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  1. fishman27

    Bunch o Jigs

    fishman27 submitted a new listing: Bunch o Jigs - Bunch o Jigs Learn more about this listing...
  2. fishman27

    Offshore Bluefin Love Penis

    Went out Monday (8/1) with my dad and friend Andrew. Launched out of Davies and fished the Osborn / 499 area. There were a few boats out there but not a ton. Got two bites on the troll between 11 and noon. One got the better of us and broke us off in the motor, was able to land the second one...
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    Ammo Bros

    Saw this on Instagram a couple weeks ago. Looks like Ammo Bros is starting to sell fishing tackle now. Will be interesting to see how they do.
  4. fishman27

    Avet HX 5/2

    Selling my HX 5/2. A little bit of boat rash but nothing major. Reel works very well mechanically. 400 yds of 80 lb spectra. Price is $275
  5. fishman27

    FS: Sold

    Selling some stuff that just doesn't get used anymore... Super Seeker 36-8 CT 15-30lb in good condition, some minor scratches in the clear coat but nothing deep. - SOLD Okuma Helios in very good condition. SOLD Abu Garcia Revo MGX in very good condition. SOLD Shimano TLD 30 2 speed with some...
  6. fishman27

    Accurate 665 2 Speed

    Selling my Accurate 665 2 Speed with upgraded handle. It has a little bit of boat rash but nothing bad. 9.9/10 Mechanically. I sent it to Accurate once a year for servicing. Price is $325 firm.
  7. fishman27

    Okuma Cedros 12

    Brand new in box Okuma Cedros CSD 12 S. Would like to trade for new or slightly used Okuma Cedros CSD 10S. If I can't trade would be willing to sell. Make me an offer. Retails at $289. Shoot me a PM if your interested.
  8. fishman27

    Revo Inshore

    Got an old model Revo Inshore for sale. Its a little beat up outside but I have always kept up with service. Tons of drag and freespool filled with blue 30# Super8Slick PP. $75 Local pick up only.
  9. fishman27

    2 Penn Spinning combos

    Got 2 Penn 5500s on matching Penn Jigmaster rods for sale. Used, but everything is in good working order. A couples eyes on the rods are bent, but nothing major. -$50 each or $90 for both PM me if interested.
  10. fishman27

    100j and Graftech

    Got a couple rods for sale.. -an M&M custom wrapped Calstar 100j 20-50lb, all black wraps, in fantastic condition. --Sold -also have a Graftech Wallbanger 72l 10-20 lb used but not abused. --Sold If you are interested and want pictures pm me. Local pickup only.
  11. fishman27

    Lingasauras anyone?

    Fished out of Santa Barbara with my dad today. Limits of lings, Rockfish and some Cabezon by 12. Great day today with beautiful weather even got my new personal best linger on my bass gear! Doesnt get much better! (anyone know what kind of fish is pictured in the second picture?)
  12. fishman27

    Talica 10 for Talica 8

    Have a Talica 10 2 speed with 50lb braid and 30lb mono topshot in great condition I want to trade for a Talica 8 2 speed in great condition. Not open to any other trades only looking for the Talica 8. PM me if your interested.
  13. fishman27

    Great Trolling Setup

    Got a Penn Senator 114H in great condition filled with 80lb mono on a Penn Tuna Stick, 5'6" (40-80) also in excellent condition. This is the perfect trolling setup for fishing the boats out of San Diego or on your own boat for only $100.
  14. fishman27

    Accurate and Penn 30

    Got an Accurate 665 2 speed. 65lb spectra to 50lb mono. Has some minor boat rash but nothing bad. It was serviced by Accurate last year. It has a new bigger handle which is great. $350 down to $325 Also have a Penn 30sw. Has spectra backing on it with 80lb mono on top. It is the same reel that...
  15. fishman27

    Trinidad 20

    Reel is in fantastic condition. It has a few very small scratches (you really have to be looking for them to notice), used once. Has spectra backing with a fresh 30lb top shot. Has box and reel clamp. - $250 down to $225
  16. fishman27

