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    GRAFTECH RODS-AVET REELS 16 day Indy ... March 28 - April 13

    soda/what does your gear lineup look like?
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    How to choose and present a bait correctly

    a couple of thoughts,of what I have seen /. learned//heard? if you. can catch fish on the 3/4day. boat/you can catch them anywhere I have heard many hot stick. talk. about sliding the hook between the scales I have seen flip the spool. as. he does a. super long underhand cast...
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    Wahoo trolling reel braid/mono suggestions

    my fingers have a hard time keeping up with my brain
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    Wahoo trolling reel braid/mono suggestions

    I like a cal sheets 80 with high gear 49inchesandlow 1-1/ifyoudo notgetbityoucan jidyourrigbaginhigh/or ifyougetbit you can go into low . no matter what you hook
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    My Break-It Machine

    I start early and try to break everythingiwould take on big trip before get on theboat and break it there. then I have it all repaired and upgraded
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    Cow rigs

    if I were going to start all over with my gear/I would start out with all topless /50reels.then I would have all of them souped up by call sheets/including the mask. my first choice would be a black Mac 50. it come with max free spool and drag and the granny can fit sardines with that...
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    Cow rigs

    I alwaysnlike to have a plan when I go on a trip/the length of the trip will dictate the dynamics of my plan.if I just want to go fishing I can go an any length of trip and the number of days will dictate the gear I will take.and I just take my favorite stuff.if I am short anything based upon...
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    Gear for 15 day trip

    the grabowki formula/2 80s/6 50s and screw thewahoo/he onlywantedcows and supers/what you want to do will dictate your gear/also renting gear from theboat is a good formula for starting out
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    Trolling reel question.

    that is like asking which kind of knife can I use to skin a deer with and or fight a bear with
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    Need help matching rods and reels- Starting my Long Range Adventure

    you have a lo of catching up o do
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    What to leave home?

    are you going fishing or hunting for cows and super cows?that will answer your question
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    spirit of adventure 7day/7-22

    very nice boat/great boat, great crew and captain, very friendly and willing to help and engage. not burned out.great group o fingers,limited load 17. turned the corner for the rocks and the ridge on a full moon.we di a lot of driving . it was a great opportunity to get away and play with my...
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    Ever lose a three hundred pounder

    that is really good advice tooooo
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    Ever lose a three hundred pounder

    your connections are the weak link with supers/you neverrrrr want anyone doing your connections for you. they are not emotionally involved with the process and will never pay the attention to detail necessary to land supers/learn how to do it for be heart broken
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    Spirit 4 day

    should we bring a designated kit rod?
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    Confirmed 300# catch question

    all of my 3s have been chunking on big gear
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    More Kite Reel Questions

    spectra is definitely a deal changer/if you have that 1-1 gear? if you hook one? you've got them!!!!!!!!!
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    More Kite Reel Questions

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    JDM Trinidad 40 Narrow (Ocea Jigger 4000)

    very niceeeeeeeeeeeee/my bday is coming up this month
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    Matte black Makairas 4 a clean factory SS80XH

    I have 2 80 xh customs?I love those rods
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    I have an 80s cal sheets special that gets 49 inches per crank/if I hook ones have got him
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    Indy 11 day fishing report

    and you got chewed off? wowwwwwww
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    Indy 11 day fishing report

    what was your set up on that big one/gear/connecections/line/leader/hook?
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    LB SS 3X5 makaira 50 matte black

    you will need to wear a mask if you are in the front
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    LB SS 3X5 makaira 50 matte black

    what will you accept as a trade?
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    TLD50LRS frame

    do you have the reel too? or just the frame?
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    LB SS 3X5 makaira 50 matte black

    I have 2 6343xxxx Long Beach super seekers that I would trade with you
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    Penn 70vis or 80n

    I would love to get my hands on an 80 narrow?
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    80W reel

    I have an 80w cal sheets special/1-1 low gear
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    Gauging Interest - 3.5 day, Tomahawk, Oct 2021

    would prefer a limit of 12maxxxxx/hard to get a kite fish with 21
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    Cow Reels

    I like different reels for different applications/I like my narrow topless 70 with a 1-1 for chunking at 530 am/you got em.i like my 30 mak for sardines at 430 pm and I like my 50w topless for big baits anytime and I love my 20 mak for run and gun fishing and the slide
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    6.5 day charter aboard Apollo Sportfishing Nov.17th-24th

    who will be driving the boat/who will the cook be? will this be a big bluefin or bust trip or a Baja free lance/will you have helium/will you have flyers foe everyone for 6 days. this could be an epic big bluefin app. I have 2 interested if the game plan is big bluefin or bust/please have the...
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    6.5 day charter aboard Apollo Sportfishing Nov.17th-24th

    what are the terms and the price/departure time/arrrival/staterooms/bunks/covid policy/all inclusive/you can call me at home in the pm/7147315997/do they rig the kite leaders for us?do we bring our own/is this a bluefin or bust trip? or run to Guadeloupe when they make the call/who makes the call ?
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    Best 16 day charters?

    what is it?36 hours from clarion to Cabo?18 hours from hurricane to clarion?
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    where are you located? I am interested
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    Gold Penn 70W/2Speed

    what is local?a sweet rig
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    Avet EX 50/2 for Sale

    that is a clean rig
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    Matte black Makairas 4 a clean factory SS80XH

    I have a custom 80xh super seeker full length that I might let go of if you are interested/original Long Beach blank
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    Will Fish TLD50, Seeker 6455XXH - SD

    I am interested/will pick up /do you still have?
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    found a 30

    should have reviewed my typing
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    Offshore Excel 2.5 Day Teport

    would hate to go on the boat and step into an open spot and be that guy because of the 6ft rule
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    Offshore Excel 2.5 Day Teport

    how did they mange social distancing with that many people on the boat?any problems in the stern with the 6foot rule?
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    red rooster 3 and the city counsel

    as of today the rooster is a no go/voted down by the Citi not the gov/ 4-1 was not good enough. to much speculation to talk about it without the facts/but the new info is that 80%of the cases are non symptomatic/so that means that the cases reported and the total deaths are only in the 20% range...
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    red rooster 3 and the city counsel

    930am or 1130 am Tuesday/just sitting it out and waiting for the call
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    red rooster 3 and the city counsel

    I talked to the office this am/they have openings they have not been cleared to go by the city council yet they are meeting tuesday they have not had their coast guard inspection yet my fingers are crossed
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    aRE THER ANY MORE SPOTS LEFT ON THAT TRIP?what time are they going to try to leave by?after the city council meeting?
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    aRE THER ANY MORE SPOTS LEFT ON THAT TRIP?what time are they going to try to leave by?after the city council meeting?
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    Cow jig reel?

    I use an 80 s with a granny gear by cal and a high of 48 inches per crank for the flat fall locally. when you hook em on that rig/yuve got them
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    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    this is. a very popular post starting in 2016. sl much of the info is outdated. at the least 1. you should have your own kite rig/even if you have to rent it/ always use flour topshot o the kite rig. do not share it with anyone. keep it clean and ready to go/ you can use this rig for multiple...
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    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    those were some very useful duplicatable details of your techniques and tools used/thanks
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    If the Lower Banks go off-

    they have already gone off/andy has 2 supers already with lots around
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    Ideal kite set up

    one important factor for the kite/use fluorocarbon for abrasion. that is why you want to alwayssssss use your own kite rig/or barrow one to rig yourself
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    call me about your 50m 7147315997

    call me about your 50m 7147315997
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    Okuma makaira 50ii (gold) SEa upgrade

    do you still have? 714 7315997
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    What is best line for casting to big bft with conventionals?

    75 feet of mono would be difficult with any type or brand of mono due to the memory of the line. 75 yards would be impossible for flying bait fishing if you actually were hoping to get bit
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    Offshore Thunderbird Courtside Seats 1.5 10.01-10.03.2019

    I was on the trip Sunday Monday Tuesday with Jeff. your report is right on. they were there, you needed to be on a balloon to get a good bite ,or drop down to 50. it was just like he said it was. here is a tip for you. give Cole 20$ and ask him to make sure he comes looking for you when your...
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    PROGEAR Wahoo Special- PRICE DROP - $170!

    how are the drags/how many pounds of drag can you get with full free spool?
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    your set up has to take in multiple issues. 1. what is the size of the bait? 2. what is the experience on the boat? 3. what are the weather conditions 4. what is the swell 5. what is the current 6 are you anchor fishing or drift fishing 7. what is yourrr skill level? 8. what is your go to rig...
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    Okuma makaira 50ii (gold) SEa upgrade

    does it have the 1-1 low gear?
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    Willfish TLD 30 (price reduced)

    I really like that 50/ I am in California though
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    Kite rods

    sorry about that/after along fight
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    Kite rods

    caught a 95# bluefin in 5 min with my 80s and a granny gear from cal. you can straight grind them to the boat. you do not have to wait for the rod to load up and then reel down. you also minimize the risk of tearing a hole in the mouthed them trowing the hook with slack after a lungfish
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    Mak 30 SEa Black

    still available? 7147315997
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    getting ready

    I am getting ready for the big bluefin push that should start in July and august if this year is anything like the last 2 years and for the fall winter big fish season. her are some points that I will share with you that will be different in my approach. 1. I have always been told that if...
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    Crew Members Fishing

    if you want to catch a bluffing you have to be in the water before they go down/you have to be very aggressive. I learned from my uncle Pauly
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    Gold 40N Trinidad

    he will/it is an incredible reel
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    Gold 40N Trinidad

    going for the gold
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    Royal star Crew

    good luck finding another boat to ride/ they blackball people who right posts like this/ would you want this guy on your boat? posting like this?
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    Okuma Makaira 50WII seA

    is that a black or green mak?
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    OKUMA Makaira reels

    if it is still available/I can drive out to you on Monday to pick up the black man 30/ 7147315997
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    Need your help - J Hooks

    I like lukes post
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    Need your help - J Hooks

    I like likes advice
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    Need your help - J Hooks

    I like likes advice/he fishes the loop a lot and is out on the water a lot. so he is giving us real on the water first had experience form what has worked and not worked for him. he is a very hot stick
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    go talk to taka or salty dawg. the rod has to be built to your body specifications or the fish will work you on a big one
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    why don't we focus on what works and why it works and when it works/ then maybe we will see fewer people that do not know what and when. I would like to think that they are using the technique with good intensions with lack of good knowledge. I mean think about it/ 16 day trip/26 anglers/110...
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    when to use them? how to use them? on the slide? on the actor? drift fishing? helium? air? lets hear from the experts about it ,I am really interested in hearing about this? live bait? yummy? squid/alive/dead? long range only please?
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    RP update - done with wahoo and 15 cows so far......

    the next rp trip is fishing into an excellent big fish moon phase
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    Tested for high Mercury

    any mercury in your blood test is abnormal/ anything that shows up in a blood test is already a problem. little mercury is like being a little pregnant
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    penn 80w...

    I have an 80w call sheets special with the high and low granny gear?
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    Tested for high Mercury

    anytime you drive by san onofre you are exposed to aluminumgaliunarcinide, which is associated with plutonium and an alloy of aluminum which holds mercury and magnifies mercury by at least 100%. look up aluminum, it is a conductive metal/ thimerisol in vaccinations does the same thing when you...
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    extra efforts re wahoo?

    I thought it was standard procedure/THAT YOU NEVER THOW A JIG/ unless you are forward of the bait tank/ big risk for crew and passengers
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    Super Seeker 6463XXXXH

    is that a factory wrap?how long is the rear grip?
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    Trip Report: Red Rooster, 3/1 - 3/16

    that means everyone/just about got a private room/niceeeee
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    Calstar TIOOJ SOLD-reels left.

    I have an original 530 saber/love that stick. had no idea they were made in the heavy
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    Seeker Black steel 665

    put me on the back up list for the ops please
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    Jeff Debuys/Independence

    thanks for that/that is double the daily limit you just posted to the whole world including Mex.
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    Jeff Debuys/Independence

    frank has history of turning his really great captains into partners
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    Jeff Debuys/Independence

    the type of shrewd business move you would expect from lopresti. always ahead of the curve and always puts the customer service first. great boat and a great new #1 skipper. how can you go wrong with that combo?
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    the new thunderbird?

    thats why you go on the t bird when he is running it or any boat that he is running
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    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    has anyone fished the newwww thunderbird this year?
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    the new thunderbird?

    how do you like the new thunderbird. looks really high in the water?
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    Intrepid 16 Day, Departing 2-17-2019

    how many did you leave with?
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    Penn 50VISX

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    Apollo in PV Last Min cancellation Feb 16 to 20-3 1/2 day

    how many anglers/what time does the boat leave?
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    oakum 50ll

    if I bought a gold 50 oakum? could I upgrade it with the man gears and 1-1 gears as an upgrade?
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    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day....Jan. 15-31 Roll Call

    im glad you found a new home. its biggggg
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    For those boarding trips.... Prepare for rain.

    thank you for the report Paul/ really heads up to have a bluefin rig ready/maybe even a flat fall too
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    Intrepid 16 Day, Departing 2-17-2019

    I love fishing calico bass/at Catalina andsanclemente island
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    Accurate Dauntless 600 w/80lb

    my apologies to all of you and the original post
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    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    anything less than a 15day type trip is fishing to me, and I love to go fishing. a 15 day type trip is big tuna fishing, and I call that hunting/big game hunting. I love the thrill of the hunt, becoming one with the enviornment and the conditions. I love the opportunity to go on the hunt and...
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    Looking for a reel to handle 200lb.+ fish.

    why not the avets?
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    Black Avets - 30’s and 50’s

    how many inches per crank on the high speed 50?
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    Makaira 50 SEA Black

    something wrong with my key pad
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    Makaira 50 SEA Black

    sorry again/black man 50?
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    Makaira 50 SEA Black

    sorry bob/black man 50
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    Makaira 50 SEA Black

    red boat bob/ do you still have that black man 50? give me a call 714 7315997
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    wtb 50black mak

    looking for aneworused50 black maksea2?
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    Bob Sands has all the Yellow (Canary) JRI surface jigs in stock

    jaime/can you find me a black 50 mak?
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    Seeker Long Beach Rods

    do you haveanyss long beachcherryblanks 2x4 or 3x5? can you find me a black 50 mak?
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    Accurate Dauntless 600 w/80lb

    justbought one atthelongfinn/449.$$forxmas new/ I would buy another one used, for the right price . really lovethoserods. that is not trolling, those are thefactsand I am negotiating thepricebasedupon thefts
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    mak 50sea 11/black

    looking for a used black50 mak sea 2/ please let meknow?
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    Accurate Dauntless 600 w/80lb

    rod is 449. new at the long fin/factory wrap
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    Red Rooster report from HB Bank

    Lauren, were there any chunk fish? the last time I fished with you , it was all drift fishing/june heat 2016,at the bank.
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    Red Rooster report from HB Bank

    Lauren,did you fish the anchor at all at the bank?or was it a combination of drift and anchor?
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    Red Rooster report from HB Bank

    Lauren is a really great stick. if you were ever confused, all you have to do is watch and follow him. he will lead you to the fish
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    Red Rooster report from HB Bank

    that is why they call it fishing. rolls used to call it wishing instead of fishing, and fishing instead of catching. you never go catching. you go fishing and hope to catch something and you get o play with all of your toys and no honey dos. of course there will be plenty of people around to...
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    Reel Choice?

    the blank reads 3x7 feet, 3 inches 100-150
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    Kite Reel line question

    wowww buck/if you look one ,it is dead with that rig
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    Kite Reel line question

    the problem is the drag setting. lets say your kite is 100 yards out, the 50 yards up. if you get bit, by the time you come tight you could be well over 200 yards out. so you set your drag at 40 at strike. when the reel hits 50% capacity ,your drag doubles and you are now at 80 pounds of drag...
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    Reel Choice?

    thanks steve/3x7osp/ has a much longer rear grip than your typical factory wrap rod. incredible back bone and very forgiving tip. was really surprised by it and you could not beat he price at the long finn
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    Reel Choice?

    just upgraded to a 3x7osp and a black man 50
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    Excel 16 day

    wowwww some bigggg yellows
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    Super Seeker 6463xxxxh Long Beach price reduced

    I love the rod/too short though/ I have 37 inch long arms
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    used back 50makira sea 2

    looking for a used black 50 mak/ line /no line/ does not matter/just pm me.
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    Re-gearing up, from scratch.

    send it to frank and roy
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    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    with the present conditions I would definitely bring entertainment for my brain for all the riding to and from the spots/lots of new dads/my computer and some different gear 1. my 80 s and a stack of flat falls/my 80s gets 48 inches in high and has a 1-1 granny gear/thankyu. cal sheets 2. I...
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    If HB is very slow or dead, what will happen on an 18 day trip.

    wowwww, the rocks/hurricane/then the loop. that sounds like driving from store to store looking for a product after 330 in orange county
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    If HB is very slow or dead, what will happen on an 18 day trip.

    just call and talk to frank and roy. I am sure they will have a plann. they hate skunks
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    Reel Choice?

    if you ask a question on this board, you are going to get an answer,like it or not
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    frank will always have a plan for the long range fleet
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    Long Beach style superseeker 643xxxx full length

    looking to buy a clean blank for my custom build
  132. S

    Super Seeker 6463xxxxh Long Beach price reduced

    I love those rods/very nice looking rod
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    14 day trip report.....

    they need Kevin
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    Holie Mackeral!!!

    looks like long range fishing to me
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    14 day trip report.....

    long long range 14 days +, will not become extinct. there will be fewer players in the game though. and it will be harder to get on a trip. you might have to sign up 18 months in advance and be on a long waiting list. the excel and the rp and aa are not going to disappear or the royal star or...
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    14 day trip report.....

    roy rose is very fishy
  137. S

    Intrepid cancel December trips?

    14 days at sanclemente fishing giant bluefin/I would take that
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    14 day trip report.....

    bad crew and poor crew and/or performancebythecrew with rigging isthecaptains responsibility/ I always go with the captain and the boat second. the skipper makes the boat and leads the crew. and when they are on the boat, the crew steps it up in all phases. unfortunately, when you sign up 12...
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    I really like fishing with Andy cates on the red rooster. when you go big fish fishing with him, you go big fish fishing and you do not worry about striking out. home run hitters strike out a lot . but when they connect , look out. who want to leave early and fish rock cod on the way home when...
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    New okuma pch railrods

    if I am going to fish big tuna rod, my first priority is having the rod designed to my physical specifications so that I can leverage the rod vs the rod leverage me.
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    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    you actually tip in advance to ensure the service you desire
  142. S

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    if you realllllly want to talk about the art of tipping? when was the last time you tipped the girls in the office who sign you in and assign your room to you? this about that? where are you going to sleep and with who for the next 2 weeks?
  143. S

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    many times you see long range fishing compared to taking a vacation maybe you go to an all inclusive resort do you tip the airline do you tip the ticket counter do you tip the porter at the curb do you tip the hotel do you tip your cabie do you tip your servers do you tip your bell man do you...
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    Stuff I've learned

    my first really big long trips did not understand the concept of fishing the conditions. star was on the boat and I eventually realized that he was hunting not fishing and he knew the conditions and fished the conditions. so I would watch hime and use him as an indicator of when and how to fish...
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    Intrepid cancel December trips?

    the dynamics of long range fishing are caging before our eyes the cost of trips the quality of the fishing time on the water traveling who is running the trip paying well in advance the need for trip insurance load of the trip there will just be fewer opportunities for super cows
  146. S

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    my first long range trip was seven days and it was the worst fishing experience of my life and I will not mention any names. the boat was great/the skipper was great/crew bad/charter master terrible and all of his friends on the boat were terrible. but I did not give in or give up and went on...
  147. S

    What angle are you working on?

    what about using a seagar Knott to connect spectra to spectra or spectrum to your a short top shot?
  148. S

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    500 a day, and you wonder why they shut us down/ again be mindful of daily limits/everyonnnnnnne reads them
  149. S

    S of A current trip

    remember to keep your daily limits in mind when talking on the board/everyone else does
  150. S

    I Tend to Hook Huge Fish

    when you hook a big one and get down to I/2 the spool on the first run, you risk tearing how set site open. and eventually when they turn their heads of shake their heads with some slack, they show the hook/ or when you get them close you pull the hook because of the damage done on the first run
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    Avet Pro EX 50/2 - Silver

    is that a combo for 500?
  152. S

    14-16 Day Gear Recommendations

    1. kite/flat fall/wahoo big bomb trolling/chunking/80 s cal sheets special/48 inches high/I-1-low gear/heavy gear/your preference 2. chunking/ballon/70 baker narrow topless/cal sheets special 1-1 gear/heavy gear your choice 3. 50 avet cal sheets special 1-1 gear/chunking/heavy gear your choice...
  153. S


    It looks like mike is running a lot more of the trips
  154. S

    Okuma makaira 50 (gold)

    does it have the low 1-1 gear in it?
  155. S

    Tropical Storm Rosa

    thunderbird 2 day got blown up
  156. S

    Heavier/Lighter Kite Reel

    does the 70 have a 1-1 granny? deal breaker for me/ I have a 70 topless /narrow that has a 1-1 granny gear/deadly
  157. S

    Heavier/Lighter Kite Reel

    I like my 80 s/cal sheets special. 48 inches in high then a 1-1 granny with super free spool and blue printed for really smooth drag curve for whatever I am comfortable with
  158. S

    300 pound blue Finn

    I am really serious about this/any intelligent or hands on advice?
  159. S

    300 pound blue Finn

    will they be there on the thunderbird Sudan night 2 day/ what do I take for this trip/34 bluefin today on a 2 day/they are back at Clemente?
  160. S

    2day on thunderbird

    300 pound bluefin is long range fishing in your back yard/ can you help me out?
  161. S

    2day on thunderbird

    saw 34bluefin today/any one have info on trip.i leave Sunday on a 2 day/ 2 weeks ago they were a complete no show anywhere/ now they are back/ how should I prepare?
  162. S

    Please exercise caution my friends

    social media is like drinking and driving. its dangerous
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    Factory or Custom Seeker and Calstar Heavy Rods

    for big fish fishing you always want to go custom so that you can leverage your body dynamics to your advantage
  164. S

    turn right/now what?

    so we went straight out 80 miles to the back side of Clemente/ I fished the 500 gram only/ here is what I learned 1. 90% of the bites were on the sink with the 250s 2. single hook on the Botton 2 on the top 3. they are not line shy 4. my 80 worked great/I had 2 bite on the wind, which was not...
  165. S

    turn right/now what?

    thank you for that Alex
  166. S

    mono as leader for bft???

    thanks for the info david/going out tonight 2 days on the thunderbird
  167. S

    mono as leader for bft???

    I like to use at least 8 ft for the tail beat against the line
  168. S

    mono as leader for bft???

    I like the knife jig
  169. S

    turn right/now what?

    I have been told that the speed of retrieve on the flat falls is important. so I did some testing my 80s turns 49 inches in high and is 1-1 in low/ wowwwwww I had no idea my 70 is 43 inches and I-i in low my 50 is 36 fish. wowwwww this may give me a quite a measurable advantage? I will let you know
  170. S

    Vagabond CRUSHES the BFT

    what are the setups for this fishing?
  171. S

    turn right/now what?

    going on a 2 day on the thunderbird for bluefin. what do I take?do I need a kite rig? what rigs do I take with me?I have what ever I need
  172. S

    Confusing Gear Choices

    you can't do it/ right turn or left turn/supercows possibility/15 day rigs then you have your 8 day rigs then you have your wahoo rigs/15 day then you have your small bait/anchoie rigs tough to make it happen with any gear limitations you could easily have 15 rigs and still leave something...
  173. S

    Trolling rod for 15day, xxh or xxxh

    I like to use my 80 with 200 spectra and 200 f/c/ that way I can really set the hook with a big drag and wind them right to the boat and get back into the water with a jig/ also I like a linger bait style rod so I can use this rig for the kite/chunking and bg man baits keeps my rod count down
  174. S

    Sharpening Big Game Hooks

    I really like the way he is customizing his hooks and you can really see the difference when you compare the before and after
  175. S

    If you had one reel

    you need a 50 for the big bluefin/dont take the risk/laoner gear works too/you need big gear for the 500 gram flat falls and 130 fishing in the dark
  176. S

    New in box 2-Speed Shimano TTS50W, TTS30, two lightly used TTS50, Daiwa's Sealine 910

    would like to take a look at both the 50s?could we meet somewhere?I live in Irvine?
  177. S

    Looking for Avet 50SDS

    send me a m on your blue vet 50 please
  178. S

    Best and worst months for 15 day trip.

    I always look at he moon phases and I like to fish with the owner/first ticket
  179. S

    turn left or turn right

    turn right is looking pretty good right now!!!!!
  180. S

    Trinidad 40 N

    just a fancy Penn 4/0
  181. S

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    you never want to go to full strike at the bite /just ask bob mishear on the red rooster or Brian on the American angler
  182. S

    turn left or turn right

    if you were leaving on an 8 day right now, would you want the skipper to turn left or right to sanclemente island to fish super cow bluefin? I would vote right
  183. S

    Soda pop

    gotta love the soda pop dance
  184. S

    Trinidad 40 N

    wowwwwwww,you are disciplined
  185. S

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    I would like to get my hands on a 50 conversion
  186. S

    8Day Rod and Reel Sets

    8 days is really tough/supercow bluffing/wahoo/school size tuna and yellows/dropperloop/trolling/kite/ I would pass on fishing for reds. so you just have to prioritize and then be prepared to fish the species and conditions that show up on a daily basis. you cannot go with a set agent
  187. S

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    super cow bluefinn/why in the world would you be fishing anything less than a 50? and you never want to it a big fish in the face with heavy rag. you can shock your leader and or rip a hole in his mouth making it easy to throw the hook when he turns. with bi g gear and great free spool, you can...
  188. S


    I thought those tib frames were all topless?
  189. S

    topless 30

    big trip/everything goes in before the trip
  190. S

    Best 80 -100 lb reel

    if you are going to fish a flat fall/go big/ for bluefin if you are going to go small for bf/a 20mak/best free spool I like the 3omak for capacity/with my hands it still qualifies as a narrow reel compared to a pen or vet and can easily handle a big cow to super cow. now not my first choice for...
  191. S

    Hooks and baiting hooks for chunking

    I learned how to chunk form rolls/ and Tim ecstrom always said stealth is best. there is definitely a technique and strategy that goes Ito chunking. it is not justly think I will try chunking. the conditions and the length of the trip and the passengers will dictate your chunking strategy. I...
  192. S

    Kite set ups

    bill, great advice/I like the big hooks idea/big fish/big gear/big hooks
  193. S

    Kite set ups

    I have used my last boat setup
  194. S

    Rodless Heresies: Fishing for Wahoo All Wrong!

    Jim/ I like fishing wahoo with a circle/butt hooked straight flouro80 blue label/light drag
  195. S

    Price dropped! Long Beach Super Seeker 2x4

    love the rod/ rear grip is about 5 inches too short for me
  196. S

    Assist Hooks Used For Chandelier Rig?

    the challenge is finding the right hook that will allow you to nose how 2 sardines at the same time and not have them wiggle off
  197. S

    Kite set ups

    the AA is a whole different story/brian learned form the masters and you are fishing with only 18/ a lot more attention to detail. I have been trying to get on a trip with Brian for years. good luck
  198. S

    Kite set ups

    anytime you use the boat rod/gear you are at risk. they always use mono and mono does not last long. the rule is that you catch one on mono and you put that rig away until you can change it out. I know form my mentors and my own personal experience. when you get tireeeed,you cut corners and...
  199. S

    Kite set ups

    you could take a 50w and have cal sheets rework the spool and frame to add capacity to the reel and convert it to a 1-1 low gear to create your ideal rig. then your rig could also double as a big bait/man bait rig
  200. S

    Man Bait Rig

    funny how the big ones bite when they pull the anchor
  201. S

    Man Bait Rig

    my next man beat rig will be a seeker 80xh which is a beast of a rod/thankyou jaime, I already have 2 cows on this rig, with a 50w maxed out by cal for sardine fishing.
  202. S

    Man Bait Rig

    cow fishing is always finesse fishing, then just add the correct presentation at the right time at the right location. I love fishing the sardine on my 50wide topless baker/cal special,in the chunk line at the end of the day when no one is their and it is primetime and nobody has noticed the...
  203. S

    Red Rooster Mermaids

    wild bill, tell us about the trip
  204. S

    Red Rooster Mermaids

    any trip reports?
  205. S

    No. of anglers on boat - How important?

    anything over 25 for more than 8 days can be a formula for disaster. you cannot put that many men in that small of a space for that long and not have trouble
  206. S

    Big boy reel

    you can always get great loaner gear from any boat for the big stuff, too. that is what I would do if I was relatively new to the game
  207. S

    Big boy reel

    if you have never hooked or lost a super cow, you will talk about using a 12/20/or 30. but if you have caught or lost a super, you are out of your mind to use anything but a 50 anytime you can, unless you are someone like David Choate or stars and one of his gang. you hook a big one on a 12 or...
  208. S

    September 8 day vs Sept 10 day

    10 day can go all the way to cow town/ might be too early, but you have to go for it/ also more time and more wahoo gear would be needed
  209. S

    Big boy reel

    big boy reels start with a 50w min/ 70 or an 80 or the new 50s that can hold 1000 ads of 100 spectra ,at least
  210. S

    Puerto Vallarta on the Apollo Feb 17 2018!!

    would you please add me to your list of hopefuls in case you come up short for one of your appallo charters
  211. S

    Osuna's New Fishing Machine

    would you please keep an eye out for some one who needs an extra for a charter on your new rig?
  212. S

    new valiant 1000/cow rig?

    the 29 ounces would appeal to any seasoned long ranger who has spent days fishing from 330 am to to 830 or sundown at the hurricane bank. also the light weight would appeal to sardine fishing with 100 and the capacity to with stand a run by super cow hooked on a sardine. the reel would...
  213. S

    LB Seeker Prototypes signed by Randy Penny ++

    I live in Irvine/would like to come by and take a look at your big tuna rods? you can pm me or call me at home 7147315997
  214. S

    COMBO (ALL) SOLD Combo SOLD EX 50 SDS ; Penn Int'l 50-100

    I am interested? please pm me with your best price/ I can have someone picket up for me in sanding,but it will have to be sight unseen and priced to match
  215. S

    new valiant 1000/cow rig?

    why would they build a rig like that with such a weak anti reverse?
  216. S

    new valiant 1000/cow rig?

    I WAS LOOKING AT THE NEW VALIANT 1000 AND I REALLY LIKE THE SIZE AND DIMENSIONS AND THE 53 INCH RETRIEVE/WHEN I LOOKED AT HE SPECTS, I saw that it holds 1000 ads of 100 spectra and weights only 29 ounces. I thought wowwwwww,only 29 ounces, and how heavy my gear feels after a few days on a long...
  217. S

    Most fish caught on a single day and an entire trip of long range fishing?

    do you really want to brag about catching over your daily limit or trip limits? on line and give a written confession and testimony for why they should close down fishing to recreational fishing
  218. S


    I would give you 300 for it/I am in orange county
  219. S

    CHEAP TUNA ROD 50-130

    THERE IS no such thing as a cheap tuna stick 50-130
  220. S

    Re-gearing up, from scratch.

    after my last red rooster trip/ I will now fish a sardine with a 50 or 50 wide that has been supercustomed by cal when drift fishing or sinker rig fishing only. but anchor fishing in a scratch bite I am watching what fishy is doing and what he is fishing with and then I watch David to see how he...
  221. S

    Physical Training Ideas

    that is why it is so important to have a rod builder that really know how to tailer a rod to your dimensions and tell you the truth about what gear to use for your body. for example ,I have 37 inch arms. I use an 18 inch real grip. mechanically that saves all of my energy for when I need to load...
  222. S

    Excel Okuma Trip Lessons

    I ALLWAYS, check my knots by pulling on them with both hands as hard as I can to try and bend the hook I always tie the line to the boat and walk off 30 to 50 feet and put it into full to preset the tension in the line and test the integrity of the connections
  223. S

    In need of 50, 50w, or 80w

  224. S

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    bluefin/mak 20 yellowfin/mak30
  225. S

    Royal Polaris Clipperton 2020 is already sold out

    I was there in 2004 too
  226. S

    Re-gearing up, from scratch.

    I would want to have at least 2 3x5 type rods with man 50s,for the 1-1 gear for big fish fishing/ the 300+ fish can bottom everything else out and then you cannot move them and you are at risk of failure increases the longer you are on them. then I would want to have at least 2- 2x4 type rods...
  227. S

    Marijuana on LR boats

    that guy
  228. S

    For the tackle whore in you

    I use an super seeker 80xh to fish 100 with a short top shot for fines sardine fishing. I have a 226 on it and it handled that one easy. but I am 6 ft 4 and have 37 inch arms. so it feel really comfortable for me as it was customer to my mechanics. I love that rod and I have 4 of them
  229. S

    Pl68 Do's and Don'ts for Yellowfin

    I was on that trip with you mr brewer/ that was the only cow of the whole trip and I was fishing bait on the stern with you when you hooked him
  230. S

    Small hook big fish

    with a 5/0 hook on big tuna, you have to be careful with your drag so that you do not rip the hook out when using short top shots and spectra, or in heavy seas. especially at the end game
  231. S

    Flat Fall jigs

    what was the main hook you are using?
  232. S


    I like the 50/ where do you live?
  233. S

    Chunking Mono Length?

    my favorite kind of fishing is catching super cows and they love the big chunk at the right time and place/ short tops shots prevent coiling of your line and a free soak and drift of your reel
  234. S

    kite set up

    impossible!!!!! kite rig for a bluefin of a life time?if you are going to spend the money to go, make sure you have the right gear for the show. you will regret loosing a big one on weak gear your whole life
  235. S

    Jim's Custom Rods

    way too early for wahoo this year
  236. S

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    trip insurance has now become a necessity with all the closures
  237. S

    50 vs 30 size

    I really like the man 50/ incredible free spool, so you can fish the sardine/ also has a 1-1 granny gear for that big one that dogs you and you cannot move it
  238. S

    Intrepid Izorline 16 day Part 2

    looking at the reports , it looks like no-one is going down to the inside/cow town area/ did they discuss that option at all?
  239. S

    Factory or Custom rods

    I am 76 inches tall and have a 37 inch arm length/ my bigggg fish gear is all custom for my mechanics, not for show/ that is the only real reason you want a custom rod. my rear grips are 18 inches/ I could use or by a used or stock rod, but what would the results be?
  240. S


    I love the small reels for big tuna when it is scratch time/ I would never go lover than a 20 in cow territory/ I also prefer the best possible free spool for sardine fishing/ the man 20 is the standard for me right now when it comes to free spool/ I would have to ck and se the Penn 20 in...
  241. S

    Whats in your LR box?

    take different types of hooks in multiple sizes for that stealth approach that may be needed. tools that may be necessary/ plenty of your favorite lines/ invisible line for chunking/plenty of rubber bands/ plenty of small size bandaids/ head hoods/bandanas for your nose and lips/extra full brim...
  242. S

    whats the scoop

    I actually need the time riding down to recover from real life and to get my gear ready/ I have noticed that it takes me about 7 days to fully recover from real life and then I need the time back to recover from the trip
  243. S


    it is still fishing/ the catching may be more difficult/ any time you get a 100 pounder your trip is a success
  244. S

    whats the scoop

    what have the captains on the returning trips told you about the closures and long range fishing for the future on the 12-16 day trips?
  245. S

    What makaira sea for 2x4

    I fish a 50 or a 30 or a 20 depending on what I want to catch
  246. S

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    I was trained at an early age to always inspect my gear first even if it was given to me and I trained my brother to do the same always. there was a time where there was bad blood between my and my bro. he wanted to go fishing with me and asked if he could uses some of my gear. we I made some...
  247. S

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    the crew just does not have time to inspect the gear after each fish/ if you expect it you have to inspect it yourself/ you can not have unrealistic expectations with someone else gear/ I have made that mistake enough times to own it as my own decision and poor judgement on my part
  248. S

    Excel 16 day November 24th – December 10th

    if you have never seen the soda pop dance, you have never been long range
  249. S

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    per rollo/ best 3 ways to get a big one /because you are using your big gear kite/big bait /chunk/ taking the kite for granted is a huge mistake that I hate to admit to/ always your own gear with a fresh fluorocarbon leader
  250. S

    Slowest trip in 5 years

    when you plan your trip, you pick the boat and the captain that suit your agenda for your trip. pleasure arise with your friends? great/ elephant hunting?great/just plan and pick wisely/ each boat and each captain have there own m/o then are you riding with the first ticket or the big gun. what...
  251. S

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    fishing the kite is a whole science and philosophy of its own
  252. S


    with what is happening down in Mex first now/ and I have made this mistake before/ we should absolutely not discus the areas we are fishing on the internet for the world and Mex to read/ let the boats decide what they want the world to know so we do not shoot ourselves in Both feet
  253. S

    Red Rooster III January PV Trip

    not this year ,but next year
  254. S

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    wild bill/ why do you prefer not to use ringed hooks? is that just big bait hooks ? or sardine hooks too
  255. S

    rr3 trip report

    since it did pop up, upon reflexion , when drift fishing and sinker rig fishing I would use the biggest gear I have since it is not stealth fishing .
  256. S

    The Bank is Paying Out

    they are just maxing out their time to fish instead of going straight to it
  257. S

    Your top 8 long range boat picks

    I never thought to ask about the travel speed/ that makes a big difference in your time in the zone. I like all the boats and would ride any of them if they meet my time frame and moon phase opinions
  258. S

    Your top 8 long range boat picks

    I never thought to ask about the travel speed/ that makes a big difference in your time in the zone. I like all the boats and would ride any of them if they meet my time frame and moon phase opinions
  259. S

    who is Paul camera on the royal star?

    is this the new ticket on the star?
  260. S

    trip reports

    may become a thing of the past ?
  261. S

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    2 years ago a fella caught a 300 on a 16 oz sinker rig on the long soak with his big gear
  262. S

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    as of the closing I would definitely have my own dedicated kite rig with a flour leader for abrasion resistance. do not use the boat rig/they always use mono and that is a big risk with fewer options for destinations available. I would also have a dedicated trolling rig and I would by 6-8...
  263. S

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    this definitely will make me rethink my lineup for my fishing rigs depending on what alternatives the boats comeuppance with
  264. S

    closure of fishing grounds in mexico ??

    I am sure that frank lopresti is working on it as we speak
  265. S

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    we will not know anything until mag bay turns off/ they can still go to hurricane and mag Bay Area
  266. S

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    I am waiting for the long range industry to make an announcement/state meant to us/ their long range customers on what their thoughts and opinions are/ I am sure they will probably say we are going fishing to the best possible options. but I would like to see something form them so I can plan...
  267. S

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    the owners And crews will just have to work harder/run faster and provide a better service to keep us happy and there will be lots of opportunity. they are going to start going to lots of new places and do ing lots of new things/ don't be surprised with a long trip fishing straight big bluefin...
  268. S

    Accurate and Avet Reels and Super Seeker Rod for Sale

    sorry to not get back to you/ how long is the rear grip? reel seat to tip of the butt, please?
  269. S

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

  270. S

    Let the Listing Begin

    1. 70baker/kite/big baits/trolling/130-200 2. 50visx/130 3. 50w topless/baker/130 4. 50wtopless/baler/130 5. 50b/130 6. 50 b/130 7. 50avet/130 8. 30wide/baker/100 9. 30 mak/100 10. 20 mak/100 11.20/mak/100 that would leave me 1 rod for wahoo/////oops
  271. S

    Those 3/0 circle hooks

    anything will break including hooks/all hooks/ what you have to do is really pull on them when you tie them up and try to bend them/ this way you can find the weakness before you go in the water with them
  272. S

    Fitness for cow trips

    if you have ever noticed, about half way through a long trip there is quite an attrition rate in the am and most have trouble keeping up at the end of the day. so it is important to have enough strength so that you do not need to use your strength and you can pace yourself for the duration of...
  273. S

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    I will use a j hook or a circle depending on the situation/ I like the mustards and the hoodlums for sardines/ I like the mustards and the mutus for big baits depending on the presentation. I like a circle hook on a big bait nose hook long soak no sinker I like a j hook with a sinker rig I like...
  274. S

    Late cow season trip?

    the last long trip of the year on the rp is always a good one/ they have to run all the fuel out of her before the boat work/ so roy will really run and gun it hard for big ones/ then Andy always runs and guns hard on the June heat
  275. S

    Royal Polaris General Info.

    bigger boats more rail space especially across the stern/ rp is really open minded about gear and deck space and putting your box on the deck/ they always have space for your gear/ love the rp
  276. S

    Tackle Box stands?

