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  1. radz

    WTB Calstar 700ML or Seeker G670

    radz submitted a new listing: WTB Calstar 700ML or Seeker G670 - WTB Calstar 700ML or Seeker G670 Learn more about this listing...
  2. radz

    WTB Fathom40NLD2

    radz submitted a new listing: WTB Fathom40NLD2 - WTB Fathom40NLD2 Learn more about this listing...
  3. radz

    Seeker Fishing Rod Classic Series ( BSC660XH-6’ RS/RT

    radz submitted a new listing: Seeker Fishing Rod Classic Series ( BSC660XH-6’ RS/RT - Seeker Fishing Rod Classic Series ( BSC660XH-6’ RS/RT Learn more about this listing...
  4. radz

    WTB Okuma SCTi-C-801XH

    radz submitted a new listing: WTB Okuma SCTi-C-801XH - WTB Okuma SCTi-C-801XH Learn more about this listing...
  5. radz

    WTB Calstar 700H

    radz submitted a new listing: WTB Calstar 700H - WTB Calstar 700H Learn more about this listing...
  6. radz

    Looking for Shimano Teramar 8'

    radz submitted a new listing: Looking for Shimano Teramar 8' - Looking for Shimano Teramar 8' Learn more about this listing...
  7. radz

    WTB soft tackle offshore bag

    radz submitted a new listing: WTB soft tackle offshore bag - WTB soft tackle offshore bag Learn more about this listing...
  8. radz

    Teramar TMC-X80M

    Looking Shimano Teramar TMC-X80M in good or excellent condition, prefer cork grip. Post or PM if you have one to spare. Thanks
  9. radz

    Rods/Reels and Tackles for sale

    Hello Folks, I'm getting out of our beloved sport and getting rid of all my gear. Sold and trade most of them already and here are what's left. I will post pics later or tomorrow when get a chance. I'm not interested in any trades. Might ship the reels but not the rods. Will take offers but...
  10. radz

    WTT for GoPro Hero 3 and up

    Looking for GoPro Hero 3 and up only. I have gears to trade Calstar GFs, Seeker BlackStell and Lightning, Teramars 8 footers, Avet LX, MXJ, Curado 300EJ, Daiwa Saltist 20 silver (non levelwind, Pro Gear 545 sliver,Penn 525. Post or PM what you got or your price if you have one to trade or sell...
  11. radz

    Chest Freezer 7.2 CF SOLD

  12. radz

    Bilstein rear shocks 5100 series for 2WD 04-08 F150

    Like new pair of Bilstein Shocks 5100 series PN 24-186704 for sale. Made a mistake of ordering instead of 4WD i ordered 2WD. It's only been in a truck for few days then took it off when 4WD shocks arrived. These cost 70 up to 90 something bucks out there. Asking $100 for a pair. PM or post here...
  13. radz

    WTT for Go Pro Hero 4

    Looking for Go Pro Hero 4 for trade or buy on the right price. I have avets, curado 300EJ, saltist20 silver, penns, pro gear 545 silver. Calstar GF, blacksteels, super seeker, teramars, blue lightning. Let me know what interest you. Also looking for mountain bike gears. Thanks
  14. radz

    WTB Iphone 5

    Must be in good condition. Pm me for price or trade. Thanks
  15. radz

    F150 Camper Shell

    I'm looking for 04 to 08 F150 6.5 bed camper shell, prefer gray or black but will take any color for the right price for repainting. Getting tired of this boy drooling in the cab after hike :-)
  16. radz

    Shimano TLD 30 IIA

    New in box with everything $210. Thanks
  17. radz

    NIB Shimano TLD 30IIA

    Brand New in the box with everything Shimano TLD30IIA. Asking for $200 firm. I'm in Chula Vista. Thanks
  18. radz

    Open Seat

    Hi, Looking for any open seat for 2.5 or 2 day between 8/15/13 to 8/19/13. Prefer Seaforth Landing but they are all full. Thanks
  19. radz

    Looking for open spot

    Anyone have a lead for any open spot or charter this week. Looking for 1.5 or 2.5 trip between Thursday to Sunday. Prefer Seaforth but can take the Big 3 depends on the boat. Thanks
  20. radz

    Avet LX 4.6

    Prefer black or blue in good condition. PM or post. Thanks
  21. radz

    Like New Curado 300EJ

  22. radz

    Seeker G670

    Looking for decent condition factory Blacksteels G670 or G6465H no gold guides. Post or pm your price. Thanks
  23. radz

    Looking for iPhone

    Anyone have an iPhone willing to let go (prefer white with accesories and box). I Have Calstars GF,Seekers,Avets,Teramars and Pro Gear to Trade. PM me Thanks
  24. radz

    Calstar or Seeker

    Looking for G 660H , G 6460H RS/RT , G 655XH RS/RT, G6465H , BA 660XH-6' RS/RT , 765L or 765M . Let me know if you have one of these or similar. No american series or WC series BWC is fine. PM or post your price. Thanks <!--mstheme-->
  25. radz