    DVL 10/29/2011

    My dad and I and a couple of friends hired guide Greg Silks to take us striper fishing at Diamond Valley Lake. We had a great day catching 29 stripers and one largemouth all between 3 to 8 pounds. We didn’t catch a fish until after 12. The morning was slow but the afternoon bite was awesome...
  17. fishman27

    ATC 909H

    Got a custom wrapped ATC SW909H. 20-40lb line rating. 9' long. Great 30lb stick. Has a Pac Bay reel seat, a few scratches as in the picture. Pac Bay guides with blue and gold wrapping. Asking $200 drop to $175 Would be willing to trade for a Loomis 783 (10-17) in good condition.
  18. fishman27

    Penn Spinning Combos

    Two matching penn 550 spinners with 5196 (8-15) 6'6" jigmaster rods, the perfect 12lb set ups for kids when fishing locally. Rods and Reels are in good condition. (there is an eye that is a little squished on one of the rods) Will not seperate rods and reels, buy as combos only. $50 each or...
  19. fishman27

    Custom ATC

    Ive got a custom wrapped ATC BT7020 (12-25) fast action, 7' rod for sale. Shrink wrap covered corktape split by a blue and gold Pac Bay aluminum reel seat. Blue and gold wrapping with Pac Bay eyes with gold inserts. Blue tinted blank. In good condition, few scratches, one on the reel seat as in...
  20. fishman27

    Calstar 700xh

    Looking for a Calstar 700xh in good to great condition (if what you have is beat up dont bother), would prefer factory wrap, but if you have a well done custom wrap that is fine. PM me if you have anything. Thanks guys! Not looking for any other rod, so please dont offer or ask about any others!
  21. fishman27

    Cutom Phenix 908mh

    I have a custom 908mh (15-40) phenix, rod blank is tinted green, has a green and gold Pacific Bay reel seat, shrink wrap covered handle, and Pacific Bay guides.Has a few minor scratches, very good condition, one scratch on the reel seat. -- $250 or I might be willing to trade for a Saltiga...
  22. fishman27

    Accurate 197 and Phenix

    Posting some stuff for my buddy Sam, call or txt him at (714) 717-4448 if you are interested. Both items are basically in perfect condition, used once by my friend. Accurate sold Phenix 760m (15-40) used once. -- $220 obo
  23. fishman27

    Custom 909XH Phenix

    Rare Green tinted blank, aluminum Pacific Bay reel seat, Pacific Bay eyes, shrink tube covered cork tape. A few scratches, but nothing major. Asking $250 PM me if your interested.
  24. fishman27

    Factory wrapped 800M

    Looking for a factory wrapped 800M in good condition. I would prefer it to have a reel seat but its not that important. PM me or email me at [email protected] Thanks
  25. fishman27


    Custom wrapped by Tommy at Performance Tackle. It is in good condition, it has x wrap over cork tape and no reel seat. -- $100 firm The rod has my name on it. Any store that does rod repair or wraps rods can remove it.
  26. fishman27

    LB or MDR tomorrow?

    Going out tomorrow to try and find the cuda with some buddies. I saw that the Long Beach boats did better than the boats up in MDR for cuda today. But last time I was out of MDR I saw the Long Beach boats up there, and it wouldnt make sense if the Long Beach boats got more cuda than the boats...
  27. fishman27

    MDR Cuda

    My dad and I fished MDR to try and get some of the Cud that have been biting there lately. We definitely suceeded. By 11 we had caught around 50 Cuda between the two of us so we headed in around 11:45. First bite was down by the tankers, there were birds everywhere and everything we threw got...
  28. fishman27

    SX Raptor and 2 Rods

    I have a Custom Wrapped 700L wrapped by Tommy at Performance Tackle. It is in good condition, has the x tubing over corktape, no real seat. A few scratches but it is in Good condition. The rod has my name on it. 700L-- was $125 now $100 PM me or email me at [email protected] Email...
  29. fishman27

    Varmac D-5

    Does anyone know the specifications on the Varmac D-5 rod? length line rating etc. Thanks in advance.
  30. fishman27

    Fish with one arm in a sling?