    I like putting my box on the deck on the rr. I also like haveing one of the last numbers to board. that way I can pick and choose who I am going to be standing net to for the next 2 weeks.
  277. S

    What's your idea of a successful Long Range Trip.

    on a long trip 8-17 days, the only thing you can control if the day the trip leaves and the boat you decide to go on,and sometimes not even that. then you have complete control of your attitude. asking for and getting a private room also helps. picking a low profile spot for you box helps too...
  278. S

    Rodless Again

    look at the bright side/you get to go out and try out all the new rods and restock your your toys
  279. S

    FS accurate wahoo special 349

    that is a nice set up/ I have a timed 349 and I love that reel/great wahoo slide rig in the past
  280. S

    Royal Star 15/12 or Intrepid 16

    I can see by your message count you are a man of many words and uses them freely and generously
  281. S

    Royal Star 15/12 or Intrepid 16

    sanding long range is a very small tight nit group of men and women. the wise angler would keep hi negative opinions to himself for the risk of being blackballed by the industry. and heaven forbid you ever end up on the boat with men that you have called out over the internet. if you have...
  282. S

    Royal Star 15/12 or Intrepid 16

    if you. and Kevin are on the boat/ it could be a dingy and I would sign up
  283. S

    Royal Star 15/12 or Intrepid 16

    if you are super cow fishing/captain makes the boat/ if you are just going fishing then its a pleasure cruise and you pick accordingly/ remember Tim and randy were trained by frank and graboski/bill pool
  284. S

    Targeting 300+ lb YFT

    watching and looking for the right conditions and then the right presentation will increase your odds dramatically
  285. S

    Shimano talc 50

    what is the high and low gear ratio on the twice 50 please?
  286. S

    Accurate and Avet Reels and Super Seeker Rod for Sale

    I would like to pick up your kite rod?
  287. S

    Discussion thread for PENN 50VISX

    what is the gear ratio on the new vise 50 please?
  288. S

    WTB: Cow tuna setup ($500-600)

    dont forget that the rental gear on thee boats is all high end gear/and many times they loan it for free
  289. S

    What is your favorite 80-100# set up?

    a super seeker 80xh + a 20mak
  290. S

    WTB: Cow tuna setup ($500-600)

    the reel alone will run you around 500
  291. S

    Rods for PV

    thanks for that roles/ I need a kite rod for my 80 and big gear set up
  292. S

    Rods for PV

    I have bent some guides, it was just a thought
  293. S

    Rods for PV

    for pv you want to have rods with low profile guides for packing into a rod case
  294. S

    Cedros closure.

    close to long rang or local cedros adventure too?
  295. S

    How often do you change your Braid fishing line?

    bimini to bimini is going to create a weak spot in your connection. the connection will not match the stated breaking strength of your spectra/line/ which is only a problem when you hook a big one and half of your spool or more is out there
  296. S

    So you finally decide to pull the trigger on a LR trip....and then

    last june heat there were sharks and porpi to deal with/ you just had to fish throughthem
  297. S

    So you finally decide to pull the trigger on a LR trip....and then

    I like being the last man on the boat for all of those reasons. I can pick a nice open spot that no-one has noticed and make sure my deck roommates are cool so I can pick another spot if they are not. no need to start a trip next to a hot head unknowingly. I actually think if some one moved my...
  298. S

    Risky Business

    if you are tall enough, you can sit on the rod and really leverage the full leverage of the rod on the fish and use that second hand like you do when you are using a harness
  299. S

    Risky Business

    you are really on that one
  300. S

    Risky Business

    that is a very gooooood point/ change your presentation first option
  301. S

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    so you do do conversions on the 50s also?
  302. S

    So you finally decide to pull the trigger on a LR trip....and then

    I like fishes approach/ who among you doesn't get excited when the boat turns on a spot or the bite starts? we all rush the tank and then regroup when the dust settles
  303. S

    So you finally decide to pull the trigger on a LR trip....and then

    did he throw your gear overboard when it got in his way?
  304. S


    my own personal dvd player and my book of dvds
  305. S

    excel reports?

    looking for the wahoo dad okuma report?
  306. S

    Risky Business

    the 80 you were using was probably more like 100+ UP TO 130/ if it was Berkley or Mizo way over 100/ but a single speed/wowwwwwwww, you are the man
  307. S

    Risky Business

    you still fish the conditions/ fish the big gear when it is your know in the past price time and drop down during the slow or dead zone periods
  308. S

    June Heat .... Red Rooster 15 day roll call.. May 27- June 11

    I could be a last min add on/loved fishing with wild bill and that group/incredible group of men.,best I have ever fished with/soda pop would just be icing on the cake
  309. S

    UC CX 76 Centaur

    what is your approach with a smaller hook 5/0 sardine rig with your rod type and 100?
  310. S

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    the crew can be the deciding factor in cow and super cow fishing/ I have had crew advise me and shun me/ I have had crew direct me and hand me the hot bait and I have had crew not attend to me when needed. timing the crew lays the foundation for the relationship necessary to land super cows...
  311. S

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    I have been told that the skipper always hands out the tip money and gives a full accounting of how much and where from. the crew know who butters their bread and they had e very long memories and I am sure they discuss who the passengers are in advance of the trip
  312. S

    UC CX 76 Centaur

    why do you prefer a stiffer rod bill? or when do you prefer a stiffer rod?how stiff is stiff for you?
  313. S

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    this is a very touchy topic best left off the boards
  314. S

    rp report today

    a heads up/ make sure you use flour on your kite leader for the abrasion affect with all that jumping around reported and sharks swimmers around your line
  315. S

    rp report today

    wowwwww good news for you if you are leaving this week
  316. S

    Shimano Beastmaster 12/30

    those are great reels/ i have one and took the top off
  317. S

    SHIMANO TLD-2 SPEED CONVENTIONAL REEL $250.00call Sergio at 3105 to 829 13 PayPal preferred or cash

    give me a call at 714 7315997/where is Ojai from Oceanside?sandiego state?
  318. S


    #1. i like to have a dedicated kite rig wit my own set up/ you just never know whatis on the boat rig and the kite is an opportunity at a really big one anytime you go up #2. i like to have a dedicated ballon rig/ i also use it for big baits/skippies/ a balloon slide and as a backup rig for...
  319. S

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    i definitely like the advantage of a 1-1 low gear on a big reel/ you can really go after them with it
  320. S

    Early June Trip. What can I expect

    they say the dark of the moon in june for giant yellows at the rocks
  321. S

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    thanks for that jaime/ I have no idea how that happened. max free spool is more important to me and I really like the maks/ that is where it is/ thanks again/but I do like single rooms too
  322. S

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    free spool is more important than anything /even with big baits/ I love the 50s and I want a man. the key to me Is knowing when to max your gear. I may fish all day with my man 30 or 20/ but prime time I go with my 50 size reels to max my opportunity // its all about yourrrrrr game plann
  323. S

    WTB- PENN 80st or stw

    I have an 80wide sw two spped/sent to cal/drags and a granny gear
  324. S

    How many wahoo rigs for 15/16 dayer?

    how do you get your drag on the wahoo special to go high enough and not wear out?
  325. S


    has it been to cal?is it that the topless version? wide or narrow?spectra?
  326. S

    New Avet EX 80/2 - $625

    details please/topless?color? use? spectra?rod?
  327. S

    wtb penn 80 narrow/topless/superseeker 2x4

    looking for cal sheets peen or add 80 narrow custom? and 2x4
  328. S

    Kite Reel. 50 or bigger?

    I would love to have a cal sheets 80 and narrow/topless/thats on my dream big list for when I go on my 3 15s in one season
  329. S


    I do not like the 100 seamer premiere either/but I love the 130 premiere/ feel safer with the 130 at the islands and bank/ but I really like your recommendation to manage your drag based upon hook size. I have had a pulled hot problem with my 5/0 sardine hooks and too much drag it appears
  330. S

    2 openings on my Excel trip

    I definitely have my eye on this trip/ need to clear some hurdles the beginning of April to get a free shot
  331. S

    Getting geared up (12day December)

    I am looking at that 12 day and very interested in what the conditions will be/ will we go down the coast to cow town or outside to the bank or clarion? wow how do you plan for that diversity? wahoo/yelows/bait/guadalupe 100 pounders /60 pound stealth/super cows? you definitely need to reposer...
  332. S

    Kite Reel. 50 or bigger?

    with the technology we have available the only issue is capacity and how far the boat likes to fish the kite. using your own gear is absolutely a non negotiable rule. you do not know what is happening with a boat leader/ is it used/is it flouro? the boats do not use flouro for kite leaders in my...
  333. S

    Constitution reports a 413# Ultra cow

    just got a phone report from Jimmy in pv/ he reports multiple 400s caught down there last week and multiple 300s. the fish market fish taped out at 551 att he market and there was another one that was bigger that was filleted before they decided to measure them/wowwwww
  334. S

    KNEE PADS for RAIL Fishing

  335. S

    KNEE PADS for RAIL Fishing

    I used to watch star and he always wore full length jeans and wondered why until I hook a big one and had to get down on one knee so I could stick the rod o the deck and use the rail to stop it/ now I always wear long pants/jeans preferably and do not have to worry about all that extra gear /on...
  336. S

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    remember the conditions will change day to day am to pm and you need to have all your guns locked and loaded when they charge the boot. yu also have to recognize when to rest and step back and when to go into repair and prepare mode. for example the sharks can be thick ,but the tuna will bite...
  337. S

    Socal Sportfishing Club Meeting!

    when is your next meting?
  338. S

    Hook brand for 100lb to 300lb fish flyline sardine

    try not inspecting the kite leader when you are up before they put you out//// or too much drag at color with a 5/0 sardine hook/ or fishing a mono top shot without a floor leader/// nt staying in high gear on the bow with bigggggg swells//// not recking your drags daily
  339. S

    Skippy hook and other man bait questions for Wahoodad

    don't we all just love the that guy/gives us something to talk about on this long range forum other than fishing
  340. S


    as long as we are willing to buy the permits we will be in the ballpark with them
  341. S

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    so bill is running the trip???
  342. S

    free spool

    I finally understand why the 20 man is your go to reel/it just took me awhile
  343. S

    free spool

    I really like to pay attention to men who have demonstrated that they really know what they are doing. I still remember my first trip on the royal Polaris an I could not believe that star was fishing 100 pound with a sardine. it was beyond my comprehension. I just did not understand the game at...
  344. S

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    my friend jimmy got a 300 at the hurricane on a rainbow/and they work great at clips island
  345. S

    Izorline Fluorocarbon?

  346. S

    FS "Murdered Out" Custom Rainshadow SD70XXH Rail Rod

  347. S

    Is There a Reason Most LR Captains Tell Everyone to Fish 130?

    they like 130 for the same reason they like circle hooks/most anglers are not able to keep constant pressure on the fish/per justin on the excel
  348. S

    ATD, MAKAIRA, Rainshadow swimbait, FOR SALE

    i would be wiling to give you 300 and meet you for the exchange?
  349. S

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    ck your health insurance/are you covered in mexico??????
  350. S

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    How can you have burn offs on that boat with that lite of a load? Wowwwwww 2 1/5 hours/wowpwwwwwwww. Need to put that guy/ in kite jail
  351. S


    i will take it/where do you live? my email is [email protected] cox .net/contact me and we will exchange phone numbers
  352. S

    1st 16dayer on the Indy. Rod selection

    the most important aspect of a rod is that it matches your body frame/ the rod can create a leverage facter in your favor or leverage against you/ i like an 18 inch rear grip for my body frame regardless of the rating for the rod
  353. S

    Cow fishing Season timing

    do you pay any attention to the moon phase?
  354. S

    Talica 5O For Cow Tuna?

    if we are going to start talking about new suggestions/If I were going to buy a new cow reel/ and I am before my next trip/it would be a mak 50/ with 1-1 low gear
  355. S

    Talica 5O For Cow Tuna?

    that was the advice i received from cal himself. but i consider you the resident gear and cow expert and always watch and listen when you are in the rooom
  356. S

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    i had the great opportunity to be trained and mentored in long range big fish fishing by the late rollo his experience and dvice/if you were a cow huner was this you big fish will be cuaght on 1. big baits/2 the kite/3 the chunk and 4 the sardine/in that order/but you may find yourself fihing...
  357. S

    Talica 5O For Cow Tuna?

    most drag curves need to be reworked if you are a serious cow fisherman
  358. S

    Talica 5O For Cow Tuna?

    one of the best fisherman i know/jim mitchel/loves the talica 50 and swears by it/130 spectra to a 130 topshot and a 130 pound rod/seeker or uc composite/since you are new to long trips a calstarr 6465xxh or a super seeker 2x4 would be perfect for you. they are more forgiving and hold a bend...
  359. S

    Smart and Efficient Long Range Packing

    i like the roller tackle boxes with extendable handles for ease of tranportation. i take 1 box and load all of my wahoo gear and tools. i take one for all my mono and flouro and connections tools and hooks and leader materials for the kite and balloon/ i take one for all my miscellaneouls...
  360. S

    Guadalupe Rod for a 14 year old

    i aske d the same question before i took my son on a long range trip/ the challenge is the recoil/ they cannot keep up with the action of the rod and it creates slack and chew through/ go with an all glass calstar rod/ they hold the bend in the rod longer and the action is much more forgiving /...
  361. S

    what reel for a 6480 jig stick?

    i have a super seeker 80 h with a avet jx 6/ on it and love it
  362. S

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    it also depends on the boat and your skill and experience level. use the boat rig for trolling. you can you the baot rig for the kite/buttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, be aware that they will not use a flourocarbon leader and you will be susceptable to leader failure/breakage/ so a must have would...
  363. S

    UC CX 76 Centaur

    i minimize knott and crimp failure by pulling on the knott with gloves on and my full body weight to see if the hook will fail too/ then i set up on a drag tester and put the topshot and crimp into full drag and pull to test the crimp
  364. S

    Wahoo question

    so is that super 6 x a slow retrive jig? do you fish it on the slide or casting?
  365. S

    Wahoo Reel Choices

    per tim turis/speed kills and you need a stupid tight drag/ at least 25 pounds to be safe for jigs and bombs/then you ned a reel that is easy to turn the handle on and power through the initial bite
  366. S


    too bad/ great price on the 3x5/i like 16 to 18 inches
  367. S


    what is the length on the rear grips? 14inches?
  368. S

    Shimano tiagra 16 with baker frame for sale or trade - price drop

    that is a nice looking reel/bakered is nice/ i have 10 bakered reels/ why are you looking to move to an akuma or talica?
  369. S

    Need Help!! Calstar Rail Rod 770/775XXXH

    i have talked about this previously/ if you are using a 5/0 or less hook for sardines /you need a more forgiving tip on your rod so as not to have a rip affect when you get into the up and down point of the battle/ you just ned to make sure the rod has the back bone to fish the rail too
  370. S

    Accurate ATD 12, Mod or Not

    you have to have the maximnm free spool possible/ out of the box is just not good enough/ also/do you really want to hook a big one on a 12? your odds are poor and you are going to get worked / you also cannot use much drag/ remember your drag increases 50% when the reel is at half capacity. so...
  371. S

    ATD Accurate and seeker ssr7650 nee price $200.00 each rod

    i have never seen a gold accurate/ has it been to call and had the drags reworked?if it has been called i am interested?
  372. S

    SUPER SEEKER 1X3. ( SOLD!! )

    you make incredible rods
  373. S

    Wind-on's for 80-100lb

    when you are using 80 and 100/ are you dropper loop fishing?are you fly line fishing/ are you flyline fishing in a scratch bite for giants/ that conditions dictate the application. if you need to be stealth,you wan to use an inline splice. if you are dropper loop fishing, you do not need to...
  374. S

    whats your game plann?

    so what did you learn on your last big fish trip and how is it going to change the way you gear up and plann your trip? i am already changing my gameplan and looking for opportunities to execute it with changes in my gear and rigging. the big fish season is right around the corner and i could be...
  375. S

    Excel or Intrepid??

    i love the intrepid/ i love the excell/the excell is 5 feet wider/there is a better chance to get a single room on the excell/ better chunking system on the excell intrepid rides better and is quiter/seating in the excell is nicer and more conducive to relaxing/back deck on the intrpid is longer...
  376. S