    800 XLH

    Looking for good condition 800XLH CT. PM or post if you have one. Will also trade my SX gunmetal used twice like new,no scratch with spectra and 25 new Pline. Will add cash if needed. 619.755.6124
  26. radz

    800XL / Avet SX combo

    Factory 800XL with x-wrap good condtion SOLD Avet SX Black good condition no Box SOLD Added another combo Like new SX Gunmetal with box, spectra and 25 Pline blue $140 Teramar TMC-X80H 15-30 x-wrap over cork trigger grip, good condition $110 Low baller will be ignored. PM or post here...
  27. radz

    Teramar TMC-X80M 10-20

    Hit me up in you have one willing to let go. Thanks
  28. radz

    Stackbin Workbench

    I have two of this bench (new) and i only need one. Here is the website and price info for these bench. Make me an offer and it's yours. It also comes with another arm extension for another tube like the one in the picture. I will post actual picture later. Table is white. Rodbuilding bench...
  29. radz

    TMCX80M 10-20

    pm or post your price if you have one to let go. Prefer pick up. Thanks
  30. radz

    TLD 30IIA and Seeker BSC660XH 6' RS/RT both "NEW"

    Both are brand new. Purchase 3 months ago in purpose of trolling but never got a chance to put together due to slow season. Rod still have the sticker on it. Reel never had a line and like i said, didn't even have the chance to put on a rod, clamp still sealed. You all know what both of...
  31. radz

    dont leave a skidmark

    Better in full screen... YouTube - Guy doing a strip tease gone bad
  32. radz

    Penn 525 Mag on Sale at CHARKBAIT $99.99

    They have a sale on Penn 525 MAG for $99.99 tax free on line and in store. Just snag 1 today in San Diego Branch. Great deal on what use to be $149.99. Just passing along. Great little reel for this price.
  33. radz

    18 inches rims/wheels

    I have 4 of this OEM 18 inch rims only no tires 6 lugs. Take off from my Nissan Armada within 5 months. Just collecting dust. It's in great shape and clean gunmetal color. Somebody might be interested. $200 or will trade for fishing gear. Post or PM here. 619.755.6124 Thanks
  34. radz

    Avet SX / Teramar TMC-X80H

    Will trade this combo Avet SX gunmetal almost new no scratch with spectra and Teramar 8' x-wrap over cork (this set looks better than this pic). Looking for Avet LX in blue or black new handle 4.6:1 gear ratio must be in good condition. I will add cash if its a 2 speed. Will not separate. Thanks
  35. radz

    Seeker G270H-8'CT

    Looking for a great condition with black guides only. PM or post your price. Thanks
  36. radz

    Trolling Rod

    Looking for a 6 footer blacksteel or grafighter in good shape. Let me know what you got and price. Thanks
  37. radz

    Metal Queen Bed Frame

    Anybody have one in good condition with wheels, adjustable,no rust laying around. Will pay reasonable price. Thanks
  38. radz


    Looking for factory 700L and 700ML and Avet LX Black or Blue. Pm me for price. Thanks
  39. radz

    Rods/Reels deal

    Moving sale. Crappy pictures taken at night but don't do justice. i will try to describe as it is. Rods. 765L = $150 factory great condition no rust 765XL = $130 factory good condition some blems on guides Calstar 6460XH = $120 factory fishermans wrap all rollers good condition, no...
  40. radz

    1998 Ford E350 V10 15 passenger van

    Green in color, 15 passenger, everything works, air, heat, radio, cruise pw, pd, pl, power captain chair,rear climate and radio control,new battery, Clean title, clean upholstery no rip. One dent on the bottom side 1 scratch on driver door, should be easy fix, 175000 miles. Will sell for...
  41. radz

    Looking for puppy

    Need a purebred Rottweiler puppy. Maybe somebody can lead me to a right place. It's for my Daughters B-day. Please no shelter or rescue. I want it to grow with my 9 and 12 year old girls. Can drive up to LA to see the pups and parents. We just lost our rottie of 8 years due to tumor a month ago...
  42. radz

    Electrician Needed

    I need to add a couple of wall outlet and install a security light to an old house. PM me your price or we can trade fishing gear for your labor. Thanks
  43. radz

    3 reels for $300

    Saltist 30T Super Torque. (great condition fish twice) Torium 30 (good condition,no rash, just bump on boat ride) Torium16(good condition, no rash, just bump on boat ride) All 3 reels hasve box and clamps. Very clean, i always clean my gear after trip. Don't time to take pics, youre welcome...
  44. radz

    Blacksteel 6480

    Looking for G6480 cork tape in good condition and reasonable price. PM or email me. Thanks
  45. radz

    Fedor Emelianenko VS Andre Arlovski (Video)

    Brawl Sports: Fight video: Emelianenko vs. Arlovski
  46. radz


    Here it is.....Hope it still works.. Video Chuck Liddell vs Quinton Rampage Jackson 2 ! UFC 71 - chuck, liddell, quinton, rampage, ko - Dailymotion Share Your Videos :urno1: