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  1. elliott 53

    Looking for a Furuno NavNet 3D 8inch

    elliott 53 submitted a new listing: Looking for a Furuno NavNet 3D 8inch - Looking for a Furuno NavNet 3D 8inch Learn more about this listing...
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    Looking for props

    elliott 53 submitted a new listing: Looking for props - Looking for props Learn more about this listing...
  3. elliott 53

    Pair of cummins VTA 903 425 HP

    Pair of cummins VTA903 marine 425hp low hours (was told 1000) very good condition bobtail. Condition is Used. the plan was to install into my sportfisher. But have decided to just rebuild the mains i have now. I had a cummins mechanic go threw them and are told they are ready to push any boat...
  4. elliott 53

    Furuno FCV-295

    Looking for a good used Furuno FCV-295. Thanks Steve
  5. elliott 53

    450 gallon split bait tank

    Looking to see my used 450 +/- bait tank. split tank, been a great tank just too lager for our needs any more. asking $2500.
  6. elliott 53

    140-200 gal bait tank

    Looking for a good used bait tank in the 140-200 gallon range thank you Steve
  7. elliott 53

    Ed Monk JR

    Hey BDers, I'm looking to get in touch with Ed Monk Jr. Any of you know how to find him? Thank you Steve
  8. elliott 53

    2007 Striper 2601 Pilothouse

    It is time to sell our 2007 that was never put into service till 2016 Always garage kept when not in the water. She has about 50 hours on the motor total. Outdrive and motor just gone threw by Volvo tech . Specs 2007 2601 walk around Pilothouse Volvo penta 5.7 with DPS-A outdrive. Furuno NavNet...
  9. elliott 53

    Nuteak or Plasteak

    Hey guys. Have any of you had any luck on your girls with either Nuteak or Plasteak?
  10. elliott 53

    2008 Honda 15HP long shaft w/ remote control

    For sale is a 2008 honda 15 hp long shaft with power tilt and a push-button ignition and remote control. I just installed all new cables. The motor was used for our RIB this summer now we want a bigger RIB. There is no hour meter but i would assume less than 200 hours. I bought this from a from...
  11. elliott 53

    871T running hot

    Hey guys, My 8v71Ts both are running hotter then normal. I have cleaned heat exchangers, sea strainers, new impellers in raw water pump, she is still hot. Only thing left is the trans coolers and the after coolers??? what do i do 1st??? HELP PLEASE
  12. elliott 53

    removable large bait tank

    Hey guys do any of you know how Viking or any other sport boats mount there Large bait tanks so they can be removed for fighting chairs?
  13. elliott 53

    Bahamas great exuma

    Hey guys, going to the bahamas great exuma want to fish a few days, any of you guys been there have any boats/ capt you recommend ??? Thank you Steve
  14. elliott 53

    53' Elliott $150,000

    Hey guys we have decided its time to sell our baby, she needs a new home. one of the most seaworthy boats every built. Ted Elliott only built 20 boats in his life time, old school cold molded plywood and fiberglass. just a little info 1973 loa 60 beam 18 power twin 8v71 northern lights 20 kw...
  15. elliott 53


    anyone ever have a boat shipped from the east coast by ship? what was the cost?
  16. elliott 53

    Bottom painting on a trailer

    Hey guys have any of you lifted your boat off the rails to bottom paint the hull yourself? any photos would be helpful
  17. elliott 53

    family fishing boat

    looking to down size, what would you go for in a 35-45' range flybridge, weekend boat to the islands for the family. and fishing with the boys
  18. elliott 53

    Furuno FCV-600L color fish finder

    Nice working color fish finder, was just taken off boat for upgrade, comes with Airmar P66 transducer, power cable, sun cover and manual $500.00 call or text (818) 419-7122
  19. elliott 53

    Garmin GPS maps 192c

  20. elliott 53

    Furuno DFF1 sounder

    I just pulled off the boat a great working furuno DFF 1 sounder. asking $350.00 OBO
  21. elliott 53

    115 gallon bait tank

    we have a 115 gallon commercial bait tank that we had on one of our boats for a few seasons, time to pass it on to a new home, has awal grip paint with a non skid top, could use a new coat of paint but over all in good working order. It is wood over fiberglass I think it was built by Barattucci...
  22. elliott 53

    furuno navnet vx2 VS raymarine E90W

    need some help from fellow BD's right now we use Furuno Navnet vx2 on our boat. Im looking to outfit a smaller boat but not sure if i want to change over to a raymarine E90W or stick with Furuno . I will be using both for fish finder, GPS and radar. Thank you guys Steve
  23. elliott 53