    Oct 21st Seeker 12day, Royal Star

    that is a really great moon phase for big ones/ is that going to be a variety trip or a bomb down to clarion island trip?
  377. S

    long fin sale

    the long fin in orange is have a giant sale includin ghe parkinglot/anything you need long range. i was pre shooping the sale toda.yalk to bluefinn jim/he knows what you need. he told me anything i need he can get it for me and sell it on the sale price/you could even call him by...
  378. S

    Excel or Intrepid??

    one thing that is different about the excell is the chuncking system is built right into the bait tank system/ they just drop the chunks into the shute and they come right out of the back of the stern vs one side of the boat or the other/really works nice if you are a chunk guy
  379. S

    RR3 tackel storage question

    the skb boxes worked on my last trip for the first 20/after 20 you are at risk no matter what you bring on any boat. i always bring my box with bunge cords so i can go to the deck next to a poll
  380. S

    Pro Gear Wahoo Special and Yellowtail Special

    i really like those wahoo progears/do you ever get down to la or orgnage cocouty? 714 7315997
  381. S

    The soda has popped

    i fished with yu 6 months after a knee surgery and then 2 months after that trip i ruptured my achilles. used stem cell therapy on both. never even think about it now. look into stem cell it will really make a difference
  382. S

    Voicemail on the High Seas

    my last trip everyone had a cell phone with them they ether had a rod in their hands or a cell phone. amazing no one ever use do bring a cell phone
  383. S

    Strength training for fishing

    i am tall enough,that i can put the rod on the rail and stradle the rod. then i control the reel with y left hand and make the rod do all the work. i can really leverage the rod and make it do all the lifting,more than i could ever do if i was using the pump and grind technique. i then manage...
  384. S

    Drag checking scales and technique

    remember/once you have set your drag walk it back to get the connection off ther reel and do a straight pull/then go into full and do a straight pull. this will check your connections and it wil also preset your topshot to maximum strength to prevent a sudden jolt and snap at impact upon...
  385. S

    Mono for Big Tuna?

    sardine fishing with a sardine hook requires a softer tip rod/ the scrathier the bite is the shorter the topshot/ a soft tip rod is very forgiving in high seas or a short topshot. but you need the f/c top shot for the abrasion facter
  386. S

    Strength training for fishing

    conditioning is very important for you to be able to fish the full trip all the way to the last am or pm or the trip without being overly fatiqued to the point that not completely present emotionally to the conditions present. technique is also verrrrrrrry important/ you can ruin yourself...
  387. S

    Older Penn 30VSW Max Drag

    when you send your reels to cal, some times one of them just turn out better than the others. my 30wide topless is the best free spool reel i have and i can fish 130 on it easily and 35 pounds of drag at strike. just tell cal how you want to fish it
  388. S

    Technique if you're about to get spooled?

    you take the rod and put the but straight down on the deck and leave the rod against the rail and brace the rod but with your knee/then you manipulate the drag. they will stop eventually
  389. S

    Best Rod and Reel combo for 80lb & 100lb

    i am looking at a couple of trips with the right moon phase /send me am email and your phone # [email protected]
  390. S

    Best Rod and Reel combo for 80lb & 100lb

    his answere would be, are you using antiquated equipment? i know first hand. i asked him and he told me my gear was antiquated
  391. S

    Best Rod and Reel combo for 80lb & 100lb

    25 pounds of drag
  392. S

    Best Rod and Reel combo for 80lb & 100lb

    that is a mistake i have made enough times to realize it is a mechanical error on my part that i have taken action on,in my rigging and preperation to minimize ripped hook vs a pulled hook
  393. S

    Best Rod and Reel combo for 80lb & 100lb

    you always have to match the hook to the bait/ soooooooo/if you go with a set agenda/you may not be prepared to adjust or adapt to the conditions which will limit your results/ if you need a 5/o sardine hook at the islands on a 15 day/ the end game dictates your rod and reel match up/ more...
  394. S

    Best Rod and Reel combo for 80lb & 100lb

    after my 15 day in june, i realy liked the maks for their incredible free spool. you just cannot rationalize the difference between one reel and another due to persoanl preference. i have always been a penn guy and super tricked my reels out for a competative advantage. i always seemed to be the...
  395. S

    Need some input: MAK 50 or 30..........or 20

    the mak 50 is the same weight as the penn 30 and has incredible freespool.
  396. S

    Question for the Gear Heads

    a 150 is going to hand your you know what to you on that rig/you would be better off with an 80 -100 rated rod/ you can pull really hard on 60
  397. S

    Want to fish Guadalupe?

    rp is 112 by 35/ rs is 90 by 25 i think. rp trip is a great value and opportunity rs is a great 12 day trip/ i would want to go big yft and wahoo on a 12 day vs gudalupe
  398. S

    If it does not go 200 lbs its not a cow.

    when i was in college we had a guy who was not a starter or a great football player who was severely disabled in a weekend car accident. they promoted him as being one of the best players on the team and a starter. i took exception to it for whatever my reasons were. i still regret that to this...
  399. S

    80 narrow baker topless

    would like to pick up an 80 narrow topless baker? anyone willing to let theirs go?
  400. S

    Penn International 50SW Two Speed

    that is a reallllllly clean 50sw
  401. S

    Sharks and Long Range Fishing

    at the hurricane recently in june ,it seemed like the sharks learned how to pick the baits like the porpose at clarion. the sharks on the otherhand were a good indicter of fish/you just had to fish through them/ the right bait and the tuna would streak in to take the bait out of the middle of...
  402. S

    NIB OKUMA MAKAIRA 20 2speed

    those mak 20 s are incredible reels. as a result of my last trip and talking with the experts i am going to upgrade my rod to a uc viper 76 for this reel. incredible/unreal free spool for sardines for big ones
  403. S

    Wire for Wahoo?

    my last trip /eliminate short bites by having at least 25 pounds of drag available at strike when they bite/ use 130 yozuri flouro/ on the slide/never had a bite off on any of my bites
  404. S


    just laughing out loud to myself /with all of you
  405. S


    so i talked to randy and told him my concerns about fishing flyline sardines with 130 and a 5/0 hook/ i told him i really liked my super seeker 2x4s. he said that design was 10 years old and antiquated. fishy told me the same thing a bout my penns/ wowwwwwww game changerrrrrrrrrrrr/ have to...
  406. S

    Shimano Trinidad 40N For Sale

    they are nice and still used regularly on my last 15 day
  407. S

    Reel Recommendation for uc invictus

    those avets have incredible free spool too .
  408. S

    Reel Recommendation for uc invictus

    3 completely different applications/ i would not waste the free spool potential of a mak 50 on a kite rig/ my experience is that i will now always have a dedicated kite rig/ you need an 80 s type on the rr becuase of the distance they set the kites out/ and a high speed reel would not be your...
  409. S

    kite rod for me?

    how do you contact him?phone ##?
  410. S

    rr3 trip report

    fishy that is really gooooooooooood advice
  411. S

    rr3 trip report

    laurens/ you are an excellent fisherman/ i was keeping my eye on you/ you were a good indicater of when to start fishing
  412. S

    kite rod for me?

    many times people on the boat comment that i am too tall to use the rail. they do not see me sitting on the rod when i put it on the rail though. i like a long rear grip 18 inches as aresult. the crew is amased at how much drag and pressure i put on a fish because i can max out the rod with my...
  413. S

    rr3 trip report

    again/ i am not giving any advice/ i am only sharing the experience i had/ the things that i didthat workd and the things that i did that did not work. i have reached a point where if i can eliminate my mental mistakes, i am going to get them. biggggg fish how you where you are mentally...
  414. S

    rr3 trip report

    as has been said many times/ it is one thing to sit her and talk about what you would do or what you should do when you get down there. it is another thing to be there and have to fish the conditionsssssssssss that are preseneted to you and the adaptions you need to make in your mind set and...
  415. S

    rr3 trip report

    just to clarify/ i completely agree with david. this is the first trip i have ever reverted to flyline with big gear. it has always been beyond my imagination. but after getting my you know what handed to me a couple of time by these fish we encountered/ i stepped out of my confort zone/ and...
  416. S

    rr3 trip report

    a common shout out is friends dont let friends fish with?well you need the 130 and you better have a 50wide that you can fly line a bait with/ my next call out will be to cal sheets to talk about this tackle dynamic and what he reccomends. i sure like/ love the free spool on that mak 50
  417. S

    rr3 trip report

    he posted it on facebook/150 +tuna/ 50 _ wahoo
  418. S

    rr3 trip report

    yes the crew and the food and the passengers were all incredible and wild bill was the sportsman of the year on this trip
  419. S

    rr3 trip report

    as i was sharing earlier, i have never been on a trip dominated by the kite and balloon. i have read about them but never seen one first hand. it was scarry to think that you might not get one over 100 pounds without being on the kite/ and i was the last number up on the kite. i had even talked...
  420. S

    rr3 trip report

    i have seen men and women post lengthy trip reports over a number of days and i have sen conditions reported that i did not fathom or understand. after this trip i understand. i did not sign up for the trip until 2 weeks out. once i did the roof caved in on me and god gave me plenty of reasons...
  421. S

    An Unexpected Turn of Fate

    my motherin law also just passed away while i was on my rr3 trip/ she was living at home with us. sorry for your loss
  422. S

    wahoo at the rocks

    that is reallly good intell
  423. S

    capt jimmy bombs?

    i also need a purple and red capt jimys
  424. S

    capt jimmy bombs?

    where do i get them at this late date? leave sat am
  425. S

    wahoo at the rocks

    i am alright with that/ i like the graboski perspective/ take 10 cow rigs and screw the wahooooo
  426. S

    catching skippies?

    great intelllll
  427. S

    June Heat 15 day Spot Open on the Red Rooster

    oh goody/ I am not the last man standing/ in line
  428. S

    catching skippies?

    with big baits yu really have to resist the urge to set the hook / you really have to let them eat it and swallow it befor you hit it/ frank always tld us to hit it and hit it and hit it again once yu do
  429. S

    wahoo at the rocks

    what would you be fishing at the rocks on the way down on the june heat?
  430. S

    catching skippies?

    rodless/ what color and size mega were you using
  431. S

    catching skippies?

    what color and size of mega wee you using/ I will have the landing set thm up for me in advance?
  432. S

    catching skippies?

    good intel
  433. S

    catching skippies?

    what is your best technique for catching skippies/ when how and where at the hurricane/ hurricane + skippies ==== super cows and a shot at a 4xsuperduper club
  434. S

    Good score at Hurricane

    lets focus on the fishing
  435. S

    Heavy Rod Question

    For me at 6 feet 4 inches with long arms and along upper body at 250 I find that having the rod tailored to my dimensions is really important. It really changes my lever4age factors and force and torque factors on me. Then I like to fish a heave drag/32 33 at strike on 100/35 or 36 on 130/ then...
  436. S

    Heavy Rod Question

    oh greatttttttttttttt/ now you tell me with only a week left before I leave
  437. S

    Excel got a super...

    the last week before a trip is like being in a time out and counting the seconds until you can go out and play again with all your buds
  438. S

    Heavy Rod Question

    with my seeker 4x/ i got rid of the rollers to cut down on the weight of the rod
  439. S

    Heavy Rod Question

    you hook anything on that super seeker 6463 4x and it is coming up/ if you have a 1 to 1 gear, it is not fair for the fish
  440. S

    Excel got a super...

    i have heard the same thing/ i have only fished the hurricane a few times/never had a cow there/mostly wahoo fishing there
  441. S

    Excel got a super...

    wowwwww/they got that at the hurricane/ dont get that many supers at the bank let alone on a sardine
  442. S

    Good score at Hurricane

    just sit back and watch and we will se what happens
  443. S

    Good score at Hurricane

    I actually like loading last/ donot have to worry about someone loading all there sfuff on top or in front of me/ you can cherry pick/ I already know where I will be from previous trips
  444. S

    Good score at Hurricane

    when are you guys going down? is it first come first serve or by the numbers?
  445. S

    i need for june heat

    thankyou all for your responses/ after looking at rods and making some measuremnts / i realize i will need to just stick to a custom built for me. my rea grips are about 18 inches/ which are not very common
  446. S

    any tips for june heat?

    mark the moon phase/ the cows are still biting/ am looking for a another super cow stick. have looked at some used ones/ realized i need a custom/ my real grip from reel seat to cap is 18 inches/ i am 6 fot 4 and have a 37 inch reach/ really good for football and pulling on big cows
  447. S

    any tips for june heat?

  448. S

    i need for june heat

    i need a 2/4 to mount a big reel on/no rollers/ i like the brown redish colar blanks/ jason give me a call /i leave next week i need a mak 20 black i need black and orange/tony the tiger mauraders that have been eaten and or have a history of swimming
  449. S

    any tips for june heat?

    if i get sleep deprived i am useless/rail time is all about quntitty/ sleep time is all about quality/
  450. S

    any tips for june heat?

    the kite is all about fishing the bait/no matter what the bait is/ alive o dead/ i would lov e fish a live skippy o nhe ike
  451. S

    any tips for june heat?

