover you for out of the country healthcare. I mention it here because I know many of you are old like me. I was able to get a five day police for around $57.00. Most likely won't need it but I can't imagine...
  17. Artois

    Poppers for yt?

    I use large spokes, rebels etc For stripers and want to try for yt. Is iron just better or just what everyone uses. If I do, should I drop to one treble hook for safety reasons.
  18. Artois

    Penn fathom question

    Just purchased a penn 25 nld2 and like it. The freespool is REALLY free. Is there a way to slow it down a bit to help with backlash. Hope Steve Carson chimes in. Thanks
  19. Artois

    Practice Casting

    I'm not a good conventional caster and can always use more practice. I found this in a 2008 thread and thought I'm make it current. Good luck. "Old school" anchovy practice...take one of the old spring type wooden clothes pins (yes...before clothes dryers) and take 1/2 of if (one of the...
  20. Artois


    Not wanting to join the bow crowd, is it worth dropping a jig deep when drifting to Foamers. I've only fished but on a drift.
  21. Artois

    Hook Organizer

    Saw this on a Facebook site and thought it was a pretty good idea.
  22. Artois

    RR3 opened up 1.5 day trips in July

    RR3-Facebook post We will be running 1.5 Day trips in July! Make your reservation while they last. Bluefin Tuna here we come!!! 5 trips, 7-8 to 7-16. Looks like they broke up one of their 8 day trips. If I lived down South, I'd jump on the boat.
  23. Artois

    Monterey Bluefin

    Not LR but good. They're catching 70-150LB Bluefin in Monterey (CA not Mex). and its not El Nino.
  24. Artois


    Looking for a decent2 speed 40#. Only do an annual5 day so don't want to break the bank. Looking at the 5nii, 12nii and penn fathom 25. Is the 5nii too small or the 12ni too big. Need something easy to cast.
  25. Artois

    ALBACORE up north!

    Bodega bay and Fort Bragg getting them right now. Only problem is timing for when the seas allow you to go out.
  26. Artois

    Soda pop

    Got to fish with soda pop.first time for me. A true gentleman and a great fisherman.
  27. Artois

    Guadalupe fishing time

    On a 5 day in two weeks (RR3, Trip 9. Not sure where, and as long as I'm on board, not really an issue "but" if Guadalupe is the destination, any idea of amount of "rail time" can be expected?
  28. Artois


    Anyone know the marine name for the red rooster. Can't find it
  29. Artois

    Opah on 2 day

    Pacific Queen, some lucky angler got a 110 on a 2 day. A dream fish for me, maybe someday
  30. Artois

    Rr3 crew

    Is Mike still the lead chef? Going on trip nine. Best food ever
  31. Artois

    Condor got on um today

    @condor.sportfishing returned with LIMITS of Bluefin! These fish are about 150 miles south but our boats will go the distance to get you into the action.
  32. Artois

    Commercial utility tackle box holder

    I'm tired of using a large tackle bag and don't LR fish enough to justify a custom tackle box. What do you like in a non custom (IE: Purchased from a sporting goods store) utility box holder. I have tackle for probably 4 large boxes plus misc Seaguar line rolls etc.
  33. Artois

    Do you prefer boat limits or personal limits

    Rather than milk the RR3 thread I hoped to start a new one. I like personal limits and really dislike boat limits. I stopped fishing stripers in the bay area when the switched to boat limits. With a two fish limit, if you're off to a slow start, you can come up empty when the boat boasts full...
  34. Artois

    Drag Setting

    I have a fathom 30 with 65 lb braid and 50 lb top shot. With the line pulling straight out (no rod bend) what should I set the strike point with a digital scale.
  35. Artois

    RR3, Trip 9 (8-1/8-6) Who's goin'

    Seaguar/Catchy Tackle/Hayabusa trip. Dale's a great sponsor. Andy usually runs the trip. Always a good time.
  36. Artois

    Best drag setting and how to do it

    I read that the best setting is 25%, but that means 10 lbs with 40# test. What is the best drag setting for: 40# 50# 60#. What's the best way to set it? for example, 45 degree rod and 30 feet of line?????? Thanks
  37. Artois

    Mexico Limits

    With the summer season, I thought I'd post the Mexican limits. Here is a handy poster, simple enough that even I can understand it.
  38. Artois

    Toro Tamer Jigs

    Anyone using the 300 gram Toro Tamer with any success? Slash 300 gm Sardine Blue and Chrome or Mackerel Green and Chrome
  39. Artois

    Offshore Toro Tamer Jigs

    Anyone using the 300 gram Toro Tamer with any success?
  40. Artois


    Just curious. What's the average depth in the tuna grounds, say the 9 mile bank? is it open waters looking for temperature breaks or contour breaks?
  41. Artois

