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  1. Oceantur_Azores

    New boat on the fleet of Oceantur Sportfishing Azores

    Well ... ... we promise many innovations during this season . Here we have the first, a comfortable boat of 8 meters (Astinor 740, powered by Yanmar diesel with 170 hp) with the name "Caimão" is joined to "Rabão" in the Oceantur fleet , we are sure that his crew It will certainly give many joys...
  2. Oceantur_Azores

    Rabão sportfishing vessel - Azores

    A very well know brand ( Pacemaker ) on top shape ... We manage along the years to mantain & upgrade our " jewel " , it keep standing as solid performer on all kinds of weather or fisherye . last year we made a strong maintenace with new generation of electronics , big improvements on the deck...
  3. Oceantur_Azores

    Azores fishing 2015 season

    In a kind of introduction to the forum let me do a report of the 2015 season on Ponta Delgada - Açores . All the fleet ( not to mutch large ) complain about the small numbers of captures ( some of them released ) , the 2015 year was strange by all means here in Azores , even the commercial fleet...