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    $old Mint Shimano Talica 16ii

    Love it when “mint” is really mint! 😃 GLWS
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    NEW Shimano Talica 12 2 speed w/ T-bar lite handle

    Nice bonus with the power handle. Bought a Talica 16 II from Jay. Smooth deal. GLWS
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    Shimano Talica 12ii fished one time

    Nice off loading of Talicas.. Must be moving to Torques! :p GLWS.
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    Minty Newell 641-3

    Sold. Thanks Dan.
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    Minty Newell 641-3

    Bump price reduced to $200.
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    Shimano Talica 16 2 speed w/ T-bar lite handle

    Thanks Jay. I'll take it per our conversation.
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    Minty Newell 641-3

    I have a minty Newell 641-3 for sale. Complete with original box, clamp, and documentation. Loaded with 60 lb mono. Original owner. $300 local pickup or ship on your dime. Thanks, Phil
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    Calstar Grafigher 700M and 700MH

    Looking for factory wrapped Calstar Grafigher 700M and 700MH in good condition. Preferable for San Diego or OC pickup. Thanks!
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    Tld 15 $75

    Is the trinidad still available?