    90n min is still too long/you would never soak a bait that long
  452. S

    any tips for june heat?

    how did your pink ladies work? they love the tubes/great intel/ per rollo on the rp/ the big fish will ususally be on the kite/big baits or the chunk. never passup the kite/but do not let them lock you up in kite jail
  453. S

    any tips for june heat?

    any tips form your recent trips for the rr3 june heat trip?
  454. S

    June Heat 15 day Spot Open on the Red Rooster

    i remember fishing with the magoo twins and the big dentist/bob? great guys with a great tradition/love the june heat trip/ i am going to give them a last min call
  455. S

    Kite/Manbait rig

    that sounds like a great set up/is the reel a topless or narrow? incredible price for that set up and add ons
  456. S

    Super Seeker 2x4

    i may be going out soon/ i could pick up for 300 cash
  457. S

    WTS Okuma Mak SEa's

    those reels are really used
  458. S

    Topshot and Leader Thoughts

    making sure it does not hang up on the rod tip at the connection
  459. S

    Topshot and Leader Thoughts

    when you are fishing your 25 to 80 pound gear you have to really be carefull with your connections. your rod tip is much smaller and less forgiving. it is really hard to flyline a bait when your connection is hitting the rod tip on the way out. make sure you ck it before you leave so you can...
  460. S


    i will give you 300 cash and i will pick up? 714 731 5997
  461. S

    Oldest Long Ranger... when do I quit?

    my experience is that most of the people on a long range boat are less than physically prepared for the rigers of hard core long range fishing on a 15 day trip/ and when you get tired or run down you are more prone to injury. it is just the nature of these types of trips and the fishing...
  462. S

    sato crimps or not

    when i am prepping for a trip/ i try to break every thing i have before i break it on the boat. make up your leaders and put your reel into full at home. if it slipps, you are not ready yet. if it breaks you are not ready yet/ fiqure it out before you leave the house/ way before you leave the...
  463. S

    Pro gear wahoo special

    125 and i will drive down to pick up? 714 7315997
  464. S

    Calstar Boomer Jr

    use a longer mono top shot with that shorter rod and then tie on a flouro leader/will minimize hook pulls
  465. S

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    again, the wise angler who is supercow fishing wil ck his knots and his hooks and try to break them before he uses them. he pays attention to the minor details that can be managed and eliminated as risks
  466. S

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    all hook makers have hook shat are week and defective. your job i s test and pull on tose hooks hard enoug h bend them,if they are weak before you ever put a bait on it/ shame on you for not testing your hooks and knots/not the manufacturer. supercow fishing requires that you try to break...
  467. S

    Seaguar premier Q's

    you always need to do this ,mono or flouro/but really important in my opinion /experience to pre set/stress your topshot in full drag before you use it/with a hook tied on
  468. S

    Pro gear wahoo special

    are you selling the silver or the gold or both?
  469. S

    Wtb 1197 sabre

    do you have any 530 or 540 sabers for the swap met/can i come by the weekend before to take a prelook and beat the crowd/i work in the am on saturdays
  470. S

    Bluefin Jim

    if you know jimmy,you thank god for his good fortune
  471. S

    Bluefin Jim

    Finally gets his cow.yeaaaaaaaaaaaaoaaaaaaaaa
  472. S

    How I Plan to Rig and Fish...

    david is right,you cant catch them in your bunk.but you can bet i am going to be uperaly chunking on the second full morning after the first ful day of salmi chunks. and i am definitely going to be uperaly cking the chunk line the last am.early is 330/ and if there is no current, i might go back...
  473. S

    How I Plan to Rig and Fish...

    catching big ones is not about rail time. it is about situational fishing and fishing the conditions and windows
  474. S

    Pro gear wahoo special

    how much drag can you get on it?
  475. S

    Tackle Recommendations

    watch your hook placement relative to the current and the direction the fish is swimming realtive to you and the boat/you donot want your line running over or under the bait back to you
  476. S

    AVET exw30- 130lb or 100lb spectra

    open water fishing vs anchor fishing,the fish do not take the same big runs as they do on the anchor. when i went to pv on the max, i took a 50w/50/30w penn and a 30 mak.
  477. S

    sardine fishing with mak 20/100lb. and which rod?

    no that is what you call talent fishing/mak 16 and a super cow rod aal all and fishing. will have to consider a 16 for super scratch fishing for supers
  478. S

    Interesting choice for a combo...

    your right/3x5 is an animal/even heavier than i would think of going for a sardine and short topshot. but what a great setup when they are straight up and down. you can actually turn the handle faster and easier with a smaller reel and keep up with the rod. i am going to have to rethink my self...
  479. S

    Interesting choice for a combo...

    i saw that/ i wanted to try my penn 30 on my seeker 4x/extra lift to make up for less cranking power of a smaller reel. it workeddddddd
  480. S

    sardine fishing with mak 20/100lb. and which rod?

    i have decided to go with a full length /uncut 2x4 with my 20 mak for sardine fishing when it is scratch. this still gives me enough rod to not be overmatched when i hook another super sardine fishing
  481. S

    possibly over booked

    so does the rep pay for his ticket ? does the overbook 1 pay for his ticket?when we were paying 25-2800 for a 14 to 15 day that was palitable. now we pay 4500 to 6000 for a 14 to 15 day.
  482. S

    Here's you're sign....

    try taking your gear on a plane. if we had to plan like a trip to pv that would solve everything. if we had to pay a sur charge for box that would instead of a fuel surchage. think about that one?
  483. S

    sardine fishing with mak 20/100lb. and which rod?

    all you have to do is go out and fish on a long range boat and look at who is catching and who is not to find out which reels have the best free spool. then take a look at where the boats are going with loaner gear and sponsers/excel and the intrepid. i am a penn guy die hard. but when fishy...
  484. S

    sardine fishing with mak 20/100lb. and which rod?

    i really like the calstarr e glass type rods/you realy like that 6465xxxh?
  485. S

    sardine fishing with mak 20/100lb. and which rod?

    i have 2 of the super seeker 4x. you put it on the rail in first gear and they come up
  486. S

    Here's you're sign....

    wouldnt that be great. we have everything you need. just show up on time and we are going fishing. just bring your good attitude. no wonder fishy does so well
  487. S

    possibly over booked

    the new standard is called trip insurance. that eliminates the need for overbooking for the operators
  488. S

    Here's you're sign....

    remember we are all guys and we all need to work together in order to catch that fish of a life time. so try loosening up on your personal boundaries. if some one uses your rod spot,so what/just move it when you need it/offer to let your neighber use what he needs if he needs it. how many guys...
  489. S

    Here's you're sign....

    please remember this/ we are all guys/ we need rules/we need leadership/without it their will be kaos/hurt feelings/anger/confrontation/words/ territoralism/expectation and entitlement/ so you need to be prepared mentally and emotionally. i actually like to load last. there is always rom at...
  490. S

    possibly over booked

    you have to watch for sponsered trips , where they will over book by 1 +the 1 or 2 sponsers. so a limited load of 24 could end up being 27. i always wonder if the sponsers are paying for their?
  491. S

    sardine fishing with mak 20/100lb. and which rod?

    i have seen soda pop and fishy go off with the mak 20. which rod do you like to use for 100 pound to be able to cast a sardine away from the boat when every one you pick wants to swim back to the boat. but i still want to be able to fish 30+ pounds of drag at strike and not bottom out the rod?
  492. S

    Talica 20ii or Makaira 20ii which casts a sardine best?

    it is not which one casts a sardine better. it is which one will cast a sardine with 100 pound test better and allow you to catch a cow on it. the talica 20 is not designed for cow fishing. they are 2 completely different applications
  493. S

    Who's your favorite Wingman?

    jimmy mitchell
  494. S

    RP gets a Super-Moo

    5 on one trip?how in the world did he do that?
  495. S

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    so which do you like/normal or offset? i do not like circle hooks for chunking. to much risk of fowling the hook set mechanism on a circle while trying to hide the hook/from experience.
  496. S

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    the excell always fishes a chunk line. it is built right into the bait tank system. for your best results fish right where the chunks come out of the shoot on the stern. i got a 314 working their chunk line last time i was on the boat.
  497. S


    sounds like little kids disease to me. welcome back to never never land and donot let yourself grow up again
  498. S

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    i am also interested in why the trokar hok. i usually like the 7691/but they are hard to get sharp and can be difficult to get a good hook set /and can be trown with a good head shaking if the fish gets slack?
  499. S

    Big Fish, Lower Banks

    they always go where the fish areeeee
  500. S

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    chunking is definitely a wast of time,especially if i am on the trip/ so i would not consider it a viable technique for long range anymore.
  501. S

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    forgot to add on to rigging how important your free spool is when chunking. your chunks and the curent should be able to pull ine off the reel just like if you were sardine fishing. i have neverrrr discused the variable before ,but is one of the reasons i have so much confidence in chunking and...
  502. S

    TRQ 30 w/ 4.8 and 6.1 gears - $325

    what is the max line retrieve per crank?
  503. S

    Seaguar premier Q's

    i always fish seagar and i always fish my line by diameter vs stated line strength
  504. S

    COMING SOON: New Pro Gear Reel V50

    could you find me a progear wahoo specail?
  505. S

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    the problem with chunking, is that it appears to be very simple and easy. it is not. it is a very specific fishing technique and very calculated for those of us who have had success with it. for example, i will not fish the chunk until we have been at the island long enough to make big baits on...
  506. S


    the shorter the top shot the longer the rod. big baits ,long topshot shorter rod,maximum leverage old school. am looking at a ula 9/3 alla jaime
  507. S

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    i have been very fortunate with big baits and chunks. i have been advised to go as stealth as possible. i straight tie big bait hooks and chunk hooks. i never crimp and i never use swivels. i also always use blackwater flouro and or blue label seagar to avoid chew offs. i do not use circle hooks...
  508. S

    Reel For Wahoo Iron?

    progear wahoo special 48 inches per crank/trin 40 only 43 inches
  509. S

    Sabre strokers for sale

    any of these stil available?
  510. S

    Sabre 540 Jigstick

    have you sold this yet?
  511. S


    we have talked about this before,all hooks will fail. you have to pull o them and try to bend them before you fish them. use your gloves and pliers to really pull on them.
  512. S


    well then i am going to have to look into those gladiators
  513. S


    my mistake/ the 3x 5 felt less forgiving to me
  514. S


    when i first started my son out long range i was advised to use the new graphite rods for him. he kept getting chewed off. so i took a look and the graphite recoiled so quickly that he could not keep up with the action of the rod and this alowed the fish slack line to shake his head and chew...
  515. S

    How relevant is rod length ?

    lenth is important in situations,anchovies,scratchfishing,short topshots and rough weather. i use an 80xh superseeker and it is a beast. i had a 226 on it and it was easy with a 30wide and 100. just have to make sure the long rod has the action or guts you need for the job at hand. i was out on...
  516. S

    80w and 130's

    i have a 70 topless /narrow that has been reworded by cal and baker. it is a big bait rig and a kite rig. but i have an 80s that has been completely redone that i use for the kite and plunking. i do not worry about the weight of the gear,because i do not fish it all day. it is used when the...
  517. S

    How many rigs do you bring?

    i like the graboski line up 2 80s and 6 50s and then use the boat gear for incidentals/cows or bust
  518. S

    Okuma Makairas

    those mak 50 s , are an incredible reel
  519. S

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    one reason to use a circle s to avoid the tuna shaking his head and the hook with slack line situations. many times,an angler is just not capable of keeping a tight line consistently thorugh the battle and the fish can throw the hook. on the other had,you will have more missed hook set...
  520. S

    Conditions for Yo-Zuri pink fluoro

    we like the yo zuri 130 and a circle hook for fishing the wahoo in the chunk line when they start eating the chunks. i really like the yozuri product but diameter trumps everything. on a scratch bite i will go with 100 pound premiere. i saw david choate school the whole boat with the primer when...
  521. S

    Intrepid 10 Day, Departing 11-02-15

    i like to call the chrter master or skipper and ask them what type of trip they are planning before i sign up in advance. if it is going to be a variety trip, i want to be able to plan ahead for it. if we are going to go to mag bay, i want to plan ahead and bring my cow equipment. if i an going...
  522. S

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    i like the mustad hodlums in 5/0 tp 7/o. i never worry about a hook striaghtening out becuse i try to straighten them out when i tie the hook on. i reall pull on the. i use my hand with a glove and pliers to pull the knot tight. and yes i have found some hooks that bent when doing this. that is...
  523. S

    Intrepid 10 Day, Departing 11-02-15

    did you guys make it down to mag bay?
  524. S

    Hoos Tuna Run and Gun 11/12/15 - 11/25/15

    who is running your trip?
  525. S

    Okuma Makairas

    the best thing you can do is go on a trip and watch the guys who are always catching fish/the hot sticks and then find out what they are doing/how they are doing it and what kind of gear they are using and why and what special modifications they have anyone make to their gear. i have done that...
  526. S

    Reels Who likes what best?

    no matter what you do, you want one go to rig that is the perfect match for you rod and reel. how big are your hands,how tall are you,how much do you weigh,how fit or unhealthy are you. how much experience do you have and what is your learning curve. are you savy enough to use the more advanced...
  527. S

    Top Shot Lengths for fishing Cows on 14 plus day trips.

    your topshots depend on how long your rods are and how much drag you fish with first. always go longer with big baits. you can go longer with sardines unless your are not getting bit. resist the temtation to go down in line size when it is scratch. attach a short piece of lighter flouro to your...
  528. S

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    straight pull is how you preset your line once you have set your drag.
  529. S

    Intrepid 10 Day, Departing 11-02-15

    I really like the looks of this trip and the overall timing and moon phase/could be an incredible mag bay time?
  530. S

    What Gloves would you Recommend?