    I screwed up my left shoulder during football and am having surgery on March 18th. I will be in a sling for about 2 months or so and I dont want to be stuck on dry land the whole time... anyone have any ideas on how I could still fish?
  31. fishman27

    Rod Holders

    Hey guys, I have a removable wakeboard tower on my boat. The base of the tower is in a good spot to mount a rod holder. The only issue is that the tubing is 2" and I cant find an adjustable rod holder that has a base to fit 2" tubing. Any of you guys know of any that would fit? I would prefer...
  32. fishman27

    Phenix and Calstar

    Looking for a factory wrapped Phenix PSW867ML in good condition. Also looking for a Calstar Grafighter 850-L in good condition, I would prefer factory wrapped but custom wrapped may be alright depending on the colors. Pm me if you have something you would be willing to sell.
  33. fishman27

    Best Pheonix rod for 300 TE

    I have a 300TE that I would like to put on a pheonix, not sure which one would be the best fit for it. I will be fishing plastics most of the time with it. Thanks!
  34. fishman27

    Gloomis Pro Blue

    I have a Gloomis PBR844C 7 foot 15-30lb Pro Blue. In great condition-- $175
  35. fishman27

    SX 2 Speed MC and Saltist LD20H

    SX-$200: Has a few small scratches, only used on a few trips, works great, loaded with 50 pound spectra.
  36. fishman27

    Saltiga 2 speed or Talica II?

    looking to get a new 40 pound reel and have narrowed it down to these two reels, not exactly sure what sizes for the reels, but i know i want to get either a Saltiga 2 speed or a Talica. What would you guys recommend?
  37. fishman27

    6 Setups

    Older fishing equipment for sale, $500 buys it all. ( if I can’t sell it this way I will sell individually later) All reels and rods in good working order! I just never use this stuff anymore. Cash only! E-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested. 2 Penn 550s spinning...
  38. fishman27

    Vagabond 5 day

    Saturday 6/12 My dad and I left San Diego around noon after getting bait. We headed 240 miles south with 20 passengers to begin albacore and bluefin fishing. Sunday 6/13 Began trolling a little before noon. Mike Lackey (Captain of Vagabond) had warned us to use at least 40 pound test because...
  39. fishman27

    Descanso April 9.

    Fished Descanso Thursday, we limited out in two and a half hours, and my dad even got a 22 pound yellowtail. After we headed to the rockpile to look for yellows for nada. Great day on the water with beautiful weather.
  40. fishman27

    Checked by Mexican Navy at Descanso

    Sorry for the late report I had company for dinner last night and we ate fresh fish! Fished Descanso on the 3rd for three Mexican limits of red and brown rockfish, calico bass, sand bass, sheephead and sculpin. Caught fish on plastics tipped with squid and sardines. Mexican Navy patrol boat...
  41. fishman27

    Which reel for a GUSA Predator?

    What pound line and with what reel do or would you guys fish this rod with? I was thinking maybe a 60 pound stick with a 30 sized reel? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you!
  42. fishman27

    Descanso/Rockpile April 13, 2009

    My Dad, a friend and I went out Monday to fish for some rockfish and bass in the morning and then go for yellowtail and bonito in the afternoon. We launch alone out of shelter island and got a great scoop of bait. Then we were off to descanso with great conditions. The bite started out kinda...
  43. fishman27

    Long Beach 2/28/09

    Went out with my dad this morning to try for some sandbass and sculpin at izors reef. The day started interesting. When my dad and i are getting the boat ready to pull out this morning he starts coughing like crazy and gagging too. for about 15 minutes this went on until it just stopped and...
  44. fishman27

    Long Beach 2/15/09

    Went fishing with my dad and his best friend today out of long beach. We got to the ramp and there was one truck with a trailor at 2nd street. Never seen that before. Most of the dock was taken up by some white pyramid things with christmas lights on them, odd. But we head out and see an...
  45. fishman27