    Jack poling Tuna

    Wicked tuna has nothing on these guys. The mechanical poles are pretty cool.
  42. Artois

    Jack poling Tuna

    wrong video, don't know how to delete post
  43. Artois

    Fed Ex Delivered my Penn

    Got a nice surprise from Fed Ex yesterday. My Penn Fathom 30 two speed came in. Thanks Charkbait for the great service. Can't wait to pull on bluefin.
  44. Artois

    BFT Jigging setup

    I was lucky enough to catch a 100+ BFT on a jig last summer but mainly bait fished. This year I want to mainly jig fish, go figure. What's your opinion on the best line/jig set up. Braid of course, but what about top shot? Straight Mono, how long Staight Floro, how long Mono/Floro, how...
  45. Artois


    I plan to use some poppers on a 5 day this summer (RR3). My question is treble or single hook. My concern is that with double treble hooks flying around on a YFT or YT, there is an increased risk of injury. Do the boats have a preference or policy? If single hooks, what type/style is...
  46. Artois

    Looks like Rachel's headed North

    Good luck out there, and stay safe.
  47. Artois

    Norbert Headed north
  48. Artois

    mixed limit question

    With the prospect of fishing both US and Mexican waters how would limits work. Is it the lesser of the two or which. My question relates to possession limits work.
  49. Artois

    YFT in Newport Bay. Getting pretty close.
  50. Artois

    boat limits

    Not wanting to start something, just want to understand. Watching a fish hog on you tube right now has me thinking. I realize that in CA, the boat limits rule applies. In fact, I've stopped fishing the SF bay trips just for that reason. I'm going on a 5 day on the RR3 in August. I don't want...
  51. Artois

    Another storm heading north. Hope the Rooster can stay out of the way.
  52. Artois

    Seaguar Types

    I've read the descriptions of Red vs. Blue label but am unable to determine what the differences are. I see that read label is less expensive than blue label, but is the quality alot different. Please explain what the differences in florocarbon are. Thanks
  53. Artois

    Spinning Rod

    So I'm thinking of bringing a spinning rig on my Aug 5 day. I'm planning on getting a Penn Spinfisher. I want to use my BPS points on the rod so I'm looking for a rod from them. Any suggestions on the make/model and more specifically the length and line range (MH etc). Unfortunately, the...
  54. Artois

    florocarbon question

    This may (likely) be a stupid question, but is the a difference in quality between the leader spools and the larger spools of florocarbon line? There's a pretty dramatic price difference, but it is just a marketing technique. Also, I know that seaguar is good stuff, but what about some of the...
  55. Artois

    You Tube Fishing Reel Reviews Site?

    There's a site that has You-tube video review of various fishing reels and other equipment. I just can't remember the site reference. Anyone have a better memory than I do?
  56. Artois

    RR3 Trip nine (8/4-9)

    Just booked this trip. Anyone out there going? I usually go on the BF Jim trip (7) but its sold out. Amazing how fast the summer trips are booking up.
  57. Artois

    Looking for a "won't break the bank" 5 day rod

    Living in inland Northern CA and only going LR once a year, I don't have the need for a grander outfit. I'm borrowing a 40lb outfit from a friend and maybe even a 50. I'll rent whatever else I need. So I'm probably looking at a 30-40lb outfit. I know this will open a can of worms/bring out...
  58. Artois

    Used Rental Rigs?

    Do any of the San Diego landings ever sell their (still in good condition) rod/reel outfits? Not a fan of either CL or !Bay.
  59. Artois


    Just curious, going on a 5 day end of July (RR3). Is the bait still straight sardines, sardine/anchovy or mostly/straight anchovy? and how is it looking?
  60. Artois

    Limit Question

    I know the limit is five per species per day with 10 per day total and three day limit totals, even on a five day trip. I also know that 2 dorado count as 5 yellowtail. What I can't find is: Is it 5 tuna per day or 5 of each species (BFT, YFT, etc). Does two dorado only limit the number of...
  61. Artois

    Limit Question

    I know the limit is five per species per day with 10 per day total and three day limit totals, even on a five day trip. I also know that 2 dorado count as 5 yellowtail. What I can't find is: Is it 5 tuna per day or 5 of each species (BFT, YFT, etc). Does two dorado only limit the number of...
  62. Artois

    Summer, 2013 predictions

    I'll be on a 5 day in late July. Any EARLY predictions what will be out there in an el nino neutral year. Just want to know what I should be dreaming about. Went two years ago and it was about 90% yellows, the rest Dorado with a couple of yellowfins.
  63. Artois

    Same day fish processing

    I'm a days drive from SD, so I want/need same day fish processing. It worked great on a five day last year. My question is, as a general rule, how long are the trips (days) before they start flash freezing the fish vs. Refrig. I can't afford to hang around until the fish thaw from processing...