    PYT Hardtop for striper

    Will post photos later brand new PYT for a striper 2601, will work on 2101, 2301 models as well. Never mounted decided to go a new route. Paid 3400. asking $3000 OBO thank you Steve
  24. elliott 53


    Looking to have isinglass installed on my striper 2601 and recommendations for a local installer in the woodland hills/ oxnard area? thanks
  25. elliott 53

    Furuno set up

    Furuno marine radar 1623 with 24" radome. Comes with power cable and radar cable included $ 1100 Furuno marine fish finder/gps GP-7000F comes with power cable, GPS antenna, c maps chart card. $450 Both units are in very good used condition and have been kept out of the sun.
  26. elliott 53

    Fighting Chair

    pompanette fighting chair. Rated to handle up to 80 pound gear, this line of chairs offers the same features as the 130-pound class chairs but it subsitutes the large stainless steel pedestal and hardware for aluminum. It's light weight and small turning radius make it the perfect choice for...
  27. elliott 53

    Stollen gear

    Fellow BD guys. Keep an eye on all your gear. Last week I had friends unloading there truck at my boat up in Channel Islands at a house. Between the time they did the 1st load from there truck to the boat, they had been cleaned out. Taken all there poles and gear. this was at 4:30 am
  28. elliott 53

    80 lb class fighting chair

    pompanette fighting chair i believe it is a 80 class chair. looks beautiful needs a good home, Pompanette sells the chair for $8000. make a real offer looking to get around $5000. Thanks for looking
  29. elliott 53


    Looking to install a AIS system on our boat, seeing anny BD guys have a thought on what they like out there. Looking for a class B system Thanks
  30. elliott 53

    Raymarine A78

    Let me start off with I am a furuno guy born and raised. But we came into a small trailer boat and looking at putting the Raymarine A78 system on her. just wanted to see if any other BDers have used or have that system Thanks guys
  31. elliott 53

    moving boat to San Deigo

    Looking for a good marina to move to down in San Deigo. looking for 2 month stay Thanks guys
  32. elliott 53

    Striper Hardtop

    Hey guys looking to see who you would have build a hard top for a striper 2601? Thanks for the info
  33. elliott 53

    2007 striper 2601 limited edition

    Helping my brother inlay out. He got a 2007 striper 2601limited edition in june, the boat seams to have very little use on her, I will post hours when i get them. The boat is how it comes from the factory no electronics just base boat in very clean condition. Need basic love for a boat that has...
  34. elliott 53

    electronic controls

    Have any of you guys had electronic controls installed on your boat? We have 871s with allison transmission. Just getting a feeling. Thanks guys
  35. elliott 53

    reupholster my helm chair

    looking for a good referral for someone to reupholster my helm chair. looking form oxnard to san fernando valley thanks guys
  36. elliott 53


    Hey guys, Have any of you seen or tried NUTEAK? any thing you guys liked disliked? think i want to run it in the cockpit and wheel house. thank guys
  37. elliott 53

    thresher sharks?

    any one have any luck looking for thresher sharks along from malibu to ventura?
  38. elliott 53

    good weekend

    Great weekend
  39. elliott 53

    rodriguez or potato bank

    Has any one fished the potato bank? or the rodriguez yet this year?
  40. elliott 53

    24 volt charger

    looking for a new or used 24 volt charger to power a bank for my windless
  41. elliott 53

    anacapa, gap

    if channel islands was as smooth as it was yesterday, i would say i love it up here... fishing was killer limits of nice size lings beautiful reds and salmon groupers. only problem all WSB were small ones.. hope everyone up here did well
  42. elliott 53

    Navnet vx2

    I have a the navnet vx2 on our boat. I want to see if there is a way to either come off the black box, or come off the main unit and copy what is on the screen on to a tv screen in our salon? any one have any ideas? thanks steve
  43. elliott 53


    looking for a slip in port of LA anyone have a marina they like ? also want to try and find one a little on the cheep side, or the commercial docks?
  44. elliott 53

    Salt water or fresh water ice?

    I am replacing the chiller plates in my fish holds ,and I am going to put in a ice maker. Question is would you do salt water ice or fresh water ice? Thank you all
  45. elliott 53

    Salt or fresh water ice

    I am replacing the chiller plates in my fish holds ,and I am going to put in a ice maker. Question is would you do salt water ice or fresh water ice? Thank you all
  46. elliott 53

    avet mxj 4/6 2 speed

    just bought last summer from fish n fools. looks and works just like new. Just replaced 400 yards of spectra and gone threw by tech. looking to get $250.00 OBO. I dont know how to upload photos so just pm me your email or cell and ill send photos right over.