    Offshore Holiday 1.5 day to Colonett

    After reading about the Holiday in magazines and Western Outdoor News, my dad and I decided to try the boat with a 1.5 day trip to fish for some rock cod and lings. We arrived Saturday morning and started yo-yoing for yellows. None would bite though. Then the white fish moved in and it went...
  46. fishman27

    Long Beach 12-27-08

    Went out today with my dad. The fish did not bite very good but we still had a fun relaxing day on the water. It was a little breezy in the morning but laid down nice and flat in the afternoon. We started by getting a half scoop of pretty crappy bait from long beach bait co. Then head off to...
  47. fishman27

    SCI and Catalina. August 14-15

    My dad and i decided to go try to fish SCI and fish the patties on the way over. Left huntington harbor and got a great scoop of bait from long beach bait co. then headed out to the 277. Saw 2 marlin and some dorado jumping but nothing bit on the troll. We bring in the rigs and head off to the...
  48. fishman27

    Great 5 day on the Vagabond

    Hey guys, my dad brother and I just got back today from a 5 day trip on the Vagabond. We fished cedros island and did great on the yellow tail. Here is how the trip went. First we stop to get bait of course. I grab my 15 pound test setup and start to cast a swim bait and drag it along the...
  49. fishman27

    Best reel for 20lb casting

    looking for a new reel for 20lb... Just wondering what you guys would recommend.. I really like the Trinidad 14 or 12.. They are kind of pricey but i am willing to spend that much on one of those. What reel would you recommend for an all around 20 lb reel that would be used a lot. Mostly for...
  50. fishman27

    3/4 day charter on the Pacific adventurer

    My dad teaches so he had an after school fishing class and took all his students and their parents out on a charter today. We started off fishing for sculpin and had a steady bite of sculpin for a few hours. Everyone caught fish and there must have been at least 100 fish on the boat for 38...
  51. fishman27


    My dad and i fished horseshoe kelp for some butts today and we got two legal ones. Mine weighed 45.4 pounds at a certified scale at the gas dock at los alamitos bay. I got it on my abu garcia revo inshore with 12 pound test. It took me about 20 minutes to get it in. I was hoping for a 15 pounder...
  52. fishman27

    Desconso/coronados 5-18

    went out today and it was one of the better days my dad and i have had on our boat. First at the launch ramp someone needed a jump on their boat so tried to help em get it started but after 4 tries we couldnt get it to work so we headed out to fairly decent weather. We headed toward the...
  53. fishman27

    5 day on the Vagabond

    hey guys my dad brother and i are going on our yearly trip with mike and the guys. Looking forward to this trip just wondering if any one else is going and any tips and advice on fishing cedros. Fished there last year and had a blast
  54. fishman27

    catalina 4/27-28

    went over to the island sunday for my first overnight trip ever to try and catch some WSB stopped at nachos and got a scoop of live squid and headed towards the island weather going over was great, first fished a small kelp bed i like to fish for awhile and the fishing was really good. i tryed...
  55. fishman27

    april 19 coronados

    fished the coronados today with my dad was a pretty nice day weather was a little on the iffy side but fishible. fished middle grounds for a little bit and got a few whitefish and a sculpin but a sealion drove us out then moved to south kelp ridge and looked for something happening on the...
  56. fishman27

    3/28 coronado islands

    fished the islands today pretty rough out there big swell but it was alright fished middle grounds and got lots of reds and small lings only one good size lingcod that i got on a plastic also got a nice sculpin on a plastic most of the reds were on live bait nice day though and pretty good fishing
  57. fishman27

    3/25 long beach

    went out today was pretty foggy in the morning but cleared up quickly went to fish the rockpile and caught 1 very small rockfish then moved to the horseshoe kelp area and had one good drift that produced about 10 bass, 2 sculpin and about a 10 pound black sea bass that i successfully released...
  58. fishman27

    new reel for 15 pount test

    looking at the Avet SX model and the Daiwa saltist right now any other suggestions that cost around 200 or less?