    I myself do not spend much time standing at the rail. I preference the fishing and catching
  531. S

    What Gloves would you Recommend?

    less experience anglers will not apreciate the need for gloves. if you have never been dragged down the rail by a big fish you cannot comprehend the need for gloves. if you have never been run into by another fisherman on a big fish and or been knocked down or fallen down on the deck with all...
  532. S

    What Gloves would you Recommend?

    a long range boat can be a dangerous place. from the time you get out of your car until you get back to the doc. you can cut your legs your arms your face your hands. so why not take the extra percautions with your hands. you take out trip insurance? why not spend a few $$$$ protecting your...
  533. S

    Newbie needs help on one reel for 10 day

    dont buy any gear unless you just feel like you absolutely want to. call the baot you are going on ,ask them what you will need in advance and have them reserve it in advance. you may need big gear that time of the year down to cow town and mag bay? you will need the boat to take care of you in...
  534. S

    Tackle Recommendations?

    the new loann has every one fishing straight 80 for the bluefin so they can get the big ones that come through
  535. S

    Like Ultra Ultra limited load?

    if you need a limited load trip to catch a cow, the pasenger competition is not the problem. you can go on a limited load trip but the baot may go slow to conserve fuel,or leave early to fish rockfish,or not have a premiere skiper that knows how to fish the conditions or set the rig up or get on...
  536. S

    2015-2016 Cow trips booked

    i really like the moon phase on the june heat trip,best of luck
  537. S

    Anyone tried new seeker rods?

    what is an osp?
  538. S

    2 openings 4th of July Intrepid

    i would love to go on that trip,but i can go on a limited load 3 day for 100 to 140 per day for 2 days fishing. that 3 day only gives you 2 days and a sundowner
  539. S

    Anyone tried new seeker rods?

    i was at the orange county show and looked at their new line models. they looked really good and the customer service was over the top
  540. S

    local wahoo

    so wire/no wire/what type of lures locally. box canyon,dana point/ocean side sandiego 2 day/san clemente island?
  541. S

    local wahoo

    what would you be trolling for local wahoo considering what happened last year and the fact that they are already catching wahoo on the 8 day trips. how would you rig those lures?
  542. S

    Pairing the correct rod to the correct reel

    its all about the feel of the set up. it has got to feel good in your hands. i have a few setups that just feel so good you know that you are going to get bit anytime you use that setup. then you just apply the application you need or that fits best
  543. S

    Thinking about a new reel for wahoo.

    dont forget the swell fishy. it was 12 to 15 and going the opposite direction when you and i were dancing on the bow together.
  544. S

    MAK16SEa for cows?

    if you are cow hunting vs cow fishing,take a nap and conserve your energy until the window open back up and use the big gear
  545. S

    MAK16SEa for cows?

    stas velonakis made it his specialty to catch 300s on a 12 accurate. i think he had 2 on the 12 one year. choate is all about fishing the 20 for anything. have to remember that these 2 guys are extremely talented and experienced big fish men. they have probably lost more big ones than most of...
  546. S

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    mannnnnnnnn,that is hard core
  547. S

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    Elbow brace to protect your left elbow from blowing out. Weight belt to protect your back while pulling on big ones. Shin guards for protection while pushing your carts Ono and off the dock. Zinc oxide to protect your lips,ears and nose or face.
  548. S

    RP 8 Day June 24 Dilemma

    i was at the longfin for a fish report sunday. they told me reports of jumping 300+ pounders locally and hooking fish that were unstoppable. wowwwwwwwww 8 days on that with al that bait and big gear? i would take that any time i could
  549. S

    Help.... Getting a weather report for Clarion Island - Hurricane Bank

    when you have a back to back hurricanes predicted and you cannot go to huricane or clarion as the trip is posted for, do you opt out? do they cancel the trip/would that be covered by trip insurance? i definitely would not want to go on that wild ride or fish the 8 -10 day area as a backup...
  550. S

    Here we go…..You Ready?

    when should we expect to see wahoo locally out of sandiego in 1 to 2 day range?
  551. S

    Help.... Getting a weather report for Clarion Island - Hurricane Bank

    does trip insurance cover hurricanes? would the boat consider canceling a trip to the islands if they could not go due to hurricanes?
  552. S

    Two speed reel conversions

    thats a whole different story
  553. S

    Two speed reel conversions

    I love cal and he has done all of my reels. that said, I would ask him for his advice before I do a conversion and or talk to jaime or david choate,about other options available. the new technology available right now is incredible
  554. S

    Going long video .... Cow time

    you do not want that/you hit everyone in the head when you are going over the top
  555. S

    Glove advice needed

    do you really think that gloves not the scales off the bait?
  556. S

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    big fish big bait big gear/ all my big ones have been on the reallllllly big chunks on a big hook
  557. S

    Indy 16day from down under

    heard the wind is blowing down their. how big is the swell? is everything going the same direction or is it wind agains current? how does the indy handle those conditions? how many anglers on the boat?
  558. S

    Glove advice needed

    jaime sent this note to us last year and i used it on my last trip. i went to home depot and picked out 2 pairs of gloves. i then cut them to my needs. then i also use flex wrap for the fingers affected by the line. a 1 trip only deal. throw them after the trip. they will hold the scent and...
  559. S

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    i love that picture with the circle hook/would love to try chunking with a circle that big. what do you think?
  560. S

    June Heat ------ Red Rooster ----- 15 Day ---- May 30- June 14

    he has paid his dues many times over
  561. S

    14+ Day Trip Terminal Tackle

    i would rethink using crimps. if it needs to be crimped let the crew do it. the fishing is never wide open enough to just throw in anything you want to. you will never see a hot stick fishing a sardine with a crimp . and a crimp defeats the purpose of fishing with flouro. you want to be as...
  562. S

    flying with carryon hooks

    just got back from pv. they do not let you take any fishing gear as a carry on.
  563. S

    Off we go on the West Coast Marketing Charter - 3/18/15 to 4/3/15

    i have never fished the indy,but one of the men on our maximus trip raved about the indy and jeff to the point that i want to get on it soon for a long trip and cow fishing. he said jeff is all about the cows
  564. S

    Tac Glue Followup

    i learned the double crimp technique from choate. when he stops crimping, i will consider it
  565. S

    mk 30 vs 20

    the bigger the bait ,the bigger the reel you can use to flyline a bait. i have al my big reels cal sheets special work alla gooing for me. my 50 s wil free spool like a mak 50. even with a 50 you have to have the mak free spool to flyline a big bait. dont fool yourself. those big fish are line...
  566. S

    mk 30 vs 20

    we had 3 cows on the trip,no supers. knowing when to fish a certain rig and style or hook type and size is the sign of an angler who has learned to fish and adapt his methods and techniques to the conditions being presented at the moment. why do you think some are always getting bit ,no matter...
  567. S

    mk 30 vs 20

    so iwent to pv and i decided to leave the 20 at home since we would b using cabys. i was really pleased with the free spool and capacity of the 3o which allowed me to really get an incredible long saok with a bait that could still swim and entice a bite while mostly drift fishing. if i had been...
  568. S

    Suggestions for rigging on a 14 Day plus trip

    i always like to have extra rigs. call the boat and rent a couple of 50 size reels and another 30 mak and you will be good
  569. S

    new mak 30 and 20

    my first big trip on the rp, i saw bob of bobs jigs,fishing a sardine with 100, 1993. i was flabergasted. how could he free spool a sardine with the big ear and land a 200 on a sardine to boot. then i realized all the regulars could do it. as rollo taught me that trip,the wiseeeee angler watches...
  570. S

    new mak 30 and 20

    he put in the new push button upgrade and reworked the drag curve for me so that it would meet my needs and be consistent and not jump up suddenly
  571. S

    new mak 30 and 20

    am going to pv next week for 6 days fishing on the maximus. just got my new maks back from cal sheets with the upgrades and blue print from the show. should i take my 20 to pv or leave it home? also ,just to share,i invested in the new maks at the urging of fishy when he told me i was old...
  572. S

    Rod & Reel Rigs for 14+ day trip

    i like the 2x4 for short top shots/ i like the 4x for my 30 for night fishing and leverage to make up for the loss of leverage i would normally have with a 50. the 50w and 70 narrow are both topless special editions built by baker for me in his hay day and tag teamed
  573. S

    Fred Hall and Fishing Insights from a Seller and Consumer's point of view

    for the first time ever ,i went during the week on thursday and i actually found jaime alone with nothing to do or anyone to talk to. wowwwwww, the show was completely different when you go during the week. everyone is fresh and excited and happy and having fun and just excited to see you and...
  574. S

    Rod & Reel Rigs for 14+ day trip

    i like the john grabowski set up seeker 4x 70baker narrow topless 130 seeker 2x4x 50w topless 130 seeker 2x4 50w topless 130 seeker 2x4 50topless 130 seeker 2x4 50 topless 130 seeker 2x4 30w toples 100 seeker 2x4 30mak 100 seeker 4x 30 baker topless 100 seeker 4x 30 baker topless 100 seeker 80xh...
  575. S

    Any suggestions or advice for a fly down/ fly back - verses a ride down trip?

    if you are at clarion,you have to leave by 8pm to get to cabo on the second morning after you leave. with a ride /ride you only get to fish that extra morning,unless your charter master or skipper decide to fish their way back and leave early
  576. S

    Monofilament v. Fluorocarbon leaders for Big Tuna

    do the jd big game test. take a pice of mono and tie it to a 5 pound weight and hang it over the side of a brick wall and ji saw it back and forth until it breaks. count the jig saws. then do it with the same pound test or diameter of f/c and compare them for yourself.
  577. S

    Monofilament v. Fluorocarbon leaders for Big Tuna

    the reason yu use f/c is for the abrasion. if yu use circle hooks,no need for f/c. short top shots yu need a longer more forgiving rod. big weather you need the longer rod and yu back off on the drag on the bow and use your hand to palm the spool to compensate for the pitch of the bow. scratch...
  578. S

    Organizing your fishing stuff

    funny, i was just out organizing my garage for my upcoming trips locally and long range. pv in 6 weeks for an 8day. just got a spot on the AA for 14 in december with brian. got my first big one in 93 with him on the royal polaris. been trying to get on a big fish trip with him for 4 years
  579. S

    Chunking for Big Yellowfins

    cannot try to compare yourself to or keep up with choate. he can just all of a sudden go off and make everyone look like they have never been out before
  580. S

    Chunking for Big Yellowfins

    if you or the anglers that are chunking, are getting in tangles in the chunck line, that is a good sign to try something else or take a nap and conserve your energy
  581. S

    Chunking for Big Yellowfins

    and you have to ask yourself,why did he all of a sudden switch to the chunk line?
  582. S

    opinions please

    many times they have names and committs,but no soild deposit and they have to work through the names to see who is for real and who is not and call back. pick a trip and go on the wait list. yu will usually get on sooner or later. you just have to wait out your trip. yu just have to make sure...
  583. S

    Chunking for Big Yellowfins

    no current, swinging on the anchor,fish the sardine in the chunk line
  584. S

    Chunking for Big Yellowfins

    if you are getting bored chunking,you do not know when to chunk and you are wishing instead of fishing. there is a specific time and place during each trip to use the chunk. my last trip, the window did not show up until 4am on the last morning of the last day. i hooked the fish i was looking...
  585. S

    Chunking for Big Yellowfins

    love catching big ones
  586. S

    Cow Drag

    i like to fish my drag heavy enough that the crew does not want to gaff my fish when they come in that green. i like to go 40 at strike on my 70 and 80. the drags are big enough to handle it smoothly. everything else is 33% a
  587. S

    Rod/Reel/Rigging recommendations - 1st LR Trip

    when it comes to rigging and rigs,this is yourrrrrrrrrr vacation. you get to do what you want to do and just have fun. if you want to bring all your toys and or buy more toys,indulge yourself. if you can afford to take the time off to go on this trip,you have put in the time in your life to...
  588. S

    Intrepid 14 day on the way

    every trip is its own unique adventure. the conditions of the trip turn it into a great adventure and or maybe the adventure of a lifetime. it is all about how you frame it. think about ti,you catch a big one on the bow in 15 foot swells with 25 miles an hour of wind? now that is a fish story...
  589. S

    Excel Coming in Early on Jan 11th

    as i said,the captain made the right call. it is still a difficult pill to swallow,even when it is the right thing to do. note to all long rangers,be safe out there and protect yourself for the benefit of everyone on the boat. but sometimes shit just happens.goooooooing
  590. S

    Rod/Reel/Rigging recommendations - 1st LR Trip

    remember,you can rent anything yu need on the big x to experiment with. then you can get a feel for this type of fishing and what style works best for you. what makes these trips fun is fiquring out what you need to be happy and successfull.goooooooing
  591. S

    Intrepid 14 day on the way

    kevin is running the boat and will take very good care of everyone. this group does like to fish home too.
  592. S

    Excel Coming in Early on Jan 11th

    hate to sound like that guy,but how do you get so sick on a trip that you have to bring everyonnnnnnnnnnnnne on the boat home early 2 days. with the expense of a trip like that and loosing out on the last 2 days ,that are usually the best big fish days of the trip,i would be really ticked of. if...
  593. S

    Planning a 2015 LR trip?... DON'T do the math, just go!

    reality is, there will come a time when we mentally are willing and able but physically not capable. that is a deciding factor for me.gooooooing
  594. S

    Yellowtail and Wahoo jig stick

    i will go with jamies favorite,seeker 80h and the ultimate,the seeker 80xh
  595. S

    taking my brother fishng

    we fly down on saturday and fly back the following saturday. he does not get sea sick and he is 52 years.and like they all say,just pick a trip that fits your /his schedule and go fishing,just like when we were kids. as soon as i turned 16 i told him he was going with me and we were off to...
  596. S

    taking my brother fishng

    i am taking my younger brother fishing with me to p/v on the maximus for an 8 day fly down fly back. he has never been long range fishing with me or on a long range trip. he has done lots of fishing with me and is a very good and lucky angler. what advice do you have for me? i am looking at my...
  597. S

    Only one outfit 14dayer cow rig

    if i could only buy one outfit, i would by a mak 20 and a mak 30 and rent the rods from the boat along with any other gear i needed. you need these reels to fish sardines when the fishing is scratc. and it is scratch 90% of the time. think about it, on a 14 day trip,75 fish in one day is wide...
  598. S

    Intrepids 10 Day Report???

    wowwwwwww, lets regroup here. going on a fishing trip is just like going on a family vacation,without the family. you still have to do all the planning and decision making that goes into planing the trip in advance. you also have to decide what your budget is and what you want to do and have...
  599. S

    Best Rod and Reel combo for 80lb & 100lb

    i only fish 100 when it is scratch and or daylight hours. so with that said,my go to alla jaime,is my seeker 80 xh. i can catch anything i hook on it and i can get a bait away from the boat with even a 30wide size reel. i will be using the 20 mak on my next trip out. should be automatic. who...
  600. S

    Mexico fly backs with fishing Reels

    should we invest in travel insurance for our reels if they disappear from our checked baggage?goooooooooing
  601. S

    10 day Intrepid Nov 2-12 report

    the most important man on the baot is the cook. no matter what happens,good or bad,the food can always be controlled and you can always be entertained by the cook. many have been very encouraging and just a good listener to talk with. it makes the fishing a lot more fun.gooooooing
  602. S

    Excel is on the cows at the Lower Banks

    woww, sitting up top and watching really makes a lot of sense. yu are also up there with the crew and they can give yu a quick heads up. the upper deck watching technique is a rare technique only used by the relly good ones like yu dave. thanks for that.goooooooing
  603. S

    Excel is on the cows at the Lower Banks

    david,could you share your philosophy about fishing the slide and what you do and how and when yu do it? goooooooing
  604. S

    Indy Veterans?

    it looks like most of the rooms are 3 person rooms. how does that play out over 15 days?goooooooing
  605. S

    7 day maximus in march

    going on a larry brown 7 day charter on the max in march. what do i need to take? how many rods can i take without getting red flagged? how many reels can i take? which reels should i take? which ones do i really need? what kind of gear will they have on the boat? will they have extra line or...
  606. S

    Curious glance at the Long Range schedules

    for many years i have notice that space available on the big boat trips are related to the economy. when the economy is tight,there are more openings,when it is rolling,it is tough to find a spot. also,who can plan a year in advance. they want 6 months notice on your trip fee and want you to buy...
  607. S

    tac glue

    i have been using the shorter version of about 12 inches for a number of years since i learned it fron choate on the red rooster. 6 inches,niceeeeeee. that will really take the coil out of the mono for fishing sardines scratch.goooooooooing
  608. S

    tac glue

    i have been using the shorter version of about 12 inches for a number of years since i learned it fron choate on the red rooster. 6 inches,niceeeeeee. that will really take the coil out of the mono for fishing sardines scratch.goooooooooing
  609. S

    tac glue

    where do you find it?gooooooing
  610. S

    MAK 30SEa or 50SEa

    its all about application. if you are fishing big baits there is no reason to fish anything other than a 50. if you are fishing sardines close to the baot at night or early am or the chunk line,a 50 is fine. if you are soaking a sardine and it is scratch i will take the okuma 20. just ask fish...
  611. S

    Topshot Question

    for anchovies i use a worm knot,no glue. i do not use glue until i start using a crimp. even with a crimp ,you have to watch the size of your rod tip for bumping. for the curly cue,try preseting your line with the reel locked down and pulling on the connection. that will take the coil or coils...
  612. S

    Old School Penn Intl's

    if you are going to fly line baits and get bit big fish fishing,and you are going to fish sardines,you have to send your penns to cal and ask for the max free spool program. if you do not ask,you will not git. that is my tip for you. even then they are not as good as the maks for sardines. i...
  613. S

    Old School Penn Intl's

    fishy saw all my penns last year,called me out old school. showed me how new school. the new technology makes all the difference with the flyline sardine fishing where free spool is is the key. old penns just donot have the same free spool,no matter how much you work them. but i will stay with...
  614. S

    Best Kite Rig

    I will say this again,cow fishing and super cow fishing are different. They require a different mind set. Rollo always reminded me. The kite,the chunk and big baits with your biggest gear. So if you want a super,have the best big gear you can handle,comfortably. Using the boat gear is to big a...
  615. S

    Best Kite Rig

    i have been on trips where i never even came up on the kite rotation. so you do not use your kite rig very often on the kite. best to buy a big fish bait rod and reel that you can double as a kite rig. or you may just want to have that as a stand alone big fish rig. i like an 80 s reworked by...
  616. S

    Seaguar Types

    I set my drags right off the reel too. I do use a spring scale mounted to the rail and put a bend in the rod to simulate the same tension angles as fighting the fish. I set my drags at 33%, regardless of the make or brand ,including premiere. I acturally pay more attention to line diameter than...
  617. S

    Tropical Depression One-E may threaten Clarion next week

    bummer. you plan for your trips,but you have to go with no expectations other than this is another adventure in my life. wow we got blown off the bank by a hurricane. can you imagine what that story will look like 10 years from now. the swells and wind were so ominous on my intrepid trip last...
  618. S

    Mak 30 II vs Avet 50

    use the boat rod and spend the extra money on a longer trip. use the rental gear, go longer. get one quality flyline sardine rig.gooooooooing
  619. S

    Name your go to tackle store for longe range fishing

    j ds big game tackle on balboa island. he is like a guru of fishing,then blue fin jim at the long finn. they can always give me the right info and gear to match.goooooooing
  620. S

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    i have actually won the last 2 jackpots on my long trips. the first one I gave to the crew. without the crew I would never have landed that fish. I was in the worst tangle I have ever seen with 3 other big ones. some ones line was wrapped and tied in a know around all of our fish from the other...
  621. S

    Fish of a life time????.... Lost at color

    remember pandeles? jaime? he wanted to catch a cow on a tricked out 12,when he first pioneered the spectra top shot program in the early 90s. i remember watching him late one night,rigging up and wondering what in the world he was doing. anyway, that was his golden fleece. keep looking jason...
  622. S

    Pink Fluoro

    regarding chew offs. i like the blue label seagar,it is more abrasive resistant. but when it comes to chew offs. if you let the fish run you around you will get chewed off. i cannot remember the last time i got chewed off. but i put a lot of pressure on them and keep my rod bent and loaded up on...
  623. S

    Pink Fluoro

    yozuri is really thick. 130 works great as a bait leader for wahoo that are cherry picking the chunk line.gooooooing
  624. S

    The Excel/Mikkelson trip has left the building

    Short post,good fishing. Long posts,great fishing.gooooooooing
  625. S

    Independence West Coast Marketing On The Water Report

    big fish fishing is always scratch fishing at best. you want to have as much time in the zone as possible ,even if they are not biting. you are looking for that one fish. fish and I were on a trip in jan 2013 and we hooked 2 good ones on the 6th morning. that was it for the day. we opted to...
  626. S

    Independence West Coast Marketing On The Water Report

    I rea that this was billed as a big fish trip. I am surprised you guys left early to fish yellow. any thoughts?gooooooooing
  627. S

    Intrepid 5 Day August 9th anyone else going? Any advice or info?

    soda pop, you are becoming the hot stick. what have you been doing with your setups to improve your hookup opportunities?gooooooooing
  628. S

    florocarbon question

    when you put your top shot on,tie it off on the rail and put your drag into full and then test your connection as you pull line off the reel. this will also set your line to full strnght by removing the slack stretch in it. this sets your line to its full strnght and will minimize your pulled...
  629. S

    Which trip would you choose of these for your very first long long range trip?

    first of all, you will not be able to get and the angler. always sold out way in advance. royal polaris is the go to boat when it comes to learning how to fish long range. frank prides himself in setting up the newbies.gooooooing
  630. S

    Independence West Coast Marketing On The Water Report

    what was the go to set up for the hot sticks?gooooooooooooing
  631. S

    Rail fishing question

    i would have to disagree. sometimes humility goes in the box carts when we are a seasoned fisherman and we get on a long trip. i know that they are pleasure crises for some. and many are not physically capable of fishing hard all day. many will get lead foot and do know have the inkling of what...
  632. S

    Favorite 100lb reel?

    i always buy american first. my best friend ed ,once shared with me,that they were so poor when he was young ,that they could not afford to not,buy the best available product. when you have taken 2 weeks off from work and spent the 5 to 10 ,thou on the trip. i want the best free spool i can get...
  633. S

    Whats the smallest reel for 130lb?

    my penn 30s are really big reels and have more line capacity than the average 30. they also do not have the same free spol as the maks do. i am rethinking my game plan. i am going to start fishing my 30 at night with 130 and up,when line capacity is not an issue. should increase my angling...
  634. S

    Whats the smallest reel for 130lb?

    i love to fish big drags,but i do not do it. the most i will set my drag at is 33 pounds. and i never go to strike immediately. if you use too much drag at the get go ,you can tear a hole in them and when they turn on you,the hook will fall out with any slack. at least , that is how brian...
  635. S

    Whats the smallest reel for 130lb?

    big baits big reels. little baits little reels. scratch fishing with sardines,the best free spool you can get and use the backup rig if you get lucky.goooooooooing
  636. S

    Thoughts/Questions on Big Bait Strategy

    you cannot just decide that this is how I am going to fish big baits and this is how I am going to hook them with this type of hook. you never want to go long for big ones with a predetermined game plan. you have to get there and see the conditions and fish the conditions. I will nose hook a...
  637. S

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    when you have a really good fisherman on the boat or some one is really hot,like fishy is all the time. my experience is that half the people on the boat will think he is the greatest, the other 1/2 will find something to be frustrated with.goooooooing
  638. S

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    because he is a class act and only has something positive to say or nothing at all.gooooooooooooooooooooooing
  639. S

    Rolling dwn on the Intrepid ..... 14 day

    some of the boas really focus on newbys. brian on the angler is really good at that. on my first big long trip, i had a great time,but eventually realized i was on the wrong boat. then when i went with bryan ,they spent a whole day teaching me how they do it and coached me along the whole trip...
  640. S

    Starting fresh...

    I have my rods that I like to fish for hundred and hundredonethirty. I always take more than I need and every reel I have that is prepped for big ones. The windows are just so small during the day. You never know about the sharks or the experience of the other anglers on the trip. Tangles wil...
  641. S

    What's everyones favorite big bait rig?

    my fave is the 70 narrow on a heavy stick with spectra and flouro and a bi really sharp hook.gooooooing
  642. S

    Introducing the Don "Big Daddy" Burnside Sinature Series Rail Rods

    how long a rod is the goliath and how forgiving is the tip? what is the shortest topshot you would fish on that rod ?what reel would you match it with if you were going to fish it? which rod would you recommend for 35 to 40 pounds of drag and a short top shot, 25 feet or less? goooooooing
  643. S

    Question on the Long Trips and Time of year

    dont be one of the 18. change your bait.goooooooooing
  644. S

    radioactive tuna

    i read some of the posts on this, and some want to see the scientific data. by the time the scientists have accumulated the data and authorized it release, the problem will have already manifested itself and you will have unexplained symptoms that are now related to this condition. they have...
  645. S

    Go to wahoo lure?

    what tools d o you use to sharpen your hooks. i have seen my big tuna mustads,forged hooks come out on slack. i like that idea and am going to do a better job of sahrpening my big tuna hooks . just anothe rsmall,but important detail.gooooooooing
  646. S

    Jigging for big yft

    i find that i am not interested in fishing the iig in the am for cow tuna. that is usually super cow time. i want to focus that time on fishing for supers.gooooooing
  647. S

    Best Cow Reel

    t is all about presentation. can yu present the bait of choice for the cow that they want ,the way they want it? you have to take into consideration all the conditions and the performance and limitations of the reels you have. then pick the appropriate rig. all my reels have been reworked by...
  648. S

    Avet Pro EX 50/3 Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid

    i like that new avet 50. i have an original avet 50 that i love. what do you think fishy,okuma or avet?do you like the 3 speed or is it overill?goooooooooing
  649. S

    More Maxmus 4.5 day fish porn photos

    would an 80 be overkill on the maximus? it is call sheets special.gooooooooing
  650. S

    Excel at the Bank

    it is all part of the adventure. everything is unpredictable and exciting.gooooooooing
  651. S

    Excel at the Bank

    how would you like to have to go around the anchor in those conditions fishy? better yet, who is going to get up on top and pass the rod back and forth?gooooooooing
  652. S

    Excel at the Bank

    hope this does not indicate the weather will be up for the early part of the long range season like last year. it was brutal in jan last year. but it was fishable if you were serious about it. gooooooooing
  653. S


    the key to fishing the chunck ,is the right conditions. you need to have the right current and time of day is important and crowd is important. my last trip wehad no current the whole trip. last morninging fishy and I were the only ones that got up. first thing I looked at the current...
  654. S


    why would anyone want to just chunk? because that is how you catch 300 pounders. so go talk to some one who has caught 300 pounders about how to chunk,if you want to catch a 300 pounder.gooooooing
  655. S

    American Angler gets a Super..

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwww,so close. to close to be fair. gooooooooing
  656. S

    fishing the maximus?

    how many rods and reels can you take through customs,without getting stopped or shaken down. can you get a permit to take your gear into mex? gooooooing
  657. S

    Is Makaira 16 SEA a cow reel?

    a cow reel is any reel that you use that can get you a bite on a cow depending on the conditions. you cant land them if you do not hook them. depending on your physical body type and skills and experience and how fishy you are. these factors determine your choices of gear and when to use them...
  658. S

    Mak and SS match up

    wowwwwww. how did you do that?goooooooooing
  659. S

    Mak and SS match up

    i really like the 80 xh for fishing sardines to get them away from the boat. you would be amazed how much pressure they can put on a big fish. it is not my go to rod. but when it is scratc and i want to fish a sardine on 100 and get it out away from the boat, that is my go to rod. with the added...
  660. S


    if a trip is listed at 24 passengers and they can overbook by one. hen they can have 1 to 2 others for sponsers or chartemrmaster. does that mean the trip can go with up to 27? goooooooing
  661. S

    Does Anyone Else Do This?

    my favorite ,is getting the call the day before the trip and getting ready in less than 24 hours for a 15 day. that is really funnnnnn.gooooooing
  662. S


    come onnnnnnnn! nothing is ever all inclusive. there is always an additional expense, or you have such a good time and are so happy while you are on the boat, that you spend it on the crew or buy extra stuff for your friends and your self.goooooooing
  663. S

    First 14 Dayer Questions

    make sure you are healthy before you get on the boat. do not bring unwanted little friends on the baot to share with everyone else. gold bond is really good for jock rash and the feet at night and extra pairs of shoes .so you do not have to stand around with wet feet. a good assortment of hooks...
  664. S


    chunking is a strategy for those who covet big,300+ pound tuna. it is not , just throw your line into the chunk line. goooooooing
  665. S


    its like rollo told me, big ones,300+, are on the kite,big baits and the chunk. its worth the trouble. you just got to know when to and when not to and when to cut your losses.gooooooing
  666. S


    it is realy difficult to say ,how you should fish the chunk or the kite or sardines or big baits. it all depends on the conditions and what the fish will respond to. a long top shot is really nice. but how much current are we using. what kind of anglers do you have on the boat. lots of tangles...
  667. S

    Fighting a cow tuna

    yes, both situations on 2 different fish. it was a learning experience. i had never been on a big fish in those types of conditions and it happens in the blink of an eye. you think you have everything under control and you already have the fish on the deck and weighed. oops, just like that. very...
  668. S

    Fighting a cow tuna

    fighting a big one on the bow ,in heavy weather,fish it in high gear until you get them straight up and down. that way if the change direction towards the baot when you come down of the big swell,you will be able to stay tight with them and not have them shake the hook with the slack in the line...
  669. S

    Fighting a cow tuna

    The longer you are on them the greater the odds of something going wrong. You really have to be in sinc with your gear and sk the crew for help. No matter how much experience you have or how many big ones you have caught. You have to remain humble and ask for help. Or it is guaranteed you will...
  670. S

    Fighting a cow tuna

    depends on where you are on the boat too. you could be on the bow and fishing blind and just watching the rod tip and following the advice of the crew. make sure you have a smooth drag too. a sticky drag could really be a problem at the end game. always want to use the off hand to palm the spool...